Happy Tax Franchising Interview on Franchise Business Radio

Happy Tax Franchising Interview on Franchise Business Radio

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It's. Time for another episode of the, franchise, business, radio show. Broadcasting. Live from the pro business channel, studios, in Atlanta, sponsored. By franchise. Intellect, a full-service, franchise, consulting, and development, firm more, info at franchise. Intellect, comm, also. Made possible in part by social. Joe the, social media experts, that provide a hyperlocal, presence, for your franchise, more, info add social, Joey com, and now, here's, your host, Pam curt. Hello. This is Pamela curry the host of franchise, business radio, this. Is a platform, for bringing together, franchise. Professionals. And resources. To connect, educate, and collaborate. To serve the franchise, community, as well as the franchise consumers. In. The studio today we have Eric white Eric welcome. Happy. To be here from happy tags happy to be here from happy tag. We're. Smiling on this son you can't see us but we're smiling yeah and of course Eric and I were just giggling earlier, beyond, smiling, because we realized that happy tax is kind of an oxymoron. It is you. Know taxes, and, being happy. Unfortunately. Has. Made, a bad name for itself, but we're here to revolutionize. That and, that's why we're here today to tell you more about why, we exist excellent. Well not only are you here with us in the studio but, we have a happy, tax virtual. Gas that, has that is dialed in Melissa, are you out there I am. Thank. You welcome Melissa very excited to have you on the show, and we're gonna dive, into your. Background along with Eric's, and get, a little bit more details on happy tax in addition, in the studio of course we, have our co-sponsor. And, host Ken, with social Joey hey, good. Morning Pam good morning Eric and Melissa what a fantastic. It's. A beautiful, day, and, just. To let you know we might have a sneak walking guest coming, later but I'll leave that as a surprise. For, our listeners. Let's. Go ahead and what, I'd like to do is is I'd like our listeners to get to know Eric. I want him to get to know you as well as, Melissa if you'd mind share a little bit about your background, and. Basically. What you were just sharing with me earlier yeah of course, and again thank you for having us it's, always a, pleasure, to, be on this type of platform. Especially. Being from Atlanta, I was raised here and, been. In sales and marketing for about ten, to twelve years and. I discovered. Happy tax because, I was looking for an, industry, where. It wouldn't, be a fad or it, would be something, where I can really. Impact a community, and I know taxes, as, part of that but. The main reason is. Taxes. Are gonna be around forever right sorry I'll have to pay, taxes, someone save me some form and, so I was really attracted to the happy, tax model, because, of the convenience, because of the technology, that makes sense and you're, sure you used to be an independent contractor, yeah. So that's. The cool thing about it is happy tax has about three different levels I started. Out as a independent. Contractor, and, really. Simply, because I wanted to learn more and, have. A lot more boots, on the ground and. Really. I earned my stripes per, se and, now I'm a franchisee. As. Of, when. When did you become a franchise I would say right around the. August-september. Mark, welcome. And Melissa. Tell. Us a little bit more about you I know you've got some very deep experience, in the franchise, space. Sure. Um I've been in the industry 27. Years I started, out at. Jackson. Hewitt as well franchises. For many years there and then I went to, Dunkin.

Donuts Baskin Robbins full franchise there and then. I, went back and worked, at Liberty. So I've, seen, all, you. Know a lot of the brand's I have a lot of industry, knowledge on and what. I feel, makes a great franchisee. And we're trying to bring the right people aboard, with us and not just everyone, and we we want to make sure that we have that happy, philosophy, with our partners. That we're bringing in and the. The industry, really needs us I mean we have such. A great. Way of. Operating. And and making sure that you. Know our systems. Are out there to where our franchisees, and our partners, our area reps and independent. Contractors actually, you, know get to just, make some money and enjoy. Their business, instead of just working 24. Hours a day on it and really. It being a hobby instead, of a profit. Center so we're, really. We. Wrote down kind of all the negatives, in the industry, that we thought of when we started the business and we. Feel like we've eliminated them, and on the customer, side it's great because the customer gets a quality return, at a fair price, well. We like that we'd like fair and quality. Hey. Melissa, out of curiosity you, obviously, have some really rich. Bat. You're rich background, experience. Not only the taxi industry but also in the franchise industry. How. Long is happy tax been around give us a little bit of history about happy tax sure. So we've been around about three and a half years, this, is going to be our third tax season coming, up and we've, been rated one, of the fastest growing franchises. Out there we're definitely the fastest growing tax franchise ever, and it's. There's. Just a lot of excitement, about, our brand I mean people that have been in the industry you know 5 10 15, 20 years are just refreshed. By seeing you. Know us coming in and you. Know it's, kind of hard to sell a CPA, and tells people that our numbers. People that they get it as we, had just had a great. First convention, in Dallas last week and during. The convention our, CEO Mario, asked, everybody how many of you are a CPA and they raised their hand and over, a third of the franchisees. In the room were CPAs, that's. Pretty amazing to have, CPAs, come in and let other CPAs, do tax returns for that well. It you know we were kind of talking about that I before, the show air. Right. I'm assuming as an independent contractor you are, you a CPM no, and, that's the one, things that attracted, me about the present so my. Point. Was I did. To. Do taxes, I wanted. To I'm a sales and marketing guy understand, so with. This particular model, we, have more. Of an assembly line process, so. You have the business owner who actually sources. The, people. You bring in the business, you, gather the documents of the, client, and then, those documents, are actually uploaded, through our technology. Through. Our app by. CPI, CPI actually, reviews the information, reaches. Out to the client and, it just makes it a lot more convenient. For. The end user, interesting. And I'm, actually looking at, a, brochure, that you shared with me it kind of gives us an idea of of really, what's taking, place in. In this segment right, in this industry segment, and, the. Number of independents your point but how many of them are really looking to become part of a system yeah, so. Just. Looking at this I mean that's that's our sweet spot it's the home-based providers, I mean we're looking at about, 39, million tax returns that. Were done and. So, out of that that's, probably from, a revenue standpoint that's an eight point five billion dollar, revenue. And we just want you know a nice, piece of that so, is, a, business. That is sustainable, and is a business, that is much, much needed as Melissa, said yeah, how, I and. Either, one of you could take this question, seasonality. What. Does that look like in, your space I mean I know my deadline, dates when it comes to taxes, and admittedly. So they get extended, occasionally. As. Far as this, season, you, know we're, we're, starting now and, so from. Between now and really. Towards the end of middle. Of April rather we're, pushing our. Convenient. Service but, beyond that because. This, is a year-round business, because.

Not Only do we do account. So, for franchisee, that comes aboard you, have two sides of the fence you have the tax preparation side that you can actually obviously push, and then you have the. County. Bookkeeping, side so, we're talking year-round service. Here so, you're your target, customer. Is the small business owner as well as independence, yes small business, as well as independent, as well okay. And you. Do obviously do a lot more than taxes what what are some what does the different services, that you offer yes, so I mean we may only focus in on the. Taxes, tax preparation we. Do have now. Pushing in a County and like I said bookkeeping, side which. Is great and. So that's our that's our sweet spot that's where we want to stay wonderful. And. You. Know the. Tax industry, like you said it's, been around forever, it's. Not going anywhere we're. All a part of it how, are you guys changing. The tax industry. And it's a 19. Billion dollar industry what, how, are you revolutionising. That Melissa, did you want to take that. Sure. So the way that we're doing it is on. The on the business. Side as, screening and franchisees, and area reps and independent. Contractors we've, made it to where they, are, rewarded for for, all their hard work for, one, thing we're there were the only one that I know of that we have a sliding. Royalty. Schedule, so, the more business, they do the, more they make a less they pay us because. We know if they're out there following, our system promoting, and doing all the things they need to that, you, know they they're, doing it they're doing what we've given them to you know it train them and coach, them on to do and, another. Thing is we during. The early, season a lot of customers, they they get double. Or triple charge a fee. For their tax prep because you, know typically, on that early season, they're going to have a larger, refund and, so, the, customer, you know say they're getting back 3,000. They're, going to be charged a higher. Tax. Preparation. Even if they would have come in and marched with the other guys, in the industry we don't do that we, have transparent. National, pricing, since. We're doing the tax returns through our CPAs, we. We. We wanted to have fair pricing, for customers, and an. Intern, we're going to have a higher, repeat, rate from, the customers, because they're going to realize that we care about them too and so. Our pricing, is we have for price buckets, on individual, returns we have a hundred dollar return a two hundred dollar return a three hundred dollar return a five hundred dollar return and so, you know what you're going to be charged, when you meet with one of our representatives they're. Going to be able to say okay your tax prep fee is going to be you know $200. Or $300, and that's, important, and the other guys don't do that they make you go through this big old process, and then they'll say oh by the way it's five hundred dollars and, it's. You. Know it's what are you going to do you just spend two hours going through your tax return they're gonna they okay just get it done so, we don't, do that we we want to our customers, to come back you, know kind of in the. Top three out there as. The repeat rates going to be somewhere between 50 and 60 percent and so. Every two years they're, looking for a new client that's why you get bombarded by all those ads during, the beginning of the tax season where we're not doing that we're treating the clients, right from the beginning giving them fair prices, and a super high quality return.

By Having, a CPA do it and. And then you know they're going to come back and they're going to love the experience with us and there's. Just so many benefits on our program, we have it to where the client, has, access. To their return at any time they'll have their. Own portal, so, they'll be able to, actually. Go and look at their tax return in the summer time and just, email it from their downloaded, and then email. It to a mortgage company for instance if they're buying a house instead. Of going and finding their tax return in a box somewhere so. There's like you, know a lot of technology. That is built into our system we. Are just. Really forward-thinking, we, have several patents, pending out there and I. Think that it's, just exciting, to see, the differences, also. Big advantage is when a franchisee. Comes on board with us we're not charging, them, per, location, or per territory. You, know some of the other guys charge forty, to forty five thousand, dollars for every location that, they have we, don't do that we're when, you're a franchisee. You're, a franchisee, everywhere. With us we charge twenty, thousand, for our franchise, fee and and. We know that that, they can grow and be actually, a better franchisee, if we're taking care of them on on the front end too so, good. Fit for you, as. A franchisee, wasn't random profile. Looking. To scale we. Have a number of CPAs, that right, now it's, a really slow time but. As a franchisee, you actually get to bring on, independent. Contractors, and scale your business, you. Know I was talking to a CPA. A. Couple, of days ago and. She was just talking to me that you, could really use. This business, not only to scale but to actually use it as a retirement, plan you. Build up your area and then you could possibly, you, know sell your area so you can look at it that way it's, people, like myself that, are, looking, to start. A business but. Grow and learn but, not just in one, particular, area, because you can recruit independent. Contractors, as, well I, think it's really a business to where if someone, wants. To learn. About. Taxes. You, can but. Again for, people like myself that are sales and marketing driven you don't necessarily have to learn about Texas, you just go out you source the business, and. Then you grow yourself so. Like. Obviously, you have the. Expertise. In-house. Am. I interested correctly that the CPAs, are they, are. They on the corporate, level or, do you find your own CPAs, locally. As a franchisee. How does, that work that talent. Well. Pretty. Much the the CPAs. Are part. Of happy tax, corporate.

They We hired our CPAs, minimum. With five years experience. And. We, vet out their us-based. CPAs, and a, lot of people like. The fact that their returns have been done, accurately. And. With some integrity. I. Also. Like that you guys are maximizing. Technology. I mean it's almost I almost feel like, for. A long time that's that's been a missing link yeah. Absolutely. My. Story was it, was young lady who, has, scheduled appointment with this past season and, she. Says Eric I want to meet up with you at, 6 p.m. well. She. Called me and she said I cannot, make that appointment, said, no problem how. About you download, the mobile app, once. She downloaded her mobile app to, her phone she was able to upload, the documents, submit. It to the CPA CPA. Reached out to her and she, called me back she was like oh my gosh, you, saved me so much time I was able to pick up my daughter you, know I was able so. Our, biggest selling point is time mm-hmm. Time inconvenience. Is what we really focus in on and right. Now there is no other firm. Out there that can give you the, convenience that we can give you there's no other firm that's going to walk out and say, hey I can meet you at a Starbucks or hey I can, actually come to your house on your. Time you know there's no one else out there doing that right now that, is revolutionising. Right, things. Melissa. You you were talking a little bit about the, franchisee. The, franchise, system, if. You don't mind just kind of I mean elaborate. A little bit more around, what. Is, this. Franchise, opportunity. You. Know what would it look like for someone who is interested. Okay. Sure so we. As far as there's you know three different levels, of ways to come in we want to make it to where we're you know pretty much the leader in the industry and, so. We decided, that you. Know if people can come in whatever investment. Or whatever skill, level that they have and. The. Way the Eric came in is it's called an independent contractor, and so. They kind of get to try out being a business owner without, a lot of risk and they, can come in for a hundred, and ninety-nine dollars and, we, give them all their marketing supplies, their business cards, their flyers we, train them we support, them and that's, a great way to kind, of see how they. Can do as an owner we give them the same training that we do as franchisees. And then, they make about 30 percent of the fee. Of the price of the return and then as a franchisee. We we, have a very affordable way to become a franchisee, franchise. Fee is twenty thousand as. A franchisee, they're going to make sixty-five to seventy-five, percent of the price the return goes to them and that's concluding, that CPA fee so, you know they're they're not going to have a bunch of payroll and. Expenses. As far as if they they can have the locations they want that they don't have to so we're going to teach them how to grow the business and actually. Make, it to where there's not a lot of overhead with it and.

So That's it's real simple to come, aboard like that as a franchisee, and then we have an area representative. Model which our program. Is amazing so, the area, representative, they come in they buy a geographic. Area like, a county, or a city or state you, know just depending on what's their investment, level is and we. Price it about 25 cents a head and so. They come. In and we are like partners on an area so, we share all the revenue they get half of the franchise, fee so they'll get $10,000. And then they get half of the royalties, collected, and so it's residual, income how the area grows and develops you. Know that's a very great. Way of. Being. An owner in our industry, - so. This. Is something that, there's. Always a really, good exit, strategy, with with, our franchisees. Model, and with our area rep MOU at some point you know if they want to sell. Back to us it makes sense for us to buy them back or, they can sell them to someone else - so they're building equity, along. With whatever money they generate you, know yearly. Excellent. Well that makes perfect sense to me really. Approaching, a couple things very uniquely in a very what I consider be fragmented, space. So. Eric if someone wanted to reach out to you how, would they go about doing that well, first, and foremost they, can email me and. My email is Eric, er I see at. Happy. Texts I see. Dot-com. That's, the best way to reach, me. We do have a Facebook, page you, can just type in happy tax Atlanta, and and, that will just bring up my page there also. By, phone six, seven eight four. Four eight eight five seven. Zero. Then. If, you want more information you know about happy tax we do have a website, that. Is available, which. Is franchise. Dot. Get. Happy tax, dot-com. Four slash radio, so that's franchise, dot. Get happy tax calm. Four slash radio and you. Can actually get all the information that, you need there but I wanna I wanna I can't leave without that Oh. Gifts, are welcome to I bear yes. That's. My color too. I. Know. Where our listeners pie aren't seeing this but I have got this great aqua blue t-shirt, have, a happy, day with the thumbs up and a big wink happy, tax. Taxes. Made happy. Taxes. Made happy, the definitive strategy. Guide to launching and growing a successful tax. Preparation, business. Because. We are a stress-free company, I have a stress ball for. You. Why. Is he giving that to Kenya I know. Ken. Looks a little stressed over there. Thank. You so much. But. At the end of the day you guys we. Are looking to grow the Atlanta, market that's the main reason while I'm up here today. I cannot. Stress the importance, of actually if you're looking to start with us now, is the time. Because. If. You really look at we only have maybe you, know less than a month and a half to, the end of the year there's some training that needs to be done you know we have to do onboarding, process, so, if you're looking to begun to, begin, with us please. Reach out to me today, and. We can go ahead and at least get the conversation going we're. Looking to grow this Atlanta. Market, this is a very very strong, market. And. I really really think you should take advantage of it you know immediately, strong. Market, lots of growth happening in Atlanta, as we drive down the streets and see the many. Complexes. That are going up, and, just. For those that really do want to jump on this like you said timing, is now. Again. How would they go about getting in touch with you and. Again you should reach out to me email. Is. Araki, Ric, at. Happy. Tax, I see. Dot-com. And then you can also go to a link, which is franchise. Dot. Get, happy, tax dot-com. For slash radio. What's. The reason behind the radio it's, just for you guys. That, makes me happy. Melissa. It has been such a pleasure to have you on the show virtually, is there anything else you would like to add, sure. I just want to, all. The tax owners out there that already have, locations, and, have businesses, up and running we, do have an amazing conversion. Model to so. As they you know they're kind of stuff they don't really know how to grow what, they already have it. Doesn't matter if they're doing get a 200, 300, mm. Returns we have a plan and we'll help them grow their business so. They should reach out that to Eric as well excellent. Well thank you and and, I'm if you are gonna stand the show you're welcome to Melissa I know your virtual, if not it's, been a pleasure to meet you virtually and we look forward to meeting you in person someday. Thank. You me too thanks very much for helping us thank, you yeah great, thank. You okay next. Next. Up I kind, of want to revisit last, month, can last. Month was a good month especially, in Atlanta, oh boy, so, much, going, on in, the franchise, space. Obviously. We. Were immersed. And what, was called the franchise, leadership. Development conference, that's. Right that happened, last. Last. Month in the first part of October over the Intercontinental.

Hotel It's. The 19th, year that, they've. Had this particular conference. 285. Franchises. Represented. Over, 169, brands. Wow all coming, to Atlanta and, these are these are c-level, executives, c-level, vice presidents, and you. Know it's, it. Grows, every year and, it's it's a proven. Information. Provider, to these executives. Who are looking to stay on top of what. The trends, are what are, the top sales techniques, for four franchises. There, were some fantastic, speakers. Emmett Smith we originally, had Sheila, Sheila yeah it's a Shack in, the studio, but. He had a last minute. Something. Come up and Emmett Smith who's good friends with Shaq, agreed. To come in his place and gave an absolutely, outstanding, in keynote speech, mmm. Which just had everybody on the edge of their seats and you know a good part of that was Emmett's story and, that's something we never hear you know we see the the football persona, in, his personal, persona, but he took us back to when he was just a young a young boy who. Developed. A love for football and then he took us all the way through the, Super Bowls oh. It. Was really fantastic to, get the personal, side of him and then the. Business side Emmitt, Smith who is into, franchising. So. It. Was just a fantastic, conference lots, of great information over. A period of about about, three days and, I. Am looking forward to next year's already. From. A supplier, perspective. As what. We do at social Joey it's, a great opportunity for us to, to interface, with, the. Different leaders out there in the franchise, world keep, them up to date on the latest marketing, techniques, specifically. In the social world but. There were a lot of suppliers there obviously just not social Joey and so it, just gives them an opportunity and, us an opportunity to interact with those, c-level. Executives, and, so, they can stay up on the latest and greatest that's going on in the supplier world so. That, explains why franchisors. Attend. And, so when. I think about the audience there it kind of falls. Three. Levels right we've got a franchise ORS we have our franchisees, and then we have our suppliers, like. Yourself, and. Kind. Of explain, the layout of the conference, I mean what do you get to attend, based. Upon your role. Great. Question and this is really focused, on the executives, all right suppliers. You, know we didn't, really get to go to a lot of the sessions, workshop. That's right they were specifically, for the executives, to work and they and I understand, that you know they didn't necessarily want, the influence, of a supplier in those particular session, sure, but. Outside, of that you know there was an auditorium. Where the suppliers were able to set up and, we, had receptions, in there so we always had the opportunity, to interact. And talked with, the. Executives, there so. The. Structure of the of the conference, was, laid out very nice the Intercontinental. Does an outstanding job. Not. Only with their, accommodations. But but also the accommodations, and the facilities. The, rooms everything is very close together on site and you, can handle the whole conference without ever having to leave their property, I sometimes. I think, where. You learn the most is the sidebar conversations.

Right, You know hanging, out in the lobby or, the hotel bar it's, amazing, where that exchange, goes and. Any. Any nuggets, that, you walked away with, that you would like to share you know there there were several. Nuggets. There one, of which I will share, actually. You just shared, it a lot, of the business takes place outside, of the classroom environment. Or outside of the the. Reception, hall you know whether you're sitting in the lobby having a conversation with someone about their business, that's. That's, where the real magic happens yes, you know from a supplier perspective. And a franchisee, or a franchisor, perspective. We, provide an essential service if. We want to make sure that we service our clients to, the best of our ability with the latest technology. That's going to provide them the best result in those. Off-hours. Kind of give us the opportunity to develop relationships, folks. And. In. A in a non pressured, environment to, explain hey, what the latest and greatest techniques, are out of Facebook, yeah what's happening, in the Twitter world the. Twitter sphere if you will and and, all those things out there digitally. I. Mean the reality is this we live in such virtual world we're all going 90, to nothing. That. We are, now in, let's. Say a work environment, where. We're all a little bit isolated to, some degree even though we're more connected, talk about an oxymoron right there area killer thing and. So. The opportunity. To, really come together face-to-face. As, a community. And I, really just have. Conversation. Exchange. We. Just don't get enough opportune, like that and, this. Kind of right conference, it. Allows for it it, absolutely does, and you know to your point at, the at the end of our show I always go with the announcements, what's, happening, in the franchise, space yes and I've got some fresh new announcements. For us for us today when when that time comes but, the bottom line is the International, Franchise Association, our, kind of governing, body does. An outstanding job of, getting, franchisees. Franchise, words together helping. Them learn from each, other I just came from the emerging. Franchisor, conference, last weekend in Phoenix yes, tell me about time it was a fantastic. Experience. These are emerging, franchise ORS less than a hundred units and, what. I found was there. Were very very large, franchisor. Companies. They're giving, back I, mean. Companies like, Anytime.

Fitness Okay, yeah, there are 3,000, locations, mm-hmm, and self-esteem. Brands, was was ralpherz well, represented, there they they owned any time and. Another franchise, called waxing, the city my point is they. Were there sharing, their knowledge sharing. The mistakes they made coming, up with, the up-and-coming, franchise, doors so. They could avoid those mistakes right, and that's what I see happening, in, the franchise, space. It's, a constant. Giving. Back if you will of the successful, franchise, ORS helping. The the new franchisor, worse coming out avoid. The mistakes that they made coming, up well. Absolutely and and I guess. That's sort of the theme of franchising. If you think about it right I'm gonna say it before you do Pam please you're, in business for, yourself. That's. Right and, not only that but you you, be given the recipe, book you're you're receiving the ability to license, those proven methods, of operation, and that's, what franchising, is all about right not only as a franchisee, joining, the system but, cross pollinating. With one another as franchisors. And helping. One another to. Make sure that this is a thriving, industry, a thriving space, where, we're minimizing, our risk and, creasing our chances, of success and, that's, what it's about when it comes to business ownership right that's right you know in the Atlanta, market there is a fantastic. Franchise, community. Here, mm-hmm they have probably the best in the country when it comes to, getting. Together on a monthly basis, and Eric I'd like to plug you into that now give you some information absolutely. There we meet twice we, meet eight times a year for breakfast, and four times a year for lunch so every month we're, getting together with the southeast franchise, forum in its to share information so you can be better at your business you know that's key. That. Support. And. Some for, the new guys like myself they're, just coming up we can learn and. Even, come up with even fresher ideas, for being disruptive, I. Love. That work. I'll. Be happy to come, out there and really. Just sit. And soak in I mean, I can sit I'll be the fly on the wall and just sitting just soaking that'll be great yeah, it's it's a great opportunity I'm, glad to get you get you that information, absolutely. I, why. We're talking about the industry, you mentioned you have several, updates for, us and. After. You go through the updates um, rich, I definitely, want to be, able to hear a little clip, from the. Franchise, leadership, development conference, because, Ken. And I well, can participate. As a supplier, I actually, was the one hanging out in the the, lobby and, really. Enjoying just, that casual. Exchange, with. Others in the industry suppliers, franchise, wars franchisees. And, we. Decided to take the studio. To. The. Conference, and it, just really, just have some sidebar. Interviews. On why. Are, you, here, why are you at this conference, we're, not gonna play all of the clips for you but we do want to go ahead and we want to play one all, right. Happy. Franchise. Business radio show again and we, have another. Franchise. Leadership, development conference, attendee with us Daniel, Baker who are you with I'm. With Ziebart International Corporation out of Troy Michigan we're, a 60. Year old automotive. Aftermarket franchising. Company Wow. I notice, you've got a fellow colleague here Amanda. Yes, I'm Amanda house I'm the franchise, development manager for Z bar okay. You actually flew all the way from Michigan to come to the leadership development conference. Can I ask you why what, drew you to this conference, well. For me personally being, the president of the company, the CEO. President day, which was today just. Provides an outstanding, opportunity. To network with leaders. Of other franchise, companies, and, to you know to be able to talk. About ideas and talk about the franchising, industry and changes. That are on the horizon and, you know where everybody's, going over the next year to. Thanks, Daniel, from this. Is Ken Douglas with social, Joey here at the franchise leadership, and development conference and Daniel I just wanted to ask there. Are a lot of shows for you to attend throughout, the year what made this one so special, that. You decided to come here well. I I think the reason that we like to come to this show is it's, the. The quality, of the presentations. The, seminars, and the training is so good and it's so specific. For. Franchising. That. You know every. Time I come to this show I seem. To get insights, that I just don't get anywhere else. Obviously. You're very involved with the development, are. There any specific sessions. That you're looking forward to or is, this not only that but also networking, in.

Your Take ways well. You know I'm actually kind of young in my career here still so this is my first franchise leadership, and development conference and the sessions that I went to this morning, you know deconstructing. The sales process was, huge for me and networking, in general you, know meeting vendors, and other potential, partners is always a big deal for me because it is such a huge part of my job Wow. Lots of franchise professionals, so if you don't mind please let others know how, they would get in touch with you if they want to learn. The. Best way to learn about z-bar corporation, is to simply visit our website Ziebart, comm and, visit, the franchise, development, section on our website. Enjoy, the conference this is Pamela curry franchises, radio show tune, in. Wow. Way that was a little flashback. Right. No. It's amazing how will you hear something that you did a month ago yes, other things start to click in your head oh, wait. Are you having some other recalls and you want to share no. All, right. No. Excellent, excellent, conference and. You. Know thanks. To those that you know obviously chose to participate will continue. To share some clips of those that we had the chance to interview when we were at the conference, but, Ken if you don't mind sure with us some updates what, I mean that was then this is now, what's. Going on very good and I'll tell you we're just coming off the the seminar. Season, if you the tradeshow season. It kind of runs in the spring and. In the fall and. There's one or two in the summer usually but from the middle of November through the. Middle of January it kind of slows down a little bit and rightfully so right it's the end of year it's the holidays, and and people, want to take some of that downtime, but. In January we, have the. Women's franchise, Network in Atlanta. Coming up on January 23rd. I believe, that's a Tuesday evening and that's at the City Club of Buckhead, we. Meet quarterly and, that specifically, is to to. Promote, women. In franchising. And so men, are invited. And welcome to attend, and. It's really a great time we usually have anywhere from 60, to 62. To 70 people attending, it. Starts at 6:00 p.m. on the Tuesday night there's, a good. 50 minutes of networking and then. We'll have a presentation and, then, we're, usually out of there by 8 o'clock lots. Of growth and last month they. Had a session. The. Same week is the conference, and we timed it that way yes so. We could really increase the participation and. I think we had our highest turnout, ever at. That particular conference, it, was fabulous it was outstanding, and the speaker, remember. Rich get rich that way was all about that acronym and I'm not going to put us on the spot, yeah. He did a fantastic job. The Dwyer group yep, crappy and just absolutely, fantastic. About, how to live rich and it's not living, rich with money living. Rich with integrity and, impassionate. What you do and, and just doing, things right yes.

Absolutely. So what else is going on very good question February, 10th the, International. Franchise Association, annual. Conference, at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, this. Is the big one of the year and it happens every time late January, early February and, they. Occasionally. Rotate. That and if I said Vegas I misspoke that is going to be in Phoenix this year at, the Phoenix, Convention Center. Has given a little bit ahead of myself Daymond. John from shark tank is going to be our keynote, so. That's, pretty impressive yes you know Shark Tank is one of the most popular, shows on TV. The. Show I think that's fantastic. And that, Stephen Covey is also going to be there for for, another keynote. Now what is happening in Las Vegas, is the, multi-unit. Franchise, show, and that's coming up in early April, April, 3rd and that's. A place where the the multi-unit, owners can really come together and, learn. About expanding. Their brands expanding, their holdings weather and there's they're staying there same brand. Or in different brands. Some very very large we've. Attended for a number of years it's, well represented. Both, with brands. And and suppliers, and. Is that is that just for those that are in the franchise industry, or would it be for those that are considering. Becoming. You, know it's it's for those that, are in the franchise, business, who already own, franchise. Already and so that's why they I guess they turned at the multi-unit, show it's come and learn how to grow your business into. Multiples, of. Multiple. Units. That. Would make us all happy. It's. All because. Cue. The theme. Rights. For that that's about a quarter million dollars. Is. There anything else to share on the franchise Brian oh you know that kind of gets us up to date for therefore the first quarter, excellent, well thank you for that very much appreciated. And before. We wrap up the show you know I would. Be remiss if I just say share a little bit about social Joey can what is it that you do you know. Our. Our whole mission in life is to help, take that franchise. Or strategic. Marketing message and, execute. That for them at, the hyper local level, for all their franchisees. What, we have found is, in. The marketplace, about 90%. Of franchisees. Don't. Do. Social, media probably. And. We have a model in place where we can take that strategic marketing message and execute, it locally, across, hundreds, of locations with. No dilution of the brand message yet, giving, them a hyper local presence, nice, yeah, it's, a little overwhelming out there I have, to say as a business, owner myself you, know there's so many platforms and. Eric you're probably. Figuring. That out too right. Absolutely. Right I mean the social, media. There's. So many of them it's like. Snapchat. Maybe snapchat. Because. Now, you're faced with okay, I see all of these things how. Do I do it, do, I just do, I sell the product or do, I give them value and just produce content. You know and you know when to do it you. Know specifically, who is my target you, throw. Like hopefully. Sticks that doesn't work right you want to if you're gonna if you're gonna invest the time the energy the money you, want it to be effective you, know. And what Eric just said is is what we, have found out social. Media changes. So rapidly what's. Relevant today what's not relevant today what works what doesn't, how do I properly. Target, my audience, with my message, yes and don't oversell, and over ask for the business, all, of those things that's that's what we handle for for our clients that's excellent because it's so difficult to stay current. Technology. Is constantly changing right. Google. And there are algorithms like. Ok just thought I had this figured out and we got, a whole whole. New. Dragon. To slay as they say things. Or, should I say kangaroo. One. Of those. Well. Again, this is Pamela curry host, of the franchise business radio show before we sign off I do want to just go around the studio let our listeners know how to get in touch with each and every one of you I Eric. Do you dare give out your phone number or your email address do, share please, so. Email, is Eric. Yar I see. Happy. Tax I see. Dot-com. And then phone number six seven eight four. Four eight eight five, seven. Zero close, Facebook, you can touch type in happy tax Atlanta, and link will come up then. The last link is the franchise. Dot, get. Happy tax calm. Four slash radio. Like. It I can, if someone wanted to reach out to you about social Joey how would they do that a couple of different ways social. Joey, calm, is, our website you can reach me at my email address, Ken ke, n at social. Joey comm or, on, the telephone for two three nine. Eight seven. Six three. One. I've. Got a question or two Pam, tell, me a little bit about what, you do yeah, you, know I will go ahead and wrap up the show thank you thank, you for asking obviously.

Very, Much enjoy being the host of the franchise business radio show and the purpose is to bring franchise, professionals, together to. Connect educate and collaborate, but, what really led me down this path is is I am, a franchise advisor, so. Specifically, what I do, I specialized, in helping clients that. Are considering, franchise, ownership, I its it, can be very overwhelming out, there like we've been talking about a lot of different things there's. Over 3,000, different franchise, concepts. That are out there if. You're out there looking it's like placing yourself in the middle of the sea with no rudder so. By. Allowing you to come in by your side really. Understand, what, it is you're looking for I'll, be able to educate you. Hopefully. Guide you through that selection, process get, you thinking, about potential, businesses, that you may have never even heard, of or thought of. Really. Get you thinking outside of the box of, some, potential businesses, for, consideration. And. Obviously. From their help, you be effective in your due diligence before you sign off on that franchise, agreement. So. So that's my role that's what I do I have a real passion. Not. For the industry, but also just, just. To be that resource, be. That resource to people, so. If anyone does want to reach out to me the best way to go about doing that is, always. Can call me eight four seven, nine, seven zero, eight seven six five, again that's eight four seven nine, seven zero. Eight seven six five and, or. Email me Pam, p.m., at. Franchise. Intellect. Yeah. How do you spell in it's like Pam at franchise, intellect intellect, i n te ll. ECT. Calm, thank. You for seeing me up on that one. It. Doesn't get spelled correctly many, times, but. I really, really appreciate, both of you being on the show obviously appreciate social, Joey as a co-sponsor. Eric. Yes lad sure to meet you. I. Appreciate. That's. Pretty cool. Yeah. And that's what it's all about right. So and thank you to our listeners, for tuning in to the franchise business radio show again this is Pamela curry host, this. Is a platform, for bringing, together franchise, professionals, and resources, to connect educate, and collaborate, to serve the franchise, community have a wonderful day everybody. Thank. You again for, joining Pam, Korean, our guests on the franchise, business, radio show, sponsored. By franchise. Intellect, a full-service, franchise, consulting, and development, firm more, info and franchise. Intellect, comm also. Made possible in part by social. Joie the social media experts, that provide our local. Presence for your franchise, more, info at social. Joey com, use. The social media links here to share today's show and check out more episodes, at franchise. Business, radio.com.

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