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Hello, everybody. Hello. We got tea time. It's another special tea time, you guys. Another special tea time. It's, what is today? I wanna say it's Wednesday. Am I wrong? Hump

day, y'all. Hump day. There we go. And it got to be a little bumpy today. A little bumpy on

some social media. So, we thought we would hop on and let somebody tell their tail because we have heard today another absolutely horrendous round of bullying and hostility has started against a member of our recovering paparazzi consultants family, mister Andrea Thompson . And we wanted to give him an opportunity to come on and talk about what going on? Okay, listen. I'm

Tracy. There's, there's Feisty Geraldine. We got Andrew Will, our special guest today. Hello.

Thanks for coming to Tea Time y'all. Hey, hey. I don't understand. It's not broadcasting. On the page. It is. on the page I put you on,

it's not. Well, I'll see if I can fix that. Y'all start video. I want, is it now? Mm mm. I mean, I'm gonna try to

fix that. I want you guys to start telling us your story about how you got involved in Paparazzi in the first place and I'm gonna try to fix it so I can broadcast to where it was going. Y'all let me know. Okay. Okay? I'll fix that. Y'all get going. Okay. So, um I'm Andrew Thompson if you don't know who I am. Um Little little rundown Um I started Paparazzi obviously with my ex um who we're not gonna mention uh by name. about April of twenty

eighteen. If I'm not mistaken, go ahead. Your cup sounds loud but I have a question. Sorry.

Why why are you choosing not to mention his name? because I've been continually threatened and harassed with threatened threats with lawsuits and things like that and I just don't wanna, you know, um my I'm not here to slander. I'm not here to lie. I'm not here to do anything but tell truth and quite frankly, had there not been a big outburst on social media that I got woke up to when I first woke up this morning, I wouldn't be here now but I feel like it's my responsibility to clear my name and tell the truth of what actually happened because you know, there's always two sides or three to every story and this one has painted me in a very negative um slandering light. And I'm not gonna sit.

You know, people say, don't feed into their energy, Andrew. Just don't do. That's not the point. I'm not trying to feed into drama, into anything. I'm trying to just simply state facts and clear my name on the accusations. And and I will say, there is a huge difference between slander and truth, okay? And these people feel that the truth is in fact slander and we're gonna reveal what the truth is in this situation for sure. There's

many people who do know who your former business partner is. So, if you wanna drop the name down there, you can um because I would have no problem saying the name. Oh, you got, I mean, you got, I don't wanna, well, everybody knows who who my ex is, Hunter, everybody knows. But I'm not, I'm just making the point that I'm not here to, I'm not here to trash talk, Hunter. I'm not here to try to defam his character. Um, and I don't and I don't encourage anyone watching in the comments to go and trash him. Correct. That's right. I

mean, there's a lot of **** I could talk about on the internet that I haven't. But here's the, here's the point that I'm making is we could go on here for days and talk about how they threatened to kill people and they're gonna hide the bodies and they're gonna come after us and we know where you live, boo, and the the punching emojis and none of us has ever done any of that. Yeah. People wanna be honest with themselves. They can look and look at our social media and see what we're doing and who's actually posting these dramatic rants and threats and things like that. Like, we're

trying to go about our lives, about our businesses, doing the best we can to make it like everybody else. You know, and we're not the ones that are going on rampages on social media trying to tear people and trash their reputations and that's not why we're here now. So, I want to say something very clear and as you get into your story, if you wanna go look at this person's page, what he has put, in fact, is slander and we're going to, I'm gonna let Andrew continue with his story so you guys can see the difference between fact and slander and what he is doing is slander and Andrew is going to tell you fact. Okay Sorry

y'all. I've been sick for like weeks with this RSV. Um so anyway, we started doing Paparazzi back in twenty eighteen. I was a registered respiratory therapist doing travel contracts at the time. Oh, hey, Tracy. Welcome back.

Hi Did you have any luck? I'm just trying to fix it now. We're trying. And if not, I'll just simulcast it over to your page in a minute. Um, I'm trying y'all. Okay. And you

guys can share the link to your page. I've done that before. You can just share the link. That's true. At least it'll be live. It's yeah. It'll be live in there if you share the link y'all. Okay. Okay. So, um we as everybody knows, we started the the Paparazzi in twenty eighteen. I was a traveling

registered respiratory therapist at the time. I still am credentialed and licensed as such in Florida. Um I was doing travel contracts. Um we were

planning to open a florist here in Navarre, Florida and initially, when um who was both our friend at the time, Terry Cook, uh we did, we, I think we hosted some parties for her, for Paparazzi and um we had got into it because the idea was we would carry the jewelry in our florist as a retail item. So, that was kind of where we got into it. Originally, there was no intention of building a team. We didn't really

understand the compensation plan. You know, all these things it play into Paparazzi so much more than we, you know, had any idea at the time. So, we were gonna carry it in a florist as a retail item. You know, time goes on. We discover um Erica Cole and some other, you know, at the time she was a jet had just hit from Maven A lister when we met her and um we watched some trainings about the actual money earning potential from building a team.

And so that's kinda where we got into growing. So, the very first person that ever signed up on the team was LaSean Prater. Um LaShaun Webster. Now, hello. LaShaun, if you're out there. Um she's one of my

best friends since kindergarten. Um she the very first royalty bling boss to ever sign up. She is no longer with the company uh and obvious reasons. Um. Good for her. So, that that was the very first person Hunter, at that time, didn't have a 16 thousand follower social media account.

He had a Facebook with about 300 friends, most of which were my friends cuz he had everyone blocked from his hometown because he was afraid of coming out of the closet. You know, there's there's a whole another slew of things we could talk about about that but you know, and I'm not, like I said, I'm not trashing him for that. He grew up in a very different environment than um not accepting whatsoever. Um you know, he was terrified of being disowned. There was a lot of things that he struggled with, that I empathize with to this day. So, I wanna say that. but he didn't have a following. I

had on the other hand, like, 4,000 something friends on Facebook. That was before he had followers and anything like that. Um. And let's not, let's not mistake something that you're not allowed as a human being. You are not allowed to use those type of tragedies in your past to continually be a scum of the earth and use that as an excuse. So, I applaud you for being empathetic I think you're not sympathetic. You're empathetic. To his past and the

things that you know. But it is not excusable for actions today. Right and yeah, I just wanna make that clear like I'm, you know, I don't wanna use, I, I would never use anything like that against him. I have, I, I had really honestly wish him no ill will. The truth be told, I've been painted that way and because now he has more followers on his Facebook, a lot more people here and believe what he thinks, and, you know, that's fine, but when we started, I was the one with the followers, with the friends, that's where the majority of the team originated from. The biggest, and I'm not

gonna name a bunch of names here, because a lot of them, quite frankly, you know, turn their back on me, the that I spoke out against Paparazzi and the super spreader convention. So, I don't wanna give them the airtime to mention their names but um and some of them I'm still friends with. They haven't turned their back on me that I know but regardless, II know they probably won't wanna be involved in this. So, I'm not gonna mention them out of respect but the first biggest leg of our team, you know, came off of a girl that I met in 2013 at a singing competition in Las Vegas, Nevada. Actually, it was in uh Laughlin. Um it

was a national singing competition. We had made it to the finals there and I met her there. She ended up spawning our first biggest leg. and she um produced our first elite on that leg on that leg of the team. The second biggest leg,

spawned off of a girl I went to high school with. The third biggest leg spawned off of my own family that I call my sister. She's really my first cousin. Not gonna mention her name. And so the and there are

countless other tiny legs, people from my hometown that are also make up that team. But the only other large producer or higher leg was his mothers. So that's the only you know, he can claim but I mean, as far as the rest of it, that's just the truth. That's not a lie and anybody here watching knows. A lot of them are mad at me for speaking out against Paparazzi and they'll say, oh, I'm lying but they know that that's the truth and we got text messages.

We can pull up of them admitting it and how crappy they think everything went but that's who I am. That's where our team, when me and he and I split, we were just hitting Maven A lister. Now, the team is a jetsetter team and that's kinda how we land, how we got there, we started going live You know, I shared, had all my friends share. We got more and more viewers. It started out his first live. I think he had

nine viewers and then, we proceeded to promote it, build, build, build. And, you know, of course, eventually, it was two hundred, three hundred. We incorporated as a business known as Royalty Bling Bosses Inc. And that's kind of what landed us here today. Um. Right. Talk about. Does that sum it up pretty good? Okay. It

does and I think it's important for people to understand that you were just as involved in the success of the team that still exists as your former partner was. Mm hmm. Even though you're not together on a personal level anymore, you still have not managed to dissolve or lit up your business. Is that correct? Your business still has not been settled. Your business matters? Um no, nothing has been, there's never been any equitable division of assets to do with the business. There's never been anything like that. There's been no resolution. The

inventory has all been taken from where it was here at our house. There's been no, I was not bought out fairly in any way whatsoever and that's AT for another day but that's also the truth. Sorry, I'm trying to make sure this is. So, the the strange developments on social media today was the posts from your former partner. Talk about your new business which is called Royal Emporium, right? Right. Saying that Royal Emporium stole my business page. They've

hacked my account. Report this to Facebook. In fact, one of the posts said, I've contacted the FBI. Right. Um that was a little, that was a little dramatic but it sure was an attention girl over. Right. I would love if you could explain to everyone what in the world, what in the wide world of sports is going on? So, girl that's how I woke up this morning. II was so tired. Police the FBI. All the police.

Yeah, it was terrible. I had fallen asleep um on the couch last night with my husband rubbing my feet. He's so sweet. Um. Hey, some people are saying, Tracy, not interrupt but some people are telling me they can't view it. They can't

view it. Okay, I'll do what I can to fix that y'all. I'll do what I can to fix that. That maybe your page settings. It it they can't view it on your page. Well, I because it's not shared on our pages so I sent Tracy's link and they're saying it's saying video not available. Content not

available. Should we just kill this feed and start over on the where it comes through like it should or? We can. I mean, II hate to but um cuz I don't want the host, huh? I don't care. I just have people tell me they can't see it. So, it's kinda like. They can't see it on

Tracy's or? Yeah, they're saying when I send her the link, they're saying it won't let me view it or it's saying. What does it do when you click it? When I think about I'm friends with her. Oh. Yeah, but I don't think Tracy is, Tracy, you're not on private. Like,

why would you be? Oh, no. My whole profile is public. Let me see again. Let me check, let me try it again, y'all. Let me see what's going on. Okay. Let me see if I can fix this. Alright,

you can put it on the other page. I made you an admin on. Yeah, we'll pick right back up where we were. Let me see. Are we gonna leave this up just if we wanted to start a new one, we can leave this up for that intro part and then. No, I think if we start it new, it needs to be clean because people aren't gonna do video one, video two. I think that this needs to be deleted. I think I figured out what happened and I think it's resolved. Okay. So, share again

and now people should be able to view it. It should be fine You put it on the page I made you an admin of? I'm gonna do that next. Well it said I was, it said I wasn't. So, I did put it on. I did put it on the page

we're referring to. Yeah, you're an admin. It's just not showing up for some reason. You

know what? Facebook is Hammond. I think Facebook is having a day itself. Facebook is having a moment But we'll, let me see where it says it's broadcasting. It's hump day. Hump day Facebook's having a day. They always. Okay, on the couch. Huh? So, I

see you on the couch. On the couch. What are you talking about? Pick it back up where you were. Yeah. Yeah. Go to the

same at the couch. You said you were on the couch for life and your husband was so sweet. Oh my husband was so sweet. rubbing my feet. Last night I

fell asleep. Yeah. So I fell asleep on the couch and woke up at like two three in the morning when he was finally ready to go to bed. So we go to bed. Pardon me. And um he fell asleep pretty quick. I was

still kind of like yeah I'm hungry. I'm gonna get a bowl of cereal. so, I sit down and uh the bands start checking my emails after Idabo's cereal and I had an Email from Facebook. So, here's where all this, he's still, he's hacked my page, blah, blah, blah. First of all, he's giving me way too much credit because. Super hacker.

Let's face it. I am not a hacker. I am not that smart. I'm pretty smart. Don't get me

wrong. But I am not that smart. I am not a cyber hacker. I'm not I'm not a keyboard warrior. I'm not sitting over here like God. Oh my God. You're the reason why Facebook went down, Andrew. I must be. I have been very heavily for, I have been called many things under the sun and threatened and you know, has somebody come on my page last night? And they had used some big 50 thousand follower boutiques picture and made a fake account with that person's picture and went on to trash me and tell me I sang like a dog that was dying and I was all this. Yeah, just the

tra man. It just shows, you know, the cowardice that sits within because I don't know about you. I know about you too. We always have spoken our

truth from our page and um we don't make fake accounts and go hide and talk **** you know, about people. We just say our truth from our page but they're obviously too cowardly so that kind of thing happens. Hey, Caroline. Um so, back to why we're here is I'm I'm so ADD and so OCD and I run all over the place with my brain. Um so, to rewind So, I'm I was checking my Emails when I received an Email that prompted what we're talking about. Originally, the business page in question was called Royalty Bling Bosses Inc. That was our

business page. Let, let's, let's, let's, let's say that again, for the folks who didn't hear it. The page was called. Royalty Bling Bosses Inc. That Who said that? Page. And so

that was the original name of that page. And it was changed later without my consent. 200 new LLC. When we split up, the agreement we verbally made was if he's getting Paparazzi in the commission check, which is now probably forty plus thousand a month. Then I would get back to begin, you know, taking off my own business so I could take care of myself going forward. That was our

agreement. I had made the originally, Royalty Bling Bosses Inc. So a few, let me, okay, I'm gonna back up real quick just to make this all make sense. a week and a half

ago, I was going through Facebook trying to figure out why my ads account was suspended and I couldn't run ads to promote our existing business pages, Smiles and Styles and Royal Emporium. We have two. so I'm big I click I'd have to show you but it says boost unavailable. So I click that then a button pops up that says you know click here to learn more. I click that and it pulls up a page and tells me my ads account is disabled. I then go in where it

says to check and see why and what to do to resolve it. And it says go under account quality. So I went to check there under account quality where I found unbeknownst to me I didn't even realize that I not only had my personal Facebook page Andrew Thompson . I had a business Facebook account called Royalty Bling Bosses Inc that I had created when I initially created Royalty Bling Bosses Inc's Facebook business page. Notice

I said, when I created it. Yeah, because it. Those records and your control pages and your Facebook settings, correct? Right, which I have all of them. Which I have all of that. Here's this that you, if you want, well, I'll skip you. So, that can be seen right here. This is what I discovered that night, that night when I was trying to figure out my ads account wasn't working. So,

this is kinda what prompted all this. I'm gonna show you like where I landed. So, I landed right here in account quality. We have, so, as you can see right there, it says, royalty business accounts, royalty bling bosses Inc, and under said page, you'll notice, which is under my control by the way.

Notice, Andrew Thompson , right there. You'll notice, assets business or business assets. Hunter Newell LLC, products for Royal Emporium, and Royal Emporium Commerce account. That's what I discovered there. You know, we have this shows here, page owner, Royalty Bling Bosses Inc. That's me. We have

an under uh that whole account there. We have all the other assets listed again here and why is it blurry? If I get closer to it get any better? Yeah, it's fine. You probably have auto adjust on. It's alright. So, anyway, Pages. You're a hacker. Alright, I said. Like, your page party is

pretty poor for a hacker, right? Yeah. Right. So, you can see all of that. Royalty Bling Bosses Inc. I did not realize

at the time that I even had a business account. I thought it was just, you know, my personal Facebook but I, when I created an ads account, apparently, it created a business account. Correct. Which you can't create an ad account from your personal profile. It has to be from a business account, correct? Yeah, and the that you create that account is also listed in the information about the account. So, if anyone's wondering, you can click on it.

Show you date created which was not today. Not today. It's actually January of twenty nineteen. When that page was made and I made that page. So,

unless you got a hot tub time machine, that means that you have owned that page for two and a half years, people. So, I have always and I didn't realize this. So, when we split up, he was an a in just like I was an admin but see, there's being an admin and then there's being a page owner. Correct. Right. I was always the page owner and never knew and never realized until the other day when I checked that and and found, well, I'm, wait, why is Hunter Neville LLC under here? Cuz he had kicked me off as an admin when we split. And then he put his leverage to try to get to coerce the document out of my, out of me from my attorney stating that I will relinquish rights to sue him for my part of that commission check or my part of that business or that in He says, you know, we have the text messages that will bring that out, you know, another day.

It's, this is just proof, purely to prove that I own the page. that he had told me, you know, if you go get me a letter that says you won't ever be able to sue me, you can have the business page back. He took it, kicked me off of it even though we had a verbal agreement and I have it in written text message I could show as well saying, you can keep the business page if I get Paparazzi effectively and so, that was the agreement, which he, of course, renigged on as so many other things, such as, I'll pay my half of the debts of the business, blah, blah, blah. All these things Reneck don't. Nothing was done family. This stuff has actually been settled. No ownership has been transferred. no1 has requested

in writing nor does he have any document to show that you are obligated under contract to transfer ownership of that web page to him. Is that correct? Yes, nothing. Nothing. So, guess what that means? And I wouldn't have. FBI, the CIA, the AFL, CIO, no one cares cuz it's not him. And I Would not have ever. Call the FBI. Yeah, they do. They won't care cuz if

they look. I'm sure the FBI don't have anything else to do but I'll drop everything because Hunter knew LLCs had that page, Skyly. And it wasn't. You know, realistically, first of all, nobody, he is not posted on that page since June. So, he

was not using it. What? Yeah. He did. He hadn't even been posting on it since June. I'm playing if this like 3 months or he hasn't went live on it since February of last year. So last year twenty twenty. Of february 20 I think that's when he quit. But yeah he hadn't

been live on it. Used it at all. It's just been sitting there at a pure spike because he didn't want me to have it. Well the good news is spot ain't right and he doesn't have any rights. Well yeah. Always.

The page was always my page. I just wasn't aware that I still had ultimate ownership or control of it. So when I found that out I looked in there and I'm the owner. I'm not even an admin. I'm the owner. So, of

course, I booted him and little miss Nancy McKinley right off of it. to rebrand the page as was always the intent. Remember, started out as royalty bling bosses Inc of which I owned that whole account. It was always intended when we split that I got that page and the followers because I built it, I did the advertisements, I paid for the advertisements to build that following and it was supposed to be my page. So, I began to

rebrand it. So, while we're here, he didn't even know the page had been taken or or you know, not even taken. Yeah, because that's what's funny. When did you request the page name change from Facebook. See, we know this. Y'all know. Y'all y'all have known forever. Um

the page, I got control of it. A real, actually, I need to quit saying got. I realized I had control of the page a week and a half, 2 weeks ago. He hasn't had access to that page for at least that long. So, But so precious to him. He's so

precious. He didn't even know the FBI. My precious. Exactly. I mean there there's been no it's truly been a spiteful move on his part to try to keep it away from me. And just like so

many other things. And I told you we weren't coming on here to do a bunch of super tea my whole story. Cuz actually you advised me. Let's just focus on the issue at hand right now.

Cuz I have print offs of all these screenshots and and uh text messages that will show you know I don't lie. I don't make up **** I'll own **** Have I cussed? People say, he cussed me out in Messenger. Did I sometime, have I cuss somebody out in Messenger before? Let me go ahead and own that. Okay, who here has not cussed somebody out Messenger? If if they were on if they were on Hunter's post and somebody sent me screenshots of somebody who doesn't even know me, trash talking me. Yes, I absolutely have. Chances are I said it because a lot like Jerry, I've always said what's on my mind.

I've always spoke my truth and I've been emotional driven. Hasn't always came out good for me? No. Absolutely not. But in this case, it seems just fine. I feel like I can own. I can

own my mistakes. I can own my past and it doesn't. You can also own Hunter Newell LLC's Facebook page. Whoo. No, you do. Because you do. And so, it's being, the thing is, and if people wanna leave and unfollow the page because they think Hunter hung the moon and I'm the devil, then, go for it.

We don't want you on here anyway but going forward, Royal uh Hunter Newell LLC is going to be returned to the Rockville ownership. It is. It's always been mine. It's going to be returning to Royal Support. The branding is gonna match its ownership. Yes. So, carpets

gonna match the drapes so to see. If you think I'm evil and you wanna unfollow us, go, that's fine. We don't want you there anyway. We want supportive people who love a good entertaining show, who love, you know, the music, the the inventory, our camaraderie, my husband and I together who is sitting off camera for some reason. Um no, look how pretty he is. Um so, now, let me get

back into this real quick because they're making uh oh they posted on their website, Hunter Newell LLC is going It's nothing about that. This page is mine has always been and is being rebra it to accurately reflect its true ownership. Second, I had, as part of that rebranding effort, almost 2 weeks ago, I put in a name change request just as he did when he took the page from me and named it Hunter Newell LLC because it was not originally Hunter Noel LLC. And we have

proof of that where the name change went through in February of twenty twenty, which is also ironically the last time I think he ever went live on it. It was truly, oh, I'm gonna keep this page, that kind of thing. So, I put the name change request in and because it's ran by a bot, Facebook kicks it back and says, oh, it doesn't follow guideline we can't do it. You have to do it again. Do it again. And you have to go through an appeals process. So, what started, how he even knew that the page was being rebranded, it was not being stolen, it was being rebranded by its rightful owner is because we're going back to me being in the bed at 3 o'clock eating cereal reading my Emails. So, this. Not a

cereal. I just wanna know now. It's bothering me. So, this Email came through um october 6th which was yesterday or today at three eighteen. at 318 Can we see that everybody? For everybody who wants to screenshot that. Um 3:18 AM So, let me read that to you. Y'all have time to screenshot it.

Hello, uh oh, hang on. Where's the other part of it? Hello. Oh, here it is. Here it is.

How's your name? Oh, here. That was my that was my reply. Sorry, this is the Email from Facebook that came through at three. I wrote them back at three eighteen. This came through at 3:02 AM Hi, Andrew. We're unable to update your pages uh name because the requested name goes against our guidelines. Typical answer from

Facebook. If you're requesting this name change for a rebrand, campaign strategy, or repositioning of your business or community, please reply to this message and include a document that shows both the old name of your business or organization and its new name. Acceptable um examples of appropriate documentation include a link to your website that states the change from the old name to the new name, note that we need to see a reference to the old name changing to the new name and not just the new name. A link to a post on your Facebook page that announces the change from the old name to the new name. Once we've received this information, we are happy to move forward with the name change you requested. Thank you. So, that is what I

got at 3 AM as requested by Facebook I made a post on the page that we're rebranding, changing the name, whatever, and that can be seen here. Hello, all. We are rebranding this page to Royal Emporium.

You still have the great, you'll have the same great products you're used to seeing featured just with the addition of new items like clothing, bags, and cosmetics. We can't wait to see you all live very soon. So, that was posted and on our business, our our actual website, Royal dash Emporium dot com. Under About Us, we put

here, I've seen other screenshots rolling around that are obviously redacted in some ways. So, this is the actual post on our about us section. Newell LLC business page on Facebook is being rebranded to Royal Emporium. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. That was

posted. So on our website, that was put there. As you can see, because that's what Facebook requires to show that we are rebranding our business page that we, in fact, own and that's all, we had to do, post those things on our website and our, and the business page, and send them a link. So, I said, hello. Yes, we are rebranding the site and we'll uh we we will be the same people offering same products just with additional product lines like clothing instead of just jewelry as was previous. The

followers are excited but we can't launch until the name changes. Please update the name to reflect Royal Emporium. We already have another page named that that we intend to emerge with this page but we cannot until Hunter Newell LLC changes. Thank you so much for your swift attention to this matter. Then, I put the requested link to the Facebook post where I posted that and uh I sent another Email with a screenshot of and the link to our website where it was also posted there. As per required

by Facebook for show documentation that we are in fact rebranding a page that we own. So, you never, then, if they wanna leave, like I said, they can kick rocks because we don't want any Kapahon robots that are blindly following the blind on their trolling us. They control all they want.

They help our algorithm. Like you said, Jerry. Um. Okay. So, let's be clear. The only person who changed the name without the owner's permission. Is in

fact, owner or no. Bag of hair himself. Mm Dancing with the stars contestant. Mhm. hmm. And

that's just. Nobody Hunter Blue Will. Nobody What else? Nobody wants the Dancing where the Stars wannabe. We only want

Andrew and Will. Period. Aw. I love you Caroline. I still, I still have not gotten the answer to the burden question was, what kind of cereal were you eating? Oh, knife. He was trying to. Life, baby, life. Cinnamon, life. Cinnamon life

is delightful. I was thinking it was plain, old life and I was like, that's so boring. I mean, has never been playing or that boring. I'm like, that's so sad. Like, I expected more. It's true. True. True. No. Um

so. Life is delightful. when it is pumpkin spice season. So, it seems like it would roll right into some delicious autumnally flavored Chex Mix but that's just me. Yeah and so, we've gotten, I'm sure we're getting trolled heavily right now. Bunch of people are probably unfollowing the page. That's

fine. Like I said, you're not. You want them to because here's your here's your notice, ladies and gents. It's changing to something better. And if you're not down with better and you want the same old, same mold. Same mold. Stay with it. But if you're ready for the new refreshed, Royal Emporium. Mhm.

Please stay tuned. Yeah. So the the FBI will be doing nothing because it's always been and always will be my page. So if you don't like hell they might shop. They might. They might. So, if you don't like that, dude, you know, report it, do whatever you want but there's nothing to report because I only. I mean, that's like free advertising. Always will. You

guys gotta then look at the page. You're like, we got a coupon over. So, it's a watch list. So, the website. Yeah. Mm

hmm. It's as simple. Simple as that. We've got uh on the post. I've saw all kinds of nasty comments. You know, Nancy McKinley, our old assistant, commented awful things saying, once a thief, always a thief. I find that really ironic cuz I've never stolen anything and this page. the show. Yeah. This one's for you, sweetie. Yeah,

the page is no exception. She talked **** about my mom on there. So, Nancy. What? Uh Nancy. Mom are off limits for a man. Unless Nancy is not kind

whatsoever and uh to call me a thief. When I stole absolutely, I mean, we wanna talk about who actually stole things. Maybe you should look at the one employing you and you know, good thing that weren't there and remember when you were employed, who made sure you got a thousand-dollar Christmas bonus each year that you were with us while I was with us. It

wasn't him and remember who took care of you and loved you. So, I'm sorry. When you talk about my mommy, you're gonna piss me off. Yes. I like your mom. We're friends on Facebook

now. Talk about my mom. Yeah, she's she's AA gem and you know and would never be stopping **** like that. So, we've been harassed. Yeah, cuz your mom's

a classy lady. She doesn't need to talk **** to make herself look good. No, she is. She already looks good. And we've been having harassment, all that. I don't care. you know,

y'all can talk, **** you can hate. I'm not trying to spread hate. I'm not trying to spread hate on him. I don't. Spreading facts. I wish to tell the truth. I wish to be made whole and be done right. And if you

think that I've had an accident, first of all, you haven't seen me really doing anything until now and maybe I maybe I am here because I'm just trying to seek out the truth. Maybe I'm trying to what? You think I would even be speaking now. If you had done right, if you had made me whole, if you had been fair.

No, cuz everyone knows I worked my ever-loving **** off to build royalty bling bosses Inc. I was the one who ordered. I was the one who put every piece of inventory into that system, posted it every day, fill the orders with Nancy, invoice before comment sold until 7 AM I worked my **** off. I helped that team. I could pull up text messages from the top leaders of that team right now saying thank you for always being here to help us when we need you. We can't ever get Hunter to answer the phone. These are and I can

pull up multiple, multiple instances of this if need be. But I'm not trying to sling mud. I'm not trying to run him in the ground. Uh what I will

not do, okay, I won't talk **** about somebody who's never hurt me. I will talk truth about somebody who has. That says that purely because you're trying to run my reputation in the ground, trying to lie about me, say I've stolen something, that I've hacked something, and that did not happen. Right. That, my friend, is slander.

Correct. That's, that's what I wanna talk about is. Go ahead, Terry. No, no, you're great. You're doing great. That's what I needed to say. People are, let me, let me explain something to you guys. The

people who scream the loudest, with We're gonna kill somebody. We're gonna bury bodies. We're going to tag Oprah and Whoopi Goldberg and every other whatever, whoever connection you think you are, we're gonna say publicly, these **** are gonna get sued, all this type of public rhetoric is strategically designed to keep people afraid of talking. It's to keep people afraid of telling their truths and pop Paparazzi starts it. Paparazzi themselves started as soon as you leave the company either cancelled or voluntarily leave.

Then, it's followed up by your your uplines. It's followed up by the Erica Coles. It's followed up by the Hunter Matthews. It's followed up by all of these people who have all these loud words to say on Facebook and the reason why they do it publicly is to have other people remain silent. We would have never had Ashley speak up to thing because the amount of harassment she got from her team and Patricia Chevlin. It never stopped. It never stops. Private messages,

um including all of the public rhetoric. So, I want everybody whether you're in Paparazzi or not, to sit back and take a look at what I'm saying. I have never posted ever posted. I go live and I'll call out the truth. I have never posted ridiculous childish posts.

Doing of that. The FBI y'all. Investigate and report y'all. Uh your daughters. Hide your sons. You could've given him some legal advice but you're not a real lawyer so. Oh my god

I forgot that's right. I'm probably not a real respiratory therapist either. Uh you know what? I'm just not a real anything. I'm a fake **** **** I was gonna say I just took a DNA test. Turns out I'm 100% that **** I just took a DNA test Turns out I'm 100 percent.

And how's it go? I'm singing like a dying dog. I still don't have my voice back since being sick. But yeah, III forgot I sound like I sound like a dying dog. Uh that must have. Hey, lying dog voice. The dying dog voice must be what sent me to Nevada for the finals. It's a top country male

vocalist of our entire region cuz I sing like a dying dog. Where I met our biggest leg ever on the team. That must be where that came from. Alright, let's be one. Obviously, you hypnotized her with your dog vibes. That's how I look.

That's where I met her. While I was going We'll do like. II hypnotize people with my **** vibes. So, that's the chance of the dog vibe. I'm a of the comments that we've received since his public outcry whining about how I'm so awful. Yeah, first off, um Let's see if we can get this right. Alright. Yeah bro. Bod

and the frame, baby. Slide into frame. Hello. So, first off, if you've been harassing me on TikTok, that is trash. So, we have recorded that. That's

cyber bully. So, if you're sending your Troll Star accounts, that is cyber bullying. Which has double or triple the amount of followers. This is your little Facebook page but. I just wanna say this though. That's the true

definition of cyber bullying, Aaron, by Waterpro. That's the true definition of cyber bullying right there, okay? Wait, she removed the pro from her name. She just aired by water now. I think every time you say her name Every time you say her name, a butterfly dies. Okay, so I'm gonna read this comment and I'll Paparazzi name their Z pieces. So, we're gonna say first name, last initial.

Okay. So. This was a comment someone sent me today. This is on the live feed right now. Yeah, we'll come back that too. So, this is what somebody commented on his post today. This was sent to me because you know, I am 60 days sober and very effing proud of it. Very

freaking proud. Amen. Amazing. And me too. Yes, Ashley. That's a big deal. So, if anybody wants to pick at my sobriety, you are the lowest piece of **** that I know because I know that I'm strong and I will continue to be strong whether or not you support me or not, you wanted to support me when I was drunk and doing drama. So, if you don't, when I'm cleaning my acts up and I'm sober, screw you, hit the damn door because I don't need you and so for Debbie M, who was a good friend of ours on Facebook, who went on to the status to comment they are both probably drunk. Yep, I said it. I don't care

who likes it. I've received nasty DMs from them both which I've never messaged you, Debbie. So, I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

And if I messaged her, I messaged her cuz she was talking **** about me and doesn't even know me. But continue to go on and say they are both drunk pieces of **** Debbie. Read her whole name. Debbie M. No. No. We're not giving her paparazzi. We got

two Oh hope. You never have to go through your children did like my mom did with me when I went through that **** because for you to poke at somebody's child, you are disgusting. Like, you are truly disgusting.

And you know what? I'm so thankful that I'm strong that I would not let some POS like you actually are factual because we have it. Ruin me or make me sad to go back to drinking. You are the reason I stay sober because I don't wanna look nasty like people like you. And that Yes. Oh, I don't know. I thought it was like exit screenwriting. No, it wasn't. I

think we should get more from here. What's the other comments? Um I'm like, well, let's see. What else do I have here? Um I mean, other than that, that was one of the main things I wanted to address because I have a lot of people who think that that's something funny that they can poke and prop me with the sobriety. Um you know, they think now because of something I did in my past that that's something to hold against me. Now, that's

fine because I've had 60 days of sobriety. I've had time to clean up my eyes. Maybe you should go read the seven steps.

Maybe it would help you because clearly, your head is in the wrong place that you. Twelve steps, twelve steps. Look, I'm only on step seven. So, that's

how I speak on but you know, you're going after these people. It's really hard to read when your head's up your **** There's not a lot of light there. I mean. Yeah and your your attacking these people. Congratulations Hunter New LLC. 57 days sober. Did you just comment that? Yeah, I think that's people who are on that page cuz the name he hasn't officially changed. Okay. I

have I have got to say freaking Will, you crack me up. You know I love you. You crack me up. I swear. I'm so dizzy. So, I mean, if that's something that you want to poke at, then that's fine. It doesn't bother me. It's not going to send me

in a frenzy to go and attack you on Facebook cuz I don't have time for that because when you're on there running your mouth on Facebook, I'm busy, you know, worrying about business that is actually going to pay me. Not minding people's business that is going to do me no good. That for what? What am I gonna do? Get upset? Hell no.

When you poke at my sobriety, that just gives me one more good reason to go to my AA meeting and be surrounded with positive people who have their head on the right track, not sitting on Facebook, in their 50s and 60s at that. Like, you've had a long time and like, I'm 25 years old getting my **** together. You guys are sixty and 70 years old like, Attacking a 25 year old. 60 years in life and you haven't had time to get your **** together. Now listen. Listen. Listen. Some of us are fifty and we're still teetering on the edge now. Really? Yes sir.

I'll just go back. I can't imagine sitting in my house at 60 years old bullying a 25 year old Facebook. Like you are powerless. She should just bully her own children. That's

why I had children. Exactly. How would you feel if that was your child who was going through **** like that. And I've always been people seem to people think that Geraldine's the mean one cuz she's the one that talks a lot. See I'm just

silent. I'll just slide right up behind. Just slice it. Just slice it dead. Move right through. Like I'm just I mean

no. I'm just a silent killer. I don't. And they poke at it as if like I went live on Facebook. Everybody saw it. While y'all were at the Super Spreader Convention, I was drunk on Facebook talking about oh I'm so miserable. not do

that because I was stressed and I was drunk as hell. I was so drunk. I blacked out and woke up the next morning going, what the hell did I do? Didn't even know where my husband was because I was acting so crazy that he had to leave and go to the neighbor's house and I was so drunk and acting stupid that I didn't know. And I knew that

day that I was gonna have to choose drinking or my marriage. and so that day, I was crying a freaking mess, trying to figure out where he was, trying to find an AA to get into because I knew right in and there like, this cannot happen anymore. Like, you know, when I was on pills, you know, when I started, it was like one of, it was my first overdose. I ended up overdosing twice. It was my second one that I was like, year, I was only twenty-one at the time and I was like, this is, like, you haven't even lived a life and you're, you're about to take it and I said, damn it, you're not going to do this. You're going to be better and I was and you know, I slipped when I found alcohol because I thought, well, this isn't pills. You know, I've

been sober from that. This is different. This is, this is liquid. You know, everybody

does this. It's legal. And then I found myself there live on Facebook for all the Papa Huns to come on and feed into it and be like, oh look at this. Wheels live and drunk. You know, I had so many Papa Huns reach out to me. One of them who is an elite and said, I want to be there for you. I

wanna be your supporter. I'm an AA too. I've been sober for X amount of time and I thought, my god, That was Danielle Baker. Somebody to look up to. Like I felt like I had somebody safe to talk to. The minute I posted how I felt about Paparazzi, bam. Blocked. Are

you telling me that the people that came forward to help you in your sobriety with that company dropped you? Oh. Like a bad habit instantly. What? has that got to do with your personal friendship and your isn't that what's supposed to be? But then she's there now. But they are mad cuz That's sickening. Oh, but they're not

a cult. Tell me what is it? You're not in a cult. But got upset when I talked to Jerry about it because uh she said, you talk to Jerry. Well,

of course I did. Jerry has been one of the other real friends that I've talked to about it that is still here. Whether I mark her opinion. My heart

hurts right now. I did not think that they could sink any lower but that is a new underground garage of **** that I had not heard previously. Not only do they wanna shun you as a friend but now, they're gonna take your sobriety that they participated in, said they'd be there for you and yank it away. Knowing full well how much support is important in recovery. And let me tell you. Well what that is. That's

disgusting. Me talking to Will none of the Papa Hunts came up. I could care less if he talks to Danielle Baker or not. It's

about my relationship with Will. Not Will's other relationship with people. But Paparazzi is controlling that if you are A, you have anything negative to say about them, they also wanna control who you talk to, who you converse with, and who you hang around. And this is the prime example of it, right there. Did I ever

say, Will, if you talk to Danielle Baker, kick rocks, did I ever say that to you? No. No, and you knew I was associating with them when all this was happening. You. Correct. I still dabble with them with the elites. Like, you know that. Cool. But it doesn't mean like,

oh, because you're red, I'm blue. Like it's because we're not. I think this is the strongest example we have seen of actual Yes. People might

unfriend you or not wanna talk to you on a daily basis but to actually shun you when they're part of your sobriety team. It's the grossest thing I've heard yet. I asked her why did you delete me? And it was, well, because you're not supporting of my business. Um I'm sorry. Before all this

happened, I still wasn't buying your two-dollar lead and nickel free jewelry and. Some free still even when I was drunk or sober, I'm still not going to buy your two-dollar jewelry. This was about a human to human relationship. This that had nothing to do with your business, nothing to do with you. You shop at Walmart or

Target, nothing to do with do you wear heels or flats? This had everything to do with. We were two people who were supposed like I thought have a friendship. Correct. But you know, I had an opposing kid then uh when I had an opposing opinion about your business, I was done. And then God forbid he actually speak to Geraldine. That that that sealed the deal. Girl it sealed. Go ahead. No,

I'm just saying that that for me, that's been people's stronghold is that seems to be the strong thing that people keep poking at me with is my sobriety and. But tell us again how Christian you all are with your, with your daily prayer groups and your David and Goliath prayer preaching sessions and your. That's good. We're all devil worshipers. Oh yeah, the devil. I worship nobody. Yes. But okay. Continue doing me and being happy and sharing my sobriety story and do know that if any of you guys out here watching on any channel, be at Jerry's, Tracy's, Mine, the page that we're now because we've owned it. Smiles and Styles. Well, I

don't care where you are if you're new, if you're old on here watching, if you need somebody to speak to about it, please reach out to me. I'm there. I don't care if you piss me off and call me ugly. I'll

steal the next day. Pick up the phone if you call because you need something because that's what we do when we are, you know, on this journey, it's it's tough. It is tough. So, if you need somebody to reach out to, I'm here. Talk to me. That's very generous of you. Because that's what we're all here for is to support each other now that we're not in the company anymore. We would have supported you if you were in the company. But we're not

letting anybody come for our friends anymore. And if you are scared of what's gonna happen to you when you leave just know that there's a whole group of people. It's actually our group Recovery Paparazzi Consultants.

Our little group on Facebook is actually not so little anymore. It's over 700 members now. Yeah. And it grows every day. Because people are leaving that company did not know there was anybody out there to support them. They're being shunned by their former uplines, sidelines, downlines. I keep

getting these messages from people saying my, can I go live and talk about what's happening to me? I left the company and my upline is telling people that I buy my jewelry from Amazon and it's not real and don't even buy my back stuff. Just these horrible stories of what people are doing. Wow. And I thought, well, attacking somebody's business is one thing, attacking them personally, that's sickening. That's a whole another level of gross. That's what this is. go after them Like, there are so many instances on Hunter's post alone that I've had people send us screenshots and I still have not posted pictures of hunters nor these people's posts saying, oh, let's put them on a pig farm and let's hide the bodies. Like, first off, like,

those, I mean, like, that night, I went to bed scared as hell with my door locked and could barely sleep because I thought, well, you know, Hunter did live here. Hunter does know this address. Nancy who was commenting that would help hide the body in a pig farm and agreed with that comment has been here and worked here. So,

you have to imagine how scary that is knowing that he has 14 thousand people on his Facebook. Will he send somebody or will he come? That was a fear we slept with because you thought it was funny to go and blast us on Facebook when we did not do the same. Well, I didn't go and say, hey, this is what he's posting. No, I went to bed scared as hell. Hoping

that nobody broke into my house with bad intentions. And let me say that whole post started. Will and Andrew did nothing. I was on tea time and I said, Andrew's gonna join us 1 day to to say his story cuz he was on there saying hi to us and that I loved Andrew. Hunter went on

a rampage. He did. Nobody said anything about that POS and he was like, okay, let's play a game. I'm in jail because oh, we're gonna go kill **** and we're gonna feed them to pigs and I mean, it was gross, you guys, and we have screenshots of all of it and everybody participated, Erica participated in this. Um. hide the bodies. Help hide the bodies. Erica Cole was gonna help hide the body. The

alligator. These are your leaders. In Paparazzi who can speak any way they wanna speak on social media. That is in fact factual cyber bullying.

And we have all the receipts. Like it's there. We have all of it. We have all the videos even though Taylor deleted them saying that he knew where I lived. And he didn the same exact thing to me and guess what? I'm not shutting up.

Tracy's not shutting up. You're not shutting up. We're not shutting up. Do you know I texted Caroline at like two in the morning the other day? Because I came home to a letter my mailbox said um there was a signature required and we weren't home. I panicked Jerry.

I panicked because of all those threats on that status and then you have what Taylor Kirby was saying to you. I panicked. I thought I even texted the postmaster on my phone and said, hey This is Will Thompson . If you could, can you open this package and verify what it is because I was generally terrified of what if he had somebody send something or what if he sent something to me? Because all I had was one name. My fault for being paranoid but that's what happens. It turned out it was some boxes I had ordered. It's not your fault for being paranoid. You feel that way genuinely because of how. Cuz you're being bullied.

Targeted. That's it. Because you're being bullied. Implemented is that I was terrified to even go to the post office and pick up a package. And you know it's right before my birthday. So have been anything. What if you did, will you also texted me and I said, look, it breathe.

Oh, yeah. I texted all of y'all cuz I was panicking. It's okay. It, there, even, it doesn't matter what it is. They can't

do anything to you. Just make sure you record what it's gonna be fine. It's what I said. It's gonna be fine. Yeah, let me show y'all. This is what it was

too. I'm not gonna show my address but it was like one of these papers here and I panicked. I absolutely panicked because I thought is today the day like they sent, you know, am gonna get something in the mail that if I open it, I'm gonna like implode or something like, I don't know. I have no

clue because they're all making empty threats online saying they're going to. And let's not forget, okay, the people making these threats have nothing but time and resources. family. Time and money and and suits. Yes, It is truly scary.

You know what the funniest thing about that dude in suit was? Um a bunch of people sent me his Florida Bar Disciplinary Record. She might have looked up how good of an attorney he was for. She spent all that money. I saw that. So see Oh,

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. whenever you have people who have basically unlimited money threatening you, it's scary. They can hire people. That is

totally real. People can hide. They've got weird psycho fans that might do **** for free cuz they want the attention of their idols. That's why it's gross. Honey, they are. They are here. Yeah, it is. It makes people crazy. We literally had

people. Luckily, they were good fans cuz they call themselves that. I mean, I don't even like that word but who told us when they were down here visiting, they drove past our house. they wanted to see where we live.

Okay. They told me. That's good. That also prompted me to get a PO box and get my address off my shipping labels. Correct. You know what would be good to contact the FBI about is maybe to see if they can attract or um can they can trace VIP addresses from all these fake accounts that are bullying us. Maybe that's something we should call the FBI though. Correct. So

terroristic threatening is a violation of federal law and you need to seek out you need to take that stuff to your local law enforcement and they will start the process because your local law enforcement is where start with those things and I'm telling you, this for the purposes of anyone who gets some kind of threat on Facebook Um those IP address destinations, they are originations, they can be traced by law enforcement because the social media platforms do cooperate with law enforcement to give that information out. And that's what they were in those time. I mean, that's how you gonna call. You better call the FBI. FBI, ASTC A, the CIA in And why and why will you call them? They're going to research your page where you talk about hiding bodies, you **** Right? And you can delete it all you want. There's so many

screenshots. It's like, you can only post it and delete it thinking it's gonna go away. But these people have screenshots. Like the same

people you have, your Papa Hunts, still also screenshotting you and sending you to other people. I think that they're short-sightedness in assuming that the people who support them are wholeheartedly loyal to their cause is what will be their downfall because they keep with such bravado making these ridiculously dangerous personal attack statements and assuming nothing's gonna happen because they're very special where they're concentrated and their little bubble where they live in Papa Land. Oh yeah. The rest of the world's not too impressed. Nor is the rest of the world interested in the excuses or that you're quote unquote could be. You're not

kidding. You didn't put that on Facebook to joke. There's whole pages worth of commentary underneath that stuff. enjoy

the power you think you enjoy? And again, I wanna say this, the reason why they blast it publicly is to shut anybody else up. Who might? They have an opinion about it or who wants to tell their story. So, they need to shut that down. They are petrified of their pocketbooks dwindling down because of people leaving or fed up with the **** that that they are really scared about their residual incomes like getting less and less and less. So, they need to Shut people up because the more people we have talk about it, the more that it strengthens our facts because these are facts. What happens in this company is facts and the more people who say this happened to me and this happened to me and this happened to me and you don't have to be afraid to speak up because they don't want you talking. Strength is in

numbers. That is real, people. That is real. And if you're any Papahans watching on this page or if you're scared to leave Paparazzi, we have a group. You can talk to us. You can message us. We're not gonna bully you.

Hey, Andrew's mom's on. Look. Oh. His mom. Hey, mom. You raised a good boy. I love you. I'm a big old mama's boy.

Unrepentant. And I know she's proud of you. I know she is. She knows how hard. This is hard and you guys are really going through a lot and you're keeping your composure, you're keeping your us, you have maintained such just your silence for a long time but today was too much, which is why we invited you on, because today, when they were personally attacking and calling you a liar and a thief, it's different than saying you broke up or we're not together anymore. Everybody has personal differences, but to accuse you of stealing, that's disgusting, that's slander. From a public platform and saying, you know who, cuz it, um, somebody sent me a screenshot where his boyfriend, Justin, shared it at um well you know it's not Hunter so you know who it is.

Insinuating that it's Andrew. So it's like you both put this on your platform slandering, misinformation, um false accusations. Like it's the list goes on and on. Yeah and just as for Justin speaking out about anything uh to do with me like um of course you know just like people like the drama they like to run screenshots back and forth to them. And to uh to us as well. They send us screenshots everything like and a lot of times I'm like, I don't care. Like, I. Correct. I

really could

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