Hedge Trading - 72.98 Lac+ Passive Income Generated For March Series (Live Ledgers Shown)

Hedge Trading - 72.98 Lac+ Passive Income Generated For March Series (Live Ledgers Shown)

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Welcome back hedge traders to India's first and most powerful live Trading General. This is now one of the fast-growing general of the world The credit goes to you all Today we have brought forward the ledgers from March It was a really good month with lots of movement in the counters In nifty and other counters there was movement The gross profit is 72 lacs approximately To be accurate it is 72 lacs 98 thousand A gross written of 14.11% In our previous video we saw that there were only a few positions in adani and others Net realized P&Ls have crossed 72 lacs In this video, we will learn something new based on the option interest. OI’s. This will also teach you how to use oi’s change.

Keep watching the video till the end to learn about OI and how to use it to make your tradings powerful. One important update that I always give is that the volunteers in India who distributed food across India have increased to 1021 These people have fed 1 Lac 42 thousand people only in the month of march. They have fed the people who are needy You know what’s the most important thing for me? When I started this channel, I wasn't aware that so many people would come up for volunteering and all of us together would make such a big system like this But now this is much more powerful than it was expected. We don’t have to stop here. This is only the initial stage We have to feed at least 1 crore people all over India. We can provide them with education, and make them independent. Stay together! Today or tomorrow i’ll probably punch up a trade in the community tab for you. April series have started.

In 1 or 2 days you’ll receive this new trade. You can use the new trade. For adjustments you can connect up with me directly Before connecting up with me, you need to feed around 100 people in your area This trade will generate good profit for you all. Let’s go towards trading The most important thing we need to focus on is how it all worked up in the March For this let me refresh the page Let me refresh this again Let me refresh this again I have selected future and options, P&L is combined and the date is from 1st-31st march.

If we look here, the net realized P&L is coming up to be 72 lacs 98 thousand. If we look at tradings here, adani has held its position wisely. Adani‘s movements were a lot. We didn’t make many counters this month. Many legs in adani These are open positions In march positions we have 660,680 puts and 690 calls In adani it came up from 650 to 750 then went down again There were major sliding movements on both sides Whenever there are movements we adjust our positions The legs made in March were 14 in Adani Major trading was in adani Trades closed for 12 days out of the 20 session trades. Unrealized profit is 7.81 Net realized profit is 72.98 lacs Let’s do an analysis of Adani ports When we started adani we made some pairings where we sold some puts and calls. Then based on the movements, new positions were added on.

New positions cannot be added altogether, they must be added at a certain time depending on the movement of the particular counter. Many people question me how much of a portfolio does this require? Usually in a counter 5 legs are formed But there are some moments where you have to aggressively manage the legs. So less than 25 lacs is never recommended There is no limitation on learning, you can learn from anywhere But you will have to make many adjustments to become a winner You need to be aggressive in your tradings and workings Therefore, your portfolio should be above 25 lacs Ideal portfolio for this kind of trading should be more than once a year Less than 25, you keep learning Once you’ve learned then step into these tradings Passively means it is risk free return In real estate 1% return is generated passively But that return doesn’t go less than 0 It will always be positive that is passive Similarly in hedge tradings, you need to have the same mindset of generating a positive return. Here you can have more returns First of all, adjustments have the key role. 80% of workings come from adjustments only. 20% workout comes from trade entry

We did call shorting because market was on peak In dr reddy we have traded up In dr reddy there are 4300 puts, 4400 puts and 4500 calls There are 3 legs in this Let’s see on the next page 5 legs were in dr reddy with good profit In jubil foods there are normal call selling When the markets are on top, we can do normal call selling in counters that are likely to crash Similarly, when markets dip by more than 20% from their peak for example if the peak is at 15 thousand then it will go down to 12 thousand You have to use the SIP formats I also carry out single trade sales either put or call writing depending on the market situation. In jubil we made call writings. The hedge positions in maruti has 4 legs with 6800 puts which gave 2.6lac profit. Then we have 7000 puts with 40 thousand loss. And 7200 puts with 22000 loss 7500 calls with 1.5lacs profit. Our goal isn’t that all legs must generate profit Instead the stock should generate profit We will also learn how to use IVs and how we can implement it. We learnt max pain in the last video We will learn how to use open interest In our first video we learnt IVs Gradually combine all the knowledge There will be around 50-51 lessons Each and every lesson will be a sacred lesson, worship it and gain your knowledge from that Naukri was a call writing and tata motors/steel and vedl are also call writings Voltas are hedge positions 1000 put and 1100 calls have been short It has made huge amounts of profit The net profits have been good On average the gross returns have been 14.11% Let’s look at the ROIs We saw march’s investment in last video which was 5.65 CR The actual investment was 5.17CR

The profit generated s 72.98 lacs The ROI is 14.11% Anything between 8-15% is good enough Less than 8 is not good If we look at the months of 2021 In january we had 10.98% returns, 19.26% in February and 14.11% in March These are relatively better than last years’ Last year we grossed 142% returns Uptil now in this year we grossed 44.35% Let’s see how far this can go ROIs will increase so will the growth You have to understand that the trading style has to be passive Passive means that you shouldn’t incur losses You can avoid losses by making the right adjustments I’ve been in the industry for many years, therefore I have many strong sources in the market. You have to also make your entry criteria very strong. Aim for a bigger return. But only do so when you have complete knowledge about the trading structures I’ll be putting up a trade in the community tab It’s 31st march today so in 1-2 days i’ll put a trade up. I’ve already taken one of the positions

You can use those positions that i put up That will be free of costs For adjustments you can connect with me If your portfolio is less than 25lacs, use that only for knowledge, paper trade and functioning. If it is more than 25 lacs, then only jump into the market to carry on trade We can take up anywhere between 2-3 lots per positions Wherever it says 3x or 1x etc it means you’re taking 1 or 3 lots If you’re taking 2 lots for this you’ll be taking 6 lots for this particular leg The trade will be posted in this format Before connecting with me on this you need to feed at least 100 people in your area. If you’re doing something good, i’ll help you. Next we will learn about OI segments, and how it is carried out in structuring and analysis For that, i have taken up infy’s OI chart You can use any platform for this The current price is 1368 1360 will be the first OTM put 1400 or 1380 is the first OTM call You have to see which segments have the most volume The strikes with most volume will be the most liquid strikes Sometimes in stocks we think that it doesn’t have volume so how will the trade be carried out? If you pick up a very liquid strike, you can punch up as much volume as you want You can use the portfolio Do not enter all the trade at once Some volumes will be used right now some later You will have a lot of time to trade Choose the right strikes for that Maximum number of players are playing these strikes, they are very important for them. If we look at the calls, 1400 is very important If we look at puts, 1300 is important But we don’t have to look at this only We also have to look at OI changes Our biggest par is at 1400 calls The OI change in that is around 46% This is such a nearby strike which means that people are more bearish for this particular counter If we look at the puts, the nearby strikes are very less. Look at the bigger ones because if for 100 Rs there has only been a change of 25 Rs that will make 25% but for a 1000 Rs a 25Rs change is much more powerful. In these pars, if there is a 46% change it indicates that people are aggressively bearish This is one way to look at it If your puts and calls are nearby, with good volumes and strikes, and you have heavy positions added on to these it is a very good signal that you will get a particular trend in that direction.

To further confirm this, you can look at more nearby otm calls and puts. 46% is atm at 1300 So, This has 56% change, 28% change There has been no change here only a 1% change There is no nearby change In faraway strikes, only the smaller ones have change not the bigger ones We can find out that the counter feels more bearish after looking at this But this is only helping you All these parameters whether its OI, max pain, or any other segment it will only help you in deciding the view You need to gather the right information You can reconfirm the directions through these methods But it only works perfectly if you have the right sources In this lesson we have learnt the OI change If the OI change is in nearby strikes then it is powerful If it’s less for nearby strikes then that means its not strong The same OI change in faraway strikes with more volume will not have much importance. 1400 is an important level for this There is one more rule for this If the 1400 level breaks up, you need to see the changes in the 1400 calls at that time. Whether the shorts are being added or unbinding This will be helpful for your analysis Work in the bigger strikes Check which directions do you need to make most positions in If there is more bulkiness in 1400 calls you will create more positions for it Or you will make more positions for it when it’s rate is higher for e.g 1368 will go upto 1370 or 1380 You can sell 1400 calls and 1300 puts You need to use your sources for information That's it for analysis In our next video we will see the open positions for April I have taken up 2 positions in April, adani etc. There are a few positions in adani ports. We will be generating good profit in the April series.

It can lie anywhere above 70 lacs Take care everyone, good luck for your tradings and keep learning. Every video will have a new lesson All subscribers keep your notifications on for your trades in the community tab. Execute them within 10-15 minutes. Connect with me on whatsapp. Have a nice day.

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