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Well. Hello, everybody, at tribe, finder. We. Have with us our, member. Of the week members members. Of the, week. It. Is Rachelle, and Cameron, Halladay of Halliday health you guys. We. Have been talking about them all week we have been singing, their praises you. Guys if you're in any of our groups you already, know who they are they are making huge, huge. Huge. Waves. So. Far as, integrating. All sorts of different, kinds. Of healing, methods, it's what's going on right now okay so I'm. Going, to let them as usual, here we go here's my disclaimer so. I'm going to let them say, who, they are and, what, they do and why they do it while, they're doing that you guys I'm gonna take myself off, screen, because, I'm gonna share it in a couple places and. I don't want, to look like I'm not paying, attention, so with. That being said you guys go ahead and take it away what. Do you do why, do you do it and all of the fun stuff awesome, Thank. You Martha Cameron, do you want to go first or you want me to go first. So. I'm Rochelle, Halliday. And. There. Would not be holiday, health without Cameron. Of course, that's. His last name and now mine we, are newlyweds and, got, married in September, and. When. Did we meet until you at the end of 2015. I. Think that after the, couple short weeks of meeting, and having, this intense relationship. He and I were both like. We. Are Twin. Flames and with the bat, comes that there, is this purpose, of doing something together and, so, it has always, been. For me that, this, would. Be something that we do together and, Cameron. Started doing massage, our he's, a massage, apprentice, thing and. I'll let him talk about more what he would like to grow into but and, then I was kind of like well. Maybe. I, want. To look at some, energy, worker alternatives. Help and I've always. Been. Interested. And an advocate, of nutrition. And reading, a ton and ton and ton and. Then. I, started. Doing. Reiki. And, connecting. And then. It all came flooding in and for me that was. Starting. In. November. December so. A lot has shifted since, then and a. Lot of work and groundbreaking. I think has been done on myself as well as in this business and. Yeah. So, that's, kind of what I do have blend of that and I'm looking. To go on it to be a nurse practitioner and Cameron. Um. Yeah. Hi I'm Cameron. Currently. Working. Off my apprentice hours for my massage, life students here's why. What. Drew me back to. Oddie. Work was. Live. In San Diego, 2003. I. Found. A small school there that really. Connected, with. Started. To. Get my license there in San Diego due. To an injury I had, to withdraw. Well. Into the program, and I. Realized, the first time in my life that I. Found. Like I was doing something that. Called. To me it actually. Meant something and. Man. I went back to work in the oil field for ten years and. Lost. Touch with all that. Moved. Back here to Hawaii and. I. Was, looking to start something new. So. Come. This fall I will. Be. Licensed. I'll start doing massage and. Hopefully. Lead. Into cranial-sacral. Work. In. The next couple years yeah. Well. When it when, you said that, so. Many of us are waiting for that moment right that moment where you, feel, like what, you're doing matters. Can. You kind of talk about when you had that moment like what that actually, felt. Like to you did that feel like life purpose, fulfillment. Did that feel like um. What. Did that what did that feel like if you don't mind going into it a little bit more just so people can can, understand, what, that's like if they haven't had that themself, I think everybody yearns, for something like that. Very. Much, like. Good. Feeling, I. Can. Relate to like when. I do art or create something, that. That. Rewarding. Self. Rewarding feeling, but at. The same time it was giving, other people something, that you, could tell.

Affected. Them in a positive way, immediately. Yeah. It's just. You're. In the vibe you, know it's like other times in your life people, you listen to the right song. Hmm. You. Guys this, is who you want working, on you if you're getting bodywork done the. Person you want working, on you is somebody, that feels, like, they are totally, in the flow when they do it and that they are that, that. It's a giving, and receiving thing. Right like that's those, are the people because, it's a vibration, and it all matters, it all matters. We share, it with each other whether we want to or not so, the people that that. Are working on you in such an intimate way right, need to make sure that they that, they are in that place so you guys this, is when are you gonna be done when, are you gonna be done with what. You're doing. So. It looks like you guys might have to get on a waiting list then, so get on a waiting list for fall, and then, just booked out years in advance we're. Gonna have to make a trip to Hawaii, just, for that. And. You guys are doing Reiki, too right Rochelle yeah. So, I started. Doing Reiki, and at first it was very like. Okay. I'm always as, a nurse felt, like I. Could. Send healing energy to my patients, I kind. Of feel like that's, just, something naturally. Natural. That everyone, does, when. There's nothing else to give like it's, like sending a prayer it's sending. Because. Sometimes, that's all you have and you just hold their hand and you. Send. Them all the love in your heart and. Sorry. No. You're okay this is perfect, that's you that this is you don't. Censor, it don't you dare you, know I cry on lives all the time just do it. There's. That energy, there in that love and compassion. And. So, I, think. That along, the way working, in the emergency room, I had, to kind of find that. Loving. Compassion. Not that I wasn't giving it to my patients but, I had, to protect myself and so now I'm kind of unraveling. Those layers of protection, and. Connecting. More and in doing that it wasn't just giving, the Reiki, intending. The symbols, sending. That love then, I started, connecting, more, with divine and. Intuitively. Like it, was like well how do I know that this is the symbol that they need how do i how. Do I know that I. Feel. Like this has something related, to that and then I started, you, know caring. More and visualizing. More, so, for me the Reiki practice, is much, more than, just sending, that divine. Loving energy, that we all need and that is very healing, but. It's. Turning into something, bigger where I'm able, to kind of clear. Different. Things our, that's. What I'm being asked, to do with, the health of our. Angels. And divine and. The. Funny thing is is. You. Know, Martha. Our conversations. You saw this, happening, when I talked. To. When. I talked to someone like. Stephanie. She's. Like well someone. Comes to visit you. Like there's a Hawaiian, goddess coming, to visit you well, last week I have connected with Kaylee, who helped, in healings, so. It's. Kind of things are coming full circle and, and. I'm. More, and more amazed every, day. If. I. Was saying things that no one, connected to are resonated, with then. Then. I would feel like I'm doing something you. Know that's. It. Just seems so unreal to, me that that what I am, visualizing. Seeing, feeling, hearing is. Correct. For that person, and, I. Believe. As far as, being. A nurse and now being. An energy, healer, that there, are people have always been put in your path it was either for me to learn from or me to help and that. Those, people who, have come to me have. Come at the right time as, well, as other people. That I have met here, and. Receive their, healing and. Energy. - so. I. Yes. So that's where I'm at with their and I'm blending, now, that. With, my. Love. Of. Integrative. Medicine. Because. I it's. Not just the part about the, nutrition, that is, where, I'm kind of super nerdy about. Because. I just find it interesting and. Food. Is what we, have always used, as medicine and we lost that somewhere. Probably. About. The. 40s, or 50s. Maybe. A little before. We. Could go way back but when, our health really, started, changing was, about that time and. Yeah. We lost that what we eat is what nurtures, and. Vitalizes. Us, we. Have this industry. Of convenience. Which is amazing. Having access. To food from all over the, world that, we normal, you know 24/7. Seven. Days a week. But. With. That our brains. In, it develop, in. To. Keep up with that our hormones, our bodies then it develop. To. Adjust, to, how. Fast, we. Have done culturally. And things. Like that, and. So. I think that then there is also this. Body. Image. Limiting. Beliefs. Probably. Things from, now, that it's been generations. Of this stuff, with food. Attachments. There. So, you could go past slides you could also connect. Things to well.

Did I come, to this earth to learn something, about health and healing, and. Maybe. To. Have an illness to teach me a lesson I mean that. Would be why, some people. Came. And. So if there's a is there a reason, behind us not being able to get well that number one we're getting in our way or did we bring something, with us that's getting in our way. As. Well, as you, know our daily, routines, and just. Trying. To fit being healthy, and eliminate. Those excuses, of why we can't. Try. To get, a little preachy there but I feel like there. May be some besides. Just we know these emotional, churchmen stew food and his health but. Maybe there's some spiritual, attachments, to glue the health and I'm, lucky to have ten, tribe. Finder. Members. Who I am. Do, kind of doing a science experiment, on, on if we can one. Yeah. And if, we can kind, of clear these. Attachments. To. Not. Getting. Well. Yeah. That's. Really interesting thing. That you bring up there with. The maybe. Having a spiritual, attachment, to it as well, that's I mean that's. Really, really interesting cuz I've never thought of that before. I just, think of like, my. Mind whenever we we talk about food, or anything, you. Know so, far as that's concerned my. Mind immediately goes to okay. Industrial, Revolution we, started capitalizing. On food and we started creating this stuff that was cheap to make yada yada yada everybody. Got fat because it's not good for you. My. Husband calls it chemicals. Holding hands like all. Of this processed. Garbage, food, but there. Is my soapbox but that, I've, never thought about it. In a spiritual, thing but whenever you if there's, there's. Definitely no doubt about it that whenever you, are eating, Whole Foods whenever. You're eating things that are good for you you're consuming, things that are good for you. That. You, don't. Have as many blockages. To. Receiving. Or being receptive right, that's. That's interesting, and I also and I. Am that's. Part of my spiritual, path part of it was doing. A lot of work prior, to cooking getting there, which, had to do with a lot of, limiting. Beliefs, and, things like that, because. I'm just like everyone, else who had, tried to lose. Weight on in, an unhealthy way you're not talking, about like starving, myself, anorexia. Or bulimia or, something but that, we eat. Restricted. Calories, and, over-exercising. Things, that are very stressful. To, the body and of course you, know and those, are all the things kind of that we'll get into in, our lessons, of life why. Things didn't work before. So. That we know where to not go back to yeah. Or. They only work temporarily, and, wide. And. So. As a nurse like, I'm like, super, science. Nerdy, about. That like I love it. Let's. See what folks are saying so, rukhi Oh. Ruki said oMG hey Rochelle and Cameron and then, she said grandma. Then. She said Rochelle is glowing so you're glowing, Colleen, oh I forgot to say hi hey Colleen hey Stacey Davina, Davina said. Hey peeps Bill's, watching. Davina. Hey Rochelle and hubby and hubby. Hey. Christina, Davina, hey rookie boo. Mookie. Said hey. Christina. Said hello to everybody hi, Tony Mookie.

Said. Hawaii trip so Ricky's coming down to Hawaii - it looks like bill, said hi beautiful sparkly angels, Carol's. Here, and, Ricky. Said I totally, experienced. Beyond, just, Reiki with Rochelle she has filled with so much love and divine energy oh, that, is so true Crystal's, here, and then she said hey guys Ruki, did crazy hands, and bill. Said I try, to eat, the things my body wants, and avoid the stuff it doesn't turns, out i'm mostly fruits and nuts. Then. Rukhi oh wow I so needed to hear this about food so excited, for the class its, foods. An interesting, thing right, I mean it's. People. Don't well. Okay. I'll let you really talk about the food but I just when, when. You're so like, a so first sugar for a capital F sugar not cane. Sugar but the, processed, crap sugar, so. When. You're eating that you don't realize until, you've actually come, off it, you don't realize, like what, it's doing, to your, system, and what it's like that it's, straight-up. Poison. Right. Just. Cane sugar I think. We as we can become addicted, that's the difference you can be an alcoholic, you can be a drug addict you can get rid of those and never have them again you. Can't do that with food, right. Probably. Yeah it's harder definitely, right and so there's certain things in, the body and I'll use myself as an example I, can eliminate. Sugar and I'm not gonna be like I'm purpose are. Perfect. I had a candy, bar today at work because it was given to me as an employee appreciation. You. Know I could have turned it down but I wanted to be grateful, for that, gift and I freaking, love chocolate, but. You, know we ought to be gentle. With ourselves and. I'm. Not gonna say I'm never having this I'm not gonna go to someone's, wedding and, you. Know of course if I had very specific goals, I was maybe I might pass but if I feel like I want to celebrate I'm going to and I don't expect. Anyone to be perfect, but, here's the role of sugar, in our bodies and what most people don't realize they. Don't realize, what counts, as sugar and that ultimately, fundamentally. Every carbohydrate. You eat, I. Don't. Care if it is a. Sweet. Potato a, complex, you, no carb or a simple, curve it breaks down well, fruit is in fructose, the. Others is in. Glucose. And, to. Someone who has already had their brain wired like me, that. Sugar, is like. Just, highlights, and then we have studies, this after studies after studies that, sugar. Is the same as heroin, it, likes. Your your, brain up those, reward, centers, of our brain and guess what that's what we do to our kids oh you're you. Did good here, is a. Ice. Cream cone or whatever I mean it were just wired that way and we, were wired that way for, survival. If we didn't have these things in our brain that gave us pleasure from eating we would have died off but, now. There are foods. What, we call hyper palatable. And they. Make, them sugar salt sweet fat blah blah blah, all integrated. And so. The brains to, thing that says shut off normally. Is not. There so, normally. I could not eat, this. Much sugar right. I couldn't. Eat 20, packets, of sugar at one sitting because it. Would be gross or, gonna eat ten sweet, potatoes, because, of that but so, my brain now is wired as, well, as some hormone, disruption, which you can correct, but. That sugar. Is sugar and it breaks down into that for. Me having. I. Gets. Cut, out all the processed, sugar but if I have, one sweet potato at, night that. To me tastes like sugar number one my taste. Let's have changed yes it's healthy yes I'm getting things from it but, I could. It. Still breaks down in my body the same way and I'm still, it's still hitting my reward, center. And. Sometimes, when you hit that reward center, it can take you off track so that's part of listening, to your body because maybe, then I would want to, sweet potatoes.

Only. That for dinner. That's not healthy either it is healthier, than eating a, carton, of ice cream, but. Part. Of that just listening, to your body and an understanding. What, does my body need that's different, from yours, and. That's kind of where I like, to focus that what. I do for me is for me what, you figure out what works for you works for you, I'm. Gonna encourage, you not to have. Processed. Foods, that, are you, know chemical, foods. But. If. It doesn't if you take it away and then you add it back and you can truly, look me in the eye and tell me it. Doesn't make, you feel bad then, I'm gonna believe. You. Yeah. Well. That's a good that's a heck of a good way to say that. Who's, somebody, was saying something and I'm and, I lost it, did, it in ooh Oh Stacy. Hi you amazing Souls Kristina's here mookie said OMG Rochelle and Cameron as a duo. Radiate, so much energy, the. Same as Grandma, and Grandpa switch. He calls Mike and I I. Told. Them that they look like cuz, because, Mike and I had to sit so close together whenever, we did a live one sounds, like you guys are gonna be sitting so close, Ruki. Yes Stacy needed. To hear this thank you awesome hey, Josh I see there. That's. Awesome, Oh work oh my gosh look, at the time already. What. Okay. What. Are you offering right, now because I know you've got something, that you're that you're actually offering, right now to people like, a service. That you wanted to talk about now like is it do you still have the spots left for the Reiki thing or. Reiki. I, am, doing. 20%. Off oh yes. Now. I need to put the codes in but, it will meet okay. Okay. Cool. And so. And I also for. If you are a tribe finder, member, in tribe, finder, you will. Get any of my nutrition. Services. For free in the month of March, besides. Besides, a, group coaching because that's already closed, and full. And. Then. Anyone. Outside so, from spiritual, influencers. Are the internet wherever, you see me from you, will get 20%, off. So, I will post those codes where they needed need to be posted, and. We'll. Get those get, them to me also because, then I can put them in the comments, of this video so, whenever people see this video they'll have. The codes there too so. Where. Are people able to reach out to you then so the, Facebook's, the all, of the things where can they find you. Finder. Calm, and they can find us on. Facebook. At holiday, health. And. Then your. Harness Cameron, Halliday and I'm Rochelle. Valide, so. Instagram. News holiday health now, so. I, think. That, our web, page is in its, manifestation. Period, so. I've. Never heard it said that way but I love that I feel, like that should be the screen, that, shows we're. Manifesting. Right now. Under. Manifestation. I. Really. Do love that. Mookie, said we are coming for. A holiday, at Halliday, well, Mookie. Just made an appointment so, she's, going, to come down there for a holiday at holiday we, also have an air B&B Oh. Home. And. So. I, would, offer 20%. Off, to. Anyone. Who sees this if they, want to come stay. With us okay. Of, course you would get like discounted. Services and, all of that I'm working, on putting something. Together as, an, offer for, our guests. If they wanted to opt in to, a. More, spiritual. Hawaii, experience. Seriously. My mind just exploded, you know my mind just exploded when you said that right like I'm, over here I feel like I'm over here like Will, Ferrell with like just the numbers, and whatever going around in my head like I'm just I went, into marketing. Overdrive, for a second, I'm gonna talk to you afterward about those things that just went through my head um. But. I feel like there already have gone through your head based. On what you've already said Oh. Ruki said what's air B&B oh. It's. A well. Especially for this island, is a. Cheaper. Way to stay, in Hawaii. Like. Our average, price is somewhere around $60. A night you. Get access to our whole. House you get you have your own bedroom in your own bathroom, you get to cut all our pets just. Educated. And. You. Know if you're around those people are not around, you know they're out doing things, but if we get to interact and talk then, we. Do and I think that's why a lot of people choose Airbnb. With, other. People. In the house because they want to um you. Know kind. Of get to know socialize. And get recommendations. Oh really. Though, yeah. I. Recommend, anybody if you're going on a trip somewhere an arts set on a hotel. That's. What we do that's what we're doing in Estes, when we go to Estes, Park in Colorado in.

Whoo. April, next month next month um. Yeah. We're Airbnb, in it I love Airbnb, last time we went to Colorado we Airbnb, - I love. It it's so much better than a hotel, I mean, hotels, I guess are like predictable, I guess but um. Predictable, I. Like. That I like a little adventure. Ruki. Said what I am coming this year and we need to, meet - well. Of course you're gonna meet if you're gonna stay in our house goofy. And. Then Ricky. Said grandma see you in Hawaii ok, we're. All coming - why is what's, happening so I feel like it's a thing I feel, like I'm fall. 2000. This year 18. 2000, this year. That's. The 2,000 people that will be coming oh. Man. Holy. Smokes. Oh that. Just got crazy um I. Think. Ricky's, throwing, hearts she's excited, let's. Go let's, go to Hawaii the fall is a fantastic. Time and we'll, be down hopefully at, that point we'll have already moved down, to. Austin. Which is where we're going now so that's great yeah so we'll be closer. Ok, well, that's enough about we could just sit here and talk all night but we'll go ahead and finish up the video. So. Um go, ahead and reach out to these guys Cameron's. Gonna be ready to go in the fall for body work go. Ahead and start signing up now for time, you, guys you, know that this is what you. Need you need somebody, to be working, with you that loves what they do and, that sees it as their purpose there's, simply nothing, better, than that such such, as a, vibrational. Exchange, right there's not anything better than that you could not ask for anything better. So, far as energy, work nutrition. All of the things that Rochelle. And Cameron, do together keep. An eye on these, two this is about to blow the f. And I almost said the word but, I should because it is a live video. But. Somewhat. Hanging on rookies saying stuff she said she's so excited and she'll, be married by then double celebration and, then, she said all they're so cute, on. That, note on that note. What's. That Oh for your honeymoon. Yes. There, you go. Honeymoon. Time on. That note let's, go ahead and call it everybody, have an awesome, night thank you so much you guys. Bye-bye. You.

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