How I'm Scaling Myself, My Business, and My YouTube Channel | DM3.05

How I'm Scaling Myself, My Business, and My YouTube Channel | DM3.05

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We. Forgot to do video. Vlog, presentations. For our two newest. Nelson, quest members who are Lauda and any. Other. So. Over, the last few months, specifically, the entire end of 2018, I took a lot of time to reflect on really. Everything, including. An especially Nelson quest because Nelson, Quest has kind of been the x-factor, in everything that I'm doing. Meaning. That with my business with my expressive. I have a very clear picture of how, that stuff works how, I'm going to grow it I can see the, path but Nelson Quest is it's. Interesting in a sense that I see, where I want to go. But. I'm not able to clearly, see the path to get there although I'm very sure, of the things that I'm doing if that, makes sense so towards the end of last year I actually contemplated, stopping Nelson Quest because as a lot of you guys know I was dealing with massive energy, issues I got to the point where I couldn't even lift my arm I would go to put my sneakers on to get on the treadmill and I wouldn't get up for like 40 minutes and so to, be in that sort of state and then to have Nelson quest on top of everything else that I'm trying, to do was. Overwhelming. And I think overwhelming. That, that word that feeling, is the one that I need to most contend with at this present moment because, like really when I look at everything I have so much more on my shoulders, now then I then, I've ever had as recently, as 2014. My, company, was just me there was no Nelson quest I wasn't pursuing, any individual, skills I could count the number of expenses, that I had on a single, hand and so fast forward to now and, I literally have hundreds, of obligations, expenses, employees, and families. That depend on me and so maybe, you guys can relate some what my. Point here is that I have no choice but to adapt. To not reject chaos. But to cultivate. It to move gracefully, within, it and so scaling, and learning, how to scale properly it's. Not something that's come easy to me I think I've done a reasonably, good job. At it all things considered but, I need, to be better, if I'm going to be successful, in my endeavors so, this concept of scaling is actually a great example of how I'm. Finding, that as I continue to advance within my four parts, right mental physical expressive, and occupational, how as I continued to get to higher levels, I find the borders, between those things, dissipating. And so scaling. A concept, that you would traditionally think, of in a business sense it's something that I'm applying within, each individual, aspect, of my life by adding systems, processes. People and really. Anything that will help facilitate my overall, ability, capacity. To, achieve. A mastery. Level, within each of my individual disciplines, anyway this episode touches, a little bit more on that especially. As it relates to how I'm trying to scale. Nelson, Quest so hope you guys enjoy.

Maybe. Someone shall predict a names over K first, Asylum we differently. I mean that everybody. You. Know come. Yeah no. I know I guess. So, you know I'm running through today's you guys I'm still I'm tired so. We forgot to do like. Video vlog. Presentations. For, our two newest. Nelson. Quest members who, are la, la la. Espanol. See. So. La Mina, I have come on my, 16th it again yeah this, is, gonna. Work. Teacher as a service. Console, subpoena, he. Remember. A bushel, corn los proyectos whoever, the union's of quest, Alejandra. Anthony, Mucha experiencia due, to technical. Concerns. The. Necessity. Glucose of doses to the ER in OC. OC. Y lo mismo escuela, and a still quite, a nice boy, creo. You. See in France a survivor. Paquito, sorry and a, Spanish pour votre primero. Crack, a, calles. De facto. Interesante, EK. Opinion pray, when. Factory, de santé, means, hi. Sabrina, a. Lo. Que venir con este fin de todo, a booming, or Korea Manohar the administer. By. Connecting a 39, Soviet, on their emails. To include. Maintaining, super, Kazakh Clara - a time when Amelia Kyra Hartman. O'Grady's admitted, Coquina cetera the personas, que tiene, mrs. Guzman with us Oh jaga no grabbing a koozie. Good Matt rapido he's a story me. Gusta, mucho todos. DNS are aprendendo algo nuevo y ou know me or Messina or Apprendi o una cosa taqueria, EK me Vosseler muy organizati, pero mejor de en todo que algo so retro have any protect Omega so much overcome int become a CEO Cornell's, elementary, accurate aim was a Coppola muchas muchas cosas que, piensa tambien, is. Super. Super bonus Joey, I, mean part a super famous you know uh he met the two newest, members of the team again I'm really excited I was gonna actually talk a little bit now but I think I want, to swim before it gets too too, late and. Then I have to eat some dinner so, I don't I'm trying to stick to my schedule today so we're. Gonna leave you guys here. I will catch up with you guys in a little bit to talk about some of the future plans of Nelson quest I'm, also going to talk about how. I try what my goals are and creating, this this team why. I'm creating this team get a lot of this stuff so stick. Around. Hey. Guys so, so. Today again. Laura. And Alejandra, started working, I'm, really excited because up, until this point Nelson, Quest has just been a it's. Been a hobby that I've been really passionate, about I put a lot of time into but at the same time it's. Been it's. Been really hard so, the team that we've had up until now we had three, videographers.

And So, what we're doing is we're gonna move forward with Stalin. And Pablo who you guys already know and we'll show them on the screen and and. Again Alejandra. And loud, our other two new additions they studied international, business, they both have experience with. Business. With marketing. Alejandra. Has more experience with. YouTube, she. Speaks perfect English. She. Actually had her own YouTube, channel, where she was like teaching people about I. Guess, her sharing her perspective, of living, in Brazil with one of her friends will, show a little bit of that on the screen right now and so, and, she has a whole we. Just really click so. She's gonna be able to help me with the, with the Instagram stuff with YouTube and really just planning and structuring, everything, launching, episodes consistently, she's also gonna help with the editing, one, of the biggest issues we've been having is that nobody on the team speaks, perfect. English and so that, that part is always a big challenge to edit down and so, anyway. I'm, really excited and we also again we just we click, we're definitely on the same level same, for for Laura we click in, fact you, know Laura and Alejandra, were, I, posted, a job that. Got over 300, and I think was a little over 350. 350. Applications, and Laura. And Alejandra like, stood out I thought, they were obvious choices, for me Laura. As I mentioned also has a background, in, marketing she, was most recently working with with a clothing brand she's. Gonna be working, more as my, executive. Assistant so. She's gonna be helping me I have up just a lot of stuff that I need to do a lot of medical. Tests I need to get a lot of stuff that I need a lot of stuff that I need to do around the house I'm gonna be setting. Up that office, so, that we can all work comfortably. So we're gonna bring in someone, to. We're. Gonna get the walls, repainted we're gonna build custom, furniture, that we can sit, five. Or six people in there comfortably, redo, all the electricity, idle, of the wires make, it just a really cool-looking office, and that'll be the first, project. That I do in the first, big project that I do in this in this apartment I also wanted to just talk quickly about just, just. Scaling. Scaling. As a person scaling a business that's a little messy. Let's go so there's a. Zipper. I. Guess. Maybe I'll just get you guys the macros on this quickly, so, this is a hundred twenty grams of steak. We're, using some of the stuff that I we made the the keto burgers, the other day so, 120. Grams this is actually the steak it's not not not beef patty. Lettuce. One. One. Piece of bacon. And, a. Couple of a little bit of mixed vegetables so, I'm gonna put this down and leave this you, know in a second you guys should see the macros for that on the screen so, anyway just as far as scaling, as a person scaling a business so when, I first started my business. Basically. There was like the beginner mindset. Nelson, and then now there's where I'm at now where I see, things a lot more clearly as far as what's needed to not. Only scale a business but skill yourself. As a, person or at least to scale myself, and so, when I started my business my mindset, was mainly. If. I could characterize it and as few words as possible it. Was why should I pay anyone, to do anything that I can do myself, and that. Mindset will not get you very far if your goal is to grow. A business if your goal is to scale skill yourself, even now. I'm at the point so you guys may have noticed through a lot of these videos that basically. Any opportunity, I have, to bring in someone into my team I say, that collectively speaking so Nelson Quest or agent. Fire any opportunity I have to bring people into my team that can help me with, the things. Just. With the stuff that I'm doing anything that I'm doing right now my, goal is always actively. To replace.

To. Remove. Myself from that and that that applies to everything you. Know you guys have met loose she, just brought me the food loose. Keeps my place clean and she washes all my stuff she cooks all my all my food. She's amazing and I mean she saves me so much time and, she does this stuff better than I would be able to do it myself. Bringing, on Laura as an assistant, again all these little things hope the things that I need to do around the house to be able to have someone that I can simply I can communicate, things. That I need to do appointments, that I need to set for myself maybe there's a trip that I want to plan to have, someone, that is talented, that knows how to get things done that has experience. In the stuff that can do this stuff for me so that I can I can continue to focus on the things that are gonna, ultimately. Create, the most resources, for me which. Is my business. Focused. Most of my time there so I'm hiring two, to new people but, I'm actually freeing up a lot of time and there are a lot of time and a lot of. Stress. To that was associated with other, things that I had to focus on that I now now not only do I not have to focus on those things but I have talented. People who, can actually do those things better than I was able to so, and. That was that is 100%. Like the the key, difference. Between small. Mindsets. Small business mindset Nelson, that didn't, know how to scale a business and I. Don't even put them up here I'll just put it over here just and. You know where I'm at now where I see, very clearly again. Bringing him into the fold that, can help me to do. The thing to, do things that. I'm presently doing, at, a higher level that I can do them so that I can focus on the absolute, highest. Level things, that. Is how you grow. And scale, yourself. And end. A business at least the way that I've done it I'm gonna eat this food before it gets cold and I, still. Got a bunch. Of work to do I'm actually gonna dance salsa in a couple hours it's, been a long day so, I'll see you guys in, the next clip. Alright. Guys so it's 8:15, so salsa class was actually really late today cuz I had, a bean Vinayaka. Platinium. Was close but I said that's. It. That's weekend Eva I wanted to finish. This episode a couple. Of additional thoughts so as you guys see if you guys can see I think you can see my my. Face. I'm. Gonna just continue to say this until, until. I'm better I guess but I'm. Not in a great place, I'm, really tired and I went, through a lot but over the weekend, I had. A revelation, and this is something I feel like I'm saying this every episode there's, so much that I want to share, and and only, so much that I can share per episode especially when I'm trying to keep the episodes, consistent. With a singular theme but I'll just say that I, am taking, on a lot a lot right now it's. Scary, I brought. On to two new employees denouncement quest today that, there's, that's a lot of a lot of work a lot of additional stuff especially for something that is running, on the side of my. Business on the side of everything else that I'm doing, and I. I think, over. The weekend I had a lot of time to think, and I. Am I do really well with with pressure and, at the same time I really, am coming to the conclusion that the last couple, of months of low. Energy of. Just. Not feeling good physically, feeling pain. All over the place I, am, I am positive that I am, stronger, than this I'm positive that the pain. The. Fatigue. That. I am experiencing. I'm at the point now where I'm positive. That my mind is stronger than this and I am I'm positive, that the, the, physical symptom, that I'm experiencing the pain in my knees.

My Hamstrings, my back the, fatigue, it. Doesn't, make any sense and so I am positive, that this is stuff, that my body, is physically. Manifesting. To distract. Me from. Subconscious. Emotions that, it perceives as threatening. That, may sound completely crazy. But, that's gonna sound crazy to most of you guys but I've actually this, has happened to me before many many years ago and. It. Was my mind it was my mind creating, pain. I'm. Gonna talk about this I think the next in the next episode I know this one's kind of long I want to just continue to focus on um, the. The. Main theme of today so anyway. I think, I want to Geraldine, could be in the scene because, despite. Everything going on despite, despite. Everything that I'm currently, presently, experiencing, I'm. Going, to just, keep dancing I'm like a contender to dance and everything that I do I'm going to continue to find ways to move. With, with, greats and you, know I welcome. I welcome the challenge I know that, I'm, stronger. Than what. My body. Is is. I know that I'm stronger and so I'm, just gonna continue to resume. Normal activity, I'm just gonna keep, dancing. And I. Know, that I'll figure this stuff out and I'm positive, and I've done it before so and. I guess if you guys enjoyed this episode I. Know. This episode's gonna get weird sometimes but, it's kind of how I like it so did, I have to get in. Okay. See. You guys.

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Loved this episode and once again, nice shirt. Managing or dealing with people as employees can be a grueling task and I shall probably never do that because I am crazy about achieving near perfection. I would prefer a contractor and pay them based on specific tasks. So if he/she completes uploading my videos, reformatting or adding new payment features on my website, etc, then he/she is paid and contract is terminated. People tend to be at their best when they have specific tasks with specific deadlines because when you give them multiple tasks, they tend to group them all together because they lack the skills to prioritize. Be patient and honest with them but if they miss any deadlines or forget to take notes, warn and then fire. Gary Vaynerchuk has a few videos about that. I think your fatigue could either be from the supplements or lack of full 8 hour sleep - or both. In my 20s I used to take a lot of crap but they begun to affect me in many non obvious ways. The ONLY supplement i take now for past 5 years is 1/2 bottle of Gatorade oer session, that is it!!! The ingredients from those supplements crazy supplements frankly terrify me and I don't trust the makers. I am from Corporate, everything producers tell you about their product is a lie, from perfume incredients, to calorie counts and grams per dosage. I would do water and Gatorade and lift light weights if I were you, take it from a super fit 39 year old. You think you have pain now, keep it up and you may never walk again after 40. When you continue to fill a full cup, it overflows and creates a mess. I really like your approach now but/and don't be too hard on yourself, enjoy your money and tell family members they can only get/borrow money if they take and implement your ideas else no more. Believe you me, I have a sister who isn't getting a penny more till she drops 40 pounds. There is always something with people! I think I am projecting again, sorry bro.

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