GRWM DINNER DATE: LIFE UPDATE | Why I left? NEW BF? What to expect from now..

GRWM DINNER DATE: LIFE UPDATE | Why I left? NEW BF? What to expect from now..

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Hi. Everyone welcome. Back hi. Hi, oh my, god haven't, been speaking in English. For. I think for a while I've been uploading a lot on Indonesian, Channel I know I'm, so sorry guys but I have a lot of reason why. I left. So. I thought, why not I just put. On makeup and just talk about it and just update you guys with what's been happening in, my life at the moment so yeah, I hope you guys enjoy. And. Let's. Talk. I, dyed. My hair, like. The first time in my life I've ever gone, this light basically, like a baby. I'm Chocola, kind. Of color that's what my hairdresser told me it's really light. Brown, basically. I went blonde few, weeks ago and it, wasn't really yellow so I told. My hairdresser, not to, I mean not to yellow, make it a little bit darker so she came out with this color I'm currently in my boyfriend's. Place, in, Tokyo, so. Yeah, I'm gonna FAQ, about. My, personal like - about, my relationship, as well so yeah, let's get into, our. Makeup, today but before that I'm gonna put, on, lyrical. Marine. Energy deep, cream waterfall. Gel. Cream I. Been. Really trying out a lot of different type of skincare lately, typically. More like a gel texture type of moisturizer. Cuz, I realize, every, time I wear more, of a thicker consistency. Moisturizer. My, makeup tend to take a lot so. Yeah. I've been really liking this one it's just white and, it. Does its job much moisturizing. My skin so I like, it. Remember. I had. Braces, from. Like a year ago and I recently took. It out when, I still had my braces, I, think. I develop, a lot of like a list like heavy ones I think, it didn't really affect my Onision as much and also, my Korean but, if it affected, my English, like my English pronunciation, completely. That was this point I couldn't pronounce like certain words and it, got me really frustrated. Whenever I meet up with my friends I couldn't, speak, well I just felt really insecure. About it and also I I wasn't, confident, and every. Time I come back on this channel when I still had my braces, some, people would point that out I was kind of scarred from the comments so yeah. That's why I was, away from this channel until, I took out my braces. Which was recently so yeah and that guys and I'll be vlogging a lot with my boyfriend, on this channel we'll be doing a lot of like you know a couple vlogging, exploring. Exploring. Places in Korea and, just. Fun things because, I do miss, this channel and thanks, to my boyfriend he. Encouraged, me to come back on this channel because, he felt like you know you should you should do both why only focus one now, again you're right but, I think I was just really not confident, coming back here for awhile because of, my braces, so I'm really sorry guys I know a lot of you guys are mad at me for not being back on this channel I'll be I'll be better I. Have. A, new boyfriend mm-hmm. A lot of you guys probably already, know if you guys follow me on Instagram, but if you guys haven't been, following me on my Instagram. I have. A boyfriend, his, name is Chris Chris. O'Connor I'm pretty sure some, of you already seen him in couple of my videos who were friends, before and, then, recently, to. Bloom into something. Else, hey. First. Video on English Channel not as friends, yeah. Something. Else so there. But. It's so weird isn't it every, time I walk on this channel has always been like us being friends and girls I was fooling around and. Just like you know bothering. Each other but now we're like hey. We. Are like yes you're fine yeah. In, a different, way but it's been fun it's been nice. The. Transition, hasn't been as awkward as we, both expected. It to be I think Chris, encouraged me to come back on this channel told. Him about my issues with my lisps. And yeah. I was pretty it, was really bad interesting oh yeah it's pretty bad usually yeah I actually was pretty shocked with how how. Bad he was much it affected your, speech actually, yeah and that's why I felt so small and, I wasn't, confident, to come back on this channel but he said well recently to get out so why not just come back and explain to everyone your, situation, because probably a lot of people misunderstood. And thought, that I just didn't care about this channel and just abandoned, it completely. But it wasn't, I was going through a lot I was like oh not, confident, and I was so scarred, from the comments, too so. Yeah. Yeah. But I'm back guys and Chris, and I were gonna be vlogging a lot together on this channel we're gonna explore, Korea. And Japan and, probably. Other countries. As well let's do it oh, yeah. By the way I'm gonna go out on a dinner date with him, later so this, is gonna be a dinner date look okay. Yeah. Thank you yeah, okay bye I'm, gonna get ready now I don't think I'm gonna put on any sunscreen so, I'm gonna come in straight away with, a sweet tea atmosphere.

CC, Cream this is my go-to CC, cream price is really expensive because oh my goodness I was like really shocked but I got this one from yes. Tile in the beginning I got a was, expensive, but, I actually really, liked it I ended up really loving the CC cream because, on. The skin it looks like it's glowing, in, a good way it's it's, not glowing like you have a lot of like moisture. On your skin but it's more like silky. Glory kind of look so. I really like that so. What I do I usually just apply, like really, thin layer on it first my, skin has gotten a lot darker ever since I came back from Bali I thought, I wouldn't end guys I think for a while I had this thought and, that I just, don't tan but, I think, I did I mean obviously my foundation, doesn't match anymore even. This CC cream is too light on me now so I have to really. Be, careful with layering. And. Making sure it doesn't look too light on my skin and, I, also really like the way it looks at the end of the day because at, the end of the day our face get a little bit oilier right but it makes it look even more healthier, together, with the CC cream on it's mixed, so, I really, like that I'm just gonna put on the rest of my face by, the way guys I recently watched, a, lot. In, goodness. I love, that movie I watched. It three times I think. I loved it more than the Avengers. I'm, such a decent, girl I love, this movies, oh my. God guys if you have any, recommendation. On good, Disney, movie please. Let me know in the comments, down below I stairs people love Disney. Oh yeah. Obviously recently, Chris, and I we went back to Disney see five. Years ago kind, of sort of dated. We. Went on a couple of dates but it didn't really work out so we ended up hating each other. Yeah. We hated, each other for a little bit for six months and then we had work so. We're. Kind of sort of forced, to not see each other anymore. But then after that we realized, that hey. Actually, being friends is not bad bad so. We. Ended up becoming friends, we just thought it was really immature so, yeah. From then on we just became friends and. Oh yeah, sorry I kind of side type in my so. We. Went to Disney see try to create. More. Positive memories. Together because, back then when we went to Disney C together it was terrible, well according to Chris I mean to me it was really awesome but, I think today, me was kind of terrible it was one of his worst date apparently, anyways, we went back to this PC it was really fun we only went on one right because. Everywhere. Else were, like that he was really wrong mani-pedis, ever come to japan definitely check out this machine it's awesome. Disappear. I don't, think they're though I'm. Allergic to alcohol, you. Know it's funny a lot of my Korean friends always tease me they said you're Korean and you can't drink. Yes. I'm. Gonna add a little bit of concealer, because, I still, have like dark spots on this area right. Here concealer. I'm gonna use pony affect prophit, liquid, concealer, and SPF 30 pH plus plus this one is in color beige I really, like this concealer, because it doesn't have any darkening, what I meant by darkening, is that when you apply concealer, and when you leave it on for a little bit it usually oxidize, and a lot of Korean concealer, does that it tends, to oxidize and, become, darker, you buy concealer, that's the same tone as your skin usually it will go darker, from your skin tone so out recommend. You guys go one shape lighter, that's. What I did with this one and I really like it because this, concealer, the coverage is amazing and it. Has two semi, like. Powdery, finish which I really like and. It's great for this summer. Usually. I really like my big. Cover skin, fit concealer. That one, is my Holy Grail but I told, myself this year I need to try, out a lot of different other concealer, I can't stick to the same one otherwise I'm gonna be really boring right I've, been loving, this concealer.

And Also, this one feeling mealy if, you guys can, find this in all of young or anywhere, online definitely, get this this is the best, cushion. Puff I've ever had, in my life I've ever tried because, the. Way it, transfer. The, foundation, on to your skin it really make its pick onto your skin really well without making, it look cakey. And. It. Looks, really smooth - I just love this, puff. I've. Been singing to a writing songs or like thanks. Two weeks, nothing. My boyfriend hates it now I can, move yes and watch a lot in. For. Powder I'm gonna use the, tea art. And blur. Pact, this, one is that collaboration, with BT. 21. Well, maybe I'll come back with more like a chill walk what, I do at home and stuff because I think the last time I did that on this channel you guys like it. Yeah. I'll. Come back with calm John. Yeah. I think I'm good now, I'm gonna come in with my. Eyebrow. So. This, would be guys I've put the sticker, I like. Putting stickers, here and marking, them as my. Favourite items, because usually I tend to forget what, stuff, that I like to use on daily basis, so, yeah, I put this like Sakura flake sticker on it on most of, my. Makeup that. I've been wearing a lot lately just. To make sure that I don't forget. And. Also I kind of want to hit pan on certain, items because I feel like for. The past few years being, a beauty influencer, I always, tend to change it around too. Often and too quickly that, sometimes, I don't really get to really, know what the product is like and how good it is so that's, why I've been marking them and been trying to miss, them more often so that I really know the quality, and I, really get to know the brand as well so, yeah I'm gonna fill. In my eyebrow with heavy rotation, gel I'll eyebrow. Liner this. One is a Japanese, brand. And. I love how easy. It is to, just do it then. And, it's, quite, pigmented, so, make sure he does. Don't. Press it too hard because it's gonna really like be, super. Thick and it's, gonna be hard for you guys to blend blend, in later oh my, god you guys I've been really into, eyes 1 and twice lately, I really, like break through from, twice, oh. Speaking. Of twice twice. Tail. Or. One of my earrings from in the fingers carburation so, I'll put it right here thank. You twice I love, you twice, but. Yeah I've been really into breakthrough, I love, that song and I, also love fantasy. So. Yeah. I've been willing to go groups lately more than boy. Groups, next, for eyebrow mascara I'm going to use a two-house color, my brows I sure have a funny story I bought four eyebrow, mascara to. Get to this, one right here previous, one that I got were I think $12, each and. I wasted, about 34, almost, 40, bucks for three, eyebrow, mascara see, guys and none of them fit my hair color and I was so mad because I spent so much money on eyebrow, mascara and, when, I got this this was five dollars I was so mad I was like oh my god I wasted so much money oh and, also what, I do I really, go one way like this and. Then. I go back and then. I. Go, like this again. See. Oh my god the color fits, my hair color really.

Well One, thing about this product that I don't like it, doesn't have a good. Product. Control, when. You're not careful. Look. At this when. You're not careful you're, gonna end up applying, too much. So. Just make, sure you. Kind. Of what. I say you put it on the site like this and then apply it since, we're done with the brows I'm gonna come, in with. Shading. And this is my Holy Grail shading. From, black roots and this one is up and down triple, contouring, usually. I like mixing it and. Apply. This. Okay. You know what I'm. Gonna. Play. Blush first so. For blush I'm gonna use the, same ten. Words to my baby. Blusher. And this one is a number three blink pink this, was actually an accidental, discovery I was, supposed, to get another color but and then I think I picked out the wrong one but, I love how sparkly, this is you, know see this. This. Is I think one of my prettiest. Pink blush here that I own and my makeup, question. Really. Really pretty so. What I do I think you guys already seen, a lot, of might get ready with me I don't like going a little bit done I like going right under my under, eye area and. Applied straight. The. Reason I like a plain straight, like this is because I have a long facial. Feature and usually. If I apply it a right around this area it will make the illusion of your face being, a lot more smaller. And. Also it gives you more of a younger look so. For eyeshadow I'm. Gonna take this. 3ze. Amazon. Kits in a multi. Color palette. In, freezing. Step I'm, gonna take this, color right here and, apply. It right. Here. Oh. All, those nice. I'm, gonna take this darker, color. And. Just. Apply, it on my outer V and then on my lower, as. Well, everything. I'm just gonna take this air mousse ice, metal. In, PK. O - pink. Picnic. I like, applying, it right in, the middle of my eyes. All, right here. You, see that, so. Pretty. Tada. Okay. This is my recent discovery, guys I love, love, this i glitter so much and this is whoops, and this is from Urban Decay it's heavy metal, glitter, gel, in color dreamland, this. One it's, so pretty. Usually. I feel like I'm I talk, more but, because my boyfriend's, here. Some. Reason I'm so nervous, I've. Never had an audience before. So. This is how it looks like us I love, this. Critter I. Think. At night it, sparkles, more so trust me even though it doesn't really look good here it. Looks really nice at night tips, from, me if you guys ended. Up putting. Too much glitter on if you have any eyebrow pencil and use their brush and just, brush it off. And. Usually. It does a really good job in taking out all stubborn glitters, now. I'm just gonna line my eyes I think today I don't want to do too dramatic, this eyeliner. Okay, from the same eyeshadow 3c, emails, on kiss tonight collection, I'm gonna take. This, color right here and mix it with a darker, one and. Then. Come. Back. This, one. And, now it's a little bit too harsh right and, then I'm gonna go, back up, and. Connect, the color. I know. I said I didn't want to go dramatic but, dang it actually came what movie dramatic, whoops, sorry. Because. My losses really pigmented I usually apply concealer. First, and this one is from. A tin house it's. Play 101 pencil in. Zero, 8. Apply. Only on the outer part. If. This. And, then I'm gonna come in with my favorite lipstick. Base and this one is, Mac. Satin, lipstick. In cherish. It's. A really beautiful beauty, color. I'm. So bad at explaining. Colors, you guys I'm. Sorry. This. Is. How. It looks like, it's. Kind of new to you brownish color, and. I like. Over-applying. You're like over lining, it. To. Give a fuller. Lips. Look. This also has been like a training for you actually. And. Then I'm gonna come in with my favorite, lip. Products, right now para, sensual. Tint in sensual. Raspberry, two four six I got, this as a present from, my boyfriend it's, actually not a present, I wanna, bet so. He got it and I. Just. Have to say it yeah haha anyways, this, is really pretty. Pinkish. Neon, color. So, pretty. Okay. Now let's, curl. My lashes, for. Eyelash, curler I've been really into a smaller, one like this I got this from rfm, I think it retails around two to, three dollars and, I love how cheap they are and also it does his jaw and I. Don't. Really use a normal, eye lash curler. Anymore. Because I think, they're I think. They don't really get like, the stubborn, area like right here, and at the back so I like to really concentrate on each section. And get everything called up in, the beginning it, was quite hard using this because I. Think. I keep my eyes couple of times so, you guys got to be careful when you use this for.

The First time and, make sure you curl, it like slowly. Don't, just like press, it like this because piece if you can clip. Your eyes so just be careful. Now. I'm going to use, and. I'm, going to use this one I think this is only Korea, exclusive, I noticed that they don't have this in Japan, this, is kiss me here and make micro. Mascara, advanced film, I think this. One is the latest one that black pink rose it and tissue, were advertising. For. For. Excuse me I really. Like this I really love the formula, I think it does a really great job on lengthening. I. Don't. Know about. Volumizing. But it does really good job on lengthening. So. I've, been really loving it especially on days where I really want my makeup to be that like really natural. I think, this one is a lot better than the Innisfree, one I know the Innisfree one is the og for micro Cara but. Formula. Wise and, everything, I think kiss, me really perfected, it. So, guys if you guys are in Korea definitely, pick this up love. This mascara look at how. Dramatic. They are whoa. Okay. Guys so this is the final look. It's. Really daily. Incorporated. A lot of Pink's, on today's. Makeup so I have, a lot of like pink color on my eyes on, my cheeks, and on my lips I've, been really digging this type of makeup, typically. I go a little, bit brighter on the lips but today because, it's a date night I wanna look, as natural as possible because, my boyfriend really like. Natural. Look, so hope you guys enjoy, it for today's video don't forget to click like and subscribe if. You guys like. My get ready with me and if you guys like this. Reboot. Of sunny, da hai channel along, with my boyfriend, from now on I'll, come. Back and be, more confident, thank you guys so much for your support, I'm so sorry once again for being mi a on this channel I'll be back and I'll be more. Yeah. I'll be happier. And I'll be back in the grind on this channel so stay tuned and I'll, see you guys in, my next one, hello.

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hope to see a lot of your hardwork here keep fighting unnie! #philippines by the way your friend joan unnie recently visit here and she enjoyed her stay here, hope you visit tooo muahhh

Welcome back! Really missed you Sunny!

Aku bisa belajar b. Inggris dari sini Danke kaaa

Well done make up. Not over the top with all the pinks

Miss you sunny!!!!

i like the way he looked at you

Miss you so much and I am glad you explained yourself. I really thought you abandon this channel

Finally lol after a while you've finally uploaded something in English

finally you are back Sunny!!!!!! love to see more stories from you on this channel !! you are still one of my favr vloggers!!! :)

I'm Indonesian fans but i still to watching you, of course on Japan language too or Korean, Sunshine still here

please upload more

Ooo... I miss you ... good to see you back

Beautiful couple.

Sweetie, please dont let idiots upset u. They r not worth it. U sound fine to me. And I'm very English. So, no worries.

She left?

Thank you, Chris for encouraging sweet Sunny to come back

Welcome back

Missed you sunny!! So glad Chris convinced you to come back!!

Omg love you guys

we are really glad that u are back! Nothing wrong with your pronunciation, it's really not a big dale..we are not perfect. I also had problem with my speaking since my wisdom teeth messed up.. so now i'm waiting for to put on my braces.. -.-

Woow I dont remember when I started to follow you, you have changed so much since you first started out. All grown up and more comfortable in your skin :)

I missed your videos

Baguss.. ak suka teks bahasa indonesiaaa.. krn ak tuli ga bs dengar jd bs baca teks... Terimakasihh...



we really missed you on this channel and so happy that you're still filming on your indo channel and already hit 1M! you are such an inspiration and we love you no matter what, sunny! :) thanks for coming back here! we can't wait for more videos :)

When I had braces, I actually almost failed my english class (my fist language is german btw) because I had such a bad lisp -.- So I FEEL YA!!! Glad you're back and so so so happy for you and Chris :D

Thank you for you back for this channel. Just know that we love you so much. Just be more confident about it don’t be worried!!.

You are beautiful without makeup

So happy you are back and happy with your bf..watched your other channel even though I didnt understand most of what was going on

love the coloured lenses! what colour and brand are you wearing here?

You have been missed!!!

so happy you're back!!

So happy that you will be uploading more in this channel!!! And no worries! I am sure your viewers are not angry with you! Hoping for the new video soon!!

More vlogs here, please! I miss you

Mau indo mau inggris ttp ku subscribe 22 nya.. ❤️

Sunny, You are a beautiful strong woman no matter what. Our experiences in life make us stronger and wiser, we all go through challenges and some of those challenges are the ones that affect our sense of self, lack of confidence and self-esteem, we also can feel lost. So the fact that you took the time you needed to clarify what you wanted and build yourself up again to make a comeback is awesome. At the end of the day do what makes you happy and do what is right for you. I know you have stayed active on your Indonesian channel which has been great, it is of course wonderful that you have returned to this channel and I look forward to seeing your content. Congratulations to both you and Chris, May you share many happy and wonderful times together :-D

I've missed you Sunny!

Wow! You looking pretty girl! Just finished watching your video! Loved it! I wanna try that mascara! The Face Shop's Browcara is also a good one, too! I actually switched over from Etude House's to this one.

Wow, those people who criticized you are mean! That's just so rude of them. If they don't like it, then don't watch it! By the way, it's so cute how Chris and you two are togetherrr!!!

Yay those makeup tutorials...❤❤

I am really happy You back

I'm soo sooo glad you decided to come back.... I really missed watching your videos !!!


Do more videos please! Dont understand indonesia at alll................

I missed you sunny. I’d watch Kim’s vlogs and be so happy when I’d see you in them. Oh and oooh I thought Chris likes you from the first time he met you. I remember watching the first few vlogs of when you and Chris first met and hung out with everyone. I could tell he was in love with you.

I think sunny is becoming so thin , like now all I could see is her teeth only

SUMPAH LU oplas bru tau

Aw! I wanna see the pic of Chaeyoung wearing your earrings! I'm going to see TWICE in concert next week~ ♥

We missed you Sunny!!!

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sunny is back......

Pete's Dragon and The Sword in the Stone are two of my favorites Disney movies.

I miss u sunny! And sunny looks like Tiffany young wow :0

Happy to have you back❤️

May i know where did you buy the Kiss Me micro mascara in Korea?

omg i didnt expect it was chris hahaha


Thank you

Welcome back!

Friends: you're a korean and you can't drink?! Sunny: *yes.*

प्लास्टिक सर्जरी y की दुकान

Thank you Chris for motivating Sunny!

I’m very happy you’re back to this channel and try to explain what happened, I am working on my own channel and I know how hard it is to grow it, you’re actually very lucky that you have so much subscribers you should keep it up, support you!

Girl I didn’t even notice the accent. Everyone speaks English differently, don’t think too much of it. Language is fluid and always changing, there is no right or wrong. Glad to see you are back.

Gak make up juga cantik:)

I freaking want to be a multilingual like youuu

kok di video ini mirip banget sama rosè blackpink yaa

Kakak oplas kah?

Twice ❤❤❤

The jaw surgery aint looking too good

Aku tersesat di sunny dahye

I love twice music to girlfriend so you know if you love twice and I love twice we got something in common and I love you video I’m glad you’re back sunny I miss you

Nonton Frozen 2, jumanji kak.

What a beauty and clear skin.i still watch this in december 2019 btw

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