Hartnell College, Graduation 2020, Business Agriculture

Hartnell College, Graduation 2020, Business Agriculture

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Ladies. And gentlemen welcome, to the Hartnell College 2020. Commencement. Ceremony. Congratulations. My fellow graduates, of the Hartnell College 2020, class, our Centennial. Class my. Name is Samantha Saldana and I'm your ace agency president, and student trustee it is. My honor to open our 100th, commencement, ceremony, I would. Like to invite you your family, and friends to participate in our very first virtual. Graduation. This. Is the day we have worked so hard to reach and although, we can't be together we, can still celebrate as the, class of 2020, go, Panthers, we. Will begin our ceremony by, honoring our nation with the national anthem sung. By Francisco, Cuates junior, member. Of the graduating class of 2016. Oh. Say. Can. You. See. By. The. Dawn's. Early. Light. What. So, proudly, we. Hailed. At. The twilight's. Last. Gleaming. Whose. Broad stripes, and. Bright stars. Or. The. Perilous. Fight. Or. The. Ramparts, we. Watched. Were. So, gallantly. Streaming. And. The. Rockets. Red, glare. The. Bombs bursting. In. Air. Gave. Proof, through. The night. That. Our, flag was, still. Oh. Say. Does, that. Star-spangled. Banner. Away. Or. The. Land of. The Bree. And. The. Home. The. Thank. You Francisco, for, your beautiful rendition of the national anthem, it, is. My distinct, honor to welcome dr., Patricia, Jie the, Hartnell College superintendent. President, to, deliver a congratulatory, message to. Graduates. Good, evening and greetings. To graduates. Family. And friends. Order. Trustees, faculty. Classified. Staff, and, administrators. I, could. Not be more proud, to share, this special moment. With. All of you and with. Our entire. College community, in. My first, commencement. Ceremony. As a. Superintendent. President. Of harnell College. Today. We. Recognize a total, of. 1323. Graduates. Who. Have earned a total of, 1,800. In. 39, degrees in a. 1181. Certificates. While. None, of us. Anticipated. This evening's. Unconventional. Ceremony, a, contrast. Of events. Has, made, our graduates, achievements. Especially. Meaningful. Graduates. You. Have crossed, the finish, line of your. Harnell education. Despite. Being suddenly, told, to. Learn remotely. And, adapted. To online. Instruction. News. Delivered. To you right. In the middle of your, Spring Break. Maybe. You. Have had to, complete. Your final, semester. Only. Borrowed. Laptop, in. A crowded, kitchen, or, perhaps. You. Have worked, up from your car in. A campus, parking lot just so you could access, the, Internet. Although. The. Impact, of COBIT, 19, on your. Life in all. Of our lives, may. Stand out in your memories, in, years, to come, that. Is not what we're most at distinguished, to you from. Tens of. Thousands. Of Panther. Graduates. Who have preceded. You, as. The. Class of. 2020. You will forever be, her, nails, Centennial. Class. Because. That this is the, hundredth, year, since. Our funding, in. 1920. As a, Salinas, Junior, College. Across. Ten decades. Students. Much like you have, traveled. Through time, from the. Aftermath. Of a, World War one an attainment, of voting. Rights for. America's, women. Through. The epic, struggles, of the, Great Depression. World. War two and cold. War to. The social, progress. Of the, 1960s. And 70s and, on. To the trauma of, September. 11th, and it's. Life-changing. Aftermath. In, a. Context, of the current public health, crisis. Which. Is itself, a challenge. Of truly. Historic. Proportions. You. Will be remembered, as students. Who. Made a tremendous. Personal. Sacrifices. For. The well-being of, others. While. Holding, tight to your, educational. And career. Goals. Whether. You. Are watching this, evening's. Virtual. Ceremony, on your. Own or. With friends. And loved. Ones I, would. Encourage you to take time to. Thank everyone, who, helped. You reach this, special. Day I'm. Confident. That they. Will greatly appreciate. Hearing. From you as you. Continue, your. Journey. We. At Hartnell, College a, great, forum as, well. For. The struggle, and sacrifices. Of your. Parents, who. Believed, in and supported. Your education. And. We. Share in. Your, profound, appreciation. For. The dedication. And commitment. Of, the, Board of Trustees. Faculty. Classified. Staff and. Administrators. At Hartnell. College. Who. Contributed. To your success I. Also. Want, to thank and congratulate. Each. Of the graduates. Recognizing. The value of higher, education. And the, difference, it will make in, your, lives as well. As the. Lives of others. Through. Your hard work you, have demonstrated, that you.

Understand. The, importance, of acquiring, new. Skills and. Knowledge. I. Trust. You will continue. To, do so on the. Job in, future, educational. Endeavors. And on. Your own. Lifelong. Learning is a lifelong, blessing. Your. Degree or certificate. Is, a, testament. To your, achievement. It. Also holds. The promise of new. Opportunities. And new. Accomplishments. I speak. For many in. Particular. Your, families, when. I say, I'm confident. That you. Will find a way to beauty. Your futures, right. Here, in the, Salinas, Valley. Maybe. You, are considering. To pursue, your. Dreams, elsewhere. But. Your communities. Need. Your talents, and skills. So. Please. Consider. How. You can, contribute, to the quality of life and, economy. Of the. Place where. You grew up. Wherever. You, are, be. An active, member of you. Community. However. You defined, it and helped, address the challenges, before us, on your. Local, state. National and. Global, level. Wherever. Life takes you I trust. You will never forget your experience, as a. Harnell Panther, and what. This college, has, meant, to you. We. Will not forget, you. Again. Please. Accept, my. Heartfelt, congratulations. Thank. You for being a part of our, colleges. Century, of service. Excellence. And. Transformation. And thank. You for being her nails, Centennial. Class, and. Now. Please. Welcome the. President. Of the, board of trustees, of, the Harnell. Community. College, District. Aurelio. Salazar. Jr., who. Has a special greeting for. Our graduates. Thank, you I would, like to start off with a little bit of our history, Maria. Teresa, and de la guerra, and William, Edward petty Hartnell, were married, on April 30th, 1825. And, according, to local records she was pregnant 19, times but. Only six children survived into adulthood in. 1833, William, Hartnell secured, from the Spanish government, two, thousand nine hundred seventy-one acres of Rancho, De La Salle from, the Feliciano, and Mariano sabryna's brothers, the. Title was made official by governor Figueroa, on June 26. 1834. Now. Prior to all of this this, land was occupied, by the indigenous people, of the aztlán nation Hartnell. Community College was established in 1920. As Salinas, Junior College and is, now one, of a hundred and fifteen schools that make up the California, Community College System. Salinas. Junior College moved to its current location on, Central. Avenue in, 1936. And was renamed, Hartnell, College on April, 14 1948. Salinas. Junior College was to be the thirteenth, Junior College in the state of California, but. After going through some initial challenges, between 1926. And 1927. Salinas. Junior College produced its first five, graduates. With three of them transferring. To a four-year university in, 1940. A large granite, Panther was added as a gift from the class of 1940. The, panther statue was, created by the famous, artist, raymond, Puccinelli under, the commission, of Works. Progress Administration and. Federal. Arts project the. Panther was nicknamed, Oscar. I want, to share this piece of history with all of you because. Today you. Have become a, part of Hartnell, College history, as its, Centennial graduates, as a. Former, student of Hartnell Community, College, I know, of the challenges. Struggles. Failures. And awards, of today's achievement and, I, encourage all of you to continue on in your pursuit of higher education, your certificate, and/or, degree is something, that you will always have to rely on I especially, want to thank all. Of our faculty. Students. Administration. And, board of trustees in leading, our institution. And transforming. The lives of so, many students. And to. All of our military personnel thank. You for your service on behalf, of the Hartnell, College Board. Of Trustees we. Congratulate, all of you today in your achievement, we're. Honored that you chose Hartnell, College to. Complete your certificate. And/or. Degree. Please, welcome the, president, of the harnell College. Academic. Senate Lisa. Storm, who. Has some words, to, share with our graduates. On this. Occasion. Hello. I'm Lisa. Storm, Cardinal college's, academic senate, president i'm, also your teacher if you took any of my classes and administration, of justice or business i'm, about to deliver my second, graduation, speech my, first graduation, speech was last year. Most. Graduations. Fade into memory very, quickly not. This one you. Will never forget this graduation, in spring. 2020. You battled the kovat night team virus, and emerged victorious. Graduation. Is your reward and I want you to savor it try, to imagine that the Kovan 19 virus never existed, would. You value your degree or certificate the, same way would. It mean as much to you it's, easy to take your education for granted but.

You Never will again the. Fact that you triumphed over the kovat 19 virus, and completed, your education will, be in the forefront of your mind every time you remember spring, 2020. I only, have three minutes to make this speech so. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects. Of the virus I will point out the silver linings you, still graduated, you, expanded, your educational. And employment opportunities. Perhaps. You learned how to use canvas for the first time or trained, on some other technological. Tool like zoom these. Skills will be useful, as you further your education, or begin employment which, is a bonus you, save lives by completing, your education online, and sheltering, in place it. Would be easy to look back on this time and remember the, anxiety, the. Boredom, the raw, fear of what's to come but I prefer, to focus on the positive, memories and I encourage you to do the same my. Favorite, recollection, from spring 2020, is the superlative, performance. Of students, I didn't. Hear more student, complaints than usual I heard less you. All knew it was time for the top to get going so you gathered, your strength and finished with a bang. Congratulations. Use. This enhanced, resilience, to make the most of your life as we. All learned this spring life, and education are. Precious and deserve to be appreciated, to the fullest every, day. Thank. You professor. Storm. And a. Thank you also, for your, outstanding leadership. Of. The. Academic. Senate and, your. Many, contributions to. The. Success of Harnell. College. I now. Invited, dr. Romero. Hallo mo vice. President, of student, affairs to. Introduce, this, year's, distinguished. Alumni. On behalf. Of the dedicated, student, affairs, team and entire. College, community. On. Behalf of the Governing Board and our entire College community it. Is now my honor to present the, 2020. Distinguished. Alumnus, award honoree. This. Award provides, an opportunity for, us to recognize, the accomplishments of, Hart now alumni who. Have distinguished, themselves as, leaders, and contributors, following. Their education. Experience at Hart now the. Honor is conveyed to former, students of Hartnell College who. Have made significant. Achievements, in their, profession, and in their service to our community, this. Year's honoree, has done both miss. Marilyn long a heart now alumni is president. And executive director. Of the long family foundation miss. Long and her husband, John long established. The foundation in 1992. To, further their desire, and commitment, to share, their hearts and resources. To support projects, and endeavors. In the United States as well as China the. Long family foundation, focuses. On research. Including. Support, for Asian American initiatives.

Education. Including. Scholarships, and, developing, partnerships with universities. Culture. And arts including. Supporting, artists, through public sculptures, and, religion. Including. Expanding, christian ministries, in, 2016. Miss long and her husband, john commissioned. And donated, the stunning, j / sculpture. Located in front of the willard Llewellyn stem center I am. Pleased to introduce miss. Loong for, her remarks. Hartnell. College class. Of, 2020. Congratulations. On your special, day. What. A, remarkable. Achievement. Today. Is your, day to rejoice. With family. And friends, and classmates, today. Is your, day to, celebrate, you. Should be so proud of yourselves as, you. Have worked extremely. Hard, I. Grew. Up here in Salinas, I was. The third of seven. Children in my family, my. Parents, were immigrants. From, China and, they. Spoke hardly, any English. My. First language was, Chinese. It. Was difficult, growing up here, my, family, struggled, financially after. Graduating. From Salinas. High I attended. Hartnell, College and. I, was blessed, to, receive, scholarships. Which. Paid for my education. Besides. My academic. Classes I wrote. For the school newspaper I was. Very involved, in student, government activities. At. My, graduation in. 1972. I was. Voted, Hartnell. College, woman. Of the year to. My complete. Surprise I. Am. Truly, humbled, and, blessed, to be selected, as your distinguished. Alumni. And, commencement. Speaker. I am. Especially, honored. Because. This, is the. Centennial. Year of, the. College I would. Like to thank dr.. Patricia. Shea. Superintendent. President. For. Her excellent. Leadership. Hartnell. Has, a very, special. Place in my heart, as well as, my six, siblings, who. All, graduated. From, here. I am here today not, because. Of my, worthiness, but. Because, of God. And, his, loving, grace. Graduates. You, have been on my, heart mind. And prayers. As the. Entire, world, has, been shaken, by, this global. Kovan. 19. Pandemic. I. Pray. That you, and your loved ones are, safe. And healthy. Reflecting. On this season, I want. To share a message, with you. That. Such, times, can. Produce. Incredible.

Opportunities. This. Is a, silver. Lipped oyster. Hairy, full, stick a minister. And author. Once. Said. The. Most extraordinary. Thing. About the oyster, is that. Irritations. Get, into. Her. Shell, she. Does not like them but. When she cannot get rid of them she. Uses, the irritation. To. Create. A most. Beautiful. Pearl. The. Most cherished, pearl in my life is my mother. She. Is a real, inspiration. To me. She. Taught me the importance. Of gratitude. She's. 93, years, old and, lives. A modest, life in, Salinas. Today. As president. Of the long family, foundation. I have. Dedicated my. Life to, give back joyfully. To, society. And to, help others, as so. Many have, helped, me, in. 2016. We, donated, the first, outdoor, sculpture. To, Hartnell College I. Loved. Art, and sculpture. Because. Like, the Perle it, beautifies. And, enriches. Our lives I. Commission. Prominent. Sculpture. Roger berry, to. Create a, large-scale. Sculpture. Entitled. Jaipur. For. Your stem, building. As. I reflect, on my journey. I, consider. The, string, of pearls that, my, life has, produced, it. Began. With, my childhood, trials, which. Produced, the pearls, of. Endurance. Perseverance. And, hard, work, to. The pearls, of appreciation. Generosity. And gratitude. It's. My, hope, that you. Each, show. Gratitude. Toward. God, your. Parents your, mentors, and all. Who, have helped, you, on your. Journey to, have your own pearls. Graduates. To, me. You, are each. A, priceless. Pearl. As. You. Leave Hartnell, College. Celebrate. Every. Moment, with. Gratitude. In your hearts. Striving. To, string, your own unique. Pearls. Go. Do. Create. Laugh, love. Live. I. Leave. You, with, a special. Blessing, from. The Bible. May. The Lord bless, you. And, keep. You may. The. Lord, make his, face shine. On. You. And be gracious. To. You. May. The Lord turn, his face. Toward. You and give. You. His. Everlasting. Peace. Congratulations. Graduates. God. Bless, you. Thank you. Miss. Lord in, recognition. Of your outstanding. Contributions. To education and. The. Community, it is, an honor for us to recognize, you. With. The. 2020. Distinguished. Alumni, Award. Congratulations. And thank, you for your support of harnell. College. Dr.. Katherine wilkinson, vice. President of academic affairs. Well. Now recognize. The students. Who. Are graduating with. Honors a. Class. Of 2020, has. 1413. Students, graduating. With honors and, distinction. And we want to recognize them for their achievements. These, students, have earned a cumulative, grade point average, of three point two five or higher graduates. Who achieved the honors of laude magna. Laude or, summa. Laude please, stand. Please. Join, me in congratulating, these, students, for. Their academic achievements. The. Class of 2020. Has, 22. Valedictorians. These, are a select, group of students, who have never received, a grade below a before. I invite, one of the valedictorians, to, the lectern to represent. All of the, valedictorians, I want, to recognize each, of them for, this highest, of academic, achievements. Our class, of 2020, valedictorians. Our, arch. Deep, veins. Alexis. Nicole Bishop. John. Shan Shan Khalsa. Jessalyn. De anda, Kane. Andrew, Doty. Janelle. Fry. Sophia. Goddess a Guzman. Mesial. Teague we Jairo. Pedro. Gutierrez jr.. Dillon. Charles, Herrick. Christopher. Andrew, Hidalgo. Hector. Hakam, a science. Edgar. Vallejo, Lee coupe Feifei. J, Lorenzo. Caroline. Lucero, Martinez. K. Berlin Mendoza. Trinidad. Berenice a Morales, Julia. An peeny Alma. Elizabeth, Rojas, Hernandez. Daniela. Salazar, Salas. Adriana. Cooper, snow, and Isabelle. Rosalia. Torres, please. Join, me in congratulating, these, valid, torian's, it. Is now my, pleasure to introduce. Valedictorian. Trinidad. Morales, Garza, of King. City who. Is graduating in, sociology. Good, evening Hartnell, College Board. Of Trustees. Administration. Faculty. Members, family. Friends. And fellow, graduates, my. Name is Daniel Albanese, Morales, and I am honored and humbled to, have this opportunity to speak to you today as valedictorian. Of, Hartnell, 2020. Centennial. Class it is, such a privilege. First. And foremost I'd, like to think the people who have had profound influences. On our academic, achievements, on. Behalf. Of the entire student, body I would, like to thank the passionate, and dedicated, faculty, and staff of, Hartnell Community.

College Without, whom we wouldn't be here today I'd. Like to also thank our families, whose. Constant, support and sacrifices. Brought, us here today and, to. Our professors, for contributing, to our educational, pursuits and our lifelong goals. Hartnell. College has, had a significant. Impact on my life and, I know that you all could say the same it. Is here where we have gained knowledge that, far transcends, the classroom. The. Opportunities, we have been given here are far. More than we could have ever imagined. As a. Stepping, stone to our future endeavors, Hartnell. Has granted us the ability to, accomplish. Our career and academic, goals. For. Many of you the, path to this commencement has. Not been an easy one you may, be the first in your family to attend college, choosing. To go to college in and of itself can. Be a daunting task, many. Of you face other challenges along, the way you. Have gone to school in between working and are, taking care of a family there, were times where I am sure you wanted to give up when, it wasn't so easy to, get that homework or paper done but. You did it you. Persevered, and it, has paid off. We. Don't succeed alone we. Stand on the shoulders of those who have lifted, us we. Rise together today. Together. We celebrate our accomplishments. Our ability. To rise to the challenges of life and to. Raise others with us as we saw. As we, embark on our new endeavors, with, their own set of challenges, we, keep the drive that, got you through those all-nighters, may. You push yourselves even, when you think you have nothing else to give but. You have the strength to ask for help when you are in need it. May you always have the patience, to aid and, encourage those around you, the. Future is ours and. We have worked hard for it life. Really is what you make of it believe. In yourselves don't. Be afraid to take chances to. Challenge yourself to, do things out on a whim and of, course to. Enjoy all the little things thank. You and, congratulations. To Centennial. Class of, 2020. Thank. You Trinidad. For your inspiring, remarks. Congratulations. On your, tremendous academic. Achievements. And we look, forward to hearing about your many successes. In the, future Hartnell. College has. A successful. Program that assists, migrant, and seasonal farmworkers. In completing. Their, high school, equivalency you. May know this program as help, or a cheapy, this year's help graduating, class has, 72. Students. Receiving, their equivalency. And one, class valedictorian. Join. Me in congratulating, Patricia. Fiero. Valedictorian. Of the high school equivalency, graduating. Class and all. Of the graduates, we, look forward to the day when, they will return to this stage to, accept their college, degrees. Candidates. For, degree, and/or, certificates. Please, stand. President. Shaya as vice, president of academic affairs, and, on, behalf, of the Faculty, of Hartnell. College we. Present, these candidates, as having. Fulfilled the, requirements. For Associate, of Arts degree. Associate. Of Science degree, and/or. Certificate. Of achievement and, recommend. That the earned degree, and/or, certificate. Be conferred. By. The authority vested in. Me by. The state of, California. And the, board of trustees of, the, harnell, Community. College, District, I now. Confer upon each. Of you, The. Associated, degree. And/or. Certificate. Appropriate. To your program with, all, the attendant, rights. Privileges. And. Responsibilities. Graduates. Now. We will, observe a time-honored. Tradition in. Higher, education you. May, now move your tassels, from. The right side, to the left side. Congratulations. Graduates, of the class of 2020, my name is Moises alamin, that is it's my privilege to call your name during this commencement ceremony. Degrees. And certificates, under business agriculture. And industries, include. Administration. Of justice, advanced. Automotive, technology. Advanced. Diesel technology. Agricultural. Business. Agricultural. Plant science. Agriculture. Business. Administration. Business. Office, technology. Construction. Management and architecture. Manufacturing. Technology. Web. And mobile development and, welding. Elizabeth. A service. Fabien. Acosta. Jorge. Acosta. Mabel. Acosta. Richard. Aguilar. Raquel. Aguirre. Jonathan. Alcala. Mighty. Alcantar. Brenda.

Alfaro. Si. Es Alfaro. Rafael. Alfaro. Alejandra. Altamirano. Hey. Suz Altamirano. Stephanie. Alvarado. Andrea. Alvarez. Andrew. Alvarez. Antonio. Alvarez. Cassandra. Alvarez. Liliana. Alvarez. Brenda. Amador. Victor. Amaya. Jasmine. Ambrus. One. Anaya. Lara. And Radek. Eduardo. Angie. On Oh. Victoria. Armenta. Adrian. Arredondo. Leo. Bardo Arredondo. Princess. Arroyo. Alison. Austin. Alfonso. Avalos. Danielle. Ayala. Areas. Laris. Banda. Yasmine. Barajas. Lorenzo. Barrios. Jose. Basalt Oh. Boyd. Bauer. Brenda. Bautista. Melissa. Bautista. Sergio. Batista. Hey. Suz Benitez. Jonathan. Blasts. Daniel. Boast. Samantha. Partay, Oh. Bridget. Ronger. Anna. Bravo. Ruben. Bravo. Brittany. Caballero. Giovanni. Calvillo Robles. Hey. Suz Campos. Kwon, Campos. Brenda. Cardenas. Juan. Carlos, le. Patricia. Carrasco. Imelda. Carillo. Shante. Castro. Daniel. Castro. Jose. Castro. Viene. Serna, Bravo. Nora. Cervantes. Valinda. Chavez. Brandon. Chavez. Christopher. Chavez. Eran. El Chavez. Fabricio. Chamba. Ileana. Cisneros. Johnny. Cisneros. Angelita. Cisneros, Aguilar. Jorge. Colunga, Sanchez. Valentin. Contreras. Victoria. Contreras. Joaquin. Cordero. Yvonne. Cordoba. Vasquez. Crystal. Cornejo, Paris. Gregory. Corona Java, in. DeAndre. Cortez. Rene. Cortez. A. Exa. Crespo. Elisa's. Christina. Lopez. Jonathan. Cruz. Jessalyn, de, on de. Santo. DeFranco. Cassandra. Delino. Christopher. Dinning. Celeste. Yes. Christina. Diaz. Michael. Diaz, Garza. Alex. Doh. Luis. Duenas. Artemio. Do, hair. Yesenia. Duran. William. And Rica's. Vanessa. Esparza. And. Hill. Estrada. John. Estrada. Thomas. Effort. John. Fairless. Danielle. Figueroa. Lisa. Flores. Or. Libya Flores. Solomon. Flores. Quan. Galaga. Chavez. Amelia. Gallegos. Oswaldo. Galvan. Robert. Galvan. Edith. Gammon. Carlos. Garcia. Gabriela. Garcia. Pedro. Garcia. Jose. Garcia, Martinez. Loose. Garcia. Melendez. Maria. Garibay. Jessica. Gasca. Hairy. Guy, Dan. Jorge. Godoy. Luis. Godoy. Assayas. Gomez. Even. Gomez. Maria. Gomez. Miguel. Gomez. Moises. Gomez. Alejandro. Gonzalez. Andres. Gonzales. Carlos. Gonzalez. Fernando. Gonzalez. Jerry. Gonzalez. Hey. Suz Gonzalez. Jose. Gonzalez. Melissa. Guang Salas. Stephanie. Gonzalez. Prosze, Granville. Aracely. Guardado. Guardado. Leslie. Giro. Paulo. Gido. Rosa. De. Haro. Frederick. Qian. Monica. Gutierrez. Liliana. Guzman. Braulio. Guzman. Rodriguez. Edgar. Guzman. Omar. Guzman, Tovar. Lauren. Hackett. Steven. Holl. Marta. Selena arrow, gomez. Even. Haru. Gonzales. Don. Had. So a. Manuel. Arabian. Christian. Airman days. Danielle. Amanda's. Eduardo. Hernandez. Patricia. Hernandez. Arturo. Era. Moises. Era. Dylan. Eric. Christian. Horta. Gabrielle. Jackson, Rivera's. Actor. Hikami. Science. Cassandra. James, Mendoza. Santa. Jimenez. Hulya. One. Alexis. Juarez. Ephra. In Juarez. Morgan. Cop. Joshua. LaBelle. Madison. Lafferty. Marisol. Laguna. Lisa. Langner. Ryan. Lil. Enrique. Lehman, Samora. Miriam. Loara Camarillo. Claudia. Lopez, Oh. Al, Lopez. Jose. Lopez. Marcelina. Lopez. Maria. Lopez. Mateo. Lopez. Christina. Lopez, Salvador. Mathilde. Luhan Oh. Patrick. Long. Maria. Macias. Victor. Maldonado. Viviana. Maldonado. Veronica. Mondo, ha no. Maria. Manzo. Gabriella. Marquez. Stephanie. Marsh. Karina. Martinez. David. Martinez. Joshua. Martinez. Lisa. Martinez. Luis. Martinez. Mario. Martinez. Miguel. Martinez. Nancy. Martinez. Karina. Martinez. Almanza. Melissa. Martinez. Domingues. Hunter. Mason. Carl. Massa. Tomas. Mata. Matthew. Mazhai. Nigel. McIlvain. Monica. Medel. Cassandra. Medina. Pedro. Medrano.

Ricardo. Mejia. Ambrose. Mendes. Zakaria. Mendoza. Andrew. Meza. Rolando. Mitchell. Fernando. Molina, Avila. Elias. Montelongo. Jose. Montes. Alma. Morales. Judy. Morales. ELISA. Moreno. Osvaldo. Moreno. Odalys. Miskova. Christina. Moniece, Morales. Marco. Munoz. David. Maria Martinez. Melbourne. Mojko. Francisco. NeuroSky. Marco. Nava. Patricia. Nelson. Kelly. Newton. Scott. When. Martin. Nieto. Francisco. Lunas. Claudia. Nunez. Kokubo. Veronica. Ocampo, Pinedo. Molina. H or. Jeremiah. O'Connell. Samantha. Olmedo. Veronica. Ornelas. Olivia. Ortiz. Ruben. Ortiz. Tone. And seen Ortiz. Jonathan. Or this Martinez. Jennifer. Ortiz, Martinez. Ergh. Our Ortiz, Rivera. Francisco. Pacheco. Louis. Pacheco. Alondra. Padilla. Gabrielle. Palacios. Leslie. Permits para. Sara. Parody. Haven. Patel. Jenna. Papal. Angel. Perez. Juan. Perez. Maria. Paris. Pau. Paris. Sofia. Pescador, Torrance. Miguel. Pimentel. Fell. Expla, Sola. Jeylani. Pleasant. Arturo. Once a. Adolfo. Ramirez. Alisa, Ramirez. Angel. Ramirez. Nadine. Ramirez. Oscar. Ramirez. Ndred. Ramirez. Serrano. Israel. Rangel. Jessica. Reimold. Jaime. Reyes. Jose. Reyes. Cristo. Reynoso. Braxton. Rico. Eduardo. Rico. Morphine. Andres. Cruz. Jacob. Rivas. Aaron. Rivera. Eddie's. Rizzo. Hakuba. Melinda. Robinson. Daniela. Robles, Jimenez. Donat. Oh Robles, Morales. Leslie. Rocha. Lisette. Rocha. Alejandro. Rodriguez. Anna. Rodriguez. Paris. Elia Rodriguez. Edith. Rodriguez. Her. Shoes Rodriguez. Jose. DeJesus. Rodriguez. John. Rojas. Jonathan. Rakahs. Christian. Romero. Evelyn. Romero. Isabel. Romero. Adriana. Rocking. Antonio. Rosario. Colt. Ruble. My, de Saavedra. Paulo. Science. Verdugo. One. Salas. Vanessa. Salas. Milagros. Salcedo. Theresa. Salcedo. Abigail. Saldana. Jeffrey. Salman. Cuban. Tina Sanchez. Marissa. Sanchez. Ruby. Sanchez. Soul. Sanchez. Sal. Sandoval. Anthony. Santiago. Luis. Santiago. Accela. Santiago. Perez. Raphael. Santa, Banias Junior. Seau. Santos. Simon. Dalia. Salcedo. Alec. Scaroni. Carl. Schumacher. Christina. Sims. Madison. Smith. Shailen, Smith. Monique. Da bang. Roberto. Tapia. Ricardo. Dana. Tyler. Tarp. Jessica. Tidwell. Federico. Tinoco. Jimenez. Jonathan. Tinoco. Cassandra. Doris. Virginia. Tow bar. Jalisa. Trujillo. Wendy. Arriba. Rolando. Valdez. Sabrina. Valdez. Marlin. Valencia. Karina. Vargas. Angela. Vasquez. Joseline. Vasquez. No Vasquez. Paola. Vasquez. Prom. On Venegas. Antwon. Ventura. Eloisa. Be sensual. Victor. Be a gomez. Guadalupe. Villalobos. Alma. Be on Reba. Nicolas. Villanueva. Ernesto. Mia, Konya. That. Be right virgin. Jenelle. Watkins. Cow. Winslow. Lucas. Waters. Felicia. Ibarra. James. Young. Emily. Samara. Jonathan. Samu do. Roberto. Cirrhotic.

Eric. Zarate, Gonzales. Flavio. Sawalha. Mariela. Sawalha. Emily's. A sweater. Hey, soos Cepeda, Amador. Donald. Oh since Unni. Graduates. Please. Rise. Ladies. And gentlemen. I presented. To you the, Hartnell, College. Graduating. Class of, 2020. I, extend. My thanks, to all of you for. Participating in. This special, occasion to. Celebrate our, graduates. Achievement. And extend. Our congratulations. Congratulations. Class, of 2020. I am so, proud of you especially. During this difficult for, me and, you able to stick to it, congratulations. Class of 2020, we're. So proud of you you stuck with your goals you, made it through this challenging, semester, and we, wish you a bright, and shining, future go. Panthers. Class. Of 2020. Thanks for the motivation, and I'm gonna remember this semester, forever because, you taught me that together we. Could do anything, peace, be with you and you are awesome yeah. It. Was hard work but that's what you. Did, it. Congratulation. I. Start. Over. Congratulations. Class of 2020, we're, so very proud of you and all that you've accomplished. Congratulation. 20. 20 awesome. Way to go we're so proud of you, I hope, all the best for you in your future take care I thank, you all and remember. If you could do this there. Isn't a whole lot you can't do so. Keep doing it thank, you all can you see that is glass I'm, very proud of you you made it and this is the time to dream big. Congratulations. Students, and graduates, you, made it you did it I wish, you the very very, best success, for your future. Congratulations. Class. Of 2020, I compliment. You on your hard work and resilience and, wish. You all the best for the future. Congratulations. 2020, we are so. Proud, of you and although, you are moving on to do great. Things you, will always be here, in our hearts we, love you, congratulations. Class of 2020, we're, so proud of you good luck on your future in two hours. Congratulations. Class of 2020, you overcome a lot and, you've, carved out a path for yourself and this, future. Congratulations. On your 100th year anniversary. Congratulations. To. The class of 2020. And to. Your families, please. Remember, us fondly, as we will you and we look forward to hearing about your future, adventures remember. A hero's, journey starts. With you congratulations. Class of 2020, the, counseling, department is so proud of you it's been an honor to walk with you during your time here at heart now and we cannot wait to see what lies ahead for you congratulations, class, of 2020, we are so proud of you you have learned that you are more resilient, than you knew you were so, congratulations. Again made long-lasting adventures, I head of you Oh. Congratulations. You. You.

2020-06-02 22:34

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