Hag Hut - NPC D&D - Episode 73

Hag Hut - NPC D&D - Episode 73

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Oooooooookay this is creepy it's a bit creepy See ya Greg! - We brought you here! - Good luck mate! Alright, well I'm gonna use my blacksmith's skills to build a boat As blacksmiths often do! Blacksmiths always making boats ♪ When the moon hits your eye ♪ I make a major image of Lord Sir Conrau - Can you roll your check please? - Interesting Let's see what happens...FIREBALL! It's 8...no that's 8 that's 8 Is that an 8?!! OH SHIT!!!!!! OKAY... - Ah so 7 AND 8 counts? - oh shit 7 and 8 - is fireball. Is it, it's...? - oh dear - It's a double zero on the zeroes and an 8 on the other? - ...yep Yeah I don't need to look it up I know it's 7 and 8 BARADUN WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I'm gonna look it up cos if I - Wait! Can I wild surge or bend luck or something???! - I know this off the top of my head, why am I...

Nah brah! There was a 5% chance of you rolling a 1 and then there was only a 2% chance of you rolling that (SHAME) This is funny! This is a good way to start it, this is definitely how I imagined today going - Love of God... - What have you done?! For the love of GOD! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE BARADUN?? Probably killed Bob You guys have got that um Probably killed Bob You've got those character - sheets rolled out right? - I've got those separate character sheets - I've probably killed Bob - in case you all die Well you're gonna kill us all at once, our whole team's gonna be a bunch of replacements from now on like You could-- Baelin appears It's not, you could not roll high enough to kill him - But you could actually kill me aye? - I could knock What's your max HP? Not kill you, I could knock you Max HP is? I've got total - I've got total of - 40 I think 40... - 50 right now with the temporary - I don't understand how much damage - yeah no you're not gonna die - how dangerous fireball is I've got 41 You're not gonna die I don't know but I think we're about to find out - but it is gonna wound you, you're gonna get taken below half - 8d6 I think okay I'm just gonna, I...I'm like This is very funny! I'm basically 100% sure that it's a fireball but for some reason I'm just I need to see it Just double checking yeah Can I Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! lucky! - There's something - [Rob] 7 or 8 - There's something we can do surely?! - Lucky! so wild magic surge ah wait, I haven't been adding my temporary hit points for my Your armour of Agathys? - yeah - you haven't cast armour of Agathys no, that's-- Armour of shadows gives you a - AC, that's right - buff to your AC, harder to hit that's right ignore me Can I...can I... - So Baradun - can I...

can I...what's it called, I haven't swapped out for umm for...twinned yet can I use the other one which I don't remember the name of it, careful? Careful spell? So at least these, no-one gets hurt or as much The reason, the purpose of it being called a wild magic surge Is I can't control it? - is that you cannot control it - Dammit - when it's cast - So you just go Major image...f*** fireball! So as Bye dice! So he...he-- So as Baradun climbs up onto the thing he asks Bob how far to the hut? - and you say about 120 feet - And I go ooh er... - [Greg] I summon Poppy and shield

Perfect About 120 feet as the crow flies and you're like alright excellent and then you *whoosh* slap your your mate on the bum *pffh* Lord Sir Conrau We're doing - like we can die aye? We can die - slap Lord Sir Conrau on the bum - Yep -- Good - as he walks forward nah, you're not gonna die, you're high enough level now that it won't one shot you but you will all be - starting off any particular encounter that may or may not happen - very hurt on significantly less health Good Hags are easy Great Slap Conrau on the bum and then as you do so you you feel like there's that was weird like you can't feel illusions usually but there's something like on your hand and you like flick it and then this like weird pins and needles sensation goes down your arm and as you flick you think oh god no and then you flick off a small yellow bead *pop!* which just drops to the floor - and goes *dink dink* and then - Oh god!!!! BOOOOOM!!!!!!! explodes outwards - NO THAT'S RIGHT ON US! - My god..... Okay before we go in guys I've got a plan god I'm a genius I've got an amazing plan okay - I'm gonna create an illusion of Lord Conrau - What is it? and send him off to talk to Bavlorna That's pretty good I mean yeah that could work I guess yeah Oh my god I'm such a genius that's why it's Baradun and the dickheads - it's fine - well... That's not our name - Baradun and the dickheads - it's a fine plan - cos I'm a genius - That's not our name - I'm the best here - not our name, not our name - okay here we go - just do the thing Major image! *WHOOSH!* - Nice, alright see you later - Okay okay good what is that? That was weird - what's that? - oh What is that?? Oooooooooooh Is that...is that what I think that is? That's a fireball Yeah, that's what I thought yeah I'm not is that a fireball? yeah that's gonna explode very shortly oh we should go oh it's too late unfortunately no no no no no cos what's the explosion like radius? 20 feet, you can't get away in time yeah there's no, that's gonna get us all - yep - ohh and they do quite a bit of damage it may kill one of the two of us - Wooow! - Oh! And...I have a feeling we're about to walk into like a big boss fight

Yeah no so we're gonna be really damaged for a big boss fight it's great Right Wow good work Baradooon That's fine, that's fine, okay Here it goes - Alright, here we go - BOOOOM I thought it was gonna be like you know - you roll for direction away or - No! - Nah man! - I need you to roll 8d6, there's 4 of them and then - one d6 from each of you please - oh my god I hope you roll shit oh I hope you roll shit - just a d6? - so we roll a d6? Sure or give it to - Baradun to roll - Oh no, just give it to me Ah right, right right right give him ah give him each 8? 8 of them? 8d6 total ah my god - That one's been rolled...5 - Please be terrible that's 5, that's 5 Well a lot of 2's, a lot of 2's lot of 2's Below average, - you should be okay - okay good, okay good So that's 8 12 16 21 26 26, just below average so each of you takes 26 points of fire damage so are inspired still? yes yes you were, this will eat away - 9 of your temporary hit points - oh wait no, everyone have to make a dexterity saving throw - Oh yeah true true true true true true thanks for the reminder - to see if they half it - dexterity saving throw, you may take half - Ooh I'm good at dexterity and as, with evasion you might actually not take any And I've got uncanny dodge oh you don't have evasion yet that's right uncanny dodge doesn't count for this yet Great (!) I do have hellish rebuke! Send it back at him *kr-booom* 10 8, and this is a dexterity save? Dexterity saving throw - 8 + 6 - 12 - = a number - 12 + ? Against my spell DC? - 14 - against your spell DC - er 13 total - I got 12 Did you roll with advantage cos of danger sense? Yes! Yes I do - okay that's how it works - you got a total...? I got a total of er 14 - 14, what's your DC? - 17 - 14 - 17 + 1 so 18 You succeed I succeed, fuck yes So you take half of it, you take what was it? 26 you take 13 fire damage - what did you get? - 13 fuck yeah awesome er 18 total 18 total you succeed, you take half you take 13 points of fire damage I...I'm...I... I took, I rolled 12 - 12 total, you fail you take all 26 - I want to not get hurt so I'm gonna magical guidance err Kettlesteam... 26 damage Kettlesteam - oh no that's still good she still succeeds - ooof...ouch

takes 13 Yep I magical guidance and save as well Nice! You're marking off things that you're using for that yeah? yeah, it's sorcery points which I have been yes Er not bad then not bad there's 3, 4 of your party actually save against it - and take very little damage - can I suggest - we go back? - [Adam] What...what did we say this was? Yeah! 26? - back where we came from - so 13 damage er 13 damage yes and have a sleep! Ah 13 damage, - even to me 13 damage doesn't really do too much - But honestly! yeah Boom! Um yeah let's get back on the boat - go back and have a sleep and start again - You look down to the boat which was rickety at best - yeah? - And it's gone and see that it has just been decimated by this explosion We can make another one out of the boards! We start building-- Thankfully the boards that you're on and the mangrove tree next to you is in a swamp and very moist very humid very wet so it hasn't caught *BOOSH* it is basically an explosive force so like the boards around you are *krrk* snapped and broken a little bit Mmmm That could have gone so much worse How loud was that? - Can I take a moment to just say - It was loud, loud enough GOOD ONE BARADUN BARADUN WHAT THE F***?? WELL I WAS TRYING TO DO HELPFUL THINGS - I'M SORRY FOR TRYING TO HELP - YOU CALL THIS HELPFUL?? Ohhhhh - Owwwww - Awww *pitiful cry* OW... OW BARADUN I'm sorry! It wasn't my fault! - It was 100% your fault - it was kinda your fault It wasn't my fault! AH! The chance of that happening was so low! Well I mean do...do we go back and have a long rest? What? IN A SWAMP????!!!! WHAT? I don't know! And it is morning we'd have to wait for ages...argh... I think we just go I mean we're not in a state to do anything anymore WE JUST BLEW UP! Oh God... Well Alright boss fight here we go! Boss fight here we go Oh no, here she comes! - Here she comes - oh great....

Oh shit here she comes! - Oh shit - Ahhhhhh As you're all, as you're all shouting shouting at the top of your voice er you all have a 30 foot so you can see to about here and then across the boardwalk comes a tiny little um tiny little frog-like creature except that it's about 6" tall and mostly bipedal but it's like really hunched and it's got tiny um wispy golden hair that's matted down into this gross slimy vegetative cloak that it's wearing and it hobbles forwards and just looks up at you with big eyes Well howdy! Hello howdy We're just, I'm patting off some fire that's still Sorry about nearly exploding your dock here um yeah we're a little busy er...he...hello what's your name? Howdy Your name's Howdy? Howdy! Ah it's one of these guys *laughs* and then out of the mist flying on an enormous leaf comes a much more - humanoid - WHAT THE F*** IS THAT?! a much more humanoid-sized version of one of these these creatures she is a grotesque humanoid woman, squatting low on a large lily pad with long pale arms and wide bulbous eyes giving the appearance of an amphibian her straggly thin golden hair strands wisp down the back of her head her scalp, tangling into the mess of slime-coated decaying vegetation that she clads herself in in one hand she's holding a staff with broken mirror shards dangling from the crossbar like a wind chime and crawling all over her body are half a dozen more of these small frog-like creatures which on a second glance you realise are actually miniature versions of herself Oh? Right And behind her over here you can hear the bubbling of the black cauldron on crab legs Howdy what brings you fine folk all the way to my little old home at this present moment? HELLO? I make Lord HELLO! I make Lord Sir Conrau step forward cos I f***ing succeeded on that at least! yeah um...can you it's a, your major illusion is a concentration spell can you roll me a concentration check Especially when you got exploded! - yep - blow us up again 12 + I don't know Yeah you'll be fine okay cool um, and I start Lord Conrau's the only one not singed and smoking yeah hobbles forward Do we recognise we, she hasn't introduced herself as Bavlova or anything yet? Nope - okay - but from the description - it probably is - you were given especially from the hare people that this is Bavlorna So Lord Sir Conrau steps forward and he can make sound I believe and he goes I'm gonna try and do the voice - Do it! - Good luck! Er *slobbering noises* How do I speak again there we go, that's think back, everything goes back very...very hard

err Pav...Bavlova Uh...I have brought these adventurers here because uh you have stolen something of mine and of theirs and we want it back please One of her eyes chameleon-like *slurp* looks down towards him and then *slurp* over towards you Impressive *chuckle* You're like What...what...what do you mean sorry? I wasn't part of the conversation, what's going on? *awkward giggles* this illusion you're doing it's impressive oh...sorry I don't know what you're talking about Oh you're gonna keep going? You're just committing to the bit? - You're just committing to it? - Yeah, right I alter self and I'll take his place - despite the fact that-- - Oh don't - Do you actually? - oh no - No no no I'm not gonna! - She's obviously got magical like yeah she'll see right through it I was gonna be like I was gonna be like so you saw through [as Conrau] you saw through my decoy Errrr Sorry Lord-- Allow me to drop the illusion of myself - change alter self - Allow me to drop the charade! Um I'm sorry we're good friends with Lord Sir Conrau and you're having a conversation with him, what's...?

What's the issue? Bara...Baradun...she can tell I think she sees through it Baradun She...*cracks up* Okay...going up... *innocent whistling* Well hello there sugar that's a nice illusion you can do Oh Lord Conrau yeah sorry he's speaking for us no no he's speaking for you oh yeah no he is speaking for us I'm just a lowly adventurer Just the one that's casting the illusion Il...illusion? I don't know what you're talking about I'm just a--

- This - I'm just a fighter all of this Oh! Lord Conrau! You're getting a bit misty the magic round here, whoa god the swamp's doing weird things Wow really doubling down aren't ya? Doubling down on what?! I...WHAT? Conrau! Talk with the lady! God you're so rude! I'll ask you again, what brings you to my lovely home at this present moment? Let go, let it go let it go! Maybe, maybe even apologise Nah...nah I'm not apologising Well look, what "Sir Conrau" just said is accurate you have stolen something of ours and we've heard there's a certain rule Her leaf drops down to the ground and she says Thievery is quite the accusation round here boy I cannot steal what rightfully belongs to me I am the ruler of all of Hither I slowly get down, I start doing push-ups *Incredulous laughter* Why?? Just trying to get stronger I've been told I can get stronger by doing push-ups I told him during downtime you can do push-ups to get stronger Yeah...downtime This does not count as downtime! - this is like, this is like - like right now when I'm not doing anything the height of tense moment in D&D yeah yeah but I've got to try and squeeze out as much as I can It's all about consistency mate It's all about consistency Umm... - so I go so wait are you insinuating that - okay so I've done a couple of my push-ups just because something's in your swamp it's now yours? You got it! That's bullshit Well I happen to know on great authority on great authority that this swamp isn't yours anyway this is the greater wood and you're invading here So you right now are accusing me of stealing not only - items but taking property?! - stealing property, and property is the biggest one that's quite the accusation you are currently making - in this present moment - [Ben] That's not how the saying goes! Um well I dunno I mean What so you can just take our stuff and we have to be fine with it is that what you're saying? It seems that way Well that's bullshit BUT you are in my home and rule number one says I have to be hospitable to you in this present moment Exactly! Exactly so just-- So why don't we have a discussion she just disappears into the mist Alright Well do you wanna come and talk? Follow me this way Oh god she's weird and Greg get up, this is not the time or place for push-ups mate Arggh it's never not the time for push-ups!! Okay whatever you're so big and strong, come on URGGH! Come on mate Let's have a real long rest right now on the smouldering boardwalk Diplo-- Sit down, get a bedroll out Bedroll out we'll be across in 8 hours we'll see you in 8 hours! This seems like a job for diplomacy our strong suit *overconfident giggles* This is gonna be fine - Alright so I guess we follow - Do we follow? We follow I guess we follow her? and I'm Lord Sir Conrau's coming with us I honestly Cos Baradun's like this I think - the show's over - He leads the way across What are you talking about? Baradun's this compulsive liar who believes his own lie Don't you remember that Lord Sir Conrau came with us? He's convinced himself! he's convinced himself! Don't you remember - Lord Sir Conrau came with us? - he's like walking he's like walking with Sir Conrau being like I'm sorry about this - No-one believes you! - Just quickly as well HE CAME WITH US REMEMBER THIS MORNING? You're the only one that thinks No, three days ago and then he's been with us the entire time He's gone We've lost him - he really believes it - we've lost him Okay let's go, Bodger, Conrau Why are you talking to Con- this illusion? Ah you mean, you mean Lord Sir Conrau? Who's here with us No I mean the illusion that everybody knows is an illusion Lord Sir Conrau who was talking to Bavlova for us don't hurt him Bodger! We need to go Conrau He's really gone The fireball like really still slightly smoking beard I just quickly put armour of Agathys on myself to get myself some temporary hit points Alright, so you cast that yep armour of Agathys on yourself, I'll put a little magical effect on your token there to remind us just as a little I flip cloak- my scarf of displacement round my neck *tssum* - your image goes into two - just as a little er what order are you walking across in? I'm not going first Lord Sir Conrau is first yep, of course I'll go first - Bodger starts to walk across the boardwalk - That sounds right it makes sense and Greg...

WHAT! I push you AH GOD...okay [Bob] And then I'll come up behind And then bringing up the rear with Kettlesteam and then Kencun who was always here Oh god you're here as well! I'm also here! Kencun, how's she doing after er...the big old - Ah yeah - She's been silent she's doing okay, she managed to make the dexterity saving throw okay sweet but she was silent in that encounter So as you walk across this way you see that emerging from the fog, well not it's not moving, you are as the fog, your visibility recedes, you see a large figure standing on the other bridge over here - the frog that stole all of - that dude - King Conrau's stuff in the first place - Hey! I've got a bone to pick with you! This is the guy! This is the guy that stole our stuff! [Bavlorna] Yes this is my creation he's a banderhobb What's that? she points at it great okay Um I just message into um she's being suspiciously quiet, into Kettlesteam's head yeah and go what do you know about Bavlova? I'm scared Why? Sorry, I have no power OH GOD SHE'S-- oh no wait this is in your head - who are you? - I have no powers Who ARE you and why are you still with us?! I don't know who you-- She's not spoken - Ah - You shout that to her - just turned round and shouted to her as she walks - just randomly! - across the boardwalk - just cos you've noticed her again and Bavlorna says Everything's very tense in front Bavlorna says Why that's Kettlesteam aren't you m'dear? How you doing on this fine present moment? - I'm fine - Do...do you two know each other?

Well not directly I'm good acquaintances with her patron she's my step-sister you see Your step-sister? Yes Zybilna - Greg gets back down - Just sneaking a few more in As soon as I feel there's exposition I'm getting a few more in It all counts mate, it all counts Umm...your step-sister you say is Zybilna? Yes, she is So... wait Kettlesteam, what's your opinion on that? so hang on who's your Dad? What? You're not familiar with hag lore are ya? We don't have daddies You've just got mummies? Yes - Right - Oooh - so... - That's, that's cool

How does? - Why is this relevant sorry I - I'm just trying to, so she's - totally missed the start of this conversation - a step-sister - I whip out a bit of parchment - so... can we just go through family tree? Of course! Step-sister so you - I do love to talk about Mummy - you must have...mar...but a step implies marriage so was there a marriage? But there's only Mums? Have you heard of Baba Yaga? Totally, - but these fools probably haven't so why don't you tell them - No? Make a history check 18 plus I think it's quite good, I think it's 2 or 3 yep, it would be um you have heard of Baba Yaga, she's a historically well-known very powerful hag one of the most fearsome in history it seems So Baba Yaga is your Mama? Your Momma? She is Baba Yaga ya Momma Baba Yaga ya Momma Babayagayamomma So your Momma's Baba Yaga so Baba Yaga ya Momma? Ya Momma Baba Yaga Yagayagamommabuga ♫ Bugabugayagamugamugabugamuga ♫ ♫ Yo Baga Yaga Momma, Momma ya blubla ♫ Yahagamugabugahugabababayaga ♫ She used to be a plumber and now she's your momma ♫ Ya momma muga yaga ♫ Cos Momma yagababoma bubadidchoo ♫ She's Babayagayagabubabubayayayaga ♫ She didn't wear a rubber and then you got a Momma ♫ Ya momma ya yaga babara ♫ with the Baba Yaga hubba ♫ baba yayeah ♫ Baba ba *beat-boxing* ♫ Babababababa babababababababababa yaga ♫ Her name's Baba Yaga, she is ya Momma ♫ babababababbabababa yaga ♫ She used to be a plumber and she didn't wear a rubber ♫ ya Momma ya Momma she's Babababa Yaga ♫ Habababa-ckh ♫ Bababa Yaga ♫ Baba ya Momma ya Momma bababa ♫ Baba Yaga Momma Baga Yaga ♫ Mommayabayabahubbadummachubba ♫ Yo Momma Baba Yaga *record scratch* Okay anyway family history aside so your step-sister is Kettlesteam's patron? correct, she is right, any idea what we've heard there might be something going wrong *cackle* ...yes Great! And what's that? yeah what's going on? Zybilna's currently held in her Palace of Heart's Desire Palace of...Palace of Heart's Desire

yes I'm...this is not clarifying much for me at all this is you've given me more questions - Sorry, sorry - if anything - sorry can I - Can you make a perception check please? Yeah can you ask everybody, can you just pretend that like 3... you don't know what's going on so I can - yeah thanks cos I don't - yeah yeah 8 8...okay nice Well...look...hi...hello there madam Hello! hello madam um...sorry...lots of... lot of chit chat lot of chit chat Blablablablablablablablablablah blablablablablablahblah - Is Bodger gonna hit something? - blblblblblblblablablah - Is Bodger gonna hit something? - Sorry about these guys okay? We would like a thing back Mhmm that was taken from us - we're sorry if we caused any offense - yes please alright the swamps get us a bit, y'know we're not used to it could we please have the thing back that we've lost Then we'll be on our way You can Great, where is it? if you want your thing back I'm willing to give it to ya Perfect then-- and you are going to abide by law three of reciprocity and give me something in return No, it's my, it's my thing but I'm willing to consider because your eyes terrify me What if I allow you to keep your life? Ooooooooooooh Just kidding just kidding! LOL LOL just kidding - just a bit of banter! - We don't know her well enough to make jokes! Bit of banter! Yeah, I overstepped the line there, bit of banter um...

You see the reason that the present is so much more interesting than the past or the future is that the present is the only one where we can sense things you don't smell something in the future and you can't feel warmth from the past no it's right in the here and now that we can sense so if you want your gemstone back Mhmm you're gonna give me your sense of taste No! particularly your ability to taste potatoes *gasp* - fish - no that's fine and garlic NOOooOooOOoooo!! The first, how about fish and potatoes? - For you - not garlic! I want your sense of temperature alright You're gonna give me your ability to see colour Whoa whoa whoa And you I want your ability to hear melody meh - This is...this feels really unfair - I'm tone deaf anyway Sorry, sorry, I don't...do you care? It's just a thing for your shitty little sheep I... - No-one cares, I don't care, I'm going back to Honeywood - I don't want to lose my sense of taste for it! ugh this is I'm not giving up my sense of whatever-it-was not for his shitty thing! I... BYE! and you walk-- Kettlesteam seems you've given up enough heeheeheehee and you walk back to Honeywood Does it IT'S JUST A PIECE OF SHITTY SHEEP!! You push past Kettlesteam on the thing and as your range of vision, your field of vision comes back to the ladder and where you came in yeah? you see a three-tentacled URGH creature with very large, very sharp maw *snarl* covered in the swamp muck with the same tan tentacles from before the one that you could have heard coming up onto the platform if you'd rolled better on your perception Ah-ha Aarghh Greg There's another - there's another ladder here - you've come to my home, it's rude to deny my hospitality I don't like rudeness I'm sorry I just Aww I don't wanna give SO WHAT'S IT TO BE? And she comes right down - towards you Greg - Oh god Give up your senses and get something in return keep it keep his thing WHOA... - you drive a hard bargain - I tell you what I'll sweeten the deal Spittlestew and then you hear clanking as the cauldron comes to life and starts to walk That's normal Ugh *totally normal scuttling cauldron noises* I'll brew you up something that allows you to see something in the present moment someone you wanna see then you give me your senses What? She reaches down into her just vegetative cloak that she's wearing and brings out by the retina a wriggling eyeball that seems to be moving on its own Spittlestew and it opens up like a hungry dog awaiting a treat she drops the eyeball into this gloop she brings out another vial and *pop* pops it off and she sprinkles out like a a vial full of like small eyeballs and she starts to chant All creatures with sight all creatures with eyes no matter how many no matter their size beady or bulbous, one two or three show us the beings that we wish to see She reaches behind her and pulls out a skull of a small humanoid either a child or maybe a halfling and she just dips it into the cauldron as it starts to spew forth like greenish smoke So what's it to be? I give you a gift of sight then you give me your senses and I'll throw in your gemstone I...I message back into err

Kettlesteam's head and go do you know where she's holding Zybilna? Yes the Palace of Heart's Desires Is that near here? No oh um so hang on this is for his thing? and...and do we-- Kind of to save Zybilna as well She holds out the skull towards you Who? - it's like a greenish bubbling smoke - the fey patron who has some information about his patron *thinking* *Bob sniffing* Eh Smells Dunno Can I do a-- Sighty - Can I do a, can I do a - smells like sight! check on it - What's the vibe right now? What's the vibe - Make an arcana check I don't know, I don't know I...I'm uncomfortable Cos without your gem you just can't use Poppy's flamethrower Well I can't use one Poppy - like one of Poppy's - Smells like alcohol - Like alcohol? - smells like beer - I can't use one of Poppy's abilities like it's not - 12 - I'm not, I'm not giving up - [Rob] It's definitely a potion some of my senses - I'm not giving up what is it? My sense of colour? - Hag magic is specifically different to every other it's a foreign weird kind of magic so a 12 is just not enough you know that it's a potion, you know that hags are true to their word, they're tricksy and they'll do they'll try and get into deals with you but they are always true to the letter of their word If I drink the potion now is that it? *Snap* senses gone? Or she will then take my sense you've no way of knowing And this pyrolight it's a one of a kind? - we can't get another one? - yep one of a kind, without it Poppy can never be a flamethrower Isn't the worst thing in the world like I could, I could do without it It's so funny that we're gonna get here - and just be like ah... - one less thing to - never mind - one less thing, - never mind, yeah! - y'know, one less thing to do Like I want it, don't get me wrong I want it back but And I'm like, if I lose my sense of temperature does that matter? Probably Probably? Like will I get frostbite and not know it? Like... will I get burnt and not know it? F***! Get out of it! Weird hag lady! F*** off you hag! Right, can I...is it--

She holds it out to you is there...sorry tell you what I know you want my sense of colour is that what it was? yes - I...I... - I do I'm not motivated with his thing or any but have you got anything you could offer ME for it in exchange for What is this? What's that? A potion It's the upside down skull from a small humanoid - and it's got a green potion in it - and what does that, what could that give me? You'll be able to see someone you care about in this present moment ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - Trust me, you want to see her - meh...eh

Oh? Who? *mocking laugh* He reacts as if like oh... Nope, still not with you Guys can I have a quick chat, quick chat About 10 minutes? well we're already inspired oh yeah that...that's a no - from me - Drink? - okay so I...I...I...I...that's a no from me - I think it's a no from me as well

you're not getting my senses nope yeah do we all have to buy into this? She sort of pushes it over in your direction and the green smoke that wafts off the top it as it passes you it smells like Stefanie's perfume *sniff* ahh Ohhhh Stefanie...and what information would I get about Stefanie? You don't know yet What she's doing in this current moment You don't want to see that You might not want to see that For, in exchange for my sense of colour? No, no I like I feel like this will be incredibly useful somehow but none of us know how... I'm not giving up my taste of garlic! Not over, not on your life I withdraw my trowel but then realise it's a bit threatening so I put it back away Yeah Soon as you withdraw the trowel - the banderhobb *tffpt* - yeah I go ohh... disappears into a black smoke, landing down into the muck like he's much taller so he can, he's still like head above the I try and cover, I was just getting a bit uncomfortable, I'm just gonna put that back in Yeah and I size up the hag and go No, probably not Can I have another quiet quick word with you guys? yeah Could we just take it by force? Well that's what I was just thinking I was thinking that We're all really damaged What I'm thinking, what I'm thinking is RAAAAAAAAAGEEEE!!!!!! Okay guys, do we really need Poppy's flamethrower? - y'know - No, no I mean no not really, though we did come all the way out here - but now I'm starting to think maybe we don't - Yeah exactly I mean WE HAD THIS CONVERSATION ON THE LAKE FRONT! WE WERE SAYING THAT - WE DIDN'T NEED TO - I HAVE NO RECOLLECTION OF THAT Oh, come on Pavlova! Get-- oh that does smell nice, smells like-- No! No! Let us decide - No, leave it alone - We need to make a decision listen okay so is it - the flamethrower or our senses? - Mm does smell like Stefanie Ooh space I do quite enjoy being able to tell the difference between hot and cold Admittedly I'm not very musical but I don't really wanna give her anything - And I will never give up the taste of garlic!! - That's a lot to give up - I will never give up my sense of colour! - Pavlova get out of it Yeah! Yeah I it's very important to you, we've known this from the beginning Alright so what are our options? Er well one option is that I could rage like this HELELELELELELELELELELELELE!! - LET'S BEGIN THE COMBAT! - Alright. Here we go - HELELELELELELELELE! - I guess we're doing it then HELELELELE! HELELELELELELELELELELELELELELE!!! Alright...! - Bodger goes into a rage - Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! WAIT WHAT? HOLY SHIT! Did you just rage? I'm raged Oh f*** But that doesn't mean anything yet - It definitely does - he's always going into a rage Heehee - because we've all seen - okay canonically how he goes into a rage Look I think we're a bit surrounded here As you go into a rage we're going to go into initiative Your feral instincts kick in and you get advantage on initiative Okay - we're about to see - [Alan] Wow I guess, the thing is - how powerful she is, how powerful that is - our weak-- how powerful this is And what that does oh it's just her Well we we've got like some of our weakest people at the frontlines as well which is - too late! - [Rob] Mhmm - yeah - mhm mhmm it's too late Initiatives please A legendary action Yess that sounds insignificant What? At the end of my turn? Yep 'I was thinking the same thing' and then you standing next to her see her muscles her upper half becomes Bodger, very Bodger-esque Everybody stop what you're doing! I'm starting to think this Pavlova's a real son of a bitch Hi everyone don't worry, I won't drag-on just subscribe haha! *sigh* I hate you Ben! Yeah fair

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