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You know you know when you've been wearing shoes all day and you finally take them off that's not. What is lying. Welcome. Back oh my what. Up cats good. Morning. To. The best family, on YouTube, what, up everybody you are now watching fouseytube, those, were all my intros, like throughout the years and you guys just got all of them in one video so that deserves a thumbs up anyways, what's up everybody welcome, back I believe today, should be day. 9 if I'm not mistaken today should be day 9 I'm 365. Days of pussy you know we started off strong we had some good videos we, fell off we know why because you know I deleted the video we came back yesterday at, least we came back and today we're, back and I'm gonna go to the gym that's pretty much all there is right now guys I read a comment that I really like and the comment said Yousef just go outside your house take us to cafes, take us to good food spots and that was a good idea and I would do, that if it wasn't so snowy, right now and that's really messing, up everything anyways. One, time in the video I sat down and I had a one-on-one talk, with my mom so now I'm gonna sit down and have a one-on-one talk with my dad how you doing okay, can. You have a seat. Okay. You see me on the couch I play Nintendo, I sell the merchandise i, vlog but I don't really go out and do anything I don't get to the gym I wake up like what should I do right now to change my life just do normal things like, go, to bed by 11 12 o'clock okay, wake up by 7 8 o'clock okay you have full day ahead of you eats breakfast. Relax go, to the gym go somewhere you could do many many things during the day but if you wake up 4 o'clock in the afternoon that shit you, did your, day is gone really okay. He's right he's right very, fair assessment do. You consider, like right now aren't I just getting adjusted to new jersey you've lived here for a couple of years you got adjusted, this is my first time ever. I didn't. Live for two years I lived there simply, for three months Baba when it was when you guys lived here for a long time when, it was snowing music, come and go we never spend, 3-4 months in a row so out of one to ten as whether whether or not supposed to sub anybody, from doing their normal things it's not supposed to okay so I don't want to ten as my father how bad am i living my life right now ten being the worst, timbi in the world yeah Tim. I'm. Living that bad yes you, were if you go to bed 4:00 in the morning or five and wake up four in the afternoon that's, I give me b12 from Tim like a horse, oh. Well. My dad is against a lot of things I'm doing in my life right now like watch this Bob do you think I should sell the Ferrari yes, silver, Ferrari buy a decent car which you could use every single, day take Jim take the grocery to anyway. You like let's just put it here and drive it once well wow I'm getting like life lessons, right now let me ask you one more question my dad is right by the way my dad isn't wrong I'm aware of what I'm doing wrong the issue is I'm aware and not doing anything about it all right so anyways, that's why I love these vlogs so much right now cuz we're seeing how I'm gonna get out of this rut because a lot of you might give up on these videos but some of you are gonna stick through and then we're gonna be successful at the end of this year I hope so let me ask you this how should we make money give us some money-making idea, many many ways give me an idea, keep working, that's it whatever is you feel keep working on it you make money give me a different idea right now if I said Baba I need, a way to make money fast what should i do not even fast I do. Lots. Of money you don't need lots of money if you make enough money to live on little, money to save for the future this would be so good okay well right now I'm making enough money to live on so what's the problem no problem be happy that you, satisfied, so why isn't like antennas I will spend many years making, money put, in savings, in the bag and, they die leave everything behind so why is my life ten outta ten bad if I have money to survive on that life is not money life is happiness I'm happy though if you happy that's it I enjoy, sitting on this couch while you play Nintendo.

There's Big difference between somebody spent, an hour in the couch and somebody go two hours in the gym two hours in the street when, our in the Sun big difference, you see so my dad is dropping gems guys basically what he's saying is I need to get my crap, together I need to start sleeping at appropriate hours, I mean my dad doesn't like me waking up late my dad my whole life has woken up at like 6:00 a.m. he, used to run businesses. That he used to be gone all day for come home then chill I used to call my dad guys, and be like yo ba ba I made this amount of money this my money so it used to make them happy, seeing that I was like doing, something for myself but now that they see me just sleeping, my days away and not really, working it's concerning, for them and I completely understand, with that being said guys check, this out I'm gonna relate to you guys right now okay so I'm taking new, medication, my dad hates that ba how do you so. We're not gonna get into that right now in front of my dad but I'm taking a new medication and, it was doing good and I was doing better and that's what I'm able to go to the gym but for the last couple of days I've been not, really wanting to do anything not really wanting to go to the gym like right now I took pre-workout, that's why I'm talking a little bit faster, because I'm trying to get myself to want to go to the gym so right now at least I'm going to go to the gym which is a step up but I haven't really had a desire to do anything outside of that and that's I think a problem because that's comfortability, when you're content, with your ways and your ways aren't good that's when it becomes a problem so the fact that I'm content waking, up late playing Nintendo switch, all day streaming, at night and not really doing anything I guess, you can classify that, as a problem and that's why there needs to be a solution right muffin little muffin would have much better life if you take care out anywhere.

They Feel the Bark's, tree but it's not depressed, it's not that much snow but she get more depressed if she stays home all day that's a very fair point and that should be a reason that I wake up and take her out. There, is no Sun it's snowy. Okay. So here's the thing guys tomorrow Bob, do you think I can do this tomorrow. Any person in this life could, do anything, they, want nothing to stop any person from doing anything, right okay so tomorrow I'm gonna wake up and take outside you know take her walk with her you could see the Sun go, 1/2 cup coffee go, to the gym look, he's a nice dog very nice dog. By. Doing the. Right things in life believe, me you could cure yourself from. Any depression, or any disease you have with that taking any medicine because if you put yourself in the house all day you, get more depressed you think you sick you need medicine, you that if you do, the, right thing the right Drive you'll feel so good and you forget, about the medicine I agree, with that sentiment, he's not saying depression, isn't real he's not saying depression, is in my head what he's saying is you have to change your habits to get out of the funk that you put yourself in so if I have depression staying, in bed all day staying, at home that's not gonna cure me going outside being. Active, seeing the Sun communicating. With people that would help and benefit, me to beating my depression which, I've never sat down and talked to my parents about but they're they are understanding. And they get what I go through but I do also get what my dad means so right now I think as a start I should go to the gym because I made a deal with myself this year to go to the gym every day this year and I've already missed two days and, that's unacceptable. So I, know I can be everything my parents want me to be or know that I can't be not want me to be because you should do it for yourself I know I can be everything, that I want, to be I just got a warning when your actions, don't match what you're putting out there you're, nothing, because I can say I want to do this this this and this but if I end up doing nothing, then I'm lying to myself you know you can't lie you can lie to everybody I could lie to my dad like a lot of my mom and I can't lie to myself so, what, time is it Bubba seven, o'clock and sad, to say this is gonna be the first time I walk out of my house and I'm. Going to the gym and then I come home and my day is basically done guys I appreciate, you guys for sticking with me though and like wanting, to see me beat this whatever, this is I appreciate. That I appreciate everybody who bought this merch that's on sale right now at cat smart calm, day one sales were booming not only were you guys buying this and the joggers, you guys were also buying the windbreakers. And the dollar merch so I super appreciate it, if you haven't got your merch the link is in the description, below right now and I want to say thank you one more time I know I say thank you a lot you got not only supporting. Me and watching, my stuff you guys are letting me vlog how I wanna vlog so my favorite time on YouTube, ever was, dosa fousey where I can pick up the camera and talk to it my vlogs were driven by emotions. Feelings talking. Motivation, it was always my life it wasn't just action, so the fact that now I can pick up the camera and have a heart-to-heart with my dad and I can tell you guys about what's going on and go to the gym I love the, audience that I have right now so thank you for giving me my love for what I want to do again cuz it's much more fun than right now um right now I'm transparent, right I'm telling you guys I don't want to do anything that's much more fun than doing, something that, I think that you guys might like that, I don't really get enjoyment out of doing when I see the snow the last thing I want to do is complain, I know you guys think that's not a lot of snow everybody, in Canada you made your point I get it alright I got it in the comments, but yeah I like staying at home so thank you guys for giving me my love, muffin, she thought I was about to leave her well I am about to leave you I'm going to the gym okay where'd you go I'm about to go to the gym okay I could do something so mean right now but she's gonna be so mad at me want to go want.

To Go want. To go. That. Gets her so mad guys cuz when I say want to go it means we're leaving, and she's barking like don't forget me don't forget me laughing I'm sorry come here I she's gonna let me pick her up because she thinks we're leaving I'm sorry you have to stay with Si though okay come, here oh let me do with one left hand boom see them tie. Him up in I'll be back. Muffin. I was kidding you can't come you, can't come I'm sorry. It. Was a joke you can't come oh god, she's, behind me isn't she guys oh gosh. Muffin I'm taking the Ferrari you can't come goes. Tire solo when she go over an attire slash. So, my BMW got another flat tire today and my dad woke one he woke me up told me about it so I was about to go to the gym I was about to hop in the Ferrari below I got an idea yeah, muffin. You, want me to sell the motorcycles, right my. Dad wants, me to sell those two motorcycles, really badly if any of you guys are in the market for, rent. Ooh Honda. Motorcycles. Africa, twin or @nc, 700. Amazing. Motorcycles. Let me know barely any miles, on them I don't want to tell my dad this I'm only willing to sell one of them I don't need two motorcycles, but I do want to keep one of them so if you want to buy this, one. The. NC 700, which West Coast Customs like, absolutely. Murdered. With customization, let, me know guys I'll give you guys a really good deal I just I want. To sell them um because my dad text, talks to me about it every single day and now it's time to drive in the Ferrari this, is the worst thing I could do because my BMW, is getting flat tires left and right Ferrari told me do not drive your car in this weather do not drive a car in this weather but I did not pay three hundred thousand, dollars to watch my car sit in a garage and, not drive it so I. Can't, fit in because there's stuff, over there I'm gonna drive the Ferrari today, I don't care I don't, care I, would appreciate if, you don't fight me for what I'm about to say but I went to the gym and I didn't record it but I did go to the gym and I know you guys probably wanted.

To See that because it would motivate you and I apologize, but I just didn't, but if you'd like to know what I did I did ten sets of ten squats, at 135. So, not a lot of weight but I just needed to get back into the oh you. Know dipping, low making sure my form is correct because I used to squat heavy I used to squat 315, but I finally got back on the squatting, game so I did 10 sets of 10 at 135, I apologize. For not recording it what I would like to say is while I was at the gym I got a text to notify me that all of these raw hoodies, and all of the raw joggers, sold out and honestly, guys from, the bottom of my heart no BS thank you guys so much because, for years I've wanted to create, quality brand, that you guys can trust and you guys can support and, know that the money that you guys are spending you're getting a quality product, out of and you're getting it at a really, fast time because literally if you purchase, it like if you purchased, it today it ships out today, and I thank you guys so much for that I thank you guys for trusting, me and I thank you guys for spending your hard-earned money on the merch it helps, me more than you know and I'm not even bs you guys you guys know my situation you know my situation with you too so when you guys support me on the merch it really I can cry, it helps me so much so as I told you guys one door closes I got to find new doors and I think I really need to put a lot of time and energy into this raw brand because there's so much more that's gonna come out I still have the pre-workout, I still have the gym gear I still have the girl line I have so much stuff so thank you for trusting me if you haven't already purchased. Any of the, raw brand gear, don't worry because these are on sale right now on the website it might be sold out by the time this video comes out because there's only 20 pieces left and if it is I apologize, but these jackets, right here these are our jackets, that I always show the windbreakers, are available, in camel, and black and also the dollar merge so if you go on CARICOM, be sure to get all that stuff because, these are a restock. Of a previous, sell out so these aren't gonna come back again these might if there's a demand for them but those nah, they're, gone so thank you guys so much cats merge calm I'm seriously, grateful, because being able like gosh. I didn't want to get, into this being, able to tell my parents like hey mama and Baba like the merch sold out like, you know I made some money today is a great feeling especially, when your parents are stressing about you so honestly, hope you guys can see the genuineness, from my eyes I appreciate. You guys again for spending your hard-earned money and trusting. Me and buying the merch I think it's gonna be a good year for the raw brand, thank you guys you know what we need to do we need to start a project where is that anybody I can get to come like remodel. This because like I know we remodeled, the basement, but guys ever since we did it I haven't done anything else like look that stays there all the time that's, the couch i watch, netflix on as you can see my loafers, I'm very relatable, guys I'm not saying X I'm trying to be like hey guys look I'm like you I'm serious I live a very normal life like a chill on my couch i watch netflix i, eat Chex Mix, I don't pick up after myself I do a lot of things that I think you guys might be able to relate to I'm struggling. To figure out what I want to do in life some, days I don't want to go to the gym you know sometimes, I plan an event with friends, then when that day comes I want to bail takes, me forever to reply, texts, now I don't think the things I'm describing, are things that make me a bad person I think there are things that make me human and a lot of you guys can relate to you know what guys I just realized something in this extra, room like look I've been hiding it here oh my god this might be so dope so check this out I actually talked, about this a long time ago and I think it's time to finally do it is there a light here alright check this out in here, oh my god check this out guys there is, original. Dose of pussy, rubberish, shirts oh my, god and also there, are check. This out original. Oh my god let me turn this inside out you guys are gonna love this there are original. These are original, guys these are like antique, cuz the grind don't stop man, these designs are so silly but they were done like by me and I really like like, I put pride into these and see how it says D laughs right here so basically I, have hundreds.

Of Shirts tank, tops and wristbands, right here I'm gonna throw a crazy idea your way look, there's a lot if, I were to put them on cats, merch calm, and sell them on a flash sale price, for like $10. Or whatever, and to give you guys a chance to buy a piece, of history because as you guys know dose of pussy was a part of my life your life but it is no more let me know because I could send, those to the company, and tell them to sell it for us at a very cheap price reasonable, price that's actually, a Wow, why, do I treat my stuff like this yeah you know what guys that's gonna be our next project Wow two of them I don't even know I had two of them and I have a 10 million subscribers anyways, I need to hang that stuff up so let me know if you guys are down for that merch that's, crazy I know I'm just constantly talking but there's so much I want to talk to you guys about like, I drove the Ferrari today and as, soon as I drove it I was like yeah I would never trade this in I'm not gonna trade it in for the GTR I'm not gonna trade it in for anything a 488. Is like it's one-of-a-kind guys, it's it's it's a masterpiece, and, driving, it today really made me realize like, yo stop, like no sorry mamma sorry Baba no I'm keeping the Ferrari okay the next thing we have to talk about this, is where I do my streaming, for those of you who don't know I usually sit here and my friend sits here and we stream video game, all night usually now I stream on a website called twitch a lot of you might not know about it a lot of you do I roughly, have about a thousand, people who watch extreme. But, do you guys think I should stop streaming on twitch and I said switch, to streaming, on YouTube on either fouseytube, or dose of pussy let me know what you guys think because right now I am doing it on twitch but as you know it's not benefiting my YouTube whereas if I streamed on fouseytube, then I can constantly, promote, cats and I can get people to join cats and I could get you know it's, just in a house let me know I know there's so many things I'm asking, you to let me know and you're. Like how are you gonna see all this stuff I'll read the comments, and I'll also read the tweets that you guys send me a lot of the times you guys send me tweets like I think you should do this I think you should do that and it really helps me so if you can tweet me one, of you just bought merchandise, that's what that means you know what I'm gonna do right now actually since one of you guys just bought merchandise, I'm gonna do something different today hold on guys I apologize I'm talking so much okay, I'm gonna go to orders, I'm gonna shout out you guys by your names first, names people who bought merch today I know I just changed this topic, but here we go shout out to Samir, Khan shout out to Armando, Hernandez. Cruz Stephanie, Aguilar, Cesar, Martinez. Selenia. Sepideh. Melanie, Rojas, Jason. Veissy Cox, Stacey, Rodriguez. Xavier, guardado, Chaz Abe Saheed, Oh Shawn he, came, Torres, Jennifer, Jill's Anthony, Carew. Careless. Bassel El Khatib aldrin, Kaluza, Abdul. La Lu Derek, white, Yanni. Papadopoulos, that's a sick, name Yanni. Papadopoulos. Her last name is Papadopoulos. That is sick Jennifer, Giles, custodial. Bargain, yes mean, Henriksen. A smile, of Med harem I add and Vadim, naman. Those are just some of the names that purchase merchandise today. So he's. Nice showed love thank you guys and, you again I'm talking so much I really, easy like dosa fousey days to the max I really wonder if you guys are even watching this right now man this is unacceptable. I'm literally sleeping on a mattress because, you guys know this part of a bed this scrunchy part it always falls off so I ended up sleeping there that's unacceptable. And I thought about it remember how my mom was yelling at me she was like put your clothes away do your bed it's my sound bad can we fix my hat I want to come out with a hat by the way that's what I want to come out I texted the people today and I said it's unacceptable that I've been wearing this hat for so many years I need to come out with a signature, hat that I wear every single, day. I just haven't solidified, a design yet but that's what I want to do cuz you guys know me and hats although I'm not scared to rock no hat now but I just you know I like hats anyways, in LA I used to have a cleaning lady come, once a week I shouldn't say cleaning lady she was like a second, mother to me she was amazing, she used to come once a week she you know always checked up on me took care of the cleaning always made sure I was in tip-top shape, so the difference, I know this is gonna sound firstworldproblems, whatever.

The Difference between now and then I have, been accustomed to, lie yeah go and do my bed and clean my clothes whatever knowing. That somebody was gonna come clean it for me now in New Jersey as you guys can see you, know my mom sometimes, when she gets pissed does it for me you know how moms are but other than that there's no cleaning lady right now so that's why my stuff is like all over the place and I'm sleeping in beds like this and my clothes are there and you know my stuff, is there that's, unacceptable, that's. Unacceptable, we have to do something about this I'm going on strike right now what's, up guys so I'm gonna introduce you to somebody who I've never introduced, you to he's my friend. With. What. I'm about to say you guys might be like cuz you guys aren't used to this you might be like why are you so mean to him you see if like you guys used to do with all my other friends after, med hua ji highly. Whoever this dude he's like my brother he's like my little brother he's really young he's only 19 I always, spit real stuff to him he's, like he makes mistakes in life we on the stream helped him so first, of all shout out to the stream as you guys can see so, this is what I do how I spent my night see all these people they're, laughing like. Mayo this, full of lame LMAO, damn, been exposed haha hi YouTube, what up cats he's. Getting red what's up what's up so this is what I do every night guys we, come, we, stream but let me just tell you guys so this guy comes into my house sits, down mind, you my, house smells good my mom cleans um, I, took a shower I'm wearing the freshest merch in the game I have this hoodie on I have dollar right here I have this right here you guys know that sound means that one of you guys just bought merch but he comes into my house, smelling. Like you, know you know when you've been wearing shoes all day and you finally take them off that's not, what he's lying. He's. Mad cuz I brought, this out and I sprayed him with it in the rooms most times they got on my phone like you can't spray Old Spice like that get on people don't come to somebody's house smelling like that smelly, clothes by giving. You a pair of socks. You. Guys want to see him in the vlog more give this video a big thumbs up because I never add characters, into these vlogs but this dude is the biggest character of them all because. He's nicknamed weasel. He's. Nicknamed. After. I got you coffee we got you like to me we're brothers you get each other stuff that doesn't mean you come to my house smelling, I don't I smell good, but I've always smell good I've always smell good every, any time I've come oh my god, what did you do today like, straight up what did you do today what, are you talking about Bryce not good did. You go to a restaurant today no you, didn't go to any kind of restaurant today no I did not go to any come over yeah we're wearing those socks at work no you're. So. When did you change into those songs what do you mean when what what time today like right before I came here we talked about those, are fresh pairs of socks well no no because I worry so my cousin's house is now see exactly, I came here for my cousin's house don't say that but this is technically right before I came here don't say I'll because that's when I would put my head and smell your sweat but my head would be getting a little too close so I'm okay I don't see we need to steer clear to see what are you saying, is rule, of thumb guys when you come to somebody's house smell, nice or else you're gonna get sprayed with Old Spice oh good I smell good I smell desperado, Old Spice I promise, I promise I sprayed, on.

That's. Not. Even. The check look you the. Fifth degree a, use of smell his armpits. Somebody put the muffin emoji so look guys if you guys follow me on Twitch next, hour you. Can put you can put pussy muffin, or dollar by the way guys if your subscribers, on Twitch there's 25, new emotes about to come to you guys so stay tuned bro I'm sorry welcome, to the world it, smells bad bro I said it now though it's better it's better it's, better well I smell good. No. Bronk telling you it. Wasn't I don't know what man I smell again holy, crap. You, know you smell like like you chilled in Subway for five hours, you had PE in your shoes and, then you spray. It acts to cover it up don't do that don't do that don't. Do that please don't, say that did you have subway today I did not have some words did you have subway no I did not put that on something I swear on my mom's life I did not have, subway, today did you end up getting McDonald's, us and I was your home I did not what you trying to keep you, guys are not gonna understand, all of these jokes you guys are probably like you said is so mean to this kid you have to you. Have to join us we've to understand, guys you have to join the stream to understand, I'm gonna stream now but I just wanted to show you guys. Gotta. Get back to the stream so you know how my dad was saying that, I go to sleep at like 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning and then I wake up really, late and he was like that's what not to do well it, kind of just happened, right now again, as, you can see I'm playing rocky league right here the stream is still going on as you can see all, those people are. Watching. The stream and. All 760. People are still in the string showing low 760, people on at what time bro it's worth like I'm getting delusional, I still haven't even taken my medication yet, which I talked about earlier on this vlog there's still so much I have to do what I do want to say is unbelievably. These, windbreakers. Restocked. Yesterday. And both. The camel and the black sold out today I know I talked about the merch a lot but I've just been blown away by the support you, see how that door closed and I really see an open door that can come in the way of the raw brand the pre-workout, hasn't come out the workout gear hasn't come out there's so much that can happen I love you guys so much you guys always help me find a way thanks for being here for day 9. I believe I said in the beginning in the video day, 9 whatever, I know it's the low number but it's day by day tomorrow is day 10 and day 11 then day 12 and we're gonna have a really cool end of January, because it's my sister's, birthday then it's my birthday if then it's my brother and dad's birthday, all in January, so it's gonna be a really fun time you're gonna see me go to DC you're gonna see me go to LA and yeah, hopefully I actually do stick to this and I do actually go, to those places anyways I love you guys so much and I'll see you guys here tomorrow if you didn't already go ahead and subscribe, let's, reach 1, million subscribers. And if, you're wondering when I'm giving away the car probably, next week love, y'all.

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WELCOME BACK KATS! Today was raw raw raw! Love to hear what you thought about it! See you tomorrow...HOPEFULLY! :x BTW. MERCH IS NOW ON SALE.. GO GO GO! https://katsmerch.com/

KATS - Yousef, I love your Baba! He is a very wise man. Follow his advice & you'll do fine. Hard for your depression to lift in the house, being confined in those walls. Getting outside will let it go wherever & it doesn't bounce back to you. Content or complacent? For real, which is it? Hmmm ... Keep Grindin'!

KATS Wow Yousef. This vlog was touching with you and your dad. I think that you should take your dad's advice into consideration. I cannot wait to sport the merch!! It is going to be a great year

KATS I would like to buy it ! Send me the specs

KATS taking your shoes off is like taking your bra off. Heaven

Kats, where is the new video!!!!!. Don't break ur goal in just 1 week.

KATS where is today’s vlog!?!?!??

KATS please put the Dose Of Fousey merchandise on the site that’s where I first found you and I loved the DOF family. I would totally buy it! Also I would stream on the Fouseytube channel or do one week fouseytube one week Dose of fousey to really bring in fans from both channels!!

KATS Yusuf you should live stream on FouseyTUBE

Yusuf you should live stream on FouseyTUBE

KATS hey Yousef u can do it love I know and pray you power through it! I have full faith in you and plz give mama n baba loads of hugs n kisses when i see them I feel I’ve met them lots of love to them n keep smilin

KATS Do the streams on yt but on fouseytube to promote it as u said..not here

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Yousef can you do a colab with RomanAtwood

✌ ☺

Stream on fouseytubeeeee

Get Mama Kat back on YouTube. I miss her.

PLEASE!!!!! Restock the windbreakers I didn’t get the chance to buy one and they look amazing! I really enjoy watching your daily vlogs, because they inspire me and keep me motivated to live better in all areas of my life.

Yousef! You say you can’t do anything because it’s “snowing” but just have to tell you that’s there’s a whole county north of you that is covered in snow 8 months a year! Just saying! Stay positive

I saw your IG Post man that’s fucked up by YouTube

One more thing :) it's OK to take off one day per week from working out because your body needs a rest, so don't beat yourself up. Working out every single day is actually bad because you end up over training and breaking down your body instead of building it up. :)

I love videos like this, gets me through my day

I want to add one other thing about having a schedule - given that SAD is caused by a disruption of circadian rhythms due to the shorter days, sleeping til 4 PM and being up all night only makes it worse.

Yousef, your Father is correct (and also very wise) - the best thing you can do is FOLLOW A SCHEDULE. I know this from personal experience, having suffered from depression since I was teenager. Have you ever looked into light therapy for seasonal affective disorder (SAD)? It really helps. :) Here is a link to one of the best-rated lights at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Circadian-Optics-Therapy-Bright-Spectrum/dp/B01IU9MMPI/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1515683087&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=seasonal+affective+disorder+lamp&psc=1 Please look into this. This particular light is on sale for $65 now. Light therapy, in combination with certain medications and exercise can help a lot. I don't agree with your Father about medications because some, like Wellbutrin (Bupropion), really can help more difficult cases of depression. (Weed, while good for some pain problems, is not good for depression because it is actually a depressant itself, as is alcohol) I write this with only love and healing wishes for you. Good luck! :)

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Stream on fousey tube

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Hey Yousef, Learn more about artificial intelligence systems. Your medicine take will be less in a week or so... its a consciousness trick that have been affecting you and some of us but AI is helping all of us.

KATS stream on fousyrube plz we love you انا احبك

Yes u should sale the bruh bruh Merch and stream it on your fousey channel

KATS I'm interested in the bruh bruh Merch and stream it on the fousey channel.

KATS YouTube

spanish fly they already make enough with online sales.

KATS i am going to start listening to your dad man. Your lucky you have a dad. Mine never gave me any good advice.

KATS Sell the rari cuz its not right invest it into a business and when you have a mid life crisis but one then.and get the gtr or r8 for 100k for now .

KATS You're not a bad person, but be grateful for what you have . As long as you have Allah (swt) in your heart that all that matters.

KATS would you trade for range rover 2016????????,,, Im from chicago????

KATS wheres dollar anyways?

i prefer you streaming on youtube.. tq.

KATS yousef i have beem depressed since i was 13 yrs old im at the same place as u but my motivation is my 1 yr old son.. i dont take any meds just stay positive... depression is real stay motivated ur fans love u n u should love urself to believe in urself..n pray to Allah im 100% sure ull feel better..

I can't believe my mom watches you now my entire family now knows of you your an inspiration

KATS My birthday is on January 18

I think you should stream on youtube.

KATS stream on fousey bro

Fousey i've been a huge follower of yours since day one (new account here btw) I agree that you should start going out man. I myself am bipolar and get depressed like everyday. I just want you to know that getting out will make you feel better. Good luck man i'll be watching your videos, go outside! :)

Fousy can I please get a shout-out or a collab with you? Im really good at making videos... But I can't get the right exposure


Wise words from a very wise man

KATS Hi Yousef, your Dad is right, how about volunteering somewhere? I know it’s cold there, but actually going for a walk or something would help. I’m here if you would like to chat. 1-760-590-7503. Love ya lots and praying for you❤️

saling the old channel is a good idea and living streaming on youtube is a good idea

KATS I would buy the old merch

Yeah my boy yeah.... You knocked on the right door

KATS yousef u should offer namaz it will give u peace start reading the quran with translation maybe it will offer enlightenment

Stream on twitch

KATS sell dof merch for normal price, dont make them that cheep. I still think there worth normal price cuz if been watching you since fousytube. Keep strong bro!

KATS how do I look for you at the stream

KATS you got this man, stay strong

You’re sold out!

Stream on YT

Yo the questions should go in the I card

You talk too much.... U always promise but are not doing it...... More talk more mistake....

KATS please just keep streaming on twitch I fear for YouTube's future Yousef and I don't wanna see you going back to one of your old channels when they're so toxic

KATS What is it with this motivation stuff. Just be easy and be yourself that’s why we watch the vlogs. Be yourself stop with this depressing motivation stuff man.

KATS I think you should stream on fouseyTUBE btw I love ur vlogs

you're the man yousef you will get over this

KATS pack it

bro u r the best ... and pls switch to youtube in streaming .. keep grinding

Stream on DOSE of FOUSY and yes I would buy the merch. And if your reading this your truly #1.

Get and Audi R8 it’s all wheel drive so you can have a nice car and drive it all the time

KATS we love everyrhing you do, you inspired ous to do our best and i have 10 days cleans withouth my addiction becuase i see your video

KATS wow so much in the vlog today. Umm first, your dad is mostly right about getting out of the house, but I suffer from depression too and it's winter and I just don't want to go and do anything. So I totally relate. Not sure what to do about it either. Second, I like you on twitch, but understand what your saying about youtube. I like twitch. I think you should get rid of the old merch but, not sure discount is the way to go. Get a mattress pad for your bed, will help fitted sheet from not coming off. You need to make downstairs nice, it's so blah. Personally I don't know how you live with your parents even though their awesome, we all need our own space so your not always feeling their worried about you and feeling bad about your decisions. I love your parents, don't get me wrong. I feel like I wrote a freaking novel..lol Anyway, love ya roarrr

KATS Muffin is so cute, she looks just like my dog mya. When will you be reading all the letters that have been sent to your po box? Me and my boyfriend sent one :) we both watch all your video and we have for many years!!

KATS by the end on 2018 this channel will have 4 million that’s my prediction

KATS change the name to 365Fousey

Where are your mother I really missed here. But foussy your baba is right. You must change I even don't like snow but you have to handle it see it positive the summer is coming

Yes stream on youtube

Stream on Fouseytube and sell the dof merch

do it on youtube and get a chorme exten so we know when u stream dude

I felt like I just finished watching a short movie

Yousef I want you to go back to Fouseytube and do something on there that's your #Main Channel forget dose of fousey #Fouseytube that's what you started with and that's bigger than any of your Vlog channels put together that's bigger than Kats that's bigger than dose of fousey that's bigger than your mom's channel is bigger than your brother's Channel that's bigger than all of your channel so #FouseyTUBE is where it's at and I didn't get into watching Vlogs until last summer so I Harley ever if any barely part of the dose of fousey squad now I was a straight up Bruh Bruh where Fouseytube all day all day long #RealNiggaAllDay

I love your dad!

I think streaming on youtube is esier to watch for the spectaters

Go to FOUSEY and stream There

Yeah! Try streaming on fouseytube! It should help you grow and will probably be a better source of revenue. Give it a shot.

Go to Romans house

Stream on dose of fousey get back too 10 mil subs

U don't have any mentors or friends who are successful who give you hard truth

U need your own wife and house ... YouTube isn't a stable career... you need a real craft

Leave Ahmed - I see him on Twitch with you - yuck!

what’s his name on twitch?

Boii fix that hair line

To be honest I just want to see his dad

Stream on fouseyTUBE. OG

Hey fousey how can I buy the motorcycle

Dude read namaz bro ur depressed and have anxiety because your away from god. Take 10 minutes out of your day to praise god

Please list the DOF merch on katsmerch!!!

You get a dislike for not listening to papa

Giannis Papadopoulos. It's Greek and it's a male name not a female one

i cant believe i missed out on the windbreakers x(

Don't put Ahmed on the vlogs! I used to watch your Twitch streamings, until Ahmed began to appear in them. I still remember the VALENTINOOOOOO night.

What you said about lying to yourself is so true! And it happens so much in my life cuz I say I will do it but I end up doing nothing about it! My 2018 challenge is to to actually do what I told myself!!! And I WILL.

Yousef do stream on dose of fousey or whatever chanel you want but please be on Youtube

hey Yousef I wanna buy the bike bro. What we got to do to communicate?

Listen to your pops Fousey!

Poor guy

Get married that is the solution

Change the streams to Fouseytube. Leave Twitch and stream on YouTube. It will help the channel a lot and more people will be able to watch it

brroo... your life is gonna get harder cos you forgot your lord allah

I’d definitely buy the merch

Stream on fousey tube plzzzz

Love this video! Thank you Yousef!

Yousef you have no idea how insane this is. I have been looking for a motorcycle to buy for the past few months. The main reason I got my job was to be able to buy a motorcycle for myself. One day while watching your blog I saw your motorcycle's sitting in the garage and I wanted to see if there was any way I could reach you to see if i could buy it off of you. If you're serious I'd love to talk about it, and it's convenient since I am also in New Jersey

Yes please stream on youtube


YOUSEFF u should go live on fouseytube or doseoffousey beacause that would help ur YouTube career..

Love Your Dads Advice! I Think You Should Have Him Give Us All Talks/Advice Once In While!! I Don’t Know About Others But I Walked Away From It Feeling Better!!!

Hey yousef.we love u always.i love each and every videos u post.as my suggestion spend more time with ur parents and nephews becoz they helps u to get better life and they make u happy.

JUST DO IT !!!!! Keep it up yousef

I just started watching your vlog and I can really relate to what you're going through I'm going through the same thing your inspiring me

Ive never met your father nor you for that matter but i could sit and talk to your dad for hours and walk away with a lifetime of knowledge that i can pass onto my own children as well as myself.


Yousef i need the motorcycle, ill buy it, I need a ride to school

Missed the fitness intro

Stream on DoseOfFousey :)

Do pranks and collide with other big youtubers at LOS ANGELES

Love you bruh

If yousef can do it we the kats can do it

Streaming from time to time would be fun!

i felt inspirerad from your dads tips. Good luck... :D

In l a

Thought you already sold them


Go back to fouseytube!!!

Go back to fousey!!

Your father words inspiring me

Stream on Fousey Tube . Just go on it . I love you .

Lol youre making him cry tho

Sumair khan?! Like the producer of theapartment with asif and baluch Sumair khan?

Yea try streaming on youtube

Do what is best for you bruh

Stream on FouseyTube

Change the channel to “Fousey” & stream on fouseytube

Agree with your dad

Yousef has everything he's wanted in life people like me get depressed even if we do things outside everyday cuz I'm still grinding for my dreams but one day I'll make it.

Your father is a wise man.

I've been following you since 2012, but I never had my own card to buy your merchandise with, I will happily buy all of you old merchandise❤️

Sell the DOF merch

I think you should stream on both but ultimately stick to twitch in the long run

Stream your games in the vlogs! Like the best bits!

Please stream on YouTube I don't know twitch but really want to watch it

Yousef. Your clothes brand is looking great ☺️

ليش ماتسوي مقالب

Nintendo switch is the best!!!!

We’re in nj

What You stream on Twitch put to YouTube to FouseyTube or DOF channel. Don't stop streaming on Twitch it is good to standing on more feet. ;)

Stream in fouseytube channel, and from there you can also post different content when it comes back to life , but keep the vlog here in kats

Stream on youtubeeeeee

can I buy your bike pls???

This video applies to every single person out there. POINT BLANK

Ahmed tho GOAT!


Name of the music at the end please

Box logo rawr merch??????

Doesn’t Deserve A Thumbs Up Because He Didn’t Roar Into The Camera

G is bright Red needs fish oil; high blood pressure

You should give away the old dof merch! Do giveaways!

Don’t get the GTR as much as it is a good car. You should get a 4x4 if anything.


muffin is so goofy :)

Aye DC!!!

yousef if you have nothing to do outside then get a bunch of friends together and plan things that you wanted to do together, your dad is right about going outside because when you always at home you feel like you trapped in a box full of loneliness like go out and see people grinding and smiling and be with them, enjoy time but really hope soon that youll have much more to do for the vlogs but im so happy you vlogging again, ly yousef!!

Yousef remember..if one door closes, go through a window ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ahmad is always the Drama causer Hahahah

He is high on the Ahmed part. They smoke on the stream. dose of drugs

Zaid Abo Al Haija yes dear I get your point but weed can really alleviate anxiety for anxious people. I do wish he’d find a better way.

mr.kate can do it

hi kats

You should really be uploading on fouseytube, nothing is happening on that channel might as well use it especially if your not using it

Let me buy them!

Fousey, I'll fly out to NJ just to hit a gym session with you.. Let me know! Need someone to push me more lol

De Wae

Random comment: yousef listen to human by Christina Perri, if u like it u do if I don’t ya don’t

Brooo you're doing a great job keep it up

Old ppl are so funny

stream on youtube better bro

Also, It is easier to tune in to your steams if you do it on youtube

If you sell that old merch, I could definitely buy them.

I love your parents

Your day might go way better for you if you decide to follow your dad’s advice. You might feel drained, tired, exhausted by living day by day the same way. Change the small things and you will have a better result with your day!!

yes you shod do livestrems on fouseytobe

the thing that i think you shold do is making motivation speaks. because you now how it is to be deprest so if you go from were you was and in the end you show that it is alweys a selution.

stream on fousey

you need God that's what you need

I can really relate.

I mean not joking playerfrom7@gmail.com email me I want that bike @fousey I'll pay give me good deal

KATS also stream on YouTube would be better

I would trade everything to have a father figure like this. I was always misguided or had no guidance

KATS stream on YouTube

KATS I still have my bruh bruh t shirt love to get the tank top


just saying i know how it feels that goes away with work or doing all what you have trust me i know

ur father is very smart person. u need to learn from him

Stop fucking complaining. Their r people who have dibiltating disease have no acess to water to food are in the midst of war seeing such horrific violence n human suffering. The list goes on. Then theirs u n ur life blessings so stfu n stop moaning ur perfectic. Turn the news on if u need a reailty check. Ur medication is weed some people have to have limbs cut of or die long painful deaths as they have no medicine in their countries ffs.

Start stream on fouseytube, I love you lots #fouseylove

My bro I love this blog the KATs are going to be the strongest army on you tube I watch everyday . this blog really inspired me I was feeling depressed and down and I wanted to do was be at home watching movies because I was in a funk but you and your dad are right . I’m done making excuses and I’m going to Mali it happen thanks for the inspiration . I have something for muffin where can I send it ? Also I’m. Interested in the motorcycle

Really inspiring! Random question--what background music did you use? I really like it haha

I like it when you take us to the dinner and shops and Starbucks

Baba is very wise and loving.

Your daily bread Yousef. That is all we need. A balance life is what we need. If you only play that is not balance, if you only work, that is also not balance. Also cold places tend to depress people that need more light to feel good. I am praying for you Yousef. You need a wife and five kids and you will have absolutely no time to feel anything anymore. Stay strong Yousef. You will be fine son.

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