How 10 Minutes on LinkedIn per Day Can Boost Your Business

How 10 Minutes on LinkedIn per Day Can Boost Your Business

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Good morning friends. Ah today I am going to discuss on how 10 minutes on LinkedIn per day can boost your business. Right. So, let's discuss the fundamentals. Okay. Now, we will first try to understand the basics. What are first things first? Your LinkedIn profile and somebody, they are shield to attracting new business through LinkedIn okay? There are basically two things people actually see on your profile. And a

well written summary connection or not. Okay, so this is first thing guys, your well little somebody actually matters a lot, right? So it has to be written very efficiently, okay? And second thing is, your profile photo should be high resolution head shot. Okay, well lit with professional attire. So, this is the second one, okay? And third thing is, you have to stay away from action shots. Full length photos, selfies or photos that don't fit well in the LinkedIn 400 by 400 dimensions. Okay, so guys, I suggest that you need to save a action shot, right? Okay. So,

your has to be very nice. Okay. Then you have to study your competitors headshots. And actually add someone at home. Take a photo on their phone, right? Okay. So this is one thing, you need to take care. So, I suggest that you have to give one professional tip.

Okay. I pull both settings is actually excellent for this. purpose, right? So, let's understand the view profile I click here. Okay, So, I have clicked on this particular profile. Okay, so let's discuss the pointers in practical.

Okay. The LinkedIn profile is summary. Okay, so what you can see in the about section. I will help you to generate new business by growing your customer base which is very important to your business success with my digital marketing skills. I am a result

oriented digital marketing specialist with digital experience in the E generation, band building as well as sales conversion campaign working for previous clients So, guys, what I have done is I have written a well little sumpi about the digital marketing service. So, similarly, You can also do that for your own business as well. Okay, so your well written somebody will actually grab the attention of the target customer, right? So, this is something you need to keep in mind. So, you can also add the

CTA as well. Okay? Right. So, that's very important, okay? Second thing is your profile photo should be high resolution head shot. Okay, so, this is the file photo, high observation, head shot. So, basically, we have created this particular innovation canva here. So, I hope you and follow this example as well. So, we action shot, right? Okay. So,

which doesn't fit with the 400 by 400 dimensions, right? So, this is something we will keep in mind, right? So, what I'll do is I'll go investors nine, ten, twelve, five, thus USA. Okay, so basically what we are doing is we are doing a quick competitor research analysis. So, we'll try to correct the typos here. Okay, so, institutional investors Okay. So, let's say I open this LinkedIn profile. Jerry. Associate Director Institution Investor. Okay, friends. So, we

will do a quick competitor research analysis of this particular profile. Okay, you can see his having a very professional photograph. Looks very decent. Okay. this is one

thing friends and you have to see how he has created the cover in me as well, right? See that what he has written in his tagline, associate director at is, you can check the experience section which talks about your job description as well. So, this has to be well written here. Okay, then you can also check the activities section. So, guys, so this is how you have to do a quick competitor recession analysis, okay? When it comes to creating LinkedIn profile. So, ideally you should decide in which tumor you are. Okay, so what

type of service you are offering? Okay. Based on your niche or your business, then definitely you have to do a thorough competitor research analysis. Alright, I hope this makes sense, right? Okay, so let's go to side number three. Your background photo can actually tell a lot to the potential client, okay? So, that really matters a lot. The

back old final photo sits behind your profile photo and it adds another layer to the story of who you are and what you can actually offer, okay? So, this is something very important, right? So, another way to use it is to showcase what your passionate about outside of your work. So, what you can do is like you can use an appropriate with clients through mutual interest. So, this is what you can do. So, there is website called as They have

it. Start there. Okay, so let's understand the phenomenas. So, I'll put Google dot I try pass. institutional investors file I'll say as California So, I scroll down here. Okay, so what you can see here basically, it's said that your background photo can actually tell a lot to your potential clients. So, this is the background photo and you have a professional photograph as well, right? Okay. So, this

is something you need to keep in mind. Okay, so basically you need to have a professional action slot and connect with your clients of mutual interest. Okay, so, this is professional action shot here.

So, basically, you know, this is if we have clients who are into asset management or you know we actually do institutional finding as well, right? So, if you are looking for institutional investors in the United States, okay, if this is your target audience. So, in that case, you have to follow the process in such a way where you can connect to your target audience with mutual interest, right? So, ideally guys, when it comes to mutual interest, I suggest that the first thing you always have to keep in mind is you always have to offer thorough value to your target audience right? That's very important. Right. The more value you offer in the form of amazing information That's how you build rapper with your target customers. right? So, this is the step one. To build up the

valuable, relationship, with your target audience, okay? In other words, they are your target customers. So, first is offer thorough value. Okay. So, you need to know the pain point of your target customers based on the point of your target customers, you have to offer them thorough value, okay? Which can solve their problems, okay? Now, we are on slide number four. So, we will discuss on

summing it up. Some breeze are where the action actually happens, right? So, client want to know what you can actually bring to the table. What makes you tick? And even what your passion about outside of your business, Right friends, so, summaries is really very important. Okay. Then, you have to write as if you are telling a story about who you are, what success you had in the past and how you can help potential new clients. So, this is very important friends. So, you have to keep this in mind. Next is you have

to stay away from jargon and business lingo and instead you have to write how you speak. Okay, this is important. Either you can ask a colleague of yours to read your draft. Before you do the actual posting on the LinkedIn platform and you can offer feedback as well. Okay. So,

real, authentic and related feedback. This is very important and friends, you need to imbibe those qualities. If at all, you have to follow the implementation process. Okay

friends, so let's go to the LinkedIn of Alia. So, I want to see the summary here, okay? So, for example, I am on the profile of taring, okay? Sales or relationship professional with 20 years of success, marketing, equity and fix income solution to institution investors, consultants, and gatekeepers or analyst in a consultative style. You can develop ability and executor sales plan can manage budgets and staff doesn't the investment story at a level equivalent to a product specialist or CPM and build personal relationship that generate meaningful set. Okay,

this is one thing. second, you know, is written exceptional, expertise, working with GB or DC plus sponsors, consultants, DCIO, record keeping platforms, gatekeep analyst team and sub advisory relationship. So, this is you have written the summary. Okay, in the about

section. So, your clients will actually get to know about you via your summary friends. Okay, so your summary has to be nicely written. Okay. Now, what is more

important is keywords are the key. don't forget that all important keywords that LinkedIn will use, it will match with your potential connections, okay? Now, what you have to do is you have to find five to ten keywords that resonate with your industry. So, quick Google search or cherry picking through related description.

Okay, So, then you have to sprinkle those keywords in your summary. So, let's do a quick practicals. I go to Google So, what I'll do is I'll open the new incognito tab.

reference. Okay. So, I scroll down here. I click on show more. United States Click on save.

Okay. So, that's what we'll try to do. So, we are in Google, United States. Okay. So, I click on institutional investors, Okay. So, I'll enter institutional investors.

then enter basically what you can see is and people also are section these are question based keywords like what are the three type of investors? Four type of investors, how to institution investor work, via institutional investors important, right? So basically what you can see here is these are question based long tail. E words, yeah. Right. Okay. So, basically in Google search at the bottom, what you can see? Related searches. Okay, so you can find keywords here. For example, institution, investor rest, institution, invest, maximum, non institution, investors, examples of institution investors, institution investor via You can say Google or you can say institution investors versus retail investors. Types of institution investors and institution investor quiz light, largest institution investors. So, these are the

keyword list. You will actually have, right? So, what I'll do is I'll copy this keywords here. Okay, so I'll copy here. Okay, I'll open notes right here.

to legs. You got this keyword list, right? Okay. So, basically, what you have to do is so, I'll go back here. I'll type as distribution list. Okay. I see.

We'll see. In United States. my goodness. Okay, from this platform right? Okay. So, who are the largest institution investors here? Right, so, I click here. and just give you example so you can search institution investors in twenty twenty-one as well. So, I'll just do

example here. Okay, for example, Black Rock. Okay, friends. So, I'll search this particular company on Linked In Right.

Okay, so, see, like, rock up into financial services. Okay, they need to New York and they have triple 90 followers, right? So, if, let's say if I follow them, okay, so I'll click on view page over here. Okay. So, what you can do is

ideally you can click on the people section here. Okay. click on people section here. So, ideally, what you can see here is twenty-one thousand nine forty-nine employees are working in this organisation.

Right. So, click on show. I want to see online United States. Let's do that. So, now we'll filter. I want to see only in New York.

Click on show more. So, that's how you will get complete details here, right? So, So, I want to search employees by title, keyword or school. So, I'll say C O O, okay? chief operating officer. So, I enter as CFO as well as say CE Okay, then I'll see as TFO so this is how you can get the details about the connects here, right? So, this is very void here, guys. Okay. So, see

for example, you can see, you, you are getting a list here, right? So, WTCO, US, wealth business, director, retirement, group at Black Rock, okay? So, you're getting this list here, right? So, Scroll down. see twice accident, America's eye shadow, CO, team at Black Rock, W 2 CO, Aladdin Business. Okay, then director Aladdin Clinton CA Solutions, co-head of USA. So, this is something you get, okay? So, guys, I hope you are getting it right. These are the people who are working at Lakrop, my agent Director, COO.

So, guys, you can target this person and you, COO for buzzes, up and technology at backlog, right? So, I hope this is clear. Yeah. So, make sense? Yeah, we have to do it. We have to consider adding a call to action to the end of your summary, right? For example, Facebook like I specialize in working with or call me if you are interested in clarify exactly what you do and who can help. Okay? So, to some practicals here. GQ to 118 to five year exit point view profile.

Okay. So in the about section. You can see a hundred percent guaranteed results called love. So, I have added T, CTI here, right? So, this is wrong. You

can do. So, I'll also take you to some other meeting profiles here. To visually investors, profile dash Chicago. as as Los Angeles.

LinkedIn profile. Okay? so I go through his about section here. So, basically you are supposed to integrate your call to action here in the about section. Okay. So, that's something very important. just make sense? Yeah So let's go to slide number seven. Now, we will discuss about LinkedIn challenge. Okay.

So, news feed will discuss. What is the first minute? The LinkedIn news feed is instant portion of the page. So, this is where everyone in your network post are visible. Okay. So, friends, what you have to do is you have to sort your post by recent activity and you can look for career milestones and awards or something which is featured in an article, okay? So, in that case you have to do is when you are starting a LinkedIn activity within the first minute, you have to commit a live and reach out via direct message to say congratulations. Right friends?

So, this is something you have to do. Okay. So, let's say I'll show you some examples here. Okay, so I click on notification here. without seed for example, congratulate Steve and Jacob for being promoted as marketing director at this company.

Congratulations Joy, Saha, so you have to send this kind of messages. Okay, via messaging section okay? So, let's put two slide number eight. Okay. So, now, in next two to three minutes, what you have to do is you have to go to my network and see everyone who has sent you and LinkedIn to connect, okay? Then, who meets your ideal client criteria? This is something very important friends. Is there someone that you haven't connected with in a long time who might now be an ideal client, okay? So, friends, you should only add your ideal client as your targeted connection on the LinkedIn platform. That's how you will

get business. That's how you will get leads and sales. Okay. So, I'll share one professional tip with you guys on the LinkedIn platform. Don't accept everyone. Who request a connection, okay? So, please do not keep it, generic. You have to keep it focused so that you do not clutter your feed, okay? So, let's do some examples here.

I opened my LinkedIn. I mean my network. Okay, so I'll show you my connections here. Okay. So, ideally, who are my

corrections, okay? So, these are all my ideal client, okay? They, they are my targeted password who can be, yeah, okay. Basically, you will find a lot of influencers and prospects and ideal clients who are a painting connects. So, what is the benefit of adding IU client as your LinkedIn connect is basically anytime your adult light becomes your connect on the LinkedIn platform, right friends. So, in that case, when

you publish any update. So, that would help your ideal client to see your update in the LinkedIn news feed. So, this is a benefit and that's how you will start building a raffle with your ideal client via LinkedIn news feed. Okay,

so that's why we should only add your ideal clients as your LinkedIn connects. Who could be your future, customers, okay? Make sense? Let's go to stride number nine, okay? Now, in next two to three minutes, what you have to do is you have to go to the tool bar and look for the bell icon, okay? So, this is a quick list of birdies, new job, likes and comments and great ways to find reasons to reach out and reengage with potential clients, okay? So, ideally, this is a part of a social media engagement. You have to share their messages or congratulation messages for their appraisals or no for their promotions and this is how you re-engage with your prospect or your client or your connect on the LinkedIn platform. Okay, so this is something very important here.

One more tip I would like to share if you are actually short on time, you can skip ahead to this step, okay? As this is the biggest bank for your buck. But engagement on your friends. Ideally, when you are on the LinkedIn platform, it's important that you have to build a relationship with your target prospects. Okay, it's important that you build up no, like and trust factor. If people you as people like you and they trust you, then only they will buy from you, right you need to have a loving relationship with your target prospects, oblique, ideal clients, okay? Once you have loving relationship with your target prospects, definitely they are going to give business to you, okay? I hope this helps. Yeah. I'll show you how this is done.

silicone home tab. What you can do is you can click on the notifications icon. Here, this is bell icon. Right, so, once you click on this bell icon, definitely you will get a notification like for example, if anyone has a birthday, you know, it will send you, if anybody is promoted here, you know, it will send you a message here. So, what you can do is you can reengage with your connects by like, comment, shares or you know, giving a congratulation or birthday message here, okay? this is something very important. I hope this makes sense, right? So, let's go to side number ten. Okay. So, now we will

discuss about beating **** okay? Which helps in next five minutes, right? So, you have to look at your calendar for the next few weeks, okay? So, what meetings of course do you have? Coming up, okay? Then, you have to pull up the names of everyone. You are meeting with and if you are not connected yet, do so, okay? So, this is important then you have to look at their work experience and connections. Is there anyone in network you would like to connect with? Okay, then you have to make a note to ask for introduction during your next meeting. Okay. So, initially when you begin, you have to look at your calendar, okay? So, what is your schedule for next few weeks? Then, what waiting for calls you are actually going to come up. So,

this is something we need to keep in mind, okay? Then you have to extract the names of everyone. You want to meet with either you know who. So let's say for example you are going to do meeting with institution investors. So you have to make a list. You have to brainstorm the list of your target prospects, right? Okay.

Then you have to look at their work experience and connections, okay? Is there anyone in the network you like to connect with? Okay, you have to make a note to ask for an interaction during your next meeting. So, how this is done? I'll show you. So, let's say I go to Google here, okay? So, First thing is I'll share this in tax with you. Institutional investors validated to five months loss interest. Click on volumes of five founder. Okay.

So, once you connected with this particular person, right? Karen, okay. On the right hand side, what you can see is, you can also see the network. Okay, see, here, what you can see here is people you may know, okay? So, you can see the network, right? So, this is something. I'll show you. I'll give you one more example here. I'll click on LinkedIn. Okay, so just hold on for a minute as such.

or eight friends. So, what I'll do is I'll click on buy network over here. I click on connections.

Okay? I'll say I want to come up on a file of the odds match. Let's see. What you can see here in people you may know section. These are their corrects. Magic, Ronaldo. So

I'll cyclical correct. Okay, so then see as we camel or I'm most applicant connect. I think we have Lucas, click on connect. Alright, okay. So, this is how you get connected to your connections. So, we are side double eleven.

Then, you can log into LinkedIn as if you have set up your profile and you can add only your current clients to your LinkedIn network, okay? So, basically, I'll show you how this is done. I am on the LinkedIn page. I have click on my view profile here. I have a digital marketing specialist. I provide services

to real estate niche as such. So, I'll say as real estate CEO, I say California. For example, I want to connect with Jalao. Okay, I open up a

file. She is could be my ideal client here. Right, first what I'll do is I'll follow. Okay. So there she gets a notification here. Then I click

on the more tab. I'll click on connect. I say connect. Then the activity section. So, you can engage on the post of your target customers here, okay? So, I click on any of this page. Okay, click on the activity section here. Right.

For example, she is written a course as I am looking for a sales for BD person who has worked with marketing agencies and has a marketing mind as well. I know they exist. Where do I find this person? Thank you and happy Monday. First, what you have to do is you have to read what other people have written. Okay, so check the comments of other people, okay? Sharing to sharing from our network. Okay So, what you can do is first to click on the light tab. Okay, and say, definitely help you.

Yeah. widely. Right, okay? So, you need to write the thoughtful comment over here, okay? So, once you do this, definitely your target.

prospect or your ideal client will get the notification here, right? So, let's get connected, I'll say. Right connected. Thanks. So, let's do this. the compost Okay, so, this is how you have to follow the process when you are doing LinkedIn marketing, right? So, you have to add current clients to your LinkedIn network. So, friends, if ever you need any kind of help, you can reach me on WhatsApp. My WhatsApp number is

plus nine, one, nine, eight, five, zero, two, seven, six, three, four, zero. Or you can reach me on Skype by Skype, IDS, model.and my email is SEO mother at Gmail dot If I told you you have questions, you can ask me in the comment section. I would be happy to help you. Alright, thank you.

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