How Good Are 125 Two Strokes On Trails?

How Good Are 125 Two Strokes On Trails?

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Whatup, guys we're, out here at Bay Diebold in Cusick, Washington, I've got the 125, out, I've. Got a 2002. 2003. And. A. 2005. So. Let's see how these things perform, on a single track. Oh it's. So cool back here. So. Beautiful, today. 125. Every running Kris because. My buddies out here with their bikes. I'm gonna let them go. In front. Can. Be a good day rippin. Lake. Down here a pond. Oh. You. Know it likes 42:1, then. It's. Like a turn up. For. DUI. Could probably better on 52 want to be fine. With it. Oh. Yeah. Like. A month or two ago. Ooh. That's. The fun one, and. I'm pretty sure when we get up up. This a little bit it cuts over that way, yeah. And, there are some good good. Trails over there too it's. Hard to keep track of where exactly we're out there yeah. To get the shade it's pretty nice though not. To dust the end. A, weird. Trip. Kind. Of making our own trail here, we. Have to flip her around. Oh. Yeah. This is chella speaking of. This. One over here it's pretty good. We, got some picket huckleberries up there. Oh yeah. This is the one of the big stuff in it. I get, a little bit of a run for this one. There we go there. We go. Remember. We went down this one who's a little better yeah. Stay on 306. That. Was a good little pace they're. Freakin. Shuttin oh. Here. 3:06. Have. You been up to a cabin before. Up. On table. Yeah. So there's a cabin I think. I'm. Pretty sure this takes it up there it's. Funny when you're like sick, or you got something going on like, something sore you go and ride news forget about it, like. I felt so bad this morning I'm like I'm not gonna build a ride and. Once. You get ride and you just forget about it I guess. Nothing. Yeah. I. Know. You have like a, millisecond. To react. To stuff. And. It feels like you're going pretty fast too like. Once you're just flying, by trees and stuff even though you're only going like 15 feels. Like you're holing. Branch. Pop. The friend up. This. Is the switchback. But. He was a a good time. That's. What I'm talking about here which. Is no fun. That. Was sick. This. Is a fun ash trail. Oh. Taking. A shortcut. Oh. Yeah. Oh yeah. But I. Got. A little sketchy. Abdulla. Drag race on the 125. They much quicker faster. No Narae. Let's. Go down here and race the 45. Hey. When. He starts go. We're. Gonna go on forever. Yeah. Just. Watch him and whenever, he whenever. You lurches then we'll go, because. We don't really have anyone to drop. My. Foot swelled out, yeah. Oh oh, a son just died. Like, it won't rev out at all. Yeah. Man. I think, we're all equal. I think. We're illegal you. Got one you, got one and I got one that's. Pretty fair it's like whoever gets the jump anyways. Susu, is really deep right there. I probably. Sound like a bunch of bees going, through the woods, okay. That's, a big that's a big be coming through here oh wait. There's three of them nice. Having this mouth if, you want to take it off the video or something, I'll. Switch, it out whatever. Undo. Everything use clip it. Holds. On there pretty good yeah. It's like the best angle you can get too. Yeah. Yeah. And then for trails too if you have it on your head it gets ripped off right away or bent over. Yeah. Yeah. With this you can't even tell it's there you, put your head down you can feel it a little bit but, yeah. It's a good amount, it's. A way to go. Those. Are huge. Don't, look like a trail, let's. Try it. I.

Don't. Know. Yeah. Does. It look like it's a trail past the tree, or. Just kind of like whatever. Yeah. If it's not marked it's probably just gonna be trees, all over the place. See. If we can get up on this road some more that'll. Probably bring us to a spot. Yeah. What about like looks. Like someone came through here. Yeah. Let's see if I can make it through there. Get. Through here. Definitely. Not really a trail. Oh. We. Were doing pretty good no one got a flat no one fouled and no one freaking. Crashed. Knock. On bar pad, you. Know it's weird unlike certain parts you'd be like dude I can just go as fast as I want right here you, just get the flow and in other parts you're like man I can't even stay on the trail so. I. Can loose bolt. Something. Like got a loose bolt somewhere. Just. Say what a trail, that was. Yeah. It looks like it does. Man. I don't know if I should ride anymore sucks. Like every. Little bump it just feels like you're getting stabbed. Yeah. No. See we found like a perfectly smooth trail which. Part gonna find around here, or. Else I just have to go like really slow and. Watch. Run. Hitting. If. You guys want to go rip that trail you can. Yeah. I got a chill I can't I can hardly even ride I feel. Like that. Yeah. Yeah. It looks like a sick trail, I'm. Just gonna chill. Here. Yeah. I'll take them to. Eat. Ooh. Do. You have your bag open before. Your. Bag was open. Yeah. That's. Down there. Yeah. Almost. Lost your keys there. All. Right. Did. You guys. Ah. You.

2018-08-09 21:32

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Who else loves riding 125s on trails?

Cameron Niemela it makes me miss my KTM125

I sold my 125 to a local motorbike museum yesterday. It was a 1997 rm125. I used it for everything, I even did several enduros on it. I am currently riding a drz400.

Im a 2 stroke lover too bro. Glad you made it! Have a fast recovery bro.

I gotta finish my 125 build and I'll get back to ya., love you bro! make sure you rest up and come back to us better then ever!

Cameron Niemela i do!!! My 2001 it's running like shit right now haha, going to rebuild my carb, How many teeth does your rear sprocket have? Mine has 48 and 1St is way to long


Cameron Niemela clapped out kx125 ported for unlimited power!

Cameron Niemela I sent you the video of my new cr85rb on instagram

I use a 03 rm125 for enduro. Probably underpower, but a lot of fun especially since theyre so light

Does a 150 2 stroke count bc hell yea

Mtb Ridingog u know it!!!!

Insurance is extra expensive for dirt bikes if you want ride in normal roads and off road light bikes hence these are mostly used by youth which relatively (statistics) make more accidents. Insurance for motorbikes in Finland is calculated in relation to the average amount of accidents for that type of Bike/Car. If that bike/car does not exists yet in Finland you are really screwed and pay the full monty

so expensives ? here some bikes

Hi Broo , why in Finland Motorbike and cars are so expensives ?

jeps i live finland too and you can find decent bikes in low cost :) you just need to look and test before buy there is a 7/10 bikes at you dont need to make nothing just casoline and rip it

My first Dirt Bike was a Honda 125 CR , fantastic engine , magic sound

Cameron Niemela I love your video's keep going

Cameron Niemela i really wish i had one because here in finland we have alot of trails and few tracks too :D

Cr 15 #teamhonda

I do a lot of desert ridding on my Cr 125 and it does pretty good

Cameron Niemela Honda makes the best bikes

Where are these trails at?

i like ride in every where what ever machine if its have engine no limit

Never got to try one but would love a YZ125 to try.

I steal my sons every time we go riding. More fun then my 250 at times... Glad your up and running.


Cameron Niemela im in

I have a '02 Yz 125 for trail/enduro riding and i love it, im only 18yo and about 55kg so this light weigh bike is the best option for me, i have a 14-49 sprocket set up and even have a 5L front tank. I never want to sell this bike :D

Those are three really nice bikes! watching this video makes me really miss having a 2 stroke dirt bike. I’ve got a couple of street bikes and a personal watercraft, but I miss ripping up the trails...

Get better dude. I know you will, but just stay positive. Also, have you ever rode the Red Rock in Moab Utah? Its amazing and u like anything else

Best of wishes love your videos!

all i ride is on trails on a cr125

I love your videos man, I hope you can get better. Don't push yourself to hard.

It sounds like you need to drop your needle a bit and lean it out

Good to see you riding. Whole MX community worldwide is with you brother.

Have you ever ridden teanum by thorp?between ellensburg and Cle Elum.

Nice bikes! Probably fun on the trails, for a little while at least.. And here I am, in the NL, riding my 300 enduro on MX-tracks. :D

What gearing do you run on the 2003 when on the track?

Feel better man great videos

Why do you ride with 30:1 even the manufacturers say that 50:1 is the best for normal use and ~40:1 is best for high power use

Me and my oldest ride two 03's in hare scrambles, they are pretty tough to ride well against the bigger bikes. Feel like we're abusing the snot outta them trying to keep up.

Who disliked this video!!?? Come on show some respect

Thanks for sharing...Good stuff.

What are your thoughts on 2 stroke engine braking. Some say it’s bad and some say it won’t do any harm. I think it’s awful I only feel somewhat safe doing it on klotz r50 premix since the stuff has a super high flash point and it never get completely burned off unless your wide open and then let off the gas but just cruising I think it’s fine but only with that premix. What are your thought on it and anyone in the Comments put in ur 2cents

Cameron Niemela but when you let off the gas and are moving fast or rolling down a hill without giving it gas the piston is still moving at the speed the bike is rolling at but the throttle is not open and is not letting enough premix into the cylinder because the bikes letting enough premix in for idle speed. But when rolling in gear without the clutch pulled with make the piston move fast causing less premix to be in the cylinder than what the piston needs. When I’m coasting I always pull my clutch in. It’s what the mechanic at the track said was the safest for 2 strokes. On 4 strokes engine braking is fine because they have an oil pump

Jace Perez As long as the engine is running it’s getting oil

Supporting you from Brazil! Best wishes friend

amazing two strokes friend

125s are awesome if you weigh 140lbs

Godbless you Cameron Niemela, trust the Lord God and you will be healed. Because i know your a good man and we love watching your videos. Stay strong. -subscriber from Philippines

I must go riding soon.

96k subs keep going!!

Wish the best of luck to you, thought me a lot on bike restoration and maintenance, and your passion for bikes is really genuine and strong, something we can all look up to

Get well soon buddy! BRAAP!

Even my 6yr old rips a 2stroke. He showed me my first Cameron bike vid! Get that health back on point bro. The son and I want more riding vids.

I miss home! The best video you've put out. Rooting for you to be back on the bike soon

80% rider 20% bike! 125's can rip! My old YZ 125 was a trail scapel, my 300 XCw is more like a battle ax. Lol. I miss the 125, but not when I'm feeling lazy. Kick the cancer!

Was your suspension to tight for these trails?

Tracks are a blast but I think most of us started riding trails. What a blast ....especially when you learn them, you can rip like you're the shit and your buddies eat roost!lol!

Idk if it's just me, but these videos is what I want to see from you, plus bike builds and maintenance tips plus your backyard track riding videos and teaching your Girl how to ride and personal videos. Then this will be the best all around dirtbike channel.

Awesome trails you got bro, nice and technical

Island Riders Dirt bikes & Quads Thanks man!

Home boy in the black and white camouflage is wearing cross training sneakers! Wtf I yell at my son for doing that.

Anytime I’m feeling bad I listen to a 2 stroke hope your getting better

So the argument now on other channels is "mx bikes suck on single track" what is your experience on gearing of your bike and power delivery? Is it manageable or do you need a flywheel weight/recluse and different gearing?

You sound winded on this video! Is it that fucking cancer brewing into your body?

When your better, I think we need to pre single track/trail riding from you on big bikes.

I was saying to my self "Cameron, let somebody in front of you, then you did it. Lol

Agrega subtítulos en español por favor.. son muy buenos tus videos

I ride my shitty YZ125 on trails, check it out and you have nice trails and keep fighting your illness you can do this

awesome footage, what video are you using. Praying for your healing , get well and back in the saddle

Rod Young Thanks for watching! Using a GoPro hero 6

Did you use the gimball on those riding shots? Looks dope asf man!! Glad you’re doing better!

Joey Bikelife Thanks! No gimbal just using the GoPro hero 6

So you're telling me, you just carry a pack of plugs with you everywhere??!?!?

Hey Cam, first of all I love your video and i hope your condition getting better bro , did you do something to your bike to be more of trail ride (i ride yz125 and you guys look so smooth there ) cheers!

Nice trail Cam, i think that 125s are not good on tight trails. I found i had a better time on more open fast flowing trails on my 125.

Good to see u back on bike doing what u like cameron Gettin hyped !

No worrys. You will drive this trail soon :) Greetings from Germany !

Hey man ,,,I hope you feel the love from the subscribers ,ppl do care about you,I hope you feel better and keep fighting

Hey mate 125 are for kids come on get a real bike

Love trail riding,finished the CRF 450 build this past weekend and can't wait to do some riding

Do you clutch change when you race?

Get better cam. I can’t tell you how many videos iv watched that have made me happy. Prayers going your way

Really love these type of videos

Hope you get better soon, healing vibes to you bro

This vid make's me so happy. Sad that you have cancer, but i know you will beat that son of a bitch.

hope you good now cant wait for some 250 building! :)

I do ! Makes me feel like im on a speed bike from star wars lol

Yikes. The dude with no boots is askin' for it.

Great vid man stay strong

Mejorate mi wacho suerte

Love your videos keep making good videos

Tell your buddy to fix the way his front brake hose is routed.

So that must be a public riding area? Looks good.

Owen Arsenault Yep public trails

2 strokes all the way. I'm a bit fat for a 125 these days but would still like to add one to the collection. Get well some.

Yeah you don’t seem like yourself in this video. Happy you went and got checked out. Keep fighting my guy. You’ll beat this.

Joshua Johnson Definitely didn’t feel myself! Thanks!

I ride a TTR230

Dude, those are some nice trials. ✌

125 is too small of a bike, bare minimum 250 two stroke. 500 two stroke and 450 are much better as they can do anything from motocross to trails with the proper suspension set up and fly wheel weight.

Hope you are feeling good now man!

Come back stronger Cam ! We are waiting for the new videos ! From Hungary !

11:22 wasn't this like an indicator something was going on. Glad you are still here!!

My Cr blown up last week

“My plugs fouled” randomly takes out three more

I know you are not having a good time but i would like to see more of the honda 250 rebuild

Cameron niemela glad you r getting better and back on the road to recovery keep strong

you better get better man.really love videos sir your videos help me a lot to fix my bikes and im your biggest fan in the philippines.hope that you can still make videos for us.get well soon sir

Hi cam i am so happy that you are back. I ride a 250 on the trails

Amazing scenery!

Amazed and stoked to see you riding already - that's determination for ya!!!

do you engine brake on the trail ? what are your thought with engine braking a 2stroke

GGG Motovlog if you have your clutch pulled in and you still give it some fuel theres no problem. long distances and engine braking can seize your engine up possibly.

The sound of a 2 stroke is

Do you own any street legal motorcycles? Or do you only have these dope dirtbikes?

Wille 011 Only dirt bikes for now

Looked like a great day with your buddies, then the end kinda kicked me, so God knows how it's affecting you. Get better soon, man. I need to see the cylinder go in the 250!

Hey cam what type of brake pads are on the cr125 ? I ordered some carbon fiber brake pads they just hit the market ... Idk how there going to act on my cr125 but I'll let you know about them if they are good .....

Depends on what kind of trails. Flowey hard/medium pack. No problem. Slower rocky stuff or loose hills id rather have the 250

Good that you are doing very well .... I told you god had you brother ......

Hey cam, Hope your feeling better! Dont know if you remember me or not but ever since I've found your videos I have always been motivated with bikes. I live in moseslake Washington and have memories of the ttr125 you built. I remember seeing it on craigslist before you bought it and I remember you posting it and how bad I wanted it afterwards haha! There hasn't been a video yet that I haven't enjoyed watching, especially the informative videos. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have put out for us. I know I would not be doing what I currently do without you. -Blake

God it looks so nice there wish Indiana had some good trails like this

Attica is ok it’s even worse for me I live in the inner city

Dirt Moto I hear ya either haspin acres or attica. I'm somewhat lucky I've got 40 acres at my parents only prolly 15 of it is trails though

mitch Lambert I know right there's not shit in Indiana, I have to drive a couple hours just to get to some public riding land

Come back stronger bro!!!

Please get you some hand guards! Save them hands so you can keep on riding

Little did u now u had canser

Alex Bittle u meen canesir?

Aweome ride !! Stay strong.

So sad to hear you got diagnosed with cancer

I do like doing trails,once you know it, and you need to be fit as it can be very hard on your arms and legs.

cool glitch lol I love my rmx 250 for western / central washington

i have been thinking about getting a 125 but cant find the right deal and there are not many around me. anyone have a website or something that would make it easier for me to find one? looking for any condition, might do a restoration like one of cameron’s.

Craigslist is usually the best website

Hope your felling better, stay strong.

Stay strong cam!

Never had one but would love to trade my xr600 for a feather weight in this Alabama heat.

blackston powell 125s are great the crs handle the best but the yzs and kxs and ktms push the most horsepower

Ride red get head

Got my boy a yz 125. I like ripping it. The thing goes every where

Cameron Niemela me with honda cr 125 1988 :)) lil bit underpower, but it is better then nothing

It’s a blast hearing her sing through the woods

My 89 just rips geared properly and it’s light but I ran the hours out on the piston being the young kid I am n seized it also not to help the head gasket went and dumped coolant into the cylinder workin on it

Oh yeah... And I think a 250 2st or a 450 would be a waste of power on those trails so 125 is the ideal weapon

It makes me miss my KTM125. used that for a few enduro races and was great fun.

I want to ride here

Hell you are only like 45min from me

To many fucking adverts making it a real pain in the arse to watch what is usually a brilliant channel.

Rumble man. Keep fighting always! With you.

Stay positive and ride every chance you get

Hey cam my rc powervalve servo gears self decinigrated and I ziptied my powervalve wideopen besides no low end and extra noise is this bad for the bike? It’s a 05 cr250 also get better man being in the hospital sucks but once you get out you get to come back to that sweet 125

Get well soon

Maybe you need a softer plug for slow trails, good to see your back

What's everyone's opinion on Suzuki TSR 125s?

125’s are great trail bikes

Had a 1998 RM 125 a few years back, the one with the conventional forks. Was so good on the enduro trails here in Sweden. Light, nimble and decent bottom end torque from a 125 paired with a very good fork. I would say the conventional fork works best for trail riding vs pure mx. Had a milled head, ported cylinder, Pro Circuit works pipe and 304 silencer. Miss that bike to this day. The good thing about riding a 125 is that you can't be lazy and need to plan ahead all the time and really learn to use the clutch. Very good traing for stepping up to a bigger bike.

hope you get better man. love the vids keep it up!

i wanna see you ride after you defeat leukemia.. stay strong man!!

Tell the guy in the black and white Jersey to put bis ellbows up

you should do a vid of your klx

Cameron Niemela You advise me to use cylinderhead BUD in my Cr 125? or NGK Iridium.

Trying to ride trails on a 14 Rmz 450 .. Not fun at all..

I personally dislike 125s a lot , their powerless for me , i rode one , a yz 125 and it felt powerless , after that i only ever bought 250cc bikes and above .

I don’t think it’s jetted for trail riding tho

Stay strong keep riding

Dude sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Will be sending prayers your way! Your videos have been such an inspiration to me and many other people. Keep your head up man!

What trails is this? Me and a couple friends were just in that area and went to riverside state park area.

You really don't deserve what your going through mate, I don't really like the idea of a lot of charities as I really don't know where and what my money is funding (a lot of shifty scams out there) but I see this as a good cause.. I cannot give much especially since Australian dollar is weak tothan US but I'll give what I can and hope it helps.. all the best

Hope your good Cam, keep fighting

Your back yard is amazing

wait you have cancer?

Thanks! I haven't been down there but it looks amazing!

Have you ever ridden taneum by thorp?between ellensburg and Cle Elum.

Cameron Niemela yeah it’s very similar to the riding in this video. Tight switchbacks beautiful area and some sketchy sections! Hope you’re feeling better each day!

I haven't yet. Looks like a sweet spot!

I just got a 2004 cr125, I love it

My tires want to slip and slide everywhere when i ride

saying prayers for you kid.....give it to the Lord and you will beat it.....Amen

My son and I rode 80 miles of single track in Steamboat Spings Colorado last weekend and got soaked from a thunderstorm but had a great time. If you ever have a chance try the single track at Taylor Park Colorado it’s very rocky and tight or Crested Butte or.........

I’m praying for you brother ❣️ I’ve seen people go through this before, it’s horrible so wish you and family the very best

Cam you make some great videos man they make my day a little better prayers From Worcester county MA

My dad just got diagnosed with LIver Cancer and it is a rough time he just started Chemo i hope he is alright im 14 i ride and race motocross myself and i love your videos. You will smack your cancer in its face!!

You'll be back riding here soon enough bro! Keep fighting! Positive vibes from Malaysia! :)

Love the vids

What kinda helmet cam do you use Cameron? I'm thinking about getting one and urs looks pretty good. and hopefully the recovery is going well brother

Nice, yours seems to be much better quality than the other videos I've seen with the hero 6

Thanks! It's a GoPro Hero 6, it's linked in the description of the video

So good seing ur vids again, stay strong ma men

Anyone know why my yz125 won’t idle in gear?

Could anyone take a look at this sound my bike makes? Sounds like broken bearings or something? Take a look please..

Jeez you guys must be really good to ride a mx bike in the trail. And I hope you get better soon!

Which number of sparkplug do u use for 125 trailriding? I normally use a NGK BR8ES

Rode an 03 125R for 10 years on trails, and in enduro races.. LOVED IT. Kinda like riding on the back of a deer, specially up the steep stuff. Just sold it and picked up an 03 CR250R.

I love your videos man keep fighting

Get well mate Love ya vids

keeping you in my prayers everyday & night cam. you’re one of the most greatest people living in this generation & you have deep passion! much luv✨

I'll pass on rebuilds every 3 hrs. Get u a 250

Does that dude got sneakers on

get better mate

Island Riders Dirt bikes & Quads bike life is dumb:D

Cameron if you get the chance would you check out my comment on your rebuilding a 4 stroke carb it would be much appreciated and best of luck too you man!!

I love riding my 125 in the woods it always feels like your riding so much faster because you are up on the pipe so much

Am i the only jackass who rides trails without a helmet, gloves or any protective gear? I really am curious.

You can win the battle vs the leucemia

I ride a 2000 cr 125 could you help me out with a website that sale skid plates for that year model

Love you bro. Stay strong dont give up ur badass

125s are underrated. I have an 01 yz125 and i only ever do hare scrambles on it. Bone stock 125 besides a pipe and silencer. Sure i look out of place when i’m surrounded by ktm exc’s but the little 125 and I give them a run for their money lol

Wow!! Those trails were extremely tough, I would have slammed a tree five minuets into them. Seemed like a walk in the park for you guys.. It's even more impressive now knowing you had leukemia wile ridding them. God bless man.

Hope you get better

I’m 13 and I rip a 07 Cr125r

Me always

Damn dude, you have already had videos for all of my questions about it's possible!? ahah!!! Many thanks!!!!

Did I hear an “oh ya bud” in there lmao.. from one riding Cameron to another, I think you may have some latent Canadian ancestry

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