How I Made $10 Million+ Dropshipping At 29! (Must Watch Interview)

How I Made $10 Million+ Dropshipping At 29! (Must Watch Interview)

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Hey guys what's up today I got a really really interesting video this is an interview, I did with one of my friends Chris, Liam. So. He's. The owner of the viral gadgets one of the biggest, drop shipping stores out there everyone, starts either because all their ads I've put on ecomcon texture. Structured spike to their store just is viral you know it's one of the top drop shipping stores that everyone goes ahead and copies so, this is the phone over you know I think he's, kept it under wraps and he's recently revealed, that that one of his stores he actually owes several. Was top dropship, stores but the barrel gadget is just one of the ones that he revealed in this interview it's been him to scale to $80,000. In one day that's insane, $80,000. Is the 8 figure option, but you know making over 10 million dollars in sales just drop shipping you know he was one of our jeans he started drop shipping before, a real one so he's definitely experienced, any definitely, knows what he's talking about so this interview we talked about struggles, we've, started from the, before and after, he revealed a bunch of gold and nuggets of tips when it comes to succeeding and drop shipping just pushing, it to the next level so I hope, you guys enjoy, this interview because this was you know amazing you know I really enjoyed it just talking. To side that's been able to scout it $80,000. In one day that's insane, like here's one of the best when it comes to drop shipping so I hope you guys enjoy, this interview hey. Guys what's up today, I got a really really interesting person, that I want to bring onto my channel this, is Chris Liam he's 8 thing a dropship are and you know he's basically, been there, done that he's grown a store to over 8 figures he's you know hideout, you know a massive team of you know over 10 people he's, basically you know one of the basically. Kings in drop shipping and I really wanted to bring you motive channel and just sort of gave to tell everyone, about his experience, you know maybe even review of golden bug or two and, so just show, you what's possible because, you know Chris. Didn't you know start you know has a you, know he wasn't he didn't go to uni, he wasn't like a rich, person he's, sort of just you know started from scratch and he's just sort of one of those examples that shows that anyone. Can do it like if you put in the hard work and effort you, could just sort of you know succeed, just through will. Effort, and hard, work but yeah I guess Chris. Introduce yourself it you know tell everyone you know about who you are what you're doing and maybe a bit about your drop shipping experience, I. Everyone I'm grizzly. So. I, started, off so, my first encounter he comments actually I used to be I used to be a sort of a finance, student so. I. Sort. Of all my, student. Life I want to do have a bank job and things like that so but. I would, like a bridge create I couldn't get to my dream, dream job have it go into the bank so I was pretty much like jobless for a few months I do I one day I found an internship, with Lada, so, what, Lana, is like the Emma zone of Southeast Asia so they sort, of like a start-up in Singapore wait when.

You Joined him so, um that, was my first encounter ecommerce, so. After, that after a few months I I. Did happen together again, so that few months we pledged that I was really really nice I really learned a lot exciting, and, after. A few months I found a I, found. A bank job so, I went over I scooch over but within a few weeks I realized that it's, not really for me you know when I look at the future I. Wonder. Something that I could give me more freedom and things like that, so. After. I went up to do my own business I started my own e-commerce business, so. I when. I first started, I didn't really know the concept of drop shipping so, I was like holding, stocks my own products, selling. And after, after a few months of trying I was like now, reaching. Bankruptcy. You know without. Selling. I made. Some sales but using, Shopify but, never spotted so, and I think it's always like when you when you were going into bankruptcy than you reach, a level highest. Desperation, we're sort of like just go on and try different things and that's where I got into teespring. Selling. T-shirts so. Teespring is the like, the, start of where I really, learned a little, bit of dropshipping because I didn't have to hand. Off a human and things like that like previously, I had to so previously I learned about the flow of e-commerce, then. After I just went to focus on to life peaceful. Marketing and finding, products I think I did so that's. How it's not good so it's just he Springs like Peno - man, yeah. Teespring is basically print on demand so you're just have to come. Up with basically mr., on winning, designs that. We, all design. He should and. Yeah. Got, it got it yeah that's so true because I remember, every time I think I set, myself a schedule before I started, uni like I was. Gonna have to succeed I think I had one month before the next semester started for uni so, I either had to really succeed get, basically, I think my goal is to hit five hundred dollars a day consistently. If. I didn't hit that number they don't have to go uni so, I really didn't want to go evening I really wanted to sort of look at her and that. Desperation, really really pushed me to the next level so you're really really right about that. But. Then how do you transition, from teespring, print-on-demand. Into dropshipping, and. Sort of how, do you like, sort, of learn the dropshipping model like was it through a YouTube video, did someone tell you about it, how. Did you just you know get, to the dropshipping model. Right. So so I start out and teespring so I join a few like Facebook, groups which I think I think. You start out you really have to join joining a group of community everyone, doing the same thing so I mean, he's been basically like because. For for, keeping imagine was. Well. It was it slow from now now that I look back but doing that had because Facebook I cause was cheap cheaper. So, I face book icons was rising and he was sort of the. Margin wasn't enough and they were like so, many t-shirts if you just go on Facebook they are like so many teachers everyone is selling t-shirts yeah, so it was beginning to become like century that so it kind of pushed people, from teespring out to this. Thing called shall. Be fine right yeah so. At the time a lot of so, if I had a lot of apps like Queen. Print-on-demand X that you so can put your own t-shirts on day but. In the ending is linked to for example even she's finger heavy so. I just saw shall we fire and then he's bringing fulfill for me so, it's like no no this is Queen. Full. Yeah. This is, kind of she launched its collapse, yeah yeah this app study connect to Shopify for print-on-demand, yeah. Got, a garden, yeah. And I realized like it, doesn't have to be t-shirt after wall so it can be just busy and just sell anything yeah, I just I realized, that this is the concept drop shipping right this is a young geography, so, anything without having.

To Hold inventory yet that's. Really a very nice way actually is a really nice concept, of business that you should always really. Test things out. Just. By doing it you know you don't need the traditional we have going out to do survey and things that you basically can test, everything just. By doing it you call it or product tell. Me and the. Reasons, that you don't you don't need opinions you know yeah whether you would just, do it and move. On, so, you did it like before. People. Started dropping you, know content, on YouTube, before people started doing, courses, so, you started drop shipping before, it blew up is it oh. Yeah. So I guess, I was. One of the earlier ones because I started, in T spring and so. But. It. Was really like when. More, people came in to drop shipping and everyone started sharing ideas then he, began to really I began to really grow oh god. Oh god oh so. So. Always be like keep, that's having a community and learn. From everyone. Else yeah that's true because like when. I went to the mastermind, in, Phuket the one we went together when. I started building all these relationships, and all these networking's, that's when everything exponentially. Grew so. You're right about that. Because. You just sort of every time I open it mom exactly. Exactly opens, your mind you, see what other people are doing and like every, time you talk to Sonia you, can skip months. And months worth of testing, and experimenting. Yeah. That's, true, and then like you know by yourself I, mean I was thinking like I want to keep one caper do you it, helps keep me. For one key but if I can do I go there I see but like aiming for. Reaching. Like hundred here, exactly. What. Am i doing I need to back up it you, know so that's, why you could stop to bring. New. New levels that's, really true so, you, know was. Your first or the viral gadgets was that your first job shipping store like how do you get it to drop ship it was your first door success. Did you fail with. A few stores until you succeed, tell us about your, exhibition job, shipping experience. Well. The. Very edges is deafening, not a purse toss not, the first thought I had like I don't, 20 was thought before as well so always yeah. Different. Models like print-on-demand stars, each stars, so. And. So. After after a lot of learning experience they I started buying, gadgets yeah, so Adam I kind of like I, was. More sure what I was doing. So. What, one month yeah so. Then. That was like I, wanted to go in a new direction or. New kind of new niche something that's, when I spotted about gadgets okay. I say that's insane so you actually you know try tested. And fails with twenty different, stores, until you came up with the viral gadgets. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I. Closed. By now but we do we. Try to focus on the eyes of you because there. Was one time I was sort of so diversify, in life so many stores doing. A few of you a few, thousand you know each and so I I want, the one that stays I want. To focus on one and then that was the bearing edges that's, insane. To talk about the forget it's like talk about how. You when you first started it what was your vision, the. Scaling process any issues you came across like you know everyone's probably seen the stores of our gadgets by now, tell. Us about it like tell us about that store. Yeah. So when I am when. I first started America did I really anything. Man I just wanted to focus on one store and I. I. Did have like. One. One or two winners down, day, and. At that time I actually went to don't, know since mastermind in, in Bali so. Basically he taught me how to set, up a system for my business. So. You know I think initially everyone acted out like. Every. Few days out just has a few products when I feel like it can happen and, once I finally I mean I just like, skill. That we know and I just I just. Floated, for that we just we. Just. Focus on really collecting, money thing and. So. Basically in. Enormous. Taught, me how to set up a system you team today. I consistently, you, know. Increase. My sales even though I have winners I just keep doing what I need to do every single day so, the system can kind of keep me in place as well so, that was really like a big transition for me so.

Basically With the system I basically, 5 X or more 5x. That's. Not the bar gadget so that's when like within, a. Few. Weeks in, itself. Yeah. So. Talk. About what, made you want to invest, into. The Don Wilson mastermind. Because you know was that one of your first biggest, investments, that you've done like, sort. Of when I invested, in the Phuket mastermind, which cost $12,000. That, was a big, decision like I was nervous I was thinking, a lot I was, sweating when I sent this money tell. Us about yeah that was that your first investment have you invested in mentors or masterminds, before. Experienced. All you feeling was running through your mind yeah. So I'm, I'm, a. Big. Introvert, so I don't really go out it's just me and my partner for like we, started four, years ago so for, the first three years you just told us alone in our face clapping yeah. Right. So so. The first one was actually you are adding, Steve and Evan created. A becomes. Networking. Even, in. Singapore. So I just thought okay I should, just try, and I was really nervous as well, I. Like. Networking and stuff so. I really went out and I just saw, get. Up my comfort zone without me people fall and then I realized I learned, so much you know when. Just. One Dean I learned so much in, as. Compared to three three years just. By myself with my mother alone you know free cutting so, I realized that okay I need, to sort of push myself to, go out there and learn from this. And then around, the timing that's where I, saw. I mean I I followed, on wasn't for a long time don't give up I like. Selling things yeah. Man. He's being about, so. I thought okay I need, to go for it so yeah, yeah. I mean that's my first big investment and also I just. Went and. I. Mean. This, is, a no-brainer not, acting baby because the value you get back is crazy, yeah. That's. Yeah that's true yeah like, NAFTA, coming. Back from the mastermind, you know six, months later, like, I'm just saying all the value pay off because now I'm still talking with everyone, just. In them work it's just you know I've fast-tracked, it everything I've learned. Whether it's you know building up a team dropshipping. Getting, into you know the personal, branding, sort of field you.

Know Everything. You know well that's really true just the people that you meet is just basically. Worth the price itself. Got. It and I'll have, a you know issues like did. You come across any issues with you know your stores like with the viral Gators for example when you Scout it did you come like more some of the issues that you would you know face like did. You have any fulfillment, issues PayPal, block strike blocks you. Know all the stresses, that you know people usually go through did you go through them as well. Yes. Actually, we did so so the first thing is. The. First thing is scaling up the team so. Scaling out the team is one I. Had. A skill really fast cool. You. Know customer, service for humor and things like that so that. Was, quite. Challenging right. So yeah if you had a higher fast I cannot. Do. The system because I didn't. Really have a system in place of. System. And too, few men or cat was kind of breaking and as, there, are not problems when. You're doing it's small in stating you don't really you. Don't really see the problems yeah. It's. A big skill you can you, realize, the problem a little bit too late so, you can't losing a lot of money so like one of the most, epic example, is like, terms. Of human so, I had many. Orders they are problem for, you learn orders so, my. Website and order like 10 hundreds. Thousands. Over. A thousand or two thousand dollars and these, orders we just go through yeah. So I'll give a system by no checks in place, okay. Boy. Who is that we will fulfill the orders and. I. Not let you become a Chuck Berry so I am high chargeback I lose a lot money. So. Every time you come across an issue, what's. The first thing you do like how do you do break it down today to step back to write things down or do you talk to people how, do you combat, or this issue whether it's, a paper, hold fulfillment, issue customer. Service issue like. How do you do with problems like like. You know a lot of people get stressed they get overwhelmed and what do you do personally. Well. So. When I first find a problem I'll be the baby super, stress as well yes. So. I will just sit, down so every week we have a meeting in the office and. Some. Of my teammates, so what we do is every discuss the problems I mean everyone, we, are my eyes and also everyone, will discuss the problem, and. Before. That I also like go go into the communities. Right the Facebook groups I think yeah. You just you know you have people problem, just such. In a group okay. Most of them there'll. Be someone facing us in focus right now okay as. A community, that's. A really good tip yeah. So. My. Solutions, if not then just if. It's. A, in. The rare cases there is a new problem then you just sit down with your but, if you have a panel or just you know it somewhere like like sometimes, you do right we do calls, and things I need to be staff things so, just do it with your friends or something this, brainstorm. On, solutions. Yeah, and one. One other thing like if you feel a lot of stress, yeah one of the thing itself, stop sneezing, everyone. Pisses is no problem so if you reach us at this problem that came no block it's actually kind of a good thing because you're kind of a scaling. To new levels that's true. Like. Mouse tones you know oh. Yeah. That's. Right reframing, issues into. A good you, know you know good like seeing. It as a positive instead, of a negative, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Because I get comments all the time, I'm getting a PayPal lock I'm gonna paper hold how do i unlock my account like one of my videos, on header, with, paper. Holds is like you, know one of my most viewed videos, so it's a definite, issue that a lot of people go through but. I guess you know just going on to Facebook groups searching, up paper whole there's, just a bunch of solutions. And. That's definitely good tip that you know everyone should do but. What about team building like, that's, something you have experienced, in you know a lot of my viewers they're, hiring customer, service they hired order fulfillment, what you have any tips for them. Um. So. The first thing is that I, hire online, job stock eh so, initially I started in awkward, so. Which, is. Online. Jobs not cage is more cost efficient right so so. Instead. Of, part-time. I prefer. Like, a full-time yeah. Yeah. So you get like full commitment and things like that so I just said set a saber, what.

Hours For communication, or communication and. The. Thing is I um alright. So what I do is now I would hire and fire pattern, right, so, yeah so. A good, thing to do that a good way to do that from. The beginning is to set it. For. Example when you hire someone you tell them that there's a two-week probation. Right so these, two weeks we're gonna test it up now. I realize okay I realize and you think even before you're high you do some kind of. Test. So for example like you. Charlie's. Fight you, wanna make a video write you an entire video usually fight, if, there's something you want baby so, on a day again sort of you down, really. Quickly what, once you're looking for. Higher, then even do a vision. To see how they are doing what's. That working attitude in the. First. Week just so. One. Get them to you know send samples get, to pick, the best person to, hire. Them for two-week privation to test them and want you to see how good they are no. No daughter. Sort. Of you know with, the viral gadgets help. You know that's one of the biggest doors like all your ads on you know eco Mahon all your ads on sites such as dropship spies so, it's definitely scared to a large number you. Know tell. A bit about you know how far you know the movie you scouted like what was going through your mind like what's your getting those big numbers like where you're relaxing, do, you started, you know go on holidays. You. Know talk, a bit about that like what. Was going through your mind when you scaled it to the next level do, you take time off did you relax or did you trip down and work even harder. So. So. Like the moment the, personal man is killed right so like. I become. A little bit complacent. By. Things. But. Like, you realize okay no, no. That's not the annual yeah, when your serrated, animal you are yeah. It's. The beginning like a lot of new issues will come up so like, after once I realized that I faster. Quickly. Come back, many. Issues with. If. You don't like by the way you don't do it if, you don't fix those issues and. You have a lot of a, lot. Of cost because you had a high skill yeah, example. Like the jobs we lost maybe, thousands, or tens of thousands of input. Would, check, in place nothing yeah. I. Able. To reveal your biggest day is your biggest months, on that store. So. The. Biggest man would be, but. Because the action is, hey, whoa, that's, insane, and, then so, before. He stopped shipping all he did was a finance degree and, then you're, jobless. You did, a few online, things. You, found a lot now, then you did and, then you got into drop shipping and you were able to scale to ATK, day is that insane. Yeah. That's. Really good to hear so I guess it shows that you know anything, is possible right like do. You think what. Do you think differentiates. You, compared. To any other drop shipper like. What makes you different do, you think this is a just hard work. Determination. Or do you think your, supply you, had something special, what do you think differentiate, yourself. I. Think, the most important, thing is is uh is. That. You just you just keep doing it until you get it no.

No. No like, no, matter what what issues you face, just. Just, get away now you've. Got super strength on winters difficult one who this big and this. Is perseverance. I think is the most important. And. What are your tips for those people, who are currently may be doing, $100, days $200. Days and. They're not profitable. What's. Your advice for them to maybe start. Being profitable maybe, start scaling, to one or two thousand dollars a day. What. Advice do you have for those people who are just starting. So. So, I wouldn't know is that from what my. Mistakes, mean that's not allowed so. One, of the. Mistakes. Is like we. Shouldn't spend time, and energy on things that don't, matter right, so. The, beauty of Tom shipping is that you don't have to do, you. Basically to him do a lot of things like you just. So. You'll go and your purse nothing out is to make it. So. For example many. Of you are starting out we. Waste a lot of time on quick time a website design. The. Logo spend. Hours just affecting. Like how big or how small the phone or things like that yeah, so when, I started, the. Very gadgets right so another, thing is like people some, people, like to use they. Like a like 50 products to the install to, make it look big and strong and infinite so, when, I, started. The packages actually I only had one I. Started, one, Quran and I, remember. Very, clearly laying like I. Had. One foot up on the landing yeah is to Colin right, right. Slink. Website. Also what I did was I duplicated up for that I put two colors of the same for that right so one go on silver and that's it and then, that, Prada was a winner so it, works so. It doesn't matter like you don't need like, ten or twenty fifty product my website and the prowess the website was super. Simple. So. Get so I said not making not try to perfect everything before, starting. Yeah. The, most important things the proton and the video. You're gonna use, the set of crap and the. X so, just focus on this and the, rest of the things you can sort of figure yeah along, the way right they, would have tank whether them got yourself you, know how. Much you put ourself but you want to think whether you're Brett was selling that's, true the First Amendment, you need to, find. Focus, on the three things that make the, product sell and after you can sort of improve your. Sales. Funnel, kinda. Yeah. So Chris walking down your ebook that you're.

Giving Your way to people like tell a bit you know talk about that and how people, who get it because. You know Chris he's you know he's giving away ebooks, way actually shows you how to make the perfect video. Tell. It tell everyone a bit about it Chris and where people could get it and. Just you know what it is, okay. So recent. Yeah it's not that this is actually. A physical, book then, you saw coming. So it's called a viral formula right, so. So. All. The viral formula right it's actually uh. It's. Actually the sort, of a system I use to view in the bio gadgets right so within a few weeks I got into like the top fifty should we face now in the world oh. So. Basically it's a yeah. I. Simplified. You know to a patient's rights by relies so vile eyes and any. Any. Product me use right even if your product is very boring right so viral eyes trust FB. Hi so and behaves the sort of like earth a Facebook. Ad technique, that, we know I've never, seen anyone using before alright so it's, not we invented. This, so. By combining the, techniques used to violence or give you and then you and behaving. So, paralyzed us any help us with money paisa contain all right section. By, step system of how II. Like. A chief topic be sure we find all we've got a. Record. Breaking rules of 119.7. So basically you spend one dollar to get one, $19.00. Becasue. Copy. The. Bio Gada and i'll link everything in the description so definitely check that out but. I guess before we wrap up the call what. Sort of advice. Would, you want, to give everyone you know it might my channel I have a lot of people just sort of watch, their starting dropshipping, they do have a few hundred dollars a day they're. Just trying to learn more, what's the biggest tip to everyone out there Chris. Okay. Alright so I have my three tips for those, who are just starting out so number one is like let me just discuss. The body size you spend all your time on your the things that make decimals which is put on your. Videos and your ads so the, website design obviously click away and, don't you need us by nine-thirty, to be effective, progress. Now. It will be like when. There's nothing out a lot of us want to sell everything to everyone right so we want to be like something like you wanna be Amazon I want. To be Facebook but, it's. Important, to know like we. Don't have the budget and, skills, when you're first starting out to be like Amazon. So. Always go niche so, for example find a niche cellphone you. Manage to get into what sort. Of a branch up so, like Amazon. The Denisovan, they start by selling books. Everything. Facebook. To student Tony and then they pop up so, this is always, gotta start going niche and that's the thing is that you need a system right so, yeah. So, when. You find a first minima, you, scale it you spiked cycle scaling but it don't stop there right continue, your program research and things once. A week you have one day to progress a 24v, use one way for ads so, that you keep it no business running. That's. Amazing, thanks, so much Chris for coming onto channel you know this is Chris the owner of the viral gadgets he's been able to get to the top 50 Shopify stores scale, is thought to over fifty eighty, thousand, dollars a day so. Hope, you guys found value from this call and I really, appreciate you Chris for jumping, on to the channel and you know giving, you, know your time there's sort of revealing some golden nuggets and just helping everyone out on my channel but, yeah if you guys want to check out Chris way can they check you out you know what's your Instagram.

Facebook, Where can they learn more about what you're doing and keep updated with you, um. You can just put on your mind Facebook page Chris Chris leaving and. That will be linked in the description but, yeah I hope you guys like the it interview, I really appreciate Chris coming on but, yeah I'll be seeing our server taste, alright, thanks. So much and meet me and yeah, that's, interview, hopefully, you guys liked it definitely. Check out Christmas limbs sort of handles, this book everything's linked in the description below it's definitely check out his stuff it provides a lot of value so definitely, check out his book on top of that you're, looking to basically grow your network do, it a personal brand marks, a time definitely, sign up for the mentorship program that's, linked in the description below, and, yeah if you like this interview so to get to the like video, drop, in the comment below if you want more interviews, like this cuz I still have a bunch of people that could hit up that have done 40. 50, 60, K days and they love jumping the channel so I'd love to share ball these stories if you guys are interested like, Vitaly. Don't be subscribe, because obviously got tomorrow peace.

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