How Beginners Can Create a 6 Figure Software Business

How Beginners Can Create a 6 Figure Software Business

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Six-figure. Software, business working, from home even, if you have no experience even if you know nothing about software, and you're not techie my. Friend Kim ding is here to share with us all the secrets on how anyone. Can get started with the. Hugely. Expanding. Industry, of, softwares. So, hi Kim hey. Thanks. For having me on but. Some of you guys know Kim, but. Some of you guys don't I can't assume that everyone, in my audience knows, everyone, and your. Audience, we're so like in our bubbles but. Kim, lives in SoCal, like me. Yeah. I don't any, of the comments at. All right, now but I won't now let me check also if you guys are watching the replay let, us know hashtag, replay. When we wait, for some people to get on so. We're streaming right, here into the Facebook group and I'm. Streaming into, my youtube channel. Hopefully. I'm. Honest. Or the comments on YouTube also so, we're gonna do this as a training Kim. Is gonna share with us. All. The information, and opportunity. There is a lot, of us have been thinking like what's our next move in. 2020. What. What's like the a good. Industry to be in plus, since she's here live she, can answer all of your questions, and do Q&A. So. Kim, can, you let us know how. You even got into this software. Industry. Yeah. Um so. It. Was a year, ago and what, happened was, I, I. Had to figure out a way to. Make. Money online because. I, wanted to find something that was. Location-independent. My. Business, mostly, was location. Dependent, and it, is still location, independent, my other business and a. Lot. Of the a lot of the mom-and-pop stores, around me we're getting evicted, because. Huge. Like. Mirror. Uh can. I say that marijuana money. And, they, were like. Okay we, can pay five times six times more for, these houses then, your. Mom and pop people can and the landlords, were like sure that's what's gonna happen so I saw people getting evicted left, and right and it. Made me realize even. If you have a profitable, business and, employees, and you know warehouse and everything you're still kind of not so safe and then, that's when I got, into okay, what else what, is out there that is location dependent, that doesn't, have super, high overhead. Costs. That, I, can. Try to, make it work online and, out, of everything that I've seen out of all the options out there you. Know like Shopify, or e-commerce or, Amazon everything I, saw. That software, starting, small with simple, software was, by far the best option so. That's, why I got, into it but I'll get into it as well. Yeah are we going to the training yeah, I can relate because just. Two years ago I mean, before two years ago I was trying to find all these ways to make money online, or doing. Client work just. Like trying, to be entrepreneur. And it, wasn't until I started being really it really. It. Wasn't until I started being an affiliate, for software, so I started actually finally, making some money affiliates. For different kinds of software's like website. Building software's, or email marketing software's, alow, Instagram, software's, and those are kind of like even more but robust, software's there's even, just simpler. Little. Chrome extensions, I have a bunch I always have to like be like which ones am I using which ones am I not, some. They're just on my on my Chrome. Browser I, don't even like think about them but how. Useful they are to me and. These. A lot, of these you pay every, single month to use so. A, creator. Of it can get paid every single month or an affiliate can get paid every single month then you're gonna share with us a bunch of examples. Of everyday, people, people some of you guys even watching might be featured on this who. Had. An idea for a software that was really cool and had, the idea come to life they didn't do any coding themselves, they didn't develop it they just had an idea. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely, a lot of examples and this, training, a lot, of the value, will be in the live Q&A. Where, you can ask specific, questions at. The end but I, do have slides so, we will generalize. And. Then all. Monitor. Okay so it's open, if you want you can make it, bigger. So we can get into the, training. And then, all all asks if you guys have questions throughout it I'll be monitoring, and I'll probably have questions, yeah. And I have a line and. I did this slide training, many. Times in the past but for. With. The. New, testimonials. And new people getting results and just. Such an evolving. Industry. If. You have any questions, we, will do, it more like okay, we're gonna do the slides but also we'll, have it interactive, with Rachel. As you can see we're still like on screen right here Sir, John said I made 497, today from software. That's. So awesome and, checked my Commission's yeah. All. Right you guys okay.

Cool So this. Is the powered secrets, to Chrome, extensions, so, who is this training for it's for anyone who wants to create monthly, reoccurring, income it's, anyone. Who wants to raise, your perceived status, so, you're, the CEO of your own software company now, anyone. Who wants to change the world through their own creations, anyone. Who wants to grow their falling with high converting, giveaways. And. What, you're going to get in this presentation, is my, story why Chrome extensions, the thing you want which can, be monthly reoccurring, income or. Increase. In your own influence. And their, followers who love you for it the, thing that you need I feel is a mindset, shift so hopefully, we, can accomplish, that today the problems, are you, don't know who to talk to don't, know where to start don't have a budget don't, know how to code, and. We're going to address, all of this today, so. Who, here has heard of this little tiny company called, honey I, see. You everywhere, actually yeah. In. All the ads and, everything Rainer, Shane, Dawson's, like this video sponsored by honey. Right. There, going into all the YouTube youtubers. Now but, um honey started. Off as a Chrome extension it, is, mainly, used as a Chrome, extension so, you could get a five percent off like a coupon off whenever there is a coupon code on whatever website. You're on whether it's Amazon or, whatever website so. Honey, is a Chrome extension company, and. In. November. 20. 2019. PayPal. Acquired. Honey, for four billion dollars, and I want to show you guys with. The red, arrow that, it was acquired with mostly, cash so. When. My Chrome extension, chroming homies I called him and I talked. People. Like Travis, who does, hundreds. Of thousands of dollars a month on Chrome extensions, he's like yeah, we. Honey. Is when. They started their chrome extension business it's. It's. Less than a thousand, dollars for them to even start the. The. Coding, of it is around. Three hundred we, see it as like all it probably cost some three hundred to maybe a thousand, dollars to to, even, start and have a chrome, extension like, honey so. This. Is I want to show you this as a real-life example because. This is how far, how. Far you, can actually go with a Chrome extension business, and. Who. Here has heard of this man I. Don't. Know Bill. Gates let. Me know in the comments, if you have heard, of this man also, I, don't, know where Rachel, went. She. Just, like left, and, now I'm doing it but I don't know where she went um, this. Is Bill Gates and his. Big break so Bill Gates didn't. Make a fortune, because, he created his own thing what, he did was, he license, out a. Program. Software. To. IBM. And that's when he got his big break so, he he. Like exploded. Because he did licensing, so keep. This in mind for later on in the training because, I want I will come back to this for you guys. Why. This is very important, the. Licensing. So. Who, the heck is Kim, I have this cool, screenshot. Of the things that I do so not only I.

Strongly. Believe in a life filled, with adventures, and, when. I looked into what, type of business, will enable me to have a life of adventures. But. Have meaning, it is in the software world so, just, a little bit about, me. Back, in 2012. I started a, dismantling. Company, yes, yes. Who am I to, go, ahead and. Take. Apart cars and, sell and provide, car parts online and, you. Know who the heck am i and I. This. Is what I started, I saved up every single penny that I had and I started my own little. Tiny Chop, Shop which. Still exists to today but this is how I got started in the whole ecommerce. Making. Money online, world, and, with. That business, I gained freedom I gained freedom to, go and travel I gained freedom to explore. What's out there because. I oughta mated my business, so, that's a little bit a little bit about me I also sell car parts. But. With freedom and endless, time it, meant it. Didn't really mean much to me I started. There's. Still, this feeling, of emptiness that, crept in me if. There's no real community, so, I ended, up wanting. More and if. You guys are listening who here like. Ever felt, like there was something more to their life than, what they're doing you know just, something, more out there. I was selling car parts no one who, the hell I you, know who the heck I was, and. I was just behind the scenes and, I. Gained, freedom but I wanted more I felt, like there was something more and, I want a purpose, and in, that I found a community so, for the first time it gave me the Epiphany that I didn't have to be someone, huge. Like Gary to positively. Influence others, and in. That process I started talking to, a bunch, of it people. Who were making six to seven figures online. Making. Money online just trying to figure out hey. Like how does any of this work, like how are you guys making, this work, and. If. You've. Ever felt that way let me know that. You. Know going online trying, to find some. Way to make it work and, I saw the power just helping one or two people and that impact, spread then, I did some your, so here love yeah. I'm still here. I. Got, kicked off and I thought the whole thing got my. I've. Been talking. This whole time. Okay. I'm gonna continue perfect. I'm. Just telling them my story so I found an underserved, community of users who I felt, like, I could better help by creating a stronger different, version of their product, and that's, when my, first product grew convert was born it was born, and here is something that I'm gonna reference, as a secret, later you. Remember Bill Gates that's one secret the. Licensing. Please. Remember this, part too where, I. Saw. That, I could do something different, and I went, out and I did it so Group convert, some. Of you guys know what it is but it cost me three hundred and eighty dollars to start and to. Date it has made me over, ninety thousand dollars and that sounds kind of weird saying, it but that's that's. The truth and it's, it's. Pretty crazy, my. Journey into, this, was, looking, where. There. Was a problem, that I could solve and I solved it for myself I just, I couldn't, just sit around and, put in requests, and things will change, I wanted, features, and, I knew the creator's weren't open to suggestions, like these other companies because, you know they're on their own they're doing their own thing Who am I to, tell them how, to craft their, software, so, I embarked, on creating, my own version and when. I released, it people, went nuts these are old. Screenshots. Of when I I released, it so this was nothing until November, 2018. As you can see like I didn't make any money until November. 2018. For. Stripe. So. Within. A few weeks I saw, I could make more than. A thousand, dollars monthly reoccurring, income without. Any extra. Effort because. I was selling access. I was selling screening. And password so I thought what. If I tried, this, for a year, what, are the possibilities. Of this, and. Then. I want to make on more Chrome extensions, within the span of two months which. Now has been a year so I'm gonna show. You, just quickly go. Through them. I have testimonials. For Brooke convert. I. Created, a partnership plan. This. Is going to be part of the, secret that I tell you about so, remember. This slide as well. So, I created a partnership plan, and that partnership, plan enabled, me to. Let. Others, bulk, up their offers, and their offerings so, the.

People In the partnership are all, these crazy, influencers. Like Chris Weiser and Andrew. Cruzi they, joined my partnership, plan almost a year ago and now they're, two, now. They're known has two, comma Club winners from clickfunnels. Who knows you know who who. Knows what you meet who, you'll meet but, yeah, they're part of my partnership, plan and then. I continue, to grow grew convert, and. This. Is quick, blink avert another Chrome, extension, that's created this one was created for a hundred and fifty dollars and classwork. I burst all the way so today I have, new subscribers, sign up and. It's. Like there's, testimonials. And it was inspired by Nate McAllister, because, he, had a Chrome extensions, that's his own version. That did. Something, like this but didn't connect with Google sheets it's just saved links and I'm like oh my gosh as, an. Affiliate marketer or, someone, doing online, you. Know trying to make it work online it, would be awesome to pull up all these links, and have it be at the tip of your fingers, so you could copy, and paste it to whoever, asked you for your links so. That's. Why this is created, it was created to solve not. Only my problem every, single day that I have but it ended up helping others solve their problems, of quickly grabbing links, and then. I'm like oh what about Instagram, so I did a Chrome, extension for. Instagram that lets you post to your, Instagram, from your computer. High quality pictures and DM people back and forth look, I, mean yeah. Add extractor. Extension, this one needs an update but, this one scrapes ads from, Facebook, the, Facebook Ads dashboard. Not. The dashboard the Facebook Ads page, so. That you could see what other people are doing when they're creating the ads but this needs to be updated. This. Was inspired with. Chris. Fong who, is this. Huge. Decade-long. Affiliate. Marketer, person, who goes and helps a lot of people with affiliate, marketing can. I ask you how, often would if you make one like how often would it need to get an update and like what does that involve, yeah. So with. Guru convert I didn't update it for six months one, time I didn't update it for three months one time and. If. You, want to, say hey I want to add this feature you, just talked to your. Developer, who created it, he. Doesn't even have to be full-time on staff or anything he's just there and say, hey can you add this feature and he's like sure and usually. When you add a feature it costs, around a couple of hours of their time, maybe. Like a huge feature would cost like one dollars, but. Most of the feature requests, that I've asked, for cost. Me anywhere, from, $50. To a hundred, and fifty bucks just, to add a new feature so, it is up to you how often, you want to update it and. How. Frequent, you yeah how frequent you want to update it but it only costs. Like, a few hours of their time if it's something a little bit bigger maybe, a week but, that's that's, what it entails you just go to them and say hey can. You add this and if they can't do it you just post a little, you. Go to up, work and post a job that says hey I want to add, this extra feature, to what I currently have give, me a quote and a lot of times for, me it's anywhere from 100, to 300 dollars so. That's the cost of that hopefully. That helped. So. You, don't have to update, it at all if you don't want to and Rachel, you'll it disappeared, again so I'm gonna continue my, own. Extension, is a Chrome extension that lets, you, go ahead and, have. Your own links, and have your own people, access. Your own stuff. In your own world this was inspired by Marcus Campbell because. He. Have a chrome extension that, has over. 6,000. Users, clicking. On his affiliate, links all the time and. When. I saw, that I was like oh my gosh, this was the this would be great for influencers. And Doug. Baden gave me a testimonial. If you guys know who Doug botanist, and. Yeah. Peter Peru uses, it and this. Is his actual, my. Own extension, one so, yeah. It's, like it's cool that these tiny chrome extensions, that I say, hey can you make this this one cost three hundred dollars, hey, can you make this and then they make it and it, gets published and real, people. In the world use, it so. This. Is another one that I, created, it's, a. Secret. Funnel, hacking Chrome extension, that's only available when I go live and only available if you like really know me this is my Club Chrome extension, you don't talk about this Chrome extension, outside, of lives. And this. Lets you solve. My own problem, I have I have. Clickfunnels you, know and I want to be able to move an entire page, like, the entire thing over with. One, to two clicks and usually. You have to like save everything and, it's, a pain to be able to move funnels, over and this, lets you move the entire page, over, to other, click.

Funnels It also. Lets you do that with other funnels, that are not your own so. That's like you. Know you don't talk about it lets. You copy and paste like. Clickfunnels pages, back, alright, yeah Mac ok I'm still, going. Up making. A Marcus Campbell though he's watching he's here ok hey Marcus, um. Ok, cool, and so, I knew that there, was something in the online world that, would give me a solution and I started seeking out to hear the journey of these experts, I knew, that something was up the reason why I got into Chrome extensions, is because I spoke, to spencer Meachem like, I interviewed. Him but I also spoke with him and I'm like hey Spencer, what's. Up with these chrome extensions, and he, actually created a module, in, my chrome, box course how, he. Actually, did $20,000, on giving. Away a Chrome extension for. Free on a funnel. So he makes it on the back end I spoke. To James Hurst he has Chrome extensions, Nate McCallister who, did for Hunt over $400. With his Chrome extension, marcus, campbell who has his. Own affiliate, marketing, dude chrome extension, with. 6,000. Users clicking, on his affiliate, links and i. Noticed that there was a trend that they all have one or several chrome, extensions. So. Despite. The sound of crazy, impostor. Syndrome going, through my ears like who was i to even teach this at the, time I've only made 1500. On Chrome extensions, but another voice told me to just do it just launched that, led, to me. Being here today. Talking to you guys with Rachel, because, I put. Outside my Pasir soon your own voices and, I, just launched, this was in November a year, ago because. Some, someone, out there is searching, for another option to their ninety five someone out there searching for a way to make something work and, in. My head the reason why I started was because maybe I could help out that someone, so. I created, chrome, boss master class, this, master, class has over 490. Questions. Answered, in our questions, posts, by now. And it. Has grown. Into. What. It is today so, I'll tell. You a little bit about the results. Because a lot, of times people, listen. To stories, and enter programs, and try things but. There are you, know it, just doesn't lead to results, or there aren't it's. Not substantial enough so. Robin. McCorkle, he went from zero to over eight thousand, a month within six months with his Chrome extensions, socialblade, that. Lets you folk delete, and bulk add facebook friends, and when, he started, he literally, he, has no audience no Facebook, group no, stripe, no, PayPal. Nothing. Like when he started there was nothing, and. Now. His total revenue so you can see when he launched May. It's. Nineteen, thousand it's over nineteen thousand now but, that's. From, me till. Within. Six months and. He. This. That was an update but he, says in our we have like a class chat he's, like he's close to one hundred subscribers, at. $29.99. A month so, with, a hundred, just a hundred people in the world he, was making, almost, three thousand, a month and he did a super, soft launch six weeks ago and he, didn't have any group no audience you know people think you have to be like popular, or, like have a big group or something but you. Really don't just. Small, amount of people yeah. And then continue, to pay every month - because it's valuable, software, for them yeah. And, let's. See I'm gonna go to 120. Here so, just so you guys know this is not coming up from my own mouth. In. The ER course, there's. No way that I would be where I'm at with my extension, and had success. That I've had I just want to say thank you Kim and that's why I'm making this testimony, was really. Nice. Yeah. So I just want you guys to know this is not like my. Own boy know I will, all save the questions, for then some people have well. Someone said who is this Klein and tagged you so if you guys Kim ding but I just tagged her in the in here. If you guys wanna, yeah. Rachel, oh yeah you. Guys are rachel. Has a big audience bigger in the mind and a lot, of it you guys might not know who I am so if, you, just, jumped in now you, missed the part about who who, I am but you could just watch the replay and. I'm, available for to answer questions after this so don't worry powder, though good, see, all, right so, Robert McCorkle. 6,000. A month only, with a hundred subscribers he was making three thousand so he just needs to you, know more than that to make six thousand now he does over, nine thousand a month zeki. Achmed, he, was. A sleeper. Cell Chrome bus so he went into my program and, he just did nothing for many many months until he started, to then. He decided he wanted to launch his own Chrome extension, so, he did ten thousand now, ten thousand dollars within, a, few. Weeks of his pre-launch, and now, he has over a hundred subscribers, and. It's. Like you, know he, went from just. Know just making, affiliate, commissions, no, software.

At All to software. Launching. Making. Ten thousand on the pre-launch getting, over 100 subscribers within. The span of a, month, and a half and it was it, was insane to see his story but what. We did was. That he, took, his formula. And. Then he bottled, it up and he put it into the, chrome boss community. As well so Zeki, is good at marketing what, he did was he combined, the power of marketing and then, the power of Chrome extensions, together and he offers, that as part of the. Program. And, I'm traveling, to because now he gets the recurring, income he can not. Feel glued to the computer yeah. He's been traveling for a month. And. I think he's traveling longer than that but he quit his job and, then. Because. Of affiliate, commissions and now he's traveling and he has that, reoccurring. Income yeah, definitely. Because, he charges, $27. A month like. He makes money from a Badu thing he also recruit some affiliates, to promote for, now -, yeah. Yeah, and. He, created. The. Chrome, boss launched, like a pearl program within my program so, he teaches you exactly, how. Like. To, get that. $10,000. Push, in, the pre-launch which means they don't get the, audience doesn't get any Chrome extension, it's a pre-launch so, it's really cool Andrew, Gaikwad he launched the first-ever, messenger. A CRM, for facebook Messenger so it lets you like tag facebook, Messenger -, yeah, and, he he, did 1400 within 2 days and this, is just a screenshot of him. Telling me you. Know thank you Tim the, fact that, you. Know he. Sees the. Income. Coming in that, it's monthly, pay monthly, pay yearly pay, and, he's, like thanks so um, Greg. Blazer his, Chrome extension, lets you stream across multiple. Facebook, groups even. If you don't own them so it's kind of its, kind of a very. Powerful chromic session that he created but just was a click of a button because streams are like 7, Facebook, groups at once and he's. In my program. Antonio. Carter lists you bulk tagged a bunch, of people, to, Facebook. Posts so that if you go live you can just click a button and it'll tax like a hundred, people and they, can like jump into the I, need not to. Yeah so, I see, these going out but I don't fully get what they say and then you just say what it is in one Senate and I'm like I need that that's. Why I do these lives too because people, you know you you're, busy, in your own world you don't know until you sit down and you really like you're, about it so Antonio.

It's, Like thanks to the, chromis course I, was, able to create my own software, in the form of a Chrome extension but what's really important, what he said was, that this, he, made $200. Right 197. Not a big deal but, it's a journey, to. Freedom with, passive, income it's his is, the start of his journey and that's, what's really important. To take away to. Disconnect. Time. Trading. Your time for money and that's what his journey is on so he's like Thank You Kim ha ha Junior, McKee, has a Chrome extension that lets you download from Vimeo from, Wistia, YouTube. With, a click of a button and, it's really easy so. Like people that have the webinars, where you can't pause and stuff you really could download it in pause and fast-forward yeah. Yeah, and it's just with a click of a button and. And. This is his you. Know I'm so excited what, Kim dang is showing me with. Your. Building my own Chrome extension, having my own piece of software, that is, mine, and. That, I can provide value, for other people, and they're, willing to pay me for that night and the. Benefit. To me though is how I can you. Know I can quit trading, my my time for money I'm, the, very first time that that first sale came through just you, know I I'm. A top of the world just gives me the opportunity, to to, change things, in my own life and to. Help. Other people so I'm really excited what Kim is teaching, is invaluable. I literally. Can set people free and, when. When, you work with her she's a huge help so I cannot, recommend her enough. Just. The just, other people's words not what, my um and. So. This is. Adrian. Hee, I already made. $250,000. With two Chrome extensions, and he, said that if he used my techniques, he would have made a million and not, knowing the, system will cost people a fortune, because, here's. Something, that he did he has two hundred and thirteen, thousand, people go through and download his Chrome extension, he didn't collect one email so, my, program emphasizes a, you, need to collect people's. Links in people's emails, before. You send them to go, and get your country to, go and get your Chrome extension, and he's. Been selling. A Chrome extensions, for the past four years and, he. Didn't even he, didn't know that so, you just never know what you know you know you just don't know what you don't know um. All. Right you guys are saying that's all great all. Right kill. All these people having, all these results, that's great but, you, left out one important, thing what. How can you do what, I did and what my students, have done like how how, is, that possible. So. From. Interviewing. Six six seven figure digital marketers, I saw, a trend that's going on and, this. Is a trend called. Like. Now free, PDFs, will no longer cut, it as bait in the future it's free software's. Or comprehensive. Valuable. Courses, that, are the next big thing to get leads to, get. Emails. Into, your life so, the old way is the free pdf, method. Like. Build a blog post wait for a while, for traffic, to come give. Them a free PDF collect that you know start talking to the audience but, this new way, is you, give away free, software, or, you. Sell software but giving. Away something super, high value as a Chrome, extension is, a very, very simple way for you to deliver. Like super, high value, with. Just, in. Exchange for their email and, they suck some. Of the software's. That you have in there are just plug in play so like you don't even have to have an idea. For an invention for. Extension. There's like my, own extension. You. Just plug in your Linkedin, your free content anyway and now you have your own extension and you just give that away yeah. Absolutely. So, you don't need to have your own idea, and there, are more secrets, than three secrets, I have, three secrets, but we'll go into more, that. I've learned through, this journey and what I can teach you guys and, I, will also in this training show you guys like real-life examples, as well, but. Secret, number one is people are more willing to pay a higher monthly charge, if they have the ability to give, to their audience high, value, freebies, like software, so instead. Of building out this huge. $100,000. Software. You, know instead of creating your own Facebook.

Or Your own thing you, can start now with. A tiny, chrome extension, that doesn't cost any more than you a couple hundred dollars, and, then you can say hey, if. You want to give this to your audience, then, pay, a, monthly. Recurring, income for, me and you get to give it to their audience, so with. This secret I want to take you guys back to when. I spoke about my, partners, so, I have, partners who are Andrew. Cruzi who did over a million dollars just I think last month. Talk. Teaching. Organic. Facebook, group growth he's a group, convert partner, and for. Someone who does, over a million dollars he's paying me a couple, hundred a month to. Be able to provide my, software, to his audience, and, so. You. Can totally, be able to. Tap. Into that, it's, called, partnering, up with people and it's called licensing. And that's. Where I want to talk to you guys about how you. Can get started super, easy with just that like with real life example, and, Chris. Wiser as well and another, young. Bond is a group, corporate partner a lot of people that you might or. Might not have heard of secret. Number two is. You. Can lie since out software, so secret number one ties in with secret number two you. Can license out mini, software, like Bill did with ms-dos. You. Can have your. Version but. Then let. Other people, get like a hundred license, and. Be. Able to charge not. The $7 a month fee, not the ten dollars tiny a month fee but, hundreds, of dollars a month so it's like quite label, right yeah. It's semi white label and the, brand is still yours cuz you want, to bring everyone back into, your world, so. You can absolutely 100%. White label so they could have their own name. For it but, what I do is I say, hey you can add convert, to your package and so, they say yes automatically. Because it aligns with what they're doing like Andrew, he teaches about group growth you. Know and one. Of my Chrome extensions, help you with group growth so it, for him was kind of like a no-brainer. Secret. Number three is this. Is what I've been kind, of sprinkling, throughout the whole webinar. That. It's, not expensive, to create and it's not difficult to launch robert. McCorkle, he, had no landing, page no stripe no paypal nothing. And he just connects it to a marketplace so in, so, what you can do with, software is that you could have someone. Create a Chrome extension for, you for a couple hundred bucks. Maybe. Like top and chrome extension, couple thousand and then, and then. You put it on these various, marketplaces. And, they. Have already foot traffic they already have affiliate, programs built in and the. Sales come in and so, Robert, McCorkle does, over, now he does over eight thousand dollars a month and, he, only put it on one marketplace. So far and he even made. It private, so, the. Fact that you can make a, Chrome extension private. Put it only on one marketplace. And be, able to make, thousands. Of dollars a month is something, that is possible and, like. Real life example, is, Robert. So. These, are the three, secrets, I've sprinkled. In throughout the webinar but, I kind of concretely, say, it here and and.

This Is something that we can discuss, in the Q&A after, as well if, you guys want. More, examples. Tons, of more examples I have so many examples for you and so, at this, point, let. Me ask you, a question how. Many of you are excited about what, we just talked about and how, many of you are feeling overwhelmed because. We've. Covered too much let. Me know well david, said this is really useful information. All. Round I said this is neat, Sally says wow that Instagram stuffer, sounds awesome. Cool. Awesome. Gosh, what you know I mean. Derek. Had this good, he had a good question he said how do you make, sure the developer, doesn't just take your idea and sell. It themselves. Okay. And Adrian. Lip actually. Answered. This question he's. The one that did over. 250,000. With two chrome extensions, and no landing, page no nothing. He. Said his. Developer, actually ripped him up so he he, hired a developer, to create a Chrome extension for, him his, own Chrome extension, ended up making over. A hundred thousand, dollars but his developer, just took the idea and, you. Know added, a few features. And then created, his own version now. I'm, like hey do you feel wronged. That he took that information. Because. I'm gonna be real with you in this presentation I'm gonna be super real we. Live in probably. You live somewhere in the US or Canada or somewhere right you can't police, and control. Developers. Across. The world you just can't but, I asked him do you feel like you've lost money because I know I felt like I made six figures and then someone else made six, figures but. The. Reason why he didn't feel slighted, about it is because, how. Many people, are online, you. Know millions. Millions. Bill, online. Right so, if you have a solution, it's kind of like what. Jane smiley told, me the other day he's like software. Is kind of like a book you know people. Say hey I'm gonna have my own book and 80%. You, know of entrepreneurs, say I'm gonna write my own book one day and then, a very small percentage, actually write, their book software, is the same you're gonna have your own version one day you're gonna have your own little, Chrome extension, one day and you're gonna have your buyers but. That doesn't, mean that. You. Know someone else wouldn't. Write the same book wouldn't, have similar. Would, wouldn't speak about the same thing but they're gonna have their own buyers because in the whole world. We have millions and, billions of people waiting. To buy and his Chrome extension, in particular, was for eBay and eBay, has millions. Of buyers. Online. Millions, so, and. Selling. Six figures, does, it involve, you having. Millions. Of buyers. Like you don't have to create the new the next Amazon, or the next uber you, don't have to like yeah. You don't need billions of customers, or even millions of customers you, can up hundreds. Of customers and still make six. Figures. Dericks, is exciting, tom so this is great some. People are saying they came late so they're gonna watch the replay, all. Right okay. So I'm gonna go to the next slide so I want, to tell you guys it wasn't always this, way I didn't hire my first upward worker until it was like 2012. Even. Though I knew about this world in 2008. And I. Want, to tell you guys the story back. In. 2008. I was on a date with this dude and I. Remember. Very clearly because, it was that at the end of the night I was, our first date we didn't have much to say you know and we, were walking by, the, ocean because, he. Figured it would be romantic to, take me out on a date by the water and I. Just I clearly, remember it. Was very dimly lit and I remember, the sound of the waves splashing. Against, the shore and he's. Like hey, Kim did. You know. That you can, hire. Someone across. The world today. And, they. Will make software, for you and I was like what, and at that time yes, I, was working and. In. Going, and taking classes and so I wasn't really thinking about hey, I'm gonna be Bill Gates or I'm gonna be Elon. Musk or I'm gonna have any software, like who who am I to, even. Try this scary. World of software I'm not, gonna get venture capitalists funding Who am I and he's like no no you just go do it go to oDesk, and hire, someone at the time it's called oDesk now it's called up work like, like hire someone and and. He's, like it will change your life and I. Did the typical thing so I said okay, and then I. Went home and nothing, happened, because I thought it was crazy I didn't. Do it, he. Said he would probably be finished with this project and booked by the time I mean look at the site and he was true he was correct, because.

I Was so skeptical. And hesitant, and like Oh what, the heck, and. So. Fast, forward to March, 2018. This. Is March his, company, went public on, NASDAQ, so. This, is real. When, I saw that, the, potential, of you. Know traveling. This journey let's. Say I started, it back in 2008. And let's say I I listen. To him let's, say that someone told me someone, said to me hey do you know that this world exists, and it's real and, you can have passive, income from it and you, can free yourself from, being, tied to the, hourly. At your job and everything, else if. Someone, told me that. And. Someone did tell me that back. In 2008. I didn't believe them but if I did if I that, day if, 2008. I believed, in him and I said okay, and I hire, that. Would start my journey and, who, knew who, knows maybe, I'll have my own public company today but. The. Point is I, didn't. Listen to him back then I didn't, I had all these skepticisms. And doubt because, software, the word even software is scary you know the going into anything that is online is, to, me was, weird and strange, but. Taking that leap of faith who, know who, knows what could be here. Today but, yeah. So I want, to tell you it wasn't always easy I didn't believe. Till. Today so, because. I took that leap of faith I, was able to earn income online, I'm, able, to make. Income, now online and free myself from, that. Time but not only that build, a community, and build a following and. So. Is. It ok you guys have I spend the next 10 minutes with you going over, a very special, offer to, help you use, Chrome extensions, and. Create, monthly reoccurring, income from, Chrome extensions, let me know we, have people on YouTube saying is there tell. To sir is there a program. Yeah. So, Rachel, and I have decided to get together and. Create. This special deal for you and so. If, it's okay with you let. Me know yeah. Super special deal too that you can't get anywhere, else and she told me what she was gonna do for, my audience I was like oh it's so good well I have to do something good too so. Alright, so. What. You're going to get is your. The, access to the chrome bus master class the. Program. That, has. The. Students getting those results that's what you're going to get that's valued, at 1 997. You. Will have eight, weeks, of group. Coaching access. Valued, at for 997. Which, is like the most valuable, part because, you, know that's, that's where your students, who are getting the results it wasn't that they just watch the training by themselves, they're participating. In the coaching yeah. And you. Will have the chrome boss black. Box list of Chrome extension, ideas, valued. At one 997, and the reason why this is very important, is because, the. Number one pain point I've heard from, a lot of people even. Thinking. About going, into Chrome extensions, is that they, don't know what idea to choose that will give them monthly. Reoccurring, income or will actually work so we, have a black box list of ideas we're, saying hey this, is what's out there this is what works these, are the price points that they're charging this is the website that they have and, this. Black box list of ideas just opens. Up your. Perception. On what's, really, out there and how much people are really charging some people some people are charging nine dollars a minute or nine, cents a minute for their Chrome extension, business so when you know you, I never even know that or some people have Netflix, Chrome extensions, some, people have Instagram, Chrome extension, I have people coming up to me that said they never knew that there was a Chrome, extension for, Netflix, or Zillah or, you. Know or for real estate or for any of this they just never know so this black box list of ideas. Will, let you see okay, like this, is what's out there and there's someone can just take one of those ideas and run with it and like, it or, like.

It Hurts it so. That leads me to the next one. Which is the chrome boss market research blueprint, so, the. Second biggest, pain point is and, it's valued at 197, is, that people are like okay great there's all these ideas but, like how do I choose which one and in what way to choose, it so with. The market research blueprints. We, I make. Sure I show you what, else you can do so one of the tips. That I say is there, are and, this, is some this is breaking, a myth the myth is oh my, gosh these. All exist already like. Do I have to make my own special. Version the. Answer, is no there. Are many Chrome extensions, out there in particular, I noticed. That someone commented, about the Instagram one the, reason why I created that Instagram, one is number, one it was inspired. By Marcus Campbell, because he's like take him do you know that, 12,000. People search for a post to Instagram from PC, and I'm like what and so I looked. Into that and like wow, and then so I went and I had a Chrome extension me, for 50 bucks that does, just that but the reason why I really went into it was because I saw that there were so many there was a Chrome extension that says it can post Instagram, from PC and it can DM, people, and it, had over 200,000. Users but. These. 200,000. Users are, people, who hate that Chrome extension, because there was broken so, we, have now, this, pool of hundreds, of thousands of people frustrated. For. A. Solution. That actually works, and how, much. That's the costs for that solution 50 bucks for me, to. Create a working version and that. Works so one. Of the reason why I, know that. That it can, be marketed that can have users is because, number. One people are searching for it already but number two there, are solutions, online, that are broken, and you. Will be super, surprised on how many Chrome. Extensions, that exist online that. Have, been abandoned. With, hundreds, of thousands of users they've, been abandoned, and they make, just need someone to come in turn, the switch on with, like 50, $100. 200, whatever amount turn. It on and then, give it to the this. Frustrated. Audience that wants a working solution so. That, that, is part of my chrome bust market research blueprint. Hopefully. That answers your question. The. Chrome, bus app launch heroes, list is valued, at one 997 and that's what you'll also get the. Reason why I started. Building this list it's because, not. Only, is. It's. Because of this fear like okay I'm going to launch and then there will be crickets. And. The. Reality, is if, you launch to. An audience that's asking, for it and you launch, with the people, who, are the, heroes of that audience what. Are the chances that you will, have subscribers. You know if let's say we create a Chrome extension like. Rachel. Rachel, audience, you guys are like, hey we want to do this and then it can be solved with a chrome extension what. Are the chances Rachel, won't get subscribers, you, know if she, launches. It to you and it's. Solving, a problem you, say that you want, solved, and it's, off that particular, problem so, lots, of ideas, so. That's. Why I have the chrome bus app launch heroes list I've recruited, heroes. Who, have their own audiences. To, help you launch because they're just open for it and also, they, get if you. Have like an affiliate, platform, connected. To the Chrome extension which is what you're taught in the, program then. They, get one. They sell they get a piece of the pie so why, not they're helping their own audience, they're giving value to their audience and they. Earn affiliate, commissions along the way so. That's. What's that about um, there's. The chrome boss 30-day step-by-step, action plan valued, at 197. So. This. One is. The. Reason, why I created. This it's because some, people go, at their own pace they're, like you know I'm. Not gonna be around for, the group coaching I'm not gonna you know but I just want to make sure I can learn this at my own case with, my own time and I want to make sure that there is something that's step by step um so. A lot, of times in courses. There, would be a bunch of modules and there isn't actually something out written, out step by step, so.

To To. Solve, that pain point I have a chrome boss there's a step-by-step, action plan that is. Comprehensive. Step-by-step, making. Sure that you hit all the points to. Really maximize your income so, on the very low. You, know low effort end you could have a Chrome extension and, no, landing, page no, PayPal no strata just straight up to the Chrome Web Store and earn, income that way, but, on the far far end, you could have affiliate, programs for your Chrome extension, you could have I mean, landing, pages for your Chrome extension, you could put your Chrome extension on all the marketplaces that we recommend, and just, like explode, so that's, the. Gamut of what, you can possibly do, um, and. Then, you get access to the chrome boss launch like a pro system, Niki. Himself. Created. This for, chrome. Bosses because, he's, able to figure, out what. Creates, noise what, creates pressure. Around. A launch and. He. We use, this formula again and again and again with a lot of current, students right now and it, just it just works, like they launched, and then they start receiving. Income. To. Pay for the cost of their chrome extension even before they have to deliver the chrome extension so, this launched like a pro system it works their share funnels, there's copy, there's. Just. Everything you need to launch like a pro and credit, to Zeki he, added. This into the chrome us program and it's, valued at one 997. Um you. Also get access to a list of Chrome extension, developers. So, we also have that list of Chrome, extension, developers, instead, of going out there and just not, knowing like. Where the hack to go and like oh you. Know who am I gonna hire what what's going on you. Have a list of Chrome extension developers, at. Your disposal and that's valued at 197. Also. Have lifetime access to our Facebook, group community, of elite CEOs, and when I say alisios, I'm not, kidding the people in the community, are crazy you know I'm, sorry go on why, sorry. It's hard to tell and it's. Gone. If. You have something. Going, chrome bars like last year for. The group like. Because. I saw, who is in it and I see. Saw how like big this software, industry, is getting and continue to get and not when, I say software industry like again I'm not talking about uber.

App Or, like all. These like apps that are changing the world grocery, delivery, and like Amazon, like. Not, even at that scale but at a smaller scale like all these little software's, that us online marketers. All that entrepreneurs. Are using, and I, had. A follow and I wanted, to be in the circle and know that like I'm part of the group and that. Has helped because I'm in part of the group I'm, able, to contact, people, from the group and like have, have. Jv's. With them and conversations, with them in like I've been, able to make these, contacts, and business relationships, and JV, partnerships, just, by being in the. Group so that's like the main reason I joined, mmm. Yeah and. Yeah. Like Travis, Linares sees in the community, and he. Does $80,000. Chrome, extension, launches, and he. Just showed me the other days a, secret Chrome extension he's gonna launch next but it was just I just get so blown away because he's. Like -. I have. People in the community who, are way, far. Many. Many steps ahead of me way, so. Many steps ahead of me who are making, 200,000. To 300,000. Dollars a month with their Chrome, extension, portfolio, business, but they're in the community and they're there to help so, in the, community, is what's super important. By. Weight there are bonuses. Okay guys, so these, are bonuses that are for. This, live and, I want to add and. Rachel, will also have our bonuses but bonus number one is quickly convert so the Chrome extension that you saw earlier that's. Added, bonus, number two is grew Premiere Pro you know that's, added, bonus, number three is the Instagram post - PC lifetime, account that's added bonus, number four for the first five people is the, secret, acting. Extension the one that you don't talk about Pacific. It's, just uh. Yeah. But, I think it's cool people get mad but it's it's, just. People. Forgive it dad the people that don't adapt are gonna be crying in the corner wondering. Why their stuffs not working, you go to adapt so this is a super cool software that works because there's some that don't work but, you can clone any funnel, page you want it, needs to click funnels page you see you can clone it that doesn't mean go, steal it and copy it and go copy someone's course or, offer, and, go try to sell yourself no, but if you like a design, that someone has done click funnels you, can import it into your account and then change it up a bit and then, then. Be in business, yeah. Um and, I use, it mostly for myself because I need a copy my click photos page from this, funnel to the next funnel and it, just makes it easy versus, having to save every single section and then like yeah doing, that so, I use it almost all the time for my own the. Purpose, of my, own funnels um so. That's. Bonus number four bonus number five is my, own extension, lifetime, account and then bonus number six is four weeks of technical, office hours this, is huge this is valued at $4.99, seven because not. Only is. My program. Just. Me coaching I have coaches, to, coach you guys as well and they are available as office, hours during, the week and. The. Total, value of this is twenty, two thousand, three hundred and twenty eight and. My. Benefit. Okay, so this what. Your go we're, gonna do is this is just until. Sunday. Today tomorrow till Sunday. So. My organic traffic secrets, bonus, it's, just, it's like a master class of all these uh traffic. Stuff.

So Because it's law that you guys are going to learn with Kim's program, how to develop. A how to have an idea for your software how to get it developed how to get it ready for a market even, kind of like launchers, trainings on that but still if you'll, still want like traffic and an audience to sell to you so that's what that is about. And, my. Salaat. Though my live only bonus, this is just some people right on here right now if you're watching on youtube right now or, you're watching it on Facebook, right now my. Influencer, marketing bootcamp, just. It's another training. That I did on how to be an influencer, online how to build up your group. And your audience to thousands, of people and have, people show up to your livestream show up to your to. Your offers. That. Is a nine. Hundred ninety seven dollar value. Yeah. Did. I have another one you. Have another one I. Think and. So oh, I, could just say what it is um so. The market is influencer, ones just live only right now but, if you until, Sunday you get my organic traffic secrets and my house sourcing masterclass, so, camp will show you in her program how to get like the developers, and work with them but, in general if you're looking for a virtual assistant to, help you with your business help, you with life. Admin, stuff, emails, managing. Your Facebook. Groups Facebook Messenger or. Your social media platforms. Even, like bookkeeping, tasks, I teach you that in my, outsourcing, to a virtual, assistant master, class which. I usually, sell I mean. You can buy it for $200, but I'm including, it if you get Tim's program, today, so. Over yeah two thousand, dollars worth of value from, Rachel's, bonuses, um it. She, thought of bonuses, that would make sense with chrome boss. You, always want, traffic, coming in to, your, Chrome, extension. And. Also. If you don't want to. Even. Though it's low touch for, a lot of Chrome extensions, you don't really have to have like a full time virtual, assistant, or anything if. You were to have a whole portfolio of a bunch of Chrome extensions, then, having. A team in, place, will, help having a team in place will help with any business they are like a part-time virtual, assistant, just too so, you can focus on your CEO, activities. Yeah. So you're in the CEO seat oh. This. Is the one this is uh it, took care how I explain to you everything. So. If you got this whole package and just, use, the extensions. Which. Is all the bonuses, what, would it be worth to you if you just use the extensions, to, go, ahead and grab leads from your Facebook group to go ahead and save that time, and. I. Want to add if all, it did was once. You have the Chrome extension you're, just making, like. A couple, thousand dollars more month like let's say only $2,000. A month reoccurring. Income. For. The next year, you know how, much would that be around, twelve. Twelve, thousand dollars twenty. Four thousand dollars and. If. That's all that it did was just create like a few. Thousand. Dollars more, a month for you but. You could keep it for as long as you want with, Chrome extensions, you can keep it for, the. Rest of your life if you want but, like. That's, the that's. Why I got into Chrome extensions so that I could have these portfolios of. Software. That gives me subscribers, for, the rest of my life if, you got all this package and, just. Got. That, as a value what, would it be worth to you so I want you to ask yourself, that. That's. The question well and there's an hundreds of dollars I know I've already spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on, softwares.

Yeah. All. Right. Yeah. So this is the same question, what. Would it be worth to you would it be worth at least $1,000. So. This. Is. Everything. You're getting, and then, the total value is twenty. Two thousand four hundred ninety seven that's. Without adding, like, outsourcing, math class yeah, plus all of Rachel's. Bonuses, which is outsourcing, masterclass, organic, traffic secrets, influencer, marketing bootcamp, so. If you are, someone. Who already who, is kind of on the fence about getting Rachel, stuff this, look this. Will help you lay jump over the fence with that because you're, getting not only all, of my value, but Rachel's value combined, and that. What. So today, it's not twenty. Two thousand four hundred ninety seven we're not gonna ask you to go. And pull, out that out from your bank, account and it's. Not fifteen. Thousand, four hundred ninety, seven it's. Not ten thousand, nine hundred ninety, seven. So. We. Were. Deciding. Okay should we do 997. For you guys and Rachel, oh let's. Do. Let's. Do 97. She's. Like. Let's let's do 497, so, for you guys with, all the ratios bonuses, with, this. With. All of the. Bonus. The software, bonus as well as access to the, master, class, today. Is, 497. And, this deal is, ending. On Sunday, so and. You. Have to go through Rachel's. Link. So, her link, is Rachel, s Lee calm slash chromebox. This deal is ending, Sunday. It. Was back to 997. The bonuses, all the bonuses go away yeah. All the bonuses go away if you, don't go through her link her link expires, so, if you go to the actual chromebox masterclass, dot-com. Site, without Rachel's. Bonuses, and. Without, these, extra bonuses, it is, 997. You go to a chrome boss masterclass calm its 997. It is, there right now but. If you go to, Rachel. S Lee calm, slash Crone boss, it. Is 497. And, your. Bonus, so, rachel has a bonus that she will only. That. Ends today right like what, an influencer. Marketing bootcamp, ends today and then the organic, traffic secrets, and outsourcing, master Puck and on, Sunday, and you, guys can just email me your receipt that, you get to. Rachel at Rachel I stay calm so I can send you the bosses, yeah. So, um. Gulzar. Rachel's, page so, this link will, to her page where, if you go through, the. The, order form then. Rachel. Will, it. Will you. Guys will be able to get tagged for those bonuses, as well so, this is a bridge page right Rachel yeah. Yeah so. A limb or page right I'm gonna like in your email so you guys still have to email me to get the bonuses all. Right. All. Right so you have two choices. Do. Nothing nothing changes. You. Know what. You've been doing for the past, months. Or days, will. You'll continue, to do for tomorrow. Take, action today and, get the chrome bust profits blueprint, bundle, with Rachel's. Bonuses. And. So. It's 497 so I want. To I want to take you guys back to, the. Moment, when it, was back in 2008. When. Someone. Told me that, there's this crazy world out there that exists. He. Didn't even offer any help or anything, he doesn't have any program, he just told me this is something that's possible and he. Told me hey and did you know that you can do this and I. Said. You're, crazy I didn't, believe in that and I didn't. Get into that journey back in 2008. I did, get into this journey a year ago and I, don't regret it one bit but.

I Don't want you, to go through the, same experience the, same feeling that I have, by. Saying, no. You. Know sure, there's, this but oh it's another you, know it's another thing on my plate is another thing no this, actually, works. It has worked for so, many of the students who went through my program it. We have the. Systems, in place for it to work for you. And. I. Really. Wouldn't. Talk. About this, if I didn't have testimonials. To, back up what, the program, helps. Deliver and not, only that. Rachael, is also. Part of. The, bonuses. And so if you're. Like on the fence and getting her bootcamp in getting any of her programs, that we have as the bonus then, you're, not only getting Rachel's. Health. And support and her classes. And her programs but also mine, so, yeah. Like if. Someone, told me if someone told me again hey this. Exists, and I. Said no again it, would probably be another decade. Huntable. I really looked at it until I, really, said yes, but. A small tiny chrome extension, that I started, back, last, year that costs three hundred and eighty dollars. Has. Led to this whole journey today. Where. I built out a team where. There's health and there's, resources, and there's. You. All this. Program. That has developed in, order. To help you so it's not just someone saying hey do you know this exists it's like no do, you know this exists and we. Have a community, full, of CEO, entrepreneurs. And we. Have the, share funnels and we. Have the. Support. And you're, getting software, on top of that and you're. Getting Rachel's, help so it's all, of that combined. Is what, you're getting today and. So. With. This said I want. To now, go into Q&A, because. That's. I want, to get into the meat of things, if you guys want to ask very. Specific questions, I, can go and share, my screen and show. You guys, real. Life examples, of whatever. Is you have oh. Tobias, s was my email just Rachel at Rachel s Lee calm so you can send your receipt to that so I can send you all of my three bonus.

Classes. Um Derek. Says what's group convert Pro is, that different than just group convert like there's allow you to give out group convert oh no. Group, convert, lights. Is one Facebook group group, convert, per all is one two three Facebook, groups so. That's, what you get one two three Facebook, groups for group convert. I what. Was I gonna I, was, gonna show you guys something, what are you well, they're the bonuses, you get convert, pro so you can connect it to three yeah. Yeah. So, oh the order page so what it will lead to I. Made it really simple I, just have like the order page or. Rachel. So, this. Is like the this, is the huge. Landing. Page but I just have this for Rachel deal and, there's, a countdown and it goes to direct, order, page so you guys don't really, need a scroll, down all the way to be. Able to get this deal it does, end and, it. Says chrome boss Rachel, deal so you guys so, I know like for sure this it's coming from Rachel -. And. This is. What this, is the order form you just fill in your name and, your credit card and. You. Have this, as an, offer and then. Complete. Your order right there but, this is what you're going to be routed, to once, you go past Rachel's. Bridge page. Someone. Asked about like the success rate of your students so can we look at that, one page and go over some, of the success. Stories again I'm just like people just like just. Like us who were totally brand-new to software and. Yeah. So, I would, so, these. Testimonials. Are not just, like. Stories, that are pull out and. I also play the testimonials. But I have it as a. Post. On my Facebook wall and I kind of want to show you guys. This. Post. Come. On where, is it. No. No oh. Here. It is so Mishra, says I love your course and and. I. Want. To show you guys that I tagged, the people, in, here. For. The testimonials. Robert. McCorkle. Seki Achmed Andrew Gaikwad. Glaser I didn't mention Tammy or Malik. Or Shweta, or I didn't mention Antonio, there's jr. there's Lana, and. Even, people who already have, their own chrome extensions, for four years tell.

Me They have a lot to learn from going through my course and Andrea and lip actually. Went live in my group, saying, things. I learned from Kim like he made a slide I didn't, even ask him to do that but he did that, but. It's the. Whenever. I get the question hey. What's, the success rate, like, how. Would I succeed, that, is more a question for, yourself. Asking, yourself if you. Are you, the type of person, to succeed. You know and. When. It comes down to it you, have to ask yourself, hey, if I put in the work if I put in the time and. If. I do that as myself with, my behaviors. What. Generally. Happens you. Know if you, put in the work and you put in the time you will be able to publish a Chrome extension you will have subscribers, so, the success rate if you put in the work and put in the time is almost. 100% but, let's, say you come in and you just by you, know just by a course just to buy a course or you just just. Get something just to feel you. Better that. You, do something that day then. Then. Then. Success. Won't happen. Because you. Are just purchasing, it just for that purpose or than just be in the community which you can have other benefits from that but the benefit isn't going to be your own Chrome extension so even me I'm in the program and I haven't created my own Chrome, extension yet but I still had benefits from being in there because that's the choice that I made, but. Some people like this, will work if you're looking, for new opportunity, and new career path and you. Like. Well I could be a software, owner. Company owner and like not even be techie you can do that but also if you just want to do this part-time you can still make it work part-time, you still do the work like, be, the boss and, make sure the developer. Develops. It and bring it to market but, you can still do it part-time and it can still coincide. With your, current online course business or your current ecommerce, business, or your current coaching, business

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