Harmonic Pattern Trading Live Stream - Confirmation Strategies

Harmonic Pattern Trading Live Stream - Confirmation Strategies

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Hey. Thanks everybody joining. Us today to. Thursday. Live YouTube session, we jump over here, on. Thursdays. 10:00 a.m. after, our. Morning. Session, for. The Gold Live members, and. We. Just want to update this is the setup we talked about for, the retest, the. Crab up at 79, 60. This. Is again. This is Nasdaq, against. The. Big, crab pattern the type 2 that we are looking at we talked about with. The confirmation. So. A lot, of things going on this is the big retest, maybe 79-65. Looking. For big termination. Against, a couple of patterns and. That. Would be the high I'm thinking for the week, it's. Also a deep crab pattern, so, let's. Look for this, right. Now to play it try to look for something to play it up into that zone I. Just. Pulled up an 89 tick it was actually the 233. Tick I wanted to show on, NASDAQ. Here. You go. So, that's pre-market. But. Look at the anything at this seventh this 79. 44. Today. Even. With this the last little check back here, this. Is just wiggling its way back up to 79, 60, for. The eventual retest, for today coming, back now just drop 10. On. Here. The. Last HSI. That was signal that we have is. 79. 37. So. Let's look down there a little, short term. Will. Check back. This. Is what HSI, looks like - it's already in the oversold. Looks. Like they're both going to come down here and give. Us an opportunity. And. Then. The other. Here's es. Sp500. Emini. What's, HS, i HS eyes in the Oversoul right now on the 233. Tick. Want, to look at the five-minute chart. All right that's hitting HSI. Oversold. Let's. Look at that probably in the next two. Bars. Also. Remember, here's. The es. The. Hourly, chart on es. It's. A type two crab. And. We started the week looking, at this crab pattern. With. Not only if the prz, but target. One and two. Especially. Target two as our support and. We're right back at the resistance, up in here. That's. Really. The the kind. Of big development, especially overnight, we just got the first confirmation. Still. Early though but I like, the fact that this is stalling and, the. Other thing about this is that look at what's going on with the.

60-minute, Indicators. So. Most, of you know RSI. Basic. Welles Wilder formula. Is our standard. Confirmation. Technique, and we use harmonic, strength index. Well. This is showing a completed. RSI, BAM. Right. Up in this zone. About. That, right 3000. Mark three, thousand, six. It. Came out of this zone after triggering. Right up here. Two. Days ago, was. That yeah it was yesterday. Let, me just let's focus on the completed, pattern. By. Definition folks. The. Secondary. Test. So. Here's the first test. The. Secondary, retest. Needs. To have this confirmation, and we do and. That confirmation again, on HSI, is at about three, thousand, six. Just. Take the prior hi. Yep. One, other market. That we talked about this morning was dollar, cad, and, that. Has done a nice move off of. The. Pattern support. Dollar. Cad we were down right off the bottom at one thirty forty, i mean. Literally. We. Were looking at couple. Things here big bat pattern, retest. Also. As, i. Pointed out in that session. We. Are bouncing. At this target one off of this bat pattern. And. That's one thirty fifty, two to be exact. HSI. And that's the, kind, of the final thing that we want to see at the. Termination, of a target one is, hitting. Now. So. Interesting. To see how we shape up into tomorrow, for. Dollar cad and a. Lot of these dollar pairs. But. That's one from the day and for now we're. Just treating that as a day trade. Short-term. Move off of a long-term, level. So focus, on the five-minute, this was the other thing they. Did flash up there. Just. A. Another. Crab pattern, a little intraday. Deep. Crab pattern, back in in that area our number was one thirty forty. This. Training as low as one thirty thirty, seven, one thirty thirty six. The four-hour time frame for dollar cad is well. There. You go. One, moment. Hold. On folks one second let me switch this over. You. Okay. There you go. So. We'll still treat this as a short-term. Pretty. Much 60 minute play. On. Our telegram, group I think our target is one thirty. Thirty. One forty. One thirty one twenty, let. Me double check that. Also. I've been a little shy on the pound pairs lately, they've. Had some short reactions, but they. Just seem to be persistently. Grinding, lower so, I look, more at dollar pairs. Let. Me bring up dollar cad I'm running, this also on. Metatrader, the, metatrader4, we're looking at the e signal, platform. Let's. See here. The. Crab pattern, on the Metatrader platform, the crab pattern is that the. The low-end type. To stop level, is, one. Thirty, sixty. Seven to be exact, but this. Little HSI, that developed in the overnight session, pre. Market at early hours, was. Also enough. To. Trigger a reaction back, to target one. May. Be as high as target, two but, that's. About it I this has been, we. Took a shot at this last week down. In here and we had a quick about.

8090, Pip bounce I. Came. Right back and we we adjusted. Our stops. But. There was one two opportunities. Maybe this is a third opportunity, of course. This first opportunity. Went to target one there was an ideal type one a. Lot. Of these currency, pairs have been kind of have been pretty. Reactive. Like that recently it's that's one of them the other one that we talked about today. Is this. Euro pound. And, this, was one we were looking for, slightly. Higher, retest. On the target two, we. Had that listed, at ninety right. There 90 twenty and. Look. At the prz this did work out actually and, came. Back and and we, talked about this this morning, kiss. That retest. So. There's the first test. Comes. Down there's target, one and. Came. Back down for, an ideal. One-two. Combination, now, we're at target two and, this. One I did want to show. This. Was another one we discussed, today of, being. A potential setup here. This. One off of that pattern, has I. Would. Look at this a little later today but there, you go. Under. This 8960. We. Have a bat pattern, right here that. This. Has been still grinding, higher so let's get a little perspective on, Euro Pound okay. Still. In an uptrend. Against. All of this it's been fairly impressive. Last. Month. Or so, there. You go so. Breaking, this down a nice, reactive. Move here secondary, test. Goes. To figure that we, would not, wouldn't. Be surprised to have yet a. Secondary. Or tertiary test. Of this crab pattern, this. Is something with the currency markets, folks that has I've. Noticed, more with harmonic, patterns, and, FX. Pairs where, you. Might have more. Than two. Tests. Maybe. Have a third test. Fourth. Test but usually, range bound and i. Thats, the situation, here so. 8960. 89 really 8955. Is, a better number. There and i'll reset, the, we. Have a open, position on the telegram, group if. You're. Not with the telegram, group. Please. Send. An email get or get actually, just check our harmonic trader blog, for. That information. Get. With the telegram group and you can sign up because all the the signals, that we're. Sending and documenting. Are here available. You. Want to check that out. To. Get with that just go to harmonic trader go to the blog and, scroll. Down here's, your telegram group. Before. We moved over to the my FX group, we did the first I don't. Know did about four hundred pips in the first ten days or something, check, that out really that's that's where that's the place to go, I'll. Pop the link in. You. Want official, harmonic signals, that's it. Just. Keep it there so. That's. The other one kind of trade, of the day if you will euro pound down. At this fifty five. Level. And I'm still, looking at look HSI. Trying. To poke out but that needs to come out so. We'll. Probably I'll, look at that maybe at. Top. Of the hour, or. By noon. Hold. On let me catch up with everybody. All. Right hey can somebody I started. The sound and. Just. Double-checking. Just. Type yes you guys that, we should be okay. So. Let me just, get back a couple of, comments. Questions. Start. With the last first. Damian, Castilla is a personal. Friend of mine, sexually. Lives, in the area and he, and I have. Been talking about doing stuff Damien, Scott. Thanks. Bonnie. Jaime's. Great. Guy just. Really he's, known as mr. pip, and I. Strongly. Suggest everyone, check him out, he, and I have talked about doing. Educational. Program together our know around, harmonics, he's, really. Done great stuff with price action reading, and ABCD. Stuff. So you, know absolutely.

That's. Something, that woman to realize I just, um I, I. Think, he's he, represents. Everything of what this should be about he. Brings his own interpretation. You. Know and his really. Kind of leads by example and. Really. I'm. I, recognize. Him as kind of one of the leading, people, in the whole world whole harmonic, world, so. Check out Damian mr. pip on forex, factory for, sure. As. Far as the. Decipher. Pattern guys you, know listen. I don't know that pattern, and. It. It's it. Would I consider it a shallow shark, pattern, I, you. Know I don't think so it it, operates. Off of a 786. And it. Doesn't have. It. Doesn't have essential, ratios, and metrics that I consider, harmonic, I looked at it I. Think. There's several I've, seen. Several people try, to name other patterns, as harmonic. I. There. Have to have an ABCD, element, you have to have specific, ratios, you, have to have primary ratios, of a one six one eight at a minimum. In, certain. Setups. Like the shark or, an eight eight six there's reasons why this stuff works that. Way but when you start throwing together random. Ratios. I I, find. That you are then, just kind of choosing, points. The. ABCD. Structure, is so critical, to, validating. Harmonic patterns that, it. Really, is makes. A difference and everything. That we do. For. Myself personally, folks, I'm, a huge. Advocate. Of, the crab pattern, and what, the crab pattern, stands for either, deep, crab or a regular, crab pattern. It. Is essentially. A way to look at 1 6 1 8 extensions. Which. I find are a great, minimum, in the market, for defining. Extreme. Behavior, we. Know the markets can't go straight up straight down forever, now. A minimum. Metric is the one six one eight that's. Why you know for example we're, looking at. Yes. Right now. Here's. The s on both the type one and type two. Again. I'm gonna just just I'll come back to the potential, crab, that. Is developing, at the moment but. Here. We have to deal with this. Immediate, retest, because, we have confirmation, on, the, secondary, test and that. Confirmation, came. In at where, 30, 60, did we have that did it come back and retest there and last five minutes. Right. Before yeah, it did right right, as we were opening, up. But. From a 60-minute perspective. This is why I. Should. Post the Monday session, because we started. This week. Basically. Here. Looking. For the, completion of the type one and the type two but. We knew that the. One six one eight on this. Last, advance. Up. To the 3000. Mark okay. Looking. At that one six one eight which came in it's right, right where it is right now twenty, nine ninety eight, but, that's. The starting, point of saying okay a at, or just beyond twenty nine ninety eight. We. Got to say that this is getting. A little too far a little too too. Ahead of itself and. Also. You, know the crab this has so. Has the ABCD. Structure, it's, an alternate, pattern but when with. Combined, with the other extreme, numbers. It. Creates. That zone that that zone that defines, an over extension. You, know the the other pattern, I'm not even gonna reference it, doesn't. It, just, doesn't have it. Doesn't. Have the other standard, elements, I have to admit that that of what is harmonic. To. Be a reliable, pattern, I mean I could start drawing, all. Kinds, of things and say oh we've got something here and. When. This ratio and, then just that ratio well, then we that will happen. But. I don't I don't think so the other aspect of, the. Whole ratio debate focuses. Reliable. Ratios executable. Ratios, because. I don't think all ratios, are equal I don't think you're gonna see independent. Numbers independent. Ratios. Act. The same a. One. Six one eight on its own is going to be a heck of a lot more reliable, than say a seven, eight six on its own seven. Eight six on its own will fail. Much. More than a one six one eight. By. Definition. Statistically. That's. A proven fact. For. Damien, look at forex, factory. For. Damien Caqueta forex, factory Damien's. Over it he, is at a Forex. Factory and tell. Him I said I. Ideally. What you want to enter on the second retest, let's. Let's, reset, that. Ok. Let's the better, question is what's the expectation, for the retest, the. Retest is a larger. Is a, confirmation, of the original, pattern. So. Our expectation. Is we. Go for target 2 we have a larger, expectation. For. That now. This is for. The first test. Which. Was last, week and terminated. Back on Monday, that's. A great opportunity, and even, in those instances where we. Have confirmation. Ok. At or, just beyond, that one six one eight. We. Know to expect. A reaction. And. So, here's the big thing about the first test or the type 1 test. And I think a lot of people, who. Are aware of harmonic, patterns but not aware, of what the proper, expectation. Is on the first. Reversal. Or first, reaction. Okay. It makes, all the difference between, success, and failure if, you don't make this differentiation.

That Our. Expectation. Is this. Two-bit. To simply, go from. Terminal. Bar, to. Target one now if, you're asking what is a terminal bar, I'm gonna. Refer you back to the harmonic trader blog. Because. If you don't know what a terminal, bar is. That. Is the completion, point of a pattern, and that is, something, you need to learn I can show, go. To harmonic, trader calm, and. There. Is just. Watch the prz, video. Here, it is go to, go. To the blog and, and it's all in the blog but. These. Are critical, steps beyond, the measures, and metrics that. Make. The difference so. Go to harmonic pattern prz and watch that video, for, 20 minutes that. Will tell you P RZ + terminal bar and that's so critical because, our, whole, process does, not start, until. That. Terminal, bar completes, and it looks like this. So. The terminal bar there, that's. That vertical, zone bar. We're. Now looking to execute, to the right of that zone after it, completes. Clearly. That's beyond, our measured, levels, but. We know to expect, that and that's something I think, a. Lot, of newer. People - harmonic patterns are missing, the. Fact that is we. Don't just set our executions. Exactly. Somewhere, in here. One. We're, gonna have plenty of time to make the assessment -, there's. Usually a consolidation. That has to occur before, we. Get the reaction, but we understand, that it. Had the first time a test. We. Go to target 1 that's. Our minimum reaction, yes, it can go to target - and there. Are things that we look at at that, zone but we just when we're here, we're thinking target. One target one. When. We're here, and we have confirmation, because there's. An HSI. Will. Think target to. Take. A shot. That's. The framework. I have, to stress that again. Damien's. A great guy hey, Pierre how are you we're talking about Damian. Castilla over, at mr.. Known as mr. pip but he's much more than that he's, over. At 4x factory and I guess if he's doing coke trading copilot, to. The. RSI. And the divergence. Videos. Everything. That I'm talking about is on, at. The go to harmonic trader calm, and. Just. Sign, up at that basic membership. They're, also on, this. There's. Plenty of information on. This. YouTube channel, there's. Entire. Library. Of all the patterns and and execution. And management. Videos. That, are. As, proprietary, as, the patterns even though I know a lot of people are doing the patterns. But. Just go to the basic if you're. Not a basic, member everything's, there on the basic, membership page, and. I. Say exhaust, those free free. Resources. I, think. Everyone could spend two weeks on, all of these resources and. Get. With the. Other materials. And, then. Sign up I. Mean. I don't really, it's important, because I don't I think I'm if. You don't have a basic. Knowledge. Of the, framework. I, think you're gonna get stuff wrong I see I've seen people get stuff wrong and they jump in too quickly they. Don't get it and. Then. They they throw it away. When. I'm I say take two weeks and, it's and if it's not worth two weeks of your time then. I say don't even try it because it's not something. You're gonna get in a day or two. But. The framework and everything that we talked about here, and talked about in the sessions, and everything. That the software does automatically. Gives. Us, the levels of the, decision, frame the. Decision-making, framework. That's. Why we do what we do. Here's. I'm going to show this folks to, even. On. If. You're not on my the Twitter feed here is we're looking at the same pattern, here, for. Yes. This. Is from yesterday. This. Is like yeah this is yesterday. Now. We didn't have confirmation, yet and we were talking about why this was a. Little. Bit higher up in the zone, but. That's how we know those kind of things that's how we understand. And, again. And I think it's important, to realize there. Is a framework and, a thought process of. Why. At, these. Various points this works. This, pattern works but it works. Beyond. The measures not at the measures because you could sit there on a whole, heck of a lot of drawdown not necessary. So. Get the basic, on that membership and all of those divergence, and the. Advanced. Understanding, of, say. RSI. BAM RSI, HSI. Is in there and the. Software does it automatically, -. Thanks. Hey Pierre hope you're doing well I got that other stuff I hope that kinetic. Thanks. I appreciate it the kinetic, on. The. Ninja. They. Have a they have that crypto feed as well as the stock feed which is pretty good we're. Looking at a signal. I, also. Have the Metatrader version, and and the. Sierra. Chart and we're working on TD Ameritrade, and, tradestation. So, trying to just get that, those. Main platforms. Covered.

Unreal. Let. Me go over to. Yes. Looks like it's dropping I. Wanted. To take today and answered several questions. There. Was a question from today, about also how to let how, to know when to let stuff run. And. We. Talked about still, looking at the targets, but when from harmonic, pattern perspective. Things. That bigger. Moves come typically, at the secondary. Retest, and we again it seems like that's been a subject of the day. RSI. Videos, yeah, goat the, RSI, videos that you're looking for. Are. In, there it's on, execution. And management. Go. To. There. You go if, you are here. Well. Here you go first start start, there go to the harmonic trader. Webpage. Harmonic. Trader calm if you're not signed up just it's free access, sign up there if you, are just, login basic. Members. The. One or two videos here and, I do want to get back to what, what's. Going on in the markets that you. Really want to watch this scroll down. Okay. And look at. Execution. This. Angle of ascent as well. But. The execution the exe. That. Shows the prz. Basic. Terminal bar. And. The, whole zone concept, and then. Within that dead zone of how to look at these zones. Because. We have the measured zones but then how. Do we know we're in that zone do we take the trade, that's. The that's the challenge, every everywhere. Sometimes. It's tight sometimes, it's, it's. Not but, we you know there's assessments, that we make once the that. Is completed, here's HSI. Confirmation. On. That. Is, also, part, of the RSI. The. Final, one to again. If you're here on YouTube, for. The first time. Just. Get with. The. Video playlists, and and on the videos I'll here's, that, the. One that you're really looking for is. I'll. Have, to put that up here it is it's advanced harmonic pattern. That's. That's, it right there. Everything. That you need though is on that so check out check, out that that. Presentation. Because. Here is really. The essentials, of looking, at the pattern. Okay. There's the pattern but, then breaking down. There. We go go back. And looking, at RSI, RSI. BAM. That's. Our, proprietary. Conformation. Technique. And. The conformation divergence. That we utilize, there. Again. There. You go again. All. Of that is designed, to what, is this the, proper expectation. Within. All of this. What's. The proper expectation, in the zone and. Then. How to pinpoint in the zone because we know it's between, the, zone and, terminal. Bar, it's. The main assessment. Yeah. I like my own videos. No. I think listen, RSI, here you go here's, the s limit 233. I'm. Just trying to show you everybody where to get everything. Because. I think I don't, know. Let. Me clean move this out. I'm. Gonna also, suggest something to everyone that just, start with one pattern I, think. I have to dial it back a little bit and say to folks. Start, with the one six one eight and. Look. At the one six one eight with, even, if you're just on, on, a manual, platform. Let's. Say you're on trading view tracing, out patterns just. Look at intraday, one six one eight moves and just look at RSI. Here's. Standard, RSI. Okay. There's a reason why, the. Combination, of the two work. I'll. Have to check I'll check. III. Know, it's on the, RSI, there's plenty of stuff on the video list on the, YouTube page I would check that out. So. For. Now. For. Today. A. Regular. Crab pattern. It's. A type one, he's. The first thing we've seen since we started this session on ES. And. The. Other thing that I do on an intraday, basis, what's the last five-minute, HSI, test. And. We're, still yeah, we started the, session. Looking. At this test. We're right there still in the over sold. Zone. But. At least now standard. RSI, on. A 5-minute, yeah. That's it. Amplified. That. Needs to come out. It's. The first kind, of tick. Up we've seen an HSI, but again. Still. Needs what. Probably. Another 10 minutes. Hey. What's going on. If. If, it's bullish they stay above the 50 line. Well. If you're in a trend if. You're trending. RSI. Consistently. Can stay above 50 let, me show a hair look I. I. Get. What you're saying and look I think what your preference, is when. A markets, trending, and it stays above the 50 level the. Fit the midpoint level so here's the 50 level, on RSI. Right. There. And. That's, a weekly, es chart continuous. Contract. So. The 50 line and. I don't want to get into too much of that I. Utilize, that 50 line. And. I look, at it a few different ways but, in general. Yes I mean if something is trending, this is here's es on a weekly trending higher. Moving. Higher, holding. Above the 15 line with the exception, of the. Fourth quarter. Yeah. That tells me this is still okay, for now. Also, we're coming I throw, a little harmonic. Confirmation. That last weekly, confirmation. Signal on, HSI. Links. Up with this. Trending. Up for, another.

Little Retest, 270. Probably. And. Then. The middle indicator, is amplified, RSI that's a proprietary. Indicator. That. Takes, the basic formula, and then twist it. With. Some harmonic ratios, in the formula, but I would, still, that. Needs, to retest, at a minimum as well. But. That's another. Way to look at those. Areas. Of if something's trending. Yes. There's of up to 50 now it's a little different than looking. At two, specific. Tests. And. I'll, save that for another time. Let's. Look at that 233. Tick. What, do you mean by hidden divergence, I. Know. There's positive, negative divergence people. Talk about people. Talk about that. One. Of the things that I talk about with, where. I started talking about RSI. Was. One with extremes, with 1.618. Extensions. And. That was long ago. But. Then in volume 2 looking, at the difference at a conformation, point. I'll. Take off let me remove these I'll remove, the other indicators, let's just look at standard RSI. Because. This is how I started, out looking at the. Conformation. The whole idea, of conformation, and. Looking. At just RSI, why because I went through all of them. You. Name it and I, think Wilders, basic, formula, which. Is one of the most popular, because it's it. Works well it's measuring. This, its. Own price action it's not measuring against sp500, or anything like that but, it's, measuring against its own price action of. Looking. For extremes. Let. Me just go to the 60 minute chart cuz that's the the, larger. That's. The. Big pattern we're looking at right now anyway. Alright. And this is this actually. This. Is a great example for me so to, explain. The whole thing I mean we'll, chose an example, sure, I will. Admit that, but. This is the absolute. Framework. That. With. In, the volume 2 book that I did, that. Helped me so much it. Helped, me understand, when a reaction happens. Off of a pattern, versus. A reversal. And it. All depends on what this formation, is the literal indicator. Formation. Can. There be patterns. In the indicator, formations. Of course, are. They going to be as reliable, as price. Maybe. Maybe not but. This. Em formation. That we see up here. That. It comes into the extreme. And. It doesn't it's not a quick test it's many. Bars up above. The 70 level so. RSI, is a standard, indicator, that. Measures. According. To Wilder the last 14, period, last 14, sessions, 14, bars. Measuring. That move that average and. This. Formation, into the extreme once you get up into that extreme, you start looking but, the signal really doesn't come till it comes out of the extreme, much. Like HSI. But. In this formation we have what is a, is, a sloppy but an M formation. And. The fact that there's consolidation. Information, that's different than this over. Here. So. For me when I saw that okay. That that basic. Differentiation, meant. Something. It. Usually when we saw that it, would be a deeper, penetration of. The extreme, and. It. Also would. Take more time. The. Final, thing that it. Took probably. Four years of. Screwing. Around with this to figure it out that first it had to come to the 50 at, a. Minimum. Come. Down to the in this case it goes all the way to the 30 but. It had to come to the 50, and then. Retest, and sat that secondary, test, an. Even. Wilder in his book wrote about that. Where. The larger, signals unfold, and what. I really. Stuck out at me was, there. Was a retest. With an impulsive reading, at the. Pattern completion. Here. You have an initial test right here. Alright, and that would be the ideal. From. From, the indicator, standpoint. That is where. RSI Bamm the, the. Absolute, confirmation, comes, in but there's no pattern, so. The key is to link up the pattern, with. The, extreme, reading in this case, okay. There's our one six one eight there, we have a valid, signal, that. Gives, you. The. Complex, condition. Bullish. Hidden divergence, means you get lower lows on amp on RSI, and price. Gets higher and, bearish. Hidden virgins means you get higher highs on RSI, as price. Goes lower. So. Secondary, test is mandatory can, go above 70, can.

Be Snow cannot, be cannot, be 67, or 68, can't. Fudge it you can't fudge any numbers. It. Can be I will, say this it could be sixty, nine point five and, above, I've seen that. But. It's gotta be seventy has to hit 70 and you're, triggering, seventy, a seventy. Test or higher but. Something like this. Here. It. Has a information. Like that now the software, does it automatically, but comes, down to the 50, and then. Retest, and we. Have it here, now on, the, bullish side, so. We have a W. Formation. Okay. That. Comes up, at. Least to the 50 this is back all the way to the other zone, now. This has to come back down for, the. Retest. And confirm that signal, so, something, like that. 86. Or 74, yeah that that's logical. Within. All of these numbers within, what's happening, in RSI, and then finally, to. The point about 50, when. We get under, that 50, line if we can crack that 50, line that's. Where you get, raishin. But. That's the RSI. BAM framework, that's the thing of what we talk about when. We're looking for. That. Kind of confirmation and, I again. I'm gonna say it that you have to have both and so, if you try to fudge those situations, where you don't have both that's. When you, make mistakes that, are avoidable. Absolutely. Extreme divergences, are more reliable, and. They. Are. Their. Starting points as well. They. Are it's not something, either that's, that's immediate, these are RSI. Has always been known as a leading indicator, meaning. It gives you a signal, early before the price action. Even. On this initial, test of that crab pattern. You. Have a information up, here. This. Is where it comes out of the zone right there and. Look. At the bar I used. To do this still, do mark. The bar on RSI, so. That's where RSI, comes out of the zone right there and it. Still takes six, hours. Before. The larger reversal, goes. It's. Those kind of details folks that that's that's what makes the difference. Understanding. That the patterns, the completion, is a starting, point terminal, bar is a starting, point. HSI. Is a trigger, after. The fact and. Then. Usually, get two shots. So. I again. Take your time with the framework combining. The. Two. Hey. Folks before I get out of here today I want to go to eleven, I did. There. Was several questions on, let. Me pop up the, really. Quick on the crypto, space. This. Is our beta. Trading. View platform. You, can get all of these algorithms. On. Metatrader5. Orden, traitor. Then. Ninja traders really I'm, impressed good job ninja trader. They. Incorporated. Free coinbase feed, so. You can get three or four the main primary ones, trading. View this is just easy to use for me in our, live session, on Tuesday. We. Were talking about this 13, 100, level and. Kissed. It right off the bat and now we have a shark on the downside I would, look for this maybe a little. Bit lower 11 -. We. Are at the target, 2 for. The, crab pattern, on Bitcoin and. It. Looks like this. Here's. There's. Target, 2, right. There and so. We start looking right now. For. That return. Thanks. Fear yeah, I'll show everybody how to get up how, to get with that so we're looking for that return. Look. For the retest, of the crab. That. Brings Bitcoin, back to one, more test -, 1313. 100. But. It's been great action, if bitcoins been phenomenal. That's. A one-hour chart. That's. Automatically, generated, and, this. One even look at the ABCD, and that's auto-generated. I'm. Not, a big ABCD. Independent. ABCD, fan but you. Know I pay attention when the software generates, ABC, DS. But. From the type 1 type 2 we are in almost at the end of that type - much. Like Nasdaq, any es were when. We started this week. Aetherium. A Gartley. Nice, yeah. Let's you. Know aetherium, had that had. A crab, 2, weeks ago here you go yeah. Look nice Gartley, there you go. Here's, on the 4-hour chart. Or. No I think it was daily. There. Was a crab, pattern on a theorem on a daily yep. There. Is a daily, crab pattern. On. Aetherium, did that should get this thing going you. Take. Down a target 1. To. 27. Really. Nice impulsive. 1 6 1 8 off of that low. So. That would be a great great, return. Come. Down to target 1 and then. And then, if you're looking for a spot well that would be it, somewhere. In here. 202, 27. Keep. An eye on that I really, think let's. See what Bitcoin does if Bitcoin comes back and. Gets. To, the target 2. That. Would boy, if Bitcoin, gets rejected, at 13,000. Here. It go let's go to the for our on Bitcoin. That. Would be the big thing then, that if, we come back and retest and. We. Fail up at 13, for. That. Might be it for, now. I. Think. There's a would, play another reaction. Back. Up because we're at the end of this type 1 trade, here on the crab look at the crab. Alright. There's the first that's. The first test of the crab and we're at target, -. But. I'm look, for that retest, a. Lot. Going on there also look, at.

Race This larger, thing out - I. Know. A lot of you. Probably see, this, just. Manually. Almost. A perfect Gartley. And why put. The 786. Is right. It's. Right about there. The. Heart we do this is automated. On trading, view but it's not ready for the release public, release yet, yeah. I'll have trading, view web version, phone, version, soon. I'm. We're, still there's limitations, in, the web programming, language, is that we. Can't do things like this I mean here's four, so for e signal, and all, the other ones we can do the scanners, like this there's a 60 Minutes scanner, so. It'll run all the patterns, like here's British. Pound on a one-hour basis. No. Sorry. And we, have the same scanner on Metatrader and Sierra chart. But. Here if I kick that up there's British Pound I look. At that alright. Let. Me let's, look at that crab. Little. 60-minute, crab pattern. But. I'm not able to do that on the web version yet that. Kind of scanner and then the proprietary, indicator, signaling, as well. Guys. Are gonna go about five more minutes and wrap it up I think it's been really good I'm glad we've been able to take. Questions. And. Yes. PR absolutely, the crab pattern, and the, bat pattern, those are the bread-and-butter patterns, for M&W structures. Hi, Scott I'm new to harmonics, I've been. Through all the crud and it led me to you which is great, my. Question, is does, your book specify, which patterns, are more favorable to play out I, yeah. The, book listen. I think the books are more. You. Know for your, personal, study and. I. Do as, I said just mention I've. For the crab pattern, because. The one six one eight dynamic. And that's, what it's related to the. Whole natural. Relationship. Of why the numbers, work why does one six one eight work because, of the Fibonacci. Mostly. The phyllotaxis, the, natural growth cycles, I'm not going to get into that and there's, webinars. About all of that in here, it's. Essentially. A natural. Cycle. But. I would. Learn the structures, but I would learn mostly. Terminal. Bar and the, confirmation, that we use why, that's, important. Because. Here's, look at this here's British pound. On. The sixty minute. Here's. A deep crab pattern. And. I think a lot of people look at just the crab and say here's the zone. But. We know that the crab pattern, is specific. Has extreme, behavior, and, so. We've now looked for that beyond there and more like there. It's. Those differences, where. Knowing. That the pattern is not a black box. Number. We don't just put an order in there but we make assessments and that there's plenty of time to. Make those assessments. That's. The that's the key that's then shifts, your whole expectation. Where. You're, you're you go from a fear of missing out to. You. Know actually. Making an educated decision, on it, even. Though this thing hit the stop-loss we, know we've been favoring. It down, the, deep crab. Specifically. Down at these stop losses. But, here I'll just pull up daily. Weekly here's, what's, daily. It's, flashing it another deep crap lower. Look, at here's the first, pattern. Down. Here. So. That's what we want to see. I'll. Take a look at that I'm not crazy about the pound pairs because we. Took a shot at this a, week. Or so two weeks ago and, it. Didn't, give us any follow-through we've had a lot of quick. Reactive. Moves like that and then they roll back over. That's. Okay as long as you manage it. Move. Your stops and manage. It there's a look, at those management, and execution videos. Those. Are our, critical, essential. So. Trading. View version. Let's say it probably, will be. Later. This fall. There's. A few things that are going to come out through trading view that. I can't announce at the moment but what we're getting there. The. ABC DS are great the bat crabs. Are great, Gartley, are rare. You. Know really, nice GART Li's. Let's. Look at yes here right now before we get out of here. There's. The big 60, minute pattern I really. Think for. Today. Into. Next week. Just. Keep, this whole I'll, post updates. On Twitter. But. You're the entire maker break for. The summer is above, that stop-loss. And. I. Do have some higher targets, I just think they're gonna come later this year I think. For right now and where, we are in the summer, this.

Got A lot right, up in here we're three. Thousand nine three thousand ten is a, nice pause a, nice. Area to be pausing into next week. Same. On the Nasdaq. So. This, is, again. Folks all that, stone with the software and, so. Let me leave, everybody, here one, or two. Things. To take a look at. The. Best place to go for everything, to get started, again, just go to harmonic trader calm if you. Are new, or, you've. Maybe. You heard about harmonic, patterns from somebody else and, you. Realized that that harmonic trader is the source of what where this was all started and created, just, check out the free access and, sign. Up there and I keep it free for a reason, to. Get the foundation. No. Credit card and everything, you need to get started is right there then go to the basic members page and. There's. An entire course, the whole introduction, of, why. Harmonic, patterns work and what makes a pattern harmonic, is in, that very first video, and then work yourself through each. Pattern. The. Execution. I offer. Recordings. Once a week of one. Of our sessions. So. Check, that out and then we do these open sessions, on Thursdays, on, YouTube. So you can connect to any of the social media. Get. Hooked in with any of the social media channels there's. A even, an official Facebook. Group. We. Have lots of people posting patterns, there. A. Lot. Of really active a lot of currency stuff going on check that stuff out, and. Then, you know final. Final. Point here. Again. Is once you stay with that is. Get. With the software. I know, most people are with Metatrader and this is through my partner, at divergence, and it's, a 14-day. Free trial, so between the. Basic membership and the software. If. You're serious, about harmonic, patterns and you want to know how to put it together I mean, just take a look at a calendar and say okay I can take the next two weeks. And take advantage of all this and then, get with the. Program, so, that literally within two weeks then you understand. Why. This framework works. And. That's. What that's what it's all about that's, the, it's. These pieces, of, understanding. The first time it completes the. Necessary. Targets. Target. One target. To type. Two, now. A target two. That's. Critical, stuff folks you. Put that together you, take two three weeks you. Will be seeing your price action in a whole different way and I, think anybody that's in here would tell you that. And. I would not buy any other indicator, any other material, other than from myself unfortunately. Other. Than there's maybe a couple, of people that I would name outright that are outstanding. Damian, Castilla is tops. And, I would absolutely get, with him he does great stuff on you, know slightly different harmonic, interpretations. But what. He does is harmonic. But. Most of the other ones no, they're. All they're just trying to copy and most of them are just coders, that. Are, literally bought in one of the books and tried to code it and they can't even code it right and none of these people. It's. It's it's, a disappointment. But. Ultimately. Like, yourself, a lot of people do get to, harmonic. Trader because. They realize and they see the harmonic patterns working, they just want to get the right consistent.

Information, That's. What we're doing here so, we'll. Come back next Thursday, folks we'll, do another session on YouTube live, after our, gold meeting. We'll. Be here at 10:00 a.m. you have any questions reach out to me harmonic trader at harmonic, trader, have. A great weekend, and we'll see everybody next. Week.

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