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Hatshepsut: The Forgotten Pharaoh • Puppet History

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Oh, welcome one and all the puppet history, online university. Today we'll be taking an ever whining look at yet another chapter, in the heavy heavy book we call history, while our guests ruthlessly, compete for the coveted title of history master. I am obviously your beloved host the professor. Ryan bergara. Are you ready, i'm good i just finished my little snack and i'm ready to go oh good snacks are important, ryan graham, our special, guest, are you ready. I am i'm ready to be here and excited to be in an online course. Then let's, crack in. I've just realized there's a bit of a hiccup we've got two ryans today just to keep things clear, i think ryan brigar we're gonna actually have to demote you to just bergara, you call me rb if you want to oh. Barbies. Yeah arby's, oh let's just call you arby's, no don't call me arby's, beef man. I'm fine with beef man literally, anything but arby's. Man. Behold. Ancient. Egypt. Today a popular, tourist destination, due in part to its fancy cemetery, but in the millennium before the common era it was one of the most vibrant, and powerful, empires, on earth, atop this kingdom, set the pharaohs. The rulers of the nile and its surrounding, environs. Today, we're talking about one that i'm willing to bet neither of our contestants. Has ever heard of and that until about, 100, years ago, no one in the world had really heard of, hot, chef. Yep, nip never heard of that no not ringing a bell. Say that one more time hot chips. But first, let's talk about the pharaohs, now pharaohs were kings, sure, but also, so much more, they control the military. Most of the land in egypt, and were intermediaries. With the gods, like with the king we're also the pope. It's a lot of power, no one man should have all that power, ooh a bar come on kanye we love it beef man got the bars, yes. Wow kanye might consider himself a modern-day, pharaoh, he's actually referred to himself, as a pharaoh. In one of his songs in monster, i believe he calls himself a pharaoh, he does, uh right after a very. Yeah. We all remember that. With this divine, status, came in obsession. With building things, the more things you built the more surface area you had in which to etch your lineage, and triumphs, as a ruler, this was especially, important for the ancient, egyptians, as one of their beliefs, about eternal life after death, was that it was contingent. On some form of memory, of them existing, in the real world, all the elaborate, tombs statues, and temples that still exist today, were built to ensure the spirits of the pharaohs, lived forever. Preserved, in the memories of the living, no it's kind of like cocoa it's like if like if the last person forgets you then you just disappear, forever, which is like kind of sad but also kind of beautiful it is like yeah. Our first question. Now for a history point each, name as many of the approximately. 170. Pharaohs, to rule egypt, as you can. Oh god, okay well yeah this is i i was fully expecting multiple, choice i didn't know you two, yeah i'm starting, to answer. For you, were women allowed to be pharaohs. I don't know. Okay well i'm gonna go with my guess, uh, beef man why don't you go first, uh king tut. On common. Is in smaller, ones, and then uh and then i put cleopatra. That's two that's that's two points for you that's true yes twitter, common, was his full name, i would have accepted just tut frankly, all i know is king tut.

And Then i put nefertiti. Because i forgot about cleopatra. And now i'm like never td was a goddess. Not, a, pharaoh. And then i also put, hotep, and i put kanye west and i put carl probably, that does sound like a pharaoh, uh nefertiti, was actually, the wife of a pharaoh so she was a queen, and uh frankly i think that's worth a point, uh let's see. For sure. And hotep, hotep, was i believe a pharaoh right you believe. You know it's a common, element of their names there's imhotep. And amen hotep, so. You know what i'll give you a point for that. Shocker. Now if you wanted to join the ranks of those 170. Mostly forgotten, god kings of egypt the easiest, way was to be born the eldest son of the current pharaoh and his queen, even then though it wasn't always simple. Pharaohs were polygamous. But only one wife was considered, the queen, apart from this queen, pharaohs would keep a harem who weren't technically, royals but instead considered. Lowborns. If the royal queen hadn't given birth to a son by the time egypt needed a fresh pharaoh. A son from one of the women in the harem, could be chosen air, now you can see how this system could make succession, a real mess and that was the case with our pharaoh de jour, hatchet. Did they live in the the palaces, with them because it was a harem so like look if i'm, a pharaoh, and i've got, my wife, and then i've got my wife. Yeah borat, thanks ryan, rotten jelly bean, come on man, yeah i, guess if i have a bunch of wives, i guess i'm you know putting them up in some nice apartments, giving them some bowls of grapes, cause like i've heard of like bathing in milk and honey which sounds kind of fun, so like maybe they took like nice baths, and lotions, and stuff apparently that's something jlo does, does she, bathes and milk at least for sure i don't know about the honey but uh yeah i i read that or no i watched that on one of those weird vanity fair things like you watched, j-lo. Bathe and milk and honey, hot shepherd's, father was a man named footmosa, the first he was a charismatic, and by all accounts, effective, leader hopping into power around 1500.

Bce. A military, man who expanded, egypt's kingdom by force, there's one story of moses, sailing home to thebes with the body of a vanquished, foe dangling, from his ship as a warning to all who had the foolish notion to challenge, the pharaoh. Brutal, when i was in college, i had a spider infestation. In my house. With my roommates, so what i did was i captured one of the spiders. And i did burn it alive under a slurpee cup and left the corpse. In the middle of the garage, as an example, guess what no more spiders, spiders, uh beautiful little bugs leave them alone, what do you have like pet spiders, or something i mean yeah kind of kind of raise them like chickens you know i keep them in my backyard. You know i do have a pretty steady diet of jelly beans but i also have to get some protein, in there so, usually when they're good and fat i uh. Oh. And though their spirits may live forever, the physical body of every pharaoh did spoiler, alert, eventually, fail. When that time came first that moza the first, even though hot chef soot was the child of moza and his queen amos. Feridum, passed not to hot chef soot but to the sickly, foot moser ii. Whose mother was a non-royal. Secondary, wife. Another open-ended, question. Why was that moses, ii, made pharaoh, instead of hatchet, soot, when that moza the first died. Uh, are we allowed hints. Let me think about that, a hint, a hint. No i'm just gonna you're just gonna have to take your shot, love it shoot your shot ryan graham i believe in you thank you uh, beef man what do you got uh i put, dude had dragons, and a bangin bod, dude had dragons. A thing that doesn't exist, and a bang, bang and pod. Thing that definitely, exists, ryan what do you got i said it was because, the first wife, died. Like before she could give him a son so that's how he got it well. Unfortunately, you're both. Incorrect. And, not even close, uh if i were gonna give a history, point i guess i would give it to ryan because he's at least trucking, in the realm of reality, so i'm gonna give a history point to ryan graham. Congratulations. Thank you um, but, the answer, is that hot shepherd. Was a woman that's right i buried the lead in a pyramid, of factoids, but we're talking about a female, pharaoh. Wow. Okay that's love to hear it now just because hot chep soot was passed over didn't mean she was out of the picture, in a pretty gross custom, royal children, often married their siblings, and when she was around 12 years old hatshep's soot was wed to her half brother, moza ii, the new pharaoh hot a bit old-fashioned, you know the best way to uh ensure some nepotism, is by, a little incest, i guess that's true.

Thanks For the words of wisdom there beast man it's pretty gross. Hatch episode had only given birth to a daughter by the time her husband died, so the throne, once again, passed to a son born not by a queen, but by a member of the mose of the second's harem the kingdom of egypt was to be ruled by the appropriately. Named, footmosa, iii so, she now is she have to like move out like because her husband died does she have to go away well, there's, a bit of a problem here and let me, elaborate, for you, there's one problem, in declaring, foot moser the third king of all of egypt, he was, a baby, he was a little baby boy, today, thanks to the film boss baby we know that babies can be smart and effective, leaders, but egypt, needed someone to keep the throne warm while futmoza, iii learned the skills needed to lead, such as how to command an army, and how to not make boom boom in his diapees. Because, thetmos moses iii's, mother was a lowborn. Hatshepsut. Who had been part of the royal family since birth took over as queen region, basically, she had the best resume for the job, she's like a tim if you like she's filling in exactly or a seat filler at the oscars, yes, exactly, now for the first few years everything went according to plan, but moses iii learned and grew while hot chef soot took care of the busy work that entails, leading, all of ancient egypt, some time before thought moses turned eight however, hotshepsut. Decided to put in for a promotion. Enough with the queen regent stuff, she wished to be cold pharaoh. Now what did futmoza. And the egyptian, elite do, when hot chef. Said she wanted to be co-king, of egypt, ay, they said, okay. B they tried to kill her with an asp. Or c, they exiled, her from egypt, by sending her floating, down the nile. Oh. Okay. All great answers. Beef man which guy i got b, asps. Very dangerous, and ryan, i also put b killer with an ass, because you know, i feel like they wouldn't just go okay and i feel like exiles, too. She could come back it's too tempting we also see a lot of like. Snakes, being used to assassinate, people and like films from this time which i imagine must draw on some kind of historical, fact uh i guess you would call this, asp. Assassination. Ask. Ask. Where is my truck. I got a little well let's find out what happened. Didn't even recognize, that i quoted, a very famous line from raiders of the lost dark, unbelievable. Ah, ah yes, another day for me, hot chops up hot chips. Ruling egypt while my sort of stepkid, sword and nephew, grows up to replace, me actually that sounds kind of like bullshit, to me you know what i want to be co-king. You, these are the elites over here uh, you mean like you want to marry, your sort of step kid to become, queen again, no i just i think i should be like, also. Pharaoh. It's me foot moser the third you know, i may be just. Where the fuck am i go okay great i may be just a little boy, but i'm also pharaoh, what would that make me if you're co pharaoh uh well i guess it would make you also pharaoh but i'd take care of the you know the governance. Okay. Yeah that works, yes that sounds good to us the elites, it's a lot of puppets up here okay.

Bye. Huh, good for them i guess i mean it seems like the decision was made out of laziness, but either way still. Progressive, yeah i know i think it's progressive, why i feel who i wouldn't expect them to just kill her i love to say i died that's exactly what i expected. Hey i'm back wow, so, no points for anybody but yeah kind of chill, right they're just like all right cool go for it man now to hot shepherd's, credit, the fact that everyone was cool with this was no mere coincidence. As regent, she had hand-picked. Talented, outsiders, to fill the key positions. In the regime. Instead of choosing people from elite families. That meant if those officials, wanted to keep their positions, they needed hot chef soot in the throne, so look she's got a little bit of leverage here so it's less like them being progressive, and more of like i want to keep my job so, yeah, so i guess if we're looking for the noble, angle it's that uh, she actually did, hand pick talented, people for the roles and didn't just fill it up with uh you know the usual, nepotism, i was going to say it's almost kind of like if like a president, picked a really shitty vice president so that you would not, want to assassinate, said president, so, being the daughter of a pharaoh, the widow of another pharaoh, and stepmom, to yet another pharaoh, all of whom had the same name by the way, not to mention being the only person on the planet with egypt leading experience. Didn't mean keeping the title of cofero. Was a given. How did hotshepsut. Go about earning the loyalty. Of her people, a, she launched a public infrastructure, project. B, she enslaved, them or c, she sent the army to conquer modern day eritrea. Yeah. Yep, these don't sound optimistic. I would like to think that it was like ah i'm gonna do a public good but i'm just like the way history works. It's very rare that people are like let's do a good thing to stay in power, i i pick, war, i put slavery. Beef man's going with slavery. Ryan you're going with war. It was either that at war, right right, well, um. I'm happy to tell you you both, don't receive any history points because the answer is hey. Wow yeah, who knew egypt was so progressive. Wow, what a lovely, space, well well now okay, i mean. They did have, plenty, of uh slave, labor going on and they did those stones were very heavy, that's true, yes infrastructure. In ancient egypt, was a little different than the roads and bridges we think of today for instance, hatshepsut. Built some of the largest, egyptian, obelisks. Ever constructed. At 100, feet tall now you modern day city slickers, may not think 100, feet is that impressive. Heck the washington, monument, is a. 555-foot. Tall obelisk. Unlike, the washington, monument, however. Ancient, egyptian, obelisks, were made from one, solid, piece of stone. That's as if a ten-story. Apartment building were carved out of a solid piece of rock and then lifted into place how the fuck did they do that yeah, what, you know i mean, look if i know anything about the beef man he would argue that uh, aliens, baby, ancient, aliens, did it because certainly. People in ancient times weren't smart enough to build, pulleys, right i i don't know i'm with the beef man on this one i feel i don't think it's a matter of smarts, i want to see it be done i want to see i'd love to see it. Look at that. In addition to obelisks. Hotshepsut, built one of the most magnificent. Structures. In all the ancient world an immense temple, at der el buhari. Pools and gardens with aromatic. Trees, populated, the temple's, lower levels. And a hundred, enormous, statues, of hot shepherd, as a sphinx, stood guard, the walls were covered with inscriptions. Detailing, hot chipsets, triumphs, as a ruler. Apart from the building spree, hachipset. Aimed to establish, legitimacy. By building the only kind of loyalty, that really matters. Brand loyalty, baby. Whoa. What did hotchapso. Do to establish. Her brand, a she changed her name, b she changed her gender, or c, she mythologized. The story of her birth. All right beef man what you got it's a c show me the birth certificate. Jesus, dude. Such a stupid part of our history. Ryan, i put, b, gender, only because we've been on a very progressive, wave, and i would love, for them to be like yeah the first transgender. Pharaoh. Well let's find out. I hope you're right i hope you're right too it'll be very cool. I'm kovaro. Which is great but i need a total rebranding. That's why i hired you, famous madman. A don draper, a reference that makes total, sense he has a suit too, look we're just having fun here you guys got it. Yeah, anyway, now here's what i'm thinking, uh, hot chips but, we'll give you. A new haircut. Okay i like that but how about instead, we really hammer home to everyone that as the daughter of a pharaoh, my mom got knocked up by the god amon, who had simply taken on the appearance, of my dad.

I Mean. I suppose, we could do that but hot chop should also that's not my name anymore, hot chocolate, what does that even mean, my name's ma'at. Well that's. That's nonsense, that won't that just confuse also, from now on i'm to be depicted, as a man. Ma atkari. You have a vision. Wait what. So it's d all of the above, a trick question. Wow, crazy all of the above we haven't had one of those before huh. Who knew that this was even a possibility, though yeah i feel like this guy doesn't like to play by the rules i'm a bit of a bad boy you know that's what you want to call it. Yeah i'm a bad boy yeah so unfortunately. No history points for either of you. Yeah i'm sorry it's all right it's hard. I appreciate, the hustle, but uh yeah a bit of a curveball, there hot shep soot went through quite the transformation. And while ma, khare, is the name most frequently, found on her monuments, for our story i'm going to keep calling her by the name she had when we first met. Not that i never met her personally. Before continuing. Let me explain the gender thing real quick, though in early statues, and carvings hot chest, was portrayed, as a demure, woman, eventually, she started being portrayed, as a bear-chested. Flail, and crook-wielding. Man, now this was not an attempt to trick people into thinking she was actually a man, egyptian, art depicted, things, not necessarily, as they really were but a bit more metaphorical. Written references, to hatchet. Still made it clear she was a woman, just one depicted, as a man wearing a fake beard, though the full reason for this change remains a mystery, theories range from attempting to legitimize, her rule to taking some of the ancient sting out of the fact that the co-pharaoh, thought moses iii was sharing the title with was a woman. So a lot of lot to chew on there what is he doing at this time her co-feral. He's a little he's a little baby, he's still a baby. Got it guys probably probably. Uh sucking on his thumb, maybe uh serving up turds like hotcakes, yeah chasing a bumblebee, i don't know, things kids do things baby yeah things kids chasing a bumblebee. Yeah you never chased a bumblebee as a little boy beef no no so you're you're raising spiders, for killing. Yeah you're chasing around bumblebees, terrorizing, them what else are you doing in your free time. Just chilling. Perfect, segway here now while hot chef soot was gradually, transforming, her brand, footmosa. Iii, was also, gradually, transforming. Into a man who would be capable, of running egypt, by himself, thank you very much. While hot shep soot did a great job of making sure no strong men with militia, and a bone to pick usurped, the throne, the biggest threat to her job was in reality, her co-worker, slash, stepson. Slash, nephew, so yeah you know she's got to watch out i know he's a little boy but uh, little boys can be dangerous, i feel like kids are the scariest creatures on the planet, no that's true they're full of germs, and then they also can be murderous, and i'm like no kids are, even if they're not full of germs or murdering, kids are just plain creepy, so luckily, by most indications, the two had a great relationship. While hot chef, was in charge it would have been relatively, easy for an, accidental. Death to befall the boy king, instead, she made sure he would be well prepared, for life as a pharaoh, having him educated. As a scribe. A priest, and a soldier. He excelled, at this latter vocation. And was eventually, promoted, to commander, in chief of the army wow so she's like also, a great person, she's like very forward, thinking, she's uh making sure he's a well-rounded. Individual, it's pretty cool, oh no, you sound so sad yeah, why are you, is that i just the way history, works, i feel like she's doing all these amazing things to him, and he's gonna usurp, her, like i feel like once he actually becomes, that's why i got sad because i'm like history's, sad.

History, You're probably, right he's gonna try to be a dick, all of this was happening, during a time, of relative prosperity. And peace for egypt, which every leader throughout history will tell you means one big, problem. What to do with the army. If hatchet. Disbanded, the army, egypt would be defenseless. If she sent them to war and they lost, she would be blamed and usurped. If she sent them to war and they won, well then bozo iii would get all the credit and perhaps, diminish, his ant-man's. Power. So. What did hot chaps uh do with her army, a she sent them on a military, campaign, down the nile while ordering. Moza the third to stay home b she sent them on a trade expedition, or c she put them to work building, a. Pyramid. That seems to be the most uh, logical, and she seems to be fairly logical, interesting, interesting. And ryan, uh c pyramid, baby. I feel like, yeah we love a good pyramid, and i feel like uh, she wants to keep then an eye because if you send them away, something could happen, but if they're in town and in work you see them and you know that they're busy. Solid logic there but unfortunately. Points to beef, man. Yes she sent them on a trade expedition, so hot chef soot the great ruler that she was turning out to be, turned this potential, problem, into a benefit, she sent the army on a trading expedition, to the mysterious, and lost land of punt, where no egyptian, had been for over 500. Years. Now the trade route that opened up was a lucrative, one bringing ivory. Incense, and rare animal skins to egypt. Ancient records, boast quote, never was brought the like of this for any king who has been since the beginning. These riches garnered further support, from the elites, who liked fancy things, consumerism. Isn't just a modern scourge, folks, which reminds me click below to buy some of the finest, merch, in all of history. Wow, yeah look i'm a shill for my own my own shit guys. I'm on a t-shirt, i'm happy about it, sue me, brutal. Brutal. In 1457. Bce. After an uncommonly, peaceful, and prosperous, 22-year. Reign hot chipset, died, finally giving footbozo, the third full control, over egypt, giving him time to learn the royal ropes was well worth it as he too had a successful, reign, using his skills as a military, leader, but moses iii expanded, egypt's control, by force and resulted, in egypt's, status as one of the wealthiest, nations, on earth.

Wow See what happens when you teach the children. As for hot chef, thanks to her many infrastructure, projects, and the profitable, trading partnership, with punt, it seemed the female pharaoh's, name should have been remembered, forever. Except, until the early 1900s. No one really knew she existed. Why had no one heard of hot chip soot a hot chapstoot's, hieroglyphic. Name had been mistranslated. To mean period, of no ruler, b, her stepson, destroyed, almost, all records, of her existence. Or c, archaeologists. Just weren't very good until the, 1900s. Uh. Hmm. Beef man suck it to me i think it's b dude's gonna dude dude's gonna dude, okay, uh, ryan i put b because history, is sad. Yeah yeah, come common refrain, on this show but an accurate, one points to both of you wow. Oh. I knew he was gonna be a dick, man, yeah you called it a while ago man, you really did, and it's a little heartbreaking. Towards the end of mozart iii's, reign around 20 years after the death of his predecessor, aunt, hot shep soot's many monuments. Statues. And carvings, were all destroyed. Replaced, with the likeness, of her husband, the clothes of the second. Remember, in ancient egypt, the consequence, of this wasn't simply a destroyed, legacy. But literally, cursing, her to damnation. With no statues, or recordings, of hot chef soot she could no longer enjoy, the eternal, life those depictions, were meant to promise her damned her to hell. I didn't even think about that that was at the top of this oh my god. It's wow. That is so messed up after all she did for him right, she could have easily gotten rid of him when he was a baby you know how easy it is to kill a baby. You drop a you drop a snake in the crib there were, snakes everywhere all you have to do is like leave the room in a snake, will end up in that crib. Now the reason why footmost of the third tried to erase hatshepsut's. Name from history, is a mystery, that still eludes, historians, today. Jealousy, perhaps. Or an effort to tidy up the story of his lineage, maybe, no matter the reason, a shitty thing to do, because of him, record of hatshepsut's. Accomplishments, had effectively, been erased, and it would take hundreds of years of archaeology. To rediscover, it so he must be holding a grudge, it seems like something maybe, i mean sometimes, grudges, could be long growing that's true i guess i could have woken up one day and been like you know what fuck that. Actually. There's also the possibility. That you know on day one he's like r.i.p, hatshepsut. Loved that lady but i'm pharaoh now hooray, and you know he goes to meet with his advisors, and they're like hey. Nice to have you here by the way hot shop soot boy oh boy she kicked ass uh, well you really better live up to this and then day by day it's hot chefs. Hot chefs, that. 20 years of that adds up and he's like yo what i'm tired of here to this lady, let's wipe her from the books, that's true, he's sitting in a therapist, office 20 years later and finally realizes, the source of his pain. Let's jump ahead, some 3 300, years whoa. All the way to 1903. When famed, british archaeologist. Howard carter, would unearth, a non-royal, tomb today known as kv-60. Inside, were some mummified, geese, the mummy of hot shepherd's, royal wet nurse, and, the mummy of another, unidentified. Female. Mystery. Skip ahead another 100 or so years to 2007. And with the help of modern technology. A ct, scan would confirm. That the unidentified. Mummy, was likely hot cheps. After all wow. Now with hot chef soot's body finally accounted, for, tests were conducted, in an attempt, to determine, the cause of her death. So. What is the leading theory, for how hot shep soot died, a she was mauled by a tiger, which presumably.

Came From her training partners, in punt. She had cancer, as a result of her skin cream, or c, drinking, poisoned, wine at a banquet, held in her honor. I don't know. I don't either. Beef beef boy i'm sorry. That's banned to you i'm beef heart you're not born sorry beef boy beef man give it a what do you got, bee cancer. No. No. And ryan i put a, our tiger queen i would just because i would like for her to have god how horrible. It's a pretty it's a pretty metal way to go yeah no it's not. This sounds awful. I guess cancer is awful too yeah yeah, well point to the beef boy uh. She did have cancer as a result of her skin cream, ct scans done in 2007. Showed hot chipset, at the time of her death to have been in very poor health, according to evidence found in her pelvic region and spine, she suffered from cancer. Found amongst her possessions, was a vial that contained, skin cream which made sense as there were known cases of skin disease in hatshepsut's. Family, in that skin cream however, pharmacologists. Discovered. Benzoa. Pyrene, one of the most carcinogenic. Substances. On earth. Wow. So just rubbing skin cancer on herself, yeah yeah. Though we have a better understanding, of how she died. The mystery. As to why her legacy, was erased. Remains. Not fully understood. Uh still her body was found and we know about her now and she did a pretty great job as pharaoh. With memory of her reign restored, her spirit can continue, to live on for eternity. That concludes, our history lesson i'm going to go tally the scores, to see who receives, the coveted, cup and title of history master. While i do that, please enjoy the special, performance. From. One of the mummified. Geese, found, in hot chapssot's. Tomb. The the puppet history of 2020, that multiple choice section is going to be fucking brutal, and surely. Murder hornets couldn't be the answer and it's like but yes. It is it's just awful. Oh wow oh she's a mummy, yeah my, yeah i'm a mummified, goose, looks like an ostrich, no no i'm a goose. Very clearly. A goose, looks like an ostrich. Hot chips, she was coveted, as hell, they tried to wipe her from the books as far as we can tell, a pharaoh, you should know she really held it down, oh just because she kept the peace she don't deserve right now. Oh you haven't heard, she stepped up bad world egypt addressed the moses the third, a queen, a king, depends which glitch you've seen but by and large he sure took charge and really nailed the thing. A funny claim to fame, her husband dad and kinda son they all had the same name a pharaoh, who narrowly, missed her chance to rule but luckily, that came to me was tied up with preschool. If you're still asking who, to show the pharaoh's greatness can't be measured by there too a queen, some, previously. Entered. I should know me and my bro were mummified, with her.

Committed. Memory, because you see regrettably. She happens to be dead and we can help her out enormously. Particularly. Spiritually, if every now and thenish we could toss a kindly thought to she who merely became history, not via egyptology. But lost for all eternity, arrest, though it's a mystery, why anyone could possibly, resort to such foul treachery, and so it's with respect that we remember, on occasion she kicked out. All right. Every time i when those songs come up i feel like i'm like the living manifestation. Of that jay-z, gift it's like kind of like heading out around like we just had not. Hell of a goose. Definitely a goose not an ostrich as far as i can tell, uh let's see how we did whoa, knock me down with a mummified, goose feather. Ryan. Graham. His hour. History. Aaron he has so rightfully, earned, the coveted cup, beef boy thanks for trying, ryan go claim your reward. Okay oh okay. All right recording, a video, once i can get my hands on that little blue ball sack of a head that you have. Yes. No more coming off there's even jelly beans in this, try knowing more, oh my god. You've earned it and we're, so thankful, for you coming by here today thank you ryan graham for playing i want to thank everybody for watching. We'll see you next week on another exciting episode of puppet history. Goodbye. Foreign.

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