Government to Business episode 3: Martin Godel of

Government to Business episode 3: Martin Godel of

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Welcome. To government to business the. Go-to location for, executives, delivering, digital, services, to business and now. Here's, your host gavin. Atkinson. Many. Governments, are bringing together a range of different services, around a core, customer. Need they're, breaking down the barriers the way they're actually presenting, government, to businesses, every. Single day whether. This is around government grants whether it's around you. Know exporting. Getting into exporting, or whether it's around starting, a business it's, a feel that many governments. Are now getting into when it comes to reorient ating the way they do their digital service delivery to business and one. Of those government's are really truly leading, the way is the Swiss government where. They're bringing together their business licensing, and accounts into a single digital. Platform, today. I'm being joined by Martin, Goodell he is the head of division for, the, state, secretary, for Economic Affairs he. Is responsible for the delivery of easy gov which is you can find at WWE. Govt, Swiss. Its. Are all around creating, that digital, platform, for business, so that they can securely, transact, with government they can find it what licensing, what requirements they need to do and they, can do that online at the same time, in. This interview Martin will be talking about the key drivers, what they're trying to achieve some. Of the key challenges that they've experienced. Along the way and much. Much more so. Please, sit back and enjoy this. Interview with Martin Goodell from. The Swiss government for, easy, gas wits. We're. Joined today by Martin, Goodell who is the Switzerland's. Head of small. To medium enterprise, policy. In, the state secretariat, for economic, fair and Martin, thank you very much for joining me today I greatly. Appreciate, your time and and. Thank you for setting some time aside for up, for a quick chat. Thank. You governor for inviting, me we've, got a bit of a time lag obviously, because of you being in Switzerland, and myself in Australia so I do, apologize in, advance to our listeners, if in listen to it we have a little gap or we talk over each other so, it's. A wonderful thing about the global economy we we can speak from other ends of the world but sometimes, the technology goes against this doesn't it so, Martin, I'd be quite interested with that with a title, such as the head of small. To medium enterprise. Policy, that's, quite. A interesting. Area. To be involved in when it comes to to digital government can you tell us a little bit around your role and how you lead easy gov which is the Switzerland's. Digital service delivery platform, to business, yes Thank You Gavin. For, the opportunity, to, talk. About digital, government and all the challenges around now. The primary. Mission of SME. Policy, in. The state sector for, Economic Affairs in, Switzerland. In. Globes a much broader. Range. Of issues it, goes.

Mainly. It's about making. Life, easier, for companies. Cutting. Red tape we. Review, any, type, of. Revisions. Of legislations. Apply. Applying to, companies. In Switzerland, and. Check. Whether they are. Suitable. For companies, that they do not put on too much regulatory. Cost or even reduce. Regulatory, costs. We set. Up programs, with. Other agencies, how, to make. Life easier, for companies, and, therefore. Also increase the attractiveness of, the location. Beside. That stream, of work. Results. Of the work on SME. Financing, that, is part of it to, ensure. That there. Is a. Good. Framework, condition. Set. Up for, companies, to get. Access to finance, the, government or, digital, government comes. Especially. Into, play regarding. The first mission, where. Digital, government is one way one, and, one important. New, policy, tool to. Reduce regulatory. Cost. For. Companies. And that's there, the private that's the reason why, we set up, easy, golf starts with, which. Is a platform. Dedicated. Exclusively, to. Companies. Okay. So you've. Obviously got responsibilities, then just beyond, that, that digital component, as you've outlined, I'm. Actually interested from, what you've said there there. Are obviously, not just the the transactional. Element, that's available within easy gov but. I'm assuming that with from what you said before about the whole idea about the reducing, the red tape and regulatory burden, on Swiss, businesses, that, in itself is quite an, interesting area how, do you intend to kind of get into that space at a later date within the digital environment, you mean personally. I I, came, from a. Different, area. I came originally in. My career from. Trade. Foreign, trade. Area. And. We're. Moving. Then later on into that and then. It's. A pretty straightforward. Progression. From. Trying. To cut. Red. Tape and. Review. Regulations, to make it as easy as possible for for, companies, to digital. Governments because digital government, has. A, lot, to offer for. Making. Life easier, and also, to. Streamline. Regulation. And its. Execution. By. Agencies. This. Cut. Becomes very clear, when, we talk directly. With the companies, to. Understand. Their needs and their problems, and very, often they. Are. There. Of course also, you know they. Come for some specific, regulation. That they do not like or. They would like to have changed that much, more often, they, are. Troubled, by the execution. Of a, specific, regulation, and. And, that's, not something that is written into into. Law or, something. Like that that's. Just the, practice, by, the specific. Agency, that determines, the way how. A regulation, is executed, and and. That's, where. Where. Digital government, and the government, can. Add a, lot and we, believe it can add even. More into the in the future because. At the moment we're only talking about you, know setting, up these transaction. Making it possible, to have digital transactions, with, agencies, and so on and so forth, however. Later. Once. We have we. Are at the point where most of the business. To government transactions, can be done by, electronic. Means and through a platform with, all its advantages, then, we see secondary, and tertiary effects. That. Will, help. To make regulation, better because, we can see how to improve. Regulation. Where are the where. Are the specific, troubling. Points, in a specific procedure to. Address we could we can then also measure what. Is the time. The, length of the procedure that. That is required all. These kind of things that then go, make. It possible to have a better grasp on, on, their on, reducing. Regulatory, cost, gotcha. That. Makes a lot of sense I guess I guess we're always. Originally. Looking at as I know that some some governments, like the Small Business Administration within. The US federal government and a. Couple of the other states, and municipal. Governments in the, United States occasionally. They go out and actually have to go through like a large-scale.

Online Digital, consultation. With business around you know the areas, that are creating, problems when it comes to red tape and regulation, and how the government can best address that so that's. Why suppose I was looking more in that environment for what you explained, there makes perfect sense as well so. I guess in kind of talking around easy gov in the transactional. Platform. What. Type of transactions, and what type of things can Swiss businesses, do with, with. Easy girls yeah thank, you easy, golf at rent. Life, in November. 2017. So, it's, not, long time ago and it. Has a at. The moment a small set, of. Transactions. That are possible, first. All. The transactions. Related. To. Setting. Up a company, in Switzerland. So, it, means, registration. To the commercial, registry. Registration. To the value-added, tax. The. Accident. Insurance and. And all related. Affairs. To, setting. Up a company, that you can do from zero hundred percent on. Them on the website on. This platform, then. Second. Other, commercial. Register. Changes. And amendments that, you would like to make to your existing, government, your existing, company's registration. There. Are not all yet about some additional, commercial. Register changes, then, we have on the tax side certain. Transactions. For. Registering. Or. Extending. Deadlines and, then last but not least social, insurances. And accident. Insurances, in order to which, are compulsory, for. Certain type of companies. In. Order to register. And and do certain transactions, in this area so, these are the initial, ones. And what is very important, is you know we work on em on, em with. A with. On an iteration, basis. So, and I'll you can also see that on the website at, the moment we are at version. 1.0. Point two. In. Order to learn. From. Experience. And then do. Very. Rather. Small, but, iterative. Changes. To, add new, services. Additional services, but, I mean services, I mean real. Transactions. And this, is this is important, when I say the word transaction, because very often most. Web government, websites, are. Information. Platforms. So you can read something, about something. You cannot really, do it and on. When I mean transactions, I mean you really do the legally binding, stuff. That, makes perfect sense and yeah. A number, of governments I suppose really. Grapple with that issue because, it's easy. Politically. I guess to be able to report that we've delivered. And put, online you, know two or three thousand. Services. Because. It's information, based services it's it's a totally, different beast Aziz mentioned to actually, look at that and deliver the transactional. Element, behind that service, not just information, about the service, absolutely. Absolutely, and then there is also an additional, element one, is. In. Terms of is it one way direction, or is it two way direction and what. I mean with one way or two may is is it, only that the company. Can sense data or, make an application, to. A government, agency through. Digital means, that's one way direction, or 2-day direction, does the government, respond, and deliver, its legally, binding, decision, through. The, same digital. Channel back at, the, moment with easy golf there are only, procedures. That, require. Wrongly. Communication. But, the, platform is designed in, a way that we are able to do also two-way so, the next neck. Other new additional. Procedures, that will, come. More that we are currently studying will. Also involves two-way directions, so the decisions, come, back and even. That. We can track, the. Requests. That, took it that the company made where. Is it and and, in what stage of handling. Is it and of, course one, day hopefully in, some time in the future even. To indicate in. What time frame he. Can expect an. Answer back excellent. So what, was the actual to driver behind, all this why did the Swiss government say, we, want to be able to bring together all these transactions. For Swiss businesses, because it is so hard what. Was the impetus behind it was the strategy well. We. Are we, are a we, have a government and, and, an approach here. That is very, much, oriented. Towards. The. Real the, needs that are expressed, to the from, the companies, we have a very regular, exchange, institutionalized. Exchanged. With. With, companies, and we. Also have an extra-parliamentary. Commission, which. Is called small and medium-sized enterprise, forum, where only entrepreneurs, are. Members. And we. Discuss with them all these regulatory. Questions. That I mentioned, earlier however. We also discuss, with them this. Type of issues and. Their. Problems, very, often came. Up in the term I I explained.

It Before execution. Problems. And. We, saw that this, is not a regulatory thing, that we can just by changing, a law. Improve. We. Cannot improve it in this way and so, we, we, came up with different, approaches. How to do that and when we when. We showed them the. Concept. Of such type of a platform and, to understand. What. They think about it and this was of course in a very very early stage so nothing, was technically, done or so just. Conceptualized. They. Were they, were enormously. Positive in the, basically. You. Know if I say to a company owner think. About a platform, you can do everything, and, it. Leads. You through it. Guides, you through each, feature, you, don't need to know any type, of law because, every. Question everything. Is made in, the way that if you answer. The. Questions, fully, and correctly, that. Automatically. You will abide to. The law and. And. You can you can know. Where, to address your question, because the. E-z-go of the platform, does. Not require, that you know who is which, agency, or which government, level here, in Switzerland with the federal government, on the on, the, federal. Level and Canton, all like a state province level and then the Moonies level, you. Don't need to know who is competent, for what but. You just do your procedure and, it goes to the right place and, unanimously. Without. Any type of political division. Be, it from, you, know the left perspective. The middle, perspective, me the center. A political. Center or from the right side from, the whole itical. Spectrum. There was overall, support phrase that's. Fantastic, and it makes sense that it you, know everyone. Regardless of, of your politics with the left center or right you, know wants to be able to achieve a much better outcome for for. Businesses because that's. You know the driving, force to the economy that if you make it easy for those businesses. To start and grow that, you're more likely going to see those businesses, you know thrive, and start, employing and, that's exactly what any government progressed. Of its political color, obviously, wants to try to achieve so it's a great. Way to come from it it must have said yeah. Yeah. And absolutely. And what, I would add to is that, we. Believe that this is part. Of, it. Will. Constitute, in the future part. Of the attractiveness, as fact students of a business location, of. A country, direct.

Competitiveness. I mean I know the competitiveness, of colleges is a difficult, topic but, when, it comes to, investment. Decisions, by. International. Or foreign companies, if. They can see that, they will they have the opportunity. To, do all these kind of things through, digital platforms. Much. Easier than otherwise and then. Or in other places that constitute. Competitive. Advantage, and, that. There. Is only I mean everybody, or. Most governments. Around the world are on, this. Track some. Are a little bit further advanced some less but we're, all on the same on the same task which, means in a, couple of years. When. An investor. Wants. To go to, a country, and does, not. Find, such. Type of infrastructure, digital. Infrastructure, around he. Might not go there he might it might influence his, his, location. Decision, in, a negative way and and. Even. So they predict the country, basically. Can decide either we will you do this you know so we keep, up with everybody else or or, we are left behind which. Has a direct negative influence, on the investment. Attraction of the. Country in the future more, so than today where, we are just in the beginning gotten. So. To. Be able to deliver that that. Starting. Up phase, where, business. Can you know apply for its license, also apply, to register, register itself, with the, Swiss government and go through those other, services. And transactions, you mentioned before that. Obviously requires some, form of you, know identity, management and being able to show. And demonstrate that. Yes you. Are this particular individual. And you were going to set up this particular company, or whatever, form of the business, entity it happens to be, that's. Not a difficult, task because. Over. Over the last say 20 years, you know every single government, department. Has gone off and created its own account, created, its own identity to be able to manage those. Transactions. With business could, you tell tell, me it's a little bit about the story behind, how. You address, that issue of, being, able to to. Bring together these services, under a single identity your, process. Yes. Well. To, say first this is not the, end of the story at what I'm going to tell you because we are we're all still on the way first. Yes, on easy golf every, person. As a person, has a digital, identity and. At. The moment this. Digital. Identity. Is. Then when. You log in you have to authenticate. With. A with. A mobile. Number so. To, level factor. Authentication, so. That's that's. One. Important. Element so every person, has. Has. An identity, then but. That is created. Directly, on the platform, itself, independently. Of any other government. Agency or, or so, on. Then. Second. What is, also. Very important, in addition is that. How. Do you actually, work. As a company. There because one thing is that you as a person, are on, a platform but. Are, you actually in, in. The position, do you have the competency. And all the rights to act for. Your company, which. Is a whole other thing so. When, somebody. Registers. Himself. Personally on, the website then. He, has to say if. He wants to act for a company, there he has to say ok I would like to act for Company X and then. There, is a whole onboarding. Procedure, which. Requires. The. Agreement. The written agreement by, the people. Who according, to the commercial, registry, have, the, right to, act for, the company, to. Provide, all, the rights to that person, to. A general, administrator. On this, platform to. Act for, the company so that's those.

Are Two quite important, procedures. In Switzerland. We, do have one. Strong. And. And very, effective. Tool. For. Identity. For, a strong identity including. Electronic. Signature, which is legally. Accepted. Which, is called the Swiss ID, however. The, Swiss ID this, ID is not very, and not. Many people use it not only many, people have it at this moment and. We. Hope that in the next three, or four years with the new law on on digital identity, the, number of strong, identities. Will. Increase, which, will make life. On the plan on all the platforms. And also on this platform much. Easier however, at this point in time either you use the Swiss ID or you just go through this, authentication. Procedure, I I indicated. Before but very important, do you have an identity, as a as. A person and then you have this onboarding. Procedure, for, being, able to work, as a company, and then, in addition of course once you have set that up then is, the whole management. Of Rights. Very. Important, element. That, this. General manager, or. The general, admin on. The off. The platform for, one particular company, he, can give rights to other persons, and other. Persons, can register themselves. Also, individually. On the platform, and then connect, to that company, where. They get the rights for, this is also very important, for fiduciaries. For for. Lawyers, for, all, kinds, of support business, that very, often did. Or do for. Companies, certain. Cover, a business, to government transactions, so they can work on the same platform and the. Company directly, sees what's going on and and, what what they are doing there, at, the, moment these, rights are I, would, say pretty, general. In this google. 1.0. Version you. Basically have to write that, it can give just to do either read, or. Write, on. It or be another general, manager, something like that or, about. In the future we will then also, add. More. Granular. Service. More. Granular, identity. Rights. Which means that, the, general, admin can, say ok you you, just have to write to look into all tax issues, but, not into for, instance the commercial, registry, stuff. And and. You have only the right for this procedure but not for the other procedure, so, this disc all this, we will add over, time, to be able to deliver all that in. So you had the service up and running now for two months you would have received some customer, feedback, I assume around that whole process, and the experience. What what type of feedback have you been receiving from your business customers, on that well at the moment we have a few feedback. We got is that the registration. Procedure, was. Quite. Long quite long and, that. I think is, absolutely justified. That you know lots of questions, were asked, and so on and, we. Will that, that will be one of the new releases, of, the technical, releases, we will do in the next one. Or two months to. Make that. Procedure. For the individual, registration. A little. Bit more easy a little more easier however, this is also something interesting there because this, is not a registration. Procedure, and the identity, management that, is done by ez golf itself, it's, it's, a service, that is a, standard. Service, for the entire government and, that's also something very important, for an. Immediate, question, that basically all governments, have, to address or have to find solutions, to it sometimes. They, have core services. Or an. Agency, that is responsible for, delivering, digital. Services, or inside, the government and so. They, have elaborated. Standard. Services. That can be used and sometimes. Also should be used by other government, agencies, and then.

The. Major. Question, is do you we, use these. Type of, inside. Government. Standards. For, external. Services. With companies, and, it. Has advantages. And disadvantages. If you don't do it then you're. Basically in a standalone, service, that is not connected, to the rest of the government if, you do it then, you, are connected. To the rest of the government but, you might, not have the, flexibility. And agility to. Change, everything. Very quickly about these kind of services so, at this for. This year we decided to, go with the government standard service which makes it a little bit less. Flexible. For us to, to. Make changes, but changes are done and are possible, as we will see in the next in. The next one but it's, it's a it's a base it's a strategic decision, that, may also come up with other questions. In our for instance where, do you store the data is, it inside the government or do you have it with private, contractors outside. There. Also we decided, to do the inside government approach, to have to, give the maximum security. To. Two, companies. That, their data is safely. Stored and we take the full responsibility okay. So how. Many agencies, within. The Swiss. The federal, girls so that they do a government berth at. The Confederation, how many agencies, or departments at, the moment are delivering, those services on. Easy govern, how did you bring. Them on board as part of that journey and moving away from a, siloed, view, of the way they deliver their services. To business at, the moment it's. Only a small number of about three or four agencies, that are involved and. Then there are also certain institutions. Like kind, of parastatal. Institutions. That are, involved. Like the or compulsory. Accident. Insurance which, is which is something special in Switzerland that there. Is like a government. Set. Up a structure, for this so. That this and how, did we get that, and. Sorry, one one a point. The commercial, register is an interesting case because, in. Switzerland, although it's a national, law on, commercial. Registry, the, real commercial, registry. Work, and, also, data. Curating. And everything is done, by the canton offices, by the state, offices, and, so. If, you want to make a change in the commercial, registry, you have to go to your can thermal office. And. What. We do is we you. Can make the change on easy, golf on the platform, and we, deliver it to each Canton all office, and. That's that, that's, already that shows already I know that that such a platform, can work. Through, different. Government, levels and we, will add more on back. On, that type so, how did we do that well it's, very. On. The on the one hand we had certain experience, experience, from the predecessor. Platform, which was called start base it was a smaller platform, where only, setting. Up the company was possible, nothing else and, through. That we gained a lot of experience in, this area so we could we could build, on this knowledge and. Experience. From start base, however. In addition then. We we, worked with the. Agencies, and those, who were, most. Interested. And and most. Interested. In in in moving. Forward with those, we, we, added additional services, got, it and, so, at the occasional, level, what's. Been that how. They felt around having this available as a as it as a national, service that cuts across all those levels of government yeah that's a good question there are that it's. Very, diverse. The. Large majority, of the Canton's, do, not have, such. Type of. Platforms. At all and. If. You have. Something. But. Those, who have something. Cannot. At the moment, at, federal. Procedures. So, these platforms. Have a. Usually. A limited. Range, very. Often, a silo range, which, means you, might have a platform only for taxes things or a platform. Only for, something. Else but. Not, a cross-cutting. Platform, and then, so. That this it's a heterogeneous, landscape. And so, the large majority. Welcomes. It and we. Also discussed, that of course with the with the states and Canton's we, are not in a central state here in Switzerland so we are. In a continuous, exchange. With. The. Representatives. Of these Canton's, and daily, representatives. Were also, part of the, easy golf team. The. The steering, board that. Oversaw. The, construction. And, and building and designing, of them of the, platform, which, is very important so they we had regular meetings with them so that they could, see what are we doing and and and how should it be done and so on and so forth and and. So, this is something that is now evolving, over time where. We're, those. Who don't have anything they, say okay now we have this platform when, it once, we have our procedures. In a way that we can offer, it in a digital way which. Is very important, because that easy, Goff is only the front end and I will come back to that afterwards, it's extremely, important the architecture. Of the each, agency's. IP, we're. Offering. The front end so, let's connect, to that front, end and we don't need to offer any type of front end anymore we just clear look, after our databases, machines, and interfaces.

But Not nothing. About from them and and. Then others, the. The small number that have something, they, are now like. Re-evaluating. And then also seeing what what, makes sense to do what is not what, is what. Should we continue that's. Probably, a phase that. We we, believe will take a couple of years until things, are all clarified. Okay. And, so. Those IT, challenges, then across. All those different levels of agencies. And and, levels of government with the Canton's and the municipalities. That's. Got to be a real, set of internal. Challenges, within the way that you manage the delivery of the program, what. What's been the main concern. For you and how you address, those problems yeah. The, absolutely, true I mean this is especially, now where we have set up the platform as such and we can focus on, the procedures, on adding, new external, procedures. This. Stakeholder. Management let's. Put it under this title is. The. Major. Thing. I mean it's not it's not about IT, it's, not about, software. Or technical. Stuff or whatever it's not about that it's about. Stakeholder, management and. It's. Very. Intensive. In terms of. Direct. Work. With. The. People we need to get people around the table and discuss, with, them and talk with them this, is. If. Sometimes, the contradictory. And our people think oh it's digital government so everything is digital no the basis of the digital government are. People. Around the table who, have the same vision who, share the vision and then, agree. To go in one direction but. Only I can say only the, already. Very first step. Requires. A, mental, shift. With. All, government, agencies because. Everyone. Thought. Or things in the beginning oh if, I do digital, government service that means I set, up a platform, for. My, own. Agency. For. Those procedures. That are related, to my platform ever to me to my agency. Because. Of course I have to database, I have the. I run the software. So. Automatically. The front end the, should also be from. From the agency, and then we come in and discuss with them and say no it's. Good that you have your database and that you have your software, and you need and so on but. Front-end, is not. Anything, that is, helpful if you do it, please stop do that or please do not think of setting, up anything like that and and, that's that's, a mental shift because first, one. Needs to understand, well where, is the advantage, to that you know why why should we do that and. Then and, then we have, the. First principle, of easy golf is customer. Centricity the, customer, is number. One we don't do this for government agencies we don't do it for us we don't do it for for. The public we do it for, the companies, the, user that's. Number one so whatever is good for the user let's do it and and. Then the, already, is is. Sometimes, a little bit different. Perspective. Then an, agency, might. Have and, then there is a second, principle. And advantaged. Of course that the, the. Agencies, can see, and also, Canton's, can see oh this. Platform. Delivers. Of. Benefits. That. Would, be very difficult for us to, to. Do or is, costly. So if we, have several. Platforms, we, are running a among. Agencies, we. Can basically, stop and reduce, this cost that's.

Number One but then also number two is like a very, good platform needs work. He needs a lot of iterative. Step to make it always better to address, the changes to, stay. State-of-the-art. And, and, integrate. Customer, feedback, directly, into the new release, for the next time and stuff like that and, we. Do this for. All of them and we, when we reserve, when we add a, feature, or function, we call it like there's a feature and function element, so let's say we, would add a payment, element. Or are we we resolved. What, I explained. Before the. Procedure for onboarding, a company and make sure that the person is acting for the company this is a service that every. Agency can, benefit, off otherwise. They would have to do it themselves but, it's very costly so it doesn't make sense so then they can see our okay there is also something in it for us and that's usually a very, intensive. Discussion. That. That has to be done. In. Depth before we can start about any type of technicality. It makes perfect sense to be able to get to that point though and obviously, have something that's compelling for those agencies, and Canton's to participate, because you are providing, them with this platform you are providing, them with these business, processes and, benefits, that obviously. Requires a bit of investment, to get easy guv, up and running how did you approach, and sell. That concept, of like are they a service. Being provided across, Switzerland. Within. Obviously and normally, the way governments would tend to work is very much in. Oh Terry saw hollows how. Did you how did you address that problem yeah, we we. Got we. Have of course a budget for this and the budget is, provided. By, the. Parliamentary. Decision. On. In. The framework of. Investment. Attractiveness. Of, wit cellent and that's. You. Know them to to make the. Location. Attractive. And and within. That framework you. Know then the, the money was was, not, allocated. To, a specific, agency for their own needs or for their own procedures, but, it was it was allocated. In bases that, would. Go for, would. Go for. Would. Be provided, to the whole country. And in that way we secured, the financial. Part but also saying this is not particularly. An, expensive. Thing in terms of money, this. Platform this. Is not, something, that is one. Of a major expenditure. At all this. Is very interesting what what is much more important, is the is the personnel, side and all these, discussions. Interagency. And Canton all discussions, that's, something, that we that. We did. We. Started many, years ago and. Then. Based. On that the. Canton's, and the other agencies. Came. To the conclusion, yes let's do that although. That was a decision, in in principle, and then it has the believed and and. Implemented. Every day and it will take of still many years to to. Really get. Closer to the vision that we have understand. So.

Said All those benefits that are being generated, both, within government, and within the agency, and obviously, the businesses, themselves with, being able to having. This customer, focus rather than having to run around from, you know one count on office to an hour you know an actual agency, office and then, of course that benefit, of positioning. Switzerland, as a very attractive investment. Location, to relocate business. How, are you captured, or how have you captured the at the perform, measures, the baseline, measures, you, can kind of assess that in in. The future yeah. We. Have of. Course inside. We, have the opportunity. To track and measure basically. Everything, that is going on on the platform, to. Measure it in terms of how of course, how, many companies are registered, how many, people. Are registered, we, can see what kind of how, many transactions. Are done the number of the transactions, or type of transactions. And and. And all this kind, of data is is a very large at the moment, we do not. Particularly. Have, specific. Goals. You. Know that that in terms of quantity. That. We want to achieve because. In, the first six months it's, important, that the. Platform's, runs, stable. And well, functioning. And that. We add value. By adding new services. Over. Over, time but, of course the ultimate. Orientation. Is that. We. Want, that at the end of, I mean when we get close to realize the division that, basically, a large. Part. Of Swiss, companies, are, registered. On the platform, that's that's, really the the main thing once, we know and, it's clear that when a company, says. Ok I need to do something, with a government agency then, it needs to say ah easy, golf account ok I go there I log in I look where, is this procedure ok let's, do it once. We are there then, we have done a big part of our job so in that environment where, you're looking for businesses, to opt into that arrangement. How are you promoting, and getting the message out of it EASYGO within the business community yeah. We run a. Campaign. For. To. Inform people because, as you say one thing is to have a very nice platform but if nobody knows about it it doesn't help so. We, we do need to do marketing. Communication. What. Is very important, is, digital. Information. So, if you google it, that. That you find this platform, and of, course not because, you know the name of it plus buy what you want to do what.

Kind Of procedure you want to do and then, the, platform will. Will, come up so, that's that's, a very important, part because in the in these early, stages where, we are currently. In we, are targeting. Those. Businesses. That have. A certain affinity to. IT procedures. That. There are also other companies start, very small businesses, also that might, not necessarily work. Strongly. On the Digital side and, as. Much as they are welcome, but that today. In the, situation. We are today we. Are targeting those, who are who, have a certain IT. Orientation. And then over time we will enlarge that set but we we run a campaign. Online. And offline, to. Inform about, easy. Go excellent. Martin one thing I'm very very conscious of is the, time and you've been very generous with, your time and I still got so, many more questions I'd love to be able to ask you but. I won't. Today so that's not a problem but I was interested in supposes, a closing. What were the the practical, things that you learned as an, actual leader. Within, government. Around. How to actually deliver such, a unique, and a well performing digital. Service, to business, yeah. It. Let me say a few things first. Really. Customer. Centricity so. What, we did was, not only, to. Share. And, discuss, the, conceptual. Idea, of the platform, with the business, community but. Then once. We, have created. The, platform, we. Got. Into, a. Usability. Laboratory. With. The University, and we. Recruited. Actual. Business, owners, real. Business. Owners who. And. Also some lawyers and others and, who. Would use in the order. Our, our, customers in the future and we, had them, directly. Sitting there and go, through. These. Procedures. And we, would track and record every, single detail. Whatever, they did and what they did not understand, and what their comments were and everything and this, is something we're not going to do only now. And, when we set it up we, will do in the future annually. We do this every year by the way we, have another platform the information, platform which is called SME portal, as small, and medium-sized enterprise, portal. Or platform, where it's only about information, and on that platform we do this about since five years five, six years that we, have a customer. Focus group check. Every, year standardized. And and and then only. With, that procedures. I can, be sure that, this platform, meets. The, requirements. And demands of the customers, otherwise, it's kind of a toy. Government. Agency. Toy but. With, this it's, really it's. Really crucial, that, we, can, do it so total, customer. Focus, and then the other things of God other thing of course is that what. We talked about before how, important. This, interagency. Or, interstate. Discussion. Is, that. Internally. It needs a lot of explaining. And and. Elaboration. Of this. Type of approach, why. We're doing it where are the benefits, that they don't lose control it's, very important, you know we don't take the control, away from any, agency is. That if that would happen of course they wouldn't participate, so. It needs, trust building, and Trust, is a bill not between machines but between the people wonderfully, say man thank you so much for your time today I've learned a lot and I hope our listeners have to thank you for joining us thank you Gary thank you very much. Thanks. For listening to government, to business for show, notes and how Gavin can help your department, or agency.

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