Hope - Glitchtale S2 EP #9 | Season Finale | ANIMATION

Hope - Glitchtale S2 EP #9 | Season Finale | ANIMATION

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Undyne: Is he not answering you? Ronan: Yeah... I'm a bit worried. R: I'm probably exaggerating. R: I'd still like to check on him. U: Well go for it, I'm not going anywhere anyways. R: What are you saying? I'm not gonna leave you up here. U: I'm pretty tired, I don't feel like walking down the stairs.

R: Don't worry, I got an idea. U: Are you sure about this? U: It's a long way down the stairs. R: I didn't say we were using the stairs...

R: ...did I? R: Now we're even. R: If I may ask, when you see Hugo let him know I'm fine. R: He worries a lot about me ever since... R: Uhhh, never mind. R: I'll go check on Rave and then head back to the school. See you there.

Rave: Ronan? Rave: Why are you here? Ronan: You didn't answer after that big explosion. I just wanted to make sure you guys were okay. Rave: We were okay. Raven: He's lying. Rave: WELL, we're alright NOW. It all worked out in the end. Raven: A little bit of rest should be enough to make you feel better sir. Rave: Thanks Raven. Can I ask you one more thing?

Rave: Could you tell the others to recharge this Arnicite a little bit? Rave: I used it all earlier. Raven: No problem sir. I'll check on the others as well for now. Ronan: The others? Ronan: Are they okay? Ronan: (Everyone looks so exhausted...) Rave: It almost killed us trying to hold that thing. But they're okay now.

Ronan: What about you? Rave: I'm fine, Ronan. Rave: It was close. That's all. We got surrounded by living bits of the blob when it broke the dome. Rave: Half the crew had to fight and keep us safe, leaving even less of us at the Avalon...

Rave: I'm just glad your friend saved us in time. Ronan: Are you sure you're okay, Rave? You look exhausted. Rave: Why do you keep asking me that? Rave: It doesn't matter if I'm fine... Rave: It's just that I had to... Rave: ...manually power the Avalon. Ronan: You did what?! Ronan: But that means... when Undyne threw that spear...

Rave: Shut up already. Rave: (I told you I was-...) Rave: Listen. I didn't have a choice. I HAD to keep that thing from breaking loose. Rave: Even if it cost me my life... Rave: I'm the one in charge. A good leader doesn't just let his people die. Ronan: Well... your life matters too, Rave.

Rave: Y-You really don't get it, do you? Rave: I guess I shouldn't expect you to. Rave: When Undyne threw that spear, do you think she didn't know what would happen? What if the Avalon couldn't hold and she hit us too? Rave: She understands the sacrifices we have to make. She saved the whole city by killing that monster. Rave: Tell her I said thanks if you see her again. Rave: Raven! Regroup with the others! Rave: We need to go back to a safe area. Rave: RONAN!— Raven: What's going on...

Rave: That thing did something weird to him... Rave: If my assumption is correct... Rave: We're in big trouble... Rave: SHIELDS UP— Tobias: We have to stop him from moving until we think of a plan to help him. Tobias: It's okay boss, I won't hurt him. Rave: LET HIM GO! Rave: (That thing is just using him as a puppet...)

Rave: (Everyone here is tired and almost out of magic) Raven: SIR! ORDERS?! ?: What? ?: Is there something on my face? Zoe Phenix: Stop being so cute, you are very distracting. Ronan: I... R: Something's wrong... R: I have to go— Zoe?: You're not gonna leave me again are you. Z: Remember?...

Z: Do you remember what happened the last time you left this room? Z: What happened to me after you walked outside that door? Z: WILL YOU LEAVE ANYWAYS ? R: I'LL STAY Zoe: Ah! I'm so happy! Z: Promise me you'll never leave my side again. R: I promise... R: As long as you're here. I'll be okay. Raven: Sir, the Arnicite is fully charged. Raven: Everyone's magic was just enough to do so. Rave: You didn't use yours as I told you right? Raven: Yes, but— Rave: You're the best healer we have, if someone gets hurt it'd be better if you're available for it.

Rave: I'll try to get closer to Ronan and trap him in a shield until you come back with reinforcements. Rave: I just increased the output of the device so the shield is strong enough to withstand his power. Rave: Now make the run for it. Ronan: I can't stay...

Ronan: People outside need my help. Ronan: Goodbye Hate: I think you're confused, dear. Hate: You don't get to leave this time.

Hate: You're not in control anymore. Rave: I'm sorry I disappointed you too, Noah. Rave: (He's... dizzy?...) Raven: Tobias! Hate: A broken promise deserves punishment Rave: (Ah... that's how it works) Hugo: DAD!!! Noah: You could be so much more if you put the effort into it. N: You have the potential to help so many people. Much more than what I could ever do.

N: I'm proud of you four eyes. Raven: Rave! Raven: Tobias help me! Raven: oh no.... no... Tobias: Raven, he's too weak. Raven: I KNOW. I'm not healng him normally.

Raven: I'm using my own energy to heal the worst wounds. Raven: But this won't be enough. Raven: He's lost too much blood. T: We can still save him if we hurry. Raven: You're Ronan right? Raven: You need to treat your wounds too. Come with us.

Raven: None of this is your fault. T: Miss, could you pick him up? T: We need to bring him to the truck and head to the hospital right away. T: Right this way please. Raven: Let's hurry and get away from here. Raven: We can just hope for the best...

Healer: This isn't working at all. H: If we don't try something else... H: We'll lose him.

Betty: Did you really hate him that much? Gaster: At least pretend that you care about monsters this one time. Toriel: Asgore... I don't know if you can hear me. T: My heart can't take this any longer. I can no longer take this failure.

T: But it didn't begin with this. It began so very long ago. T: I thought you were a broken monster... T: Seeing you overcome with so much grief and rage...

T: Not once did I realize I had been broken too. T: And so... I made a promise to him that I would never let him go again. T: I left to watch his grave. I refused to leave his side even to eat or sleep. T: I even... T: ...I let those children leave the Ruins alone without my protection. T: For that would have meant abandoning him again.

T: I just couldn't bear it. T: I thought I hated you for what you did. It was easier to do that than face my own failures. T: That's why that creature was wrong about me. T: I don't hate you, Asgore. I never did. Never... T: The hatred I felt was towards myself. Asgore: Tori?...

T: I... I understand if you hate me. T: I can't be forgiven for what I've done T: I just thought our world was over when we were trapped down there. T: But after fighting alongside you, I finally understand how you felt.

T: I now know why you were willing to sacrifice everything to take us to the surface again. T: I'm so sorry Asgore. You did it all for us. A: That's enough Toriel.

T: Asgore... A: Toriel... I have known you for over a thousand years. A: Everything we have been through together... everything you've done for me, A: the bond we created over hundreds of years...

A: Did you really think this could break that? A: I should say I'm sorry too. A: For everything I did when I was in that dark place. A: I forgot who I was... and I forgot you. T: Y-you don't have to apologize, Asgore.

T: I was the one who— A: I never stopped loving you either. A: I know how things are between us... and I know things will take a very long time to heal. A: But if you need a pal while you learn to forgive yourself again, A: I hope I can be that friend. T: Asgore... T: You're really not mad at me? A: I was never mad at you. A: I'm just happy... that we finally saw the light again.

Healer: HEY! H: Do you need extra help down there? H: We received an emergency call and came down as soon as possible. Old Healer: Hey... OH: It worked!!! Young Healer: We had to call in the ambulance technician instead of a healer. Technician: He's quite the unique monster, his core and soul are merged. Magic electricity works as if it was blood for us. T: I can't fix him up but, this should give him more than enough time for a professional to reach out and properly repair him. OH: We should make sure everyone else in here is ok too.

Asgore: Even if this is the end, I'm glad we don't have to face it all alone. Toriel: It's not over yet. Chara's out there fighting for us. Maybe even Asriel. T: I believe they can save us all.

Asriel: Chara... Papyrus can barely move. Chara: Asriel, you need to get them somewhere safe. A: But Chara— C: There's no time for plans! A: Fine Chara. I'll escort Papyrus and Gaster to a safer area. But after that I'm coming back to help you.

C: Deal. C: GO!!! C: (This thing's destructive power is overwhelming) C: (And I have no idea what its powers are) C: (If I want to truly fight this thing...) C: (I'm gonna need more space...)

Chara: My turn. Asriel: Chara! Chara: Look out! Asriel: Did we... win?... Chara: Yeah... we did...

C: We really did. A: I can't move, I'm exhausted. C: Let's just... take a moment before we go back. C: Asriel...

C: Thanks for being my brother. Ronan: Rave! You're okay... Rave: What happened? Is everyone... still alive?

Ronan: See for yourself. Rave: I've missed so much. Rave: I'm the district leader now and I've been sleeping this whole time. I need to go...

Ronan: No you don't. You need to rest. Ronan: I took care of everything for you. Everything I could, at least. Ronan: The politicians and journalists can wait. You should focus on getting better. Rave: I hope you weren't here this whole time, Ronan. Waiting for me to wake up.

Rave: Ronan... Ronan: It's okay! I didn't mind at all. Ronan: I, uhh... used to spend a lot of time in rooms like these. Ronan: Someone had to keep an eye on you. Rave: Raven could have done that. Or Tobias. Rave: I don't know why you're...

Ronan: I'm glad you're okay, Rave. Rave: I'm... glad too. Ronan: Well... Ronan: I'm sure the nurses would like to know you're awake. I should call one to check on you.

Grace: Good. You're on your feet again. G: Now you can tell the other Districts that you won't be taking your position as leader. Rave: What do you mean..? I already did take the spot.

R: We needed someone to stop the attack on the city. So I did it. G: And how did that go? G: You let half the downtown area get destroyed. Many people died who shouldn't have. G: You didn't do enough to protect them. R: I did everything to protect them, Mom...

G: You almost DIED! G: Maybe if you hadn't spent your whole life ignoring your duty, this city would have been more prepared for what happened! G: Instead you sat back and let Jessica do your job for you. G: She wasn't fit for being a leader, and it killed her. Neither are you. R: You can't say that about Jessica. G: This city needs a strong leader. Someone confident and charismatic, who can guide his people through any disaster. G: Not... you.

G: Not someone who couldn't be bothered to help until a crisis was at their door. R: Whether or not I'm fit for this job... that's none of your business. G: Noah deserved that position. You're only here because there's no one else left. Ronan: HEY! Ronan: I don't care who you are. You don't get to talk to Rave like that! Ronan: Not after everything he did for us! G: Officer Ronan... Do you understand this disaster was only so desperate because of Rave's negligence? Ronan: What are you talking about? Did you see everything Rave did? We would all be dead if it weren't for him! G: The situation only got that bad— Ronan: No! Ronan: Don't you dare say Rave doesn't care! Ronan: He gave everything he had and more. He cares more about his people than anyone!

Ronan: I don't care who you think Rave is. You're wrong! I SAW who he really was on that day, and let me tell you, Ronan: I would rather have Rave as my leader than someone like you. G: You understand... G: the other Districts won't see things like you do. G: Many people died. Rave will have to answer for that.

Ronan: Then I'll have his back every step of the way. Ronan: I believe in who Rave is today. Not the person you think he used to be. Ronan: If you think someone who did so much to protect us isn't fit for his position... maybe your idea of what makes a good leader is wrong. Ronan: Are you okay, Rave? Ronan: Don't worry. I've got you.

Ronan: Let's get you back to a bed. Rave: Yeah... that sounds... good. Ronan: Being a District leader sounds hard. Ronan: That's why I'm going to have your back from now on.

Ronan: No matter what happens, I'll be there to help you through it. Ronan: I mean... If you're okay with that... Rave: Yeah.

Rave: I would like that. Papyrus: GASTER... Gaster: Are you okay, Papyrus? P: I WAS TIRED FOR A FEW DAYS, BUT... i FEEL MUCH BETTER NOW.

G: I'm sorry. G: You shouldn't have been hurt at all. G: I could have done enough to protect you both, yet I failed. It's even worse that I hurt you. G: I promised myself I would never let that happen.





G: If you were more like me, Papyrus... I wouldn't be here. G: If not for your kindness... Sans would have left us even sooner. G: You gave him a chance to see us one more time. That's something I'm sure he wanted more than anything. P: BUT I COULD'VE TRIED TO- G: You're right, Papyrus. You aren't the strongest fighter.

G: But strength isn't just power and aggression. You excel at something none of us ever had. G: It's something that gives you greater strength than anything else. G: You have the strength to get through anyone's skull, no matter how thick it is. G: You have the strength to help your friends when they're in a dark place. I know that for a fact. G: I had reached the darkest depths. So far down, I could have forgotten I had ever seen the sun. G: But even in that hopeless place, you were the light that helped me find the surface again.

G: Listen to me, Papyrus. G: I have never been a good father. But if anything remains that lets me speak to you as one... G: I want to say this as a father to his son.

G: Your hands are not meant to tear things apart, but to make bonds stronger. G: You aren't a fighter. And that's something I'm very, very proud of. G: Don't ever change who you are.

Asgore: Thank you for having me over for dinner Toriel. Toriel: Of course. You can visit whenever you wish. Chara: I guess. I'll think about it.

C: Okay. Bye. T: Who was that gentleman? C: Just some guy. He said he was with the district leader. C: Something about helping people and a... wizard council? T: Ah. Of course they chose to talk to you, my dear.

T: You have grown so much. T: Do you think we'll be hearing more from him? Asriel: I hope so! A: We're gonna make the world a better place! Right, Chara? Chara: It's so strange, Asriel. C: I never really thought we'd be together again. On the surface like this. C: I guess I'm just nervous. C: I wasn't very happy when I lived here before. Remember? C: And after all the things I did...

C: I don't know if I deserve anything better. Asriel: Of course you do! A: If I can say that, don't you think you should, too? C: Yeah. If you say so, I'll try. A: If you're nervous, Chara, I'll just have to be brave enough for both of us. A: This life thing... we're gonna do it together! A: We can make this future whatever we want it to be.

A: I want to make it something good. C: Heh. Whatever we want it to be... C: I don't really know what I want, Asriel. That's what's so hard. C: But for the very first time... when I think about the future, C: I have hope.

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