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What's, up everyone welcome back to my channel now I have some exciting news to share and I honestly didn't. Think that, I'd be sharing this news so soon in my journey let alone being in front of this camera I'm just saying it out loud but. The news is is that in the month of January alone. Last month meaning I made over 10,000. Dollars in my business so it was my first time ever achieving a milestone like this to be able to make, a 10k. Month like I feel like 10k months is what you always see on the internet like you know this person made 10k that person a 10k and I've, always been someone who just like looked at that and was like how is that even possible and, to. Have that become my reality has, just been I, don't. I'm speechless. Now. I really, debated whether. Or not I wanted to share this type of information out. On YouTube let alone just the Internet in general just. Because I know that a lot of people think. That sharing, income is really tacky and. I also know that when, you share your income like that and especially when you do YouTube there's tons of haters that end up infiltrating. Through the comments section and I wasn't sure if I was emotionally. Ready for any comments if there were any I mean it happen but, I realized. That there's a lot of people or there's a handful of you who. Have followed me from the very beginning meaning. Like from the very first video that I posted, back in like July of last year and. Throughout. This whole YouTube journey or just my business journey I feel, like I've been quite candid when, it comes to income, and so I've. Thought that I would share this, piece of my journey with you guys, because it's a huge milestone for me and. Also throughout this whole journey I've shared with you guys the fact that the, old my old corporate jobs that I worked out was paying me 65 K and I said goodbye to that and. Then eventually I also became a barista part-time. To. Support, this business while I was building it and, let's be honest I'm still building it and. I was getting paid minimum wage to do that like there's videos here and videos here of me, talking really candidly, about my journey so that's, why in this video, I'm, really going to walk you through my business, journey from top to bottom to you, know when I quit my job to where I am now making a 10k, month I launched. My website. Announcing. My business to the public this in January so I launched, it on January, 6th, 2019. Today's, date is whoa. It's February, 6 2019. So it's been a month exactly. 30 days since, I launched my business to the public and because. I made this 10k a month I don't want people to think oh my gosh like in your first month of starting, a business you, made this money no, I, actually started, this business back in August, I incorporated. This business in January that was simple like I wasn't, really a legitimate business up, until last, month in January, but, regardless, in this, video if you're interested I'm going to walk you through from top to bottom just what I've been through these last six months how I got here what it was like and. The lessons that I've learned I haven't. Necessarily scripted. This video so I'm not sure what I'm gonna end up saying but, if, you're down for it then keep on watching all, right so let's just flashback. And go all the way back to a May, 2018. And I have all of like the receipts, on my phone this is kind of like my time capsule of, how, I timestamp. What everything has happened but May 11th 2010. On a Friday around, 10:30, a.m. was, when I've resigned from my corporate job I gave three weeks notice and my last day at that job would be June, 1st 2018, so, that, was kind of the the timeline that I was working with and at the time I was petrified. It. Was one of the hardest decisions of, my life but, also you. Know in hindsight now I felt like it was one of the best decisions of my life it was truly the time where I felt, responsible, for my life and I felt like you know by leaving that job I was really, declaring. To the world that I matter. And that you know I don't, have to choose to be in these situations, that I don't I don't like and I always have the, option to leave and because. Of that moment it has been so, transformational. For me because it. Was the first time that I've ever left, something like that, and I feel. Like now because of that experience I now know, the. Value, of letting. Go the value of making a decision the value of choosing, your destiny and choosing your fate you, know those really, big decisions that we have to make end up being the most important, decisions that we have to make and when.

You Don't like something you can always change you can always move you can always you know there's always options, out there and that. Experience, has taught me that lesson I think that people who are in shady situations, they have a tendency to have tunnel vision and, they, feel like there are no options out there they feel stuck they feel trapped and. I used to feel that way too for, a year for a whole year I felt. That way at that job I couldn't, see a way out of it and now that I'm, on the other side I realized, that we always have a choice we always have the power to say no to say yes you, know you, can ultimately control, your life just, by making those hard decisions and just. By having faith in the, unknown and being okay with the unknown so that's one major lesson, that I've learned thus, far throughout, my journey the second thing that I learned throughout my journey shortly. After leaving my job um the. First month, was fun I did, some traveling. I slept in I hung around it. Was the summer time so I really took advantage of the, months of June, it was really fun and then, here the month of July near, the end that's when I decided to start this YouTube channel now, I've said this a lot of times within. My channel but starting a YouTube channel with something that I've always wanted to do since I was younger since I was in high school but. Fear always, prevented, me from doing it and now that I had all this time and then because, I also realized, the value of time especially. When I was working, at 9:05 I realized, like oh my goodness if I don't do this now then. I might not ever be able to do it later so that's kind of what gave me the urgencies, to start this channel so. Near the end of July I started, a YouTube, channel and I, posted, my first video here, which made a lot of people nauseous, because I didn't know how to do the setup and I told myself done is better than perfect and it's okay if I'm just holding the camera like this people, weren't unhappy but it's okay I have since improved and that's a thing like if you're watching this and you want to start a channel just start, like look at my first few videos look at oh they made two weeks ago you're always gonna constantly, improve I'm pretty sure a year from now when I look back at this video I'm gonna be like oh that's, no. That's not good but you should have done that but, just start I think that's another lesson that I've learned but. Anyways when, I was starting YouTube it was hard especially. When I had, no big, vision yet for it I didn't really know where he was gonna take me but. I just knew that it, was something that I wanted to do and what was really awkward was. When people asked me so are you making money on this like what are you doing with your life so, on and so forth, the, second thing to that. Ended up happening since. Starting the YouTube channel is my parents got worried they got nervous it's, like what are you doing and. So that's why they gave me an ultimatum it's you either go back to a nine-to-five or, you, at least do, something so that you don't have to rely on us to like buy coffee or something like I don't care what, you do I need to make sure that you have your own streams.

Of Income and I, was like okay. So I made the decision to work at a coffee shop I worked as a part-time barista and when, I first started out I worked, graveyard shifts, I ended, up complaining, and saying that I didn't want to work graveyard shifts cuz again I realized. The power of saying no but as the new girl they, obviously put me through a graveyard and what graveyard is is when you work from 12 a.m. to 8 a.m. so while doing this YouTube channel or just figuring out this whole YouTube thing and what I was gonna do with it and also working as, a barista, working. Minimum wage it. Was a lot of pressure and it wasn't until near, August, where I posted this video about why. I quit my job when things really started, to change for me at that point I was actually super nervous to post it I was nervous that you, know my old managers, would get upset it would ruin the chances of me getting a job ever again and I, was actually also worried that I would somehow get sued over something for, defamation or whatever, even though I feel like this whole time I've been quite respectful and I haven't really like thrown, out names or anything um but. Anyway a day, after that video was uploaded I ended up getting a message, on facebook from this, stranger, who I've never met before and she. Asked, me if I had coaching. Services and if I had a website in the had my rates and at that point I wasn't I didn't. Know what to say I've never done coaching before I, it. Was as if like coaching. Found me through. YouTube and so that's why the title of this videos I owe a lot of my success to social media because. Had I not put myself out there on the internet I would, not have made 10k, in, a month I guarantee. You that and I'm gonna talk about that later but. That video landed. Me my first client, and I worked, with her for free at that point I didn't know what I could coach on but she, was looking to also, leave her nine-to-five and I felt like I could help her with that because I've done it myself and I, felt like the way that I left my corporate job I did it decently, gracefully, and so. I want to tell her with that and because I am a person of integrity I didn't, charge her I just did it for free and I said hey you know what like in exchange for me trying, to help you through this transition, in your life would you mind giving me feedback and potentially, a testimonial, if, you end up happy, with the results that you want and she agreed and then the rest was history we, ended up working together and funny. Enough I ended up solving her problem, of being afraid to quit her job within the first two sessions and she, ended up wanting to start a business through. The questions I was asking her and she just kind of reflected a lot and she just realized that she want to start a business and so, I had two decisions to make it was either I tell her hey you know what I can't help you anymore cuz I don't know how to start a business or I could, use my existing skills of what I know in business and help, her out and so, that's what I did I said yes and I said you know what let's do it I'm doing this for free anyways you have nothing to lose I have nothing to lose so let's try it out and by saying yes to something that I wasn't sure if I had skills in was also, one of the best decisions I've ever made, and, the.

Reason Why I say this is because I. Realized. That we don't notice our, skills, and our talents, until. We talk to someone who's, different from us who doesn't have the same skills and who doesn't have the same talents all of us are different for instance you, know I read, a lot of business books I went to business school I worked corporate, I naturally have, a huge, interest in marketing specifically. Online marketing, now, and to, talk to someone who has very. Little business experience. Was, an. Eye-opener. For me I was like oh my gosh like you don't know how to create funnels or you didn't know how they do and opt-in or you don't know about social media I thought everyone knew this right. It's like as if you were a fitness, person and you think that everyone knows their macros and you think that everyone knows how to count calories and you think that everyone knows how to do certain exercises the, right way until, you meet an average Joe and they don't everyone. Has different talents, and different skills and this is another lesson that I've learned is that, you. Are. Talented you have something, everyone, has something, in them that makes. Them different these, are called strengths and what. I always say to my current clients now is we always want to look at what your natural strengths, are what do you already have that's different from other people and how, can you capitalize, on this strength and actually turn it into a business, position, yourself as potentially, an expert, because, there's, a lot of people out there there are a couple steps behind you that just need your, help and so that was a huge pivotal, moment, for me and since, helping her with her business we ended up launching her business she's got a point where she has her own clients, and I. Realize, like wow I'm actually good at this and so then I took on more free clients, I've worked with other people for free you, know with a little beta test program just to see what I could do for them and I, also ended up giving people results, as well but throughout that phase in my journey I still wasn't.

Sure, What the results would actually be for my business so for instance like while I was working with clients for free and working at a coffee shop making. Minimum wage I wasn't, making any money on the actual business and I, didn't know what. Would end up happening months, later I didn't know that I would be at this place this is the this place that I'm at now I wish, for I dreamed, for and I'm, actually gonna show a clip that I recorded, back. In September, when, I was, at a really low point and when, I, was. Just wanted. To document that vulnerable, moment and in hopes that one day I could show it and hope that one day I'd be in a better place which I think I am at now so, I'm gonna show up this clip to show you the reality of what it was like starting my business especially, when times were rough, okay. So I, don't, know if I'll ever post this video. But. Something I promised myself. Is to, always, document, my. Journey because. Ever. Since leaving, my job I. Just. Truly, felt like it was a. Shot. At like a new life I don't know shot at like a new identity, or whatever, and. I'm so grateful. And, happy. That. I was, able to find. The courage and the strength to. Leave a situation that was totally, not serving, me and, to. Get, over my fears and ego and, to just, take the leap and, I'm. Really proud of myself for, doing it and I'll always be proud of myself for doing it. But. At. The same time. It. Can sometimes be really challenging. Because. When. You have a vision. And when you have a dream. Or you have something that, you, desperately. Want, to achieve in your life, that. Might. Not be conventional, that, might be. Untraditional. There's. Going to be a lot, of challenges, that you're gonna face and that's why I wanted, to record this video to. Remind. Myself. In. The future hopefully when I'm successful or whatever I want to reach those goals, that. I started at. This stage but. Also, if. I end up posting this at, some point. And. You're watching this and you have a dream and. You. Can see it so, clearly in your head, but. No one else can. Including. Your family. Including. Your closest, friends. Including. Just, strangers, who may be judging, you or whatever for pursuing, something that. They can't see right now. I want. To remind you that you're not alone and hopefully. I'll. Be in a lot better place, when. This video if this video was ever sees, the light in public. So. As you can see from that video clip I've had some rough times, that's, only one clip of probably, many that I've documented of me just bawling, my eyes out because I was so scared and so frustrated while.

Building This business so, what I have to say to you if you've gotten this far watching this video and you are at a place where thinking of starting something new document. Your journey at that time when I filmed that video I had no idea whether or not I would ever show it to anyone and I, told myself I'll show it to people when I've reached a level of success that I'm happy with and to. Be at this place right now really, still in the beginning of my journey to share that video I'm really glad that I documented it because it, really makes me feel so much more grateful and so much more proud of myself of what I've built so far but anyways, speaking, of struggles, I also remember, a pivotal, moment for me while. I was still working graveyard at the coffee shop that I was working at again the shifts were 12 a.m. to 8 a.m. and one. Of my duties was to pick up cigarette butts off the floor and wrap. Pastries, that was kind of the main thing that you did if you were at graveyard and also cleaning the coffee shop and I. Remember. Like when you pick up the cigarette butt like you have to sweep it into the dustpan. But for some reason for me I guess I suck at doing stuff like that so it wasn't working and what, I ended up doing was I literally ended up using my fingers to pick up all the cigarette butts off the floor because, I just couldn't get the dustpan to like get, the cigarette butts into the the whatever um and. I, remember, as I was picking up these cigarette, butts with my bare fingers I remember just looking up at the sky and, asking. Myself like what the, did I get myself into like I'm someone, who has. Graduated. From, a top business school I graduated. Top, female of my graduating class I, was president on my undergraduate Society, and now, I'm working minimum, wages barista, picking up cigarette butts with my bare hands I cried. I teared, up and I was just like what. Did I do to myself like, did I really. Self-sabotage. My entire life and, it. Was depressing but. At the same time I remember also looking up at this and I was just like I can't, fail like I just have to happen essentially, it's what I told myself like failure is not an option I don't care if it takes a hundred videos that. I need to post on YouTube I don't care if it means working for free with people for a while or working. At a coffee shop for, a year plus I'm gonna. Make this happen I'm gonna make my coaching business happen, I'm going to make, my youtube channel happen, I'm gonna make my personal brand happen. There's, no there's. No option for failure because, I know at, the end of the day the only way that you fail is if you give up and, I told myself if I never give up then I'll never fail and since, then I've been a stubborn. Biatch. In, terms of managing my business I've let go some of relationships, and I've trashed some relationships. But. That's because I'm protecting my dream and I, was, very ruthless and, who I let into my circle if you don't believe in me then get the out that was basically my attitude, and it still is my attitude and I, hope this doesn't come across as cocky, or whatever but, when. You have an unwavering belief in yourself even though you don't know when the, six-figure mark. Is gonna happen you don't know when the 10k mark is gonna happen you don't know when you're gonna be able to make, enough money to buy yourself an apartment you don't know when you're gonna hit certain milestones as. Long. As you just have that faith that one day it'll, come that's. All you need or at least that's all I needed I just had that unwavering faith that, the things that I want in my life are going to come I just cannot give up and every day I need to chip away at it and every day I need to take actions, that are gonna lead towards, that.

Time To come to me when it's ready so that's all the backstory now you're probably wondering okay Vanessa great we know the backstory now we know that you've ate for a while and we know that it's not an overnight success and you've been at this for quite, some time so how exactly did you get from there to here how did you make that 10k month now, I'm gonna wrap up some key, lessons that I've learned just in bullet point format so this video doesn't go on too long because I'm just checking the monitor and it seems like it's going on for a while but, the first thing is is social, media social media bill to my business I. See a lot of people who are on social media and they. Just want a hundred thousand. Followers or they want all these vanity about, that's, great but, I think that if you're watching this video and you want to make it big on social really, ask yourself what. Are you doing with your handle what are you doing with that platform, are you just doing it as a hobby which that is totally fine or are. You going to monetize. That audience or try to build. Know like trust with that audience in order to get. Them to take action on something you. Know that was the approach that I took with my social media eventually, because as I, was growing on YouTube and again keep in mind that I still had less than a thousand, subscribers on YouTube I didn't hit the 1,000 mark until maybe December so like last a couple months ago but, even, with a very small following I was still able to get clients I was still able to get people messaging, me about, working with me and at that point I didn't even have a website yet so don't stress so much about the, number that, you have on social focus. More on creating, really great content. Educational. Content content that people are actually searching for and find value in and also, focus on building a community that's when I created my Facebook group The Fearless boss Network I created that group back in October, 2018, yeah.

I Think it was October and that's. Where I really cultivated, those relationships, and eventually. More clients started wanting to work with me because, they, knew who I was through, social, media and not. Once have I ever solicited. Anyone, to work with me I've never been the, person to message, someone and say hey pay, me money and work for me I have a coaching business I've just, let people come to me and you know the moral of the story what I'm trying to say here is social. Media has been my number one lead, generator, and all, I'm doing is sharing. My personality, online I'm sharing, my knowledge I'm not chipping out on knowledge, I have this video that went viral and, I'm. Pretty sure it went viral not only because I've been very consistent, and posting, on YouTube by doing two videos a week now but also because the content, was actually very unique actually, like quality content, if you look at the comment section yeah there's some haters but majority of people are like holy this is a very, unique piece of content not a lot of people are sharing these tips and. So that's kind of how I grew. So, fast on social was providing, people with actual valuable. And as a result i attracted. Clients into my business that's how I was able to make over 10k, last. Month and again keep in mind before I hop on to the next bullet, point of, what, contributed, to this like success. Is the, fact that I still didn't have a website up until last month and so, I had, been growing and growing and, cultivating, and never asking for a sale up. Until January where I posted. About my website and I was like hey guys like this is what I've been working on. Here's. Me here's what I've been up to and here's what I can offer and because. For the past five, to six months I was just building and building and building the moment that I launched, something it, was successful, I, didn't, start off my YouTube being like hey guys I'm a coach like work, with me I never. Asked, for a sale I just, kept giving value kept giving free content and I still give free content and so, when, I finally offered. Something or asked for something in return that's. When the. Client started really coming in because I had cultivated those relationships, for so long it's like what Gary Vee says it's the Jab Jab Jab right hook like you Jab Jab Jab all the free content in the moment that you write hook something in that moment that you actually say hey guys like my business is open people. Are receptive to it because it's, not like every day that you asked for a sale so I definitely wanted to add that point before I move on to the second point the second, pivotal thing that happened in my business that really accelerated my growth was hiring a business mentor the. Moment that I hired a business mentor I felt like I had way more structure. I had way more accountability. I had way more guidance, in. Doing, what I was doing and it was also so nice to have a second, perspective of, my business because oftentimes when you're doing it alone you, feel very lonely, and, you, don't have a boss you don't have a team no one's there to actually like tell you hey good job or, hey, you know maybe you should tweak this so having that business mentor was, crucial, to fast, tracking the success of my business of course if you hire a business mentor or a business coach that's, not a band-aid, solution for, success all a business mentor or a business coach is is guiding, you in the right direction opening. Those doors for you but at the end of the day you're the one that has to walk through them then the third major thing that happened in my that, I felt, really accelerated, my growth was when, I went to a coffee chat with another I would say he's a business mentor of mine I really look up to him his name is Wilson I'll, link his channel right here but, when, I was talking to him I told him what my revenue, goals were for this year and I said hey I want to replace my corporate income from last year I want to make at least 65, K in my business in 2019, and I. At first was worried I thought that he would say something like, Vanessa. That's a little bit too aggressive for someone who's just starting a business but.

Instead What he said was Vanessa that's. Way too low, dream. Bigger you got you got to go bigger aim for a hundred K next year and I, was like what what. Do you mean I was literally shook that even said that and when I learned from that conversation is, that if you have, 10x. Goals then you're gonna do Tennant's action to achieve those goals if I, had just told myself okay, I'm happy with 65, K this year then, I wouldn't, make the. Action, or I wouldn't take the massive action that, I needed to take in order to hit a 10k month if, I had just put my ceiling right here I would have just like stayed, stuck, but instead what Wilson challenged, me on was actually putting the ceiling up here so that I can actually reach, higher and, so that's kind of what I've learned from him and honestly if he never said that I don't think I would have made 10k last month and I, don't think I would have you, know motivated, myself to take more action and to challenge myself to, get, to that 100k, mark and so, those, were the main three things that I've done within, my business that, I think, has made me successful. Even, though my version of success I think is like I, think. I'll achieve it later but this is a great start this is more than a great start for me and so, that's kind of what, I wanted to share with you guys I really hope that by the end of this video everything. Makes sense because again I didn't script anything and it's all been done candidly, but. Yeah, next, time in the next video, what I actually want to teach you guys especially, for those who are interested in social media what, I'm gonna share with you guys is exactly it's a different ways that you can make money on social media other. Than the conventional ways like brand partnerships, adsense. Revenue I really. Want to give you guys more knowledge in terms of how you can actually make your, social media into. Something, that benefits your business the same way that it's done in for mine so make sure you hit the notification, bell and a subscribe button to, stay informed on when that drops anyways, guys from the bottom of my heart I am so so, so.

Grateful For you, following my journey up until this point hopefully we have more milestones, to celebrate in the future and again. I hope you guys or not again as always I hope you guys have a great day hope you guys have a great week and I hope you guys have a great life and I'll see you next time bye, guys. So. Really quickly these are all the goals that I have that. I put up, on my wall when I was first starting my journey so. Just. Once done this. One's done, this. One's done this one was probably one of the most happiest, times of my life when this happened, this. One I thought would never happen. This. One I, definitely. Thought would never happen so soon and then, this, one is the most recent one that just happened and it's ironic that I actually achieved, the 10k month before. I achieved the 10k follower, mark, and so a big, lesson there is that you. Know it's. Not always about the vanity metrics and it's possible, to make this, type of money without, this this. Was just a byproduct of, everything, that has been going on but, anyways. Hopefully one day I'll be able to achieve these things one. Day hopefully but, I know. In my heart that that day will come I just have to be patient.

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Make sure to tune into the NEXT video I upload because I'm going to teach you all the different ways you can make money on social media! Hope you guys liked this video - I know its VERY long, but thanks for spending time with me!

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Awesome information. Thank you.

Truly inspiring

Awesome video! Is definitely inspiring. Specially since you showed everyone that success always has a price. As long as we keep pushing forward, that price tag is not going to keep us down. I myself started to do research and adapt so I can leave behind my current job so I can pursue a career with photography and possibly cinematography. I believe that is better to do what we like and enjoy over succumbing to a life where you are on auto pilot, unable to reach your dreams, unable to enjoy life. Keep it up! Never give up because the best is to come.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. This video gave me so much hope & guidance. Thank you for being vulnerable, especially the clip of you crying. I am feel I am where you used to be, I am freshly graduated out of college with a business degree too and I am doing this thing where I am uploading to youtube everyday. And I have a lot of breakdowns similar to the ones you were talking about, this video encouraged me and told me to keep on going + believing in my vision/journey. Thank you from the bottom of my feet to the top of my being. I wish you only success, love, and light always. Thank you.

Thanks for being you and sharing it! Ur amazing

Thank you Vanessa for sharing. You just saved a business with your video from September 8. So people cry over dreams and goals like I do? I also have a Youtube channel am yet to work on. My greatest limitation is the settings. I post and I don't get any engagement. Maybe you can help me with guidelines on starting a Youtube from the scratch. Thanks a lot Vanessa. I hope you get to read this.

Thank you for sharing - super inspirational :)

Your ability to share all aspects (especially the bad) of your journey since leaving your job is very inspiring! As a recent graduate who also just quit their corporate job in finance, it’s nice to know that everyone goes through ups and downs when following their dreams.

This is soooo good. Your journey looks a lot like mine (at least how you decided to leave your job and get started). I though have a lack of focus and just started photographing right away and didn't make a plan. It worked out nontheless, but I still have a lot to learn. I think it is sooo great you really focussed on your goals and that it shows. Inspirational!

Ok. Note to self.

Congratssss!!!!! :) really happy for u! Dont worry. Haters gonna hate! Hehe

So happy for you❤

You go Vanessa! Love the transparency! People think the online journey is instant. For some, maybe. For many, it is WORK! And one has to stay committed to their WHY. And, I LOVE your attitude. Get rid of the people who don't believe. Safeguard your circle. And you are NOT cocky. You are confident! Keep growing and enjoy the journey in the process!

Vanessa, I am so freaking proud of you. This video brought tears to my eyes not only because this is such a beautiful story, but because I know first hand how much you have grown. You deserve all of the success in the world and I know that you are going to make such a huge impact on this earth. I cannot wait to come to Canada and give you the biggest squeeze! You are such an inspiration!

words can’t even explain how much this video has helped me! I made one of the hardest decisions a couple months back to drop out of college and work on my youtube channel (at the time I had 2,000 followers) and it was a very scary decision however I am super happy with where my channel has come now and what the future has to offer! This video made me realize that the only thing that could stop me from succeeding is simply the act of giving up or not moving forward. Change is one of the most scariest yet rewarding things someone can do and you helped me realize that again, thank you! ♥️

Congrats, your hard work and amazing personality shines

Hey Vanessa! I've already commented on your video on how to overcome the fear of auitting your job. Now I pretty much decided to quit my job, because where I live and work, we can't quit in 2 weeks, we have to wait 3 months... and I would love to start something like graphic designing, because I like the creative aspect and I love working with a PC. Now I don't really know where to start all this, I guess I would be a freelancer. Do you have any advice or websites that could help me? Another thing to say is, that in 3 months when I could quit, I think that I'll have like 5-6 salaries in my bank account, so this helps me financially. And I still live with my parents, so no costs for an appartment :)

Oh my, Im from Vancouver too and I wished I knew you before because I quit my government job to decided to start my journey too. Im glad to find someone did the samething.

Vanessa, you really inspired me through this video. I'm currently still in school I have told some of my friends that I want to have my own business in future and aspire to have a successful Youtube channel. You have really taught me so much through this video, to have unwavering believe in yourself no matter what people think or say about you. I have been feeling very down for a very long time due to people talking down to me but this video really pushed and inspired me. Please continue doing you and never stop!

Good for you! Congratulations !! You just start, you don't start perfect. Go go go!!

Awesome Job!

Omg!!! So happy to see your videos!! I remembered reading your blog back in your undergrad days and I liked it a lot! You have always been very inspirational and motivating! Keep it up! I am excited to see you peel off more of those sticky notes!

You are just my only inspiration these days. I am still building my channel. But yes. I need the backup or just the money to start with. So it's really not a choice for me to quit right now. But yes. With regular content and sincerity we all can do it

So looking forward to the next vid!! Love your work Vanessa!! Xx

i've never watched a full 27 min video on youtube until today because you are REAL CONTENT! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Thank you so much for the video!!! I hope one day I can say the same thing

You go girl idk u but im proud of u lol wish u well!!

Fantastic video! I'm currently working a full-time corporate job. I want to start a business, but don't quite know what type of business. Thanks for the inspiration!

This is amazing! I absolutely love your content and looking forward to many more videos! Much success to you brave woman!

I just quit my corporate job last year too! Started my channel 4 months ago... Can you do a video on how your one video went viral perhaps?

I am a software engineer. I quit my 2 years job last month, didn't have any plans for business but the job wasnt serving me anymore. I was so unhappy and stressed for almost a year. Now that i dont have a 9-5, i am enjoying my life and i have all the time in the world to learn new things and figure out what i want to do with my life. I Feel like coming across this video is an omen

Congrats I’m so happy for you! This is so motivating and really makes me want to work harder :,) it would be a dream to work for myself

You have such a great story so far, love your authenticity. Keep going! Wishing you all the best for 2019

LOVED this video! You’re definitely a source of inspiration! Planning on starting my YouTube channel tomorrow! Definitely excited to see you continue to grow. Much love

came up on my reccomend, great story telling! ❤

Go head Vanessa! You're the one!

hey, I love your videos I just subscried , can you make a video about how to beat procrastination, I'm also building my online business and i know exactly what to do to become successful but since I have a busy schedule with School and work I keep making excuses not to use my time properly ;o

Congrats Vanessa! When I quit my job last week I told myself I would never work for anyone ever again. But after watching your videos I decided to take on a temp office job for a month before I go to school to get my fitness trainer certificates in March. And I’m going to an interview tomorrow for a fitness trainer (without certificate!) I’m so glad that you followed your heart cause your journey helps mine

Vanessa, found value in your videos AGAIN. Meaning, this one! Gonna share this in my show's next episode.

wow amazing, keep it up

I just gave my two week notice at a multinational, I don't feel bad at all, I'm just really excited to follow my heart and go for the things I want to achieve, my goal is to retire at 35. I've been following your journey and it inspired me so much because I know anything it's possible if you work hard for what you want, I'd much rather to be successful at something where I put my heart and soul into than being successful at something I don't have passion for. Congrats on your milestone!!

Probably my favorite video from you yet

Thank you so much for this!! I just found you and wish i had sooner! You motivated me a lot


Congratsss!!!! Grateful for the information

Love this video! You are so inspiring!

Thank you for sharing!!!

Thanks for sharing your experience :)

Vanessa, I recently started following you on social media. Like literally this week. I'm so glad you posted this video. Im on the same road you were at before you launched your biz. I've been trying to build my coaching biz for over 2 yrs now so I can work for myself & quit my job. I want to stay there until I start getting clients. Your footage where you were feeling low really resonated with me because you won't believe the number of times I've broken down, wanting to give up, questioning if my dream will ever come true and whether everyone else is sane and I'm the crazy one for wanting something more. I mean, my job is great so I often feel guilty for even wanting to leave. But I know what I want in my heart. I totally understand what you said about giving free value before broadcasting your service. My issue is I haven't 100% figured out my niche yet and exactly what I'll be teaching others to do. That's why my page is still generally about health & wellness (@thedailyserenity) but I haven't dove deeper in giving value because I don't know what it is I'm teaching on! That's my issue right now. I hope I will make $10k months in the near future. It hurts seeing other ppl achieve what you want so badly for so long but I know it's possible for me, it just takes time. So glad I found you!

Watched this video on my Roku tv and went to my phone just to comment on this! I love your truth and your belief in yourself! Thank you for sharing this!! I will support your videos!

Thank you for being so candid about your experience. This is really opening my eyes and heart to the possibilities within reach. Keep up the good work!

Been a subscriber since the beginning! You have been very inspirational :)

So happy for you!!

Thank you for sharing your story. It was very raw and was very motivating for someone who's just starting out still being in that scary place.

You’re so candid on your videos, it feels like you’re my friend


this video is awesome!!! All this info is so clutch!! im so stoked you came up on my recommended! All about how much you put into your community, how much faith you have in your idea and skill, executing a your skills! 14:00ish caught the feels! this is so awesome and authentic very blessed to see your success and stoked to be on the journey myself! thanks so much for your inspiration!!!

Yes ido ....

What you're saying about the job (leaving that situation) is very true. Sometimes you feel like you just cant leave or have to stay loyal to the job.

absolutely! So glad you understand!!

I actually geared up when I saw your clip of when you first quit your job because that’s how I truly feel right now with my corporate job. I hate it and seeing you on this amazing journey you’ve created for yourself gives me the motivation I once had before I started this corporate job. Thanks for this video, I needed to see this. Also, congrats on launching your business and exciting milestones! Xoxo

Vanessa Lau girl I feel you. Good for you!!! I’m glad you got out and are out here making your dreams come true. I’ll be outta corporate hell soon , just waiting to save up a little more so I can pursue my own dreams! I’m so excited to see your upcoming videos and congrats again. Not many people show the real raw version of themselves on social media and I respect that ❤️❤️

Thank you !! Yes i actually forgot about the clip until recently and was like wow... i also looked back at journal entries when i was really upset at my corporate job and now im like whoa, i really couldn't see a way out back then.

Teared** wow lol

Very inspiring ❤️ thank you !

holy so happy for u

i dont say things i dont mean! I meant everything in that card. i cant wait to see where this business takes you!!

omg that was soo long ago!! and the amazing christmas card you gave me that literally touched my soul!!

I definitely don't think it's tacky! I love the tips and help you give. Congrats girl!!!

thank goodness!! thank you!!

Amazing! I sure do need your tips!!! My girls are working so hard they want this channel to grow so badly

Yes hopefully down the line ill create more videos about youtube!! Have you seen my videos where i talk about growing a YT channel? maybe it will help for now!

Hey Vanessa! Thank you for sharing your journey. When you show your vulnerability video, that got my fullest attention. You are indeed a true-blue inspiring person who doesn't hide from her shell. Thank you again and keep going! Looking forward to more of your videos. Cheers!

Thank you for watching long enough to get to that point in the video! thank you so much for your encouragement

I recently quit my job and am pursuing youtube full time. I relate heavily to you and am so thankful to have found your channel!!!

I decided to start YouTube as well! Posting my first video on Monday. I hope to quit my retail job by the end of this year!

Thankful to have you here!!

Making 10k in a month is overnight.

no its not when you've been building behind the scenes for 6 months prior to that.

I just found your channel and I have to say you are truly producing such unique and valuable content. I can't wait to see where you and your business go! Cheers to being a #boss!

thank you!! i appreciate you calling my channel unique and valuable - means the world!

Good for you!! You should be so darn proud, I feel proud for you. I recently found you on YouTube and also follow you on Instagram and I think you’re awesome and feel inspired by your journey. I will launching a business in this year and your a great example to follow xx

Looking forward to your business and wising you all my best wishes! thnak you for being a supporter of my channel! :)

Wow I totally relate to so much of what you said just in the first 5 mins. From leaving the corporate job to working on my business to starting YouTube and most of all, my change in mentality. I just posted my first video yesterday and it was horrible and embarrassing but I’m super glad i finally started, knowing I’ll be so much better in a year. I’m only a few hours away in Seattle so would love to meet you one of these days! Everyone around me has such limiting mindsets it’s refreshing to see your channel.

oh gosh look at my first few videos nd you'll see that eventually everyone improves over time, whats important is that you keep posting so you practice and give yourself the opportunity to improve and get better!

Oh most of all, I LOVE that you talk fast. Finally a YouTuber I don’t have to speed up to 1.5x lol. Something I’m going to work on.

Thanks for sharing!!

I love your videos they are amazing!! I wanna start a YouTube channel. I just posted one video and I have so much to learn!!! How do I become a coach?

+Vanessa Lau Thank you so much!!! Is there a specific setting you use on the cannon when filming? For example in this video?❤❤ I really appreciate you answering these questions!!! It really means a lot!!

Magda Szala in this video it is the canon t5i!

+Vanessa Lau quick question!! What camera do you use?? You are an inspiration!!!

thank you and congrats on your first video! The better question to ask is, what results do you want to give to others?

Sooo inspiring and proud of you! I know this was MONTHS in the making

love you!!!!!

Whoot! Whoot! Congrats, you don't understand how happy I am for you :D Keep going!

OMG thank you!!

Wow you are for sure right now this moment my aspiration to my dreams thank you! You are awesome and I wish you the best for the best today and ever

I reached out to you on IG and here.. Me and my wife own a Media company in Scottsdale, with offices in Singapore and india, I would love to work with you and collaborate on some things. please see my IG and you will know what I mean.. @r2facts thank you

Youtube needs a heart button because OMG what an inspiration!!!!

Such a great video! Loved it loved it

Your story is exactly what Gary Vaynerchuck talks about, damn. The entire thing, including documenting your journey. Have you thought about maybe reaching out to him to get on Daily GaryVee to talk about your experiences? It'd increase your exposure and also help him show his audience an example of a real person making it happen in modest ways using social media, which is something he constantly encourages. Just a random connection that came to me from watching this! Best of luck to you and thanks for being open about your process

For me I'm at a point where organising and having very clear goals are important. So I really liked seeing how well organised and placed you had your goals.

Your truly an inspiration:) well said and well done.... wishing you the very best in life x

It takes courage to share your vulnerabilities specially when there are internet trolls waiting to eat you up but you did it! And you are stubborn which is great! More power to you!

My best friend send me your video and I am just mind blown. Subscribed

This is inspiring! You’re one of my new favorite youtubers, I love that you’re actually genuine and want to help people. Good luck with your goals!

I honestly needed this video in my life!! Thanks girl

Congrats Vanessa! This is so inspiring...You hit home with this video. I've never commented on anyone's YouTube and I just felt it was needed to tell you that sharing this type of content is really helping many across the globe. Also, I wanted to know how did you go about finding the right Business Mentor to hire? Again, congratulations on your new journey.

Yaaas Vanessa! You go girl, so happy seeing your growth and you definitely INSPIRE me to keep going and fighting to achieve my goal with social media!

Your channel and story just give me so much motivation and puts things into a new perspective. I am so inspired by your hard work and just great content you post. Keep it up :)

Congrats Vanessa! Quick question, are you re-investing that money into your business or using it as personal income?

Love the vulernability you have shown here. Great video. Protect your dreams from haters.

Thanks for this video. You're amazing and I'm going through my own story right now. I quit my job about 3 weeks ago but started my business plan since October. Nothing fruitful yet but I have confidence and hope to meet you one day when we both get bigger. Thanks for being genuine, honest and brave.

Any new YouTubers that would like to support?

I came across your channel a few weeks ago and it has just been so inspiring, practical, and real. Thank you for pursuing your dream and encouraging me to keep pushing toward mine.

Been doing this 4 years and not even close to what you're earning, I'm in the wrong business.

Soooooo happy I ran into your channel!!! You have an awesome, trusting vibe

Loved the end when you took down all the stickies of goals you completed! For me I write 3 goals each month on my notes app and then add stickers and screen shot it and use it as my phone background so I see my goals daily without even needing to think about looking at them. It’s very motivational! I limit it to 3 a month so I don’t get overwhelmed and I try to make goals that are doable in that time frame. Thanks for the great content! I’m hoping to go full-time on YouTube in the future. I’ve reached 45k subs in a year and a half and I’m proud of that but dreaming bigger!

Can someone do people like me favor, where in this half hour is the actual advice? Timestamps? thanks.

you are soo genuinue .

I relate sooo much to the video u made in September lol I literally just quit my job bought a car and started driving for uber/lyft to help myself save to start my own business... so many people have been doubting me and told me it was a bad idea and it won’t work out and saying I will go back to my old job and someone actually laughed in my face and said “that’s not a full time job” so I told myself that is my motivation to be successful so in the near future I hope to pull up in my Mercedes and say hello to people who did believe in me and show the people who doubted me that they were wrong and that nothing is impossible!!

The day I quit I had a breakdown and was sobbing because everyone was treating me as if I was stupid and was making a mistake so I just can’t wait to be successful and prove to myself that I can do anything if I truly give it a shot

Excellent video, good luck on your journey. Look pretty when crying, lmao. By the way, you should get this video some adds, $$. Great content to let go in blank. you're a business mentor...who hired a business mentor... to help with your business... I'm seriously not trying to be a hater, I just don't understand.

You’re so inspiring!!!

Thanks for sharing! Overcoming your fears of the haters definitely helped us out!!

This is great. You know, there are always going to be haters NO MATTER WHAT! Good for you! You're doing a great job and keep going!

I am 31 and this was inspiring. Thank you!

Howdy from Toronto and huge congratulations to you Vanessa!!! I too quit my job on December 28th and am going full steam ahead in my own business. You've got a great mindset and your success will continue to grow. Keep up the great work!

Congratulations on your success. This was very inspiring! I'm already hooked on your videos, Thanks for sharing such valuable information and giving us great content.

Thank you so much for this inspiring video! you are your biggest support system is the honest can be hard to work for your goals, but as long as you stay consistent and don't give up, you'll get there in time!

I'm so proud of you! I can relate to what you're saying about the feeling of choice. When I decided to quit my job, I felt very powerful to know I can say no is no. I'm proud that you're succeeding at something you love doing.

cute asian girl with financial knowledge. i've never subscribed to any one faster

Wow! Oh my word you made me cry and I must say you are amazing because you didn't give up, that really motivates me a lot because I'm having a hectic time by trying to figure out this online business stuff and YouTube, however I know so much, but have no idea where to start and fear that i might not get clients, but maybe you can help me.

Wish I could figure out how make 2k a month.

Vanessa, I just ran across your video, and congratulations on making your first $10k month! Great being transparent sharing your journey, it’s inspiring! I just started my channel on New Year’s Eve, and I know will make it too as long as I keep going :) Thanks for your valuable content!

I subscribed because you mentioned how you got rid of toxic relationships. We gotta do what we gotta do.

so vanessa what kind of services do you offer? like social media marketing with google ads, facebook ads, funnels, building websites, instagram ,etc ? where does your skillset lie primarily?

Great takeaways Vanessa (& ignore the haters, they’re on the sidelines for a reason)

Yo, your channel is very inspiring. I had to sub.

You're at 10k subscribers! Watching this video on 10K income and seeing you hit 10K subscribers is so exciting! Congrats!

I just came across your channel and immediately subscribed... I just fell in love with your personality and your truth. I want to make it aswell and I’m not going to give up, I’m not! love your videos ❣️❣️❣️

I love how you mentioned that you cut ties with the people who didn't have faith in you. My goal is to leave my 9-5 and start a YouTube travel channel full time starting in April. And when I talk about it to my friends, they stare at me with a "yeah, ok" look. It really saddens me that I can't even talk about my dreams/goals with them! But when I tell a stranger about what my plans are, they get super excited for me and start asking me questions about the logistics and then I get overwhelmed with excitement because not only is it feasible but it's empowering! I literally don't talk to my friends who are negative about what my plans are anymore. They're just Debbie Downers. your video! I'm so glad I found you!

damn i just love you...this is directed to me

Great story Vanessa, I really enjoyed it. I also left my 9-5 as a petroleum geologist and opened my own business (A photo & Video Production Company). I also started a YouTube channel and was super nervous about it...hahaha. It is great to see others to go through a very similar journey and struggles. Keep going at it!!! When feeling low I watch YouTube videos and talk to my community and that always gives me motivation to keep at it :) P.S. I also graduated top of my class and it was so funny when you mentioned it. It's like you are my spirit twin across the

Thank you Vanessa for sharing these moments and doubts that most women f us are not strong enough to share. It helps

Great job hard work goes a long way!

Keep up the amazing work Vanessa. You are a RockStar.

Love it! Swiped up on Erin’s story and recognized I already watched some of your videos yesterday. Love your motivation, great content. Keep it up

Wow I'm so glad I found you. I'm so excited for the next video. It's exactly what I'm looking for

I've been a fan of yours since the start Vanessa and I could tell the world really was yours for the taking! I can hardly wait to continue to see your amazing climb. Congratulations!

Hi Vanessa! Thanks so much for sharing your journey. It is always so fascinating for me to hear how other people achieve their goals. I feel like I'm in similar shoes as you, trying to grow businesses on the side to leave my corporate lifestyle. I am still holding on to my 9-5, but very much believing that I will escape this year. It's also really amazing how quickly your channel grew in just half a year! It takes a lot of people much longer than that. Keep up the awesome videos :)

when you coach someone, what are you actually teaching them? Like are these people that are stuck in their 9 to 5's learning how to build funnels and shopify stores or is it more theory based on what the possibilities are out there?

Get of my recomendet . I dont want to see you scaming idiots !

New video coming out tomorrow. Dont help me. Would you not?

Go girl!!!! Congrats for this amazing goal!!

Wow, young lady, you're such an inspiration even for an older lady like me. You're so smart and articulate! Your content is not just so inspiring but also so relevant for many who wants to improve their lives. Thank you

That clip though! I needed that, thanks for sharing.

Congratulations and thank you for sharing. Very inspirational. I curious. How does one find a Business Mentor? Maybe you can make a video on how you found yours.

New subscriber! Loved this video and your channel! This is a great place for people to come & find motivation and courage. Thank you for this

Like number 800 is super inspired!!!

Congratulations on your achievement...well done.... thank you Vanessa for sharing this...lm so glad that l found you...feeling the low points and the struggle is so real...l have felt this way on many times...l have been ruthless with who l let in too...l feel you need to have people that believe in you that is so key...again thank you for sharing...

First off, congrats that's really awesome. I've been thinking a lot about starting a YT channel and relate to what you're saying and your experiences (graduated with a business degree as well, now working part time at a bar to support the business I'm trying to build - extremely ironic because just last night I was sweeping the patio that had cigarette butts lol). But secondly, PLEASE get a Facebook Pixel onto your website ASAP. Even if you have no idea how to advertise via FB & Instagram or you don't think you need it yet, get it on there and start collecting data. It will be absolutely priceless when you get around to scaling your business and trying to grow. I hope you see this and do it!

Unbelievable! I celebrate with you. I messaged you on IG, so you know I'm a fan. I've watched you go from 5500 subscribers to 10,000 in less than 2 weeks, and now this... You have me so pumped up! Way to go!

Any small youtubers that want to support each other? Please subscribe to my channel and i will subscribe back. Lets grow together

Congrats Vanessa! I can relate so much and I am now so inspired. Thank you so much for sharing your story authentically.

You are giving me a huge lesson. I'm 24 and this comes to me in the EXACT perfect moment. I just can tell, I admire you so much. Please, don't stop.

Girl I haven't even finished watching the video because there's just so much I want to comment on!! What you did is what so many of us don't have the courage to do, so thank you for being real and vulnerable and showing so many of us out there that we're not alone in envisioning something greater for ourselves whether or not our peers or family can see it!

You are amazing and inspiring girl!!! Keep making those dreams come true!! I will be filming my first official YouTube vid this weekend thanks in large part to your inspiration and motivation!!! Especially on the FB page i am a part of, you rock!!!!

Really relatable video. This one hit home for me and has me inspired to start getting to work on my personal dream business. Thank you for sharing!!

wow congratulations ... keep doing your thang

Congrats on your 10k Month , That's my GOAL for my business And also Thank you for your honesty and letting us look into your journey , I have had many days feeling like you did in September.

Hope you’re monetizing your videos as well so you get paid!!!!

CONGRATS!!!! So happy for you! I am rooting for you. Thanks for giving me tips on my instagram page too.

i discovred you for about 10 days ago, and you had just under 3k, now you have over 10k. Well done!

The title totally had me expecting something else... but CONGRATS!

I'm working 7 to 4 schedule, I need to get out of this cycle. I know I have so much to offer, so much life in me. But it's hard in the position I am. Just bought a house with my wife, and need the income. But this won't stop me. I will get just to where you got. I have confidence in me and your video gives me a good boost. Since I feel alone too. Family, friends and wife are also afraid and with a lot of doubts of my dreams. But I have to make them real and live off it. Thanks for your inspiration and energy boost I needed. Hugs.

VANESSA. My sister (Kirsten) and I are watching this together, looking at each other in shock each time we exclaim, "OMG our stories are the same!" Thank you so, so much for your honesty and incredibly helpful content. You are a huge inspiration to us! Btw, when I say our journeys are the same, this is exactly what I mean: 1. Friday, April 13th, 2018 was my last day in my $75K/yr corporate job 2. I started freelancing online & cleaning houses part time. As you were picking up cigarette butts, I was cleaning toilets thinking, "I was in the top 1% of graduates in my business school class. And now this. wow." Like you, I was determined to make this into a "look how far I've come" story instead of a "look how far I fell" story. 2. Kirsten & I spent the summer slowly starting to build a coaching practice as we participated in trainings/certifications 3. We invested all our savings in business mentors from late summer to the end of the year 4. When you were crying through the hard times in September, we were doing the exact same thing then and through more pits and peaks that came throughout the fall 5. Just like you, we had to let go of some friendships and stick our ground as we had to resolve to only let in people who would support our dream 6. FINALLY, we celebrate with you as January was our breakthrough month as well!! 7. (ok I'm almost done with the creepy similarities...) $100K is the exact same amount that we have on our 2019 vision boards haha. We are aiming high right alongside you!! Thank you so much again for your honesty! It encouraged us so much to know that we are far from being alone! With much love and support, Kelsey & Kirsten

Very inspirational Vanessa!! "Everyone has something that makes them different" :)

this is super inspirational! i love this


Great example!

thanks so much for putting that clip in there

So happy for you Vanessa, I know the feeling when you achieve something which you set a goal for. This is great! Congrats and can't wait for you to reach your another goal.

Don't consume, but produce social media. Social Media is totally advantageous for entrepreneurs if used wisely! In business, we don't have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is, how well we do it. Social media is no longer a subset of the internet. Social media is the internet. It is only by recognizing all of the benefits delivered by social media marketing that the complete value of these efforts can be understood. This is one of our main strategies in our business marketing. I just wanted to share this with you guys. :D We own a cookie shop business in our college town. When we first started it, we were living in our car with very little direction, just a huge passion to be successful. We just graduated college as well. We started a cookie shop out of a local bagel shop in their off hours at night. We were living in our car in the parking lot of the shop at the time with my boyfriend, Bran. It was a crazy experience but it worked! We became a success! And how we have our first storefront location (a second launching soon!) We started it to fund a year long backpacking trip around the world and to be successful while living the life of our dreams.

I really feel this..especially what you said from 12:42 - 15:00 , not everyone can see what we can...but we have to keep going to make that vision into reality. I'm glad someone else feels that way..

Great to see some fellow Vancouverites finding success online & on youtube! Congratz!!

Darling, you are amazing! I wanted to cry with you during that clip you shared. You're very brave to take this step in life and face the risks involved.

So lovely

Tysm for sharing your journey!

ironically you have 10k subs

I love your determination!!!!

I have a girl crush on you and am glad to have another female creator to watch -- we need more of us on here : ) LOVE hearing your story! Keep doing you!

wow you are so inspiring. you are really helping me with my own personal journey

Omg this was emotionally getting to me, so glad you made the leap! I hope I can too!

AMAZING that you posted this because I literally just recorded a very similar message!! WOW! Congratulations!!! So proud of your wins, girl! Keep doing amazing things :)

Hi. Vanessa! I loved this video! I love how open and honest you are about your journey so other people can see that success takes time and you will struggle but at the end it’s all worth it. I am at the exact point in my life as you were bot liking my job anymore and on the side making plans and planning my first steps towards something of my own so this video really gave me a lot of hope and courage! I think too many people are showing off what they did and what can be done without really giving the behind the scenes and being completely transparent. So I would like to thank you for this valuable video, i just found your channel a few days ago and will definitely come back to it over and over. Thank you and congrats on your very well earned success!

Hey, I am so proud of you, because of you I just started working for myself leaving behind the corporate life.

Just found your channel and this is amazing! Thank you for sharing your story ❤

Girl! You are amazing! I clicked on this purely out of boredom cause I needed to listen to something in the background thinking it's gonna be just another fake-informational motivational speech with the same platitudes all over and over again but you actually have a very inspiring and honest personality that shines through your videos

your exponential growth is amazing and very inspiring! If your story doesn't motivate people to start chasing their dream, I don't know what will!

Recently I heard the saying "Being vulnerable is Courage" again Well done.

Wow, this video is full of motivation! It would be great to hear more about how you interact with your clients :-)

Congratulations Vanessa! You definitely deserve your success. Thank you for being incredibly inspiring ❤️

Congratulations !!!!! Well Done. Don't Worry about Hater. It is just a reflection of themself.

Thank you so much for this vídeo, I think universe put it in my way for a reason!

Great video! This is so inspiring! I want to do life coaching as I know how much I love all things positive/ I’ve also been told by people that this is what I would be good at- I just need the confidence for that first step. I have done one thing though and that is start a YouTube channel- this was a huge step - I hope you have a chance to have a look and hopefully one day it will come true - thank you ♥️

I vibe with you so hard

Thanks for sharing your journey. It takes a lot of courage

So inspiring !!! :D

Awesome, well done!!

just subbed! looking forward to that next video!

Thanks for sharing on that topic.. I like it

*(good but kinda long story) I love that this video came up on my recommended. Im very close to the same situation, quit my job at AT&T, making the best money I've ever made in my life to pursue something more... I had no idea what it would be. I drove uber for a year and half (still driving it a bit now) and many times I was like... what the fuck am i doing? My family absolutely did not believe in me and say they support me but i know there was a lot of judgement/confusion etc.I was living in an apartment that was wayyyyy beyond my means and it was eating up all my money! My credit tanked, I couldnt get the bills up to date, services constantly getting shut off. Everytime I made a little bit of money, it would get eaten up by bills immediately. Just to make the few bits of money I could on uber, i'd have to call Uber Support several times a day to adjust a fare or issue me a cancellation fee which they will try to finesse their way out of. I'm talking about arguing with someone for $4 for 30-45 minutes WITH a language barrier, 3-4 times a day! I was like I CANNOT do this anymore! This is so stupid. So, i made a plan to downgrade my living expense to as low as I can go, and get a firm plan on my business and how I would have that support me as quickly as possible. Last weekend, I drove during the superbowl in ATL and I wanted to cry the whole time. I worked 12+ hours, had people trash my car, watched everyone drink and have fun and only made $100. I said this is enough (said this many times lol) I decided to move right there and then (w/ my BF) and spent $400+ on apps to get rejected several times! I thought wow Im gonna be homeless too!? I didnt know what to do. Long story short (lmfao yeah right) one apartment accepted us but wanted $2000+ up front... in 3 days. I had NO MONEY! I said Universe, if you let me get this money together in 3 days, i will give my business all i got. period. It happened! I got moved right on in, and didnt uber the next few days (which is so scary when you stop working, you stop making money!) and figure out how to make $1k a day. That is TODAY! This all happened in the last 2 weeks lol. In the last days hours I made over $1500 and I was so shook i had to stop accepting payments. My bf thinks I'm crazy lol. But the part in the video where you said, 'she had nothing to lose, i had nothing to lose, so i said yes to the situation' made me decide, okay, I will accept more orders, and everything will be ok, because these are the problems I want. I will continue to figure it out. I asked for this! Im just scared to lose customer trust bc i have soooo many orders to fill and it will take some time to do so. IDK its just crazy that you had such a similar situation! None of my friends are in the same boat as me... so they dont get it! Also, I want to start a consultation/marketing firm too!*

wow!! incredible story!! I completely understand! completely resonated when you wrote "I will continue to figure it out because I ASKED for this!" .. at every stage of growth I literally feel this way. ON POINT! Best of luck on your journey!! xo wishing you all the success in the world.

Congrats dude

love how u say “ur declaring to the world you matter” because noone can really do that due to reality,,,as long as u took the first step,,everything will be smooth out..have faith in yourself!!

I agree 100% with your mentor. You can make so much more per month with online businesses. Set big goals, take big actions, believe you can achieve anything.

Thank you so much for this video

I know it's totaly random, but September 13 is by birthday.

Vanessa, you have been killing it! I had been researching how to go ahead with my T-shirt business (@djasonv) & analyze myself to determine my true value. Since watching your videos, I have adjusted some of my strategies & seen results. Some very key things you said resonated. Such as, following your journey. I have been documenting for years. Sketchbooks, Music, Journal, Unfinished Logs back from 2004. I have plenty of content, but struggled to find a way to channel my Art into revenue. I have been on the fence about going back to the Ad World or Publishing. I gotten burned-out. I made a sick new resume prepared to go on the hunt again, then I watched your video and you said it... IG is a Micro Blog. Something clicked. I must do my own business! I am capable of doing the thing. As long as you don't give up, it will eventually happen. The alternative isn't acceptable. --

omg this is amazing!! ALL THE WORLDS SUCCESS TO YOU!! Good luck Dan!!! :)

congratulations !!!!

This is very inspiring, Vanessa! I relate too much with every single words you've said. It reminded me of everything I've been aspiring to be.

Vanessa! Thanks for sharing this video. My brother told me to watch this video and follow you because I’ve recently lost an office job which I’m actually relieved. I have been wanting to start my own business. I had enough of office job and working for someone else’s dream. I’m currently building a food business and the situations, feelings and emotions you described are exactly what I’m going through right now. There are high and low moments for me. My parents are skeptical about my decision and then there are friends asking me how I’m doing and whether I’m looking for a new job. When I say no, and that I want to focus on my business and I’m actually quite busy already, they will be say “oh that’s good hope it goes well. And good that you’re keeping yourself busy. “ Kind of does p*** me off because they don’t believe in my vision (which is fine) and they are saying as if I’m in denial so trying to get myself distracted by keeping myself busy. Anyways, keep these videos coming! You’re truly an inspiration.

OMG i feel this... i once told a good friend of mine about by goals and vision and then they replied with "ok cool that sounds awesome... so when are you gonna get a job?" I was like WTF.... so yes, i COMPLETELY get why those "innocent/ignorant" comments can piss you off. People don't get it until you show results - just know that this is part of the process and be patient. As long as YOU believe in yourself, that's the only thing that matters.


thank you!! :)

I can totally relate to this video in several ways. I dropped out of a great university. I quit my 9 to 5 job because for the past year I knew that I can do so much more with my life. I started self teaching myself about started a business and although I am not 100% sure about how things are going to turn out, I am taking a chance. I will be launching my online clothing store March 1, 2019 so wish me luck lol. But truthfully, I will probably need your services soon

Vanessa, Thank you for your true & pure energy. I am starting to take social media seriously. Failed with numerous Brick & Mortar businesses ignoring social media.

I love this! Im in the same place as you right now, only you being able to see your dreams coming true. Hopefully soon ill comment back saying I have success and worth too.

thanks for sharing his video, i make videos documenting how i grow my businesses using digital marketing ! any youtubers want to support eachother?

That's so motivating and thank you dear for talking so openly about YouTube monetization.

oohhh girl you are going to love the video im dropping tomorrow then :) i go DEEP into youtube monetization!

you showed up at the right time. Thank you for not giving up

thank you for joining me on my journey!

This is so inspiring!

You are so brave! Thank you for sharing your story.

I’m trying to make money off my videos too! Teach me your ways!

Vanessa Lau thank you

tomorrow's video i'll explain how! stay tuned!

Guuurl, thank you for this! it's nice to be reminded that being lost doesn't mean 'forever'. I'm at a point where I've finally built up the courage to move towards the things I'm truly passionate about, posting song covers on my youtube, rather than waste my time on things that don't matter to me. I'm just getting started on my journey so I haven't really accomplished anything yet, but I'm praying to the universe that I will find my way to success and happiness. I just need to keep positive, motivated & patient. A big congratulations to you on what you've accomplished so far! X

I am really I happy I found you here on youtube! This content is great. Planning a new venture soon and this video which I watched right through gave me more clarity and focus thanks!

Thank you for sharing about your journey. Being an entrepreneur is not easy and it is very scary at times but it can be very rewarding. Your advice is helping many! Thanks

CONGRATULATIONS ON ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS!!! GREAT JOB! I know that you were hesitant on posting this video, but I'm glad that you did. Thank you for posting this. It's very helpful & encouraging as well.

Great video i really appreciate it!


As a small youtuber I can tell you that you worked really hard it's not easy to do what you did, you deserve it girl

this coming from a youtuber speaks VOLUMES! thank you!!!! *cryyyyyy *


Congratulations this is so inspiring! I love your videos they are so helpful, could you possibly do a video on how to use youtube tags properly I think it's something everyone struggles with. Thank you so much for all the great content!

Did you have your parents to support you financially when times were tough?

yes luckily i did - that's why this journey isnt for everyone and everyone should consider their own financial circumstances and what support theyll have before they take big leaps!

Awesome video! Congrats on your success. I'm a new sub and can't wait to learn more!

Seeing you put those goals up on a Post-Its and now being able to take them down since you achieved those goals, was very powerful and inspiring. I'm amazed at seeing people do stuff like that and it makes me even more convinced that I can do the same thing. Thank you Vanessa for sharing your journey with us all. Wishing you continued success! PS: I've just subscribed to your channel and will be binge-watching your videos to catch up ;)

I too have the same vision but did you quit your job bc of the visibility you may have once youre on YT ? I also want to start a YT channel but bc i work in a field that is in Conflict with my views but actually very popular outside of my work, it is a HUGE risk for me to put my proposed YT channel out there while still working, so i totally get it if thats why you had to quit your job... Btw, CONGRATS on your success !!

thank you! i actually quit my job with zero plan, i just knew i needed to get out of there and have more space to think about my next step... i didnt feel like i could mentally or emotionally take it anymore so that's why i quit cold turkey. but thankfully since i had so much time to myself, i was able to finally start youtube for real and actually try to stay consistent on it. overtime i realized i wanted to commit to it... and now we are here :)!

Thank you so much for sharing this. I just stumbled across you in the sidebar results because I'm currently studying and researching and trying hard to increase my following because I'm wanting to travel and work online. I like to coach/encourage people as well, but don't feel like I can without the experience or things to prove that I'm someone you should learn under. The fact that you posted yourself crying is amazing. I've done that before, but I never posted them. I always deleted them right away because I was disgusted with how I looked. So this is so great!! It encourages me!! And the fact that you didn't know how to coach people and it just happened to you is so helpful too! Great job on achieving your dreams! If you're ever in Atlanta, hit me up. I run an airbnb. Would love to connect with you!

What a great story! Thanks for sharing this.

first video i ever finished that is like around 30mins. congrats Venessa! can feel that you are proud of yourself. stay humble and kick their asses!

biggest compliment ever!! yes its probably the longest video i ever made LOL thank you again!!

Congratulations! I found you a few days ago around 9k and now you’re at 11k. So glad your content is spreading fast! I am currently trying to start up a business and it has been so inspiring to hear your story. It hurt to see your old clip, I know exactly how you felt. Excited to follow your journey

Please know that your story truly inspired me to keep chasing after my goals. Going the untraditional route is so difficult. But seeing you do it, and sharing that video from September... it helped me know I'm not alone. Thank you so much for sharing your story! So happy for you!

So encouraging

Hey Patrice! Thanks for taking time to leave this amazing comment - made my morning reading this! Usually when you look at hiring a business mentor prior to hiring them there will be a phone/video call to see if there's the right fit. Before that I was following my business mentor on Youtube just consuming her content and loved her content so much that I decided to take the plunge and apply to be mentored by her since she was doing very similar things to what I wanted to achieve for myself. It was very helpful to have someone a couple steps ahead guide me in the right direction and keep me accountable!

LOVE YOU PAUL THANK YOU!! So crazy how weve kept in touch since my corporate days emailing back and forth trying to get you your products!!!

so far its all going to be reinvested and saved for taxes! luckily a lot of my expenses regardless can be written off as business expenses so to me so far i havent felt the need to take a huge chunk out to pay myself. since it's honestly the beginning for me, it's safe to say a lot of it will be invested back to grow the business more. I recently hired an accountant so i highly recco that you see an accountant first to get advice on how to manage your business income as it will be different for any type of biz owner!

yeah adsense money isnt much unless your video blows up - but it seems like youve had a good share of videos with large amounts of views which should be producing some decent income for you. i'm not sure how to works for your niche since you list things... but maybe drive this traffic to a website, add affiliate links, create newsletter? Just some ideas. Again, i'm not familiar with how "list" videos work (ie: TheTalko).. but best of luck my friend! :)

Wow congrats!! That's a huge sub count you should be very proud!!! :) Best of luck on your journey!

Hey Elliot! The "advice" that your looking for lies in the entire journey of the video.. next week i'll be posting a video with more action steps - maybe that one would be more suited for you, however it would be a shame for you to miss out on this one as you'll be missing some nuggets of advice spread throughout. Good luck!

I feel this one so many levels! My biggest advice: Protect your energy.

I'm not sure if you've ever started a business, if you have - that's great! But at any stage of your business it's always great to have a mentor that's steps ahead of you to guide you a long your journey. The road of entrepreneurship is scary and lonely, and your judgement can be extremely clouded due to fear. If you look at any successful person out there, most have their own personal mentor who helps them (hired or not). For instance, Steve Jobs was Mark Zuckerberg's mentor when Mark was in the starting stages of creating Facebook. Roger McNamee also was Mark's mentor. Hope this example clarifies things for you!

Kenneth Lee I went to business school and was managing the marketing for multiple brands at my old company, plus my boyfriend has had multiple online businesses so I learned from him as well. Plus over time just starting my own business and making my own mistakes I’ve been able to learn - like with anyone else

Vanessa Lau Vanessa how were you learning these skills in the beginning?

brand strategy, social media, lead generation, funnel creation, copywriting, email marketing. I don't do ads as my approach is pure organic (maybe in the future as I grow in business I'll include ads once I've done some for myself. I don't teach what I haven't done myself) I also don't build websites - my role is simply a consultant type of role - I don't go into your business and create things for you. I only help businesses that are starting out. Hope this helps!

yes its crazy the people you expect to support you most don't show the same excitement as strangers!!! I felt the same way when i was starting out, as a result i made a lot of "internet" friends!

Thank you for this video! ♥️

I have thought so much about quitting 9 to 5 and work independently for about 2 years now and every time I chicken out because it's such a daunting idea. I am so glad I found your channel!

Being a new YouTube creator i'm so blessed too like everyone else here to have crossed paths with you. Especially i went through a similar but different thing about my past 9-5. Turning lemons into lemonade. Another great video Vanessa! xoxo

Can you explain the process of you hiring a mentor?

I am starting to like you.


Hi Vanessa, You are an inspiration to me

Oh my God, you're beautiful

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You are so brilliant!!! Thank you for sharing!!! :-)

You are the inspiration

Wow! Your story is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing your story:)

Wow! Another great video Vanessa! I am extremely inspired by your story and am so proud to see a fellow millennial able to leave their 9-5 job. Can’t wait to see your next video.

I see you have 58 haters sis. I am proud of you!

Finally a mind blowing channel that will crushed @jadedarmawangsa

So emotional i wanna

Vanessa! This is amazing, congratulations!!

You are such a bad ass and a great roll model. I’m 18 and I have no idea what I want to do in life all I know is I don’t want to work a 9 to 5 and I do want my own business.

Hey girl! I found you by searching for ways to help my Instagram page! Your tips helped me out a lot! Sending you best wishes from Fort Worth TX ❤

Keep Pushing & Stay positive!!

I'm so proud Of U i am working on my YouTube network as Well

I really like how genuine you are. It motivates the hell out of me to keep grinding towards my dreams

Thank you for sharing this video!

You are FABULOUS! Keep doing you girl. New sub!

Thank you for sharing it. Especially when you were just starting out... It gives me more confidence to go forward on my journey)). We all admire success, but forget the journey to it... Really well done for not giving up!!! xx

I will remember you one day.

This touched my heart. Just launched my first business at 21 and made 1k the first month online. But I still feel like such a failure and your sept video throwback is exactly me right now. It really gives me hope that I am on the right path and not completely sucking. Please keep making these videos they give me and im sure so many other people hope.

Thank you Vanessa. This is really inspiring. Stay fabulous.

Koj pua yog hmoob os?

"I've let go of some relationships, and I've tarnished some relationships..." That's been my life story for a couple years now, and that shit is HARD to get over. I appreciate it.

I wouldn't care what the haters are saying. Your providing value to a lot of people and that's all that matters!

Hi, You've just gained a new subscriber I stumbled across your video and I'm truly glad that I did. I've come up with so great ideas over the years and I've always talked myself out of pursuing my dreams due to fear. This past year I've been having this strong desire to start my business and as well as pursue starting a you tube channel. You're video has truly inspired me thank you for being so transparent. I wish nothing more for you than continuous success on your journey.

New YouTuber here! Who wants to help each other out?

I really love your content, you are very inspiring!

wow that's awesome.

How nice it is from you to show your weak moments. It is very inspiring. Don't care about the haters! ONE QUESTION: did you had a vision on what you wanted to do when you quit your job, or was it that first message which gave you the hint on what you could do?

You got a new sub girl. Loved your videos. Just watched 4 of them back to back. Hope it helps me grow my new business Instagram account @la_vieille_ame ♡ Can't wait to apply your tricks in reality.

Keep winning sista!

“Don’t believe in me...get the duck out! “ -best line ever!


I left my job over a year ago and it's been hard, but at the same time i've never felt so happy!!! Im working on my own clothing brand, and it's slow but i know i will be successful. Love your videos, so inspiring!

too much talking omg!

Vanessa post a link to that white geometric plant pot please!

Thanks for this video Vanessa! Really inspiring. I am a very new Youtuber and unfortunately do not have as much time as I wanted to do it better and more consistent. I am about to finish my PhD and have a 6 months baby. I hope that after finishing my PhD I will have more time, but I still do not have any income with my channel and with a baby I really need to have some income... will see how everything works then.

Me esforcei pra tentar entender, não falo inglês mas amo, parabéns pela conquista e obrigada por compartilhar. muito linda

I'm so happy that your documented video made it to light! I also quit my 9-5 over the summer because I knew I was worth much more than what I was doing. Thank you for sharing with such transparency. You are an inspiration! :)

“If I never give up then I’ll never fail”- Vanessa Lau I love that!!

haha happy to be quoted!!! :D

This is a great video. Very inspirational and uplifting for another person putting themselves out there! Thanks (11:45 best part)

You inspired me. I quit my job last week. And I feel Good, am a hair stylist and a wig maker and want to focus on my brand. 9-5 was depressing me. As of today am happy and have been busy all weekend which is good . Thanks love

Michele Parent how can I get into wig styling travel gig. All I know is hair and beauty. Looking for other avenue for business where I won’t stress more and make money.

+Entertaining Everything saintlouis bull?

+Ewa Decoteau bull

+Michele Parent This is amazing,i quit my job for about 2years now and i've been living off the online market with the help of an expert trader,currently making $425 on a daily basis.

I hated working in salons Now I do part time wig styling in theatre which funds travels and gear. I work about 20 hours a week at $22/h and can do my branding business on the side and getting more into documentary film making. I love being able to chose my contacts and build my own dreams. I did go to hard at first business wise, making 5k the second month but I burned out a few months after. I've learned that it's not freedom if you're slave to social media and business related work. I'm more laid-back now. I value healthy work life with healthy self-care and family time. Good luck with your new business.

I am Clapping for you and your awesome accomplishments! Great Job

“If you don’t believe in me... GTFOOUT “ Love it!

Great video Vanessa, thanks for sharing your testimonial. Very inspiring and looking forward for every one of your episodes. Keep it up!

haha thats crazy i know you your from vancouver. im in the same boat i currenlty grow and mange clients instagram accounts but will be opening my agency in the near future. im doing all this and working 9-5 :)

Hello Vanessa I must tell you that your video is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I definitely will follow you. Thank you!

Thank you for all the tips Vanessa, it is been so long that i wanted to vlog but then this 2019 I realized I have to do it, so I did, you are right, we all have something, mine is passion for cooking, so I keep uploading cooking in my channel no matter how slow it grows. Thank you so much for the tips, i will apply it

Hi Vanessa. I too have a business degree and haven't yet took advantage of getting a "corporate" job. Instead, I have been working at jobs as yourself but for years. This YouTube thing has been a journey for me. I had some pitfalls but told myself this year I will grow bigger. I want to create a personal brand of my own helping people. I definitely seen your Instagram video floating around. It is definitely being recommended by YouTube. Congrats on your success. I will check out your website. I would love to work with you too!

Thank you so much for posting this’s so real and raw and helpful for someone like me who is on the same road. I quit working corporate and I JUST posted my first YouTube video two days ago and I don’t know what will happen and I have to figure out income and everything else.. I just really appreciate this video so thank you! If you could check mine out and maybe even give feedback, I would love it! ❤️

But thanks for the encouragement you wont even believe my dad said my job is for lazy people

Have tried to start my own business ever since that time but i haven't achieved half of what you've achieved

Thank you so much for making this video and sharing your story! I'm just starting my YouTube journey. You are so inspiring, go get it girl!!


Well done

What kind of job did you leave?

Relate so deeply to the clip from September. So proud of you Vanessa you’re killing it!! ♥️

Wow. Thanks for this! I can definitely relate. Very good advice. It's so nice to hear your story. When you have your goals and get serious about making it happen, you can achieve more than you even hoped for. I appreciate you being so candid with the story and the business model. I'm working hard on learning marketing and being more intentional with my social media. I'm definitely subscribing! Congrats on your milestone!

Thank you. I'm looking forward to the next video. God bless.

You just earned a subscriber!

Great video. I appreciate the heart and time you put into it. Blessings to you and your business!

I'm a musician and this is super inspiring. Thank you!

This is really inspiring! I'm new to youtube and am starting to branch out for my business. I give general life advice, write poetry, music, and am starting a Life Coaching business to also help fund my music career. I do a LOT, so it's hard to focus and really get focus on just one aspect of my business and creative outlets. Social media is such a great tool for that. The fact that you're going above and beyond and have allowed no one to stop you is very respectable and you have a gained a new fan!


I am a 40 year old woman starting over in life career-wise. I’ve seen your vids pop up but this vid made me wanna subscribe. Thank you

Congrats Vanessa. You are such a successful young lady entrepreneur for sure. Very fewer ladies have the courage as you have. You are top among them. And best luck to your journey in social media marketing and entrepreneurship. Wish to see you crush 100k subscribers this year. Best luck. (I already subscribed to your channel and joined your fb group btw.)

I love your energy! ❤❤ #NewHere can't wait to hear more of your tips

Just give me a few months, Im going to come back to this video and tell you how you helped me with a way forward on my plans. Thank you for this vid, so much valuable

What are you doing with that handle? are you going to monetize that audience? STRONG WORDS!!!! thank you

failure is not an option indeed

You are so inspiring. Continue the great work. "Add oil!"

Thanks for the video, I really need this!!

The first half of your video described EVERYTHING I’ve been going through within the last month but instead of quitting, I was laid off. You’re truly an inspiration and you said all of my thoughts out loud. It made me happy knowing that someone who is successful has the same thoughts as me and I hope that I will become great like you some day. I also started a blog since I’ve been laid off and your video has given me a lot of hope! Thank you and continue the good work

I hope to and can't wait to have some kind of video like this I will stop at nothing until an achieve financial freedom truly an inspiration.

This seems like a whole lot of talking and not much information

Congrats!! Love your website. Where did you get your coaching experience or credentials? I mean did you do a coaching course? I'm interested in getting into coaching too :)

Hi Vanessa. Thank you for this video. I left my fulltime job. I was a fulltime doctor working crappy shifts. I was so afraid because I spent half my adulthood studying for this. But I needed a change. I still dont know want I'm going to do next... but I feel so motivated after watching this.

Did you by chance read REWORK? I noticed a lot of quotes from there :) Page 77 is making the call. And building on top of DONE. I've been following you for a a few months:) You inspired me to not put things off and just do it. Thanks so much for being a raw influencer

I build weightloss plans designed to lose weight and keep the weight off and my confidence in myself definitely made a difference. Thanks once again

vanessa this is great! i loved this you're inspirational and im so proud for u!

Thanks Vanessa to sharing this with us. It definitely give me some courage to keep believing on my dream when nobody does. And keep walking and chasing it even though the process didn't give a perfect result.

Im currently a full time college student and each day I go to class i keep asking myself if this is really for me? I wanted to drop out so many times and focus on making Cinematic travel videos and growing my youtube channel and starting my own business through it, but i feel as if I do quit (being asian) I would put a lot of shame on my family. I would have this guilt as if I am throwing myself in a dumpster. Im sure you understand being asian yourself. The biggest question to ask is “How bad do you want it?” And that’s what i’m currently stuck on. Thank you for this video!

I appreciate ur story, I feel how u felt the exact same way Business major working a min. Wage job trying, having melt downs because u can't believe that this is where your stuck at. Thank u for ur info. Bc I've been stuck as to where to start I've had the gadgets so m to start my channel and lost it but u just have me motivation. Thanks! I hope u reach ur goals for 2019 and beyond

Thank you for sharing with us your personal experience

Aw this video itself was free coaching

Love this Vanessa. I just hit my first 10k last month too and it was an amazing feeling. Your raw and true emotions in this video really help the audience understand the ups and downs in your journey. Thanks for being so transparent

Congratz on 14K! You growing really quick! Good job!

I would like to thank you for this Video it was exactly what I need to hear you've given me that positive energy back that I've been lacking so thank you for sharing.


Girl crushing sooo hard right now. New subbie. Please do a video on how you cultivated your unwavering self confidence. I have extreme anxiety and have tried to start my own business but soul crushing self doubt cripples me. Trying again in 2019. Also how did you find your business mentor? Maybe do a video on good criteria/ reasonable expectations for hiring a couch/ mentor.

I love the authenticity!! Keep up the good work!!

thank you for the advice!! youre so pretty btw:)

its dorkkie Hey there my friend! Im always ready to Subscribe and support!! Lets help each other grow

This video is so motivational and informative thank you!

We almost have the same name. Hello Vanessa! Thank you for the content. -Van

Kudos, truly inspiring. Keep up the good work and thanks for showing that there is strength in being willing to be vulnerable. Just started my YouTube channel last year and I totally understand, very few understand when we have the courage to pursue our dreams. Keep at it.

Omg this was literally me today!!! I recently quit my job to follow my dreams. Today I was so frustrated and stressed and completely overwhelmed because I want to create a successful business so bad like I can literally see my vision clear as day but it’s so frustrating trying to get there so I literally started crying and praying to God to help me. Moral of the story this video was much needed ! Thank you so much for sharing!

Congratulations, glad you followed through with your ambitions and f%&# the haters. ✌️

Im a small YouTuber and I’m honest with subbing back. Anyone looking to help grow and grow together. Comment when done ❤️

Life With S'mya Hey there my friend! Im always ready to Subscribe and support!! Lets help each other grow

New YouTuber here


One of my favorite story watching your video. Very inspirational.

So inspiring!!! Please make a list of the books that you read and/or your daily routine! I’m a new sub now and member of notification squad!! You rock girl!!!

Write some more sticky note goals. ;)

Anyone wanna support smaller YouTubers?

Simply Just Esther Hey there my friend! Im always ready to Subscribe and support!! Lets help each other grow

You are lovely !


I so needed to hear this. I feel like our journeys are so similar. Quit that job, got my MBA in marketing, spent a few months feeling lost, and said yes to the client who reached out. I'm still trying to grow into the mentality of accepting abundance and setting that bar higher. Thank you for all the value you shared, I'll be sure to keep following along. :)


I wish that I could have seen your video of September because I was going through the same thing on the same day . I lost my job on that day and it was so tough.. and exactly today I posted my first video on YouTube. Thank you I needed to see this!! ❤️

Really cool to hear your story. I put in a 6 month notice to my boss. I work for a good company and have a great boss but I just have bigger goals that I want to accomplish that just aren't achievable in my current situation. My first day without a job is on June 1, 2019!

Any small youtubers wanna help each other grow ?

Brianna Celeste Hey there my friend! Im always ready to Subscribe and support!! Lets help each other grow

Hey Vanessa! Good luck

So proud of you and happy for you!!! Also, you reminded me of myself, I will stop procrastinating because of fear. I will start again, thank you

Subscribe to my channel

Hi Vanessa, thank you for making this video. I'm currently on the process of preparing to leave my job too. I hope I can learn more about your journey.

You are so inspiring.

I love this girl so much she is extremely brave!

Thank you so much for this

This was so motivating!!!! Thank you for sharing!! You’re growing so fast!

This is so inspiring. I have the same story like yours and currently am still lost. Expectation are really high especially if you graduated with flying colors. I feel every bit of challenge even up to this point but this video really shows the reality of life in general likewise the hardships and struggle of actually having your vision come to life. Worth subscribing and worth taking notes. Keep up the good work because this actually widen my perspective even more. Thank you.

Thank you! Thank you... I was laid off from my career and very confused for a while. Then it came to me to capitalize on what I’m good at. I have so many people looking at me funny wondering if I’m really going to make my business my full time but I am!

And you inspired me more

I bet you smell like gummy bears

I can relate with each and every word in this video. I'm a b school grad too from one of the most premium institutes in India and left my corporate job in May 2018. I've had so many anxious moments since I started this journey of soul searching but I'm so glad I put myself on this path coz I've learnt soooo much in the process. The 10k bit is yet to happen but I'm sure it will happen soon for me too ;) Amazing video girl. Keep going! Lots of love from India

Thank you so much for sharing your story. You're really an inspiration to everyone watching and the fact that you can share with us your most vulnerable times just shows how much courage you have. You go girl! Best of luck with your business, I'm sure the best is yet to come!

congrats. that's a great milestone to hit! on your to a six figure year. keep it up!

i love the sticky note thing at the end so simple yet so effective seeing it every day, your content is different because you really are genuine and seem like you want to see others do well too ☺ where as other youtubers hold back and beat around the bush. Keep it up. You got a new subscriber ☺

When you said "I know you've ate shit for a while", I had to subscribe haha! You know what, I've been watching your videos for about one hour now and I've already heard some great tips and then this video came to me like a wake-up call. Thank you! I needed this today.

We need more young women like you as mentors for teenage girls. I need some mentors myself

Oh lawwwd...that clip you showed from september me. Thats where i am at now...

do you you heard SOCIAL MEDIA AGENY

I really feel now like your documentary! Frustrated, I started my YouTube journey on September 2017 but still have 80 f which really makes me to think

Congratulations Vanessa! This is the first video of yours that I've watched and I look forward to watching many more. Subbed!

Be sure to pay YOUR TAXES!!!!!!!!!!! lol

This is amazing! Loved hearing your goals and heck yes you can do 100k!!!

Subscribed. Love your transparency and vulnerability. I run a successful active business (ie 25 employees) but am looking to transition toward a passive business ..or at least a bit more balance! I find you inspiring and love your real talk. Keep it up!

How did you find your business mentors?

Wow! This is amazing and inspiring! Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work!

This is extremely inspirational!!! I'm 3weeks out from releasing my corp job. Thanks for your transparency and inspiration!!❤

Venessa you inspire me I am going head back my business that I had created. Thank you!

What editing apps you use for cover photo are Just overall

Is really not easy starting out from scratch. I feel you as I am also starting out my journey as an entrepreneurship in the digital world. Thank you for sharing from the heart Vanessa. Congrats on your new milestone achieved! Keep it up and I believe you will definitely achieve all your dreams!

I love your videos; they are so inspiring but grounded in valuable information. Thank you for sharing your experiences

Thank you, I needed this

The bravery, courage, and confidence that you held just before your success is exactly what led you to where you are now and I'm glad that you made that hard decision because it was totally worth it. Thanks for being vulnerable :')

Yaaaaaaaaaassssss! This is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm so happy for you!

Well said. I hit the thumb up and I wanted to hit it some more.

Congratulations! So happy to see you progress and grow.

That is sooo me on my first uploaded video, ok, most of my videos, "done is better thant posting"BIG BIG MISTAKE

Hey girly, I just wanted to say thank you so much for this video. I've been so depressed and lost. I'm about to graduate from college by the end of this year and still don't know what I'm going to do after. I always wanted to pursue my youtube career but was always afraid to. This video helped a lot and hopefully I can manifest this and be happy just like you! Thank you!

Thank you for making this video and posting an extremely vulnerable moment in your life. I Certainly feel you in all aspects because I too experience a very similar situation and would love have my own successful business. Thank you again for sharing.

Vanessa Lau Is the Best!! I’ve taken all of Vanessa Lau advice, jumped out of my comfort Zone and now I’m on target to follow my passion. I’ve even created a YouTube Channel to follow my progress. My first Vlog is due to drop in 45mins I would love some support/feedback. Please hit subscribe and check it out..

You just got a new like and subscriber!!! My business partner and I just started a new business venture called “Backyard Sprouts” and just watching this video was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for being so transparent!

Girl there is no guarantee in life...The only guarantee is you and what you believe in..Good luck girl, be happy with every second of your life...

Congrats, girl!! You have learned early what Famous Amos used to say; “What you think of me is none of my business.” I wish you every success!

you inspired me a lot, I just started doing youtube and other businesses. Thank U SO MUCH be blessed!

You are so inspiring. I want to do exactly what you did, but the fear of not having an income always holds me back. I been wating to start a YouTube channel for a year now and haven't because I dont know where to start. I look at the YouTube channel of the ppl who have been doing this for years and think about how unobtainable it look. But you have your first videos up (that looks amazing to me. You look like you've been doing this for a while, judging by the fact they are so comfortable in front of the camera) and show exactly how you started it all. Congratulations on your success! Keep it up!

The "WTF did I get myself into" moment is reaaaaaal. My New Year's resolution was to be more selfish because why shouldn't we put ourselves first

Wonderful video ❤️

Wow, just wow, you are so transparent and honest it's amazing. Thank you for all of that valuable wisdom you just shared

The fact you have done Marketing and a business degree would help greatly in setting up your YouTube business. Pretty good you can charge for your advice when you haven’t done a mentoring or coaching course. Which would be a helpful if they don’t have qualifications in the area they chose to coach/advise people and earn a living. You have to have your niche worked out and qualified/experienced advice.

Congratulations, Venessa! Way to go!!!!

Love this information and appreciate your honesty. I just subscribed.

"Unwavering Faith" ...Well done.

I just asked myself the same question today, "Did I self-sabotage myself when I resigned?" I could relate to the entire video. Well done. Congratulations!!

This video has inspired me so much Vanessa. Thank you for being so transparent. I've been wanting to create a YouTube channel for the past 4 years, but I've been crippled by fear. I want to use my channel to teach the skills that I see a lot of millenials lack. Seeing your struggle really hit a nerve in me. I know I have to start this year. I must. Thank you for the inspiration and the kick in the butt. :-) I've just subscribed to continue to watch your success.

Well shit, this video kicked me in the ass and made me feel a level of motivation I’ve been longing to feel for a long time. I’m in that place of depression and not knowing wot the end goal is and if I’ll ever get to a good place, but you really reminded me to have faith and just ACT. Thank you

I love you for sharing that moment! THANK YOU!!! I tell people I am not alone and today I feel completely alone.

OMG! 12:40?!?! I have BEEN THERE!!!!

here at 777 comments, ok abundance i see u

Stoked and motivated by your content. Keep up the awesome work. Thank you for sharing!

Wow! Thank YOU for showing the clip to us! I did the same thing. I shot a few similar videos when I was at a low point. I can't agree more with you! Documenting our journey!

Yes!!!!!! I have been running a Facebook live show for two years and my plan is to grow my YouTube channel this year! Thank you for the inspiration!

Congrats girl!!!!

looking forward the next video

I can't wait to hit a mile stone and halfway there!

Always believe in yourself! I love your attitude and honesty!

Congrats on hitting this Mile Stone!!

omg I am gonna follow you lol so cute! hahaha

Glad you are feeling better.

Vanessa thanks so much you push me so much.... I so happy for you

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your journey

This video really helped me out I just started my SECOND business after my first failing, and I have grown so much and my goal is 10 grand a month that's why I clicked. I noticed your demeanor has completely different from your old video and you have a glow like your unstoppable. Congrats :)

I wish I could click like 10 times.

I should have watched the entire video before I left the first comment. Only because of video got so much better after your video about you being at such a low Point your life. Let me get some back into that thought. It made the video so much better because it showed you at a place where you were being in a real authentic person you are struggling like every other person out there trying to make it and really on that verge of quitting not that you said you were quitting but just like many people who are at that point basically give up because they don't feel like they're going to make it. And then showing that you were at that point in your life and you came through and have been successful because you kept at it. But I do want to disagree with you about the failure is not an option or give you a different take on failure is not an option failure is not an option because you have no choice about failure. when it comes to success. Is the option failure happens because you don't know how to do something you're not knowledgeable in something you're not good enough in something failure only stops when you're so good at something but you're so knowledgeable that you're so focused that failure really isn't an option anymore at success is the only option

@18:22 Exactly! Loved watching your beginnings and growth. Good that you listened to Wilson too @26:21 No "hope" needed because certain those remaining targets will be completed by mid 2019!!!!

GIRL I WAS THINKING THAT. YES. 65K IS TOO LOW. GO HIGHER. U CAN DO EVEN BETTER THAN 100K honestly. !!!! Im rooting for u!! U got this :)

love this

Thank you for posting this and the clip of you in the past, this really helped me.

i love how you worded your lessons. very beautiful!

Then she quit her job and couldn't pay you. Just kidding for not being on YouTube that long. From what I understand from this being the first video I seen of yours. I would have reached out to you for coaching as well. I like your energy maybe talk a little slower. I hate giving constructive criticism. If I don't say anything it wouldn't help. overall great video keep it up. I'm working on my journey with eBay right now and killing it.

Awesome video.. You are very inspiring.. thank you

She gets paid from Arab men in Dubai thats how.

I appreciate this video so much! You were so transparent, open, honest and relatable. I actually watched maybe 5 of your videos within the last 2weeks. I liked the videos because they were so informative but this is the video that made me subscribe. I'm also a youtuber trying to make it. So inspirational! Thank you for sharing

how did you find your business mentor?

Congratulations and thanks for sharing your tough moments video. You were on point with the focus and belief in yourself and getting away from those who didnt believe in you. I just read Think and Grow Rich - persistence and an idea with a burning desire is most important. You are a natural. I hope to start something myself. I too am afraid of haters. Thank you also for mentioning that.

This video spoke to me on so many levels! Thank you for your strength! It encourages me to chase my dreams.

Thank you for sharing your story!! Starts at 19:06

Great video. One of my new favs

Very inspirational! Thank you!

New Subbie! Thank you for this !

This was a good watch. This is super relatable to me, especially in the past year, and I think ill definitely follow. Not because I really need the business advice, but because your genuine attitude and a positive/go getter mindset is magnetic.

Please guys subcribe to my channel.. I will definitely sub back.. Comment here after subbing.. ❤️ LET'S HELP EACH OTHER GROW

You truly inspired me


This was encouraging and good to hear. I can relate with this as it's similar to my own story. I started my business and quit my job in August. I create wedding films and videos for various business and it's so true that when you make yourself visible and document your life online people come to you. I've sorta made 10k this month too (Some of it is work booked a few months out with down payments) and all of it came through referrals and people asking me. Followers do not equate value (My Instagram has less than 500 followers but people are always hitting me up about taking their photos). I'm going to keep going strong and it's always encouraging to see others doing it to!

This video is the truth about what beginners are going through right now. Don't go after your goals without being willing to take the baby steps.

I love Wilson's reaction, that rocks!

It does get frustrating. The everlasting question of am I going in the right direction?

If you don't believe in me, then get the f%*k out! Ya

how old are u


YES YES YES!!!!! Congrats so proud of you babe!

OMG JORDAN!!!! Made my day thanks for watching my video!!! Eeeeek!! *fangirls*

Sub and i will sub back

how did you hire a business coach

I really appreciate how candid you were about your journey. I am trying to get the courage to leave my corporate job as well. I am reminded daily that there is too much life to live to be stuck in a place where people don't appreciate you. Thank you for sharing, it was really motivating!

Wow, thank you for this video, you're inspirational. And I really enjoyed listening, so dont feel like we dont want to listen to your journey! :)

GIRL your September video is HITTING HARD. That's the point I'm at. And someday when I am successful, I'm going to come back and tell you THANK YOU!!!! Because you're making me want to keep pushing forward. Thanks girl, you're a game changer.

Have you gotten your LLC yet? Don’t forget to get it girl!

Glad to see your success thus far, I have been following Sunny's teachings for years but have not taken her course. Keep pushing, keep growing, and ensure you stay real!

you're an absolute beast! keep killing it!!

IF YOU HAVE 10X DREAMS then you have to take 10x ACTION... love this and its so refreshing seeing a female building a dream that has nothing to do with makeup THANK YOU

Congrats! Time to hit the $25k a month milestone!

Nice meeting you

I feel that... the whole "how is that even possible" thing. i felt that when I opened this video

so proud of you!!!

Hi, Vanessa. Greetings. I like your videos. I found your channel at first was about instagram hacks 2019. On this video, your story is inspired me. Big thanks. I also on the journey to be a digitalpreneur. While I am working, I am developing website agency. In fact, I am not a web developer. But I learn a lot from youtube so I know the concept how to make a good website the google will love it. I outsource the web development to someone expert. I plan to have a youtube channel about digital business but dont know when

What a wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing ❤️

You are so raw love it ! New sub here ✨ thanks for sharing your journey !

happy goals! you ever get the urge to interview other social media people? guess it depends on what city you live in. -fyi.. do you have a microphone?

Congrats girl! Such an exciting milestone to reach!

Congratulations...!!! Great channel ✨

Thank you! For being real and sharing the truth ‼️

That was so motivating at uplifting for me I'm on this point where I want to change my life start new business I already build a website I want to do print on demand. moment on this video when you cried that was so emotional for me thank you for that ,sometimes it's really hard when no one believe in your vision and sometimes even you have so many worries.Thank you for that video

You're undeniably passionate and inspiring!

Congrats Vanessa and best of luck in the future!

Absolutely love this

Awesome story!

Thank you so much for sharing! Your journey is so inspiring! I’m currently a YouTuber, working a full time corporate job, and also just launched my business Jan 2019! I cannot wait til the day I quit my corporate job to work on my business and YouTube full time. Thanks for reassuring me that it’s possible!

haha you make nice video and nice to help you

15K subscribers plus me. I'm subscribing to you! After watching two of your videos, I can already say you're worth the subscription.

Great video! This video is really inspirational and helped me learn a lot

Get it girl! VERY inspiring that you share the WHOLE path, not just the super sexy side of things

Great content!

Praise YouTube for suggesting this video. Lol. Thank you so much for sharing your journey, and I am now a happy subscriber of this channel.

Congrats I love you more

You're talking bullshit 6 minutes you wasted my time, fuck outta here

Blessings, empress I feel you your job just wasn’t the right path for you and the universe guided towards the right path in order to use your gifts and Talents... we all have a life purpose in the 3D and you founds yours now your soul is at Peace your on the right path your purpose was to help overs Always do what makes your soul happy I’m proud of you Love, and light continue to shine stay in your

hey~ another great video :) but how is it that 10k happened? thru ad? or thru working with client?

Thank you so much for posting this video! I think that is really important!

Thank you for being a leader !!!!!!

From 17:42-18:00. The part that made me subscribe. Just found you and you're very inspiring

GURL! that's amazing! how did your parents react when you told them about this? they must've been so proud

I LOVE YOU and completely understand your ugly cry video! I also have experienced an UNBELIEVABLE amount of horrible, nasty and vindictive treatment by people who simply refuse to understand myself or my situation. I am beyond thankful for these kind of opportunities and am starting out my business now too. I hope you continue to grow and be blessed!

You inspired me to step forward and really push my business and grow my brand,. I've been wanting to do this for years, but I'm scared. Well not anymore. I'm making my first video right now!

This was such a motivational video and it was exactly what I needed to hear to finally step out of the box and start my own business! Thank you so much for posting this video!

You got me more motivated, thank you for this!!

You made it to where you are 'cause you're pretty. Most successful youtubers are good looking.

Thank you I needed some encouragement. My job let me go during treatment for breast cancer. I was in the psychology field and now I'm learning more about marketing etc so I can have my own business. I just subscribed and hit the notification bell.

Vanessa, I really resonated with the clip of your rough day. I actually did that same thing last Friday. I took that in hopes to refer to that in the future! I did this to eventually show people that life is not always easy.

Thank you, Vanessa for this video. I am about to launch my website, too. Kinda scary... it was a hobby so far but I need to launch it to make it into a business. I just lost a big job today while my wife is pregnant. So its kinda all in and last chance to make it happen. Otherwise, I have to go back to the next 9-5. But I am so fed up working on the dreams of others who let me down again and again. Thank you for your inspiration. Wishing you the best.

Thank you for such a beautiful, inspiring and honest video!

i had to pause your video i just found your channel. when you are trying to build businesses, a new lifestyle you have to get ruthless. everybody energy isnt needed, keep the negativity away from you, socialize with people doing the same thing and stay to yourself when you done some will understand and wont be mad and some will. oh well goodbye!

To cool...I actually walked out of my job yesterday, my manager was a total maniac and I just had enough. Later that night I received a call from head office asking for me to return. I'm now at a cross road of what to do...I've always wanted to start my own business but never really had the nerve to do so as I have a family whom rely on my income. Plus at my age (58) is it really practical. My initial plan was to get a part time job enough to cover my bills whilst building my business. Now from stumbling on and watching your video, has given me more motivation to follow my heart. Congratulations on hitting your 10k mile stone thats totally awesome, you are a inspiration and I wish you the very best for the future, and thank you so much for sharing your less then brighter moment, that's pretty guttsey, Im sure your parents are very proud of you...I would be.

that was some good motivation!!!

Omg girl!! We need to be friends like seriously!! You remind me sooo much of myself that it’s almost scary! I’ve never wrote this before to anyone on a YouTube video I’m like kind’ve embarrassed that I’m begging you to be my friend. But anyway, I’ve never came across someone that reminded me so much of myself! Your vision, that desperate feeling that you have because you can vision your success so clearly and no one understands. It’s so depressing. Like I have a full thought out success path in my head and on plenty of paper but the starting point is so scary I feel like I can throw up thinking about it because I feel like I don’t know where to start, or “do I have enough knowledge?”


You really inspired me to stand up and start doing what I am dreaming to achieve in life. Thank you so much!!

Thank you for sharing your journey! You are an inspiration!

Any small YouTubers want to help each other grow?

you are so sweet and real. I hope I can be where you are now at a near future. Currently trying it out as an amazon seller. Reaching 10k per month is my first goal! -- subscribed :)

clients, its mentioned in PART 2 for this video :)

This is the video I needed! The part where you share the cigarette butt story is so relatable. Thank you for sharing this Vanessa!!

This is so amazing I can see your excitement and I’m so happy for you Vanessa :’)

You told me to quit my job and now I’m homeless and only have 5 subscribers. Thanks a lot

Sure doesn’t sound like a great mindset, perhaps you can try to consider switching up your content migrate away from sugar daddy and sleeping with homeless men videos and add value to boost your subscriber rate. Best of luck!

However I may not be into coaching, but it may be an option for me. I relate to you so much and I just found your channel! I am so happy. I will follow you on your social media after this comment. I want to be a Youtuber, I create makeup videos and currently have been working hard to gain followers and more view times. There is so many people who don't believe in me but I know I can do it and that's all I need. I saw the little clip in your video and I feel the same way! There are times I feel like this is way too big for me but I know I can handle and do whatever my mind dreams. Thanks for these videos and I will be watching more!

you're incredible!!

Thank you so much for this video ❤️ and for being so honest!

You really are like a young, female Gary Vee! Honestly quitting my horrible, abusive job was the scariest, most risky, and life changing decision of my life. When we are as young as we are but in the beginning of our adult lives, we really feel like our careers are a marathon we want to sprint. Too many of my friends (myself included) have put too much pressure on our first jobs and honestly sacrificing our most vulnerable adult years for laborious positions and low-self esteem. My biggest life motto ever since learning the value of saying “yes” and “no” is reminding yourself that life is far too short to worry about money and success if it only makes you miserable. Great video!!

How couldn't I subscribe to you? You're amazing, keep up the good work I love your courage, your vibe the way you speak! Girl keep going I'll be here watching your journey as you grow and reach your dreams

September 13th video ♥️♥️♥️ had me crying

Thank you!! What a lovely person you are! I wished we had the today's online opportunities back in the 1980s... I just shared your video qith a good friend of mine, hopefully I can help her to grow...

You really motivate me to keep working hard on my Instagram page @thundermotivation thank you for your tips and advice

Some really helpful tips in here. Thank you so much x

Hey Vanessa, I've been literally "stalking" your videos for the past hour so I had to comment and let you know that your content is addicting and I admire your purity . I wish you lots of success! Not sure if you see this but I had to put it out there.

Hey Vanessa! This was such an incredible video. I honestly didn't want it to end

you deserve more subs !!

A big congratulations to a young Independent and courageous lady - Vanessa Lau thank you for your videos. I just discovered them yesterday. They're straight to the point and with honest opinion. Thank you my fellow Canadian.

Man, we have all been there "September cry" I am Not ashamed to say had night anxiety when I lost clients due to me learning. I left university and went straight into working for myself in a better place now but I REALLY do understand where you have been.

Vanessa that is so fucking awesome! I'm starting my new career in real estate and can't wait to get started and see how far I get as well. Much love :)

I am so proud of you!

Watched the whole thing... girl - you rock! I'm now where you were and insistent and determined to figure out how to make social media work for me. I really appreciate you being vulnerable so we can see your triumph. I just found you about a week ago while searching for helpful content. Anyway, I look forward to watching you take over the world while I work on doing the same ;)

I love your platform

SO happy for you! It's always tough during the struggle period (Which I'm in too) kk Glad that you were able to find success and proved the haters were wrong

Congratulations on your success!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Everything about you is awesome from your advices to your story to the transformation of your hairstyle it is epic keep doing what you are doing because I have never seen someone doing it like the way you do it and explain it so amazingly and thank u. I wish there was someone like you few years back ,my life would have been changed into something else. I am glad I found you now. Thank you for doing this

you are so welcome, thank you for this beautiful comment!!

Also, I'm interested in starting a youtube channel! Can you make a video on what equipment I should buy to get started (if you haven't already)?

check out the links in my desciprtion box for all my equipment!

I'm in university right now and am struggling to figure out what I want to do but you've made me feel so much better and so inspired. I'm really happy for your success and hope that your success will continue to grow! Also, it's so cool to hear that you graduated at UBC??! I'm studying at a school pretty close by! :)

I'm at that point where I want to get out of my job and start my own travel business but I'm affaid I don't feel supported and I'm struggling with getting out of that mindset

You are amazing, genuine, smart and incredibly inspiring! Big hug :)

Thank you darling for sharing this. What I really would have wanted to hear was that where did you get your money, how and from whom? Concrete explanation please

“If I never give up, I’ll never fail”... I really like that. I have a quote written on my bathroom mirror “surround yourself with people who want you to succeed”.. it helps me so much to see it everyday and I think I’ll add yours to it. I own and operate a horse ranch, I have 250 students that I give horseback riding lesson to, i have a lot of horses to train, I’m a mom, a wife. It was really hard to find the courage to get started on YouTube and frankly I don’t have a lot of spare time, but I felt like it was something that I needed to do. It’s been very gratifying for me because of the positive comments but I’m at 585 subscribers and I feel like it’s just a hobby. I feel like if I can just hit 1000 subscribers then my time and effort will be worth it. I just don’t want to disappoint my family or those who believe in me. I am a “try til I die” kind of person, so I feel like I have a chance at success. I’m just having a little struggle with being patient. Thank you for your videos, they are very inspiring.

Wow I am the same too I have to let go of some people in my life because I started my channel which is also a blessing in disguise coz you will know who are your real friends.

Omg! When i saw ur video I cried! I feel u! Thank u for the inspiration! We started our channel at the same time clearly I am doing something wrong.

FABULOUS!!! I found your share very vulnerable and real! It means a lot since I am working toward the same thing. I totally related w/your journey and felt you are walking along side me in mine (tears and all) lol. All my best to you...100k and beyond Vanessa!!!

Thanks for sharing, this is super inspiring! :)

Girl, thank you so much for sharing your story and journey with us. Letting go and coming out stronger than ever, congratulations!!!!

so proud of you, im not through with the video but i just watched your old clip. it made me cry because that’s where i am. i stopped going to college, i just myself spiritually and i finally know where i want to be and nobody else sees it. feels like nobody in my real life supports me. feels good hearing someone else come up from the same feelings !!!!! you’re very true and honest and i really appreacite that. very much success coming your way and you deserve it !!!!

Amazing, well done. Haters are a sign of success, they will only promote you

Thank you for sharing your story with me, im super glad i found your channel and im so proud of you, you fucking rock!!! ☺️❤️

You are so beautiful without makeup like wow stunning

This is super inspirational. Congrats on your decision and thanks for sharing with us!

Amazing keep shining your light girl!

Thanks Nadia!!

Vanessa you're absolutely killing it; honestly such an inspiration to all of us who are just starting out! Thanks so much

HEY! A fellow Sauder Grad! Hi-FIVE!

My boyfriend and I definitely needed to see this video. Keep doing your thing!

Loveeee you! Love your channel, you are literally me right now every aspect of your life, I feel like God has sent you to me as a form of a message so thank you... it’s kind of weird how similar we are at this point in my life and you 5 months ago

I started this video while working yesterday and started my at-home work day today by finishing it. I'm so motivated, I'm actually going to pack up my computer and find a place downtown to work so I can make sure everything gets done today. You are an inspiration! Thank you for all the content and knowledge you share on social media.

Your are so cute I actually watch the whole entire video lol which is hard for me, I am a professional psychic ‘ & I feel like I can work with you. I am at @psychic_advisor_jenny

such a huge inspiration

How did you get your first 1000 sub!

How old are you? You

Amazing Story Vanessa........... I really appreciate your YouTube Channel.......... I'm learning so much from your Youtube Channel............


Everyday chip away at it

OMG!! They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear! Well hello Teacher!! Lol. I so needed this video . I quit my job a few months after you did and have been on this journey to my dream life since. I've dealt with everything you spoke about. I also have a vision for social media work and this video came right on time. As well as your advice on protecting your energy. Thanks for sharing your passion and knowledge. Blessings to you!!

I'd like to see what you do in your second month!

Goals...I really really want to be a full time YouTuber.

Congratulations! I am honestly so unhappy at my job. I love editing videos so I’m hoping YouTube can be my full time job one day ❤️

Thank you for this valuable info Vanessa! Wish you the best onwards your journey

Is Google Adsense a big part of it? Like was it the thing that made or break your youtube career? I tried adsense and im just so poor i cant pay a small amount for the ads back. So i got debt to Google adsense now and I got other bills. Like what are other ways you promoted your channel? Was it just the SEO that made you channel bloom? I tried twitter and instagram and i get like 3 couple clicks on the posts for every thousand followers and none of them have interacted with my channel. I have a twitter with almost a 900 followers doing a follow gain trick and i also have my regular twitter with like about 80 followers and my instagram is at like almost 60 and it is based on another subject then what i want to do on youtube. my instagram is based on showing newing in the fitness industry

Your story really inspires me, been at my dream for 2 years, its a Stock Trading Platform I am developing, launching in a couple months. Thanks! You have another subscriber :)

la aceleracion del video lo hace bastante inaguantable, velocidad normal seria mejor

you deserve the best. youre focusing on giving thats why youre getting in return. god bless u.

Love this, you just gained a new fan(:

I feel you... I think I've should allowed myself to cry a little bit instead of swallow my bullsh*t to TRY to prove myself that I was somehow "tough". I admire you for that

Thank you for this video!

Hey Vanessa ! You are an inspiration for me. Thank you for the great content!

Great work Vanesaalau. Visit on Instagram.

Congratulations!! My husband and I are taking this journey in 2 months! Quitting our corporate jobs and trying to make it with our own business. Thank you for the inspiration. :)

You are amazing... you have inspired me to move forward

Love this video! Are you a fellow YouTube For Bosses Alum? I noticed the Sunny mug at the end of your video!

yaayy!! hi emily!!! ❤️

thanks so much!!! i appreciate you

so glad you are enjoying it!!! always appreciate your support ❤️

You are a HUGE inspiration and I hope to one day make a video just like this one! Keep slaying girl

This resonates so much with me. I am so tired of my job. I’ve decided to start saving every penny I can to give myself a runway to leave and work on my own business.

You will hit the million dollar mark one day too. Keep the faith

It was very genuine, insightful and inspiring.

you really truely have power of speech - thank you so much!

what are funnels? ahhhh!

this is so valuable, thank you for sharing this!

also this is unrelated but youre gorgeous and love your make up!

Wow, I’m glad I found you. How would I find a mentor, or someone who will fit my nitch that will push back and drive me to do better and make better content. Content coach. Milestone blueprint, I’m rambling. Step 1 calendar, step2 keep on swimming, step 3 go back to WHY. Nm

Freaking inspired me to keep going


You had so many pivotal moments that led you to your 10k goal, but those FREE sessions to your first client was THE game changer (this is coming from someone who owns several businesses too). Make sure you use that with your new future clients ; ) Wishing you the BEST!

I’m loving all of this advice for my new YouTube channel! It’s incredibly inspiring.

I fucking love you. The struggle, the ambition, the goals, and the inspiration. Thank you very much for doing this.

I just quit my job and now I found this video. This video give me strength. Thank you so muchh i love youuuu ! Love from Malaysia

Thank you for your videos you’re awesome!

Subscribe my channel I will re subscribe your channel Helping together to grow our channel Let us start sub me to sub

I’m proud of you, girl

This talk of yours has inspired me to push my music and drumming business harder as well as my youtube content....I will do a video about my journey also.

Lutherangrants; com helped me financially for my business funding .They sent me a grant of $44,000 yesterday .

wow this is such an inspiring video!!

That's dope

I'm using Instagram now to recreate my business. I have a YouTube channel, but I'm working on revamping it to go in line with my new business model. Since I'm the father of two toddlers, my time is short, so once my social media business picks up monetarily, then I can do more videos. Thanks for this video, very helpful!!

VANESSA!! Girl, your video HIT HOME for me! I quit my job in December 2018 and haven't looked back. I've done it to work on my e-commerce business but I'm now coaching on the side and your videos are such a tool. I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing this!!


Thank you for sharing your story it inspired me.. I’m still working at my corporate job. Started my business as side hustle for now since I am a single mother and I can’t just quite . But I def can relate to you. You rock congrats on your milestone!

Totally inspired this Gen-Xer

you're so eloquent at delivering your words I'm super impressed :)

Also, I'm going through something very similar, I quite school to pursue my true passions so Thank you for your example

Can you answer this question for me? So I'm starting a YouTube channel and LOVE it but am struggling with the whole "pick one thing and stick with it niche". I LOVE fitness and health but also love beauty and just being feminine! Can I combine those two things of showing my true personality and stand out and still become successful?

Thank you so much for this amazing video ❤

again, thank you so much for the very interesting information...

Everyone who LIKES this comment and SUBS to my channel, I will sub back! #letsgrow

Great video Vanessa! Very inspirational!

Wow! You and I are so similar!

Great video! The struggle is real and I appreciate your transparency. Up until 2018 I never thought I would start my own business, but I am. 2019 has been a eye opening year for me and your content has been great! Thanks so much!

I can’t stop watching your videos! You are becoming my favorite creator! I love your honesty and passion. Keep going ☺️

Congrats Vanessa! I also quit my job and moved to another country with my fiancé. I was so scared of all these changes, but you encouraged me to pursue my goals. Thanks

I really love this video.. I just quit my job and your journey inspired me a lot!! ❤❤


Hey Vanessa, can you talk a little about how you shaped your pricing? How did you know how much to eventually charge for coaching?

Love your content, just what I needed to hear. Thank you.

Great video Vannessa, really liking your content, I pulled in pretty decent sales last month with online marketing before that nobody. believed in me dropped out of college, parents thought I was crazy Its difficult finding a community but there's people there, normal people can never understand your desire to reach success and they never will, people just like being told what to do and how to do it for a predictable paycheck, no real goals and motivations thats what makes entrepreneurs different :- ) keep it up!!!!

Congratulations to you!! I’m so proud of you and everything you’re doing. I aspire to be you! I lead by your example. Please message me. I’d love to share personal stories with you.

#Not the same for all ppl but can give a try

Subscribed!!! I like you!

I've been binge watching your gorgeous face! thanks so much

Touched, inspired, and I truly believe God spoke to me through this. Especially during your breakdown, that’s where I am now. Thank you for this.

Wow, this was sooo strong and inspiring, girl! Thank you so much!

This video has really inspired me! I started my YouTube channel at the beginning of the year alongside my day job as a marketing manager and I eventually want to grow it to make an income from it and quit the 9-5 so I can spend more time with my son and be my own boss. I’m putting in so much work and getting barely any traction in terms of views and subscribers and it gets me so downhearted sometimes. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s early days and to keep growing and learning. I loved the idea of filming those low moments and fully document the journey. Peoples preconceptions is that success comes easy with YT and that is absolutely not the case. I LOVE your content it helps and motivates me so much and I’m thrilled that you’re seeing results and your hard work is paying off. Huge and deserved congratulations

My first time of watching your video l open an account in Instagram immediately.Am really impressed about your talks and its has helped me to focus on my YouTube channel and Instagram.Thanks.

My first time of watching your video l open an account in Instagram immediately.Am really impressed about your talks and its has helped me to focus more on my YouTube channel and my Instagram dear.

Congratulations! Always push to earn first place in every race you run. 100K may be the goal this year, but I would advise that what you really have to do is Prove that 200K isn't the real number you can hit :)

Love this video it has a lot of value in it . keep going

Congrats on your success and your truth in getting to this point. You gotta give respect where due and you've got mine, girl. Bless

Omg!! you are so informative & inspirational!! Subbed :)

vanessa, wow. you’ve opened my eyes. i feel like i’m at that point where you were in that clip in september. seeing where you are now is UNBELIEVABLE but also believable because i can see your hard work that paid off. i learned about you through a photographer I met and if I hadn’t said yes to shooting with him, I don’t know if I would have seen this video. THANK YOU for making content. THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING YOU DREAMS. you inspire me and so many others. I hope to be like you several months from now. ❤️

Thanks and congrats! Good for you! I recognize myself in this stubbornness, so I think I will be there too one day ;)

Great Video Vanessa, greatly touching & inspirational. I am growing slowly online despite the challenges of having a family & a fulltime career. What keeps me going is passion for what I do. It does not matter how fast I grow because I am certain it is a matter of some time. The actual success is that you are learning a lot every day & getting more knowledge & value, inspiration and motivation. You are not stagnant. This is the value, the rest is a byproduct of it. Keep up & best of luck in your journey

You inspired me a lot Vanessa!

So inspiring girl! You're going to do amazing things :)

Girl, you are a real inspiration, I love you :D Thank you for all the videos.

This video is making me feel waves in my stomach

I can tell how much work you have done xx well done ❤️

You are my most inspiring person that I ever ever discover. I am so happy that you put yourself on social media and share your knowledge with us. Please keep doing that and thank you for super quality content !!!

I too quit my job to do social media full time! So glad I came across your channel

Love you videos so helpful !!

Reading positive comments and finding negative comments but .... Couldn't find

Wow so inspiring! I really appreciate you sharing your story - especially your low point. I wish you continued success

Congratulations Vanessa, this is awesome!

You are 100% correct, I left the corporate world Feb. 1, 2016 and never looked back. I do social media and business coaching. It is hard but I am so glad that I did it. I still work part-time and work my business. I also do not do any marketing it is mostly referrals and random people I meet. You do not need a website to get started but build up trust with people. Loving your channel:)

You’re amazing ❤️❤️

Congrats on your success!


is this real???????????????????????????

This was so inspiring! I remember when I first started my salon my dad told me to set a goal for what I want to earn. I said “ok I’ll be happy with what I was making “ at my old salon. $36,000 . He said ok put $80,000. I’m like omg that’s so much pressure there is no way. I’m just going to be embarrassed and disappointed. He said do it. I ended up making over $100k my first year because of exactly the reasons you said. Of you set big goals you take big action. So cool to meet other girls who have the same mindset. I love marketing and it’s one of my favorite things to talk about but most people hate talking about it HHaha! You are awesome!

Thank you so much for your video. Congratulations on your success!

why would somebody click the thumbs down button on this video?!

I really appreciate that you shared this with us, even though you are scared ❤️

How did you find a business mentor.

Found you thru Sunny. This was an awesome vid. Full of tips, loved the raw vid. The candidness can't be beat. This is actually the first vid of you I've watched. The exact 'what' you did, is so helpful.

I know I just commented on a different video of yours, but I decided to watch this one as well, and I literally burst out crying along with your clip myself. You really nail everything I feel to a T with everything you say. Where I am right now is what I would consider my lowest point so far, and as I'm doing all sorts of research, and following your advice in growing my social media following (and subsequently growing my business) I have such high hopes for the future that everything will be okay. I knew that this journey would be a tough one when I signed up for it, but I didn't know that I wouldn't get any support from anyone, and that made things even worse... But! This just makes me want to push and work harder to prove to them that I can do it and that it can be done. Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of your life and journey, and I have so, SO much respect for you and everything that you do. Much love to you, Vanessa!

Very inspiring saw myself on your video clip crying. I do not regret subscribing to you.thank you

wow you have such great growth on youtube!! congrats!

Love the authenticity behind your channel! You are great at explaining things, and my Instagram is actually growing little by little with the use of some of the tips you've recommended. I'm finally getting comments on my blogs and DIY content! I'm learning to be more vulnerable publicly and all the people I never thought in a million years could relate to me, actually do! Some companies have reached out to me to share my content, but they usually end up requiring some kind of payment from me, which is annoying because I want to grow organically, hoping for the day someone reaches out to me to post what I love and not require a payment. Fingers crossed! Thanks for all the info!

You've inspired me to INVEST in myself. I started by buying Sunny's course. I can't wait to reach this milestone you've finally achieved. Congratulations!

Thank you, Vanessa, for sharing that vulnerable moment. That's me right now, and it's so inspiring to see how far you've come.

Thank you for this video ! I know you will achieve those last goals. You are really generous with your content no doubt that the value you give comes back to you. Thank you again from Paris.

Haters are the best admirers!

thank you for your transparency.. I can empathize so wholeheartedly about the fear of taking steps to further your dreams.. you have a lot of great insight

Thanks for sharing your story Vanessa! It was refreshing for all to see. You've just inspired me to share my story about why I quit my corporate job too! Thanks ❤. I've been following you for a while now and know you've absolutely crushed it since this video so good on you girl. Just shows that if you follow your dreams and don't give up you can ABSOLUTELY MAKE IT! Good for you.

Great video Vanessa!

Thank you so much for your shearing! I'm a 46 years old from Argentina, your tips ar SO usefull, thank you again

Being the Dragon ball Nerd that i am. Your helping me go beyond Mastered ultra instinct in social media :-)

This is one of the realest videos that I've seen on YouTube so far and I've been watching your videos for the past couple of days the content your dishing out is really helping me but I want to commend you for showing that vulnerable side of you because there are times when I feel like I'm at that place and that's not a thing where you can share with everybody but it's the reality when you're building trying to build a business trying to take your life to another level and turn your dream your vision into a reality its a struggle and I'm getting ready to start my YouTube channel i have been getting all my other social media in place but to make a long story short thank you for posting this video.

Thank you for the sharing. Definately subscribing.

Good for you! Vanessa! I just discovered you and I can't wait to apply your hard fought for insights. You seem to be very intelligent and personable. I hope your channel is going to really help me structure my online Martial Fitness company. I watched several of your videos for Instagram and I feel like your going to be the ultimate guide.

You are reading my life out loud. You're an exemplary. Thank you for being honest.

Vanessa, I love how open and real you are about everything! Thanks for sharing your content, it’s really valuable and inspiring!

Forget the hate, keep up the good work. Also, I admire your courage on sharing your vulnerable moments. Excellent video. Congratulations, Vanessa!

Congrats V keep your Content COMING................

Thank you so much for sharing your journey. It really inspired me, because at points of my life I felt the same way, graduated from top university back in my home country, and there I was carrying luggages, or cleaning an apartment, or taking crap from an underpaid job. Things are MUCH better now, but they can still get better. And you are an example that it is possible.

Sigh....I DO LOVE your video and journey, and here I am, posting video's 2x/week, posting on social media and giving giving. Also have a website, email list, coach, and so much in place. Clients? ZERO!!!! I WILL continue and WILL not give up and keep CONSISTENCY, but.....I admit having the feeling very often of ''will this ever monetize''? I really keep positive and trust and believe, because I want to inspire people to achieve their dream life and find clarity and confidence to do so, and therefore I must do as I preach. Still, I am being very open and honest here, that it's taken a LOT of time. good news is that it's growing :) So many influencers tell me ''oh, since that one video I made went viral, it all started kicking off for me'', and that's great, so all I wish for is ONE viral video :) Anybody relating? Thanks so much, Rachel

I needed this video. Thank you so much

ugh, thank yu for this. I'm at that low moment today. I'm struggling keeping my hopes high. This was so encouraging!

thanks so much for watching!

Great video, very transparent and motivating. Thank you

thank YOU for tuning in to watching! I'm glad this helped you :)

I see that Sunny Lenarduzzi mug in the corner!

Brought tears to my eyes because I am going through this now. This is my passion and with God’s help I will achieve it. Thank you.

Vanessa you’re an inspiration to me! Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing youre journey! Adore you!!!

Thank you so much babe!!! I totally appreciate your support

@Vanessa Lau both of you are my favourites!

She's one of my favourites!!!

I was watching your video because I am starting my new business and I was very interested in what you had to say, until you you used the worst curse word ever. Please be mindful of people watching you, because using bad language can turn someone from watching you, because if you really think about it, using curse words, never makes any sense at all!!

Damn that video entry log of your process was raw, and very brave of you.

@16:33 YESSSS with almost all serving non independent workforces

Hey just wanted to say I really appreciate how forthcoming you are with all your knowledge! Just really appreciate the honesty and transparency. Your channel has been a huge help to me! :)

!!Really really really proud of you!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

OMG yes to having different skills than others and assuming everyone already knew it! That's exactly why I had luck with my channel.The stuff I'm making videos on I really thought was common knowledge but reading comments some people don't even know the basics of Instagram stories lol

Step 1: Be Asian. Asians can't be poor!

I genuinely wish you success in your journey. I am in the process to doing the same. wish me luck as I do for you. proud!

so much love and power to you poured your heart out in this video....thank was helpful and I learned a lot....thanks for the value that you're providing....

Looove love love love it.

So happy for you. Touchwood. God Bless.

No one has ever seen my dreams... in the last 3 years I built a business I own 100% of. Year 2 we did $100,000 in revenue. A HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. From the kid that got called names in school, who had the odds against him... SO MANY CHALLENGES AND I DID IT. IF I CAN DO IT - EVERY ONE OF YOU CAN TOO!


Wait. Everyone doesn't know how to run a business?!

I'd like to thank you for sharing this amazing video with us just being genuine and real I have huge respect for you and may you get 100x all your goals


Omg Vanessa, I was crying right with you during that throwback clip!!! So freakin proud of you.

Yøu'r unique.... Kèèp smìlèing, growing....

Hey dear Vanessa, I just wanted to say thank you for all your amazing videos, which are helping me alot on starting my business. Keep going with your great content! Much love from Switzerland♡

Words cannot properly express how much I admire you.

I have only been subscribe for about a month, but I absolutely love your channel Vanessa. You just seem like such a sweetheart! In Vancouver all the time. Mabye one day I'll bump into you. Xoxo - Vinny

Definitely subscribed, the content I didn’t know I needed

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