House Hunters International - Trading Concrete for Jungle

House Hunters International - Trading Concrete for Jungle

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With. The top brands of footwear for under $60, this back-to-school season we've, got you covered from head to, toe Academy. Sports and outdoors for, all for less. With. All your back to sports essentials, for under $30, this back-to-school season we've got you covered from head to, toe Academy. Sports and outdoors for, all for less. This. Is not one of the things I'm gonna miss siren, toxic. As if. New, York is stress, and energy. Playa, del Carmen is tranquility. And serenity. The. Sun and the sand we're, moving because Javier, got it's great opportunity, Javier, is returning, home to Playa del Carmen. To. Open a boutique hotel I'm, gonna be in charge of the whole thing it's a great adventure but it's also scary, at the same time boyfriend Ben is giving everything, up to join him it's, bittersweet I mean I moved here to work in theater and the one thing he wants in exchange is, a beachfront, location just, around the corner is the beach, that. Works for me but Javier has his own priorities I want to be close to my family that is one of the reasons why we move. What's. The name of the show where it sing tonight it's, the one I was telling you about it had the great reviews we, met online and, we've. Been together ever since it figured, that we can go tonight before we leave for Mexico all. Right we're both from really different backgrounds, I am from Mexico and, I grew up just north of Boston so we both learned a lot and we've left a lot so. I. Am, in the hotel industry I receive, a call from my. Brother is one of the investors of hotel and, it's a I will appreciate if you come back to Mexico and help me out with this I was like what so, then I talked to Ben and I explained the situation he's, like oh my god when are we moving in with a wig I didn't. Expect that I mean it's kind of bittersweet, because I moved here to work in theater I do advertising. For Broadway shows my, companies agreed to let me work remotely in Mexico, how much work you're gonna get done by the pool that all right I think it'll be difficult especially, in, an industry where it's so specific, to New York being sort of out of sight out of mind I'm, a little nervous about it but at the same time it's, something new and exciting close to your family too which is nice yeah it's.

Very Exciting to start these family business in my hometown being. Close to them I know it's really important to Javier and while I love his family being, closer to the beach is definitely something that I'm hoping for but, being closer to the beach means being far, away from your family. Fire. Company is the heart of the Riviera Maya between, Cancun, Tulum, Cozumel. It's kind of a little New York but in the beach it's. Very multicultural so, we have people from all over the world and living and visiting here the beaches are amazing, the waters aqua blue we've, got a street called Fifth Avenue that runs for miles of, just walking traffic, of restaurants, shops it's a really fun place to be laia, is prime for a business, opportunity like, Javier's, hotel, there's, a lot of hotels in the area from, all-inclusive, resorts, to hotel boutiques that make me nervous little me because, nobody knows if it's gonna be successful, or not, Jason. Hey how are you I'm Ben real estate market and Playa del Carmen is booming, finding. Something for been in Javier is gonna be very difficult and there's not a lot available most people that own properties, will want to do vacation, rentals and just rent them out by the week can you let me know more or less order your must-haves. I think when we most cavies a pool yet pool is definitely, at the top of our wish list and we, must have a two-bedroom at least plus your office space yeah, working, remotely I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of distractions, and I. Need to be able to really, focus on my work furnished, yes. I absolutely would really love to be by the beach I grew, up on the ocean so that's, a big thing for me for sure but. In getting Hannah I really want to be close to my family because that is one of the reasons why we moved my, brother lives in Playacar just, south is, where the golf course is so, we like to leave there there, anything else that you really want yeah, it's just one little thing he's. Very worried about the budget yeah. We, want to stick to 1,100 a month been happier or asking, for a lot and not looking to pay a lot and you can work your magic right. Javier's. Family, lives on the opposite, side of town from the beach so. Jason starts with the house that splits, the difference between the two and is on budget to boot so, this is margaritas, - we're, on 25th. Avenue really, centrally located how far is this apartment from my family, about 10 minutes driving oh well, we have a pool here yes and the, condo is right here beside it we can even jump from here we've got two bedrooms two fully furnished turnkey, ready to go and we are right, on budget. 1,100. Per month well done Jason you may be so happy about it I know I'm having about this pool - I think, you're more happy about the price though, come. On in thank. You. Very, nice open space yeah it just feels very light in here this couch is seem really comfortable I'm, and then you have the access to the trout societies, we, have guests we can bring food out to them yeah speaking, of food you have here you need to come check out the kitchen, wow. I really like this kitchen I condemn, we cook here chef Fabio proves absolutely. Also like the fact that we have the window I can, cook here and then it can passively, like a drive-through yeah, and. We've got a blender here for margaritas, already is it plugged in can get it going now let's, go you, know this might actually inspire, me to cook for once yeah, well these conversation, has me recording. Great. Well this is a nice kitchen and you've got two bedrooms just over here, okay. Yeah. Yeah. This thing ain't pretty to look out I will say though it's pretty large so we could fit a desk over there in the corner. Here. We have an ensuite bathroom, okay feels, a little old yeah, at least it looks clean I mean I can live with it but, Ben doesn't like very much. Here. We have the master bedroom, oh and, oh.

My. God. It wasn't on my wish list Jacuzzi. In the master, bedroom, correct. I'm speechless. What, the heck were they thinking when they put this in here this is not what I had in mind for a home office. Come here you've never did you see but dreaming energy and mold the mirrors have to go is, there a separate bathroom yep, okeydoke, so, this. Isn't too bad yeah. Team ball spacious. And they got the telephone the, telephone it's, a mobile shower, you, mean a handheld, shower exactly, you've got it that's an European, thing Oh. So. There's a lot of things about this apartment that I do like it's got the pool and it's, on budget so good for you on that the living room and dining room flow together yes. I love the kitchen that, can really, picture myself cooking there i when you go to the back half of the apartment that's where the issues lie I think we gotta invest some money but, it's definitely things that we can manage the one thing though is at the location is kind of far from the beach it doesn't have to be dead close at work seeks blocks, away from the ocean he wants to be closer but that means being, unaware from my family. All. Right so here we are on First Avenue it's a great location for Ben how. About the price you asked, me for a great location yeah and, with location you typically have to pay a little more Oh Jason, you're killin me with. The, top brands of footwear for under $60, this back-to-school season we've, got you covered from, head to, toe Academy. Sports and outdoors for, all for less. With. All your back to sports essentials, for under $30, this back-to-school, season we've got you covered from, head to, toe Academy. Sports and outdoors for, all for less, home. Shop offers more menu choices than ever before, which. Means more real excitement than ever before. And with, over 60, recipes a month, including. New 5-minute, lunches, home. Chef has even more ways to blow you away a home. Chef nails anyone, can cook and everyone, will love visit. Home chef comm for $30, off your first order. We. Surprised to these real JustFab members do you see this right now. By. Making their online boutiques. Into. Real stores these are all just so completely JustFab. Snows what, I like, they totally get me totally know my style and then they show me things that I didn't even know I would like go to, for, thousands of styles every month for just 3995. Plus, free shipping right now get your first pair of shoes for just $10, only at just babcom. Are. The credit cards in your wallet actually. The best ones for you at nerve wallet we, sort through hundreds of credit cards to, find the top cards for balance transfer traveling. Learning rewards and, other perks, using. Your unique info to narrow the search nerd. Wallet makes it easy to find credit card to work harder than. The ones you have now. Stop. Missing out, visit. Nerd wallet com to find the cards that are made for you. The. Latest fabletics leggings, are here right now your first two pairs of fabletics, are just $24. Our high-performance. Fabrics, are designed to keep you cool dry, and comfortable, during workouts, while compression, knit technology, filled you up in all the right places easy, to reach pockets, keep your belongings in place and out of the way while ultra, breathable, mesh provides, added ventilation and, style these, aren't just leggings, they're, fabletics, and right, now your first two pairs are just $24.

Only At fabletics comm. They. Move my way from Mexico more than ten years ago now back. After. Years of hard work and hospitality. Xavier is finally, getting his big break there's gonna be a great jump in my career because even though I've been in the hotel industry for so long I've never been a manager and that's what I always wanted to do so this is an amazing opportunity for us you, know transitioning, from living in New York to Mexico is gonna be a little bit different it was kind of liberating, to get rid of our apartment, but at the same time it was kind of like okay we're not gonna live in New York anymore like, this is really the next step in our lives are you gonna be back for the shoot or no so I'm gonna be working remotely for the TV shoot van. Is taking a big risk with his career be there's, the whole concept, of climbing, a ladder do I have to start over again so. He wants what he wants in Mexico, bang once to live really close to the beach oh me too, the. First house didn't, quite deliver on location, but, oh here, we go, yes and. 1,100, per month well done Jason our, expectations, were so high before we got into the apartment with budget and pool we go into the main living room it's open and bright with the kitchen the, first part of the apartment looks nice and let, me get into the bedrooms and everything, just goes wah wah, wah the, style is kind of blah, paint. Is very cheap most, of their issues were easy fixes, except with the jacuzzi this. Is not what I had in mind for a home office and, we're further worried from the beach I mean we live in Mexico, it'd be so nice once, you get into walking, distance it gets a lot more expensive, so. Jason's next step is a more expensive waterfront. Apartment, it's minutes, from the beach but. Javier's, family, will be a hike all. Right so here we are on First Avenue. Patient, you got Fifth Avenue blocked over this way bars restaurants shops, for miles thirty second walk the beach we're. Right in the middle of it all this is fantastic Jason, really hit the nail on that one yeah and here is Las Olas ready oh great, okay it's, a nice building in what floor 'is the apartment located on the second floor it's a large two-bedroom, two-bathroom, fully furnished the. Negative. Of this one no, pool. But. This is your access to the beach right over here so you get a giant sample, all right how about the price you asked, me for a great location yeah and, with location you typically have to pay a little more so this one is priced at, $1,300. Per month Oh Jason, you're killing me oh. Wow. It's. Nice open yeah, space, patient, they have a nice Tarasque here very, high ceilings which is nice it opens up the whole room perfect, for entertaining having, guests over yeah that's fantastic the one thing I'm not crazy about is the style it's a little bit more eclectic than my taste I mean. There's a Christmas tree in the dining room we. Can always redecorate. It how, much is that gonna cost though. Someone. Has to look out for the money so that has to be me I guess what, can host suffice and family here it's a great table and wow. This. Is very spacious you, got lots room big oven big stove yeah, how do you feel about this for cooking hobby, amazing. Yeah. I mean compared to New York we're this tiny little kitchen this is like double the amount of storage that we had I don't. Know how I feel about this countertop, so they seem a little old, we could always redecorate, it you want to redecorate countertops. And a rental I don't think so when, it's covered in margarita, glasses in a blender, and chopped up lime it's, gonna look a whole lot better okay you're selling a little bit now. Javier's. Finds positive and everything we look at whereas, Ben is a little more conservative and, it's gonna be a lot more work trying to get him to agree I think you guys are gonna really like this room oh. This. Is like a four year olds birthday party, yeah. Yeah, it's definitely big, enough to be a home office I don't, know if I could focus in here all day working I paint. The pink white that's it what about these stories. Wow. Nice very. Modern si plus a very spacious shower yeah. This is next Jason I like this and, once it's a closet. Let, me check Oh actually these connects to the living room so then we come plink hi Nancy hello. Let's. Check out the next room okay. Well it's not pink but it's purple, it's a calm purple. Though what, do you think it's a little bit more spacious than the other one you have your own ensuite, bathroom, alaki.

Nice Very similar than the other one yeah some great tiling I like it in here and, this way we have access to the terrace oh definitely. I'm totally, a fan of this this is a huge selling point for this place we, can host guests out there I think we love to terrorists oh yeah I think. Ben likes the apartment, he loves the location you want to be close to the beach no, you deliver it on that we can walk to all the restaurants the bars the location is prime however, for $1,300. I wanted to have everything that we want that we wouldn't have a pool yeah. The no pool is a big negative thing has to choose if he wants to be close to the ocean or being. Under budget yeah, this. Is a very tricky question. Alright. So written plaque are leaves. Jason, finally gets Javier close to family but is Ben's mind already, made up it's a 10 to 15 minute drive to the beach. So. You like to cook. And. You're curious about meal kicks. But. Don't know where to start. All. You have to do is. You're. Already done, for. As low as $50, a week get fresh ingredients and, easy to follow recipes delivered. Weekly visit, home chef comm for $30 off your first order ooh. I. Like this one top, hat er is an app of auctions it lasts 90 seconds, he. Gets intense you got act fast so you don't miss something special, the, options start at just a dollar so you can find some ridiculous, deals for. Free Paoli, the wind. It's like eBay but everything sells in 90 seconds, there's. Luggage that falls apart and luggage. That cost more than a plane ticket. Now. There's something new. The. Perfect suitcase, meet. Away, thoughtfully, designed luggage. That. Charges your phone, it's. Everything, and never breaks and. Lasts. Forever. Try. Any suitcase for 100 days visit. Away Hi. We're, Warby Parker an eyewear. Company that offers high quality glasses, starting, at $95. Including, prescription lenses our, frames are designed in-house, and made from premium materials. Like cellulose, acetate and, lightweight, titanium and include scratch resistant, and anti reflective lens coatings, it. May sound too good to be true but we believe glasses, can be well-made stylish. And affordable and, have set out to prove that with every pair try. Five frames for free at Warby, Parker comm. Hi. We're, Warby Parker an eyewear company that offers high quality glasses, starting, at $95. Including, prescription lenses, our. Frames are designed in-house, and made from premium materials. Like cellulose, acetate and, lightweight, titanium and include, scratch resistant, and anti reflective lens coatings, it. May sound too good to be true, but we believe glasses, can be well-made stylish. And affordable and, have set out to prove that with every pair try. Five frames for free today at Warby, Parker comm. Thank. Goodness, no more Time Square I'm, a craziness, Xavier, and Ben are leaving the daily grind of the Big Apple, so Xavier can take on a huge, career opportunity. To, run his own hotel, how are in the Sun and the sand it's perfect, I think the first thing we're gonna do when we have to apply it all comers we're gonna jump into a pool somewhere hey, do you see the over there I mean, there are public pools in New York but I wouldn't touch those with a 10-foot Pole Ben. Is giving up a lot to support Javier's, career, but there are some, perks I grew up on the beach just north of Boston and I really miss it so living in Mexico being, close would be huge this is. But. That's gonna be more far away from my family my. Brother lives in playa car so we like to leave there because that is one of the reasons why we moved, Cheers. The, professional, side is very exciting but I've delivered nervous because I had a very stable job here in New York and then Ben is gonna be also working, from home I mean it's gonna be a lot all at once but if we didn't do this now when could we do this I guess a key. Playa del Carmen is, way, off Broadway so, Ben is hoping to get his way in the house hunt Javier, knows that kind of person I am he knows I'm a little bit more into the material, part so apartment, search and then he is so he totally understands, it well this. Is margaritas, to love, the name in, between the beach and Javier's, family, oh wow it has most of their must-haves, and more oh my. God. Wasn't, on my wish list I'm dreaming of a place that does not have a master, bedroom jacuzzi, Annette can we see one of those please, here, is Las Olas right Oh 30, second watch the beach, Ben. Gets his beach location, and can, get a taste of New York while working from home you got 5th Avenue a block over this way and that's definitely a huge plus for me at the end of the day though I mean no pool and we're over budget those, are two like huge things on the wish list you.

Want To be close, to the beach even to me more expensive yeah, so there's a big question right now of if we're gonna go over budget and be near the beach or if we have to maybe think somewhere else did I mention it's a great location I know Jason wants to please man but I really want he wants to listen to me about living, in close to my family like I really want, to walk down drive, through ten minutes good luck to him on that one well. You have to be that difficult hey Gary the, client keeps asking for something in playa cards I really don't want to leave him hanging. Jason's. Final, showing gets Xavier walking, distance from his family, Ben. May like the price but. Golf course living isn't what he had in mind, all right so written Playa car this is where my brother leaves that's amazing news I am thrilled to be close to my family this, is the building right here oh this. Is neat just the other side you've got the golf course, okay, we can start classes. I'm. Gonna look at a condo that has two bedrooms two bathrooms fully furnished you've got two pools in the buildings what did we do to deserve this it's, a great one but, it's, a 10 to 15-minute drive to the beach wobb wobb but. Then it's, only $1,000. Per month you, delivered on that one well done I'm. Very happy in these neighborhood but I don't know if he's gonna be happy that he's not bad close to the beach yeah. Can you see the smile on my face it's from the fact that it's $1,000, I've always wanted to live in a piece of red Swiss cheese how did you know I am The Dream Maker. Oh. This. Is very bright I like, the open space what. Do you think of this kitchen chef Harvey I mean, it's nice but, I think, it's very small, though and Jason, does the aviary, come with the kitchen yeah you call that decoration my gosh. Here. We have a nice little dining area yeah, you're right little, it's. A tiny table if I want to do a party with my family there's no space for them here and I, see we've got some more beautiful, decals, there are seventeen Oh. Can leave with these one but, the one that he's in the dining room is just juicy. You would have to live with them all they're on there for good that's, a bummer at least it'll remind us to live love and laugh, often. We. Didn't even reminder, and right over here you have a nice little TV area with view row to the golf course you're using the word little a lot Jason I realized that this condo, is a little, bit small. Yeah. This seems like it would be a great space to have yeah, and you can see right out into the pool into the big Golf Course area but Golf Course doesn't necessarily, say Mexico, to me oh this. Is a little, bit smaller, than I expected yeah this our mini master suite Jason's your mini master suite okay well. It's definitely very plain however, we also have more decals. On the wall pretend.

It's Not there well. This is a nice bathroom, it's, very nice and bright and I love this walk-in shower right here let's. Keep on moving, here's. The second bedroom. Well, yeah, it's similar to the master bedroom just. Smaller I mean I don't think we could make this an office space and, it looks like our guests have a wonderful, view of that's, the hallway, that's. Creepy, but. At least Bank and practically Spanish, we're you know all those decals so you're saying you like the decals now no I liked you to learn Spanish, si, si si, I. Think. Harvey's optimistic, about this apartment because it's close to his family which is a big plus room yeah it's just 10 minutes walking, to my brother's that is exactly what I was looking for although. I think Department, is very small yeah. There's, not enough space to have my home office well, I'm gonna be working at the hotel so, the whole apartment can be his office but. I'm not sure if we want to sacrifice. Space in, New York City we were used to really cramped quarters do, we really want a stace living in a place that's really small, or do we want to be able to expand a little bit here I don't know play a card is a little bit different than I was expecting, coming to Mexico. For. Me is 100%, important, the baby's happy here because he's, leaving everything behind but, in the other hand I'm coming to Mexico to be close to my family too I, mean what are you preferred that's, a big question. Now. That I shocked with swagbucks I saved money and earn cash back I've made over $500. Two hundred and fifty dollars over a thousand dollars I could shop online anytime, anywhere. And earn cash back introducing. Swagbucks the fun rewards, program that gives you cash back for shopping your favorite stores you're already shopping online why, not get paid for it check out so I was that commissar, saving the day enter shop 10 when you sign up today and get a bonus $10, gift card swag. Box calm. - back in your wallet now. That, I shop with Swagbucks I saved money and earn cash back I've made over $500. Two hundred and fifty dollars over a thousand dollars I can shop online anytime, anywhere. And earn cashback introducing. Swagbucks the fun rewards program that gives you cash back for shopping your favorite stores you're already shopping online why, not get paid for it check out swag was that commissar, saving the day enter shop 10 when you sign up today and get a bonus $10, gift card swag. Box calm, put, cash back, in your wallet. When. Your work takes you away, what. Do you bring with you matters, a way. Makes luggage that works for you but. Keeps you moving keeps. You powered, and is, yours to keep her. Life. So, you can focus on the big picture. And. The little moments that get you there. Find. Your travel uniform Attaway travel, calm. The. World's best leggings, just got better in a variety of cuts colors, and lines for leggings, that look as good as they feel right now get your first two pairs of leggings for just $24. Only at fabletics calm, this, isn't just any moving day this. Is moving day with reliable, service appointments, in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time surely decorating, shows this is how Xfinity, makes life simple, easy awesome, call, click or visit a store today you're, awesome and Xfinity, would like to say thank you this July 16th through 22nd, enjoy a free week of epics on us so, go ahead watch, as much as you want and wherever you want with the Xfinity stream app it's all on us and it's all week long.

Javier's. Return, to Mexico is, more, than a homecoming. I'm. Gonna be managing. A hotel it looks like piggy already started eating oh yeah. Van. Agreed, to join him he's keeping his job in New York but, working remotely, for shows on Broadway, isn't the same being. Sort of out of sight out of mind I'm, a little nervous about it so he wants something close to the water but, it's in the opposite, direction from Javier's, family. So. What do you think about margaritas. Well. Margaritas, was interesting, it, was good that it had a pool and I really liked the fact that it was right on budget when you go to the back half of the apartment that's where the issues live yeah that's no bueno. Oh, my. God. This is not what I had in mind for a home office, he's like meticulous so, let's move on to Las Olas you asked me for a great location 30 second walk the beach and. That's huge for me yes, but in the other hand doesn't have any pool at all I know and thirteen hundred a month we're already spending more than we want to now, let's talk about black our lease is where my brother leaves I think it would be really great to live near high vis family but I mean a golf course I feel like we're more in Miami than we are in Mexico the bad thing though is the spaces, are very very small I don't think we could make this an office would be tight and those decals my, gosh and. I know how, Harley you really want to be near to the beach I really, want you to be happy Thanks. Let's. Try to make things a little bit easier by eliminating, one of these right now I will, say margaritas. Only, because it's not close to the beach and he's, not close to my family either and I don't picture, myself living with that jacuzzi to be honest I agree, adios, margaritas. Okay. So now we've got two left laughs all lost and ply a car, Oh God, that is a tough decision a Las, Olas is of course bigger he's right. In the beach but he's over budget true buy, a car in the other hand is also very well located close, to my family but he's on their budget that's true do we want the beach or do we want to be under budget well, that's, a question for you mr. Baine I mean, what are you preferred I really. Want you to be happy you're the one leaving, everything behind following. Me and if. You really want to be you know close to the beach.

Well. I mean I really, want to be close, to the beach we're in Mexico but. On the other hand being. Close to your family is really important, not. To mention we really both want a pool so. I think in that case we're, gonna see pagina, much more often. Yes. So. Then like I said hi Ann I promise of driving to the beach anytime, I want that, deal. Then. I bought this stuff to see here lots of shops being. In Mexico it's brought javi and I closer together it's, been so nice to not only get, closer to Heidi's family but, also know, more about where he's from oh my, gosh it's gonna be so busy this week it's gonna be a busy week for me too we, are very happy and we made the decision to move into this apartment we're. A little bit further away than the beach and then I originally wanted but it's so nice to have two pools Mike, can you feel a little bit shorter than yours I guess from the bed to the cab yeah I'm lucky you the hook there's gonna be opening soon I'm, spending. At the hotel 10, to 12 hours a tea yeah, I forgot what he looks like my probably suspecting, us in a couple hours so we have to be ready good we've swum up an apple to anything, I'm, a 3l then I'm very close to my family, yeah it's been so great. You.

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You get what you get (for $1,100.)and you dont get upset!!!! A kindergarden child told me that, lol.!!!!

The whining of these people in these shows just gets me angry.

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