House Flipping Business Plan [A $10K - $20K Per Deal Plan]

House Flipping Business Plan [A $10K - $20K Per Deal Plan]

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All, right what's going on what's going on my name is Ola we're, back here today, we're talking about, business. Plan a house-flipping. Business plan. A ten to twenty thousand. Dollars per deal business, plan I want, to give that you want to hand it to you today, it's. Gonna be fun so I want you to stick around make, sure you stick around to the end if, you're brand new here. Congratulations. Because you landed, on probably, the most valuable, channel. You're gonna find on Real Estate's, professionalism. And marketing. Okay. Any, type of marketing okay there's. No such thing as non digital marketing, anymore everything is digital we're, all online right. So, that's, why you're watching me today William talked. About real estate as a product, as a business. Module. But today specifically, I want to get into a business, plan I will give you I, want to give you a model. To write your business plan around but, even if you're not writing a business plan you need to know this stuff because, a lot of people are lost in. The business because they don't have what I'm about to share with you tonight so, again my name is Ola if you're brand new here make sure you subscribe to this channel we're. Gonna have some fun today make. Sure you give me a thumbs up if I say anything that makes sense that just hit home that hits home for you just give me a thumbs, up if you want to go ahead and give me a thumbs up right now that's perfectly fine too that. Will help our channel out and if you have any questions, or anything like that leave. Leave. A comment. Below leave. Your questions, leave your contributions. Anything. That you have to say your thoughts I would like to know what your thoughts are as we're going through the true-true, the training today so, today like I said you know I just wanted to make sure I show my face, so I'm not rude you know before we get started this. Is my screen for today we're gonna talk about the. Best business, plan ever by the way you can if you are in any other type of business model that's not necessarily, real. Estate housefull pain or wholesaling, if, you're any type of you can still what I'm about to share with you tonight and it's absolutely, applicable.

But, I try I tell, you there's a lot of people roaming around the business. And. They, don't under standard stuff and when. They don't understand, this stuff they're, going in circles, they go every six months and they circle back and it they're, trying to figure out what is going on they, can't figure, it out and I and I meet a lot of people as a matter of fact just last night I was. At uh I was at the look cool real estate, investor. To my boy. Samuel. Hopefully, we got to do something together very, soon Samuel : it, was New Jersey, real estate and. Earning. Learning, something like that you know NJ real okay so, I was out there and I quite. A few people and you. Know they were sharing about vacant. How to find vacant, houses how, to find. The product, how to find out information about, when. You come across vacant. Properties. It was some really good insight and uh really. The one thing I take away that I took away from it. I want to share with you right now is really, digging deeper, you know, everybody. Does one thing that, the Guru's are talking about and then they get to a place where they hit like a stumbling, block or some kind of challenge and they just stop and that's. Where the champion, sticks are from okay that's when they get started right, everybody. Get to that point where they just get tired and they stop and, you. Know congratulations if, you're here, you're. Watching this video I other, as a rebroadcast, or life and you've. Seen, some of my videos in the past congratulations. To you because you wanted to be top, three present, in. This niche that are gonna win but I guarantee you that majority, of people that are coming into this business will never make a dime it's, not a curse it's just what it is you know but. The cream always rises to the top and one, of the first signs of the cream, rising to the top is when people show up every day the consistency. Way because, eventually something is gonna stick okay, so congratulations to you if you're watching this. As a second video if it's your first time, congratulations. To you because everybody started, from the same place but like I said make sure you subscribe to the channel make sure you hit, that Bell right next to the subscribe button to, make sure you join the notification, squad that, means you get emails every time I'm live or you know that's. How you want to make sure because I'm. Sharing so much information, I'm gonna be going everyday the, time are kind of all over the place right now I'm in Ohio for, a project and, I'm, gonna be here for on - I don't know on - may 56. Something like that you know, so. If you're in Ohio you can send, me a quick email maybe we, can. Link. Up all right so let's get into it again, today we're talking about I want to give you a business plan if you don't have this and I'm not talking about official, business plan but you can use it to build your official, business plan as well - one. Of the best way to fill right is. To not have a plan right this, is actually. I think is the, fastest way to fail right if you don't, plan. You plan to fail right if, you fail to plan you plan to fail right you've, heard that before and for some reason people, think in marketing network, marketing internet marketing real, estate wholesaling. Real. Estate investing, they think that, somebody exempt. From that rule no, you're, not as if from Daria you got to know what you're doing by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow if you don't know what you're doing 10:00 a.m. tomorrow with regards, to this business, even if that means you're on your 9:00 to 5:00 you, need to find a way to link that together to, this, business if you plan to succeed in this business and, if you're not doing that if you're not saying oh yeah, I'm on my nine-to-five because, I need to raise money so I can mark if you if you don't have that link together somewhere. Hopefully. Written, down but sometimes. You know just being your brain but at least she know that's what your goal is right if, you don't have that it's. No wonder you can check your result your result is probably not speaking the kind of language you like to hear right so. I just wanted to point that out in. Love you know just so you know that you, have to, plan you have to plan because if you're not planning. You're planning to fail that's there's, no there's no such thing as in action, right. Let's. Look when you when you're taking action if you're not taking action you're essentially, taking, the action of not taking action okay you, don't get to choose that I'm going to take action or not okay. So. With. That being said that. This is what I want to cover today so I'm going to cover the seven the several elements that you need to have in every plan okay and you can use what I share with you today take a lot of notes okay you can use what I share with you today to literally, design.

Your Business plan, and most, people don't have this okay most people haven't really they. Don't have this so they haven't really conceptualize. Or contextualize, the, whole thing into, making, sense to them all they know is that yeah, I like, the idea I can buy houses and sell houses for a profit, and then, as simple as that sounds there they wondering how come I haven't made, any money right but. That's that's what we're gonna cover here today so we're gonna define, every, single one of this who what why when where how. How, much, how, does this relate to real. Estate I'm going to use as an example as our product, today and as you know and real estate who selling a house flipping we, have two sides of that, coin right you have the sellers you have the buyers and this, concept. Is applicable on both sides okay so I'm going to try to link with 22, and at. The end of it then I'm also gonna give you an overview of what, I think you should be focused us focused. On in this, business today okay. Like I said I met quite a few people last night and a lot of people were lost because people are trying to feel they're trying to fill the gap, that's. Already been filled okay. The the. Bottom, line that I really want to share with you today is this okay when. You enter, any type of game, okay, either a business module, a new, venture, that you want to start you, you want to, you. Want to find out where, there's a gap so you can fill it okay you want to find a place where you can add value because, if you're not adding value, you're. Not gonna make money okay, the, only way to create, money, to, create income. Revenue, is to add value okay, so, if you're busy chasing. After. A. Guru or chasing after a new module or the new app of the of the century or the new software, that's supposed to help you and and. You. Haven't really pinpoint. Where you need to add value you're, gonna struggle with making money and. That means you're not gonna make money okay, so, and. That's something I want you to write down right now just write it down right right grab, a pen and a paper is very very, important, grab a pen and a paper and and. Write this down if I am not hiding value, I will not make. Money point-blank. Period that. Means ashtag. P. B, P. Point-blank. Period okay, you need to write that down because if you don't write it down you're gonna forget tomorrow, again because at. Some points you're human right just like the rest of us you're, gonna forget you're gonna start treating this like a religion, you're gonna show up to the hotel meetings every Saturday, with. All the real estate investors, talking about all the testimonials. All the people making money and you're gonna be whoo hoo ha ha but you're not really making money right. You're not focused, on you creating, resorts all those things are cool for sales but. You're already been sold you already sold on the business I'm I'm. Hoping that you already sold on the business and that's why you're here right you, want to learn how, to execute, on the business and make money that's why we're here okay that's what I come here to show you okay so, again we're gonna talk about the.

Seven Elements, the, seven questions, that you need to ask to build, your business plan and it needs to become like, your your, book of rules okay, it needs to become like, something you reference, all the time you need to type it up in your own language okay, I'm gonna say some things here and you're, gonna take some notes and you're gonna go build yours over the next 24 to 48 hours and you're. Gonna print, it out go to Staples and print, it out and hang it there and reference. It every, time you feel like you're lost because the answer, is probably in these seven questions that, I'm, about to share with you today and if you don't know this information you, are I guarantee. You are gonna struggle the first question, you want to ask okay, the first question you want to ask in any type. Of business. Is the. Woo-woo, are you trying to serve okay, if you cannot answer that question, everything, else will feel, okay. Forget. The rest of the questions I'm gonna share with you tonight they're just as important, but, the first question as as as as. Regards, to in what order right. It's, going, to be the woo what, do you want to serve because remember. We were just talking you need to add value when, I say add value you should be like add value to what I'd value, to somebody's life you need to be doing something, that same hansung somebody's life somehow, someway, write something that's enhancing, their business, life or your lifestyle, right so, if you cannot think of your real estate business or, your marketing business, in that sense you, are gonna struggle because everything, your marketing message your sales message goes. Back to that who. Are you trying to talk to who's your message, for, right we buy houses with bad houses what are you trying to talk to what's the ideal person that, you need to see that message, right because, if you don't know what that ideal, person, is some, people call it the avatar, right the avatar, they some people give it name so it could be a girl's name it could be Mary could be Loren, it could be Megan it could be it could be a name you could give it a name and because, you gave it a girl's name doesn't mean it can be a man it's just your way of making sure you making, sure you pinpoint, and you, narrow down to that person, that I do person, you're trying to serve okay. Who's, that person you need to know who that is yes, marketing, is gonna help you narrow, down even, further but at first you need to know what that is okay so, for example in house flipping so since we're talking about house flipping business plan that will. Be two types of people okay because you're flipping a house you're kind of like in the middle and you're flipping from a seller to a buyer right. You're.

Flipping From a seller to a buyer sometimes. You are fixing the property sometimes no you're just passing the property, to an investor. That will appreciate a house that they can fix next right that's, essentially, so who are these people are a seller, and the buyer but, yesterday I think on the previous video you can go Google that video or just. Go back to the, last video on this channel all right actually. Let me make sure I tell you what that is because, I don't want you to struggle looking. For that video, let's, see here I'm gonna tell you what, you need to Google you can write this down and go ahead and Google this or search. On YouTube for it okay so you. Can make sure that, you watch it after this okay so on the previous video that was I'm, going to tell you the title right now I need to learn. How to remember, I just so many so many of this how, to get started flipping, houses, okay so all you want to do is just want to go to how, to get started flipping, houses, how. To get started flipping houses and you put all that in front of it such that on YouTube and this, that video should come up I, explain to you the. Seller the seller is not just a seller the seller you're trying to deal with it's not a seller and we're gonna talk about that later and one of the questions that's coming up it's a person that absolutely. Need to get rid of a property right see. There's a lot of sellers right a lot, of sellers in the marketplace a lot of people can sell your house but, there's no way for you to add value to that house so, you're not gonna make money right so you're looking for people that are selling houses that, you can add value to or, the house that needs value. To be headed to it that's kind of hard you looking for and those houses are, motivated. Sellers distressed, properties, and so again we're talking about whoo right, that's, the whoo on the seller side whoo are you trying to do it on the buyer side okay. If you are fixing the property, you need a person, that. Means their dream home so you need to fix. A property, and put in models, and and fix the property in a way that will appeal to a person that needs a dream home right that's. If you're fixed and a flipper if you adjust a flipper that means you're realistic all seller to investors, then, you're looking for investors, okay you need to identify and.

Figure, Out which one you're gonna be here okay and I'm gonna advise you which one I think you should be by the end of this video by the way so make sure you take, note on that that I said, I'm gonna tell you which one I think you should be but, there are two types that you typically see in the market the fix fix. And flippers, right sorry the fix the flip the, fix and flippers and the people that just flipping for, a profit, right for quick profit both of them are great models right but, if you are fixed on a flipper, you're, essentially, trying to put together a dream home you take a house that needs value that, needs value, that can be headed to it from a seller a motivated, distressed, seller because, if they don't have motivation. And distressed. Situation. They're not gonna give you a house at the discounts right they're not gonna give you a house at. 65%. 55%. Of its ARV. After, repair value right, so you can put that repair on it as added value you need to know what, kind of kitchen is winning in your neighborhood that you're focused on you need to know what kind of flooring people want in that area or this to using carpeting, is a hardwood, you need to identify what, those things are in the area if you're gonna be a fix and flipper now, if you're just a flipper that, you solution. Just became a lot more easier and you can make money a lot more faster, by focusing, on just looking. For houses that's distressed, okay, that, means a house from. A motivated, seller for whatever reason, divorced, pre-foreclosure. Inherited. Unwanted, houses, vacant. Houses whatever, reason, this person doesn't want this house because it's just nasty on their books they need to get rid of it right that's. What you're looking for and you're looking on the buyers side you're, looking to flip to investors. Okay, people, that are looking to pick up houses at a discount, right and, it could be a first-time homebuyer or it could be a person, that has been buying a home for 1,000, times before, it doesn't matter to you a buyer, as a buyer as long as that, money is gonna become real cash in your bank account right so, those are the rules and you need to identify that, and write that down and every.

Time You feel like you're lost in this business chances. Are you need to go back to this and. Identify. What that is okay so, in any business by the way you, need to know who you're trying to serve what, do you want to have value to if you don't know what that person is that's, the question anytime somebody is trying to like some of you are here because I did some commenting, on arm on the, brick fast Club video, about real estate wholesaling and a lot of people who have blah blah blah and we're being skeptical, because this, question was never answered, for them so it seems like a completely, like, a complete, you know so, in, in in bita based design there's, something we'll call a primary, key the primary key, in all of these seven questions I'm about to share with you tonight is, the whoo everything, else kind, of like for accordingly, okay for economy, so now, I may, have been a little bit ahead of myself okay, now want to talk about the what what, are you doing what what, exactly are, you offering these people right remember, there are two sides to the business of house flipping right what. Are we trying to do exactly what kind of value, are we heading, to these people we already talked about the whoo right now. We. Kind of talked about the words when we're talking about the whoo but we did not exactly define. It see. One of the biggest things about businesses, that you have to be very definitive. You need to define, what, you are trying to do, okay. Not only are you gonna do it business, plan level like this but, literally, every time you enter a brand new house or somebody calls you for my house right you. Kind of like need to redefine it again so it needs to become part. Of your DNA needs to become who you are right so, what is the next question what, is your offer for, a, motivated, seller what, is your offer for an investor, right so. First of all so we're gonna be talking in two parts today because the house-flipping business is, essentially, in two parts okay and by, the end of this video I'll tell you the part that I think you should focus on okay but, right, now you, know that house flipping business is two parts you have a seller, motivated. Seller to be precise, and you have a buyer people. Looking to buy houses at discounts right so. What. Are you trying to offer the motivated, seller. It's. A solution of course right but, it needs to be a solution and it's if you cannot see, yourself thinking. Of what you're offering them as a solution, then. You really don't need to have any further conversation. Okay so, for example when you're marketing to the wus right, you market, to them the, idea is for them to be calling you because they've, literally, seen. You as a person, to bring solution. To the table, okay so, I'm gonna go with maybe three examples, a person, has in pre-foreclosure, right and. And they're their property is underwater that means they are owing more than what the property is worth the. Property is worth $100,000. They all 175. To the bank in other words there's no equity that's negative seventy five thousand dollars of equity how. Can you solve that person's, problem, that, would be the what you bring to the table okay, okay. So let's, say the, person holds. Just, twenty five thousand, dollars that means it's positive seventy. Five thousand, dollars right your. Mind need, to you need to tap away all the way from the idea, that. You're. Gonna make money okay because. You know that making money is a byproduct of, you solving problems of you had him value, to other people's lives you know your mind really, needs to always if, you're gonna succeed in any type of business you, need to again. You need to narrow, back, down to the problem that you're trying to solve the solution so, for. Either a person, has positive, equity plus, 75 or negative 75, percent either way doesn't matter to you the solution, here is that you're, helping someone get rid of a property okay, as a house flipper that's, what I'm talking about I'm not talking about as a Realtor as a root or it's a different, ballgame entirely, okay, it's a different ballgame entirely, but, it's still applicable but, it's a little bit different okay as a Realtor you need to think that you're solving problem as well but I'm gonna be specifically.

To House flipper if you're gonna be flipping houses as a real estate wholesaler, you're, there to help them get rid of the liability. But, you say house, is not really a liability, says whew okay, you don't get to determine that, okay the person that has the house on their books right now is the, person that gets to determine if it's a liability or not and there are a few questions you ask people, when they call you first, of all if they called you that, means is a liability right, because you you. Probably market, it out to them right and then they are calling you but you need to stay your, conversation, need to stay around the problem you're helping them solve and how do you do that, by. Listening to them okay you let them do all the talking if they stop talking you ask another question based. On what they just said last and you let them do as many talking as they need to okay and what's your done you say you know what sound like I can help you when, it's a good time I can come see the property, if you're still, very light on work right you can go spend some time if you're very busy then you can say hey when it's a good time so we can get online and get the document signed so I can get started see, you're like almost like ahead of them but, then they're happy but, you're thinking maybe I'm too forward but no they're actually happy because you're helping them solve problem. But again that what's here is you're, helping a motivated, seller get, rid of a property and the, key word is get rid if you're thinking, of you. Helping a motivated, sellers sell a house you're. Missing that you're missing it because when. They want to sell a house they want to make money they want as much money from it and chances. Are they're gonna see like you're making too much money and if, you listen if you watched that last video that I did yesterday I told you the story of how I got started and I had to lose, ten thousand dollars then, never, had but I still made $10,000. Ray and I told you that story because again. I was helping somebody, if I was in the mood of helping somebody get rid of a property and the deal was structured that way from the beginning I wouldn't, have to deal with that now let's talk about the what for the buyer side. So. For the buyer side right you're, helping, the, buyers find. A discounted, property, right a person. That's gonna, fix a property and put it back on the market they usually will, not have the time to be doing marketing, they. Don't have to okay, they there are the people that do the project management they fix the property put, the right stuff, and my fixtures and stuff like that and they worry about how the project is gonna move fast they, worry about you know you just, help, them find the deals you help them find and identify deals. So that's the what that's your offer you, help them find, and identify deals. That, is the what in a house flipping business you help buyers find. And. Identify deals. Okay, that's the what and it needs to be that simple so whatever other type of business you're in you need to figure out what kind, of solution, you bring to the table okay, now, I use the word find, and identify because. You, saving them time and they will pay you look, creatively. Handsomely. Right and suddenly they'll, pay you five. Ten eighty two forty highest, of the $2000, fifty, thousand dollars for helping them for, helping them find, and then identify. Those all day, long okay so, that's something, that you need to pay attention let's, go straight to number three why. Okay. Why. This. Needs, to be a part of your conversation from, time to time okay. Why. Would a if, the person can't if the person, is struggling with signing, up with you a motivated, seller right, chances. Are because they, lost the why in the midst of all that okay, you're, gonna help them get it off a house but why, okay. And people. Already know there why why they called you right but, remember what I said in the beginning it needs to be definitive. You. Need to define it you need to remind, them sometimes, okay, and remember. I said something earlier you need to listen. To them you need to let. Them talk don't. Be, too fast don't, have, opinions, you. Don't they don't need your opinion they need a solution okay. That's something that that's very hard for especially traditional, traditional, sales, people to understand people. Don't need your, your, your opinions they don't they don't really need you to they. Need you to almost act like a therapy, if you watch a therapy sit down and do, consulting, with people they just have a pen and a paper and you're listening, and you're just doing all the work typically. Why, because it works okay, you need to do the same thing if you're on the phone or you're in person you need to learn how to grab a pen on the paper and say tell.

Me The story okay. That's really my favorite line of all time I just go if a person called me about the house right, and they have a motivated, seller I'm, not gonna assume they already design, okay. I want, them to first, of all I need them to build rapport with me right, with me right because they're gonna be doing business with me right anyway, I'm gonna get them to do that by the way this concept I'm sharing with you applies. In real estate applies, in business, and marketing in relationship. If you want to pick, up a new you're. Looking for a new relationship you're, looking for to attract a girl or a boy or anything like that well. Mostly girls sorry. Sorry ladies you, need to let people talk you need to let people allow. People to open. Up to you if you can get, do that letting people open, up to you they, will fall in love with the idea of collaborating. With you does that make sense because at the end of the day the seller the buyer all those people title, work title, company mortgage companies, Realtors they just partners at unit a they just in. This case business partners but they're partners they're collaborating, with you to, achieve, an end result which, is what I told you, you always gotta come from a standpoint of, solving. A problem so, when people say but why whispering, give you a house that's, because you missed the point it wasn't about them giving me a house is about me helping them solve a problem, so back, to the wider okay. How. You gonna know the why okay the why is not something you create okay. I'm. Talking from the standpoint of motivated, seller right now you don't create the way they create the why but. You help them define, it that's, why you have a pen and a paper okay, so. When. You go there you are consultant. Okay, you're problem solver. Okay, remember I said the primary job of you as a house flipper I said that on previous. Videos. In house flipping your primary job is really marketing, because you gotta get the pipeline calling, you right you gotta feel the pipeline you gotta get people calling you right, but. When. People start calling you you're, not there to again give opinions. Okay you're there to solve a problem to create resorts. You're there to create results because if you don't create results, you're not gonna get paid right, we kind of know that we get paid as entrepreneurs, when we create results we don't get paid for how, many hours we'll, spend so when I tell you, to. Let, them talk right I'm not saying sit down there forever, but at least somewhere. If you're there visiting the property you're gonna spend fifteen to twenty minutes there okay, but, that 15 to 20 minutes the best way you can use it is, to, have, a note and a pen and say. Tell me the story what's going on with the property that's my best line ever okay. You tell people tell me the story what's going on with the property and and. You have a little smart smile, on your face authentic. Of course no pretending okay because again you're authentically, there to solve a problem right and just, let them talk they're, gonna tell you everything they, tell you everything about the property, my mother used to be in the cells and you, know I grew up in this house this was my room let, them do, all the talking, let them do the work and he just dare to relax you have a bottle, of water every, time you say a little bit of something you ask another question you take a sip of water he said oh wow. Wow, yeah that's awesome if you have an authentic input, like, you can relate to something as, long as you can relate the only time you should really say anything is if you can relate oh yeah. My mother used to do that - something like that if you can relate it helps build more rapport ray but, that's essentially, what, you do to do now what you're writing down is, really the reason why we're talking about this okay the, whys you're, trying to from them talking you're, gonna find out why they need to get rid of the property okay so, for example our Realtors. Typical. Why when you're talking to prepare they need to move they already paying, a double mortgage in Florida and they need to get out of New Jersey or Ohio right, and. They. Need to move you need to write that down because you're gonna use that later if for, some reason, they have a second, thought or anything like that you could play but, remember.

We Got to get you down to Florida, we got to get you moving we gotta get you stop paying this double mortgage because this property is you, know I mean cost you this much money every. You know when you write down how much it cost you every month you know when you say all those things you're writing those things down you're essentially, you're. Finding, the why okay, so finding the why in, why, somebody's, you sign up with you is what, happens, when you let them talk okay, now, on the buyer side it's, actually very the, to work on that end okay but the reason as a house flipper the reason why a buyers this, because they want discounted. Property they're gonna make profit okay, it's a money game for them okay, and if they're gonna make profit, they're gonna make profit okay now if you're gonna do if, you're gonna sell properties, that, are a lot, more than 85%, of, its ARV, then, you got to come up with better wise for, example why, would somebody want to buy a property, with 15% ROI, because. It's. Literally having their money work for them and they don't have to do landlord, they can just invest you, need to write down those why's why, a person should buy an investment property from, you from, a bias standpoint if you're dealing with with. With a cash buyer or, people that buy 65%. Of. ARV, if you're dealing with that those kind of people they, did, their why's is, the money the numbers gotta make sense right so if you but the truth the truth of the matter which I'm gonna tell you later I'm going to talk more about that later is that the, number sometimes will not make sense enough for cash. Buyers but. The number you gotta make the numbers make sense to. Regular, buyers we just want 90, percent discount 80 percent, discount, not sorry I mean 10 percent 20 percent discount. It's still a good deal for them it's a cash flowing income, property, right all these, are different why's why somebody should buy from you okay, and these are things you should just write down and and. I'm gonna tell you why you don't need to put too much focus on on the wire when it comes to down to that because really the main why is that discounted. Properties, and they're discounted, properties based on today's market, not. Speculations. Now, what the area is gonna be in the future not because Amazon is moving to to, Newark in ten years from now which we're not sure about right, none of that craziness, no speculation, just feel Li off of numbers okay so if you're very good numbers when, it's time to flip your properties at discount the. Number is the profit, the ROI is are gonna be your, major wise so you gotta get good at that and be able to say, those things in about three to three five points, and repeats it every time you know you're. Building equity is paying down you don't have to deal with the tenant it's all property management your money is multiplying, you're also building equity you. See I just said it you gotta get good at that gotta become a part of who you are so that's the why on the bias end okay, does. That make sense I. Forgot to grab a bottle of water here but it's, okay I'm away from home so it's. A little quiet around here and I like it all right. So. When. Okay. Let's talk about when real quick so. When, is. When. When, when when should they sign up okay, when. Should they sign up okay, and that's the question that you, need to answer with everything, else that I said earlier okay it needs to be now okay.

It Needs to be now it needs to be now now now now now or o'clock all, right and if, the answer, is not now then. You gotta have systems, in place to answer, that question now here's know what, I'm gonna tell you about now okay and how I want you to handle now in your business is this okay the. Timing, is not always, right for your prospect, either a seller or a buyer but. The timing is always right for you and your business that means when they're ready your, present, even. If you're in the middle of sleeping even if it's 1:00 p.m.. Sorry, 1:00 a.m. in the middle the night and your, buyer is watching a computer and get ready to sign up they, have to be able to sign. Up okay. They have to be able to sign up they have to be able to leave you a message if they're that much of a dinosaur, they, have to be able to leave you a voicemail a text message or something like that but, why, would somebody decide, at 1:00 a.m. a motivated, seller to do business with you, the. Only reason is because you. Have a solid, and, on, a very strong pipeline okay, and you, have literally. You have agents all over the place what I mean by agent doesn't have to be human beings by the way it could be videos like this think about it all right now right this vide this particular, YouTube, channel right now has about 8:20, I think, a 20 something like that you, see a 20 I lost count. About, over 800. Subscribers, right, and, and. Many. Of them could be watching this video, late, into the middle night well I'm fast asleep sorry I'm snoring, my life away right they, could watch a video and decide that they want to dig in a little bit deeper, and do some more business with me you, can do the same thing from a cellar standpoint, in your business and from a buyer standpoint, okay the technology, of today allows, you to do that so, the. Only when when. Should people sign up and the digital age should be now okay. And, I'm. Gonna give you another scenario where a customer may ask you can. I call you in two, weeks time can I sign up next week and stuff like that oh that. You know that could be a little bit tempting because you don't want to be pushy, right but, the only time where you are pushy or you come off as pushy is when you don't have options in life right that's, the only time when you come off as you like your little pushy because you don't have options when. You don't have options your prospects. That. That that, girl across the room they can feel it they know that you don't have any other choice right and they can feel that you're desperate right and and.

Of Course they're gonna keep postponing the, idea of, of. Being, with you or doing business with you or collaborating, with you they're gonna keep postponing that into the future right that means never that means generally you may get friendzone forever right, because. There's no urgency of, now right. There's no urgency of now so the only time for people to do business with you is now. Well, but does that mean in reality that, everybody's, ready to do business right now know what, I'm trying to tell you is that you need to build, your business around assist, around, systems that. Allow people to be able to decide, when the timing is right and here's, the thing when you have a business, module. The, business module where people, can forget about you right where, people don't, see you like if you notice you, probably see me everywhere like all day long this is the first time I'm coming to the computer to do live right now today this is my p.m., right now on August 25th of 2018. But you're probably watching this in 2025. Right because. I'm everywhere everywhere, how many presence, is part. Of the formula you need to add to your business you need to be everywhere. Not, physically, but by leveraging technology okay. If you're building business, in this time and age and you're not leveraging technology, to make sure you're everywhere, so, people can do business with you in their own now, then. You're missing a point but here's how you're gonna make people even, decide as fast as possible, as fast as possible to. Do business with you because they see you everywhere, it just makes sense remember, they they. Found you because something was aligning, in their life with, your message, at some point right so, somebody found your message about we buy houses at some point right and they decided that I know I'm not selling right now how, do you build or structure your business around a place. Where they can continue to get followers, okay, that's, by making sure you have a follow up system not follow us I mean follow up okay, that by making sure you build your business with a follow up system with, thought of follow-up in mind okay every time you spend a dime on marketing, you. Need to make, sure that that one dollar that one dime sorry that ten cents goes. As far as possible into the future as possible, okay that means you need to spend it like a leaving money like you leaving marketing, dollars right a lot of people would create exposure the send letter so and you send letters and you tell people on the on the letters you send letters to pre foreclosures, right these are motivated, hopefully. Motivated, sellers right and the. Only the only option in the letter is that they should call you if they. Want to sell their house but, they're gonna take your letter on an average more, than average ninety-nine percent of the time they're gonna take your letter and drop, it in the garbage right he's gonna go into garbage because they received a pile of letter like this from everybody else just like you right and and.

That Goes in the garbage right and, you know what just happened you just lost money okay. There, was no set when you create a lab marketing, message when you created that piece, of marketing there was no sense of follow. Up in it right you, were just trying to make a killer in that one time and then in most, cases like I said your, money is going in the garbage so, how do you put into that business model in a way that you can build. On top of it right the, same thing goes with the buyer side to what, I'm going to tell you right now the way to do that is you, need the, primary. Your. Primary, objective, when. You market or you spend money or time on marketing should, be to build your list. That's, it okay, I've said this and I cannot over preach this you gotta build your list because, when you build your list your primary objective when, you're reading reaching. Out to people in marketing. Getting. Traffic you, get traffic you're marketing, you're getting your message out there, the primary, objective is not that this you buy from you the primary objective is, that you should build your list because then, you can we reach. Out to them even more so any time I tell you here to subscribe to my channel you, I'm building my list okay because then, my, message continue to reach out to you and. It's win-win because, you get the message you want and I, build, my followers, as well and for every time somebody subscribe, on this channel there's. A way the algorithm spread, the message even further okay so I want you to think of that in, your anger when you're putting your business plan together list. Building is core. Objective. For every marketing okay, alright, that's the solution to the question when, when. Should people sign, up with you when, you want people sign up with you is now okay. And how do you create the ton of nouse because there's no such thing as yesterday is an illusion, that's, just an illusion in your head there was no yesterday there's no tomorrow that's, again illusion. Right we hope for it right we hope we're here tomorrow but the only thing that matters is now right. And that mark that now continue, to become now so the future becomes a new now right how do you position your business that is just evergreen. Across. Time time. Across. Time like that how do you do that and that's by building a list ok that's by making sure that the objective, primary objective, from every marketing pieces that, you send out there, is, that it transcends, beyond, even. The time and now and it creates a new now and a new now and a new now so. Because. Of that you will see me talk about creating, content a lot you, will see me talk about building, your list a lot you're gonna see me doing it so I need you to understand that content creation and list building at. Some point you gotta be ready for that so, you can build your list you can build your followers, and those, followers, you may say but this wasn't ready to sell right now how they're gonna be a follower for me because they can refer other people if you serve them properly ok because Rev roll is still key because the, stuff marketing, to get references literally, free but, you gotta put, a fire behind it first right you gotta put some kind of fire, behind. This for so that's the idea of when, when. We're talking about this when should, people sign, up it should be right now and you, need to communicate that in every, single day like for example when should you subscribe to my channel it should be now okay. There's no tomorrow okay, because you may never see these videos ever again because, life happens constantly, happens, that if you know you want to see more and more stuff like this you subscribe, now because there's no tomorrow how do you get people to sign up now in your business right well.

Some, People who said what if what if they don't have the money now like, depending, on your business model right that's, because money was an obstacle that's because the value, that you're offering is not strong enough because, really money. Is never never easy, we're gonna talk about where here in a second money, is never, a reason why people don't sign up with you is because, the. Value that they're that they're assigning to the offer the, worth that you're bringing to the table is not strong enough yet, okay. If that's not strong enough then. They're gonna struggle, with you. Know the exchange of their money for your services, is always gonna be a question, in their head that's because the. Why, the what they're not strong enough okay, they're not strong enough so, if. They're strong enough then, the assets to win is always gonna be now and sometimes. When it's gonna be strong enough is gonna be later. Some. People say is on an average people, need to be exposed seven, times seven exposures to, your business before they make a decision, to do business with you it's. That's science, by the way the heart and a science it's not always seven it could be plus minus 2 plus, minus five, years I've seen people that have been on my list for five years before they ever sign up that's. A fact I've seen people to sign up immediately and, then everything, in between so it's not always a science but is the idea that you. Understand, that the, timing may not always be right for your prospect, but it's always right for you it's your responsibility as, an entrepreneur, to, build your business to be. Respectful, of that to understand, that when that person is ready aim is now you're, ready and then you build your business create, content, list building content, out there agents. Ton of content, agent, articles, videos. All over the place that, that makes people say I I. Need to sign up right now okay so. That's all about we're. When. It's very similar to where okay where. Should they sign up okay again in the technology, age before. Before, now I'll. Be like I need to come down to wherever you are to, sign up I can only do business locally, right but. You can sign up right now I'm in Ohio right now okay I was last night in Jersey right anywhere. Anywhere. Is right here right now by this computer, right now so for example motivated, seller is ready to sign up you spoke to them on the phone you could even set up something like this and say hey we could talk on the phone about the, issue I was that can we get online and I mean, online meeting tomorrow about your property and you get online you could be that savvy, with, technology right, it's very easy just Google Hangouts you could Google Google, hangout to learn how to use it right or you could go down there if you're still comfortable you don't have to do that I'm just telling you there's, all types of possibility, but do the we're is. Right. Here okay right here so right here may not be you're not here physically right now you need to go if you're dealing with a motivated, seller and their home right now you need to get off your butt and go as long as you don't have something else that's making you money that's going on right now you could go to the property right now said I'm coming back be there in 20 minutes so we can talk about this and when you get there what's the question, tell, me the story what's, going on tell me a story about the property that's really just like that not sure don't, do. That's, obvious, I just give you a script but, it's late it's, like it's like it's. Like, I'm. Looking for a word I'm looking for its lay back okay, what's, going on with the property tell me more about the property oh wow, taught me so, so three years ago so you stopped paying me like six months ago, so. Tell me why did you stop him in that way you need to write that down right right. And like, that right but we're talking about the weird ooh we're needs to be right here and if you're not right there then to get your bought and get it there now, sometimes. Now. I'm hearing this going on a lot right now there's something called do cosign Doku sign you get people signing your document online you could say I'm about to send you a double, sign I'm about to send you all the documents you need to sign it online you set up with DocuSign calm. I don't, know what their fees are right, because I'm not using that right now but I'm just telling you I just started, hearing that over the past two weeks people, are getting their documents, contracts. Authorized. To release sign on the internet okay, why because speed.

Speed. Success. Loves speed and, if, you're not moving fast enough, you're, probably gonna lose and what is fast enough as fast as you can okay don't don't compete with everybody else was as fast as you can if you notice there's a new way to for you to for you as a person as an individual to go faster, don't. Shy, away from it okay - I wait for me go a little faster, because again. Success lost speed especially in the 21st century everybody. Wants it easy faster, simpler right, now right now right so, if you're not moving fast enough chance. That you increase the chances of somebody else getting to that deal before you got there so what again what is the we're right, here right now okay right here right now okay somebody, right now was, trying, to fax me some contracts. Yesterday, before. I possibly shot still in Linden New Jersey the. Day, about twenty three pages came in all black and he went, back there they were trying to charge him like fifty three dollars he said can i express mail this to you I said yeah Express Mail it to him to, me and then I give him the address to my hotel room, here. In Rio and he's sending, it to me so probably. In the next 48 hours I'll get those documents and, we can get started on it right so, again our, speed, right speed as fast as possible, as humanly. Possible does not me does not mean you're competing with other people you need to respect speed, you need to respect the value of time in. Any of this stuff so and that's where the we're and the wind comes and see when it's about time right we're, it's also about like right here right now we're gonna do it right now and there's, no excuse why it can be right, now, there's. No excuse like if you bought a car right now today they can deliver to you in your house you. Could buy a car that could customize, it over the next one week and they can deliver it to your house that's. Crazy right it's, doable right right, now my baggage is are my, baggage which United, who. Was late, because they took me to DC, or some crazy flight, or transfer today right but, they're gonna deliver it to me in, the next few. They're gonna deliver that baggage to me in fact they may knock on my door before. Before. We get done here in a few minutes right but, I know it's part gonna be after 10:00 right but you get the point speed right United, has now structure, in place as opposed, to back, in the days you gotta go back to do to, the airport, not, they understand that we can't afford to lose our customers, whatever we gotta do to get to where our customers, are okay, I'm in Akron, Ohio it's, about I don't know 45 minutes, from Cleveland where the airport is but it still volunteered, to, get the baggage to me so, what is the we're the. Question is wherever. It, takes to be now right here right now okay if, that means carrying, yourself down there that's what you got to do okay so you may say are we're. In a business should, be our office this, is the problem that people have right it should be our office I should have a p.o box peal, box is cool and cute it's $30, a month or something like that but, it's, not about that nobody cares about that anymore that's why for a while commercial buildings are empty because, everybody, does, remove jobs all over the page you can take up a remote project, you can take up a remote job and just work as productive. As you can be from home there's a ton, of jobs that, you can take from home right. Now unlike, back any days you have to show up to the cubicles, right, so this zero, excuses. But, I'm telling you that the weir is wherever you are in, this time and digital, age is wherever you are is not, about, having an office or happy of having a fancy, office somewhere so people can see that you're bigger than so, we can see that you're bigger than what you are it's.

Not About that anymore and, that that stuff is not it's, not really getting, anybody anymore everybody, understand we're in the digital age - where is right. Here right now that's where your. Business needs to be operating, from and. You need to put that by, the way into your business, plan okay, the. How how. Should people sign up okay, you, need to write, that down for, both sides of your business okay how, should she day she did get or should, you walk down there to the property with the authorization. To release so you can talk to the bank and they end the contract or should. You have it mailed to them if you're too busy if. You easier ways you have that, means you should have acquisition. Managers that can take it down there or would, you like to do. DocuSign, like I just said get people signing their contract, on the internet you can do that some, people say why would I want to sign for a whole house on the internet because they're motivated you, should only be dealing with motivated, sellers period for EM Blanc if a person does not need to get rid of their property as of yesterday you should not be having conversations with them you should be like keeping my number as soon as you need to get rid of that property I'm the guy to buy it from you will close in five to seven days and you move on to the next prospect and fill up your and get busy with filling up your pipeline okay that's, how you should be okay so the how they should be signing up how you should be serving these people is what we're talking about right now really signing up is sign up and the how of, your marketing, obviously is something you need to also. Write down how you gonna market are you gonna do direct mailing are you gonna do our voiceless, ringtones, are you gonna be cold calling you need to figure that out that all that stuff is gonna be based on your budget and how much time is really. Really bad to between how much time and how much money you have okay I just, understand, that as you get more busier, and use your time become much more valuable you, can pay for other people to do the activities, you don't want to do right and that, means the house can, evolve over time you need to understand that the house can be dynamic, obviously. Especially in this technology age right now as far as on the buyers side let's, talk about the house now. This is the part I think you should focus on and again, you can go and watch the last video which is how to get started flipping, houses all, that, just search that on YouTube or how, to get how. To get started flipping, houses and I. Talk about that a lot, okay buyers, list the house is build a list of buyers okay, find. Something, I want to tell you what that is okay give, what, would buyer want to know okay, before they purchase a property what we did like to know what, are the different things they would like to know for me I think they would like to know how to walk. Out a mass so, that they don't get into trouble too many people have bought homes in the past 15 to 20 years that they really can't afford because they don't know how to calculate the math starting. From cost of acquisition purchase. Price all the way down to closing cost to ROI the, difference between cash on cash return. On investment. What is a RV is a RV always, applicable, right I think. People, not knowing the differences, with between, all those things and being, able to explain that to them is valuable okay so I put that into a book that are called New Jersey real estate secrets and that's, what I give away in exchange for, their, contact information essentially. Phone. Number and email addresses okay and when I do that I'm building my list of buyers what. Do I do with the list of buyers every time I have a property, or a, partner, has a property, I will send it to them and that's how I make my money by, having that list okay, and that's, what I focus on when it comes to the, majority of my real estate wholesaling business now, some people say oh but you should also find a motivated, sellers I do find a motivated, sellers I'm just telling you that I create a lot more volume by. Having, a list of buyers and. Pre-qualifying. Them and giving them the education that they need to buy a right not, only that I'm also building trust in the marketplace, because I'm not just drawing straw buyers through a property, just so I can eat, off of equity I'm actually pulling people into properties, where they can build wealth over, time so if you can be that person that can educate people with, simple reports you can put out a simple seven page report on this okay you, give that an exchange for email addresses you set that up online that's, something we teach extensively, in the, book Empire, lifestyle, secrets on how to do that you can download that at, my.

Empire Pro by the way you, can download that from my Empire flow you can see that on the screen right now okay, my Empire pro calm you download that and I tell, you all the time that again, your primary, job we're talking about the five points below right now which you can see the details on the, previous video that I did what. Is wholesale house, flipping a lot you can google that you can write that down right now what, is house what. Is wholesale. House flipping, okay, and you put my name and you google that that video will come up right and I explained that in details, from, number one to five really. You're responsible to find deals on the put, them on the contract, and you need in built equity in your selling them but your primary job is marketer, and I told you earlier that this. Building needs to be at the core of all, of this okay list building okay, let's building especially, of, buyers okay because already this, existing, list of, out there that you can start marketing to and you. Can build a list of your sellers maybe they can refile people through you in the future or after somebody sell you a property you can transfer them to your buyers list because. They can potentially buy from you in the future or they can refer somebody else with the buyer to you in the future by the way some of your sellers, if you're a really good wholesaler. Some, of yourself some, of your sellers are gonna end up becoming buyers, a few, years down down the line because they know they can buy a discount, from you okay, and I've had that scenario multiple. Times in my business where somebody, few, years down the line they became a buyer in my business right because, they know that I was able to help them get rid of a property but that property, became a discounted, property for somebody else it was a win-win-win, scenario but, because of the credit that was shot because maybe they were late on payments and stuff they had to wait two three years but, people stay in touch people, continue to receive follow-up, information from, you or they refer other people to your business and that's, why list building must, be at the very core of the, how of how. You build this business so if I was gonna write anything if I was gonna write just two words if I had space for only two words in front of my house, that, would be list building okay, that'll, be list building okay so. Now, the rest of the how you're gonna get, people signed up again how you're gonna sign, people up I that's, what I just explained, and you can go over this video again until the mix ends take some notes and then structure, it maybe, create. Like a cascaded. Version. Of this and then structure, the points that I make on that each one but you can notice right now that they are all kind, of inter woman now, number seven is the, how much is why. I think this is one of the business, sorry. One of the best business model ever okay, it. Literally, cost free, costs, $0. On. Every. Part right. You. As a house flipper, the. Seller you don't you don't charge them nothing to, do your services to help them out you help them get rid of the house they, don't pay you nothing remember, that you're helping them get rid of the house they're, not giving the house to you that was not an asset anymore they, were motivated sellers, there was distressed, properties, or was distressed, ownership, right and. They needed to get rid of that house and you help them you, help them get rid of that house you're, bringing value to the table and you. Didn't have to charge them a dime all, right that's, why I think that's one that's one half of the reason why I think this is the best business ever okay, now let's talk about the buyers, you're. Serving the buyers - right you're giving your getting them this discounted, houses right and you. Didn't have to charge them a dime either because. Most, of the houses you're gonna be picking up are probably investment, properties, and discounted. Properties, in fact you're giving them equity, they're. Getting equity, for, you getting these houses for them on the mouth of the market, off-market, deals, because you understand, marketing, because, you understand, list building right and you're, getting this house over to them I mean this is a very, simple, process okay, a gistic, setting, it up that's really what you need you learn how to set it up once you set it up I become. A part of who you are it becomes a part of your business model you can absolutely apply the same business model to any type of business in the world it's, all about list building okay, everybody. You're on everybody's list when you wake up every day you get how many emails and your inbox you get a minimum, 20. 40, emails in your inbox, when you go to your email every time why because this, building is at the core of the. Success, of any type of business today because, it's essentially. Free marketing, once, somebody is on your list and they're subscribed to your list you, market to them for free and it's really now your responsibility, to find out how you can serve them in exchange for revenue.

In Exchange for making. Money right but, the beauty about this house flipping business is that, you're not charging, people up front the. Money does you're making that everybody is making is coming from equity. The kind of equity that comes with the real estate business real, estate is the best thing ever you know why because we all have to continue to pay rent all of us right. The worst thing that can happen to any human being is being homeless and we know and we keep a job, we work hard because, we gotta keep a roof over our heads, all of, us right, even after we finish paying the mortgages, guess what you still gotta pay taxes, and if, you don't pay taxes guess what happens okay, the Linden prope

2018-04-28 14:36

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If fail to plan you plan to fail

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