GTA V Movie - OVERHEAT [Part 2] [4K]

GTA V Movie - OVERHEAT [Part 2] [4K]

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Thanks. Mike always here, to help not. When you're drunk. La. The scratches. But, since she'll stay here don't want to rush you guys but, may I ask when it will all be fixed. Mmm. I would say probably by tomorrow. Yeah. Around 1 p.m.. Impressive. Hey. Jack. Come. I want to show you something. Later. Yeah. What. Up beastly. Off-roader. I assume. This. Project, car I made had a goal goal. Was to have a good balance between off-road, and asphalt performance. Wow. Nearly. Every part of this car was taken from my junkyard but, as you can see it's, not completely done. Just. Need to find a hood rear bumper and the few other things. Then. The, Beast will be done. Want. To see how she goes. That. Was it yeah. It, was great. Amazing. I'm. Still speechless our car screaming that capable, off-road, hey. Yep, well, I didn't, know too. You. Have any wheels to give me home. That. Should do it. Still. Better than a taxi. Remember. This is a dirt bike you can freely try it offroad. It's. Meant for that kind of terrain you got it I. Owe. You a. Lot. Kaito. Mikaelson. Tsukuba. New Kazuki dozen. Sumimasen. More. Need, Auto. Mario. Puzo, good. So, you are more like. Welcome. Mr. bull sir. Finally. You answered, I'm so worried, you didn't answer my calls, honey. Yeah I'm sorry it's it's a long story but I'm fine now, don't worry, I'll. Explain once I get home okay, I'm, just half an hour away I. Love. You. Where. Were you the whole day were. You watching TV. Was. I on the news I, was. Ambushed, but no, need to worry I'm all fine now, I'll. Make us coffee then explain everything all right come. On just you and me. I'm. Ready to listen. Where's. Your car even. In, a safe place. Do. You remember Kaito. He's. Out for prisoner. And. He saw me. Nearly. Killed me. But. One. Guy helped, me from both him and the cops. His. Name is Tom. Our. Cops after you. Do. We need to move out. Let's. Just keep a low profile, for now. Then. Stay out of the city. Can. I go with you. You don't have to. Away. We. Just take the. Stocks, Riza. You. Stay here, alright. Sure. Yo, Jack, morning. David Nakula what's, up Carlos is my car done I don't, know I worked. On your car I think. It's in the painting section now, where's. The painting section. All. Right listen to me is it, there and go right then. Keep walking T see it you can't miss it. Right. On time. Is. This my car, oh. Yeah. We, made some slide, off-road modifications. Because. Your car was too low. It. Can't cope with our terrain here. What. Did you do to my car hey. Calm, down, it's. In there. I. Hate. You. You. And your car. So. How much do I owe you nothing. This, one is on me. Installed. New tires as well as adjustable, suspension in, case you need to fly again. You. Shouldn't have to but. Thanks. Thing. Is I had to. When. I was fixing your car I saw. Oil leaks suspension. Cranks poor. Engine cooling, luckily, your engine didn't blow up. Your. Dad would be disappointed in, you jack. If. My car is a beast your car is just Beauty. Big. Tom. Let's. Race then and. See who's actually. You. Sure you got this, on. Asphalt he doesn't stand a chance. All. Right good luck. Where. Are you going. Here are you. Can, you teach me that. Okay. What exactly. Your. Driving, style. That. Just beat me seconds, ago. This. Is the view of the road for most drivers. In. Just a straight line on their fancy GPS. What. I see, aren't. Just the roads ahead. There's. A wider perspective. With. Unlimited choices, and paths. Let's. Go get my truck I'll, show you what I mean so you'll maybe realize. We. Made it. I've. Never even explored, this part of the country. It's. Like I've entered a whole new world. Couldn't. Have said better. Glad. You realized how off-road vehicles, were giving you the freedom to go anywhere. One. Day I'll, try to build one myself. Want. To come to my place. Why. Not. You. Up for a beach fire. Sure. Nice house though. Wow. It's beautiful, here. Especially. At night. With. Relaxing. Wave sounds. It. Sure is. But. I have a question. How. Did you afford this place. I'm. Just curious because you lost everything, after leaving your dad. Of. Course except your car but the, properties here over a million dollars so is there something you don't want to tell me. The. Guy I raced the other night was Kaito. We. Became best friends shortly. After I left my dad and. Because. Both of us were poor we started doing robbery. He. Was the robber I was, the getaway driver. We. Were a great team until, a year later Kaito. Started, arguing my role being much safer, also. Saying he's a better driver, because. Of that our friendship, got weak so. During, one robbery he got caught I. Barely. Managed, to escape. 15. Years of his jail time past. Reason. He wanted to race me that night is to prove that he's a better driver before killing, me.

Hey. Where are you going, you've. Lied to me you knew, he was dangerous it you continued to get me involved I. Trusted. You. I'm. Sorry, I, wanted. To tell you I should. Have I. Even. Asked, you if you knew him and you. Lied to my face come on Tom I never. Should have helped you hey. Come, back. I'm. Sorry. You.

2019-03-17 12:44

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-First of all thanks for supporting my Overheat Movie and wanting the story to continue, so here's the Part 2! Enjoy and please share this movie to others. Seeing views grow fast gives me more energy to work on the next part! :D -Lastly English subtitles are added and available to use. Other languages will be available soon aswell.

omfg omfg omfg omfg i love you man

Vucko100 911 likes how ironic

So we just gonna ignore that transporter 2 reference?

At 5:49 not being racist but why does he look like a Chinese Michael

Best ytuber ever. How the heck do you edit these vids??? It so clean!!!!!

I need more

Great Work! Love the Acting, Story and in general the Whole Situation. Keep it up Man!!!!

I don't understand who the hell dislikes your videos

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I want Japanese subtitles.

sorry i unsubscribed you before and i subscribed you again

Nice work man and new subcriber ✌

700th like

Your job is the best one I've been seeing using GTA v, I loved this, please keep going

Very Nice work :)

Can you please make more this is the best content on youtube `i've seen for a long time. Keep up the great work!

Vucko100 this movie is really good, I was super excited to see this second part, when do you anticipate the third part being released? I hope it’s soon, I really want to see the entire movie all the way through. Keep up the great work!

Is there a third p

Add Finland language

Is there a part 3 if yes I can wait for it to come out i want to find out what happen

Better than FAF 8 in 3 times!

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Ahhhh, yeah - got some conflict up in here! Can't wait for part 3! Vucko's taking the #ContentCreator to a whole new level!

Russian subtitres pls

What’s that song

Epic Movie

Vucko100 hey dude, that’s some really good content! I felt really bad at the ending but still, great video! Would you mind if I helped out with the making of subtitles for my fellow italian watchers?

thanks for continue overheat new sub

Stop it with ur Cliffhangers LOL

Part 3│♥

I want to dubbed you movie in my language

Subtitle in portuguese pls

please must got the chinese subtitles

Take Your time bat just dent Stay 1year to édit it if you need *_-HELP-_* Tell me *_Any_* *_Time_*


Vucko100 YOU ARE A GREAT MOVIE MAKER!!! I REALLY ENJOYED PART 2!!! Will Part 3 be coming in 3 months? (Took 3 months for part 2 after part 1 so...)

Thank you Vucko100

Subtítulos in español

Subtítulos en español plis


Been waiting on this part!! Thanks Vucko and keep up the great work!!

+Patryk Langowski lean away da tooby

cool & awesome video as always...can't wait to see part 3!! Good Work & Good Job, Vucko :D

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+TomeXplayZ thats right

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3 part

awesome movie man!! keep doing this, i'd like to see how it ends!! (plus, making offroad cars important for the story is some i love)

Can you please make rdr 2 too?

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This IS The BEST VIDEO EVER Thank You Vucko

you just done everything on the race and the cars almost no story

Legends in PT-BR?

Bro... You made it too late... But it's cool...

How creative you are

Vucko100 you done fucked up on the thumbnail and but flames coming out of the carburetor in the engine

what is Music on 8:45 min ?

Also in gta series i want to see more action more comedy and more expolosion it will be awesome yeah! :-D

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So Nice youre Movies are perfect make More Overheat Movies PLZ.

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Btw Vucko when u runout of ideas make some fan made gta5 movies like this or consider playing other games


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It Like Fast & Furious Takyo Drift

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Great Movie...greetings from India ✌


Please make a tutorial for this Ford Escort ! It looks so amazing 0.0

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Más por fa

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So practically it is JDM vs everything else the drag race was a Nissan Skyline 2000GT vs Porsche 911

Beautiful work, everybody is waiting for Part 3 and i'm sure it's going to be the most awesome one!


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Yooossss, finally)

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بییییی نظییییییییییر عالی بود عالی

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THAT !!! is a proper ending

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Vucko100 and JANTSUU are the best.....!!!!!!!


I dont know if its realistic that the car has an exhaust pipe :/


I like this

Damn this movie is cool but just some improvements on the voice acting and dialogue would make it even better

All I can say is "BRAVO"

Goog job

3:22 that has 0 sense

yay part 2 is out been so keen for this Thanks Vucko100

Фухх...Хорошо что,на русский яз. перевод есть..

13:35 Transporter 2 reference?


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Indonesian's subtitles

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Part 3!!! Also what songs did you use? I really liked the one when it introduced Toms car



4:22 are you serious?


Its like a whole new different game with all the transition,music,and also the scenes,love it!keep up the good work


Shame I'm on PS4. Consoles never will be as good for movie making as PC

Wow. Amaizing.

This is a nice movie

Türkceye çeviren kardeşimin ellerine kollarına sağlık gönlü güzel adam

Part 3 please

18:43 Easter Egg for you.. :D

Ok this is a masterpiece..can't wait to see next

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A masterpiece, incredible work

Part 3 plese




@Vucko100 Put Greek language in subtitles please

Hi ,Vucko 100 ,I wish this movie have chinese subtitles

hey accept my invite plzzz

I hope you continue to make these Vucko! I'm enjoying this storyline. It uses GTAV in a whole new light unseen before. Keep at it!

I swear if i dont see a part 3 imma kick u frum my christian minecraft server

now i have to wait forever to see a new one great job i love the vids and when i saw this upload i screamed,

Fuck yeahhh best self made gta v film ever !!!!

Your videos always aspire me to want to be like you

@Vucko100 can you please say what the song at 8:40 is?

Indonesian subs please

Why not use Swedish language :)

This is some serious high quality gta 5 director mode

Patryk Langowski I was thinking of that too.

Vucko what song was that at 9:09?

For overheat 3 (if there will be one) add a character shawn or hobbs and he drives a futo with white primary and black secondary stock hood exposed intercooler sport suspension black dukes wheels (muscle) and no spoiler and hes like the top/best drifter thx for reading this

You vucko, can you pin my post?

How many parts is it

love you bro great movie

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still waitin for dat special collab w/ itsreal85 on pt4

Man that movie is fantastic. Keep doing this and dont listen to that hate coments. Sorry if you dont understand , my inglish its very poor

Ok... I will work for the german subtitles!

Plz korean subtitles

Please release the next episodes asp view will come by itself

Hey man....can u link down all the songs u have used

im dutch, if u need subtitels i could make a dutch one

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Part3 part3 waiting for that too

You Are Real Professional!

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This new need for speed update is awesome.

why to end on a sad note...? part 3?

a car that can run even when the rubber are gone -logic

amazing storyline when the part 3 coming out, i seriously can wait


That's Too Hard


Best 22mins spent in my life!

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Yes finally

Omg iv just seen this and its legit better that fast and furious plz make part 3 4 5 6 and 100

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what song at 8:40?

Watching on my old iPhone 4S , can’t afford PC for Playing GTA 5

*Rockstar Games wants to know your location*



I love it,part 3?

part 3?

Damn if just Rockstar can open the Game and let you edit the animations the way you want, it will be more emotional

Who else remember's wangan midnight? Jack's car reminds me of blackbird by the way can you make a blackbird and a devil z (it's a blue s30z) and race it and only top speed and on highway vucko100

wow, impressive!

Where is the Indonesian's subtitle? Please

You have the editing down to a point! It's edited extremely well, and is the closest there is to a top-notch, FF-esque GTA movie. However, there is a gripe that I still have that I had with the last one. You should give your voice actors a little more leniency and let them do their lines in their own style, to make the dialogue more fluid and flexible, rather than a bunch of basic english lines like, "Yes, it will be done at 1pm" (not the exact line, but just this way of speaking.) It will make the movie/video feel a lot more realistic, and the characters will feel like they actually have a relationship, rather than just sitting in a recording booth speaking their lines exactly. That's really the only thing that brings down these movies, both of them are so, so good. If you just give them more room to speak their lines, they'd be near perfection, with only your editing and storytelling skills to stop it from being perfect. Good job. Really good.

First was better

Totally the best movie ever made

Part 3 please

Awesome movie

yo dude u need to make a part 3 THIS IS AMAZING

One of the most beautiful car in the game for me: comet safari

Very well done, love the real car sounds aswell

dont know why suspension had anything to do with a engine blowing up

boi i am in love with this series

I waited all the time your OVERHEAT Series! by Japanese viewer


Nice video

Part 3 please!!!!!! EPIC!!!!!!!!!!


Can these cars actually be driven this well? By the way great movie, it must have been really hard to make this!

2 thing's: 1. This is one of the most amazing fan made films in gta I've ever seen. 2. If someone could be kind to list all the music used in the video I'll be super greatful.

He toke his time

acting is god damned genious!


2018 other movies ?


YES FINALLY.have not watched it but i know its going to be ur vids

13:34 looks like Transporter reference ;)

So whats the name of the car ??

15:32 Forza Horizon be like

Jel si ti nas?

Very nice!!!!

Are you using Redux or what graphics mod are you using? I personally use redux and i can tell that there is some difference.


Jedva čekam 3. Dio



But my best resolution is 1920x1080 so if I put 4K that will take my best resolution?


Car sound from NFS?

I already want part 3

At the end of the corner


Super Genius

You must called this part just a "Tom".

HELL YEHR what a amazing video you guys have a great damn talent Respekt that's THE BEST!!! Gta video I've ever seen

Your movies are cool can you make a part 3?

I was waiting for for this dude! Keep it up

fawk its like a fast and furious movie! Vucko100 YOU DESERVE TO BE A DIRECTOR AND A WRITTER!!!

Its pretty impressive how you re able capture decent cinematography with a video game. I did like the first part a lot more but still impressive. Keep working and improving your craft.

Oh yes part 2

Well done, this is getting more beautiful.

Part 3 plz

Keep making movies I enjoy them

what car is that 2:23 ?


You guys took too long take make this hope theres a part 3 coming soon

3:23 Ahah nice reference



Can someone tell me the Blue car name

Que sad

At 18:44 I got it!


This is the level of edits that I aspire to


Za balkanca je dobro a i opcenito je predobro

What the song 9:00-9:18~

What's the music name in the beginning?

This is just amazing!

What is the name of the blue car? Wanna get it online


I made my own rally race in sandy I haven't showed it to anyone yet.

Can i do Bahasa Malaysia captions?

Vucko100 Please German subtitle

Keep it up brother Love it

Did u find the music. I tryed BT can't if u do pls let me know. I got to have it. :D

Very impressive video thumbs up but I'd like to know what the music is called around 8:40. Pls tell me if u read this or any1 else. :D

Hey there, absolutely love the videos you put out. I usually spend some days watching stuff like this so definitely keep up the good work! I had a question about this video.. theres a song that starts at 8:45-9:38. Do you have the name of that song? I could really vibe to that.

Vucko100 please make a 3ard part i enjoy this movie and a lot others do too!

Vucko100 this series is so great, even my gf loves it. Please make a part 3

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Felt like I waited an eternity for this

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So tell me when I saw after Trevor celebrate in giant boat you know after GTA series season 5 you know 1 month later after Tommy killed that bad guy

Make GTA series returns I want Tommy kill bad guys also cj too also please reimagined two guys from GTA 1&2 okay also gangs returns from GTA 2 it will be awesome also can wait to see more action more comedy more expolosion also I needs new storyline GTA series something carzy is about new bad guys try to kill cj Tommy Trevor and Neko it will be epic awesome to see those guys kill those new bad guys yet okay can wait to see it soon so can you make GTA trailer about GTA series returns it will be fun to see trailer soon :-D

I'll wait the next part its a good story

This is what i want to see and you are the only youtuber who do this you are realy the most creatife and best youtuber realy i mean it

+Precel MusicandGames me too

*where is finnish subtitles?*

are there any more parts for this movie?

Can't wait for part 3!!! And you can add polish subtitles. Really great job Vucko!!! Greetings from Poland.

bonjour se se sorai pamale an vf

+Chad Cooper He have to make The return of GTA Series.

Wheels dont pop that fast on gravel. Good movie part3

Just so u now wheels don't pop that fast

Vucko100 you have got to make a part 3 this was awesome

Love the movie overheat can't wait for part 3

I want to see jack get that Offroad 911 in part 3

heres the problem,the main character is too serious,its like hes less human u knw,thats the missing part but,good job,

Vucko please tell us the song at 09:00

Vucko100 thank you for your videos.

keep going, cuz this is amazing

Is there going to be a part 3 one day or not, just wondering because I really love these films

only if gta would have this car sound

Stupidest movie I've ever seen but I appreciate the effort


My one question is. How?


waiting for this for long time

What is the blue car name in gta

Oh yeah!

So good

The part 2 is boring,but the part 1 is so amazing

The Korean subtitles are missing, so I don't know what they're saying...

why the Jap is the bad guys

3:51 its wheel got busted


this is really dope hope u can make more and maybe improve some parts that others think there are mistakes for bugs etc.

Nice movie tbh. Keep up this great work! Can't wait to see part 3!



Watched part one, and was absolutely blown away by not just the quality but the sheer amount of work and willpower required to make a movie like this inside gta. Very impressive and very well done!

When you get better you should make this into a real movie and not just gtav

This is the greatest movie of GTA 5 I ever see

Still much more realistic than any fast and furious movies

it would be awesome if rockstar made a story mode dlc focused on cars. maybe an extended story for lamar and franklin

what a work amazing

You’re stuff is awesome

I need indonesian translet :v

Exelente travajo parker, sigue asi

You ! You ahhh!

Hey all ! What is the name of the music between 6'35 to 7'15 ? My Shazam didn't find it

Holy Shit So F king Good !!!!!

Can you pls do another part because I love it especially the story of the movie

Fast & the furious need to take notes! This how racing movie should be lol

awwe just when i finally ship jack and tom :')

You just make me goosebump , for sure . Damn you should make another overheat episode , for gta v sake .XD

Guys im late i know but how do i play online because the online selection in the pause menu says "account does not have permissions to play online". im already connected to xbox live

15:25 gets hit by a car

Ur to underrated

Will an overheat part 3 come ?

+VučkoHD yeah right

Part 3 and 4 :)

3:22 baby driver?

No homo

you ain't normal

Hey Vuck u know what u are the most impressive GTA 5 youtuber I have ever seen Although u have less subs but u know what! even rockstar wouldn't have been able to make videos of their own game like u do and lastly if u believe me Remember you will be named as the best GTA 5 gamer and video maker in the world of YouTube. Only the best few will be your subs which is much better than the lot worst. But nothing to worry you will get more sub's overtime. Also remember Prophecies are meant to be fulfilled!!!!!!

Dislikers don’t have GTA5 lol *sad reacts*

@Vucko100 Hi, I meant the title of the song from the movie 8.49, someone has already answered me. Generally, your movies are good, I can not wait for 3 parts :)

what a dogshit film nonoono im just kidding soooorry

part 3 ?

Sweet video man keep making them


Skipped through about 15 mins of the vid but had some cool stuff

Wooooooo he'll yeah

Another great thing by you. Love the work, keep it up!

At last! It Came out. I'm waiting this for too long.

I thought this was some burnt out series that was completed and I was looking for pt3 and what do you know released 2 days ago

This is absolutely incredible, some seriously outstanding work here, and some interesting developments in the characters so far too, already looking forward to seeing where part 3 will continue on from and the impressive work that awaits!

Part 3???? xD


8:50 song?

Ur awesome and a genius bro !

Its like new gta 6 story

The best GTA V movie I never see



Ahhhh! I want more, I wanna know what happens next. Gah! hahaha. Great stuff man. Can't wait to see next part

Very very good work realy! KEEP IT UP

the car is based on a porshe 993 rwb

I swear, for the people who DISLIKED the video...try and make something as good as this in the amount of time he had

How to make it plz make a video plz

8:40 dose any1 know wat this music is called pls guys I got 2 have it :D

!!!!YES!!!! I knew some1 would reply within mins. Thanks 2 u bro BIG!!! HELP. ;D

Da Tooby - Lean Away

че это за шедевр !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Initial d 2?

Enjoyed every minute of the GTA V movie.

This is like a way out holy shit

Rockstar needs to take notes


Nicely done ✅

i like that there are real sounds from real life. this is awsome

Not bad man. Very good work

what car is this

This is the best thing ive every seen. Thank you.


finally, yessssss

Keep doing it


how was this filmed? what mods were used?

Make a part 3

More more

would love to see the making of this :)

Amazing video.Good work

Song at 8:50 ?

Suscribe to pewdiepie jakajaj lol

Can’t wait till part 3

Make not her one

Keren pisan emang


Can't wait for part 3

You made a 2nd oh yeah

+TN R serbia

I really love the script and those stunning graphics, especially in this part 2! Keep up tye good work, i totally appreciate it

+Deadpool Senior me neither.. I really love the script and those stunning graphics, especially in this part 2!

+Dat Finnish Guy LOL

quality content (y)

fuck men this is bad now i need to wait part 3 like a crazy good job!

what song is this? 8:50 .

افا وش الخيانة ذي


I love both episodes can’t wait for part 3

8:49 Song pleaseeeee?

Wat is the song in your video please

Cant wait for Part 3. Unblelievable job ! Continue.


they are so dramatic... are they gay? why leave the girl alone? lol nice video tho

13:36 hahah who else remembers the Transporter 2 scene?

waiting for part 3!!

يعني انت تعرف للغه العربيه


18:44 nice cameo Vucko

We need part 3 ASAP!

too good man, too good

He should've taken his car to Los Santos Customs and pay $500 for instant repairs Regardless, this is Hollywood cinematography level Vucko. Waiting for Part 3!

it's just WOOOOWW...can't wait for the next part

Türkçe altyazılı olması ayrı bir güzellik katmış.

Bro this is sick keep on making these videos

Such a good movie! Some shots actually look like a real life movie such good quality and graphics. Such an masterpiece great work!

What's the song on 9:15

the storyline is on fire

3:32 the tire popped

Wow. These voices definitely don’t fit the characters..

Great, but seriously why waste so much time to make a movie + that car in the beginning sure as hell does not sound like a modern rally car... Please make some research.

y'all really did a good job, I love to see things done right! y'all deserver an award!

Can’t wait for ep 3

Such an epic car movie in GTA! Can't wait for Part 3. Keep up the good work Vucko :)

I’ve been waiting for this like weeks or months but I’m so happy



PART 3 will probably take a while like the movie its self needs a lot of working on and it takes time but in the end its really worth it

part 3 part 3

The handbrake at 0:46 got you the like

Parte 3 porfavor !!! Es una de las mejores peliculas que he visto de GTA Me encanto la parte del lobo de vucko!! Saludos desde mexico !!

You’re a real artist

Wats the songg called

#part 3

When’s part 3

Rockstar should call you for making of GTA 6

This should be in the cinema

imdb: 9.9

Why can't rockstar turn GTA5 into a story like this?

I’ve been waiting let’s go

Omg you grew when i was subscriber (of his 100.000) you uploadet not very often 1,8 congrats bro

Wow the trophy truck sound effects are the best

I can't wait for the part 3 ! :D

Go 3 Part This Awesome Movie

freaking awesome bruh

This is amazing

Part 3 please

I really liked the gag with the poppin tire. Who wrote the script? How about a series or another movie? You did great work in here

Game companies should hire you to make their trailers.

10/10 my dude.

where you get the sound actor???

Pretty good but the dialog is kinda stale and the pauses are kinda long between characters talking makes the whole thing awkward af

Tom is literally Han from tokyo drift

Dude i wish i had a friend like tom

It was a great show, just a little cringy at times! Still liked!

8:32 gta 5 needs to give us new house by the beach

Its a shame how most people dont realize the talent that Vucko has in making GTAV movies

Grate video Series, can't wait for part 3

Again, astonishing visuals and storyline, especially the ending of Part 2 having me wondering what will happen next.

Indonesian subtitle pls

Glad it’s back for part two

Loved this movie! Really professional

You did amazing on these I can’t wait for more ❤️

this is Fast & Furious of 21st Century !!!!!

3:20 Stop making a V8 sounds like your civic fart can

Wow!!!!! your editing skills and attention to detail is amazing!! Great work bro can't wait for part 3!!

Dude, i love your work, keep it up.


How do you make these?

Please make the 3rd episode I can't wait

ohhh this is made up, I was googling to see if the movie OverHeat actually exists

Need part 3

What car is that

I've been waiting for the longest

simply beautiful!! Thanks for that excelent History!

yo man keep up the good work I'm hoping to see part 3 hopefully soon

Wow!! I'm speechless!

Horray part 2 is here

Dirt rally sound effects go do good

When's pt. 3???

Theres nothing wrong, everything is perfect, waiting now for 3rd part❤️❤️❤️

Good job Vucko!!! This was awesome and might I say it was Another Great Movie!!! Keep up the great work!!!

part 3

its been too long XD

10 out of 10

i love it

Can you make a part 3 please

AWESOME stuff! thats the absolute best excample how important it is to allow talented guys like him to mod a game. hope that ROCKSTAR GAMES and other publisher will recognize this some more in the future.

Anybody knows the song at 8:46

Ya era ora, Saludos desde Puerto Rico

Vucko100 can’t we have a 3 part please

DUDE, you're so good at making movies!

Great vid

Even better than the first one

and Thanks for the name of vide Indonesian !!im indonesia


can you install redux mod or naturalvision for part 3?!

Am I the only one that noticed he left his gf to go off roading with the mechanic

There are some problem with Hungary subtiltes.

12:56 *insert generic vucko's countdown*

Wait this is GTA 5?? Wtf...

What’s the name of the song when the couple was on the bike heading back to the shop?

8:50 song pls


About fucking time!

Donde están los subtítulos en español?

Vucko you are insanely good at making this

Let’s go thank you

Congratulations!! You've done an awesome job!! By the way, what's the name of the song on 8:38?

Lean Away - Da Tooby downloaded from EpidemicSounds webiste

The car sound effects are on point



I've waited for this soo much,and it finally came out part 2 amazing work

part 3 yihaaa :)

His face looks similar to dominic somehow

I just finished the first

Drift scene from baby driver

Gad damn it, part 3 i want it

Exelente vieo, muy buena la parte 1 y la 2 excelente

Anybody ever notice characters still close the car door fast asf just like vice city an GTA 3? Rockstar lazy on some parts lolol

А что я тут делаю. А точно вери гуд


ニードフォースピードみたい。 青の車何て言う車かな?カッコイイからgtaoで買いたくなった

Épisode 3 obliger

who did laugh at drunk man near railroad ?


Holy fucking shit. Absolutely awesome. Better than the last 4 Fast&Furious Movies

I’ve seen better

dude japanese pple dont do stuff like that 4:50 pls get that right

dublagem em pt/br !!!!

Serio me apaixonei completamente por essa historia, cara por favor faz mais episodios dessa historia, eu estou completamente apaixonado por ela! Serio I fell completely in love with this story, cara please make more episodes of this story, I am completely in love with her !

Part 3

The min character tattoos change

Songs? Specifically that r and b song when she’s riding with him on the bike?

U should make more of these there cool keep up the good work

YEET ANOTHER PART And im late great

Please make a part 3 soon because so far I am addicted to this mini-series because it is understandable

I cant wait for part 3

What was the song at like 9:30


This is amazing man ! Can’t wait for Part 3 !!

The plot twist though


I wanna see part 3

loved when he thought his car was the Comet Safari XD

Whats the name of the song at 15:99?

GTA 5 storyline vs Overheat storyline 1 like = vote for overheat 1 dislike = vote regular GTA 5

Let's go part 2 had to stop playing gta to watch this

yes let's add the vucko wolf in 9ne mountain scene


What's Toms car?

What is that blue cars name in the game

espero que no te conviertas en gaben newell

Vucko is the really GOAT


Cant wait for part 3

Hey is Mr Chang or aka lord kebun on twitch and YouTube.

Man i wish the cars from gta 5 had the sounds you gave them in your movie


so esse video ja ta melhor que o velozes e furiosos novo

More more more

Thank you for the Portuguese translation

This is coming from a guy who studied media, movies and camera work in college, and so far, i am stunned with this! One of the best movies I've seen produced by a community member; a great storyline, backstory and amazing camerawork, editing! This looks like something a real movies producer would make, keep it up!

Thanks a lot :)

One thing is that GTA don’t know that old dirt bike like that don’t have 4 stroke

If only NFS Payback introduced Offroad Racing like this

what car is the blue one

How do you make these I have some ideas and I would like to start making things like these please tell me what you use thanks

Türkçe altyazı eklemeseydiniz keşke...Bu kadar yanlış çevrilebilir:/

ansioso para a parte 3 você faz um otimo trabalho parabéns.

damn bro your talented at this . Much Love

Great movie! Kind of reminds me of Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift... love your content man. Keep up the good work!!

was waiting yay

Anyone notice the truck has 3 petals but has a auto shifter. PRND123 when they get out at the top of the mountain is when you see it. Some broke back mountain shit when they look at the sun set and says wanna go back to my place then y’all make it even more homo when he’s like wanna have a beach fire

this is just fucking incredible

See you guys in 4 months

more passion than titanic.

Fuk you mommy

The unlikes are from jealous cunts. This is gold. Cinematic, scenery, music all those are breath taking. Great work guys.

@Vuckoo100 when will the next part release

Sick movie bro love it

4:22 not trying to hate but why was there a starter

Fixed the mistake now in my editing program, so when I finish all the parts I'll upload Full movie with all little mistakes fixed

3part x2

What kind of car is the beast

What's the name of the song at 8:56?


What's the song called ? At 09:04

the reference to baby driver at 3:22

Wow vucko, big respect The sounds, the scenes everything is just amazing i bet it takes u so long to do this Hyped for part 3!! And btw what’s the song name again at 8:41?

finnaly mate, thanks

9:10 song name and i love this movie its so amazing vucko its just amazing


Better than spider man

This is

Ya part 3?

You should make a video about how to create Tom’s car.

Dude so good cant wait for number 3


What's the blue car?

this movie was insane both parts i really want to see part 3

Looking forward to p3

No vietnamese subtitle ??? :(

Friend is an exciting story, quality at the highest level, I look forward to the continuation!

Bro, this is impresive! Please, make part 3!


esta mierda es GENIAAAAAAAAL

Love this movie clip its well made this is a story bout a driver and his car need more of these

Part 3??????

18:44 Vucko100

is it just me or does this remind me of fast and furious Tokyo drift

The edition has no words please that this story if much more i sit in a movie

thats why i love vucko100

Part 333333333 pllllllzzzx part 3

Wich song is playing?

Part three plzz bro

So glad this is now out can't wait for part 3

How to make toms Karin rebel

maybe the part 3 is about their past. :) nice video btw.

Still more realistic story than Fast and Furious

oh man, I can't wait for the part 3, good job Vucko

When are you gonna make the next one

how do you do all this? mods? if so what menu what are your pc specs

keep being more of this gtav movie

keep being more

Can you include some aircrafts in your next films?

U gotta give rockstar ur ideas for the next gta it'll improve it big time

I ship them hihi :3

Продолжение будет?)

That shit is much better than the new idea of f&f. Gj!

This is so cool i bet it took 8 maybe 9 months to make part 1 and 2 can you make part three pls

Epic as always. Can´t wait for part 3!!

damn it's not just a game , its like a real life movie , so perfect bro

Song from minute 9?

Did you make the script or is this in another movie or game

Who else feels the fast and the furious vibes in this movie?

More please

Hoce li izlaziti Part 3?

Finally part2 is Arrived

When will part 3 come? Will tom be his friend again? Will Faito return for revenge?

Ugh... Kaito is pronounced Kayeeto

im just sad that took that long :(

can someone pls tell me which blue he used for this car

Dam u got some nice driving skills Ik this took alot hard work an it awesome it made my day hyed for the next one

I’ve seen better dialogue

Zasto nema prevoda? Kao na prosli

+Vucko100 Hvala bruda :)

Ima srpski prevod, ako se nije pojavio onda manuelno ukljuci :)

Holy sh**t is what i have to say!

wtf man pls do part 3 plss


So impressive. It's simply great! Waiting to see part 3.

pls do a movie series finally it come :)))

great work my friend!!!!!!

Great movie series cant wait for part 3

*Thank you very much for subtitles arabic* we love you


Agora é a parte 3

That 4k is amazing I can every littel detail

Man, this was incredible. I loved the series so far. It's amazing. From the story, acting, cinematography, everything is amazing! I wish that I can make films like this on console, but hey that's okay. Fantastic work, Vucko. Can't waut for Overheat pt. 3!

Another master piece, loved it... can't wait to see more.... well done :)

Отличный сюжет для нового Форсажа)) Great story for the new Fast and the Furious))

Wo is PART 3????

Waiting for the 3rd part..

완전 재미있넸요

8:51 what song is that?

Sick edits and cinematics !!!

Hey Vucko what do you play gta on? And how do you do the actor thing cuz i saw it in your vid 'Weight Myth part 1' at 1:23.

Much better than part one. The music, senes and everything, great job

Song at 8:50?

Did any1 else notice he didnt fix the popped tire

Cant wait for next part..

You are insane..!! Waiting for 3rd part... Please release it soon...

Keep doing these Vucko, they are amazing and their like movies that I can watch for a long time because I love these videos

For some reason i enjoyed watching OVERHEAT part 1 and 2 better than netflix lmao, hope to see a part 3 soon!

can't wait for part 3

Wow wow wow!I have waited for this movie for such a long time!Good job!

Damn never fails to amaze me

Please do a part three soon!!! I love this series

Part 3 plz...

Been waiting for so long I almost forgot about this

I hope when its all finished you put them all together and make a full length film.

What than sheett

This movie are damn awesome

When does Part 3 leave?

Is it bad that when jack was on the call too his mrs and he said he was thirty minutes away, when that scene ended and he starting driving towards the smallest airport in the game, did anybody else think, that’s not the way back too where you live

i never thought it will end like that :(

You should make videos like this and make them like movies like this so a lot lot lot of peolpe will watch you and you already famous every but like Billions of people will know you

Words cannot describe your dedication and creativity. You are what YouTube is truly for absolutely amazing content!

Thanks for the subtitles Vucko100

Am I missing something? Where did he get these characters from???

I like how when he kickstarts the bike, i hear an electric motor start the engine.



Pobrecito el tom , se pasa xd

this is really good.

So cringe

Does anyone know what song is used when Jack and his gf ride off on the motorcycle ?

What is the blue car

muito bom

Make like a whole collection

AWESOME! Whats the name of the song where y'all ride to the mountains tho..?

Like for part 3!!! XD

You’re editing is way above normal. This was truly enjoyable. However Part 1 is of Epic Proportions. Keep up the good work !!

How did you made this?

13:36 - James Harden with the cameo appearance.

Beutiful, i can t wait month for part 3 please

Bruh what is that song that says “why don’t we just take the stacks and go to visa”

Its amaizing bro

aw hell i’ll be patiently waiting for pt 3, incredible work man

Part of the state you stupid fuck

I hope part 3 release

Kto z polski

You need way more dialogue it’s a massive piece of shit

3:30 the tire pops off and its just ignored

Do you have a song list?

Impressive. You deserve that almost 2 million subscribers.

song at 8:40 ?

Part 3???? Ps im italian


Mükemmel Türkçe nin de olması muazzam ♡

Vucko100 make a part 3

Add malay sub please!!!P/S:Malaysia and Indonesia not the same languages!!!

So I just watched the first and second part. Both were absolutely incredible, like a TV show. I hope you keep this series going as well as your channel. It's great! I'm a subscriber. Keep up the awesome work. Cheers

cmon bro stop it i lile it

make part 3 asap

vucko 100 as la parte 3 overheat

'glad you realized how off-road vehicles are giving you the freedom to go anywhere' and some kind of bird just flies past, Is it an *eagle* ? Well, if it is, then. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Yo this is pretty lit

Parte 3 fast ajaja muy buena

The need for speed 2015 storyline we wanted?

Dirtbike logic: Kick started *inserts electric start up sound

I never seen a wife so chill “Do we need to move out?”

18:44 omg


Vucko live in China?


part 3 plz

Wow nice story

I like the wolf at 18:43

Finally part 2, i loved the 1st one

What's the name of the song at 8:38

What truck this is 16:00?Can tell me what type this truck is?

Bud you've done a awesome job.. part 3 we need... 100%

I havent even skipped once im excited for part 3 cant wait

8:40 song?

It's not like GTA it's like fast and furious because it is based on a racing topic

Part 3 plsss

8 55 music ?

Why tom get offended?

I absolutely love the cinematography in this its absolutely amazing


end part is not good .. friendship broke just beacuse a small lie.... he just left like a crying baby

Finally, some good fucking recommended videos.

I wish you have part3

+1 Inscrito Go Part 3

This is AMAZING!!! I want MORE, MOREEEE!!!


This is just amazing my dude!

Nice movie

This was amazing

Need part 3 asap wtfffff

Can wait for part 3 this is amazing definitely deserved a like

Best part is when the girl get on the bike and te music starts playing thats like a romantic couple in a 2018 or 2019 movie

I really love everything about this keep it up

That is honestly the best gta movie ive ever seen

Beyond impress with the sound editing!! Next episode please!!

Behind the scene pls

Please do a part 3 as long as you make these I will watch them all and like.


18:44 Vucko

I didn’t even realize. Part two came out until now a week later rip

Anybody need an actor?

i love where at exactly 1:00 it shows welding with the sound of a angle grinder

Can anyone tell me the car in the thumbnail or at 2:00

Anybody know the song 8:42 ???

Keep the great work up fam!!

What’s that song called from 8.50?

The things people can do with gta 5 I swear.

I like how all the cars on here sound like actual cars but in real life we all know that they all have the same sound

Vucko can you do a video on how to make tom's car?

Part 3 pls men, this is so good !


10/10. Excellent story. Acting is ok, the voices needs more "relism" if u know what I mean. The Asian people were good. Sound effects are great.


Сука фильм заебумба!

Who have just came for Ford escort mk1

Amazing movie I'm blown away on the detail and skill level of this keep up the amazing work'

ابداع فوق اللزوم

We want part 3

looks amazing good work

These Machinima-things are always so fucking pathetic when its supposed to be all serious and shit xD

What is the name of the blue car??

You should do a "Previously on Overheat" at the start of the parts. I've seen the first part when it came out and can't quite recall it :P Awesome work btw, loved both parts!! Waiting for the next :D Also, maybe at the intro, you can put the Overheat logo again, like the one in the first part, would give it a nice feeling for first time watchers

make a part 3 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

It give‘s a like from me bevore i Show the Movie!!

We are all waiting for part 3, this part is shorter than the first one, its okay for me but i think if it is longer it would be better, anyway good job and hope we see more movies done by you.

The rear right wheel of Blue car is missing?

Does anyone know where that garage is on the map

My mind is waiting for part 3. Good stuff men

I want to see a part 3 men. On God

La parte 3 por favor!

That is a Drag Car

Fantastic story, amazing driving skills, breathtaking scenery, professional film editing can't wait to see part 3

Road to part 3?

Too bad to use Google Translate 13:52 / 13:56 Tom Go Railway, Train Go Railway :) 13:59 Train :) Two trains on the same road But Legendary Film And Very Beautiful

I know that tattoos don't vanish with new clothes, great video by the way

Man, this is so amazing, can't wait for next part !!!!! You are the best

Muito foda parabéns provavelmente nem vai entender mas parabéns

I'm from Russia, and I like this film.

Yay it’s here finally !

Greek please

I love the twist at the end, thank you so much for uploading part 2, part 3?


You should make it a Series not a movie, and for The amazing job you do the time it's ok


Excellent work Vucko .the story is very good and the soundtrack also.Waiting for P3.

amazing sequel.can"t wait for the next sequel and keep it up because i love these edits and the way you made it is amazing

who else actually watched in 4k

super nice movie! But what is the songs name at 8:50 ?

Amazing love it


Everyone subscribe to Luke liddle on his YouTube account please he does fortnite video

I'm SORRRRRY DOM !!!!! IM SORRYYYYY !!!!!!!!!! *paul walker voice*

*Please someone vietsub this movie*

add part 3

What car was the mechanics project car

you should put a CR500 sound for that dirtbike but 13:50 was AWESOME sound !

Plz do part 3

I wait 3 part! I like it. Your serial best

Your work is awesome !!

20:37 that drama tho ... *laughing my ass of on the inside*.No offense

I like on 10:49



Where is part 2

Where is part 3


Now we need to know how to make Tom's car

Scripting could be improved lol


Can't wait for part 3 man love your videos

We’ve been waiting for a while for this, it’s great!

Make video how to make toms car

Yes this is I waiting for

This movie is nice and the graphics are great I recommend this movie to supercar owners

Part 3 plssss

3:12 haha guy in the back is running

give us a part 3 plz !!!!!?!!!

u should be a producer cause this has to be the best movie and cant wait for part 3

I like the series man!! Keep it going

my guy make part 3 right nowwww

thank god that the red one wasn't his new car i would have felt so bad for him

Song at 8:47 is called Da Tooby - Lean Away.

The story woulf be cooler if he really didnt knew the person he fought and raced

This must taken at least months of work to make this movie. I like it. This should be in the Oscars

amigo estaba esperando esto, me encantoo

Great film, whats the name of the blue car? I fell in love with that.

good job ,i like that , when is coming part 3 i hope soon :)


What car is the off-road

Keep the good episodes of cars and cool scenes from the fist one

If only GTA V had such good sounds on these cars. By the way, I upgraded the Rebel 4x4 to max, and it wasn't that slidy and powerful.

Rób to dalej bo to jest idealny film na wieczór :D

Part 3!!!!

15:30 Really? Offroading is faster thant go straith on asphalt?

When's part 3 coming we are all waiting

Part 3 ❤️

Great Job !!!

3:27 the tire blew off

فين العرب العربي لايك

The best Video game Movie

Super! Go 3 part!

3:23 that rear entry though

this is so cringy to watch.

Fail RP

Vogliamo la terza parte! Anche se sono italiano e ci capisco poco, mi piace un botto.---- We want the third part! Even though I am Italian and understand very little, I like it a lot.

天才 这做视频的绝对是天才

Cant wait for part 3 :)

This is superb content , but only thing that I feel needs improvement is the dialogue part of it. Feels slow and basic. Also unnatural but nonetheless its a great edition to gta life

Need to work on the dialogue man

about time thanks men been waiting

My best part : 18:42

This s should be a real movie


That beautiful story and realistic scenery make me forget that this is movie that make from a game. 4 thumbs for you dude!

Good job

Now you've probably heard a million times how good the animation/cinematography is so I wanna talk about something else. (On the record I wanna say it was amazing) * Balancing a bunch of people so they are all important is hard so try to give each person a "goal" to fulfill so we stay intrigued by them. I kinda forgot the wife/gf was a character. *I liked the personalities but our main guy feels like text book took a "how to appear human" class and this was the execution. I wanna relate to him more. Make him pop. He seems rigid and a little cocky so bank on that. Make him walk with a swagger. (Lol he kinda looks like a dad so maybe not Haha) That's my two cents. Hopefully that would add to some character development. And by the way I LOVE the concept of "adapting to survive". Its like Tokyo drift but with offroading!

العربي لايك

Did the tyre burst


#Overhead part 3#

Yes!!!!!!! Part 3 please !!!

Amazing . Waiting for the part 3

Good series Keep making these


Confirmed.. Tom's character is based on tattoo parlor which can found on GTA 5 mission called Reuniting the family.

part3 haha

I have a question, I was just wondering how you do these videos because I wanted to do something like this on my YouTube channel to get started. Thx

3:48 they blew a tire


Part 3! Part 3! Part 3! Part 3! Part 3! Part 3! Part 3! Part 3! Part 3! Part 3! Part 3! Part 3! Part 3! Part 3! Part 3! Part 3! Part 3! Part 3! Part 3! Part 3! Part 3! Part 3!

"There's a wider perspective, with unlimited choices and paths." In other words *I DONT ABIDE BY THE RULES OF THE ROAD*

Damn bro, amazing movie... I fucking love how you take your time for making this clip too gorgeous than a real life movie. I want part 3 now. ❤️


He tricked him

Can't wait for Part III

I'm wanting a part 3 badly. Part 3 should be him building one himself

This was good but the voices bother me so much lol


Please part 3

Great job mate

Rockstar hire this man already!

this was great. FANTASTIC job :^)

Immediately recognized ford escort

Bu kanalın sahibi nereli

I wish cars in gta actually sounded like this

anyone know the car at 1:55 ?

I need part 3 in my life now

Go Overheat 3!

hey its Rockstar contact me if you want a position

This is amazing! I have a few questions: 1. Did you use FiveM or other custom server to make a movie? 2. Did you use any mods? 3.How did you do those unusual animations? This is also mode or something like that?

"If my car is a beast, then your car must just be a beauty".. triggereedd

TBH, this is the best gtav movie ever... salute your job bro.. very worth to wait for another part

How brilliant is this. Can’t wait for part 3

3.26 car name xD


Kickstarting and using electric start at the same time.. Nice editing..

Rockstar Games should see thoose and must do next GTA bout street racing kinda things cause of the game's name about thefin cars i can not understeand why they didnt do it yet anyway

this really is YouTube gold

Part 3 for the win anyone with me?

1:55 whats this car's name in game or is it mod?

+TM i bet its dlc car i cant get it

YigiT Koçer I found what car is was, its the vapid retinue

+TM sorry i didnt its too cool right?

YigiT Koçer have you found out? I really wanna know

I am turk and I love this. This is very very good

now just waiting for part 3!!!!

Ford escort mk1

Part 3????

Im exited to see part 3..

JAJAJ la pinchada de las ruedas de atras

Part 3!!!!!!!!!

Please make part 3 !!!

good job

Could you make a video on how to make the vapid retinue and the rebel thanks

The best chanel... I like this

Thanks Vucko for making subtitles available in Portuguese :-)

The part where he says, "What did you do with my car?" says everything that's wrong with this crappy so-called 'film'. My 6 year old niece could have voiced that line with more emotion than the shitty so-called 'actors'. The story absolutely blew donkey balls! It was visually cool, and that's not saying much seeing that rockstar did all the animation. Lip movement sucks for all the time they said was spent on this. My opinion don't mean shit to the queers that will suck this video's dick. At least the music was better than the Japanese techno in the first video. I gave this 45min thing my time, and I didn't like it. Appreciate the effort though.


What car is the blue one

Part 3 plz want see it!


Like if want part 3

13:41 thought he was homeless James Harden

Lmao why my mans at the end getting extra emotional like a female. Good stuff tho

Great job!!!

4K this is crazy

good job

The voice acting is so bad! Hope you didn’t have to pay those guys, especially the main characters.

Can you make part 3?

What was that blue car with the white stripes

Vucko100 Make a part 3 please ❗️

Part 3 bro nice movie so far


Jeez! Such a good movie. Surely go ahead for a part 3. That was so good. This movie is art. You have a talent, that only a few have. Really, it's great. !!!!!

Im already waiting for part 4 now

good movie

Oooy,very nice job,gays)

Part 3 plz i love it

# 3parte


Awesome! Cliffhanger! Hollywood quality, man. Better even.


i think i need to wait 4 months for part 3

PLEASE MAKE PART 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cuando sale el 3 episodio


Keep going!!!

I don’t regret clicking this video, no cap

Yerzhan Wake up.


Finally it has been months

Omg I like it! 10/10

Vucko100 what is the blue car form the vid I know I’m late

Could I put this video on my channel if you allowed it translated into Brazilian

Será que eu poderia botar esse vídeo no meu canal se você permitir traduzido em brasileiro

hella creative editing but the dialog and script need work...

This is how many vuckoo fans want part 3


What are the names of all the songs that you used in the video?

Your movies are really good and u should keep on doing them, can’t wait for part 3

What is the blue car in gta v

visuals are amazing, really well made. It amazes me how much you can get out of that gta5 engine. I do wish voice acting was better, now all of the characters sound depressed. Also the story is a bit....rough around the edges. Do you have a patreon, i understand that things like voice actors cost money so i think people wouldn't mind paying a couple of bucks for a decent voice actor :D

It was an absolute pleasure to watch ☺️ Thank you for your very hard work

Part 3

Man... so wonderful!!!! NEEXXTTT ♡♡ Seriously.. congrats! In love for this story

finally.. man...

Why didn’t u add an Intro

Hey where is the location of the place when they drove the truck

This is great stuff keep it up!

Very nice job I wait for the 3rd part

8:50 Name of the song please?

Adambobadam 1 i wonder the same thing

16:04 SONG?????????????

It's damn good

There is someone copying overheat and they call it rush

Make a movie and upload it to the Cinema, I am sure it will be a hit.


13:44 i found de camper

This is like a real movie.

Great job

Hi guys i make movie to. But this better the then me and everyone else. You guys now that I’m right

This was really good but the 1st part I think was better

anyone else surprised how an auto mechanic shop is a recycling center

Where part 3 at?

What is the name of the car at 2:19 really want to buy it

16:04 SONG????????????? just so you know i tried shazam and no result. same with google sound search

Part 3 pls

Wow How many of u want to see the 3rd. Part ?


Can u make part 3 please?

Vucko100 when will part three come out?!


sick cant wait for part 3

Vucko can you make it into a ONE WHOLE VIDEO when all the parts are done?

From watching actual movies in Cinemas and on TV, this is so much better by at least a mile. Keep up the good work! The story line was inexplicably excellent, the voice acting was great, camera shots and view was also excellent.

Tokyo Drift 2.0

Wow! Well played, mate ;)

Wow I enjoyed it

Can someone please tell me what the song at 1:56 is called?

Niesi nahodou slovák?

Tell me a better video that this and I won't believe you, truly amazing content and editing, awesome story and you can't get enough. Waiting for part 3

Part3 please

The fact that you did what 95% of movie editors can't do, should make this Oscar worthy; match the engine/car sound to the actual fucking engine/car. All you sound editors out there, take notes.

THIS IS AWESOME, been following for a long time and cant wait to see part 3. The cut scenes, editing, music, vehicles, storyline is all PERFECTION!! I suggest working on your voice actors and make them feel more real, right now they seem a bit robotic and boring. More enthusiasm is needs and less delay between each actor speaking would greatly improve this series. 9/10 keep up the good work cant wait for part 3!

When Is the other coming out

where is part 3

Good movie

Because this is part 2. TF, does he need to add an intro for a second part on a movie. Introductions are for something at the beginning. And this is "Part 2"

hEy b0Ss cAn I hAve pARt 3 PLS


*smell like a b i t c h*

This needs to be a live action movie

BEST MINI MOVIE EVER!!!!! This is why it's the best series ever!!!!!

how long have you been working on this film?

part 3, please !!!!


I see you are a Professional GTA Driver


Now I hate Jack :)

Title of the song 16:00

YO VUCKO what is the title of the song when after the race they picked the truck for offroading

Bang mbikin film swat

I think it is really great can’t wait to see more are u going to make like a series out of it it is really great.

I am more surprised at the driving skill of the characters in the movie than the quality of this film. xD I am a Korean and thank you for putting Korean subtitles in this video. I will always support you. :D

Let's make part 3 happen

13:35 Seems like a Transporter 2 :D

Part 3!

18:44 Vucko intro

I'm soo late for this


I can feel the bromance, well done sir.

Woah chill

Will there be part 3 ?

What’s your gamer tags I wanna race your whole cast message me at Djkobe270


What car is the second main characters car to be specific the blue one.

03:36 Tires remained intact!))



First part has more action sequences and fascinatingly second part have more relaxation and sentiment...

It’s about time part two came out


العربي لايك

Yall need to make more vids

Shits armegedon

What's the name of the song when she ask him can I go with you when he is sitting on the bike?

Popcorn time!!!

part 3 pls OWO

Make a part 3 please

This is so cooooolll

The cool thing is that when these guys raced they travelled something like 800 meters

The music and the graphics is so realistics.Animation was good too.

Its GTA V, not a Film Studio xD

This was amazing!

Hi, I from Brazil, I love your vidios, please no stop thanks

when will be the next part??


You guys doing a huge job. The movie's great. Both parts. Loved it. Amazing work out there. GTA 5 is just made for machinima with all these animations, graphics, open world, vehicles. That's great. Thank you for this amazing movie and i can't wait to see part 3. You guys are amazing. Keep it up. Great work :3


Is there part 3?

Nice man, bealtiful video

What is the name of the blue car

Awesome WORK!!!

How do you do those voices for the characters?? Putting together a gta5 movie myself and this would really help.

What Gta 5 Car Is In Video

14:29 that moment❤

German subtitles great


Part 1 was better part three needs good conflict and less talking

Such a ball buster


Beautiful wife

How do you do this man

Here directly from part 1. Sick. Can't wait to see a red dead adaptation

that blood in the beginning tho

pls i need a part 3 and how to make Tom s car pls

13:50 wew. We can see the train and the other guys in the blue car is ON the rails XD. Still good movie

What's the car in the thumbnail?

Part 3 NOW this one ended on a cliff hanger Still was pretty great though

What car is this ?

Like brother I'm Brazilian

I need part 3 now!!!

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