How I Made My First Million

How I Made My First Million

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Yo vas get up this is max Berger and in this video I'm gonna be talking about how, I made my first million, and how you can. Do the same you literally got experience in this video my, own personal, lessons, that I had to learn in order to make my first million back in 2016. And it, will have a strong emphasis on, the inner and outer, processes. That I went through that then you, can literally just copy, paste adjust, it to your situation so you can make exactly. The same have you ever wondered, whether there's more to life than a boring dead-end, nine-to-five, job have you ever dreamed about breaking, Slee you know traveling, the world making good money and just enjoying, life my. Name is Max Berger and I've obtained that freedom no, more office dress code no morning commute, no boss. This, channel, is for you so, here's to your freedom. But. Before I gonna start please do consider hitting that subscribe button right underneath this video right next to that is a little bell symbol you hit that as well that way you always get notified every time I'm dropping new content, why is that important, for you well because I'm teaching you the, truth okay this is not some watered-down mainstream, BS I've been traveling the world doing this for years now you're not gonna hear some watered-down stuff, that you can't really apply this is hardcore, applicable. Content. So, let's, crack right into it and I hope you enjoy this video now, first and foremost let's talk about your situation here, because I gotta, say as some sort of disclaimer it's, no rocket, science, to get two million dollars or Euros ok the 1, million. Thing is what it's like elusive. Magical. Kind of number and it seems so far away for many of us and trust me it seemed very far. Away from me in my situation but. I gotta tell you again it's no rocket. Science to get to that and also. It's. Not, big, of a life changer, it some. People might watch this now and say well 1 millon is not even a lot of money what a freaking, loser totally, get that a million, is good a million, allows you a lot of freedom million, allows you to travel a lot I made, my first known when I was 26, and a half which, was very amazing like for 26, year old hell yeah I'd take that all the time understand. That and I also want to say a disclaimer here this kind, of revert stew maybe your situation, I had, no clue to begin with I had absolutely, no idea, about business. Scaling of business brand building marketing, none. Of that okay, I was literally at university, at the University of Vienna studying, Latin in English about to become a high school teacher and at some point which is gonna be the first point here I said. I don't want that I said, the mainstream, narrative. Of. Get. A nine-to-five job, you know shut up go to school go to get a college degree didn't get a nine-to-five job I don't.

Want, That okay, I don't care what my parents say what my family says I don't, care what the general consensus, is I said, I shall, dismiss, the, mainstream, narrative. And data, thing was the first big step towards, making actual, legit. Money so that was me at the beginning I had absolutely no previous, knowledge about, any of that I had zero money, I was a student that basically had enough to you know drag my body to, go to university, and eat that was really all I had but, I had, this. Dislike. Disgust. Towards. Any sort, of compromise. In my life and by compromise, I say going. To a job. That doesn't 100%. Fulfill me having. To report to a boss that I might not personally, like having. To endure, stupid. Co-workers. That I don't like having to get up at a certain time even though I don't want to not, being able to travel even though I don't want to not being able to party, on a Monday, afternoon if, that is what I feel like I hadn't, discussed, to, any of that. Compromise, I said, I'm gonna spend the rest of my life the. Rest of my life working. On something so. This better be good this better be something I truly with, my whole heart can, embrace and love, and enjoy so, you, have, to develop that disgust, as well if you, want to make money that buys you freedom I'm not talking about making, a million being a lawyer or a finance, trainer or a doctor. That's, great that's amazing, that makes you happy more, power to you I know a lot of people that make a million but they're absolutely, miserable, I'm talking about the good million ok the million that gives you freedom, okay the million that the million that you earned doing something that you truly love, okay, so just develop. An absolute. Disgust, for sort of compromise, and yeah. I knew I never wanted to do a nine-to-five job you know when I was a teenager, I had you, know summer jobs that I absolutely, hated. And some. Of my friends, on the same age they were like well loosen make some money they, kind of seemed to accept, that compromise, like well, I have to work there 8 to 12 hours a day but at least I'm getting money and I always thought all the.

Money I'm getting in the world cannot, be worth the time that I'm wasting at something to eat and I love that I hate so maybe, I had this advantage that I was like extra. Lazy or, maybe, extra entitled, saying, now I don't want to have that job like all and all I just had them discussed, for, the mainstream narrative. Understand. That and the next step that you want to maybe write down here is the following you have to define exactly. Your. Ultimate, goal and buy exactly defining. I mean like literally picture. It maybe even write it down okay, and by that I mean number one the, exact monetary. Value, that you want to have on your bank account that you want to have each. Month, being, on your bank account each year, each, day each second, each minute whatever it is you've got to write down the exact monetary. Value. Because if you're not specific. Enough you're gonna slack off and. Accepting. The compromise, will be as much sweeter and easier to do you don't want that you want to know the exact, money. Amount that you want to have any bank account for. The rest of your life the minimum bet you know can be more as well obviously right write that down and on top of that also write down the exact environment, you want to be in that may include you know partner, that, may include business, partner that may include the, team that you want to have or being alone that also includes where you want to live in what kind of climate and walk in the house what kind of car do you want to drive the more details, you can lock down here the more tangible you will make it in your psychology, if you will in your head, the, vaguer it is the easier it is for you to say dying in what I'm good compromise, there you go but the more you write it down the more you pictured and I'll talk about an actual technique that we're using in my business mentoring program in a second showing, in a couple minutes later on the more tangible you make that the easier it will be for you to go through because. There will be tough times there will be times where you might doubt yourself, I certainly, had those times as many many times but for me personally, I said. Exactly. I want, to make an X amount of money for. Myself, that I can every month to live on I want, to do I knew exactly what kind of people I want to have in my life and I knew exactly what, I want to live and how much I want to travel and where I want to be able to go to I literally wrote all of these things, down and that brought me to the next stage which was really really interesting, they're developing, a mindset. Of giving. Because, I understood, I'm not gonna be able to make any money unless I, really help people because people at the end of the day will give me the money in exchange for me to helping them that's the second point I want to talk about and that mindset of giving will get you very very, farm, you might remember that from my video the. Rules of money where I'm saying money, always, follows value if you're not giving value to anybody nobody's, gonna pay you and I had to develop that mindset very early on so again I was, there studying, Latin in English which has nothing to do with what I'm doing now and I. Said I wants to help other people and the thing that I felt I could help other people with was with dating advice why, because. I was particularly good with women because I was particularly social guy not, at all because I was not that, I, came. From a very very. Frustrated. And confused, place, about being a social, person and I had to learn that act to learn how to be more socialized, to learn how to walk up to women and hold eye contact really, the simplest, of these things and when, I said when I when, I was going through that myself I said if I ever figure, it out how to become a more outgoing attractive. Person I wants. To help others do the same because, I didn't have someone to help me figuring. This out so I said I want to be that person for someone else so, I kinda ain't ly adapted, that mindset of giving. Okay and and I wasn't aware of that I didn't, watch a video that said I would after my instead of giving I didn't have that opportunity I in retrospect. If I realize, now that this was one of the things that I adapted, very early on I said I wanted to help people can, I want to give and what. I started doing was I, started, posting on forums, that, are about social interactions, with women and about. Self-actualization. And then, I started giving talks and I'll never forget, my very very first talk that I did was, in Vienna.

In The town in the city that I was living in and three people showed up was. I mad, that. I didn't have, 90,000. Instagram, followers. No I was, psyched. I was happy, three people. Showed up and I, have the opportunity. To teach these guys as long as, I can and what I did was I found a hotel that would rent, seminar. Rooms for, 90, euros a day so, I said well you know whoever, wants to come to my talks can you know bring three euros so I can maybe pay the room and, again first, session was three guys I got 10 bucks out of it unfortunately. Made no, profit from, that and. Second. Talk I think I had 10 or 11, guys show up which was absolutely. Amazing already because, I wanted to give I wanted to help people and the third talk had 30 people show up and all them paid 3 euros so I was break even for the first time some of them even pay him a 5 bucks, $10 10 euros was really really safe and then the fourth talk I gave there. Was so much word of mouth going on there was so much hey there's this guy he just he likes to talk about this he likes to help people there were so much word of mouth coming that around the fourth of fifth talk I had a hundred people showing up and I actually started making profit, and that was such, a great feeling not because I started making profit, but because I saw, hey I can. Really help other people and and that was one of the most psyche, moments of my life just standing there and I saw like I think we're over a hundred people today that was absolutely. Amazing, and insane and again I didn't know anything about scaling, a business a brand building yet all, I knew was I wanted to help people and the crazy thing here is what that does as well is it helps you get to know your quote unquote target, audience I'm saying this basically. Every video target. Audience target audience who is your target audience what do they want one of the what keeps them up at night everything. Okay so as I was doing these talks I understood, exactly what, people. Resonate with what is difficult for him what are their sticking, points what keeps them from getting the results, and again didn't, know it back then but now I can reverse engineer and realizing, that kind. Of throwing. Yourself, out there starting to how people gives. You such tremendous, lessons. When it comes to your, own content, delivery your coaching, style the, prices, that you might want to offer to and and all these things and give so much information which means for you again to summarize this points develop a mindset of giving.

Start. Giving and as you're giving refine. Hone. Your craft, over and over again gets to know your target on it's better because you will need that knowledge and, the third point here very. Obvious, a very, simple. Get, a mentor, so. I was basically doing some, sort of seminars, I guess and I knew back then there, were these guys from RSD real social dynamics they, were the worldwide, leading, dating. Advice company, and they were traveling, the world and teaching thousands, of people in person tens of hundreds, of thousands, online about you know dating advice self, actualization, and it was exactly, what I wanted to do and I said if I could get some of these guys to mentor me that. Would be absolutely amazing, so. What I did was I said how, can I get their. Attention. And. I'll. Never forget that I was keeping doing. These seminars, and I started doing like a little YouTube channel and then one day they, had they. Asked for free internships, is there anybody who can manage, I think our Facebook, groups and back then it was their tumblr, account and I, said yeah I'll manage the Facebook group started, managing the Facebook group entirely for free never asked for anything back and then I said well we need someone who manages our tumblr account so. I said immediately I'll do, it and the crazy thing is the first thing that I did was what. Is tumblr, I googled, what is tumblr, because I didn't even know but I said yes I'll do it for free because I wanted, to do is being, mentored, by them and I said if I can give them value as much as I can I can, have them mentor, me and lawn behold one day I got a phone call Bower is the end they said hey what, are you doing right now and I'm like well you know I'm doing, some some great internships, for you guys and I'm doing this and I'm doing that they said well come, to Miami work for us for free and I. Said yeah and I knew that was the opportunity of a lifetime and, I started being mentored by orany why. Because. I knew getting, a mentor is the most important, thing ever when it comes to success or learning any skill, in the world really if you really think about that making. Mistakes. Yourself, is okay. But having someone else having. Already made those mistakes for, you so you don't have to do it so it shaves off years off learning curve is even, better, the dumbest, idea you could ever have is saying I'll figure, it out myself, why, would you do that it's the dumbest, idea ever and I kind of again in retrospective. I realize it now but back then I couldn't even put it in words I just knew if I had someone to help me that'd, be great so back then had again no more money I flew, to Miami I had to borrow money from my parents from. My friend from my bank just, to be able to afford that plane, ticket I flew, to Miami crashed, on the floor barely, got any food to eat worked. 16. To 18 hours a day I didn't, care as I knew I was on my purpose, so, yeah I exchanged. My hard. Labor, to, being. Mentored, and that was enough and I didn't care how much I worked and how little I slept and how hungry I was I said I'm on my path I'm learning all these great things and I still, learned a lot myself when it came to business building, when it came to delegation, but I also learned a lot from what real ceramics, about content, creating, and try. Building. And those were amazingly. Great, lessons, so the lesson for you here is number, one get a mentor, number, two execute. What the mentor says okay. Getting, it like this is some sort of mentor or mentee relationship that, we're already having here with these YouTube videos if, you're just watching this not executing, then. You're wasting your time simple. As that okay, so execute what the mentor says and most importantly, this is something I keep learning every day be. Coachable. Being. Coachable is literally, the most lucrative thing that you can do when it comes to mentor mentee relationship if. You're not coachable meaning if you're not executing, if you have your ego, getting away every, day and when they're telling you that this is wrong and that you're doing something in a stupid, way you cannot get your ego in the way here you have to accept that outside feedback you have to trust your mentor and then you have to execute that, and only that will save you so much time and, hassle, and worry. And, get, a mentor, which, brings me to the next point to which we're gonna swoosh now. Yeah. But for future references, that's God when I write eight. 416, also. Now when it was because I didn't show up at 18, then I gonna be mad, at me that like you got reserves all the time will show up. ATM, will, have, it so even as an unpaid assistant I started, saying you, know what there's certain things on my daily life that. I'm doing that don't bring me closer to my goal and there are certain things that are very good okay, habitual. Eyes those that are good to bring me closer to my goal and cut. Out the habits that don't so I literally looked at my daily schedule even, as an unpaid intern and I said daily.

Schedule Number one scroll through Facebook while I'm in bed to see what my friends are up to doesn't, bring me closer to my goal cut it out taking. A cold shower instead, of a warm shower trains, my, willpower so, let's do that start, going to the gym makes. Me understand, the value of pushing, hard through physical, and maybe even emotional, pain going. Outside and, holding. My craft with social, interactions. Will also help me connect, with some of my clients and the Facebook, groups will also help me so I literally, habitual. Eyes the exact habits, that I need to come up with a daily, basis, okay and what I started doing is I just started, doing such a good job as an unpaid intern that I said I, want. RSD, to not even have a choice, about. Hiring me I want, them to think it's such a frickin, no-brainer. To make me a paid coach, that. It will be that easy for what I'm gonna do that and lo and behold after six months of working. Myself. Almost to death they, said okay we want you to become the new dating coach we want you to become the new hours d instructor, and travel, the world and that's what I did, started, traveling the world started, coaching started. Giving my expertise, now, for good. Money but. The, thing was still like the amount of money that I made was around I would say around 4,000. To 8,000, dollars a, month which, was absolutely, insane, I think, it was 2324, back then but. The. Thing was it was still bound to my time okay, if I was not coaching, anybody, I wasn't, making any money there was no passive, income again, it was great income but it was not in, for me because again remember, what I said earlier I was very specific. About my goals my monetary. Goals and my environmental, goals that, I said it's easy now to say, suta for caiman hell yeah that's more than most of my peers making let's do it but I didn't, want it because it was still not exactly. The. The monetary, and environmental, goals that wanted to have there's. An actual exercise, that we're now using in my freedom business mentoring program and that is called the hero you versus the loser you this is something that kind of Nate Lee did back then but if you do it in the proper exercise it's even more powerful and what. You can do in fact is you. Create. Two different, documents, one, is the hero you okay where you writing down all your monetary, goals all your environmental, goals how you want to feel each day what car you're driving everything, right everything specific. You're gonna write it down you can even you know take. A Google, picture, of something. That embodies that, maybe, Photoshop. Your face on it and pop it almost like almost, like a profile. Of the hero you, pop, it on that file and the other one is the loser you okay what, happens when you don't take action what happens when you fail you know living, in a bad apartment, I'm, not having it enough money worrying, about the future everything, can be hyper specific, that you can print these two pages out and.

You Put. Them on your kitchen table, you hang them on your hustle spot, on the bathroom, you, hang that on the fridge you. Want to know every, day you want to be confronted, every day with, the potential, here are you and the loser you because every day you. Can decide with every action that you're taking, whether, or not you're gonna get closer to the hero or the loser, you and if you make it that that, dichotomous. You. Will understand, it much better when you wake it up on a Monday and you say you know what I'd rather sleep in a little bit I'd rather smoke weed and hang out with my friends today on a Friday well, you're moving closer to the loser you but. If you say you're hustling you're gonna tear, to the habits, that you're setting up every. Day you're. Gonna adhere to, the winner, you, okay, the hero you, you, can use that excel sheets to track all the habits you can use apps to, track all the habits I back then used an exit, I just, had all the days okay first second third and so on of the month. And, on the others on and on the side and all the habits and if, I did that have it on that day I would mark it green if not I would mark it red and at the end of the month I want everything green obviously, right which brings me to the next point okay so sort of summarize that good, habits cut out the bad ones that to bring you closer to the to the loser you okay, make. Sure that your habitual eyes and really really execute, on the good habits, that bring you closer to the hero you and just. Consistency. Consistency consistency. In, which again brings it to the next point. Scaling. Scale. Scale, scale I, understood that you know couple thousand, dollars a month was. Not good enough if it's, still bound to my time so I created my first online program and, that first online program upon, launched me to think 800 thousand roughly and, then over the next couple months more, four hundred thousand came in so I cracked 1.2, million fairly. Quickly. If you will it, seemed, quickly, because you know from launch to making money it's not a lot of time but obviously again the mindset, of giving, that I adhered, to the, years prior, to that led. Me to understand. My target, audience at what they need and how I could really deliver, a program. That, could literally over. Deliver on so many fronts and really fixed all their exact, problems. And I was in a very lucky position that I was you know paying attention, in this whole time and the. Reason why I'm calling this scaling is because I could, have stopped at least 1.2, million and just said I'll take the money I'm fine, you know I'm 26, now God beware what am I gonna do with all that money or I said I use, that money and I hire more people because, I said if. I could hire someone who edits my videos I don't have to edit them anymore which means I can deliver more videos which means I could build my brand bigger, which means I could end up making more money later if, I could hire somebody who you know reaches, out to my clients and sells, them my program if I can hire coaches that. Coach alongside with me so we can give even more value, to our existing, customers, and I was just thinking of how can they give more how can I give more how, can I give more and the great thing here is you start delegating and, you, starting to work on the, business instead of in the, business ok me, not having the, and not having to exchange my time for money anymore gave me so much more spare time that I could use to work on the overall vision of my brand and work on the overall thinking. Of work I want my company to go to and, again what I want to emphasize here, is you. Want to make a good million, not the bad kind of million okay again, you don't want to be stuck in an office, job making a million and being happy about that but at the same time hating your job you. Want to be able to scale it in a way so, you don't feel like it's a chore to, make that money so you can actually enjoy that money because all that money in your bank account means, nothing.

To You if you're, dead either really. Dead or dead inside, and you can't use it so, concrete, for you build, systems. Focus, on building systems, that, get you out of that time, for money trains hire, people start, sharing your knowledge with. The people that you hire give them everything, you know because the better they, become the. Better you can build a relationship with the people you hire the, more value you'll be able to give your clients and the, more money you you, guys you, and your hires will literally end up making, that. Is how I made my first million again not, so difficult after all nuts are loose if magical, after all no rocket, science and, that. Is it now if you say hey max that sounds great I am sick and tired of a nine-to-five job I want, to live a life full of freedom I want to do something that I'm excited about then you can literally jump on a free consulting, call with me and my team the way to do that is you click the link in the description down below brings, you to an application, you fill that out takes you two minutes and then you can book the exact time, where, you want us to call you okay, and then we will call you it's entirely for free even if it's internationally, we'll look at your situation we'll, look at your goals where you want to go even, if you already have a business and you say hey I want to scale it I want to build a great following, around that I want to get to the next level give us a call we'll help you out that is my gift to you if you want to work together with us or if you at least want to jump on a free consulting call with us thank, you so much for, letting, me be in this position where I can give all this value, and I, hope, you execute I hope to talk to you very very soon on the phone again linked in the description and. You.

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I NEED TO get specific with my goals and EXECUTE! The next step is that simple. Thanks for the knowledge you give us the opportunity to use.

Max, what you think about write a book?

I also have such a disgust at being trapped in a 9-5 working with small minded people I have to make myself small for just to appease their shitty stupid little scarcity entrenched egos! Main reason I want to be an entrepreneur. Get the fuck away from those that hold you down with their heavy sticky dense nasty energy.

Wrote down everything you said! I want to live in a large jungle bungalow space and work with people with bright inspired energy and throw big parties for my friends and be the master of my domain! I want to make 50,000 a month! I want a million in my bank account before I'm 30! Im 27 1/2. I want to eat at the best restaurants without batting an eye with regards to money. I want the best food! And I want to help my family grow and thrive and I want to bring my friends with me as best I can! Thanks Max! The quality of your videos is inspiring and next level!

Great video man! Can you please share the excel sheet?

Hello Max I have seen most of your videos. do you have a more private way i can write directly to you. It is because I think that most of what you say make sense and I want to break free from the normal 8-15 life

This is perfect.

Yo Max was geht

Content bomb fella

Awesome. Listening to Max always puts me in the hustle mindset. Thanks for the value bro

"Don't aim to become a man of success, but rather one of value". Thanks for inspiring.

Max you're Great. Thank you! Till soon!

Hey @maxberger, in this video you tell a different story on how you got into RSD...which one is the right one?

it's exactly the same story lol just more details

Dope video man. I have my call for the mentoring next Monday by the way :) G ducking G

gg bro!!

oh max, you truly are a tax

golddiggers incoming

GREAT video max!! so, the natural made you (only) 1.2 million? I thought it was way more... best RSD program ever imo

F 1.2 million in the first 2 months I believe

Do you actually have a million on your bank account or have you spent a million in yourself in a short period of time

Hey! You used "You guys at the end! " How could you.... -awesome vid G.G.!!

Congrats to 11.111 subscribers :D

rsd is too gangsta for tumbla

I really like the advice on being coachable. My professor in college was part of a startup mentor group. He asked what one thing they look for when accepting people. Everyone answered, "A unique idea!" "The next uber" but the answer was that, be coachable.

Great advice! This got me FIRED up. It’s time to EXECUTE

I wanted to get mentored by you but when he called me he told me i gottw wait 4 months until im 18 years old -_- i've been watching you for like 2.5 years now and i really enjoy ur content keep up the great work bro , u are a great inspiration !

F*uck millions I talk billions.

+Eros Dating lol, my uncle was a millionaire and he didn't have anyone suing him. Why live in fear? Is that how you live your life? Someone could rob you. You could get involved with a girl and she could take half, etc. Shit happens. Hopefully, you're smart enough that you protect your wealth. If not, then it's all on you.

Benny ... People who say it’s not a lot of money understand that you could have a million, but you’re ONE, lawsuit away from losing it all

I'm in, where do we meet?

I have the text already, couldn't put it on the timestamp yet because of work+Max Berger

I remember that advice from Think and Grow Rich

Great content! Thank you for the value and effort, @Max Berger Notes: How I Made My First Million 1. Dismiss the mainstream narrative (x) going to a job that doesn't 100% fulfill me 2. Fully define what you want: money + your environment *Write it down 3. Develop a mindset of giving Will get you very, very far. If you're not giving value to anyone, nobody is going to pay you. 4. Get to know who you can help and how Your Target Audience What do they want? What do they need? 5. Refine and hone your craft 6. Get a mentor Why? Because I knew getting a mentor is the most important thing ever when it comes to success or learning any skill in the world really. 7. Execute on your mentor's advice If you're just watching and not executing, then you're wasting your time. 8. Be coachable (x) if you have your ego get in the way will save you so much hassle, time and worry 9. Build habits Pin point the exact habits that bring you closer to your goal. Cut out the habits that don't bring you closer to your goal. 10. Exercise: the 'hero you' vs the 'loser you' Make a picture of a Hero you, habits, visual Make a picture of a Loser you When making a decision, see where you fall under 11. Scale Always overdeliver 12. Build systems Hire people, delegate, share your expertise. Because the better they become, the value you'll be able to give your clients and the more money you guys will literally end up making.

Why you changed it from rsdmax to max Berger ?

+Max Berger aww I see haha I never noticed cause I haven't subbed to this channel but it came up on my recommended

it's two separate channels lol

Interessantes Video bro! Danke

My problem is just not knowing what my hussle is.

I'm looking for a coaching mentor!!

I'm so glad these videos are free lol! Seriously, though, thank you for what you do. :)

Lamborghini, pretty girls, get a mentor.. Great marketing max. Only the sheep will fall for this

Arminius der Cherusker mine to , i don t know what to work on

100% agreed man


Cool but you didn't actually talk about how you made your first million. How much are your bootcamps? How much do you charge for private coaching? What is your retention rate? What's your profit margin? Business expenses? You know, the real shit.

Don't fall for the business mentoring kids. Dude bros like this guy make their money from exploiting naive people who buy overpriced and often useless coaching.

a yokel I work a plain old job, live way below my means and will soon have 100k saved up. Not glamorous, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's more than what most of these coaches have in assets. Why do you ask though? If you're looking for an better way, I completely understand and wish I knew of one. So far hard work seems like the only way to end up having extra money though. Best of luck to us all.

Yeah, how's your personal success coming along?

By sucking a ginger‘s dick

I just love you man

One jillion fafillion

Step 1. Get hired by the biggest mens dating company in the world as their instructor Step 2. Become a millionaire So clearly these steps are a scam since not every one of the thousands of guys watching this will ever become RSD’s next instructor as they never hire more than 10 instructors max per decade anyway wake up do the math and see reality sheeple!

There’s vaguely insightful info laced with pressure to join your consulting program. This is a sales pitch.

My program is changing hundred's of peoples' lives. It would be negligent to not promote the hell out of it and you should be worried if I wouldn't ;)

Everytime Max says the word "mainstream" you can see all his rage :D

hehehe so true

If you wanna know the real shit you have to join my program ;) Yes, I'm promoting my program. If you want to have it "for free" go watch some motivational YT video lol

Incorrect. I had to build my own business. Sure, I had mentors but still had to build it myself. RSD doesn't "hire" people, we're independent contractors who share revenue and expenses. That being said, anybody can become a coach with the right guidance, work ethic and positioning. Whether it's dating coaching or in another field. Much love, GG

Mindset problem

Max Berger What you just said is completely arrogant. Here’s why. No program can change anyone’s life. A program is a tool that someone must choose to change their own life with. Saying “my program changes lives” is exactly like saying “a hammer builds a house.” A hammer does not build a house - a builder does. And he or she must use a multitude of tools and equipment to get the job does as they see fit.

Max you're awesome

I rarely like videos, but here's one like from me to you Max, you're such a good person.

I would say as a first step, move to a country were free market is a rule, advice from an Argentinian whos starting his own business and looking to emigrate now.

There is no amount money in this world that can be compare to value you are giving to us Max. Thanks for being true inspiration :)

what do you net worth?

Scalable systems.

+Max Berger You are awesome

there are a lot of videos like this, but i love the way u explain, so thats why i will watch this video

This is beautiful, thanks max. So proud of U bro! These are the kind of young men that rsd created! Love to U and Owen, Madison etc

So much value.

I love your energy man!

Max Berger what mindset should we have? That you alone will change our lives? Ok Atilla..

What if your an 19year old teenager who has *a head start of over $10,000* *No debt* *and no bad credit* What's your advice to that teenager?

Alias cool, thanks for the input. Good luck and stay awesome

+Tavorise Jones Not really, i guess if you dont have any idea invest in self education on niches you like. Im focising on social media design & branding at the moment, learning as much as possible.

Alias any Input?

Good question

Where’s the part with 60k debt?

Good for you, braat. I remember your humble beginning roaming the streets of DC. Is your net worth $1mil or do you actually have $1mil cash in the bank? Former is impressive, but latter more so

Thanks for the wake up call bro. no gaming set of 10s is as hard as gaming your own discipline

nick aka rsd papa took 80%

incorrect. RSDMax is my own company and I'm in a partnership with RSD, we're sharing 50% of expenses and profits

awesome, always great vibe and content!!

so much value, thank you max!

Maybe try Dropshipping

Man when you explain it, it sounds easy ass fuck, but I know you have gone true so much to get where you are at now.

Luck and who you know has a lot to do with it sadly ..

So how many times have you repeated the making million thing since the first time?

3:10 to 3:52 I just feel the same thing. That disgust mate it's haunting me. I just don't want to face that. That's why i started my youtube channel and spent so much time creating videos. Now i'm on the road to 14k subs. I hope one day it pays off. I had enough waking up at 6:30 in the morning from monday to friday sometimes saturday aswell.

I made my first million from investing in Trading as a beginner, this expert is Mrs Terriese White, we met at a trading conference and she accepted to trade for me, I've had no course to regret ever since

I and my husband are on two different crypto investment with her

Terriese handles my trades for me all the way from Connecticut

I dabbed into this with $25,000 and in 6 months I made close to $580,000. Investing with her proved to me that investments is the right road to Richies.

+Paul Kilconye she is a principled woman, make your mails more official and reasonable.

What can I do, I’m interested in this but she is not returning my mails. I don't know why

I like working with her, she is calm and responsible

thank you

+The Gold Project Contact her directly for guidance on terriesewhite0 @. g m a i l. c o m

hi, Can she trade for me? how can i reach her?

I love you Max for that kind of content! Du hilfst mir so sehr weiter, du bist ein Vorbild!!!!

Same here! This guy is awesome!!!

@Max Berger aww I see haha I never noticed cause I haven't subbed to this channel but it came up on my recommended

@Max Berger You are awesome

I have the text already, couldn't put it on the timestamp yet because of work@Max Berger

I'll put the subtitles tomorrow! @Max Berger

@Max Berger Nice dass du mir antwortest, hätte ich nicht gedacht haha :D Liebe deine Videos, dein RSD Channel hat mein Leben verändert. Würde liebend gerne von dir als Mentor lernen.

@Max Tornow aww I see haha I never noticed cause I haven't subbed to this channel but it came up on my recommended

@Max Tornow You are awesome

I have the text already, couldn't put it on the timestamp yet because of work@Max Tornow

I'll put the subtitles tomorrow! @Max Tornow

@Max Tornow Nice dass du mir antwortest, hätte ich nicht gedacht haha :D Liebe deine Videos, dein RSD Channel hat mein Leben verändert. Würde liebend gerne von dir als Mentor lernen.

pov abt "3 ppl show up" really wake me up, I think your style will inspire lots of ppl.

Max Tornow, same here.

Felicitaciones Max! I love music, you know ideas about the music market?

Are u a millionaire?

I’m 15 and have been working at Coles (super market) for 2 years. I work 12 hours a week every week while in high school. I want to be successful so badly but it seems so hard.

love your videos

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