How I Make Insane Gold in Guild Wars 2 with Trading Post ► GOLD GUIDE 2019

How I Make Insane Gold in Guild Wars 2 with Trading Post ► GOLD GUIDE 2019

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I am going to explain to you how I am making cinnamons of God in Guild Wars 2 some stores a trading post I will. Explain everything to make these methods available for everyone, even casual. Players. Subtitles. Are available in, multiple languages. Be sure to activate, them on the YouTube settings. Double. Of contents unuseful, links, are available, in description. Earning. Money from Guild Wars 2 Trading Post is surprisingly. Easy, but. Many players choose to avoid it because. They see it as a challenging, time. Consuming. And confusing, way of earning gold, also. It isn't initially, a particularly, fast process, so. Event or income potential is enormous. This. Method is available for casual, player you. Don't need to play each day I, am. Going to explain you to two, methods are used to make insane gold with trading posts, so. First method, needs a lot of time and patience but, second method is way faster, in. Addition, at the end of the video I will tell you my secret, tips these. Tips are not well known that, will help you to make autosave. A lot of gold, so, watch until the end. To. Use this method you only need two things. First. A full pad inverse to account free. To play icons have thrilling post heist actions, and. You. Need at least 50. Gold because. You have to invest some gold, to make profit. If. You don't have enough gold don't be sad I created an easy gold guide how. To make easy gold beginner, swingley link. Is in description, so you can watch it first make, some gold and then come back to this video let's. Start. Income. Is only in - as from the Trading Post, speculation. Flipping. Don't. Worry I'm going, to explain, them to you in detail what. They are on how to do them it's very easy. Speculation. Involves, predicting, market trends, paying, items, at a lower cost and, then, when, the market price of those items and quizzes, you, least semaphore a quick profit, in. Other words you, buy an item at a low price, you, add the price to increase and. Then, you sell it for example. Birds is black we learned rippen skin for fifty gold five. Months ago well. Now I can set it for a hundred on twenty god this. Is a 50, gold prophet, including is a 15 trading past fees. Speculation. Requires a lot of patience, you have to wait a few months between. The non on Subbaiah, consumer, not you sell as a type if. You want a faster method flipping, is way faster I will explain it after. But. Your main concern, is how can I guess which, item is going to increase in price which. Idioms are was speculation. Well. I am going to tell you the top two items I am speculating on, since. They have an almost guaranteed. Chance to increase in price. But. First what. Are the reasons that explains. The price increase. First. Attempts, are no longer available or, they. Are available at a higher cost than before. Like. All black, young women skin Oh. Eternal. Available, only during a, short period of time, Perea like. Festival. Attempt from winter's, day Halloween. Lunar, New Year, surprise. Slowly, increases. Doing co-owns, and, obscene. For stable starts. That. Is when the item becomes available again. So. Cycle repeats each year. On. Finally the items are useful only in, a short time, we do ensure. Like. Achievement, only available during a festival that require, specific food, so. The price increases at the very beginning, of festival, then, drops when it's over, because achievement, is not anymore available. Black. Lion, weapon skin are my favorite attempt to speculate, on the, war. Stories is a new black weapon set every, two months also. When. The new weapon set is released at the cost of one, weapons skin. Is one, Black, Lion. But. You also can buy it from the Trading Post so. Super supply, from the Trading Post comes, from people that already bought a ribbon which ticket on, sensory, panel on the Trading Post instead. Of using zareba. At. Rhodesia surprise. Is nearly always between, 30. And 60 girls, on the Trading Post. When. Your new rippin set is released as a cost is always one ticket, so. Heist of the previous ribbon set released. About two months ago increases. From one ticket to two tickets, on. The price father, said to, the previous set released, about four months ago is. Increased, from two tickets to sweet Achatz. Tickets. Are the only way to get ribbon skin three days in the last six months use. Your ticket cost in quizzes you can expect a girl to cost from the Trading Post to increase - it's, a direct correlation. First. Tip to speculate. You need to use this site it. Will show you the price history of each eaten. Let's. Have a look at Equinox, Black Lion rippin prices. First. Here. Is a release of the equinox, rippin in August, so.

Blue On headlines, as. A Python Trading Post for sellin cultures respectively. Come. August to, 16, October, so. The highest ones one ticket under on. Trading poster cost is about 50, gold. So. 16 of October, was - it is the new even set the material weapon, for Halloween, this. Means that the previous test Equinox, went from one ticket cost to ticket look, what happened. Price. Nearly, immediately, increased a lot from. Sixty gold to 90, gold in. Only a week. Then. From October, to December, price. Remained, stable, or even went down a bit but. The. Certain, of the samba it was to release the new weapon set orchestral, skins available, at when ticket, this. Means that it in accent. Wet from. - - sweetie get on Madeline. Said, from one to two look. What happened, so. High surface the icky NOx increased, again at, a slower rate but, it keeps increasing. In. February, 6 months afterwards, you can sell the equinox weapon. 420. Gold, if. You bought the equinox, skins for 50 gold 6 months before and. Then sell it for 120. Girl you. On Mars and fifty gold including. The 15%, Trading, Post feels a. Black. Alien repellent winning purse costing one ticket is always about forty gold to 60 gold so. You can expect a whippin costing two tickets to be nearly twice as much, and, repine costing sweetie gets to be nearly three times as much, in. Reality it's always a bit less expensive because there are more parameters, you have to take into account on, which, helped you to speculate, here. Are some tips. If. The weapon set is beautiful. Lots. Of players will, buy it so the price will become more expensive and you will make mock of it if. The whip incentive, structure negly less, players, will buy it on your profit should be lower for. Example. This weapon set is naturally, that great which explains, why the cost is low but. This one is really beautiful so, the price is higher I, speculated. On the aching except, I've made. $3,000. Profit I bought. 60 weapon skins when the coast was one ticket 50, gold I saw. The same, 420. Gold each. 3 months later. If. You are poor you can start with only two or three black Leone weapon but. You can still make a hundred gold perfect. Last. Tip be, careful because. After a certain amount of time usually about nine months see. All the weapon sets become available on the black iron chest, so. The price will fall dramatically, you. Have to sell your weapon sets before that happens or you will lose gold, my. Advice is to sell your weapon about one or two months after the cost switch to sue ticket so. You are sure, to make profit. If. You are impatient you can sell it before but, you will make less profit. Winters. The gift are probably the most secure. On easy them to speculate, on you. Don't need a lot of gold on you are sure to make some profit with them. If. It's your. First time speculating, I advise, you to use this item first. Winter's. Day gift are only available during so winters the festival, which. Takes place each year in, December a. Bit. After the end of winter stays of Christ will start to increase because. Gift are no longer available. Look. At the cuff this, is a price on the Trading Post of interest a gift throughout. The last four, years you. Can. See that each year shows. The same cycle first. Winters day started at Samba you, can loot a lot of gifts so the cost is very low. Then. Winters, the ends in January and you can see that during spring, and summer so. Try slowly, increases, because you cannot go to gift anymore, then. In autumn, the price is at its peak. Finally. Winter comes around on when. Winters day comes after, few days, the, price is - a very fast because. Gifts, are of Anabella stood again.

So. How to make gold with gift it's very easy just buy. Some gift at the end of the festival in, January, you. Can buy some gift for. About 4 silver each. Put. Your winters the gift in your bank then. Be patient if. You wait until at least September, you. Can sell you a gift for nearly 9 as well this. Is a hundred, percent profit, after. The training past phase. If. You don't have lot of girl that you can buy on any one stack it will cost you 10 girl in general we only. Will be able to sell it for 20, gold in September. This. Method, is a most secure, method for beginners because. No matter the amount of people doing this there are so many people buying and selling gift. And the surprise is so huge that even, with a thousand, people using, this trick for my guide which, won't change anything, you will make profit, you. Only need to be patient. Last. Year I bought 500, stack. For. 5000, gold I sold. It for 10,000. Girl doing 5000. Gold profit. So. More God you can invest so larger your profit will be but. Even if you are poor you can make this hunt easy profit. Basically. You will always get, about a hundred percent profit if. You invest angered you will get 20, gold back, 100. Gold 200. Guard a thousand. Gold mm. God. Speculation. Is a long term way to make gold few. Months. Flipping. Is way faster taking. Only a few hours a few days. Flipping. Is when you place a buy order for a specific item knowing. That you can sell it for more, on that profit. So. With thousands, of items that you can do this, for. Until oranges on the fact that those. Fulfilling, your buys order, want. To click three sets of items they find whether. It's trash weapons or food there is a margin, to be made on most items so. K is identifying. Which them will provide the profit after the. Training post exits good, 15. Person fields in. Other words you. Put another, funny. Tomato low price on when. You get the item you sell it at a higher price at. Least 15% higher, to make profit because. When. You sell any time on training post you lose 15%, from, the fields. Which. Item, should you flip. Because. Of the fees on trading post you have to flip any terms that got at least a 15, person to gap between. Buy on sale price. You. Can use a site to check if you can make profit you, can write the balance and price only. To calculate, the profit including, so, if putting, post 15% fields. No Stefano so her house are eatin is so large as a gap is, so. Not supply service for eatin so let's of the Japanese, for. Example meat really is so abundant since. The gap is very low so it's not an interesting, in terms of flipping. So. With multiple. Item you can speculate on just. Look at the terms of the training post each times the gap is bigger than 50%. You, can make profit, if. You want to turn first you can try it on a very low cost it then I'm. Going to tell you the top three times I flipped but first I need, to tell you a very important, whole be. Patient. When. You send your 8mp, apps it will take some time before, someone. Buys it. Don't. Concern, yourself even if a lot of people are solicited, it for sale at a cheaper price on yours, pipes. Fruits. A lot depending. On holiday, weekend. On current, events on generosity, sometimes. You will have to wait five minutes or five hours or five deaths are, occasionally. Sometimes a month, don't. Console, it especially. If it's a very expensive item because, when you put on sale on the Trading Post you pay a five person, fees of the cost, this. Means that if you the students are trading person sick for a hundred, gold will lose 5 gold and. When someone dies your attempt the Trading Post will take an additional 10%, more, for, a 15%, total. If. You can sell yourself to. Host it at a lower price you will lose this five thousand so. Don't console, explain to me the listing of the Trading Post who ate at least few, weeks be, patient. The. First item I like to flip is black lion weapon skins, yes. You can speculate on Black Lion weapon skin but you also can flip them so it's. Not a lot of supply which means that the gap is oven-baked. Check. All the Black Lion weapon, you out that be aware since, the weapon set is not any more available with etiquette it. Will probably take a lot of time before Simon sells a weapon to your purchase order so it.

Just Seems to do is to flip the latest women, sense. When I was elaborating. This video so. Let us set was he orchestral, set let's. Check. So the ferryman, skins that calculate, which weapon skins can make profit on let's flip together. For. Example say orchestral, my skin, I can. Buy it for assertive regard put, in a purchase order on. Sell it for 38, gold, listed. On the seller God, so. With a gap of only five gold let's. Use a calculator. The, gap is not enough there is no profit, at all. Let's. Find another weapon, skip she, orchestral, stuff skin I can buy it for a certain girl and sell it for certain ninety God, there. Is a gap of nine gold, the. Chose you calculate those who gap is enough I can. Earn mouth and Shri God let's. Put an order on be patient. Now. Let's, check, my weapon skins you can see that sometimes gap, is closed but. Sometimes, you can make of it see. Orchestral, dagger skin diode is very low 29, a girl, to the gap is nine gold so it's interesting to let's. Put an order. One. Day later I got my grits rod on staff focused our skin boss for sáááty good I can. Now sell disease that's your. Price I, put. A small gap between higher 7 my own self because I want this to be fast for the guide but. This is not necessary. One. Day later my to Orchestra, webinar sold as. You can see in my trading post history, I bought. For a certain, girl desist ribbons unsold. For 37. Or 38 gold. This. Is a six gold is he perfect this, is not a massive, a profit but. It took me only few seconds to put order on to sell you. Just have to be patient a few hours a few days. Now. Let's do this on a much, more, expensive attempt, for much more profit. Than. Job the high weapon yes, you, can flip plan general pan on make incredible. Profit but. Of course you need to have a lot of gold on, you need to be patient because, less, people are, listening, or directly buying candles. Here. Is my daily routine, first. I have a look at each legendary, buy and sell price, this. Is exactly, the same procedure used, for. A black tie on weapon flipping you, can use a get good at office if you will make profit or not. As. You can see eternity, or Twilight are not profitable, at all on. The house a Honda Franzi. The hula on few other legendary, are. As. You can see with some reason the highs I can make more than a hundred girl the profit. Pisces. Are always free waiting so you have to check all the balance and prices, to calculate. Which one is the most profitable. Also. Remember to check if, anyone puts a buy order above yours because. You are not the only one flipping on Trading Post as. You can see one day later now, I got frenzy, I bought. It for 1400. Gold and I can sell it for 1,800. Gold. Thanks. To calculate, all this. Is a hundred, and twenty gold profit let's, say it. Few. Hours later my agenda result I Ernie, the hundred on twenty gold it took me swimming apps of can play on, a two-day, span I. Showed. You how to flip for, black tie and repin on legendary weapon you need some girl to invest but. What if you are poor say. Well, no item you can flip that are not expensive at all just. Be curious and have a look on the Trading Post, so. It's also this site that shows you the most profitable, item to flip as. You can see there are a lot of coffee table items here, are the bypass, resale prices on the profits.

Remember. Some items are very long to sell so be patient I advise. You to start with low cost items to train. Now. I'm going to tell you my Swiss aqua tip Center Trading Post these. Are very basic tips, but they will help you to save a lot of gold so listen carefully. Not. A lot of people are aware of this fact but, the prices on the tuning post fruit to eat a lot. Depending, on the day of the, week, less. People are playing during weeks day from Monday to Friday, well. There are way more people playing. During the weekend, thanks to casual players. This. Fact has a big impact, on the global economy. Most. Of the materials, on attempts on the Trading Post our, more expensive during, the weekend, because. More people are playing because, a player has not farming that much they, prefer to make some open-world on that compression or snowing or chilled, badly. Still buying the Trading Post say are more people buying and selling as a weekend so it's a more expensive, the. Opposite side it's a much cheaper from, Monday to Friday because, there are less people buying and trading post and farming. So. My advice is to buy the item you need during, week's day from Monday to Friday. When. It's Lexie Tom Seaver on to save your attempt to sell it during the weekend when it's mugs conceived. You. May be surprised, by the difference, because, it's very significant. From. 3 percent to 25, percent depending. On the attempt. It's. Not a way to win gold but a way to boost last card don't. Be lazy don't use. Instant. Sell on instant. Purchase, on the Trading Post, nearly. Always buy, at lower price and sell at higher price. You. Will save from 5%, to 30%, gold. When. You are sending an determine to trading post at higher price it. May take some time before, someone, buys you a 10 be. Patient, don't concern, yourself two hours or two days after because it not saw yet, tae-suhk, threats, a lot right. At least few weeks before consuming it will, save a lot of God because when you put on Samuel item at the Trading Post you, lose 5%, of the value if, you consider yourself a 5%, fish is inevitably. Lost. I'm, so contrary when you put in the buy order, don't be afraid to consider it want, to put a better buy order price since, you don't penny fees. You. Should always undercut. The player listings, and you should only do it by one topper. During. This guarantees, that your item will be sold above someone else unless you are Aldo and Akkad. Don't. Worry if you are your item will even Terry said. This. Is a bonus, I'm doing, a giveaway video each week on my youtube channel and, I whip and giveaways check. The descriptions, there is an update link to my current legendary, giveaway good. Luck everyone thanks. For watching check my easy gold guide and giveaway in description, tell. Me in comments describe some stuff sums to my video and be sure to subscribe my three words that I. Know. Have a patreon, if you want to support me you are very welcome, you will help me to make more video with, better quality link is in description. Some. Say when I hope you enjoyed this video bye.

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This is a great guide :) I really need to start being more active in getting my finances in order haha. Thanks again Cellofrag :)

I have 17k winterday gifts I bought at 4s each. With you releasing this video, they raised to 6s. Thanks for the 340g profit xD

Very good guide! Sadly I still have some trouble to make money :D

Allready made 90gold in a cupple of hours thanks to your guide :D


Your voice sounds more soothing than Morgan freeman.

36k gold? You are sick man, Jesus...

A great video with loads of useful information - thank you very much Sir!!

Thanks for the guide!

The part about black lion skins seems a tad bit of a pay to win route to me because the most reliable way to attain the black lion tickets is offcourse from black lion chests which while yes there a couple free alternative ways to get the keys for them the majority will have to be bought with real cash. Secondly where do you pull your market data from, I assume GW2 efficiency?

A kind soul want to gift me a Sunrise?

Thanks for these info. cant wait for elementalist/weaver build pve and pvp :D please make it happen haha!

And black lion weapons don't work at all anymore, so many people now wanting to buy the 1 ticket weapons. This method is completely ruined now

+Andrey Shelekhov That's why you list small amounts. Even if you get undercut, its not a big deal to just leave it there.

​+Enko Well yeah but it's not abnormal that those 1c undercuts chain up and items that were worth 20s would go down to 18s over a period.. the problem isn't that you won't sell an item but that it might take a week / month longer because your getting constantly undercut by 1c.. I see it happen with some items where the demand is lower than supply and it really sucks because you already committed the listing fee and it can drag on for weeks..

+Andrey Shelekhov If someone is stupid enough to post a wall of 10k, they're just going to get undercut. there's certain things about knowing general velocities of items too.

+EnkoI would lean towards speculation as I know even the most obvious flips sometimes backfire and leave you at a lose, it's a game of calculated chances... as for the comment about undercutting 1c, it does matter when one person lists 10k of item 1c under / over and your bid has to wait until that is finished... time is money

I like your voice and accent

I really admire players like you, able to implements such long term strategies. Sadly as 3hours/day player i can't really lose 1 hour looking at TP and Profit tracker websites, so yeah, im fine with my 300avg golds made only by playing normally. Still a well done video, really interesting to Watch!

Can You Give Me Gold For A Griffon? I Literally Have 2 gold- Yet I Got 3 lvl 80’s- all Expansions- And Only Mastery 19

"I'm French! Why do you think i have this OUTRRRAGEOUS accent you silly king???"

Danteler.6132 gl guys

I have seen people do this a lot but never really understood how they do it. Most of the time it takes days for someone to sell to you, and you have to sacrifice a lot of actual game time in order to compete against those who constantly undercut you. For example, I put a buy-order in for a specific black lion weapon skin, so I stand there for hours undercutting the person(s) who're undercutting me, and after 2+ days of this someone finally sells to me. Then another 2+ days later someone finally buys that item, and after 4+ days I made 15 gold profit, but with all that time and effort, was it really worth it? Should I put some buy orders in and just forget about them while I do other things in-game?

His account tour is in french

Just as you, I dislike doing what is told in the video because it's inconsistent and slow. What is do is refining and crafting items that sell quickly, like materials, meta consumables and upgrades. Just as much as gold and you wait couple hours at most to sell what you made. Think of what people do often, what they buy, what they buy it for; people raid all the time, these guys need food, runes, sigils, etc, exploit them. Players want to craft legendaries, they wanna do it fast and crafting is too slow for them, exploit them too.

I used to try to flip TP as you mentioned here, but what I was struggling the most is what my bid would get overbid multiple times and then would not know what to do - keep it on TP with buying price lower buy 20-30 other offers or remove it from TP (and maybe put it up again) and lost posting TP money... Many times I would remove my offer since price went up by many other offers so would not earn any gold in the end but even ended in minus lol

thank you for putting english subtitles, I don't speak french and this really helps :)

Or you could just you know, craft, buy Leather Crates in Istan, farm metas, etc like normal players instead of taking the easy way out

i dont even play this game anymore i just watch these videos to enjoy the accent

You're the best Cellofrag

Excellent, thanks for share!

Loved the guide!

What +Jessel said. I tend to buy Sundays when prices tend to be lowest due to all the players farming over weekend, then list Monday or Tuesday. Don't be afraid to list above what others are listing. it will sell. If you don't need the gold immediately, buy mats every Sunday and save them. Then right when the next legendary drops (every couple months or so) you can list when prices sky rocket

Just dont go and undercut him all the time . Just wait ! Most of the time (especially at night) there will be no more items left besides yours and u will sell yours

Just go and invest gold knto the skins when they cost 30-60g and sell them 3 months after . Easy

2gold?! It takes like 10 minutes to do 3 dailies which gives 2gp

I did the waiting with the halloween polysaturating infusions and made a good amount of gold, during the event they were selling for around 100-250 gold, i dropped two purples and two reds, 3 months latter i listed both purples for 599g each (got around 560g cause of TP fees), and more than 1k gold. Now i have one red listed for 599g as well, so i'm just waiting hehe. Only problems is that you need a bit of gold upfront for Bat Wings to swap to better stats, and people undercut your prices by too much, my red infusion for 599g was the only one there, and instead of cutting the prices by a small bit, people are selling theirs for 450-470 gold lol, but i'm patient, it will sell for my price eventually hehe.

"Eetems" No offense but I want to help you with your english. When you want to say Items, you want to say "Eye" like the letter i/I, then "tems", "Eye-tems"

I find it funny when people say these kind of videos "will crash the market yadda yadda". This never happens because there are three main reason why most people don't like using the TP for making gold: Impatience, fear and lack of gold (which in a lot of cases is a consequence of the previous two reasons). A lot of people just wanna play the game, buy and sell stuff quickly, the idea of having to wait hours, days, weeks and even months to get their hands on the gold haunts them. And a lot of people just are simply afraid of investing any sum of gold in this stuff. I've done it (flipping and long term investing) a few times and I always profited from it, but I think a lot of times I fall in the impatient category because I just want to play the game without worrying about this stuff (my loss and the gain of people who aren't impatient xD).

Listen carefully, I will say this only once. XD (Allo, allo)

Thanks a lot for The guide. I´ll try to use this, and see how much I make!

When is the best time to buy new black lion skins? Is it better to buy them directly at the start or after a few weeks?

Few weeks :)

+8BitCarni Dude I know, that was the joke. Or at least an attempt at a joke.

+All Rad He isn't speaking french, he has a strong accent xD

He isn't speaking French...ok maybe he kinda is.

svipe cwedit cawd, resell weegendewies, profeet

yea event farming is also very lucrative with the once a year item going for 3x or more after a few months of the event ending

I like your accent. Its like wiping your ass with silk.

Somehow this video came up. I used to play this game and used to ecto gamble LOL. I got over 100k gold.But there were times i did go negative. Overall from what i remember how I made gold was selling legendaries and did map completion like 3 times. I used to flip weapons/armor and sell time gated mats like deldimor steel and the others. Also buying t6 mats when low and hording them. During events for certain times like crystal ingots i bought like 10000 for dirt cheap and put them on alt account and forgot about them.

Ottimo lavoro David Politi per la traduzione in italiano!

Hi! :D Destino.9718

TY for guide! Also, ru subtitles was grate to! It help is some case.

The 0 Day how do you make your gold?

Ce franch accent

Lol I'm a fucking idiot, I used to sell the skins for 40g

How shorts makes insane gold, beg cellofrag until he pays you to shut up

Im sorry i cant understand most of what you are saying (sigh)

+Cellofrag ohhh... thanks I will check that.

That’s why there is subtitles :) check YouTube settings on the video !

What +Fluxx said. I tend to buy Sundays when prices tend to be lowest due to all the players farming over weekend, then list Monday or Tuesday. Don't be afraid to list above what others are listing. it will sell. If you don't need the gold immediately, buy mats every Sunday and save them. Then right when the next legendary drops (every couple months or so) you can list when prices sky rocket

wow ! sank you so meuch ! zis is incredibeul !

Why no one is talking about material t5 to t6 upgrade ? wich is the best and an instant gold farm , lol the guy is talking about waiting 6 months to get profit

Because this is a trading post guide. I speak about conveying T5 to T6 in my previous gold guide « easy gold guide »

une vidéo pour les nul et que l'on comprends bien je m'y mets de suite Merci Cello pour cette video et les sous-titres Pakoitara.6315

Ah ok i see sorry cello

Ah ok sorry cello

Maybe I am weird but I really like the way he speaks :D

dump it.

Great Info !  thanx  > Bravo  :)

Thank you for guide

Be sure to cancel any buy orders on weapon skins if a new BL chest is about to come out, or you’ll really be in the hole when you bought a bunch of skins for 90g that are now in high supply and worth only 50.

I had a dreamthistle weapon that was second in line to be sold for 600g. It was in a BL chest a year or so ago and went down to sub 100g. I waited. Almost sold, then this BL chest came out and ruined me. I’ll check back next year...

When I make expensive Runes or ascended dailies I list maybe 5 at a time, wait for them to sell and do it again. If they don’t, I’d check back hours later and list a few more. You don’t want to list a shitload faster than they can sell or the undercuts will stress you out

Very useful video :) Thank you ! If I may add a tip: be aware of the current metas or popular build when buying Black Lion Weapon Skins. Few years ago I remember the Greatsword being the #1 item because lots of guardians and warriors builds were using that weapon. But know, the Axe is currently in some meta. Therefor, focus on popular weapons according to metas than others to speculate :)

Just made my first 30g profit on tp thanks to your guide

U are insane CELLO!!, Tanks for all, if i were a grill i would be ur gril friend!!

Funny the more gold you ask for on the TP the less you are making cause of taxes in game. So honestly you must be working hard and buying gold on the side.

Subtitles PT? No available?

Nice Video!

What a voice

+Dark Envisions Just playing normal open world events in istan or ab and then fractals, raids. I don't spend much golds tho.

Anticide.3420 if some1 feels like supporting a poor soul.

Aaah l'accent français c'est grillé au bout de 3 secondes :D

That is the guy that probably played the D3 AH

thanks for the video Cello :D and lmao the subtitles xD praise joko

Votre accent est un peu étrange... Je pensais que vous étiez russe jusqu'à ce que je lis les commentaires

If only u could pay to make the game fun

No portuguese subs :(

D'un côté j'ai vraiment envie de me faire de la thune mais de l'autre j'ai du mal avec l'anglais avec un tel accent lul

Je pense qu'on a environ le même age et honnêtement c'est impressionnant a quel point tu t'appliques dans la réalisation de tes vidéos ! Bravo :) Et ne t'inquiètes pas ton accent ne peut qu'embellir.

Je prends l'euphémisme final pour un compliment^^

Hahaha merci XD

Insane gold the clown says when the economy of the game was not raped we all make tons of gold my clown i was making 5000 gold per month back in the glory days stop trolling around

Is this anything like the Torgothian commodities market that Vork was banned for? ;)

the guy on the 36k gold character. yes he is probably a wizard in life

I love your accent man :) very charming KappaPride

'Zis" lmao damn i cant stop laughin

Can't even tell how many times I've bought/sold for crazy prices, just give it enough time and everything can be possible! PATIENCE is key if you wanna make money TPing. Actually that's the logic behind it, you make money that way because others don't have patience and insta sell/buy stuff ;D

but but why can't you make sane gold? i'm not perpared to risk my sanity with the TP & endless inventory management :P i've tried that, and it did lead to temporary insanity, until i realised what i was missing, which was actually playing the game, but, maybe... hey! props to you! to play a rigged money game, its just a shame it such a dirty rigged game where you have to risk your sanity just to be able to about afford a few more of the latest lion chest skins, most players fall behind and then the money gets spent and they never get back up to riches again... money is such a shame, i wish this world did it differently somehow, because at the moment it wrecks communities more than it helps them

so u are the guy who fk up tp..with 40k gold u can pretty fk up all those..

Thanks for subs!!!

but thats what bad about money, i would like it too, but i bet you never share the 27,000 gold, and thats selfishness, and thats the problem with money, i'm glad you have it, thats fine.... :) don't get me wrong, but i'd like it too, but its a shame you have now all the options of things to buy in-game, whereas most players are 99.9% limited as to what they can acquire. its not your fault, or nothing to do with you, and its nice to share your tips, sure its a timesink and that puts people off, the fact is they are more likely to become bored with the game before they ever make nearly that much gold..... but also people are different, some are compulsive spenders, others are very very frugal and keep it all, For instance. what is your account worth? 100,000k? myself last time i checked the value of my acc was over 80,000g, but thats having spent it all, but in theory sort of, if i had been more frugal about certain things and had also not wasted various amounts without things to show maybe there *could* be 27,000 in the inventory. but then again everyone is different. ecnomics are as borins as watching paint dry, but yet, some people become ecnonomists, but others don't like to touch money with a barge pole and stay far away from it drifting into art and sprituality instead. anyway, take care :) enjoy the game, and not just the TP, there is more to life than money, and just as much, there is more to gw2 than money. don't forget that. peace :)

You can make sane gold : watch my 2 others gold guide :)


Damn what a guide. Great job...

Tu peux parler français aussi c'est plus compréhensible

omg parle juste francais dude ton accent c'est trop bizarre!!

This video is literally more informative on irl economic market practices than econ classes I’ve taken a university

A thing i made is Buying a lot of an item regardless of the speculating price and i bought so much of it that the price tripled then i listed all theses items at that price creating a chain because people still bought it due to the artificial price augmentation

Jesus...i pissed myself from laughing omgggg...

Possibly the strongest french accent i’ve ever heard, no hate intended! Good guide!

so he is french, but sounds like a bloody german and acts like a real jew

Youtube auto generated subtitles detected "All black weapon skins" as "All black women skins". Excellent.

Regalame oro

that is how the marketplace works in the real world. low sell high. Patience is key yes.

There isn't a simple way to make some gold Arenanet made sure there isn't so you buy gems, flipping is sh*t, gathering is stupid and useless, MILLIONS of wood and Ore of every kind on the TP worth less and less by the day.  Crafting also no profit and trading post fees will rape you. I bought 4000!!! Intact mosaics over the last year.. for 3 Gold average (best price was about 5 g last year).. I am stuck with these shit mosaics for MONTHS.. price will not go above 1,5 gold.. f*ck this game really.

As for all items looted from bags/chests. Are you seeling them directly or salvaging and selling materials?

Flipping simply gets expenontentially more profitable due to expensive items that cost a lot of gold. Unfortunatly the time taken to see large numbers of profit takes time. This however is also what keep flipping viable in the game, if everyone did it it would not be so profitable

a very informative and pleasant guide! thank you!

people are living the game great guide tho


One aspect being overlooked here is, you should consider the number of items being offered and requested. You may find in some cases that while the asking price is quite high, nobody's buying at that price. Are there 400 of an item asking 3 g and just 1 asking 15 g? If so, it's likely the item will not sell for 15 g. A huge disparity between asking and offered price can indicate a lack of demand. Looking at the website linked above (thx for that), some items are being marked up 20,000%. I doubt those are a good bet. Similarly, if you're looking to sell, and you see 400 items priced at 200 g, and no movement on those over time, you are not likely to make a sale by asking 199,99,99. Not only is it insufficient to move prospective buyers, but there are lots of people to undercut your price by another copper. A better idea, if there's still room for profit, is to undercut the asking price by enough that it will either motivate a current buyer, or move one of the current sellers to snap up your item to mark it up in line with their own. For example, let's say there's 400 of the item asking 200 g. The highest bid is 150 g. If you ask 185 g, you can still profit, and will almost certainly motivate a sale even if there's been no movement on that item recently. Either a buyer will go for the 15 g price reduction, or one of the sellers (especially if it's one person trying to corner the item) will buy it begrudgingly to prevent a drop in the ongoing asking price. Those people who whine about being undercut? They're the ones who will buy your outrageously under-priced item to avoid having to lower their own asking price. Muahahahaaa!

Thank you so much for your videos. It truly helps because i buy so many items for my friends then i run out of my own gold! I always felt like farming for map completions then selling for 500g was cheap af :(

Thanks to you I'm sitting on 5k gold after a month starting with 300g. feelsgoodman

can i have 3k gold pls

Now I know where the immense amount of gold is, which Arenanet is trying to get out of the game.

Gw Classic would be awesome

Ty vm

His accent

Tf. You got 40000 gold. I only got 10

Your accent is exactly like the IT Support man from the IT Crowd

This is the comment we needed.

Came for the information, stayed for the adorable accent

did a quatz crystall deal for about 40k gold (profit!) few years ago. :) way before they started to put them back into the game.

Это было супер! Спасибо за русские субтитры! Лайк и подписка!)

My 2 biggest scores I managed over the years were investing in Lunar New Year backpacks and foreseeing the change of the talent system and buying a bunch of those respec books the old vendors sold. Still, nowhere near this guy.

Tu pourrais la faire en français aussi du coup :)

j'ai rien compris vu que j'ai pas de anglais que tu accens qui aide pas pour comprendre le peut que je sais , et tu fait une traduction en bas en englais aussi , la communauté franco galère a comprend ta vidéos pourtant cest la 4eme fois je regarde et j'ai rien compris

What I never understood is who is selling legendaries at the asking prices? Crafters? Why would they do that?

Cet accent fr des familles

When did Guild Wars 2 have a subscription. After the 6 years I've played I think I've missed something


@Cellofrag ohhh... thanks I will check that.

@8BitCarni Dude I know, that was the joke. Or at least an attempt at a joke.

@All Rad He isn't speaking french, he has a strong accent xD

@Dark Envisions Just playing normal open world events in istan or ab and then fractals, raids. I don't spend much golds tho.

What @Fluxx said. I tend to buy Sundays when prices tend to be lowest due to all the players farming over weekend, then list Monday or Tuesday. Don't be afraid to list above what others are listing. it will sell. If you don't need the gold immediately, buy mats every Sunday and save them. Then right when the next legendary drops (every couple months or so) you can list when prices sky rocket

Can‘t u just like send me your gold? just kidding. But I mean 20k ??!!!?! I dont even have 1 k ezzzz

lol not subscription ..just 2 type of account..f2p and "full"

when he said "if you are impatient" I felt that.

les anglophones vont bien se moquer des français maintenant mais ça reste une vidéo intéressante

He's rich, you know. Dang man great vid, your accent is crazy cool.

Frenchiest French guy

Portuguese subtitles? cool!! Where are they??

Okay now I know where all the Gold and Legendary items are. A Walking Bank of items :O Subbed just to hope for luck in making Gold.

Thank you very much for this extremely informative and well made video. You have helped me a great deal. I always strayed away from further working with the trading post, but you explained it very well! In the past our two nations slaughtered each other at the battlefield and now we are helping each other at the trading post in GW2. I think this is a much better way of coexisting ^^ Greetings from germany and vive la France my friend!


That was awesome!

Man your methods are great and all but Gw2 is a GAME, not a finance or marketing class :( That being said i pretty sure these methods work 100% of the times Thanks for the video man

Man your methods are great and all but Gw2 is a GAME, not a finance or marketing class :( That being said i’m pretty sure these methods work 100% of the times Thanks for the video man

Definitely interesting to see how you play the game, for me it isn't so important to have gold because I don't really care much for expensive things. Playing the game modes, getting achievements is good enough for me, no need to stand around with TP open

Thank god there are subtitles, I had to mute the video because it was too damn confusing for my brain :D

Wait , is that how you speak or you Just joking ?

Très bon travail sur la vidéo ! Ton accent on s'en fout, fais pas attention à ceux qui critiquent :)

I really like the way you pronounce 'gold' =) Makes it sound even richer! Nice vid.

You aren't the first Frenchman I've seen explain how to make gold. What is it with you guys and being obscenely wealthy?

Also; don’t use so many people use it now that right when it’s updated lots of people do it and many do it at less margins so you can’t even make the profit from it for a long time period...

Question: so the item I am currently flipping I earn between a 20% to 23% profit (with fees it’s 5%-7% profit) but it only takes about a day to complete the whole transaction (buying and selling) Is that good? Or should I do something with a higher margin that takes longer?

French Khajit like to snik....

flipping is easier yes, but speculation is exciting, and rewarding. nothing like predicting the future and getting tons of gold because of it.

it is your choice. remember that flipping certain items are easier than flipping others, more expensive items and lower abundance rates of items need to be accounted for. the more common the item is, the less profit you will likely make, the less common the item is (and the prettier, if it is a skin, or more useful/commonly used, if it a resource) the more gold you will make.

If only he spent 0.001% of this effort into getting money for a decent microphone...

Did you mainly speculate or flip?

Thank you for this guide, it was wonderfully informative!

@Wolf Lordy I didn't speculate at all, I only flipped.

thx man

Very useful video :-) Thank you !

First of all THANK YOU for putting the Portuguese flag in the subtitles for the video instead of the Brazilian flag. Let’s not mix

Buy orders on Black Lion Weapons seem to get passed very quickly. Is it better to just instant buy them for around 40 instead of placing a buy order for like 32?

@Cellofrag oh its on!

just pass over, it's a war :) dont buy for 40 Gold !

Hello @cellofrag really helpful guide but i have a question because i am confused. I was researching black lion weapon skins. According to your explanation defiant glass and orchestral wepaon skins should be around 100 golds however they are so cheap like 35-40 golds. Why are there cheap? If i bought them due to your thesis like 7 8 months ago i wouldnt have any profit now. Thank you for your help.

Did you start with lower items and then flipped more expensive ones?

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