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I'm lynette, zhang. Chief market analyst here at itm, trading. We are a full-service. Physical. Gold and silver, dealers. Specializing. In strategies. And i am so happy to tell you, that today i have my very good friend, greg mannarino. Here, on a special, edition. Of coffee with lynette. He is absolutely. Known, as the robin, hood of wall street. And he is an active, full-time, trader. With worldwide. Following. His website, has, well, over. 139. 000. Subscribers. At, trader's, And you will find the links to everything. On the blog. His motto. Is, love each other, care about, each other and be charitable. And frankly. That is, critical. Today. Additionally. He has written, a number, of really, fantastic. Books. And many of them are free to download. Again those, links are there, as well. And. You just talked about how to get debt free but, first of all let me thank you for coming on greg it's so good to see you again. Great to be here absolutely. Love you love your show. And i'm glad to be here honestly. It's it's mutual, admiration. And you know, sometimes, i think maybe you're a little bit of a seer. Because. This book that you wrote back in. 2013. The politics. Of money. And if you don't mind i just want to read this piece and then i want to talk about it. This is where you warned us, that never, before, in recorded, history. Has humankind. Faced a crisis. Like the one which lies directly, in our path. An, unstoppable. Cataclysmic. Fiscal, event. Is rapidly, approaching. Which is going to wipe out a large, portion. Of the world's, population. Make no mistake, about it, those holding, positions. At the highest, levels of government. Are well aware. That a monster. Is coming our way. But there is a paradox. Although, i'm getting chills. Although, this single, event, is going to leave the vast majority, who survive. Desperate, and destitute. Never before, has there been a greater, opportunity. For those with little or no net worth to become, massively. Wealthy. And further, you say. That societies. Are based upon, perception. And deception. And it is these two principles. Which are the driving, forces. Propelling, the peoples, of nation. By their leaders. I mean. You wrote this. Back in 2012. Published, in, 2013. It seems, like you knew, what was going to happen. Can you, explain, more you know why you wrote it, it. Some key takeaways. What we need to know about this. Sure, wow you know it's crazy i haven't heard this stuff and so i don't even have a copy of that i don't even know if it's available, anymore, um. It's available, on amazon, they have all the links, is that right i had no idea, but you know look, for me, this is this is what really got me going, and, with this whole thing when i, the last meltdown. When i lost a lot of money in the market back then i was not the man that i am now i didn't have the understanding, of the markets that i have now. That is really the truth. And it wasn't just what happened to me. I witnessed during what during that meltdown. What happened to. My very dearest, friends. And. Their families, and it led to some of them, you know losing everything their marriages, that not just money uh, everything. So it affected me. In a very. Well, i would say a negative, way but it, it brought out a lot of positives, too i said hold on a minute, i was like something, is very, wrong here. And then i looked at all the steps that they were doing to try to, re-prop, up this whole entire, thing and it was kind of simple to me.

At The time. To say okay, this is what happened. This is what they're doing to. Fix it, they're not fixing anything, no so, what we're gonna end up doing, down the line is face a much. Worse. Event. And it just kind of clicked, and that. And that was really it and you know for me it's kind of weird. Like i don't know what it is. I'm able to and i've always been like this it's really the truth. Anyone that knows me for any length of time like. I'm i would like i would like to believe that i'm a very perceptive, person. I take things in. And my mind processes, them and i kind of, things just. Occur in my brain i'm not lying, for example like i mean let's talk about trading, you know i trade these markets like a maniac, every day, and like i sometimes, i'll just get a. I will at times i know how crazy this is i would just trade off of a gut feeling. And nine times out of ten it'll turn to be the turn out to be the right thing. So. I don't know, i think back then. It was. For some people back then i, was not the only one. Was saying. Something, is very wrong, what are they trying to do what how can they fix this issue what are they doing they're flooding, the world with debt right now to try to re-prop, up these bubbles. And they've been very successful, in doing that. But, there's gonna be, and, i said this to myself back then i still say it right now a terrible. Absolutely. Horrible, price to pay for this. And we haven't even begun, to see it, nothing, like you and i were talking before this what's going on, here in las vegas alone and it's everywhere, neighborhoods, around the world around the world not just here in the united states. You know, we're in this, this induced. Thing. Uh. And look i think there's a lot more to it than i think we're being told with regard to the pandemic, scandemic. Plandemic, whatever you want to call it here right what the what they're trying to do. And look i think you know all of this what we're seeing now is part of that, the stuff that i spoke about way back when, because look i don't think, you know, any of us possess. That much of a. Knowledge to see things that we would know what they were going to throw at us but i always say be ready. For. Anything. Expect, it whatever, i mean. I don't care if they're going to tell you that aliens, are going to land on the white house lawn, you've got to have expected. It to happen and in this environment. Look. Expect anything that's all i have to say so always keep that high ground understand, that what you're seeing is not even real, the environment, we are in is not real, it's all, fake it's all propped up propaganda.

Lies. We can't get the truth at all, from from our politicians. There i mean i don't know what's going on this is not the united states of america that i think we had just even. Back in that time, so things have changed very heavy, dramatically, and they're going to change, even, worse, as the federal reserve. I think it continues, to its stranglehold. On the world. Um what do we just hear today was it cash carry or one of them another, 3.5. Trillion dollars and i think they're lowballing, it with regard to what they're going to have to print out of thin air add to a digital screen, 3.5, trillion how about maybe. Three four times that and if they don't i mean look the system as you well know, demands, that debt be borrowed into existence, in greater and greater amounts without this mechanism. The whole thing implodes, we turn into mad max. We literally get a worst case scenario, what they're doing. Is trying to keep this all afloat. By printing, by editing digits to a screen creating. Massive, distortions. Across the spectrum, of asset classes like we've never seen before. Artificially. Suppressed race have created a bubbling environment, in every. Everything we have inverse bubbles we have super bubbles, mega bubbles the dead. Nothing makes sense. All we do know, again. Is this, will, correct. To, fair, value, whatever that is and no one's smart enough to know, i don't think maybe you are i'm not i'm not smart enough to know, all i do know is the environment we are in is twisted. And people are being set up here it's already the largest wealth transfer we've ever seen, we have what now 60. Of small businesses here in the united states close forever with corporate america is now stronger than they have ever been, wall street is going to get their highest, bonuses, ever on record. While. Mainstream. Does this make sense, it's insane, i'm gonna shut my mouth so you can say something but i mean as you can see, i am very passionate, about this and i it just drives, me, nuts. When i hear the lies, when i hear the propaganda. We're in a v-shaped, recovery, no it's a super, shape recovery we're adding jobs we're adding. Nothing. We haven't even begun, to see this thing unwind yet not even close. Okay. But i want you to keep talking. But i want to direct, it back to, main street. Because. You know you just released. A publication. And ebook, on getting out of debt but you're in las vegas. Which is, really the service, sector. Center, in some ways. And, i'm going to let you, say what you're seeing, even in your own backyard. Because i think that really is indicative. Of what's happening, to main street. Oh it's it's terrible. Well, i would say in. Probably, about over the last six weeks.

We I've seen, uh and i think anyone who lives out here would attest to that, uh, the homeless population, is ballooning. You've got, virtually. Every street corner here. In my neighborhood everywhere you want to go there's people with signs out here that need help it's pathetic. To see what's going on here, and i told you in the backyard. Out my top window here there's a big field, it was a hooverville. Was, a huluville. Out there, that was developing. And the police came in and the sanitation, department. They kicked these people out they took all their stuff everything even they they, some of these people had bicycles, out there i don't know where they got them from, they took them and they threw them in the back i was watching, this, they threw their stuff in the back of the dump truck and they just drove away like these people were like rats. They tr you know but this is what we are look, to, we're nothing, you know that we're greasing, the wheels of this entire, thing that we are in right now and it is a thing, this is some kind of a corporate, merger that we're witnessing, right now like i said corporations, stronger than they've ever been bigger bonuses on wall street than they've ever seen, well tremendous, amount of mergers, and acquisitions. Right. So but at the same time we also, have. Let's talk about debt a little bit. Because. How are these corporations. Going to continue. To, these profits, next week are going to start, announcing, their profits. For the quarter, what have you, but we've got the consumers. At the largest. Debt. That they've ever been. And here's, part of the problem. Is a lot of that debt has been. Securitized. Turned into securities. And then sold back into pension, plans. Retirement. Plans iras. The individuals. That are seeking, that yield. How's that going to end, i mean does this even. I mean look the system is so twisted. Not only are people. In more debt than they've ever been okay. But. They continue, to borrow, i don't understand what's wrong with these people. I don't know how they're doing it i don't know what they're doing well, right now look everything is all whacked out right now, but, people are carrying a higher debt load than they've ever had. The federal reserve is buying. They're buying, debt of dow components.

They're Buying, we're dead here, it's unfreaking, believable, what we're seeing here but people sit there they don't even understand what any of this is so they just go about this they walk through time and space oh look, everything is great we are in a v-shaped recovery duh, you got to be kidding me, you know i mean if things were allowed. To. Be what they are we would already be in probably a full-blown. Complete. Uh i mean, you know look the stock market is doing one thing, the economy, which is the middle class is doing another, okay, we can look people just like i mean. They have eyes to see. They have ears. But, there's they're fixated, on that box, that sits, in their, their house, or their, phone or these computers. And they're listening to the lies. And the propaganda. From the mainstream, media from the politicians. Here, and they think everything is being told everything is fine, and this is i mean honestly. This is the most twisted environment, we, have ever been in if we had a real, leader. That person maybe he or she or whatever would say, we got troubles, people. This is what we need to do and this is how i'm going to fix it but no instead of that we got someone telling us to win a supervision, recovery. You got to be high as a kite, or stoned. Or i don't know what it is to believe the propaganda. Right now where people are because they're locked into their party they support the party. Instead of themselves. Instead of understanding, that it's we the people that matter this is supposed to be about, us, it's not supposed to be. About a man with a bad complexion, or another guy who stutters, it's supposed to be about, us, not, these, things. That are, that are shoved down our throats and people are sitting here, letting themselves, be destroyed. From every angle that they couldn't, going back to the politics, of money i laid out in there. How what people should have been doing, a decade ago, to try to get themselves, in sheep for what's going on right now and i really feel. That the middle class, if they don't act if they have not been acting and i think most people have not, how many people in that you know the answer to this, are actually, holders.

Of Physical, gold, or physical, silver or have uh, or owned things they they don't. They fraction. Of the people are doing this a fraction, of the people are doing it. Most people, again they they live in some kind of twisted reality. Because of the box that they're listening to people dictate their lives to them they're having their lives dictated, to them and they're marching along like the sheeps that they are and this is unfortunately, why they're being led to the slaughter this has been the story throughout history since the beginning of time, and it will never, stop. Well i don't know. Your work, my work, other people's, work, is about, uncovering, that truth so that they don't have to be led like lambs to the slaughter. You know thank god for shows like yours, i'm telling you the truth, i i i mean this with every, fiber of my being people need to pay attention to this stuff i mean because people like you and me. We've been out here, for a, long, time. Trying to explain to people. How bad things, are, how how they were being. Lied to, look at what's going on and they're walking through time and space laughing, oh look they're crazy they don't know what they're talking about they're out of their minds, here's the deal. You. And me and there's other people, too, are able to see. A little further down the road. Than maybe. Other people are, it's almost like it's a gift i think in many many ways, so, you know maybe, people. Should say hell in a minute maybe these people aren't nuts because what they were saying x amount of years ago. Seems to be happening, right now so maybe i should tune in to these people. But again what happens to us, when we when we don't toe the line, we get attacked. We get you know if you're not, supporting, this person because, or whatever reason. Again, it's about, supporting, an individual, are we supposed to be supporting, ourselves, is this a government of the people by the people for the people that's what it used to be, now it's a fascist. Merger. And that's what it is. Corporations. And this new american, government, this, is, a new, world. Order. This is not the america, that we all knew and it's it rapidly, changed i mean come on this coronavirus. Thing just, miraculously. Happened to sweep, the world, at this exact. Moment, in history they shut down the global economy, they kill the money velocity. This was not china who did this i don't care who's trying to sell that story, this is the federal, reserve. Who killed the global economy, so they could finish their final solution, since 1913.

To Be the lender, and buyer of last resort so they could own it all, and that's what they're doing, now. We haven't seen anything yet and i think you would agree with regard to what the federal reserve is about to do, how the how much more debt they're going to issue they're talking about suppressing, rates now what to at least, 2026. How did they do, that, right, right, people don't understand what that means how does the federal reserve do it did he just say hey. I'm gonna snap my fingers and i'm gonna we're gonna keep rates low no the fed has to create the cash out of thin air and buy the debt. That's what they do, this is how they keep rates suppressed, they're determined, to kill the dollar i think we're all, obviously, well aware of that this is why we're betting against the debt this is why we're becoming our own central bank, holding gold holding silver my favorite asset of all time. Is silver i've never wavered from that since the first day, i sat down in front of a computer i when i thought about, what was going on when i put that book together there, and i was looking at the market, through the lens of okay. What's. What's being suppressed, here. You know because money as you well know doesn't go to money heaven it just moves around. So what, what's going on where's the game the game in my view and it still remains, is they are artificially, suppressing, the price of gold and silver, via the derivative, you know the mechanism, better than anybody else how how it works, and this is what they continue. To do. And what does that tell us this is what we need to be in. Exactly because at the same time they're doing that they're buying it hand over fist. Yeah well of course they're keeping, the keeping the prices, suppressed. As much as they possibly can i don't know one person. That uh most people that i know in fact no all the people that i know that have a few dollars, okay i'm talking about people that, have a little, liquid. All of them, own gold, and own silver, and platinum, and palladium, and, cryptocurrencies. As well and they're probably involved in the market one way or the other but most people they're not they don't hold it and you talk to people and say, you need to own a physical piece of piece of physical gold, you need to own a piece of physical silver they look at you like. Really, you can own that they don't even know it's available. Most people don't even know that they can own this stuff they're like really i mean i can actually own a bar of silver pure silver i'm like. Yeah, you can, it's not that hard and you better start getting some soon. Really you think that's a good investment, greg the i mean that's what i want to say obviously i don't say that. Um, i'm surprised, i would think you would actually say that. I wouldn't give him the duh it's kind of my my new thing, look you know my thing is i cannot stand.

Ignorance, It drives me out of my freaking, mind. And i, sometimes, you know look i stay seen by. Owning a couple of fast cars i was showing you and i go ripping around my neighborhood in them, and um you know maybe doing a duh, here or there or, or poking, fun at individuals, that that i think deserve to be made fun of like yellow stain you know the fed chair call them yellow stain. As you know it keeps me i guess. Balanced. But the truth of the matter is this is a very and i i joke around all the time i mean anyone knows my work i'm always joking around about something. But the truth of the matter is this is not a joking matter at all. And, it's uh and to see what's happening just here in my own neighborhood, here. Is is, is very. Very disheartening, to me because again, and we talked about this i think, pre-interview. This we haven't seen anything, yet, i don't think we've seen it all, i believe sincerely, and i think he would back me up on this that it looks clearly, like we are washington. Worst. Worst. Case scenario because what are they doing, i'm going to shut up after this. You got. The biggest wealth transfer in the history of the world occurring, right now, okay it's been going on via the mechanism, of suppressed, rates, for, since since the last meltdown, the middle, class has been robbed. Of, multiple. Multiple, trillions, of dollars in realized. Wealth. That they would have had if we had a real rate environment, if they were collecting. Interest on their interest earning accounts alone, trillions, of dollars but they've been stolen. To re-prop, up the stock market that's all it's done. But you know. You got to look at that stock market our economy, is booming, look at the stock market you can tell, i think you know who i'm parroting, here this is president donald trump there's no conception, whatsoever. At what he's looking at either that or he's deliberately. Misleading, the people, the stock market has nothing to do with the middle class the middle class is being decimated. The middle class is the real economy, the stock market completely, disconnected, from it at all that's the only reason why i'm a successful, trader, is because i know what i'm looking at is a fake market. So i'm trading the rigging, i'm trading the fakery i'm trading the movement of capital, that's being stolen. From the middle class, and shoved right into the stock market and. Bailouts, for corporations, the airlines now getting their second bailout it looks like another 25, billion dollars, meanwhile they're threatening the american people if we don't get a bailout, we're gonna lay off tens of thousands, they're gonna do it anyway. I mean come on what, do you think we already gave them a bunch of bailouts. And they just gave the airline off. Yeah, we just gave the airline, 25. Billion on the premise that they wouldn't lay people off this was the deal that the president made, fantastic. And tremendous. But they're laying people off anyway and they're going to get another 25, billion that's what it looks like here. Um. I mean it's crazy, and they're going to still lay people off you can't make this stuff up. But this is the environment we're in what are we doing, we we're not allowing, capitalism, to work is this capitalism. Well. Lynnette let me ask you what do we have what is this you're smarter than me so tell me what's happening. I absolutely, agree with you that this is fascism. And i also will say. That, it was in 2007. 2008. That the financial, system, absolutely. Died. It, died. And so. Oh a hundred percent. And that's when i started talking, about, that we had we were in the process, of a reset. Now. This, pandemic. Wow i mean they've known about it for many many years. They knew that it was going to be transmitted. I think the timing, is, really, interesting. Because we've got the libor, going away, next year and. You know just a few months time. And the whole system has to reset. So look world economic, forum, they got it right, socially. Economically. And financially. We are in a reset. So we have to be scared. And we have to be. I feel like, a lot of what's happening, is divide, and conquer. Because we're all holed up in our homes. We were separated, at birth. Uh i am dead seriously if you know what it is, when you when you have a mind that is kind of tuned into this, okay.

Like You're going back to the book that i i wrote a while back you you knew all that stuff too, it was just so obvious. Of what's because, you're in tune to it you understand, what's going on you're in the frequency, you got it you're able to see the bigger picture. And that's really what it's all about and i i don't think a lot of people can do it, they don't see what's happening around them that only they're unable to take it in because they're brainwashed. Because they're being divided. They're being, conquered. This is the plan this is how the few, have ruled the many since time and memorial, it will never stop. But, but, the issue, now is it's so much bigger because we have this, massive population, which i think is going to shrink by. By a a lot. When this thing actually. Peaks, out, and to me, and i would love to hear your take on this, so now we know, we're in the middle of this this wealth transfer, and they're inflating, the stock market, you know you know what drives me crazy. I got friends of mine who are 401k. Millionaires, some of them are 401k. Multi-millionaires. And they're like greg my 401k, is doing so great you're out of your mind look at my 401k, but i got 1.5. Million let me show it to you come over to my computer, let me show you what i got and i sit there and i left, i'm like you think that's real, you think these, numbers on the screen these digits, make you, a multi-millionaire. Really, oh uh, i don't think so how are you getting that cash out of your account tell me that again, oh i can't take it out greg because i'll take a big hit, really so what do you got you tell me, and the fact is this is being set up here as uh. Another absolute, destruction. Of the stock market which is going to happen. And it's going to take that that the digital. Wealth that people think they have, on in an asset, that only makes money when the stock market goes up it's going to all evaporate. Just like it did last time, people, don't understand, that and drives me crazy. You can't convince them otherwise no no i'm a millionaire, it says it right here in my in my account, i am a millionaire.

Oh, Okay good for you, uh. Then of course then they feel comfortable, and they'll go shopping. If they think they're a millionaire. The wealth effect. Oh yeah then they take out their second mortgage, on their house or the third mortgage on my house i got all this money right here and when when i can grab it i'm going to pay off my mortgage i'm going to pay off my three or four cars that i got too, and i'm just going to be just fantastically. Great no, because the setup here is very simple, look we have the biggest, bubble we've ever seen, there's been nothing like it it's a frankenstein. Monster, like i wrote about in that book there, and it's the dead bubble it's, it's so, monstrous. That's scary. You know and again, and we're just looking at it at face value see you. Uh are a person that has a deeper understanding of this if we're talking about, we look whenever, you look at any asset at its face value, okay let me explain this to people out here real quick, you have to understand, that underneath. Its face value, are layers. And layers, and layers, and layers of derivatives. And you can have. Multiple, in fact endless layers of derivatives, on it okay. And um. So, we don't even know, what the uh there's no way to quantify, to actually, know what the debt bubble, actually is it's in the multiple, if there's a number because. I don't know what's over quadrillions. But it's in the multiple, quadrillions, it may be even bigger than that we do not know, it's it's an unknown. Here. And that's the other thing here when people are trying to put this together here, when we're trying to look at the market so we're trying to look at the scenario, there's always unknowns, here, but, having an understanding, of what they're, doing. Let's just see. Where we're going, i think and that's what makes it interesting, at least to me that's why i kind of love this stuff i'm trying to always.

Tinker With incomplete, information because that's what we're doing we're tinkering, around with incomplete, information, in our own minds, and we're trying to come up with one of the most likely scenarios, moving forward but if you look at the scenario, the situation, that we are in. And people look at at its face of value. And they think that's bad. Could you imagine if they were really told what's lying, underneath, it or what lies beneath it or on top of it or whatever it might be, i think people would be very very, very afraid. About of, it and again, they should. They should be, and the. The bubble, in the market, right now you had ben bernanke, out today i don't know if you caught this was beautiful. Ben bernanke, said that it's unclear. To him. If the stock market, is overvalued. It's fuzzy. You can't see it this is the same guy, remember, everybody, who's listening right now, who said. That, the subprime. Market, was. Contained. You remember that word oh my gosh and he's a scholar. Let me tell you something about. Ben bernanke i like to scholarize. Him new york style a little bit, you know i still got that new yorker in me a little bit as you can probably hear from the accent. But yeah he needs to be fixed. In a big way. He misled, people last time is misleading, them now when you hear. A man like that. Say something in an environment, like this you know things are very very bad, so what people need to understand, is. With regard to the market. Yeah, look and i don't want to clarify, something if i may on your show. I never, tell people to buy stock, i trade, derivatives. I tell people to get long i've been long this market for i haven't not been short this market lynette, and i can't even tell you how long, i've been buying, calls. Calls. Calls, calls across the board i never tell people to buy stock, actually that's not true. Last weekend i told people when they when president trump was pushing regeneron. Stock, and they were told it was all over the media. They were pumping him full of regeneron, stock i said maybe we should go out and buy regeneron, stock guess what happened to regeneron, stock boom, okay he's out there promoting, regeneron. Right now whether or not he had coveted or not remains to be seen but he sure is making regeneron, stock do well isn't he, but anyway look this whole market i don't care what bernanke, says in fact take the polar opposite on that and i think you understand that, is it a massive bubble and i think it's very difficult to get your head around it's going to correct a fair value and that cash is not going to go to money heaven, it's going to go into commodities. Going back to what i've been saying for a thousand years, we are going to get a meltdown, in the debt market which. Rates are going to skyrocket. Very rapidly, at one particular, point that's going to put massive pressure on the stock market. That cash is certainly not going to go to money heaven, it's going to go into commodities, it's going to go into gold it's going to go into silver it's going to go into crude oil it's going to go into tangible, things, that's where it's going to go, in my view i've been saying that forever, and it's not just me, you got multi-billion. Dollar hedge fund managers they're not saying the same thing. Even for a muffin. On the greenspan. Yeah they're saying the same thing. It's about, time, i mean i've only been saying this for a freaking decade. Maybe they should you know look. All we're in is an environment, of lies, that is so bad. And, again, it's all by design, people are being misled, on an epic scale. And if people don't get with the program, right now and start, getting together with like-minded, people, start forming, groups, get to start to be community. Exactly look i tell people and i was on another. Show recently, and i've been saying this for a while, we, you. And me, and the people listening here are our greatest, resource. We are going to need each other moving forward, period the end forget about these markets, forget about all this stuff because if you don't, have interpersonal, relationships. Uh with like-minded, people and you're going to be out there in the cold alone. So get out there when you're walking across your street, and you see your neighbor you know what, ask him or her how they're doing, how are you doing today, how's things trying to make friends with people get together again with like-minded, groups. Um, because that's, that's what they do they're dividing, us and they're conquering, us by everything by age by sex by, skin color by wealth, by whatever, they can do, to make, you hate, these people. That's how they win when you understand, their plan, then you win, but again, look what's going on here, what do you think under the last two presidents i know you get it i'm, talking to the people who are watching this why do you think under these last two presidents, we've been more divided, than we ever have been you think that's just by accident.

Absolutely, Not that's because we're marching, right towards an end game, that has been in play for a very very very, long time. Federal reserve is fulfilling their goal they're in game since 1913. To be the lender and buyer of last resort so they own it all, and when they own it all and they already pretty much do, we lose, period the end. Well don't you think that they could i know part of what i'm. Hearing, a lot more these days is the loss of confidence. In the federal reserve. So i'm wondering, if that isn't going to transfer, over to the imf. Who's, yeah obviously the federal reserve, is is, uh, a member of the imf. But where do you think they sit in this whole big mess because, i think they're sitting and watching. Oh of course look at the imf. The fed, the ecb. The bis. All this, the bank of internal settlements, they're they're all, this is, all. Orchestrated. Every, freaking, thing, nothing. At, all. We are seeing, here. Is by. Accident. Nothing. It's all going. Exactly. According, to a plan. That has been laid out a very. Long. Time ago. It sounds, like some kind of a science, fiction, movie where there's some evil, doers. That want to take over the world, but this. Is. The truth. This is what's, really. Happening. And i'll tell you something which scares me more part of this grand plan. Is, and look. I've been telling people that the greatest threat to humankind, is this debt bubble, i've been telling people that when this debt bubble burst we are going to see a mass, loss of human life. Uh, on a biblical. Scale. That's part of it too. That's part of it too. I i, look hey greg do you know, that there are more people that are dying from hunger, now. Than there are from covet. Have you heard those. Look this is something that's broken look we're not we're not being we didn't allow us to see what's going on this is what bothers me too going back to that exactly what you just said. Look. I love people, that's really the truth and i don't care what color they are i don't care, what sex they might be, i don't care about nothing. All i want is to do is unify, ourselves, and understand that we are not each other's enemies so, with that said when something terrible is happening in one part of the world. It hurts. All of us, it hurts. All, of, us collectively. Whether you know it, or not, it's hurting you. So. Look. They're they're winning. We're losing, their starvation. There's there's, disease. There's, wars, but no, oh look at the news do you hear any about this it's all whitewashed. No no no, it's all about the election, it's all about we have to re-elect, this person because they're gonna save the world or we're gonna have to elect this person because they're gonna save the world. No, absolutely, not i don't care. What. Puppet. Is sitting behind, the wrestling that doesn't matter, they, do not, run, the show it's the, banks, the banks. I mean, how many, times have we seen just in the past few months, bank, after, bank, after bank get caught red-handed, rigging the market jp morgan just got to find what a billion, dollars.

For Rigging the gold and silver markets and the treasury markets. They paid a billion dollars, how many people got arrested. Right. Zero. Zero. Look that should show people who runs the world here these banks can do whatever they want they can buy any puppet they want the president, is a puppet, and he will is. Every morning the president has a brief. Every morning. The president has sat down and he has a brief and he's told, what agenda. To. Push. Okay, president trump. Puppet. Obama. Puppet, whoever wins the next election. Puppet two, they're just a spokesperson. To get people to give people. Something, to believe, in. That's all it is, so it is, and this is why they're being destroyed, this is why again, we got an. Economic. Free, fall. We're eating, nothing, we're dying, over here and corporate america is stronger than they've ever been, people, wake. Up. Now because if this doesn't wake you up after hearing this conversation. Nothing will you're just done too. Well. I'd actually, like to, not think that that's the case, i would actually, like to go back to part of the piece that you said in there, which, uh let's see what was it. Um. I know i was running off with the map i. No no, you're fine. But i would like to go back to the hopeful, place, because i don't feel like. They are winning, and we are losing. If we can come together. Then we can win because there's more of us than there are them. You know that that may be true but hope isn't getting us anywhere, look around you or everyone everyone to look around you we can hope all we want if we do not act. Then we're done, as a people look very few people have an understanding. Very few it's a fraction just the same people that are holding the gold and silver right now we're talking to them, the other people out there the zombies that are walking the streets, there is no. Way, to penetrate, the, the, force field, that's been put around them by the mainstream, media they're not going to get it this is so much bigger, again, this is a design. That's been going on, for, oh. Decades. Decades. Longer than that yeah, you've seen the. Civilizations. Throughout the world, thrive. And then, die off. Over. And over, and over again, it's just a pattern, that will not, stop, and the time we are in right now is no different because, people, are the same. There's always going to be, those who understand, the situation. And those that will not understand, it in the vast vast majority, no matter what you do. No matter what you say. So. What you mean no matter what they see, and what they experience. Yeah. No matter what they're just going to go down with the freaking titanic, or whatever it might be because their great and powerful, leader is telling them another, story, and this and that's all done by design like you started off divide, and conquer. What i'm focusing, on and i urge people to unsubscribe, from my channel all the time i really do i did it the other day and and i picked up a thousand subs overnight. And i, urged them to unsubscribe. Today, i really did, and um. We cannot get through these people, okay, there are some people that we you and me are going to be able to touch, all right in other words no i don't mean physically touch, although, although that might be nice, but. Look i see i told you i'm always joking around but i mean get through to so they can understand. All right, those are the people that we need to. Focus on in my view in my view and i've said this many many times in fact i got beat up for what i'm about to say many many times i believe there was a natural selection, occurring. This natural selection has been occurring for quite a while now at least since i've been out here talking about 10 years ago and i started getting through to people, and i get people that write to me greg wow i'm starting to see it the light bulb went off and once that light bulb goes off inside his head you can't turn it off which is beautiful.

So Forget about the throngs. Of people, that we cannot. Penetrate. I mean i urge people to share our work i want them to share this video i wanted to to share your work but the truth of the matter is no matter how hard we try, there's going to be people that just can't do it. They've been so indoctrinated. By design, since the moment they were born, they've been indoctrinated. And they can't stop. So it's the free thinkers, out there the people that are able to. Think outside the box, free movement free action free thinking. Those are the ones, that are gonna that are gonna be able to be awakened, or see the light here, the rest of them they're gonna stay in the darkness, you you know what this like. You try to show people even the slightest, bit of light. They hate you, they attack, you they want to be, held in the dark, and they're held there, by a terrible. Evil, force that's really the truth, you try to pull them out of that, and they. Don't, like it they want to go back into the darkness. And that's fine this is why i tell these people if you're one of those that can't handle the truth because i give it to people as cold. And as hard, as i possibly, can i deliberately. I admit it right here, i deliberately, go out on my blog and i try to trigger people, i deliberately, go out on my social networks and try to piss people off. Not so much to really get them angry, to maybe. Maybe make them get a rain cell to fire, maybe i can get them to start, thinking, a little bit. But most of them won't. Some of them, will. And that's the people who i'm trying to get through to, because i've given up i used to believe, at one point. A little while back that maybe, there were more people that are going to, understand, the situation but even in this. Scam. Endemic. Okay, how it is, they're still, not. Getting it, they just have to believe in oh no no, there's a saving grace here i'm going to be saved by a man with a very bad complexion, i'm sorry i'm not supposed to talk about his complexion, anymore. Yeah i got beat up. Uh because i used to joke around and it was a joke i was a joke. About president trump's complexion, you know he's orange. So apparently, i got, a whole bunch of greg you know you really should stop talking about president trump's complexion, because this is a medical condition. You know what, maybe they're right it may, i i personally, i used to think it was a tanner or something. But i got i got killed for it and i said you know what i'm not going to talk about president, trump's complexion, because maybe he does have a medical condition, i don't know. So i won't do it so forgive me for those of you that just got offended. But look i'm, just joking around like i said, my i guess fall back, is to joke around and i always joke around i've always kind of been like that although i can be very serious, as well, but. I think that the the understanding, here the takeaway from all this is, look. I wish. In my heart of hearts that we could get through to more people. And i have some of my very dearest friends my very, dearest, friends. They won't get it, they don't see it they won't do it, um. A matter of fact you want to hear something crazy and i haven't even spoken about this so this is an exclusive, out here. Um. My own mother won't talk to me. My own, mother, will not talk to me we stopped talking. I don't know a little while ago. She will not see it she the funny thing is my mom start my mom had an awakening. It's the craziest thing in the world what happened to my mother i don't know what happened, my mom was kind of. One of these indoctrinated, types. And then. She started watching. My work. On her son she liked it she would go greg i cannot believe what you're saying it makes complete, sense to me it's like a light bulb went off and i couldn't shut her up. I was like well you know you had an awakening, mom i'm really happy about that then all of a sudden she reverted. Back. She had a relapse. And i think it's fear. I think that she, went back into that safe space. Because of fear. And maybe, at one particular, point and she's afraid there's no doubt about it a lot of people are afraid, rightly so, especially when you have people like ben bernanke, talking about how the market's not overvalued, or he doesn't think so, but look. The bottom line is people are afraid. And i wish we could get through to more people and i wish i had more hope than i do, i have hope, in the people. Look. My hope, sincerely. Is that we will get through to some more people especially with, a video like this and i have a lot of. Yeah, and you know hope is great, and i i i'd love to to play out and i think we are making a difference there's no doubt about it, um, that's the reason why i think you and i are out here, i think we feel like we are, doing, a service for people they can, you know they can maybe take some of this away and maybe come up with i look i want people to make up their own mind i don't want people to convince.

To Believe me about a damn thing not even about the stock market i don't want people to think anything i'm saying is right, i want them to do their own research, i want them to do their to understand, what they're seeing, just start. To think, that's all i want people to do i always joke around about a functioning brain cell or too i think that's all you need, one or two or three functioning brain cells start putting this together in your head. Look at what's going on around, you, forget about, turn, off, the mainstream, media when a politician, starts to speak, mute, his or her rear end just mute them, right right because it's just. Alternative, news like this, listen to shows like yours, you know tune in to greg mannarino, maybe i don't know there's a lot of other people out here trying to make a difference to listening to these people because they care. Why, why do people like you and me, get so passionate, about this stuff, because, we care. Because, we see it if we didn't care, i wouldn't give a damn, i really wouldn't, but the fact of the matter is i really do care i hate seeing what i'm seeing here i tell people all the time i do not consider myself a member of the middle class that's the truth. But i feel terrible. For what's happening to the middle class right now they're being destroyed. They're being. Systematically. Erased. Right before our eyes. These same, people. Who are looking towards their great leader. For, great leaders. To be saved. They got their faith and hope in the wrong spot. That's the truth, yeah and you have to really kind of pull in. And, and look at it i know with my work what i try to do, is. Just help people look at things. A little teeny bit differently. Because once you do that. It's really quite amazing. What you see. And then it is hard because people want to turn away from that. I. You know. I'm probably. Not. Quite as hard about it as you are, but that's why i give everybody, links. Don't take my word for it don't take anybody's. Word for it. Here's the raw data. You know go ahead and look at this data read it, if you have a different conclusion. Or a different opinion than i do. Rock and roll hoochie, coupe. But, you know. For me, it, really, is about, real money because they are destroying.

Everything, Else, and those derivative. Bets. And, the stock market, all we've been trained. To trust. Intangibles. And to go to intangibles. I love that saying, that was, like, enjoy, the experience. Right not the stuff. That can buy you, out of a mess. Not the stuff that can that is actually, savings. Like real gold, real silver. Real things. Just. Embrace, the experience. And then you end up with nothing. But a mountain of debt. Can we can we go a little hopeful, though. Because you did. Say. And we are running out of time but. You did say. That. Let's see oh there's the paradox. Okay. So the paradox. Although this single event, is going to leave the vast majority, who survived, desperate, and destitute. Never, before. Has there been a greater, opportunity. For those with little, or no net worth, to become, massively. Wealthy. Do you still believe that, because i think, i i do believe that i really do but these people need to act, and they need to act now they need to act and again. It goes back to the people that you can't convince. They they they. This is what drives me crazy okay, people would rather hold a federal reserve, note, okay, than hold, a piece of gold. A piece of silver, or, even a piece of cryptocurrencies. I happen to own cryptocurrencies. I own all the big ones and listen to the wording here, i own them okay, that federal reserve, note is not yours it's not mine, it's owned. By the federal reserve. It's owed back to. The federal reserve. Plus interest that they create a thin air, when i own a piece of gold. When i hold it it's mine. It's nobody, else's, there's no counterparty, risk here, okay it's mine other than the the derivative, market rigging gold and silver which i i really like, let them suppress, the price from here to eternity, because at one particular, time, it's going to decouple. Right now i mean it's twisted, you have the price of physical gold and silver, deriving, value from a derivative. Okay that's pretty twisted. It's it's upside down i mean i always use this analogy. Imagine, if, apple, stock. Derived. Value from apple derivatives, i trade derivatives, i think i know derivatives, pretty damn well it would be upside down it'd be it wouldn't work, but it works fine with the. Metals doesn't it because they can rig it, they can do whatever they want, whenever they want to, but understanding. Just. I don't, and i argue with people all the time you mean you would rather hold a federal reserve, note it says right on there federal, reserve, note, you would rather hold this, than a piece of gold or silver well i'm not sure what i would do with a piece of gold or silver greg, but i can take this, dollar, or whatever and i can go buy something with it right now oh yeah and watch his price. Right now, did you know evaporate. Moving forward you want to understand, how to take advantage of this thing, you've got to look where, where opportunity, lies and again, it's risk on, right now clearly the stock market disconnected. From the middle class. You know reality. The middle class is dying, it's it's no secret, we got the stock market here near all-time record highs. But, again. It's just all this is not it's going to it doesn't make sense, it's a risk-on, environment. With an economy, and free fall, okay that just shows you something worse i won't, not working, at one particular, time, we're going to get a massive, risk, off. The environment. And when that risk, off environment, happens, suppressed, assets. None more so in my view than gold silver platinum palladium none more so than silver, are going to.

Balloon. To, legally this is what i see i know we're probably running out of time but i think people will appreciate this, yeah what's greg mannarino's. Targets. Price targets i don't know what yours are but i'm going to tell you what mine are with regard to gold and silver. I believe. When the dow, bottoms, out that whenever the dow jones, industrial, average bottoms out again. One to one. No i think we're going to end up at twice the dow, i think we're going to get. Uh let's say, let's say the bottom is now 4 000 let's just put up put an arbitrary number out here, gold 8 000, if it's, dial 6000. Gold 12, 000, and then i believe. That the ratio. Of gold to silver will achieve, 15 to one again so just do the math, just do the math, at where silver is going to be, at one particular. Time. So, i mean come on. This is, and look. I don't want people to look at, my calls here, in this market. How i i have been, look. Am i true to my own horn, fine i'll do it i've been scary, accurate, in this market, i have been scary, accurate i've been telling people. What the market would do, when the market would do it i told people to dump bitcoin when it hit 18 000 i got laughed at i got ridiculed. By. Big uh cryptocurrency. Websites and i have those same people now saying greg you were right i wish i would have listened to you, i told people to buy bitcoin at 2700. I got laughed at people will tell me greg is going to zero it's at 11, 000 today. So i think i know what i'm talking about. I i started, a free newsletter. Okay it's a uh where i post, my trades, every single one of my trades, what i'm buying, the exact, asset. The strike, price, the expiration. I have put over. 70, trades, up there, since march i had two. Losses. Two, realized. Nominal. It's unbelievable, okay, and it's, anyone can see it because i put it out, it's you know in real time in real, time it's like greg's doing this in a retrospect, no it's in real time. I know what i'm talking about so what i'm trying to say is with my targets with regard to gold and silver, i think they're, very achievable. And, look, it can be much bigger than that too it depends on what happens to the dollar they're killing a dollar we know that, these things are priced in dollars, if we end up in a in a. Dollar. Free fall. By design, of course, and they introduce, their digital, currency which i think they're going to come out with who knows.

Who Knows how the gold and silver going to be affected by this, who knows how any ass that's going to be affected by this and all my job is and i consider it my job, is to keep people on the right side of it that's it that's all i want to do. See and we appreciate, that because, there are people that are more have a tendency to more want to trade. And. That's what you're. It's trader's, choice, so that's what it's about. For me personally. I'm, slower than that i wouldn't have the patience, to do it because it makes me too. You know when i've done the options, and the derivatives. Quite honestly, even though i was licensed, in that as a stock broker. You have to pay way too much attention, to that. So i'm slower, i'm more of a strategist, i'll do it for you and i'll do it for. Free. You'll get you'll get it right your email box, everybody anybody, can go right go, grab him it's a sub stack gregory mannarino, sign up for my newsletter. And i will send you and anybody who else wants it exactly, what i'm buying. When i'm buying it when i'm selling it it'll all be right there for you. Um. Couldn't be easier, i mean could you imagine that there's somebody out here actually doing this for free, yeah but you're looking at them because, because i want to level the playing field this market is a game, this market is a charade. Why shouldn't we capitalize. And then convert, that into real, assets that's what i do, i keep a certain amount of money in my trading account, once i get above that i sweep that money out and i'm out here i'm buying physical things i'm buying gold i'm buying silver i'm buying platinum i'm buying palladium i'm buying cryptocurrencies, too i'm, buying guitars, i'm buying pieces of artwork, i'm buying things that are tangible, real things. This is what you need to do this is what i'm doing, because this market, is, ridiculous. And i'll be on the right side when it goes down too i guarantee you that when this market starts to sell off, i will be shorting this market into oblivion. Uh and i'm going to be loving it the whole, damn way. Look you got it from the horse's mouth people i'm telling you how it's going to play out, and these people like i feel so bad for them they're like they're 401k. Millions, of millions. It's just going to be transferred. From your reality. To someone else's. So you're hearing it right out of the horse's mouth people get with the program. This has been great is there anything else that you want to, leave anybody, with because you've got all the links, to everything. On our blog so you can get a hold of greg i mean, you know i love him. I mean not necessarily. You know i'm not a traitor, so i don't necessarily. Go in that regard. But for those that, that well you're a stacker. You know and you oh i'm totally a stacker, you're a respecter. And i tell people. That's what i'll leave people off with, stackers, laugh at people like me, they really do because it's so simple, all you do is buy and it's the most greatest.

Investment, I think right now that you can in my opinion, and i'm just gonna say it i think most people know. Gold. Physical, silver, physical silver, number one to me it's so easy, it's just it's a no-brainer. You just i don't care, what the price. Is, i, don't care what it's doing, all i know is in the long run that's the right spot to be, you buy these things, and again, by doing that it falls back into what i've been saying since day one you're betting against the debt, you're becoming your own central, bank. I mean i don't know another way to put it i mean when i, one day when that came when that popped into my head. I just i literally was like an epiphany, to me i was like, this is beautiful i'm gonna i'm gonna use this until. Forever, because i think it works. And it just allows people to understand, how important it is to bet against us that become your own social bank because this environment, is fake, the environment is going to become very real. Very quickly and people are not going to see it coming most people are not going to see it coming. They don't see it coming now it looks like a massive train to me. To you, because you are smart, you understand, what's going on and if we can, maybe get through you know give give greg manorino, a little more hope than he has. Show me people, trying. Yeah because i have a lot of hope actually. Yeah i want people to say to me greg you know what, i see what's going on here i'm taking action, i'm bidding against it i'm becoming my own central bank, because you're right, i have lost a lot of hope here and that we can get through to more people, i i, you know. In the if this environment. Doesn't, let people see what's going on, then nothing. Will, nothing. Well. I think you just keep doing your work because it's fantastic. And i'll keep doing my work which i also think is. Fantastic. And your fans love you they write to me all the time, well, i am on a mission, on this planet, this is what i was born to do no doubt about it clearly, it's what you were born to do, as well. And this has been phenomenal. And of course we have to do it again, and even as we move forward. You know you're not that far and you did get two fabulous, new cars. It could just be time for a road trip, it will we i'm telling you one day we're going to do an interview in that office together it's going to be all kinds of fun people love it will be, it will be, or maybe in the new studio, that we're going to put in, in the bug out house. I love it i love it that's where i want to get you. Okay. But. That's it for today. Um. Make sure if you haven't watched the interview, well the conversation. Really that george and i had, in person, so we've got to do one greg i love those in-person. Interviews. Next week i'll be on with chris marcus, from arcadia, economics. And that's a new channel. So that's always fun for me because, i never know where it's going to go what they're going to ask me, and on tuesday. I have another, great coffee with lynette scheduled. For jason, hartman. And he talks a lot about real estate, so this should also be an interesting, discussion. And i just like to keep everybody. In mind of one thing, you've got to hear, a lot, of different, opinions. So that you, can, and then do your own due diligence. So that you can make educated. Choices. That support. Your, best, interest. First. So, if you like this please give us a thumbs up, make sure you subscribe. And make sure you share, share share, i too would say that this is an important interview, to share, with anybody. Out there that you know and you love. So all of the links, for how you can get a hold of greg again they're on our blog. Forward slash, blog. And until, next we meet just keep in mind, it is absolutely. Time. To cover, your. Assets. And here at itm, trading, we do that with the well shield, which is made up of physical, gold and physical, silver, that as greg pointed out runs, no, counterparty. Risk. And until, next we meet. Please be safe out there. Bye-bye.

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