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As. You guys can see I clearly. Don't care for rules watch, my leg actually like break, now because I have the wrong sucker on the wrong foot. Yeah. So I think I saw I got a nice. And early today around 4:30, got. Through my whole routine did, a ton of work feeling really good I'm really, making. A lot of progress with my goals. So. That goal is done all, that's left now is the is the bench press goal my occupational, goal we have we've launched a new website of course and we finished 19 videos so all I have is one video, left, I'm gonna try to make a video today I have no idea what's gonna be about I think, will actually make the focus in this video today how, I have. My whole video set, up how. It all works I think you guys have I've, been a few questions about that and I think you guys would find that pretty interesting right. Now so. Again I woke up early I danced, with I've been dancing with my or around 8 o'clock in the morning I find, dancing in the morning it's much better for me I have much higher energy, it's. Just a great way to like, really start the day Elmira has a lot, of energy as well because she hasn't given anyone else classes. I'm. Really coming along well with the salsa goal almost, there so. What I've been doing is is so. I do my salsa now at 8 o'clock and, then at 9 o'clock I usually head straight, to the gym so I do this well in a fasted state if, I've consumed anything it's usually just a bulletproof coffee which has pure. Fat so I'm not even anything - despite my insulin the idea is to try. To burn as much. You. Keep my body in sin fat-burning, mode so, now we're heading to well so. We're heading to the gym technically I just have to make a pit stop in the same building because I'm getting my Colombian visa I've had some issues with that so I'm gonna go speak with one, of the attorneys over there, finished. With that head, over to the gym come back do, some sauna, maybe some ice bad you. Guys. I'm, gonna go in. What. Happened was. All right so it took a little longer than I thought, given. That I've spent 45. Minutes on the treadmill an hour dancing, salsa, I'm. Pretty, hungry so. What. Else. Just. Like 8 the. Energy. Powder you supposed to mix and water it stated we have a little too much. All. Right today's one of my rest days so, my. Rest days that I like to do is just ultra. Jacket. Saying that but some, my rest days that I've been doing it's just a lot, of poor so basically I define, a rest day as not, working my upper body or lower body although, I'm going to be working this thing's kind of. I'm, going to be doing a lot of core stuff so a lot of a lot of abdominals and. Then a lot of just full body kind of explosive, movements, that muscle, groups that I don't normally train, during, my training days yesterday I completed, the squat, goal which I just want to give some clarification.

There I'm worried that people are gonna the original goal is 245. Pounds five times per squat I realized that my squat form wasn't, that good so I wasn't going all the way down when, I started going all the way down a squats got a lot harder so I changed that goal to 225. Pounds so I finished that yesterday and I still was a very difficult goal for me I definitely my spot form has never been that, good now I think it's really good and I did a weight that that. We've, never been able to lift. The, bar let alone with, good form so I'm, really happy about that that leaves one goal up which is my benchpress goal I'm gonna rest, my chest, today I'm gonna try to accomplish that either Saturday or Sunday. Before, I go back to New York, before. I go back to New, York so I finished up with the attorney, Juan. Jose good, man he's. Really thinking care of me as far as my. And, making sure that I'm. That. I hopefully get, accepted, and fortunately. We can only control so much but everything, that I'm doing is legitimate. I should, I should be a fruit if I'm not. Argentina. I'm coming coming to you so. You're. Closest to army though this where else now probably good Argentina really, long so but, anyway hopefully I just, get. My visa and we're. Good so I'm gonna start my workout and then we'll I'll, see you guys the next book or hopefully I'll be either, eating, hopefully I won't be in an ice bath so, we'll find out I'll either be in a sauna in an ice bath or. Eating hopefully, eating but, maybe, sound alright but actually know it like I gotta run cuz I have a know you'll definitely see me because I got a have. To meet with my the. Entire company having. An agent. Hire our team meetings in today, the first time we've had a team meeting in a long time we're. Getting we have over 40 employees now instead we're getting them all together and we're gonna. Discuss this next phase, of, agent. Fire so anyway. Time to get to work this is going to be again 30 minutes of just ultra ultra intense, just. Trying to hit everything lots, of core lots, of core stuff.

So. It. Is just another quick example of setting up processes, so that trailer, that you just saw. Already saw just a couple of seconds of it I'm. Trying to get better using my using my Instagram so the first thing I did was I created a trailer. Identical, to that in Camtasia, then I just wrote, down all of the steps that I took to make the trailer and now, I have, someone else on my team making, those trailers and we will be uploading. Them to Instagram. Unfortunately. We can't do the swipe up thing until we have 10,000, followers so, I'm, actually gonna ask you guys if you haven't already can, you guys check me out on Instagram I'm, gonna be really honest it's not my, Instagram it's not very exciting I don't upload many things to Instagram but when I do they're, pretty informational. And kind of exciting I just, don't use Instagram very often I don't know I just don't think to use it like I just went to the. Santa Fe I think you guys just saw that episode and I. Didn't, think a single photo on my phone I didn't even the entire time I didn't even think to to. Take a photo but I'm trying to get better I want to share stuff my whole family is on there they'd like to see me you. Know post photos of things that I do and I'm sure you guys enjoy. It too I think I don't know I'm trying to get better I suck. With Instagram messages. So if you guys send me messages there I see that I'm getting a lot doing, the best guys I'm doing my best, so, but anyway please, check me out on Instagram. If you haven't already and, I'll. Try to do my best to upload cool, stuff there too thanks. Brand. It against just because they're clients. Hey. Guys Nelson, cuesta here with agent, first, of all I wanna thank you guys were personally following because. My daughter still, oh. Yeah. So. I just, finished the final. Video. I'm so tired I started today at 4:30 a.m. it's, almost 7 o'clock I've been working non-stop. And we, just finished the final of. The 2008. I, was going to make for agent fire I'm really happy that this video was the one to end it because and just to give you guys a quick recap I made six new videos about individual. Aspects of agent fire that we've placed onto a brand, new website. A brand new tour page I made, six videos, on individual. Features, of agent, fire I made, six product, update, videos so that's 19 videos, in total and this is the final video where, we actually just announce that we're going to be doubling the, price, of our custom websites, we're gonna be doubling, the price and, we're doubling the price because, the, features, have now evolved, to a point the level of design has now evolved to a point and frankly. They're. Still worth, far, less than what we're we're charging but it's just it's, time to to, raise the price to double, the price and. I'm. Really excited about that, yeah I'm really, really excited about that I'm really I'm really happy right now I think this is the happiest that I've been so far as far as completing, one of the goals because they these videos I'm gonna show you guys right now how.

I've Been making these videos I'm gonna actually, bring you guys through the whole process. So first so. Actually. I feel like I'm an inception, right now I don't know that exactly how this is gonna work but basically. What you guys are seeing so this is the, so. I think on the screen look let's Stalin I think you guys know him already what, you're seeing is the is the the Sony camera that we use and what you're seeing on top of that is what's, called a parrot's teleprompter. So I have this control, here. So I have this pirate teleprompter, so basically what, I do is I. Hit okay, and you can see that it the. The script. Reed's right on top of the lens so I can look straight into the you. Get a little closer so. You. Can see there that I can I can look right. Into the lens and read and and you don't have any idea of a reading. Script. So, this is how I've made all. 20. Of the. Of the videos for agent fire I'm. Gonna take the Sony I'm gonna one more thing with the with. This camera so you can see up here we've, got a wireless. Microphone. And, so I have that connected, to, my. Person. Really. Really high-quality it says Sennheiser, I forget the name of it but, the. Wireless is just it's just really, really. Really really nice all, right so I'm gonna disconnect the camera now and just show you guys around the room and show you guys a little bit more of how, we how, we work all this stuff yeah okay so we're already zoomed out here so you can see this, is just a, spare room in my house so my original idea the reason that we have this agent, fire logo here on the wall is, not to decorate the room it's, because I originally thought we were going to use this wall to record videos, and a couple of issues with that one is that there's this like big line that, runs through the wall, to. Is that this is a like a reflective. Material so, the, light that was reflecting, off of it was just horrible, so, we ended up doing is we ended up getting this nice big, white. Cloth. This stuff is all really, not expensive. We. Have three, fill, lights, and three, like, high intensity, lights so the fill lights are these guys one. Two. Three. Really. Really cheap these. Lights were a little more expensive these are called young know what's really cool is like here if I press, this button they're all in the same channel so, watch this there's one two, three. So these, lights are all on the same channel. The one two and three, so I, can actually just turn one off and, it turns off all three and, we have a control, that does that as well that's really that comes in really handy these.

Are The more high intensity lights so these are the ones that we focus on my on my face and then we use these lights to just. Fill the background we actually even have one more little, baby guy over here and that fills the background as well these lights used to make a ton of noise. And so. Our solution for that. Was to just, stick a q-tip in the fan, so, anyway this is also. Where. Stalin sleeps whenever he stays, the night because these guys his little sneaky sneaks over there so, I'll just close in there and, it's. Mattress. And stuff like that. It's. A little belt he's. Cute little bit. So. Anyway that's this. Is how another, couple of tricks. You'll notice. So. I'm wearing. If. You can see this I'm wearing a pink. Shirt right now one, of the big problems with this room especially because it's so small we have so many lights is it. Gets hot. Hot as hell so you'll notice in pretty much every video that I've made for agent fire I'm wearing a dark shirt and. Yeah. Part of the reason is because they're like it's, a blue, shirt, which fits in with the theme of agent fire so that's what since that's one of our main colors but mainly it's just because I will, start profusely, sweating, after about three minutes so, the video that I just made was only a minute. Long so I left the pink on you can even see I'm definitely, I'm definitely sweating I said on those he made me Espada. You. Can see like. That's. Like one, of the downsides of recording this room's I start, just profusely, sweating after a couple of minutes so anyway. You see all the kind of issues that are presented, recording, in here but there's. Always a way always, a way around them but I will say recording, video. And getting this room set up and actually getting. A video like, a workable video like getting the lights getting. That audio set up get it men, yeah it's. Not easy it's really hard I understand, why people say that video is a lot harder than it looks and when I first started making videos I'm not I don't speak, concisely. And I don't I'm not very good at that and I'm I was really bad with videos, so that, teleprompter, that I showed you guys man. If I didn't have that I, didn't, have that for a long time and so what did that happening, was I would record the same video, like 50, times before I got a version, that was even half, workable. Or I would record a video and we had to spend so much time editing, it that it would have almost just made more sense to redo the video so anyway. This is my whole, this is how I make this, is where the videos for agent fire starts. Right so, the first thing I do is I write the script which now at this point I have someone else that's writing the script for me so I just go through I punch, up the script and I gotta load it onto my phone, you, know we stick this thing in the teleprompter I have, a control that I use that I can pause. Or I can skip ahead if I need to I've. Read the script we record the video and now if, you guys remember from one of the previous videos I just, hand, that video over to Ali and Ali is able to take it edit, it did, the blog post do the mail chip newsletter do the Facebook, Linkedin. Do. Everything so my, ability, to now. Create videos, for agent. Fire has increased, exponentially. And moving forward I hate to raise my arm because I know I'm sweating a lot but whatever and. We're still in this room so I'm just gonna continue to sweat more until we until we leave you know that this is a this, is how. I've been able to scale, and. Grow agent, fires by continuing, to just create additional. Processes. Processes, processes, processes and bring, on people that are more, than capable of those processes and, you. Know Here I am four, years later and I got a real, company the. Occupational, goal is done, that. Leaves two goals. Left, my. Bench press goal which I'm going to try to do tomorrow you, guys already saw I came, very close I did four reps the other day I've given my chest a lot of rest and I'm going for broke tomorrow and. Then my salsa goal which, I'm gonna try to do to finish tomorrow as well if. I complete, both, of these goals I'm. Gonna have some drinks I'm gonna relax I'm gonna take, a little vacation, I'm going to New York next weekend I wait for a 4th of July and I see my family again and but, I'm, going to I will celebrate, and. I will do so happily, so anyway. Thanks. For watching and see. You guys in the next episode. Where hopefully I complete, my best, for school and my salsa goal and and dark. Mode is over. So, guys please like, if you have any questions. Comments. Please leave them in the comments as you guys have seen I have responded to every single, comment, on every, single, video I think if, I've missed anything I apologize, but I think. I've responded to everything yeah thank you guys appreciate, it thanks for coming along on the, Jurnee who are almost done and, we're gonna continue with another series after this one I haven't decided what that is yet but let.

Me Finish dark mode first and then we'll we'll talk about that so I got.

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