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Harmonic Pattern Thursday - Trading Live Stream

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Everybody. We're getting started right now and just to follow up from the gold session. As. We talked about today. That. Early opportunity. Up to 59. Actually. Had two shots. So. We're going to get into that we're gonna look at. What. Happened, on this first move and now we're hitting that target. So. Let's, keep an eye on this you're 59 level, remember. It's. Going back from the deep crab. That. Is, going, to really. This whole framework of the pattern is gonna define today. And. This, is based off of that Hop level we talked about in the gold session. So. Give me about two more minutes folks we'll be right back we're going to start I haven't even hit record yet but. The, early. Position. We were looking for today. Hit. Its target but, interesting. And again we're gonna look at this first thrust. Check. Back and then go. That's. A lot of movement but here you are you're right there at the target, so be, back in five. Minutes. You. Everybody. We're going to get going here, just, wanted to post this first. Pattern. That we've had in the es that's, a bearish crab right at 95, and. The. Other situation, that we started, with today which was, the. Bullish crab pattern, in the, Nasdaq, which. Had that secondary, retest, hit our target, our. Target, was 59, 25. And. We were looking for that early hop down here at the 40 level, so. That, first that was from the Goldmember, session, on, harmonic, trader today, we'll, follow up on this and then. Actually. Go back and look at this immediate. SP. There's, that bearish crab so and that's the first. Pattern. We've seen really on the day. And. This. Is just a type 1 about 10 tick scalp. So. We're gonna get into that we'll follow up a couple of those FX. Pairs. That we outline today kind of trade of the day material. Like euro and. So. But let's stay for right now take a look at the crab. Pattern here looking. For an early pullback and then back. Into. Will. Go back to the Nasdaq be. Right back we'll start and fall in about 1 minute but wanted to get everything kicked off and if, you have any questions put them in the chat box. You. All. Right everybody we're gonna go till I'd. Say about top of the hour. I. Want. To look at this, start. Today with. Our. First YouTube. Pattern. If you will for. Thursday, and every Thursday we meet here. Around 10:00 kick. It off around 10:00 keep it pretty loose. We'll. Take questions look, at markets, if you guys don't, want to talk about, specific. Harmonic patterns stuff. We. Do that as well so we'll, look at all markets, any timeframe, and. Then try to focus on. Short-term. Opportunities like. What we've got here in SPE. Many we. Look a lot at the e minis, because they're great trading vehicles, they're, probably. The, best in the world, we'll, look at some currency pairs as well but what I personally, like to do is longer-term stuff. Looking. At 30. Minutes 60 minute time frames for currencies, although. You. Still the strategies, harmonic, patterns work the. Same way across, all timeframes. Even in the currency markets it's. Just a little more erratic, I think. So. Let's stay right, here with. This. One-minute crab, on. ESP. Nasdaq. Again. We. Started our Goldmember, session, on today, and that's every, Monday. Tuesday. Thursday at. 9:00 a.m. on harmonic trader, we.

Do A full. Live session, on currencies, and. Look. At futures. As well look at immediate, opportunities, kind of like what we do here today and. This. Was the early, situation, we. Looked. At for the retest down at the this crab pattern, and a crab pattern was from the overnight session and. Looked. For a return, to the target - and, that's. What we have and so that's about. It, for that opportunity we wanted to assess today if. We were looking for something longer. Largerr, has to pretty much maintain, a pretty aggressive. Uptrend. Line so. Like, I said in today session, as the, follow-through as well to the gold session, we'll look at this. But. Do look at the gold members session, from. Earlier, today I'm gonna post that. Later. Today I'll post that in the YouTube comments and, you guys can look at, look. At what we talked about early. Of. Why, we lined, up this NQ, and. Currently. Now with the SP. Similar. Situation, with the conformation, everything, we kind of we want to look for if. It's the first time or the second, time patterns. Completed. Let's. Look at its go over to this es now. Here. We have this. Crab. Pattern, on the one minute timeframe just from the pre market. Think. Of this as the early. Kind. Of early rebound rally. After. The little, pre market correction, at, some. Movement overnight but now here's. The first kind of setup for the for, after. The open for today's session I. Jumped. In there on a couple. Right. At our round off 94. 75. And. Let's. Bring this also, let, me bring in the, vertical. Zone line bar. This. Is the harmonic pattern collection, software and we're working off of all this is automated, and, I'm. Going to add one of the settings that's the vertical zone line bar so, then that marks really. The starting point from the pattern perspective. How. To analyze, the trade where do really, fine-tune, it. So. This trade. Basically. Started. About seven, six, six, bars seven bars ago and. We're. Looking for this immediate. Reversal. Down at target one, at. 30. 92. That's. The type 1 reaction again, a lot, of you know this it's. Been the type 1 type 2 methodology. On, top, of the patterns. Has. Been extremely, helpful being able to pinpoint not. Only execution, but know. Where. To be. Exiting. The trade. Let's. Look at the five minute time frame as well. You. Know five minutes overbought. But not out of the zone yet and, look. At we are also retesting. This crab pattern. At. Ninety, five fifty. We. Talked about both of those in the pre market. In. Today's gold session, let me yeah I've got all the patterns selected, let me show. Let's. Move, this back here. And. I'm gonna isolate just, this immediate. Crab. Thanks. Going on. There. You go. And, the, other thing with the SMP is we, looked at. Target. 1 support, and again for today, any. Pullback. Any. Any retracement, that's really, our immediate. Objective, we, still haven't reached down for, a full, target, -. There's. The crab and again that was from yesterday. On, the, 5-minute. One. Other thing, I wanted to bring up was this. 15-minute. Pattern, as well, because. That extended, back where, there's. Just not much going on up here and on a 60-minute, or four-hour interval, but, at least we have some short-term. Targets. For. The week that some. Kind of pattern we're not seeing too many of the, longer-term patterns. Develop. And I think part of that is because we've extended, so far we. Need to kind of digest the last few weeks gains, and. Anything. That is still within in, this environment. We're. Still looking for bearish. Patterns, to just give reactions, and and. That's what a lot of these bearish patterns. Have been doing right now we're brushing. Up against the resistance and. You. Know much like even if we were here and that didn't fully work out. It's. Still the, for. Where we are every time we hit the zone the last. Two. Days this. Thing has come off so that's that's where we're at. That's. SP, e-mini, and that's 30 9550. On. The top end and 30 88. 30. 89. How's. Everybody, doing yeah I'm doing well thanks. Trying. To feel better. After. Last week. Let's. Break it down on an 89, tick. So. Far so good and remember the. Here. On the 89, tick there a really nice deep crab as well we, have a couple of patterns right up in this. 90-95. Level. I would, highlight it like this. Looking. For a minimum move back down to about 92. For. This 89, tic pattern. 9250. Now. Here's an interesting development we've, we have. A. Couple. Of. Over. Here I've rejected down. Starting, to reverse we need to fall out of the zone. And. That's under, ninety two twenty ninety four twenty five. And. We just hit this HSI. On the bullish side. Right. At 94. You. See that a lot where. It's. Suggesting, it might take a little bit more time this is where HSI, comes in real.

Handy. To. Kind of understand if this is going to consolidate, longer, or we're. Gonna see this breakaway, I don't think it's gonna break away that's gonna take more time and. HSI. Let me show the indicator, as well this, is that bottom indicator, that's, harmonic, strength index. Conversely. If I'm looking at a bearish, pattern, I would. Want to use this as a trigger that's what we looked at when we started, today. You, know a quick, overbought. Trigger. On a short term. Day. Trading time frame like that let go to the 233, tick that's even better. Yep. There. You go. That. Deep crab on. That's. A 233, tick that's. Again. 30. 9550. That. Hop is as high as 30, 96. Again. For those that did not catch. The Goldmember session. This. Is the kind, of counter move of from. What we were talking about back. At 9 a.m.. So. Now we've got and there's a pending bat pattern, too. But. Back during the gold session. We talked about actually the trigger in NQ. Which. Gave us that early reversal. Bounce move now we're looking for. Kind. Of first opportunity just a pullback after, the open. And. Looking. At that, we. Could bow back over to NQ really quick. This. Was the. Here's. The 40 to the 80 240 level. And. Let. Me just highlight that, now. Again on the. One. Minute time frame. There. You go. I. Don't. Bring up the. Think. It took off the harmonic patterns. Okay. There you go. There. You go, just. Wanted to show this trigger this was. Again. From this morning, we. Started at 9:00 a.m. we're, looking at a retest, on NASDAQ, on this is on a 1-minute chart and. Right. Down there at 38, and that was the exact HSI. Check. Back. And. I, wanted to show where to get that video. Because. And. I'm, gonna post it on the blog. Specifically. So go, to harmonic. Trader comm and I will, get. This up a little later today but that. HSI, check back video that I talked about where we're, looking exactly, in that area, and. The retest of a pattern that was. What. The the, kind of the the thing, that set off the. Trade. For, it to go up to 59, and, now. We see this thing coming back off but that was our early trade and, again. I'm gonna let, me get that on the blog and then I'll. Reference that over to where everyone, can actually, access. It I, think. It's important to understand, that what we've done with harmonic strength index and the patterns is, to really pinpoint. The. Zones within. You. Know specific, price. Levels within the zones. Here's. Es. Okay. Remember that deep crab we were talking about same, kind of deal, this. On a 233. Timeframe. Okay, here's. Where the pattern completes. But. Look, at where HSI. Is I mean this. Is actually off I. Know. Why. And then here. Is the exact another HSI. Trigger. Example. Of the trigger. So. Then that kind of brings the focus forward, this is a 233. Tick really. Short term. You. Know ideal. Day, trading candidate, and, our. Objective, is. Back. Down to target 1. Clean. That out. That's. What we're sitting in right now waiting through this. But. That whole trade, really starts, on. The, check back and. Then. We anticipate. For ninety three, ninety, three and a quarter. This, is here's, the update. We're. Plus six ticks. Put. That over there. And. Looking. For this. Not. Only a 233. Tick I think there was a one minute as well. Just. In a type-1 reaction, and you, see how that arrow just went back on, so. This is the exact, situation of. Where you. See that happen, again. Super reactive, I would. Cut. Out one. To two contracts. Right. In this area at the numbers and again let, the let. The. Software. Generate, that number if it says 30 90 321. Just. Go 30 90 3 right, in that target area with. The. With. HSI. Looking, at that arrow. Saying. As low as 90 250 and we started, this session basically. Looking. At this and a couple other examples.

Again, For these purposes, I'm going to just, set. Up the. Input. The the rest of the. Orders. When it was 2 up at 95. And. Take. The rest out right here at, 93. Now. This might even come back and check back into that zone but my, whole objective on, this first, trade is. To. Capture this segment, from terminal, bar and terminal, bar where with. The confirmation. Down. To minimum, target one or. Just past there. All. Right you see this thing already popping, back up. That's. The early sign that tells me that reactions, over I, would. Look for this to come back maybe even back to the hop so I better, get out of the rest of that trade. There's. Thought Lucy. Didn't. Pull it out right where I should have and it's all above. One. Two ticks above there. Then. I came back and got me out but. I probably should, have been out already on. All of it from. A kind of an efficiency, perspective. If. That's my objective I. Get. My pink arrow I'll get HSI, that's my rule that helps me kind, of optimize, the management. Why. Would I want to sit around there, and let. That check back especially if we're playing the, day trading game where. The. Ticks matter. Because. In. This that. Approach, and taking a day trading approach, you're. Really what you're looking for is segments, and. Operating. And, leveraging. These high probability. Segments, with, volume. Alright, so that was for. Basically. Catching. Eight ticks on four. And. Every. Tick is, I'm, sorry every contracts, $50, a point. Each. Points for ticks. But. That's how I would look at that and again hey we're in a hot market why, would I be shorting. Why. Would I take a short in a hot market. If. We're flirting, with all time new highs, why. You know why even mess with it because if from, a day trading perspective. My parameters, are spelled. Out pretty clearly. If. I understand, what this deep crap really means and I've got confirmation. You. Know essentially, let. Me remove some of this other noise. But. Essentially, our first trade, after the open and. Again we had a we had a this is actually a second trade because we, had a trade in Nasdaq back in the Goldmember session. Where. That says that's about it for at least a, little, pullback, that's, great and then.

We. Know that the area is we're looking for this area. For. That reaction and if I'm satisfied with the, the, amount that it's. The. Size the range here I look, at look, at that opportunity, is maybe an 8 to 10, tick, move. Now, we had four you. Could have 10 and you. Have a high degree of certainty that that's your, objective from, 95, to 93. At, a, minimum, that's. The ideal of day trade candidate, you want to see and again. The, the critical thing is it's up to you are you gonna execute it those parameters, or, are you gonna try to hold it hoping. We're gonna get the massive. Collapse, and. Your. Your eight ticks turns into 80 ticks. Could. Happen but that's. Not how, I look, at these type of opportunities. These. Type of opportunities are completely, measured, finite. And, our. Goal is to bang, that. High. Probability. Profit segment and that's, it, no. Matter what happens, we. Can look at a larger, timeframe no, matter what but my, my, goal in that kind of pattern framework, strategy, is, extremely, well defined and keeps. Me out of danger and you see this thing checking, back no. Matter what but. Again. I can't stress that. Efficiency. Kind, of perspective. With. Utilizing. Patterns. On a day trading from. A day trading perspective. Where. We're looking for multiple opportunities and, again, I'm still looking for this as a retest. To type to retest. So a whole, lot going on there I did want to show, one. Or two of the. Currency. Pairs we talked about today. The. Canadian. Dollar I, had. A really nice shark pattern, on the. 4:00 hour. And. Again. Dollar Index, is also. Shaping. Up with a couple, of bearish patterns, in some. Prominent, pairs as well here's, a this, deep crab I want to go on a 60-minute, right at 130 270, a little. Maybe a little bit touch higher maybe 130, to 80. But. Here's the for our shark, pattern. There. You go no you know another deep crab let me bring up the. Shark. There. You go, there's. A shark. This. Was a, trade, of the day kind of material we talked about in in the Goldmember, session, we. Still have yet to hit the HSI. Conformation. And that's. Trending. A little bit higher I would look for this, probably. A bit above, the. Deep crab or more, towards 130 280, keep. An eye on by midday. But. That was one we're absolutely, looking, at, and then the other one was. Euro, dollar is this gonna do anything. Right. Here at 110. This. Big bat pattern, and again. I you, know this is something where here. Is the big bat and let me bring in the vertical zone line bar on the software. Because. This shows it. This. Has everything we want to see. This. Something we've put out on the telegram, group recently and, it's. Kind of a dud. Here. Is where HSI. First, tells us okay we've got an opportunity. Marked. The bottom of that bar and now. We're looking at honor, we have that check back here is, HSI. Signals. And, then. The next bar comes back and we, can take it as low as that immediate. Bar. So. As I was saying in today's Goldmember, session, that's. As low as 109, 95. But. Look at what it's doing in this area and, again. This is a four-hour chart where. You're. Talking eight bars. You're. Talking, you, know where we're going sideways this, needs to come out of the zone pretty quickly and, our. Target, minimum. Type one, reaction. On the bat was at least up to 70. 110. 70. Maybe. A little bit higher. We'll. Follow up on this probably, Monday but I don't I'm gonna send a note out on the telegram, group if you're not on the telegram, group, again. I'll put it in the youtube link check, the youtube link section, on how, to get set. Up with all of this. So. You know keep an eye on that one. Folks. It's not it's 10:35. We. Started a little after 10 o'clock today we do this every Thursday on YouTube, and, I. Go through it's kind of a follow up of our Goldmember. Session, every. Monday. Tuesday, Thursday, we. Meet at harmonic trader calm and. We. Do 30 45, minute sessions, of harmonic. Patterns looking at live opportunities. Line up one or two patterns, for, the open. For. Today again I wanted, to just take one more look at the NASDAQ. Situation. And and what, we were discussing, this. Morning here. Go to the 1-minute chart. Here's. This shark pattern, we had a couple of, patterns. On a 1 minute a 5 minute and a 233. Tick. It. Doesn't look like much but. Understanding. That even from today's, a good, day trading, candidate. We're. Looking, for pretty impulsive moves. Right. At the completion, of that eight. Eight six of that shark prz, all, of that right down there at around 80 240 180. 242, that's, what we lined up this morning. Pretty. Early about 9:00 a.m. with, this. Yeah. It's not the bad pattern we had a crab. Pattern. Let. Me do this. Right. Back at the hop level. There. You go. And. Again this one our target, was up to 59. Now. It did a huge move right at that immediate, check back and, I. Probably. We. We, left the session as this, was. Making, its move and then we jumped over here, up. At the 59, level but, we talked about why that was so critical and again, we'll follow up on that on Monday but that, was a phenomenal, early.

Open, Trade, especially. Noted by the HSI. Trigger. So. Let me show everybody where they can access that, I want to get, that. That. The whole HSI, check back and and. Help. Everyone understand. How important, that is the. To, get. Incorporate. This with pattern, completions. Especially. With the type 2 on the, retest. Because. That that really is the way to trigger you, know when we're looking at a retest. Of a pattern it can get pretty sloppy. You. Don't know okay exactly where do we enter and even is this. A valid, zone, that's, actually, something. We we referenced is if. You've got an overnight, pattern, here, is this. Still valid. This. Pattern still valid, to the pre market action. It. Is if we have an HSI, trigger. Maybe. A few other things but. Really. Important. So. Let me get that I'm going to post this. And, then, I'm gonna make the other. Let. Everyone know where you can get access to. The. Free software, for two-week, trial and again. We want everyone to access. The. Free trial first, we. Make that available I'm gonna put that in, the link section, of the YouTube, as well. Yeah. Here we are almost already back down we're going to retest this Krab one more time. With. A one minute HSI. This. Was the first. Opportunity. For, the day we were looking up 259. Here. We're almost back at 45. Look. At HSI, what that did on one minute. Did. They get down to 45. It. Did it just retested, the one six one eight one more time. So. I'm gonna wrap it up but I'm gonna let you go everyone. Check this of. For. Today. This. Is NQ, looking at 40 82 45, 50. Looking, at that one six one eight obviously. This. Crab pattern, really kind, of dictating, the day's action. Just. In a big consolidation. Trying to go higher. Here's. The five-minute and and the. That. Shark. More. Importantly, again. Something. For the week and into. Next week. Has. Been this deep crab pattern, and that's, the, place to leave it. Because. I will. Follow up next week but we're. Looking for the retest, and this is still a. Type. Two. In development. Here. Is the type 1 reaction on the deep crab. Down. To target 1 there's. HSI, that's pretty much terminates, it this. Past week has been a bunch, of consolidation. But, this. 82 42, is a strong number. Looking. For that eventual, retest, and that's something by next Thursday I would. Expect to happen. Also. Because it's a deep crab. Not. Surprised, to see it up at the hop it's a deep crab because. We have an 886, at the B point. Really. Important, to understand, that. All. Right everybody about 10:45. We're, gonna come back next week gonna. Wrap it up, check. The HSI, check, back. Video. That. Link will be in this the comment, session, section, and. HSI. Confirmation, it's also on the. On. Our youtube, channel and. Then. Go, to the harmonic trader blog. And. Just. Access. It's. Available right here. Just. Go to harmonic, trader and just click the blog. I'm. Gonna pump this out but. HSI. Check back that is the strategy that we're utilizing that. Is triggering, both the entries we saw, with. Today's short and what. We did with the Goldmember session, with. Those opportunities, and, and, from. A larger perspective.

We're. Looking at 82 42, as support, today also, because, of that HSI, that unfolded. On the 15-minute. Right. There. That's. Helping. The whole support scenario, and that. Was down here at this. Last. Test. So. We're gonna follow up that next Thursday thanks, everybody, great session great. Goldmember, session, and again, get, with the. Free trial check. The links session section, below you. Have, any other questions, reach, out to me at harmonic, trader at harmonic trader calm, and come. On back next Thursday, 10:00 a.m. at YouTube and. We'll. Have a lot more fun. Have. A great week great weekend, we'll see everyone next week, go.

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