Hatice bir günde neler yapıyor?Pirinç kağıdı sarması mı?Soru cevap

Hatice bir günde neler yapıyor?Pirinç kağıdı sarması mı?Soru cevap

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I can't believe what time is it.. Let's get up Good morning hahaha Good morning baby Why are you not energetic at all? Guys, before I start the video, I want to show you this my bag. I already love the look of this bag. The wooden bead details over there. I love it! Even the lining here is so matching that it's really pretty bags..

If you like stylish bags like this, I definitely recommend it, but I also have news for you. We have prepared a code for you To the first 10 people with the code HATMYUBELAR.. There is a discount of 20 TL over 50 TL shopping , guys If you want to have it, you can get it at a discount, there are also different models of bags. I think you should take a look at other bag models. Yes guys, many of you are wondering where Myung is..

Myung is here... - Me as always hahaha you are so bad Guys, the reason why I opened the video today, more precisely, the subject of the video 1 day through the eyes of Hatice So today's video I will have a day , so what do I do in a day . More with me. It will be a video that I look a lot It will be a video where you will spend time with me I hope you like it. Tomorrow Myung will shoot his own video Let see how is it going to be While I sweep around, Myung will prepare breakfast for us We divide labor like this Now I'm going to vacuum the house See you later guys :) Prepare delicious breakfast okay? - okay but we are on a diet how can I make it delicious? 1 egg You're gonna do a sandwich? - 1 portion... no 1 serving of cheese And tomato , cucumber Add olives too. Olive is also on the list. Let's sweep around guys Myung bought a Barbie doll for Hayrus, guys Hayrus wants a Barbie doll Barbie! How is it .. let me see

Look eyes Guys , look eyes when we went there the other day to stay with my mom? We gave as pocket money. After that she said ah like I can buy barbie with this haha There was a barbie in Şok market Here it is, here you see the king. - But I'll take money from her What will you get from Hayrus? hahaha will you take Hayruş's money? So I'll sell it to her - Oh I see, you will sell it at a discount Turks usually say this, I already know what people will say They will say to you that you have become a complete Turk... Good luck Hayruş Let her not see, I will say I did not take it, then she will look and discover on her own I see hahahah snack on diet A milk, yoghurt, buttermilk, kefir a serving of fruit 12 pm Vegetable meal I will do Myung is playing games I guess you were not surprised at all, I don't believe it... My love look at this The soil has been displaced I can't believe it, I'm so happy! what happens if i remove it? This arugula plant, I’m very happy , guys Let's water it, let's get you lots of water Parsley too is a little bit trying to keep it alive By the way , guys You said prune them a little, I pruned them look at my green onions.

They started to grow, by the way, look... Look at my balcony, cute right ? Well let's fill water Look at my thyme, how it has grown.. So now I understand better how my mom loves her flowers oh my god how beautiful Look at my mints, if anyone wants, I'll send them too much Myung is playing games, guys Dangerous game okay? - Vampire game zombie game Playing zombie game Very realistic by the way telling the story right now anyway I'll go Let's make a coffee now After that, let me answer a few questions from you We haven't made a question-and-answer video for a long time. I didn't do it on Instagram either. For this reason, I asked you on Instagram, do you have different questions.. I will choose a few of them. in the video I said I will share with you, I said I will answer, then let's make coffee.

It's so cold here but what are you doing? I will answer here. - Okay, but if I'm not there? You too, stay with me, leave your game Yes now.. Let's start a little Are we going to answer questions? The question that confuses everyone is where is Myung's family? Myung's family is in Korea. The reason they came to the wedding is not because they did not accept me, but because of Corona.. because they couldn't come Are you always a positive person? am I always a positive person? rather, you try to be positive So I'm normally a positive person anyway but in normal life too I don't know, I'm a person who tries to be positive as he says even while sitting, I always feel so high..

I'm trying to hold.. I want to stay in high energy. - How are you ? . We are fine thank you, how are you? What did you graduate from? - I'm a high school graduate and Myung didn't finish college I'm a high school graduate too - He's a high school graduate too haha Why doesn't Myung use the name Ertuğrul? The answer is this reason Long long ! - Hahahahaha Have you ever talked face to face with Myung’s family? No, we couldn't talk at the moment, but of course we talked as FaceTime, that is, on the Internet.

What's your biggest fear? I think my biggest fear is losing my loved ones Losing the people I care about Why didn't you have a henna night? There were things that I wanted and things that I planned, but it's definitely not something I say I can't do without a henna night. Later, with my friends and close circle, even if it was late.. I can do something like party fun again so I'm not too heartbroken If you had a chance to chat with your past self, what would you say to her? to her... or rather, I would like to say to myself, don't ever laugh at me

Don't stop being happy Do you know how to drive? No I don't know right now but I want to get a driver's license I hope Do you have aesthetic? No not Next question . Do you want to go to Korea ? Yes we do. Of course it's in January, I said it in January hahah Where did it come from, God makes us say haha so we are thinking of going in winter. Did you realize your biggest dream or not? what is your biggest dream? thank God, all the things I want All my dreams have come true, of course, we have dreams for the future. Being single or being married? This is a very difficult question I cannot answer this I have a family when I'm not married, even when I'm married.. There's a man I love and I want to spend my life with, so I can't choose between the two.

Have I ever made a mistake in your life that I wish I hadn't done? Now I can't think of it, but it must have happened. Myung made a marriage proposal? yes he did Have you ever wanted to change your name? No, don't ever change my name like that. I didn't say or think what I wanted Do you read books as a book lover, for example, which book was the most influential? I can't read, recommend me a book, but it should be fluent, okay? so fluent I wonder, because I am When I start a book, I immediately stop it and now I want to read a book. I want it to be even more helpful in my talk , you know after Myung.. I lost my ability to speak Turkish so I want to regain it. Do you have a plan to travel the world Because I love travel videos this idea..

And this idea gets more fun with you Thank you very much. Yes, we already have such a plan, one of our biggest dreams. one of them .. You saw your dad , but why isn't your mom in the videos? and she wondered Mom, I know you're watching this, can you please make videos now? Myung is your first love? yes my first loved one What was your first job? I was a service hostess for kindergarten children in a private school.

And I was very happy with the first money I earned, it was very valuable to me. What would happen if you had a superpower? I love you so much if I had a super power.. So I would like to save people from their troubles. Your most memorable moment in middle school? Let me tell you something close to that, not in middle school. I was very stuck, I had to pee and I was in the exam, the teacher was a very angry teacher, he did not send me to the toilet I accidentally made pee myself too I'm so ashamed... what should I do but the teacher didn't send me

He didn't send me to the toilet, I cried after that, I took the water bottle in the middle of the exam. I supposedly spilled it, thank God it was over in the water bottle hahah Sir, I spilled water on me, etc. After that, we called my mom directly. then my mom came to school, but really..

He was the first and only teacher I disliked. If you were born again.. you would marry Myung again - yeah Would you still love him? I love him again Do you smoke? No, we both don't smoke or use alcohol. Are you considering buying a car? I hope guys, when our debts are over, we think yes. Will you go on honeymoon? Yeah we want Go to honeymoon At a time when we are comfortable enough to go abroad Hopefully we want to go to Indonesia what do you mean “ sarangıyorum”? Sarangıyorum A phrase of love that we formed so saying I love you way to say I love you Finally Good morning my dears good morning I have no questions and I pray for you, one of our followers said Thank you very much indeed, thank you all, have a nice day together Then again When we do Q&A, Myung is also together We will talk about these topics Myung for me What will he do Would you look at the beauty of the colors, how beautiful, oh my God, so beautiful by the way, Myung also made sauce in the sauce Can we know what's inside? what's in the sauce? soy sauce Mustard, Sugar, - Do you have fish sauce? No - Oh well okay then look at the beauty of this sauce, I loved it before I tasted it. Is it healthy to food ? - Of course already rice Now put hot water in here Yeah look I'll show you something nice - Wow what a difference Can I show they up close? something like that Very different taste No rice taste so a bit Look, I'm taking this out, actually it has to be a lot. What look like this Here we put the vegetables you want Don't put too much but Like this Colorful Very nice I put this much important thing Okay I put it like this Later , like this It sticks together like this - Wow you wrap it up like stuffed Ripped haha Anyway We wrap that that's how it happens then This With the sauce I want gnawing like a rabbit How is it ? Beautiful , right ? You can’t this move easily.

You can’t do this move easily. Do it for me, let me try one - You do it yourself Yes yes you don't need to do it for too long Paper , done Here put whatever you want We will wrap , the grape leaf wrap you know It's so good for families in Korea to bring kids and eat like this, so it's fun Children eat healthy food, yes, they eat healthy food like this And I think it's beautiful because it's colorful. You know, it may attract the attention of children. Is it Thai food? - No Vietnamese Ah, Vietnamese food, that's right. Colorful vegetables all use It's too big. - Yes. I don't know how to do By the way This rice leaf.. So rice paper..

You can find it on the internet, if you want, I can leave a link below. Now I will try this. - Okay, try another one, tell me your better sauce. I’m going to ask you something. Does it have a fishy smell? there is fish sauce. Peanut Butter Sauce Is this ? I think Especially for children A very different option, mothers can think of it and it is healthy I think Turks will like this more But isn't that nice too? Okay now let's eat Guys, we are going to have our dinner now. See you later.

Okay my husband thank you very much For helping with the dishes For preparing the meal You're welcome... I'm talking to my mom , dad say hello How are you dad? Yeah you look a little tired and angry Exactly. - I understand Look guys , BTS They are everywhere again There is a program that BTS participates in. We are watching it. Of course I don't understand anything He put english subtitles though At least it helps a little funny and entertaining shared on a page He commented that I became famous, hahahaha, let me see hahaha very good I don't know how you thought of it? My handsome husband.. Yes guys..

what did you do during the day? You'll see when editing. I don't know, he always talks about something at home says something alone Uh , I tried to be a little active on Instagram today too Questions.. I replied with the video, he talks about it Now I'm going to clean my face and changing my clothes..

I'm going to sleep We will be together in our next videos, after that You can watch Myung's vlog , take care of yourself see you soon ☺️

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