Harmonic Pattern Trading Live OPEN SESSION with Scott Carney

Harmonic Pattern Trading Live OPEN SESSION with Scott Carney

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Hey, everybody welcome this is a Thursday, live, harmonic, trading session, open. To all on YouTube and want to get started a little bit early, this. Is a follow up for our Gold Members and. Gold. Members know we were just finishing here, with the bullish, butterfly, we. Had a two patterns, with one in as DAC here's. The other one. We. Just jumped on this on, SP. E-mini at 3101. And a, quarter that's where we started, with that's, where we left our session, today I jumped, in on five. Right. Off the bat we had our presets. And I'll talk about that a little bit later but, now I just want to protect the position. Look. At this thing not following, through I'll take, off. One. Or two and, then the rest will go risk-free. Because. We're. At this harmonic. Optimal, price level, there, should be no hesitation. So. We, were kind of jumping, over from that session. Into. This session and. We've. Got a whole bunch of these that we'll. Take a look at today, we'll go over to Nasdaq, as well. And. I'm. Just gonna stack, these. Stops. Yeah. And, I'm, gonna take out the other one let's start over I don't. Like that let's start over let's. Start. Over. Trying. To jump over I wanted usually going to start at 10 a.m. but because of this setup because of. What we were looking at here I wanted. To jump on this let's look at this again let's take another shot. The. Big number is 31 o 125. And. I. Want to look for another. RSI. HS, I trigger there and. Again. Really, the first pattern. We've seen. Since. The open, let's. Take a look also at the 5-minute time frame. It's. Something else we were looking at of what's, the first 5-minute coming out of the gate after the, open on HSI. We. Are still deep in that oversold, so. We're. Not seeing, any follow-through, out, of that reaction. And. That's. Going to be the larger, move but at least we have triple confirmation. And as. I've been saying across, the board on a lot of these setups in this, market is we're getting a nice healthy. Sell, right out of the gate. Come. Down get some oversold, readings and we rebound, later, in the morning later in the day, this. Week's been no different. Looks. Like 30 101, and a quarter is a pretty strong number let's look at the 89 tick. That. Too right at that hop level. Just. Kind of sliding at that butterfly, hop level, and, your. 1 to 7 is still at 3100. To 75, so you're, still in that range now, the thing that I would want to suggest and, what we talked about with. That Nasdaq, that NQ, trade we were looking at is we had our presets. Where. We preset our stop and our profit, targets, before. We even got in and you. Can do this on most. Platforms. Here and just set up. The. Tix for the stop loss the. Profit those. Are important, I've got mines preset we've looked at that again I want, to hit this one, more time folks I really like this butterfly coming. Out of the zone now. Look. At that. Came. Back to the to the hop. On. An, 89 tick. Can. We at least get, another HSI. That. Last HSI. Down. At just under 3,100, was. Really. Tight but no follow-through I do like, what the action, though stabilizing. What. Does a one-minute chart look like. Yep, both of them came out. They're. On the 233, tick yeah now you're really coming out of the zone. So. There you go let's hear is. Yeah. I'm liking, this a lot better now. Where. Are we in the pre-market I mean. After, after. The open is, yeah. I mean that sex coming back. SP. Is - 6 - 550, there. You, go. Is. It. Too late to enter that trade no it's not. This. Is an ideal type one off of that hop. Been. A little rush trying to get started today you know we were leaving our Goldmember session. And. Trying, to get over here as fast as possible for.

This Very setup we talked about this setup. So. Give me a moment - speaking, of getting set up let. Me get the rest of my screen. Set up here. Great. Early, pattern, folks this. Is what we were talking about this and Nasdaq, the N Q. And. Q. Got a little crazy a little, bit of an over spill but worked out and. Now. Back, up. And. Q. Is the same kind of a deal where that's running a. Little, bit a beyond, its top level for the bat it's not what we want to see so. We cleared out of there and then we went, back to this this. Butterfly patterns, got a lot better structure. And. Confirmation. Than then and Q, also. As, I said in that session. The. And the es has been moving quite nicely in the last week or two. Maybe. Even more so than Nasdaq. On a. Percentage. Basis, but. There. You go. And cue, on. Let's. Go I'm sorry that's good 233. Here. It is remember, the bat pattern, goldmember's. This. Is what we were talking about I. Came. In as low as 62. Still. Our, support. Resistance, for, the day. We. Were looking for that pullback somewhere around 75. Basically. There we had a couple of bats. And. We talked about what was the strongest, kind of anchor leg and. Here's. A type one that's over, I did. Mention this also the. Larger. Reversal. Or recovery, or rebound for the day is gonna come back on this retest, and and. We, got the same deal happening, on S&P as well, looking. For this type to retest, then we go. So. Again so I jump. In I'm starting early, today but I don't. Want it some really fantastic. Patterns. On, the. Open developing, here that we don't want to miss let's. Look at this retest, it will come right back. There. You go let's get that set, up and let's, look for this retest. Again. The. Butterfly, on the, es on the 233. Tick. It's. Going to generate that next HSI, as soon as that does that's going to be the final trigger. Welcome. Everybody we're. Just getting started normally, we start at 10 o'clock but, we really wanted to jump into it today we'll, go to 11. I'm. Really looking at this. 3101. Level. 3102. Level, that's, our big support, for the day, again. With the trade planning, out. Back up to target -.

That's. Seven. Eight SP, points. And. The. Other. Timeframe, I like to look folks is eighty nine tick, for. The SP, because, SP. Is not going to be as volatile, swing as hard as, we see on and cue but. Same structure, it just kind of gives you like a magnification, of really. What's happening, inside that zone. It, kind of like what I see here I like. The fact that here look at H look at amplified. Amplified. RSI. Is that middle indicator, that's our proprietary, RSI. That's. About to come back for a return. Let's. Hang in on this one and the, other one is NQ. Give. Me two minutes to go get a cup of water a. Little. Coffee and then. Again on the four, Nasdaq. 82-62. Or as, low as 80 to 50 I. Know. There's there's a big, overlap here. Clean. It up. Couple minutes be right back folks we're, gonna kick off really. Ten o'clock, but. I wanted to get started today and again every Thursday, we'll be here at ten o'clock, for. Those that want to be golden member over at harmonic, trader we. Usually do a good 30 45, minutes Monday. Tuesday Thursday and. Then. Come over here we're working with the harmonic pattern collection, software all. Patterns automatically. Generated. Based. On the algorithms, I created. And have, been optimizing. Since I started this, twenty. Something years ago and then. We're utilizing our. Proprietary, indicators, for the triggers, inside, of the zone this bottom, one right here, harmonic. Strength index. Great. Oscillator. That in the zone is the trigger we're looking for I'm, suspecting. We'll get one more this is an 89 tick we'll get one more shot at this. So. Give me a few moments upper, right back keep, your eye on this little retest, one more time and, we'll. Go you. Know a full hour. Kick. It off here and give me two minutes be, right back. You. Thanks. Everybody we're back here and getting, started here for a full session, here's. That retest, come on back. Another. Bat pattern, right back at the hop on the butterfly. That's. On an 89 tick. 3101. That's been the big retest, we're looking for let's. Look for confirmation. There. You go. All. Right there at the hop there's, a secondary, test right here at 3101. Now. The check back just. Like the first one we took a little shot there. Here's. The retest. This. Is it and then we're looking for that to pop. Right around right. Here, on the retest. 30. 101 25. And.

We. Just risk this prior low down here. The. Low right now is 3100. We. Haven't seen even, a bullish bar there's a first bullish bar that we have on the check back right there let's. Now. We're just looking for this thing come back around. No. Action yet folks. But. This is the trigger we're looking for. There. You go. I'm. Going to put in two, or three at current. Levels at 50. And 25. And then 30 100 as well so. You. I. Have. Folks there right now I've got. Three. On. At. 31 and a quarter, and. My. Stop is. Preset. About. Four points lower but I'm gonna move this up already, look look what it's doing this, thing is leaking, out. Don't. Like that already that this, should not take more, than a couple of ticks beyond, that on that check back here, we. Come back up. There's. No room and with this kind of hop strategy, here we. See that immediate, kind, of rejection, on the. First one, here's. What I'm talking about. And. Now. We just went through another one, that's. What we're at the hop okay. We came back we had to go through a little bit of a drawdown. Here's. Our three. Let's. Get to a risk-free position, okay. We. Pop the stops in because at that point, we're. Looking for, the reaction. Doesn't. Matter what goes on beyond, here. Okay. We're, looking want. To stay in a risk-free position, as. I said. Okay. We're looking for this for target two up, to 3109. This. Is our third shot we took one shot in Nasdaq in the Goldmember session. And. Then we took when we started this session early, 9:45. I told you guys I was jumping over here now. We want to stay with, this, that's. Our that's the, hop trigger, we're. In a risk-free position, on three. Look. Anybody could, do three positions, anybody, can do two positions. Nasdaq's. $20, a point $5, a tick. SP. Is 50 a point 1250. A tick. So. We've got locked in a hundred-and-something, box, no matter what happens, alright got one taken out. And we, still have two more and again. I'm. Not always, gonna capture.

All. Of it I'm gonna take off partial, profits, I'm sure. Gonna be aggressive, in my trade management when we get to an area like that here's, the butterfly, again folks. There's. Our butterfly, there. Was our first shot, that. Was our second, shot, now. Are we gonna get out of this zone and go all the way up to, at, least target, one at o7 that's. Usually. The plan for a type-1. But. To get through this kind of jive, if, you will, that's. Difficult, that's not easy stuff but, if we, know where we are we know we're going to have a little drawdown, we. Have to have some acceptable, risk but we, need a trigger, we need a pattern that's valid, we, need to understand, is the first time or second time we complete, it, and. Understand. What do we expect there in. This case we. Expect at least reaction. Up to o7o. 7:25. Maybe. As high as target 2. So. Let's stay with this I. Will. Go over the Nasdaq. Pattern. That we were looking at earlier. Here's. Where we are okay our our you know we've got a really nice, distance. Now between our, entry, and our stop and. You. Could say well what about that one that you got pulled out. It. Could be long free but. Not. I play, them I always play them aggressive, guys and I. Suggest you do the same and, and we. Can only do this with the software as well I mean. A harmonic pattern software, available, on all the platforms but. The, triggers, the levels. You. Can spend all day measuring, by hand but why would you, you. Know we've we've done an amazing amount of work I've, optimized, the levels to where we just serve it up to you now you just have. To execute, take, action, at those levels, be. Aggressive, our management here's, a great example, of something coming off we. Took two shots on it. We. Should see that immediate, continuation. Up 207. But let's, just for grins let's just move our stop loss up, yeah. Look it's already coming back against us why, because we just saw an HSI, coming against this HSI. Countered. Against, us that's a warning sign. We. Don't want to see that we want to see this thing blow through. In. A, demonstrative. Continuation. So. That's. Kind of how I take. This stuff in chunks, and if, I see a warning sign like that if I see something that's, against.

What My pattern is telling me I'll just be more aggressive on my stop management, I can. Move that one up. Because. If this is gonna fail. This. Should blow right through and, if. Not then we just know we're dealing with an impulsive bounce, if you, can handle that proposition. Where. You're willing to get taken out and be. Aggressive on your management, no matter what and deal with it like you're alright there's another one taking off is. That. Following, through I don't think so, so. Why don't we even question it. So. We had three in here, two. Got pulled out. We. Still got that one. And. Even. On that one contract, that's a hundred and whatever. Fifty bucks at current levels. Looking. For it to go up 207. Another. Hundred fifty. Higher. But. I wouldn't even I would really. Focus just, on ticks or points. Folks I. Wouldn't. Look at the money I would look at the ticks. Especially. For. Futures. Yeah, the 45-degree, well you know Dave, hey David thanks to the question the question is what's the primary trend line coming out of this zone, shouldn't. It be a 45-degree, yeah there's. A 45-degree. But. The way this is coming out of the zone is kind of hot more. In an accelerated. Nature, and. That's. That, is absolutely, something where if this, is going to be really hot well it better adhere. To that, 60. Plus degree. Trendline. If this is a 45. 45. Would, be more like that. Yeah. This that. Absolutely, has to continue, now we, had we took we, entered on 3 2, already, got stopped out for 8 10 12 ticks something like that that's fine and. The. Other important. Point is that, folks were day trading here I'm not investing. I'm not you know my time frame is. 5. To 25 minutes maybe. If. We get something that really goes all day great. But. If it doesn't follow through at these specific, points you. Know we're, out and we're looking for the next opportunity that, looks like what's about to happen here yeah. I'm about to get stopped out on this next one. Let's. See what happens. But. You got to be willing to. Make. Those adjustments and. Yes. The trendline assessment. Is an important, part. Of the, zone. Reversal. Realization. Look. At this thing roll over ok we just got stopped out. We. Took two shots. So. Far. Does. That mean the patterns, fail no, it. Means that we're just looking at impulsive, reactions, here, and, that. That's not giving us much beautiful, butterfly, structure. This. Is also what, I refer, to and. When. I say that most, patterns are going to give you two shots there's, one, there's. Two and they. Didn't follow through and the trendline itself, once. That thing got going. And. That, trendline came up it did not follow through I. Think. A lot of people might sit on their hands and go. Through that whole consolidation. The. Whole time I'm. Not a fan of that I think. There's too much bread, and butter to be had with. These, kind of moves where look. If you're gonna get that big move it's gonna blast and. If. You don't get it then you're going to scalp. That's. The nature of harmonic, patterns and the, type 1 type 2 framework. First test reaction second, test reversal. Is. How. We look at it let's, see let's go over to NQ let's see there. Is a pattern, over there and NQ. We're. About we're, about actually 30 minutes into today's session, already and, again. We started early because we had a couple of choice setups, we. Were talking about in the Goldmember, session. Here. Is this, bat pattern, on a 233. Tick for Nasdaq. And Q. And. We're. Looking for the retest. This. One did a ideal. Type one and. In. The Goldmember session, we were looking for a pullback as low. As 74, well as that, was shaping, up, we. Got a fairly. Nice. Bat. Pattern, bullish bat that consolidated. The pre-market. Right. Down at 82 62, and that's where i'm looking for kind. Of the mid morning, stabilization. We. Had a. Fairly. Nice pop. Biggest. Question where to put the stop-loss, we, place the stop-loss. All. Right, when. You first enter the trade set. It beyond the parameters, but the key is we're. Going to adjust it and one of the things that we continually, go over and over again in the Goldmember sessions, is the. Importance, of. HSI. And the. Check back as our trigger. For. That to be, a trade for a harmonic, pattern to be a trade that's.

What We're looking for. Jenna. Jenna. Its retest. And go and. Again. With our objective. Asking. Yourself the simple question is it, the first time a patterns, been tested or the second, in that, case it's the first time in. This. Next case we're looking for the retest, and here. It comes down lower, this. Is the retest. There. You go and this. Is where we would anticipate okay. If this patterns are really gonna give us something we, go for target two so. Let's focus on Nasdaq now because we're right back into that zone. Our. Stop, loss in, this. Case is a little different because do. We have confirmation yet, almost. It's. Not quite there yet but. Depending. On where that confirmation. Comes in that, helps, us determine how much we have to risk we're, not blindly, entering, at the zone. 886, is at 82 62, we're right at our number. Now. We're looking for giving me that HSI, arrow. To. Generate down in here. That. Was what we talked about this. Morning and this. Is about to generate there. Let's. Line up one more. Let's go to Nasdaq. And. Let's try nines deck and we're gonna you, know I don't want to go into the pre settings, or anything but. Of. What we want to look at but this is. Where. What we're all, go through them in a minute but we have our settings. Here. Those. Are our presets. Deep. Grab on the 30, 92, and a 15-minute SP. Probably. But. I want to just deal with with, what we're looking at here as a, trade, and. We. Just got here's the HSI, that just triggered sorry I'm. Looking at too many screens, but that. Did just trigger. There. You go. That. Triggered it 61. There. You go there's, your check back. Let. Me pull up the execution screen. Here. We go. Also. Look at what amplified. Just did for us as well. That's. A pretty, nice. Complex. Double, test. Let. Me go on this folks. I'm. Gonna stack a couple orders under 61, and, are. Ya. Or 60. Come. On. I've. Got two of three. Now. My, stop placement, on this is going to be right below the low or I'm gonna this, is not gonna work out and, you. Already see my red there's mice taught Ematic stop I'll pop that up. Don't. Like it. All. Right I got stopped out on that one I'm really bad placement. I'm let's. Not joke, around with that because now I'm just gonna come down to the stop level I, probably. Had that too tight because this is Nasdaq. But. That did not continue that was the, really, quick, stop out I'm gonna look it down at 49, I'm gonna take one more shot. And. That was only on three so that was like a hundred. Bucks I. Have. To look exactly that amount. One. More shot folks. One. More, shot one more shot, yep. You. Also. I'm going to look at bring, over es as well. That. Had a really. Nice pattern to. There. You go. Yeah. That broke down that beyond. That butterfly. You're. Probably right, on that 15 minute I'm. Just looking for a reactive, bounce up to 79, though, on this this. Current set up let's. See here I take one more shot I'd. Moved, that up prematurely. Because. There's the the, trend line break. Yeah. I kept, that too tight I really, that. First the, first Nasdaq, trade again. We. Scooped out of that because of the same situation. Probably. Just too tight let's try it one more time folks and. Q. Was what. Was that last one. It. Was too quick. Yeah that was three, on each. I'm. Gonna favor this down at the stop-loss. 8250. It's. Just not coming out of that zone hold, on one second, folks. 8250. On that and you're probably right on sp. Hang. On in here for couple yeah couple more minutes be right back. You. Okay. Folks I'm back and you know what you're right. The. Deep crab on that 15 minute at. 95. It's a nice one. One, of our regular, gold members. Level. One. Student. Candidate. Talking. This. Now. That's a type two and. Here's. What here's, what I my.

Issue With it these. Are going lower folks and I'm going to tell you we, had we had a couple shots we took a couple Long's. Es. Worked out a lot better than n Q. But. Now we've got this, 15-minute. Crab, pattern. Right. Down there at 95. And the, hop level is all the way at 8850. So. How do we know I mean here that's a great question, - how. Do you know if it's at the. 161. 8 or, all, the way at the harmonic optimal, price. We're. Looking again for confirmation. So. HSI, and all through all three are about to test, on. That. 15 minute where are we. We're. About three, minutes away, from that next bar. It's. Pretty close, here. Over a NASDAQ. Stabilizing. At fifty five to sixty. And. That's. In a better spot now than it was ten. Minutes ago. I think, we're close I think these are all kind of washing out. And. This. Is the next one. SP. Is down eleven and a half. 9x. Minus forty we're looking for that midday bounce folks here and now. There's. Es. That's. A pretty ugly deep crab. And. The. First five-minute, HSI, signal, after that open. Yeah. There it is. Yeah that was tough we took that early, long at 61. Stopped. Out that would have worked out I just don't like that kind of drawdown. But. We are in that area. Here's, sp. So. Is 96, that number. There. You go. I'm, thinking. The. 89, tic. Let's. See here. There, you go on a deep crab. 96. Let's. Look for that that's that's probably your play here we'll take another shot at that at 96. That. First one at oh one okay, a little. Bounce and roll. But. This is the same kind of a thing. You've. Got a few time frames there. Yeah. I'll look at a couple currencies, I just want to stares so many patterns we we, started today again. We. Had our gold member session today at 9:00 a.m. and, as. We were rolling out at 9:30 we, had a couple of patterns pop, up real nice. I'll. Talk about one, or two that we just posted Kiwi, yen is one. That we posted, in. The telegram, group. So. Here. We come back for that check back here's the 89, tick and there you go. Okay. That's that's, a better situation. What's, the 233. Tick look like. No pattern. Still. Waiting folks I'm not. Just. Looking for an HSI, trigger. But. One minute. No. I'm not crazy about this, there's. No I don't. Have any HSI, in here. That's. Really what I would wait for. It's. Kind of been a thing that's been triggering. Most of our trades lately. And. We see HSI, trending, lower at. That, point. Also. Your 15, minute or your 30 minute remember you, were mentioning, this, it's. Probably better on a 30 minute on a on a crab pattern. There. And. Nothing. Yet I'd probably, be looking for this this. Is still trending lower folks. Since. The open. It. Would be more, like in down, in here and, this, actually, fits in with kind of our mid day. Washout. If you will. SP, now down 14. We'll. Probably there, you go we're going to get that Oh two, of. That 92. Let's. Stay on there I like, this. For. The 30 minute. But. That sets us up it's probably going to be triggering. More to like at noon and so still. Lower probably, still six points lower, until. The hop on, this. Move. But. We've seen this multiple, days, this week they. Overcook, it on the downside, and bring. It back midday that's, it's 10:30. We. Started today a little bit early. And. And again we'll go to maybe. Top of the hour 11 o'clock. But. This, this. Is still good movement you know we usually we're. Seeing the markets end up. Usually. Flat. Plus. Or minus a few but, the pre markets have been moving hard. In one direction and, they bring it right back. Again. We've been talking about this in the Goldmember sessions. So. Here's a great pattern but we're not doing any trade. You. Can see it you look at the price action. It's. Going we, have a terminal, bar retest. That's. Where the pattern completed. No. Trigger we don't even have a bullish, candle. So. Still, targeting, this lower at 88.

Black. Friday specials. Yeah. There's a Black Friday special, and. Pretty. Much what that Black Friday special, is is. Anybody. That signs up I'm, going. To give. Do. This. So. If you you got your email. Really. Quick as we're waiting for this the, Black Friday, special. Is this you're gonna get if, you sign up and stay, as a silver. Or as a gold member. You'll. Get it for the price of silver and. That. Is. That's. Pretty. Much the best thing that that you, know I can offer you get to memberships, and again. Instead. Of one and I'm even throwing, out a book of your choice I came. Across a couple, boxes of, a first, edition Volume, one and volume twos. That. I thought were lost and so. I'm gonna give those away, so. Get the silver, membership here, folks go to harmonic trader. Get. The silver membership this is the Black Friday special. And, so. If you sign up by the end of the month by December, first and you. Keep that membership, you'll get the, gold membership, and. You'll. Get a. Book. Tell. Me which book you want to get and then you'll get. You'll. Get the access to all the gold members sessions, and what. We do three days a week, so. That's the Black Friday special. If. You. Don't want to pay I'm. Still, gonna say you have to get the software, if you're gonna manually. Measure. Patterns. You're. Going to waste time and money and. It's. Critical. It's great to learn, how. To manually. Measure the patterns but. There's no software, that's doing, what we do because, the other guys are all copying, from, my books and they don't have the in-between, knowledge they don't know the details, they, don't have her strength index triggers. Amplified. RSI, RSI. BAM. That's. What makes the difference between. Sitting. Through a massive, drawdown, before, you see any kind of reaction and understanding. Where the pivot points really are. Target. One target, two they're, optimized. As well. It's. All you need to do is learn how to take action ask, yourself. Is it the first time a pattern is completed is. That the second time it's completed, do. I have confirmation, and, we, give you all of those videos, as well. Above. And beyond. You. Know what's available. So. Check that out I know a lot of questions on there and I'm, gonna be up front and tell you guys I don't I'm not big on the marketing, I'm not a funnel, guy I don't have time to send you funnels. And bother, you with with. Marketing. Materials, it's all on my website so and. I know a lot of people are watching, the. Sessions, which i think is a great way for me to reach out and communicate this, kind of stuff to. People but I, really, have to stress, this is that you. Know I'm the, emails that I send out are going to be quality, with. Act with. Information. That you can use not information, on not. Garbage, that everyone. Else is sending out everyone's, doing a candlestick, webinar. Everyone. Else is showing you how to count Elliot waves I created, harmonic patterns I'm gonna show you what the realities, of harmonic patterns are how, to apply them and then you use the algorithms. That we've created to save, yourself all the time in the world you just need to execute off the levels you live. With the software, for a few days you're gonna see the difference now. We're, waiting for this retest. To. Trigger here, on the 5-minute take, another shot on, this. Pattern. Okay. After, that sell-off, we. Don't have another five minutes signal, yet almost. But. That's what we're waiting on so maybe a couple more minutes. So, while I do that let's run through and. Someone. Stay on top of that at Nasdaq and let me know but. Let's. Do a really quick. Currency. Review. For. You currency, traders harmonic, pattern currency, traders harmonic, trader. Currency. Traders here. Is our Kiwi. Yen. Trade, this. Has given us actually, two reactions. Now. We, put this this. Is on the, telegram, group and, if. You don't have the telegram group I will give. You that information momentarily. But. We've, had one two reactions. Off of this. Beautiful. Bat pattern, on the sixty minute and. Our. Entry, was. $69.99. 69. 20, let's move that to 69, 25, we. Actually, placed this trade I put, that out there on Monday and there.

Was 69, 90 some people said that they caught it the exact, high. Now. I was looking for 69, 20, I. Didn't. Get there we, fell 5 pips shy another. Reason why you want to be adjusting, stops you should have come away with. At least 30, pips on that maybe 40, and, you. Should do the same on this one. Where. To get to that telegram, group well here, it is. That. Telegram group. I. Should. Put it. Yeah. Let me let me let, me give, everybody the, link, on. The telegram group I will. Put the telegram, group in the, youtube, comment, section. So. Check that out. One. Or two more. Most. Of you know my, sentiments, on Dollar Index and, we're using that as a baseline. For, looking, at all currency, pairs and. Again. I don't need to reiterate this, I did go through this in the Goldmember session, the. Big weekly. Crab. Pattern. Has. Capped, it for the 2019. At. 99, 15, and, we. Are just gonna be stuck in this range back down to the low range of the prz, folks. I'm. Just gonna spend a minute on that I've, talked about that join the Goldmember, session, if, you, really want to get the details on that but we can translate translate, that, over to. Situations. Like Canadian dollar. Here. Is this was a trade, of the day in. Our, Goldmember, session. Big. Beautiful, crab pattern. Deep. Crab this. Is the e signal, version, yes it is. We've, got it available for tradestation. Coming. Very soon. We. Have it currently, available for, ninja. This. Is e signal, interactive, data. We. Have it for sierracharts and, i. Also, want, to mention that we have released a, rather. Nice harmonic, pattern scanner. For. TD. Ameritrade. Now. TD, Ameritrade, got bought by Schwab, today, so. We'll see what happens there but TD, Ameritrade, is. That. Software, I'm gonna do in a separate, session and introduce it, unfortunately. We can't bring the indicators, into it but it has the levels and has a lot. Of the the, watchlist. Stuff that I will feature in that webinar, and. Again. I will, give. You guys some information where, to get this but. Here. Was our trade, of the day for Canadian, dollars it's a four-hour chart and. My. Whole point being it this is exemplary, of, what. The dollar pairs, are doing. They had a nice rebound over the last two weeks, this. Should be about it. And, we're. Looking for this deep crab come back down to about 130. To. 130. 175. But. Off of that hop level, at 133. 15, that's it. Here. Is the zone and we're actually still, in the zone so anywhere. In that 133. This is still a valid opportunity. It's. Gonna take some time. But. That is you. Know all of that really, sets. Us up nicely and again yes this just. Another comment about the e signal, platform. Look. Everything, we do is off the automatic scanner, and, this. Scanner we have four meta trader sierracharts. For, all of them and so, really, easy for me to scope, through, patterns. Like this just say okay hit, the bars the bars okay, what are the last what's.

The Last pattern, that completed, oh fourteen bars ago oh there's. A bullish bat an Aussie dollar what it's what does that do. Click. On it I'll open a chart. All. Right on, the. 60-minute. There. You go that, there's another trade of the day really. Nice back pattern. Okay. This is a type 2 remember. What I was saying first first. Question. I asked myself when. I see a pattern generated. Is the first time or second time well. There's your first move. There's. Your reaction, now, let's look for this for the full retest, maybe. A little bit below, this, zone this. Is Aussie, dollar. For. Trigger somewhere down in there. Under. 6780. And. This. Would set us up for an ideal target to move. Back. Up the target to. Type. One first time in tests first. Time it hits the zone, we. Look for, target. One minimum. Come. Back for the retest, that's. Type two, we. Look for target. Two, minimum. That's. The framework but. All of these features everything. Are. The same meta even the Metatrader platforms, metatrader5. Actually, has, been phenomenal because, it's got the crypto currencies, on it I probably, should, do an entire session on that. NQ, hit target, 1. And 2, now. You. Didn't tell me about that before. It. Bounced. Nice. Deep crab. There's. The one minute deep crab. But. Here is look, at where the confirmation, comes in. Richmond. You and I still need to get together. It's. Got to be today my friend send me an email I'm traveling, tomorrow. There's. The confirmation. I like. That pattern there's there's a big fat crab yeah. I know on the Bitcoin will, get you. You. Got to go to evolve, markets. I'll said we'll talk today for, short. Here's, where the check back is at 82 57 on, that and Q and I'd, like to get that sucker back because as. A little. Trigger-happy. On that, last, end q, what's. The 233. Tick look like. 233. Ticks, look at that. That's. Look, at the bat scrape, right off at 82, look. At that right off of that 8249. Level, folks, that. Was the stop I was looking for so that's and as. Sloppy as that looks that's type 2 in action, and. That's. Still valid. We. Took a shot down here and I you know I. Probably. Kept that too tight. Well. This is done. Pound. Yen on a 1 minute 5 minute I don't look at currencies. On a 1 minute time frame maybe. A 5 minute and I'll do you that favor. Keep. Me keep, me. Somebody. Just. Tell me you keep an eye on this end cue because. We want to see one, more check back if. We, get it, we. Should have been clicking at 82 foot 50. That's. When I was talking about the currencies pound, yen really quick and then we're gonna wrap it up on this NQ and try to get one more in. Um. Why, don't I like, why. Don't I like currencies. On 1 minute and 5 minute, is because, I. Cannot. It's impossible, to set your stop at a point that. Is. Mathematically. Possible. You're. The stop runs on 1 minute 5 minute charts, is. So common, that you, know if you place your order, with traditional, stops, the. Chances, of them getting, run. Over run, it's, quite. Clear it's quite easy. And. So that's why I preferred 30 minute time frames and I'll go to a 30 minute time frame here, on pound yen or. What. Was it it was pound yet, sorry. I'm showing pound dollar look. At that bat pattern, in pound dollar. But. Here's pound yen. On. The, 30 I again. I I really, feel like if you're gonna be a day trader on currencies. 30-minute. Time frame please. That's. Where you get better response. Less variation, meaning. Extraneous. Black, swan' type behavior, at the zones that run stops. So. Easily. Your. Pound yen look. At 1:30 9:50. We're. Still down. Until. We retest, that bat pattern. That's pound yen. There's, a yes and. What's. NQ doing. Hey. That's a nice deep crab no doubt look look there's a deep crab on the 5 minute and. That. Has everything we want to see and any kind of setup. Right. Up at the hop. But. I, just. Think that, the. You're. The, stop has to be way above I, think, where you traditionally, need to put it on a 5 minute level because they can run it also. The it's almost has to be an instantaneous. Rollover. Move. No. I'm just showing the last bearish, pattern. Here. I don't. Have the potential I, turned. Off the potential. Logic. There. Yeah. It could be you, a dollar cad we just talked about that dollar cad is a really. Sweet. Look. Dollar, cad is is actually better not on a sixty banana, on a four. Hour, with. The deep crab itself.

Looks. Like that. And. That. We this, was our trade of the day skull, ax in our. Gold member session. So. Yeah. Let's look for that lower, folks. 10:50. I've. Been going for a while. We. Started today at, a, 9. A.m. with our gold member session. And. Let's. Go over to NQ, and. Spend. Our last 5-10 minutes, there cuz i do, want to look at this as another opportunity, coming. Off that stop level, here's, the deep crab. The. Stop level, on that 500. 233, tick was at 80 250. And now. We've got i mean this is for the day. This big deep crab. And. I'm, looking for the return. Back. Up here. Minimum. Up to 75. This. Might have been a little check back. Yeah. I have to redo that time. There. You go. Dollar-yen. Same thing dollar yen on a fifteen-minute all. Those, in pairs to a. Lot. Of currency traders, in here today I guess. Dollar. Yen on a 15 minute. Or. 30 again. There. You go I mean on the 15 minute look it's. Another crab. But. Look at what the crab does so this is that's, not a bad day trading time frame but again is the first time it completes, yet. It only moves. What. 20 pips here's, your second, test, there's. Your bigger opportunity. Tertiary. Test third, test. Yes. That happens in currencies, it's. Not as reliable, but there you go another target - I am. I've. Been looking at this for dollar, yen a. Couple. Of crab patterns. Around. 108 40. Keep. An eye on that one for. That but. You know again I'd, like to stick with the larger timeframes and. So, let's go over. Really. Quick, most. Of you know I'm gonna finish this up here's, a 60-minute, deep crab that just popped up. That's. 40, lower from, our current level folks, I know, we're looking for a, return. But. This looks like the larger, move that's starting. To unfold and, it's, probably gonna break once, we crack this 57. Level. There. You go. This. No, doubt this one-minute deep crabs gonna come back down in here are we gonna fail this. That's. The big question. Let's. Look for the next 1 minute see. If we can trigger something the next. Couple. Of minutes. But. I would expect with that larger, formation, taking hold where. We, get kind of a reaction. And, there. We go and we, kind of violate. And go lower and I. Say this because one. Of the themes, of the week has been the. Fact that we. Have been talking about this daily. Crab. Pattern, up at. 85. 8563. On. The. Daily but. We. Are running into a number. Of big. Bearish, patterns, in the big 100, stocks there's Microsoft. Can't. Stress this enough we're. Looking, at a pause and I started the week outlining. These markets. So. We're looking at a pause here there is. A a clear type one in. Microsoft. Apple. Same. Deal apples, got on a weekly. Basis. Look. At this on the weekly. Okay. Can't get any better than that folks. Apple. And. My. Point being that these four stocks. Apple. Amazon Microsoft. Google. Make. Up 45, almost. 50%, of, the Nasdaq, 100 and, a whole bunch of the. Other major indices, so if we, see a pause here, in the next week or so, don't. Be surprised, here's. The daily, on Google. So. You want, to keep an eye on these and and just. Not. Lose sight, of the fact that a, lot. Of these are kind of brushing, up against, some. Larger patterns I think Google was a weekly. Despite. The strong action, these. Are the kind of signs where we start to say all right maybe. We're, probably due for a little bit of a pause. Let's. Let's, circle back here almost. 11:00, a.m. we've been going for over an hour it's been a great session and thanks everybody for joining us I'm gonna, give you the promo, and special. And all that here in a second. So. That you can get the whole resource in, software. And membership. Let's, go to. Let's. Go back to that one minute time frame. There. It is. There's. The zone. Let's. Look at I'm looking for the 1-minute retest, that 8250. Our. Last HS, eyes, was. There on the bearish side. Nothing. On the bullish side yet. Did. The 233. Tech come back. Yes. It did let me fix, that data that's the problem. There. It was even. Better on the. 2:33. Tech. Again. Folks. Looking. For a move up to 80 80 to 80 and. Just. As I was talking our trigger came in at 58, 59. But. This is still in that zone 886. Is at 60, to, 75. We're there right now. I'm. Gonna take a couple of shots I'm, gonna put one or two or three in there, right. At the 886. At. 62 50. Yeah. The HSI, on ES and the 15-minute looks really good too both.

Of These are setting up for that ideal, classic, mid day. Pattern. Consolidation. Let. Me pull that up on another chart. But. These are good to go. We. Took a you, know we had a couple shots early, today but. This is more of the big, kind. Of mid day thing we want to look at. Let's. Go to es quickly. Yeah. Look, at a yes. On. The one minute. Yeah, kind of ugly though. What. About the five-minute. Yeah. If there's the five-minute. With. An ideal check back. All. Of that a little bit lower I know, you get one more shot there. You go right there on the yep. On that that. Area, right. There so, that's, we. Want to look at that closely. You. Okay. Everybody want to show you where to get the free access just, sign up as a basic, member you, go to harmonic trader, sign. Up there and then the Black Friday special, I'm talking about. Well-being. Right here on the blog just click, blog and we'll put up that Black Friday special, I just sent that out to the members today but. I'm gonna stress, the fact that you really need to get with the free trial. First, so, go. Ahead and sign up there for. The software, and then get with the other special, that's. Uh I know a lot of people have been asking me for a, Black Friday special and. I'm. Gonna put up all the details of it on the harmonic trader, website. And in the section. Underneath. The comment section for YouTube. So. Let's, set it's. Now eleven o'clock and I'm gonna wrap it up here guys, you know the what I'm looking at and I just to really. Kind of go. Through it again, we're. Looking for this bigger, espy. Stabilization. Yeah. On this deep crap, look. We just generated. It so. And. That was a good one David, I appreciate you bringing that one up. That's. As low as what, ninety-six, and there is HSI. For the first time so look. At HSI, right there in the zone and. This. Is something, where another, little. Early, dip. You. Want to buy that and rip, that back up to target to, that. Puts us up at 31 16 from current levels. Big. Day so 11 a.m. you got about five hours left today and that's. My play for the day. So. You also saw, the. The. Nasdaq, the NQ, same, deal and Q, actually, just retesting.

Those. Lower numbers, and that bat pattern. Right. In here. On that. 233. Tick. And. We're. Looking for this again back up at 90. Back. To target two. So. We'll come back follow this on Thursday. Another. Great session. That's. All I have for the day and actually I just got picked up on. One. Of three. On the. NQ. And. So. Let's look for this up as high as 90, on. That. Move I'll. Follow up this next week folks, get. With harmonic. Pattern collection, if you. Haven't done so. Here. It is. Go. To. And. Go there you go. There, you go. And, I misspelled, it Oh No let's try it again meanwhile. It's. Harmonic, pattern. With. An N good. Harmonic, pattern collection, and also. This is through my partner. Divergence. Software, and. You. Can check out everything you want to see. Speaking. Of checking out so let's wrap up there. Look at what Aunt Nasdaq, just did folks. So. On that retest. You're. Plus ten already and. The. Other ones are jumping, again. Let's look at these up at Target too but you, know really great, patterns, today great. Triggers, across, the board. I'm. Just I'm gonna close this out. Take. Another eight off but look I, expect. That to go higher I really. Think that. Focusing. On the HSI, triggers, is critical, for everything that we do and if you're not doing that you. Can go to the blog go over to harmonic trader and click on the blog just. Look at this video on. The. Blog of. The. HSI, check back because. That is the trigger we're utilizing with. Harmonic, pattern collection, across. The board and. That'll. Show you nobody's. Doing this this is proprietary stuff they've created. So. And it's all there so. Folks. Great. Market, great patterns, I love the action we have no matter what's going on we're, seeing great type one type two opportunities, over. And over again and, we'll. Keep doing it so come, on back next Thursday, and. Join. Us 10:00 a.m. and if, you want to get with the Goldmember, session. We. Got that special Black, Friday deal, it's. In your email and if. You have any questions reach out to me at harmonic, trader at harmonic, trader, thanks. Everybody have, a great day have a great weekend, we'll see you next week.

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