Graham opens IG hearing with scathing take on FISA report: The system failed

Graham opens IG hearing with scathing take on FISA report: The system failed

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You have labored. Hard and your work product is impressive, and, I just want to thank you all for what you've done for the country and. Mr.. Horowitz I'm dying to hear from you but I. Bet I haven't made 20 minutes of opening statements, in a year if I'm taking a little bit longer, to. Try to lay out what I think is before. Us as a nation. Crossfire. Hurricane was, probably the best name. Ever given, to an investigation, in the history, of, investigations. Because I think that's what we wound up with a crossfire. And a hurricane. There's. Been a lot of media. Reports, about, your report, before. It was issued, and. I remember, reading all these headlines. Lawful. Investigation. With a few irregularities. Everything. Okay. Low-level. People kind of got off track. If. That's what you get out of this report you. Clearly, didn't, read it. If. That's your takeaway that this thing was lawfully. Predicated. And that's. The main point, you. Missed the entire report. How. Do you get a headline like that that's what you want it to be. You. Want it to be that. And nothing, more and I. Can assure you if this has been a, Democratic, president going. Through what President Trump had gone through that would not have been the headline, the. Headline would be the FBI takes, law in this own hands, biased. Agents, cut corners, lie. To court. Ignore. Exoneration. So. The first thing I want you to know is, how. The, cake is baked here and. My goal is to make sure that. People. When this is over whether. You like Trump hate Trump, don't. Care about Trump. You. Look at this as more than a few irregularities. Because. If this becomes a few irregularities. In. America. Then. God, help us all. Now. The. People that were in charges, in this investigation, were hand-picked, by. Mr.. McCabe who. Is now CNN analyst, high. Up in the FBI, the number-two, guy. The. First question, I will ask in a bit. Is. This the best of the best. Are. These, people, normal, representatives. Of the, Department, of Justice, in the FBI I hope. You will say no. Because. I believe it to be no and. If. I believed otherwise I would. Be incredibly. Depressed. So. Ladies, and gentlemen. I'm. Going to assume something for the sake of argument that, there. Was a lawful predicate. To, open up a counterintelligence, investigation. And I want you to know the standard, to open one up is about, like that. And. I also want you to know a counterintelligence. Investigation. Is not. A criminal, investigation. They're. Not trying to solve a crime they're. Trying to stop foreign, powers. From. Interfering. In America. That. A counterintelligence. Investigation. Is designed, to protect. Americans. From, foreign. Influence, I want. The American people to know there. Was an effort to, affect Hillary, Clinton's, campaign by. Foreign, actors. The. FBI, picked up that effort they, briefed her about it and they. Were able to stop it, we. Will be receiving, a defensive, briefing tomorrow as a committee, from. The FBI to tell us all about what, we should be watching for and they, may be some, specific threats, against, us I don't, know but. I know they're going to brief us to. Protect, us not. To surveil us and here's. One on every American to know from. The time they opened up crossfire, hurricane. So. This debacle was over, they. Never made any effort. To brief Donald, Trump about, suspect. Problems, within his campaign, they. Had one briefing. Talking. About you know the Russians are out there you never you better beware. Nothing. About Carter, page nothing. About Papadopoulos, nothing. About the other people that, they thought might be working with the Russians why. Did they not tell him that I. Hope. You can give us an answer. Bottom. Line ladies and gentlemen a, counterintelligence. Investigation. Is a. Good thing. Until. It becomes a bad thing. Because. It doesn't take much to open one and the.

Worst Thing can happen is for. People to open one up whose. Real purpose is not to protect an, American. But. To surveil them. Senator. Feinstein, found herself in a situation all, of us may one day find ourselves in, a longtime. Employee was, suspected, of having ties to a foreign government they. Informed, her and she took appropriate action how. Easy would it be for. Somebody to come in our campaigns, as a volunteer. We. Really don't know who they are you just appreciate any help you can get. How. Does he would it, be for all of us to get caught up in this scenario I hope. All of us would appreciate if, you really believe there's somebody in my campaign, working, with a foreign power please tell me. So. I can do something about it. Why. Didn't they tell Trump. We'll. Figure that out later. But. I think it's a question needs to be asked. So. For. A moment let's assume that there was a lawful predicate, to open up a counterintelligence, investigation. What. Has been described as a few irregularities. Becomes. A massive criminal, conspiracy over. Time to. Defraud the FISA Court, to. Illegally, surveil an American, citizen, and keep. An operation, open against a sitting president the United States violating. Every norm known to the rule of law. Many. Of your prosecutors. I mean have you been US attorneys, I mean. Have you been defense attorneys. Trump's. Time will come and go. But. I hope we understand, that what happened, here, can. Never happen again. Because. What happened here is not. A few irregularities, what, happened here is the system. Failed. People. At the highest level, of our government. Took. The law in their own hands, and. When I say defraud, the FISA Court I mean it. To. Your team. You. Are able to uncover and, discover, abuse. Of power I never, believed would actually, exist, in 2019. How. Bad is it is. As it was is was, as if, Jagger. Hoover came back to life, the. Old FBI. The. FBI that had a chip on its shoulder and. Wanted to intimidate, people and find. Out what was going on in your life and the law be damned. Martin. Luther King and just fill in the names. So. Who. Ran this thing. The. People were hand-picked, by. McCabe. The. Number, two guy at the FBI. The. Supervisory. Agent. The. Dev the Assistant Director for counterintelligence as Peter struck, he's. A big player and all. Things. Crossfire. Hurricane. Lisa. Page you, may have heard of her who was she she. Was an FBI lawyer. Working for McCabe, these. Are two central, characters, in. This. Debacle. Let. Me tell you a little bit. About. Who these people are. And. Where. They're coming from. Thanks. To a lot of hard work by people. For. Mr. Horowitz the FBI and others. Here's. What we know, struck. The. Frontline supervisor. Fairbrother. 12 2016. Oh, he's. Trump abysmal. I keep. Hoping the, charade will end and people will just dump him the. Problem, then is that, Roubaix Rubio, will likely lose, to Cruz I.

Never. Quite made it and I couldn't understand what they would not consider me as serious candidate. The. Republican. Party is utter. Shambles. When. Was the last competitive. Ticket they offered. March. 3rd 2016. Page. God. Trump is a lo some human. Struck. Oh my, god he's, an idiot and, you. Know what newsrooms, all over the country people are nodding. This. Represents. The attitude, a lot of people in America and you can have that attitude but you should be in the, journalism business you. Shouldn't be at the FBI if, you were in the military and, you said anything, like, this about. A commander-in-chief you'd be charged with the crime remember. The McChrystal, debacle, where. They had a barroom, discussion. With a reporter, from The Rolling Stone what's, a takeaway don't, go to a bar with a Rolling Stone reporter. They. Started talking about how they dint like Joe Biden and, I, was one of the first people to say that is out of bounds you. Can have all the political opinions, you want but, if you're an officer in the United States military you. Will part those opinions and you, will not speak ill of the. Commander-in-chief but that obviously, is not a rule at the FBI Department, of Justice March. 16, 2016. I cannot. Believe Donald Trump is likely to, be actual. Serious, candidate, for president, July, 16th, we're getting closer to when this thing opens and while. Donald, Trump is an enormous douche, again a, lot of people agree with that. Trump. Barely, spoke but the first thing out of his mouth was we're going to win. So big, the. Whole thing is like living, in a bad dream July the 19th, 2016. Trump. Is a disaster, I have no, idea how destabilizing. His presidency, would be a lot of people believe that you're entitled to believe that but, you should not be an investigator. July. The 30th. The. Investigation. Is open and, damn. This feels momentous, about the investigation. Because, this matters, the. Others one did too but that was to ensure we didn't F something, up this, matters, because this, matters. So. Super glad to. Be on this voyage with you I hope. You understand, what, this voyage was about August. 8 2016. 3. Days. Before struck, was named the, frontline supervisor. He's. Not ever going to become president, right page, 2 struck. Struck. No, no. He won't, we'll stop it. These. Are the people in charge. August. 15th 2016. I want. To believe the path you threw out for consideration, and Andy's, office, that. There's no way he gets elected, but. I'm afraid we can't take that risk that. The American people will pick their presidents, what they're saying it's. Like an insurance policy in the unlike and like unlikely. Event you die, before you're 40. August. 26, 2016. Just. Went to southern. Just. Went to a southern Virginia Walmart, I could. Smell the Trump, support. People. In charge. October. 11 2016. Currently. Fighting was Stu for the FISA, Stu. Was a lawyer who thought this thing was not on the up-and-up, stood. His ground until. He couldn't stand it anymore. Eventually. Got run over. October. The 19th. I'm. All riled up Trump is an effing, idiot, is unable. To provide a coherent, answer, the. New york times probability. Numbers, are dry being everyday I'm scared. For our organization. November, the 3rd 2016. Oh my. God this. Is effing, terrifying. Referencing. An article, entitled a victory. By Trump, remains, possible. November. The night. 2016. Are. You ever going to give out your calendars. Some. Kind of depressing maybe. It should be the first meeting, of the secret society. November. The 13th, I, brought. All the I bought all the President's, Men I, figure. I needed, to brush up on Watergate. November. The 13th, 2016. Finally. To wait two pages away from finishing all, the President's, Men page. Destruct, did, you know the president, resigns at the end. Struck. What, god that would be so. Lucky. May. 18th. 2017. The. Date page accepted. A position on the special, counsels, team, for. Me in this. Case I personally, have a sense of unfinished, business. Unleashed. With. Nye, whatever, that means now. I need to fix it and finish it, struck. Who. Gives a F. One. More, assistant. Director, or whoever, an. Investigation. Leading to impeachment. May. 2017. You. Know I both know the odds are nothing. If I thought it was likely, I'd. Be there I'd be there I'd I'd. Be there no question. I hesitate. In part just.

Because Of my gut sense and concern there's, no big there they're. Talking. About impeachment. May. 22nd. 2017, I'm, torn. I think, no I'm, more, replaceable. Than you are in this I'm the. Best for it but, there are others who can do it okay. You're, different and more. Unique this is yours. Talking. To. Paige. Alright. That's. The front line supervisor, and, the. Lawyer to McCabe. There's. A guy named Klein Smith. Who. Eventually. Alters. An. Email. From the CIA. Through. The Department of Justice and FBI, and. Mr.. Horowitz has intein found, this out and how they did it I will never know I'm, jumping, ahead here but. When you read this report. What. They find is that, a lawyer. Supervising. The FISA process, at the. FBI. According. To mr. Horowitz, doctored. An email, from the CIA to the FBI and he's. Going to be referred for criminal, prosecution. Why. Is that important. Carter. Paige who's been on the receiving end, of all this. The. Foundation, to believe he was a foreign, agent comes from a dossier, that we'll talk about in a minute in, that. Dossier, provided, by Christopher, steel and we'll talk about him in a minute, they. Claim that, Carter Paige meets with three people known to be Russians. Russian. Agents. People. Associated, with Russia. Carter. Page while, being wiretapped by. His government. Says. I don't know two, of these people and to. This day there's. No proof that he, ever met two, of those three the. Third person, he says yeah. I met, him I told, the CIA about, my meeting because, I was a source for the CIA. So. They would have you believe that, Carter, page is working against, our government, not. With, our government. So. Carter page in the summer of 2017, is, trying. To tell anybody and everybody I. Was. Working, with the CIA I reported. My contact, with this person and, nobody. Believed, him. The. CIA had told the FBI it, was true earlier. But. It never made it through the system, somebody. Got so rattled at the FBI, they, asked mr., Klein Smith to check it out. He. Checks it, out, he. Communicates, with the CIA, is. Carter, page a source for you and. An. Email, exchange they, say yes he is. What. Does mr. Klein Smith do he. Alters, the email to say no, he's not and. You. Caught him I, don't. Know how you caught, him because. You got it dig into this email, chain. It. Would be like getting a lab report from the FBI the, fingerprints. Don't match and, the, agent says they do. That's. How bad this is, so. Now let me tell you a little bit about. Mr., Klein Smith if I can find it. All. Right this is the lawyer. Supervising. The FISA warrant, process the. Guy that altered, this CIA, email. Because, he didn't want the court to know that, Carter, page actually was a source and why does that matter because, that the court had known then, there's a lawful, reason, for mr. Page to be talking, to, the Russian guy he. Wasn't working against, his country he was working with his country which, undercuts, the idea he's a foreign agent that's why I climbed Smith lied because. He didn't want to stop this investigation. All. Right this is after the election I. Am. So stressed about what I could have done differently the day after the election. I've. Just devastated. I can't. Wait until I can leave today and just, shut off the world for the next four days I'm sure a lot of people felt that way after Trump got elected, maybe still feel that way but, you shouldn't be in charge of supervising, anything. About, Trump if you feel that way I just. Can't, imagine. The. Systematic. Disassembly. Of the progress, we've made over the last eight years the, Obama, administration. They're. Crazies, one. Finally. This. Is the lawyer that. They put in put in charge of supervising, the, warrant process, this. Is the Tea Party on steroids, and I'm. Sure their newsrooms all over America is saying that's absolutely, right what is wrong with that Oh.

Also. Pence is stupid. Whatever. This, is what the guy is saying right. After. The election and, it's. Just hard not to feel like the FBI calls, some of this it was, a razor-thin, in some. States, plus. My. Goddamn, name is all over the legal documents, investigating. Trump's path. And. This. Is the. One that. Gives me the most. November. The 22nd. Shortly. After the election of Donald J Trump, the. FBI, lawyer, in charge of supervising the, FISA process. Tweets. Out to friends. Viva. La resistance. What. Are the odds that this guy might do something wrong. Would. You have to be part of a right wing right, wing conspiracy, to. Protect, in the future maybe this guy will get off-script. Folks. If. These are a few irregularities. The. Rule of law in this country is dead, and, here's. The good news good, news these. Are not a few, irregularities. These, are a few bad, people. They. Couldn't believe Trump, won that want him to believe didn't, want him to win and when he won couldn't. Tolerate the fact that he won and. All. These smelly people elected, him. This. Is bad stuff. So if you get out of this report. Lawful. Investigation. With a few irregularities. It says, more about you than, mr. Horowitz. How. The hell did this whole thing start. What. Got us here today. They. Open up a counterintelligence, investigation. In July, we. Know the Russians, are messing in our election, and, it. Was the Russians, ladies and gentlemen who stole the Democratic. National Committee emails, Podesta's. Emails and screwed. Around with Hillary Clinton it wasn't the Ukrainians, it was the Russians and they're. Coming after us again, so. To be concerned, that. The Russians, are messing, with presidential, campaigns, was, a legitimate. Concern. Said. They looked around at the Trump campaign. And. Said well let's see, if we can protect the Trump campaign. Carter. Paige went. To Moscow, a lot made speeches, if. You've, ever met Carter page one thing you will not accuse him of as being James Bond. This. Poor guy Papadopoulos. Picked. By Sam Clovis, to be part of Trump's national security, team, this. National, security team was literally picked up off the street if you've. Had a photo with Donald Trump you spent more time with Donald Trump than Papadopoulos. And Paige. They're. Not paid they're volunteers. But. The FBI, thinks we, need to watch these guys for manna port as. Well as, who's, the other one Flynn. General Flynn so, they opened up a counterintelligence, investigation. Let's assume for a moment that the, small, predicate. You need has been, met. What. The hell happened, after, they opened it up what. Did they find. Were. Their suspicions, validated. Or. Did they find at every turn it's, really not true and they ignored it. So. One, of the first things they tried to do was. To get a warrant, under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance. Act, to, follow car, Paige a volunteer. For the campaign an American citizen. They. Apply for the warrant internally, in August. Of. 2016. And the lawyers say you don't have enough. Why. Because, they had nothing. Maybe. This reasonable. Articulation. Is this. Small but. To get a warrant, from a court you've got to have probable, cause, so. The lawyers saying you don't have it. Everybody. Is now frustrated. Folks, that's. Not the right answer. So. McCabe's, suggests. The. Number two got the FBI well. Let's go look at this still dossier. Maybe. That will get us over the hump. Just. Stay tuned we'll, talk about that in a minute so.

In September the 19th, for the first time they. Introduced, the steel dossier. Into. The warrant application. Process, it. Worked. September. The 21st. They. Get a sign-off let's go get a warrant the. Dossier. Got. Them to where they wanted to go as you. Say mr. Horowitz, it was central, and basically. Outcome-determinative. Without. This dossier. They. Go nowhere with, it they're off to the races. Who. Is Christopher, Steele. You. Know these other people, were bad wait, to hear about this guy. Christopher. Steele was. A former. Mi6. Is, that right. Six. Five whatever it is he, was a British agent. Retired. He. Had a new line of business he. Was hired by a company, called fusion. Gps. To. Investigate. Donald Trump. Okay. You. Want to look at foreign influence, you're about to find it, fusion. GPS, is, on. The payroll of the Democratic, National Party. Christopher. Still is working. For a need to find dirt on Trump, and the, money comes from the Democratic, Party, did. They tell the court this no, is, that. A bit unnerving would, be to me. So. Christopher, still is. On the payroll of a company funded by the Democratic, Party here's. What Bruce or tells the FBI FBI, about Christopher still he. Was desperate, that Donald Trump not get elected, and was, passionate about him not being the US president. This. Is the guy that gave them the word product, to. Get the warrant. Still. Told. Or that if Trump won the elections, still, source, network may be in jeopardy by, a new FBI director. And new agency, heads appointed, by Trump who would have a higher degree of loyalty to the new president and could, decide to take action against still in his source network. Let. Me tell you about Christopher's, steel or. Was, right he. Was on a mission, to get Donald, Trump. Not. Only did he provide the. Dossier, that made, the difference in getting a warrant. His. Biases. Were well-known. He. Was shopping the dossier to. Anybody, in everybody. In the. Media and in politics, to, see if they would print it. The. Reason, the FBI cut, him loose because. They found out he was shopping this thing around to media outlets rather. Than being a valid. Source. But. After. They. Knew he was shopping it around they kept him around anyway, because, mr. hora kept talking to him and, you, think that's a bit Bruce ORS wife worked. With Christopher, steel. She. Was employed by fusion, GPS, the, life of the number four guy at the FBI. Christopher. Still went all over the, United States trying. To get media outlets, to publish, this garbage. The. First thing is about the golden, shower. About, the sexual encounter that President, Trump supposedly. Had and a. Ritz-carlton, hotel, in Russia. Let. Me tell you how I've come to find out about Christopher. Steele's work product, in. December. Of, 2016. John. McCain goes to a national, security conference, in, Canada, and. Somebody. Tells him about the, still, dossier. And it's. Bad and you need to know about it and, it. Gets to John McCain John. McCain puts, it in his safe he, gives it to me and I read it and the. First thing I thought of was oh my god. What. Are two things this could be Russian disinformation, or they may have something on Trump if you read this document, the. First thing you would think of is they got something, on Donald Trump. It. Is stunning it is damning, it is salacious, and it's. A bunch of crap. They. Finally, find the guy that, prepared. All the, information. But. A little bit about Steele in. 2015. The. British intelligence service. Said you. Need to watch this guy he's not reliable. They. Take time to go to London, to check. Still, out and they're. Told he demonstrates, lack of self-awareness poor, judgment. Keen. To help but, underpinned. By poor judgment, judgment. Pursuing, people political, risk but no Intel, value, if. You'd, spend 30 minutes, looking. At Christopher, still you, would understand, this guy is bias, he's. Got an axe to grind he's on the payroll of the opposing party take. Anything, he says with, a grain of salt. In. January. 2017. The. FBI, figures, out who. The sub source of the, steel dossier, is what. You need to know this, is not what steel found himself. This. Is what he gathered, from one person. They. Finally, found out who this one, person, is. They. Go talk to him in January, 2017. Five. People. Interview. The. Primary, sub source the guy that provided, steel with everything, and. They. Showed him the dossier. Read. Pages, 186. To 190. What. Does the russian guy tell. The FBI about, the FBI. About the dossier that. Still. Misstated. Or exaggerated. The prime sub, sources, statements, that. Trumps, alleged. Sexual, activities. At the ritz-carlton, hotel, in Moscow was. Rumor in speculation. He, went on to say he, heard it at a bar and. In. The report, it suggests, that a Western. Employee, of the ritz-carlton. Confirmed. This escapade, by, then.

A. Private. Citizen, Trump when. He read that he says that's not true, I never. Told still that somebody, working for the ritz-carlton, confirmed. This I heard, it at a bar. Primary. Sub source stated that. He never expected, still to put the primary, sources, statements, in report so present them as facts, they. Were word of mouth and hearsay. Conversations. Had with friends, over beers where, statements. Made in jest, that, should be taken, with a grain of salt. So. In January 2017. The. Person, who did all the assembling, of the information. For, the now-famous, steel, or still dossier, tells, the FBI, i disavow, everything, in there. Now. What. Should happen. Timeout. Let's. Reassess. Maybe. We got this wrong, what. Would you hope to happen. That. The FBI would slow down because, this is the outcome determinative. That's just had a hole blown through it, they. Don't slow down, they. Use the document, they now know to be a bunch of garbage twice. More to, get a warning against. Carter page, I hope, Carter page gets, a lawyer and sues the hell out of the Department of Justice and the FBI. Two. More warrants, were obtained, by the department justice and the FBI after being, told in January, by the Russian, guys all a bunch of bull. But. It gets worse. Here's. How they describe. The. Interview, to the court. The. FBI, found that the Russian based sub source to. Be truthful in cooperative. Nothing. About and oh by the way he, said everything in there is a bunch of bull. You. Knew in January. 2017, if there was no doubt before you, know by the guy who prepared, it that, he disavowed, everything, it's not true, it's a grain of salt you shouldn't, I didn't, say all these things instead. Of stopping they. Keep going, and instead. Of telling the court the, court the truth what they're required to do they, lie to the court a. Few. Irregularities. How. Would you like this to happen in your life how. Would you like to be on the receiving end, of this. To. Our people in the news, business what. Would you like how would you like this to be your news organization. In. January. 2017. There. Is no benefit, of the doubt to be given these. Five people, from. The Department, of Justice and the FBI have. Been told, by the one, guy who did, all the work as a bunch of garbage and the. Question, is how, far up to the system, did it go why. Did they apply for a warrants twice, more, why. Didn't they stop, everybody. Wants to know is there any bias here, what motivated, these people why do you think they kept going. Maybe. Because. They were on a mission, not. To protect Trump but, to protect, us from Trump, that's. What they were trying to protect all of us mentally people from Donald Trump that's, what this is about, what you believe it or not I believe it and, you. Know what it could happen y'all next time. There's. Some pretty passionate, people on our side that I wouldn't want to be investigating. Any of you. So. What happens, next. They. Get a warrant twice more when they know us a bunch of garbage they. Lie to the court about the actual interview I don't, know what McCadden called me knew but I'm dying to find out and should they have known. June. 2016-2017. This. Is the next time, they. Take the law in their own hands mr.. Klein Smith. Six. Months, after being told the dossier is a bunch of garbage. Kline. Smith alters. An. Email. From the CIA to change it from he is that he's not. Because. If they had told the court that, Paige. Was working for the CIA it, explains, the contact, in the dossier. Mr.. Klein Smith. Had. A chance. In. His. Mind to make things right and he took it why. Did he take, the law in his own hands why, did he doctor, the email did, it have anything to do with the way he sees Donald.

Trump's Presidency, you. Know, what it really, doesn't, matter. What. He was thinking. It. Matters, what he did. And. I'm. Glad you found out what he did, I'm. Glad you told the country what he did. Because. I'm hoping that nobody will ever do it again. So. Mr., Horowitz. 17-year. Regularities. That you found. Some. Of them are earth-shattering. Some. Of them should scare the hell hell. Of a hell, out of all of us I, just. Want to end sort of where I began. This is not normal. Don't. Judge the FBI and the, Department of Justice by. These characters. We're. Better than this. Like. Many of you I've worked with the FBI a lot of my time in government, have. A great respect for it. Director. Ray you've got a problem and. For, this hearing to mean anything. We. Got to fix it and. The. Way we fix it is. Listen, to mr. Horowitz and. Get, the director of the FBI in here to try to find out a way to make sure this never happens again to any politician in this country. It's. Trapped a day it could be you're me tomorrow and. Imagine. Ladies and gentlemen, if. They can do this to the candidate, for the President of the United States what could they do to you. So. They Trump, presidency. Will. End in a year or five years I don't know when I hope he gets reelected. But. We can't write this off as. Being. Just, about. One. Man or one event. We've. Got to understand how if the rails, to system guide and, I'll. Leave. With. Some optimism, here I think. Democrats and Republicans. Are. Willing. To make sure this never happens again that if. You open up a counterintelligence. Investigation. On a presidential, campaign in the future, there needs to be more checks and balances, I. Want. You to audit, the FISA process. Mike, Lee and, Senator. Leahy. Are. Probably, the standard bearers, for civil liberties. Cruz. A lot, of people we, all care but these are the two that constantly. Want to make sure that somebody's. Watching those who watch us they're worried about metadata. Well. I may not agree with all of your concerns or all of your solutions. I, respect. The fact that you care I. Hope. You, treat this report, is finding, a lawful, investigation. With a few irregularities. I'm. A pretty hawkish guy. But. If the court doesn't take corrective action, and. Do. Something about being, manipulated. And lied to. You. Will lose my support I. Know. A lot about what's going on out there to hurt us and they're. Real threats, and they're. Real agents, and they're. Really bad actors out there. I'd. Hate to lose the ability of. The FISA Court to operate, at a time probably when we need it the most, but. After your report, I have. Serious, concerns about. Whether the FISA Court. Can. Continue, unless there's fundamental, reform. After. Your report, I think. We need to rewrite the rules of how you start, a counterintelligence, investigation. And the. Checks and balances that, we need. Mr.. Horwitz and for, us to do justice, to the report. We. Have to do more than try to shade this report, one way of the other we. Have to address the underlying problem. Of. A system, in the. Hands of a few bad people can. Do a lot of damage. Thank. You very much.

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The counter intelligence investigators warned Hillary and foreign efforts were stopped? NO, she was funded by foreign efforts and sold herself to the highest bidder. DiFi was warned and she took the proper action? Hell no, don't tell me she didn't know that chinese guy was working against the US, I'll bet she has been paid handsomely for working for China. The system failed us? Nope, it was weaponized against us, just like the IRS was against conservatives organizing to defeat Obama. Government is rotten to the core. Politicians making deciscions, not for the good of the country but to enrich and empower themselves while they impoverish and enslave the people they are supposed to be serving!

Republicans think the American people are idiots.

they've been fixing the outcome of elections for a long time!!!

With the 17 irregularities when are people going away in handcuffs?! Irregularities is another word lies , omissions are known lies. This is a coup and people need to be hung!

I don’t care what anybody says Lindsey Graham would make an amazing United States president he’s smart he’s honest he cares about the people in the United States and best of all he’s an amazing speaker reminds me of RONALD regan

FISA is criminally flawed, and this agency needs to be shut down permanently, with a new agency that has integrity.


When a President is being impeached, the media SHOULD BE FORCED to show THE FACTS! To ALLOW CNN, ABC, MSNBC etc etc to LIE & deceive 'the people' is "Election tampering & fraud"

failure of the system because of rotten apples are spreading corruption in the swamp

If they know every move we make I think Frankenstein could have known she had a spy working for her in less than 20 years

Drain the Swamp!!!!!!!!!

This is a speech that should go down in history.

All you have to do is research how much Lindsay Graham hate's President Trump. He Is a traitor!

How old are these idiots running the FBI!! All of these rats have been trying to break Trump since he was elected! From everyone that hates Trump......FBI,CIA, Politicians......all of them!! Trump is one tough man.....Just for all he's been through. I wonder if Seth Rich was also being followed for some reason by his own Dems and killed!!! This Graham is my man!!

This is the kinda stuff that should wake up the Demorats.

Crossfire Hurricane is turning into a category 10.

I am getting pretty good at reading body language and when Clapper or Brennan speak the lies they spew get caught in their throats! Clapper squirms..and they were CIA now at CNN!! How low can they go?

None of this was shown on CNN.

Sen. Lyndsey has done a fantastic job of laying out the honest corrupt events that took place! WE THE PEOPLE NEED JUSTICE IN THIS! THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE PROSECUTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Start with this bought off IG Horowitz..put him in prison

Why hasn't Trump brought up corrupt things many of these people have done? Because he's not petty or holding grudges like they do. He could have all these evil scum investigated! Kip Simpsons Channel......all kinds of Democrates being arrested!!

Why aren't raids on these peoples homes and offices being made? Comey, McCabe, Strock etc. Go get em Handcuffs at 3am on National TV.


Someone needs to show this clip to Juan Williams. He’s in serious denial.

USA Social Business School.

38:39 YESSSSSS!!!

CNN didn't show this, they showed commercials. MSDNC talked over him telling their viewer in realtime what was wrong with what he was saying, despite the fact they had his volume off.

The concept of you wearing a tin foil hat is hilarious-but don't really do it. You may regret it down the road. My two cents.

Why hasn't anybody killed a democrat polictian yet ?

Way to go Mr Graham. The champ!!

Would replacing Horowitz with Rachel Madcow in the hearing have sounded any different?

Everything you need to know about the past three and a half years is right here in BLACK AND WHITE. In spite of media spin.

that finestine looks like a Halloween witch without her pointy hat...js

It wasn't the Russians Lindsay. We all know it was Seth Rich the download speed could not have been met over the internet. It had to be a thumb drive. Now lets talk about what was in them emails.

601 democrats in denial didn't like this video.


I’m shocked! Is this really happening in this country or I’m just dreaming? If I don’t see people handcuffed after this America as we know it will cease to exist

THE BEGINNING OF THE END. Senator Lindsay GRAHAM, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, starts the deliberations by an impressive charge against the material used on the FISA report. Clearly and factually, showing the bias and the lies, broughted up to the Court in the FISA reconductions, is clearing FBI as a all and, pointing to the heads of the FBI as responsables of the derailing of Justice process. As expected, the DEMS are in the background orchestrating the charges against PRESIDENT TRUMP. The only serious problem at that level, is that the DEMS by manipulations of the JUSTICE process, induced a frenzy of News Outlets. While most of the news succeeded to disgust the electorate, Senator GRAHAM is reanimating the hopes to darkened the President. INTERESTING ENOUGH, the electorate is not impress and the support to President Trump is still very strong. The INTELLIGENCE of the electorate is reading threw the process that a start of inquiries on assumptions and lies, is not to produce good results. MORE OVER and, Senator GRAHAM is right, the DEMS made the demonstrations on how easy it is to fool the COURT system. It's like a suspense film, where the conviction peaces have disappeared. Fortunately, the limitations of Horowitz (IG) as to FISA abuses, are recuperated by AG BARR and DURHAM in their authority to go deeper. Already, the reactions of DURHAM inquieries to the HOROWTZ report, give us indications that there has been criminal activities that they will expose. The SENATE, up to now, is doing its job carefully but, Senators GRASSLEY and Mc CONNELL, manifested a certain interest to cut short the deliberations for political reasonnings has to the case loads of the Senate and the next election (2020). In other words, the legitimate concerns of President Trump and of the Republicans at the Congress deliberations, is on the verge to happen again at the SENATE level, witnesses fitted to the cause of DEMS. THAT'S OF BAD OMEN ! In that respect, Senators FEINSTEIN and LEHAY, taking the baton of SCHIFFTY and NADLER, are supposed to flex their muscles to bias again the SENATE works. That would be a very dangerous precedent for the SENATE, putting them on the wrong side of History for expediencies. We have to keep in mind that the SENATE and the Chief JUSTICE ROBERTS are the last line of defence to the LAW and the CONSTITUTION. If they failed on the abscence of fairness as to the process, BYE BYE AMERICA, see you in HELL. This time, HELL will be for all americans, by a clear call of the desappearing of JUSTICE principles and the introduction of the FREE FOR ALL. Maybe it would be for the best in the reassertion of order necessity ?! VOTE PEOPLE, VOTE, you are call to choose your own future, FREEDOM or SLAVERY, again and again. Gerry

I'm surprised Pelosi didn't say" you have to impeach him first then read the report".

Watch out! You got a Chinese spy on your left!

This is business as usual they just got caught this time

@22:35 Nope. Sorry Lindsey. Kilnton/Podesta etc e-mails were not hacked by the Russians. Still no justice for Seth Rich or Julian Assange either for that matter.

Dispicible DemonRATS!

ALL showboating...Bill Bar and Durham can do absolutely nothing...The ONLY crime that they can prove is the tampering of the FISA document by changing carter page from U.S. Asset to Russian Spy...Everyone else no matter how criminal they are even in their e-mails...will be completely immune to prosecution, protected by POLICIES... calling it probable cause after the fact of the crime tampered document. Exactly like a cop saying "I feared for my life" or "I smell something in your car"...and from that point justifies ANYTHING they do thereafter relentlessly protected by policies...The upper corrupt echelon might be fired at best...if they haven't been already... protected by POLICIES...It is policies that have completely undermined the constitution to its bumper sticker state...But Hillary on the other hand is possible to indict...but she is poised and waiting for Bar and Durham's flinch of investigating her then she will Dive into the 2020 election as the front runner for election law protection...which seems to show is the only place one is above the law... Except for Trump that is....

(democrats) DO NOT CARE WHAT WE KNOW ,BELIEVE, HEAR OR THINK ! They are not sufferable Americans and act like communist drones. This is a coup that started in 2016 and a tactic, that even Mussolini would be proud of. The basic plan of action, for all (democrats) involved, is Deny , fabricate, occupy and disrupt ! In glad Graham has broken all of this down, from a real American Democrat perspective ,with facts. This is a runaway train fixing to derail !! IF SOMETHING ISNT DONE TO HOLD EVERY POLITICIAN ACCOUNTABLE , WE WILL LOSE THIS GREAT NATION AND A WAR FOR REVOLUTION WILL ,SURELY FOLLOW !

Thank God for Trump!!

Thank god I'm an Atheist!

Wray has never made a statement that reassured me he was the man for the job. He has never outlined a strategy for truly restoring the good name of the FBI, and he is always playing defense instead of showing strong leadership. Next.

How corrupt the swamp is with all the rotten republican decaying in it .

I swear Graham was trying to hold back laughter. As I was watching this for the second time, I couldn't help but laugh. The democrats are currupt. Lucky for is they are incompetent and left a trail a mile wide.

Oh poor poor Lisa, such a victim of circumstances, mean people and.....tissue? You Jackwagon. Fry.

Obama is in this up to his Dumbo ears.

Complete exoneration.

At some point, people watching Fox have to say say "Wait, how can the Dems be crooked, the FBI be crooked, CIA be crooked, Mainstream media, some of Fox News, but Trump and Cohen and Flynn and Roger stone are all innocent?" I know they are saying its a witch hunt but, there has to be a point you say maybe he did do something wrong. Especially when he is on TV telling us.

I'd say that makes a case for collusion and foreign interference; between the British and the DNC, for the purpose of interfering in an election. Why are we not sanctioning the UK or treating them like an enemy nation, for this? Oh, that's right, because they worked with the Democrats to do it to Republicans. This is proof positive that we need to stop the clock on the time for talking, and start preparing for what really needs to happen to keep this from ever happening again. That side has proven they don't tell the truth, and if they want to burn you, they'll lie, cheat and steal to do so. The only just punishment for this is to remove ALL Democrats from power, and financially punish the DNC with lawsuits and fines. Otherwise, the conflict they (Democrats) will start will be the worst this world has ever seen, and all because one "party" doesn't get it's way whenever it wants it.

If we cannot see the contempt for American voting rights, maybe we deserve to be subjugated by these criminals.

Graham better get his Schiff together and pick sides. We will forgive, him.

Scared for our organization... Which is organized crime..

Very well told! EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN needs to watch this! I don’t normally share things on FB or in fact go on FB much in the past 6 months but I just shared it on my wall because of the lack of coverage in the fake news.

Comey is Putin's asset in interfering USA election in 2016. The evidence is obvious

Feinstein is a deep state Alinskyite snake, with a healthy portion of socialism on the side.

A few bad people? Come on now. We the people deserve justice for All involved is this treasonous attack on our country. It goes far beyond just an attack on one man ( Trump). This is about treasonous acts on our government, by our government.

Thank you Sen. Lindsey Graham ! I only wish this could have been done a few days earlier but because of the shenanigans going on it was impossible - But Great job!

Hey Lindsey you are doing a great job of explaining what actually happened but the bad actors are not listening.. or if they are... they know all they need to do is remain quiet or deny, deny, deny and nothing will be done ..then they can just go back to business as usual.. blaming Trump ,the republicans, conservatives or anyone that supports the President as the bad guys. We all need to make sure the Dems do not get back into office this next election. OUR DEMOCRACY DEPENDS UPON IT!

This is why every president should fire all the old staffs as soon as possible

Make America GREAT AGAIN lock Trump and friends up.

McTurtle will attempt to protect the RINOS in the Swamp.

Camera standpoint showes different background people ...cgi ?

good job

Manipulating and lying ? What joke Lindsay bad actors ? Mfr.

This is supposed to be about not letting any president future or present to be a rogue president.

Lindsey Grahm has given his life to his country. So proud of you

Bravo. Well said Mr Graham.

Man Lindsay is a true defense attorney all the republicans have turned into defense attorneys they are no longer working for the American people they are now working for and defending the president this isn't about what Donald is doing it's about not getting away with lying cheating and stealing.

More intrigue than in any Hollywood movie. Truth is coming out, what a relief.

Talk, Talk, Talk.. Loads of Proof...These criminals will just keep repeating thier crimes cause they will never face True Justice...VERY SAD AND DANGEROUS FOR AMERICA! Hey, but dont you dare as a average American come even close to doing what these top levels actors have you surely will be locked away for life! Again: .VERY SAD AND DANGEROUS FOR AMERICA!

Republicans 2019: FBI and DOJ bias against Trump and yet... Trump 2016: praises FBI and DOJ for opening the Hillary Email scandal. Awwww.... isnt that a good turn of events. Hilarious.

first time i have heard anyone, ask why did the Obama admin" not inform and give all details to the Trump admin's about all this, instead of just blaming him for everything the DEM's, DID and left open for others to do wrong, not the President ! wake up you woke people !

I love how all of the Democrats are completely disinterested in what Graham has to say. They're either complicit because of feelings or they know already knew what he was going to say because they're in on it. This is all good and well but unless there are prosecutions this is all for nothing.

This can and will happen again if another Democrat ever gets into the White House.

The way we fix it is to prosecute!! No prosecution, no change!

Wray and Horowitz are working for Obama and Clinton! We all need to make sure the Dems do not get back into office this next election. OUR DEMOCRACY DEPENDS UPON IT!

Could the creepy HC lawyer sitting behind Feinstein be any more annoying? What's she looking at at 27:16?


Great opening statement Senator Graham! You laid it out beautifully!

Justice for Seth rich

Senator Graham earnrd his salary today.Great job and I know true Americans appreciate your effort.

38:00 LG “the way we fix this is listen to Mr. Horowitz.” HUH? He concluded no fraud. He should be held accountable. He pulled a Comey Cover. We see the smoke screens!

25:54--Totally burns James Bond.

It is totally terrifying how power and control can be seized before anyone is aware it is happening. A major reason to thank God for putting President Trump in the White Office. All the bad acts would remain hidden. America would be much different now. I believe you!

The NWO shills are there attempting to debunk Factual tweets, comments etc, with faith based opinions, the FBIs systems cant be corrupted by workers - *because the FBi systems cant be corrupted by the workers* , they even stick to the faith based opinions, *even when the factual evidence comprised of only facts, shows the the FBI systems/fisa was corrupted by FBI workers* *Conclusion* To peddle faith based opinions to counter facts - is the only avenue they have left. * *We see these faith based opinon attempting to debunk real facts all the time , with the shills and thought police all over the internet* *Then we also see the same NWO shills actually knowing distinctions between facts and opinions*- So when these people use faith based opinions in conjunction with other things mentioned in intelligence reports , this shows *intent of deceptions and cover ups, disinformation operations* *It would be mathematically impossible to think there stupid faith based opinion arguments were mistakes, when all the facts are laid out and framed in the 100 % correct contexts* *We can even predict, when they will be useing faith based opinions - over facts* - Predict with 90% + accuracy , rising to 100% accuracy in certain contexts.

So when do we start putting them in prison????

clearly treason they should be all lined up on a fucken brick wall and SHOT.

22:00 LG propagates the Russia Hoax by crying it was the Russians who hacked he DNC. This is the big Lie. He knows it’s not true. This is why we know he is part of the problem. Too bad. Good Job laying out the case but notice the conclusion: a few bad apples- mid-level. Then he talks about Steele but omits Clinton’s role. Is he not aware? I think not.

The FBI is so competent Diana feinstein had a spy working for her for 20 years, then for some reason they found out and told Feinelsteiner that she had a spy working for her, then the spy and the story went away like it never existed. in other words - The chinese spy was covered up for 20 years because Elements in the FBI and other government agencies/ institutions/churches have been working with the chinese in a global shadow government otherwise known aas the deep state /NWO. Think its time they obliterate these NWO gangsters

When Senator Graham said that he didn't want this sort of thing (leftists in the system working against a presidential candidate and then a sitting president) to happen again, does he believe that leftists are principled enough to agree with him?

2016 open investigation

I remember when this douchebag said Trump would never be president

WHO is the idiot now strozk

Harry Reid was initially all over the news saying that he would give Trump fake CIA Intel. Sen. Harry Reid: Give Trump fake CIA intel briefings. See following - YouTube Jul 28, 2016 · Harry Reid told CNN's Manu Raju that the CIA should give Donald Trump fake intel briefings and that he "won't know the difference." ... Well now we REALLY can't trust anything the CIA says

Awesome expose by Senator Graham.

take down any political hack that bolstered the fake news media that brought us here Senator!

If this doesn’t expose the dark depths of the evil in our government then those who refuse to see deserve the WRATH that’s coming

Lol Graham really thinks he can get the media to stop their propaganda with facts.

God help us all


I disagree with Graham on the “investigation” coming from a legitimate concern over Russia interference in the Trump campaign. If they had legitimately been concerned they would have briefed Trump. They have briefed everyone else ...Feinstein even got a pass. This was a smear campaign from it’s inception. Hillary was a horrible candidate and needed an “insurance policy” ...their words. Gloves need to come off ... this is bigger than Trump. THIS IS ABOUT AMERICAN RULE OF LAW and TRUST.

Why can't that Feinstien aid sit still and shut up that's sitting behind them?

Since McCain died or was killed, the real Graham has showed up. So far so good with him and I believe the best is yet to come....The Globalist scheme is failing...Soros is on the ropes....WWG1WGA


Well done Mr. Graham. We need to dismantle the deep State because it exists, it is VERY alive and well, and it is VERY dangerous for our freedom at it's very core. Our very Constitutional Republic is at stake here. Let's get it together here people!!! Tine to get to work!!!

Has everyone noticed... both parties are passing items underneath the surface while playing this charade... be careful- both parties stealing from America

Who is the (creepy looking) guy taking notes, sitting behind Lindsey?

Triump time will come and go.

The worlds most dumbest crooks. They left finger prints everywhere.

Mr Wray....please wake up and do the right thing for this Nation.....the world is Watching....

That female (I think) sitting behind him in the grey suit was so distracting...she couldn't sit still ,very antsy, maybe too much coffee?

I'll say it again: leftists have never, will never, be held accountable for their crimes in America.

Why not talk about facts that have to do with the actual impeachment: 1) Trump had the call, transcript and testimonies all align with each other (fact) 2) Trump conditioned white house visit and military aid on Ukraine announcing publicly investigations into his domestic political rival (fact) 3) Trump insisted on this favor THE NEXT DAY after Mueller report, even Mueller did not believe Trump would intentionally ask for foreign interference, he was wrong (fact) 4) Trump will continue to meddle in 2020 elections and lie, steal and cheat also going forward, if not impeached IMMEDIATELY and removed from office (fact) 5) Which is even worse is GOP's unwillingness to discuss these facts and to stonewall testimonies and evidence should be punished, because this is putting the party over the country and the constitution, which is against the oath that GOP members took and they should know better.

A wonderful magnificent and knowledgeable take from Lindsay! My opinion of him continues to go up. Thank Yah we have him in the Senate!!!

In my opinion Lindsay Graham is just as corrupt!

CNN wouldn't air this live. Wonder why.....

Clowns..lions..tigers..elephants ponies.....more clowns......more tigers..

No one would believe that a low level lawyer in the FBI would initiate on his own ("like or dislike of Trump") the falsification of a document for a FISA warrant.

It's so hard to believe that senior officers of the FBI could be caught red handed expressing such political bias against the subject of their investigation. Is simply being fired even sufficient punishment? Just as hard to believe is an IG report which confidently declares not finding any political bias having taken place when it's plain for all to see and hear from text messages. Obviously the guilty parties were not a part of the IG investigation since they no longer work for the FBI which means the report is standing without legs.

Listening to Lyndsey and knowing he is only up there acting like he's on the side of justice, it makes me wonder how many of our politicians knowingly have Chinese spy's working for them? Sounds like Graham is trying to make it so that if spies are discovered, the politicians themselves will never be investigated. Is the Chinese government paying you to harbor spies too Lyndsey? This is how Lyndsey will turn these Deep State crimes into positive outcomes for the criminals in DC. It also sounds like Page, Strzok, and McCabe are the ones who will be hung out to dry. The rest will be protected.

They are all corrupt.

CNN minions of the "deep state" did not show this !!! Poooor and very sad CNN .

Very well said, Senator. It is about time some truth was told.

Amazing! And no one watching any channel but Fox saw it


Is Trump draining the swamp, or just pissin' it off real good for the next democrat president to get some major payback?...

Yes System failed to send to jail all Russian collaborators.

Democrats should consider themselves fully 'scathed'? When they're actually 100% UNSCATHED...!!! Anybody buying the bs FOX and the RINOS are sellin'?

Nice one Lindsey

Why does Graham have such a hard time reading the transcript without stuttering?

As a Bartender for years, I'd cut Lindsey off.What he says is All TRUE, just slurry. Liquid Courage. He was deep state B4 McCain Died.

Only seen these levels understand is cover up their tracks, the devil hates truth me he's God we know these liberals are full of the devil

People do not change and the laws the framers put in place are as valid and important today as when they were put in place.

Go Lindsay Graham.

Great summation

lindsy here was working with ukraine a couple years ago

We wish trump could stop the app ,lies that lame people like. It's too many people being lied to,fooled. Trick to be so stupid.

He's such a poser. Clips all over of him trashing Trump, but he acts appalled that other humans may share his disdain for mr. orange.

What happens now? Indict and prosecute ALL involved to the absolute fullest extent of the law. I don't care what side of the fence people are on. There can be NO MORE of this happening in our highest government agencies. This is illegal, wrong. How would YOU feel if this was you or someone you love that was treated this way. We cannot have this ever happen again. And it will unless these people are prosecuted! They better put them in prison or face the wrath of an entire nation, one like they have NEVER seen before in this country.

Thanks very much Lindsey, now it is time to take them down and make them pay for a totally biased investigation based on mislead FISA process.

Liberals are too stupid to understand any of this.

Look at the Demonrats next to Sen. Graham... nobody raise their eyes from their desk! They know they are guilty, but their conscience is completely seared!

This is after three years worth of investigation on MY PRESIDENT TRUMP! Now let’s see who’s in trouble at the first truth that comes Comey and the boys of the FBI. OH BY THE WAY OBUMERS FBI! Stand by more to come gots lot worthless SOBs up there. THIS IS THE PART I LOVE! Hold on you know there won’t be one shameful enough to chose suicide!

I think everyone in comments should send this to cnn Twitter page asap and share with anyone else this will go down as legendary

Wow! Our FBI is corrupt beyond belief! At least these FBI agents. It is a shame they have disgraced themselves amd the entire agency in the process. I bet Carter is relieved to finally get the truth out and be vindicated. Unbelievable they changed the CIA email. Liars and criminals...Page, Strauk...and all of them involved. Prosecute them!! Voting Trump 2020!

Im just glad Graham found a pair after McCain died...

Dems said Graham had a brainsnatch. NO, He just knew the truth ahead of when we were told. He is NOT under the thumb of Trump he just knows Trump was right he is a victim of illegal surveillance by the FBI. This is big. Forget a stupid little phonecall look at the abuse of power at the FBI! And obstruction of justice at the FBI. Funny they try to impeach Trump over what very clearly the Dems did and Obama did and the FBI under Obama did. I dont know what they hope of by doing this maybe it worked in the past but it is not anymore. Alinskys method is failing here it was overused too many times. Blaming somebody with the crimes you committed works only a few times.

"A counterintelligence investigation is not a criminal investigation". - Nope, the real crime is the producer not substituting the word 'counterintelligence' for the words 'enemy intel' in order to be politically correct while being politically 'counterintelligent'. I sure hope RT's Russian is better than Fox's fkn American. Oh, not American-English because that would suggest a linguistic basis and not a word union based purely on a made-up hybrid law concerning a make-it-up-as-you-go-along Constitution/Government/Language/Nation.

Don't panic, dear Trans-Atlantic gun-toting cousins. You can justify general population gun ownership when you justify anything without looking, well, like you look. Oh, sugar, I nearly forgot. Hide and go seek? Thanks for inserting the word 'go' in there. I nearly made the mistake of hiding then actually seeking why in the fk I was counting to ten (or don't tell me now, they use metric in that small island you call 'not USA' (namely mainland Europe to non-US tribes like us), thus necessitating constant hot-air emissions to drown out the sound of 10 million homeless, 40 million healthcare-free citizens and only God knows how many undocumented immigrants flooding through that gaping chasm called 'one border between the US and the guys with the big drug problem due South who just can't seem to (want to) stop shipping harmful narcotics your way despite the Great Wall of (well) national narcissism. On the bright side, you can blame Trump. The punchline to a joke which, if it were actually funny, would be a useful irony. Irony, no that's not the product of a country beside Iraq, but sarcasm as you well know, is the name of a geographical void created over many billions of years (fact) in a valley betwixed and between two 'non-US' mountain villages called France and Germany.

Great speakers, horrible congressmen


They are not a flock of sheep who can be herded by dogs. You seem to give their possible humanity too much credit. This is not intended to be a manhunt, but an extermination of pests.

Can. They fixes. These. Problems

It comes down to this buddy.... If these people cannot police themselves they have no right to police the rest of us. Cannot get more down to earth common sense than that Sen. Graham. If the Deep State wants to waste time and resources in what amounts to a treasonous attempt to distract everyone and try to force an agenda THEY want... and doing so to the point its putting us all in danger with the chaos and distraction... and basically an overthrow of the elected Government.. They all need to GO, and be tracked down in some kind of Maccarthyesk type witch hunt by a new special agency Sen. Graham.

What is going on is the fruit of the poisonous tree. The Democratic Party is fairly broke and have been so since the last Obama election. So apart from Hillary Clinton paying their way in 2016, does that tell you why they want to impeach Trump? Hillary was behind all of this from the getgo, can anyone honestly think her hands are not in it or even, behind it all, calling all the shots? Wouldn't it be far more interesting to look where her money is going these days? Who is the poisonous tree? What role is Obama playing, and are his hands still in it too? If you are waiting for Nancy Pelosi to come clean, she is the number one errand boy.

Worth every moment to hear, wow, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham just aired all the dirty laundry from the swamp.

CNN did not air this because it goes against their agenda and narrative. CNN 's agenda is to shape public option,.... that opinion is opposite of what conservatives think and believe.

Put them in prison unite this Country now..only way is to show people no more! Demacrats that are part of this seditation prison..Pelosi and Schiff Hillary Obama and all involved end this now

Graham is all mouth and no muscle. He wants to sweep it all aside and move on. These things are too serious to go unpunished.

hope you link the gurgle link to the corruption in the 16 elections... filthy

I just love Sen Graham always passionate, glad Sen Feinstein sitting next to him must be painful to listen hahaha.

Seize the emails!!

Everyone one of you DO have foreign agents or are one through the British Acreddited Registry (BAR) are you registered as Foreign Agents or filed a FSIA?

I know I’m being targeted for my sharing the truth about our courts. But people need to be educated. And like yesterday. Our education is a system for poisoning minds and consent to poison our bodies. The academia is trying to say we should only live to 38 if we didn’t have pharmacopeia pills making us live longer which is just another communist lie. Problem action solution technique. People lived to 100 if they made it through childhood as far back as can remember. Science in academia is an abomination to truth along with our statutory legal system and our bankrupt private banking system that has plunged us in the deepest debt ever imagined on the Earth! God please inform all my brothers and sisters and stop these pastors from supporting this system of enslavement but have them teach truth of what we are living in now. Please Yahuah

I hate to say this! But the president has arrest no one not even the People that have tried to assassinate him therefore I Predict that No Arrest will take Place! I hope and Pray that I am Wrong!.

Graham just barely broke the surface of that. There’s so much more truth to tell the public so things can get better. Until then it’s pointless. Sad thing is Christopher Steele has the right idea about a voting reform for only private citizens able to run for office. No career politicians. Trumps own news and educational channel on history and TRUE LAW. We have to get rid of the nobility in our courts and have equal law. No more statutory code criminals. Only violent and property crime

What we experience as "the mainstream media" is Operation Mockingbird. That's the real Matrix.

The law is to busy filling prisons with nonviolent commerce code breakers instead of govern. We are being pushed to clash with whoever doesn’t agree with another’s views. It’s totally being manipulated by Albert Pike Kabbalist members


Until the enemy's of the state are assassinated nothing will change

My fellow Americans., I would seriously prepare!!!! if the coup takes place, there will be civil unrest and it will be serious... from the banking cartel to the CIA to the industrial-military complex write down to the darkest of the deep state we live in a corrupt reality and it's a beast and it's fed by gain,vanity, lust and Power and you're seeing it..... prepare greatly. Senator Graham you got guts!!!

Some people failed!  Which is a better explanation on what Trump did?  What would a 'reasonable man' think?  Trump did nothing wrong! Follow the threads and you will see that the democrats are lying once again. All they have is here say---?Trump turned in the recorded call, people did not understand what he was saying as they did not hear the other said .And the topper is Ukraine's current president  said that nothing was wrong with the phone call.  even the Ukraine's current president said there was nothing wrong with the call. Everything President Trump said t he dems twisted it to make it sound that he was doing wrong.  same old thing the dems been saying, lying, taking what Trump said  taking everything out of context and if Trump is thinking only of himself  he sure has shown otherwise.

And so did Graham.. the IG said the predicate for the investigation was lawful. He said the Steele Dossier was NOT the predicate for the investigation. It was the predicate ONLY for the FISA warrant to surveil Carter Page. Don't let ppl fool you.

Is that Bruce Jenner behind him???


Grassley needs to step up to the plate .

A system designed by geniuses and being run by evil idiots.

What is that ugly thing behind Lindsey ?

Wow, just WOW!!! Now this is an impeachable/prison time conversation!!!! Get a clue Democrats! Your heads are up your asses, wayyyy upppppp there!

It took a while for that dude sitting behind Graham's left shoulder to settle down.

Russia hoax. Yeah Lindsay you do have foreign lobbyists in administration. They're zionists.

One added comment, Sen. Graham shows anger because I think he has been shown that he has been played by liars in the past. I support Senator Graham !!! Thank you for standing up for the American people element of justice and supporting the Bill of Rights. Go Senator Graham !!!

Democrats in a circular fireing squad.

Sooo many people in power didn't and don't want President Trump is because they know their corruption is going to be revealed by President Trump and his administration. They have to take the President down so they can continue in their corruption.....on and on and on to steal from the hard working American people while they think we the people are LOWER than them. They are disgusting !!!

CNN etc. all cut away when Graham made his opening statement!!!! Then came back to broadcast anything the Dems said that pushed their narrative. I'd like to say I was surprised.... but I wasn't.

Very fine speech Mr. Graham.

Is Kevin Clinesmith dead or in prison, or is he Democrat?

The Dems are already talking bout impeachment if Trump wins 2020. They are criminals, traitors and need to be punished

Graham is a hypocritical idiot! One of the worst partisan politics dummies in the senate.

Why, because orange man bad? Go commit head underwater breathing, you cockroach...

100/100% !!! Lindsay Graham rocks, get'em Graham, get'em !!!

All Federal Alphabet Agencies are Permanently Tarnished with Corruption and Everything they Tell Committees and U.S. Public is Pure B.S. Sorry to say ill Never Trust them.

My comment got deleted. It was something about traitors, Democrats, ropes, and trees :P

Horowitz sitting there like "That's not at all what my investigation found." Someone should ask Lindsay who he voted for, he could be biased and might have to excuse himself from Congress.

shock n awe

"the systematic disassembly of the progress we've made over the last eight years." Yeah mate, it's called upholding the Constitution. It's called the Separation of the Three Branches. It's called the Rule of Law. It's called the FBI policies. So you are whining about a systematic disassembly?

They were working at the level of untouchable spy's!

50 PLUS TOTAL ERRORS, 17 significant-- all against Trump?

Lady justice had her blindfold ripped off and a partisan blade driven through her heart. That's correct ladies and gentlemen. Justice is dead in America.

Def recommend everyone share this vid on all social sites since fake news opted out and ran with no bias and no spying...i know, i know... it won’t do any good to close minded dems, but a little exposure to facts might sink into a tiny fissure and give an infection

Nobody cares about your crappy conspiracy theories Graham, the Horowitz report makes crystal clear. This is pure distraction tactics. Poor.

CNN cut this off its broadcast

The dum democrats are exposing themselves as corrupt on national tv

The military has a long tradition of staying out of politics. Because if the military becomes partisan it might try a horrible coup. The FBI, the NSA, the CIA, other such agencies are all paramilitary organizations and must stay out of politics in the same way. The people in the military may have political opinions but they avoid discussing them because of the danger of getting into seditious discussions and activities.

Irregularities my a**

all of Congress and Senators 00 President Donald J Trump a sincere apology and those who are part of the deep state and part of the conspiracy to impeach as part of the coos need to resign ASAP the American people are not going to stand to listen to anything these people have to say to us ever again

I hope President Trump personally shoes each and every senator, congressperson, FBI, doj, fake news media individuals including the editors, and everyone who was involved and smearing, regurgitating, and spreading these lies against our beloved President Donald J Trump. and after he sees them that's the same people go to get Mel and get executed and I hope he's the one to pull the trigger

The penalty for treason is to be hung till dead.

kleinsmith said Vive La Resistance and Hillary Clinton goes on fake news media and works out to resist and Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts, along with the media, and the brain dead Democrats follow orders like puppy dogs

I think they need to change the name of the J Edgar Hoover building

How did they conclude no bias based on this?

Even if you're a hardcore lefty, this should make you sick to your stomach

Yea yep..what else is what....more hearing...inquiries....investigations....spend some more millions of our dollars to the political forces...have some more investigations...then some more that never ends...maybe a mention or 2 may get a slap on the wrist...what do we need a civil war

All these years of no taking them down then a "we have to do something". That's a true politician.

They still owe and don't worry the FBI will work harder on their opsec like they already are seeing they haven't hung any of their own.

Who let Let Lindsay Graham out?? woof woof. Now the dems got problems. Horowitz is protected BUT I fail to see how he can say there was no partisan politics ... These fools tried this dirty game playing with Romney to assure Obama presidency. Obama was the worst thing to happen to America, especially black America. Lindsey Graham and Grassley are 2 of my go to guys with Mitch ....lets take the pain to them now ...god Bless Trump ....

Law makers create Lawlessness in US.

God Bless President Trump The Commander and Chief Go Q DRAIN THE SWAMP

Donald Trump changed the World forever...

Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen, for your attention. The hearing is now over and nobody will go to jail. Have a good day!!!

no wonder the FAKE NEWS CNN didn't air one word of Lindsey Graham's opening statement !!! NOT ONE WORD !!!

Yes indeed.

Horowitz is gone!

The swamp is draining

and Seth Ritch??... what was his involvement what happened to him Lindsey? what did he do????

Excuse me mr. Lindsay are you telling me that WikiLeaks is a Russian website I don't think Julian Assange is a Russian asset....

How ironic is this? Christopher Steele is trying to get dirt on Trump and was friend's with Ivanka. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

"Old FBI" ha ha ha

Lindsey impresses the holy heck out of me - amazing work here.

All I want to hear from Never Trumpers,The Fake News Media Outlets and Democrats now that the truth is out is "I am Sorry!" I was WRONG!

My democratic friends called me as are in shocked how this all debunked stuff they watched on msnbc and cnn are all lies. I told them they are starting to awake!!

It is clear that if the Impeachment is allowed to continue - with the following facts: 1) Democrats announced that they would Fight after Hillary Lost in 2016 2) Senior Democrats announced that they would seek impeachment soon after Hillary Lost 3) We have seen a clear collusion between FBI Senior directors and the Democrat Impeachment push.....even with zero criteria or evidence. 4) Democrats generated the Fake Russian Collusion Dossier initiated by Hillary (Press-Gate....Ride the coat-tails....Pay to Play....Secret Emails in the Wind) Clinton. 5) The Democrats are hiding a Whistle Blower who was not even on the call. This was a hearsay rumor and obviously does not meet the criteria for Impeachment..... That the Democrats are committing Treason, and should be shut down. The only vote that should be on in Congress is which Treasonous Democrats have been supporting this obvious Coup of the USA...... to include the forced open border and the burning of immigration include the burning of our 2nd Amendment Right. President Trump has recovered our Economy from Democrat Damage. President Trump has averted two wars. IRAN and N. KOREA !!! It is time to Clean House and Senate !!!!! VOTE !!!! And Remove all Democrat Politicians in 2020. A Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero - Addressing the Roman Senate in the year (43 B.C.) "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear."


When the FBI didn’t brief then candidate Trump about the Russian interference, the FBI was in direct violation. The FBI employees that were involved, McCabe, Stroyck, Page, Comey, should be in prison for life for high crimes against an American citizen, & a duly elected President of the USA. Diane Feinstein was funneling information to China for more than 10 year’s & kept the person on for several year’s after she was made aware of the breach. The FBI weaponized itself against citizens & should be disbanded entirely.

All of you are bad actors Ms Graham...

Knocked it out of the park..

Hillary has a control file on all these crooked bastids. she is behind all of this and once again she cant be touched

Let's be honest.... Trump is the worst president ever.... It's true..... America is a free country so even fools have got a chance

This is all about the different Parties not the people!! Both Parties are no good just there for their party and money!!! Trump does no wrong in their eyes no matter what he say or do. Trump has many followers who are willing to start a Civil War if he impeach which will not happen in the Senate. Trump desire is to be an Dictator not just a President.

DOJ IG by saying no political bias...demonstrated political bias by down regulating the seriousness of this...

LOL the guy working for Finestein was not a volunteer he was her driver for 16 years and a Chinese spy but I get he's trying to be articulate and wise about the situation, and calling out hypocrisy with class

it feels like this is an elaborate trap set by trump.

Horrowitz is as corrupt as the rest of the DemocRATS IMHO. His report, which was obviously biased. Graham is going to take him down a few notches, I believe, during his opening statement, and so he should. It is time that ALL the dirt is removed from The Swamp!

thoes mother f*****s...

This is compelling

I do judge the FBI because of characters like these mentioned. I don't trust them. They have deceived America and have spied, arrested and imprisoned innocent American citizens. Defund their corrupt asses!

How about the percentage of people who would know the truth if msm didn't brainwash them with lies 24 7

Don't know the truth

How anyone can vote for a Democrat is incomprehensible.

Didn’t McCain push that dossier through

Mr Lindsey, I believe your soul is being redeemed. Thank you from YESHUA.

Who's playing who? All the world is a stage.... Luke 12:1-3

People don't understand that politicians can be impeached too

It's legal for the people to impeach anyone in Congress under corruption grounds

They want to take the president's transcript after he released it would stay didn't think he would do and put words and there complete opposite of what he's trying to do and say you never mention corruption when you're talkin about subject it doesn't really have to come up. And if they can't see the biased in page and struck text. They will get everything they deserve

David L., I agree 143 percent. The could also rock swim papers for appraisals whenever dems put coming last horse.

Yes, here is Graham's opening statement and it is harsh. However, if you watched his closing statement the tenor was whittled down. He did have a come apart about the private text messages and how they were about 2 people that thought Trump was a bum. Although, Graham did not mention how he berated Trump on TV around the same time period. Does this mean he was distracted from performing his duties? Just sayin'

Senator Graham is absolutely correct, if it's illegal for military personnel to say anything negative about the President how much more should it be illegal for members of Congress and the house of representatives to say anything negative about the President.

Finestine is a snake. She knew about her Chinese spy.

Yes, the FBI committed a "few irregularities" and a huge security breach by Hillary Clinton is just a "matter."  Meanwhile there's people sitting in jail who've committed lesser crimes!  Put these people on trial and then in jail!

If it wasn't wasn't for illiterate trump, we would not be having a president impeached. Think about that a while.The lying swamp dweller has gotten his just do. As for Graham, he's a donald trump suck-hole.

leahy and Lee. I think Rand Paul first.

And, do Democrats place their consciences on a night table before going to bed? If so, I'd love to learn how to do that. I'm no angel.

I'm amazed. Not a word from the FISA court....Hmmm. They corrupt too?

So what else is new. It has been this way as far back as I can remember. Conservative Guilty, Liberal Innocent and heaven help you if you disagree!

Just 1 of the Many Things Obama tried to get away with and he just got Caught, but he will get away with it because he's the best at getting away it. Reason ,he has a lot of People that will Fall on the Sword for Him.

Dear AG_WBarr, our POTUS, Judicial Watch and Key Conservatives, Definition Wikipedia; "Obstruction of justice, in United States jurisdictions, is a crime consisting of obstructing prosecutors, investigators, or other government officials. Common law jurisdictions other than the United States tend to use the wider offense of perverting the course of justice." So, what about "changing the narrative" to draw Investigative personnel, the public and injured parties away from investigating the Treason of a president of one party.spying on a rival candidate in another party? Is this Obstruction of Justice? Were (then) DAG Rod_Rosenstein's illegal scope memos (Rosenstein did not cite a predicate crime as required by law to warrant) examp!es of Obstruction of Justice turned from BHO to DJT? (Former) Pres. Obama is innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers. But there is evidence of spying that requires investigation. Are the Articles of Impeachment put forth by the partisan Democrat party, without basis, Obstruction of justice to bring BHO before a Federal Grand Jury?


Thank you Lindsey Graham.


The Democrat conspiracy is coming apart and being open for everyone to see. As the Media scrambles to cover, and the Democrats go ballistic to remove our President so they can hide their crimes against the American people, the long arm of the law is starting to stir against the criminals in office. The criminals are using their pulpit and their media to try to shift their crimes on the person who will be exposing them. The last ditch effort of pond scum is to try and tell everyone that the one draining the swamp is the scum.


Feinstein looks like a corpse they can replace her? she's way too old


The Swamp reminds me of when I was a kid someone gave a present for Christmas which was a box inside of a box inside of a box inside of inside of a box having a note saying 'just look inside the box'!

i hope everyone would watch this and know the truth


Yeah, we know

The system failed the day Trump stole the election.

OMG this is embarrassing. And They think we are falling for this?.. How stupid we must look to them.

I want you to know how the cake is baked here

Lindsay Graham says one thing and then does the polar opposite, time and time again? I can't believe how dumbed down the American people are?

Reagan fired the Air Traffic controllers in a day. The FBI and DOJ are not as necessary as the Air Traffic Controllers. Just send all of the suspected ones packing! This "to important to fire" deep state needs to be taught another lesson.

Now this MF is racist

Dianne Feinstein is a cadaver. Poster Skeleton for term limits. Disgusting liberal , Godless hack heading to hell.


17 instances of corrupt malpractice !!!! FRAUD AGAINST THE FISA COURT!!!!!!!

this proves Barr is bought and payed for! he does NOTHING

Too many people squatting around. Not a successful way to evolve pride. Paying for people to sit around while I bleed, very selfish. Guilt works wonders.

Is Lindsey a BAKER??

WOW! That part was not all that short of 'Biblical'. If they can do the rest, like Hillary's e-mails and Uranium 1 and a few others that well, it will be like cuttings the Demoncraps heads off at the neck.

No wonder the Communist News Network CNN didn't air any of Mr. Graham's opening statement.

Yep God help us all!

Yay!!! Lindsey!!! About time!!

The full statement that the American Pravda media didn't televise yesterday.

Is this the opening statement that left media didn't show us?

someone call graham and tell him their leadership is attacking a child that's on time magazine and she is not a fake..that's what they have become..

Lindsey is doing well.

The impeached. Should be drown. This is the hold story how it begin

meanwhile the two FIB crooks, Page and Strezk are walking around free.

Pres trump has been persecuted and vilified for nothing and it’s shameful and absurd since he’s done nothing but help American people. I hope the republicans realize that we the people support him and they need to fight back at this persecution

Obama’s legacy

25:30 - I thought Jeffery Epstein was dead.

Trump was right all along the System was Rigged

"I can smell the Trump support..." Calls Hillary who calls Obama: "Don't worry. I can smell the napalm in the morning... it might leave a stain on America, but the path is clear as we have taken care of Bernie so you can take the White House for the cocktail hour that has already begun with all the press cheering for, can you see it now for nothing will take it away from you, which is why I have rescinded the Fox News invitations - it will be a SAFE SPACE for you just as I promised when I won 2008. I never have I forgotten our promise, yet at the same time it feels like just yesterday, Madam President."

This is not FISA abuse ! This is Criminal Intent too Plant evidence , Fabricate evidence and witnesses , Fraud upon FISA Courts and every other crime in between they could get away with !

All Patriots, be aware that Fox News closes the chat whenever there is a story regarding Islamic terrorism. They don’t want to hear us or maybe they are afraid they will have the story shut down.

Obama's legacy

All I can say is riveting, stupendous. Thank you SENATOR Lindsey Graham.

Now .......... we are getting somewhere

Lets see Hillary Clinton rat out her currutped friends

Who else was waiting for a Basic Instinct scenario occurring behind Sen. Graham around the 4:30-5:00 mark?

Those who voted this down ... please explain. Would these exact same actions have been okay if taken against the candidate you support?

There is no whistle blower. Adam Schiff made this up just like he made up he has damning evidence against Donald Trump on Russian collision. He went on national TV talk shows claiming he had all the evidence. It was all made up just like the whistle blower Adam Schiff won't disclose. It’s all made up just to get fake charges.There is NO whistle blower!!!



All this evidence and no one in silver bracelet

CNN and MSNBC should be revoked their news broadcast license . . they are not the news channels. They altered the news to hide the critical facts like this FISA case.

I was on a university campus, I could smell the liberal left, pro baby murdering anti freedom communist Democrat supporters.

These agents abused and misused their offices. They should be prosecuted. The fact that they have not been, evidences the rottenness of this agency and our justice department. If the agency can not uphold the law, it should be dismantled, and anew clean agency created.

Looks like a lot of people are squirming in their seats. This is only the beginning. Everybody get your popcorn out!!!$

Listening to this man speak makes me feel better about our govt. Like he said these are bad apples. Drain the swamp!

this is a farce..they do servile American's and data breach everyday. Dont believe this Circus for a second.

Graham is a bad thing

Lindsey Graham, plainly and squarely laid it out, for all to see.....Ok, patriots, citizens, independents go out and vote next year and RE-ELECT TRUMP. Thank you!.....Leftist dems can resume the "Orange man bad" bit again....

feinstein sitting next the Graham. Feinstein should be Impeach herself . for what she did to Cavenaugh

Politicians, like diapers, need to be changed regularly and for the same reason.

time for talk is over. do something about it, get it done ,and lets move on

CNN did not show this.

wow, my god, sen. graham, he is real government, a real american. sen. graham is one hell of a man. one of the best summarizations of fact i have ever heard from a polititian. very impressed. that is a man who does his job and does it well. honest, sharp, direct. a true senator. this man, means business and is fighting and keeping our country in line. i am very very impressed having listened to mr. sen. graham speak and present his facts and findings. thank god for sen. graham. i hope to god i live long enough to witness the scum envolved with all this trash, wasted time, money, destruction of innocent peoples lives, careers, the destruction of the office of the president of the united states. that they be brought to justice and given the most harsh sentences possible. long live men like pres. donald trump, sen graham, and so many others with the same agenda and loyalty for the united states of america and her citizens.

that was the BEST lay out of the situation that i have heard ! it needs to be dealt with from the bottom to the top.. from agents to Obama and Hillary the fbi and the CIA the FISA system and all those actors that played a role ! they need swift justice and maximum sentences to be guaranteed this will NEVER happen in America Again !!!

Go Lindsey!

I say Feinstein knew her chauffeur was a spy and she’s an enabler who was apart of it, she looks the she does b/c she’s stressed out and worried she’s gonna get found out and caught!

Has anybody else noticed that horowitz looks really scared... Any probably should be he's part of all this

The person sitting directly behind Graham on his left (Blazer and lavender shirt with spiked grey hair)is dressed like a woman but has a huge adams apple. Maybe the Dems have a quota system that includes having a trannie on staff.

Strzok needs someone to wipe that smirk off his face!

Cornyn needs to get off his D phone and pay attention. Is he getting paid for playing games on his phone during this meeting?


Excellent summary and expose!!! Trump 2020!!!

All I can say is that we thank God for for you, Lindsey Graham. I shudder to think where all of this could go if it weren't for the "good guys" like you. "In Graham We Trust ", and I know God is on your side, brother.

CNN: skipped this opening statement MSNBC: skipped this opening statement ABC: skipped this opening statement etc etc

Show me prison sentences, and I'll show your FBI some respect, not till then.

Mr. graham ". Can you come to Canada and give a talk to our civil servants within our economic division? Thankyou

Keep up the great work Graham.

How bad it would be but you should not be an investigator... Nonono you should not be an instigator. Toy shouldn't be a composer of painting the downfall due toi dislike

Why was there no briefings? Well that's obvious. INSURANCE POLICY

Yet Horowitz found no bias...incredible

839 morons and counting...

Horowitz has an 'acceptance' type of recognition toward Graham as 'one of us', but Graham loves an opportunity to act like he is a real Republican and can talk forever when he is in that spotlight. The fact remains that he doesn't want a hearing in the Senate, he just wants to vote 'no' to impeachment without hearing witnesses because it would eventually show him in the swamp along with the other players. Graham is worse than a two-faced rhino, he has become a chameleon, changing color as the situation calls for.

is he calling us stupid , saying feinstein didn´t ran security background checks over her staff? he is apologising her completely as if by misfortune she happened to have a high ranking chinese operative at her payroll..... by the way, what was on that usb drive huma gave you in the funeral?

This is why I love Isaiah 2:22. It's so fitting to not only the last 3 years, but beyond. Look to Jesus, today and tomorrow, and for always. Forget these clowns in office, stop trusting in the words of man. They will not help you/save you.

How does everyone think the Bum Obuma was elected, he won with the help of the deep state like and voter fraud.The Bum Obuma was nothing more than a puppet. Who was given free reins to fill his pockets for the 8 destructive yrs he was in office..

Senator Graham is an excellent orator - and he has a lovely Southern drawl. Nothing better!

This would make a good movie

This Graham is a total Trump butt-kisser. He really ought to watch where he puts his tongue.

I'm really not happy with Graham and many others saying that Russia hacked the DNC.  Where's the proof?  Where's the server?  Last I heard we had a bought and paid for report from Crowdstrike that was later retracted.  I believe that fixer James Comey said they did not check the severs.  Just like bought and paid for dossier.   All roads lead to corrupt Clinton.

I told you agents to police your own.. And now I have to be ashamed of my own nation’s premier law enforcement agency. For God’s sake unfu*k yourselves!!

Disband the FBI, DOJ and the lot!!!! A lot of folks in the FBI, DOJ etc  need to be put in prison for TREASON, SEDITION and a list of other crimes!!

This explains the lame last chance coup attempt. The Deep State knows the hounds are closing in.

I would like to take this moment to apologize from the American people, to Carter Page. We are so sorry you have suffered these unjust accusations. May you justly be compensated and exonerated for this horrible situation. We are proud of you in how you have handled this like a real gentleman. We now have your back.

James Martinelli - yes, so true. But it will be the only tax dollars I won't mind paying.

True. However, we the people will pay through our tax-dollars.

Look at the Democrats talking and playing with their phones.


Very aggressive Truth from Senator Graham. Thank for the eye opening education Senator

Someone's going to Jail, Someone's going to Jail.

What is that thing behind him. Woman or man?

Neither. It's a Democrat!

exactly America your whole entire government's corrupt not just certain ones at the bottom no it's at the bottom all the way to the tippy-top and until you Americans take back your government this s*** is going to continue and get worse

Republicans =Superfriends , democrats =legion of doom .

Russia did NOT hack the DNC! His name was Seth Rich!

They said Trump is a joke but they said now !!! Vice President. He’s a tough one they said. Watch out Vice President. I’m tired of helping you. Now please help me. I keep telling you this dog at home is infested with mrsa. My goodness rottening Orlando. Get him out on the 19th of this month. He’s going to the vet. I expect humanity finally for the sake of the people of orlando

This African threatened me on Facebook and said. Go to Trump so he can help you. He was a hacker

They said we are going to cut her in half and all her parasites are going to fall out. Can you imagine !!

yes folks your CIA FBI in your whole entire government is corrupt not just the Democrats and it's time we take back our government throw these f****** bastards in prison where they belong

They practically killed everyone at Puerto Rico. Monsters with their drones.

I wish I could block all mainstream media on YouTube , but for some reason I don’t have that option? I wonder why? Maybe Fox News can do something to get some of their name back and do some real news about the youtube situation? This is one of the reasons I’ll be closing my channel, and deleting my accounts.

I don’t trust this one, neither to I trust Fox News.

The system was criminally abused by treasonous Bastards !!!

How come there has been crickets on the whole progressive movement in Virginia to confiscate citizens guns,and the fact that 82 county’s of 95 are going sanctuary pro 2nd amendment defying these scumbags in office!! Virginia is a powderkeg ready to blow ,and to my astonishment everybody’s covering the impeachment farce.The state of Virginia is ready to blow, and there’s nothing but crickets, unless your on utube or Facebook!! Unbelievable!!

It doesn't fit 'the narrative'. We, patriots, know. Deo vindice!

Imagine what theyve been working to do to make sure democrats are the ones running the fbi?

thank you

The bottom line is Obama boasted that Trump will never be President. His handwriting is everywhere on what is happening. He masterminded everything to stop Trump and even when Trump wins, to destabilise his administration.


Dear God: please give mr Graham more stars in his crown.


So seth rich who worked at the DNC magically dies, Imran awan magically gets off with almost no charges when he was sending classified info from politicans to pakistan (democrats hired Awan) and FBI never inspected the DNC servers, Crowdstrike did (they were funded by democrats and DNC) and it was the russians yea ? and we have a journalist who says she received the information from seth rich to give to wikileaks, this will all come out and show what really happened.

Hollywood will make the movie base on this FISA story.

Those involved should be charged with TREASON.

Thanks Sen. Lindsey Graham for your wisdom and strength.

Klein Smith..... hmmmmm.

'They are liars and have for their father the Father of Lies' - Our Lord Jesus Christ in the gospels concerning the 'Perfidious..... '. Need I mention the tribe?

Major waste of time and money,,the man is doing a great job,,

Nobody above the law. Corruption Democrats politicians need go to jails.

Please, please, please let somebody go to jail.

Go Graham! Your REAL talents were wasted on McCain! You can't make this stuff up! Make a movie out of this!

I think Diane had a mini stroke....

History lesson . Gather around folks.

If FBI agents work and talk as Horowitz there would never be investigation we have had into Trump, but than we would not exposed and not learn about the faulty system where based on today's laws any citizen can be the subject of accusations and pretty sure found guilty to what happened to Trump the least. Never mind the legal cost for regular citizen would be detrimental to anyone to be subject to this failure.

Add to this the damage done to Trump’s family, his personal expense on lawyers of 10’s of millions to defend himself on top of paying for almost $200,000,000 of his own campaign (see if Bloomberg does that) and continues to donate all of his salary to charity! Now Pelosi is a 32 career politician who miraculously has accumulated half a Billion dollars! She is a greedy cat clawed person and we could do a lot worse than Trump.

Best president In history?? Were are his tax returns??? What has he got too hid?? Stormy Daniels? The 22 trillion in state debt? You watch and see in a few years the economy is going too burst because of all the debt creating by households and the Trump spending rage aswel as his tax cut for the super rich! You wath and see! Power to the People!!!! ❣

The only collusion is your delusion... You have been spying and meddling in Russia for decades... think your self lucky your government hasn’t pushed them to far.... yet...

Graham drink lunch with Pelosi?.. He can' t sit still or talk right.

It’s like the ghost of J Edgar Hoover still haunts the FBI

Graham tells this like a fairy tale. If you don't know that all this is true you can hardly believe all this fraud. The must go to jail.

Barry Obama, Creepy Joe, Crooked Clintons, Wicked Witch of the West Pelosi, Shifty Adam Schiff, The Squad along with all the NPC media and late night clowns, big tech oligarchs, Hollyweird and Deep State goons.....ALL allowed their ideological possession and TDS to override ethical/legal conduct and loyalty to the country they should be serving

I like Jerome Corsi’s suggestion for the Deep State and Gov Agencies...downsize and move them out of DC into remote undesirable areas around the country. Corsi was attacked and threatened by Mueller - even threatened Corsi’s family! They wanted him to lie against Trump! He refused and is now suing them!

Who the hell is that idiot with the blue shirt behind Graham who never sits still for 10 seconds. Who paid him.her to be a distraction.?

Henna du plessis she is a Deep State operative

Hey Graham... It is President Trump. Not Trump.

What is with Mr. Horowitz? As I study him from this segment I observe a man who is mechanically & methodically arranging & rearranging "his stuff" He seems neither threatned nor threatening. Is this not an "Impeachment hearing? Why is it this man appears as if its 3pm on a Friday afternoon and he's going home to play video games or maybe watch a golf tournament? Good boy - but I'm not leaving this segememt with much confidence in Mr. Horowitz. A company man? I can't imagine we will get satisfaction from him, but isn't this what he was sent in to do?

'Bad actors' where have we heard that term? Q

Crossfire Hurricane is just a code drawn from subliminal messaging for Hillary Clinton. So you have the C and the H and the C is two syllables and the H is three syllables. and so is Hillary three syllables and Clinton two syllables. So Crossfire Hurricane is the subliminal flash of a deliberate code for Hillary Clinton.

These two devious assclowns sound like jr high kids. 50,000 texts on government phones, when did they get any work done? This is insane the FBI needs to be cleaned out! Top down

icy dawn Agree 100%....This is Hoover era skullfuckery

Who is the attorney that's sueing everyone of these people that has spent millions on this on behalf of the American people, and for the stress cause us. Let's sue every one involved for everything they have. This is an attempted coup.

I hope they rule against the Democrats. If They don’t life is over as we know it. Tommy.

Scathing remarks. There is no doubt the FBI went after Trump.

What's going on in our beautiful world today.such a shame to watch.

Lindsey you are amazing, truly amazing

GTMO Open for business!!! The bed sheets are being prepared.

Chairman Graham. YOU definitely could drive home THE Points MUCH better! WHY DON'T YOU!?

stop covering for these corrupt officials. if you think we will trust these 3 letter agencies without these ppl getting in trouble you got the ppl messed up.

this is why people want to watch Alex jones!

Fiensteins 30 yr employee, driver......

Correction 20 yr driver


Senator Graham is criticized for doing nothing, but we can now see here that he was waiting for Real Evidence of wrongdoing to Act Decisively. Great Opening Monologue!

This is a SUPERB summation of the coup attempt on POTUS Donald Trump.

At the 22 minute mark Mr Lindsey asked how and when did this happen? Meaning the Russian Collusion and who was it? The only true answer was that it began in 2005. Yep when the federal government began listening to people in their homes and making notes CIA and FBI. The president to come was deep deep into sorcery and used the 2012 annanocky spirits the devil helped them call up. The CIA is completely all knowing about Obama and his followers clearing the way for the 8 years of Obama. They used him and he gladly helped. Then when he had to give up office they couldn’t do what they liked and through sorcery again found many of GODs own chosen people who prayed and were heard, they were singled out and caused such grave issues and personal problems they couldn’t survive unless GOD kept them. God has kept me to tell you this much. Look to Beelzebub for all answers to Russian Collusion and Trumps troubles up to now- Beelzebub is Barry/Obama and his Michael.

Poor Diane F. She looks like she's in excruciating pain....

Absolutely AWESOME!

Great job Senator Graham in laying this out simply and clearly

Graham is on that tell the truth sauce. I need me some of that lol.

Love how Frankenstein can't even pick up her head just choke !

What are the republicans gonna do about it?? Hahaha LOL nothing! Thats what!!

Senator Leahy sucks from all angles!!

These people who holds grudges and resentment, can't be expected to separate their feelings from their work, and thus shouldn't be entrusted with power, whether it's government or media. These people should be laborers, or artists, contributing to society with their hands and not their brains. Because their brains are bad.

This part was not in the mainstream media and it is so important.

How blatantly stupid could Strozk be? He advertised his crimes against the President, yet he really believed he will not be brought to justice for Treason!!!

Why do people post thumbs down to this is a serious question in it's self however, the numbers look promising for the educated.

so graham biden was never commander in chief

Lindsay flappy lips he is a weak Republican doesn’t do anything butt flap his lips

This is modern War Lern how to Defend...I am shadow banned Free Me Sordier.

17 mistakes that could have easily resulted in the remaining lives and freedom of many of the men and women they were illegally investigating, these so called mistakes were not simply mistakes, they were made intentionally, and the men and women responsible for these lies and falsifications need to prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, I understand that mistakes happen, but no one is dumb enough to believe that the Democrats who were working on this case inside the FBI made 17 mistakes on a case of this caliber, especially when taking into account the text messages and emails exchanged between the agents involved, this was treason and should be treated as such, they attempted to overturn an election and overthrow the President of the United States of America.

Thank you LIndsey Graham for telling a story that the American people can understand. I was riveted to every word you were saying. That story should scare every American. And, Thank President Trump for his backbone and tenacious fighting ability against these horrible people.

Wow!the sleepers have awakend and heads will roll,no more Games its that serious.

Cool, Barr.............Durham........see ya'

Evidence tampering to raise the specter of suspicion that Carter Page was a Russian agent when in fact he worked for the CIA to help our country. It is appalling what they did to him

It wasn't the Russians it was Seth Rich Say his name it was seth Rich not Russia

Maybe mark could explain the Constitution of impeachment at the Senate hearing

Power corrupts.

Mr. Lindsey Graham, I salute you, sir! Thank you!

What in Gods name is that thing in the purple shirt sitting behind Graham. That is what our Government is full of Mentally Unstable, Evil Diabolic Creatures that were born straight out of the Pits Of Hell. What is that THING?

They should all be shot straight dead in the face I'm tired of these corrupt pieces of s*** I have no sympathy for any of them what y'all know what I really meant I just wanted to give them a shot of tequila to the face

I have tried to open many videos today that are like. Pro trump, anti vaccines, etc. Conservative. And they buffer and buffer and buffer for hours and never open. This is one. Or my coment does not post. I'm not sure this will post. But this may be the next attack on our free speech. Infringing on our freedom. To hear what others have to say.

We want to see you prosecute these people and don't protect anyone. We want them in jail. DON"T JUST SIT AROUND AND TALK< GET SOME WORK DONE.

Senator Graham is WRONG about "WHO" stole the e-mails from John Podesta, the DNC, etc. All of that information was DOWNLOADED by a man who worked for the Democrat Party - a man by the name of SETH RICH, who turned all of it over to WIKI LEAKS. And the reason we KNOW they weren't "hacked" by anyone? Because the information transfer happened WAY TOO QUICKLY! It would have been IMPOSSIBLE to get all of that information that quickly by simply "hacking" into them. But all of this, HOPEFULLY, will be coming out soon and it can't be a DAY TOO SOON!

Just LOOK at the face of Senator Diane Feinstein!!! That face says EVERYTHING you need to know! The look of GUILTY is written ALL OVER her FACE!! It is OBVIOUS she is totally embarrassed!! And she SHOULD be! Ashamed of her party!!! Ashamed of her "PEERS", ashamed of what SHE has done to participate in this COUP.

Does feinstein need a medic!!??

Question- Is that a man or woman sitting behind Sen. Graham behind his left shoulder? I can't tell anymore.

feinstein is mummified

The truly scary thing about all this (Russian collusion and now this impeachment) is that every single Democrat knows there is/was no evidence to either charge. Hillary Clinton and the ENTIRE Democratic Part have cost this Country sooooooo much money because they can't expect the results of the 2016 election. Not to mention all the time WASTED that should have been used WORKING for us, the people Don't know if I will ever be able to forgive them for EVERYTHING WASTED.

Something else must be going on while all this crap is going on...all smoke and mirrors and while everyone's distracted with the left hand pulling this, the right hands probably hard at work doing something redic..

TY, Fox News, for listening & putting up subtitles. It's appreciated.

i see leg, tell me more


Made me want to cry when he would you like this to happen to you!


Disgusting people that disgraced themselves, and arrest everyone involved.

"If they can do this to a presidential candidate, what can they do to YOU?" Well, we KNOW what "THEY", can do to US..... They've been framing "US", for made-up crimes, FOR YEARS. There's a litany of well-known cases where "they" KNOWINGLY went after regular, law abiding citizens, and SET THEM UP.....for the SOLE purpose of obtaining warrants and securing property seizures. FOR THE GOVERNMENT. .....TO TAKE PEOPLE'S HOMES AND LAND AWAY FROM REGULAR CITIZENS, AND HAND IT OVER TO THE GOVERNMENT. And, NOW Congress is incensed? Why were they not, BEFORE? .....when it's been shown that the law does NOT always adhere to THE LAW? Cuz it's okay when it's done for government gain? NOW politicians are scared cuz they have evidence that the "law" can also be used AGAINST THEM. And THAT, folks, is a no-no, apparently. The two-tier class system alive and well.....and thriving, in America. Politicians and "the Elite" vs. us, "smelly Wal-Mart patrons". We live in a land run by hypocrites, liars and abusers of power.... CROOKS AND BULLIES. And now "THEY" want to remove Trump. They're accusing him of all sorts of things but, ultimately..... FOR BEING A CROOK AND A BULLY!! I like to think Horowitz is NOT corrupt (maybe, just a little.....) but, to say in his report, he found no proof of BIAS? Well....makes me think he's a little BIASED.

Both Reps and Demos are all controlled by Israhell, and TRUMP is Israhells puppett and americans dont have any rights to get rid of these contaniments that control them, I hear Trump just passed a law to stop students from speaking their own opinion on Israhell and Palestine. and americans and GRAHAM are silent. NO ONE IS GOING TO JAIL< THIS IS JUST ANOTHER USA DAILY EPISODE OF CRAPOLA> WHILE USA IS BEING DESTROYED FROM WITHIN. WHAT HAPPENED HERE HAS BEEN HAPPENING IN USA FOR DECADES> AND USA thinks they are superior... WHAT JOKE

I hope the Dems remember that the whole world is looking on....

Its all coming full circle. Everything he was accused of is what they have been doing to him.

Nobody at all as they are as scared as I am will say anything. I have been visited just for comments. I am nothing. Money no problem. But change your vote and buy your beutiful daughter a new bicycle. Nobody mentions. I find it very hard to believe that people against usa or Trump are not paid or threatened.

Can Leahy please just croak? Sincerely, A Vermonter

When all of this is over, I am dying to read the book and I hope and pray that a movie is made detailing this and directed by a director that is not an anti-Trump nut job.

What the hell when ordinary people do some of these crooked dealings we'd pay for it dearly In government to have any accountability people needs to to go to jail and be an example of bad public servants falsifying lying to court and causing some of the innocent to suffer humiliated and imprisoned..I among the voiced of many Americans will not be shut up until these abuse and corruption by the people involved in these fiasco are jailed or lawsuit to oblivion.....

The only way this could have happened was by violating the Constitution. Which violation? The gorram FISA system! It is a walking talking violation of every last citizen's right to privacy, protected by the Fourth Amendment. Why Fox refuses to acknowledge this annoys the living dooly-bop out of me.

Obama needs to testify. Did he order the spying? What did he know and when did he know it?

The good part of Lindsey

I hope justice will come.


...And I fully believe the democrats will resort to violence because they are running out of other options to get their way.

I watched this whole thing. Mesmerizing. Usually I pass on such things and wait to hear my usual "go-to" people. I have such respect for Lindsey Graham. For many reasons. His number is in my phone and will stay there because I took the advice of Dan Bongino to call Mr. Graham and state my position. It was an HONOR. Then I'll vote.

Im sick of the ads that come on at very suspicous times. I thought the ads had those yellow dots? This vid doesn't have them and I am 12min in and have already been interrupted twice for 2 ads each.

Anyone who needs to listen beyond the 1st 21 minutes to know if there was bias against DJT is lying to themselvf or just doesn't know the meaning of bias.

Chi Di Fi is thinking man , I almost got caught spying , glad I could throw my driver under the bus!

There must be far greater oversight by judges when prosecutors file ex parte documents. I know many judges who do not even examine these documents and merely sign off on these. Judges should be studying the documents and questioning the applicants in such matters and these should be in the court record so that the defense can challenge these. I know Law Enforcement continuously "testilie" and judges should be questioning these LE sources before any warrant is issued.

Feinstein has been owned by the Chinese for 50 years. The poisons are slowly administered along with the antidotes over the years. Then the antidote is slowly withdrawn. Then of course the antidote is offered again with conditions LOL!

Will CNN ever relay this?

some of these left wing traitors need to be locked up.

If thats true.... Democrats should acknowledge it

35:35 good on him

it's disturbing, but the truth HAS to be known!

Great open, Sen. Graham, God bless you.

OKAAAYY!!! So it WAS JOHN MCSTAIN who got the pee story out to the public.

Wow just freakin WOW! Yes Carter Page, you need to sue!

While Graham is rattling the garbage perpetrated by the hateful Democrats of Obama, Feinstein is looking so defeated but still thinking how she can change the narrative that Graham is talking about. This is how the taxpayers money is squandered right before our eyes!!!!! Politicians who will go against simple decency to complicated lying to the very end. This is the time we want them to all burn in hell.

@lindsaygraham, answer to your Question, "how did this All start"? THIS all started when CITIZEN Donald J. Trump vowed to END the corruption within our great nation! THESE people who hate AmeriQan CITIZENS are within YOUR House, CONgress, y'all broke it and with President Trump, WE will fix it! Doubt it? You haven't been watching. WWG1WGA CITIZENS! I'm damned proud to be on the RIGHT side of this COUP!


You well get what your p ppl

We have slow government

Fire them mf...

Dream up another set of lies democrats

That was fantastic. A speech that should go down in history as a powerful cautionary message. That said, I have become so jaded by all I've witness these past 3+ years that I will definitely NOT be holding my breath that any of these corrupt actors -- aside from that lowly lawyer that changed the emails -- will see any form of consequences for their actions. Comey will completely skate. Brennan will skate. And to "appease" the American people they'll throw that one lawyer under the bus because his action was a clearly illegal act that is well documented in black and white in a faux show of "Justice". The rest will probably spend the next decade as "security experts" spewing nonsense on CNN and CNBC and will likely get more book deals. That is how our two-tier American Justice system works. And HRC? The only consequences she'll face in all of this is she'll likely get another shot at the White House in 2020. And Obama? He'll continue on with his status of Sainthood in the history books. There is NO WAY the powers that be will ever allow the first Black POTUS to be tainted with the label of being a corrupt President.

Graham is protecting the deep state. Putting McCabe in charge? as if the order didnt come from 44

I guess everyone missed the secret society part. Well the cat is out the bag what will be done about it.

Diane since she did what she did Brent C. Looks like a walking dead person. Diane I hope you ask Jesus for forgiveness and tell the truth to the country before it’s to late for you because after you do pass because then comes judgment

Prison time! This has been criminal a talking point for three years without justice!

Are all the FISA judges Democrats?


Yea no Bias at all

So now send the FBI to arrest Kline Smith for altering documents. Send them in the middle of the night. Get all the documents. Records at his home. Just as mueller did with Roger. Michael Flynn etc

These idiot people are not worthy of washing PRESIDENT TRUMP ‘s feet

I'm sorry Mr Graham I formed the wrong opinion about you. You are a good Man. I think you for being honest an doing the right. I was wrong. And I'm sorry. You didn't act fast enough for me defending the President. I was wrong. I'm just so tired of those swamp people doing our beloved President wrong. The only thing he's guilty of is MAGA. For the first time in a long time. I feel hope. I even love to wake up in the.morning. I used to be so depressed. But now I'm starting to feel more positive about things. God Bless.

Get depressed, Graham. All your gaslighting won't hide the truth about your gang of bi-partisan thugs in D.C.

The best analysis of this collusion farce I have heard! Congressman Nunes, in his now famous Nunes memo, revealed much of this corruption surrounding the dossier in 2018 and it was cynically dismissed by Schiff. He is an American hero. Schiff is one of the most scurrilous political villains in American history.

People in office should take a lie detected test to see if this country comes first.

They didnt tell Trump because they were plotting a coup

Is that Dianne Feinstein on Graham's left? I've been wondering if she was still in office.

The rumor is, if Trump can stay in office unti 2020 . indictments and disclosures forthcoming

Democrat treason; in our face!

The reason for many if not all Grahms questions is simple. They didn't tell Trump about their concern because they were setting him up. Seems like a Conspiracy theory until you connect the dots and see all the crazy events that took place. I'd say there was a criminal mastermind setting this up but there was the most amazing cover up put in place by the FBI that is just amazing on its own. The DC swamp is going wild. Trump is doing exactly what we needed him to do.

Graham you talk a big talk but walk the talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

any person elected should not get rich by taking bribes and what ever you call insider trader or polling devices.


All this bunch of wrong-doers should GET busy supplying comfortable cots and cells all over the country so when they become inmates they can enjoy their stay. Can't wait to see them all under THE BUS.

In an MSNBC interview disgraced FBI Director James Comey boasted about sending 2 FBI agents to interview Gen. Flynn in the Whitehouse. Now that the IG report finds significant misconduct with FISA application, 3 of which Comey signed; Comey is attempting to distance himself from his direct involvement in the investigation.

And he's right we should all be scared because if they could do this the FBI and all the others the corrupt media and everything else just think what they could do to civilian people like me and you that are watching this s*** this is the worst I've seen it because I know it has happened two innocent people people like Us peons and even high profile people innocent dead or imprisoned for life because of propaganda b******* and lies


I disagree with Senator Graham. I don't think the process should be reviewed. I believe people should be punished for this deliberate action. I believe people will not repeat this action again if people are hung for treason.

The system didn't fail... the swamp rats running the system failed and then some.

By gosh there is no one more articulate than Graham!

HOLY COW!!!!!... Patriots and honest Americans DO WORK IN GOVERNMENT!!!! ... What an amazing testimony!!!

Extraordinary stuff. Corrupt agents.

Graham is a blithering idiot

SEN.LG..summed it up well. Stoke and Cumey need new heavy duty neckties

The road goes straight to Hillary Clinton paying for the Steel dossier via fusion GPS.

The woman to Graham right in the suit looks like a female John Podesta keeps disappearing and reappearing without him braking a sentence weird freaking me out explain please.

Unless people are prosecuted it will show that there are two sets of laws , one for the common people one for the royalty

What is it sitting behind LG?

That was an opening statement that should go down in history as one that saved the rule of law in this country only if Congress does its job and end this crime against the President.

What I cannot get over is the pitifully low-level dialogue between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. It is pitifully infantile and these two drop-out runts reported to Andrew McCabe who on CNN to the disgusting Chris Cuomo wails about naughty Trump threatening him, McCabe, with treason after all his - sob - loyal service - sob - to the country - while trying to undermine Trump. McCabe never thought the day would come when someone like Michael Horowitz would catch up with him and expose his disgraceful conduct.


This man needs to run for president after trump's 2nd term is done!

Every American should watch this video. I'm ashamed that my country is so corrupt that this would be allowed. People need to go to jail!

Is the woman sitting beside Graham the woman who played moma in "Throw moma from the Train"

How are Strozk and Page lawsuits are going? It seems between the two of them they don't have a leg to stand on. Guess they still have each other.

Graham's the Man!

Really, the secret court??? Don't any of those idiots in DC see a problem with that? I'm sure the ghost of Stalin is laughing his tail off. I must have missed fisa courts when I read the constitution!

I wonder if this will hit the history books.

Thank you, Senator Graham. You are a good, honorable man.


5:20 Define "Appropriate Action". Only firing someone who's been spying on America, BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T PROPERLY VET THEM , is not acceptable for someone in Congress

A bit off-topic, but Elissa Slotkin, CIA rep from a Michigan district deserves our love today. I twitted her: (More fun if you follow the thread. Please, as a lost liberal, I have no sense of humor. I need your help!) @RepSlotkin    You may truly believe "the President ...solicited help of foreigners to influence the American [election]" I believe he legally solicited help investigating the illegal influences on the 2016 election; if incidentally, Biden's clear corruption eliminates him, so what?

Want to Know what Dems do? Look at what they accuse Trump of doing. Thank God for POTUS Trump. Maximum Penalty for Maximum Investigation of Obama's Treasonous COUP. Senate Impeach Dems in Senate! Trump 2020!

I think it is time we the people wire tap the CIA the FBI the ATF and the Criminal DEA And all the politicians in Washington DC!!!!!!! See how they like it........

I love all that he says. But, I don't believe the DEMS are thinking in any way, shape or form, that Trump got abused. They just still want to get him. The House is about to vote for impeachment. They are still out to get him and there are still a lot of people in the FBI, the State Department and the CIA on team BLUE. That swamp is still mostly full. The only thing that's gonna stop them is a lot of people going to jail for a very long time.


Lying FBI....

When will the left be corrected in history? They always get away with so much.

Democrats are above the law.

WOW, He was on fire..!! Lindsey Graham really laid it out...

So why didn't the CIA bring forward the falsified email? It seems they hid that also by not coming forward.

It may have to be uprising right after Trump wins the election to force the government to lock these people up for their traitorous treasonous crimes...

What's so ludicrous about this situation that pisses me off is that the Democrats are responsible for driving most of us deplorable smelly people into having too shop at Walmart because of their failed economic policies ...

The system didn't fail, it was Obamized! These people are criminals, mistakes weren't made, it was a purposeful coup attempt by obama's criminal DOJ! Until obama is held accountable, America is broken...the democrats broke it all to hell!!

Of course the Russians were stopped of trying to intercept the elections and most likely the USA military ....they simply went into Hilary's emails which she purposely allowed anyone to do by avoiding using the White House internet server which she she probably did in order to hide things for her corrupt Clinton foundation....these Russians probably just got caught going into her emails when the whitehouse computer geniuses saw it and then everyone uses it blame the Russians tying to get into the USA election....why the hell would they care about which party , they just want the military secrets which that idiot Hillary provided them through her unsecured emails that they read...f the elections, it was the military stuff , they wouldn't care if it was Hilary or trump as long as they know and know about the USA military operations

Trump. Will win the election again. As the most high set these Wheels in Motion. To uncover the true nature and intent and the direction that a certain demographic of people we'll reveal their own true nature. Is written in Scripture. As you take the true Journey that's written in scripture the Bible. All things shall come to light. The truth. As you see being revealed throughout the past..


Lindsay also called Trump a "nutjob"!

How the hell does Lindsay square his 180 degree turn in 2016 lambasting Trump with his calling Trump bigoted, racist, dumb and a host of other derogatory yet accurate adjectives with his total about face of groveling before Trump and singing his praises. Trump certainly hasn't changed.

Strzok wrote: “For me, and this case, I personally have a sense of unfinished business. I unleashed it with MYE [Midyear Exam, the investigation into Clinton’s emails]. Now I need to fix it and finish it.” Later in the same exchange, Strzok, apparently while weighing his career options, made this comparison: “Who gives a f*ck, one more A[ssistant] D[irector]…[versus] [a]n investigation leading to impeachment?” Later in this exchange, Strzok stated, “you and I both know the odds are nothing. If I thought it was likely I’d be there no question. I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern there’s no big there there.”

Well put! Make Seneca prd. Man enough to embrace TERM LIMITS.

They all belong in prison....and to think we are paying with our taxes for this school yard bully crap. There needs to be a stern precedent set or nothing will be learned. The democrat party is over...fiendish fools that they are. As far as I'm concerned their all communist agents.

Share share all social media... this is truth.

Thank you Mr. Graham! As long there are honest men like you speaking out it is not all lost in lies!!! Paul from dark germany still!

Rumor has it that GOP is collapsing on this, and is afraid to prosecute.

I say it's gallows time for swamp creatures.

DEEP STATE Guantanamo is in your future,

God Wins, Q'd

Everytime they show Horowitz," The White Washer", I wonder why he hasn't been arrested or at least been asked to leave the room... Director Wray has a problem, his attitude should get him arrested & imprisoned. The people in the report are guilty of Treason & breaching other serious laws....

Senator Graham is right and I commend him for his service. Mr. Horowitz unfortunately can not directly initiate a criminal investigation. Criminal investigation is underway and the DNC is directly under investigation along with the DOJ, CIA and FBI. These entities spied on a political candidate, plotted to do everything and anything to change our( We The People) votes. It's disgraceful, seditious and traitorous action supported by the DNC and ultimately our former POTUS Obama.... Tell me why or how the Obama regime did not know of this... Were they Stupid and sleeping at the switch or did they knowingly allow this to go on? I am just asking a question...  I go back to an old slogan "LOCK HER UP") and adding I would like to see the perp walk of the MSM, DOJ and FBI. That's what I want to see they are traitors.

Lindsey Graham, Very intelligent.

Treason at the highest levels. Cut and Dry. Jay Walking and caught IN the street *guilty* . What gives?....Holy Cow!!!

Thank God for media who broadcast the truth. Fox news may not be perfect,but where else will you find this broadcast?

Well let's put it this way why don't you just tell him who Glenn Simpson was the one who wrote the report to begin with steel never wrote a thing they put steals name on it to give it some clarity because Glen Simpsons name being put on it would go nowhere why because he wrote the dam thing, his own wife vouched for it! Steele's name is only a trademark that was put on a piece of paper!

Lindsay is on fire! It's about time it got laid out in full detail and exposes the fraud of so many. Mic drop.

Why do you think it has never stopped even if they speak? The FBI can't even catch the real crooks themselves and why is easy to answer!

For anyone who has come to insult those who support DJT and or know who the real criminals are in this Russian and impeachment fiasco don't bother. This Fox channel has gained 27,000 new subscribers since the first week of October this year. This is proof positive that people are realising at a rapid rate just how truthful the majority of the Fox commentators have been all along. On the other hand the drop of up to 40% in MSM viewership is a damning indictment of the blatant propaganda and outright lies they have been responsible for since DJT decided to run for President. Just like the DNC leadership and members of Obama's administration, they have been exposed for what they truly are. Enemies of the people. Thankfully literally millions are becoming aware of this as the ratings numbers reveal. KAG 2020 AND BEYOND.

I have been critical of Senator Lindsey Graham's, positions in the past, and I believe that I've addressed my disapproval of him and opined my discourse of him- as well! However, Senator Graham's recent and eloquent opening statement of the Senate hearings on the IG Report, captained by David Horowitz was outstandingly relevant, in which I compared to his impactful speech given during the ' Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation" ... which was superbly given and captivating, as well. In both speeches, there were absences of the political partisanship that one would expect, while at the same time the speeches encapsulated and reflected the raw emotions of his enflamed passions, belief and desires in a Republic that he holds firmly onto ... devoted in its 'patriotism' ... and rooted in 'traditional American values'.


JAIL time for OBAMA, COMEY, STROZK, PAGE, BRENNAN, CLAPPER, PELOSI, NADLER, SCHIFF - and ALL OTHERS complicit in this TREASONOUS COUP. If they are not held accountable, and PUNISHED then WHY is there a "LAW" against "TREASON" at all.

Comey just admitted he was "wrong", with ZERO apology to President Trump. COMEY and his boss OBAMA should BOTH be charged with conspiracy and TREASON and should share a cell .. for a LONG LONG TIME!!!

Carter Page shoukdnt sue the FBI...the American people should Seek for every single person involved after that Subsource disavowed the content of Steeles' dossier to be held for TREASON.

Stop Media lies Cnn and etc.Reform necessary.Stop hate crimes against Trump.

Vote Trump 2020

Horror-Witz CoverUpper....needs to get fired along with the fbi....


If these treasonist bastards don't go to prison, then it's time for the public to step in. And it won't be pretty. But justice will finally prevail.

Id like to see a human centapiede made outa nadlet, shoemer pelocy, obmmy , biden ,and a few more , but put an elephant on the front , and letem eat sht

Surprised and sorry to hear about this to be happened. However, I believe that we are all Americans and humans. No one can be perfect all time long and only our sincere learning experiences from mistakes together will be able to do better things quickly together through our own learning experiences, I guess. Many are long time FBI leaders who have been working for such positions for long or longer time, certainly they have done good or great things before in order for them to be such positions, but they are still humans and may make mistakes by assumings or inaccurate judgement, or wrong predictions. This is why I believe sincere learning experiences each other this time and do better things quickly together through unity together. A great nation America’s greatness for safety, prosperity and unity together needs all of our efforts together toward our country America’s greatness for continued freedoms, entrepreneurship spirit and equality of opportunities principles together. I guess this also will include our own generosity forgiveness and kindness nature toward each other’s service and mistakes together as grace and decency for once this time. I understand that not easily to forgive by all as humans’ emotions, however, I believe that great governing leaders of great visions and confidence will be able to achieve this, since we are all Americans and humans as well as all live in America together for America’s greatness through doing great things, better things, ok things or mistakes. The matter is if we’re able to learn or learn quickly or not. If we have confidence to do better things quickly bylaws afterwards together for America’s greatness quickly together afterward as learning experiences or not. Our hatred should toward our enemies instead of our own Americans who may also done great or good things for our country America too. No one can be perfect and guaranteed never make mistakes, only willingness to learn more to understand more and do better things quickly together. I am not sure if I said right or wrong, since I am only a normal citizen who loves our great country America and love to see America great always. I pray for our own generosity forgiveness and kindness nature toward each other’s service and mistakes together this time and reunite together again by our sincerity and kindness, learning experiences from mistakes together and confidence to make America better and great together for a brighter and more beautiful future together to enjoy our freedoms, entrepreneurship spirit and equality of opportunities as well as build our country America’s greatness by principles together. God bless America always.

The media needs to be taken accountable too. People need to go to prison

The MYE that Senator Graham refers to in Strzok's text and didn't know what it meant stands for Mid Year Exam. It was the term his FBI team gave to their investigation they had going into HRC's email scandal. The same investigation that Comey softened his report on to ensure that HRC was not charged with a crime. What is ironic about the Dimwits attempt to impeach the President is the fact that he was asking Zelensky to look into the Crowd Strike company and servers which were the same company that looked into Clinton's DNC computers. The same servers that Clinton refused to allow the FBI to investigate. Funny also, how the DNC were concerned that a foreign country was interfering in the election and hacked their computers but they only would allow a company owned by a Ukrainian to inspect them. And when DJT asks for help to get to the bottom of all this he should be impeached? And another thing. How concerned were all the Democrat supporting career Diplomats and staff who testified that the withholding of aid to Ukraine was so wrong when Obama refused the country lethal aid? How many made their concerns known? How many became whistle blowers because they cared about Ukrainians being killed? Anybody? If people can't see through this whole scheme which began with Obama spying on possible Republican candidates in 2014, like Ted Cruze, and continuing until now in 2019 with the impeachment farce then they are either wilfully ignorant or blatantly lying. The Horowitz report is the beginning of the end for the coup cabal. It may take some months but those responsible will be held accountable and DJT and any innocent person caught up in this travesty will be vindicated. DJT IN A LANDSLIDE 2020 AND BEYOND.

The system within the judicial system did not fail. The un-elected individuals that were put in place to uphold and honor the system used a bulldozer to wreck them. THIS WAS DELIBERATE..


I am telling you this. There was much more, and widespread involvement of the rank and file than has been stated. It is more than “Just a few at the top”. This HAD to have been seen by coworkers, and others.

Unfortunate for sure! Lack of action .....Tragedy!! Still just talking!

Illegal this... illegal that... crime crime.. WHATEVER ... THEY STILL WILL WALK FREE POVKETS FULL OF OUR CASH... so what's the difference

MYE=Mid Year Exam

Graham, mc cain and Yovanavitch were all in Ukraine together. The corrupt ex president was putting some honarary necklaces on L G and J M. Graham said before he wants this impeach. trial over as quick as possible!!! im curious why ??????

The next 4 years are gonne be awesome


LOCK THE MAGGOTS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The swamp wrote that freaking report for Horowitz just like they wrote the report for homie Comey and Robert Mueller freaking swamp reports

The fact they didn't know Nixon resigned shows how dumb they are !

Wow. The truth comes out..

This is insanity.

Trump stopped our beautiful country from being completely owned by Foreign powers

Come on Lindsey, there is absolutely no proof Russians hacked the DNC since Crowdstrike never gave law enforcement access to their servers to confirm this. It's totally baseless and unverified. Could it be true? Sure. But do we know this for certain. Absolutely not!!! The dems prove time and time again they cannot be trusted so why would we trust Crowdstrike's unverified narrative without investigating the veracity of their claims??? For shame!

Reading theese comments in the UK..haha even across the atlantic ocean i can tell you leftists are deluded fruitcakes.

What people don't look at is, Everything He read about what the democrats was saying about the secret societies, and what they had going on the the past 8 years >>>> I still say this is what they had plans to do! >>>> what the democratic party is so mad about! The democratic party was on the road of the beginning of a ( One world order ) And president Trump came along and put a stop to it all. And now they need president Trump out so they can continue with there plan! And they are and will do and try anything to get their program back in the making!!

The actions of Donald Trump in his Ukraine call sets a dangerous precedent for our country, and it seems likely that nothing will be done about it. I'd like all his supporters to use a little common sense here and show some ability to apply foresight. Years from now some democrat will be in office calling up China and blatantly asking them to dig up dirt on their political adversaries. When that inevitability comes to pass look back on this attempted impeachment and remember how happy you were to make that future a reality.

Trump deserves his first term back!!!



Video of the decade

Give leftist a few states to live, Separate them from normal folks

Prosecute the lying Demos for creating false statements etc. I will never, never vote for any canidate from that Criminal party. There are not big enough rocks to hide them. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

Republican Cowards, who choose to ignore the truth just to kiss Trumps arse. These fools have no dignity or have no interest in the truth and Democracy even though the evidence is overwhelming. Rudy is still carry out Trumps dirty work in the Ukrain even as this goes out. What more do these people need to see what's going on in Trumps Criminal Enterprise. If the truth no longer matters in America then as a country we are finished, god help us we need it with this Administration....I could no longer vote for a party I once had so much respect for.

Hello, Globalism is foreign powers interfering in America!!!!!!!!!!!

I am tired of this nonsense that only the top of the FBI is corrupt. In the 1990s was the FBI Crime Lab scandal in which evidence was never tested with the reports all favoring what the prosecutors wanted. The FBI is all about empire building and getting even more of the vast funding they get. Let's not forget John Connelly who enabled "Whitey" Bulger's hitman activities. At least Durham managed to get a 10 prison sentence for that Deep-State operative.

Kleinsmith, facing charges for altering the email, is probably in a position to spill the beans on McCabe, Comey, Strzok, Page and other. Hopefully he does.

If Trump gets impeached there will be a very bloody civil war in this country.

Great speech by Senator Graham. Very clear explanation of what happened. In my opinion the FBI needs to be nonpartisan in its investigations. These investigators should have recused themselves from the investigation at the beginning.

This seems to be the most useful mr Graham has been? Maybe he’s growing a spine?

There’s no law against talking to Russians! What a bunch of scum these Dem players are?

They need to investigate in to this so called Secret Society..

"I think Democrats and Republicans are willing to make sure this never happens again." Are you fuking kidding me???? Where the hell have you been for the past 11 years. The radical Democrats CREATED this whole thing under Obama. They are NOT willing to make sure of anything other than holding onto their vice grip on political power and our lives.

"This is not normal." Prove it. "Don't judge the FBI and the DOJ by these characters." Why not? "We're better than this." At this point, that's a hard statement to prove. Sen. Graham asks us to believe that there was NO infrastructure of corruption preexisting in the FBI or DOJ to make this whole nightmare so easily possible in the first place. That's too much to swallow. Sorry, Senator Graham, but at this point, I ain't buying it. From what I've seen thus far, this IS normal, we SHOULD judge the FBI and DOJ based on this (and find them wanting), and for the time being anyway, we are NOT better than this.

They ALL Should Be Charged With Treason !!!

CNN = proven Fake News

Crossfire hurrcane clearly!

The FBI investigators were so biased, and they broke so many rules, yet they still couldn’t find anything conclusive about President Trump. Frankly, I’m amazed. President Trump might be the least corrupt politician in office today.

Thank you Graham, your speech was enlightening and refreshing. So sick of hearing all the repetitive lies of the DEMs coming from their demented minds. It really made me happy to hear a person speak 'sense'.

If we don't get control of these tyrant people in the democratic party the American people will have problems like haven't been seen in this country since the scival war

Wow!! Great topic and truth!

This may have been Senator Lindsey Graham's finest hour. Kudos. Now fix the FISA Court process.

Hmm... . Let me look for the same video on CNN. I am wondering did they cover it?



Truth hurts doesn’t it... HAHA Republicans calling out the democratic garbage. 2020 American voters will shut it down!!

Solution pass on and share give Mr Trump his four years back Thank Q.

Mrs. Feinstein doesn’t look well. I’m sure there are a lot of high government people squirming in their seats. I would not want to be one of them. Finally, finally the truth is coming out. Hallelujah!!!!God bless President Trump.

Senator Graham, you asked, "What got us here..." We know what got US HERE, he was a usurper ignored by the likes of you and everyone except for a lonely old Sheriff in Arizona who DID investigate! Still ignored by most! I am enjoying hearing you speak in this situation, come visit we will have tea.

What pisses me off is that here in Europe they don't show you counter-arguments like this one. They only show you Adam Shiff, Jerry Nadler and co. making the opening statements, making it look like Trump is in serious trouble. The average person doesn't dig enough even here on youtube to find out what really is going on. If I even try to explain it to them, they think I'm crazy. Oh well, nothing I can do about it.

The symbol of the Democratic Party should be donkey in an orange jumpsuit.

@37:58 after Grahams heavy criticism if the FBI he tells director C. Wray "you've got a problem" .... LOL... Trump appointed him but that SOB Is deep state.... as corrupt sullen and arrogant as peter styrock ....I want all FBI administration FIRED ...

Anyone recognize the the individual with a buzz cut in suit (no tie) & a pair of earrings ??? ... Positioned behind & to his left... Thanks

It's fine, they are democRATs, unlike normal people they wont go to jail

Im sure CNN is running this with huge banners. Right.

Don't worry about Russia.... The danger lies within ‼️

Feinstein looks sad



Trump is pro America. A strong, America that makes stuff, with protected borders, one language (English) and one unifying culture (Judeo-Christian) makes for a safer, better world. That's just a simple unarguable fact. The poor Dems are just completely confused and clearly incapable of leading anyone, let alone a large country.


Mr. Graham, and the south shall rise again.

For the 1,000,000th time I ask, why don't republicans arrest these criminals? Why do they always just talk about them being criminals?

I am so sick of hearing people refer to the president as jest Trump. Let me be clear Mr. Trump should be referred to As Mr. President, Potis, The president of the United States of America, or my favorite ( Q+ ) But never Just trump. You would have never heard anybody in the media or government refer to president obama as just obama . Here's a little fun fact when I use Talk to text my phone will not capitalize The 1st letter in trump But it will Obama. As you can see here. There is a prejudiced established against president Trump. The deep state is everywhere and undermines the president at every turn. Trust the plan WWG1WGA


Lindsay Grahm is on Fire!!! I dont want to be on the other side of that podium

Graham is a self-righteous hypocrite; he has reneged on his constitutional duties which he swore to uphold; instead, his duties are to Trump, that is Trump's lackey


Why don’t we know the names of the pro trump agents?

17 irregularities , big coincidence ...shame on the puppetmasters who aren't mentioned so far ...

The system doesn’t work when those with the most power abuse it. Dismantle FISA courts! Get Biden’s transcript of phone call with Ukraine. Charge the corrupted FBI Comey and his men. Charge Brennan and those who helped him defraud Americans. This is 58 million dollars spent by corrupt people! If they aren’t punished they will do it again and they will target more innocent people!

Mark Levin was called a "far-right wing conspiracy theorist" by dough-bout Brian Stelter of CNN. Levin was the first one smart enough to connect all the dots that the Obama Administration spied on the Trump campaign .

Every once in awhile Graham gets it right

One week later. Still no arrests. Folks this is as exactly as world wide fake wrestling can be. They fight on tv and eat dinner together. Thats percisely and exactly why hilary wasnt arrested. Why the clinton murders never got investigated. Why biden and his son are not arrested. Its all the same team. Trump, hilary, obama, bush. It doesn't matter its all the same team. We are the fools at the butt of all there jokes.

Mr. Graham; you will be in the history books for standing up for What is Right and a true and Honest.


I think we need to replace all of you

This is why most of America's have changed there political parties most of us are NOW REPUBLICANS . This brought tears to my eyes . GOD HELP US ALL. GOD BLESS THESE UNITED STATES

Love LG 2.0

GOD ALL MIGHTY MR> GRAHAM. IN Jesus NAME THROUGH Through thE through the holy spirit!!!!! faith. bless you>amen.... i love all good people holy holy spirit AND...jesus christ love< care< compassion

This Graham's greatest moment.

This really tells it all!

NoW the responsibility to face justice for all of them involved in breaking the rules of the laws and constitution . FINALLY .

Who authorized this? It goes all the way to the top. Obama should be behind bars.

13:30 Chuck grassley looking over Graham's shoulder to read the texts is wholesome somehow and I can't figure out why lmao


What kills me is, the amount of people over the past 3 years that have LIED

I voted for Trump in 16 because I did not want HRC to win. I did not realize that he would endure and progress the way that he has. I've always been a proud American but he gives me something to stand behind in an effort to fight the unfair treatment of ALL Americans NOT just Trump. This is breaking their grip that Kennedy told us about before he was assassinated.

I'm a proud deplorable American Never call me a Democrat That's just insulting as Hell!

Look at Frankenstein. She looks like a corpse

Lyndsey is over the Senate judiciary committee and they can prosecute and he's done what? Nothing but talk.

I just thought this, on a trial where someone is facing criminal charges, have to be reliable witnesses, and evidence of the crime, whether be felony or not, there's no crime committed here on this empeachmen case, that already been proving. One good thing about separation of power, once the House decides, "votes" empeachmen of our President, there's the Senate,and Supreme Court, by then, election be done, and Mr. Trump will be

The problem is: there are too many systems that have failed and nothing is being done to correct the problems. Most of the systems being within the DOJ, FBI, NSA, and CIA.

The "old FBI"?  It's time to get rid of it and the CIA.



Strozk and Page seriously had to watch a movie to learn that Richard Nixon resigned?! And they’re working at that level of our government?!

Lindsey Graham wants this voted out of the Senate without a trial because he and Mitt Romney will be exposed for their corruption in Ukraine. That's why they're kneecapping the republican controlled senate. A full trial would expose everything wrong with our country. Our representatives pimping out our state department and exchanging our tax dollars to foreign countries for kickbacks in elaborate schemes spanning decades. Ever wonder why Hillary 'settled' for Secretary of State when she lost the presidency? Why did she erase and smash her email server which concealed her diplomatic emails from government oversight? Why did her mega charity which never gave money to charity collapse as soon as she left government and no longer could direct foreign aid or american access? She's not the only one. They're all in on it. Selling out america for pennies on the dollar.

Foreign intelligence investigation into Israeli influence when?

We need new blood in congress.we need term limits on congress.people have lost faith in the justice system.Any one can be rail roaded the way it is.I hope when trump wins again all the crooks get what's coming to them, they all deserve worse.


Look at Diane Feinstein LOL

What happens now,? The FBI should have turned around and started looking at the DNC and Hillary and began a new investigation, this is so one sided it's disgusting

The Vaccine debate is not that complex. You either BELIEVE that the government should have FULL CONTROL over what is injected into you and your children OR YOU DONT. Its Medical Tyranny vrs Medical Freedom.

Do nothing Lindsey Graham it wasn't Russia it was a Seth rich thumb drive given to Wiki leaks.

Senator Feinstein took 20 years to fire her Chinese spy. After her & her husband had used the Chinese spy's Chinese government contacts to build the Feinstein's $29 million personal fortune with China business entities.

Wheres the beef

God Bless You Lindsey Graham America Loves the hard work you do to Protect US

How much work time was wasted by theses creeps ? We The People should demand to be reimbursed for every second. I would immediately terminate a staff of mine for this nonsense. MAGA

The DemonicRat pottytician’s should focus on serving the people in the districts of which they were”elected”! However, if it wasn’t for fraudulent elections we know they wouldn’t be in office and definitely wouldn’t be re-elected!

The new shadow-banning: the ridiculous number and length of commercials on conservative sites.

The FISA court needs to be held accountable. They knew and they went ahead with the whole shame. If they are serious abt fixing the injustice and abuse they need to fire all them worthless corrupt judges and set in new ones.

Yeah the problem is these people posing as Trump haters are likely in a grass Hut somewhere in South Africa. A dollar a day goes a very long ways in spreading propaganda and rhetoric.

I applaud you Lindsey Graham.........You and other Republicans should be thankful to the President. He's a fighter and has taught you guys how to stand up and fight back. Now, the democrats are caught off guard because the Republicans are punching back. KEEP DIGGING GOP! There is more "DIRT" that will come out of the Obama Administration....You dig?

Thank God for.the Lindsay Graham.trey gowdy s.doug Collins.gomert.they still making th em lik e th ey use too.only bett er.because of us in America .th e p eopl e in n ew style sick of b eing.lied too.

Thank you Senator Lindsey Graham. Excellent speech. True to form, spot on!! & Yes. Audit the fisa court, who knows what / who else has been wronged . God Bless America Merry Christmas everyone

Mr Graham, you may address him as MR Trump. This is rhetoric to make people believe that Clinton actually had Russian interference in her campaign. Lmao

This just shows how corrupt our government has gotten.

IT was a set-up.

Obama was the last Dem I'll ever vote for. Trump 2020. Red pulled republican convert here

The Feds own a hundred years old prison in Illinois..All cement, so it can be easily expanded to hold.all.of perpetrators.Start with Obama...

So America is no longer a democracy , unseating a duly elected president. This is asham and totally obvious

pretty astounding that normal working guys like Horowitz who are diligent in their work are now complete heroes for simply doing their jobs thoroughly and effectively. What have we in the West come to? when being diligent and thoughtful are seen as acts of heroism and bravery.



The cake is baked

I wish I could thumbs up Graham 50 times over... because the TRUTH Is AMAZING. A Truth you cannot make up and is refreshing... one can feel it in your GUT!!! Breathing to finally FEEL Truth is AWESOME!!!!! TY Mr. GRAHAM!!!!!!!! ♥*RE~~~~~ *

And that America is the REAL reason behind impeachment. Donald Trump knowing he was set up by nefarious actors beholden to the DNC set out to uncover corruption in Ukraine over looked in the Obama administration. Those on left moved to cloud over IG report by bring articles of impeach to change the national media narrative. Knowing the the articles were party line and would fail in a senate trial. However it would cloud over all these things coming out about corruption in the FBI. End of story --- checkmate.

Jail cells await the coup plotters.

We’re going to see the socialist democRAT’s committing EXTREMELY MORE EFFORTS, than ever before, in using fraudulent voting and rigged elections in 2020 ! They’ll be paying people to vote democrat and busing them from one polling place to another. Sadly the “media”, police and other oversight authorities, being controlled by democRAT pottytician’s, will make NO EFFORTS TO STOP IT or report it!

Republicans, your on notice. You go with Romney and vote to remove Donald J Trump and number one, pack your bags. Number 2, there will be trouble.

No one should be above the law!


OMG! Please get the swamp drained ASAP, I cannot stand the fact that we taxpayers are paying these criminals to commit crimes against America, how can America be great as long as these criminals are employed and holding public office? Please get rid of them ASAP they need to be in prison for a very long time!

Sounds like premeditation to me!

My question is... Why isn't Lisa and Peter in jail?

We the People want to see all these RATS lock up for Conspiracy start from Obama and Hillary the CRIME Family.

Q told us that a long time ago

Democrats are traitors of us

Blaming the "system" for a failure of the corrupt individuals that are operating inside our government is the assessment of backsliders.

So proud of our duely elected President Mr. Trump and this Sen. Lindsey Graham! Truth shall triumph, amen.

I was taught about the in 8 grade. I thought it all took place in Salem, Massachusetts. Book em’ Danno or burn em! Fraud BI.

So I'm confused???¿¿¿ so someone was convicted of a crime they did not commit and we know this without a doubt and he still gets impeached? Just because there are people that didn't like the fact that over 1/2 the country elected someone they didn't like and were scared of? Or did he do this to drain the swamp?

Mr. Graham knows how to choose his clothes. Nice tie.

I have no intention of being an impartial should not be a juror.

What the hell was going on with/Horowitz acting like a 10yr old w/ADHD? Shuffling papers, he kept moving around, acting so distracted. That was weird.

Corrupt government is produced by corrupt Citizens. Get my last eBook up on Amazon Kindle eBooks website - Fatherhood in the United States of America - & start raising your Sons & Daughters to repent & obey Jesus Christ before it's too late.

Watch me WV has child pedifile judge WV court corruption on FB read fraud documents

Such disrespect from the person behind senator Graham! She/he looks so upset and mad she can barely control herself!

4chan fanfic overheard at a bar, becomes a source for a corporate dossier, which becomes a source for a government investigation. Such power.

They are idiots. President Trump is obviously a political genius.

Trigger Happy Yes Hillary did use a private server if hunter didn't work for a corrupt company there would be nothing to leak there would be nothing for foreign governments to be able to use against democrats they are corrupt we all have a right to know and if it wasn't for foreign interference our government would be covering for them

I can see the Knickers on the woman in black behind Lindsey.

i want people to see people going to prison,for all the lies and bs

One for the history books

Merry Christmas Sir Patrick Mack!!!

So Adam Schiff has been lying about Carter page and he wasn't on the floor maybe this will get him! Hopefully someone will know what I'm talking about.

Why is Lindsey Graham stuttering and tripping over his tongue


Is msnbc, cbs, abc and CNN showing this, too?!*

Graham is telling the truth and I am really starting to like him.

He worked for the witch for 20 years she knew.

What did President Obama know about the spying on President Trump? Why aren’t we questioning Obama ? What did he know concerning these surveillance operations against the Republican Party?

Who at the DNC cut the cheque for the process to begin???? Please tell me it was Hillary or Barry.......

Power corrupts, aboslute collusion corrupts endlessly.

What is that freak of nature behind the dual citizenship traitor, Bolshevik Feinstein? Rude and disrespectful, talking while Graham speaks?

This is criminal and if someone dosen't go to prison then no Republicans should.

Enough wasting our taxpayer money with bulshit talk time to arrest all scumbag trailers

LG wants slaps on the hands for all and nothing more,one hidden hand washes the other

The same abuses have occured many times to innocent victims of the BAR mob rackets and crooked politicans. Our forefathers came to escape these charlatans

Did Lindsey just say Feinstein to apporiate action

*”Any organization or government agency is only as moral and ethical as it’s most corrupt and dishonest member.”* There is ABSOLUTELY NO SCENARIO in which America can justify keeping the FISC operating. It is unconstitutional, invasive, and violates the rights of any citizen exposed to it without ANY way for the victim to know the extent of the intrusion, or to defend themselves against incorrect information. *FISA HAS TO GO!!*


Prosecution is what’s required....Comey jail, McCabe jail, Strzoc jail, Page jail, Rosenstein jail, Rosenstein wife jail, Clintons jail, Lerner jail, Obama jail, Yates jail, all of Obama’s administration or all of this is for nothing.

28,000 likes to 1,000 dislikes on 2019-12-25. See those numbers CNN? That's real news. Not Don Lemon reacting to a Thanos meme. Look up who Jeff Zucker is.

End the FISA court.

Obama had to sign off on the report for the fisa court .

The system did not fail... it was hijacked by political hacks that sought to terrorize government officials.

O and whos in Russia Edward Snowdon . and who does he work for the NSA . before that he worked for the. CIA there you go Russian spy .

O and look whos sitting next to him Diane Feinstein , complicit in foreign spying . she needs to resign . or and go to prison .

Finestien too is a spy.

Mr Graham do you really want to know how Americans would feel if the courts ran over us the way the fisa did to Trump. We know. Look at our broken families CPS prison for profit Funneling the poor for profit. They do it to us everyday. We got to jail and our kids go to foster care. We park wrong and end up in jail first. Draconian sentencing uninformed jury fair trials are only for the rich, time is served for the poor before trial begins.

Thank you Senator Graham! Trump for 2020!

Senator Diane Feinstein openly sleeping ...

And Pelosi continues to sit on the impeachment file demanding she be put in charge of the senate hearing. Quid Pro Quo Pelosi!

Wht does Graham keep saying he's sire a lot of people didn't like Trump? He is deep state and needs to be locked up too!

Graham says "somebody" tells john McCain about the Steele dossier. Who told john McCain? And Graham also says, the first thing I or you would think is that they have something on Trump. Oh really, and he's a lawyer and he just finished telling us the FBI should've verified the dossier. The FBI, as a policy, verifies before acting. McCain and Graham wanted Trump out. They should've asked right there for the verification and we wouldn't of had this impeachment fiasco.

I really hope Graham runs for president in ‘24

FISA is a corrupt bunch of criminals. In most countries these creatures would be taken out to the wall and shot by firing squad as traitors. There is no use trying to defend them as being "deceived," They must have been in on the deal from the start. The FBI has always been corrupt from top to bottom. Even before it was established it was designed to be a corrupt force but FISA is even worse because it seeks to give legitimacy to the evil of the FBI. So tell me how I am wrong.

inspector gen. wife is great friends with fusion gps wife...……...

So... The scary Fisa Report that Trumptards have been shouting about for three years now, presented by a known liar. And..... Nothingburger.... Womp womp!

The 1000 thumbs down, are clearly people who want to keep believing the democrat politicians and mainstream medias dishonest agenda. If these citizens really wanted truth, they would seek out other medias for opposing info and start thinking logically


Irregularities PLUS MUCH MORE

Proud to be a deplorzble constitution strong

Yeah cooperating with fbi thugs. Lies ater lies

Mr germaphobia trump Right ,no pne believes this junk golden shiwers get real

Viva lindsey graham Numes kennedy collins gowdy chaffetz rush hannity jordan, trump, Grassley gojmert mccarthy rDcliff judge pirro bongino rush joepegs .chas ortel jason goodman ha goodman tammy bruce g.gutfeld Dr drew cat timpf tyrus Mcconnell, republicans trump family

Who is the idiot strozk Humm. Secret society? What a dooe unfinished business ? May 2017, kliensmith Page strozk rigged all this trump hatred as if they are szonts themselves hah

Go get em mr graham

One thing Graham gets wrong...It was Ukraine, not the Russians that messed with Trump campaign

Mr. Graham, could you please run for president? Just for us?

Look at the expressions of the thugs surrounding the Honorable Senator Graham...………........pitiful.

This is the first time I saw this, and I cannot believe the democrats went through with the impeachment.

Mindblowing Corruption At FBI - NSA Whistleblower Reveals

Exactly, there are so many truth warriors out there who do report the truth. See YouTube: And We Know;. X22 Report;. Black Conservative Patriot;. SGTreport;. One America News Network;. TRUreporting;. RedPill78;. and so many more..


Rabbit hole goes a hell of alot deeper than this! Tip of the iceberg.

Reform Fisa Court..

Vote Trump 2020 Trump is innocent.

Great job L.Graham We The People are watching.Must be fixed.

A long time ago King David wrote....the Lord causes my enemies to fall into the traps they set for me...


Anyone with two brain cells could see what was going on from the beginning. A coup. So, what is going to happen to them? Nothing. We will know all the details of their crimes, and then they will get a slap on the wrist and no jail time. There is two justice systems, and they are not even a little worried. Comey goes out bragging and telling lies and he is not worried about any jail time. So talk, talk, talk..... I will believe it when I see it. Less talk and more action.

Okay, Mr. Graham. First of all, thank you for bringing this out. Great job! Now, how do we prosecute these despicable people involved in this atrocity? This is nothing we can overlook. You must make sure all are prosecuted. If they are allowed to get away with this, the problem will snowball and we will no longer survive as a Nation.

Please swing your left hand out and hit that nasty woman sitting next to you for me!

So unnecessary to keep repeating the disparaging words about President Trump!!


Is Mr Cliensmith going to jail...

Ur no good Graham. Ur a Rino n we know it. We The American Citizens do not trust u!

And remember Whoopi Goldberg played in a movie called Jumpin Jack Flash which was about a government conspiracy coincidence

the b**** sit's there squirming in that chair and looks as guilty as sin her day is coming and she knows the world knows she is a corrupt criminal

Wow, that was a fast 40 minutes... I couldn’t stop listening!!

Lindsey is a No Nonsense kind of guy. I think that FBI is rotten to the core and that the FISA Court was either complicit OR Incompetent. They are both too dangerous to the US Constitution to be allowed to remain. Shut 'em both down and start with a clean slate. I think the DOJ might be salvageable while the NSA and CIA should be eliminated as well. The have proven that they have zero regard for the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Dirty Diana yes hold your head in Shame shame on you for what you have done to 6 Gen of Cailforia folks from my small town

Charge them all with treason!

Israel is foreign country....did you know that?

Bla bla and nobody will be prosecuted. Everything will be gone same like Epsteins network crimes. You dont have even one real Americans Patriot to choose for your representation.

I've got at least 4 more Presidential elections left in me after the 2020, maybe 5..... And witnessing what I have so far to date in the past 5-6 years, I could never vote for a demokkkommunist politician higher than at county level again ever... and THAT is very questionable....

Unlikely event, you die, before (kneel down) before you're 40. 40th President?

I love that Chuck Grassley just keeps staring at him while he’s talking.

Americans DEMAND every single person involved in this coup attempt be arrested and sent to prison ! Those corrupt from the TOP DOWN! We will except NOTHING LESS! Republican reps and law makers better get on the ball! If you are reading this you need to look at the comments not just here But on conservative sites for example on Facebook. Americans have lost patience! Americans are starting to throw in the towel. If you want To continue your career in politics you better step up! Americans are going to stop turning up at the polls if this corruption (mainly by democrats) is allowed to continue Unfettered. As I said you need to go on Conservative sites like those on Facebook and see what moderate and conservative Americans are saying!


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