How Health Coach, J Muenz Broke Free from her Business Blocks and Doubled Her Income!

How Health Coach, J Muenz Broke Free from her Business Blocks and Doubled Her Income!

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What. Hello. Hello, hello. It's, Jessica rivers, in here and jae-min's, hello. Welcome. So, we are very excited to be together today, because we want to share with you how. J has been crushing, her coaching, business and. Just. What. She talks about she always shares, the. Real deal. Like behind, the scenes she shares the real, stuff, and that's. What I think it's important, because anyone can have a shiny, Instagram. Or a shiny Facebook, but, if it's, what the. Growth that needs, to happen on the inside is what. Allows. Us to have these awesome success stories, so are. You ready Jane oh I am so. Yeah. I always have fun I wanted, to see, if we can share this out really really quickly so. Give me one second, everybody I'm, J well I'm sharing, this I would just love for you to introduce. Yourself, I'm a sister out to some of our but. Just tell us like who, you are what, you do like who you serve might you help them like why do people come to you all that good stuff okay. So I am, Jay and I started fearful. To fit. I. Originally. Started working, for myself six, years ago and it, was more of just like I got an LLC and. Then, I. Got a domain and, it just kind of sat there and then for. Years, I was like I have my own business, and I'm a health coach, and it's sad looking back now cuz it was just I mean, it wasn't a business it was more of just I'm doing, whatever I know. How to do which was not a lot and then I freaking found, Jessica. Who, is on the other side of this screen and I. Hired, her to be my business coach and I. I. Mean, you really, she, was the one who basically taught me that, you. Have your own specialties. And you have your own expertise. And you're not supposed to be able to know how to do all of it and so, I think like with, Jesse's help and being. A health coach and a talk specialist, and, leading, these annual, retreats, around, Washington. Has. Really built my confidence in. What. I offer and who. I work with and really. The. It comes full circle with, having. Confidence in myself and, not being like what am I supposed to do next, anymore, so I did. Doing. Things like this where you're speaking with women, and you, both, kind of raised your vibration. And, it's. So important, when you work for yourself to, build at least an, online, community, of people who are. Kind of in your same Avenue. Absolutely. Yeah, I mean I think we should share like kind of how how. We even met because it's a really good story I think all of you will relate. Yes. So, yeah, Jay reached out she booked a discovered, session that's what we do in coaching, right look a discovery session we. Had an awesome, awesome call, and, she, gave me you know the objection. Of objection. Well. You, know. It's. All like logical, stuff right any normal.

Person Would be, like I've, got a budget blah. Blah blah I gotta be smart, you. Know we're taught to kind. Of keep it safe and, not. Take, those, big risks. Like that but obviously being an entrepreneur, means that you're a risk taker just, like hello, I like, that. So. I remember we have this amazing conversation and. You. Know, we. Talked I talked about her objections, and you know we kind of went through it but it was like it. Was. I think okay, she sent me an email she's like you. Know really. Can't do this gave, me all the reasons why and I remember just feeling like man. Like, another one by success see though and I was like it. Was that feeling when you know that. Like you. Can help someone but they didn't, white see, it no matter what you said or did even if it was like the most amazing call ever it. Just didn't quite, you. Know get. Through and I've know that, as a coach, like you can't want it more than someone else so. For me it was just that little feeling of like man you, know, really. Like, I was really in, it, for you you know as much as you do discovery sessions and would like yeah we want to have clients but. I remember like the feeling, in my heart was like I I. Was feeling like that sinking, feeling because I was like this is really like would be amazing for her you, know she's just. Like not totally, seeing it well, like two. Or three days later I feel. Like it was the next day, yeah like even the next day it was really quick it was quick, she. Sends me an email, subject. Was like I'm in hey what is no J like that is J and, I. Was so excited, for her that, she made that decision because that's, what it is you guys it's like you, have to say I'm, in. Oh, yeah, I can't say it I can be like Oh Jane you, will do so well you, have potential. Like I could and I believe that when I when, I you know like I do have, but. Like it doesn't matter what I say until, you and have a full body like I'm in. You. Know it. Was something, that a seed you planted, in my head and it, was like what you taught us or. What you taught me throughout the business, coaching was like you, planted this seed and it was like how, long are, you going to stay in your exact, same position that you stayed in for. Five, years already and it, was like something lit, off in my head and I was like oh my. God she's so right like I've been doing this by myself and, obviously, I'm not getting the results I want and here's, someone who's like I can, teach you what you don't know about running, a business and, so. I was like and I. Mean it was scary to, invest, because then it makes it real then. It's like you you have a business and you you start to count on yourself and when. You're telling your husband you're like I'm gonna spend, and some serious cheese, and yeah yeah, but. I didn't even ask him I. Told. Him after which, is like I mean I don't recommend that but, you. Sometimes it's like why the hell am I gonna ask him it's a decision for myself I, think that will benefit, both of us and it's, like I'm also the decider of my future it's not like I don't have to check in with him and I mean it's, a courteous but. Yeah. It, was like when.

You Realize, you. Are the decider of your future, then, you start, you. Start doing things, thank. You I love that so. We kind of took you guys way back because this was like a couple years ago now, probably. Three. Years Wow. Maybe, three so. Jay was on my blog, like. A few months after that that's, that, story because she. Totally, made all her money back and made our she. Enrolled, so, we created, so I want I don't want to like I want to tell you like for most recent developments, but I think it's good. To hear the evolution. So when, we work together at that time. We, came up with the fearful to fit right. Yeah. Branded. Her website she created, a great sales page or we created together yeah. She. Started getting people in her 90 day program and. It. Not for like a el cheapo price for like a high value, price point that she was like like. I think she was selling sessions, at that time or, something so, now it, was like you know several thousand, dollars to, work with her and and she was feeling, confident. In that and, people were seeing the value and it. Was just exciting, and it. Was like it's, game-changing. Life-changing. Money. When you're used to doing like some. Yoga sessions, that you get paid for because she's awesome yoga teacher or you get like paid for like a health. Coaching session for one session and like yeah you make a difference, but it's like you can only make a certain difference, in one one session so we really put everything into a program. Yeah and that's kind of, how. Things proceed it after that but. Then I and you, know you can jump in anytime today what, I see, as an evolution, in the coaching business what I see as my evolution, your evolution, is, we. Learn the business stuff so Jay and I really, work on a lot of the business, stuff, yeah, and, then. We get to a point as women, as entrepreneurs, where we start to go okay I kind, of get like how, to package and, what to charge and it's worth it but like then that stuff that we still haven't resolved, that.

Comes Up right and it's like if we don't deal with that it's, hard to really. Go. To the next level. So. When, we when, we figured, out what, I was gonna charge, for. Clients, it. Was kind of a disconnected. Feeling like. It was like yeah sure I can charge that but when I was on these calls these discovery, calls with women it. Was like I would you, know just fly. Through the session, and I was like yeah oh my gosh this is and they were like yes, and then I was like oh. Like. You know I would take a breath in and I'd be like so. Um. This. Is what, it costs, and I approach it now I was like I know it's a lot so like just. Totally, think about and I basically talked them out of. Program. Have. You've done that you guys comment, if you've ever talked. I. Mean. I've done that so many times that, I, can't even count and then it, was like that, point where I thought. Do. I need to lower the rate and then I really, had to do some internal work and I was like why, the hell do you think you're not worth it like you, have changed. So many women's, lives you, have, almost. A hundred testimonials. Of women who are like I've, lost, this weight and you know I've I had thyroid, issues and I don't have them three months after we work together and all these things and so it was like okay. That's. Enough like enough playing around now let's get serious and so, I mean, if I'm really jumping ahead but when I went on the business retreat that, you had in December, I. Was. Just like seeing myself as like this like. This like I, don't. Know what did to you like I kept saying that it was like I don't know what to do I don't know I'm stuck and then, I think you, were a quake who was like okay, that's just an excuse, to stay exactly where, you are and, you're not stuck like stop saying that and so, I needed. Those little things to be like stop. You. Know just stop you're, not gonna get anywhere saying. The exact same thing because you're, obviously in, a place of comfort and you're scared to go and, stretch yourself and so, after, that retreat, a more, opening, happen and I was like whoa, things, happen. Things have shifted and, and. I raised my like I raised. My, retreats, almost 200, bucks per, room and. You. Know I don't know I am thinking it's gonna fill, out or sell, out like it has for the last three and I'm. Just I'm still, continually. Working, on this in. You. Bigger, program, with an even, bigger investment. With a retreat. To match and it's like whoa, I could not have imagined, myself, where, I am today five. Years ago and then, I know that next year and then even the next month and even the next day and the week I'm gonna be a completely, different person and, had. I not invested. That. Money into, business. Coaching, and and into. My website, and into all these things that matter, to me and stop, copying, everyone, who I admire, and like, finally. Stand in my own two feet I would. Still, be floundering, around. Going. From program, to program being, like oh it's. It's this program, that's gonna change everything it's, this and so, talk.

About That we talk about that a little bit yeah. I'm. Not gonna call you out and expose, you on everyone I don't care. We're. Just helping people yeah, we're doing, this to help others you guys seriously. But. One. Of the things that Jay would do and I see so many coaches do this and it's, not like bad or wrong it's got weight. But, she was like get. These. Other. People, oh I'm, getting. Better. I feel, gone. Okay. We had to echo it was weird but, she would you. Know sometimes you can buy, prepackaged. Things, from other coaches like, like, up an opt-in, like a freebie opt-in, in a box where you just kind of like you, do this swipe copy and you just kind of you, you, know it can be really great that's like you take whatever. Often, especially if you're a health coach you can buy all these other things and you can just kind, of like swipe. It away. You. Plug it plug, in. Play yeah and it's like again nothing wrong, with that but, it's sort of like why. We're doing it right and so I, you. Know we Jay and I became friends too so even when we weren't in a coaching partnership, you, know we message each other here and there she's like well I got this thing I'm going to do this and I got this thing about this. Thing I do this and. You know. Relationships, there's only so much I could do or say but. I would be like oh. Like. Look, you're like okay. Get. Back on track and then I would tell my husband every time I was like Jessica. Called me out for my ATD again and he was like I've, been telling you the exact, same, thing, and I was like okay. Like, you know you sometimes, it takes not. Your husband not your mom but like you're like okay how. Many times do I have to tell you you. Have already been doing this so just trust me and I'm like oh yeah that's, what I'm supposed to be doing and, it's trusting, our ourselves right. So the, themes of just knowing, Jai for the past few years is like it's. Really been interesting because. When. She's, gone off in this direction or, this direction or, this direction sometimes. We do that because we. Are doubting ourselves to, some extent we know we're really dead that there's that little voice that's like yes still doubting, but. It's always come back to the original fearful. Of that program that we created like three years ago. That's, like still, her, most amazing, program, and we're. Doing this reach retreats, and filling em out and then, now she has this new program, but you. Know in December quake. You and I decided, that we would put on this retreat here. At Washington State and it was just like a one-off thing, right it was just like we just wanted. To do this retreat so. Jimmy was one of the amazing women that showed up and, which I was so excited and I'm just gonna say the retreat, was was, an investment, you know we. Really wanted. To do some deep work there it's. Serious. Though it was it was a big investment and. You. Know as Jay mentioned, the. Thing that I think I saw, like a complete. Night. And day like change. Was. That, part. Of her that was like I don't know, I'm not sure because, if you know Jay that's not even her like it's not even her but, we all have like, were you know behind, closed doors with our coach our doubts come out our fear yeah yeah. There. Was that voice was like I'm not sure I don't know and we were just like it's a lie it's not true, it's like you. Go to church it's like the devil's a liar like. Like. Like. If you need a group of people are smaller so, that a hold of mirror up and their legs, this is you J like we all freaking see it you, know and I think in that moment you allowed, yourself to, to see it and be like you know what I'm gonna see the, fullness of who I am I'm. Gonna step into the full expression of who I am and trust, yes. And I lead with that my programs, get filled my retreats get filled the, right people come forward and. It's. Like I saw that that, shift and then, since. Then I feel like it's one of those things where it's gotten better and better and better like if you guys follow J on Instagram, if. You are on her email list and. We'll tell you how to to. Get those things but, when. You see how she shows, up and shares of herself it's, so real it's so raw it's so honest you, want to coach with her you want to hang with her you want to be in because. She's. Talking, about, what. It really takes and she's also a living, example of it and so. When. You pair that with like, business, strategy because you know a lot of the business strategy you know it now you've done it you've wrote the e house does, you crave the freebies you've, done webinars so all that stuff can we get better sure we can always get better at those things yeah but you're, now pairing, it with this like unbreakable. Solid. Clarity. Of like, even, if even if the moments will were not as clear were clear that like expressing, us.

Even. If we're like you, know it, was it. Was I, swear, to you it was being. Like okay in my head it was like enough. Is enough. Why. Why. Emulate. All these people they're there in their own dimension, because, they're doing their own damn thing you, know and so I was like and it. Just it had to keep her in my head of you, are, you. Are your, own person you, bring your own stuff, to the table and I, had to keep repeating that to myself and, and it's, like I don't meditate, every, morning, and it's like I don't, do, the same thing every day and I would love, to be like the people who stick to, a schedule and, I would love to be the person who is perfectly. In makeup, and, perfect. Outfit, a perfect. Kids like blah blah blah but the. People I know that, is so, false. Yeah. And. Fired. Me up I was like okay let's stop the BS and let's, be frickin honest, with each other, being, an entrepreneur, and being a mom and being a wife and a homeowner and all these things it's like it, is freaking hard but you, can't, imagine a different, way so, you just you just keep going. Absolutely. And I think that's a good point like you would be like oh maybe, be and now it's like well embrace it yeah, like, if you every day it's something different that's fine every, day it's be different I mean there's something to be said for, consistency. Etc, focus but it's like, what. You do what if, anyone is dealing with this whether it's a TD or just like leash, knee shopping, right like me. Shopping. If. You're dealing with that like it's, okay, because once, you have the business basics. Foundation. And once, you. Are. Clear. On what your superpower is, like your sole superpower you're really clear on what it is you. Can then, use. Your creativity. And, call, it a be a TD, Ness whatever, you can use that to your advantage, yeah, every. Day have this new creative, thing come out of you yes, but kind, of direct it towards. Your. Next retreat or your, new, program, or working with you one-on-one like, so it's like you have the container and then exactly. This. Thing that we might have called like, a liability. No, it's actually an asset you, turn into an asset. And you're like just let it work for me you know and now it I think it's really working for you because yeah this is amol you show up sometimes. Your baby's there sometimes, it's like things, going, on but it's like that's why we love you because you, show us the real deal and you're single freaking. You. Know. Amazing. Not. Just like as a health coach you, have an amazing body you're healthy you have an amazing husband you have an amazing child like give an amazing family you are I'm, not saying that any one's perfect you're just you're, in living it and showing, it and doing it and helping others. Who. Wouldn't, want to sign up for that right. This. Is the sweetest, yeah. I think that's, that's. What I see in you and that's why I think your business has, grown. And, it's just getting better and better and better because you're accepting, all of yourself instead, of being like oh this is like a problem and oh my god I don't know and it's like yeah. You do know it's like it's right here oh you do know. So. I, am, planning to do this, is something, talked. About like, you know, inspirational. Inspired, action I was. Looking. I, was like on the internet you know how it goes and I was like you know what we need to do a retreat in Tulum so. I'm just gonna put out there right now whoo forever is watching if, you want to go, on retreat, to Tulum, just put Tulum in the comments, I'm starting to create like a waiting list I'm thinking about the. Fall time so I need to kind of get zalaya. But. It will be sometime in 2018, we. Sold nine months of the year and I. Just want to share like, what is behind this whole expansion, retreat, so we do the expansion or treats for our mastermind, members but. We also do, it as a one-off thing so Jay came to one that was just like a one-off, yeah you, should retreat and expansion retreat. What it's all about is. It's. Kind of evolution, of my business, where it's permission, to charges the branch then, I realized, a few years into it that it's really permission, to receive like, allowing ourselves to receive and, so, the expansion's. Theme. Or the purpose of and China's I want. All of us to expand.

Not. Only our business skills, because you guys know I have a ton of strategy and, I can get really granular with, it but, none of that matters, if we're blocked, right. Like none of it matters if we're not fully allowing, ourselves to, receive. All, that we can to recognize, someone will, invest, in a 10k, 20k 30k, whatever K, program. Like if we're not willing to. You. Know if, we, just like slap a zero on it and we're like oh yes, 5,000. Its 10,000, but we don't believe we, don't believe that like we are showing up in our power and delivering, a, life-changing. Program, for someone else then a forced invest. Because we're not 100%, invested in ourselves so exactly. That's, really what expansion, means to me and why I love doing those retreats because. It's. Like opening. Yourself. Completely. To, yourself and, when we do that it's, like clients, come forward so there's some of the new clients you've had recently, because, I always think it's good for you guys to know well where did she get her to fly out so, both of them both of the the, last two people that just enrolled, even. Probably the few, people before that too but like we're, saying they. Were saying that they were following, you I've been following, you for, a while and. I. Think now your messages, are even like more, bolts, and more, like you're, really asking. People to claim what. They. Deserve to have for themselves with their health and yeah. Emotional. Mindset blocks and both of the most, recent, two people. That enrolled they, said they were following, you I mean it's like that's, not a complicated, funnel. You, can have your baby in your hand and go live for 10 minutes and. Speak. Into people's lives and yeah. You have your email list and you have some funnels and things like that but, just you showing, up being, so certain, of your message, is. What's. Calling. The people's hearts, and souls and they're like private messaging you being like hey you know, think we need to work together how, can I talk to you so. Simple, it's. So I love Instagram, because I love cuz, that's where the people, it's Instagram, and Facebook and I think, program. Handle so everybody can follow you it's. Okay. And. I think I. Think. Oh, so, when people start, out being, a coach it's, always like do. Pinterest. Do Google+, do this do that and it's like so many things, and it's overwhelming but. When you focus on one or two and you, really enjoy doing it because I actually love, I love pictures I love videos I love, making. People feel like they're a part of my, life and then I love when. They share a part of their life and so it's kind of like you create this sisterhood community, online. And I really like that and then I love, that people message, or, like inbox, and they're just like oh my god I saw your story and, I and then they tell me their story and so, it's been such a great way to connect. With people that I would have never met and I'm. So grateful for that and. It's. Crazy every, time someone's, like oh my god you're fearful, to fit like I've been following you for years, and it's. Kind of like what. Yeah. Exactly. What happens. Or. They tell you they start telling you your story your life. Revealed. You. From, a few years ago I was still pretty like, unclear. About things I'm like oh I shared, that. It's. Been I think, it's so fun and then. You don't have to pretend, like you're not pretending you're not making, a sales page for people to work with you you're just like here's, my Instagram. And it's not really tailored, to anything and it's not I don't have like a great brand I just it's, just like pictures. You are your. Life is your brand yeah I, mean. I've, been told by social media people to like either, decide, to just do business, just do, family. Or just do that and I'm like but that's I can't, I mean I'm a Libra number, one so I can't divide. I am all things in balance, yes. Yeah, I'm so not true either like um. It's, good to have a few themes and if you look at your grandma's, like business. Health. Family. Those are three, main themes other. Aspects. Of your life but yeah, it's so true there's just too many rules out there exam. That's why. We did double expansion, mastermind. Am the expansion, retreats is because I've. Been focused. So much on business, and yet, there's this other piece, where if you don't get the other piece it doesn't matter how, many good. Copy skills, you have or whatever it's, like or, it's like a block, block, there. We. Having a how. Do we have. Oh. And. I can't hear you, hear, me I, keep trying to turn the car. On because. My phone's dying, okay. Well we're gonna wrap this up just tell me how. To get to your website. Tell, us about your break free program, take a moment on that and then we'll wrap it up and you guys people follow her and all.

That Goodness so. Fearful. Defeat calm, all, my Instagram. And Facebook is, fearful to fit, break, free retreat, is coming up October, and, it's gonna be in son Katie yet the. Last one was so fun it was I. It. Was in Leavenworth, and it was called the Beauty detox, retreat, and it, was so great and there were tears and laughter and dance parties, and just like so. Many soul shake ups and so I started, to think like huh how, do we take that experience, and elevate, it even, more and then I found this almost, 7,000. Square foot Lodge in Sun Cadia, and so, I was like let's make it I mean I just want to keep evolving like, let's make it bigger let's make it better let's let's. Keep. With these anti-inflammatory. Energizing. Foods. So we do all the cooking I, have three kitchen helpers, might. Have four depending on how many things. We have going on there's. Three speakers besides. Myself coming. From Los Angeles and then Washington. And. It's. October 12 through the 14th, and I, mean. That'd sit and then so, the six month break free, program, is I. Launched. It last month, and it's. Already. Set at six months and, so it's it's more like in depth about. Breaking. Free from who. You thought you were and, actually. Becoming. The person that you think you can be, so. That, is like basically, just the tiniest sentence, about what it is and there's this is also like a focus. On health - right yes you are oh yeah so, it's like adding, that spiritual. Mindset, emotional. Breakthrough piece with all the, health stuff. That you specialize into already. Mindset. Emotional. Health and weight loss, whoo-hoo. I love it love, it go, check her out everybody, thank you so much for sharing your story, what. It was like to work with me and quake you as, yours like my favorite people I, love working with you I hope, we will keep working together. Forever. We've. Had so many awesome awesome, times. That we've worked together and I just I can't, wait to do more so thank, you everybody, uq j for sharing your story and if, you have any questions, for us just go ahead and put them in the comments, and we'll, see you all very soon i'm doing another case study in about an hour so i'm on a roll today hearing. These stories and. I love you guys all thank, you for being here bye Jay bye, jazz.

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