Hobby Boss 1/35 ADGZ Daimler (#83889) full build (part 1 - Inbox, history, livery)

Hobby Boss 1/35 ADGZ Daimler (#83889) full build (part 1 - Inbox, history, livery)

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The. Stair ADG was, originally. Developed as a heavy armored, car for the Austrian army its, designation. Was M 35 meter a panther, wagon from. 1934. And delivered. From 1935. To 1937. The. Austrian army was using the iegc armored, car at the time of our shoes. 12. Were used by the army and 15. Were used by the police. The. Germans used them for police, work and some where taken, by the SS, and used on the Eastern, Front and in the Balkans. This. Has ordered an additional 25. A dgg, which were delivered in 1942. An. Interesting. Feature of this vehicle, was that there was no, rear either. And was capable of driving the unit. As, part, of the initial operations, of the invasion of Poland the SS, Heinrich, Vantage, use. Three a bdg armored cars during the attack, on the Polish post office in dentists and lost, one during the bottom. And now, let's have a look at the box and into, the box the, box itself is restored, in nice box, typical for, Hobby boss the, lid represents. A ad GG in action. Probably, on the move somewhere, in Yugoslavian. Mountains, painted. On punter gray overall, color, scheme and no, special, insignia. This is what we find in the box after lifting, the lid everything. This part individually, very. Nice very good practice, from my hobby boss I hope they're going to keep it that way let's, start with the lower half of the hole it's. A store deport perhaps. The less detail, from the entire kit serving, us frame, for the entire build the, upper side of the body is very nicely, detailed. Its. Thickness is true to scale but unfortunately. Led to some warping. With later, on gave. Me some problems during the build screw. A comes in two examples, and contains. Body parts, transmission. Parts and exterior, detail, the, sprue C come in two examples, and contains, parts, for wheels, machine. Guns and light words. Sprue. D carries, turret, parts body, parts and, pioneer, instruments. Holy. Cuffs are very useful, when painting, the wheels separately. There. Are 12 tires in the kit no manufacturer, stamp but good and accurate enough, threading the. Clear parts are transparent, and clear as they should be. Photo-etch. Parts, very well done and not to abuse but, without plastic alternative. So, make sure you don't lose them the. Clothes arrive just like that I wasn't happy at wholly the censorship please see the following part, of the review for more about the cause hey. Guys, let's. Have a look at the instructions, now I. Want. To tell you that this state, - I was editing. My video when I discovered, that the material, I have was, barely usable quality. Of the sound of the image was really. Poor I had. The problem with my camera, driver so, I decided. To redo. This part of the presentation for. My review the, bad thing about is that this. Raishin is going to lose now some, of the. Spontaneity, and on. The first take, but on the other side the gain is that. Now, we can pass. Through, the instruction, manual with the hind. Side now, I'm better suited to give you advice to.

The Ones that they, intend to do, this building. So, let's get started now with the instruction. Manual. As, you can see there is a, black. And white reproduction. Of the picture. We have on the box. Our advice, from the manufacturer. The, legend for the. Used. Symbols. During. The assembly and the method for applying the calls by, the way be careful with the Hobby boss because. They are very easy to tear apart actually, one of the. Deckhouse the one on, the top of turret, it torn when, I was, trying to apply it fortunately. Was, easy. To fix it just be careful when you're playing dolls. Now. On the second page an instruction, manual we have the. Sprue. Layout and the additional, parts with 12 tires for, capsule such, because. As you can see even in, this, reproduction does because they were blacked. Out so the construction, itself starts, with the assembly of the axles. And the, suspension, elements is, very simple, no problem, encounter, here whatsoever, does the lacquer olala does the middle wheel suspension that, supports, the it, wills in, the center of the vehicle. Now. Step 2 continuously. Their assembly, of this transmission axle, and. The. Other parts, of the suspension, Direction. Bar whether they are noticed, by report. To the actual. Photograph, of the vehicle this, assembly. This bottom assembly, under assembly. Is. Oversimplified. By Hobby boss but. I never, encountered. Myself, a better, reference so. I, guess they did the, best they could with, the available, reference. Material. Now. Let's go further, step. 3. Attaching. The other, parts of the suspension. Right, as you can see any starting, Assembly of the body, plates, the lower lower, body plates now, if you want to take, my advice I would let. The. Doors, for last because. The. Upper, side. Of the hall. This. Party. Hadn't. In my kit. At least slightly, warp so because, of that the, the doors do, not line. Up properly those, footage parts they're very easy to work with no problems here but I let them for last because, the, paint does not adhere so well so well to to, them so there was thermal, and danger, of scratching. Them and damaging, the paint, zone also if, you want to paint those details, inside as I did then, it's best if you let them for uh steps, 5 and 6 go. Further adue. Assembly. Step. 7, attaching, the wheels to, the churches. Because, they are on poly cups it's, easy to remove, them so I pendant separately, and attach it all the way at the end because a weather first the.

Underside, Of the vehicle but if you feel more comfortable working, with, the everything. Assembled it's. Easy to do it you have at all times the. Possibility. To add, or remove the words but. You will which is very, good course from, Hobby, boss I was telling you about the upper side of the hall now this front. Plate was quite war in my. In, my kid so. I had I followed the steps, and Emanuel but he proven to be a mistake because, the bottom, of the door completely misaligned and one of them had a serious. Band. And actually, I had to remove one of the locator pins. I'm. Not sure which one it was but, one of the four locator pins that they connect the upper hall with the Laurel had to be removed just, to release from the warping. So, I think it's a good idea to. Let the doors for last for, a better fit. Step. 9, attaching, other, elements. To the front. Hall and the, rear part, of the hall everything, is easy going here just if you want to do the louvers. Open, just, pay attention to the alignment. There, is no indication, so you have to keep, them far, out by, herself just too low but not as good those pins here they are just too long and too thin. So, we, have just don't, fit inside as shown, in here so what I have to do I was to cut one of them secure, run in place and then you pull, it pull it back and, glue. It somehow into the middle but, in what so it's not big this problem. It's. Easy to overcome. You. Want for the beginner step. Ten we have the SMU of the a muffler, exhaust some. Photo-etched parts the. Canisters. Now if you go into watch. Clothes, you're going to see that those, are actually water canister, so. I decided, to replace them with, gasoline. Jerry cans because i figure out that vehicle, is not in a humanitarian. Mission, to. Distribute. Water around so, i did replace, those canisters with, some bronco, ones gizumon. Canisters, you wanna make a huge difference, they are barely, seen, in the completed, model but. I want it that way and i did it that way by the way they're those. Funny. Jerry cans they assembly very nice and I'm. Going to use them with the Afrika, Korps vehicles. Where I find they're more adequate. Now. Step 11 more. External. Details now. Disassembly. For the two. Supports, they are the seediest part of this build but, again if you want to replace. It with just, one, strip. Of whatever. Material, you have maybe, you know the photo eight it's easy, to do you don't have to do all these three parts because again very little is going to be seen once the model completed, the small machine guns they, are not drilled so if you want a more realistic, representation. You have to drill yourself the, muscle, I don't know what this is maybe maybe, the honk I don't know it looks funny but again. Photo. Etch part and plastic, but it is it to assembly the size. Of the photo H is decent they give you here, and a Tele for scale but it is not, I think they designed. Those, instructions. On the. Letter size and then converted, to a four so. I noticed, that they are slightly. Narrower. Than the, completed, assembly, so don't get fooled oh that is not going to match them but on the footage part you have the bending marks so you cannot go wrong just, ignore. Those. Now. Again step 12 it shows you that you have a choice of like. Words the, problem is if you do following, the instructions, you, would be unable, to paint. Them aside once we those colors there they're going to be installed, so what I did I attached the grilles first to the light, boards and then I sprayed, them from inside 13-step. Is the attachment. To, lower. Hall to upper. Hall now, it's up to you if you want to carry all those details with you or you can do this step before attaching. All these small parts, in permanent, risk of damage so I think is a good idea to glue those together then to attach doors and then, you go forward and with all those small, parts that they are in risk of being knocked. Down and finally, the machine guns and the 20. Cannon. That. Goes into the Torah tourniquet, even easy to, assembly. Yes. Everything, goes, nicely. Together as a conclusion to this. Build. The. Build itself what I can say that the only problem of warping, of this upper, hull I'd never, encountered, no kind of fitting issue so, everything, goes smooth, very, good quality, of, the kid another, thing. That was quite, often sanctioned. In other reviews, was the complete. Lack of, interior. Except, for machine guns of course also. Usual for those. Boxes. Are those. Leaflets, when. They were, they present their other. Available, products, this is a ust.

2091. Heavy. Tank and, not even know that exists, is not my cup of tea he. Looks like well detailed, built, for whoever its interested. In post-war. American. Tanks. Other releases, Russians. Is five B truck. Looking. Good I'd like to build one of those but yet it's not necessarily. In my area, of interest it. Looks good I have to say is dude this is our release that, we're building just, now and you see is pointing and pointing out some future, is yes there is very nice details, not, so much about the machine guns the, jerry. Cans we talked about it so. Yeah, it looks good and you're, going to see it builds in more than decent model, popular. Liberation. Army Air Force. P-51d. King, Mustang. Again, not my cup of tea but it looks good and I built their IAT. Romanian. Fighter and I was more. Than happy with the kit. Itself so at Indian and, the right paths again. A very attractive model that they'll love, to build one day a new. Variant of so. For D, and KK, Frank are G, a German, flag Panzer 1a, with ammunition. Trailer, looks, good interesting, and eventually. To. Sentimental, flattery. Late, version, with, its trailer, with as they age 51. It's. Interesting that I built one from Dragon. While ago the humble. A bit but for what I can see in this, picture, it, should be a good build now let's move to the. Conflict. Area, I was saying earlier that I received, those because, in this statement, as you can see the, in, his vast occur or SS. Divisional. Insignia. They were obliterated on, the box on the instruction, manuals and, everything went because and such I was. Outraged. At, the beginning because my. Content. Of my package, that I paid, the, full price for it was violated, somebody open it go into it and modify the content without telling, me that was I was really, enraged. About adult, that's that, is a violation, of my proprietary, rights. Okay and I wanted to do exactly what, a, kid, does I'm, going to do exactly the opposite, so I wanted, to build, this. Version that, belonged, to, SS. Division, Prince Hogan deployed, in, Yugoslavia. And I wanted to replace. The, Prince. Organ room, with with, a hand, draw, sign. Which is very easy I start practicing, with my plus plastic, spoon as that you should do but, as I going, deep into the researcher, figure out that actually that is a wrong. Variant. From Hobby boss did. Not use this version of the vehicle they, did use the other one produced, by tire, which, had different, like guards, and also, it had, some, additional, toolbox or storage, boxes, underneath, so that is the ink regression, I went that far that I paint already does brown. Strips but then I went. One my research from film that I, had the wrong, choice then, I went and I, paint, everything, pantograph. For the sake of accuracy, I did not do prints organ, markings. But I still cannot, have good, thoughts about my sensor whatever who is and also. I'd. Like to say that action, was in my favor that they censor, my decals, because, studying. More. In detail prints Oregon division, which was nowhere. In my plans, he happens that I find out something very interesting about the history of my country Romania. That Prince Aegon was led for, a few. Years by actor. Plebs which. Was the highest-ranking. Romanian. Born, SS. We had the general rank in in. SS, and as, a completely. Unusual distinction. A cuff, band was issued, with his name and one of the regiments, of SS. Prince, organ division, I think.

Number Three regimental. Second, Regiment can remember for sure it, received, its name I think was number Twitter numb. The third Regiment but that is not important, the important, thing is that the censorship still, exists and you. Try to come bait, Nazi, behaving, like a Nazi, that's stupid, and second, of all, actually, you draw, my attention and. To studying, the Nazi history what you try to avoid, so, make. Sure what you do next time that's, the main scheme of the, vehicle. I did not go with that because, I didn't, like that association. Of the, cross here possibly too fiddly and again. I'm not sure that's the right version, for, the, vehicle. That was besieging, the postal. Office in, done sheesh so. Unkind. Again. You see assessment, Samiha obliterated. So eventually I have. This side for, one of Verma. Vehicles, this, one happy, paws that not never mention, the unit's whatever but very, similar markings, I have, seen on a, disease, deployed. In Russia. So an early Barbarossa. Campaign so perhaps that belongs there and that's, it about my choice. Of camouflage. Schemes, so. I dropped. This because, I was, not sure I have the correct variant. I choose. This because. I, do not stand very well the censorship, but then I have to drop this again, because, it's not the correct vehicle is, the version of it and then, I choose one that I contributed, having, the, most striking, appearance the. Problem when you depict, a monochromatic, vehicle. The, problem, is you, need more elements, to make you stand out so, that's why you're, going to see I paint the jerry, cans on different. Colors and i try to add, as much color, as possible to. Interfere. A little bit with the monochromatic skin, also i add some color. Variation un, tiss even third episode of, this video series, how the painting. Turned out thank, you very much for following, please, excuse, my radical. Tone, and how i want to make a last statement, I am NOT a Nazi, or no Nazi, supporter, I'm just a history. Guy I like my history. I read a lot any time I have the opportunity I, read. History I study, history so, there. Becomes a model any kind of subject, you have seen me perhaps, and channel modeling, Russian, subjects, or. USSR. At, the time without any, kind of restriction. I even bought a zero, so I'm going to jump to, do, Japanese. Aircraft and, one, of my group builds. I am, into I'm going, to do an Italian aircraft. So I treat everybody an, equal terms, so, I want, to be treated in equal, terms as a customer, as a final, user of this product thank you very much for attention don't forget to Like comment, and subscribe. See you next time. You.

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censorship on historical models is quite stupid... but, for example, in germany you'll be banned from modelling fair if your model had svastica (aka correct marking) on it. same in japan if i remember well.... is stupid, but is law... some thinks that an historical model could make someone nazi... :D even in italy we had some problem in case of historical rapresentation, with uniform of both allies and axes on the field. again, is quite stupid...

Gabriel Glodean I was stunned because I bought this from US and in US it's permitted for plastic models at least :) As for my Island - there is the Dutch legislation applied by extension. I see no reason for being banned!

Well, swastika's are only censored in Germany even for the Finnish context (which has no relationship with Nazism) so it might be a bit restrictive. I wonder if Buddhist or other oriental uses are also banned?

Larsen I have no idea who they fear... but for sure they're not doing the right thing. You're right for one thing: that German sailor who fought on Bismark or Yamato died a glorious death. Same glory the GIs and Tommies deserve. One ideal vanquished, but the counterparts weren't "evil" by any means... For instance: I hate Russian politics but I have full admiration for the bravery of Ivan charging panzers with an obsolete rifle and a bottle of gasoline...

if you buy a bismark from a japanese maker, you'll find a big, white, circle to apply on the deck... instead of the original markings, and the bismark was, and the yamato later, the best ship of the ww2... i mean.. if you make a desert goulf war dioramas, with t34 iraqi tank, you'll place the right insigna on those right?... why not on a king tiger?... they were the "enemy", ok, right, but the war is over, their regimes are dead, what do they fear?

Larsen what bothers me is that the swastika and historical insignia are permitted by law in many countries for artistic representation, and modelling it is artistic representation. Just some zealots think they have the right to amputate your liberty. In my Island there is no law against SS insignia on models. Thanks for supporting me on this. Gabriel.

very interesting historical presentation and very reasonable clip length. I would be interested in this model to see the traces of war on him. good job and keep going!

Thank you, sir! Well, the completed model has some weathering effects but not in excess, being used mostly behind front lines. But isn't by any means spanking new! :) Cheers!

good job, best regards

I almost forgot... F.k the police.

I can't quite figure out what "Dummkopf" try so hard to save the world. LOL

Bravo bro. Asta chiar mi.a placut. Keep up the good work.

I'm on it! :)

Thanks for sahring!!

Miguel BR Scale models & Dioramas Thanks for stopping by, Miguel! And for your feed-back.

Mama ce ploi sunt pe la voi. Faina macheta dar poate canistra dunkelgelb nu e chiar corecta istoric, dar la astfel de lucruri nu sunt expert asa ca fain inca o data. Eu insa nu m-as lauda cu Arthur Phleps, sa fii general-locotenent in armata romana dar sa te inscrii in VSS, mi-e nu-mi suna bine. Si in plus a si fost acuzat de crime de razboi... Dar asta e..

Nu stiu cat de bine documentat sunt... imi plac doar machetele si foarte in general cum aratau lucrurile. Nu sunt interesat de tactica, batalii concrete, oameni celebrii, si nu sunt panzerofil. Iar de pus mana pe o macheta nu am facut-o de vreo 5 luni. (De ai timp poate imi vezi profilul pe Google+ sa vezi tot ce am facut in ultimii ani .) Ms de update la update... Ca opinie personala, chestia asta daca ar avea ceva tepi pe ea ar putea aparea intr-un episod din Mad Max...

Gabriel Glodean :) haha! Ești simpatic! Da, canistra galbenă n-ar avea ce căuta acolo înainte de 1942. Dar n-am specificat anul, deși m-am referit la Barbarossa. Arthur Phleps a fost forțat să plece din România de către regele Carol pentru că domniei sale nu-i plăcu maniera tăioasă dar sinceră a lui Phleps. Phleps era expert în logistică și a pus temelia teoretică a logisticii armatei române. Toți ofițerii superiori SS au fost acuzați de crime de război și Phleps nu face excepție. Nu zic nici da nici nu, pentru că nu știu. Ceea ce știu însă e că după moartea lui Phleps Prinz Eugen intră în declin, culminând cu înfrângerea de la Niš, în fața bulgarilor. Mulțumesc pentru comentariu - văd că ești bine documentat și apreciez asta la maxim. Vezi că ești "citat" în ultima aducere la zi a canalului - probabil că n-ai avut răbdare să o vezi până la capăt. Mulțumiri pentru comentarii!

Cool review man. I agree it's only for historical accuracy that you'd want those markings so what's wrong with that? We should censor all history on all wars then as there's been atrocities in every conflict. What about the current Japanese flag... they still fly the red sun which is exactly the same symbol that was on they're aircraft in WW2 but nobody seems to have a problem with that.

Honestly, I think that is anachronistic. I fell offended by the Ottoman Half-moon now! LOL! Let's be serious! The Nazi movement died with Adolf in 1945. Period. Anything else is "fake news" and "witch hunting".

Yeah I had customers from time to time come in and complain about decal sheets with offensive symbols or models that displayed “offensive emblems” I would justify that it was for historical accuracy and in no way was I condoning the actions of the past by bad people. Most of them understood and agreed.

Small Soldier Thank you, sir! Yeah, you know! They needed a scapegoat and they find it. Thank you for taking your time and letting a comment. Cheers! Gabriel.

Love the look of this, you just made me want to build one, well done

MrBMBuilder Thank you, Mr. Builder! It's a nice kit indeed. And not exorbitant as price. Cheers!

Very interesting vehicle and good kit!

Bastmaster 757 Yes, quite unusual one. Assesing the performances, I am wondering why the Germans didn't produce more. Thanks for stopping by!

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