GTA Online Guide - How to Make Money with After Hours

GTA Online Guide - How to Make Money with After Hours

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What. Up guys welcome, to a new episode of GTA series videos tips. And tricks. I'm Gary 7mt, and today we're gonna analyze the new business, opportunity, in Los Santos and, Blaine County added. With the latest GTA online update, after hours. With. This video our intent, is to give you info, on costs, wages, investments. Upgrades, time and more in order to allow you to make the best choices and decide if you want to be an active part of this new business we took time with every, new aspect, added by the DLC, in depth, in order to give you the best guide possible. Which has also been made possible thanks to some members of the GTA community like. Tears funds to Khun, B and many, others from GTA forms and reddit who provided, fundamental. Data that will be shown in this video, unique. From all other businesses, in after-hours, you're able to do almost everything, alone and in, a private session, the only thing restricted, to public sessions, are the selling the fire was the stuff dropped on a barge out at sea you'll, drive the goods to the rendezvous point and airlift, it over there you can fly right. Listen. This is a Tony, Prince I'll, cut straight to the chase this is the starting point for this DLC, after receiving, Tony's call we're good to go let's start by purchasing, the nightclub, if you're unsure whether. The business is good, for you start, with a low-key location. One, isn't recommended over another generally. The rule is to select one near a highway, or on, the north of the city in order to have fast access, to the other half of the map don't, go crazy on the customization. And keep the storage facility, as it is there's always time in the future to change everything making it stylish or bigger with just a little more than a million bucks you'll be the new owner of a nightclub with an underground hub for managing. Your criminal, activities. Once. You've bought everything you need head, to your new property to enjoy Tony's presentation, with Lazlo the real star, of this new update hello. If, you pull that pregnancy, pity party on me one more time I, will lose my cool okay, Tony, your. Friends here when the cutscene ends before clocking, dollars you're forced to complete, three setup missions, the first two missions are to recover speakers, for the nightclub, and three staff members after. That you'd need a DJ, and with him on board you're ready to earn some money to break even before. Delving, into more complex, explanations. About the time and effort needed to make a profit allow us in the interest of clarity to split the activities, in after-hours into. Two main, businesses. The, nightclub, and the hub let's. Start with the nightclub players. In the club can enjoy activities, like getting drunk and blacking, out only to find themselves on Mount chiliad nearly. New to, becoming a new member of the epsilon, program, to, spraying expensive, champagne, on friends, and NPCs, you. Can also dance for dollars, unlocking. Exclusive. T-shirt and gold, trophy, for your office if you dance to the DJ for six cumulative, hours all, these, activities, will help you obtain the new rewards, added with this update.

As. Far as business activities, go everything, can be done in private sessions, in the following ways there, are two ways to clock, dollar, nightclub earnings, and jobs. Club. Earnings are based on the popularity, meter every 48 minutes a day in GTA online a, specific, amount is placed in the club safe depending, on how well known your club is keep. Your promotion, max and you'll make 10,000. A day and have access to the most expensive boobs, keep, the popularity, over 90%, for a little more than eleven hours and you'll unlock, the gold hotspot, trophy, on Tony's, desk the ones shaped like a star, next to Louise's, picture the. Safe has a maximum, capacity of 70. K so that means that if you keep your promotion, for all the time every. Six hours you have to collect the money otherwise, you'll lose your next pay let. The bar run dry and you'll find yourself, with a mere 100. Bucks income, a day instead. So. When the promotion, bar starts, to lower refill, it by completing, a night club promotion, mission an easy solo mission that normally takes from, 3 to 5 minutes to complete or, kill, a player in an active promotion, to gain some for, yourself, these, missions don't pay that much an average, of, $2,000. But every penny brings us closer to breaking even. There's. A five-minute, delay from, the end of one promotion to another there, are also a fair, selection, of missions available randomly. For the player split. Into three, main categories tied, to the character talking. To us before, and after, the job the, first type of mission are tony's, and always. Involve directly, promoting, your club or ruining. Someone, else's, he, may ask the player to fly, on a buzzard and drop fliers put, posters, up around the city steal. Or recover, a stolen mule, full of booze, destroy. Bahama Mama supply, trucks or force. A change of mind and property, developers, by smashing. Their cars. The. Second type of jobs are Laszlo's and their themes involve, VIPs. Visiting. The club the. Four types are reach, a VIP who has been arrested jump. In the transporter. Lose your warning level then finally, take the VIP to your club. I want to hear everybody give it up give, me some whoop whoop it's. The one and only, Jimmy, Boston. On the floor, use. Snappamatic, pictures, posted, by the VIP, to locate them reach their location, and bring them to the club I can't. Believe it she's here reached the VIP lose, the paparazzi. Grab a second, guest and return to your club and. Finally. Reach a couple of not so well-known celebrities. Or clubbers and get them in the club all. Right the crews all here we're gonna have some fun and get, the brand out there while we're at it hey, take. A pic tag. Me hashtag, Laszlo I'm. Trending, promotion. Type three our random missions for English, day unlike. Other promotion, jobs, these aren't started, by the player but are randomly, activated. By the game through a call made by day these. Missions, themes, are favors, asked, by the resident, DJ favors.

Ranging, From free, a couple of kidnapped, friends. Recovering. Some classic, stolen vinyl, or, bring a group of friends to the club using a helicopter, while keeping a low altitude because, one of the guests, doesn't, like Heights. Oh. Thanks. And this, is more or less all you can do with the business activities, part of the after our was update, but there's still a little more like. Any other business the night club can be attacked too always, by the game not by other players there, are two different. Kinds, of raids once tied to the night club the, other affects, the hub let's. Look at the first kind Punk's, thieves, poor, people they, came in here and stole some bags and phones and stuff okay you know I would have stopped him but you know I'm. A dancer, not. Fighter once. Attacked you'll get a call from Laszlo, informing. You that some Punk's, stole some, bags phones, and stuff when, the call ends we have to find the thieves chiloe recover, the stolen property and bring it all back to the club there's, no time limit and if we fail we'll just have to promote to change the opinion of the clientele, about the venue. To, avoid being raided there is a simple, trick that works for every, business in GTA, online do, not register, as, a VIP or, CEO, or, emcee. Just, make sure to disband, your organization, when it's not needed and you don't have to worry about security anymore, you don't even need to buy the security. Upgrade, almost, 700. Thousand, stays in your pocket and speaking. Of the upgrades, the four hundred and seventy-five, thousand. Dollars staff, upgrade. Is a worthwhile investment, considering. You'll, have a third bartender. And the loss of daily popularity. Is lower and that's. That for the nightclub but not, for all the activities. Of after-hour now, on, to the other part of the business as we. Said at the beginning the, actual, name is warehouse. But, it's also called, basement, and storage. To, avoid confusion, with the warehouses, from the finance and felony update in this video we just gonna call it the hub alright alright. So the hub is a five floor max underground. Structure, divided, into two main areas a personal, garage in front and round, rooms in the back with a terminal for managing. The club and staff then. There is a terminal, room for the technicians. And various. Other rooms where the contraband, is kept, again. If you're unsure if. This business is for you when buying the nightclub, leave the storage facility, alone and don't buy any additional floors, there's always time near larger, hub later there. Are two ways to get the goods for the hub business, battles, and technicians, the forum is active, in other words it requires your. Direct involvement the. Second is a passive. Method that doesn't even require player. Interaction. Let's. Start with the business battles, they, have one activation. Requirement, being in a session even if an invite, only with, at least three players active, moving, or idling, outside, not inside nightclubs. Apartments, or any other interiors, you don't need to buy or start anything else no, technicians. Businesses. Or upgrades, you. Can have fun playing with your friends, and others while filling, your hub at no additional cost. A business. Battle is nothing, more than a free motif in it is set to start every 15 minutes or so like any free motif and as long as players in the lobby haven't, disabled, the. Business battle consists, of a mission where players, have the chance to recover and store, two crates of any random product, in the hub there. Are various scenarios Rockstar. Created, for this event in one we got to reach a laptop, inside a police station and interact, with it while trying to survive the cops to mark the location of a vehicle with the cargo on the map, sometimes. The crates appear as duffel, bags on maps after killing a bunch of targets for an unknown character or, dropped from an airplane after, clearing a drop zone of military, and marking the area by throwing a flare if. The cargo is split into two bags or crates recovering. Both may be difficult. If your solo sometimes. It's better to go halfsies than, to die. Several. Scenarios involve, the full cargo stuffed, inside one vehicle starting. With a car meeting in which we have to steal, a hermès. Another. Scenario requires, finding a vehicle at the airport, using a picture on your phone or, reaching. A trailer with a Mamba, inside that we must free by blowing off the trailers doors in. Another. We have to deal with a large group of Merryweather. Soldiers, at Fort Zancudo or, a fairly. Large group of professionals. In the underground garage of, the Union depository, there's. Even a scenario, involving simians, dealership, where we have to hack the garage doors kill all the mechanics, and thugs or outrun, them and collect a vehicle to take it to the nightclub. And. All.

These Missions you can either use the supplied vehicle, and bring, it to the hub getting, both crates in a single drop or destroy, the vehicle to free the crates and then take them to the hub one by one obviously. If you're alone keeping the original vehicle. Is the best choice it's, also worth noting that if you win 20, business, battles, you will unlock a special gold trophy. For your office. Quick-quick, you need to get to the warehouse now, the, same cups you can pay off or about to try and steal all your product you'll need to stop them like, the club the hub can also be rated and while you may risk losing some, clubbers, with the hub you, risk losing everything, you have so far as soon, as the raid starts, police will surround the nightclub, using Granger's on a helicopter to, successfully. Defend, your club you have to kill all enemies. Around the club without dying or otherwise, you'll fail and all goods, in the hub will be seized by the police, but. As we said before to, avoid being, raided, there is a simple, trick that works for every business in GTA, online do. Not register. As a VIP. CEO. Or, emcee, and make sure to disband your organization. When it's not needed and you won't have to worry about security anymore, you won't even need to buy the security. Upgrade, which just, delays raids, rather, than eliminates. Them with. All that said let's start crunching, numbers with, the other way to gain goods for the hub technicians. Until. Now we've discussed, the active, experience, of this update with the next part we'll delve into the passive, activities, where there is almost no player interaction. After, the introductory, mission, you'll automatically, gain the first of five technicians. That can work recovering, goods to sell seven. Different types of goods can be stolen and stored in your hub by technicians, cargo. And shipments, is the first category nothing, really new here to see just a fancy name for the, CEO, special. Cargo from the finance and felony update then, we immediately have the five businesses. Added with the biker update, printing, and copying. Organic. Produce. Cash. Creation. Pharmaceutical. Research, and South American, imports. Last. Is Sporting, Goods again. A new name identifying. Weapons, produced by the bunker business, from, the gun running update to, have a technician, to work on one of the previous categories you, have to own the, related, business, and everything, necessary. To, run it in other words if you want to put yo hands work on car going shipments, you need a CEO, office and a warehouse which. Office, and warehouse is an important, you just need to own one of them the same goes for the, five businesses, from bikers with, the necessary, clubhouse, or the bunker from gun running if you want your technician, to collect Sporting, Goods, once. You have the business, make sure to complete the set up mission or restart, the activity if you closed it before and that's, all you don't need to do, resupply, missions or upgrade. These businesses, nothing, you can change in these activities will affect the production time or quality, of the products, the finance, and felony bikers and gun-running activities. Only have, to be open, so with that clear let's bring on the tables, like. We said there are seven categories of goods each with, a specific value, per, crate from a thousand, bucks to 20 G's, depending, on the type of good technicians. Required from 30 minutes to four hours, of real, time not GT a time to accrue one of these crates that means if you're looking to fill your hub without doing the business battles. You need to stay in the game for almost a week just, like the staff upgrade, helps, you with the club the equipment, upgrade, is useful, for your hub because it improves, the productivity of, your warehouse technicians, by allowing them to accrue, Goods faster, exactly. Half the time, needed without the upgrade, it costs. 1, million four hundred twenty-five. Thousand. But if you're trying to get the most out of this activity, it's an investment, you need to make and that's. All you need to run the hub hire a technician, and assign them to a specific job then simp wait until you have enough and want, to start selling okay, so we're selling some of the stuff that's been piling up downstairs and giving me a heart attack great, with, the business running, that's moving to the next part of the activity, selling, for profit first of all selling, the goods is the only activity, that requires a.

Public Session so before, selling, try to find the right session for you or hire, some help to avoid losing income with. That said there are three different, ways to sell your goods you can sell your entire car go all the, crates of a single type or a special, order another. Difference, from all other, businesses. Is that it doesn't matter how many crates of goods you're gonna sell everything. Gets loaded into a single, vehicle, selling. Missions are extremely. Easy to complete from simply, reaching a single delivery point to multiple. Deliveries, with or without enemies to face from, thugs and vehicles to roadblocks. To clear before completing, the sale, sometimes. You'll need to use a cargobob, and deliver, the packed vehicle. On a barge near the helicopter, in another. Scenario you, need to use the app sightseer. To uncover the next drop-off you'll. Always have a time limit and the higher the value of the cargo the more enemies will attack, definitely. Buy the mule, custom, and the pounder custom, and in the hub's garage, modify. The delivery, vehicles, adds the, maximum, armor and all the other customizations. From the engine, to the weapons, a fully, customized. Pounder. Custom, can resist almost, anything, during a selling mission later. We'll talk more about tactics. To make a prop but for now just know that the best way to sell goods is by collecting, most of them and from time to time choosing. One of the three special, orders available, these. Orders change over time so don't. Wait to have enough to fulfill the specific, special order because once, you have what's needed most of the time that order is not available, anymore, the reason special, orders are better than selling the entire hub, or a complete, set of goods is because you'll receive, an additional bonus for, a set a value. They can go from a 5%. Or to 25%, more, if you want to make some real money top, bars will have specific shopping. Lists of products, and they'll pay a premium if that whole order is filled most, of the money goes to you some. Goes to the club of course, take. These three orders as an example if, you sell all the goods listed, directly instead, of by completing, the special order you'll gain a total, of seven, hundred fifty nine thousand. Five hundred dollars, if you instead satisfy. Three customers. By selling, them the exact, same goods you'll, gain an additional bonus of, sixty-seven. Thousand, two hundred dollars okay. You, made the sale we finally got currency, to run through the tills at this place, all anyone drinks nowadays is bottle fucking, water the, profits, mize the laundering, fee will be in your account soon, as always, when selling we have to remember our contacts, cut this means ten percent of the profits, Tony keeps for his services. If you sell one hundred thousand dollars worth of product you'll actually get. Ninety, thousand, while Tony, it's the remaining, ten thousand, Tony's, cut by the way is capped at a maximum, of a hundred thousand, the, high demand bonus, is instead, a one percent income boost over, the selling price for every, enemy in the session at the moment you do the deal again, if you sell a total, of 100,000. You will receive, one, thousand, more for every player not, affiliated. With your organization. In the session now, let's run the numbers to find the best strategy, for breaking even and starting, to profit, with the glove we, could, bombard. You with tons, of possibilities including. All the, business's, various, venues or, just, some buying. One, or more floors, and a lot more but we won't do that follow. The strategy, step by step to gain the most money possible in, the least time possible go.

With The cheapest, nightclub, at the pier in south LS, for just over a million avoid, customization. But buy all the storage floors, for the hub reach. The nightclub, terminal, buy the equipment. Upgrade. And hire all the technicians, with that done a little over five million. Have disappeared, already but, that's it if you've already bought, the other businesses. If not time, to spend some more the. Best strategy, considers, that the player owns five, businesses. CEO, office, and warehouse gun-running. Bunker, and three activities, from bikers counterfeit. Cash, methamphetamine. Lab and cocaine, lockup, if, you're going to buy these activities. Only for the hub don't, spend a single penny on upgrading. Or supplying them to keep your expenses at a maximum, of 5.5, million, bringing, the total investment to almost, ten million, six, hundred thousand. Despite. Offering good bonuses, the special orders aren't the best way to make money the most logical thing to do is work within a time limit three of the seven businesses. Create maximum product in 20 hours if. We set this moment, as the reminder, to sell everything created in the hub after having, assigned the five technicians. To cash creation. Sporting. Goods, pharmaceutical. Research, car going shipments, in South American, imports we'll be able to sell everything, for, a total, of eight hundred, thirty. Thousand. More or less -, Tony's 10% meaning we'll gain around seven, hundred and fifty thousand. Or sale. So. Rounding, up the numbers a little we can make seven hundred and fifty K from the hub every twenty hours to pay for the investment, we have to repeat these sales exactly. 15, times obtaining. A surplus of a little more than six, hundred and fifty K all. This without considering, that we can lower the expenses. By winning the business, battles, or that there are the staffs wages, to pay nightclub. CEO. Assistant. Bunker, and bikers, activities, every, 48 in-game. Minutes, for a grand total of eighteen, thousand dollars in. Other words just, to repay the nightclub, and business investments, there are a couple of weeks of keeping the game open 24/7.

The Good thing is that exactly, like the bikers, businesses. The hub activities. Are for those players that play the game a lot, the, hub is the only really, passive, business, in the game that doesn't require the players attention at all so. Jump in especially. If you bought the other businesses. In the past. To. Wrap it up at a first, glance the business, opportunities. Added, with the after-hours. Update, may seem boring and a little stale, while, they actually, give players chances, to earn good, money if, they use the right strategy, between, the previous businesses. And a passive, use of the hub, we're easily, looking at a million or more per, day, surely. To own everything, and follow the best strategy, you'll need to spend a good chunk of your money and if, you're not an afk, player, reaching, the break-even point will take a few weeks if not months so. If you're an active player someone, who still enjoys, playing this game you now, have all the info needed to earn the best profit possible, from the hub in this update otherwise, simply. Go for the nightclub and that's, it for this episode of, tips and tricks if, you want to chat with us and other players or find, someone to play GTA online with, join, us in our official, discord. Server or follow, our social media pages on Twitter Facebook and Instagram, from. The GTA series videos crew this, was gary7 mt, if. Mom.

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The Hub for the Nightclub is NOT supposed to be a main source of income, you can have it so your technicians accrue goods while you’re at work/school/bed/or other things people do outside of playing games. The REAL way to go about this is to have the hub make money ALONG with the other businesses (coke, meth, cash, guns, cargo,etc) and while (if) doing the Criminal Mastermind Challenge with friends. If you ask me, the Hub business side is the best out of all due to how passive it is and having 1 delivery vehicle guaranteed on sales, just be alone in your org/Mc when selling to get the most from each sale

So does that mean that i do not need to refill the supplies at the bunker and no neeed to sell the weapon crates produced anymore??

One thing that should be mentioned is that unless you are also making money with the businesses themselves you shouldn't log in as an MC-president because whatever the club is giving you for any linked business the upkeep of the business itself is higher. What I do is supplying the bunker and having the three biker businesses running without supplies. As long as I don't start a biker club I get more money than it costs.

3:54 he kinda change maybe his cap or just the age

I been waiting for this video since the Update came out...

What's that box at 19:58 for? I've got it but I don't know how it just appeared

I’ve never been raided of asked by Dave to do missions

for that lazy player to make money....use mod(pc only i think on current next gen)

Très complet, comme toujours ! Thank you GTASeriesVideos

I don't know if i buy a vehicle warehouse or a nightclub

Notes for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One they should put all them updates up on there for Franklin them old bmpc and stuff like that

how to put houses and stuff like that and bigger garages for Franklin and I'm at way to make the game much funner in the lot of people applied by the gaming world and I think it'll put almost all the cars in one line cuz a bunch of the corners of the room and I'd like to have for Franklin myself and stuff like that and bigger Rogers 30-40 car garages and stuff they are in 60 car garages I think Rockstar Auto get to head down there but you think about that a little bit of meat Franklin Indiana Jones game just as well as good you know he's everything putting online all the times bullcrap

I still do not understand about the hub lmao

I think the other pull up to each off of line to for Franklin and Trevor and Michael give some more representative that would make the game much funner cuz they put everything on one line everything online all the time and stinks not everybody has online the other put some updates off line

Idk why. But I keep watching all these ''How to Make Money with... (New DLC stuff) from GTASeriesVideos over and over again., just because they edited those videos so damn good. Gary7 MT's voice is relaxing asf

Do you need to upgrade the other business to maximaze the profit of the hub in the nightclub?

fuck R*

Can anyone let me know what his oppressor color is?

How do i stock up the hub?

Conclusion: Not worth buying if you have no bunker. Additional to that it takes extreme amounts of time to reach break-even. The stupid delivering vehicles only take out of the mission one rocket to kill, so they are just good for the missions. Additional to that most of the shown businesses are not worth doing. Buying supplies only works for the Bunker to make a big profit. Look at the fucking Methlab and you will see it's not worth running. If you want to grind serious money buy Import/Export Garage and stay away from this hub bullshit.

so do the technicians get supplies for my bunker as well, or do i still need to buy that stuff?

So, if i assigne or that thing the technician to my cocaine business, itll create product to the hub over time? Do i have to be a ceo or mc or even be online?

Thanks for this! I'm not going to buy the update properties, thanks to your advice. I wouldn't get the use from them, and it'd take me FOREVER to recoup my investment!

When is the After Hours update coming to PS3?

Good video bit of advice for console players who want a solo public session you need to do this glitch. Got to settings , then network settings , test NAT type and boom you got a solo public session.

So does the Raid trick still work if you are hired as a bodyguard?

I love this guys voice! Excellent video

Anyone know how to dance for money?

Complete the Nightclub Awards from your "Stats" menu.

U cud get popularity quicker by just rebooking djs

New gta game?

XD i just buy a security

No love for the Air Freight buisness

Thx this really helped at first I never knew how to get the good cheddar but now I know thx GTA series

my guy what hax u using must have if u havent been banned alrdy

Hi, Great, Video with tips also great channel. I will be greatfull for some support on mine channel

What weapon was that he was using

I have 203,000,000. PS4: Hypercell00 (Must have a mic)

So how much money to get club and missions? My money is dying

Do you need your popularity to be full to make your workers work faster

I used to make 4 million fucking dollars in import/export it took real time to stock up all alone. There was a glitch were you are all alone I a session. But it doesn't work anymore so it's not worth it because everyone wants to fucking murder Me every second . So

wow he speaks

Having a coke lab and nightclub is more cheaper and easy in real life then in this game lol

I’m giving you seen the hub it’s freaking annoying when you say that you Call it call it the ghetto version which is the garage and the business area.

Does anyone else constantly have to steal the booze from the biker gang all the time? And ive never had to smash anyones vehicle before as a promotion

You do not need a CEO Warehouse to get the cargo I have a hanger and it works the same way and as a side note if you don't have the Gun Locker in CEO office before you buy nightclub you will not have it in your nightclub

Very informative despite how long I've played and that I've already been in the nightclub game. Great voice over as well two thumbs up.

Man u got the biggest wigga voice ever

Dude can you like narrate my life

this guy sounds like snoop dogg

Only bought the nightclub because had money for it, and the club looks cool but still don't understand the hub

How much does 1 storage floor sell for

Very good video

You have one smexy voice

None 9f these things come up for me

We need another solo mode I can’t make money in any way at this point and I almost lost $100k delivering the “tale of us” DJs

why cant i sell in a private session?

New sub

I think you should have mentioned that you can still run and sell the other businesses while the nightclub is also accruing crates. For example, you can still run cars and special crates from the CEO office, restock and sell every mc business as President, resupply and sell bunkers, and steal cargo for the hanger. You essentially double dip, so to speak, on these businesses with a full running nightclub. All of this must be done in open lobbies and isn’t hard to do if you have 30 friends constantly grinding money and not killing each other.

I thought your technicians could only acquire goods when you're active as a CEO or MC or am I wrong?

You have to waste all your money and buy BIKERS' stuff. Stupidity. I hate bikers business, so After Hours just not for me, because it's only bikers' deal

Fk. This dlc only for BIKERS

Aye Morgan Freeman is back to tell me how to get cash

My Nightclub is at the Abandoned La Mesa warehouse I just did Rocco a favor after he died

Is the dancing the same as tbogt

with the nightclub can loads of cash appear on the floor when you sell goods like the ceo office or the biker clubhouse?

20:00 How do you get that trophy?

Did anyone else noticed the the Shelby GT 350 license plate says Raine....

Get Rekt yep sure send me a friend request on social club.

Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More can i play with ya on pc? My sc is IDunnoshock

Who Can? Kapkan 1.yes no shit 2.if you want for example sell 125 crate, but you just have Speedo Custom, you get loan from game (in this case mule). I never tested this but i got this information from reddit. Dont remember the name tho.

What business is that at 14:46?


You never said which businesses are the best to assign to, I have all seven available that can be assigned but you can only assign 5/7 of the business so I'm wondering what two businesses I should not assign?? Someone help?

14:00 for myself

Wish I had online and the money for da club

Is this *WORTH* it compared to other businesses?

Is this better than Import/Export ceo?

Lol I know a glitch to get 3 mil in 40 mins XD

Thank you. Ive been playing this game for over 3 years and this is by far the best tutorial ive ever seen. Kinda sad that it took me this long to stumble across your channel

3:35 Club safe

Why do I not have cameras in my nightclub?

Not being an MC/VIP/CEO has never stopped my businesses from being raided. My MC businesses get raided constantly even with max security in all of them

i bought the cheap nightclub on the peninsula, because i mostly use aircraft. if you are good enough you can use the long street as a runway.

The fuck how you speaking?

Thank ypu so much, I was looking for a video like this!

I’ll stick to head hunter

Nice editing

Thanks for this I've been looking for your video ever since the DLC came out

Dude thank you for making this video.....It really helped me a out a lot......I was so lost until I watched your vid....Thanks once again...

Shit I lost access to online after I went and purchased that 2 day ps plus

Wooow a gold star :o

Bottom line is night club dlc is shit we need more story line new mission not another shitty business

Really good video breaking down exactly what you're getting yourself into with this update. It's a shame that this game has become either a grindfest with the amount of hours you need to play the game or to spend money on Shark cards.

This is a really good and in depth tutorial!

Honest question: If I'm offline, does the nightclub lose popularity and/or does the safe still generate money?

Most legendary Gta channel ever...

so where is the 5 minutes i was promised to have fun?

GTA Series Videos Does upgrading an individual business from another dlc increase its performance at the nightclub?

dude ur the best

Come to club paradise the best club in LA PS4 :Rudyjordan2

Thanks do you have to still have to keep resupplying the bunker and warehouse even though you have the nightclub and a person working on that job

Write don’t talk I can’t understand

new update in gta online: more overpowereed vehicles that are overpriced, so either grind or buy sharkcards (the latter is what donkstar wants). lol gta online was good before the heists. after that it went downhill

That was very useful! Thanks

You sound like a whiter version of snoop dogg

This was really helpful, thanks guys !

GTA Series Videos I got a Sabre Turbo Custom for the mission you got stealing a Hermes and a Issi Classic for the mission you got stealing a Panto.

This is helpful

I dont have enough money for all that

DO NOT BUY THE MULE, ITS TRASH. watch a video about it

Hi. I have seen your GTA 5 videos. I have one question. How can you get out of the negative money on offline. When your Franklin and you do the mission Lamar Down and have $20 or under. You get to the negatives. I have tried selling some of my stock markets but it didn't work. Please look into this.

Wait is this snoop dogg talking

Me: Wow all that hard earned money will all go to that building I bought. GTA online: you need to buy another thing for 1 million.

I wish I would have found this channel a long time ago, you don't talk fast and act like everything has to be hype. You explain shit clearly and slowly. Its chill and I like it.

How do you get kicked out of a Nightclub?

What about the money taken away daily for owning those properties? I think I get 29k taken away every day (48 minutes gta day) for having those biker businesses and bunker open. I’m finding it a little hard to see the profit of keeping the hub open when you get almost 30k taken away every 48 minutes. (You have to open the biker and bunker businesses and even though they have no product or supplies they still pay the staff every day.) EDIT: Hm... actually it's like 16K that gets taken away daily, not 29k. (I wonder where I got that number from?)

I'm messing around in public and have 3 technicians set to each one but they don't get me stock when I'm passive like u said

i drove 9.8 miles to get that god damn skull on the lorry - back intact to my NC - NEXT TO A BRIDGE !! you get nothing for it,doesnt appear anywhere = any info on that at all,feel like i friggin earned it tbh :)

good vid man ,sick of these bloody glitch/ adsense whore videos,nice one ,liked n subbed

I get this is what the channel is about, but how have they stayed engaged with GTAO for so long?

@7:48 my heart sank. You really mean to tell me that I didn't have to buy security upgrades for any of my businesses??? That I've wasted millions?? I feel ill....

Okay I'm still out on a few things question number one I think I have the business battles turned off or hidden how do I turn those back on so I can participate question number 2 if I buy for supplies for all my biker businesses in my bunker wow running crates for my CEO in my hanger how do I know when it's time to move my technician from one spot to the next

I just want to know I’m new to gta online should I buy/invest in the ceo organisation or the nightclub

U guys forgot to mention that....ALL UR OTHER BUSINESSES STAY OPEN AND FUNCTIONING WHILE THIS IS basically kids this is the gift to the grinders....if ur on, grinding out money in ur other ventures...u just got the ultimate side excuse to not earn ur money in this game boys and girls!...if ur not about that lifr then hey good for u....but if u r, enjoy the rewards!

I am not go to wast to much time on this video

GTA Series Videos I’m too poor to buy

My guide on how to make money on gta online GLITCH GLITCH GLITCH GLITCH GLITCH AND DUPE CARS

I wanted to know about that box at 20:00. What is that?

Not one wasted sentence, well done! And thank you.

11 hours to unlock gold star trophy? Wait... 11 hours in a row???

Nah, its cumulative. Anytime u are online to keep its popularity up, the hours add up. Same goes for the other trophies.

Popularity drops faster than a meteor.. I'll just stick to the various goods stacking up..

Where is gta men

Weed and Forged docs. They make less money.

Is this the last gta 5 online update

Finally a way to make legit money instead of glitches and shit thank you your earn a sub

What is the name of the ost's used in this video?

And again... the grind is too real! The work you have to put in is starting to feel like real work.

Thats y u get staff upgrade!

It takes time if u dont have the equipment upgrade 4 the club it can take up to 4 hours just to ubtain one stock meter!

GTA Series Videos actually the cheapest club is at the very bottom of the map

The delivery is shit there is this delivery where you have to hack and deliver which sucks ass if some guy is chasing you

How do you start fight in the club if you can that is

The problem is gta players are assholes and will always try to sabotage your selling missions

Wow this video is well put together, u guys really invest a lot of time in playing and research good job on the business break down

Great video

Man i just glitch. Get myself 30M in 5 hours

How to make money on gta: 1) get a job 2)buy sharkcards 3)get vagina....

Luke Cumpston or just use glitches

my technitions don't produce unless I have my business resupllied idk why but it just does

Samuel Yanke same for me, it won't produce unless i myself go and resupply them.

Dave only calls me when he wants me buy another DJ when Tale of Us is the best

I got all the businesses, I don't understand what to do next?

Wait so if I'm registered as a ceo my mc buisness will still get attacked?

The club has been the best business for me so far but wtf is AFK?

what do I do if printing and copying stopped filling up in my nightclub? Need some help please.

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vacaroo don’t believe him its a scam

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Are they still streaming?

Dude this was amazing! Also love you voice

How do we make our avatar look like English Dave or make English Daves car

Not turkish ,badddd video

How many nightclubs can you have ?

I've had my nightclub for a while and haven't received a single mission or call from Lazlow. What's up with that? All of my promotion missions have been for Tony.

best business

Can we still manually get supplies to all our businesses individually and make money the usual way? I've connected my businesses to my nightclub but someone told me that it makes money for itself and i can still resupply my businesses and make money the old way along side it

How do I sell my coke my lockup is full and when I go to the computer to sell it won’t let me

Especially do not register as an MC president unless you like paying the operating cost per hour on each biker business you have running. My daily expenses went from like $30,000/48min to $5300/48min since I have only registered as a CEO to interact with the club. I experimented with both for a few days and noticed on my maze bank statement this was true. The bunker cost $9400/48min still though. Barley worth doing unless your selling from your bunker directly as well.

Why the hell do the workers for cocaine have no clothes

Just tell me. Is it really worth it?

So in other words, continue import/export with gunrunning going in the background if you want real money. And visit other player's nightclubs to have fun. Got it!

So I have a cocaine lockup the gun running bunker and a hanger warehouse nothing else. I'm 70 to 80% of the time a solo player. The hanger has becoming boring and annoying to use. Looking for something to replace it. Should I buy a nightclub or an import/export warehouse? Thank you for your advice.

It does, you just didnt wait enough time

Can I just buy a clubhouse and start selling any goods please reply

Hello, does the (CEO crate) warehouse cargo generated from the nightclub affect junk scattered around the office? I would prefer keeping my office clean from junk with only cash in sight however if the nightclub will allow me alternate access I'll take it.

I want a dildo bat like from saints row

In 20 hours, i could make 3.3MILLION with ONLY impoert/export. I can make 4 TIMES THE AMOUNT THIS PUTS OUT!

Holy crap, thanks man!

EliseFais yeah im starting to feel that GTA Online aint for fun no more only Grind work shoot and focus.

Or don't buy into this BS and a horribly aged tony?

I didn't want the spoilers. Just jobs locations, best/worst location.

i love your voice!

Expertly well informed. Thank you

this is the best guide so far

you sound like Samuel L jackson

Best way to make money sólo??

Now THIS is what I call a walkthrough. DAMN

Buy the club for the Terobyte only. Best decisions ever, I dont have to go through the damn offices everytime for the import/export missions.

+xShadowDestroyerx grinding heaven bro.. the best things is that, it save a lot of your time. Which is everything when you want to grind for money. I can make easy 400-600k in one day by just grinding for 5 hours.

how the good is the terrorbyte I'm close to buying it

Clubhouses or nightclubs? Which one should i invest in?

How Did You Make All That Money

so this is an extra 1$ million per day, while you have all you other bussiness running and you can do import/export,(if you buy the TerrorByte, you can basically source car without ever going to your ceo office everytime which is great!) if you ever get bored of sourcing cars, do the paige contact missions which pay 60k every 30 minute or so and they are easy(the first two one) and do the bounty hunter from Maude which is another 10k every 10 minute or so. You can easily make 3 Millions dollar a day in GTA Lol sure the beggining is hard if you dont have any bussiness, but you invest every penny of your sales into making more money and eventually after 2 weeks or 30 days you will be making pure profit and able to enjoy every dlc and have fun playings missions and stuffs with the new toys

lol that freaking pug mask, always get me xD

Hay I would love for us to work together ..

I only have 2 storage floors on my night club and I sell the product each time than I have 300.000$, for not risk to lose in a fail... but if I wait I could win much more. I think that not necesary to have all the Storage Floors.

Yeah fuck that, go live life.

Hey thanks for a such a detailed guide keep it up

I only got the Silver Number One Nightclub, I'll get the gold soon Baltfier and The Best Dance

"The four types are: reach a VIP who has been arrested, jump in the Transporter, lose your wanted level then finally take the VIP to your club." Don't you mean steps? "Jump in the Transporter" is definitely not a type of mission.

Also to remember the speedo custom comes free when you buy the terabyte that's a good one the bad one is the mule do not buy it you don't need it at all but you do need the pounder even though they were say on there if you have excess amount of products you use a different vehicle by the Falls if it's too big for the speedo it'll automatically go to the pounder and do you remember the pounder can take 34 for RPG shots

Do remember if you go into your motorcycle club house and get on the computer to get your supply levels if it's been a long time it'll automatically spawn an attack on one of your businesses every time

If you are offline do you still got that money that you get for business? Or only if you are online? And if you are online and later going offline, does it counts further if you going online later?

Thank you very much. This is by far the most comprehensive guide I've seen on all of the internet for this update. great work. I am currently grinding to 10Mil in solo public sessions til I buy my club

I've been saying that for a long ass time but the cockstar fanboys just can't accept *F A C T S!*

wow i never got those DJ missions...

Titan Smash Games Titan Smash Games 1 second ago if your low on time and have friends to help you i recommend to make money host pacific standard give yourself a 70 percent cut and that will give you 850,000 however it takes 100,000 to set up the heist so you only get 750,000 money and your friends all get 10 percent so they get 125,000 money plus if they do all the set ups with you then they get another 100,000 money (you need to put it on normal or hard for this i recommend normal difficulty except for the first mission because you don't fight anyone you just take some pictures and steal a van so that's a extra 6,000 money for your friends) so in the end they get 225,000 if your friends and you are good within a hour you should have 750,000 money at the end of the hour. you also want to only have 1 person carrying the money so the other three can cover now when in the ally 1 person cover your backs so they don't spawn behind you the money carrier needs to take cover behind THE BLUE DUMPSTER best cover spot the two people left will be the shock troops killing the police so you can all move up when its clear keep moving, also their is a way to skip they ally by cutting across through a building but don't the cops will still be shooting at you plus it glitches the game out so my advice DON'T DO IT.(i recommend using the SWAT truck, the helicopter is cancer to try and get trust me, if you don't know where the SWAT truck is you need to get the SWAT called in the bank you do this by killing at least 2 hostages then when your on the bikes go the way the way point tells you but next to the ramp boom swat van now set a way point for zancudo highway DO NOT FOLLOW THE WAY POINT AND DON'T PLACE THE WAY POINT ON THE BOAT UNTIL YOUR ON ZANCUDO HIGHWAY! BEWARE INSTEAD OF FIGHTING NORMAL POLICE YOU WILL BE FIGHTING HEAVILY ARMORED AND ARMED SWAT TROOPS SO AIM FOR THE HEAD! when choosing seats the one guy with the money is in the back that's the most protected area and make sure they don't shoot out the back because it opens the back door and leaves the people in the back INCLUDING THE MONEY CARRIER EXPOSED TO GUNFIRE! however the passenger and driver dont have this problem but i recommend the passenger shoots because the driver needs to keep avoiding cop and civilian cars and well just focusing on driving. Also when you turn the corner to the next ally their is 3 guys hiding one on the balcony 2 behind two dumpsters so look out for them) this was a guide to a person with no time to play, way to make decent money in just an hour hope i was helpful.

This video really helped me I never really understood nightclubs and had a night lub for a while now I know how to break even in profit

Too much grind. Still requires too much time required to do anything. 20 hours with the technicians?? Smh..

is it worth it to just buy the cheapest with no upgrades at all and use it on a bunker and special warehouse ?

Not blaine county

Does anybody know if it’s better to sell nightclub cargo as biker members or ceo associates as far as there cut?

Wanted to say this cause you didn't mention it: the popularity will be increase by half a bar if you swap DJ's which cost 10k each (so you only gain 10k if done once every 2 paydays when you got the upgrades purchased)

Is this lazlow???

This nigga is such a dipshit, if I had 5 million dollars to spend i wouldn't even bother with this over effort BS dlc.

I assigned them but there’s nothing do i i need to have stock in my bunker

Just dupe cars lmao

yeah its boring and repetitive as fuck

Especially driving back in forth

Soooo i really have 1 question can someone answer me this.. So the warehouse tech helps u earn supply for the different businesses that u already have?

So once u combine all ur businesses unber the nightclub hub techs do u still need to resupply for each individual business

Great video! Helpful, professionally made, and great voice.

Glitch like me :D i only do this stuff for fun lol

Yeah why put effort into making money. Let's just sit here and complain about everything being expensive

Rockstar is one of the biggest Micro Transaction companies in gaming with their SHARK CARDS, and thats why its so hard to make in game money. They want you to buy cards to get the more and more expensive items they add to the game. I am shocked nobody complains about this with as much heat EA and other companies get for far less than this.

How is you get these missions? Too. Much stuff.

All i have 2 say is...bye bye! Less pricks to put up with in freemode!

Que aburrido vete a estudiar romas oe payaso

I make 20k per GTA day with my club, no upgrades

for some reason i think you sound like a younger calmer version of samuel L jackson

Found out last night you don't need to attack the cars with a baseball bat, i used the mini gun the it and did in seconds.

I read a lot of reviews on steam of players getting banned for no reason (mixed reviews). Is it safe to buy to play on PC?

Türkish pleas


The problem with GTA online now is that people don't have friends anymore, im not saying this like they are usefull to make money, im saying this because blowing shit up and race friends was the fun thing in the game

first of all, DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU DO NOT HAVE LITERALLY EVERY BUSINESS FIRST YOU WILL NOT MAKE MONEY IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THEM. OK so do import/export and at the end of the day sell the nightclub product. then after that leave your PC/ console on all night and sell the product in the morning. this is what i do and it gives me about 2-2.5 mil a day. hope this helps.

Where's the Zombie Survival in Los Santos??? Damn you R*! Damn you!

Spent 3 million dollars on this dlc. now I have $5000

Anyone knows for sure what happens if you don't have the bigger vehicle and only own the default Speedo Custom? If, in such situation I decided to sell a bigger amount of crates/cargo/whatever you want to call it, what exactly would happen? Would I be unable to start the sale? Would I get a stock Pounder Custom/Mule instead? Would I 'cheat' the system and could use the Speedo? I really wonder about buying the bigger vehicles...

Cheers this has helped a lot

Can someone tell me why no merchandise is produced to sell at my nightclub? since a few days that this is happening, I have 2 businesses, the bunker and the forged documents, the bunker does work but the other does not! and I have the necessary technicians to keep the business afloat

Then the other way around, will Cargo & Shipments for your nightclub be available if u own a CEO warehouse but not the Hangar Air Cargo?

Somehow I've gotten the Star trophy even though I have just bought the Nightclub yesterday & I'm pretty sure I haven't been online for 11+ hours to supposedly get that trophy. Did the timer continue even when I was offline with 90+% popularity??

Thx very Good video

U've failed to mention that there is a maximum number of units u can sell with the Speedo C. & Mule C., 90 & 180 respectively.

And also what happens if u exceed 90 selling units but don't have both the Mule C. & Pounded C. purchased, will the game simply not allow u to sell the 90+ full stock & force u to sell the goods seperately?

Ugh, I'm lost... What are the best businesses to buy then? I currently have the car warehouse, crates, bunker, coke, weed & money laundering. Do I need anything else? So far I'm getting only ~230k per sale & it takes loooooong to refill

Great youtuber

My cocaine technician hasnt gotten a single crate anyone know why?

very good video, I have the nightclub from day 1, allready made more then 15mil with it. (I had all the other businesses before nightlife came out)

GTA Series Videos finally I hear you

Saw the video length, was skeptical. I should have known it would be the most informative collection of data that I needed to know about my nightclub. Thanks!

Damn, so professional

he is probably sampling the product again and again and again

Wei Shen , I agree. It was not that long ago that hunting a bounty was the most popular sport. Or battling each other at the Airport for a buzzard . It's money money money now.

yes BUT that way you can kill a developer accidentally and the mission is lost.

Sean. No you don't. With the Nightclub all your linked businesses are passive. HOWEVER if you need cash sooner rather than later,(waiting on the techs filling the shelves) then run your businesses as normal.

Never got any missions where I have to do favors for the DJs yet. I'd like to try them out.

Thought this was gonna make me play again ... I don't need a job when I'm trying to relax

Great video overall though

you have the princess robot bubblegum vinyl too

Tip: if your getting raided close the application and re-open.

I got most of the money for the nightclub myself. The rest of the money was with the help of a modder

How do I do the jobs to fill up the hub????

I would presume the other two trophies got bronze & silver versions of them as well?

Nvm, it's just the bronze & silver versions of them, another thing they've failed to mention in the video....

Do the technicians still make product for you even if your club popularity is low?

The night club still hasn't brought me back the wasted 2 million dollars.

It's good but it's hard


Plus resuppling coast 75k each business and all at the end u just earn 75k soooo weak

Cause waiting for a full order may take forever even with all ur business ugraded

Waste of money godda spend 7 mill total just to get a 70k sell :/ not worth it

Heist vehicle Warehouse warehouses night clubs MC business ps4

Best way to make money Duplicate cars

Anyone ps4 can help me out on my bussniess its hard to run my sales bec of grifers add me isaelthakid

Like si entiendes este comentario

So can I still do my mc business and stock them up and still have the nightclub progressing it at the nightclub?

Ofc you can do all these things if you have every cars/airplane and 30 mil $ + to buy fully armored cars and do the stufs its easy for me if i have these 30 mil$ +

We need something like merry weather businesses protecting and assassinating people with NPCs n shit. Solo friendly passives are amazing.

I'd like a sharkcard as compensation for your mistake.

Is it even worth doing the popularity i dont really care about 10k a day

He he he

Hate how u have to pay tony 10% even though we do all the work for the business battles and to get the other businesses and literally pay for all of it out of our pocket. It would be different if he invested 10% in the nightclub but he literally payed nothing and makes money off my work

do i still need to resupply my factories with my tech crew

no just buy full supplies once an leave them forever. you will not get raided as long as you do not have full product.


or import/export. because the glitches really only work for about a week before being patched. and are usually non-solo.

I wish somebody would have to come up and see if you can actually own more than one nightclub

clorex.. me and my friends have fun taking your money money money

Me and my friends have fun getting money money money

Is the cargo and shipments for the hangar are just the ceo cargo and do I have to have the business open or van I close them and still get money

You Sound like me homie you wanna move to grove street

GTA Series is ruined fullstop

Night club seems cool but the hub just seems confusing and a waste of money

wtf I had to watch 5 ads you fucking money whore

That not being a money who're having 8 ads on a 10 minute vid is being a money whore


Well it’s time for me to buy a night club and a warehouse to sell drugs in real life, wish me luck kids

I've watched you for years and never subscibed. I've used my TV so I didn't really check. Thanks for all of your guides. What Misson or setup do you hate the most

Tony is the coverup to basically keep things in check and get cops off your ass (though you still have to take care of people raiding your stuff). You also pay little (compared to the bunker buisness) and basically did nothing for the nightclub other than promotion (which is completely optional and can be given a rat's ass with).

You can completely omit the popularity missions. However the missions are simple and the 10k income isn't too bad either.

The Mule/Pounder Customs are dirt cheap in this DLC for something around 60k and 200k respectively.

Yes. They are basically completely separate activities (the legal, well "legal" nightclub side, and the illegal trafficking activities down in your bunker).

It's identical to the Bunker and the MC buisnesses. You need to be constantly active and playing in game (or at least AFK by watching TV or walk in a circle) to have the buisness to run and produce goods. If you are offline, the timer will stop and no goods will be produced.

Yeah but you can also make better use of the time and use the NC to supplement your I/E buisness as well, in a similar vein to the MC and Bunker buisness as well (and dude you play 20 hours a day?)

Yeah I bought this while it was on sale and I still regret it I think I'll stick to my MC and bunker business at least for now

Basically for people that have the equipment upgrade it fills in 3 days and 12 hours. That’s really good!

Oh/Ooh? Tony? Also sorry for all the comments I have an anxiety problem.

Oh/Ooh? Tony?

Ooh/Oh? Tony?

In 2 hours, i could make 3.3MILLION with ONLY impoert/export. I can make 4 TIMES THE AMOUNT THIS PUTS OUT!

I CAN play 20 hours... But I meant 2 hours (I Screwed the hours up, Sorry) But using this NC can take 48+hours of IN GAME TIME! In 8 hours of gameplay i can make 13 million. If I had nothing to do for a week and had absolutely nothing to do for 8 hours a day, in 5 days (40 hours)I could make 60 MILLION DOLLARS IN A WEEK! Of course this game isn't worth it, so boooooo!

Get outta here, how did get that much money, how do you have that much..

someone told me that certain technicians do better at one business over another this true ?

SO that's what's going on, the technicians are getting supplies they just take an incredibly slow amount of time to do it. Finally some answers!


How do I get those special people missions to happen like the ones with the VIP’s.

And i still live in the streets in gta online...

I like your positive mood, friend

*Grind Theft Auto: Online* A terrible game, so much fun!

professionally done with your GTA V documentary. You've got a new subscriber

Also, does lowering the entry fee affect club popularity? Like for instance, lower it to $50 so that more people can come in. I feel like greed isn’t always good.

Soooo...basically I can get the nightclub without the other shit right? I just want to have a nightclub and let people come in and have fun.

Fwm on psr

I wanna join your crew but its full

I still don't understand how people don't realize that Rockstar purposely give shit payouts for every single mission or activity in this game, just to get people to buy their overpriced and shitty Shark Cards. There should be no Shark Cards to begin with, but for gods sake the most expensive one which costs 50 euros only gives you 8 million in game cash. For that price I would expect 25-30 million. It's a complete ripoff.

Thank you for making this video ill start with that tomarrow!

*Saturday $970*

*T O D A Y $ 1 5 5 0*

This is my favourite update because I am always solo and very lazy

I will only buy a Nightclub after I have all of the other business and like millions.

Every time I make a Nightclub product sale I rotate all the techs to different products. This has eliminated the issue with certain products hanging up and not accumulating.

A nightclub Spend money to make money

Do i need to buy a hanger for cargo and shipment?

I love how ur a guy in GTA that owns guns to kill people but u can't even defend your self from some security

I bought security I wanna cry

I really like these videos. The instruction and the voice of the narration are on point. Thank you.


To get the supplies do you have to be a MC president or the nightclub owner at the time

I’m sorry but the best way to make money in this game is to the vip missions

15:35 is the list for the selling

I ain't gonna lie i was excited when I heard you can use the finance and felony warehouses, but the Hangar sounds more exciting

11:33 looks to similar being the Eleanor Mustang GT in Gone in 60 Seconds

Gary is my favorite from GTA series Videos

Is it just me or does this guy sound kind of like Snoop Dogg

trevatheterrible619 it’s okay. At least you can stay registered as ceo, etc

I just bought the gta 5 and I Don't have nothing

What about PS4

You sound like Morgan Freeman. I don't know whether that was racist or not. Who cares? I love Morgan Freeman's voice.

I am not making money with the night club DLC, I am loosing money as it cost MUCH more in upkeep then you get from this to keep the biker businesses running.

This is such a good way to describe all the nightclub activities thank you so much


Yup that's R* for ya, they got this whole game rigged

Lool it fucking sucks!

And here I am watching with 39,000 in my bank account

$16000 here I know the struggle

Русские субтитры?Них#$ себе)

Always resign/disband your CEO/MC immediately to escape your business fees. This will save something such as 15k per 24 minutes if you have 3 business and get away from the 9k bunker maintainence, as well as get away from raids. Alternatively, keep the popularity of your NC up. The 10k might seem abysmally little, but keeping it up long enough you gain millions from it. Personally I've gained a cumulative 2.1M from completely passive NC income plus 5M in hub sales (I started in September).

You do not have to be an MC prez nor the CEO to enroll in business battles.

If you have a CEO warehouse, you do NOT need a hangar for Cargo and Shipment. You need either the CEO warehouse or hangar, but not necessarily both.

Selling 1-90 crates and you will use the Speedo. Selling 91-180 crates and you will have to use a Mule. Selling more than 180 crates you will have to use a Pounder. If you do not have the Mule/Pounder while trying to sell the previously stated amount of goods, the mission will not start.

I’m happy with my yacht alone, thats it

Put in a bit of investment and you can earn yourself easy money from doing nothing.

This guy’s voice reminds me of Lotso from Toy Story 3

warm fridge enjoy those indie games then or good luck finding a triple a game that doesnt have them.

+Shahkulu well don't expect me to buy another R* title, that's beyond bullshit

warm fridge theyre not going to remove shark cards. theyve made too much money off of them to stop now, so id reccomend getting that thought out of your head.

+Shahkulu or maybe remove shark cards entirely? It's insulting to have micro transactions in a full priced game. Anyone that defends R* is ignorant af

It was made with day one gta online in mind. remember, with 8 million you couldve bought just about everything when the game came out. but i agree they need to raise the money given from shark cards.

Thanks for this amazing vid. Anyone wanna play on Xbox One add me DngSquirt99 I have a mic, cargo warehouse, vehicle warehouse, cocaine business, heists, nightclub, forgery business, office, clubhouse, etc... Join my crew 99 Hoodie Gang

Grande giocco gta gtia5 olaine

Tip he didn’t show is watch the DJs livestream found on the computer and go afk you won’t be kicked for idle

One of the Best guides ever!!!!!

Best dj?

I love this dudes voice no homo but it makes me so interested

Fuck me... the more of these videos I watch the less I feel like logging in.

I can finally afford a Nightclub! With the login bonus and sale..that is!

you could have cargo also if you have a hanger

Why is this guy trying to sound like Snoop Dogg?

I'm always CEO / MC president in online sessions for free Volatus / Akuma instant spawns.

Ice Tea, is that you?

Can you still get raided

Who hired snoop dog to commentate

Sadly my account reset..

the app sightseer made me lose all my cargo because it too to long to find the numbers hours of grinding lost

The part about ‘waking up on mount chiiliad nearly nude’ was fake, his character was already nearly nude when he blacked out..

if they made huge open world games such as GTA 5 with these great graphics and all these different game modes ...and then it was VR and you could actually exist is these worlds? cripes sake who would ever want to leave it?

Why tell us how to grind with your acc uses shark cards

For those of you who don't have some of the businesses and need money just find someone to act 2 glitch with. That will not get patched, you will not get banned if you know what you're doing and it will take less than 5 hours to have enough money to buy whatever business it's that you don't have to make money by yourself whenever your friends aren't online I have duplicated thousands of cars by now, done act2 and Pacific standard glitches hundreds of times and I've never been in bad sport. Easy money and you get to enjoy the game with all the vehicles and businesses

So should I or should I not buy a nightclub? Pls someone help me

Thanks this vid was very helpful!I subhead and turned notifications and like thank you.

It's just you

YOOO just to let you know u can actually AFK the nightclub for stock all you gotta do is have ur controller plugged why charging so that it doesnt turn off the head for the computer and just live stream the DJ then your practically good to go

Your voice is very comforting, rockstar should hire you just to do trailers, I would buy the game just because you voiced the trailer

This guy is awesome

I hate tony in here. We are his boss, but he only mad in phone everytime to make player help him. If i can fired him, i fired him long time ago.

Welp, I’ve been sitting on a goldmine

Good vid bro

This sounds overwhelming.

Well good and well presented video, well done.


What a bloody good committed and genuine video, more of the same, amazing!

This is how to play GTA Online. But people still play this game like Call of Duty, Battlefield.

Grind Theft Auto

Do you have to buy upgrades on the small businesses or it doesn’t make a difference on the production speed with the club?

Nevermind lol I just watched the whole video :)

I started playing online at 6 then got off at 3:31 am

Got 100k in 20 mins and today’s the first time I’m playing online for PS4

They removed the "Help DJ." Feature. You can no longer get calls from Dave to do them.

make money wise, after hours ain't worth it

Anyone wanting a nightclub. DON'T DO PROMOTE IT. WASTE OF TIME.

I just started 2 weeks ago. I own I/E, bunker, Coke, meth, counterfit, now my next two purchases are special cargo and then night club. Im excited to not having to do several deliveries in a row for my business and actually get to do other stuff like pvp and own the mk11. Yeee

He said 20 hours.Are those in game or in real life.If they are in real life..can they be achieved offline or i have to stay online??

Someone add me on playstation: Tupacs_Bandana99

Not too much work for just that little payment

That's cause your too stupid to save for an apartment.

24 minute video on a business that requires you to do: Jack and shit. Sick

If you are going to sell e every 20 hours, you only need two floors of storage because It Will give you 144 crate capacity and you Will only get 120 Crates every 20 hours and only buy Speedo custom because It can carry up to 120 crates exactly the amount you get every 20 hours. I Just saved you a couple of millions

I love the way this guy talks

Do you have to be Mc VIP CEO to get the technicians

Music playing in the background???

music playing in the background??

I got that helicopter DJ friend mission once. But some KD whore came after me because he failed miserably to steal a Business Battle vehicle from me by crashing his Stirling on top of me

This guy is perfect at this

Do you have a crew

Worst fucking update so far spending hours to get low amount of cash

ay mad info, thanks homie

Do NOT kill other players doing their shit is what you meant

+Edward Hernandez you're

can you have more than one nightclub at once? i have maxed out the warehouse business with 5 floors. can i have another club running at the same time?

The popularity is stupid you will make 10k a day if you do a 10 minutes mission you can instead do 2 minutes headhunter for 21k so don't do them people

I think you can't

This is pointless.

So you have to be in-game for real life week?

why are you all mad about microtransactions. Just don't buy it. Hope this helps

Shark Cards are the reason this game gets free updates to this day, 5 years after release. Rockstar doesn't put a gun to your head forcing you to buy microtransactions, yet all of you keep complaining. I've been playing this game casually over the last 5 years, and i always have something fun to do or to buy. If i want something, i buy it thanks to Import/Export missions, VIP Jobs, Client Jobs, and stuff like that. I have pretty much all i want without spending any extra cent on the game (And i can say the same about all of my friends playing the game), and i only have around 140 hours played on PS4. All of you should stop whining or go play something else, i don't know, Destiny, where you have to grind all day, everyday, for weeks, sometimes months to have a slight chance of getting a gun that you want. They've been updating the game for FREE for over 5 years and they never force people to buy microtransactions, and it payed off, because this game is still popular as hell and keeps selling and selling. You won't change any of this by crying in the internet, deal with or move on man.

I just want to make at least 200,000$ or 300,000 at least in an hour or two I hope that's possible

8:33 video starts your welcome and if you can pls sub to me

+dantedraco - 02 exactly

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