How I saved 3 hours a day in my business & how you can, too!

How I saved 3 hours a day in my business & how you can, too!

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Hello. Hello John Roman here international. Business coach consultant today, I'm gonna show you how. To save, how. You can, save, three hours or more, in. Your business, every, single. Day, I'm going to show you how I did it I'm going to show you the steps and I'm gonna show you how, you, can do this for, your business if. We have not met before let me introduce myself. I'm an international, business coaching consultant, I have. A firm out of the u.s. called jgr global, and what, I do is, I show business owners that struggle, to reach goals, how. To achieve them, by leveraging accountability. And this helps them move forward I also. Help, them with strategic. Brainstorming. So they can overcome, the. Next obstacle that comes in the way and. Hey. Tom and. Last. But not least and that's we're talking about today I actually helped, them to implement. Strategies. Excuse, me written, processes. And systems, that. Will. Make, it such that any task they do more than once they never have to go through the brainpower, of creating, that again and. In. The process, I help them to either partially, or fully automate. That so, if you own a business, what. I will be showing you today will probably, make you more money than almost. Anything, I can show you why. Because, today. You're, gonna create lost, time. Wasted. Time and trust. Me your team will, love you for everything that happens, today. That's. My promise to you I like, to exceed expectations of, whatever, you have and then blow them out of the water so. When. I became coach coaching full-time, I would, help people with. Their processes, and systems, and I would do this and I'm good at it because I'm a total geek, and I have a really. Good brain for problem-solving, so. Hey. Some reason my mirrors backwards, so all right I'm back whoo thank you town, so. With, that what, I like to do is I. Show people how to do this so let me explain. What I was going through and I'll put it on here so when I would meet someone here's what John would do this, is what I did when I began, coaching. And, what. I would. Help other people overcome but I wasn't doing it myself until I implemented so let me tell you what, I did so, when I would meet with you pretend, you're my client I would hand write our notes I'd say hey you, know whatever, the important things are your challenges. Things. That I need to remember that are key for you how we can really help you propel and, I, would take these diligent, handwritten notes and there's. A couple problems with that straight, off one if you, have ever seen, me in. Front of a group like in a workshop I love to do workshops have, me I'm incredible, presenter, but my. Lowest, skill set is not my penmanship.

So I couldn't always read when, I was writing because you know when you're writing notes quickly they're. Not they. Don't convey as well on paper especially if you are as brilliant. A penmanship. Artist as myself so, that, being said what. I did was. Alright so I'll go through how I fix these issues so I would hand write this and, and. Then. When I was done with the meeting I would, review, my notes and, I would type it up beautifully, I'd have a tas, section, I. Send, people a link to a private. Video. And, a private, audio link so they could listen to it later so it's really great for those that are on so those who coach with me loved it it was gritty but. It took me forever to create these things and I had to create a folder for them if it was the first time coaching with me and then, I would go through all these steps and finally I'd send the email so, the. Time it took me from taking on, if you were watching at Facebook you see the list so, the time from those handwritten notes and tasks right in the email and everything I was only those created was signature creating. A folder. Uploading. These to a secure. Place sent, creating a private link all these, steps took roughly. 25. Minutes, I timed it because. I, knew. I could, do something better and here's. My promise to you when, we're done today you'll be like wow, you. Can do something better so what I was at evil, end up doing is that 25. Minutes without just round to a half-hour sometimes, it took 45 minutes to do these so. My average is 25 minutes 30 minutes is I got it down to between 90, seconds, most are about 90 seconds to as long as three minutes and I. Would average, on a coaching. Day six, coaching, sessions a day so, I'd have six coaching, sessions, I would spend a half hour doing this for every coaching session and I, would spend. Three. Hours in. Note-taking. Take. That in for a second six, hours of coaching three. Hours, post. Getting. Stuff ready, and, that. May be valuable and it may be the best use of my time but, I realized, I'm, wasting, my time I'm helping, people like you, overcome. This why can't I do that so, what I did is I took people through what I take them through you, know how it's not not always easy to do your the thing that you tell, people to do so, I said screw, it let's, do it and that's what I did so what I did and here. I want everyone who's watching who, is, not driving, and doesn't, have their face full of food right now if you do I hope it's delicious right, what. I would ask you to do get, a pen and paper and it's. Gonna be a few simple steps that. I'm gonna ask you to do now so. You can actually implement this in your own business take, it to you one where you want to go and at least start the process we're not gonna go deep but, we'll hit it and you'll, understand the concept, and then what I'll do is I'll, actually do a quick software, demo, some.

Of The tools that I use that actually help people, do this as well because some of this can be automated, so, all. Right do. It. Okay so. First, question what do, you do as a business. And. If you have a personal, if you're watching this you're just I own, a small companies, just me this, is ideal for you what, are you finding yourself doing every day every. Week every month, every chord or year my, rule is simply this if you do something once, a year or more, you. Can build a written process around it. So. Obviously that's gonna be a lot of processes. From, sales to advertising, to writing. Emails. Let's say what, I was doing my post, coaching, session, and consulting, session emails and. What. What do you do so I want you to write down a, couple right now like five so I'll give you 30, seconds, to write five of these down. And. 20. Seconds they'll give you just a moment longer. And. By the way if you're on please share this people. Really, would love to see, this although, they'll usually see it later it's always nice to catch on when it's live. Okay. Good so I need you to write five five, minimum just let me know in the comment section done when, you're done and. I'll wait for them. Good. Great. Good so get, your 5 written and. Now. So. The first thing you need to know is what the heck am i doing now before, we can actually really make a quick analysis, of it so, then what, you're gonna do is take. A moment to write out the steps that. Coincide. With. Those. Things you do weekly daily, again with the top 5 it could be daily things could, be week the thing it's gonna be very quick list for most of you come. Out book 5 should be weekly so, now on. Those five, maybe. Just do an arrow to the right and then, you, know I do this this this and this so if it's not like 20 steps try to draw. Like four, or five or, less steps. Per each. And. If it feels like we're doing too much because we don't have a lot of time that's okay just do one or two but I want five steps. Or. So for each of these tasks, and it can be less. But. What you're gonna find is that it's often more.

But That's okay, steps. Are not a bad thing. So. What are the five steps you. Saw. My steps so, these were my steps, what. Are your steps. I'll. Give you about 60 more seconds, hey. Raghu, you're gonna absolutely love today's. Live brother, so, Raghu you're a little behind but that's okay I'll give you the quick rundown very. Quickly it's, going to be. What. Are things that you do, daily now daily. Weekly monthly quarterly. Annually. Consistently. And then, of those when you do them which. Ones, so. Write them down so just write down five and since we're short on time and you're watching this wall that people writing down write. Down your. Top one that you do on a regular consistent basis, and write down five. Sub steps that you do. Or. Or so three to five you could do ten steps but write them down, now. Have announcers would be a little ahead of you but that's okay now, what I want you to do is write down can. Any of these be automated, or. Delegated. In. Other words is there, a possibility. That software. Can. Do some, or all of this for, you, and, what I'm going to introduce to you in a minute is kind, of a demo of actually, how, I did. Most of what we're talking about with, the automation and delegation. So. It's very very very cool so, can, any of these be automated delicates so just write a big a or big D on there. And you. Can put that there so automated, or delegated. This. Should take just a second these are on the sub steps not on the main thing so for, example this is my. Steps. Of, these. And. Then, what I'll do is I'll show you how I did what, I did with these on the. Other thing so, for example I'll tell you one thing I did so you see where I said handwrite notes and tasks on mine I. Started. As the meeting, was going on using. A keyboard and writing. The email while. I was in the meeting, sounds. Obvious doesn't it that. Would be a fair. Amount of the time wasted would be me writing, my notes cleanly. So. Now I do it during the meeting and I'm much more fresh. Come a much more efficient, type er, and. I, can always read, what I write so, I never want to miss when I'm writing for someone because I know we could literally change the life of the business and every, word really matters so I don't take that lightly so. It was a very big plus for me and a huge, time-saver. Okay. I also. Let. Me tell you what else I did so besides handwriting, them I used to actually write, the email, so. I used to write my, buddy rogers on pretend raju and i he, and I have a client relationships, on the hey my client, mr. client call mr. Roger cuz you're on Instagram. There and what's up Roger I say hey what's up Roger. And, I would actually go through my, email hey Gavin and. I. Would, actually go through the emails, and. Type. Write each thing I would write the tasks, I'd write these links, to the audio and video and I'll write the notes the only thing that I had pre-made, is a template, was. My. Signature which, you probably all have on your emails now and. If you don't please, get that don't. Ever finish your email, regards. John, haven't. Regards, this beautiful powerful signature, that they can find you on all your social media channels it, looks professional. Etc. Okay alright. So. Now. Dogs. Okay. So then I would do that and then so it's like so i I've created a template, for the email so. It was clean and actually. Addressed. What the client, needed first so it actually was great because the client, got what they needed first versus. What mattered to John most so. I actually create recreated, the order and everything when, I created the template for the email. Then. I would have an automation, create, the folder for the client I'll show you that in a second and I. Created. A system our own naming folders. So they would automatically, go to people. And then, I would send this email so again 25, to 30 minutes down. To 90, seconds so let me now, I'm. Going to show you two tools right now and. That's. This last step I'm, going to demo something called ifttt. Ends up. Here so before I. I'm gonna give you a couple things to. Think about most. Of you, because. I'm on multiple streams right now have a Facebook, account and you. Know how it says every morning hey. Five your friends have a birthday today and you. Spend every day and you could have a very unique way of saying it you are blessing, in my life thank you for being you to. Have an awesome day whatever it is right so you send, this and you type it every day and it feels good don't get me wrong, but. How much time in a year do you spend doing, that. Pretend. You have five friends a day 365. Days a year 15. Minutes time 10, minutes time five, minutes time I don't know I don't know if you're fast typer or, if you copy and paste the same thing or make something unique, you.

May Feel that it's. Your best used to time or you may feel it's a total, waste of time I'll, give you one other easy, example. New. Year's you're. At an awesome lime. Party. Fete wherever, you are you're having an awesome time. For. Those you're watching internationally, in Trinidad, limes. Are parties so. You're. Having an awesome, time. And it's midnight and you, want to wish your friends have your birthday do you go, to your phones they have you know happy birthday excuse me happy. New year everyone you, can of course of. Course. You can, of. Course you can but, you, can also automate, it it's okay so those are quick to easy examples, and then I'll show you so. You need to write these down so IFTTT. I hope you've taken note of that I have. TTT is one now this is John's desktop. And. Here. We are so this is the program all, right it's, called. And, I. Have TTT. Stands. For if this, then, that, let. Me take off one thing in my desktop, for you make it a little bit easier for you. Okay. Now. If this then that I'll give you an example so. This. One right here imagine, you make a call on your phone and you have an Android phone wouldn't. It be nice if every single, on you or someone on your team called. Could. Be backed up and logged they, made a five-minute, phone call this person. Can. You imagine how wonderful that would be there. Are any of you in sales. And. Right. Now you just don't track things very well you, can unbelievably. Ease make that happen. Okay. I'll tell you so the - I gave you of. The. Birthday. My, thing, will automatically. Send happy birthday, I. Turned. It off by the way cuz I got. All these messages, saying anything for happy birthday, IFT. TT. Yes correct rad you And, if. This then that, So. You can on there automate, happy birthday you, can automate happy new year is designed. For smart homes so if you have a smart phone and, you have this. Set up on your system you can walk into your house and. Mood. Lighting can, come on all the, front gates so before you leave your car it, will talk to. The. Device you have in your home and it will turn on let's say the lights in your front door and. You. Can have it so just you know certain lights are turned on even certain music turned on if you have those systems set up but.

It. Doesn't require this fancy, stuff you can literally spend almost. Nothing. On these lights and they can talk to these systems via your Wi-Fi router and, you're. Golden you Lilly arrived home before, you get out of your car your. Phone. Talks, to this system it turns on the lights and, you home, in and, everything's lit up and you're in a well-lit safe, place that's just a small example but, I use it for happy birthdays or I used to I still, use it for. The. Happy. New year so. Many, many many options that. You can use so it's very, very. Unbelievably. Time-saving. But it's got so many different applications, I don't want to go into in depth now because, the next tool about the show you will rock your socks off so. Ready, so. The next one is. Called. Zap here z Z, ap. Ier. Comm, zapier. So. Let me tell you because. It may look a little complex, here so. And. I got a minimizing, stuff on my screen, okay so. I would have someone come in as a new contact me, or someone on my team handle, Ashe would. Would. Come in as a contact, and then. It. Would tell Mike on my team contact. This person so. That's if you look at if you're on Facebook you'd see that tag it says add tag to contact, which would be contact. This person and by. The way. This. Program I'm using but also if. That person did get contacted. Or have the tag removed, within a certain time frame I would get alert that. That person had not had that tag removed, okay. I, have here create another record for another I have two CRMs currently some trend trans movement, from one to the other okay. Finder. Create contact, has anyone, here ever find it to be a pain in the you-know-what, to add a phone, number every time and the, person's email their number to your phone to your whatsapp, all that kind of good stuff, of, course you have it's a pain in the peen so. What. I do is, I have as a peer created. That, would put their phone in my phone they're contacted my phone in my assistants. Phone and therefore. Is whatsapp. And they. Wouldn't have to type in or look for you know put in numbers all kind of stuff, again. All these things add up. Now. You see you can I would have a creative folders, that person would have a private folder when the meeting was done I. Would. Have them add it to a certain newsletter. For. Email marketing and. There. Are a few other things that did but let me rehash so, so, let me tell you what zap here is zap, here, is, when. A certain, trigger, is meant this, trigger, so the trigger would be new. Contact, in my. My. CRM database and CRM database if you don't know what that is think excel spreadsheet, on steroids, that allows you to do a heck, of a lot more than. Just, spread. Shading allows you to track people when do you last column, or mind you etc so that's what a CRM does so my CRM, would. Then. Do. All these things so, it would be the trigger B to the CRM to contact, all these things that happen in the background and. The. Great thing is almost, every, single, program, that you use has, a connection. To zapped here. Now. I need to be open. Here zapped here has a free account which allows you I think five single, step zaps, they call them Z, Z APs and, as. App would be new. Contact, and then, maybe add it to your phone that would be one. New. Contact. Atom. To this email list that would be two but, the, point is even with five single, step zaps you can. Save yourself a huge amount of time and. If. You. Are not a technically, savvy person. Nor. If you like this stuff nor if you really, want to get into this and all that kind of good stuff I love. This, stuff I love, setting these things up and I love helping people problem-solve.

How To do it that's. Why if you heard my what. I do in the beginning of this live, today, this. Is fun for me and that's just the way my mind works so I love helping people save time helps, them save money a lot, of people save so much time they actually think that. They. Can, go. They, can actually either, hire. I mean. Basically have, like an extra, person that they were paying for admin tasks that they don't have to pay anymore so they haven't dropped that person, or. They have that person do. More. For them than they were doing I would encourage you leverage that person for other things and let them go because. They. Probably. Have a lot more added value than you think because most people that once they're in your company, they have gone through a hiring process and. That. Costs. A lot of time and money to rehire someone, so it's better if you train an existing, person on new, things then hire fresh, ingenious. Can it link to Lyon desk great question and you'll be my first question on this if. Anyone else has any questions on zap here let me know I use. That Pierre. All. The. Time so hold on one sec. Alright. So now this is my list of my zaps I have a whole bunch of them but. Let. Me look to see so if I click apps. So. Again zap here calm. And. By the way I know many, of you are not technically, savvy and that's why I'm very busy helping people with this but if you are I. Mean. Literally within a day or two you can save yourselves so much time and if not that's why people like me around because for me again this is fun ok lion desk. I'm. Gonna look up lion and Janee let's see if that comes up lion. Desk it's in beta so, lioness, does work. So. There you go so you can use that, anyone. Else have any questions that was a great question most. Programs, want, to be part of a peer by, the way there are a couple other automation. Programs, one is called Zoho, 0h. Oh, and. Zoho. Has. Their own they, kind of want to be the next Google with, a million one apps on the program, their, platform, so, they have like an automation, thing it's very young. But. It can, do some of these things too so if you're looking to automate IFTTT, as I showed you zapped.

Here Is really the main, one and. Zoho. Also has the ability, with. Outside apps with, that being said if you, have someone who's very technical, on your team, there's. Something called a web hook, and for. Those of you who are not technical, don't. Worry about it but, a web hook is kind. Of like the similar. Thing what these things are actually doing in the background but, that peer made it easier, and. The. Great thing is once you use app here their team will help you with the team so engineer. For example you're on you're using Lion desk they will help you lion, desk will but so will is. That peer to help you. To, use. This, and use it more effectively and, ask by, the way engineer, always. So. If you're trying to say I want to do this with. My. Lyon desk how. Can I do that I would. Be constantly hitting, your Lyon desk support, team because. Trust me the. You're not the only one asking if you're kind of on them they'll add it it's usually not a big deal to add little things to. Automation. Or within the CRM so. And. Let, me just browse you real quick so just to show you some of the apps that you. Can use so for example Google sheets. Slack. MailChimp. Google. Contacts. Twitter. So. You can have a post, go to Twitter. Go, to Instagram, all at the same time if. You have a forum online you, can have the forum auto go to other places it's powerful. Absolutely. Powerful so, I wanna, if anyone has any last questions, I'd be happy to answer them. But. I wanted to thank, you for your time today I'm going to take a quick review of what happened so I started, with this awful list and. Writing all that kind of stuff. Right out my emails in full. Creating. The folder I showed you how it did that and, I. Actually. Naming. Every audio and video file I copied, the subject, I had for the email and pasted. That into. My rename for those people that so literally almost half of my time I do is. Actually renaming, those files so I went from 25 minutes to 90 seconds so, any you who are clients, that's. How long it takes that I'm done most, times to, get the email out to you and again. It used to take me a half hour twenty-five when I was really really really, focused, so. But. The point is of this live. Is these. Are the steps and. Assuming. You do these things you can accomplish magic. In, your business because. Most of us repeat things that are total, waste of our time, total. Admin that, should never have to be done twice and even, if it has to be done twice you still to write it down because. There's always a better way of doing it you also, spend, your, brain energy creating. It so each. One of these daily, monthly quarterly etc, tasks, that you make each, one of them requires. You, and your team to come up with the plan for getting to work so. If you have the plan, for coming up with a. Instagram. Post, for, example you, do this this this than this you, need to make sure that, you, keep that you have a plan for that written down and it's, literally a check check, box system, okay, so. I'm. Gonna get going because, I, got some noise outside but. If you have any questions, shoot me a message here, if, you need help with this on your own business, I would love to help you because. One of my biggest joy is to help people automate, their business scale. At the heights they never thought possible, and help. You to achieve, magic. In your life that.

Is, Often, the reason for people actually creating the business in the first place so have, an awesome rest your day I appreciate. Your time.

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