Grand Theft Auto V Monkey Business GTA 5 Gameplay Walktrough XBOX&PS4

Grand Theft  Auto V Monkey Business GTA 5 Gameplay Walktrough XBOX&PS4

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Hey. What's up oh. Hey. Man. You, know and. I was wondering have you heard from your family, yeah. Sure. Now. It's, a lie I'm. A fucking, thing, hey that's fucked up me yeah, well, not. Gonna matter we're all gonna be dead about a half-hour anyway, what's, going on ladies. Hello. Trevor, well, kept you business. Michael, business. All, right I'm the CEO of a big international, corporation. It's very time-consuming nothing. Of course you'd understand, being a gentleman of leisure no, you know frankly, if there's one thing that you're gonna learn from, being around us please fucking insanity. Then they can't fry you if you, want something done go, to the busy man this. Rich fuck is useless. Hold. On man can y'all knock this shit off Oh. Boys. Your, boys it's, the feds. Hey. Where's. The other three, what. Other three. We. Told you to bring along six this is a six-man, job no you didn't, it Dave, did no Dave didn't, you said you'd do it that. Is a frickin, lie I do, not get things wrong all right great, then we're out of here fuck, let's, go, you. Three can do it alone and I. Fuck, you you, do your own dirty work hey I do my dirty work every day keeping, the country safe from scum, like you and, you're doing a great job sir. Hey you want this job done. Then. Come with us huh come on come on mr. leisurewear. Mr. depressed accountant, let's, go save America. Fuck, we say when it from this time this is the real deal my, sources, are convinced, there's a plot International. Affairs you know the agency, and they're, using, this facility to. Make a serious, nerve toxin, bullshit. Yeah, which, they plan in their mind-blowing, insanity, to let a major terrorist, release, on a metropolitan, area so they can continue to get funding, nothing, increases, funding for fighting, terrorism more than, successful, acts of terrorism, all. Right so let me get this straight then no, then here no no there is no getting the straight that's the point. Now we're doing this YouTube. For on get away fuck off and make it happen, Michael. You're, with us. What. Size flipper, you wear. An. Agent Norton's been, a while since you're in the field the, sight of you in neoprene, is something we say for our worst enemies, shut, up I'll be fine. And you, get. In you're, driving. Go. Down the coast the, facility's a few clicks south of us. Listen. To me Steve no. Wisecracks got. It no, fucking, cliche, we're, fighting for the freedom of the people today don't, lecture me on patriotism. You've, been living outside the system too long social. Responsibilities. I joke, to you so, maybe I redeem, myself get, killed in the process huh, petals. Bullshit, no one is dying on my watch. Not even the burnt-out bank robber with temper issues and, nothing to live for but hero's death is too good for you you'll, die in the ignominious ERV. This. Is the bay we. Can get in through the discharge tunnel. There'll, be a great over the outlet Townley. You've done the cutter where do we get there go, to work punching, through Roger, that. I'm, taking, the oxy hydro cutter to the great. That's. Burning at over 3,000. Degrees yeah. Thanks, for the science lesson yeah I keep this for the next vault ahead that. Cash will last forever so cut smart. So, you, got any more little facts for me from the instruction. Manual, don't, you want some Intel the equipment, we sourced using, your heart won funds. Wardrobe. For windbreakers. Maybe, some nipple clamps. Remember. That. You do it. All, right we, got another vent party, the access point. You, sure this thing comes out where you think it does the, Intel is done 100. Yards out. Feel. Like I've given a colonoscopy, to, the Statue of happiness. Now he's change from beat-up Trevor Phillips all-day. Your. Pants TV, this is a coolie tunnel of course. With, this job I only get to know the criminals, who weren't dumb enough to get, themselves caught. Yeah. Only I wasn't coming, remember, I turned myself in, he, makes a point that meet, you, doubly, dumb. This. Is the third turbine. That's, an air pocket take, it up to the surface people. There's, a ladder there get, up. Ah. We. Ready I was, born ready let's. Do this one Dave what's, the plan hey hey, hey we, locate the toxin, and action, our escape strategy that's what we got great, lead, the way bank. Robber your job is to keep this covert, and non-lethal. And. So. What exactly does, a neurotoxin. Look like you're on a need-to-know basis. Bank robber shut, it, elevator.

Coming Body on board stay vigilant. Out. Now. How. Do you feel about this, I feel, pretty damn fine yeah. Only your camera crew was here round. To the right come on clear. Let's go you. See the lab geeks I don't want trouble from these to. Take. What's it's bad we're, gonna keep moving along. Here to the left. Come. On. Behind. The wall security, detail about to make a pass. You're. Honest make a judgment, call. We've. Got some time. Here's, the car - this. Wiper. Lab. Rat in the cage up ahead should have the secret sauce, come on. Door. Now. Door. Can only be triggered internally. What's. That, I'm. On it. You, up. Back. Up back it. Up and. Freeze we got collateral. You. Might be safe but big brain here isn't, open. Stick-up. Guy you're, expendable, if the nerve agents move. It move, it. This, will make me. The. Most dangerous, man in the country, I'm also an emotion scared. Man. Thank. You federal, government. The. Toxin, is volatile, we need to get it into a refrigeration, unit, security. And security. Facility. Left, up here push for the exit along. Here to the left. Reinforcements. Should be arriving, wouldn't, be surprised, if there the whole County on lockdown. Let's. Get out of here. Put. The agent on ice, refrigeration. Units in that container. Here. We go get her on ice before the sell-by. Just. As I was getting used to having the apocalypse. In my pocket. There you go. It's. On its way good get this thing ready to move. And. We need a plank big rig right now. We. Missed the window ain't see response he's already in the building it's never too late we're, going let's go it's too risky Fantine, I hope that bird goes down and takes half the west coast with no one here does puke enough excuse how about we come up with a solution okay okay, all right yeah you go off they cover fuck. Fine by me get. Bobbies I'm, one. Of them come on. Baby. Special, agent I got discovered, contain, this man fuck you I should detain you I just took a bullet for my country. What, happened back there. With. A. 12-inch, aluminum, flashlight. Where. The ones from. The agency, response. I think. Franklin's, the one taking, the easy way guys got his feet up in an aircraft hangar. I, got. More important. Things to worry about the. Stupid chopper. Hey. Frank its crack. Man saw. The chemical weapon in there right if, it even is a chemical weapon hell it could be shaving, cream for all I know by. The way next time you're getting wet but. There won't be a next time will, there Davie there never is I'm. Doing my best for you I always try yeah. Well maybe this time we'll get lucky maybe. This time Steve will succumb to the strains of enhanced, interrogation techniques. Interrogate. Him are you insane, they're, probably decorating. Him right now, hey baby your boys at the agency, are onto you remember, by you and Stevie, just, try and keep your heads down, yeah. Who's this oh. Fucking. A yes. What's. Up man, my days in the wilderness are over, Lester. He, settled up with that crazy Mexican motherfucker. Gave, him the artifact. Now. As long as Trevor handles the wife were, good but. What about Eman yeah fuck him he likes the desert besides, we, do one big score we're all gonna have to go our own separate, ways anyway oh man. I can't. Wait to get back to that movie studio. You. All right man we shit I'll let you Lady Di. What a shit show I'll tell you what you could take this desert, and stick.

It My, life maybe a world of pain but, from here on out it's, gonna be cool, comfortable. Air-conditioned. Pain. Take. It easy.

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