Henry Ford: The Complicated Captain of Industry

Henry Ford: The Complicated Captain of Industry

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This video is made possible by blinkers, the first hundred people to go to blink East calm, /by, graphics, are going to get unlimited. Access for. One week just, to try it out you'll also get 25%. Off if you want the full membership more, about that a bit later on but, for now let's. Just get on with it. Henry. Ford was an American, success story through, his dogged, perseverance. Engineering. Brilliance, and innovative. Production techniques, he brought an affordable, motor vehicle, to the masses, creating. An empire. In the process. And yet there, were other aspects, of the man that didn't, really fit comfortably, in to, the American. Icon, image, from, his anti-semitism, to his vehement, opposition to, unions, Henry Ford was a man who defied, description, and in the days by graphics, video we're gonna get close and personal. With, Henry Ford. Henry. Ford was born on July the 30th, 1863, in. Greenfield. Township Michigan, he was the oldest of five children to William and Mary. Ford William was an Irish immigrant while Mary was a first-generation, American, of, Belgian, heritage the Ford family they were middle-class, farmers, Henry was particularly, close with his mother who, he absolutely, adored, the children worked hard to help their father perform, the day's labor, Henry pitched in enthusiastically. Though he never really enjoyed, the work he later commented I never had any particular love, for the farm, it was the mother on the, farm that I loved Henry. He disliked school much preferring, to study, on his own terms, hit huge, amounts of curiosity, and this, was mixed with his creativity, by the time he had reached his teens, Henry was obsessed. With gadgets he had a habit of taking apart watches, and then putting them back together he, did this over and over again until he could do it in a matter of minutes his reputation as a watch repairman it began to grow and soon he was maintaining, the timepieces of everyone, in his neighborhood when he was 13 Henry saw a steam powered motor vehicle, for the first time he, was fascinated, with it and he instantly recognized, its potential, to replace the horse as the main means, of transportation from. That point on he was absolutely. Obsessed, with automobiles. A. Short. While after the encounter with, the vehicle Henry's beloved, mother she died very suddenly, naturally. Henry was heartbroken, from that point on he wanted to get off the farm as it simply held too many memories his, opportunity, it came three, years later when he was offered his first job, he moved to Detroit to become an apprentice machinist. For James F flower, and brothers who made, machine parts he later moved to the Detroit drydock, company, by night he worked at a watch repair company in order to pay his rent any spare, time that he had had spend on his mechanical, experiments, in 1882. At the age of 19, Henry returned to the family farm to help his father he still hated, farming, that he loved tinkering, with the farm machinery his father had purchased a Westinghouse portable, steam engine and Henry, made it his mission to perfect, the use of it he became so good on the machine that he managed to get a summer job at the Westinghouse Electric Company, in Detroit he, demonstrated, and repaired, steam engines that were used to power heavy machinery. When. He turned 21 Henry's, father gifted him with a sizable, parcel of land he now split his time between working, the land demonstrating. Westinghouse, machines, and studying, part-time for, a bookkeeping, diploma in early 1888, he met a young woman by the name of Clara, Jane Bryant, after, a short courtship. The couple, were married on April the 11th five years later their first and only child, Edsel was born Ford, now I had a family to look after he, made ends meet by cutting, and selling the timber on his land within a year he set up a sawmill, which became moderately, profitable, he built a mechanical workshop on the farm uns continued, tinkering, on heavy machinery Henry. Had been brought up in a Christian household and now that he was a family man he seemed to take religion much more seriously, every Sunday he made, an 8 mile, round-trip, sue attends the nearest Episcopalian. Church he, came to believe in reincarnation, which. Was not an Episcopalian, concept, rather, than finding another Church however he simply added it to his own personal. Belief system he has an, evangelizing. Spirit, enjoying, sharing his beliefs with others about his religious beliefs he wrote religion.

Like Anything, else is a thing that should be kept working, I see no use in spending a great deal of time learning about heaven, and hell in my opinion, man makes, his own heaven and hell and carries, it around with, him both, of them are states, of minds. In. 1885. Ford was tasked with fixing, an auto engine, a large stationary. Single, cylinder internal. Combustion, four-stroke, engine designed, by German, Niklaus Otto after. Pulling it apart and analyzing, every component he put it back together in working, form and then proceeded, to make his own version, of this machine by 1890, he was working on a petrol powered engine in September, of 1891, Henry, secured a position at the Edison illuminating, company in Detroit. Antara. Moved to the city to make a new life within two years Ford was promoted, to the position of chief engineer along. With this promotion came a substantial. Pay rise this provided, in the means to work on his petrol engine when he wasn't working for Thomas Edison in, 1896, that countless evenings, tinkering in his homework shop they finally, paid off with the unveiling of, his first, self-propelled, vehicle he, called it the Ford quadricycle. He presented his prototype to Edison company executives, including, Thomas Edison himself Edison. Was intrigued. And in fact delighted. With Ford's, invention, encouraged, by the praise of his boss Ford developed a mark to model with numerous. Improvements Ford's. Newer and better quadricycle. Caught the attention of a Detroit lumber baron by the name of William H Murphy, nothing, but his money behind the young inventor, allowing, Henry to resign, from edison and start his own company he, called it the Detroit. Automobile company. Investors. Wanted to capitalize on Ford's. Petrol motor as quickly, as possible they pressured, him to rush production as a result the vehicles produced were of a lower quality and a higher price, than Ford was happy with having produced just 20 automobiles, the company, it was dissolved in January, of 1901. Ford, was more relieved, than deterred with the closure of the Detroit automobile company with the pressure to produce no, longer on him he put his efforts into designing and building a 26. Horsepower automobile. In October, of 1901. In, order to get publicity for his invention, he began entering racing. Competitions, a flipped, sounds Lee beating the local champion in a 10-mile, race II won, back the confidence of his investors, they were prepared to back a second, company and so, the four motor company was, born with, Henry, as its chief engineer, however, the same tensions, developed, as previously, when the investors brought in a consultant to check Henry's focus on technological improvements.

He Left the company the new man Henry Leland's went on to create his own vehicle the, Cadillac ins the company was renamed, the Cadillac automobile, company. Ford. Now teamed up with a former cycle racing champion named Tom Cooper together they produced an 80 plus horsepower vehicle, that they dubbed the 999, this, car was raised, by top brace a very old field to a resounding, victory in October. Of 1902. Race with this success under his belt fort entered, into a third company he teamed up with a coal dealer from Detroit, named Alexander, malcomson, to form Ford and malcomson limited, he now set about making, an affordable, automobile, for the working man Ford, and malcomson they found a factory and they got to work they contracted, the Dodge Brothers John, and Horace who owns a local machine shop to produce all the parts that they needed within a year a Ford had his new and affordable vehicle, the challenge now was, to sell it initial, sales were slow which led to a cash flow crisis, new investors, were brought, on board and the company was reincorporated as, the Ford Motor Company in June, of 1903, Ford's. New economical, automobile, was put to the test on the ice-covered surface. Of Lake, Sinclair between, Michigan, and Ontario. It achieved a new land speed record of 91.3, miles per hour that's one hundred forty six point nine kilometers, an hour very old field then toured the country to demonstrate, the car this, publicity brought, the name Henry Ford to a wide audience, Versailles, affords, new car they grew steadily by 1905, the company it was absolutely, thriving, Ford, we're the only car manufacturer, who were catering to, the middle classes, because of for the automobile it was no longer, just a plaything for the rich now it was able to be seen as a viable, means of transport, for pretty much everybody now just before we get into Ford's most notable vehicle of course the Model T let, me tell you a bit about today's sponsor who make these sort of longer videos possible and that sponsor, is plinkus. Look now if you're watching this channel you're probably curious, about things I mean why else would you commit to a 20 minute video about Henry, Ford and this is why blink test is such a great fit for this very channel blink astiz an app that takes the best insights. And need-to-know info, from thousands. Of non-fiction, books and condenses.

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But he did refine it to make it as efficient, and therefore, as cost-effective as possible, rather than having a group of employees working on a single vehicle Ford, set up a conveyor, system where the car moved from one station to another at, each station a highly skilled worker would focus, on just one aspect of, the construction, that worker would then, repeat the same job over and over again this, process cut down the time to produce a Model T from, 12, to, only six hours as a result of these improved practices, Ford was able to sell his Model T at the unheard-of, price, of. 895, dollars which is twenty three thousand, and ten dollars in today's money this, was less than half of, what other manufacturers, were selling, their vehicles for as the assembly line process was streamlines, the price of the Model T it came down even, further by 1912, it was down to five hundred and seventy-five dollars on the strength of the massive, popularity of the Model T Ford was able to take a 48 percent share, of the u.s. automobile market. By, 1914. In 1913. Though a multi-story, factory, was built in Highland, Park Assembly, of the Model T would begin on the fourth floor with the engine then it would move down floor by floor until, the body was added on the final and ground floor Ford, set up a network of, Model T franchises, all over the country salesmen sold not only the affordable, car but also the concept, of vehicle. Travel, and the opportunities, that came with it with the Model T the country. Would be opened, up to the masses, with all the wonders that it held in store Ford was determined, that his buyers, would become loyal Ford, customers, for life as a result he offered, an unheard-of. Guarantee, when he bought a Model T the Ford factory would stand behind you, maintaining, it at the most affordable, price, possible. Ford. Was a firm believer in welfare, capitalism he wanted to maintain a happy workforce, who were treated fairly as a result he introduced, innovative programs, and benefits, for his staff in 1914. He introduced, the living wage where each worker received, a minimum, of five dollars per day this, would be the equivalent of about 120, dollars in 2019. This is always double the pay that most other companies were offering at the time, one reason that Ford brought in the living wage was that prior to its introduction his factories, had a very high employee, turnover rate, some departments numbering a hundred men turned over thirty employees, a year, this was largely due to the monotony, of the production line process now. The increase, to pay offset. The boredom of the job the living wage allowed, for to attract, the best mechanics, in Detroit other companies they were forced, to raise their wages or, simply lose their workers Ford's, also did other things to ensure a happy workforce, his factories, that cafeterias. Water fountains, health care and company, sponsored, sports teams the benefits that Ford brought to his workforce though they, came with a few strings, he expected, his workers to live clean lives in accordance, with Christian, moral principles, he established, a social, departments, which kept a close eye on the private lives of his employees anyone, who was seen to be over drinking gambling or not providing, adequately for their family would be subjected to an intervention meanwhile.

Business-wise Sales of the Model T were, going from strength to strength and, drop in the price of the basic touring car to three hundred and sixty dollars saw sales reaching four, hundred, and seventy two thousand. In 1916. Every, single one of those cars was black as it was the color that dried the fastest, on the assembly line this led Ford to utter the rather famous, line that, any customer can have a car painted any color he wants so, long as it is black. Ford. Was completely, opposed to us participation. In World War one he was a pacifist, he was offended by other, businessman who profited, from war trade in 1915. He teamed up with Hungarian, born Jewish pacifist, Rasika, Schwimmer and funded, a peace ship to travel to Europe and advocate, for an ends of the fighting 170. Leading pacifists. Boarded, the ship and headed, along with foreign Schwimmer, to the Netherlands, and then on to Sweden the voyage did not have official US government blessing. And it soon became the subject of intense ridicule, Ford, decided to distance. Himself from the enterprise and he left the ship and made his own way back to the United States, around, this time Ford, began to make public as anti-semitic, beliefs, he claims that the world been started, by German, Jewish bankers, and that he was collecting information that would make that fact clear, despite, its founders pacifist, and anti-semitic. Sentiments, the Ford Motor Company was pressed into producing, engines, for fighter planes and anti-submarine, boats, once the u.s. entered the war in 1917, in. 1918. At the urging of President, Woodrow Wilson Ford. Ran for the Senate seat in Michigan, Ford was an advocate for Wilson's League of Nations, and the president, felt that if Ford won Michigan it could tip the scale in his favor in Congress, he told Ford you are the only man in Michigan who can be elected, and help bring about the peace you so desire, Ford, he ran but he lost by about 4,500. Votes still he did remain a staunch advocate of the League of Nations. A. Month. After the end of the war in December of 1919. Ford handed the reins of the Ford Motor Company over to his son Edsel, who was now 26, years old, however the father retains, the right to veto any decision, in 1918. Ford had purchased a small newspaper called the Dearborn, independence, every, Ford factory issued, this paper to its employees throughout the 1920s Ford, used this paper as the vehicle, for disseminating. His anti-semitic views, he believed that an international, Jewish conspiracy was. Working, to take control of the world between 1920. And 1922. He published a multi-volume, work titled, the International. Jew historians. Now believe that these, books were an influence, on Adolf, Hitler's worldview during, the war years Ford worked with his son to take the Ford Motor Company to the rest of the world a massive, complex was built at River Rouge in Dearborn, Michigan this, was the world's largest industrial, complex. At the time by, 1929, he had thriving, dealerships, on all six, continents Ford, wanted his business to become a vertically. Integrated company, this meant that every, aspect of supply, for the company would be owned by, the company this meant that the company wouldn't have to rely upon any suppliers. Especially. Foreign suppliers on May the 31st 1929. Ford, signed a nine-year. Technical, assistance, agreement with the Soviet, government for. Who would help the Soviets set up an automobile, plant and the Soviets would purchase 30 million dollars worth of knocked-down, for, trucks and cars Ford, sent his best servicemen, to the Soviet factory to, train the Russians. By. The mid-1920s, the Model T sales they were dwindling competitors. Were producing, competing, models some of them with more powerful motors, and better features, it was time for a new model to roll off the production lines, the, Model A Ford was released in 1927. The car was available in, a range of styles including sports, coupe a truck, and commercial, unlike, the Model T it was available in four colors the, Model A was another hit for Ford with sales to 1931, topping, 4 million, by, 1931. A third, of all automobiles, throughout the world were, made by the Ford Motor Company in the late 1920s Ford, began building airplanes, the most popular was the Ford 480, tri-motor. Commonly, known as the tin goose Ford, for this was honored by the Smithsonian, Institution.

For Changing, aviation, history. Henry. Ford hated. Labor unions he was of the opinion that they served only the self-interest, of labor bosses who were detrimental. To workers he felt that he was perfectly able to look after the interests of his works and saw no need for, unions, on his sites in order to scare off union activity, ford employed former, navy boxer, harry Bennett at, his service department, then it was not averse to using violence, to squash union activity, on one occasion he men, beat up United Auto Workers representatives. As the police simply looked on this, incidents which became, known as the Battle of the overpass was widely, reported it hurt Ford's reputation, and it increased support for the Union that saw Ford recognized, that there was a need for a collective bargaining agreements, with the unions however, his father vetoed, the idea of him even, talking, to the unions in April 1941, there was a sit-down strike which closed, down the River Rouge plant Ford. Prepared to shut down his entire business rather than deal with the Union it was only the intervention, of his long-suffering, wife Clara, that brought, him to his senses with, the recalcitrance, of the old man out of the way had sort managed to sign an agreements with the United Auto, Workers Union, in June, of 1941. Ford's. Obsession. With blaming, the Jews for the world's ills intensified. Over the years his newspaper, the Dearborn, independent published. 91. Consecutive. Articles to riding Jews Jewish, leaders responded, by calling for boycotts of, Ford cars in 1927. He was sued for libel the case it was settled out of court shortly, thereafter Ford, agreed to, shut down production of, his newspaper in, the early 1920s Ford, had been given a copy of a book called the protocol, of the Elders of Zion, which had been produced by the Russian, Czars Secret, Service in the early 1900's, it painted a damning, picture, of the supposed, worldwide. Jewish conspiracy Ford, he believed every word of it however within a few years it was exposed, as a fake when, Ford learned of this he was horrified, and he offered, an apology to the Jewish community assuring. Them of his future friendship, and goodwill. Despite, these words Ford continued, to denounce Jews throughout the 1930s, he did business with Nazi, Germany up to and including the warriors at the same time he produced b-24. Bombers, for the US military Ford. Is the only American, mentioned, favorably, in mine Kampf speaking, in 1931, to a Detroit, News reporter, Hitler said that he regarded, fort as his, inspiration, this, explained, his reason for keeping Ford's, life-size portrait next. To his desk, Hitler revered, Ford stating, that I shall, do my best to put his theories, into practice in Germany and modeling.

The Volkswagen, on the Model T. In. May 1943, 49, year-old Edsel Ford died of stomach cancer Henry. Now aged 80 was forced, to run the company once more yes he was not a well man having, already suffered, from a series, of strokes and heart attacks he, was at the helm for two years at which point he handed, the reins over to his grandson, Henry Ford the second Henry Ford's retirement, was short-lived, he died of a cerebral hemorrhage, on April the 7th 1947. At his Dearborn, estate a hundred, thousand, people showed up at his funeral to honor the man who brought private, transportation to. The masses so I really hope you enjoyed that video as always do, give us a thumbs up subscribe if you liked it hit the notification, bell so you'll find out when we put out a new video and also. Do check out today's sponsor that's blinka, steel find a link to them below its really great stuff just go check it out now before you watch something else why not and as always thank. You for watching.

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Awesome vid and great information

Anyone else notice the similarities of Tesla 2019 and Ford 1919?

wow, i didnt know henry ford was this based

The model T build was so efficient that the boards of the packing case that the engine was delivered in were made to the correct size to enable them to be used for the floorboards of the car.

I am amazed the Jew haters haven't flooded this video with all their delusional bile

I really enjoy your videos and look forward to that day I can afford to support you. Good history and good videos cost money. However even you mention how Hitler and Ford was involded you need to mention that Ford actual In July 1938, before the outbreak of war, the German consul at Cleveland gave Ford, on his 75th birthday, the award of the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, the highest medal Nazi Germany could bestow on a foreigner. I really wished that this story of Mr. Ford actual supporting antisemitism wold be more wellknow instead of only blaming the germans. As far I had been informed Mr. Ford actual supported an office there spread the word of the evil jew in europe and actual was they first to run concentrationscamps in germany but things were growing to big for this smal organisation that the management of concentration camps was given to Goring. Next Goring lost the management to Himmeler because the numbers of deads in the camps was to high according to Hitler.

Read The Leuchter Report.

16:46 mark The first world war ended in November 1918 not 1919.

Ahh but, the script here was written by donald trump, who in that war, served as a messenger pidgeon for the russian airforce.

There was a advert for Jeep before the vid started lol

Ironically, a newspaper in Dearborn in 2019 with anti-Semitic rhetoric would actually be accepted. Ask Ilhan Omar

+MrLuchenkov and even if it was the same, how does one specific group get protection under the law and nobody questions that?

Anti-zionism =/ anti-semitism, no matter how hard certain elements of the Jewish diaspora try to spin it to deflect criticism from the apartheid state of Israel.

Newsflash: "Anti-Semitism" is the truth (((they))) don't want us to know about.

I learned that Henry Ford was an SJW before SJWs became popularized, today

He was also a Nazi

I wish I could get a living wage like that.

The Jews have been kicked out of 100 countries throughout history. I'm not saying they don't get unjust hate....but I'd ask questions too if my friend were kicked out of 100 bars over his drinking career

+Ambrose Burnside Just the same as today then.

When a Hebrew practices true Judaism, they stand out. They're principled, their communities are tightly knit, and besides their teachings on wisdom, Ashkenazi Jews also consistently test higher for IQ which lends itself to a greater level of professional and financial success. In other words, if things aren't going your way, to some, it becomes easy to blame the content guy with money who wears a funny hat.

The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes - old Polish saying.

+Jan that's not ever been why they were kicked out of places. It's usually for usury, corrupting the public good, sedition against the state, instigating rebellions etc

Jews ( the Romans as hired killers) killed Jesus. I'm thinking that could very well have been thier greatest negative karma.

your friend wouldn't be likely kicked out of a bar because of practicing a different religion. If he was, it would be against the law.

A M A Z I N G ! as usual....

3:52 it's 1888 not 1988

I have a question who founded the company Cigna? Was there a real person with the last name Cigna? I looked the last name up and its rare but my great grandma had that last name so am I related to the founder?

How have you not done Hypatia yet???

hey guys do a bio on Elizabeth Holmes. The title could be something like: Elizabeth Holmes- The Fraud that Tricked the World. They usually referred to her as The next Steve Jobs but that's just disrespectful towards Steve

I would have liked to have heard something about Ford's battles with the Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers.

Here is the deal, Ford was a flawed human, but you still cannot deny that he was an American hero & that he fundamentally changed America for the better. . That out of the way, I love Jews & I hope that the next Ford that will be born would be a Jew loving Indian.

Oy vey shut it down! The goy knows!

I have been watching several of your videos, and I would like to know the reason why you use personal pronouns right after the noun, e.g. "Henry, he did something...". Is it for emphasis? Thank you for the videos.

A great man, gave a lots of jobs and had the best standard of living of workers, tried to make a peace in the world and addressed the real problem - the Jewish lobbies. ( In International Jew he mentions a lot of names and societies and most of quotes are from the jews and the rabbis themselves. A lot of parallels can be drawn with todays society. Definitely worth a read. And a lot of points from the Elders of Zion have been fulfilled being a forgery or not, so... ). RIP man , the perfect capitalist

(3:53) You mistyped "April 11th, 1888" as "April 11th, 1988".

Sooo much I didn’t know. Thank you!

Henry Ford... The man who inspired the man who would later become known as the face of evil.

I would like to see some sort of rebuttal to all his arguments against Zionism.

Recommendable! Ford's philanthropic work was completely left out! Links between Hitler and Ford are tenuous at best!

Douglas MacArthur plz

Black was NOT!!!! THE only color offered through ALLL model T production...it was only later on that Ford was forced...due to the HUGE increase in demand for the cars...that he switched to primarily black as the "only " choice (there were always other colors you could have). Black carbon based paints could withstand the large ovens to bake the paint...so instead of waiting WEEKS!!! for the paint to literally dry in "drying rooms" like his competitors...ford could bake his paint (only black) in a matter of minutes and keep production up with demand.


Can you please do one on Robert Ripley? He's such a interesting and quirky man! Well deserving of a biographics!

Sounds like a great man

Hi! Catching up on your recent videos after a long day at work. This is a good evening. Once again, please, please, please, could you do Alan Turing? Ty...

Simon , gotta correction. By mid 1925-27 , the Model T was available in other colors besides black.

Can you do a biography on Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf Mr Whistler?

"Hitler said he regarded Trump as his inspiration"

Trump is the Ford of our time

Henry Ford; wrong about Jews, right about unions.

More propaganda from ol' Simon... Boy does he toe the line.

I'm not going to lie for the most part I've always enjoyed your Channel. But you did a piss-poor job on this one guys I mean come on. You barely got into half of what made Ford interesting. Some of the "facts" you're providing have little to no evidence to support them. I could really see the biased you had here. I'm not saying that he was a perfect man by any means or that I agreed with his anti-semitism. But if I were providing "facts" that people are going to use because they trust the information you're giving them. Then I would try to give the most unbiased opinion I could while also providing as much information as to who Henry Ford was. Here's a few things you missed. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s Ford Motor Company was the largest employer of black workers in the city of Detroit, due in part to Henry Ford’s personal relationships with leading black ministers. The work of church leaders in the black community helped secure employment for hundreds and possibly thousands, but more importantly, they also helped to mediate conflicts between white and black workers. In addition to jobs, Ford Motor Company also provided additional social welfare services to predominantly black suburban communities in Inkster and Garden City during the depths of the Great Depression. Ford Motor Company provided housing and fuel allowances as well as low-interest, short-term loans to Ford employees living in those communities. Additionally, Ford built community centers, refurbished several schools and ran company commissaries that provided inexpensive retail goods and groceries. *World War 2* Just as Ford opposed WWI and then got behind the war effort to aid his country when it was required, Ford quickly came to America’s aid when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and left us no choice but to fight. In 1941, Henry Ford had his company build a factory at Willow Run in the Detroit area. The Willow Run airport was to produce the B-24 bomber to support the Allied war effort. The B-24 Liberator was a prolific bomber that was operated by multiple branches of the United States military as well as other Allied forces in the European and Pacific theaters. In excess of 18,000 B-24 bombers have been built making it America’s most produced military aircraft. Roughly half of those bombers came from Ford’s Willow Run factory. When Willow Run was completed and operational in September 1942, it was the largest factory in the world at 3.5 million square feet. 42,000 employees would turn out a bomber nearly every hour, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Many challenges arose from a company switching from producing cars to aircraft, despite Ford’s short history producing the Ford Trimotor aircraft. In order to fit inside the wings of the aircraft during production, workers performing that task had to be very small. Henry sent recruiters out to the circuses and freak shows in the country where they would try to hire midgets to come work on the assembly line and fit into places normal people could not access. Ford insisted that the midgets, who were often marginalized in society, be paid the same wages and eat in the same cafeterias as the normal work force. *Ford’s ignorance* Henry Ford once sued the Chicago Tribune for slander because it called him an ignorant anarchist. In court, the defense attorney decided to demonstrate Ford’s ignorance and lack of patriotism by asking him basic American history questions. The automobile tycoon consistently missed these questions, and court transcripts of his buffoonery became popular reading at the time. Ultimately, the court ruled in Ford’s favor and awarded him six cents. Historians have since reported that while Ford might have looked quite silly during his trial, public opinion shifted to his favor as a result of it. Not knowing too much about history apparently made the millionaire a more relatable figure. As an example: Question: When did the Revolutionary War start? Ford's answered 1812. *America's Antisemitism 1930s and 40s* Antisemitism in the United States was also indicated by national public opinion polls taken from the mid nineteen thirties to the late nineteen forties. The results showed that over half the American population saw Jews as greedy and dishonest. These polls also found that many Americans believed that Jews were too powerful in the United States. Similar polls were also taken, one of which posed that 35–40 percent of the population was prepared to accept an anti-Jewish campaign. In a 1938 poll, approximately 60 percent of the respondents held a low opinion of Jews, labeling them "greedy," "dishonest," and "pushy." 41 percent of respondents agreed that Jews had "too much power in the United States," and this figure rose to 58 percent by 1945. In 1939 a Roper poll found that only thirty-nine percent of Americans felt that Jews should be treated like other people. Fifty-three percent believed that "Jews are different and should be restricted" and ten percent believed that Jews should be deported. Several surveys taken from 1940 to 1946 found that Jews were seen as a greater threat to the welfare of the United States than any other national, religious, or racial group. *Ford's complicated relationship with his son* As president, Edsel Ford often disagreed with his father on major decisions and was occasionally humiliated in public by the older man. The relationship between the father and son was always close, but always fraught with unhealthy aspects. And there's much more. I'm not asking you to come out and say he wasn't a racist or he didn't have problems with Jewish people. But what I am asking is put the story in the proper context first. Explain what the world was like around that time, what views it had, and why. You make it sound as if he was creating machines during World War II for Hitler to slaughter Americans with during the entire length of the war. And I think that is far from the case and if you have information stating otherwise I would love to read it. Again I am in no way saying that I agree with what he thought. But as you can see from what I've provided up top. He was a fascinating figure.

Judging people from the past by today's standards is unfair and rather stupid. I have a feeling you will agree when your great great grandchildren ask you what YOU did about For-Profit health care and For-profit prisons, two things I feel certain our descendants will look at much the same way we view slavery, "How could they be so cruel and heartless?". P

YouTube made it so impossible for creators to make ad revenue that now they make their own ads mid video... YouTube loses revenue and the viewers have a diminished experience.

You are incorrect about the skilled workers working the assembly line. He used unskilled labor that's one of the reasons why he was able to make such an affordable car and yet make a lot of money at the same time. Unskilled workers cost less. They were paid less than skilled tradesman, and they were easier to replace. By utilizing this massive working class to just be good at one thing. He was able to cut the time it took to build a car from more than 12 hours to two hours and 30 minutes.

Henry Ford is one of the bad guys. Petrochemical industry has enslaved us. We had public transport & electric cars.

Can you do Richard Feynman pls?

Do a video on that guy who had a 90lb ballsac

It’s not an automobile it is a Jew flattening machine

You know what Ford stands for right? It stands for Fix It Again Tony

Winston churchill next m8 pls.

But was Ford wrong tho

Ford's assembly line came from Geroge Washington Carver's instruction.

I really think you should do Boudica, the Empress Theodora, Hypatia, etc. it would make my girlfriend happy

Not as antisemitic as every leftist today.


Love these videos. Really interesting.

Really enjoyed this one. I enjoy them all, but as a lifelong Michigan resident, this one was just that much more enjoyable. Could you guys do a video on Albert Schweitzer? I've always been curious about him, and we share the same last name, he was a vegetarian and I'm a vegan. Seems kind of like he would have been a secular humanist if he were around nowadays. He opened a hospital in central Africa that he kept going with organ concerts performing Bach he put on in Europe. This is just skimming the top. I know the basics, and I could easily find a free biography online to read, but I'd love to see you guys make a video on him. You guys do such an amazing job.

he did great things but bOOOOOOOooooooooOOo hE wAs AnTi SeMeTiC in a period were absolutely no one was was racist toward any race.

Can you make a video about Colonel Sanders

Do a video about jazz vocalist Billie Holiday. She had a tough life.

You should do one on queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands

Make a vid about Vasil Levski

Still respect him for his AMAZING genius, dexterity, and innovative business mind. His bigotry is a serious problem. But that hasn't downplayed his contributions. Plus, if black Americans and women can celebrate Margaret Sanger, then why not normal people celebrate Ford?

Thanks Simon and also to your production staff, keep up the good work and have a great day!

Another great episode/video of Biographics. I will say it again, this the best YouTube channel on Biographies period. Quality, passion and honesty in every video. Keep up your great work Simon & team. Greetings from Athens, Greece!

Beast of Belgium Mark Dutreaux would be a good one

The more I watch these the more evident it becomes that everyone is a mishmash of good and bad.

Far out... I had no idea Henry was so indirectly influential to Hitler. I can't argue with Henry's world views back in the day as i have the bias of retrospect. But it's still fascinating and really brings light to how shrewd of a country Hitler turned Germany into in such a short amount of time. But i wonder..... What did he think of Nazi Germany after learning of the atrocities committed, that he himself indirectly played a part in?

I think it's quite normal to be progressive in your youth and become conservative or reactionary as you grow older. Not necessarily good, but it often happens, Ford not being the only one.

Do James Joyce please

I think a video on Ezra Pound would be interesting.

Wtf, dude hired a boxer to beat up all the people starting unions xD

Next Christopher Hitchens

I noticed that Henry Ford had connections to both Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison; Ford, like Tesla, worked at Westinghouse, and Ford was under Thomas Edison's employ. I see that you already made a video about Nikola Tesla; is a video about his arch-rival, Thomas Edison, in the works?

What Ford was was a creative who became corrupted by power. So confident he was that he knew what was best for everyone that he became a well meaning tyrant, as tyrants often are. What he became obsessed with was control, control over the lives of his employees, control over the factory and company he built, and a total unwillingness to accept that other people may have better ideas than he did. You see this in his inability to accept new car models, believing his own model T to be so perfect, that no improvements were needed.

Have had ford tractors all my life the year 1991 till early 2000s after. Ford was sold to fiat they realy went down hill fast

There are so many great people in the world. Please consider doing segments on writers like Arthur Conan Doyle, Mark Twain, Roald Dahl, Agatha Christie etc...

can you do a video on Countess Markievicz

If you go or say anything about the Jews your anti-semitic . If you know the truth behind the Bankers and the reason they wanted war. Due to Rothchild stealing away lands for a homeland. for the Jews, Blackmailed Wilson, with help 40,000 loan handled by the justice Brandis. Got war part one, Part 2 same cause Jew Bankers funded Hitler, Reduced surplus population of low classes of one sect of jewish groups, And world been in Hell ever Since. You Tube has many detailed history of the Rothchild group, for more details.

The video is great, no question about it. I think you should’ve added the connection between Ford and Edison in Fort Myers, Florida though. I personally saw their adjacent Estates and in the tour, they talked about how strong their connection really was. Thanks.

"They'll tell you over and over that HENRY FORD WAS AN ANTI-SEMITE but They'll NEVER Tell You Why"? 47 seconds in to this video the bald man brings up Henry's ANTISEMITISM. I guarantee he will only slander Fords name and not discuss the matter further. intellectual cowardice.

Very interesting. However it ended rather abruptly.

Angry psycho SJW: Only a rich white man drives a Ford. You will always be a racist bigot if you have driven a Ford at least once.

Geesh I had no idea about Ford and his anti-Semitism nor how much Hitler revered him.

Yes very true.... "They'll tell you over and over that HENRY FORD WAS AN ANTI-SEMITE but They'll NEVER Tell You Why"?

I suggested some women since you are really disproportionate on men and you do a pinup gal, while interesting, not quite what I wanted to see. How about Ada Lovelace? No, not a pin up or porn star but she was considered the first computer programmer. Here's a hundred suggestions https://www.historyextra.com/100-women/100-women-results/

Someone isn't watching all our videos. We did Lovelace a while ago. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZptxisyVqQ You can also check in on the Women bio playlist we created: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy3kHTZWA8Ogk6kVgkax5lZH1omOkCBLB And we have more women coming up soon.

+Max Tew If you're such a "staunch free speech advocate" then you must hate jewish efforts to limit free speech on public platforms like the internet, here on youtube, and domination of media. Jews have setup censorship agencies like the ADL and SPLC to limit people's speech. Presumably you would be alarmed by this?

+Mike Spearwood I'm a staunch free speech advocate, so I don't want to sound like I'm saying you can't or shouldn't have yours, but here's a comment I made in another thread on this video: "When a Hebrew practices true Judaism, they stand out. They're principled, their communities are tightly knit, and besides their teachings on wisdom, Ashkenazi Jews also consistently test higher for IQ which lends itself to a greater level of professional and financial success. In other words, if things aren't going your way, to some, it becomes easy to blame the content guy with money who wears a funny hat."

So do a lot of people...strange coincidence!

A magnificent failure indeed

Hitler loved Him

He organized a peace ship with a Jew and yet you call his criticism of German bankers anti-Semitic. That sounds a lot like how criticism of AIPAC is silenced today.

You can't convince me that Henry Ford got married in 1988. 3:53

I would love to see a Simon Whistler biographics video on John DeLorean

His name was Leonardo, Da Vinci is where he was from.

Damn, I had no idea Ford had that kind of dark side.

Aleister Crowley, please. Thank you

Dunno if complicated is supposed to mean 'racist af' or what

Enzo Ferrari please.

Remember no man is fully good or fully evil, their are redeeming qualities in even the worst monsters of history.

Me: Lol Them: What? Me: Nothing **af"ford"able**

Again Dee Vinsee??? What's with you Simon???

16:43 are you sure that that date is correct?

Tim Burton

Barry Oldfield? Thought it was *Barney* Oldfield...?

Henry Ford wasn't 'antisemitic'. He was anti-Jewish. Big difference. Most American Jews are not Semites. It's a big Zionist deception that all Jews are Semites. It's a giant game played for socio-strategic supremacy.

Actually, Henry senior was forced to hand over the firm to Henry II. Ford had war contracts and production was falling behind. The government had to intervene and requested Henry II ( who serving in the War) to step in and to revamp the output of bombers.

Would be interesting to see an episode on the swedish Indiana Jones, Harry Söderman AKA Revolver Harry.

I have this memory of watching a documentary in school about Henery Ford. I seem to remember a story about his son raping a girl and his father's money keep it quiet. Am I just imagining things?

Thanks for all the info, but perhaps he didn't mention any of that because these videos are usually around twenty minutes.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrqkhCsLwDA already done.

+Neo Sav Sad really, when you think about it. Despite contradicting information, he was convicted in his views of the dangers posed by global jewish conspiracy.

deztructo123 he wrote a book entitled The International Jew: The worlds foremost problem, so I don’t think he sympathized very much with them. He probably denied the holocaust he supported Germany and believed the U.S should never have been involved in in the European conflict.

number one sponsor of hitler and the naziparty. the nazi sugardaddy

A rampant NAZI lover. Lke most yanks !!!! Eg: von Brawn....+ 120 Nazis........

Imagine if the man had helped produce German war machines.

I get excited by the topic, click on the video and then get bombarded by fake enthusiasm for some product I have no interest in. Give me ad free youtube any day. Good bye Biographics.

Between 1908 & 1913 Model T Fords were available only in Red, Blue, Green, and Grey. As for Ford developing a dislike for Jews, I am often surprised that the large Jewish (mainly Russian & Polish arriving between 1881 & 1914) community in Detroit, heavy drinkers who were main movers of Liquor from the 1917 introduction of prohibition in that city, which developed into the notorious Purple Gang in the 1920s, are not mentioned.

Kilogram. Kilohertz. Kilowatt. Kilojoule. Kiloparsec. Kilometer. Not, kalamaduh, please.

I call Henry Ford Grandad 3, because without him my Irish Grandparents wouldn't have moved the family to England for work and my parents would never have met.

Thank you for your contribution

Damn dude you went deep

One thing that I really appreciate about this series is how thorough they present the individuals. We have a tendency to oversimplify people as all good or all evil or to just boil them down to a charicature of themselves... it's important to remember that no matter how great our idols and heroes, they're still just people. Flawed, normal, everyday people. Except Mr Rogers. That man was a saint and I'll argue anyone who says otherwise. Lol

Thanks for the five minute commercial! Blaw....

WOW !! Ford inspired Hitler That's not good. I didn't know that !! I read that when the depression hit,he gave all his workers a raise,then the unions still gave him a hard time. ive also read where he employed blacks in factory jobs when that kinda thing wasn't popular.

I liked those cool interludes

Henry Ford was complicated, true. It's also shocking to think of how widespread both Antisemitism and sympathy for Fascism was in the US during Ford's era.

I went to the Henry Ford museum, check it out.

Speaking of cars, Do one on Dale Earnhardt

I would recommend you do Bob Denard, the last dog of war, a Mercenary who's coup operations outed Zanzibar president 3 times and he was involved in more than 7 coups around the world in 9 different countries.

the US has a LOOOONG history of cutthroat industrialists. Ford is one of the worst.

Ahh, I loved my old '84 Ford LTD. Before it fell apart, that is...

Then start your own Biography channel.

?? It stands for Found On Road Dead.

HF called the $5 a day wage the biggest mistake he ever made.

Can't blame him, all is fun and giggles with Jewish people until you work with /for them, they mastered the nazis know how to perfection.

As much as I normally love these Biographics videos, you guys really underplayed the vehemence and persistence of Ford's Antisemitism. Ford actually refused to apologize to the Jewish community for the articles in his newspaper. The apology that was sent on his behalf was written by his company, but he refused to sign it. I'm also surprised that you didn't mention that Ford personally donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Hitler's political campaign, and didn't include the fact that Hitler gave Ford the highest award possible to give to a non-German citizen. Ford refused to denounce Hitler and refused to give back the medal, not when Germany invaded Poland, not after the US joined the war, and not even after the Holocaust was revealed. I'd say he was much worse than "complicated".

Angel Fox+ What makes you think anti-semitism is bad while anti-fascism is good ? My guess is, that`s maybe because the Media, Hollywood, Education-system and the Government is not controlled by Fascists but largely by "Semites" in keypositions who use all this institutions to shape puplic opinion which make you think the way as they like. But only maybe, of course ...

del trotts Werner Von Braun you illiterate tool... and if the US wouldn’t have taken them the USSR would... that’s the dark history of the end of world war 2.. if you must have more education. MOST Nazi’s escaped to Argentina.

Didn't he bail out the city of Detroit?

It's curious that somebody with such intolerant beliefs was a member of one of the most tolerant Christian denominations. If you didn't know, the Episcopal Church has allowed women to be priests since the 70s, and voted to allow gay people to be part of the clergy in 2001.

Considering Henry Ford's active anti-Semitism and the fact that Hilter mentioned him as an inspiration, kept a photo of him and mentioned him in his book...why hasn't the SJW world risen up to strike the word and brand Ford from history like they have with historical figures from the Civil War?

+MAX DE Get help, dude.

Unions ARE a cancer. He was right there

Im greatly surprised at the lack of mention to the influence Ford had on the implementation of the 2 day weekend

What is a Semite

An American success story? A Fascist, Nazi supporter and traitor.....The man should have served most of his life in prison.

Please do a video on Patternson Greenfield Automotive.

Who the jumpin' Jesus is "Barry Oldfield"? Perhaps you are thinking of Barney Oldfield.

If you want a car that will break down, buy Ford.

19:49 Ford had no need for unions, he paid his workers well and only asked that they live clean and do a good job. He was right, unions are for the bosses. If you watch the Richard Pryor movie "Blue Collar" you'll see how shady they can be. They made concessions that pushed employee pay crazy low in 2008, because in exchange; the union got part ownership of GM (and probably others.)

Though I had heard that Ford had a relationship with Hitler's Germany, I wasn't sure. ( Conspiracy theory channel). Thanks to you I understand most of what I have heard was, indeed, true. Thanks

antisemitism and anti union are old world american staples its only post zionist invasion of the united states and and jewish bolshevik brain washing do we see people claiming antisemitism as some sort of cult evil rather than logical thought progression

The Model T between 1908, and through the 1913 model year buyers had a choice of several colors, grey, green, blue, red. Black was the only color the Model T came in from 1914 through 1925, because black could be dried quickly, and speed was important at the Ford plant because of its enormous volume. Then, in 1926 and 1927, colors included green, light blue, brown, maroon - and, of course, black. I hesitate to point this out because Daven has said that you guys check the absolute hell out of your videos but you didn't spend a lot of time on colours and I worry.

Believed in a living wage, inspired Hitler...like so many famous people,very complex mixed bag of good and bad

Should have been pretty obvious early on that Henry would one day enter the automotive industry. His name was Ford, after all. Oh wait...

please do one of these on Henry Ford II, He did a lot for Ford and was an interesting person in his own right...

Please do a biography video on Fred Dibnah.

Him and Edison were apparently very big on the occult, as were a lot of rich people in the 1920s .I read some time ago that Edisons son once spoke how he had to catch Thomas' last breath into a jar and deliver it to Henry Ford, but couldnt find anything to back that rumor up

“This is my Jew flattening machine!”

It is established fact, not just in hindsight. HF was definitely associated with Hitler.

There is an unacceptable error at @3:53. I am positive that Mr. Ford was not married on April 11th, 1988.

I think we all defy description, in some way.

why didnt you do one for hitler

he hated the jews, wrote the book, the international jew

Henry Ford did nothing wrong

Henry Ford was an American hero. We need more like him today

Hitler drank water more than any other drink. So that makes Water nazi and anti-semitic!

And now the last name Ford is a reverse acronym for the ford brand of automobile: Driver Returned On Foot

Kalergi plan

Henry Fords the international Jew was a good read. The man even managed to win a lawsuit against the U.S. for bombing one of his plants in Germany.

Great Aunt Leticiia had a. Lizzy til she died she drove it around the village well into her 90's

Heaven & hell states of mind tell the Jews that your mate Adolf showed

Sad that he was an anti Semitic

how long was Henry Ford II in charge?

His uncle shot Jesse James.

Henry Ford was not a "complicated. man". He was a vile racist whose views encouraged Adolf Hitler 's extermination of the Jews. This trivialization of Ford's anti- Semitism is disgraceful and obscene, especially at at a time when the United Kingdom is experiencing a spiking of anti- Semitism with over 100 attacks per month, and a mind set of scapegoating among segments of the population not unlike what took place under The Third Reich. The presenter should be given credit for mentioning Ford's dark views and actions but should be ashamed of his understating the destruction Ford caused the Jews.

Leaning on a lamppost.

Nothing Ford says in this writing is false. You must figure, Ford, Edison, Burroughs, and Firestone were the best of friends. I'm sure they all realized the same things about the jew. Remember, the jew is always the first to scream about what was done to them but the very last to say what they did.

Be VERY careful about what you believe about the venerable Henry Ford. Jews are masters of propaganda, libel, and slander. Especially against those who expose their evil.

Jesus Christ inspired Saint Adolf as well. Does that make Jesus Christ bad or evil?

Ford's anti-Semitism began as a young businessman when he was repeatedly denied loans by big city banks, which were widely perceived to be administered mainly by members of the Jewish community. He wasn't a monster -- simply misled.

And a GREAT anti-semite! lol

(((Simon Whistler))) Any questions? LOL!

He paid his workers well but they had no job security. When he was planning a new car, he would shut down the plant, since he did not want to make cars which would soon be obsolete. He did this during the depth of the depression, and his laid-off workers got no pay. When they protested, he hired goons to shoot them. Ford was a Nazi collaborator during WW 2, his anti-semitic books are considered the crudest of the genre, but they still sell in some places. .

*antisemitism* - _verb_ - speaking the truth about jews

video about Aiko Toyoda the founder of Toyota?

He does not defy descriptions, he was an anti-worker, anti-union, anti-Semitic, monopolistic capitalist who wanted no regulation.

Not taking away from his intelligence and gift for entrepreneurship. He built a big company, he helped change the labour market for good or ill. But he was a bastard.

Also (frontwards): Frequent Overhauls and Repairs Daily

Just "Vinci." "Da" just basically means "of."

for all those who love ford the man behind the creation of it was on the side of the Nazi party got to love those fords

Ford's greatest contribution to the world was in the realm of literature. Stay independent.

its Lake St. Clair not Sinclair , i know cause im looking at lol

Agreed, but that's like telling everyone to be perfectly rational beings, never fall in love with the wrong person, etc., etc. -- it ain't gonna happen.

Yeah never trust your personal experiences in life.

Ford was no anti-semite. He just hated Jews.

Second place is just the first loser.

madame de pompadeur plzzzzz

Very enjoyable but the video missed discussing Ford’s revolutionary tractor which all modern tractors are the descendants of. “The new tractor had no frame rails to carry the components; the engine, transmission, and rear axle housings were bolted together as a unit and were strong enough to support the entire machine. The design allowed the Fordson to be built lighter and smaller than most other tractors.” https://www.farmcollector.com/tractors/henry-fords-revolutionary-farm-tractor The Fordson tractor was just as revolutionary, and in design possibly more so, than the Model T.

BARNEY Oldfield

Do one on Bill Harley and the Davidson bros!!!!

Can you do a Biography on any of our Filipino heroes?

Henry Ford was a hero and we are seeing he was right all along. World Jewry must be exposed for the evil that it is

You forgot the part about him meeting Adolf Hitler and getting an award

Even great people have flaws Henry Ford's anti-Semitism did not Define his legacy thanks to him we can drive cars that we can afford thank you Henry Ford

+Bahjat Tabbara Jews are not planning to take over the world that's anti-semite propaganda

He told the truth.

All these bio's are from a British perspective, for example, most british think james cook discovered australia.... But it was us Dutch in 1606,way before cook

I’m not prejudice in any way, but when you think about today’s troubles caused by the media’s bias and secret strings being pulled by unknown hands, I think ford might have been onto something with Jews conspiring to control the world. I don’t see what religion would have to do with it, but someone is definitely behind this strife.

3:53 1988

george washington carver invented it before him and of a better quality.

Simon do you do a podcast?

Wanna know who else was named after Henry’s mother Les Pauls wife

@Bahjat Tabbara Jews are not planning to take over the world that's anti-semite propaganda

@MAX DE Get help, dude.

It's so weird how a man as intelligent as Henry Ford--who understood heaven and hell are states of mind one creates themselves, and who invented the automobile--could still be derpy enough to maintain such horrible racism... Racism is so obviously not an intelligent man's trait. If, as Eric Hoffer suggested, "rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength", then what must racism be? A destroyed man's imitation of the rude man's misguided concept of superiority? How deep can the layers of derp possibly get?

Ford is producing cars in Cologne since 1931 up to today for the European market. Mr. Ford had close ties with the Nazi regime back in the days and has been awarded some medals by Hitler himself. Your vid points out how much of an inspiration to him Ford has been. Man, the world is a weird place.

They wee married April 11 1988? I think you mean 1888

Nothing says lets increase costs like instating a Union.

So Ford thought the Rothschilds were the motivators of the Great War......wasn't he actually right?

It's amazing to me how much people were able to get done before the distractions of our current paradigm.

Well, to the best of my knowledge, no one so far has provided anything remotely resembling proof. Perhaps you'll be the first (?)

Yeah, I mean nothing gets done nowadays, does it. Do you live in a cave somewhere?

Henry Ford, one of the most complicated and revolutionary industrialists who ever lived.

Ok so ford helped make hitler? Shoot.

He Teamed up with Rosika Schwimmer..... *A Romanian Jew...* Ummm...hmmmm... 'k(?)

Good old Henry Ford: *Fervent Antisemite, Spearheading The Eugenics Movement **_AND HITLER'S INSPIRATION!_*

"...because why would you watch an 8 minute video on Ford?" Me: *Contemplates life*

The Unions have outlived their usefulness and vehicles would be so much cheaper if they didn't exist

Figure on repairs daily. GM family here.

Thanks to this guy I have to work 9-5 Monday to Friday. Thanks Henry.

I enjoy these biographies... Having said that, though - the racer he employed was Barney Oldfield, not Barry.

So Henry Ford did business with the Soviet Union AND Nazi Germany. That's "special"

A month after the war ended in December 1919? The war ended in 1918

I live in a Detroit suburb, it's pretty cool to hear about local history. However, it is the opposite of cool to hear that Mr. Ford was one if Hitler's greatest inspirations. It's disgusting. I realize that Ford revolutionized the automobile, and that this was a different time (when apparently it was ok to he openly racist) but how in earth did his company survive? I'd like to think that in modern times, someone like this wouldn't be nearly so successful or revered. But then again, look at our president. I suppose history will always repeat itself. Please never make a video about that man.

Great job, Simon - interesting and thought-provoking!

"Take your God and shove him." - Pat Condell.

quite a lot of details are different in Henry Fords autobiography

Bc you are super interesting, and your voice I find to be exceptionally sexy as well as calming.

WW1 ended in 1918. Just saying.


It is more than a bit bemusing to hear a British accent claim that Ford's anti-union politics would be considered anti-American today. When, in 2019, over 80% of American employees do not belong to a union. Also, I'm sure there was no malicious intent behind the decision in the video's script to bundle Ford's anti-semitic views together with his anti-union politics...

Never realized how controversial he was as an individual.

They were married April 11 1988? I think you mean 1888

Wish you had mentioned that his last, most serious stroke which contributed to his death was due to the crisis of conscience that occurred after he saw footage of the concentration camps and realized he directly caused it. Not only a good comeuppance, but also a message to the alt-right trolls out there as a warning of how "not being serious" and messing about with such caustic beliefs can lead to terrible realities.

I love the way you set up the ads in your videos. You got the entertainment gift. Keep the vids comming

complicated captain of industry? is that a polite way of saying anti-Semitic nazi sympathiser?

"a man who defies description...and now we are going to describe him" lmfao

But that's only a part of picture. We don't have to like his worldviews but Ford was very important man for history of 20th century. It's good that Simon mentioned both his virtues and his sins.

You have a strange way of talking. Instead of saying, " Henry's mother died," you say, "Henry's mother, she died." [why the extra word?] Instead of saying, "Ford and Malcolmson found a factory..' you say, "Ford and Malcolmson, they found a factory." Instead of saying, "By 1905, the company was absolutely striving," you say, "By 1905, the company, it was absolutely striving."

Surprised you didn’t included the cotter pin or John Dillinger letter stories..

@QuadraxisTheGreat Thanks for the explanation. Luckily, this habit of strange wording doesn't ruin his otherwise wonderful videos.

I've noticed that as well. After talking to a lot of teachers Ive found that's how they think things out while explaining. That's my best guess

Whoa I live in Michigan am Jewish and you’re telling me that Henry Ford was an anti Semite

He changed the world more than any politician. Not meant to be negative the later.

Wow she lived a long time 3:53

It seems like the job itself would have been cool but I couldn't handle my boss prying into my personal life.

I swear this guy almost singlehandedly created the 20th century.

Hi simon, Can you do a bio on Walt Disney.

Th only thing Unions r good 4 is costing hard working citizens their jobs, & thus sending them overseas! Probably started by th " tribe !"

It is interesting to know that Ford, Cadilac and Dodge all come about at the same time, one more thing is the Jewish conspiracy, if it took a whole developed country like Germany and one of the greatest man in the world to speak about the Jewsih misginvings, considering the state of our world today, I am forced to believe that they might be right..it obvious that the jews won their wars, so what we are told is what they want us to believe... ohh God!!!

You did actually watch the video right? Like the bit about where it was a conspiracy, and he was like “ah shit bro, I guess I was wrong”

gizzy2403 remember when the UAW had their own NASCAR racing team? That's what happens when you have more money than you know what to do with! Somebody else's money, I might add!

Josh Glover stay away from social media! It kind of goes with the turf When You're Building A Team!

John Dee really makes it hard to believe that his ancestors can't produce a winning football team!

albertpaints could have easily been 32 minutes and it wouldn't have gotten enough in!

Could you please do one about the wright brother's thanks

Your nice apart from the glasses to big

You are a hypocrite you don't talk much about great black leaders. You only make videos to criticize.

Yeah, a lot of the anti-semetic ideas out there are really "out there", as in "beyond the Twilight Zone" out there, utterly and so patently ridiculous as to be completely discounted, such as the obvious myth of a 1000-yr International Jewish Conspiracy to take over the world; please, give me a break; that's preposterous at least!

Is this a joke?

I find it odd to label Ford an antisemite because he said WWI was caused by Jewish bankers. He has been proven correct in that opinion. Rothschild brothers financed both sides of WWI and even came to England with the promise of financial support in return for a Jewish state in Palestinian called the Balfour agreement. Although the agreement didn’t produce Israel after WWII the plan wasn’t abandoned. I personally wondered how Germany rebounded so quickly after their defeat in WWI under the treaty of Versailles. They were devastated in population, infrastructure, industry and economy. To be clear from 1918 to 1936 Germany went from total defeat and massive reparations having the single greatest military in the world. How was it possible? Who financed this process? It’s clear now that the same family that funded WWI funded the revitalization of Germany. The ultimate outcome of the following war was the creation of a Jewish state in Palestinian, the goal of the Balfour agreement was finally achieved.

Henry Ford responded to the British call for tractors to expand agriculture. The kerosene fueled Fordson Tractor which out performed all others and was built in the British Isles. This saved many lives.

3:52 You got the date wrong, dude.

"sports coup-aye"///////// rotfl

how come in another video it said Edsel Ford died in ww2? Has anyone else heard that one?

They meet in 1888 but married in 1988 (3:52) I wouldn't call that a short courtship.

Check Film Correct It lol 3 mins 40 Seconds In Marriage Date Was 1888, Caption Says 1988.

He claimed that the war was started by German Jewish bankers... No, he wasn't an anti Semite... he was actually 100% correct

3:52 the date says 1988 instead of (i assume) 1888

This seems to me a rather sanitized version of Ford's biography. Although it mentions Ford's ideological links to Nazism, there is no mention of the material support. Ford Motors and GM both had plants in Nazi Germany. Ford plants even benefited from slave labor provided by the Reich. Ford and GM trucks were used in the invasion of Poland and France. They were crucial in the logistical support of military operations. Hitler even awarded him the Grand Cross of the German Eagle in 1938. He never returned it, even after the US officially entering the war.

Hitler and Mussolini were admired by many until their intentions became clear. Ford was an anti semite but got behind US war efforts they produced planes ,tanks, trucks, jeeps.

Found On Road Dead

17:39 - Ummm.... there are 7 continents. I know what you meant to say, of course, but still - 7 continents.

Great program

I noticed a typo April 11, 1988.. thought I would tell you.

You can't forget the bootleggers, and nascar

Hitler's pen pal. And Honorary Nazi.

Even when telling something not popular or negative about someone, Simon remains unbiased and FACTUAL. SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND!!!!

This was a good one

Ford and Hitler best buddies

he was right

Married April 11th,1988? She was like,110 years old! lol

F ound O n the R oad D ead

How about Mohandas Gandhi's biography? any takers?

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