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Good. Morning, ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for coming to our grow, with Google Winnipeg, events will, be starting in just a couple of minutes so if you wouldn't mind taking your seats and we'll get ready to go. You. Alright, everybody, we are ready to get started let's give Cory from Google Canada a big round of applause and welcome to the stage. Hi. Everyone how's. Everybody doing this morning. How's. Everybody, doing this morning there. We go, awesome, so, my name is Cory Jeffrey I'm the chief of staff of engineering, for Google in Canada and I'm excited to be here and bring our ninth grow with Google event across the country here to Winnipeg I. Would, like to begin, by acknowledging that, we are on treaty number one land and the homeland of the maytee nation, these, lands occupied for thousands of years of the traditional, territories, of the Anishinabe. In an a in, any way and Nakota, nations along with the Danae and Inuit people's. So. It is great that we're having grow with Google here at the Manitoba Museum, I actually got to, explore, the museum a little bit this morning and had breakfast on a wooden ship which, is very, cool, the. Museum houses, the provinces, rich heritage and brings to life Winnipeg's, commitment to scientific, learning through culture and commerce it, is no wonder that Winnipeg is known as the Gateway to Western, Canada was, such a vibrant, and mixed economy, so. Now it's my pleasure to welcome the, Honorable Ralph eichler Minister of Economic Development and, training as a business owner Minister. I Clara understands the impact that saw small businesses, and entrepreneurs, have, on a growing economy he, served for eight years as the administrator, for the Interlake school division and strongly, believes in building opportunities, for young people in the province, please, welcome Minister, I Clare to say a few words. Well. Good morning and it's a pleasure to be here thank you for that introduction Cory. I, think. We need to do one thing before I get started and let's thank Google for what they've done to bring this to Winnipeg thank. You very much, i. As. Your Minister I've only been at this job for two weeks that's a new portfolio. That, we put together for education. Training economic. Development, all. Together so, I can tell you I'm extremely pleased. With this opportunity, that, they're bringing for you here this morning it's. Exciting, to be with you our government, is truly, delighted, to participate grow. With Google, today's. Events, provides an excellent opportunity. For students. Entrepreneurs. Investors. And, business. Leaders, to engage with. One another and share best practices. With, trends, and market insights, in, Manitoba. And beyond. Our, government, wants, local, students, and IT graduates. To, embrace your dream job right, here in Manitoba. It. Is really exciting time for our great province, we'll, towards. A future where economy, is shaped by the, advanced skills, the, innovative culture. Of. Our entrepreneurs who choose to live and do business in, Manitoba. Our. Government, is committed to being Canada's, most, improved, province, in all of Canada to. Achieve this goal we need to ensure, Manitoba. Is a place where business, can thrive. Manitoba's. Ability to provide good. Jobs, vital. Social services. High-quality, life can only be sustained, through the creation of a new wealth and industry. Growth will. Continue, to make improvements. Necessary to. Foster growth lowering. Taxes, improving. Infrastructure, and providing. Education, opportunities, are critical. For, workers and employers. We. Also will, continue our work to remove regulatory, red tape that. Frustrates, businesses, and prevents. Economic. Growth, today.

I'm Excited to highlight, some of our recent, progress as we, move our province, forward, we're. On pace to become, the, leading provinces. Economic, growth in 2019. Helping. Create good-paying, permanent. Jobs our. New Manitoba. Works plan will unlock new, growth and development, opportunities by. Addressing areas, that slow down economic. Development. Recently. Our Manitoba, Works kickoff, brought. Together local, business leaders to, discuss actions, we. Can take over the next 12 months to, spur economic growth, in Manitoba. We, plan to do the following, improve. Investment, opportunities, for, existing, Manitoba. Companies, expand. Export, markets, with a targeted, new trade strategy. Fast-track. Development, of Manitoba, skills, talent. And knowledge, and, that's, what a lot of you're going to learn here today on the, marketplace and those trends, so, it's a perfect workshop to, work together we're. Also working to, support the training of new and existing employees. To, help companies, develop, a Pacific, talent they, need to develop for, their operations, we. Recognize, the skilled workforce is critical. Component, component. To, ensure a thriving business, environment. Will, also be the keys to ensuring, our government, reaches. Our ambitious, target. Of creating. 40,000. Private-sector jobs over. The next four years I want. To thank Google Canada, for sponsoring, today's event, and thank. Each and every one of you for being part of, this, it's your future our, Manitoba. Your, future in Manitoba, looks bright and, I think that by. The turnout here I was talking to the organizers, a bit earlier they, said the, Manitoba. Was the first one they, actually had to have extra, seats so, this group of 250, this morning a new group this afternoon of, 250. I was. Saying they probably should just relocate, here I think, that'd be a great move so when, you're talking to the organisers encourage, them because, Manitoba, truly is open, for business, thank you enjoy your day. Thank. You so much minister iclear for joining us today and for, pitching us moving, our operations, to Manitoba. So, evidence, of Winnipeg's rich entrepreneurial. History isn't just part of the mission museum display it's. Very much part of the economy of this city today, we're. Here because we believe that every business can leverage technology to build on this city's rich legacy, and there's. No better example of what's possible when, you combine Winnipeg, entrepreneurialism. And the power of technology like. Manitoba, mukluks so, let's take a look. My, name is Sean McCormick I'm the founder and CEO of Manitoba. I told Mike Lux is the average alone. Mukluks. Is a fur boot Native, American. You. Apologies. Everybody we're experiencing some technical difficulties. We'll, continue on it. Murphy's. Law Tech person gets up in front of, audience. Tech person fails at showing their own video. Perfect. So. The founder of Manitoba, Mike Clark says that their mission is to change the community's future for, the better and that brings us to why we're here today, the. Nature of work in Canada is changing, according. To the World Economic Forum, 50%. 54%. Of employees will need fundamentally. New skills by, 2022, it's. Important to note that these are changes in work not in jobs as. We prepare for automation, to take over for repetitive tasks, it opens, up an opportunity for, workers to build new skills for. Jobs that don't yet exist jobs. Are always changing but skills migrate the. Aim of growth revive grow with Google is to help win a big businesses, learn new skills and leverage, the vast opportunities, that the internet provides. Today's. Event is bringing digital skills to life with one-on-one coaching sessions, to workshops, and hands-on, demos where you can really dive into our growth with Google products and programs, available. Both in English and French there. Are 14, Googlers here with us today all. Of whom are who are here to help you, engage. And get inspired also. I'd like to point out that a few, of these are also from Winnipeg and the people from Winnipeg from, Google put your hands up please.

Yeah. There, we go. So. Specifically, ask those people questions. So, I want to take a moment to give, a huge thanks to the Manitoba, museum for, hosting us today and all of our partners in the room we, have an incredible, group of 10 local organizations. Who are who are set up at the back across, the nonprofit, education, and workforce development sectors, and. This event would not have been possible without their invaluable guidance and support in. The past year we've, announced three, million dollars in, grants to help Canadians, across the country learn digital skills and, to adapt to today's evolving economy, and, I'm, thrilled to announce that we're deepening the commitment to go beyond today with, a AHA within a hundred and twenty five thousand, dollar Investment, in digital, skills training, right here in Winnipeg we're. Going to be working closely with the Canadian learning codes Winnipeg, chapter. To deliver additional training, for local entrepreneurs and, businesses, business, owners after today I'd. Like to bring someone from Canada learning code on stage to tell you a bit more about this, investment please, welcome please. Join me in welcoming Jody Laine Winnipeg's, code mobile communications. Lead for Canada learning code. Thank. You Corey and Thank You, for your continued support of Canada, learning code digital, training skills initiative I'm. Part of the code mobile we're, one of 14, different, squads. Across the, country who travel to. Rural remote locations, and then also here, in Winnipeg and deliver digital skills training to everybody. From like, preschool students to, seniors, and, we've been doing this for over two years across Canada, at, Canada learning code we believe that digital skills are tools of empowerment and it's our goal to provide as many Canadians. As possible, with access to the knowledge they need to thrive in our digital world that's. Why we're so grateful to be working with Google org to, build on the skills that you'll be learning today and deliver even more hands-on, training here in Winnipeg over. The next two years our, team will be delivering high touch digital skills training, through our local chapter and our code mobile will, offer a hundred hours of learning experiences, covering, fundamental, digital skills like, website, management ecommerce. Introductory. Web and coding skills and more, our, Winnipeg team is here today and available to answer any questions that, you might have about our training workshops we, have the big red sign in the back I. Encourage. You to stop by and keep learning beyond, today thank, you once again to the entire Google team for having us here today and for your ongoing support in our vision and our work in delivering. Digital skills training, across the country thank, you.

Okay. Thank You Jodi so, we're thrilled to be working with Canada, learning code to help the future workforce of this region learn new skills and grow and I'm so encouraged, and the number of people we have here today and we, are live-streaming this morning's workshop to accommodate the level of interest we received definitely. A great problem to have and, a terrible, time for the video not to work and as, we continue to extend our support for small business in Canada I'm excited to share today, that we're also announcing the Canada wide launch of Google, for small business a tool, that you'll be able to work, with today that delivers, a free personalized, plan to help your business stand out online Google. For small business is available in English and French and you can test it out like I said at the back today so. We're excited to get started and I'm confident, that you'll leave today with new insights a few new skills but. What you brought here is what's most important, the, mindset to learn more and to grow we, can't wait to see what this community builds, next so, thank you and let's get started with our first workshop let's meet your trainer trainer for the next couple of hours Carissa. Saylor on. Hi. Everybody we're gonna do a quick little move of, this, and, then. We're gonna get started so while we're doing that I'd love to get to know you a little bit I know, you don't have a microphone but, you have a voice and if, you're bold, enough to stand up and say, who you are and your. Business, I'd, love to have, you do that so who's feeling. Bold. Do. It stand, up and tell the room who you are. Has. Anyone have little bones wings before yeah. Are they the best yes, all, right who else who. Else is here. Thank. You Natalie. Awesome. Yes. All. Right, whoo. I hear that's an incredible, place I hope I get to go, who. Else this room's the side of the room is sounding a little quiet, you. Need more coffee. This. Is your chance to tell the room who you are what your business is. Awesome. Thank You Liz. Anyone. Else yes back here. Excellent. Thank, you and I saw a hand go up here yeah. Awesome. Thank. You give yourselves. A huge hand for being here, you. Guys being. A small business owner and I just want to get a show of hands in the room how many of you are small business owners or entrepreneurs, raise, those hands hi amazing. How many of you are hopeful, or wishful small. Businesses and entrepreneurs so, you're here to learn you're here to become yes. Amazing. We're. Here to give information. Help. Resources. Hope to inspire you to take some action, because, you're spending, your time here today you're. Investing, that time and I know how, precious your. Time is so. I want to make sure you make the most of it you're gonna get a bunch of information from me as well as maybe through the one-on-one sessions you have with other Googlers today, but. The most important. Thing that you will do after leaving today is put. Whatever, you learn into action, don't, let it sit up here don't let it sit in the notepad that you're that you've brought with you today and that you store and then never, taken out again make. Sure that you take action one, action will lead to another which will lead to another which will lead to more learning, and more. Empowering, of your business, how, many of you feel like already you, know everything there is to know about marketing. None. Of you okay. So you're in this to win this you're in this to learn my, name is Carissa st. Laurent and I've been a small business owner and entrepreneur for. Going. On 20 years I, started my first company in, the city of Los Angeles and, back, then, the.

World Of digital marketing literally, was having. A website and. That website essentially. Being an online. Electronic. Brochure right. You put up your information and. You. Then hoped people would find you online by, doing a Google search, times. Have changed. Technology. Has changed the. Tools in the products that you have at your disposal to do marketing, have, changed. And that's, exciting, and empowering, on the one hand but. It also could be frightening and a, lot, of work on the other hand so. Google, has provided a bunch of tools and products to help make your, life as a digital marketer, easier, to. Make your, presence, online more, powerful, and for you to then be able to connect, to the people that matter to your business. I've. Been with Google as a speaker, for grow with Google for the last two years talking. With folks like you meeting, incredible. Organizations. Like the community partners that we have in this room today supporting. Small businesses, and entrepreneurs, throughout. Not, only Canada, but the United States I live in Portland Oregon anyone, been there yeah. Portland. Prior. To that I was with Constant Contact a, small business email service provider for eight years as a director of development, and then prior to that I own two different, small businesses, so I've been in the small business, entrepreneur. And marketing, space for a long time. Today. We're, gonna specifically. Talk about how to get your business online with the help of the Google business profile, now this is something that's definitely newer. Than, when I started my first business this. Is a way for you to get a greater presence through. Google search we're going to talk all about you're gonna walk you through how to make sure you sign up for yours and claim yours as well we're. Gonna talk about the, business. Profile, specific. Feature of creating, a free website so, you'll see the ins and outs of it those of you with your laptops, or with one of the Chromebooks. That are here in the room today you, can sign on to, your Google business profile as we're going if you actually want to do some of this while we're here. Talking or, you could just go, ahead and you know get onto Facebook, or get onto whatever you're looking at now. I know you're totally paying attention, to everything that's going on in the room if you want and this is just a tip sign, into your own Google, account and then, if you want to take notes or do, anything within that account you've already got that done and it's happening, right now so, that you can then go home and resign. In and make sure that you can continue. On with the work that you're doing. So. What is the Google business profile. When. People, do a search, through. Google, they. Usually have some sort of question, in mind they have a need don't, they how. Many of you go, to Google, in a moment of need you're, hungry you, need a mechanic, you want to find a business to do business with you're looking, up and doing research right, we, go to Google because we have these moments of need and we turn to search engines, to answer, those questions for us or to lead us in the, right direction of, these, questions. Google. Provides a, ton, of organic. Search results but, it also will, provide you, with local. Search results in the form of Google business profiles, this. Is what you see here on the right-hand. Side of the screen this, Google business profile, allows, you to stand out and be more prominent on a, search, engine results page, so. When people are searching on Google they can connect to your Google business profile, if you have one they, can also of, course connect. To you through Google Maps so. They may be. Really, interested, in getting to your location that day or at least knowing where you are so that when they are ready to go to that location they, can find you or they might be searching around Google Maps and they see your Google business profile, listing, we'll. Talk, the different ways to configure your business profile whether you have an actual, brick-and-mortar, location. Like, a Chamber of Commerce that people can come into or if, you have a service based business that serves, a specific area but, you actually work from, your kitchen table at home, and you don't want anybody coming over and visiting that home, office location, right so, we'll talk about the ins and outs of that but people can discover you on maps and the. Most important, thing is that they can find you across all devices. How. Many of you have your smart phones on you right now hold them high you got it got, it on you how many of you are on, it right now, yeah. Some of you are actually on them right now we have these things on us all of the time we're, accessing, the Internet we're accessing, webpages. And we. Want to make sure if, people, are accessing, and seeing, your Google business profile on whatever, device they're using it's gonna look amazing and.

Give. People the ability to engage with you really easily, from, whatever size screen, they're using Google. Business. Profiles are mobile responsive so they will look a little different depending on, the size of the screen and give people the ability to connect, with you through a series, of frictionless. Marketing, activities. Meaning, they can easily just click this little phone icon to call you rather. Than taking, the step of seeing, your number writing, it down opening, up their phone app putting, it in missing. One number and going up closing. It up opening it up again and I know it's, not a ton, of extra, steps to do that. But. It's enough extra steps that it may stop somebody from doing it, we. Want to make sure that, every. Single, point, of engagement, with you and a potential customer is as seamless as possible as easy. As possible for them to connect to you and engage with you let's. Watch how, a real small business is using the Google business profile, now so you can see how it's all working for them. My. Name is Damien I'm the fourth generation of, Phase II seafood, here in Baltimore we're one of the oldest, seafood, companies, in the country not many places can say that they've been in a family for 126. Years, bill, and Nancy are my, parents, my. Mom is the queen of crab, cakes we, make anywhere. From a thousand, to 1500, crab cakes a day out. Of the best ingredients, I could possibly, get. It's. Nice to have some. Place that you can go it's friendly, and there's. A lot of love this. Is my son will. Fifth. Generation, of phases when, people search, for us it's important, for them to be able to find us and Google's. The perfect, place to do that. It's. Neat that you can see how, many people, hit, you on a certain day. Having. That information, allows us to, be able to say you know look we may have a crowd and that's that's huge right, now it's oyster, season we. Have a wonderful, Easter stew we have wonderful fried oysters we have this beautiful. Raw, bar Google. Can help us tell, our customers what's, in season. It's. Key to our survival, knowing. That faidley's, will still be here. Warms. My heart. It's. Not a dunce cap it's, a crab. Honor. That's on, a Dodge. Are. They the cutest I love. That family that this business is based in Baltimore Maryland but it's not unlike many of your small businesses, in the room you may not serve up seafood, but, you serve up something special something that came, from a dream that maybe you had that you wanted to do this thing in the world you have skills, that you want to give people in the, world how.

Do We reach those people how do we make sure they know that you're, the one to do business with versus. Competitors. Of yours versus. Giving, money to a different, product or service and that's what marketing is all about we, need to become top of mind for, our target. Customer, so that they think of us first when, they're ready to buy we. Need to stay in front of them and be found so, that when they're ready they. Can find us and engage with us and then, we engage back, we. Spend time building relationships with. People. So. That they want to choose us to do business with not. That we're the default or not that were the only because. Most likely, you aren't the only. Organization. Or person doing. What you do and offering. What you do. We. Need to make sure that we can be found and the Google business profile, allows, you to be found and have, that great deep engagement, so, this is the anatomy. Of a business profile, from, the mobile phone version, how many of you have interacted, with the business, profile before raise your hand yeah. Awesome, so you know what this feels like to interact with these right just put that little call button or click the little directions, button to get right to the Google Maps you've, got the, name and the business overview at the top you've got those great reviews, and star ratings, you've got those buttons, those Quick Links for, people to easily connect, with you down. Lower you've got a description, location. Information and below that even, more, information. On this. Profile. We. Give enough information for, people to know about your business where you are how to connect with you but, then beyond that there. Are engagement. Features that are built in so that if people do in with this business profile, they are interacting, with you at, whatever stage they're. At in the customer, journey. The. Customer journey is long and, it can be longer for certain products and services, than others I was talking to these folks over here who have a residential, real estate agency.

And You. Know the selling a home is a much longer process than potentially, selling a, sweatshirt. Right. So whatever the length. Of that, customer. Journey is for your target customers, you need to be there every step of the way to. Be discovered when they go to Google and search to. Be able to engage, with them, with information, that. Intrigues, them so they choose you over another. To connect, with and maybe potentially, sign up for an email list or watch your videos. The. Customer, journey will. Culminate, in, a. Purchase. Hopefully, among. Some of those folks and then, even. Beyond that we're advocating. And promoting businesses. The ones that we really love and we're, doing that for businesses, that are taking the time within their marketing. To. Give us reasons, to. Promote and refer them to other people so this cycle, this. What I call a virtuous, cycle of marketing. Is bringing. People back to. You to, discover you and start that customer, journey with you, you. Have the power through. Your marketing to influence. People at every stage of that customer journey. It's. Important, that we keep up then and we update, our Google business profile, you're. Updating, it with information because, people are going to see it regularly, it's gonna pop up on a search engine results page someone's. Going to see, your information but maybe they're not ready to, visit your business but. They see a post and that. Sounds interesting to them they click on it it goes to your website. Maybe. They just look at it and read the reviews that day there's. A bunch, of different features that are in here you should keep those all up-to-date. So. That this profile, is as relevant, and, fresh and updated. As possible. The. Mobile app will let you do this while you're on the go so make sure that from the Android store or the iOS store you get the Google my business app, so. That you can access your Google business profile, and update, that just, the same way as you would from your desktop dashboard. When. It comes to business is that well. I mean I I would say we all operate on a schedule, even if you don't have a brick-and-mortar location. Where you actually open, and close your doors to business, if. You're a service based business, you. Probably don't want to take calls at midnight or or, take calls at 3:00 in the morning. We. All have op business operating. Hours make sure those are accurate on your, Google business profile, and then make sure if there's a special holiday coming up we've got a Remembrance Day coming up on Monday so if there's a special holiday coming up make sure that you update your. Google business profile to show you, know I'm not gonna be at my phone or in my office or in my store today, have. Those special hours up so that you don't disappoint. Somebody, if they do try, to engage. With you with, a call with, a visit, have. Any of you ever gone to a business, that said, it was open at a certain time but you arrived, and it was closed has, it happened to any of you how does it make you feel. Bad. Frustrated. It's. Disappointing, isn't it the, last thing we want to do is to disappoint. Someone that we haven't even gotten money from yet right so, these people who are our customers, these, people who are potential, clients, our members we want to delight them every step of the way we, want to make sure that. We, give them every opportunity to, engage with us and do business with us and if we've closed a door before it's even been, opened. We. Miss out on that business and that opportunity, so, make sure that those business hours are all updated, and special. Hours are shared, make. Sure that you engage with people. Through, the business profile posts. Feature so. Earlier. I mentioned that, the, customer journey is long the. Middle stage of, the customer journey so once somebody becomes aware of you okay I know that this business exists, cool. Then. We enter in this really long stage of consideration. Now. We. Need to compare, and contrast do, research, the, business, at, that moment, of or those moments of consideration, are doing, everything they can to, build up interest and desire in their brand. With. You as a target customer, so. That you choose them over your competitors. That. Doesn't just happen naturally it's, not just something that you want to let be. The decision of your. Target customer, you want to guide them you want to educate them you want to advise them through, this period, you also want to excite them and inspire them through this period of consideration. So that they feel, good about, doing business with you, feeling. Good about doing business with you is as, important. As them. Nuts. Knowing, that you have the right technology, or the right product, or the right service, for them people. Want to feel good about the brands, that they interact, with and do business with and certainly that they build loyalty among, so.

We're Spending, time, during, this phase of engagement, by, sharing, sharing. Resources. Tips, advice, information. We. Might send out special promotions, and deals and discounts, or VIP exclusive, sneak. Peeks and previews, to make people, feel more connected, to us to. Make them feel more special, and to, give. Them, the information that. They need to make a smart. Decision about, whether they're going to join. Our organization or. Join another's by our product, or somebody else's hire our services or hire, the, other firm. Down the street. So. Posts, can be thought of like a social media post your. Posting, short-lived, information, that, will be up for on by default at 7 days but, if you have a post that is. Announcing. A sale that you've currently got going, on you can have that post actually run for, the length of the sale and you just put those that date range in these. Posts, give people something else to see about you I hate. To break it to you, but. People don't just want to know that you, are the best and you, sell the best products and services that's what we want to say right we, feel so inclined to tell people how amazing, our organizations. Are and how amazing, our products and services are but, that's not what people want to hear. They. Want to hear about what, is in it for me. Why. Are you the, best why. Should I trust you, are, you credible. What. Kind of information do you have so, what you're doing through this process is essentially. Proving to. Your target, customer, that you're the best here's. Some great information here's an article here's some tips here. Are is. An, ebook that we created here's, a downloadable. Guide here's, some videos that, we created here's, a way for you to come to a free event to get to know us and learn about us here's all these different, ways to. Engage, with. Prospects. Who can become your customers as well as your current customers. Posts. Give people that ability to engage with you in that, way when. They want to just learn and, do, research and get that information and, build, up that, interest. And desire as well as that trust, and credibility to, do business with you versus, a competitor. Now. Of course we, want to have photos all of our marketing, needs photos, write. Images. Speak a thousand words we, need images, in order to convey what, our brand is and what it stands for why, they should care why they should feel good about us, so our images, are there to convey who, we are what we sell how, we operate, the things that we do they. Don't just need to be you. Know beautiful product, shots of every single product that you sell you, are conveying, your brand, through. All of your marketing photos, make, sure those photos, are taken. Professionally. Now it doesn't mean you need to hire a professional photographer but if you want to Google, has a whole host of trusted photographers, that you can work with you. Can take beautiful. Professional. Looking photos, however from, really. Just your smartphone but. Make sure that they look good crisp, clean, photos, make, sure that they highlight, aspects, of your business, make sure that they show what. It is you're all about you. Can post photos throughout, the business profile, as well as videos that are up to 30 seconds long to. Give people a real sense visually of, what. Your brand is all about. How. Many of you in the room are, businesses. That take appointments can. I get a show of hands, you. Take appointments great, so, if you are a business, that takes appointments, and that is your your livelihood, that's your main service, is an appointment based business, and you happen to work with a scheduling, software that, Google is partnered, with then, you can, integrate that with, your Google business profile. So. For example, if you're a restaurant, and you use open table you can have that link to your Google business profile, and people can connect to open table with your restaurant and book a reservation directly. Through the Google, business profile. Sometimes. I get people saying well wait then, don't you miss out on people going to your website and going, all around it and checking it all out. Sure. But. You got their business right. The, people who are want to go to your website peruse. All around it they're at an earlier stage of the customer, journey they're. Maybe not quite ready to make that reservation or booked that appointment with you save. Those, that. Traffic and those clicks to your website for the people that are doing the research but when people are ready to, book with you we want to make that as fast and simple and easy as possible for them to do it directly, through the business profile, so you don't lose, out on them you know taking a few moments to think about it and going, maybe.

I Should go to their website then they get lost in it and then they don't actually book, the appointment let's. Get it done let's make this as frictionless as possible and, get, them directly to that. Scheduling, and this is all integrated of course so they're doing it within the business profile, but it's all connected, to the scheduling software that you use into your own website. As. I mentioned earlier we, are, probably, not in the room the only people, or only. Organizations. That do what it is you do so. If you want to stand out a little bit more among the other businesses, that are online and, your direct competitors then, you can add special attributes. That on your business profile show up as highlights, these, highlights, will highlight, things about you like, you're a woman led business, or maybe, you're a veteran, lead business, or that you have special, types of parking. Access, or. You take specific types of payments, that type of, attribute. Can, be added or attributes, will be added in show as highlights, within, the business profile to just help stand you apart from the rest of the people out there that also do, what you do. If. You are and how many of you can I get a show of hands are, solopreneurs. You work by yourself by. Your lonesome, okay there's a few of you in the room, make. Sure you hook up with some people here that are in the room and create some brain trusts, and create some personal. Advisory, boards and and make sure that you're using the. The amount of energy. Of other entrepreneurs, as well as the organizations, that are in the room to help support you in your growth because I know what it feels like to be a solopreneur and, to work on your own and could be kind, of a lonely business but. The rest of you then that means you've got a team right and if you want that team to be able to connect to your business profile, and be, able to do some things as, well then there are different, levels of. Of. Access. That's, coming up on another slide this is all about managing your customers and reviews, make. Sure that. You manage your reviews, so, that people can, hear. From you so. How many of you when you see a business profile, you actually, notice. The stars you. Notice those stars that are there yeah, how. Meaningful, are they to you in choosing a one business over another. Very. Would you say very meaningful, are not so meaningful, very. Meaningful. We. Want to encourage people that we do business with to leave us reviews, they'll. Just leave it to the people that think about doing it, actually. Ask. People, to leave your review. You. Had a great experience with the customer, ask them to leave your review it. Can be on your marketing, materials, it can be on your website ask. For, those reviews and ask and even give people links, to, give. You a review, within, the Google business profile, you can create a short, name for, your business profile, it will be G, dot, page slash. Whatever. Short name you choose and then, slash, review. You can send that to people as a link and people can leave you a review directly. On Google. Encourage. Encourage. Encourage. As many reviews, as possible, with, the people that have had a great experience because. Occasionally, you will get a negative review we, all do and they're up there so, if that happens, you want to make sure you have all sorts, of other positive reviews, that, make that other one you know one in, the, other, hundreds. That you have you're. Gonna manage, all of that process through the Google business profile, and access. That be, able to respond to reviews be, able to reply, and, to, be able to handle. People's. Requests. If they have left something, information. That you can actually act on within your business if they've left that information, in the review you. Want to take that information and, create. Better business, decisions. Out of it there's. Always some little grain of truth in every review even with the negative ones right so make sure that, you use that information to, create a better business for, you, all. Right now moving. On to messaging. Yes. We're going to take, questions just all of the Googlers that are in the back of the room we're gonna take questions. Afterwards. So, we can just hold those right now.

So. Messaging. It has, become an indispensable way, for people to connect, to. Businesses. And to find. Get information and, have exchanges. Messenger. Apps are, starting to become a. Really. Important. Way. Of can, acting because. Sometimes. People just don't. Want to talk to somebody or they. Can't talk to somebody because they're. Communicating. With you in and. From a Google event or from. The, office, at the dentist, where they're waiting to go into an appointment wherever. You, might be. You. Don't want to miss out on communications. With somebody who wants to communicate with you. Because. You can't talk to them and they, may choose to use it because they just would rather message, you then, call you, the. Messaging, feature, which. Currently, is tied to text message it's moving. And migrating, to an. App messaging, system, allows. People to message, you and for you to message them back and for either party to cut off that messaging whenever they so choose so if you decide you know what I've given this person enough of my time and information and, you, can stop and they, can certainly stop to if they, decide you know I don't want, to hear from this business, anymore. Fantastic. Way for you to engage answer. Questions, give people information and, make. Them feel good about connecting. To you and your brand it's, a great time for you to do do personalized. Targeted. Messaging. Now. We're talking about a lot of marketing features a lot of engagement features built into the business profile, that, allows you to connect, and allows. People to get to know your business. But. How are they connecting. What. Are they spending time doing. The. Whole measurement, side of marketing, is an oftentimes. Overlooked. Aspect, of marketing where people go all right great I messaged somebody I sent, off an email oh I did an online ad and I pushed it out I'm, done, but. If you don't know what happened, in the interaction, with that ad or with that email or with your even. With your organic listings, if you don't know what happened when people interacted, with that you're, missing, out on the. Other half, of marketing, which. Is measuring, against the goals that you created in pushing. Out whatever marketing, piece or campaign, that you pushed out in the first place, so. This whole. Google business profile, is one, big marketing, engine for you it's capturing people's attention, across various. Points of the customer journey so.

You Want to see where they're interacting, with you and that happens, through built-in, insights, these insights, will allow you to see things like how, our searchers, finding, you how, are people actually connecting. With this Google business profile, did, they actually type in your, actual. Business name or, did your business profile come, up among, other businesses, like yours through, their others another, type of search query. You'll. See things like the. Volume, of calls that you received on certain days information. Everything. That is pulled out from their interaction. With your Google business profile, will, be put into these, insight, reports, and tell, you how people are interacting. Tell. You where they're interacting, with you to. Make sure that you can do the best that, you can with your business so for example you might see that you get a lot of calls on, a day, where you've, decided, you know I'm gonna take half Fridays in the, winter I'm, gonna take half Fridays I'm gonna go skating, and I'm gonna spend some time in this winter wonderland and because, I I don't think I'm gonna be very busy on Fridays. But, you might see through, your Google business profile that you're getting a high volume of, messaging, and calls on, that. Half get part of the day on Fridays, so. That's gonna tell you not only things, that you might change. And, alter, with, your marketing, but, things that you might also change and alter with your actual business practices as. Well. Now. Here's that slide I was getting to earlier I got a little head of myself when, it comes to, you working, within your business, profile within your business in general, you can add different managers. To, your business profile that have different privileges so. You as, the owner of the business let's, say will, be the owner and, you have all privileges, you have all the ability to do everything then, you can add in managers, and site managers, to give them different privileges, within, this profile to help you manage this process. Because. This is not something that you just create. Leave and and. Let, go and that's the same with your website which we're gonna talk about later it's, not just something that you creating to just leave up there as a static. Digital. Entity, that people can interact with this, is something that you're updating regularly, that you're using as a piece of engagement, that you're putting up marketing. Posts. So, that people engage with you regularly this. Is something that you'll want to keep updated. Which means you may want to call on some of your team to help you out with that. So. Let's talk about how to create a business profile gonna walk through the steps now for those of you who are at computers, if you want to walk through these steps with me feel, free otherwise. Everything. Is printed. Out in the workbooks, that you've received I've also got my friend Nick here in the room Nick can you raise your hand so everyone can see you nick, is our GMP expert, here today from Google, so make sure if you have some questions, if. You're having any difficulty, with this process if you are following along are the other Googlers that are here in the room just raise your hand and they, will come over and help you out okay so. Creating a business profile, all begins, by going to Google Docs is. This. Is printed in your workbook so if you don't want to walk through if you just want to watch and listen to me right now then you can do this from home or from your office later when you leave but, you're gonna go to Google dad, dot see a slash business and sign.

Into Your Google account, signing. Into a Google account will. Connect you to all of the Google cloud so. That you can access all of the applications, but we're specifically, going to connect, to the Google business profile. You're. Going to add and, select your, business. You. May see your business pop up in this, bar. And if. It does select. It if it doesn't just keep typing, and, add the, name. After. That. Step you're gonna enter in business, details these. Business details will, begin with asking, your address, so, now for those of you who do not have a brick-and-mortar location. That people actually come, to this, is where you're gonna choose the option, there's a little, check box. That says I deliver, goods, and services, to, my customers, so you serve, a specific area, you don't. Want people seeing a pin with, your home on, there, for your business for example or, maybe you have a factory, and you don't want people showing up your factory to buy your. Products. That's. Where you'll choose that option and, then. You'll choose cities, zip codes are by region, what what area you serve, there. Is an option, to to do both to where you have a pin on the map and people see your address and you can also show your service, area and that would be for a hybrid type of business where you, do have an office but you also serve this area with, your pizza deliveries. The. Next thing you're gonna do is add a business category, now Google does not have every, single type of business, that exists. Here so if you happen to be a pet, psychic, pet. Psychic, may not pop up here as a business, category, but pet services, or something related to pets will so, choose the business category, that best relates. To your business and that's going to categorize, you with the other businesses, that are like you this, helps, you in search because, when someone, types, in pet, services, you, as a pet psychic may, come up with the other business profiles, that are all in that business category, as well they, may not know about you they might not know about pet psychic, services, but they're gonna see it go huh that's, interesting, and potentially, find. Out about you click on you and start to engage with you.

The. Next thing you do is to enter in all your other business information, so this could be a phone number a website. If you don't have a website there's a little checkbox for you to click I don't have a website and that will. Prompt. You to start. And create a free website through, the Google business profile which I'll walk there in just a moment so, to provide those details and then, you're going to get to this verification. Step, this, is where we all stop. No. 1 click. On verify now you're. Going to because you're here today and. Because, you're part of this great Google event you're gonna click on verify, later, verify. Later is going to help it allow you to get expedited. Verification. So your business, profile. Would get verified, quicker. Than, it will through the regular process so, make sure if you are doing, this today you stop at where it says verify now you, click on later. And then. You're going to enter in, and go to the URL that's listed in. Your, workbooks, it's also up here on the screen and you're, going to go here, to initiate. This, expedited, verification. After. We, finish this session we're going to have a break and that'll be a great time for you to work on some of this raise your hands Googlers, will be throughout the room to help you through, this process and make sure you're getting this done in the correct way alright, next, let's, talk about the free business, builder, this is a free business a free website tool, that's, built into the business profile. You. Choose website, from the dashboard navigation. For, the Google business profile, for. Those of you in the room who, are starting, a side hustle or you don't have a business yet or you just want to make sure you, buy that domain name and you get online as fast as possible this is a great way for you to just build a quick and free website, that you have online that, has that domain name and you're starting to build traffic, to, that domain name you're. Starting to build an online presence, you're, starting to get people there even, if you don't yet have a product, have any of you ever gone to a website that says coming, soon or, and, they start to collect information from, you they give you a little bit of information, now about where, you're opening, or what services, you're going to be offering so it's never, too early to, get that website online, if you already have your business ready, set to go and maybe you just don't have the money to put into a big, expensive, website at this stage so. From here all the information. That you've already entered into. The Google business profile will, be imported. For your website so images. Will be imported, text, but then you choose whichever, theme works for you you, change, up all the text you can even change, out all the photos and add in photos that are on your own or from your own hard drive. Select. And add those customize. Your site. This whole process however, only takes a few minutes you. Can build a site within five minutes I promise you unless, you know you take a lot of time with the word smithing, and the copywriting, on your site that's, of course gonna take maybe a few. Extra, moments but. Building, this and customizing, the site will take a few minutes to do once. You get to the process of, get. Ready your site is the way you want it to look you're going to publish it you'll click on the little wheel icon, that says more, and, click. To publish there. Are two options when, it comes to choosing a website, address. Your. Domain, name can. Be a free, domain name that Google offers you that's, going to be your. Business, name so. In the brackets, says your business name so it'll look like that, dot. Business, dot site. If. You, want to buy a domain, name and just get that and I encourage you to do that I encourage, all businesses, to buy their domain name as soon as they think of it I own.

Probably. Twenty some odd domain, names for all of these businesses, that I might someday do, because. I don't want anybody else to buy it up, your. Domain name once purchased, by somebody else is gone. Unless. They decide to give it up you, can't have it they have it even, if no one ever creates a website using. That domain name they, can sit on it forever they can even try to resell it to you hey, yeah you want this pay. Us five thousand dollars, Oh some. People do that because they really really want it so, I urge you to buy that domain name as soon as you possibly can you have that, ability. To do that as well and then you're done you've got a website up you, are online you're, starting to drive traffic to that domain name and you're trying and you're starting, to engage with people who, are finding out about your business so. The. Google business profile, is so much, more than just showing. Where your, your businesses, and your phone number and with, a button to click to to get to directions. It's. A point of engagement, it's. A marketing, vehicle, for the entire customer journey, it's, a way for you to be to, create more prominence, on a search engine results, page but. More ability, I think even more importantly, for people to actually connect with you and engage, with you, at different, stages of that customer, journey so. We are going to take a quick, break between this session and the next and this is all awesome, time for, you to ask questions to. Get into that go a Google business profile for yourself and create it or claim it and, a. Great time for you to check out the other resources, through. Grow with Google grow. With Google is an initiative, to provide, resources, materials and, support, to small businesses, entrepreneurs to. Educators. And students. To, developers, and people that are looking to become more successful in this changing economy so, check out that grow with Google site as well we. Also have other amazing, things going on in the room there's. You all you're all amazing so, make sure you meet each other talk to one another we, also have our community partners, who are all set up in the back of the room these are organizations who. Help support business. And business growth in Winnipeg, so make sure you visit all of their their tables and see, what resources and information they have to offer you, behind. Our community, partners we have other Googlers, that are doing one-on-one sessions, to help support, you and your own personal questions. About your use of Google tools and your. Business, there's. Some really fun photo ops so take photos with the super-g, and with our grow, with Google sign, back there and then in the other far. Corner, we've got local, eats these are all local. Companies. That are provided, snacks and everything to fill up that tote, bag with, some really good goodies refresh. Your coffee and drinks and just a quick reminder if some, of you happen, to be leaving after this session and not staying for the next one. Go. To this site anytime, you want to connect to the world of grow with Google and all of the resources that we have, please, leave your Chromebook, because although we, it fits, in your tote bag it's. Not meant to go home with you in your tote bag okay, so I want to thank you all so much for your time and attention we'll, take that and then I'll be back up to see in about half, an hour thank, you all so much. You. All, right, everybody, thanks, again for your sticking around we are just about to start, our next presentation so if you wouldn't mind taking a seat so we can get started thank, you. You. All. Right thank, you everybody, Chrissa. Welcome, back to the stage. Thank. You all of you get some good snacks from. Our local eats as you get questions answered. Yes. Good. Are, you all feeling a little bit more inspired and smarter about the work that you're going to do to, your business and on your business when it comes to marketing let's. Get a heck yeah if you are happy. Yeah. All. Right good good good. That's why we're here we're going to be with you for a little bit longer this next section we're gonna talk all about how to reach more customers online. With. The help of Google but before we get started I want, to show you we've got that video queued up to show you that we were going to show you this morning the, Manitoba, mukluks, are a really, fantastic example. Of a local business that has, gone global so let's watch that first I. Think. It's important to know where you come from. Our, people have lived here for thousands of years I'm, still connected, to it, he gives me power. My. Name is Shawn McCormick I'm the founder and CEO of Manitoba, mukluks, Manitoba.

Mukluks Is a Aboriginal, own footwear, brand based, in Winnipeg Manitoba, mukluks. Is a fur boot Native, Americans, wore for, the last 10,000 years as long as they've been in North America, for. The last 400 years Aboriginal. Culture has been, turned. Upside, down the. Mission for Manitoba, is to change our community's futures for the better the. Biggest challenge, is telling. Our story to more and more people most. Consumers, don't know what a mock LOC is they've. Never heard of a mock locker so. We had to find a way to get in front of people who are looking for warm winter boots or authentic. Boots or. Comfortable. Slippers, we, sought out Google AdWords so that we could find, those consumers. And they could find us it. Democratizes. Commerce, it allows us the, same level, of exposure, as billion-dollar. Competitors. We've. Gone from that first year of selling in 2000 pairs to about two hundred thousand, pairs this year through. Our growth the, community, grows. In. Order to ensure that these ancient, art forms stay alive we work with Aboriginal artists, that are still doing the traditional arts like mukluks making or birch bark biting Richburg. Biting is drawing. With your teeth instead of drawing with a pencil. We. Put it on our website we sell it to consumers, across the world and the, artist gets a hundred percent of the proceeds, messages. You can take care of yourself the messages you can share and you can help others the message is you can do what you want to do of, course it's important, because. It's who we are as people. Full. Is that does anyone in the room own a pair, of minutes, hello mukluks so we got some people, now I want to go by those so lead, me to the store where, those are let's. Talk now about how to reach more of your customers and when I say customers, I want you to know that this refers, also, to, your clients, if you happen to be a service based business or, to, your members, if you happen to be a volunteer. Membership. Based organization. So, customers, is anyone who is buying your. Thing whether it's your product, your, service or, your vision. So. We're gonna talk about how to reach more of them we already talked, about the Google business profile, which is one way for you to reach more of your customers, when, they do a search on Google but. Let's now talk about your website let's talk about the ways that you can reach people and. We'll talk about how Google works because it's your website, is going, to be discovered. On Google. Or within Google search so I want to teach you show you exactly. What's going on behind the scenes at Google so you can understand. That from the inside, out then, we'll talk about the, business profile a little bit more as well as online advertising, opportunities. So. Google helps, you reach your customers. Because. Customers. Are connecting, to Google in all of those moments that matter all, of those questions that come up for you how. Far, is the. This store from where I am where. Can i buy Manitoba, mukluks where, can I go right now because I'm starving and I want a restaurant that's near me, when. You have those types of questions that come up for you personally what, do you do. You. Can just yell it out what do you do, you. Google it there's, everybody I mean pretty much everybody in the room you turn to search engines, to answer these questions in these moments of need so. There are billions, of these searches that are happening monthly. There. Are trillions, of web pages that, are indexed on Google in order to sift and search through so that you as a searcher, get results, that actually, help. Fulfill, that moment of need to, help answer those questions, that whatever you ask Google, it will, give you back resources. And deep. So that you can get all of that information and, become, more, informed become. Smarter, if you're trying to find out how far you, know Jupiter, is from Neptune, or to. Be able to find a restaurant, that's in your local area. One. Myth, I wanted to spell is that even, though there is so much traffic and a ton of online, searching.

And Researching going. On still. 85 percent of all transactions, happen in stores so if you own a store, you might see a shopper, like this who, is on, their phone doing some research while they're there and this might be just getting. Additional information, may be doing some comparison, shopping maybe, just pulling, up some, details, about a product that you sell that. They don't see on signage, that's there how. Many of you do this when you're in stores and. Go on your phone to do any one of those things so, although. People are online, and doing research it's just it's a supportive. Element. Along, their customer, journey, but. 85 percent of all transactions, are still happening in stores which, means we still need to create a, delightful. Customer, experience, in all. Areas, not just digitally. But, in-store. Face-to-face. In every. Interaction. And transaction. So. Let's talk a little bit how about, how search works, search. Engines. Like Google crawl. The web so. Google sends out what are called search spiders, at Google it's called Googlebot and it goes out and in finds live. Pages. So web pages that are indexed on Google. Are just found through these web crawlers, web. Crawlers, follow from page to page to page to then index, those pages within. This repository. That is Google Google. Will organize, that information in a meaningful way so that those, pages can be pulled up quickly and. Then. When. You me, all, of us your, customers, do, a search. That. Googlebot is going to go out again and it's going to crawl Google to, find the right pages, to deliver to that particular, person doing, that particular, search in that particular moment. So. When someone searches in Google all of, the most relevant and useful results, will come up on that search engine results page and all, of that's happening in less. Than a second half a second or milliseconds. Of time can. You imagine you, as. A person, sifting. Through that, much information. I mean well, one is not humanly possible, we wouldn't in our own lifetimes, be able to sift through that much information to, then deliver you. The right results. But. We also wouldn't. Be able to do this without. The help of Google's organic search, algorithm. So. Google's. Algorithm. Is what's going to rank the webpages that end up on a search. Engine results page in the order that they do so. It all begins with the search query and we've. All done this thousands, of times right, you open up Google your open up your browser and you, type in whatever, it, is you want to ask Google so. We type in a search query and then, we've, got this great search engine results page, shortened. Or acronyms, to SERP if you've ever heard that term that's what it stands for search engine results, page so, your search engine results page has on it all of these organic, search, results are natural, results, that come up based. On what Google thinks you, are looking for to answer your question, to fulfill, your moment. Of need, these. Search. Results are, divided.

Or. Organized. Into, snippets. So, each of these, is called, a snippet that, snippet. Has different parts in the, what is represented by this blue line is the, title. The page title, of that particular web page that. That results. Is pointing, to and then, you see a URL, which, is the link and then. You see a description. All. Of, that can be controlled, by you if. You, have access to the backend of your site how many of you have the ax access, to the backend of your site you use some type of, CMS. Great. And then for those of you who don't this, is information that, either your webmaster. Or web developer, we're handle or you would seek out SEO, specialists, and SEO agencies. To, help you with us we actually have an SEO agency in the room first rank can you wave your hands ladies so first rank is, an SEO agency in the room and you may hire folks, like that to do this for you I'm. Going to tell, you some of the things you could do whether. Or not you're an SEO specialist, or not but, I am only grazing. The surface, of what is possible when. It comes to optimizing your. Web sites and your web pages for search you. Really. Want to get invested. In this and really. Do the best you can then you'll need to look to experts to help you out with that. So. Here we've got these snippets and, then. On the search engine results page we also of course have that business profile, we've gone over that we talked about that I'll summarize that in a little bit again. For y'all and then. You. Maybe might, see ads on, a search engine results page you. See ads only, if, they match the. Content, of the search query, they're, not just Google's, not just showing you any random ads these are going to be ads that actually, match and fulfill, whatever, the search query was,

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