Good Week Trading : Actions, Indices, Bitcoins, Pétrole le point en Bourse par Benoist Rousseau

Good Week Trading  : Actions, Indices, Bitcoins, Pétrole le point en Bourse par  Benoist Rousseau

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hello everyone and everything I am happy to meet you now like every weekend at 10 am to take stock of market news take our time here it is a good morning the stressed trading or we the market will open in the corner I take the time to analyze other assets of oil bitcoin stocks to really try to both show you an exhaustive view of the markets of the prospects and then some tips of trading of course during the period. discussion and then at 11 o'clock and not at noon I will rather do it at 11 o'clock we will have a new webinar this time on a much more economical part where we will be interested in wondering about the consequences of the 'increase in the minimum wage in an electoral context where everyone wants to increase the minimum wage we will see what its consequences are no one ever talks about it so we are going to move on to our technical analysis so for the week I marked greenl and it really was the case we were relieved by a lot of things set this week we had different points a little bit of tension we had in particular the sphere and green green day on chinese real estate so it is absolutely not resolved we speak very little the Chinese authorities are discreet and towards grain de is discreet so we have this sword of damocles which can which can remain above us but the markets did not take into account at all at all here I think that ' we are on the logic of lehman brothers we once made the stupidity of not supporting two steps to hold this this company was at the time to set an example we have the whole world suffered for a few years it has made millions of unemployed on a global scale and it is therefore good that is why investors are rather confident in telling themselves that we learn from our mistakes and that the Chinese government who have more now or not necessarily authoritarian but say ons are very, very energetic to act quickly in the event of a problem, even if it means quickly nationalizing even if it means putting all the directors of the green gran d in re-education camp etc but they will find there anyway a solution to limit the impact of this of this so that's why I'm not going to tell you much about it since if we don't have any information the only thing I often say is be careful on weekends it's always difficult to have a position on weekends what we have exceptionally good or exceptionally bad announcements always always happens on a weekend we saw it faye de lehman it was a weekend that we were told and then coordination of all the banks powerhouses of the world to cut rates sharply to revive to relaunch after precisely the growth after the busy lehman it was also on a Sunday that we learned that and Monday the stock market opened totally euphoric so classify Sundays where to decide where we are being weighed the big big decisions as far as we are concerned for us that concretely on all the equity markets and indices it's been really a week you had to buy and close close your eyes it goes up so give stop why we have to excellent excellent results of American companies and we will start to see this in detail by then I am counting on you do not hesitate to subscribe then to put little chicks you are more than a hundred live so we will be able to see a hundred inch it would be rather not bad to encourage me to do that on weekends on Saturday morning it is not always easy to do it, especially on a personal level, we are going to tell this site a little message so I attack there we are going to look at a value so I get lost in all my stuff we are going to look at a value which is for me symbolic of what happened this week it is our friends at goldman so know american values ​​big american banks no we doubt it all the american banks gave their results at the end of this week ne the results thursday friday they are hiding it above expectations and they are really really very good so all the results of the major american financial institutions we had them this week and they gave a very good start to the results season in the United States and that's what will drive the market these are the results if I dare say in quotes extremely concrete we are not sure the macro data to know that we have more than 72 or 1.92 growth in the service sector last month and this is where we are in the concrete what they earned in cash and what they think they will win again for the next few quarters and they are positive positive positive and we see it so there you have the goldman action know and you see goldman results announcement nothing to say it bleeds exposed full north and what is great i Interesting is that we bricked the area last week and we also broke the area last month so we had a little two difficult waves to pass and we completely exploded them to stabilize around 400 $ 5,406 on the resistance a monthly that means roughly we see it here very of course over the last two months we re-attack the highest if it recognizes a downward phase on the in the United States on the financials and the Saar by ge can show you morgan stanley and it's actually no use it's exactly the same type of graph let's go let's go it's gone very strong very high and if financials are generally doing well the rest of the sectors are doing pretty well we could have a second phase of acceleration like that on the results season it's when we have our google microsoft apple block that we have faced everything book we have all the blunders that swing at 72 hours of time their statistics there generally t we have we can see if they are good a priori there is no reason that it is not good and even above expectations to have a second phase acceleration phase therefore trading on the seasons of results it is a trading which is very particular it is for me the most important moment of the year so like its quarterly with four times these moments there and the rest between, that is to say all the same what represents about 80 85% of the stock market rate it's finally in the attempt to have these concrete results all the statistics that fall to us unemployment etc it's a little bit to guide us to know a little bit of an idea but the sanction the final judgment is in the accounts of the companies and there they are very good some companies have never made so much money and especially with a profitability which is which is interesting what we look in detail at their profitability the rhone mans has made good progress and salaries have remained low ages because you have an enemy the profitability of the companies is the increase of the wages which inevitably can possibly eat on the margins of the companies then I say can possibly this is not always the case because if you have a productivity l 'business by + 10% and you increase wages by 5% it's still good for your business you are your profitability in quotes increases by 2 5% if you have a productivity that increases by 3% and you increase salaries of 6% overall there we see that there is something wrong you earn 3 gives you here what you are you are much less dynamic and you lose money compared to the quarter or the year to the year before so it's always like that we can never speak of an increase in wages 100 meters in front of the increase in productivity the increase in yields etc but that we will see precisely with the webinar sure sure sure the minimum wage to m ais there for us concretely what is important is that the US banking stocks all goes well hopefully we can see when we see beginning to be slightly overheated on RSI serene in one hour but really nothing bad because 'we have our Notre-Dame yielded which is not tightening so we can still continue to have great potential there for example very concretely on goldman the stake will be 2 resist resist forgiveness that resistance 1 become becomes the support so we can do fundamental analysis we can do technical analysis but what surpasses everything for me is the psychological analysis of the markets that the markets are doing well there is no point in doing the fundamental analysis any crap show everyone everyone everyone sees there and that the markets are psychologically bad they are going to have a succession of good news it will slip it will piss lower try to see the fina markets nciers like yourself here you are certainly like everyone more or less its sides mixing phases where things are going well and when things are going well you are ready to take any bad news darling I got into the car it's okay my love i love you so much there are no worries and you go to sydney jo in an optimistic phase it is exactly the same for the markets when everything is going well if there is a small if there is a little negative bull news swept from a corner like that and you keep buying on the other hand if you are pessimistic it is not okay you are fed up you are tired and exhausted you have your wife who comes who says cherry june crash the car and there you are going to expose you are going to crack miss is not true then there you drive like your mother how we are going to do for exactly the same news so tried for me it is surely the most important on the stock market really the most important on the stock market that you understand that you feel the global climate of the markets and there we are since Thursday, well I write them several times on the forum we are in euphoric quotation mark mode so there we can have any bad news good except if towards g death krolu which is an atomic bomb that I don't really know which explodes but there for us this case there is all is well all is well he cashed jean casili bad news we have nothing to do we still buy so we are really in this climate and that is why technical analysis is no longer as efficient a technical test and very efficient I was going to say orange somewhere that we do not really know where we are going we are going we drop a little in touch and significant support we have an absolutely immediate rebound ca c it is the easiest areas to very idiots that we are a little in areas of uncertainty technical analysis is extremely efficient at this level there there the only thing I can tell you for technical analysis it is when the markets are euphoric the resistances you look at it even more the resistances stops from the places where they are going they were three rounds and hypotonic none to go up there the only thing is not to follow the movement crowd and not to consider that a resistance can be a place where you must cashed what is conventionally done to cash your gains you may have to wait a little laristan generally they explode and after you put your guaranteed stock under the resistance which exploded as a precaution especially since we are in a phase of euphoria as if gm we have a small phase of decline generally it will not go under the old under the old resistance which has become a support we will eventually just touch it and start again at full speed I wanted to show several cases especially yesterday on the nasdaq and the dax 30 Thursday I wanted to get on the zac and Wednesday I believe on the sweat on the tackle it's really typ ique typical of the markets also here it is a stake by Thursday on access Friday on the national typical of the bull markets small phase of decline a resistance which one exploded one touches it just and one starts again at all goes thus as you can see that technically i was going to say drop the technical analysis there it fell the fundamental analysis here is htc can sell if it is also if it is in time in our case therefore really for Me there is the global psychology of the markets and then there are sub divisions which allow us to refine technical analysis fundamental and technical analyzes extremely useful when the market while if really it is due it is the top fundamental analysis good I am afraid that this less and less weight nowadays with a society which goes faster and faster communication which goes faster and faster the fundamental it was the king of the 70s 80 until the May years -be going 90 we are wide but m now you have your share which will lose 4% which will take more 4 it's going to be on a tweet or something like that the fundamental is important yes it is better to invest in a company that earns money rather than a company which loses some but it is totally crushed now by the psychological impact and the speed Arabic and market ideas here in any case it is my it is my opinion that I share with you so I am ready to receive any threats of dead following all opinions posted on the net now it becomes it becomes a caricature to so here is for for for for goldman I would like to show you since a fortnight ago we had taken stock I had told you about wti in ten years which risked going above 82 81 dollars is what happened in an extremely precise way so when I did the analysis we were it was two weeks ago so here we are it was at the beginning of October So here we were on the 75 76 dol lars pretty much sure higher from the previous month and I told you that well it might really go up to go for the 80s and a little more and that's exactly what we did there in a straight line so you noticed on let's talk golman to i put myself in an hour to do my analyzes because well there is an interesting action side for the dice trading for the wti on ammonites and the lowest time and not leaving below it is the day why because here I am in an optic to double t2 to make swing and swing trading I did not put candles in one hour to could analyze I did not put candles in four hours either one is the smallest minimum candle in quotes for me to swing this is the daily and then daily weekly is then weekly but there really is if you think you will keep your position for several years at least over a year I put it in weekly re so that's why I stay on for an hour and to show you that we can have forgiveness on the building over the day to show you that for some things we can go to the level of the microstructure and for others will take a step back especially if we have a time horizon which is my case rather in swing trading sarts several weeks by several months if that if we go up to 100 dollars 120 dollars I keep do not know it is It's not a problem so here we are over 80 dollars it's more than it's pretty good so good for the producing countries not good if you are going to put gasoline in your sending of cars well of course what interests me see here is the is massaged from then on the hamas and d it is an indicator which is late obviously we are not going to buy we are not going to buy something on a crossing for example here from my yielded we are rather there is a very interesting mail delay effect for the swing to see the co ntinuity of the dynamics and see if we go up our stop in a fairly serene way and the judge we are there what we see is that we really have a continuity on our mass and from the moment we have tipped over to 66 70 dollars we have a protein is here we had a little tightening we see here it is this settling but we are on daily candles so a little settling we might have been able to ask ourselves the question to get out but here we can see that there are no technical reasons in any case to go out on my ceded at all the only thing that can be a little bit a little bit worrying is the rsi which is overheating we sees that when we sometimes have the story that in the blink of an overheating on the wti we have a correction which is quite violent for the moment the rsi is overheating but we have no reversal at the level of the duhaime gave in to swallow here we had to overheating rsi which begins to be found at this time and then we had the m assedic which So confirmed to us there when you have the rsi plus my ceded which is already slightly we delay the webzine in advance somewhere the hamlet cdi many that it is late it is interesting to have the two combo symbols the rsi can allow you to get into position and then you have to forget it and we go on the web has given way which allows us to keep the position the rcd is not an indicator that you decide to get into position but for me it is a indicator that allows to determine if we remain in position is there for the moment in my way of two strokes of a Lent gave the same I have no reversal so we can keep its position as a classic because I now use the my gave in for good I'm looking I'm looking I'm looking constantly and a few months ago I said like whispering the rcd it is late and all that and then one morning I woke up this it continues that we are passionate about what you betrayed and the night and I uis said but precisely if we why not use why not use it to my advantage the fact that it is late is the consequence that I am explaining to you it is very good not to get into position but to keep its position because precisely from its delay we can better see the tendency the overall tance so for the moment the above 80 dollars there is no problem we just show the stop there we have 80 73 we go back to 79 50 years 79 48 or 79 88 and then I was going to tell you we close our eyes and we keep this once a week there is no need to stress more secure swing positions like when like that like its ten daily candles I advise you not to necessarily look at all the hours what happens on it once a day seems to me that seems reasonable to me with an optics have done in any case for me it is the optics that I keep which all week I take stock on Friday to know if I 'also cash a gain or loss o u six games or if I let go I let go so there I let go I let go without any without any worries we will have talked to you about the French okay for the travel sector so Air France has quite stagnated and here we have an acceleration from Friday for air france so why we had this acceleration is a sector that is still very very subject to that ovide and we have a lot of action including airlines and American airlines more particularly who increased the day on Friday why because the White House said it will ease the lifting of travel restrictions for foreign nationals fully immunized as of November 8 that means that as of November 8 if you are fully vaccinate your vaccination pass you can go to the united states without any problem it means that it will fill up very quickly all the planes they will be full and so we have seven this b she goes up they play the most show you France already I didn't have it a fortnight ago but above all it is that Air France we took the most advantage so you will tell me they still took a little about 5% on the relays on the 4 euros which was really the level the low level they are at 4.21 so that she had a ground by the 4000 4 213 and so they took four others calmly 4 12 64% compared to by in relation to sewing which is interesting to see well this is why in France we took more advantage to feed France it is above all I was going to say r1 term that does not exist anymore is more thoroughly we see everywhere when we make sure that in my case all paris paris toulouse paris madrid and it is the one at air france but where they earn the most money is on names for nothing so a paris new york will bring in much more much more money at air france is much more profitable than making little ones making small bets toulouse even if the child 6 1 0 12 per day it earns absolutely nothing in quotes it allows to keep the planes in good condition is to earn hard and it pays quads and stewart salaries and but it really even if it is full there is such competition the prices are so low that good there is not much gain on the other hand for all that is major flights so if you do by and new york or paris tokyo the wii it earns a lot a lot of money all the more because there were also first class business seats that are not in the lines in the interior lines at samassa had made us laugh when there was a guy on twitter well a bit the level of twitter I I had taken pictures I was on a plane to toulouse paris and told me oh ah la la la traders you are you not even fly first class yes there is no such thing as the first places on domestic flights here is someone who does not never took a plane and then for an hour an hour fifteen plane trains you can pay if the ticket is more expensive either but here is the profitability it is on long journeys and that is good news that is why giving way between them is the airlines in foreign quotes in the united states that have benefited the most because you want to be able to bring people back to new york bring people back to los angeles bring people back to miami and that's good news it's for that political decisions in the United States have very strong consequences on an action like Air France because its profitability will be able to go up is compensated by losses which could even have on lines on domestic lines the group accor while the group accor reminds you it is at these European levels these world numbers one these numbers between 4 and 6 worldwide it depends on how you calculate your hotels tourism is strongly linked and we see that they are on the point lighter they also have took advantage of this little news in quotes because they will fill more jazz hotel in new york if you have French people English people Germans who can come more easily to New York but they are really on a very beautiful very beautiful dynamic really sees over a fortnight and like the actions I invite you to look at certain actions in any case well and you say that the interest of the pivot points my only and we see it there that on the on the group accor it works very very very very well the points the monthly pivot points and you see here we have the typical example of what I told you at this level there we have more or less a bounce buy signal it is not perfect it is far from perfect but let's admit that it is perfect then it would be perfect if you if you had you will vote orléans raid story 70 30 I have them that in 75 25 I invite you to read my book which explains widely largely why here we would have a signal interesting enough to perhaps say the end of the decline we could technically climb on the nakina chinon candles we are in red it's not going at all fine little thing that can be interesting on the ma yielded see them here candles this candle there it starts to start again a little bit but it is a delay clue so we will wait we will wait a while and we will return for example on this candle there it is in quotes the closest this was and is valid you have a what do you have an acceleration in it that didn't chi and you had your bounce on thursday the rsi anticipates a bit so you had your leaped to see if it's pretty good for normally leed me personally i would have gone into this candle there I am a little more aggressive but if you need to be reassured we go into this candle there and we have several really extremely extremely strong technical factors and look at our my yielded our soul has yielded it continues to mo nter crossing here and until then it progresses that means that if you followed the ma ceded did not serve us to return to the action yet it was used to keep the action accor it was totally different it could bring us here if we was really extremely careful therefore an exit towards 31 31 euros with an entry an entry then if we follow the rsi and the hamas sd and especially the change of polarity paul with an entry towards 30 euros so there was the story of doing this 3% in candle one hour in candle one hour on one on the hamas and therefore to be done in 24 hours a little less than 24 hours 3 3% on the action accor with this conjunction of it is judo in fact you take the weaknesses of your opponent and you make your own strengths so the tunes try a little too fast to which I integrate it does not give me is a little too long ok I integrate that and it makes you very beautiful entries in position and especially the hamas and d allows to continue continuous er to keep his class position that's how I was able to hold the positions much longer than usual we will quickly attack the indices people keep their yes the indices all the indices we will end up with bitcoin it's the euro the euro usd so it's gone the cac 40 that tell you everything is going great and there you see on 4 40 in one hour we have to dissin as what we are really sure sure sure sure sure sure sure purchases but it continues to rise that's why I tell you then normally we with the resistance a monthly we increase in the mass idea which is normally late we have very little very little red and we we really see that we have alas there it is very clear we are still super high on the cac 40 we have in fact there a slowing down of the acceleration and that is seen very well at the level here itself has given way and we also see at the level of the size of the candles but from Wednesday he made us an all in in a straight line the cac 40 c 'is enough it's quite impressive and it has not reached the highest of the previous month but it is not far from it 6756 1764 so we need a small kitchenette except new the catastrophic that this weekend but here we we really have a buying trend we really have an appetite to buy on the on the on the cac 40 as I said two days ago there is a forest and you can see this guy and this guy had euphoria that's when you have candles in an hour in elkin achi here it is the opening of the day on thursday and we have candles perfect perfect perfect until the close we have increased tenfold so that is a market which is overwhelming but this what is interesting for Friday is that we still had a lot more hesitation we were helped if I dare say finally at the end of the European session with the good corner of the good American statistics of 2:30 p.m. and with goldman and company which gave us good results very very good so it allowed to go up a bit but that's what is interesting is that the euphoria is not yet born not exuberant to we do not go up in a straight line and everything in an absolute continuous way and where we had a morning we almost spent the day full of hesitation on the 40th level and we can see the American effect not good statistics in the United States good American quarterly results you are going up then you are going to tell me but if American companies have good results that does not mean that French companies are going to have good results it's true but it's the united states of america you should never forget that and that means everything no i'm a little more a little more developed the good health of the american economy is buoyant for the whole world this is what will make the American economy healthy American companies earn a lot of money the Americans have a job and who likes the rgi 10th la can Americans earn a very good living i just give u n example which will you are immediately very speaking between a French professor who has they have a career as how I could have noted at the maximum the maximum levels or really the career between ideal quotes and an American professor at the same level the salary is 1 to 3 that is to say that you do there by working overtime after ten years whose salaries have increased little for teachers and I was between 2008 and 2011 per month between 5 and 6000 euros at 3 , 6 between 5 and 6000 dollars in the united states is something that is very common very very very common these basic teacher's salaries the same for nurses so the average salary in the united states at level ii goes to say the same type of job it's between 2 and 3 times so they have a very big purchasing power that's why we always go the Americans in the movies they have beautiful houses things like that it's not very either cartoonish because imagine you earn three times as much and real estate est selon les zones jusque là deux fois moins cher vous allez vivre dans un petit peu plus grand vous vous allez rembourser beaucoup plus rapidement n'allez pas prendre un emprunt sur trente ans vous allez prendre un emprunt sur 10 ou 12 ans ce qui veut dire 80 ans si vous avez commencé tôt en dire à 35 ans il y avait fini de payer votre barak et vous avez six mille dollars qui rentrent tous les mois votre femme on gagne six mille ou plus plus que vous donc voila vous retrouver un couple on va dire médian américain avec les deux qui travaillent ils sont entre 10 entre 10000 et 12000 entre 10000 des 1000 dollars 11000 12000 dollars à peu près un coup de français au médian qui gagne bien sa vie ils sont plus proches de 3500 à 4000 euros c'est pas du tout la même chose sachant que leur immobilier beaucoup plus cher ils s'endettent part d'un beaucoup plus longtemps quinze secondes plus à peu près en moyenne donc pourquoi c'est important que l'économie américaine et sa des conséquences che z nous sur les entreprises françaises si ça va bien chez eux ils consomment ils consomment ils peuvent acheter beaucoup plus de deux choses que nous il n'hésite pas et n'hésitent pas hésité à les américains achètent à crédit sur leur carte de crédit lors leurs vacances bon ça arrive peut-être en france mais moi ça me paraît totalement dingue je pars en vacances que si j'ai l'argent sur mon compte je ne sors pas une carte de crédit ou j'ai remboursé mes vacances pendant 12 mois mais eux ils le font sans son sens même aucune hésitation quelque chose qui est tout à fait normal donc ils ont beaucoup plus d'argent que nous et ils dépensent beaucoup plus facilement que nous les français on l'a vu avec la crise enfin avec le avec locaux vides ils ont mis l'argent de côté jamais autant d'argent de côté en france on est le pays qui avons le plus d'argent par tête d'habitant de côté les assurances vie les sicav les livres et à les livrer de belles et l'ivresse et les livrer là les pel tout est b lindé en france on n'a jamais eu autant d'argent qui entre guillemets ne sert strictement à rien parce que c'est l'argent qui dort alors à la société de gestion sont contente parce que ouais c'est cool l'argent des clients à gérer haha mais voilà ça crée pas directement des emplois quand vous avez quatre cent mille euros que vous confiez une société de gestion qui va vous travaillez pour fois pour faire travailler votre argent que ça rapporte de l'argent c'est à moins de conséquences directes que si vous prenez ces quatre cent mille euros et que vous allez ouvrir trois pizzas dans trois villes différentes créer douze emplois et créer une activité entre guillemets bon donc c'est americana qui représente quand même entre 20 et 22% de la consommation mondiale ça fait travailler le monde entier les usines chinoises et tourne pour les américains et nous aussi on tourne pour les américains on a un emploi sur quatre dans le domaine privé qui est lié directement à la bonne santé d'une entrepri se américaine ou à l'achat des consommateurs américains un sur quatre vous travaillez peut-être pour une boîte vous savez même pas le plus gros client c'est l'entreprise américaine et compagnie donc ça c'est vraiment super important c'est pour ça que on est chaque fois qu'il ya des élections tous les hommes politiques ont d'excellentes idées pour sortir le pays du marasme réel supposé imaginaire que peut être leur propre pays mais peut faire tout ce qu'ils veulent si ça va pas bien aux états unis ça marchera pas dans leur pays c'est pas possible c'est les premiers de cordée est le premier de cordée si les états unis d'amérique même si on est anti américains il faut bien accepter l'idée est qu'on pour eux ça va bien by tirs et il tire toute l'économie mondiale tous les pays derrière nous on n'est pas les premiers de cordée on est les lieux de cordée on va dire voilà est plutôt enfin voilà plutôt les milieux de cordes et dont on tire bon bah ça aide un peu des dpi beaucoup plus pauvre qu e nos des pays africains et tout mais au niveau mondial ça pas grand grand grand grand impact en aux consommateurs français après grand impact au niveau mondial la france pourra disparaître comme ça on ne sait pas pourquoi tous les transporteurs alien un truc comme ça au niveau de l'économie mondiale ce système continuerait à fonctionner bon un petit peu moins pour les produits de luxe on aura tout de suite et se retrouver à mccain qui prendront le relais mais mais voilà demain les états unis d'amérique sont en panne c'est tout le monde qui est qui est touché et ses deux millions de chômeurs en plus en france donc c'est pour ça que c'est important les résultats des trimestriels américains des entreprises américaines il faut les surveiller comme c'est pas possible parce que ça touche ça touche les belges ça touche les français ça touche toutes les bourses italienne espagnole etc c'est indispensable c'est même une décision que prend joe biden a plus de conséquences sur les entreprises fr ançaises une décision que peut prendre le président français c'est comme ça joe bayonne a pris une décision la france décolle voilà si le gouvernement français dit on ouvre l'espace aérien français sa frappe a augmenté aucune entreprise de aucune entreprise aérienne mondiale et même si le gouvernement français dit on faire notre espace aérien bah ça va pas mettront à par air france peut-être mais ça va pas mettre en faillite ou faire chuter les cours des grosses entreprises de transport aérien américain par exemple voilà c'est pas ces patates à sophie donc c'est ça aussi la bourse et voilà être humble et je vous parlais à mon avis des deux niveaux importants pour notamment quand on fait du swing trading ou même ou même du dé trading c'est bien comprendre ces deux facteurs ont pourtant la psychologie globale des marchés voilà on est en phase d'euphorie badiate outils montrent attention il ya tout qui montre n'importe quelle mère montera et puis l'importance des états unis d'amérique voi là vous avez des supers résultats sur les sur les bancaires américaines vous avez toutes les bancaires européennes qui sont bien montés toutes parts et fait 2 2 me mais ti sur les hommes assimilant aussi on va peut-être nous aussi récupérer qui a été quelques miettes mêmes et même les banques car espagnol qui sont au plus mal elles ont profité entre guillemets de c1 directement de ces bons résultats de leurs propres concurrents c'est vraiment vous montrer le poids mais absolu qu'on les états unis d'amérique sur la sur la sphère financière une passe rapidement aux autres aux autres un indice pour le dax alors lui aucun problème à partir du moment où il a breaké bas il continue de monter on arrive aux 15000 15600 il y aura peut-être une résistance à attendre sur les quinze mille huit cents on se rapproche à nouveau des plus hauts historiques heureux stocks même chose au plus haut quasiment plus haut historique bloqué par une résistance de mensuelle le vendredi là quasiment clôturé au plu s haut le dow jones lui il a même réussi à casser ccc résistance il et il explose plein nord alors attention quand même sur les indices américains ont commencé à être vraiment en surchauffe donc si on a une petite vague baissière de quelques heures très 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hamas et des 1000 ni le rsi avec cette action-là j'utilise les boîtes de darva c'est une tuerie avec dessus voilà et les boîtes de darva ça fonctionne pas du tout sûr sur tel ou tel indice mais voilà donc essayer de personnaliser au maximum et arrêter de chercher l'indicateur technique universelle qui marchera pour tous la pierre philosophale jamais marcher à ça des générations de chercheurs ont passé leur vie à essayer de trouver la pierre philosophale ne gâchez pas la vôtre essayer de trouver l'indicateur miracle qui marchera pas tous les indices pour toutes les actions pour tout les bitcoins quels que soient leur volatilité quel que soit le type de marché aussi baissier alors vous perdez royalement votre temps et votre argent j'en suis persuad é l'euro l'euro usd alors pour le rôle vsd on a un rééquilibrage heureusement heureusement qu'il est inapte qu'il a rebondi et qui est qu'il acquit la plus préservée les un point 15 pour la situation est pas géniale et leur bon on le voit c'est quand même un petit rôle bon au 2e trou moi ce qui m'intéresserait vraiment sur l'euro baisse des je sais pas du tout si on va y aller mais c'est si on casse lien 15 si on casse les 1,15 on risque d'avoir vraiment une réaction violente pour aller rechercher ni à 1,15 donc c'est sa toute cassure des 1 15 jeux mais pas à vendre sur la cassure j'espère qu'elle va être profond qui à voir que ça va bien descendre et qu'ensuite quand on joue à une bougie qui repart je rende pour aller chercher la réintégration des 1,15 jusqu'à ici le point bas à 1 1 152 à 1 153 à ça ça me paraît vraiment le bon combo à attendre ne pas se précipiter à l'achat sur l'heureuse des parce que là où ils ont rebondi mais bon c'est un petit rebond il n'y a pas une force énorme c'est vraiment très très léger à ce qu'il vaut mieux attendre la ccl pas me wt1 le pétrole je fais de trade 3,13 maximum par an mais quand je rentre c'est vraiment voilà c'est comme acheter je sais pas de l'euro usd à 1,12 en leur baisse de 1,12 ya pas grand risque dans le pire des cas on descend indices ont bondi on revient à 1 12 on est flatté il ya de fortes chances qu'ils nous fassent en 12 1 15 assez assez rapidement c'est assez rapidement donc à pour malheureux sd c'est pas le moment de se mettre de se mettre dessus bon je suis déçu qui n'a pas été touché 1 15 c sur premier passage sera peut être intéressant d'avoir de rentrer dessus s'est contenté de 1 15 25 voilà bon tant pis mais si on redescend là je le 1 15 pour du dé trading peut-être du scalping rapide mais si on casse les 1,15 alors là ça va être l'alertent pour 6 de rentrer en swing sur le niveau le plus bas le le plus bas possible en ayant en tête qui vont réintégrer les 1.15 rapidement voilà bah écoute et j'espère que ça vous a intéressé il va être 11 heures je vais donc conclure et arrêté j'essaye juste de trouver tous les logiciels de trucs en direct là ça doit être cela voilà boum voilà on se retrouve dans 5 minutes pour parler du smic je vais lancer la l'invitation en direct donc rester connecté n'hésitez pas à mettre des des petits pouces si cela vous a plu d'en parler donc voilà je vous mets aussi les webinaires du joueur j'ai mis 12 heures je vais entendre que de 12 heures à 13 heures j'ai plutôt envie d'aller manger donc ce sera maintenant à 11h et puis demain à 10 heures j'ai pas mis à jour c'est pas les valeurs de la chevalerie au moyen âge ça c'était ce qu'on avait vu ce sera la violence au moyen-âge à tout de suite dans cinq minutes le temps de lancer l'autre webinaire et de boire un p'tit coup ça fait une heure que je parle d'un stop portez vous bien merci de votre fidélité zhao

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