How I built an online course business that makes $16,000/day

How I built an online course business that makes $16,000/day

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Hello and welcome back to my channel. Okay, so  ironically, as much as I have talked about money   mindset on this channel, I still get  uncomfortable talking about money. But   the reason I wanted to share this video and take  you deep behind the scenes and show you the actual   financial reality on a day-to-day of my  business, I'm going to show you that,   taking you into my computer in just a second is  because for me ever since I was a kid, financial   independence has been very, very important to  me. As soon as I could get a job, I got a job. I   started as a busser when I was 15 in a restaurant,  hostess, server, works into gelato shop,   almost became a mascot. I've kind of done it all. So to be in this position today, it has certainly   not been overnight success. I'm never going to  claim that. I've been an entrepreneur for over   a decade now. And particularly in this business,  I have been doing this for coming up on five years  

in December. So we have an online course business.  And this started from zero. It started from   an idea and it started with basically $100  being invested into the business to get it   going. And I talked about that in this video.  And what it's become is so far beyond what I   ever could have dreamed or manifested  like I talked about in last week's video.  And so I'm not doing this and sharing this to  say, hey, look what I've done. I'm doing this.  

And sharing this to say, look at what's possible  because I never would have thought this was   possible. So I'm hoping that this journey gives  you some tactical advice, but also just allows   you to think outside of your reality. So I'm going  to share my five key takeaways of how I've built   an online course business that's generating 16K  consistently a day. And I'm also going to share   the journey of what it's taken to get here.  If you're excited, give it a like. Be sure   to subscribe and hit the bell to be notified every  single time I post a new video. And I'm excited to  

see your big takeaways in the comments below. So  without further ado, let's get into the dashboard.  So this is the backend and business dashboard  for our business. We have two. So I'm   going to show you both, where the revenue from our  digital products or online courses comes through.   So you can see on this screen that you're going  to see today's revenue in sales and yesterday's.  

And then you can see from October 1st to  today's, we're just entering the final quarter   of our fiscal year. We go October 1st to the  end of September, 4.2 million. And then in   addition to that, we have a PayPal option as  well. And so that is just under 600K in there.  So that evens out once you add everything  together. They're in both in different currencies,  

but once you add them together, it's 4.6 million  around that. When you divide that, it's about   $16,000 a day. Now there are days that are bigger  than others. As you can see here, there are days   that are very slow and maybe there's no sales.  But month over month, we're very consistent.   And that's how I wanted to build my business.  I wanted to know what to expect and to build a   business that I could create projections for. So  I wasn't just banking on one big month and then  

no sales. So our entire business is evergreen. So you can see a couple of months I'll show   you here. So 450,000 in March, we'll do April  1st, April 30th, and that will show you around   the same. A little bit improved. And then  we'll show you the next month, which is May,   just so you can have an idea of like consistency  wise what it looks like and how I've been able to   build this business as I'm going to get into, to a  place where it is consistent and it's growing. So   half a million in May. So I think it's important  in this space because there is a lot of inflating  

to show the behind the scenes. I've never done  this before. It does make me uncomfortable to   share this, but I think it's important in  honor of just being totally transparent.   So let's get into the nitty-gritty. All right, so obviously today I have an online   course business and I help people to package  their experience and their expertise into highly   scalable online courses, everyone from doctorates  to dancers, to artists, to DJs, to accountants,   to everything in between. That is really my why.  I am here to help people create success verbals   and create an impact far beyond what they could  have imagined through online courses and through   online marketing. So this started with very  humble beginnings and very confused beginnings,  

and it all started back in 2015. And if you're  out of place today, we were like, you know what?   I think I'm ready to create an online program,  or you're interested. I'm going to drop the   link below so you can actually book a call in  with my team to talk to them about how you can   create online courses. It's a free call to do so. Back in 2015, I started on YouTube. And I   had had a few videos on my channel prior to that.  They really were purposeless. And there were like  

random demo reels because I was a journalist at  first and kind of ran the gamut, some random blogs   all over the place. No strategy, no  idea what I was doing. And in 2015,   I had been working with clients. I had a social  media consultancy. I was also... It was kind of   a hybrid of everything. I was consulting, I was  doing management for clients, I was running an   agency. I did basically everything by myself for  four or five years for tons of different clients,   all different industries, all different niches,  and learned so much about the online space.  And so in 2015, I was basically at a ceiling.  I had no capacity to take on any more clients,  

but by word of mouth, I was getting a lot  of referrals, which was great. I just was   too tired to take anybody on and I didn't have  the time. So I kind of very randomly sat down   and decided I'm going to try filming a video  about how to use live streaming and I'm going   to send it to my clients because it was a question  they were all asking me at the time and I really   didn't want to have to get on the phone or go to a  meeting because they just didn't have the time. I   had to be working on their accounts. I didn't  want to be going and speaking to each person   individually because we wasted so much time. So  I figured this was a good way to clone myself.  And at the time I didn't really want to have  to hire a team at all. I didn't really want  

any support. And so that's really where this all  started. It started when I kind of fell backwards   into YouTube. I made that video. I wasn't  expecting anything from it. And I think it's   the big key as part of my journey. Everything  kind of has been an experiment. And my motto,   as you know, is test, fail, learn, grow, repeat.  So put out this YouTube video and it starts to   get a lot of views and a lot of comments and I  start getting people emailing me when I didn't   even put an email address on it. I didn't even  have a call to action on the video, I don't think.  

People all over the world saying, "Hey, you're  really good at explaining this. You seem like   an expert in social media. Can we hire you?" And all of these opportunities came up and   it started to just sort of compound and I  just was overwhelmed and didn't even know   how I was able to tackle all of these  things because I didn't have any time.   So my plan kind of backfired a little bit, but in  the best possible way. So that's when I attempted   to make my very first course. It was the hardest  thing I had ever done because I had no guidance.  

I was winging it. I chose the most difficult way  to build it. I tried to build my own website. At   this point I just had an intern working with me  and we kind of tackled the whole thing together.   And my biggest mistake was I made the entire  course without actually doing any research   or talking to any people about if this was  something that anyone would actually want to buy.  

I also priced it ridiculously low. And I think  in total, that entire course made about $15,000.   And in full transparency, it was packed with  information, but it wasn't really a great course   and it wasn't really a transformative course. Then 2016 rolls around and I decide to create   another course. Now, this course was packed,  again, packed with information. It was really   long. It took me about five months to build it  and yet again, didn't learn my lesson the first  

time. I basically built the course without doing  a ton of market research, which is a huge mistake.   I also built it very dependent on platforms.  It was kind of about all different platforms   on social media because I was an expert  at all of them and I had been doing it   for so long. Instead of, again, focusing on  a transformation, I focused on information.  And so built this course and the biggest  mistake with this course is that it constantly   would have required updates like all the time  because the algorithms were changing and the   platforms were changing and it was just... I kept  updating it and it was never ending and it was not  

an enjoyable process. And I didn't feel like I was  able to deliver the best possible product or even   evolve it in the best way because it was broken  from the beginning in how I built it. So it was   great and transformative when we sort of put it  out into the world and then it sort of aged out.  So I decided to basically shut down both of those  programs, then I launched a new course in December   of 2016. This is when I found the winner. This  is when this particular business launched. It's   a program called YouTube for Bosses. It's still  around. When I first launched it, my biggest focus  

was on efficiency because I had made those  mistakes with the previous courses of just   ramming them full of information. I wanted to  make this course as efficient as possible in   getting people the transformation that they were  looking for. And it was for anyone who was looking   to build a targeted, hot audience with tons of  leads on autopilot every single day from YouTube.  So built out the course and immediately saw  a huge reaction, huge influx of enrollments,   which was really exciting, and I loved  the course. I was so proud of it.   And then my main focus was on client results and  testimonials because I noticed with the other two,   it took a really long time to get results because  there was too much information and it was a really   confusing course. Both of them were kind of  confusing. And so there were still results, but  

they weren't phenomenal results. So with YouTube  for Bosses, I was seeing phenomenal results with   my clients. And that's what I really focused  on. I focused on social proof and I focused on   client results and I focused on ensuring that  the program was efficiently getting people   the results and the outcome that they rafter.  And that course is still around to this day.  So between 2016 and 2019, a lot happened. Too  much to go over in one video and probably kind   of boring to be honest, but I tested a lot  of different things and I still was in this   headspace of more and more and more. I should  be doing more businesses, I should be trying  

more things and not just focusing on the fact  that this one course, YouTube for Bosses, was   bringing in a ton of revenue, majority of the  revenue, and it was very, very manageable to   scale it. I talked about this in this video of  all the different business models I had and then   had to shut down and now we just have the two  courses, which really they're both kind of two   different businesses. And I always say, if you  have more than one course, each course really is   its own individual business because it requires  marketing, fulfillment, customer service, all   of the things to make it actually successful. And  in that time as well, our team grew quite a bit.  So now I'm certainly not saying I'm a one woman  show anymore. I now have an incredible team  

who works with me and is so dedicated to  transforming our clients and making sure that   they're getting the best possible experience  in our programs. And we're really proud of   that. As of 2019 is when we actually launched  the Authority Accelerator officially. We had   done like kind of a beta launch, what we call a  pop launch prior to that. I think we'd actually   done several pop launches before that, which  are basically test launches of that program.   And I have evolved it. I think we're on the  third or fourth iteration of that program now. 

Over the last two years, we have attracted  over 1,700 clients to that program. And   you've seen a lot of the transformations  and the results through my YouTube channel,   I've shared a lot of them on here, and then  just also through my day-to-day social media.   And what I share and the stories that I share  and truly the transformations in there blow my   mind. They're incredible. We have clients who  have gone all the way up to $250,000 a month in   revenue completely organically with their online  courses consistently on a monthly basis using   our strategy. It's really phenomenal to see and  I'm so proud of that program as well. And again,  

it's stood the test of time because I spent a lot  of time figuring out who was I trying to serve   and what was I trying to support them in creating  a transformation around? What was the impact I   was trying to have? Which again, I wouldn't  have learned that if I hadn't gone through   kind of the flops early on in this process. So today we just have YouTube for Bosses and   we have the Authority Accelerator. So YouTube for  Bosses still stays true to the original mission   that I have with it, which was basically to  enable anybody who's looking to build a targeted   audience for their business and bring in leads  in their sleep using YouTube. Then the Authority   Accelerator is what we call a business in a box.  It's basically giving you everything you need  

to know in order to go from concept to actual,  scalable, profitable, online course and continue   to generate consistent revenue with it month over  month and to scale it. They are different programs   and they're both phenomenal programs. And  I'm proud of both of those programs because   of the results that we get for our clients. Of course, at this point you know we've done well   over $14 million in sales with our online courses  and we're now absolutely not an organic business.   We definitely spend money on ads and we spend  about $3,000 a day. It fluctuates a little bit,  

but it's pretty steady at around $3,000 a day.  We don't do launches. As I mentioned earlier,   everything is really just evergreen and  consistent. And like I said, we also have expenses   outside of that now with just software and  platforms we need and our team as well, which is   vitally important. I could not do this completely  on my own at this point. There is a tipping point  

when you're building any business where you  have to. It's really important. You have to   have support. You have to have the right people in  the right seats and people that are a lot smarter   than you in the right seats as well in order  for things to be manageable and also scalable.  So yes, we started organic and I'm a big believer  in that. I do believe if you spend money on ads   too early, you're basically just throwing money  into a fire because without a strong strategy   and without knowing clearly what your messaging  is and who you're trying to target, it's just a   waste. It's a waste of your time, effort, and  your money. And it's amazing to start organic   because then that allows you to build up cashflow  and confidence in your offer and your messaging   and get client results in the doors. So then you  can absolutely easily reinvest that back into ads  

to add fuel to the fire and to scale faster. And listen, does this mean that it's always   perfect and that everything flows so easily all  the time? No, there are days that are really   challenging. There are months that are really  challenging, but the biggest thing for me, and I   talked about this in this video about money blocks  is knowing your numbers is an act of self care.   And if I can share that with you, that's really  one thing that every entrepreneur needs to know.   I study my numbers every morning. It's the first  thing I do so I know exactly how much traffic   we're getting, how many leads are being generated,  what's our cost per acquisition. I know every  

single stat when it comes to the numbers in my  business because that's what drives consistency.   If you turn a blind eye to what's  working, when things stop working,   you have no idea how to fix them. And the true engine that runs the entire   business and the fundamentals of our business  at this point, that creates consistency is this.  

I've mentioned this in past  videos. It is called our flywheel.   And basically it starts with having the best  program on the markets, getting people to enroll   in the program, getting them a transformation,  and then they become your happy customers and   clients and your greatest ambassadors and  truly kind of your own little Salesforce   organically because they love the program so  much that they send more people to your online   courses. And that gets you more enrollments.  And all of a sudden, it starts to just work   on autopilot. So this really is a big key to  how we've created consistency in my business.  And honestly, the true measure of success for  me when it comes to any business is if people   recommend you and refer you. If you're getting  referrals and you're getting people saying you  

have to work with them or you have to take  this course, that is the true sign that   you're on the right track. If you're not  getting those, something might be wrong.  So my five key takeaways from my journey when I  look back on it to where I am today, number one   is focusing on transformation, not information.  This goes for really any service-based business.   Your clients are investing in the outcome.  They're investing in the desired result that  

they're looking for. They don't care how  much information you provide them with.   And they'll actually get kind of irritated if  you give them too much. But I always use the   analogy of if you think about somebody climbing up  a mountain and going from the bottom to the top,   they don't want to be on that mountain  forever. They don't be sweating and dying   on the mountain. They want to get  to the top as quickly as possible.   Your clients are the exact same. So transformation  over information and efficiency in getting   results. So your job is to subtract anything  that isn't 100% necessary to getting results. 

Number two is knowing who you want to work with is  really important, but more importantly, you need   to know who you don't want to work with. One bad  client can spoil the whole bunch. So being very   clear on creating a community and a culture inside  of your course and your business and your programs   that you know is supportive and like-minded and  aligned is invaluable. If you mess that piece up,   everything else can get messed up. And I recently  talked about this with one of my clients in this   video. So I do recommend checking that out next  because she did mention the community aspect of   our programs is one of the best parts. Number three, pricing. Man-oh-man,  

did I go through a journey with pricing. And  I will now 100% say that you have to base your   pricing on the value of your outcome, not on the  amount of time that it takes to go through it,   not on the amount of information because what  people are paying for is the outcome. That's what   they're investing into you for. And what is it  currently costing them to not have that outcome?   That's what you base your pricing on. Number four is do not, do not build a  

program without knowing exactly what is desired  by your clients. It doesn't matter what you think   people need. It really truly doesn't. What matters  is what you know they need because you've listened   to them. When you truly listen, and we call  this the pop model, and this is how we get  

our clients' courses to market so quickly is  really understanding and listening to your ideal   client to know what they need in the course.  And by the time you go to sell it, they go,   "Oh my gosh, have you been reading my mind?  Because this is exactly what I'm looking for."  And the fifth thing, this is true for everything  with me, but I've really learned it in business is   trust your intuition. So when I was first getting  started, I actually vividly remember I got an   email from someone that I had worked with in  my last job prior to and they basically said,   "Do you really think this whole social media thing  is going to work out for you? I really think you   should come back and be in a leadership position  in our business." I just couldn't quite grasp   why somebody would send that email,  but I've always remembered it because   I had to really trust myself and believe in  myself that I was going to make this work   and that my intuition about this whole  social media thing, because at the time   there wasn't much going on and it wasn't like  this huge trend and huge thing like it is today   where businesses rely on social media. It wasn't really like that as much   at that point and I had to trust my gut because I  knew my intuition lit up when I thought about the   possibilities of doing this. So that business  no longer exists and here I am everyone. So,  

no shame, that's fine. You got to use some of that  stuff as fuel too because there's going to be a   lot of people who doubt what you're doing, but  they may also turn around a few years from now   and say, Wow, I shouldn't have doubted you." Those are my five big takeaways. And honestly,   each of those things have really led me  to being able to build the business that   I have today and to create the consistency that  I have today, which is the greatest gift of all   because I've been in positions where there's  no consistency, you're constantly sprinting,   you're constantly burnt out and it's just a  really brutal place to be as an entrepreneur.  So I really hope that this helped you. It has  been, like I said, six years since I really  

started understanding even what an online course  was and then coming up on five years of actually   having two online programs that work and that  are really successful and that have attracted   thousands of clients from all over the world.  And I always look at things in terms of a bow and   arrow phase. I talk about this quite a bit.  Sometimes you have to go through phases where   you don't know what you're doing and you have  to take a step back and you have to kind of   pull back and get quiet and go internal and go  behind the scenes and fix things and work on   your programs or work on your business  in order to launch forward faster.  And that certainly was something that I  have done over the last couple of years,   and I still continue to have those periods as  well because what you work on in a business   and your products and your programs, they're  never complete. They're always evolving. And   I always look at everything like that because  I can be a perfectionist, but instead I look   at everything through that lens of test, fail,  learn, grow, repeat, and constant evolution.   Get it to market, evolve with time. Test quickly,  evolve with time. So progress over perfection and  

patience with the whole process is so important. Before I wrap up, if you are at a place where   you're ready to create your online course and you  want my guidance and support on it, be sure to   click the link below to apply to be a  part of our Authority Accelerator program   and speak to a real human being on my team so we  can guide you in the right direction. And if you   liked this, hit that like button so more people  can see this, and be sure to subscribe and hit   the bell to be notified every single time I post  a new video on Tuesdays. Thank you so much for   watching. Be sure to check out this video next for  more goodness like this. And I will see you in the  

next month. Thank you so much for watching. And  I hope that this leaves you feeling hopeful. Bye.

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