Holiday tips to build a business

Holiday tips to build a business

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Hey. Guys how, are you. Hey. Only gonna stop lighting is so much better let me see what happened. Goodness. It's. Tuesday. Let's. Wait and see who comes and grabs a seat. Huh. Listen. While. We were waiting for you guys to get in your seat. Say. Hello and you guys get in. Hope. You've had a great great. Day we've. Been travelling we're here in Maryland, at. My daughter's, home hey Sandra, how are you. Kayla. Hey, how, are you, good, morning a good afternoon so you sit on coffee with Kathy good. Evening I should say not afternoon, good evening how are you guys. Hope. You've had a great Tuesday. Some. Of you would probably offer tomorrow aren't, you I know everybody, should be off for Friday. Ronda. Julie. Good, evening good evening to you guys. While. We're ready I want to ask you guys a question so, most. Of you will probably be, making. Stuffing. For. Your Thanksgiving, how many of you call it, stuffing. And how. Many of you call. It dressing. Because. It's I. Think it's a a. Regional. Thing I think it's the regional thing. We. Always call it my daughter's here what we used to call it Valerie. Stop. Stuffing, yeah so but some people call it dressing, yeah, okay. Man - closet dressing. Oh. Thanks. Sandra, yeah, oh, good. Julie's, she works in retail oh my gosh Julie, you get Friday off oh I can't, even imagine, okay. Julie calls it stuffing. Amanda. And Jennifer call it dressing, that's, interesting, and we all make it the same way right we all make it with the bread and the celery, and all, that, all that good stuff some. People use cornbread oh no could make a difference or not. Sandra. Says dressing. Yeah. Isn't. That interesting, I was just thinking about that today actually as I was doing some some. Shopping, some. Grocery shopping, wondering. What the differences, were and I don't think its recipe wise I think it's just what, we say hey. April how are you. Cam. Cam. Cam cam. Nice. To have you join us I haven't seen you forever tell, your mama say hello tell, your girlfriend I said hello, hey, Jocelyn. And Heather Becky, Becky. Says stuffing, Jocelyn. Says stuffing, if you guys don't know we're talking about we were just asking. What. You call what, you put in the bird whether, you call it dressing, or stuffing because I really think it has to do with where we live I don't think it's the ingredients, whatsoever, hey, Robin. How are you nice. To have you join Lisa. Hey girl, joy. Got. A lot of chat with joy a lot of time to get to know her yeah, okay. So a man who said she's from seafood, country, boy, stur dressing I know, Oster dress scene I've seen people with sausage.

There's, Just a lot of different ingredients but, it all starts with the bread right it all starts with the bread hey. Hey Lou Anna how are you. Okay. I'm gonna get started, and, I'm gonna ask you guys a, question another. Question, how. Many of you have ever heard. The commercial, for. Oh. My. Gosh are you gonna, draw a blank, it's. A hair color Madison. Reed how. Many of you have ever heard the commercial, on, the radio. For Madison, Reed hair color and. If. You haven't the next time you get a chance to. If, you happen to hear it on the radio now yes this is part of the training but if you have to hear it on the radio what, I want you guys to do is listen, to. How she, talks. And the adjective she uses. Because. She. Uses words. That I think. When. We're going, out to, advertise. A, special, or a product, that we love. That we want to focus on I think, it's important, that we don't, simply say. You'll love it this. Is the price you're, gonna absolutely, you know want. To grab a couple of them I think it's important, that we, add value by, actually. Telling. A story in fact I think really. We're. Really paint storytellers, I mean that's what we are we're paid storytellers. So, what you guys to really get into the, habit of looking. At, the, way commercials. Are done whether, it's Facebook, or infomercials. But when I heard medicine, read she talks about multi-dimensional. She. Talked about saving, money she talked about saving, time. Maybe. She said cost-effective. She. Just the adjective, she, used. Made, me want, to go and I don't even I don't I have somebody professional, do my hair but it wanted me to go and look up her hair color to, see what was so different, because, of all the things that she described, about. Her hair color so. I want again what I want you guys to do is go back over, some of your posts, that you've done for Black Friday and maybe, even month before that and take, a look at how you're describing, the. Product, is it going. To, be. A skin brightener is, it going to have. Them help them you. Know see a diminish, in their fine lines or their age spots, I mean Heidi does a great, job in the catalogue doing. Some descriptions, like that however, I think we can take it one step further when we start to personalize it and talk, about, the. Way it is applied to our life or a friend, or family or close friend or family so I want, you guys to start thinking, like that because. I really do believe that's, what's gonna get individuals. Not, only interested. In trying something but. Allowing, you to bring that product to their home either. Offer them a one on one or a one on three you know how I feel about one-on-ones, I absolutely, think we should offer them however, I think we should also give permission, for that one, to. Be able to include. A couple of our friends if she wants to remember, if you if you don't ask it's always a no and there, have been so many times when I've. Listen, I have a couple more samples you want to grab a couple more friends you're like oh can, I so. That tells me that she, would, have never done it if I, hadn't encouraged, her to so. Again when you go to make descriptions, and you start to think about your very intentional, about what you're describing with, your products, that, you're using or, a product, maybe that Heidi has introduced, as a special, product like the gingerbread that little gingerbread, I mean. Describe. How that gingerbread, will, you. Know take, them back to the days of when, they made gingerbread cookies with your parents, you know how many of you remember those, kind of memories and now, fast forward and we, have those that, that's you, know that scent tucked in a jar for, you to use as stocking stuffers and, it is a gift with purchase because, you guys can purchase them for three dollars so again these are kind of things and I'm not saying you have to give it away but I'm just kind of describing. What, are some of the adjectives, and some of the hooks if you will that, get you to have. People interested. In being, your follower, but, also being. Wanting, to ask questions, because the more questions, they ask the. More opportunity, you have to open that relationship, up and say gosh, should I be I'd, love to come over and bring, some of my products you want to pick a date and grab a few of your friends now, that's a booking but.

It Didn't sound like a booking didn't did it and that's because again you've attracted interest, because, of your word choices because, of your storytelling so. I want to make sure you guys really have that that, um, you. Know that skill set every. Time you're ready to post something on Facebook, or you get ready to reply. To a message I, want, you to step back and, think. About some of the word choices you could use that, would be a little more contagious. For. Someone to be able to want, to, try. Something that you have I mean again, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about when you hear that Madison Reed commercial. Because she's she, was amazing, I mean that that, lady is amazing and then what she did for. Those of you that have kids she brought her daughter in, and I don't know how old her daughter is I'm like maybe, 14, or something but, she brought her daughter in and her daughter is saying you. Know about you know hair color etc so I can I just there's so many things that this lady does that. We could duplicate with our their business as far as listening to. The cues and the different types of word choices that that she uses okay. Hey everybody alright so. The. Other thing I want to do is just, encourage you guys at this time of year you. Might be really busy you might say to yourself I have nothing no, other spot, on my plate for anything else and that's, true for a lot of people but it's not true for everybody, so, I want to make sure you guys are very, consistent. That, when you are starting a conversation, and the, conversation you, know gets to where somebody, is saying you know that I need to stop or you know I'm not really able, to buy anymore you know this, is this is my limit etc you say gosh have you ever thought about doing direct sales you. Know I'd love to chat with you a little bit about joining the lemongrass spa you. Could try for 30 days you. Can make some money you, could earn them your the kit you, could share the product with your friends, you know that's what direct sales is all about and I, want you guys to get comfortable with that kind of conversation but I want you to hear what I said. Could. You you're look you're here and you're listening for cues that somebody needs money sure. You are actually giving, them the, opportunity. The. Job description, if you will that. They might be able to they may be interested in earning a paycheck in China for 30 days which, means in order to give them that, gift in, order to for your word to be your bond in order for you to follow through with that commitment, you, need to make sure that you are sitting. Down with them with your leader with me and saying this is what the 30 days really consists of because, guys I have seen new consultants, come into this business since I've been here and I've, seen them do for parties, to samplings. To girlfriends. They, float over they do a Facebook party or to do, a couple catalog parties they end up with six or seven hundred dollars now, does every single one of them stay I have no idea but. The most of my. Word was my bond, I didn't. Didn't, simply scoop up customer, and say oh my gosh I love. You as a customer why, don't you go ahead no wonder the kitten get the 25 percent discount that's. Not the gift I was giving them I was giving them the gift of a paycheck so, I really would encourage you guys as you are being, intentional, about being thankful about giving, things at this time of the season that.

That's A gift that you can give but you gotta be very intentional about it by listening, put your listening ears on and they'll just be watching you, know habits. That you see you know different things that you see around you that's. You step out of your comfort zone and you give, that opportunity, it's an imitation they can say no no, doesn't define us no. Means that we have stepped out of our comfort zone and we've gone through we've, got for the know right because, you never know who. You'll get that yes from and that is it's. A life changing it's a life changing opportunity, and we all know that because we're here right. All. Right. Yeah. And I know and I no need I don't even beat this dead horse but January, everybody, changes, their life I mean it's just what happens healthy. Healthy, ways to to. Do some life changes, and that's where our you know our events are gonna be so popular and if, you notice in this group in the in the event. That I set up for tonight I posted. A couple things there and I was very intentional what I posted because I want you guys to notice. That Mike the trend there the conversation, I was having was. To get them to think. About having. That. Something, after the first the year so the interest, was, about the theme or, it was about the product, it was about the opportunity, but, was actually bridging. I was building a bridge between. What. The conversation. I was having by. Posting, that information to. Where I was wanting to take them which is in the new year get, them on my calendar, and let them experience, a healthy, choice of, product. Choices a lifestyle. Of. You. Know earning more money and eliminating, holiday debt you. Know I was thinking today as I was driving down the road and you know we were on a side, road and you know a little a little two-lane, road and I was kind of looking at the houses, and you, know when you pass through neighborhoods. You. Can almost determine. Or dictate to, certain, extent the, type of financial. You. Know gain or the financial situation somebody, is in based, on the type of house they live in same, with your car saying, with the clothes things, like that however. That, are part of families. That have income as well as that don't have income they. Are not, they're. Not able to understand, the, difference, so, think, about you know when, when we see commercials, on TV for. Teenagers, and for small children for, Christmas they're. Always thinking oh, that's. What I want MA that's what I want and of, course the, commercials. That the people they're making the commercials on TV they, don't say this. Is an area of the country or, maybe even of a city. That, they don't have a lot of money it's a little more lower-income so we're only gonna do these commercials, here that, really matches the income you, know they're not they're not going to do that you know for a variety, of reasons, so everybody, gets the same commercial, for the same presents, gifts and things like that so, that's why this is the most stressful time of the year for a lot of families, because, the parents. The parents want, to give their, kids the same thing every other child gets right or has the opportunity to and again, I'm just going back to saying she guys we. Had the opportunity to. Get that stress off their plate and help them have, a different lifestyle, we do have that we've, given in every single day direct. Sales has given it four years, as, long as they've been around and that's really what's the most attractive. About direct. Skills they can do as little as they wear, as much as they want that they control, the paycheck they control that in their, time with their family away from their family there's no other way to, do that except with direct sales so, I really would encourage you guys offer, the, Paycheck, offer the 30 days offer the four parties, again. They don't have to do it but if they do it when they do it you. Have an incredible. Opportunity to. Know that you've changed their life and that's, why I'm really so so, much of a, advocate, for, direct sales have been in it for what 24 years now and.

I. Just think we're really you're really in a, place, in today. You. Know probably, forever but especially in, today's world where. There's just so many things that are you. Know pulling us in so many directions financially. It would be really great to have a little bit of a relief. You know and to be able to that relief to other people, so anyway. Alright now down to the other part of the training you, know when you guys are thinking about gift-giving, yourself. Personally I want to make sure you you are, very purposely, and intentionally giving. Lemongrass, spa gifts it's, a tax write-off for you guys um with. Every gift you want to make sure that every gift is labeled, with your information you want to make sure you tuck in that gift the host enjoin brochure, because, there's nothing probably. Better for someone, to get is a. Product. Like our product line where, they get to have this little mini catalog and, they start to look through all the different products that we offer not. Necessarily, they need but, now they're opening up you're, opening them up to the world of lemongrass spa and then, low and behold here's, a $5, gifts to get off your next order I mean think, about it that's that is, such an. Easy. And no. Cost way for. You guys to get yourself, from you. Know the person, that's getting the gift to. Be able to circle back I mean I'd love to be able to say gosh, every time you get. A gift certificate out, you, know every somebody says this is a gift for my mom wouldn't it be nice to saying can I follow up with her but there's a lot of people out there that are not gonna let you get to her mom however, if her mom in that gift were, to get your information and. We're. To have that gift certificate, and we're to give you a call because she's running low I mean again, if we could call because and ask if they're running low or how they love the product then of course we're gonna do it that's first and foremost but, they're gonna be a lot of instances we can't do that so what you want to do is you want to make sure you have a way to give them an active, choice a. Reason. And a vehicle, if you will away to. Circle back to you so it has to be that every product has your information every. Product and then, that little host and join brush or the mini catalog and a $5, gift coupon, now, you could do the gift certificates off the back office or even just simply make yourself, gifts to get off your one write, a little love note on it and just you know say or a little tuck a card in where, the card says you know thank you I know you're gonna you're, gonna love this you know thank you for you. Know for the opportunity, to meet you know again leaves through the card but that's okay and then you just say you, know here's five dollars off, your next order here's my in four I'd love to hear from you see how much she loved that sample or that gift or whatever so, again be very intentional about what you do especially when you know, that it's a gift and it's going to someone else if, you send a thank-you note I always put a five dollar gift certificate in, that thank-you note write a love note and just, thank them and say you know I know you're gonna love everything, I hope, to hear from you soon here's five dollars off your next order you know I you, know type of things so you guys know we've said a lot of things about those gift certificates but, I think it's really important, gift. Tags when you send, a gift to someone talk. One of our little samples for the Gorgons a bag put, them as a gift tag on the gift tags I mean, there's so many ways that we can decorate and, get our name attached, to something, now, with the holidays and even, with birthdays and the anniversary and stuff like that but especially at this tummy you're getting into the habit of it because, I think once you start doing it you will always do it and.

Again. I think you know somebody said you. Know, making. Sure that you help them think about the people they're, purchasing, and that again is where when. You set a Black Friday post, you, want to make sure you, say this. Might be ideal for and. Then you give a range of people they're, going to be buying for that that gift would be perfect, for and, I don't mean general, like men and women and things like that go deeper, go into intentional. Baby sitter you know I call my nail magicians, your. Hairdressers. You. Know again you, you, know housekeepers. Um you. Know bus, drivers, I mean there are so many people out there that when you start helping that customer, think, about by posting, or by doing a facebook live you, know that it's gonna it's gonna jog their memory cycle oh my gosh, I need that you know I'm buying for that person, now, again every time somebody buys from you that's an open door for you to say you. Know what I circle, back and see, you know check, with you to see how she loved it know again it doesn't mean that she's gonna be able to give you a report but, as you're talking to her or you make contact with her because you said I will then, you could opportunity, to say we, have a new catalogue coming out we have a new special this month oh my gosh I've got a new favorite you. Know would you like me to send it to you see if it's one of your favorites, too because again these, are either existing. Have you been spending, time with you already were there new customers, that you want them to be spending time with you and this is how you make yourself and you set yourself apart from every, other direct. Sales companies, consultants. Is you make those little baby steps, that just surprise people I mean you, know somebody said it's. You know customer, service you know do you give good customer service no, I want to give excellent customer service I know what the word good customer service would be there I want it to be excellent customer service because that means you have to do something above and beyond what everybody else is doing. Ok, so just gonna run through some of the things that you guys want to be thinking about when you're in front of a customer or you're over the phone and by the way one of the things I love about the Good Friday Good. Friday listen the Black Friday is you have if you're doing pre tours you'd they have to call you hello, I love that because I love fact that you have to talk to them and you, have to say by the way before I place your order I'll follow back up with you to see if there's anything else you might need to add your shipping.

Will Stay the same I don't care if you offer free shipping I mean not free flat shipping or whatever don't, bump that shipping up if you call them back because that's the way that, they know, that they can add some more things and they probably will if they, know that it's not going to increase their shipping so even if you you, know you've got a cap at 695, the company's shipping leave, it there even if you add a couple more orders go ahead and pick up the difference because that gives, you an opportunity, to get them thinking while. The shipping is gonna be the same I'm not gonna be charging additional shipping I will think about some other things if, you don't say that most, people know it's an escalating, shipping scales so they know they're gonna pay a little bit more unless, a pen you caught you've placed, you've done flat flat, rate shipping the. Other thing is, I. Had some I when. I was at my regional training in Denver I wouldn't, did a full service check and I said what you guys to watch what I do so, what I want you guys to do is I showed him that has to kind of do this live is when, something to place an order instead of saying okay, anything else because, that's a yes or no question in fact it's, a no answer they're gonna say no I think I'm done you, can say okay what's next I always, say okay what's next because. You're going to hear them pause and, this is where you're gonna get a bookie you're, gonna hear them pause they're gonna say you know what I. Think. I better stop and saying well you know what why don't we do this, I've, got some days left in January I'm having a white sale now again I know I have an introduced white sale to you but I'm just saying just make it some fun orange 130-minute summer facials, or we're, doing hand spas to get everybody you know to be a little more comfortable out of the gloves whatever, you want to call it be ready for that commercial because. You want to say why don't we do this leave and rest your onions behind we'll. Go ahead and we'll do a. Hand. Spa whatever with your friends, just grab a few friends and get the rest of those things with with your discount as a host oh my gosh you'll get cash you, get half-price items. Why don't we do that your friends gave you so excited about meeting with you after, the holidays when they're finished having. To do with their family so, be ready for that because as you say okay what's next you're, gonna hear the pause now, the other thing is be ready because somebody might say oh my gosh we're husband just lost his job or, he's trying to find a new job and then you say listen. I know, this conversation, didn't start out like this but. I just I'm, gonna ask you because. I've been in direct sales for a while now and it's working wonderfully. Beautifully, for me my family I do it very part-time, and, I make about two to three hundred dollars or whatever you make if you don't make $400, a month. Build. It up and say you know a lot of my my friends make about four to five hundred dollars a month I would. Love to take a close half you take a closer look would you would you have a few minutes of chat and then, stop talking because. Again if somebody says something. About their finances, we. Come to the rescue we don't say oh that's a shame that's too bad no now, again if you're offering, that paycheck, you, cannot say oh my gosh you knew we have to do 25 dollars stay acting listen, in the back of your mind they just heard a that's. In case I can't do it let's not think I can do it you stay true to the paycheck you stay through it true to the for parties you link, arms with her and you help her love. Direct. Sales because she will she'll, love the products, we know she'll, love direct sales so give, her that opportunity it's, a thought it's something she'll think about right so again be thinking about that when you go to place an order.

The. Other thing is is when you're taking the order ask, her is there anyone else that you think might enjoy this product, if. You don't ask she's not gonna think about it so think multiples, people by the human, illness might and I say, listeners there anyone else that might you, think might want this healing Ellen's we have two different sizes so. If it's at one dollar one I know they're, probably not gonna buy $21, in for a schoolteacher they, may but so, I just say you know how schoolteacher you know her hands are, you, know always in you know washing. Your hair dressed or such a so, always it when you know there's a product that she's purchasing, always jump her over to getting. That cross see that somebody, off her list, again, it's always know unless you asked and, the, other thing is is I always, I always crossed, our upsell and the, rent I do that is when somebody buys the, BB cream oh my gosh I would never sell a BB cream without a brush I'm sorry I know you guys a lot of you use your fingers I don't I don't like my fingers touching my face like that I just think the brush does a greater a more, beautiful, job with an, airbrush look I think, it does a better job blending. It. Becomes. More buildable, yeah I can layer better I mean, no did you see all the adjectives, I used by describing. The brush and that's why I sell a brush with every BB cream now, they didn't come in with a BB cream and I don't ask the are with a need and a brush and I don't ask them if they have a brush I just say okay now let's go over and make sure we get you the right brush we go BB cream that's. The way that you are solution based selling, guys and I'm. Not even gonna talk about you feel more like you're pushy it's what we do it. Would be meat like me buying a. Set. Of a necklace, and somebody. Say no do you have earrings to match oh my. Gosh I, don't. I love. When people do that to me I love it so that's what you want to make sure you do to your customers, for your customers not to your customers for your customers. They. I think listen were consultants, because. They consult with us and we consult back and forth with them so. It's that ping-pong ball then, you ask a question they answer you take that question you ask another question on top of that question etc, that's, the relationship, you're building while you're talking to them that's why if somebody messes, shoe or emailed you and says you, know running low on this just say oh my gosh Joe, a minute something, exciting is happening I'll take your order but I also want to tell you something else what's exciting, I got, in January, I'm doing and you offer a special for Jen that you're doing something, special in January have, your theme your.

Excitement, Of what you're offering in January have it ready be, ready for that January calendar. Now. The other thing is you have favorites, I know you have favorites your favorites are not my favorites, but the reason they're not my favorite successor you haven't convinced me that I, should try them so, make sure when you're talking to a customer you say sin. I have a favorite, and it's along the same line I think you might like it would you like to try it this time you're. Always giving a you're buying this I think you might like this it's like do you sell the body scrub without an icy, tell. Me no Cathy I would never sell a body scrub without an icy because. Then you have to come back later and say what moisturizer you are using or what icing are you using you, know type of thing I would never sell the microdermabrasion, cream, without, the serum I would, never write, it's like I would never start up beep so, again the key is you have favourites tell them what your favorites are and and. Um oh no I'm sorry we passed the favorite thing I'm so sorry so when, you have a product it's like Amazon, you. You're you're looking at this or you're ordering this other people, thought you might like this be, those other people thought you might like this go to that to, that next to say I'm selling a lot of this I'm seeing to have a lot of people there that are purchasing this would. You like to add it to your order today and again especially, if it's a special but even if it isn't a special it is something that you definitely want to, to, give you know to ought to suggest to her. And. You. Know and you guys know what I feel about Facebook life I think you should go Facebook live every, time you can listen. You, have something that you've tried you have something somebody else has tried you hear something in the community group that then somebody, just goes nuts over, go, live and say oh my gosh we. Have a community or a parent lemongrass, spa and this product that I'm going about to show you and, demonstrate to, you has just been hot and then, tell them why give those adjectives, and tell them why people.

Buy From people. They, join people they. Booked from people, you're. The person that wants to come and tell a story and, tell, them why. They would want to try something everybody, else was going gaga over right. Okay. Go so we talked about cross selling cross selling is suggesting products, that, are associated with something the order BB cream is the brush um, Adaline I don't is something that oh my, gosh, somebody. Buys, the. $21. Healing ailments I would always say, now, let's go ahead and take a look at the one that gets tucked in your purse or let's, take a look at the one that goes on your nightstand, because. That big jar of healing almonds it travels around the house I know because I always say to my husband where is it and he, has it in his office so, what I do is I just buy the Lu jars the, travel-size, jars and I put them around the house where. When I'm there you know in the kitchen in the bathroom and, my nightstand, those, are the kinds that you want to do add-ons, when somebody's find something, think, about something else a out on the lipstick oh my gosh I think the lipstick has to you sell the brush set I know that's a big leap but, if. You tell them all the things those brushes do and then you explain why they they buy the lip, brush it. Comes in the brush set with her lipstick their lipstick lasts so much longer and it's just a nicer, application. As a beautiful stained look that just is I mean, it just looks so much fuller on their lips but anyway I digress. Oh Jan, I have a cold and I, thought it was getting over it but I just in talking too much I don't think it's really a cold anymore I think it's just I'm talking, too much but that's okay alright so. But thank you for noticing so. Cross-selling, add-on selling up selling, up selling, again is if somebody said I want, that $10 healing element stick and I'm like mm okay, so before, I place, that on your order form I just have to tell you that, 10 there are four of those $10 healing elements stick in that, in that in. That. Family size that's, 21 so you. Could pay me now or pay me later by, the $10, now and and. Have. It come back later by another $10 or get the $21, now and it lasts you for a year and the, other thing you might want to think about doing is going, ahead and giving them some of their own little sample jars and. Send. Him a couple spatulas, and let make them make a little sample charge for their purse of their human elements listen would. You do that act of service, when somebody, has a clear. Blue sky they open that gift up. The sample jars and spatula, and you, write a little note and say here's. How you're gonna be able to I know I talked you out of that $10 jar, or. Stick here's how you're gonna be able to make samples and keep all around the house and your purse etcetera oh my gosh, it's. Gonna be a lasting, memory it's gonna be a memory that lasts forever shear. Her going to girl now you're her go-to girl so again make sure that you are explaining.

The Benefits of, going to the next the next level up. And. Again the the multiple, selling it's really just at this time of year who, else on your list you think might enjoy this also or you know what large hulking can I give you a suggestion on somebody else. It's on your list tell me do you still have leftover um. Yeah. Enjoy dust sample, yep mmhmm yeah joy just sample charge for a vendor then said healing veil good for you joy yeah however. And, that's great, I would I would do a one extra step and do a little surprise packet, for someone that wants to do it um. Alright. So so. So so oh. And. Bundles, oh my gosh I know you guys love bundles, I know I see them all over the place make. Sure you're in the creative, Facebook, black, wrap. Creative. Black Friday Facebook, group. Event because, Sarah I'm just. Sarah Anderson just, put. Oh my, gosh the most beautiful, bundles. That you, spend. This much and you get this free and she talked about what you purchase people. Like to, have. Set, solutions, and I'm, gonna go back to the catalog your set solutions, already in the catalog however, you know you've got your face system you've got your minerals collection, kit you, got your essential, oil gifts ideas in the back however at, this time of year bundles, are so, important. For people, to say oh my gosh that would be perfect for this person and do, certain price points of them like like Sarah did their, product. With a purchase I am a huge, product, with a purchase huge, product with a purchase that, really should be all over all year long all year long you just offer you know because, people like to think that they're getting something that you have recommended or you are recommending, as the, gift with purchase I just think it's it's fabulous. And. Again if you do the bundles, think it is important, at times that you do give a cost-savings just like ID did because. Then, you can say by the way that's, 20. That, like when I do the ultimate when I do a facial or the skincare, class I always say listen. Let's go to page if I think it's on page 5 or 6 and catalog and I'm going to show you how you're going to get an entire. Solution. For your face and you're, also gonna save some money and I'll take the two ways to save and then I actually take them into the savings if they pay full price for it how, much it is per price. I don't say you're gonna say $15. I do say that but then I say and that means ladies you're paying, this much per price per, order or per product it's, important, because a lot of times women have a lot of things going on in their brain and they're, not going to do the math so do the math for them as much as possible yes, you say $15, that means it brings it down to $7, a product, oh my gosh when. Was the last time you found. But. A gluten-free. You. Know well. You. Know play-based. Um. Skincare. Line for $7, a product, for $7, a product I mean you'd be crazy not, to get this as a bundle now, I'm going to tell you know whether it's your going to be able to save and then you talk about hosting, and in a 50%, and then you go back and say and that's three, dollars and fifty cents, a product, you choose but. Either way this. Should go home with you it. Should end up on your on your vanity so, again you'd, be crazy not to give. Them the price breakdown so again the, sense when height does the sets like that she gives you such a great cost savings it's, like that mineral, collection you, could that gorgeous, gorgeous. Bag. I mean, you've seen it it's, beautiful. And it's something that people will, keep their entire collection of mineral foundations, in even. In their drawer because. I know it's spread all over the place without that little that little, dropper. Bag, trapper, Bank I mean I always nickname everything so anyway that's something I'm gonna really encourage you guys to do is make sure you are looking, at the value add of some of these products. All. Right let me see. When. Somebody talks about you know. Not, having a Christmas shopping done yet or their holiday shopping done just you know again. Tell. Them that you're a creative gift gift solution, you know gift specialty creating, gifts specialty, is write. Down your line you know advertise, yourself as somebody that can help them it's a stress free time for a lot of people both financially, and just trying to think beyond, their brain so, make sure you guys are being, there you know offering that type of a service. The. Other thing is at this time of year a lot a lot. Of them a lot. Of. Companies. Businesses, do, a little bit more of a relaxed. Schedule, they're, a little bit less busy, intentionally. That, might be a perfect way guys if for you to invite, yourself, in, to. Give. Them a hand spa experience on, their lunch hour offer, that as a service it, is a service it is something again, it's not that you're expecting them to buy you're, now giving yourself, the opportunity to, meet some new people and, then to hear about lemongrass, spa and know about the products you can give a little samples, everybody as you leave but, honestly there's.

What I used to work for a doctor. The. Drug companies at this time of year used to bring in lunches, they, used to bring in you, know catering. And things like that because, they knew that that was way that. Would. Offset the. Time you. Know that sometimes, we're, a little more relaxed, at this time of year you, make yourself, be that person, that, insert, yourself into, that. Company, or that that. That. That. Company where, you're off able, to do that listen schoolteachers, they. Have off during the holidays, but, the staff there that you're at the schools done church, is the same way Church they run they run their offices, get, yourself, into those environments, by. Offering, to you know put your and put your little your, little elf, hat on that all of you gonna are gonna earn and get. Some cute little socks and, and go and you know and tell them that that this is what you do at this time you but you offer hand spa experiences. No, charge no. Purchase necessary of, course and you'd, love to be able to come and treat them start, to get the word out start to tell your friends. Is what I'm offering this, is what I offered, this is what I'm offering who. Do you know real. Estate offices, listen. Think, would just they would love it they, would love it it's always no less unless you ask it's always a no unless you ask. All. Right so I think that's what I wanted to talk to you guys about and. I'm. Just, want to make sure you guys are all set there will be another I have the first at the, first Tuesday. In December. As a call, and so, again we'll talk about January, parties, because. You're still in these, in that first Tuesday in December, you're, gonna be building a January calendar because you can say next. Month I'm offering, and I've got some great ideas for January. You could do a white sale you go to a five for five or, five with five it's called I, mean, there's just so many great things you could do a ditch and switch where everybody brings a, product. And, and. They do it intentionally to leave, it with you and get, a 10% discount on the product they're replacing, with lemon breast spa I mean, after the holidays, people. Want to get back to, a normal life. Where. They're not coming, to have the obligation being with their family, January. Was were some of my strongest, months because people, had cabin fever and they, just wanted to to be back with their girlfriends, like I've had enough of my family about enough obligations, now, I just need to go and back and catch up with my girlfriends and see how their holiday went so, it's gonna be a really strong month from you guys I can I can promise you then of course February, is, there in an out month so we're gonna have a strong month for that then, anyway so I will, I will be back of course the, first, Tuesday. In December. Getting, you ready for January, in the meantime I, will see you of course and coffee with Kathy and I, hope. This has been helpful guys, let me see if there's any questions. Okay. Um. Timmy. Says what doesn't, home office two bundles home office does bundles, yes Tammy, if you look in the catalog you've got your face system that's a bundle you've. Got sure. You've. Got with there's an even the Holiday Gift Guide there's tons of bundles there's like three different bundles in the Holiday Gift Guide in, the catalog, the bundles that are there do, have some cost savings you. Know with the mineral, collection you got the adorable. Bag that. Is I mean honestly it's like a twenty dollar bag, I mean it's really, in my bag that comes with a gift collection, so that's like a free gift with purchase with. The skincare you've got the reduced price and then of course with the essential oils you got such an amazing deal, with the essential oils and then, in the back are the gift sets and they are also some savings there too so again. Do, your bundles personally if you want I think you guys do a fabulous job however for. Those of you that are new or if you're not creative, like me just. Use the home office catalog. Or use a out kaya log and all the graphics that home office Bethenny has done for us the photography, Brian, is done and the.

Words That tie is done so you know use that as your I sure as, your your. Talking points yeah. Jill. Said she'll be closing your biggest event ever tomorrow, morning oh my gosh, Jill. So. Jill what you want to do is you want to make sure that, you give your word say listen, once. You have your products, my. Commitment, to all of my customers, is to, follow up with you and make, my out-of-the-box calls so, I promise, you you, will be no exception, Jane's friends, will be no exception, what you guys to make sure you practice that language, then, it comes out every time. Somebody. Purchases, from you you, have my commitment and you, follow through with it because can that's what keeps us different. Than, other direct sales companies, is you, make, that commitment number, one you verbalize, it number. Two you follow through with it and it's. So easy to do in fact it's fun to do because, they're waiting for your call for sure, yep. Huh. How. Would I just grab the healing balm to a customer, Jill joy, in, mock. Facebook group if you if you look under I think. If you look under healing balms I've actually described it I'm actually giving you a commercial, for it and I use the commercial, at. All my parties I use it all the spa. Escapes, I ask, them to go into their medicine cabinet opened up their medicine cabinet. Count. The different products, that you use for. A variety of what. Ails them birds. And, and you know. Insect, bites and sutures, and acne, and you, know bruises, and I said in everything, you know making your earrings, you, know we have cheap earrings making them not you, know you. Know make your ears ooze and stuff like that I said in everything, you can just take all those and put it in one jar and that's our healing elements so, again I just try, to have, them motorized, what they're looking at in that Menace II can they're on the Shelf in the store and they're spending money on and they, can't pronounce most, of the, ingredients, in there which should, make, them run.

The Other way and, I said that's okay, you know let's bomb so, yeah oh. The. Scent I think some vanilla I'm sorry joy I got railroaded, off there I got, real trouble sidetracked, railroaded, I think, it's a vanilla I love that's it's like a vanilla, it's, like a creamy, vanilla scent, it's not like vanilla that you're cooking with it's a creamy, vanilla scent, yes yep, it's almost like a marshmallow. It's. Like a marshmallow, even. Ella come, to that marshmallow. Marshmallow. A, vanilla, yes, I love, it love the sin okay. Um all right let's see if there's anybody else that needs questions. All. Right guys listen thank, you so much for joining me I'm gonna be around tomorrow but a little bit more sporadic that's. Why I've been posting, quite a bit today get you guys up to speed your Black Friday it, starts tomorrow don't forget at 11, o'clock Eastern. Time and, um. And if. You need me just tag me or tag, me or message me and um. You, don't have a great Wednesday have, a wonderful, Wednesday and, I'll. Be I'll, be back in touch with you alrighty. Oh thanks. Amanda. So sweet listen. I love you guys and, have, a great a great Wednesday and, we'll be Chinese soon all right bye bye.

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