Horimiya Live Action Episode 7 Eng Sub (Final Episode)

Horimiya Live Action Episode 7 Eng Sub (Final Episode)

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Miyamura! Miyamura? Miyamura! Hori... I think we should break up. It was just a dream? WINTER BREAK [ 5 DAYS LEFT ] Miyamura. Miyamura. Hori.

See you. Did my dream come true? WINTER BREAK [ 4 DAYS LEFT] Wait. Miyamura? Miyamura? Hey, Miyamura! Hori's calling you. Bye! See you tomorrow! Did you need anything from him? No, it's not that... Let's go. -Gotta hurry.

WINTER BREAK [ 3 DAYS LEFT ] Miyamura! Sota has been wanting to see you. Oh, yeah. Right! But, I'm sorry! WINTER BREAK [ 2 DAYS LEFT ] Good already? Miyamura! We're not going home together today? I-I've got a bit of stuff to do today. I'm sorry.

It's not just today. It's been everyday lately. It's just... I... Sorry! Did they get into an argument? Seems to me that it's only Miyamura who's doing the avoiding between them, though. It's finally tomorrow! The days went by so fast! Miyamura.

Sorry, I also have stuff to do today. I'm going to cook your favorite stew today so I'll wait for you to come by. I don't mind if you come late. I'll be happy just as long as you come. How's it going? So-so.

Oh, that came out really good. I'm counting on you for tomorrow as well. It's always hectic around here everyday. Happy to help out. Alright.

I think we should break up. [ It's hard for me to say this, but... ] This is scary. [ I'm standing right in front of your house right now. Are you awake? If not, that's fine. ] Didn't I say you can come by even if it's late? [ I said you can come by. There's no one else here. ] Sorry to drop by so late.

It's fine. I'm the one who said you can still come even when it's late at night. Yeah. We have stew. I'll gladly have some. I'll heat it up myself too. Hey.

Yeah? Isn't there something you should be telling me about? What? Why? Did you figure it out? I think we should break up. What's wrong? Why are you crying? Because you said you wanted to break up with me. What?! I did?! No, I didn't say that. Then, what did you mean when you said I found out about something? Wait, so you didn't find out about it yet? I made this for you. Merry Christmas. I'm sorry. I gave this a day too early.

I'm not sure if I would have time to escape tomorrow and come here. Is this... This is an original cake that I created, my best one so far.

Yours? I've been helping out in the shop for a while now. I'm still making cakes even when the shop is closed. I've been taught quite earnestly. I'm sorry. I kept it a secret from you.

You should have told me. I'll gladly receive this. Gosh, this is so delicious! I'm glad it made you so delighted. Miyamura... Thank you. This is a cake I made just for you and only you.

I'll go get us some tea. Hori? When you said that I told you to break up... Nevermind that now. You're fine now? It's settled.

Something smells burnt. Leave it be. That's not a good idea. Don't mind it.

[T/N: I AM SO FLUSTERED! WHY IS THIS SO CUTE AND NATURAL!] You're still working even on Christmas Eve. Good work! Are you going to see your girlfriend? Today's a bit... After you graduate, what are you planning to do? Huh? I mean, Hori's going to university. You have a different plan, right?

You can't be too relaxed about this just as how you did in the past. You're right. After 3rd semester, up next is your graduation, you know? You haven't graduated yet. How about you? Shut up! My girlfriend's parents despise me. Am I really undeserving of her? I'll think about it. Even you have stuff to think about seriously, huh? You too, make up your mind! Alright, here you go.

Thank you for this. Best of luck! The hat looks good on you! When do we slice this? What? Not yet. I leave that to you, then.

Me? You can't--- I want to eat that. I'm going to end up slicing it anyway. Here you go. Oh, what do we have here? So, how did it go? Open! -Here we go! That's amazing! I expected nothing less from you! You really are my daughter! I mean, your mother did better in academics over me. I mean, if you inherited most stuff from Kyousuke, you'd end up with Health 5 marks and Physical Education 5 marks.

That's right. Right? Hey, have a look at this! Tadaan~! Is this mama? Thank you for drawing me so beautifully! Yeah! Also, this is oneechan, this is me, and this is oniichan! [Miyamura] [Hori] You've gotten good in drawing! Sota. Why is Miyamura there, and I'm not in the picture? I forgot. Draw me in! Add papa in it! No! There's no more spot for you! -Draw me in! I can't! But, I really am kind of deeply moved about this.

What about? I will receive one more of these soon, right? And then, you're about to graduate soon. Graduation... Hey, Kyouko. Isn't Miyamura coming yet? He isn't coming. They run a cake shop, you know? They've been so busy these past few days. What?! Oniichan isn't coming?! I don't want it! We don't want it! He'll stop by to drop a cake, though.

Sota, when Miyamura comes, make sure you to stop him with everything you've got! I understand! If Sota did plead him to stay, it'll make it hard for him to leave. Oniichan's here! Hello! Merry Christmas~ Merry Christmas! We've been waiting for you! Oniichan, let's play trump! I have to go back soon--- No, come on! Get up here. Your hands are so cold! It's really cold outside. Come, I'll get something warm. Come up, come in. Here we go, inside the house. Come on. -No, no! I really need to go back. I have to. Which is it? -I got the Queen of Hearts.

Which one? This one? Not that, oh, yeah. That one! Here we go! Got it! Yay! One more round! -One more? Okay, let's play one more round. Uhh, I really need to go back now. Come on! Stop it, you lot. I'll walk him home, just at the corner. Hey, but... -Don't you come with us! You don't have to. It's cold outside, too.

We're going. It's not cold. It's freezing cold! See, I told you. Here you go. Thank you. It's warm. Miyamura...

We're going to graduate soon, huh? That's right. You're going to take over the shop, right? Not yet, still have a long way to go. There's a mountain-worth of stuff and more that I need to study and learn first. You're going to be a University student soon, huh? Yeah, but I'm the same as you. I still have no concrete objectives for the future.

You're doing very great more than I have. You know what? Atleast for once, I want us to be something like... What is it? I want to hear it. You know what? I... Even after we graduate, I still want to be with you. You... need to say something.

Well then... Let's get married. [T/N: I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! I AM HYPERVENTILATING! Crap... Let's go. H-Hey, wait! Wait up! No, I don't wanna wait. [T/N: You wish you were Hori, huh?] KATAGIRI HIGHSCHOOL Graduation Ceremony My formal response.

The cherry blossoms have began to sprung. It makes you feel the arrival of the season of spring. Today, it blossoms for our sake as we hold this grand ceremony. We are deeply thankful. We look up as if we're praying, as we read the announcement of results.

Our entrance ceremony was full of so much expectations and anxiety. We met and found a lot of friends in class and in our clubs. We spent a lot of moments alongside our friends within these 3 years.

And now, this day falls upon us. Today, we graduate from Katagiri Highschool. We now part ways with the friends who were always with us, hand-in hand. To be honest, it makes me feel sorrowful. However, tomorrow is the start of a brand new day for us and our hearts throb in excitement. We'll keep moving forward, one step at a time.

It sure is sunny, huh? That's right. You cut your hair. Our piercings aren't a secret anymore, too.

Same goes for our tattoos. We made a lot of friends, too. We even have someone who we treasure the most now. I never knew, I would see myself with such an expression on my face. After all, you are "me."

Congratulations on graduating. You were here all this time! Our class is taking group photos now. What's wrong? It's nothing. Let's go. Hurry, come on! Miyamura! Want to eat sushi with me? You bet! Come on! We did it! The distance between us has gotten smaller. This is the first time ever that I've gotten this much close to someone before.

To be honest, I was so terrified of doing away with borders. After meeting you... I didn't know there were many emotions that I could show people. The fear, and the anxiety of showing who I am...

You made all of it disappear. I wonder if I was able to do anything for you at all? I wonder if I was able to make you happy? You hold so much strength in you more than I could ever imagine. And you were so much fleeting and fragile than I thought... ...and weak... and easy to break more than I could ever tell. It's all thanks to you for being who you are that each passing day is so vivid and bright. I didn't know a world like this existed.

Thank you for shattering my world. Thank you for wanting a future with me. I wonder if there is... if there is anything at all that I can do for you. Miyamura! I'm sure this will soon pass... This moment we have in spring.

I sure so wish I could save this and give it only to you. Actually... no. Rather than that... I have a feeling that what you'd really love... ...is a cake topped with lots of cream. HORIMIYA Subtitles by FURRITSUBS Visit: LJ account- furritsubs.livejournal.com Twitter- @furritsubs // FB: Furritsu Kuromatsu

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