Harmony 311 Webinar Week 78 | Being Consistent in Your Business

Harmony 311 Webinar Week 78 | Being Consistent in Your Business

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Hello. Everybody Rene, Sullivan, here with Darren, Johnson and uh slap Cavell our. Topic, for today is. Consistency. In your business, which I think we've. Talked about a lot but it's really very very important. To. Stick with things, it. Was a great topic suggested, by Darren, and I'm actually gonna put you on the spot Darren, because, I, know you've, been, developing. Your plan and been very, consistent, in your business and I'd, love, for you to talk about some of the things you're doing in your plan to show the, consistency that, you're having and then we you, know I think it's good for all of us to kind of share some, of the things that we're doing that we're very consistent. About so I'm gonna let you go first if that's okay sure. So. One. Of the things that I have, done is, by put together a business plan because, what, I got started online there. Were a lot of. Distractions. For lack of a better term a lot, of opportunities. A lot of different. People's perspectives on. How to be successful, online a lot of different, plans, and a lot of different teachings, and after. A while I can kind, of become overwhelming. Because you're sitting around trying. To figure out how to, you, know get, from where you are to, where you want to go but. It's easy to get sidetracked, because. You might be moving, along a certain path and, then all of a sudden you find a video or, an email from somebody who says no do it this way and then, you think okay well maybe that's a better way to do it and so then you trail off and you lose your momentum and you start doing it another way so what. I thought I would do was to actually write out a plan and just. Stick, to it and commit to that plan and my, goal is to stay committed to it for at least a year and, just. To see you know how, things are moving on, and then hopefully after a year continue to build on that plan and, get. To a point where it starts to basically run itself so. I've. Desired something that I call my knowledge is power plan and the. Way that it works is I show people how to. You know first generate, initial, income, that they're gonna need for capital to invest in their business, and then. In, so doing I show them how they could take that money and then put it put it into their, business in, the form of either, buy advertising, for. Their business, or. Upgrading. Into, you, know trainings, and products, and things that they're gonna need to be successful, and I show, people how the pieces all fit together and, how they're not random and how there's synergy amongst, them and how they're all necessary, to. Be. Successful. You know and it's a I feel like my plan is empowering, because for. Me it's it's it shows, me that I have the ability to do something about changing, my life as opposed. To kind of relying. On you know gurus, and people, to trade me I'm, kind of showing people how, they can train themselves and, be their own gurus, in their own lives to, evoke. The kind of change that's necessary if, they're willing to stay consistent, and put in the work so. What does an example for me last week I I was, I talked about $75, per. Week is the minimum its gonna take to get your business kind, of off the ground which is not a lot of time to. Generate, that kind of money if you do like sidekicks, and so. I'm kind of leading by example, for myself I'm doing sidekicks, I that's, what I did uber and I, drove. For. About four or five days to generate the money necessary, to buy my first ad campaign. So, for, me you know that it's Saturday, this is very exciting, because I can see the culmination of all that driving that I did and how I'm, gonna now now I have the money to actually pour into my business and so that's. A small win and. You. Know again, it's because of consistency, because there were days in there where I felt like you know what I don't feel like driving today or, it's cold outside or you. Know I'm tired but. Just kind of persevering. And push it through anyway, you. Get to a point where you're you're actually.

Where. You want to be in terms of taking that next step and. One of the things that I was listening to a training the other day and this, person was talking about you. Know making sure that in your life, your, business becomes, an active part of your life so you would never say you're too tired to be there for your kids you would never say you're too tired to be there for your husband or your wife you're, too tired to you know provide for your family, you're too tired to go to work you're too tired to you, know do this task, that your boss has you to do you wouldn't tell your boss hey boss I'm too tired to gaited that you, would find a way to get it done because you know that, has to happen and your, business, needs to be the same way you have to be consistent, in your business but you also have, to make. Sure that you. Don't make excuses about why you're not moving forward and it's, easy to do that because it's your business and you're only accountable to yourself but, at the end of the day if you want to be successful you gotta treat it like every other area in your life yeah. And I, love, absolutely, love. The. Way you've set up your plan especially. With the uber thing because you're, literally telling. People this is in your hands, you know and really. There, is no, excuse, for someone, to, say you, know that they don't have money just get started in their business because there, are side things that they can do like the uber ring or you know whatever side gig you want to do it doesn't have to be oberon but something. That. Is. Going, to help you get that capital that you need to get started and yes seventy-five, dollars is. A good figure because, it's, gonna take at least that, but. The. Way you've set it up is you've eliminated. Any, way that someone can. Come up with an excuse, and if they're coming up with excuses they're not the right person they shouldn't be starting in a business. Exactly. And there's power that too because then you can look in the mirror and say I'm not successful, online, because I'm not doing what I know needs, to be done yes as opposed to I'm not successful, because I don't know what to do or. How to get the money for it you know I I list, like seven, or eight different things that you can do I mean we're living in the side gig era you can Hoover. Postmates, sister car you know door. - I mean there's just so many opportunities you know and, I understand, like even. Some if someone doesn't have a car there these, programs, have it set up where you could actually lease, a car through the companies, for, the purposes of doing the side gig and of course you, you won't make as much money because you got to pay the the least feedback to the company, but there's. It's still a way there's I'm trying to show people that there is an avenue if you really want it bad enough you, just have to look, at yourself and determine, whether or not I want, this bad enough to step out and do some things that you. Know I really, are, gonna make me uncomfortable or, it's gonna take more of my time or more of my efforts, but you, know what I'm at the end of the road I'm gonna see that it's all worthwhile, yep, and if if, you listen to people like Gary Vee Gary Vaynerchuk he, like he is the ultimate, and you, know there's no excuses, you, know you, just build, it up you know he's so big.

On Like social media and, basically. Telling people there. Is no excuse, even, if you have a nine-to-five, job, whatever. Time you have whether. It be a night, or on, the weekends, you can find a side gig to. Do something, and get, your business going and then that could become your full-time, gig but, it's gonna take time it's gonna take effort so awesome. I love, hearing that Darren, I am, really excited I'm on your email, list so I'm really excited to, you, know watch. Your journey and see how you how you're going and the consistent, and again this is all about consistency. It doesn't. Necessarily happen, overnight right. All, things. Over. Time, become. Significant, and that's. This is I love. It I love, it yeah. They said small stuff plus consistency. Equals. Traumatic. Or did not traumatic. Life-changing. Results. Absolutely. Absolutely. I love it as luck I would, love to hear what's going on with you and what you're doing as far as consistency, and, any, tips you have for us, as far as that I. Building. My blog. And I. Create. New content. To it so. I, have. Results. For me to to. Show for but I have. Using. A. Program. Called. Tribes. For Pinterest. Twitter. That's. Walking. Right. Now so. So, are you blogging about your, plan or blogging about like, your your journey what what exactly are you blogging about, tips. And tricks. Actually. I just tell how to do things okay. And. Also being a second, block will be a, review. Blog of a different. Affiliate. Or first different. Things but. That's not released, yet because. It's. A lot of thing and then I make, a course. To. Show how you build, that blog because, with. Programs. Like, Elementor. And things you can do, that. And. Like. What made you to decide, what, made you decide to. Use, those as. You. Know parts of your business or parts of how. You're documenting your. Journey. No. That's because. It's. A very nice. Way. To reach people because. People. Will. Maybe not fall, for a squeeze. Page or landing page but, if, they can follow my blog. They. Will in, time. So. We dressed for it yeah, is. Lots of tips and tricks to. Implement. Awesome. My. Inspiration. Honestly, for when I got. Into online marketing was, I actually had, a health blog and, it. Was my first I open. Iran. Okay. People, globally. Are actually, reading. This like I didn't know the power of that that back then I was doing, it, like. 2012/2013. Ish and, you. Know I was so new to all this now I had, no idea, whatsoever. About, SEO. Or how to give you how, to get it out to people I basically. Hired someone, to do all like, them I wrote, the content, and that person just did all the other stuff, but. It, was so impactful for me because, I would. Be getting comments from people from, all over the, world and I'm like wow. This, really. Like. People over, actually. Reading, my like like measly, little blog I'm like you, know so. It, really. Made, me, stop. And think you know I can probably do something with this online although I didn't know then, how. To make make, it happen. But. It. Was really the start of me opened, my eyes up to the online world and. Taking. It to a level where like now in my business it looks nothing at all like. What. It was before but, it's. It's, like a journey it's like that you, know the start of what what, it is now and now there's dimensions, of my, business that aren't even online so. It's almost like some, parts I'm going back to the roots of where I started, then other parts is like expanding. Upon what. I'm doing online so it's really cool you. Know blogging. Is more, than just a blog it's, also a kind of leadmon. Magneti. Males because a blog shall have a pop-up window which is get a newsletter. It's. A lot, more to it just writing, it but you mention comments, them. The. Comments, I have get so far. Is. Commas I have to mark. As spam, because there. Are people who have. Affiliate. Link whatever. The day, reg'lar. They, go into people's, blogs and put, a link, in. The comments but. That's people, who don't. Know what they do. Yes. Roll out there yeah. I get, some of that too, like I don't blog a lot like, you, know like I used to but I get, that too. Ironically. Though you know back in. 2012-2013. I did get some spam, but. The majority of the comments. That I was getting were people who are actually real people. Reading. My blog and, either responding.

To Something I posted, about health-wise or, like, I might have mentioned something a, product. That I used to do something, and they might, have a question about that and they might say you know is this something that you can ship to Ireland, or you know and. You know that kind of thing and. You. Know it, was actual, real people there's. Always going to be people who are spamming. Things and you know that kind of thing but the. Fact is, if you're, consistent. About, the blogging, or whatever whether. It be blogging consistent. About videos, consistent, about your email marketing people, who. Listen. And resonate, with your story are going to continue, to listen and resonate, with, your story and that, is how you develop those relationships and. In, a post that I made I think it was a few days ago or so or maybe it was a week ago I was talking about. How. If you. Focus, your better off focusing on, building, the relationship. Then. Focusing. On like the transaction. Yeah. And and, the meaning behind that is you don't get that transaction. If you don't have the relationship, people aren't going to trust you or even, know, who the heck you are if you don't build up that relationship. So. It it makes. So much sense to. Do things, like what you both are doing like, you're having you both have a plan you both have a way that you're, being. Consistent, about and you're actually documenting. In it that and and, honestly the reason, why I got, online is, I literally, follow people, who are documenting, their experience, because. Something. About what, they said or the video they made or. The. Social media posts that they put on there. I was inspired and I, basically said exactly, what Darren, said, you want people to have Wow that. Person, did that I I, could do that you. Know I don't, necessarily know, how but I can do that you, know and that, that's the type of question, that you want people to be thinking in their mind is that, you know there really is no excuse, whatever. They're doing I can do it or I can create my own version of it you know once you start getting. Some knowledge and learning some skills you can, do that, it's, very exciting, you know I'm. Following, other people who either I've mentored or I've watched throughout the past. Several years and, to. Me it's very inspiring, when, I see, that they're developing their own versions, of things that they were taught from. Others that's. Really, what we want to strive for we want to see people you know I truly genuinely, want, to see people succeed no, matter what it is their, passion is or however they want to do it I want to see them succeed, so. It's. A it's a really good, thing that I'm seeing, a lot of people out there taking. Their own. Passion. Their own version, of whatever, they've learned a couple years ago and making, things happen for, themselves whatever you. Know and sometimes it takes time. To develop whatever, that is, so.

One. Of the things I want people to know and understand, is that when. You are consistent. You. Will figure out what, you really are passionate about and where you want to head to like, Darren you decided, okay I'm gonna create my knowledge is power, plan because these are the things that I know have worked for me and I. Know that other people can do it and in, us like you decided, you know that, I have these things but I'm gonna head in the blogging, direction, because, this, I know I can be consistent, about I can actually record, a journey or give tutorials like you mentioned doing and people, are very very, much into. Watching tutorials because they want to know how, to do things, so. That's really inspiring, to hear that yeah. And and, you know it's like they say if you build it it will come and one. Of the things about. Being consistent, is it's, just getting, used to taking a positive action, in your business opens. Up doors and, lanes for you where, you can actually you'll. Still start to figure this stuff out as you go along and some, of the things that you learn you actually, learned because you're taking action like you don't even know what you're gonna learn until you take the journey and, then you'll come across something that will make sense in your business, and that will be aligned with what you're already doing you. Know and just making sure that you, have a very clear vision about where you're going because, what's, gonna happen is as, things come in your path and you learn new, opportunities. Or new trainings, you'll. Be able to discern, whether or not this is something that's a distraction or something, that is going, to enhance what I'm already doing and. I think that's that's the key in it all you know just taking. An action step moving forward doing, something that makes you feel empowered and there's so many different paths to success it's. Not necessarily. About doing. It when we're together but like you were saying and they finding something that makes sense in it for you that, it, gets you excited that, makes you say I could do that you.

Know What I mean and and and yes, you can be successful doing it that way you know it's not it's not like a math problem where if you don't get. It get the right number, it's wrong you know this is more like an essay you know where. It's. About your ideas, and your plans and your vision and just staying consistent you, will see he's. Successful, I agree. And and the funny thing is like I used, to think I had to do it exactly the way like, you, know someone else who I saw more successful, and you. Know I tried, to do it their, way and into. A point I can see why. You should do that in the very beginning because you have to have a plan you have to follow something. But. Like you said as you go along. And you learn. Things and you learn you your own voice in your, own way, of doing things you realize okay. These, are the things that, actually, did work and I like doing this and it is about the action that you're also taking. And what makes you feel good about what, you're doing what makes you feel empowered and you go, there and then but you also, decide. Okay these kinds, of things no. They are a distraction or they're, not working, for me the. Way that they were working for that other person so obviously, I can't, do it that way I can. Find my own way of, making, something else happen and and that is the beauty. That's. One, of the things I love about having, your own business and, one things I love about the. Openness. Of. Like. Online marketing, because you can literally create whatever. It is you. Want and make, that happen. And, also, in in my case is yes. I was inspired and I'm still. Doing things on online, I still, have my you. Know long-term, wealth plan and I'm still following that I'm very consistent. You know you. Know I continue. To do the paid traffic you know the whole strategy we've talked about I, also, do the organic, stuff with the videos obviously doing webinars like this and, being, consistent although, this. Position, of ever never series, we haven't been as consistent on, but, it's still there it's out there and open for when for when we can but. I've actually expanded. That into something, an offline, venture, that. You. Know can literally go, in any, direction that, I want to take with. It and some of the skills that I've learned through. Online marketing, are things that I'm using in this, offline, venture, so. Honestly. You. Can make this become, whatever you want as long, as you're consistent about. Taking. That action, the. Other thing I want to mention is I don't know if any of you actually use, like. Checklists or, use. Accountability. Type stuff, to. Be consistent. And what, kinds of things that you do I don't know if one, of you wants to share some of those things. One. Of the things that I use I have a, like. A pin a pin, board I guess you can call it let me see if I. Okay. Cool. And so this. That. Keeps me. Focused. And, consistent, and helps me narrow my vision, so I don't get distracted because, when you turn on your computer and, you get online there's, so much noise and there's so many different, ways, you can go so. What I do is I look at that board to see what I'm gonna be doing and. I stick to that and I just block, everything else out and if I didn't write that down or print it out or have it someplace where I could see it it, would be so easy for me to get distracted and that was something that I had to learn moving, forward when I first got started online I. Just. Might, it's like attention. Deficit, disorder, you know it's hard. To just stay concentrated, on, that one thing because there's so much noise and so many different things out there so, I find, that when I write things down and, I have an outline of why I'm even turning on my computer, it, helps me a lot. Turn. On your computer if. You open your email. It's. Maybe the worst thing you can do because they're. Two others very easy just to go to emails, and maybe, it's a YouTube, video and then. Then. You are on the wrong. It's. Better to make the landing page on. Your on, your browser. To be the page you want to be that don't. Get that page. With all these short, links to email and. YouTube. And all that Facebook, and all that stuff I, agree. It's. Probably a good idea actually the, first thing that does pop up when I turn, on my computer is, my email, because. That's, just what the default is it. Might be a good idea to actually put something up. But. Because. He can it be it can, be, so distracting, it can become. Like. A rabbit, hole of so, many other stuff that you don't need to be doing and that's, why it's so important, to have like, a board or you. Know a checklist and stuff and I person, we have tasks, that I do every. Single day and I have I actually, use an app and I. Basically have very. Specific, things that I do every. Single day, and. If one, of those isn't done I'm like okay I got it I got a fine time to make sure that I get that because those are things.

Although. They may not be directly related, to my business they're actually, what, motivates, me to continue my business like some, of them is like my workout every, single day even though it obviously my workout is not going, to bring, me business but, it's gonna give me the energy to continue, you, know enemy so there's a lot of things that. You. Know you have to do daily, to keep you. In the right mindset, to. Continue. To your business so that's, one of the reasons why I brought that up because. Some people you, know they have the plan you, know that's all laid out for them but. If they don't follow. That, checklist or follow that board that you do they're. Not going to do it you. Know they're not going to realize, that it has to become a habit or a routine in order, for them to actually make. It happen. The. Simplest, of tasks. You know it's funny because well. Not funny but some people, no, matter what they're put, in front of them and. Literally. It could be the simplest, step-by-step. Thing like it that might take two minutes for them to set up they, can't they, can't do it because it, because, whatever's going on in their mind they don't have. Programmed. Yet or taught. Themselves about. Consistency. They haven't taught themselves that okay but you are responsible. For your business and if. You don't do these tasks. You're. Not going to get to the next level, you know you're not going to succeed so, that's. Why I think it's really important, to address, the, fact that you. Need some, kind of accountability, to. Make sure you're doing the right things in your business because one. Of the things one of the struggles I had in the beginning as I, was doing tasks, but, they weren't necessarily the right tests either one I got distracted or I was following the wrong people and doing the wrong test or I. Didn't. Train myself not. To get distracted by. The emails, or, the you know the posts about the new opportunity. Or that, kind of thing. What. I think. People. Need to understand. Is if they have a group, like this or have, a community, where people, help each other not to get distracted. Like, that they're, gonna be much more successful and that's what one, of the reasons why I you, know I created, this webinar. This. Weekly webinar series because, we want people to, have. A place where they can go they're not if they don't have the plan or, they don't have the consistency, or they're struggling still, and they don't know. Where and turn we. Want to make it so that yes, there is a place for you to turn you not in this alone.

Exactly. Yeah and it's kind of serves as a pit stop you know so that I got check point for you to be able to say okay, am i doing. What I need to do it I'm ready doing those action, steps, and and you know if, not I'm let me jump on this webinar and we can kind of talk it through and. You. Know make sure that I'm where I'm supposed to be you, know and so that that is one of the things that I love about this, webinar series is that we we have it as an open for, for people to come in and invoice. You, know their their, concerns. Or, extra. Questions, or be able to, you. Know get some clarification on, where they stand and, help. Get them back on track kind of like you, know like I said I cap it crew putting the tires the fresh tires back on the car okay now next we go, you know just learn, to keep moving forward yep, and and, we all need that you, know any one of us at any point you know could say oh my I know I'm getting off track and, when. You have a community, like this where you can actually go, to and say hey you. Know I'm struggling, with this right now let's let's do. This zoom today and let's talk about this and let's address this because, sometimes, just talking. About it you. You it's. Like it activates. The triggers in your brain that say oh yeah I can do this you know I have that support and that that's so so, important. So. Many times you. Know. I'll. Go ahead I was like oh I just said. That to get those haha. Exactly. Yeah. I've. Ended. We've, ended webinars, before and, I felt like this burst of energy and, enthusiasm about, what I needed to do inside. Of my business just because, I was able to kind of come in check, in you, know brainstorm. With you guys and, you want to the mastermind, and it just it really does ignite the energy inside of you so yeah, absolutely I, agree I totally. Agree because even. No. Matter who's on there's. Always a question sometimes, it's, not necessarily, a question or something that someone comes on up with and I'm like oh wow, I didn't think of that, wow that's a great idea, and then that's something that you can take your best take, to your business to make it even even. Better or if it, was something. That you help someone overcome it's, that feeling and like you said Darren it's that ignited, energy. And you where you know you've helped someone get, through whatever. Or struggle, they were having, it's just a. Good. Feeling and I'm, all about energy I feel. The same way like every, single Friday because. I have BNI Friday mornings, like early in the morning and honestly. Fridays, are my most productive, day, just, because I'm in a room with 38. Entrepreneurs. All like, many people, you know talking, about things in their business or success. That they've had or, something, that they're looking for, and like we're all supportive, and helping each other like there is so much energy in that that I like it just, propels, my day to. Be the best day ever and. You. Know the. More you do that the more. You're going to be consistent, in your business because you're gonna see oh wow there is help out there or there are successful. People out there that's inspiring, and it. Doesn't matter what it is that. They're doing in their business it's, helpful, to know people. Are succeeding. Yes. And and their everyday people, their signals you. Know I mean we're not doing. This webinar in our suits and ties and you, know just, up with on. Some island somewhere something, so removed from people, that they sell well yeah they've got it maybe but look it you know they're doing, this from this fancy, hotel, where, in our in our, homes you know what I mean in our regular, clothes and we're regular, people and we're successful online, because. We follow, consistency. And a plan and you, know we have communities, that we stay plugged into each other and so. You know my purpose is I want other people to know that they can also tap. In and get plugged in and be successful too without you know having to be you. Know having a million dollars in marketing, budget, you know or some, sort of lifestyle, that they've, already coming from you know you can you can be an everyday working, person to be successful. Although. I don't know in a few weeks I am going on vacation in, Myrtle Beach I might. No. I don't think I can go a week without my computer and not just for.

Business But just because I do like to stay connected if I if I can just. Know. That's good though I mean and I think it's supported, to show progress in your business and if that progress led, you to Myrtle Beach for a weekend or a week or whatever that's. Great that's awesome you watch does that shows people you, can do that too you know to me and. There's. So many other trainings. And recordings, of us that, show us in our natural sort, of habitat, that yeah. If you step out and you do a video on Myrtle Beach that's great because it shows, people you like you're not saying hey hey Tom I'm always big. Jet-setting. Here they're the other but. The progress of your business, had led you to a point where you could actually go to Myrtle, why didn't I capture, that I think that's also empowering, and inspiring and. It's just fun it's just fun, to show people that, you're yourself and, you, know you can go, out and do things and even, if you. Know I couldn't, just. Being outside just, shows people that, you're a real person and you do things you're, not always, just. At your computer, at home because, you might have a job or you have a life you might have kids you take care of her or you. Know someone else you're taking care of her just other, things, that, you do you might volunteer, and things, like that and it's. Just nice for. Everyday. People to see. That. Your average. Everyday people although we're not average, III think any entrepreneur. Is not our average, whatsoever. So. Awesome. Anything, else we want to share before you wrap it up I know we're actually almost at the end of time but I wanted to know if there was anything else we wanted to share before. Closing out I. Just. Had a really quick question you mentioned that you were using an app to, help you with or get organized, would you mind saying. With AdView you yeah it's called habit, sure I. Can. Actually if I get your like later on I can if I get your email I can invite you to it and basically you can share it you can you. Can choose to or not you can share this app with other friends that you have on habit, share or you can just share it with yourself to be accountable, for yourself, it's not about you know us saying oh well why didn't you do your workout today that's not what it's it's just about it's something, there to record whatever. It is you want to record if you want to record whatever, daily. Activities, you're you know income, producing activities, I you know I put my work out I put you know that I'm going to listen to podcasts. Every single day you know that kind of thing but you get to choose I'll. Send it to you after the webinar I'll, get your email and I'll send it to you also you. Can see this fact you can see what I used to Pinterest. It's. A lot, of videos. Explain, there is. Not something. You can. From. Very. Good app to use I. Think. Oh it. Didn't work um. I copied. It I copied, that link, and it. Told me that I can't use that I'm, gonna try again. It. Shouldn't work it. I I think I copied it wrong let. Me see. Okay. Got it okay it worked this time I just I think I just copied it wrong, fantastic. And if anyone else wants wants that app reach. Out to us like and he can get it for you or I just got, it so I can get it. Perfect. Thank. You so much you both for. Sharing and. If you're watching this and replay and you find that, it's benefiting. You. Or someone, else please feel free to share it and we'll. We'll see you next time, bye. Bye.

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