Good Week Trading : Actions, Indices, Bitcoins, Gold... le point en Bourse par Benoist Rousseau

Good Week Trading : Actions, Indices, Bitcoins, Gold... le point en Bourse par  Benoist Rousseau

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welcome to goudes week trading your weekly meeting every saturday at 10 am we will take stock of the market analysis the week the outlook for next week and then we will study diby shares known that and we will also see the gold something that I do rarely enough to have a vision a little bit in this direction we take a little time between us and then I remind you that we have three other webinars right away I ask you to put your thumbs up to salute the effort every Saturday Sunday morning to prepare yourself it takes several several hours and it takes every Saturday morning every Sunday morning here is a part on Friday night to be very honest and then we only attack right away on the gmi of little tricks here it is cool and we immediately attack the taste of huy that trading here then I remind you that just after the taste of trading we will have an economy webinar at 11 am on the politics of ri sque of a redistribution in France and we will wonder if it is effective you will learn a lot of things and for once it will not be caricatural it will not be a right-wing guy who analyzes you or a left-wing guy who had you say that and in the end it is only political propaganda it would be a fair and straight honest analysis and you will learn a lot of things i spent ten hours reading a lot of statistical works and i learned a lot of things me too that also broke some certain things false information that I had to and we meet again tomorrow I exchange the hours for the historical webinar we will show the two reactions in 1940 between philippe pétain and charles de gaulle there too it will be a historical vision and not of propagandist besides what will change what will change you in fact of everything that you can see on the net and it is in fact the goal of this channel so it will always remain confidential since if you want to make the audience low you have to be cartoonish, you have to take sides with an idiot to be extremist, so here I am not at all an extremist person in the chain will never take off but at least I will have the pleasure of having done the quality is perhaps to have opened some minds to the light in a world which is more and more obscure and then at 11 o'clock next Sunday at 11 o'clock tomorrow in fact we will see how to progress in the trading see in his life In general, see how we can increase our productivity at work as we can be much more efficient and we will tell you about the close kaisen which is a Japanese method developed in particular by toyota but that we can transform in any case that I have transformed in any case in my daily life and in my trading here is for the advertisements hoping that you will be there so we attack this week on the taste of wick trading so we had a week where it is quite r are we had two totally different dynamics we had the dynamics of the bullish European indices ended up on historic records we are looking at cac 40 look at that little historic record on Friday at the opening and we are there we were going back to sewing European markets so there it really shows that the trend is really strong on the cac40 to the same thing on the dax so it did not beat its all-time all-time record yesterday, well technically good if it beat at a in the morning but in any case in hours during normal market opening hours are therefore still on the highest and the eurostoxx 50 but also a historical record on the other hand in this is also just before the close so we has really really really really at a major surge on the European indices it's been six weeks going up non-stop without any breathlessness without any retracement they've been looking for all the low points that I had reported to you on Thursday that they have tested its low points and then they left due north, which if we look more precisely I am interested in a little more people the cac 40 we had this range which was magnificent resistance a monthly we hesitated a little contact of the 7000 points right we know mother accelerated yesterday we took an extremely strong break and that's what is interesting it is from the opening of the market on Friday at 9am for we left and leaned our body history and we are a little bit back and all the rest of the day we were very very positive so we really have a very strong momentum in europe sixth consecutive week of increase high scores on high score attention however that could be it maybe the last week of two records and of continuous rise why because we have for the first time since then also six weeks the American indices which fell is not used to that we had a fall of the American indices so I wanted shows very quickly it's a fortnightly view so wait days but here it is a one day view of the American indices and we can clearly see this drop we had at the beginning of the week very quickly when the markets opened Americans on the dow jones and then we had an extremely regular drop with a respect for the law back to its marks and the highest are lower and lower and therefore and the lower are lower and lower that we It really has a law of tight dauber on the other hand it was stopped in contact with the proximity of this zone to the proximity of the zone of the 35 750 I told you it yesterday there is heavy there is really lot one to the monthly middle ra we have the longest of the previous month we have a symbolic level of 750 so it really makes an accumulation of things which makes it difficult to go lower if we don't really have very important bad news and we see that they tried to go back up and take part of the kiss of the week but nothing more then why we hesitate like that we skate on the American indices because we had statistics which showed that at least in the United States inflation is rising and that we have in fact been rocked for long - by central banks, especially American, except for jérôme fauvel who wanted to be reassuring by saying that the rise in prices was transitory good you made it clear that my opinion good it was a little exaggerated and all the statistics which fall show that that is becoming more and more evident that this so-called transitional period in quotes is far from being and that it could and could last at least all year 2022 or even a little more a little longer and in all case what is certain is that in the eyes of consumers inflation he sees it very clearly and then we have the beginning of media triggering where we have, for example, mister leclerc who comes to the on the prices by apologizing and saying that he is doing everything to keep prices low but who will be forced to increase the price of potatoes by 10%, so yes we are going we have real inflation that exists can contact friends who did for example in the construction industry at the prices of raw materials soar at 6 no longer having the delays to be delivered so there we really have a kind of bottlenecks and an inflation which is multifactorial which appears everywhere except on wages well that c 'that's another debate but in any case it appears and its touch especially for the moment the United States of America which explains the fall of the American indices but which remains really very contained very contained I will show you the nasdaq we are going to do a little study on the zac there we have a small drop on the nasdaq indeed, especially on the day of Wednesday why because we had apple and microsoft which lost 1 25% but do not worry about them they will be recovered what i ls lost microsoft and apple on Friday which explains this cover we continue which was blocked and there it is a super interesting by the pivot point of the week the sixteen thousand two hundred we had a big turn of investors on apple microsoft which had lost a little bit of money but it got stuck on this pivot point beyond the week so it shows us that we were able to have a runaway purchase on the nasdaq it is Monday which is the most affected by an increase in inflation from the increase in rates these are the stocks that will be the most in difficulty so here is if the central banks, especially American central banks, are increasing rates more quickly than expected if the first to be affected impact and this with the values ​​of the nasdaq and senna zac which risk two passes and bright red as quickly as possible than the others ah I did a little simple little trick I'll show you we're going to look at our friend the nasdaq over ten years just com me that we are taking a little step back here we are going to put month by month we are going to put month by month here is our army and the nasdaq on going since we are going to take for ten years since 2010 so wait we will put on two months like that in make the candles a little better be a little bit bigger and I'm going to take you back I'm going to take it all off so we'll see better here is our friend nasdaq about here now we have even I'm even over ten years old if you want to see everything looking at it here we have the lava and I have it so I have 22 years of hindsight there we have the internet bubble on the nasdaq this famous bubble where everyone started to panic because everything collapsed on the nasdaq look at the internet bubble we had gone we went up to the maximum near the 5000 points we went down to almost 1000 points it seems completely crazy to say to ourselves that in 2003 we had the nasdaq 1000 points and that it is now at 6000 points x16 in x in 18 years it has been multiplied by 16 So see the growth we are we are on a bitcoin type chart we had the classic downturn phase the famous 2000-2008 crisis subprime crisis and then that's what interests me over the last ten years we only do finally going up we have the maximum we are on two-month candles we are at the maximum on a quarter over 4 months of stagnation or decline and then we chain full years of increase of 11 of increase of 11 why I am showing you this graph look at the size of the candles we see that we have an acceleration whatever happens to the volatility of the amplitude we see that we have started to pour money and that this money has been on its technological values ​​of more and more quickly then yes the size of the candles bigger because one is a little bigger but precisely it should be much smaller because it will be more difficult to have big candles when we are at ten thousand rather than when we are 4 minutes away look z here if I take this example we will say January 2020 come on let's be crazy we were around 8000 points two years after 18 months after ten twenty months after we did 100% here we have 100% and especially what is really the more impressive we are going to put candles in a month on the last period here we have our friend lcos empty we had the great indecision candle which told us in April aa in her that does not act we can maybe enter and then we had a succession of magnificent candles in full acceleration so when we see that includes a little bit of hindsight we say to ourselves we could have a market crash frankly we went from 2000 of highway is super nice valves went from 1200 to 16000 if we went down just at said mines, that is to say that if we lost almost 40% it would not be a scandal at all and we would still be on one in twenty years of continuous increase nunn non-stop I'm not saying we're going to have a leaflet 12 just alert in the fact that the trees do not go up to the sky we can go up to the sky until the end of the year that's not a problem but that a while ago we had an exponential vertical rise 'complained had two or three salespeople that they complained but they had such a crisis were quickly crushed and never heard of any more, however, if we have a downturn and I don't know when there will be a downturn etc I 'm not I'm not a soothsayer or a prophet of the apocalypse but it may be fast and violent because in all of history I remind you to watch just play crack the crash of 2000 to still score mark the Hopes forgive them traders like me who were a little traumatized by this we went from four mines to we will say less than 1000 was divided by four in a very short time renan in one between October 2000 and December 2002 that is to say in 14 months our course has been divided by four if we have exactly the has the same thing as what seems completely crazy to us but here it is a working hypothesis in two years would go from 16 me to 4000 points and we would come back to the levels of the years of the 2000s we are no longer at all in the 2000s I agree the companies are much more are much more reliable stable in the 2000s you took you shout a business you said to saly on the internet @ something nobody either too what it was and then they exploded it was going up all over the place why I made this remark to you because it strongly suggests or there I think there is a huge risk on bitcoins because 20 years later I have the impression of reliving the same fury or n Anyone goes out to a currency crypt that is strictly useless, and nobody else understands how it works, the interest thing contraption and poum and takes 100 200 300 500 thousand percent and everyone rushes over it we are even to create fake cryptocurrency to get [__] out of the mouths of people who buy crypto currency and they are so stupid that they buy and that and that it takes 1000% also so we end up in a system that makes me strongly think for them crypto merry-go-round insists on the seven coins which really remind me of what I have known by being 22 years old on the internet bubble or it was not quite the same the same proportions but I remember it there was an IPO I said I wanted to buy ten thousand shares because I knew that I was going to receive that 100 or 200 maximum IPO price after the stock took we took 50% to 100% very quickly a week later we were reselling and we had made 50 80% of capital gain that's what I call irrational exuberance and an apartment that he recalled was also the members of the fed at the time and out of the game we were found with the crypto market with exactly the same thing that's why I warn you in this market which attracts a lot of people who excite people who in fact don't know much that's what always excites people it's the easy quick money you put ten thousand euros you will see a million of which in a place where good be careful if you put money but bonuses were all over your capital on it because there will be a moment when it will backfire from in a violent manner and he will be able to see a movement of panic and there there are movements of crowd effects or sawn it works very well for me so much the better but there will also be bearish blurring effects and there we work a lot a lot a lot more quickly than one goes up why I insist a lot on this comparison the sda against 2000 entre2000 time of trying to say a very small hello here I am again for why I insist a lot on it because it really makes me think of what I knew naked and me and I was but the first to try to buy as much as possible everything everything everything IPOs technological stuff we took the money easily it was a crazy, completely exciting time but here I am, I have known virtual millionaires on many stocks that i.e. if they sold their technology shares that they had 23 million euros and ended up with 10,000 euros every two years later because they did not want to sell because they fell in love with their of theirs of their actions that as he had paid without it had risen to 300 when we found ourselves at five years that they are 10 and the sphere of the century at the boom it will go up again to 300 kind but all the kind but everything in the basket and then the action ended up laughing you are currently at 3 4 or 5 dollars yesterday my work shows forever so here it is the economic historian to the Sikhs who talks to you enjoy this who has already existed do not have to cash take take take pre are born profits know how to take them do not be virtual millionaires who will turn into real smicard because they did not want to take their profits I remind you of a sentence from baron de rothschild that I found he made me change your trading and who said I got rich by selling before the others so think carefully about that especially since we never have so much money in the market that we have never had so many people who know nothing absolutely nothing on the financial markets which opens idiots who do not even know too much or on exotic islands where we do not even know that they created this forex platform to buy things that they do not really understand what it is these voices there is really a systemic risk so we are going to come back to bitcoin because there is also something that is super interesting by the big boss broke his all-time all-time record at 69 thousand dollars and we said everything immediately why bitcoin this set to rise like that why it took 2 10% to stop on inflationary fears immediately and this is what will have explained that bitcoin has become a value in quotes, refuge against inflation and we saw his part touches the laughter bah you have as you have a lot of people who have bitcoins who we have invested in the clip your currency they have every interest in making a maximum of positive buzz to attract two new people so that they put back to the pot and find people capable of buying a myth kon its 65 thousand dollars and here is therefore to a whole process also marketing above to support its values and I for example I receive my permanently permanently permanent 50 times a day on my social accounts in private spam message to tell me this this absolutely awesome new bitcoins you are going to make a fortune thing thing and the way it is written in addition on automatic cd rom that sends who did that is p as a human person and the way this written vocabulary used we see the we will already say the type of profile which is which is sought it is rather wesh well with 500 euros than charles edouard with five hundred thousand euros who is who and spamming and therefore we already have spam and illegal activity so we have to support crypto currency we already have illegal activities for 6 to reach as many people as possible and if you have an account and instagram it is a little known a little followed it is invaded permanently by spam on all your photos on all your comments and all and that we are absolutely unbearable it is the risk that cleaning all this erasing the spam it will soon take you half an hour half an hour per par day so here I realize also on the forum the forum is 11 years old 11 years old guy a year ago for 5 6 years 7 years there was massive spa for all brokers for rich period for all binary options thing gadget now we don't have any more nothing since they have been totally banned and now what we constantly receive on the forum is spam for crypto currency the crypto threat cryptome so we have exactly the same system and there I find that there is a massive acceleration of spam in what a massive acceleration of spam is that it is difficult to go back up to find new new people to put back to the pot so it can also be a signal that there is a shortness of breath here So everything that has been said about crypto currency allows you to protect against inflation twenty-four hours later we have exactly the opposite but lost 10% in inflation in always the same fears but sanaa we will compare with gold that’s what interests me not what we say exactly the same thing we say laure protects against inflationary pressures so there you have the money team in front of you I also show you the soil sums also not then who has failed on its resistance a monthly I want to say I am absolutely not against crypto is absolutely not if you have followed me I have spoken of bitcoins of crypto currency mining of crypto currency from 2011 in absolutely total indifference winds surely go I have also stopped talking about it and hey that's what amuses me so here we can not call me crypto currency at all I was a miner I am still a crypto currency miner good geek side of course which amuses me I spoke about it ten years before everyone else in quotation marks ah here then I am not at all anti at all but here from my experience I find exactly the same irrational similar behaviors on the crypto currency that I was able to know in the 2000s it can still go up there is no problem but at some point it will be the end of recess if if I dare say they have not found new people for put back to the pot there is a little side ponzi means have more a little t side which are super super bad since on bitcoins that we are looking at the distribution of going 40% and bim known in the world which are held by a few people so the day they will agree to say go it is good we cash here we also need a lot of toddlers to be able to absorb the fact that they control blocks but colossal bitcoins it's a little as if the stock market on the on the nasdaq we had I don't know me an agent who controlled 40% of the volume on the on the nasdaq good bah here is any traders running out saying it's a good day to handling good which is not the case on the show on the side bim here it is knowing that even having said that I will be massacred by the shares precisely the people who do everything to try to raise the prices of crypto but we will compare on gold so here I come back to bitcoins so the effect bitcoin what will invest and above to counter inflation and we will look at the facts or here is the effect or people would invest in it to counter inflation so very clearly in gold yes on binck oms we are smoking you this is how this quickly teaches its senses of repetition bill qods and lower today hui that on this so-called safe currency against inflation what we have heard all this week and gold is at its highest and has risen all throughout the week so why is it to which is a refuge against inflation it's a good question the first thing I think it's as pure a psychologist the historians economists it's that there is an effect of habit there is an effect of habit all our ancestors all our ancestors was the only thing they could invest in to fight inflation the only thing there was that held value over generations of time and helped to fight currency devaluations had to own gold that is very clear d 'as much as the transactions were done in money is there and it was not like us we have money in virtual quotes here it is we have possibly we still sometimes have banknotes it's been a long time since I no longer have touched but here it is on an account we have we have a number there is a form of virtuality our ancestors it was physical they had the money in their hands in their mouths under the mattress literally buried under the oak in the garden so if you have an old house verizon family I encourage you to at least rent for a day a frying pan that is to say metal detectors went for a little tour in the family garden turned good one turns around the chains you never know you are going to be able perhaps to find what is called a family treasure which was buried there because my banking system did not exist there were ten invasions etc and that people were generally doing the interests they have interest before leaving in the event of an invasion he would bury well protected like that if the invaders stopped them the excavations r I am pocketing a pot I have no money I am really sorry he could possibly get out so people did not leave did not run away with all their money rather buried near the house in the garden discreetly so here we go around the chains it works pretty well and then you do not keep me informed if you find a great monetary treasure really have a photo j 'love I love old coins and I would have been happy to have contributed to the re-discovery of a treasure of a monetary treasure joke apart from it remains very anchored the fact that you have people then often the characters and I still had a tea a testimonial there on this week on youtube ah well me I'm good I bought gold money to its under my mattress I'm not afraid of inflation that yeah it was come on we will say to the 19th and 18th and 17th including a long 1000 at th at the time of the Romans here people had the money finally it is not the money that they really had a small gold plate a small ingot of talent it is late and that is why because as I told you the money which circulating it was really gold coins but to have devaluations he withdraws the gold and there were more and more alloys in quotes and so that's why the monetary system was extremely complicated because you had identical gold coins that did not have the same dates where the same emperor or the same king and swallowed one to four times cheaper because there were a little less dahlias and a little more alloys a little less gold in some currencies I'm not even talking about the coins if you deviate essential in gold silver which are oddly cut it is simply that there were points there were 1 coins for example you wanted to buy buy something good well it was that price you d onner a gold coin the merchant weigh the gold coin there was a little too much gold well well we were chopping here is the coin and we had the right weight it was good and the rest gold dust where the little bit that had you withdraw from your coin not you get it back it was you gave change it's a little that's the origin of the word that's why sometimes in my certain patois chin to deny the change bah that's it is to read it is to give back the change except that they really had a file for pau to file the part so we finally lived in all our ancestors however if we take them even understand the egyptians are going to say for three thousand years with this idea that gold protects and it is that always exists when you go to india the lower the poorest lower castes in india before always surprised but they have jewels in gold and he dies dies of hunger yes because what they wear is absolutely 100% of their heritage e in some cases in india they are not even allowed to have a bank account paper money there is inflation and everything so eh well here they have jewels they have they have gold jewels and when they have trouble finishing the end of the month when you have to buy something well they'll remove their skin, take it off four or five my make it weigh and have their round of money in exchange so he lived a little exactly as our ancestors lived not so long ago until the 19th century it was a little bit in France what you even mimi twentieth century it was a little bit the principle so yes we can see it very clearly when there are always tensions of inflationary pressures that we are a little afraid there is an old reflex which is to buy then and this explains that gold has progressed well to date very well is what really that protects against inflation if you have a lot of cash which will protect you from inflation for example ple is to buy a good a physical good since the principle of inflation is that the prices go up so you can buy gold which is of little use and pay great attention to taxation on gold because its part may be interesting if you buy physical bullion before you may be extremely surprised when you will see it being sold and there you will be massacred by if you are in France you will be massacred by the tax two seconds I 'm in high school voice recognition it was also throws so be careful that's why it's better to fall but if you to hedge against inflation buy future lots that makes you re take it up and that's it has much more efficiency you go and you go how to say 'absolutely not not to suffer the field I have absolutely not to undergo a taxation which is absolutely insane insane on the gold and in addition to the east - vous faire repérer par le fisc monsieur si vous allez commencer à vous acheter 3 4 lingots en or tout ça tout ça s'est déclaré voilà donc n'essayez pas si vous êtes revendeur de drogue il faisait plein de liquide d'aller acheter des lingots en or ah voilà c'est pas c'est pas le truc mal à vous allez vous faire repérer très rapidement donc je suis désolé de casser ce mythe aujourd'hui et je vous leur monde comme quoi le bitcoin permettrait serait une valeur considérée comme protégeant de l'inflation à ce jour non pas du tout j'ai fait une vidéo l'année dernière aussi qu'ils disaient suivent une grue meurt si les marchés baissent le peekton il faut investir dessus c'est de cela monte pas du tout j'ai rentré dans une vidéo qu'on les marchés financiers se prenait une grosse claque lebedko nice s'en prenait une encore plus encore plus magistrale donc faites attention sur tout ce qui est les crypto monnaie et c'est un mineur de 2011 qui vous qui vous le dit a fait attention à toutes ces rum eurs fait que news dans un but spam que vous devez vous aussi recevoir dans un but unique décident de maintenir ou de faire monter artificiellement une à l'instrument je pense que vous n'êtes jamais reçu de spams pour de l'action renault en vous disant acheter renault bla bla bla bla c'est formidable ce train donc voyez déjà il ya une grosse différence de mentalité et jeu je vais pas en dire plus je vais revenir donc sur les indices américains j'ai encore deux ou trois petites choses à vous dire mais je voulais vraiment me faire faire le focus dessus parce que quand on voit quand on se fout des gens ça me ça m'énerve un peu et tous ceux qui ont dit que c'était pour l'un que voilà acheter du bitcoin sa mort alesi à l'isie endettés vous vendez votre maison il ya l'inflation c'est la fin du monde mais de métier tout sur sur bitcoins voilà yann bon il n'ya pas d'éthique tout simplement ils vont pas s'excuser surtout pas ils vont être agressif snpi 500 donc indices intéressants extrêmement large a progressé aussi jeu je n'insiste pas sur sur les points bas est sûre et sur les ponts j'en ai parlé vendredi dans good morning training c'est exactement les mêmes sûr sûr sûr les indices américains tout l'enjeu pour nous la semaine la semaine prochaine ça va être de voir comment vont se stabiliser les indices les indices américains est-ce qu'on va être reparti finalement on aura un petit peu calice cette semaine repartir ayrault sur une nouvelle exubérance haussière pour finir la fin de l'année on ne peut pas le dire mais c'est ça qui est intéressant c'est repérer les points hauts des différents indices américains et voir si on les breaks si on ait réussi à les breaké c'est un super signal pour la fin d'année comme quoi ils pourraient nous faire un petit un petit rally si derrière on enchaîne à la fin du mois avec le black friday avec des bons chiffres ça peut être extrêmement extrêmement moteur on a une info qui très importante la semaine prochaine on à wal mart qui va publier ses résultats il boucle la saison trimestriels c'est parti dd habitude et ça ça va être vraiment surveiller de près pour voir si les tensions inflationnistes ont on réduit la consommation on a eu un indice du michigan qui était très mauvais qui est tombée hier bon ça n'a pas du tout fait réagir les bourses américaines au contraire continué de monter donc c'est encore une preuve que l' indice du michigan ne sert strictement plus à rien du premier à le regretter parce que j'adorais cet indice voilà c'était quasiment au jour de fête quand quand on sortait pendant dix-huit chicken sortait et maintenant tout le monde s'en fiche donc voilà il ya des effets dy fait des effets de deux modes aussi sur tous les indices l'euro un petit zoom sur l'euro ben voilà il se prend une grosse claque je vois qu'on peut juste résumer ça sur une année l'euro est au plus bas alors bon ça une bonne chose ou une mauvaise chose on va essayer de devoir haut niveau au niveau global alors premièrement mauvaise cho se si vous voulez vous expatrier tout va coûter plus cher si vous expatrier dubaï l'immobilier à il s'est pris il s'est pris pas mal ça va vous coûter beaucoup plus cher donc est-ce que 1,14 c'est un bon niveau bah oui c'est un bon niveau pour l'industrie européenne nos produits du coup sont que des gens vont acheter en euros comme l'euro et un petit peu plus faible là c'est par rapport à la parité avec avec le le de la bombe grosso modo on a perdu 8% sur sur une année nos produits se vendent un petit peu mieux deuxième point positif c'est que quand on achète à l'étranger ce qui est pas bien pour la balance commerciale les produits sont un peu plus cher mais ça réduit un petit peu le pouvoir d'achat on a toujours cette lutte un quand j'entends parler des hommes politiques qui disent oui les produits chinois il faut les taxer à 20 30 % ouais tout le monde est d'accord sur le papier par tant de personne n'est prêt à payer 20 ou 30% de plus les produits chinois parce que ça représente à p eu près 80% de notre de notre consommation merci yannick de me dire qu'on ne voit pas les graphiques je suis désolé j'ai pas pensé bon à n'hésitez pas à m'envoyer des oies de sapins donc je reviens sur bon jour faire rapidement alors je sais pas j'ai pas dû vous n'êtes pas dû voir le beacon du coup donc on est on est sur un 14 en baisse depuis un an sur sur l'euro sur l'euro usd 1 et donc c'est positif pour l'industrie française c'est positif parce qu'on peut plus exporté assez négatif parce que tous les produits que l'on achète à l'étranger du vont nous coûter plus cher et c'est là où il faut trouver un équilibre parce que la matière première coûte aussi peu cher et ça ça peut être un désavantage pour certaines industries françaises et européennes pardon je suis trop nationaliste pour certaines industries européennes qui consomment qui pour générer leurs produits consomment beaucoup de matières premières matières premières ça peut être l'extraction l'extraction de la terre d'où aussi le pétrole beaucoup de plastique plastic idéal pétrole etc donc si le pétrole coûte beaucoup plus cher on peut avoir une augmentation de la moindre souris en plastique même produite produisent on a donc là il ya un gentleman agrémentent a essayé de trouver je me rappelle avoir lu des études ya trois quatre ans qui disait que 1 euro entre 1,10 et 1,20 et là on est pile au milieu et l idéal c sont des études économiques et l idéal pour pour l'industrie l'économie européenne on avait un avantage par rapport aux américains pour écouler nos produits et ça ne nous ça ne nous plaît pas trop pour pour produire malgré nos achats à l'extérieur donc c'est pour ça que 1,15 c'est pas un niveau qui est massivement choquant c'est en fait le niveau médian attendu est connu par les économistes par les chefs de gouvernement d'ailleurs vous en avez entendu aucun qui s'est mis à hurler en dix ans l'euro est trop faible non voilà donc ça pourrait se mettre à stagner quand même quelques temps entre entre en tre ces zones là on va dire entre entre hal et 1,12 1,12 et et 1 18 et 1 15 1 16 c'est vraiment le niveau idéal pour notre croissance donc y aura pas d'intervention de la bce pour soutenir l'euro il arrive exactement là il est à 1 40 1 145 1 15 c niveau idéal donc il arrive idéalement dans toutes les projections économistes et des économistes à mes européen voilà donc pas s'attendre est ce que il ya une réaction de qui que ce soit que ce soit au niveau politique au niveau économique ça arrange tout le monde en europe voilà c'était le petit point euros que je voulais vous faire alors je vous remonte puisque du coup j'avais pas ni j'avais pas miner graphique du jeu mon gros visage en plein en plein écran du coup donc le bitcoin salah donc si on a une petite accélération nous avait dit ah la la le beacon c'est les gens se précipitent pour acheter du beacon ce parce que c'est l'inflation h et un module que dalila il a tout pour mieux encore plus encore plus encore plus rapidement donc voil à ce que je voulais c'est que vous mais merisier 7 cette évolution du bitcoins sûr sûr sûr les quinze jours et comparé au gold up ou là le golfe on voit bien que les gens 30 inflationnistes tout de suite on se met à acheter le goal oui il garde encore ce statut-là de d'investissement rassurant en cas en cas d'inflation même si très honnêtement c'est pas super super rationnelle si l'inflation arrive il vaut mieux que vous achetiez ce n'est pas si visage et un achat immobilier vaut mieux acheter une maison que acheter acheter des lingots d'or voilà après est ce que cette inflation est transitoire ou pas elle va durer un petit peu parce que là aussi il faut bien le dire ça arrange les gouvernements ça arrange les gouvernements le 1,15 sur leur baisse des ça s'arrange la zone euro pas trop y toucher et une inflation l' acia pouvait rester dans l'est pas plus de 5% surtout pas mais entre 3 et 4% ce serait génial pourquoi parce qu'on peut continuer à emprunter a pas grand chose et toutes les dettes que l'on accumulé on peut les rembourser avec un peu moins d'argent un petit peu en monnaie de singe france france trésor par exemple à de supers bien géré la crise puisque la lc ré endetter sur des prêts on va dire à parfois négatif on dire desprat 0 à 0,25 à 0,50 et avec ça on à rembourser des dettes que l'on avait avec des taux qui était à 6 ou 7% donc c'était absolument génial donc voilà c'est plutôt plutôt sympathique aussi pour les gouvernements ils se retrouvent là alors si ci gère bien les choses ils peuvent emprunter à pas cher parce que bon on n'entend pas beaucoup de gouvernements qui dit on va faire une de l'austérité c'est toujours augmenter plus toujours plus toujours plus toujours plus jusqu'au moment où ça s'arrêtera alors on a eu un exemple avec l'adresse c'était toujours plus toujours plus toujours plus pire moment game over et il retourne 30 ans en arrière et toute la jeunesse se doit fuir parce qu'ils n'ont plus aucun avenir etc mais bon pour le moment un te mps que ça marche on y va on fonce 1 c'est dans la nature humaine a priori donc ça arrange les ça arrange les gouvernements et aussi réussir à garder une inflation entre 3 et 4% bon au niveau du pouvoir d'achat on s'en rend bon shonen un peu mais bon sa barre on s'habitue le pot de yaourt de 125 millilitres il passera sera exactement le même format et puis il passera à 100 millilitres et 80% des consommateurs nous entendons par contre où ils râleront du rail au canada voilà et le prix le prix sera conservée on en mettra juste un petit peu moins d'ailleurs je sais pas si vous avez fait attention mais vous commencez à voir des ces plots kg certaines choses que vous achetez ces plots kg et où commençait à voir 950 grammes 850 g 40 voilà surtout sur les produits assez cher type produits bio chez biocoop ils font beaucoup de 850 grammes en ce moment et vous dites voilà bon on s'en rend compte parfois on râle un petit peu m'en fous ou éventuellement et puis on les achète quand même et puis f inalement on mettra peut-être un petit peu moins dans son assiette on perdra du poids et ce n'est pas si mal que ça tout cas pour moi non on mange toujours autant en fait mais donc voilà le petit le petit temps je vois je voulais vous faire un petit tour un petit tour des démarches et donc je conclus marché européen très positif très positif sur le marché européen ils sont moins touchées par l'inflation donc c'est pour ça qu'ils nous font aller scories soirée score attention hein dès qu'on aura la bce qui va dire attention l'inflation en zone euro est trop forte c'est ce sera ce sera à l'europe d'avoir sa petite vague de baisse marché américain avec une statistique qui sont tombés ils ont un petit peu baissé mais franchement pas du tout par rapport à ce qu'est ce que sera pu être puis se reprennent un petit peu enfin deux enfin de deux semaines le bitcoin c'est pas du tout un investissement pour lutter contre l'inflation lors le prouvent 1,15 et le niveau que tout le monde attend au ni veau de la bce ddd chef d'entreprise ça convient à tout le monde on n'a pas un job hayden qui est particulièrement actif sur sur l'euro donc on risque peut-être de stagner pas mal pas mal de temps sur ces zones là voilà je vais arrêter là pour le goodwill training j'espère que ça vous intéresse je m'excuse de ne pas avoir mis les graphiques mais je suis tout seul à faire le son le montage en direct les changements de caméras et compagnie et voilà et là c'est un loupé voilà ça arrive et puis je vous retrouve dans très précisément cinq petites minutes pour vous parler de la politique de redistribution en france est elle efficace franchement je vous encourage à voir cette vidéo je gagne pas d'argent il n'y a pas de pub sur les vidéos donc vous soyez miloudi 1000 change rien rien pour moi mais c'est important parce que ça vous évitera de de gobi toutes les conneries que l'on peut raconter dessus et je peux vous garantir qu'il ya des surprises j'ai moi même été surpris et pourtant je suis h istorien économiste comme quoi ça fait du bien de retourner de temps en temps dans les archives et de fouiller sur ce portez vous bien on se retrouve dans cinq minutes et bah merci malgré les petits problèmes 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