How Culture, Vision and Mission Impact Your Business Success

How Culture, Vision and Mission Impact Your Business Success

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What, does it mean to start with why and what. Impact, does having a defined company, culture and a, set, of core values really, have on a team's bottom line in, other words do you really need to slow down and think about this stuff does it even matter I recently. Sat, down with one of my favorite. People, Ryan McCarty, to get his perspective on these questions and several. More Ryan, and I could talk for hours about, building, real estate teams but we tried to keep this interview focused, on starting. With why and. How culture vision and mission impact. A company's profitability. And, most. Importantly. Your, quality, of life, Ryan. And I met when he was a Keller Williams team leader several, years ago he, recognized, that my company Pro Rea staffing, could help him recruit more agents, by helping them solve their biggest, problem which is of course hiring. Great people, he's. Changed brokerages a few times since then and I've honestly, lost count of how many top, agents, I've helped him recruit now. He's a consultant with reside, real estate in San Francisco, and he focuses, on coaching, agents who, want to grow profitable. Teams he, has amazing, insight, and our interview is chock-full of valuable, nuggets so stay, tuned, oh and. If you're new to this channel hello. And welcome my name is Vanessa rosenbloom and I'm the president, of Pro Rea staffing, on this, channel we focus on fostering careers, in real estate and growing, real estate teams if this, is a topic you care about make sure to hit the subscribe button I post, new content weekly, alright, let's get into the interview. Hi. Ryan, thanks for joining me today how are you hey. I'm great how are you good. Well let's just dive into this so can you just give everyone listening, a little bit of background where. Do you work and what. Do you do. So. I work for a company called side, it's, based. Out of San Francisco I, am a consultant source ID my, focus is on the team-building side of. The. Agent business so what side is were really a technology. Forward company, that, really. Is a coaching, and control being focused. Around the, real estate agents business, but. We coach them on different. Levels of their business how to wrap up their business and where. I am as on the team building size going once you've ramped up and you've got them up your mess and your business is solid and you're, looking to grow and, kind. Of widen your reach and have, staff and team members I focus. On helping agents, identify, talent and hiring them. Fantastic. Well you're the perfect person to talk to me about what, they want to talk about today which is creating. A business. Based around, your values having, a clear vision and mission so. When, you have an agent who feels like they're ready to start growing, a team where, do you start what kind of advice you give them before they you. Know before they start adding people to their team. You. Know that's a really powerful. Question, for me, because, in the past you. Know. Coming from a background in real estate where I had my own team, in the. Beginning of coaching people and consulted, them I just kind of figured everyone should have a team that was like the next step in having a team and so I would coach people to hire and find. A buyer's agent find that kind of showing the system and finding the system and. What. I realized, is first, of all not everyone was ready for that not everyone was ready to embrace being a leader and not. Everyone wanted it and, that. Really kind of drew me to like helping, people when they came to me, helping. Them identify why, you, know when they would say to me you know I think I need to hire or. I think I need a partner or you. Know I have, too much business I need that I need help or I want to buyer's agent, are there's this person who wants to join my team. You. Know in the past I would kind of said oh that's exciting let's do this figure stuff and what I realized over. Time is that it's really, important, to get. Them thinking, about, why. Would I do this and and having a conversation around. You. Know what. Do you seek to get out of this you know what, would this person do you, know how do you intend to lead them so.

Really Just kind, of throwing the conversation, down and whether they've thought about or not hopefully, getting them started. On thinking about their, why and how would that look is where they report to and what would you I do, and you, know what, kind of person you looking for maybe a missing person report. Kind. Of conversation, early so. Just slowing the conversation, down and getting them to think about you, know what does that look like and you. Know, how. Do you see your team and who leads it who's the coach and who's, mentoring, the people and you know what does that look like well I want to slow down and figure out why you, know what are you looking to accomplish do you want more business. Do. You want more time back you do want both you want to work less make, more what is it that you really want to accomplish. Perfect. And I have to, Tanja's. I want to go on from there I guess the first is what, do you say to people who they're on their own and they say I want to hire a buyer's agent, like. Before they have administrative, staff. No. That's a really common, very. Very. Common, question and. I've. Also encountered a lot of people that you. Know they, come into my world or asking, questions or now I'm working with them or in the past I've recruited people like that that, they've missed. In my mind missed that step of hiring that, operations, person, or an admin, and when, I say to them is that. You. Know when you're an individual, agent, you. Know they're whether. We want to admit it know it or let go of the tasks or whatever there's a ton of work on our plates that, are that, are not you. Know really lead, generation, or bottom. Line based tasks. That we're doing every day and and. Now, we, hire you know we. Hire a buyer's agent right, and now, now we've got two people in our world that there's a ton of things that are likely on our plate that are taking, us, away from getting. In front of more business or taking better care of the business that we have and so, I what, I say to people is you know. There's. With. All that said you know now it's not just you but so, you're in the beginning you're kind, of your own, administrative. Assistant, right so you're wearing two hats you're, the agent you're the buyer's agent or the listing agent and you're. Also the. Operations. Manager of your organization. The. Moment you hire another buyer's agent, now you're that for two people right, and so. It's. For me it's really important to get them to see that, you. Know if you're hiring a buyer's agent how, do you, help. You're. Becoming a leader right and you're leading an organization you're, leading someone else you're, working with someone else who, is taking, on a, double. Of the, administrative. Duties now and so you know if you don't have an administrative, assistant you, are one and and, when. I say it like, that to them I think a lot of people do get it. But. Then yet and you know this there there are a ton of agents, that just, I. Think, when they're in their height and if their craziness like oh my god I wish I had someone I really need help right now and then, by the time they might get to either you know someone like us they're. Not as crazy in that moment and I go well I don't really know what I'd have them do right now right, and let's. Basically I mean to go back to your question hiring that buyer's agent before you have an administrative, help, well. Now you're going to be an assistant, for a few people. So. That's for, me that's what that is. Yeah.

Well And what I see too is when they finally do. Bring in an Advent if you have multiple, sales people working together but. With no administrative, foundation. When, you bring in that that foundation, it's, a lot more work it's a huge ask to because now you have a bunch of agents you're kind of doing their own thing their own way with, their own systems, and now. Instead of just regularly, one person. And in, getting systems, you've got to get everybody. On board so. It's a lot harder to. Fix that problem the. Further down the road you go. Yeah. I totally agree I think you've got to you. Know a lot of my conversations, with agent you, know we, know where we're at right well makes when we start you know consulting, with someone coaching with someone we, it's, really easy to kind of identify where, we're at and they have a pretty you, know semi. Clear vision of where they want to go, and. A lot of agents, like to skip over you. Know for lining abdominals, they're skipping over all of the ones that they don't want to hit, it to, try to get to that next one and they think that's going to happen to others people, and and. And, what I want to slow them down and help them think about is your your taking from. An individual, producer, now your your Lots your growing, this into a business right, so as you begin to build your organization. You, have to have that operations. Set. Up right, so, I think you have to line up your dominoes, and you have to knock. Them over which, independent. Contractors, or entrepreneurs. We're not always that great at like following, the next step and, so I think now, we have to think about this as a CEO as a business, owner what am. I missing in my world and you, don't want to add like you said two or three you know those people to that that's just more. You. Know that's just more. Unorganized. Workflow. As you grow, yeah. I think if to start with a really solid foundation and, honestly. Before you can really you. Know help. Another salesperson or work alongside of another salesperson I think effectively, I think you have to be able to.

Have. A you, know speak to the fact that you have a solid, system you, know most agents they're, starving, for a system. And. They you. Know but yet we're not programmed to be this system. Maintainer. Right and so I think we have to slow. Down and really set up a solid foundation in, order. To build, that momentum to. Get to that Domino, you know that next time I know that we want to knock over and our next goal so, I think it's about really the slowing down which is hard for some people sometimes, and. Just setting it up right. Yeah. I mean it's a lot more fun to talk about adding tells people to your team than it is to, write, out your listing, checklist or figure, out what your post. Closed process is, going to look like so, I can I can appreciate, it empathize, with where, they're coming from but yeah, I completely agree that, foundation. Can. Completely. Set the direction for your company and you'll just continue to have stress and and turnover. And. Attract. Lower, level, fill people into your organization, if you're not able to offer the value that comes with those, systems in the administrative, support, because. You're right hungry for the system so why would a buyer's agent join your team if you're, not able to offer solid. Support, so. That's exactly it I think the value of joining someone right is, that they have something that you, need you know they want to learn from you right. You. Know when, you when you're joining an organization you're. You're hoping to you know getting something right, that they maybe is missing in your world and you, know, self people they're often attracted, to someone who's doing more business than them or has more leads than they do and if. They're jumping into that world and it's chaotic and you can't even really predict, you. Know. Or. Anticipate. The business because, you don't have your operations. Or your system down it's, a it's going to be a really rough ride on a side note I you know this, wasn't really your question but I think, a lot of times tell people come into our world and we realize that we're missing some operations, right and so.

We Think well. Maybe you, could be my assistant as, well and we, kind of hybrid you, know salesperson. And to also being our administrative. Assistant and, I'll tell you I, don't. Know about you I'm sure you've seen it like I have mmm. Almost, every time you. Know that hybrid role it doesn't always work you, know it really doesn't, work because, the behavioral, you know style of those two roles are very different the goals are very different, you, know to. Fit someone in a seat and say you know here you know here's the system and organize. Me and set me up and, run my operations, and now oh wait, here's a buyer and do this open house yeah. I think you have to have the, right skill set create the very behavioral, style right focus and I. I would just caution everyone you know the hybrid, roles and. Theory it sounds amazing cry so I can oh wow and I can just give you buyer's nuts how I'll pay you and I think a lot of times that. Hire is made based off of fear right, basically what I don't want to take on this expense, so, if I hire a salesperson, I can do Commission, I can. Give them a couple deals and maybe pay a lower base and I. Think, we're, led in that moment, by lack of options, or lack of guidance or, the. Fear of the expense, in their in their head they don't see it investing, in a person, they're, still, stuck in oh this. Is an expense, and so they're trying to kind. Of avoid the pain of having to, pay. A salary. Over a couple weeks so they're splitting, it and making this hybrid physician which I would, just say it doesn't it doesn't work long term, no. I could. Not agree with you more and thank you for bringing that up I could actually as you're describing. That a, situation. Came to mind this was years ago a, person. I'd be a client I'd been trying to work with calls me he goes okay fine, fine I get it I'm ready I'm, in the office I'm dealing with this beast, of an escrow I've got contracts, everywhere and my, quote assistant. Is out showing property, to my buyer so, this is this, is messed up I need a real assistant, and basically. He hired an aspiring. Agent. To be on that hybrid role and he didn't want to do the transaction, working wanted to go out and show property, to buyers and guess what that's what he figured out how, to do and you.

Know The lead agent is sitting there dealing with transaction, paperwork instead of generating. More business so I, see, that time and time again it's, a, good. Cautionary, tale. To tell I. Know. That I know that firsthand I mean what started in the real estate business back in 2003. I was hired by, a friend, of mine to. Be his assistant. And that. Lasted literally about a date I think I might have touched. One file and back, then we were putting files together and pay for stacking right and all in order I might, have much decided to file but, you know what what I saw the need what, was, more on helping, him with the buyers and actually you know I'm showing properties, and you. Know I became, more of a showing assistant, within. A matter of days. And. It was just a better fit for me you know it, was more exciting, it. Was. It. Just, was a better fit and so but what suffered the, files the paperwork so, now there's two of us and we're, showing more properties were converting more deals we, have we, have more clients than we know what to do it and no one doing, the paperwork right so there is until this struggle, on the paperwork site so I've. Experiences, firsthand and you. Know you want to play two skill sets and you want to play the goals and you want to play to, the. Person's natural style. And I, learned, that firsthand that and I'm, very grateful for for being hired as an assistant and, I, came. Became, a back then we didn't have showing assistants but I became a showing assistant, by default, because, that was the natural state it was more of the need and. The paperwork two stacked-up hello. So. I want to go back to, you were talking about why earlier, on in our conversation, and you and I are both really big fans of simon Sinek and his book start with why so, I wanted to talk about why, that resonated, with you and how how you apply that in your coaching I know. If you were talking about the why like. Why do you want this but then that really goes into your values, too like what do you stand for and how does how does that play into your conversation, with, clients with agents yeah, I love, that you know for me simon. Sinek and any, of his messages they just really, resonate with me because it really just kind of, it. Just dialed, it back to. What. It is that you really want or what you're about or alignment, right and I think that as. An example I was I was talking to an agent the other day met, you know mega agent has a team and, he. Was studying gold for his buyer's agent, right, and we were on we were on a call and. He. Was saying that, this particular buyer the buyer's agent should, should do 10 million right, and he. Had only done three million in Boeing the year before and I said tell. Me more about you know did he accept, that gold for himself and, he said no no, I think he should probably I think he's capable of doing two million and and. He. Was having some frustration, with, with this particular agent, and he and he, just felt like why, isn't he doing more and I. Said. Well let's start there it would start what's up with that why does, he want to do 10 million you know what does what does that look like for him you know what does he mean what, what, excites, him what is he want to accomplish in it I think that a lot of you. Know. A lot of agents are just people in general I think that we it. Whatever, we have in our own head of what we want to accomplish and what we want to earn and a lot of accept like okay I want to do it this year I'm going. To do five hundred GCI and while next year I want to do six hundred not. Everyone, has that not, everyone has that drive or not, everyone they. Might have drive but it's drive towards something different maybe their quality of life is different maybe they might take more time off maybe their, kids maybe maybe.

They Only want to earn, $100,000. A year versus, you, know your goal of six hundred thousand for them and I think it's important, to connect with people and figure out what, it is that they want what, that does is that eliminate. Once, you're clear on that or what you know sit, down with your people well what do you want to accomplish and how does that look and you, know what excites you you, know about. It may not even be money right, it may be you know what I want to earn this and I just want to travel I want to put some in the bank and I won't spend time with my kids and you. Know not everyone has to rule the world like, a lot of agents think right and I think we kind of project, our own why. Unto, other people and then now, there's this expectation, right, and. And. When, that doesn't happen we, become frustrated, or disappointed and, so, to me that's why it's important, to really have a clear why right down to that level of thinking, with people on you. Know what are your goals and how does that fit in with mine and can, we get there together and, and okay. Maybe you are not a 50, million dollar producer, but do I have room in my world for you and how can I help you get to hit, your goals right and I. Think. It's, enough it's like, any other relationship you, know we've all we've, all had relationships or. Friendships that. That. We get into that, we didn't. Really spend enough time figuring, out. You. Know what we align on you know I tell it is this one when they're hiring any, level. Whether it's a buyer's agent a curricular assistant, whatever, they're hiring you. Know it is that you're dating when you're in the interview process look. At this almost like a date right so if you're sitting down and and you. Want kids we'll find out if they want kids right, and we want to have kids and how many kids do you want to have so have a mutual, expect, conversation. But, within that figure, out the why you know if. Someone says to you that oh my god it my first year in the business you, know I did this and I really want to get to 10 million find. Out the why no tell, me tell me to, go from five million or ten million what, do you do with that what. Are you funding, what are you creating, you know that extra income, what.

You, Know what do you do with that where are you going what are you doing and when, someone says oh wow, I didn't. I didn't I, didn't, want to think about that but. You, know what I I would love to you, know put. The money aside you know to help, this or to fund that I remember I was one, time recruiting someone who had done, 20. Million. The. Last three years in a row and I find that people kind of have a feeling you know it around. It's. About three years when they start to get kind of frustrated with, their stealing some sooner right or some days they're they'll tolerate it for a long time but. This, particular guy he had hit like 18 million 20, million 22, million and. He's. Right there hovering at that 20 million and I had met I had met him you know and had interviews with him and he had told me a few times you want to go for 20 to 30 million and I. Had, never asked, him why and fill, about. Nine, months of you know kind of reconnecting. And seeing him around I sat, down with them and I said you know I'm. Curious to know like to. Go from twenty two or twenty right. Is thirty like that's a 10 million dollar increase. In volume, right. That's, X number of commission. Like what, do you do with that and, weird. That number come from and he, looked at me and because. What do you mean and I said was that like you, feel like that's just a natural progression in your career is that an option your belt like what are you accomplishing by. Getting there oh I get what you mean well. That's, that's easy because right, now my mom, this is my aunt and my cousins, and in the house over here and they have a bunch of kids I would really love to just buy, a house for her and, that. That, piece for me was like oh okay. I get, it and and now you saw I saw the heart of that number right. What's with that what, that number, get him for his mom and. It. Was really I mean that excites me and so I okay, I could get behind it even more right and and I, ultimately, were you know recruited, him he joined organization. And I. Became his coach and when I would coach him and he, would first veer off I would, pull him back by just saying you. Know does that fall under, helping. You, get to the place where you're building enough. Business, to, fund your mom's house right. And so, I think we have to we, have to connect the head in the heart and that's the why for me right. And. When we can get curious and ask about it we, can align with it or not right. And I think that's when, you're on a team and you're, working with people you have to have core, values you have to be working towards you. Know a common, goal and you have to be able to get behind other. People's goals whether it's someone you're working for or with or or, they're, working for you you. You know I think, the why is it's, the heart right. It is, the, thing that when you're chipping away is the work and you're exhausted if you. Know the heart of it you can pull someone back around to it. Absolutely. And I think this. Plays it mean, if this plays into recruiting on the administrative, side as well I mean people.

Want To, align. With people who align with their values and they want to know why. They're doing what they're doing like what, is the bigger picture and so, if you if that agent can translate, their writing they'll help their mom buy a house into, a way that the team can get behind that they, defined. Their core values then you can attract people who even when things get hard. And difficult the agent has a bad day or a, bad quarter, they're. Still in it with you because, because. It's not it is it's a head on the heart it's not just about the paycheck and everybody, talks about oh I want to have I want to have people who aren't here for the paycheck want people who are committed. To my mission. But. When they make it just about them, instead. Of about what's in it for their team and. Like everybody's. In for themselves at some level right and then, - a lot of them don't really articulate, it in the first place so, can you think of team that. Who. Do this really well you don't have to name names but like what what is different, about it a team, leader or you, know an agent who has a team who, has a very clear, set. Of core values that, that. Are, like. Actively. Implemented. In our business. Yeah. I can. And. I can take those teams that. You. Know I can take it one in particular that, they just get it and I can think of another team that, struggled, with it and lost. Talent. Because. The leaders, struggled, with it and didn't connect. With it and share it and then, finally. Kept. Continuing, to attract talent but what she was able to communicate, it was, able to retain a lot, longer so. Yeah. I think that if. I was to think about the first team that. I haven't in my mind these, leader is, really. You. Know here's, ad if I can go backwards a little bit like a lot of patients, they. Will naturally attract. People. To them, like, that want to work with them right so it you know someone gets their license, or someone, you know they. They look they do a deal with or, they're. In the same office and, oh my god I really like the way you work like, there's going to be this natural, attraction, where people start to kind of connect and organically. Partner. Or organically, join the team right and, and. That's. Great and that's, that kind of natural energy that natural attraction but I think in dialing. That in and being able to share your vision and share your goals and share. Your why and, align. Was theirs and get behind their goal and their way you know when you sit at the moment you the. Moment you hire a buyer's agent or you, know an executive, assistant you're.

A Leader you step over the line of being this independent, contractor, fly by the seat of your pants on super there are working. Alone in the island, you know -. Now all of a sudden you're, a leader and, you're. Leading people and they're putting your trust, in you they're looking up to you you, know your, superpower, is your influence right, and I think you have to be purposeful, with that and I think the way that you do that is sharing that and so this, particular team, they're. Really great with. Getting. Behind each other's goals you, know having useful expectations. Conversations. They're. They're, they're, purposeful, with. Just. Aligning on what. They're accomplishing and. I've, he recently came into my world a couple months ago and they've mastered then they had over. 100 million more volume and we. Began to look at the team org chart and and. Really. Help figure. Out like okay so here's what we're at and, how do we lean in on everyone's strengths we know we want goals you work well together how do we lean in on everyone's strengths to. To, to. Get everyone, to the next level right and I think the, leaders really. Knows. His. Agents, and. His team's their. Strengths, right what, they're into what they like their goals and I, what, I see the most is, alignment. Less. Frustration, you, know in other teams I could think of where that doesn't exist there, is a lot of kind. Of pulling people, to come with you you know or chasing, them down to. Find them to get them to, come with you and or. You, know talent, will show up in your world but can, you keep talent. Right ten even you know it's one thing for them to come to you and say I want to work with you it's, quite another to to. Grow and retain them. And and. That's where I think you. Know having that why having, that communication. You. Know not, just saying how many houses you want to sell this year okay great go sell them right that's, that's not leadership that's, not. Connecting. On a why that's you, know at the end of the day we're human beings and we're all you, know getting up every day you, know throwing our emotions, you. Know and our work into. What we're doing right, and I. Think it's, important. To align with others and to connect and to be working towards you. Know each other schools and that's, where I see the biggest thing for me is is. Retention and not. Just retention, but growing. With each other you, know watching, watching. The others, around, you and with you in the office I'm, tired of you like watching, them really grow and be happy you. Know it's one thing to to. Hit your goals and still double the houses next year it's, another thing to do that and really be happy. Amen. Absolutely. True and. Yeah. And I think one. Of the greatest privileges, of being a leader is that you get to bring other people up with you I mean. That's I think that's really the joy, of it is is that giving, back and bringing people along with you and developing. Them and really as soon as you're a leader it's no longer about you and I. See too many sales agents, continue, to, have.

Everything To be about them when. They, have other people working for them and it's just no longer about you like. Simonson Dec says you know when. You're a leader if things go well it's, finished, your team when things go bad it's, your fault record you, it's, not about you anymore. That, I owe you I look, good. No. No go ahead I just. Say some of it the. Best conversations, that I have where I can I really, just, like. Talk about it for hours with my team there's. Lunch and I think of in particular that he, did a really, great job he's an incredible agent he attracted, some really great talent. You. Know he, hired an executive assistant, in fact through party a right she was very talented, and. He. Had an incredible buyer's agent, that I helped him connect with that I had known and helped, him recruit and and they. Were you. Know here one they. Were super, successful in working together and. I. Remember, a time I was coaching with him and he. Said you know this was working so well and I. Love I love her and I love him and this is greatness is incredible I don't ever want to lose lose them and he. Said how. Do I keep them and, that. Was like oh my oh this is now this is fun right we're not talking about them, to summer house is we're, not talking about how to help. Them with conversion, the, conversation. Now evolved, into, how. Do I keep them and, and, it. Was a really cool conversation about what's. Important to them you. Know what what, what do they why, do you think they're with you you know they came to you for this right, and they, sit there staying with you because of that but how, do you keep them like, what, have, you asked have, you asked them like how do I work with you forever, what, needs to happen for, me, to know. That you're always in be with me what how, do I help you grow is growth important, to you of course it is like how do I help you grow but, we assume, a lot of times that growing, means well, I want to double my business next year because that's what we all think right and the, conversation. When. He came back to me and after I send them with that kind of homework assignment, go figure out how, ask them right. Ask them how do I keep you forever how, do we work together forever house how, do I know that, you're so, happy that you're never going to leave me and. What. He had assumed in his head of how to keep them was was, very different, than, what they said to him it, wasn't about doubling, their business it was about you, know this, is this is where I need to land it and you know and what I would need to earn and I want to feel like this I want to know that I'm I'm, growing with you I want to take on a leadership role within your team I could see myself mentoring, other people. It's. Really important, to me that I that, I grow, my. Leadership, skills and so, now this. Particular lead. Agents, not. You're not growing a self person you're you, you're, growing a leader right. And can, you get behind that and and, it was such a cool conversation because what we have in our head that what we think other people people want or you. Know or, how we think we can keep them or help them is often times very different, than, what they, really want and I, think that's, why you have to slow down you have to really know and, connect, and it's, not about you.

Know We, work with people, is. That it's not about teaching them how to sell more houses, it's. About teaching them how to do that be happy in and sometimes their kids or their partner, or travel. Or you know, give. Their time or if, you know in this business no, one is really, you. Know oftentimes teaching, it but can you go to class on how to write, a contract or, how that leave in more how to yeah. But. What about like how, do I have a solid business and, also. Have a really, great life. Because. Real estate should fund our perfect life but I don't know that enough of us have those conversation. You, know with with, with, our organization. Right, whether it's you, know within the office or profit, manager, the sales manager, or it's just in your own individual, team I, think. That's a trickle that's a trickle down right, like or up or whatever you want to say like we should be having those conversations with. Our people, and. That, that those are fun for me when we can really get into and be, curious about. You. Know what, makes a person tick and and how do I just stay with you forever you. Know how, do I know that you know you're happy and you're excelling, and we work together forever because, I love what we're doing and. A. Lot of that. Absolutely. I'm curious to hear about the team that was struggling with this and then how that agent, made this transition because I think a lot of people well, you know I share this all the time I'm not a good manager I'm not a good leader I just need someone who can manage, themselves just, use I'm going to show up shut up do the job and I'll pay them and of. Course that doesn't work long term so. How does any make that transition, into, being an effective leader and can, manager. You. Know that the particular agent that I'm thinking about I think you, know a lot of times when. We when, we make a change or, we. We. Transition, into you. Know I think it comes from the pain or.

The Loss right, so when we realize we need to grow it's. Sometimes. Unfortunately. After the fact right so we. This particular person, had an incredible. Executive, assistant, and and. A. Great team and it was rolling along and I. Don't. Know that, she, was necessarily. Connecting. With the. Why of. This. Person that was working with the team on the on the operation, side their, long-term goal, right and so this person was you, know at a at a quick glance like killing the job right, and, everyone. Seemed, to be fine and happy but. The. Particular candidate, are I'm sorry the particular operations. Manager didn't, feel a long-term, growth. Pals within, the organization, and I, and and, it. Found something else that was moving on and when that pain, showed up now the person you know that I was coaching brought it to me like how did this happen, and. At. That point it was too late right and now they needed to replace this person and. That's, I think that came from a conversation right. Of but it was from the pain of losing someone like that so, a lot of times I think when we you. Know it's like you have to build yet, to build out after that happens okay so how did that, did not feel good I thought we were on the right path right I thought we were connected, online everyone, was happy and because I was by, talking, 4/2 right, and I. Think we have to ask like. This. App. Communicate. By check-in and, how are you doing how you feeling cuz I'm in love with this are you or. You know how do you what, you, know how do you get to a place just, like I said a few minutes ago like how do you get to a place where you're you, know you're super happy and you're growing you feel like this is a next level for you so, this, particular person, through, the pain of losing, talent. Now. Would. Come to me and once, the new hire was there and then, it branched. Out to the rest of the team you, know how do I make. Sure that this doesn't happen with, this person, right, and that's. The conversation and, and. Now I've watched her. Do a much better job of, really. You. Know retaining, her people but that's to understanding, them you, know and and and you. Know figuring, out how to how. Do you want to grow what's next for you and how do I help you get there how do I create room for you like you, know do you eventually want to you. Know. You. Know do you see yourself in a different operation. Spot, on my team you know do you see yourself evolving, someday into a cells role you know I, think sometimes were were afraid, to, ask you, know like we don't want to.

You Know I know the answer yeah, what. Are we what are we afraid to know what are we afraid to find out, but. That's the thing I think when, you're blindsided. By that it's typically, because you didn't ask you. Know you. Didn't ask or or you didn't listen if. They told you, you. Didn't listen or you didn't listen. And then ask you, know they mean like we'll tell me about that how does that look and when does that happen and, when do you want to see yourself getting that so, um that's. That's, for me a lot of people I think like I know I do I learned from my mistakes and my pains and I learn a lot from what other people do that I look and go oh that, I would have done that and I'm. Definitely going to build a system around or a process around not doing that. So, I I think yeah, I think it's through having. Clarity yeah I don't, think we realized that when we start working with like that's it that's another relationship. It's no different, you, know than a friendship or a partnership, but you, in, a business partnership, right, so shouldn't you have shouldn't you treat it like a relationship, shouldn't you check in and shouldn't. You figure out like are we on the right path like where we headed are you good with this so what's next for you right. Yes. And I also think, that is kind of going back to what you said earlier about how, the agents, goal might be to double their business and they're so, focused on the numbers but I could think like in my own organization my, executive assistant obviously. She wants to be paid fairly, but, it's not about that if if she's, proud, of taking care of her team it's, about being appreciated. And acknowledged, and having. That stability and, knowing, that that. She's, doing a job well that's, what she needs that makes her happy and she's amazing, and I. Think it's very easy for aides sales people to fall into the trap of thinking that just everyone just needs to make more money or they. Need to hit the sales goals and that's, what of a satisfied up and then because. Like for my assistant, if I didn't acknowledge her, or if I didn't they, accused her of doing something incorrectly, because she's never wrong right that's, that, hurts her spirit, and I see that with a lot of agents who they don't they, don't recognize, the innate, needs of the people who, support them and they. Just sort of, plow forward and, then. They're surprised where those people are unhappy and leaves that's. That's such an incredible, point I mean if you were to just look at behavioral, style differences, between someone. Who is you. Know a salesperson. Are, an agent, right like typically. And isn't. The case across the board you know we're risk takers right we're fly by the seat of your pants where you. Know we. Jump into this world where there's no paycheck and it's commissioned and there's there's, no insurance, and, there's no you, know Monday. To Friday 9:00 to 5:00 right and. Now we hire you know you. Know someone, in the operations, or the admin role right, and. We. Don't realize that that. Role. Typically, behaviorally. What they're more inclined to is structure, right. Security. Process-oriented. They don't fly by the seat of their pants they want to know that Monday's our party this is where I'm working this is my space right they like. Their. Behaviors. Can be so different but, yet we treat them as if they, behave like us often. Right, and and, I've seen people you know even you, know the way that they would offer. A, job you know it's, you, know more Commission based you. Know versus, zero, a consistent. Salary and that often scares people you. Know I see. This often with people that are making their first hired right so they'll say okay I'll give you this really low base salary and I'll.

Pay You off of my production, and this is where you can get and maybe that is a really great comp plan but it scares the candidate, and are, you kidding me no no, like, yes. I know that you're a busy agent, and yes I know I probably, get there but if. They they're not risk takers right, like and so, I think we have to know who's in front of us right we have to play to their strengths with the play to our strengths, we, have to you, know we can, only see others through the filter that we have, all. Over our own eyes or how we think right, like, how do we think we would want this and, sometimes. We just have to ask you. Know we. Have to stop assuming that. You. Know that this is I this is how while this would excite me or I would, love to be able to make you know a percentage of some. Ages you know of the business because that I could make more money but. We have to know you. Know. Behavioral. Differences, and be curious and ask for the other person so I think. You. Know on many levels it's, just, this communication, you, know and we have to stop assuming everyone, was like us you. Know yes. I think, is also an element. Of empathy, in their cue it's. Because I think if you could you, can practice empathy. When. You're interacting with everybody right hopefully we could we can all do that right but, especially people who are not exactly like us then. You can you can come from a better, place of understanding ask, the right questions, and yeah. And after, then you can listening, yeah. Active. Listening you know, something. That's hard for for, a lot of salespeople right, if, we have that higher kind. Of assertive you know fast paced behavioral, style right like. It's. Hard when will you ask a question you, know, either. We and a lot of people won't write the answer down but even let's just say you're taking notes right yes a question you write the answer down but. Do we stop and go okay my next question is embedded in their answer so, when they say this to me let me discover, why tell. Me why that's important, to you tell me what excites you about that like really. Being curious and layering down, right. Then, you'll get it so I think a lot of you know we're just we're, just going, through and we're listening for the answer does, that make sense oh yeah that makes sense but what, does it you. Know it makes sense in your filter but, what does it mean to them, you. Don't mean, absolutely. Yeah, I love that I mean I think a good, interviewer can ask 10 main questions, and just, drill down on those and get everything they could ever need I mean the real answer is always below the first response so. Always. Well. I thank you so much I think this is such a valuable, conversation. For. For. Any agent, who either has a team or is thinking about growing the team you, added so much value, and, so many interesting things to think about so thank you for your time too I really, appreciate it you're. Very welcome, thank you for Nessa.

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I love this! "If you don't have an administrative assistant, you are one!" It is so true that you need the assistant before the Buyer Agent.

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