Grow a small account day trading with $600.00 dollars| day 4 $870.00 in Profits

Grow a small account day trading with $600.00 dollars| day 4 $870.00 in Profits

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All. Right come on everybody. Hope, you having a good. Morning for Monday, again. Out of the week. Still, a little bit on the weather. Getting. A lot better though, still. Like fatigue, and, stuff like that. But. Gradually. Getting my strength back. So. That's a blessing. Some. Voices kind of write. Out. A. Little bit but. I'm, getting better so. That's, a positive thing. Should. Be able to. Return. To, work. Kind. Of being immobile, as I wanted to be. Fingers. Broke about a week and a half just, so. Fatigued. And weak but a, lot. Better day. Excuse. Me but. Anyway. So. The. Market. Just opened. To. Liberated with, 32 minutes after. The market open. Okay. So I have. A watch list if you ever seen a previous, video I made my watch list over into the left everything. Right now is all. The red. So. Usually. Is where I waked about ten o'clock wait then shake out a little bit see what's, gonna happen. What. Direction to go in I, do. Not know how to approach, a trade. So. There's, gonna take a couple of minutes for that and. See, what's going on. If. You have not, subscribed. To the Channel please do that don't, like subscribe, to the channel. You, have any questions, about. What. What. To, do, if he's new, to trading. To. Understand. How. To trade an account. Right. Now steel. Focuses, on the paper trading challenge, and, that's the girls smile account preparation. Is everything. Preparation. Sets you off for long term success, so. Don't. Be, so quick in a rush to, start. Trading live, because. You don't want to blow your account and then it become discours, so preparation. Is everything this, is something, that you, want to set yourself up for a large a long time go. Perhaps. Do this for a living, actually. Gain. Financial, freedom but, that's my overall, objective that's, my girl. So. I'm, really, looking forward to doing that, and. Things. Are looking good am i failing to do so so. Uh. S-see, is just looking around the scene see what's all going on in the market right now see. Netflix, is one of my favorite, if. You haven't heard watch.

The Previous video as I, mentioned, it, was a bit, over bought. For. Amount. Of days now so, expecting. This pullback so early, that, market, over was expecting. And. As actually what we were getting right now. Over. In five minutes. One. Day five minute chart we. See we have a lower, 3:30. Could. A bounce off his low, potentially. It, could. But. We have the way for the right signal, to see that and. And. He, perhaps can, trade, that bounce. But. I say I'll rather you give me with the easier patterns, first. Before. Taking, on trading, pattern like that but. But, it can be tricky and you. Gonna fall right through and create a new low is exactly, what it's doing right now as. You see here it is coming always so. So. That. Is a sign of a and. That. Potentially. He's, gonna reverse back up at some point. How, far would he go back up. Well. Previous. Support. Economization. So. That's, why. Computer. And get the right. Sorry. Get rid of this call. He. Tried copies uh, I. Get. Sick I don't come to often but when I do is just. Be. Nerve rate. So. It he was trying to bounce off this a, particular. Area right here. With. Nick's please. Okay. It. Is trying to bounce off for that. Chopped. Up to 230, to. Okay. And. We can look at this just like we look at any other, ABC. Method. Lewis. See this as I. See. So. This would be a it is the previous high. So. We're talking an egg. Here. Okay. This. Have a comma B, which, is our low, right. And. I. See is here. I. Thought. X C. Which. Is the entry. But. That, would be the entry point, here. And. You. Were trying to trade, it so. That. You. See. Danny. Didn't. Would like to go bullish, let's. See uh let. Me put, this, on and write. Anything. Okay. So. Yeah, they were likely to go bullish at that point, and. Then you were traded, from. Here. To the next resistance level would. Give you a one point, ninety. Percent move. So. Like I said we always push for that one point it better myself. Better so that's what it will do. But. These these guess what the idea for wasn't trading the pound stuff I. Might. I might go just pursuing. For. The pants. Okay. So go, to a. Lingerie. Today, for our chart, and you and pee. Yeah. Multiple, resistance, that was, they. We discussed this over the weekend, and I. Really. Wasn't, interested. That's. How I got, to that. Yeah. Mark 85. 156. And. Then it count out opportunities, in their head but. Not. Really, interested. We. Got 161. Here. He's. Now I like stz. And. That is also. Yeah. I look, like. It's easy to play that bounce on that. Okay. So. It. Is. Pressing. Through there plus 61, 62. Which. Is where we have not yet. Okay. So we're, gonna keep out now for now. Bollocks. Face this is that facial stare proceedings, and move up. I'm. Gonna set alert and see what were the entry would be. See, if they see I'm gonna go bullish right now still showing a bad signal, card is below to be lapped. The. Middle of. Purple. On order to be laptop. Yes. I saw, C when it does, see. If you decide to go bullish. Right. Now stz. It's. Looking to be a play, around. 10 o'clock. You. See oh. Okay. WIA man, just took a. 4%. Drop. I. Haven't. In a low of 107. Is. Over, so. They. Say you play, oversold, patterns, you know he'd been clean a bounce on he patterns, but as, this more, experienced. Have. To come in today. Some, games to about now so. Can. I potentially, do. That today, at. The market keep. The. Market well and things on. Things. On. Give. Me what I'm looking for. I'm. I am to take another, channel direction and see it. Does and one of the plays I want to play. Not. My idea favorites though I mean they they do it. Depends on who do. Tend, to. Bounce. Pretty hard sometimes. And. She. So. You're here the load 107. 35, is. Uh. Currently. Oversold, if you look at your five feet one day five minute chart it's. Currently on the sold over here the. 180-day. For our chart we, see this was a support. Level so, it's. Likely he can't ride to a trade fall - at 106, twenty-one and, try to bounce off of it okay I. Made. Sure to fall today to bounce off his. Bear, is right down so I wouldn't. Mess with it. Previous. High was 110. So. We're gonna move on from now. Tirra. Tirra, west, on the run again his money. Let's. See let's, go to. 130 day four hours, is. Currently.

Over, Blocks will be careful with that they broke out of the. Ninety nine. Thirty, three it's. Now pushing. To. 104. I. Wouldn't. Get in at this point. He's. Already, up like seven percent I would. Ask to wait for a pullback and. Look. For a bounce it. Is overbought. So. Everyone's writing I think right. Now at this moment I. Would. Like to move it up here it off. So. It makes my senses problem. Cannabis. Fusion. Ok, tear or watch just, broke, out a resistance, of the 104. 79. Next. Resistance level. Luck, is gonna be acting. 121. Maybe. I also like, well, I would gotta wait for a pullback go to. Chopping. This train, is. Entirely. Up to I. See. A contract, worth. Buying. Not. A note I spray with no stuff. You, know a nice contract. Receiver, wait for a pullback with, a. 2. Y. TZ. Anything. Netflix. What is next when she's gone. Steal. Bears. Not. Necessarily. You. See. Yes. They're bears. AMD. See. They making Strasser they usually, are I don't. Trading. Stock option grants, Lord and. Lord. And $80. But. Some. Others showing nice, return. 91%. Hundred, myself. So. I'm showing a nice return. Here. Where I just I just. Continue, to go high, this. Is a sultry, old Bardo and got away for this pullback. Okay. Okay. So we getting a pullback. With. Our air you you. Okay. Next. Resistance lover, is that the 142. Pour. Back down, to the. Still. Bullish, okay. So we're, gonna say ABC. Man turn off you, hey, I'm. Looking at contracts, right before I go together oh. Nice. Nice-looking. Contract. On. A short time so I was. He like I said I'm not too concerned about anyway. Yeah. I see, 140. Okay. So that's, all I. Actually. Like like, this let's, see. So. We're. Waiting to see what low is low, was gonna be I. Was, suspected. To be. Where. It's currently at right now either 107. Okay. That's. When I was spanked for to be. Asleep. Right. Who might be taking it right here. We. Are you how are you. Blue. Likens looking to bounce. So. I brought a side. Keep, talking to those, girls. Okay. You. Just broke out. Breaking. I'll continue to join our, got. Some options, in front of me others know I won't, mess. With that. Don't. See the poor back. For. Ta. Ry. That's. Right. Okay. So. We, want to take our chances on our. Air. You air you. Actually. Think we've got some here. So. I'll. Tell you that. That's. Enough to get it. Okay. So. Up. $11. So far. 20:31. We. Really got to make big. Fast this week. That's, the last two weeks is, really. Going, to factor whether, we've reached out to overnight. Here, we're, just continuing trade, hi. Yeah. I mean, we, missed, it a long time ago, so. I was just really just waiting for a pullback. Little, I returned to get in never. Really given to giving us a nice. Full back yet so. Opportunity. Missed. But. Lu lu did, give us one so. That's. The opportunity we take in right now. So. If i go back to the trade we're currently up fifty three dollars. Okay. Very. High if we, do pass the resistance, level and. We. Are looking. One. Forty two thirty. Eight and. See. If it continues. To very high. Okay, so. We ought to make a heist. That's a good sign. 101. For t-72s. And move on a gay. Okay. See. Currently. An. $80. Right now. If, you got any questions, uh just. Uh. Give. Me up in chat room and, I. Answer your question. One nation is actively, working anyway. So, right now we have resistance, at 140, 72. That. Is a new, high at this point other day, on. Air. You air you. Let's. See the teeth look like tear our wire started now it starts to give the poor back, okay. So. 106. Is you're. Using. ABC, method one and six inches now today. Okay. We're. Looking for support right now so, not gonna bother and. See Ashley, started show a sign of a reversal. To. Continue, to trade higher but these definitely, is a the. Pullback it was waiting on earlier. It. Looks, like. 104. I'll. Say. 103. Or. Likely, be a semantic. I say you list it somewhere. Between that, a, and. B. This. Is your would be the answer so, you can execute it, you. Know. Great. To you okay, but, what, we're. Lu. Lu is, a. Looking. To break inside businesses. There to 147, to is. Someone, see steel bullish, they. Want to trade our house right. Now we have a hundred. And $26. Take. Constant hello tomorrow thought they thought to have non-stop mark are. You telling me. Oh, yeah. Think. We'll be nasty tomorrow. Okay. Yeah we have to do is wait and see you know and. See. What happens, Bitcoin. You, know I know it's been popular for, the. Last few years about, biet calling, and the, whole cryptocurrency. Market, and stuff like that. Yeah. You. Got to be very careful with uh with. That with cryptocurrency, there's. A lot of it still new to me I still, consider it new even. Though it's been around for, a few years you. Usually, you. Have all, these other, cryptocurrency.

And Companies, trying to make. Their way into the market and, usually, a lot of them don't last. So. I know, big holes on the first. Say. Jesus cameras, everybody. Has a good insight, yeah. A lot. Of a lot of folks are there a lot of folks are our staff. Yeah. I'm a big fan of necklace so. And, my live account I do a. Long-term. Position against, place because, of the. The. Downside, necklace, I've been dealing with quite some time. I'll. Go over here now and. Actually take a look at it. You. Know there are. Currently. At 332, I always. Look at the 180-day, for our chart. Yeah. I. Always. Uh. I always. Look at the watch every day for our chart and. See, who's. Old boss for the last day so a. Pullback, was, expected. You, see that now but. I am looking. For. To, get up to. 350. For. 334. Will be my exit point so, no things stop now we can talk about penny stocks like yeah I mean. Penny, stocks is where I started, it when I started. Getting. To trading. Penny. Stocks is where I started, at not. Affair. And. She it's. Been, a minute do you but you want to give me a ticker we look at will, look at the chart. Of. Netflix. Well not, when, it come to stock options, this is a little different. Like. Here's. The thing about, penny stocks. Penny. Stocks we know like, a lot of those companies are scams. But. There's a website, for that I actually made a video on, how to distinguish. TT, and P oh how. To distinguish, what uh. What. Penny. Stocks, look. Out for my. Stuff like that okay so, TT. And PETA is the thing about putting stuff this, is what I would recommend. Try. To find stocks. They're listed, on NASDAQ. Look. At looking. On the arm or. You can go to the OTC, market. Website. And. Little dose and make, sure these, are companies. That you're looking up a penny stocks Cartman there, are. SEC. Compliant. They're, not reported, to the SEC. On. A regular, basis, that they should yeah, I wouldn't, I wouldn't even get on a second look. I wouldn't, even give them a second look and see with the with the price, of. This particular chicken. Here. Likely. I would have to go research, it on the, Oct market website and. See they the SEC, compliant. What. An easy way to are. To. Look at that is a look, at like like I said like NASA. Look. At companies, that. If they are dollar or more, then. Likely, they, could be reporting, to the, Nasdaq, market, you. Know that there are dollar more so. They're. Really kind. Of distinguish them being SEC, applying. Okay. And. I see well I see here that they are on the Nasdaq, okay.

So I do see that so. What this means is that we, do particular, take you here is there. An order for them to state listing, on. The last day they have to be, Rab dollar at some point. Okay. Nice. Thank you welcome, you're. Welcome. Robin. Hood Robin. Hood is a I, have, nothing against Robin Hood I actually have an account with Robin. Hood he was right on over. The trading out more. It's a TD. Ameritrade. But. Robin, Hood is a, good place to start. It. Appears on which is what you're doing but Robin, Hood's a good place to start. Especially. When it kind of run a small account you. Can kind of. Even. Avoid those Commission. Feed. Okay. So let's. Take a look at air you know you were uncurl e. And. Right now if you haven't look at in previous videos, I am. Teaching you I'm. Showing you how to trade, stock option. Some. Of the best practices advantage, to. Before. Cheek began a computer, program, that doesn't charge them loosely so localness, okay. Starting. With TD. Ameritrade, Gina a. TD. Ameritrade. It. You can sign, up with the American, TD Ameritrade, a brokerage. Platform, is free. We. Know that each trader is one of the best out there. In the market but TD. Ameritrade, is, a free platform and it. Performs, just as well as a, betrayed. Okay. They perform just as well as each trade. Our. Water filters, are cleaning and, Robert series with batters. Okay. In. A, particular reason for that J constant. Yeah. You, go back to the MMA you. Know your uh TD. Ameritrade, I have some earlier videos. In. The beginning, of the channel, it, talks about TD, Ameritrade, how to open up account. With TD Ameritrade, and also, how, to get. Your TD Ameritrade, to be option, trading. Option. Trading. Interval. You, know so you can learn about option. Trading and, how to get into that but, to speak a little bit more to it if you new to it I know you say you felt like it was expensive but put. Put is in perspective, if I. Say. We go to Lu. Lu. As. You see right now I am. Currently uh two, hundred and sixty two dollars on, composition. That I selected. But. Looking at the contract. You. Can go. Another. Five so I'm a little cheaper but I actually got. Contracts. Where, I. See. Is look at in video. They. Have contracts. They're like say. Like one contract, okay. It's. About eight even though it's a 3.5. Oh like. Three dollars and forty-five, cents that's not what it is Ashley. Three hundred and but. $45. But. Here's. The thing where. You, buy. When. You're say like if you have like a. $600. Account size okay, you. Have a $600, account and. You're trying to trade into. Into. Penny. Stocks well. You're. Going. That Gornick account, the penny stock is going to count to one thousand in one month there's. A, it's. Gonna weigh in on you it's gonna weigh in against you you're actually gonna have to be put in positions, to where you, can buy and hold and, things. Like that and that can be concerning if you're new to trading, penny stock okay. Do. I have a referral, code. Checked. Into that with, TD, Ameritrade, and. I'm. Not sure they supplied, through the. YouTube. Channels, like that. I'm, checking that today a while, back, but. What you can do was. You can do is when you do sign up enough. You. Can even call them and ask. Them to. About. The. Free. Commission's for like 60 days or so I think they offer that we, knew you. Can even contact them and ask something about those those, sort of things but, they're. Actually uh, information. Out, there on that they're there I give you. Something. Like that for a certain amount of days if, you're new to new. To signing. Up. Okay. Let's. See. Well, yeah, back to the contracts, and see you. Buy at one contract, if you look over to the left I saw, in videos. Who. Look probably down, at the moment but other like I'm starting to make a progress until, a bullish direction. But, if, you look here. You. Can see what the percentages, are let's. Go back, to you. You was currently, where we in right now, there's. Two hundred forty eight percent returns, on, these positions. So. Here to show you what. Awesome. Doesn't rate that's, two hundred and forty eight percent retired I know. You may see that time to time in penny stocks but. This. Is a normal, thing in option.

This. Happens on a regular basis. Okay. This. Thing actually happens, on a regular basis. They're, one of my. One. Of my partners, actually, uh. Texted. Me right now. Any. Trade options, also I wonder. Would eat what he's what he's going to today. And. This was, so. Valuable, about the groups option. Trading yeah, yeah. I have videos on Hatchin, trading. You. Have videos on option trading if you uh you. Need any. Assistance, in, how, to get into a learn. More about ik. Market. Looking great this morning. So. RCL. Yeah. Check it check it out check it out awesome. Trading is a right. Now see is currently, at 267. 21. To. 34, percent return. Like. Yeah the option trading is uh you. Didn't. Say like you had a six on trial account and. You bought on contract. Until. Was that shows, that a dollar eighty nine but. It really does one hundred eighty nine dollars but. Then you turn around and, end up with drilling 50 percent retire. You. See what I'm saying you. See the difference in that. Now. Desert. To show you with, value, you're getting again. You're trading, bigger. Companies, there's, more sustainable. You. Know has been around for a while alien. In a gym the legit company, okay. Yeah. So I mean you just think about it right because. You're. Looking at a 300, cent retire. Three, hundred fifty percent retire on. $189. You're, in tripled your money so. Now you'll your overall account of being $600, had, just become no. Okay. Now. Solely, blue even seriously, grow, your account. Okay. So. Those were option, trade you can do to you that. When. Trading penny stocks. Really. If you're not working, with like. 5,000. Or. Or. 10,000. Or 20,000. Dollars you're not taking if, you're not taking positions, that it's, like, $5,000, or. $2,000. I mean. A $500. I mean if, the lowest, you will want to take, on a position you're. Gonna have a hard time growing that account when, you can't commissions, and things like that that's, so, you saying that. Mmm. A you saying being, in a brotherhood. I think it you know one with Robin Hood. Are. You signed up with Robin Hood. Yeah I mean being with Robin, Hood well I think one of y'all getting jobs with Robin Hood I, mean. Being with Robin Hood to be in fact that you. Are his. Free. Commission, that. Kind of helps you out you, know when you're working on a small account like that that. Kind of helps you out. Yeah. Yeah it kind of helps you out when you're trading a small account cost doing. Trying to try to do penny stocks. With. A TD. Ameritrade, or, any of the other brokers that paint you, have to pay commissions you have a small account your. Eyes. Success. Not. Saying is not doable but. They are against you. They. Are, against you okay. So. As a right now so what I'm doing now I'm currently. Teaching. Showing. You how to how, to trade the. Trade. Stock options, right with. A what's, my process, in my method, and you see right now here, you, were just taking off. Kaalia. Three hundred and seventy dollars. Okay. Now. This is right now is the payment, rate challenge so I'll just let you know that now and the. Idea is, to get. You prepared for. The. Live account that I will be doing in February, so, if you haven't into the website you. Can look at the scripture below you, see all that stuff by the website. Incredible. Traders net, also, of, the visited discord, chatroom, tier. Are wise taking off. See. Did. He get that pullback I still, go to today. Yeah. Yeah. So. I have no idea about option, trader I need to look them today yeah, looking, to it I guess, I got videos on it so look, more into it. There's. Are a lot, of different. Strategies. In a lot of different ways you can approach, option, trader but. It. Is a very, simple way you can do, it and. It, still become very successful and, that's. The method that I that, I pursued, that's the method that I showed, so. I just keep it very simple and. And. That's that's the best my ideal focused, okay so. If. You ever like. To subscribe to the video and, channel please, do so. Sir. We're off the traders made of the bankrupt. Well. I.

Mean. He did he understand, what was going on like like where's where's, Yunus. But. He was getting his lessons, and stuff right, I. Think. I can assure you followed. Me for the next couple of weeks. Next couple of days and. You'll see what I mean. It's. Bears like I have a my. Friend, God has texted me right now, he's. Uh. You. See Mike he might be in the chatroom also, but. He, trade options, as well and. He, does, we doing a great job I. Do. That, for, a part of this was from a brainless whipped I said. What. Makes us more, successful. With. This all together is that we. All are collaborating, and passing. On, content. And resourceful. Information. There actually, a benefit, so. In what it does and customizing care for you so, you're not learning all this on your own okay. And. It. Also. You. Know improve. Your. Chances, of being successful. The. Let you know a little bit about myself I actually went to school for this. Attending. Grand Canyon University. Yeah. It really does. Really does huh. I'd say. So. I mean, you made you make great friendships, along the way oh you, meet a lot of great people and. This. Whole stock, market, thing and I mean. So, much potential in it and people don't some, people you know don't, understand, it by hey. Looking, for certain things in life and I financial, freedom and this. Is this is one, of the ways of getting there you. Know. This. Is one of the ways of giving so. Like I said you're, not too late to participate. In, a trading. Challenge, right now as far as I understand, of learning. Not. To get. All TAS but teaira are wise having to pull back. Tara. While having a pull back you see my. Man. Why are you just not in chatroom man I. Know. You subscribe, to a child. In. The chatroom. Fellow. He's trading right now. Yeah, so. Lu, au, is still looking good making higher highs. But. Yeah I always. Get explaining. To you about the. ABC. Message, like we'll go over all that stuff Mme, we'll go about all that stuff okay. We'll. Go over all of it alright we. Doing watch some previous video I. Did. I did who trained at the trading, session this week usually. It'd be, Monday. Wednesday. And Friday. Does. When, trading a small account yeah I think be Marv about a PTT rule, I'll. Show you aware, of where the PDT rule is if you trade a penny stock. Which, trading. Site do you recommend uh. And. That's where you from. That's. What you try li. Rule. Can you see are you asking a question about a PTT rule oh. You. Don't know about a bit easy rule oh, ok, so, here's, the thing about a PTT rule ideas. Because you're dealing with Robin Hood right now you wouldn't, know but. To. The PDT rule, is uh. Basically. As. Where. Is. To, help you from blowing, your blown up your account and over trade especially if. You have a small account at you new trade so. All. The trade so, what it does is you don't have an account and there's probably most, brokers, besides. Robin, Hood Robin, Hood is. Basically. Catering. To people catering. To the idea of small account so. What. Happens with the. PDT. Rule, is that, when. You have a small account at less than $25,000. It. You. Can only have, like, four. Day trades I think. Four day, trades and when a five-day, period, you. Go over that then, you a sudden to the PDT rule. Being. Complying with a PDT rule and then there will lock. Your account up, for like, 60. Days I think yeah. They would lock your account up like 60 days. J-jake. Honestly, you say I'm dust because I mean are you from betcha, like. Where, are you from. Yeah. But they would lock your account up, for like 60, days and. When. That happens, you. Had you have to wait until today, period is up for you guys to start trading game so, in, order. To. Put. Yourself in a position how. Okay. In order to put yourself in a position to, where. You get a. Trade. A small account to stay within the rules of the PDT rule, I'd. Recommend, using. Trading.

Day Session. Set up so you have a schedule so. You're. Even though he coming, you new to trading to be tempting like well if I miss someone Tuesday, what if I miss something it doesn't matter always opportunity. To take, a position there, always opportunity, to trade in the market and, the. Best way to stick to that skills it's. Not look at that market on a day you're not trading at all to, be totally honest because. If you're gonna live account and you trade on, you. Know your live account and, you decide to look, at the market um. Small account you see something going trading you're. Going to be going to be tempted to mess with and, you're not going to stick with your skills but, the schedule that. I presume we had was Monday, Wednesday. And Friday, which. Allowed. Me to day, trade each, though each of those day but. Still stayed within the rules. Or the PDT room. You. Get what I'm saying out. And. That's. That same, schedule every. Week that I will follow but, all the reason why I'm chaining up this week but, I am then I have been on the weather a little bit and. Doctors. Recommended, I. Redo. My busy, lifestyle. So. I had to make adjustments. To. My schedule so. We. The, day trading schedule, is gonna be today, tomorrow. On. A skip, Wednesday. And Thursday and trade Friday. Okay. And, I, still keep us. On. The PTT, room. They're, from Holland. Yeah. Jade, as a. As. A broker. Trying. To think of their name. Cuz. I haven't uh I. Still. Have an accountant, for a while back. But. I'm thinking, nine it. May be stocks, to trade I'm, not mistaken, it. Might be the broken. Like. I say I'm more. More. For, me with a trader and, TD Ameritrade. But. Uh I. Think. Estas, afraid, maybe, a. Broker. That you might be interested in, you. Should try looking up he changed to try looking up, TD. Ameritrade, she's, also looking, to Robin. Hood as well you. Should look into Robin Hood to if you're also, looking, look to trade a small account, so. Are not for a small account. And. What I would do to. Be honest, with Mme. What I would do I would, actually. It. It, may be more, it. May take some getting used to but you know Robin. Hood, doesn't. Always. Been in my while since I've st. looked at it but I don't, think you get it the, cedar indicators. And. Stop there I'm using to. Norway. To execute, my position. Yeah, yeah you definitely that's, so that's the whole idea of our option, trade is. To maximize, on a small. Position size, that's. A whole idea - here's the thing often. Trading, when I say - trading and by the contracts, here's, the thing if. This. Sale like this for example. Okay. You you. Go, to this company here and. Each. Contract. As a hundred shares in it okay, each. Contract and it would mostly all the top not just well. All of them really each. Contract has a hundred, shares on them okay, so. If I was to body. Shares, outright, and. I, have a hundred shares. What. Is that multiplied, by the. National share price is that well, 4292. Okay. He's. There about 40 to 92. Times. 100, shares that's, $14,000. So. In option. Trading I'm. Ashley. Holding. $14,000. Worth of shares from. Four hundred and eighty dollars. See. What I'm saying. That's. Why the returns, are. So great and. We keep trading penny stocks and. How you profit, up in stuff is simple. Simply. Considered. Like the same thing. Because. Of because, of the fact that you're holding you. Holding a normal, amount of shares. But. Not the actual price of the CC if all the body shares outright like, you buy with pink stuff when you do opinion stock you're buying shares outright, and, you turn around and, sell. Them for return, but. See in contracts. And, start options you're not buying shares outright, where, you're doing you're holding, a share so, when you buy the contract, you hold them a share so. Say if I bought. Okay. I'll, go back here and, if I buy. A. Hundred. Shares of. Over. $140. Thousand. $43, was currently priced at now I bought. A hundred shares of that that's, fourteen, thousand, three hundred and twenty. Nine dollars that, I would have to put up he. So I'm saying just a hold on the shares of his company stock but. When. I go to the contract, and. I. Bought a contract. I'm. Not spending that amount okay. I'm, spending, five hundred something dollars to hold on to share because, its contract, so, you're not buying them outright, you.

Get What I'm saying them. It. Takes a little getting a little, used to to. Understand, their perspective of, it but. How. You lose time. Decay timing, cares how you lose. On stock options okay time. To K and. Just. Like just like buying the shares, just like buying penstock it, would stop if. The stock goes down your. Contract, goes down it gets stock goes up your, contract, value goes up so. Yeah. This is what I'm looking at here so if, you're learning how to read charts. You. Can make money on stock options, or pin stocks. You. Get what I'm saying now. You. Just learn how to recharge, you can make money on penny stocks or startups, okay. So. And, those are things that we will go over and stuff like that we're gonna how to read charts I will, go over my process. Yeah. Time is your enemy a kind of awesome, trade timers, are in well. The. Less the less you are into, and. That's pretty much he. Can go either way with Penny Stocks as well I mean if your hand. The, longer you hold a position the. More risk you are. Well. The King stocks or, stock option, the longer, standing, need accompany his positions, the more you put the more you put yourself at risk so, the. Ideal is how. Can I maximize my profit, and. Not. Be in there, that long. BTW, BJ. Can't say PTC. Is poppy now let's. See. That's. A penny stock. Always. Easy to my Bitcoin. What's. The what's the. Ticket. For that. Nobody's. That. He. Used to be with into. The big car you took my bit Kong. Jake. I'm. Sorry ma did I ask, you a question about, how. You lose, money when. It kind of options. And. How you profit, when I don't know hostels. You, work I. Want. To make sure, I'm. Trying, to answer, the question what's possible now are, you or have you guys for me were indicators. And what what they mean because. Yes, before the economist popping. Okay. Are. You familiar with indicators. How. You distract. So. And so so your information, that he provided they. Had a positive impact, on VidCon, it, was the same. Yes. She, did but she doesn't importance, of having. These. Trading groups and, he's our community, platform of design because. Once. You develop, a relationship someone. As. A civilized, once. Once you are developing. Relationships. Along it kind of helps you watch the market, so, you got one more than one eyes on the market as well, I'm a guy here was telling me bio RCL. I'm. Actually gonna look that up. Let's. See-oh RCL. Okay. See. What's going on. Similar, lives okay. We, are we will have similar eyes okay. Okay. Now. You know TD. Ameritrade has an app too so. They have an app as well. That. You can look at it too and. You, can set your your. Platform. Over on your app just. The same, okay, so you saying about a similar do. You understand them the guns down to use them. J, I'm actually gonna take a look, at vidcon. Do. You know do you know the ticker, symbol for that no there's a website I used to go to, look. That up. Okay. Anyway. What do you use. Like. What. Indicator, do you use it's, you know a, familiar. With. Magdala. Yeah. Many. Learners. As. A. Popular, at one its. Popular, I stopped, using that decline over the over. The over, the, years though usually. Myself, knives the RSI, in, veal app content. AMA and I. Also used the ABC, myth as far as like inch is, this pretty much what I was thinking now. Of. Course I look at the warrants, or 80-day for our chart and I. On, entry day, well. While, a trading, on it today I have. My. Buy, one day two. Minutes art on. One day five minute chart. Lesson. This is what I use their. Yeah. I start. I used to use the MACD line is also I mean, still useful but. Uh. Every. Like when you start getting into it yeah. Everyone. Start somewhere and then yeah. You know basically, from the resource that they learned they you.

Know. You. Know community, they got it got the resource of wrong and, they gradually go off into their own thing and you actually. Find. Out was what, Bessel for you not, all of us is gonna trade the same way. And I. Had, you, know a period, of time you learned that. But. I would, like to buy, the way out by the way I do things is to. Try. To provide, with, a foundation. First try. To provides with a foundation, to somewhere to start it again. Just, gradually, let. You mold and to your own way but, you eventually will do that you say there are a side which other okay. There, are and I have videos on these too the RSI, indicator which, is this one here tell. You when the. Breaking. News on. Ta. Ry. Big. Competition. Mover. Okay. Alright. Thanks thanks for that ma'am I'm. Asked we're gonna look into, they. Look good, okay. I'm. Looking to. There. Are s I tell you when it's old. Ball over so when. They above the 70, mark here that's, overbought, territory, so be, expecting, a pullback. In. Your chart okay. He seems overbought, on a five-minute also so. It's a good trade. Higher but. Is it just to give you an alert that it is overbought, okay. So, that's privilege with the RSI. Stands. For. The. Are side any other V lap now, I don't necessarily. Go. By these two runners, often, but, my the most important. One to me is, the, middle purple honor to be lap here because. When. The stock, is trading but it live it, tells me that the stock is bullish. Okay. It tells me that it's bullish so. Gas. Simplifies. As well in a trade, to. Stay in the trade so, that's why I'm still holding on its position now, because it's telling me that his brothers now, I entered. In, his, position. With, my ABC men my. ABC, method is for No, Deal app as. Ashley. It. Actually, written. This way. But. Mostly, everybody pronounce, it well, I leave there's an opera house. There. And that way but, yeah. You. Work yeah. So that's. The deal app okay, that's the B lab indicate so. The children will still bullish, and then, I have my 10:00 a.m. a okay. My 10:00 a.m. a long, time dead in there for you too. And. This is called exponential, moving average. Okay. And. That's a ten days and the ten represent, ten days so, the exponential, moving average so. Well. My counting sticks are trading above that trend. Of. The ten am a dead. Tear that also. Simplified. For me to stay in as well okay. So, what I like to do to. Maximize the. Profit, that. I can make what I like to do is I. Like to enter, my trade on my, ABC method okay. Well. The when, I won enough one of the best message I found out to win an institute and get into a tray and that's, the ABC, myth. J. You know you still you probably may be stared at me. Okay. The. ABC, method. So. Basically. Yeah. ABC, so basically, you can see it here. So, basically, what. Happens is. Let's. See. I. Met. There one day okay. Two, minute chart so, basically, you're. Waiting for the high of the day to, actually occur, and. The. First holiday of the market for lu lu was. At 9:30, a.m.. It, was the first holiday, I. Don't. I used, to trade on, Martin's, first doll and you know you know getting in and it started moving but, I don't do it anymore always wait for the pullback I always. Went for the pullback so what. I'm doing here, is, our, wait to see what the balance is gonna turn, electorate. Yeah. Counter stinks duh okay. Accountants yeah so, are waiting for the. Pullback and. That. Determines, where my be is going to be okay. To pull back the Turner's with my beads gonna be so we they're a is that, as what you see for the holiday. That. New high okay. And your, be it, would have pullback is currently gonna be so. You. You you was, well basically, your bounce is that so, so my B is here, cuz it pulled back to this level and it found supported, and it started to bounce, okay. And. How I knew the balance, confirmed, is, that I was looking at this second, kit second counter stick so, the first one it's. Like okay that's a sign but. Let's, see we're. Gonna get another green chemistry and, we did and. We, got that, they. Had factored in exactly, what my seat was gonna be it which, is my age. So. That that, breaks down your ABC meant. For. Entry. And. This. Is a you kind of reduces your losses while trade. And. Long. As you continue to make higher highs I stay. In the trade. So. Right now I'm new high is 140. 395. So. I'm looking and see he was gonna make him another high if. We continue to make it another high you, know gonna stay in trade you. Probably follow. ABC, mezack you probably found it in Robin Hood also. I. Mean. They have counter stakes I'm not sure to do chemist its lines. A, crafts. Or what I. Don't. Like I said I haven't been on that happen quite some time.

And. My buddy is that a tear, ry. Competition. Moving in I see. You, know they have it as well well. Or weeaboo, okay. Okay. So I mean, I will start. Implementing. Like go back and watch some of the videos it. Talks about the. V-- lab that I have the. RSI, and, the. Ten-year may indicate and. Start implementing, the debt over, the next quarter, next, couple. Of weeks next couple days into. Your. Into. Your training. I. Would. Prefer to you to practice, practice, it though I wouldn't, I wouldn't do it with a live account. Sig. Sauer bitch little Robert, hey, I mean. It's. Free you know so so. You is. Certain, things that this is limited I. Mean. Is you're certain things they're just limited, you know. Like. I say TD, Ameritrade, is. Probably, one of the best. Free. Not. Free commissions, but they, provides, you a platform, they. Provide you with a platform, that. Actually works. Pretty good you know, and. That the platform, is what you're looking at right now. Those. Very probably was pretty good was free. He. Trading you have to Ashley cha -, the charge to. Use. A plasma. By, digging I think after. Bank. Of you have like certain lunch amount invested, in each trade to. Ask the. Allow. You to have a class time for free I have. Actually have no account with each other but, some people what they do is they have an account with a trader they use TD Ameritrade, Platinum and. Still, execute trades, so. I'm saying. That's. Why I was saying you could even, though you have Robin, Hood you can have TD, Ameritrade. Platform. And. Execute, your trades and Robin. But. Uh, I'm. A imitation, get tasting you've been getting used to to. Be able to you, know switch back and forth like that and. Actually try to execute. So. I don't, know I probably, prefer, to stick with one broke-broke the. Platform. So. It looks like we're gonna start having a pullback here, in lu lu. It. Was overbought, so. That's. To be expected. Now. This. Is this what I want to focus on as far as my exiting, out my trade okay. Because. It. Could, have continued trade higher to the 148th. Maybe. Maybe, not it's, already, been. A training. Hard for quite, some time now so, it's. Worth gonna. Simplify me, to whether I do I want to get this trade or not okay, to. Maximize, my profit, so, right now I'm watching on a 2 minute. On. A 2 minute chart a. Chart. I am. Watching this. Counter stick okay, and. I. Want. To see and. Next. Two minutes what. The next counter stick is going to do. Okay. The. Next counter stick. Forms. Below my 10:00 a.m. a that's. One side for me to get out. Previous, resistance become, new support. If. You understand, your supporter resist as level, MMA. Do you understand, support and resistance. I. Wear. The young stands for the resistance. Now, really oh I'm. Gonna tell you dad, that should be when, it comes to studying charts, and. And. Indicators. And stuff like that don't.

Need To be the very first thing you understand. Hands. Down, that. Need to be the very first thing you understand does, no matter what indicators, you use, D. These, charts, they still gonna follow at. The end of the day the. Support and resistance level. Okay. All. The indicators that does implement, it into your, process, they, just for confirmation signals. But, your support erm assistance levels, you can't ignore them and. I said you know I mean you just say you don't know it really but I'm, just telling, people. That if, you are, looking. To the trading make. Sure you understand, the ins and out of. Support, and resistance love, okay. And. I have video on, there too a lot of breakdown, understand, support or resistance well so. Right now. To. Show. You what muscle, resistance I was there currently. 143. Ninety-five his, mark is my new high but. Also it. Is consistent, as my resistance, level right now because, the, chemist is are, not trading, above that level okay. So. We're. Having a pullback right, now so, while we having a pullback we're actually looking for a support and. Usually. The, way the charts, work is that, imma go to a longer timeframe, and. Show, you but, usually what he charged word is, that. Your. Your. Previous. Resistance, once. That once account state breaks above that. It. Is considered, to be your new support. Okay. You know pre-existence. Considered. To be your new support, on your counter state breaks above so, your account speedbrakes above it and, you start trading making higher highs. And you. Get a pullback. Okay. And pretty resistant, that you had it. Supposed, to be you. Know your. It's, supposed to be your bounce okay. It's. Supposed to be your bounce so, that's best where the. Counter Steve and Ashley gone, to reversed. Was supposed to reverse, up and, hitting the upper direction. Okay. That's. That's uh that's what. Happens when you pre pre resistance. And support so. Right now we, we, got our resistance, to have around 43 95 if, we break above that with. Our counter sticks that, means that they're well for the 395, is. Supposed. To be our new support level, okay. Let's improve the supporting, those helps. Reduce, your lost. Yes. Then why it's important, to understand resistant, support look, at it helps reduce your loss. Yeah. So let's show you how to help, reducing losses okay, so. Apparently. Right now, and. What I like to do before. I take on her in trade on any chart I always, go to the wise with eighty day four hours okay, let, me every kind of stickers was for our into minute I always. Go to the one there's four hours and and. I. Started, pointing. Out my supporter, resistance, level I started making those levels, that's. The first thing I do on any, chart, that I look at before. I even consider putting me in my wisely, okay. That's the first thing I do. Okay. Because. Your, heart deal your focus is. To make profit, between. Double, importance, or position look so. You're looking for the profit, margin, okay. So. I'll, speak about that in every video, every. Video I'll speak about that. Dame, J gone for today. You. Know every video I speak about them okay. So. As right, now. The. Reason you see here at at nama, they. Still the counter sticks is still holding brother level like, I said if it was to create another counter stick doing. That pull back and it closed blow to Tim MA and. They. Filed below my support that, was gonna be a song for me to get, out and take. Take, our problem. Okay. So I, have a method for getting in and I, also have a method, for getting out okay. I. Have. A legend for getting in and I have a mention for getting out. T. Air r1o. Tarawa. Is starting, to make a balance now, well, yeah. Fellow. Year. Yeah. Bro it's a steel so on bears right now though, it. Bears right now. Yeah. I'll ask to look forward to get. Above the. B. Lap line and, then we'll put focuses, on his. Seat, I see. Method ABC. Method. For. Answering. But. Right now it's they're so embarrassed. See, here we go mm, and you steer their. Eyeball. Here. Are y7.

Sticking Just soda. At. 103, Oh. Dizzy. There's. An app for and check. Yeah. Discord, in, school. As. I'm out, Oh. Mme. Also. Does a link in the. Description. For the dis :. But, uh this, courtroom, okay. And. Mmm. There's. A link in description, for disco okay, you, also go to find. It on the website also and, it's for After. Hours like, when I'm unavailable, and, stuff like that and you got some fears and stuff witching you, all gonna, communicate. This. South, of Nashville here. I'm. Located in Atlanta Georgia. What's. The welders like right now in Nashville let's go. So, now we have, a countess stick for, me. Below. To Timmy of a. It's. Trying to find support. This. Might be a cue to get out. Okay. This might be our cue to get out. Now. If I want to. Give. Myself a little bit more time before. I made the decision, I can, go to the 5-minute, chart of the day day day five, minute chart and as. Usually, confirms it for me to go ahead and get up, cool. And wet, you. Know I think we are we definitely, in their time of the year now was. This guy totally. Welcome, oh. You. Thought you ready not actually. Yeah. So. We spent, on the two-minute, date I redid far below Timmy. Okay. But. On the 5-minute was still above it so. If. I wanted, to give myself some more time here I probably. Will. Because. Of because, of this particular, counter, stick right here. Looks. Like and. I'm not too sure, yet but it looks like it's creating, mythology, for me, okay. Like. I said I have a method for getting entity. Trains and. I have a method for getting out of them to, maximize, profit. So. Time to sail all right. I'm. Trying to wait and see but I'm. Looking, to sell. We. Have two more minutes like I said it's a spot minute chart we, have two more minutes to. See what. The account stick does. For. The five minute. It. Look like is creating the dozy so, the. Dozer is usually assigned for reversal, maybe don't. Know anything about those eCampus, is usually. Assigned full reverse. So. We. Have two minutes left before. Head counter-steer closes, on a five minute.

And. If. It, closes. With. The doji, I want, to see what it makes countess, yeah yeah. Well, I think it actually spelled, that. Way. I. Wanna. Tell, you that wrong I, know it I know it's not spelled like that. Let me think, is d ug I. Mean, look, second. Surah. Make. Sure all, I'm gave you the wrong information, oh yeah. I think you do spelling right. So. We got one minute left for, that for that dozing. Channel. Student. ID. An what we're going to do we're looking for you to see what the next one does okay. The, next count state that's created, we want to see with that, that's. Gonna confirm and reversal, I'll, continue to trade higher. Okay. And. Yes, so. We just got the next counter snake. So, a little locket wants to continue to trade higher. Okay. So. Our, previous, high this is this is gonna be our new aid right. It's gonna be on you a. Look. At it is a previous high. Right. And. What. Is where. Does bounce is Charlie, ad has. To be. So. Trying to see if. Anybody. Wants to, continue. To trade hi I. Say. Still, assigned to stay in we're still bullish. Still. Trading above the 10-year made, on. Dose so those are confirmation, signals to stay in. Steel. Above the Vela. So. As. You see now our counter stick is currently trading, up. To. Retest that 143, 95, okay. Go. Okay so dou, Z is is do J. What. Junior. Mobile. Was strict raising today I'll, take a look at. D. Oh yeah. That's. Dozing. Those. You can speak. Okay. MBO. Topo2. Penny. Stock mplt, thought it was this. Insane. Don't. Have any contracts, as a being. Stock is traded, on the Nasdaq. And. See 180. Days for our chart, Wow. Now. Who. Sent me that. Card. Oh, okay. So. Tell. Me how you knew about how, you knew about this. Now. You know how you knew this was gonna happen dizzy, knows I have. Said. I got some news down here to. The. Hundred and eighty-one percent mmm. A you steer their. Warrior. Trade oh okay. I went. In in 470 today are. You still there now. For your church okay. Cashed. Out at $7, that. Was some nice I'll return. That. Was nice. That. Was a nice return. Yeah. I see em ma you see where they have like the hundred and seventy nine percent, you. Know. Cent. Returns see, that. Like. Those things happen to stock options all the time. All. The time. So. Your to elaborate, on that I. Sold. In seventh, time. I know, and. I got, scared I. Mean. You go as you as you as you progress a move for you got to get more confident, you're. Going to. Start. You gonna you gonna start. Right. Now there's gonna kind of move fast, for you but. When, you get used to things, start to slow down so, you. Get. All, the, movement. And if. Volatility, in the market, it. Starts, to slow down for you and. It. Doesn't look as threatening, as you. Know it. When you first started I. See. They. Have resistance. That. That. Are. Right. Here at. The. 787. Mark as probably. Explaining why is pulling. Back in the area oh. So, you didn't know there was all of two people watch listen area. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Computer, program, yeah. I mean. That's where I would start at first I was started, on the computer, and then. As, you. Get really used to and comfortable with. It. And start moving to the apps, okay. Then start moving to the apps. Because. Now I'm comfortable with doing on my app. There's. Nothing to me now, yeah. You can start because. Computers, first and. Then start moving to the apps.

So. I'm, like. I say I'm always looking, at the chart first and. Going. Back as far as I can. To. Put. My resistance levels. When. When, counter sticks fall below support, they. Become new resistance level, so, that's what I'm walking right now so that's the first thing they're gonna run into on, the way up. Okay. So the first thing you're gonna run into on the way up is. No previous support though they'll, now become resistance low and. I'm actually gonna mark this thankful. Showing, is because I am, gonna go over even. Our own trading trader like that I will. Go over the penny, stocks for those that do trade penny stuff I'll, go over the chart smooch and, we'll, follow him. Okay. So. This is what I do when I look at a chart this the first thing I do. And. Your. Profitable, margins, is. Between. Those two is this is love. Okay. So. Next you're next profitable, margin, is, between, here, and here. Between. Is, 733. And. It's. Less resistance, at this I, but. A. 93. So. Will be the profitable, range. That's. A 16, percent return. Okay. That's, a 16 percent return. Now. Penny stars I know you always look for like a 10 percent 20 percent return date, when. Trading penny stock so. Does that meet the requirement, yeah. So. You, count, on the simplify. And, then trade work take let's. Go back to Le you, see. If we currently still up. Still. Trading, above you. Tell you may on the 5-minute. Have. Not broken a brother wall 43 95 yet. Currently, up 617. Okay. Charlie. Up 617. Or 602, now. All. Right. I'd, say the stereos, the paper trading child by will go live and, do, the same process I, will. Do that in February so. If you want to. Get. Involved, and do. That with me you, can get started with this now and start. Learning start. Crafting. You. Know getting you know getting familiar. With the things. Process. Works and and. Then we're gonna go, off in February and do. The same process like. Gonna. Be the same thing. So. You. Get prepared so. Call this so called knowledge. Can't get. What your peers give to after hours, chatroom. Discord. You. Go to website go. Into the description and. You can keep that in there. Okay. So we're, likely over you're on lu lu. It's. Looking, to try to break about a level. And. You don't necessarily have, to wait. To. You. Don't necessarily have to wait to get. Out of the trade. Okay. You, know unless that i had to wait for, you to. Start. Pulling back and. Give that sale confirmation. If you if you're comfortable and. Happy with the prophetís you had even just. Walk. Away with that you don't want you. Don't want to get too clean. We, have someone else to just join a chatroom. You. Have any questions. In. Regards to. Trading. Let's, see. Hey, do you have any other questions. It. Says right now lu, lu were trading sideways. Okay. So that's consolidation. Consolidation. Something's. Going to be careful with. Because. When, you do side, to move you. Can either bring out break down so. That. Definitely, something. On. Be mindful about. The volumes, starting to go down as well. This. Is the volume here cenote, blue. Bars. On the background. Okay. So. I still hold the border to me or maybe on the five minute charts they're trying to keep this trend up. See. If is see, if we can retest, and. Break, out. Living. For biased economy in a push. Anybody. Having a signature one of the gay. I'm answering all of your questions that, you have, I wanna. Make sure I'm a Sonya cross. So, we like about a retest, 143. 74. Okay. Oh ma. You see broke, out. It. Broke out okay. Guess. Well just what we was looking for. He. Fell he broke out and. They're. Starting to trade and make her. 144. 11, is what we currently had now. 672. There's. The profit. On. That tray present. Right now. Yeah. I, mean. If this the selves, is nice, this is nice setup it works was pretty well. It. Works pretty well. I. Said. He wants you to hang up, reading. The charts. Yeah. Oh. That's. Okay I. Said. We still bullish, we steal the ball envy lap we still a but at EMA, now. It was like he's gonna, so. That 144. 11 you. From using my ABC, method it is my a thought. It is a little high today and. That. Is a resistance. Until. He breaks the butter. Okay. Let's, see what did our three, contracts, for 360. Training. Yeah. Yeah. I, saw. Lisa. A robot, contract, I see. Ice. Take a look at it. I. Said. Alert here keep our eye on this. Okay. And. I'm, gonna, set an alert. To. See. Even trade alerts and things and stuff like that, would. Be platform, that. Allow you to. Keep. Track on things. Okay. And by, okay. Let's, take a look. Where, they don't they don't have. They. Don't have option. They. Don't trade option. Now. If you know if you was a. Buying.

The. The. Actual ticket. I mean asshole chairs. $7.50. I would. Say. Your. Your, resistance, level of. 176. 61, and. Your, next positions love it's a. 898. Dollar 93, said you. Know percent, return is 13 percent, so. That's well above 10 percent and, as usually was you're shooting for a penny stocks is, 10%, or 20% so. Your. Moment, of entry. You. Have the way for a pullback right now. Looking. At looking, at the chart right now you. Have the way for a pullback. Okay. If. Not, your, way to a break above that. Resists. You. Want to bring about that resistance, level that once the other, $7.35. And. Then you were, Asian, trade. At. That uh eight. Dollars, and ninety one cent. Less, to continue to trade higher, but. It still bullish, right now and, is, about to is. About to break down our resistance, though right now. But. If headed into overbought, territory. So. Yeah. Don't. Have any options. Though and. Then you got to think about it you take this tray and you're, retired is gonna be worth it. You. Plan on using that with your Robin Hood account. He. Plan on Isaac you know trav you're Robin Hood again. Anyway. I said. The resistance, levels yeah. I said the resistance, though. Yeah. I said those earlier, not, so long ago Ashley. Yeah. He. Started I would see the merits right now goods, are good. What. What I would do is. I. Would actually. Trade. A link, and. I, will post it, matter of fact I'm, do it now. I'm. Gonna give you, my. Trading. Platform, setup okay. So. What, you do is I have. A video on how to. So. You can see it is okay. So, in this video what. You can do you just go back, and. Say, I just did it at 11:30. So. You can go back also. My way I just did it 11:30 so you can go back and pause. The video when you saw that link pop up, share. Link and write. That down and. Write. A fact when. I close out and session for the day I also. Posted, in the comment section, I'll, post a link in the comment section there where you download, your TD Ameritrade, platform, you. Can just copy that link and. Upload. My, trading. Setup and. The. Minor detail, that you don't have we'll. Do a video and set it up. Okay. Well. You can go ahead and sign. Up and. Install. Them and we'll. Do that. So. MB. Ot is, pressing. To break their resistance, level. Thank. You. Thank. You I appreciate it. Spread. The word you, can spread the word okay. And. What we get involved the, better is gonna be very but. So. Shout out shout out to. Okay. So. Going, back to the L you are. You. Still. Continue to make our eyes. Go. Here. Is. At seven eight seven. Profitability. 789. Right now 800. 850. That's. A good chances, just might. Keep. Their thousand, dollar mark. Oh. Turkey. I really. Appreciate, that.

That, Will collaboration. Was all about. Networking. Collaborate. As I really, appreciate. I do. That's, oh there's a link to that as well in the. Description. Box, there's. A ring today. Okay. Yeah. There's a link today. Okay. So, we still continue to make house we have about 44 81 now. Are. You air users continue to. Strive. Aggressively. Saw. Now, at age 78. Okay. I'm. Gonna do that too I really, appreciate it I'm. Gonna do that. All. Right there down now. And. This, for every post on every platform on, I, will. Pass. That. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Ah I. Gotcha I, gotcha. How. Effective. Is that were you too. Okay. Okay, I appreciate, that. Okay, okay. Yeah. I've noticed in my analytics. Section. For. The child that. I have, been getting. Things. Pablo, for Google search more. So than Ashley YouTube. So. I'm wondering that have anything to do it or not okay, Lu Lu, just, continue, to do. Its thing. Use. Those kind of really mostly most people who pay to. Be promote and. It wants to get a free following. Yeah. I. Figured. That. Yeah. They've been making money off of that now. Then. You get. Okay. I. Appreciate. You telling me that. Yeah, I mean, I like the idea of what. They do it but I mean they. Have the uh. They. Have it check, it up. You. Know. Appreciate. Yeah yeah, I'm. Definitely gonna take, that consideration. And start implementing, that and. See. See. What we'll see the response to be like. You, have any other questions, right now. Cousin. Ashley got uh things. Are going to slow down here in a minute. Usually, I don't let the video go to longer than. Hour. Of. Trading. Usually. They, run upon the lunch hours around. Back his time. Lu. Lu is just, continues, to keep trading so that's. Why you, know sitting around a little owner she was going on can't, let you see the activity. And. What to, what, the expectations. That I was looking for but. Uh I'm. Gonna take a break. You. Know I written, me take a break - I don't know every day is like we'll, take a break I am, gonna upload a. Recap, video, where. We finished off at and. Then we're gonna we. Sticking to the same. Watch. List for tomorrow. Empire. Is going. To be included. Into the watch list for a penny stock oh. Okay. Cool that's fine. That's. Cool yeah like I said eat videos will be there for, you too I'll, go back and follow, up and catch. Up on what you've missed out on are. Like. I say. Friday. I will be on on Friday, so. Yeah. Tomorrow. I'll be on and Friday, of you, will. Be doing a lot of trade. Trade. A challenge, will be doing on sale on. All right so. See. What we have right now we are, 893. 58. Okay. So. Hopefully we, close out higher. Today. In. That, sense, but. Overall. Amazing, day amazing, way. To start the week. I'll. Go with definitely, to hit a thousand, this week. Put. Those over 2000, marker we got like two weeks left to, Brodus, account, to like 5000. So. To. See we hit a thousand, in one day is a raisin. So, hopefully. We hit, that and. We. Got two days left this, with the train so we're. Off to a great start and this is a huge boost, so. Gonna stop. Right here. You. Know keep in mind to you. Know stay. Focused a to educating. Preparation. Is everything. So. Looking at this is not just short term goal, but long term to set alright, talk. To you later.

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