Harmonic Pattern Live Trading with Scott Carney

Harmonic Pattern Live Trading with Scott Carney

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Hey. Welcome everybody we're, just getting started, we. Are going, to. Gonna, run this most of the afternoon for those, folks that were in the live session, this morning this. Is the follow-up is this is that 89 tick bat. Pattern. And. It's. Exactly the kind of thing we're going to look for, my. Goal here is click, 10 trades and. See. How many of, these we, can get, we're. Gonna do super, short term so. We're. Looking for tick. Moves, 12. 15. 20 tick moves risk. 6. Stuff. Like that. So. Hang on in we're gonna. Just. Get this started and making sure everything's running properly I can. See that my screen needs to be adjusted. One. Sec. There. You go that's. Better. There, you go okay. This is es, on. 89. There. Is. 233. And. Hey. And hey there. And. Nasdaq. Look. Nasdaq, also as we talked about this morning, we're. Just gonna. Here's. The all-time, high from yesterday, as up. At 30. There. You, die. So. We kind of came into a pretty hot market, actually, even go to a one minute there's. The shark we're looking for a bearish shark here but. No each si conformation, up in the zone yet. Okay. That's good. And. What. Was that. Ah. Did. It print a deep crab on the daily. Dollar. Franc. Sure. It looks like this. We. Talked about the dollar pairs actually, in. Today's. Session. There's. A regular crab and cue I have nothing yet that's. Why we're going to just run this but I'll pull up, while. I'm just getting set it I will, talk about few things here. Sure. Alright. Here's an 89 take on the bat for, Nasdaq. Seated. Oh guys. Give me two more minutes. Really, quick here's your. There's. That dollar franc let's, share that chart with you, if. You're not on the software folks please, I'll. Post that link here in the chat room. Here. Is that alternate, bat we're looking for this, what's, a regular bat that's on a 89. Tick for Nasdaq, down it 93. 76. 93, so that's about 10 lower. We. Haven't seen too much in the way of patterns just yet. Had. Some in the pre-market. Let's. Go keep it on a 233. Tick that's strong. You. Actually can. Consider. That crab failed. That's. The wrong one it's, an hour to 33, minutes. Here's. The tick and. Then. Here's your. Daily. Dollar. Franc is not. Thanks. I. Don't. Have a crab pattern on dollar franc and I don't know where that if. You could post a chart a. Deep. Crab no I don't I don't have that, this. Is what it looks like on. Bring. This up really quick. If. Anything, we were looking today. At that euro and. A. Couple other dollar pairs that had. Some. Big bearish patterns. On. The, daily, no. I don't here's what I have on the daily. That's. A shark. And. That's. Failed your your type two is failing right now a. Little. Bit of a check back but look. Look. At the weekly here. Alright. That bat pattern, as well you're seeing a lot of that so just, as a side note for, those that are new to the harmonic patterns, or maybe. You're just shorter term focus take. A look at the daily timeframes, and see. What that's showing you. So. Let's uh I'm gonna stay on the currencies I sorry on the futures for right now for today. Let's. Break this down into one minute. Nothing. Yet I'm gonna keep it running, you. Can go to 1/32. There's just nothing. Give. It a couple of minutes I'll be right back folks. We'll, be running this most, of the afternoon. Appreciate. It. And if you do have questions that you put them in the chat, box hey. Philip I. Prefer. The tick charts as a. Really. To compare with of one minute and five minute. Really, important, that's, the, tick is the. Best way to break it down but, you know there's other types of charts, Renko.

Seeing, Some you, know great. Relationships, there the. Range, bar it just depends on. The. Early depends on. What. Your your time frame is and you know what, what. You're really you kind of trade or you are I mean when we break down to these tick charts you. Have to have automatic. Parameters. You. Know what let me record. This, this. Is. April. 18th this is a live session. Starting. To get into doing this on Thursdays, for the, basic members for harmonic trader and we'll, do it through the YouTube channel I think that's easiest. If. You guys have questions yes, you can put them in the chat box and, then this, will be available later this. Is a follow up from, our live harmonic, trading session from this. Morning, at 9:00 a.m., so. All basic members can. View those recordings. And then. You. Can sign up at, harmonic, trader calm what we're looking for waiting for right. Now after a really, aggressive. Pre. Market overnight session. Looking. For some short-term patterns, to develop here on Nasdaq, or S&P 500, this, was the es, on, a 233. Tick so. Yeah there are some definite things that, I'd like to mention about the day. Trading approach, where, you. Do want to look at a tick chart you do want to look at 1, minute 5 minute time frames, that. Tick chart can show you things that you're not going to see on a women or 5 minute. Similarly. The you, know that I'm, working off of the East no platform. And. Yeah. This is a, sir. Sure yes, the the, software does see things better. Than our human eyes and that's that it really is the. Work that I've done over the last five years in, particular. The. First software. That would harmonic, pattern software, that. Was ever created was, harmonic, analyzer, and, that. I released, that in two thousand, and, how. Many harmonic, scanners whatever, well they don't they're not measuring properly. But I've. Taken the harmonic, analyzer, algorithms. Brought them to a harmonic pattern, collection, and we've. Really been able to define. Harmonic. Structures, and I, mean pinpoint. One. Of the things I say over and over again it's about the deep crab pattern, it's, a variation of the crab pattern, is we. Look for that beyond, the one six one eight. Into. That 2.0, zone that it's just like that. Those. Are some of my preferred, setups, those are some of the most, reliable reactive. Setups. That we can get and. Let. Me bring up now I see what's going on here here. Is sorry. Let me bring up es on this other chart. Here's. The es on the 233, tic. That's. 244. There. You go. My. Fault. And. Fix, these settings. Okay. Great here we have a deep crab on, 233. Tick. Was. The first one first thing we've seen all day. Since. We started this morning oh. We've. Got an HSI, coming out I got it I'm just getting. Caught up here but. This. Is a good example all right there's the first one of the day, let's. Stay on this. You. Guys can ask questions. And. Put them in the chat box is, the Gartley pattern a dew point extension, of one to seven a B, or. Is an extension of BC it's all the above. The. Gartley, let. Me let's, let's look at this first because we're about to trigger and I'll talk about the Gartley here in a second. All. Right there's. 203. If. You are not familiar with the pattern alignments, or the rules go to harmonic trader comm and sign up for the the. The basic membership and he'll tell, you everything for, free. All. Right here is a deep crap this is on SMP, not Nasdaq, folks and. I'll, bring, up NQ, I was looking for a little bit lower as well. We'll. Stay on this one. So we're. Here's, a crab, pattern. Looking. At this, for, confirmation. Right now is HSI, anywhere, in, this look. At your indicators, they. Haven't, come out of the zone yet there's a it's. A great filter also look at this it's, a great pattern no. Doubt but look at your price action into the zone. Straight. Through we haven't seen one green bar as a 233. Tick that's pretty fast. I'll. Favor this down towards the stop at Oh 225. And. Look. For HSI, all right maybe. Let. Me get I'm gonna prep order, here. And. Again. This is a type 1. Still. Nothing this, is what we're waiting on. There. You go almost. Hold. On that didn't complete yet. Look at your indicators, we still know another. Pattern went away but look there's a reason why it's. Not completed, yet and look at your indicators. Dive back into the zone we have done nothing. Till, nothing let me see where where. That pattern, is. I'm, gonna remove the potential, patterns. No. Confirmation. We. Were looking at o2 in the 75. Pattern. Disappeared, because the think.

It Was this. Thing stretched out too far I don't, have a I, still don't have a confirmation, yet. Because. Look look at the yellow where I highlighted these yellow those are still in the extreme, that's. Why we didn't do anything at that point let. Me look at Nasdaq. We. Were looking for the same kind of check back we had a better pattern, on. NQ. It, was 89, tick. Yeah. Let's look I'm looking for this yeah, this is over teen straight needy already we, talked about this in our session today looking. For a full retest of that deep Kravitz, 67. Let's. See if we has, there any been had, just been straight up straight back down. Yeah. Yeah. Guys that's absolutely. Yeah. Touching, that's we we favor those the. Comment, was we, look at those at the one 902 yeah. Now. As you're. Asking if the pattern fails does it disappear, no it doesn't work like that and, I've removed let me just show you really quick the. The software, is designed to show you, potential. And pending, patterns, but. We're only taking. Completed. Patterns and they, will go green I think if you notice that structure. That, pending, structure, we were looking at was solid. Blue it, has to go green or red. And, we were also waiting for that confirmation and we never got it so. Again, been it's been kind, of a. It's. Stuff like this and I'm waiting for. Not. That I'm just saying, this. But. You. Had a whole. Bunch of stuff at 65. For. Today already trade in 78, but. Nothing. Up here hold. On. Let. Me take a look at really, quick. How, can you post your chart on here what's your. Thanks. Guys, what is your platform. Depending. On what your platform is you can go straight social, media. And. Post. The link or Metatrader I know has their own forum. Let, this go let's let's let's. Give this a little time here I. S. Really just to let you know I'm looking, for this. Full retest, back, at 65, on NQ. There's. A crab down there there's also there's that shark. Here's. The crab this. Is off in the pre-market now. That's not the right crab. You. Guys are going to go get a little more coffee up and right back we'll be here till about two or three o'clock today so hang on in I'll. Be right back. You. Hey. Guys I'm back. Trying to figure I just, got that into the screen here. Just. Took that retest, here. And. Here's. A check back on that now, hold. On. Looking. For check back down to 79. I'm. Gonna put my stop in now to protect it, let's. Do it this way. Hi. Now. I'm in a risk-free position. Target. Yeah. Guys sometimes. It's gonna not be a sound look, I just went in on that first check back, came. Back for a second, this is a type 2 bat. Sorry. I couldn't oh it's not in my screen I'm sorry folks you know what this is trying to do four things at once get. The right screen in there. With. The. Window. Gimme, you know it's gonna be a little sloppy for a second but let me try to help you guys see this better. Know. About these lines. So. What, I did there that was the retest, I was talking about before I got. A coffee refill, and the, check back at the stop level. Alright. Taking out on one for about five, six ticks. And. We're. Just trying to ride the second one down if it doesn't go through I'm in, a risk-free, position, at. This point. Is. That how's that one okay, that does line up sorry, I'm not I don't have the full screen in view one. Sec folks. Bring. That is that. Yeah. Okay. Second one taken, out. It. Was three ticks. Three. Three contracts, on the first entry now. All of those look. The set, in the trap there, for. This to go down with my target minimum 82. Doesn't. Look like we're gonna get it yeah. Okay got stopped out on that one. But all three gave me a little short-term, reaction. Enough. Where probably. Should be have, reenter, twice. On. A short, one, and. What. I like to do is really, all about positioning. I. Might. Go through a few of those just, like that. Before, I get the real runner here's it we got one more check back up at this stop, your. Numbers, eighty nine twenty five minimal, maybe eighty nine fifty. Or something, take. Another shot, but. I'm just getting set up to folks so give. Me a minute and I see them still not, let. Me fix my charts. Still. Not coming. Out. The. Multiple screens are kind of overlapping one sec.

And. Let me get the other pattern lines out. We. Started this last week and I just wanted to let everybody know we're gonna start doing this on Thursdays, I, really. Just you, know showing. This in real, action and. The. Strategies, we put together I. There. Is a question hey Phillip yeah I do look at in terms of the timeframes. Okay. I'm gonna go as low as an 89 tick or 233, tick that's. A this, chart that that's, fine this one's looks like it's gonna work out and you'll get your move and I got stopped out on that but the. Reason why I'm doing 89, tick. It's. Really just so we can get more patterns, and one. Of the things that I want to do with these sessions there you go you're, going down to target 2 at 79. My first entry, got stopped out but it's alright I'm still, debugging. Some issues here no, I still see this not totally, in the screen. Hold. On, but. I prefer. 233. Tick, and. I. Think, that's most reliable, against, a, 1-minute. Chart and. Okay. There's a bat pattern. It. Was a bat pattern. Hold on. And. Okay. Sorry. Folks so. There's a bat right, now and there was a little question earlier about. Green. And, blue all right you see that thing where the pattern just went green, okay. That's where, it tells you we. Can now consider that as a structure. The. Potential. Pattern now. We're looking for, HSI. Looking. At what kind of confirmation do we have down here and once. That goes green, I'm looking, at the pattern and. I'm. Looking at HSI, here's HSI, on the bottom. And. That's. Still in the extreme has not come out yet, it. Could be a bat I could. Slide down to that crab pattern and that's something, absolutely. It all depends on what this does within any other structure. But. I'm in, these sessions I'm gonna show 89, tick just, so we get structures, as we're sitting here I don't one. Of the challenges, has been you sit there, wait. For patterns, the. One thing that the way that I solve that is through the, screens so my. Screens will pop up like here's a 1-minute Nasdaq. Crab pattern, right. There. That's. All I've run, all the different time frames I would say go with the. Go. With a 233. Tick against, a one-minute or a 5-minute, especially, with HSI, here's. That Nasdaq. That's. On a one-minute, flashing, the. Crab pattern. There. You go oh and. A 233, here you go this is, excellent. This is what we were looking for this morning and it. Was a check back all the way down to 65. Now. We've got a another. One-minute, crab pattern. There. You go for. Those that were in here earlier and saw that, we. Were looking for this this kind of loop back of. This. Where. Is it and it's deep crab. There. Was a pre-market crab pattern. One. Second, let me put this up. Okay. That looks like at least it's in the. All. Right there you go. It. Was back in here but let's let's just focus on this deep crab it's a 1-minute, crab and, this. Is exactly where I'm looking at break. It down there's a type-1. What's. Going on HS, eyes in the oversold, on a, 1 minute okay, we just hit that zone one six one eight it's a seventy three and a quarter. No. Confirmation yet. With. HSI, in there. Maybe. This, is where at this point, show. Me a 233. My probably the same but, we're gonna get a quicker. Reaction. You'll. You'll you'll see, that price action generate, there you go. At. This crab pattern I'd put your right off of here for a type-1 little bounce, the. Bigger one and for the day our. Bigger numbers are still down at 56. And. 60. Area call it. But. A little little reactive, bounce at 73, let's take a shot. 73. 55. Right. Down here and let, me open this up. There. You go. Here. Is that HSI, and let me show one other thing folks the vertical zone line bar this. Is another feature with, the. Program, that's going to show you. Okay. This is a great way to look at that. Now. We're looking to the right of the bar here let's. Just focus on that one crap, we have a smaller, crab. Minimum. Numbers at 73, our, bigger numbers, down, at 65. Okay. I'm just focused on this one crab pattern right now, and. HSI. Is at. 71. Let. Me clean up the chart. Okay. Great and here is that there's. The crab pattern from the pre-market that, was.

I'm. Showing I know this is uh showing. A lot here just. Focus on this zone. With. That big, number. 68. It's. Pretty big for the whole day. You. And, remarkably, this was the zone we highlighted, in, our session, I mean no one's even an hour ago. We. Were looking for that return that's the big. Retest. So let's let's, see and let me. Sorry. The pattern lines keep getting in the worry. Let's, do it like this. This. Is NQ, folks. I. Don't, think you guys can see HSI, yet. On. The, 233, tick. There, you go right in the zone here. Bring. This up even a little bit I'm, looking right down here between 67-68. Okay. Good. And. I think that's ready. Oh sorry. Folks and I bring that over. One, moment, one moment. You. Okay. Guys this is really setting up for midday, and. A little. Mid-morning sell-off, we're stabilising, we're looking down here for big, turnaround for the day right, here. On derp 73. There's. A type-1 take, you up to about 80. Just. A short-term, you're. Right. Back home. You. All. Right let's look for this we're waiting, for this yellow zone, we. Have two things a smaller pattern. With. The deep crab or with the regular crab and then there's a prior crab. All. Of that. There's. The crab from the pre-market. Down. A net. 68-69. Level. One. Second. You. Okay. Folks this is what we're looking for. Are tested 68, and. We're. Just looking for an HSI. Down. Here look here's an RSI BAM, is. All in a 233. This. Is our target and going back from. Earlier. Today. The. Retest of the. Crab. Pre-market, crab there. Interesting. That HSI, is not where, it should be HSI, is not confirming. And. Take a look on a smaller time frame even. On, a real, micro time frame, there's, 233, tick, well. Now let. Me just say let me stress, this point here about the crab patterns, and, this is specific, to the crab we are focusing. Between, the one six one eight and the stop that's. Why I highlighted. This. Area. That. Yellow area and this is where we're looking for an HSI, also. That's the retest, of the pre-market crab from here. It's. A little tough to see but. HSI. Is not where we really want to see it. If. I take a shot here it's only going to be for a target, one a nominal, bounce, back. Up to 79. Now. I've got it out on a, 233. Or, on a 20 second chart. We're. Right in that area call. It 69. If. You want to take a shot I'm gonna take a shot. It's. Not what I really want to see on a 233. Tick I would, rather have an HSI, down there it's kind of sloppy. But. This is definitely that strategy, of favoring the stops. Between, the stop and the, sorry. The stop ended one six one eight on the crab pattern. There. HS. Eyes rolling over that's. Not the position I want to see with these setups. Give. This a little bit of time this might, need. A little bit time but I want an HSI. At, the. Stop level that's why I'm not taking the trade, now. Could have I could, have easily took that first grade look. That was a five-point. Bounce right there off of that low but that's not what I'm looking for. If. You guys want to get a trial, on the software, yeah, no problem. Let me post it over here please, I'm. Working, off an e signal, but your easiest, bet, is going to be to. Go with. Metatrader4. International. Crew. Hold. On. Too many patterns. Running. Hold. On yeah, one, second. You. Hey. Folks I got a couple things going on I'm, really still getting used to running everything, at once but what. I'm showing you is a type 1 type 1 return trade-off, at. 89 50, 90. I, don't. Even have here's the screen here's, the crab pattern, on the 89, tick and. I. Guys. Just be patient with me I'm really there's a lot to run at one time I know, the screen, isn't right and I'm.

Trying To explain, things and get this to show you the, exact. Stuff but this is the 89, tick, there's. A crab pattern, here with the check back it's a type 1, going. For 78. Ok. And that's good for we're, looking for about, 10. 11 on this, one move and that's on 3. 3. 3 3 contracts. So. That's, you know. Really. It's it's not a lot, doesn't. Take a lot, this. Was that type, we're. Gonna type one off of the 233. Tick and, then. We had this crab and here's the check back and I'm sorry, my I know. I've got about 4 screens in here. Trying. To run it so that you guys can see it properly. Ok. I'll adjust, this stop as I keep moving, yeah. That's that's pretty good I don't think you can see the full reflector, screen there's. The full reflector, the dome, depth. Of market. Yeah. I was Richmond, it was cut off. But. What, I'm trying to show with the sessions folks is really. Show. You the number of patterns that develop, regardless, of what the action is and waiting. For the setup waiting for the check back now we're coming, down I'll move my stops, up my. Goal here is just to grab 5. Points, 10. Points these. Really short term do that a number of times stay over and day in and day out and I. And it looked the dynamics, all work the same way. Dynamics. A type 1 type 2 so, what we're looking at is a type 1, completion. On the tooth thirty three tick that was this one that. Was this crab pattern. Traded. Up to the. Ninety one target, and I. Got a smaller pattern at eighty nine fifty, or so and this. One's now coming back but just another shot alright I got pulled out on that first one oh and. I still have two let's take on another one off. Let's. Get, the stop on here. Again. Like I said, trying. To do all this at the same time and trade is is. It's. Like juggling, five. Bass. Bone, tennis balls at once, but. That's here. We go so. The first one got stopped out I. Adjusted. That stop-loss. Let. Me try to bring the whole chart in yeah dang it I don't. Know why this is cut off at the screen, I'd, appreciate anybody. Who's a tech, who. Can help me with this I. Really. Need to get somebody to run this separately, but. Okay like I said last week we're testing this. Week I really, want to show more. Trades I think at least I figured out this system, but. What. I want to do is just kind of outline the, whole thing yeah there's the depth of market and. Okay. Good and. We got my little buddy in the background, going, off, here. We have so. I positioned. Really. Nicely. Okay. But the only thing we now want, to look at is we. Got a 233 against, us this. Little pink arrow. All. Right that's, where we get defensive, that. Was a great check back right there. Okay. But no follow-through so I adjusted, my stops I think we're stopped out. Let's. Take a look. Okay God stop that on both. Again. It probably could have got four. Or five on, that one. But. Again. Trying, to do five, things at once let's. Do it again. Let's. Wait for another, pattern, set up. On. That 233 tick I definitely. Want to see the type to return, on this crab pattern, for the day. This. Is really we. Were. Looking for this in. Our live harmonic, trading session this morning, the. Market was trading, you know well above 7700. We, were looking for a full, retest, back to 60, we. Got it that's a type one on. The. 233. Tick we're at that target. Let's. See we get the retest. Now. That's a better picture of it. So. We've taken to trade so far. We. Took a short up at 80. Ad. We. Took this short at 8950. We, took an earlier, short, often. 89 tick and both of those were. First. Lot was a few points, and then stopped. Out for several ticks on both same. Type of deal that's what we're negotiating when, we're dealing with such a small time frame. Sure. We want to look for those large patterns, I. Would. Be, anticipating. That this is this. 233. Tick we get a retest, on this maybe, back down here that, would be your mid day type. To bullish. Pattern, to. Send us going. Let's. See what an 89, tick shows and, folks. I prefer the 233. Tick I'm looking at 89 tick just so, do we get patterns, for these sessions. Here's. A crab pattern on 89, tick I, like. That with. That. HSI, check back up here. That's 8950. And. Remember. Okay. We can also include. How's. That coming out aren't that you can see that pretty well, need. The one 902 looks, looks, like that a little crabs and. That's a ninety, ninety-one, but, that one 902 really. Is more so for the deep crab. It. Worked in this situation, but I want to be clear with that I really, favor the deep crab, with. That one 902. All. Right so so far. Okay. Coming. Back up on the 89. In. Here. Ya. Little. Retest, and again. 93. No. Look at that my. Dang order. Was. Lingering sometimes, when you have a you. Set your depth of market I, will, set my depth of market here you go when. I automatically. Place, a trade just. Take a look at that, I'll. Set that depth of market for an automatic, stop-loss. With. Profit, targets, you.

Know Typically, 3 to 1 so. If I'm entering something or I have a pattern at least, I know no matter what, risk. Reward is quantified, you. Never know when the stuffs gonna react, as sharply as it can, and. We had a we had something, like that at, the close, on. Tuesday. As. It. Marked. Down, 30, and up 30 and all in, 120. Seconds, here, we have there. You go. Alright. That's on the 89 tick well. Above that stop but add, a little crab pattern, again. Just looking for this. Extreme. Extension, looking. For a reaction, off of this another day trade. What's, the. 2:33, look like a. Split. Screen these. Oh. That. 233. Yeah that was that the. Same deep crab. So. That's that was the big one down at 68. 69. But. This is still in a type-1. Why. Because, we haven't reached our target yet. But. This is what we're looking for there's a little HSI, up at the target, okay. Do. We automatically, assume a. Return. That's. The, assumption. Do. We have anything up here that would give us a bearish, signal 92. 94. We. Had that deep crab on this is this. So. We're looking in this, area. For. That next trade. How. Did I lose that. One second, folks. I'm. Running too many programs at once. Let's. Look at the deep crap, this is side. By side there you go we. Are at, Target. One on. The, 233, kick, of the deep crap, we're. Looking for the termination, point up in here, what. Do we have pattern, wise. Okay. Not, bad we took a little shot up at this first deep crab or, this first regular crab another crab pattern. That's. As high as 96, 50. About. There. You go about six takes away. Getting. Close that's, on an 89 tic nothing, there yet. This. One look at the 233, tick HSI. Right. Above our target one. Between the two of those. No. Problem, and. Again part, of what we're doing here and really. What I. Can. Do is I'm not going to sit here and talk for hours folks, but I will. Chime in as we get close to say. A pattern completion, HSI. I'm, a crab I am a crab I should. Ask my wife. But. That's. What we're going to try to do here with. Showing. Depth of market executions. We. Started last week and again I'm just trying to run. Through a couple practice sessions, before we really go live. Live. Money live everything we are set up with. Stryker. Which. Is an online third-party. Trading. Company. Competition. That. Will be the live accounts, we use right now that's a demo, we're.

Featuring And, it's all because a u.s. regulation, so I there's, all my disclaimers, and if, you want to disclaimer here's your disclaimer. Pop. That up for a second and, it. Is that serious. So. Waiting, for this final completion on the 89 tic crab. Pattern. HSI. Even on the 89 tic look at that. It's. Down on the bullish side that's all over sold. Here. From this, 233. Tic. Okay. I drew this arrow out here's. Our expectation. Again. That's the minimum move up to 91, and. Now. We're looking at. Right. Here. We're. Looking right there. Actually. A little bit higher because we have a little crab pattern on the. 89 tick just above there, and. I've. Received questions can we trade these the. Type 1 and type 2 framework. We. Had that actually, this morning, we. Had a larger crab that came back retested. This. Can. Be but we need to see the pattern, structure something. Like, what, we're looking at on 89, tick now I prefer, maybe. To look at that on a 1 minute or a 5 minute. But. It's really his. You. Know how we look at combining those. Within. The whole framework, crabs. The best the deep crab is. My. Favorite. Currently. Sitting right between a wr1 mr1, on pivot points. Don't. Know what the hem r1 is. Actually. This would make a lot of sense because we have a, off. Of, this crab pattern, real sloppy, sloppy. But still alright look. It's like this. There. You go looking, at that check back a little. HSI. Here. We go now we're coming back up. That's. The one advantage of these real micro, timeframes, for. Super. Precision, is that we want to trigger off of, you. Know you want something, a smaller. Pattern inside a larger pattern. No. Matter what the time frame there you go. One. Second, one, second. You. I'm. Gonna take a quick look at sp500, what, that did for today. Where. We are we're. Gonna, that's. Really nice. That. One was even better. Look. At this as it's, tough, to see this but folks here's. Your type one, reaction. And. That's. Tradable. But. Our sharper reaction, down here at the type to a. Little. Bit below the initial. Entry and it's. On the type to that we look for target. To those our highest, risk reward situations. Let's. Go back to Nasdaq. And. Nasdaq, didn't get all the way that 96. Turkey. Okay. I could. Still pull this one over though. Bring. This chart over a little bit more. Okay. I'm, gonna try to get these side-by-side. Here's. The thing I wanted to show also on the five minute. Go. Again. This is for, later. Today, something. To consider relative. To our type 1 type 2 framework. Even. Though this looks dramatic. Something. Else we talked about. Recently. Is targeting.

This 26, 29:19, area. That's. Our larger. Target. For the day I'm looking for. Support. Down in this area. For. That return move, all the way back to that bat pattern, that. As sloppy. As that seems it. Still. Fits within our type 1 type 2 framework. Keep. An eye on that folks I need a couple, minutes let me get a little water and. I'll. Be back I'm. Gonna leave it on the NASDAQ. 233, tick. Or. 80s, leave it on 89 tick that's showing, more. Yeah. And, that's, part of what, I need to figure out is what's working I'm. Not going to be here all day I'll going to stretch this out till 2 o'clock but. Trying. To be here all day and, talk all. Day is just impossible. So. We do our live sessions, every Thursday. For. Basic members you guys want to join us that's where we go through markets, and talk a lot of specific, strategy, right, now I just want to show what's developing, and. Capitalize. On that. Before. I take my break. There's. Another crab. 89. 80, sorry, 87-75. But. Where's HSI, here. Close. Not they're starting to roll back down again. This is why we look for the. Indicator confirmation. There. You go now. We're in the extreme now we're in the extreme we saw, one of these set up earlier but. They didn't confirm and we just know execution. All. Right now you've got. And. Now you've got you're. In there and you're about to pop out all right let's look at this. Really. Quick and then see what we got, looking. For HS I. Move. That. That's. Clear 85, 26 27. There's. HSI right there came out. So. I'm gonna stick a couple orders right in this area here. Under. 87-75. Here's. HSI, check back. 86. In a quarter, is. Our. Zone. Right. In here. Let, me go to a. So 233. Tick. Another. Type one. Again. Reaction, up to target one. Eighty. Six and a quarter. Check. Back as those 86. And. There. You go. Bang. Philip. Yes we're always waiting for HSI, here. I'm at the target, already and now I'm looking for another corresponding. HSI. Sorry. Dammit, that was on the wrong screen.

I'm. Gonna move there's only two I'm gonna already set my stops, but. That's what we're looking for folks. And. You. Still might get a check back on this one eighteen. What's. That 90 50 let me take one off at 90 fifty and. Protect. The rest. I'm. Gonna take one off at 90 50, and. We'll. Get another shot at this one we're. Talking ticks here. Nope. I'm. Gonna close that one out let, me put up the other stop limit. Out. When. We close out we're gonna get another shot at that. Okay. I'm in sorry folks it's. Trying. To get this into the screen at the right time here's another shot I'm. Gonna take another shot down here here's the check back at the stop. That's. What we want to see here all right so. Eighty six fifty. Eighty. Six and a quarter. And. We're, the check back it's just under eighty six. Now. Treating the 8350. I don't, have one green bar yet, hold. It just hold up just, hold up that's. You, know. Yeah. Sorry. Hold. On we're still fine here folks. Looking. For just this this is a type 2 on an 89, tick I prefer. The 233. On the, 233. I really, don't have anything until, about. 72. But. I'm just looking for a reaction here. Short. Term I think you guys saw me moving. My stops pretty aggressively, on these type ones especially when they get up there, but. Then I was trying to move it back into the screen. All. Right here you go here's another HSI, about the trigger I like. That and it's under. Dummy. Wait. A minute I can't. See that. There's. The arrow. The. Arrow triggers. Eight. There it is out. Triggered, at 86, on. That. Second, one that's type one it's a type two. 85. 85. 50 folks. There. You go. The. Stop at 86 and a quarter, right there anything, at, or just below. Can. You guys see that ah. Sorry. Let me switch this. Right. There as you check back right here. Bingo. Okay. And and then our stop on this that. Has to be the low right there. There. You go and your. Stop would it would be a matter of ticks and again, this is moving fast I want to show you the pattern dynamics. And, will, spend more time on explanation. But we're. Looking for the pattern for the crab pattern, we're. Gonna we're looking for that confirmation now I'll. Move, my stops up. And. My. Goal in every instance, is to get to a risk-free position. Where. I'm setting my stops. Alright, so I'm in at eighty five fifty on that one it's. A type two I'm in, a risk-free, position. No. Matter what if this comeback, trips. Me out that's fine, it. Might happen but. My goal, the. Objective, on this is target, one minimum, but. With the type to its target two which is up at 90 to 35. So. That's seven. Or. If we're taking talking, tick language. You're. Talking 28, maybe 30 ticks up to that objective. Everything. We wanted to see was their, crab. Pattern, triggers. HSI. Type, 1 comes. Back we tried to capture that and I was trying to show. The screen and do it all it's that's, that's, that's, gonna be my disclaimer. Here is that I'm four, things at once and trade. But. This is what we're doing and. We'll. Be doing this every Thursday so the. Point here is that I want to show the. Pattern dynamics, of what the automatic, pattern generates. Critical. How. HSI, comes in to, pinpoint, those. Entries, and then we follow type 1 type 2 framework. So. This one. Okay. We triggered, perfect. Check back. Perfect. Now. Target. Defined up to 92. Doesn't. Seem like a lot and I'm purposely. Showing. Two Lots. Because. One will scale out at an automatic, target, and the, other you. Can leave us discretionary. Let that run and. I think anybody that's spending their time, to. Learn and trade the markets. You. Have 5 grand or get 5 grand, open. Up a futures account. And, you're. You're trading $20. A point. So. Is not. Cost prohibitive, this, is a better market, more, liquid market than currencies. Regulated. You. Don't see stop runs in terms of like artificial, stop runs like. You do in currencies. Now. My, the other point that I was saying was that this. Is we're. Looking for our midday. Kind. Of turnaround market. Was trading for, tea. Higher. This. Morning. Nice. Action coming, down and I'm. Looking for that midday stabilization. Pattern. Well. Here's, I'm taking, shots and again, most of these are reaction, traits. So. If I'm gonna risk 8 and better we make you know members can eight ticks, 10. Ticks I better make 30 if. That's two and a half three points, I you. Know I better make. What. 20. Sorry. I'm missing 10. Ticks I better. Make 30 ticks which is you know three and a half four points five points.

But. We know we're in a tarp we're at a type 2 situation. We. Know that our target. Is. 9235. Round. That up to 90. To 50. That's. How I always kind, of treat these these futures. And. Now. We're, at target. 190. 40. Great. We. Have a little HSI, that's count or a little challenge, in the zone we. Don't we want to see this thing blast through and so. And, I've said this many times in our live sessions when. I when, I see that on any timeframe against. Me in a zone I'll, get super defensive, so let's zip up one stop. And. If. It comes against, us we, know we're gonna take out at least 10 ticks. There, are exact. Things that the market should do at specific. Levels if, it does not do that it's. Not what you think it is it's. That simple. Divine. Action writing the supreme it's it's really, that's the. Key, divine. Action, reign supreme. There. You go okay so we've got two and a half on the first one look. At the HSI come against, us again. Let's zip it up again. I'm. Gonna take if I if, I get. Stopped out. Okay. I moved this up to 750. Why. It's just under that one six one eight. So. It really should be holding that one six one eight. You. Guys can hear me right okay, good you sleep in. Trade. In ninety one folks, 9250. No. Matter what that's why we do i do minimum, two lots. The. First one's always gonna be reactionary. Automatic. Next. One, little. Because. It's type two its discretionary. Give. It more time. But. If it's not working out you're gonna adjust, and, it. Should follow on this trendline now. For. A better part of the day I mean, if this is the mid day pattern that takes us higher. Okay. We should blow through. 9250. 9250. 9250. 9250. Always. Distilling. Down, decisions. To one number from. Executing. It's one number like we were looking at 68 and a quarter. 68. And a quarters better be 68, 25, or less. Now. This one all, right, we're at target, 1. This. Is on 89, tick I'm. Not. Even talking about 233. But. Everything, we like to see type 1 it's. A sloppy crab pattern but fine. Here's. Tape. 2j. Peps as, a. Feel to be a crab, feels. Pretty good right. Divine. Action, reign supreme folks, always. Here. We go now, I don't want to see this, go. Any more than what this immediate. Eighty. Nine tick bar is. There. Should be no screwing. Around. So. We could even bring. Up our stops. Bring. Up our stops a little bit more than that. I'll. Zip, it up. Take. Me out and get another shot. But. Not so not. Right now. 9265. 9275. That's, a number. Folks. Say to yourself, divine, action, reigns supreme over and over again and see what happens. That. Won't even get into it there's 9275. So. Now what do we look for. Okay. That's one. Bang. Seven. Points, eight points, I've, got my profit, target all the way there at ninety six I can. Move that, that's. The automatic profit. Target I put in with the stop that's. Three, to one right there but. I'll, say it's going higher this. Is where discretionary. Comes in, alright. That's flashing a crab pattern. Up. At 96. 97. Alright maybe I'll take it off at 97, Oh. Guys. You. Just saw me make a mistake I. Tried. To move that and. It. Actually added, to contracts, and. That. Happens. That. Happens that's, hilarious. So. That's up at three so now I'm long three and that was a mistake okay, no. Problem. I'll. Take all three off at 96. Let. Me get defensive, I'm gonna peel one off, it. Turkey. Hey. That's. My little buddy in the background. Yeah. I made that mistake guys, I'm going to take it off gonna take the least, one off.

You. Make a mistake and it doesn't work out in your favor you got to peel that back off. Now. We have we already have little room to run with but. Let's. Take two off. Hmm. All. Right. I'm. Gonna close them all out I. Closed. It all out. I. Tried to move it I made a mistake clicked the wrong button I was. Trying to move my stop and I hit the Buy and I added to. My position I, was. Looking for that a little bit higher but we were at the profit target and that's, still fine we. Grabbed. Grabbed. Some good points on that second, one. And. Again. Cuz it's at that profit target, target. Too. So. I'm glad I'm running a test like this because I need, the practice be able to run and show you everything. Run. These screens effectively. As. It's. Happening and then and then. Show you the real live executions. Easier. Said than done fair. Comes right back against, me but I don't like to screw around, and. If, anything on this 89 tick because we have. Look. Because, we have this target. We. Have the target - there's HSI. On. An 89 tick this little check back right here, we. Had a crab pattern, a potential. But. That. Would be art that would be absolutely, the point I'm looking for termination, on a type. 2 move, above. Target to, and. Make sure you can see that yeah. Why does that stretch all the way over there. I don't. Not. Sure why. Hey. Good morning good. Afternoon over. There. T1. T2 secret. Sauce. Big. Smile with, a dollar sign I think. You should you. Need to type smile, like this. Now. Here's our 96 no, worries I jumped. Out of that. But. Again. I'm. Just getting practiced, I'm getting geared up folks I've been doing this last. Two Thursday's we're, going to do this every Thursday. Roman. Trans I don't know why fxcm, has you 20 points lower and their CFDs. But. I wouldn't trade futures with fxcm I. Would. Be I'd, be Interactive. Brokers or. Rose. Rosenthal Collins, is great out of Chicago. That. It's. Called increasing. Harmonic. Harmonic. Growth. Okay. Here is another 89. Tic. Crab. Pattern. One. Second, folks please. You. Okay. Guys so. Are so good I. Like. What we're doing here how do you like it please. Yeah. No, problem Philip but. Do you I want. I'm. Really kind of I'm asking, give me some feedback here folks. Do. You see what. The difference, is. Forget. This set and forget garbage. Its. Aim and shoot. Aim. And annihilate. But. It really important, that. The. Whole pattern thing, you, know. I. I just. It's. A shame what's, happened, with the pattern thing, it's. A shame you got a bunch of these idiots. And, and you, know the real information the real dynamics. Get. Washed out and I've watched people that want to show past patterns my. Whole goal here show, you, real-time, as. It. Happens, we've. Done three so far, three. Winners. They're. Not huge, but great. Positioning, and. Super. Conservative management, and. That. Is what's gonna get you to the level of success that you need. But. My, saying, it's. Not my saying, but the saying I focused, a lot on. It's. A very simple saying, divine. Action, reigns supreme. If. You don't know what that means just say it to yourself over and over again and. It'll you'll, understand, it and. So. What, our action is is that completed, pattern. Confirmation. Understanding. Of. Where. The stop needs to be what, the targets, need to be with. A full expectation of the framework of what you need to do as.

It's. Happening. On. 233, tick folks. We. Have another check, back up to our targets, from the crab this morning. This. Was. Let. Me bring this over into frame I. Think. You can see that now. Here. Was the deep crab we were looking at this morning. Get. It up. You. Bugger. One. Minute folks. Okay. Here's. A deep crab we started our session, our. 9:00 a.m., live. Harmonic. Trading session and, the. Pre market was all the way up here. That's. Where we opened. And. We had a crab. Pattern that preceded, this down here and at 68. Area, and it came back. Retested. With its own crab again and, so. This, is treat. That independent. We're in the type 1 of this crap. Yeah well I mean hey. George, welcome. Roman. Yeah sure. III, yeah, you mentioned the cfd thing before and then I say yeah, and my sessions. Look I'm sacrificing. Really. Critical. Time to do the sessions I actually, would almost like to change it we. Go from 9:00 to 9:30 you're, almost 10 o'clock three. Days a week on those live sessions, and yeah. I when I say I get to work I do this and this. Is why I'm trying to do it but like. To do a dog and pony show, the. Way a lot of these clowns do it is is. Really not what I'm about and. To. Get it right. And to do this live, it. Has taken a lot to get to this point but. Now. We're gonna do it so. And this, is I talk, about the same stuff in live, sessions. Every. Day. What. To look at I mean everything. From. Futures. To. Currencies, to commodities, and, the. Same framework, over and over again and III definitely. Is. Easy. To. Say. Stuff and call it out and line, it up. But. You. Know that's kind of me trying to, present the plan of the day, give. Everyone, some critical. Numbers you. Know some of the things we were looking at today dollar yen perfect. Example, of one, 1215. But that working out quite well a. Few. Others and. I. Do foresee, us doing, an independent. Currency. Session. Where. We're, trading five-minute, currency pairs I'm, just not a big fan of these, unregulated. Brokerages. That. Are in the wherever. On. The. Isle of Wight or. Other. Tax. Havens and then. These guys do, they, do the stop runs I've personally. Tested. Was. Set up a couple, years ago was set up by. A group that put, me with a third-party. Brokerage, wanted, me to try to trade for them and. Getting. Stopped runs after market, stop runs of 60 pips that not, even close to where getting. My stops pulled was not even close to where the. Market is so one. Answer. To that is. To. Trade the futures, on the currencies. Not, the spot. Something. To consider, all. Right I'm looking at this what are we what are we doing here. We. Didn't. Get up to 96, on the 89, tick we're. Just getting kind of lethargic. Even. If I was still in this trade as the type, 2 we. Took this type 2 down here at 86, and a quarter right, at the stop right at that I mean I was really, that. That. Takes practice folks, but we clipped, it right here at the. HSI, trigger, the. Trait the type 2 trade would be over, why. Because you violated the trendline and, the. Type 2 as two trend lines there's your accelerated. Bang. Your primary, like. A forty five-degree, no. Problem, remember. I was saying though on the 233. Tick we still have to come back. 73. That's. 20, lower, yeah. That's those, are my levels for now. It's funny. There's. 11. People in here I. Hope. All 11, of you are getting this and and folks, if, you're, not on the software and you want to get on the software again. I'll. Give you the link the Metatrader link here, you. Tell them you're. With the official, Facebook, group and yes there is such a thing and, they'll. Give you 3 weeks and and don't don't. Pay for the trial how many people say don't pay for the trial I'm. Telling, you please don't pay for the trial. Get. The free trial. First. And. And. Take, a week or two to look at the videos. Get. A little education behind. You and. Then. Get with it and. And. All every, other harmonic, scanner on the market is, garbage. I'm. Going to repeat all other harmonic, scanners they're not gone they're all they're, not garbage, they're worthless they're not even worth it and you can't and you cannot, trust these I've looked. At them all they're. Not even, showing the same they're not even showing patterns, that are close to being right. True. On the, position. For futures Philip I agree. Maybe. We'll get this after all there's. A we're. Targeting a crab pattern, here. That's. 89, tick. Ok. HSI, is coming, up again, but. Still, not registered. Pretty. Close let's get ready. Take. A quick look here, there's.

The Depth of market. Now. You see how that went blue. Ok. That means it just triggered, I, want, to see that thing go go, full red. And. It didn't and I, don't. There's reasons why this, is it, will not go red and it will not be an official, pattern until it goes red, can't. Stress that enough with. The software, we're. Picking, off and this, is one. Of the problems I've see with a lot, of these. Scanners, that they're, only designed, on ratios, and so they're. Just gonna draw it and yes. You can have different pattern combinations, but the way that we've designed this with the ABCD. Metrics. The. Official, pattern will not be. Generated, until, all, of those are have been satisfied. Within. A specific number of bars I mean there's just a ton in here so, that's my point of why I'm saying if, you know about harmonic, patterns you. Really want to know this how, to do this you. Have to start with the software, we. Have we, finally, dialed. This software in to where it needs to be all. Those other ones garbage, and your. Waste so you're gonna lose money on those. Other other, ones that don't show you patterns, that are harmonic you're not you're, dealing with random structures, and random ratios. On. The, 233. Tick ooh. There. You go a. Little. Deep crap right there on the 233. Tick. Let. Me try. To bring this into play here. 98. Again there's a quick reaction. Our. Target, one sorry. Folks this has. To. Change my settings. So. I'm looking up here at 98 little terminal bar retest. There's. Six takes away from that, this just generated. And. You notice we had a couple of possibilities here's. The first one other. Point is that you're going to have plenty of time it, generates, red and we're. Looking to the right of this vertical zone line bar. We're. Immediately, thinking in here ninety-eight down to 90 to 75. 9250. Round. It down. From. A tic, perspective. Okay. You're talking. 20. Something 23, 24 takes. Maybe. You have to risk 7 or 8. So. We're looking for it up in here. Okay. HSI, here. We come. Here. We come. There. You go let's. Stay on this one. That's the 233. Tick on, 89. Tick same type of deal. Okay. I kind of like that although. It's grabbing from slightly different points. That's not a biggie, basically. We're looking in the 98, 99, 7, you know a two-point. Range. The. 89, tick is up at 77. 180. 233. Tick it's, hitting right now but do you have HSI, on this. Not. Really. Not. What I want to see and, I'm. Also only expecting. A type 1 reaction. Looks, like this. How. Does that look can you guys see that yeah. Better. Even. On the 89, tic, we're. Nowhere near. HSI. Yet. Let. Me see one other one I, also. Like to look at 32nd. But. Primarily one, minute, I like. The I like the 1 minute intervals because. You. Can literally. Do the countdown on the clock that tick charts based on number of trades. Nothing. Really yet. They, look at the 5 minute where are we in the 5 minute, the. 5 minute has been a great. Signal. For HSI, for. Short-term extremes. Here's. Another one look. At the last couple. Again. This is from a more general. Standpoint. But. Just. Draw your eyes to the HSI, and the check back in the last couple of ones there's. The five minute there there's the five minute there and that, was the open, there's, the pre-market, you see the pattern of how. This works out. Okay. Now we're at another. Just. Overextended, point. 233. Tick. Still. Not yet and this is why HSI, I'd rather wait for this. Give. Me that we had one earlier. Didn't. Work out we.

Were Waiting on an HSI, on, the bullish side we, didn't get it. I, think, that was on the 233. Tick. But. We we had something to came in a little bit later on. The. 89, let, me go back to there. Thanks. There you go. I actually. Wouldn't, be surprised, to see us jump to, 7701. And then. Trigger. HSI. But. Quite good here we go. Folks. Divine, action, reigns supreme. Always. I'm. Gonna keep it on there I think, yeah let's do it we can do the split screen between, the 89, and the there. You go. So. There's our zone there. Let. Me get that out. On the, right 89. Here, 233. Okay, that looks pretty good. Nice. Eye. Give. Me a couple of minutes folks I'm gonna take a break I'll be right back. You. Okay. Sorry I had that on mute. Another, crab yes Jae paps. Another. Crab, with. Your HSI, look at BHS I just came back on 89, tic. About. To go to break even on that. Again. Just hit too this. Is a type one. What, happened. We get out of town. Target. On that is. 92. 93. Here. Is the, again. A super short term. There's. HSI. There's the check back, your. Stop is at 77. 94. So, 7701. Like I said before, round. That up. Don't. Think it's gonna do much because. We look we just got a counter, HSI, here. In. The zone in a barrier so we've just got another counter, HSI, where this. Reaction. Off. Of that. That's. A that. Gave it out pretty quickly. This. Is gonna go back up and probably, give you one more check back oh. You. Just got pulled out of one oh. Sorry. I can only get so many charts. I'm. In at 72, there. All. Right I just got a pull I'm taking another shot though, but this time it's gonna be a little bit higher. Should. Be up at this at that, HSI. What's. 233. Tell us. Not. A lot there's, not a lot there on the 233. And that is my preferred. Trigger. Time. Frame. Like. I said 89, tick if you're, gonna trade that and gonna stay on that it. Has to go it has to do immediate, reaction. This. One. There. It's. Like that so. What's that what's, the high of that bar. 7702. 75. Maybe. 73. I'll. Take another shot up in here. Hopefully. Get look. HSI. Is coming, back a. Couple. Things to note. And the fact that we have this counter HSI. Signal, is, something, I always, kind of I look, at that as a warning sign, you're. Not going to get your immediate, move your immediate reaction, the. HSI. Harmonic. Strength index is designed that way but. With the crab pattern, okay no problem. Did. That hit. Exactly. Yeah. All. Based on that structure and it's a deep crab so. That's. How we know. Deep. Crap versus regular crab there, here's it it is on the 89, or the 233, tick on the left side on. The right. Side, is. 89, tick at least 89 tick has that.

Has The kind of trigger you want to look for. Nothing. There on the 233. Tick that's why I'm. Not. So crazy about this one, again. You get a five-point reaction, pretty easily this is NQ. And, that's tradable, I you, know could have stayed in that, but. Prawn trying to be super defensive, with this and Oh, everything, that we do folks. First. Is to position. How. Do we position we, understand, what the proper patterns are we. Break down the prz. Okay. So do we do, are we executing, here or here. Never. Here. And never here. Down, here. That. One of the greatest advantages is the positioning. So. You take a shot you, usually, what. We should be seeing is that reactive. Phenomenon. That, harmonics, are known for and. Then. The continuation, yes, you'll get consolidation. You're rarely going to get a extreme. Pivot, and go but. If we have something, like HSI. Or. Check. Back. Or. Our a site you have some further evidence, of the. Price extreme. We have yet another HSI. In a bearish zone. Again. That's you, know this could be just a harmonic, pause. That's. How to read it I think that's something else. Really. Easy to find the past patterns that worked and go. And spend all your time marketing. The. Past patterns that's why this. Thing has become so popular but, that's not the reality. This. Is a reality. Line. Up the properly, measured structures, with conformation and manage. Your, butt off. Alright. It's midday we're getting kind of slow. But. We can do this over and over again I think this is that. Was trade for, I, want. To take 10 trades. 10 and, I, don't care I just you know if it sticks or points, what. Have you it's. Really. About getting into the best 10 positions. And. Riding. Those to the targets. It's still not a heck of a lot do, you go on. This. Is really the what I want to see the 233, tick I would, love to see, HSI. Kind of trigger maybe up in here 7702. Yeah. But look at HSI, keeping, us out of, that trade. If. You. Know on the 89 tick okay there's one shot. Maybe. Two shots. But, again 233. Which. Should be fast is not giving, us anything, yet. I'll. Be right back, let. Me take two minutes folks. It's. Already 12:15. We're. Gonna hang out till about uh I. Don't. Know probably go, till 2:00 I'll, be in and out I'll be back in five minutes ten minutes or so waiting. For that next one is set up we're. Gonna stay focused on NQ if you guys have questions I, will answer them in. The chat box and this. Recording, will be available for later for your review, do. Check the trade we did about 30 minutes ago. For. A Nasdaq. Same. Type of a deal be. Right back give me a few minutes. You. Okay. I'm back. I. Notice. How no 233. Tick confirmation. Look. That there's the highlight we've been looking for never. Got it. That's. The importance, of the confirmation, folks. If. It's RSI, if it's, amplified. Whatever, you want. But. You need that element, to really gauge the extremes here, on the 89 tic there's a check back I mean. I know that looks out of place but, that's. More like. 70. 7703. The. Other thing is take a look at the. The. Original, pattern that, this is all based from. On. The, 233. Tick, here. Is that sell-off from this morning. All. The way down to the deep crab. So. The minimum was 76-73. Look. At where HSI, comes in. After. Here's. Terminal, bar that's that vertical zone line bar and. We're. Looking to the right well. You. Had some stabilization, maybe, there was a trade there at the original one six one eight, you. Know something like that but again. It's this, is the better situation, after. On. The steep crab and. That's. Something we were looking at when we started this live session again. Was, getting set up but we were talking about 68.

As The. Ideal number that, highlight, box, was the original, highlight. One second. I met. To switch microphones. Again. These are the production details I need to work out. Hold. On one second. One. Of you guys to let me know what the microphone, sounds like. Here. Is that. 233. Tick tell, me if that microphones, all right folks for any of you that are still remaining. Okay. Great. Just. Switch microphones, in a second. Here. Is the. Original. Pattern we were assessing we started, the session and. Now at target -, it's. A type 1 deep crab. But. Up to the 3a - and, with, this original HSI. Signal. That's. Good enough. But. We're so I will still consider. Target. 2 within, the framework as a potential, resistance for the day relative, to the pattern. You. Guys can see that good. Phillip. Is asks. Is HSI. A modified, RSI. Hmm. Let's. Say inspired. But. It's not modified, I. Think. You see HSI. Versus, what we do with in. A lot of the maybe, a lot of the, interpretations. From RSI, that I threw out there. Absolutely. Inspired, harmonic strength index. But. I think, the, key for me with HSI. Was to get, something. That reflected, more extreme, to extreme measures and. We. See that today. Where. We move from one extreme to the other here let's go to the 89 tick. And. I again I don't. Prefer. To. Look at patterns more on the 233, tick but. For. Times sake and you, know today's not that terribly. Active after the. First hour or so kind of midday grind, higher. But. Looking. At HSI, it's like this. Okay. We had an initial short, position. Earlier. Go. Back here. An. HSI. And moved from one extreme to the next here, was the initial. Right. Up here. RSI, gave you some kind of reaction, back to the 50. But. We see it an HSI, where it went from extreme, to extreme that's, what these pink arrows are. The. Pink arrows are the. HSI. Coming, out of the extreme, and. What. It tells. You. Indicates. Is. Whatever. The force the reaction, that was coming out of that. That. Resulted. In the end of this segment this this, initial, move. From. Here to here, on. This. Time frame that's about it for now from a. Natural. Limit. Perspective. What. What can we expect. Naturally. Within nature within. That one segment. Now. And. Definitely. The whole reaction, from this morning, has. Been fairly strong. After. That crab pattern, I mean look. Big. Big pattern, that forms on the sell-off. So. If we're gonna jump in front of this looking for this to go back down we'd better have some. Kind of confirmation. HSI. In this, a great, pattern. Crab. Crab. Pattern, here there's just. Beyond the stop. But. That's where we're looking for it and look one, to. HSI. Counter. Signals, in a bearish, prz. That's. The that's the thing that makes a difference. The, the whole issue of. Reaction. Versus reversal, is that is. Is. What, we need to figure out do we sit in there and sit on our hands let the thing. Keep. Going or are. We, going to scratch. Out, before. We, get scorched. Because. The positioning, we know the measurements, is the prime advantage, where we're. Doing it right we're measuring properly. We. Should be at that reflection. Inflection. Point, pretty. Darn close and if. You're not then we're not measuring properly. Is. The. Yes. Phillip you're. Asking, is the is it entirely. Different. Mathematical formula, than. RSI, absolutely. Harmonic. Strength index is. Mathematically. Different. Than our side but tremendously. Inspired. What. We're trying to gauge. So. It's, some. It's. Something, really in the last five. Years. That. We've been able to develop it it's. Conceptually, it's something that I've considered for, a long time and then. The last few years been able to realize. It there's. A. While. We're just kind of sitting, here letting this market do nothing, today I, will, share something pretty. Cool, with. You guys that, uh folks. That I. The. The person. I really started out with was, a guy, named Bill Sowerby, and bill, was an old-time grains.

Trader, In. Minneapolis. In the 50, and he, did a lot of hand charting, and. He. Had this proprietary, secret indicator, he called viscosity and. That. Something I'm looking at right now to, develop. Probably. It's it's similar to HSI,

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