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Godzilla King of the Monsters SPOILER Review

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Hello, and, welcome, to my spoiler review, for, Godzilla. King, of monsters, and, I gotta say I really, feel, for, you Godzilla, fans who are enjoying the movie I'm not as I said in my non-spoiler. Review a kaiju fan so, I don't take the hate that personally. But, Wow some, people are really out with pitchforks, over this movie like it's an overwhelming, wave, of negativity, in some, regards, I feel like Godzilla, after. That oxygen, bomb went off from like I need some positivity, but. My job is to give the positivity, to you so I'm gonna radiate, it out replenish, you we're, gonna talk about this, movie because you know I see a lot of people talking about what they would like this, movie to be what they would prefer it to be and you know what yeah it's, not the Dark Knight but they tried what that with, 2014. Cigars, illa and it did not work out it was Gareth Edwards fault, he's the guy who later got kicked off rogue one. For, Tony. Gilroy had to come in there and fix that up Tony Gilroy, you know unlikable Tony Gilroy is he, did a wonderful job born, then he fixed rogue, one and he still doesn't get any work okay they're like that's, how much people don't want to be around Tony Gilroy even, though he'll break a great movie for you okay, and that's also how desperate, Star Wars was anyway, we're talking Godzilla, so yeah it's not a Dark Knight but, it's really a 2012. That. Was, also a fun ride of a movie which people also like, to hate on I mean you think the Godzilla arty score is low whoo it's even lower for 2012. But, you know what's higher for 2012, in the box office made even more than, 2014's. Godzilla, worldwide, so, I think it's an understandable. Creative choice with this franchise, you. Know for Warner Brothers to take it in the disaster movie, direction, from, which Roland Emmerich has him you, know built a whole career and. Also I have to say East versus, West translation. Entertainment, wise has always been tricky look at the uphill battle that anime has had good, luck ty ku with TD with Akira, that's. Interesting, actually because Akira, has a lot you know Japanese, storytelling. You've. Had a hard time at the Oscars too with their movies. But they are there's such strong. Messages. That they imbued, their blockbusters. To a degree that we're, not used to here in the West and I think that's one of the things that's kept the Godzilla audience so small for the original movies here and. I think to some degree jettisoning. In it jettisoning, it for the this movie I think, works I mean we can get back to the you know to those strong, messages, in the Godzilla movies but I don't think you can start with them we got to slowly gradually work, our way there I would love to see that injected. Into, some moisture and storytelling, as, long as it works at the, box-office right, because, it's. It's a tricky thing to do it's it's it's really hard that's why and I think that's interesting that the two biggest movie-going, audiences, are from. Two such very different cultures, and, it's why it's so hard to have something that's a huge hit in both, regions. Except. Marvel movies China sure loves those Marvel movies although of course Godzilla, hails from Japan. Uh and. Japan. Japan. Has even Japan's, box office is nowhere near the size of China's which is I think also maybe. Kept Hollywood, from reaching out to them like the way they're reaching out to China right now listen. This spoiler review took an interesting turn right, we're talking about the business of worldwide. Cinema. But. You know Japan did I think contributed, ton of money to frozen to frozen so. There. Is some crossover, ground. Anyway. I, think. That Godzilla. King of monsters does, still manage to get some interesting ideas into, the mix they piqued my interest and, that's what we're gonna talk about first in fact I think there's enough world-building hair not just for a ride as I said in my non-spoiler, review but.

If I were coming up with shows for the upcoming Warner media streaming service, I would genuinely consider, some kind of world-building show, for, you, know a post good to look king of monsters world, because I think it's very interesting what's happening here all, right so the first interesting. Thing I want to talk about is that we refer Mia was not only revealed to be evil which we kind of got from the trailers, but. What really surprised, me is that she talked her daughter Millie Bobby Brown into being evil too like wow that, made me like sit, up after, the you know at the end of the first act when that was revealed when her Kyle Chandler was like come on honey come with me and she was like no I've joined the dark side dad, so she's like I also, like to juice kind of like dad you're not supposed to be here we're gonna kill everybody I mean it was it was really a shocker usually they don't make kids and teenagers evil, right there always pawns or unwitting pawns of their parents right or they don't know any better but, Millie Bobby Brown full-on, made that decision her brother you know kind of talked her into it a little bit but she was like yeah okay yeah let's do it I mean I thought that was amazing. I mean they kind of did a good they. Did a good thing where they like kind of did a misdirect, where she said I'm a little worried about mom I want to talk to you about it but it was more like mom. Has an interesting idea I'm not sure if I want to go along with her or not you know it was almost like just like she wanted use her dad as a sounding, board I guess I like that really Bobby Brown's character had some agency, not. Just when she decided to rebel against, her mother and steal the Orca device nod. To Jurassic Park when she was going through the, ventilator. You know the ventilation. Tubes and also die hard right. But. Yeah I mean she had agency, at the beginning when she decided to be evil I thought that was great I mean, I can, it really made me feel like this movie was gonna be something special that's like that was a twist that I was like okay this isn't just a by-the-numbers stay open to that point I thought, the good Zillah movie was like yeah it's good enough I'm having a good time but I thought it was genuinely, got interesting, with that twist and continued, to do so from there I liked. Having a family on the wrong side like it just interested me just when they were walking in, the tunnels at the at, the bunker and. Millie Bobby Brown was like maybe maybe, my, dead brother wouldn't have it into this and you're like you think but. It was like the. Family on the wrong side so often, you see families, and blockbusters, and they're on the side of the rebellion, and stuff like that right or if they do join the dark side it's just pump someone goes by themself, right, you don't see couples or families go, to the dark side as a group and so I like that discussion, it was like a realistic, groove from Despicable Me situation. And, I know there was very strong acting, from both veera for Mia and Millie Bobby Brown they played I thought two very competent, characters, which is unusual, with, female characters, a lot of the time particularly in the science, area and. Usually when you have female scientists, they're just like very good at their job but, again they don't have the agency.

That I felt both characters, had making. Their own decisions. I like, the stuff with the Orca I both genuinely, felt they knew how to use that thing even though I never understood, how it actually worked, and I liked Vanilli Braun gave the finger to Charles dance in, the elevator and when you realize that she was working with him it makes, this seem even more interesting, because she's like I'm working with you but I still don't really like you I know that's why she felt comfortable doing that by the way cuz she knew they were all on the same side that was great stuff I really. Liked it a lot I mean I'm really Bobby Brown of course has been venturing a little bit an Anne Hathaway territory. Lately and her you know how she presents herself but. I thought she did a really nice job here, even her argument with viewer for me at the beginning in the kitchen I thought. That she had some really nice character, moments, they're very realistic, I liked a lot and. Also speaking of female characters, they're so often portrayed as nurturers, in movies so, I love that they're both evil and they were totally okay with killing all these people and like their co-workers, like like night when that guy was killed when the wall exploded behind him who fear for me had been talking to all, day you know like when she was like no I'm gonna go out there and take care of it and when she insisted, on going out there to use the Orca device she knew she was gonna go to harm's way I wasn't but you know the Millie bug around right after her was that all an act I mean, I just it was so evil I thought it was fabulous that. I. Have to say beer for Mia also, just to show what a good actress she is she doesn't usually get enough credit for anything what she brings to the table it's. Unusual, to see a strong female, character, actor and that's exactly what V refer Mia is but. I loved, that. She. First of all was able to make her, model shimano logged a lot I love that she was able to make her she. Was able to make the justification. For her actions make sense at least to me I've, seen a couple of people criticize it but I think she I think she felt like if she didn't sacrifice these, other people along. With her son then her son's death, meant nothing but if he was just the first wave of a necessary, sacrifice, well. Then it wasn't so horrible you know it suddenly, it wasn't such a horrible, thing that happened so, that worked for me I got that I, was. Owned out during so my friend monologuing, to be fair but I got the gist of it and then, I genuinely felt, dad for her at the end when she decided to sacrifice yourself to save her family I mean that's amazing especially since she'd been so evil up into that point but, I still like teared up when she died, I think because Avira for me I made it clear that she wasn't a horrible person, she, just lost her way and that's a very sophisticated approach. To a, villain that not you know the villains not like you know mustache, twirling but. Instead is you. Know an. Intelligent. Troubled, person, who had something horrible happened, to them and they, just got lost in the darkness of that I got all that from her performance, so I was happy with it the, next environmentalism. Which of course was a huge, factor, you know factor in her justification. I saw. My, non-spoiler. Review someone, when someone one, of you who's a Godzilla, fan wrote in the comments, that you, know for this to be faithful to the original movies it has to have a strong environmentalism. Aspect. To it so you'll be very pleased I feel that the movie does and. I didn't quite get it at first I was like how is this gonna help the earth but, that when the news started to show that the destroyed, cities, and I was like it'll get destroyed some like real cities I like that I like that the movie went there right you so often you're like it's like this movie never happened, come on take it stand and they did they, stood right on top of the city and, stomped around a lot until they were just ruins. But, then they showed these gorgeous, prehistoric, giant, size jungles, like growing, up and there and there's in their place, I started. To see what mirror for me I was talking about and I thought it was interesting that the radiation, coming off of the kaiju wasn't. The bad kind although, tell that to Ken Watanabe we'll, get to him in a moment but. That actually was like healing the earth and. Like when they walked like plants sprung up in there in their steps I thought, the whole thing was like really cool and I would be interested to see you, know that's my next point what, does a kaiju world, look like what, is it like to live in these plant cities right when you take out the, infrastructure, of society, because it's just been so disrupted, by what's happened here I mean you go back in many ways to the era of cavemen, right I mean that's crazy to, me I mean so I have, well I guess I'll talk about that first I wanted to do was something about I'll touch on that and say at the end but, it made me think that you know in today's world as we get more and more technology.

More Knowledge, and we're more feeling, that we're in control of our own destiny, and we understand, why things are happening right to. Be thrown back into a time where. You don't understand, why things happen, and you have no control over it and you just have to go, with the flow it's like everyone. Becoming suddenly religious. Again with these as the new gods and that was like a really, interesting thing to me that's what I think like the streaming show could focus on so as I said I was getting all this from the movie so I thought, it was doing that it was like it was planting, the seeds let's say. But. Then I have to I thought it was funny with the kaiju for each city they were like oh this kaiju is in this city and this condusive that city it made me start to think that it would be like sports teams for the city you're like ah and you don't necessarily get a kaiju that you like like we have the woolly mammoth kaiju, it's no Rodan but that's the city I was born in and I'm gonna be a woolly, mammoth kaiju, fan and that's it so I just thought I thought that was fun kind of creating teams and, you know which team you're on and stuff like that, because. You know they seem to I mean I guess that's where. Monarch. Was keeping them at certain cities but that's where they found them they were just containing, them where they were found, so I guess it's like a little territorial, I thought that was I thought that was cool all, right the next Kendall Watanabe. Now, I'm watching Chernobyl. On HBO, so I say no way he, could take off his suit and gloves and just walk around like that with all that radiation and, just feel a little woozy I don't care what Bradley, Whitford pumped, into his oxygen, tank right he took it off at that point anyway, but. I did feel very bad, for him I had no idea he was so close to selling Hawkins character, clearly, he was like I don't want to be around anymore she's not around anymore and she just got legit stepped on Wow um, but.

Ken Watanabe sold, it I felt his pain and I was like go be, with Sally Hawkins as. You couldn't be in these movies because they had so little time together I felt but. I also thought it was hilarious when Godzilla was so woozy and was like looking at and he's like who's there Godzilla's, like who's there and he's like please this little ant guy what's he doing in my apartment and then Ken, Watanabe just, blew up all his stuff like, he just totally obliterated. Godzilla's, home and I'm Godzilla's probably like he's. Like it's for your own good don't worry that Godzilla I guess was like I feel, great. Oh well uh I. Do, wonder, what new home know about humanity. You will build for him particularly, since humanity of course has changed so much since his first home was built and maybe, Godzilla, has some demands like right but suddenly what's in his rider he's like only only red M&Ms, okay. Then. Of course there's an end credits sequence right, Charles. Dance he's. A little overused at this point I always just see his character, Lanice Lannister. From Game of Thrones and he's made a lot of bad movies so I sometimes think that he kind of has like a bad movie stink about him and he might be responsible, for kind of like triggering, some people just to Pavlovian. Have a pavlova in response, that they're watching a bad movie because Charles dances on the screen but. I didn't think he had one good line I like the one he was talking to Veera for me and he's like you can't go back now especially after you just admitted to everyone your evil plan I know that was hilarious it, was very good, you know he was really you know he's being really a hundred, with her I appreciated, it and, then of course he. Found, someone. Sold him one of Ghidorah is heads I guess. They'll jump start it with maybe some electricity and Ghidorah will regenerate that's what I'm guessing I've. Seen a couple people say they would have preferred to have a King Kong tease at the end because of course that's the next movie and, they did have a bunch of Skull Island references, throughout the film and I think that probably would have been a little bit stronger I thought as far as end credits scenes go this, was a bit weak and. Also of course key doors I don't know I've never wouldn't, get maybe if you're a big Godzilla, fan but Wendy Dora died, I want, you know or was eaten I wasn't like I hope he comes back. He. Was almost a little overpowered. But let's talk about the kaiju alright, so I want to start with Godzilla, I thought. It was really funny that in many shots even with all these VFX, he still looked like a guy in a suit I mean in some ways he is he's a guy in a motion capture suit but, I just thought that was really funny and then when he fell from the sky when. Ghidorah dropped him from above the clouds it, looked like someone dropped an action, figure because Godzilla's just such a funny shape and so stiff and just like has very little movement ability, so was hilarious to me and speaking.

Of That he doesn't really have great fighting moves I think we all can realise that but he's a long-range, fighter, you. Know I have a little bit of an introduction to video games through covering injustice, too and I saw some commentary, about oh it's important if you could be a long-range, fighter so you don't have to get in there you know if, you stay away from your opponent this less a chance they can get you although of course someone like your door has lightning breath away, a lot of them are long distance fighters, Mothra. Not so much but, of course Rodin, has fire as well so anyway. Godzilla. Also had, this not only did he have his atomic breath but, now he found, out that he could have like. A nuclear, explosion, I don't, know how I felt about that it was a little like how they recently tried to give Superman the ability himself to go supernova and, I, don't really feel like it fits with this power set personally. I have. Also seen some debate as to whether or not Godzilla is attractive, enough you Godzilla, hardcore, fans are crazy. It's a giant lizard he looks like a giant lizard I think it's fine I remember what the 2014. Some people were complaining that Godzilla had too much junk in the trunk and I'm like are you kidding me you, know are you as good are using Godzilla, like you're a swipe left or right with him I mean that's not what this is like not a romantic comedy. Some. People also I felt like seeing him swim underwater I don't think we got enough of that for me to really appreciate, it I have. To say with Godzilla I thought a lot of times it looks like he was thinking I appreciated, that like when you saw his eye I was like oh I think he I think there's like some thought in there so, much so and I would like to see more interaction, with the humans I got a somewhat personal level and maybe even apology, to Kyle Chandler cuz he did step on his kid Kyle, Chandler sold those moments to me where he was like am I really gonna just make peace with this thing that killed my kid and, I thought can't want a knob you had a nice line about that about you can only heal in your wounds if like you defeat your personal, demons or whatever and I'm like a lot of personal demon that, thing right there oh you know I know something, that's the thing that killed my son I'm looking, at it and yeah, I'm probably gonna hold a grudge forever. Although, gods of course probably doesn't even know that he did it but maybe you could be a little more careful what it's walking around. Speaking. Of taking, things out with. Rodin when he reluctantly, bad to Godzilla at the end of the movie and Godzilla was like okay yes get in line I was like whoa Godzilla, that. Thing just killed your girlfriend right, your lady friend the very least I thought Godzilla got over that a little too easy Godzilla's, like I never said girlfriend. That. Was a O'Shea, Jackson jr., spreading that around I never to commitments to Mothra but. Yeah so I was I don't know I would have thought maybe you, know but, I just thought that was forgive, it a little bit too easy what. I love grodan is I said in my non-spoiler, review best. Kaiju. Sequence, in the film love what happened in Mexico I thought it was like a perfect disaster. Monster. Situation. On every level but, I laughed out loud when that pilot, ejected from the plane right into row Dan's mouth that was hilarious I, loved it and the barrel roll from the trailer still, looks amazing even when you see in the movie. That. Is for Ghidorah as I said kind, of overpowered. But you know it's fine I I. Thought that what a head was cut off I would have liked to heads to have grown back in its place like the Hydra because you know of course they kept saying oh the, door has been seen throughout my history and mythology you, thought it was just imaginary.

So It's like oh let's see where the Hydra comes from I mean this long as this thing's growing back heads might, as well go back to grow back to but, I guess with Ghidorah the brand is 3 heads I would, have liked the heads to have distinct personalities by, the way I liked when they would snap at each other and then you could have the humans be like which head should we go for go for the leader head right that would be cool I thought, when I went to Fenway Park it was the smartest, of the Titans I liked that it was looking for the source of the sound it was like who's competing, with my siren call I like, that and spinning. Of junk in the trunk I have no idea how Ghidorah ever got off the ground that thing was huge I don't care what its wingspan is it was just, ginormous. I was like no way no. Way, those wings are declaration, and speaking, of speaking of decorative wings of course now we have to talk about Mothra. Love Mothra, I heard the lady singing that's, apparently, a big, part of Mothra throughout the, characters history sometimes. You can actually see them but here you could just hear them and, I thought it was beautiful they have not achieved. It. Radiated, right it's almost like pixie dust that was coming off of it I thought. It was magical, loved it and then even when you saw it when it when Mothra, emerged from her cocoon and had like a butterfly. Kind of body even. Though it was a furry bug body I thought, it was cute cute, and beautiful and those, wings were gorgeous, they came across as very delicate, when she was fighting with Rodin I was like oh god I'd careful the wings almost hurt they're not the beautiful, he's not the face not the wings um. And I like that she died in battle you know she was hardcore I like that she wasn't just decoration. I like that she was decoration, but. She could also be deadly and that was great, of, course I think she'll probably come back and I was wondering rebirth I like the line at the beginning when they were like this thing wants to be born and I was like that's a cool line but. I looked it up and Mothra, is apparently known for having offspring which she usually, hatches. Or puts puts, out there right before she maybe knows she's gonna die so maybe she deposited. Some baby Mothra, before she showed up to the final boss fight here and then also the character seems to be known throughout the franchise's, history for, twins and so I like the Zhang Zi, situation. Because she of course plays twins, in the movie which I thought could have they couldn't done more with that I mean look well I'll be honest I agree, they can't go deeper with the mythology, here but I think it has to be done gradually and, this is the best intro, to the franchise, yet in terms of a global ie. Western, audience. Because you know it already has a really, strong following. In the East but if it wants to be that global brand, that you know many people feel it deserves to be and I'm starting to think that - well, then I think this is a really necessary, step so, that's my spoiler, review of Godzilla, king of monsters I can't wait to hear your own thoughts down below go to town it's the spoiler, review and.

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I feel they borrowed things from other movies. Like the death of the son, collateral damage from a crazy event. Like Batman v Superman. Also, the term "balance" gets thrown around, thought of Thanos at that point. A couple of other things i cant think of right now...

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I saw it tonight and I really enjoyed it. I personally liked the kind of corny script/lines. I think we’re supposed to connect with the monsters more than the humans anyways Also Mothra dies for her guy Godzilla all the time but she always comes back! (They showed an egg during the credits and I think it’s her)

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All I wanted to know is what is this Godzilla vs. Evangelion thing lol. Apparently Universal Japan has a Godzilla vs. Evangelion ride or something to that effect. Actually this isn't as crazy as it sounds as Evangelion Eva units technically are monsters themselves. Only technically being controlled by their Mecca suits for their human pilots. Eva would be an Epic movie of biblical proportions if they could ever pull it off. But I guess I can settle for a 4D attraction before Godzilla vs. Kong. As I guess this will be the next thing that comes up next from what I hear. :)

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Grace is GORGEOUS!

To be honest, I didn’t like this movie. I wanted to love it, but it didn’t work for me. 6.5/10

Ghidora's head I think will unite Kong and Godzilla in the end of Godzilla vs. Kong. Either they create a new kaiju, or Ghidora's rebirth. This way neither Kong or Godzilla are seen as the villain.

Random TV turns itself on to visualise the bad gals sympathetic argument.

Hollow Earth teleportation, so that's how Arya Starke was doing it!

It it not often that the "villain" is essentially proved right in a movie. Not agreeing with her method though.

Boy, Tywin Lannister will build Mecha Guidorah! This will be nuts!

When they bowed to Godzilla, I wanted to do the same. That last moment when they bowed and he let out his roar to the sky was the best Godzilla moment of all time. I want so bad to get that moment framed and placed in my man cave. It should be preserved forever.

Your Hair looks great Grace!

These critics are terrible smh they can't tell a good action blockbuster anymore. Please tell your friends that the movie is good to combat these haters and try to see it a few times if possible we the fans can have the final say!!!

Ghidorah gets rebuilt into the cyborg Mecha-Ghidorah. I imagine they're setting up a 3rd act villain for Godzilla vs Kong. They meet, they fight each other, then they team up to stop their true enemy.

Nice review. However, it was Ghidorah that killed Mothra, not Rodan. She beat him.


Something that Grace forgot to mention is that the cast in the movie said that Ghidorah wasnt from Earth.

Oxygen Bomb? *Facepalm* Oxygen DESTROYER.

Thing's I didn't like, ghidorah should've come from space and then escaped back to space, that emitting power ability they keep giving ppl (wonder women doomsday, black panther now Godzilla, I'm tired of it! And the monsters bowing to godzilla I could have done without, also the woolly mammoth guy sucked, other than that this movie was great!!!

Just saw it.....imo.....weak

The people in this movie ruined the whole thing! I wish I could have watched it with the mute button ON!! Horrible acting

Every time Mothra is on screen is just

I concur. When it first opened her wings, it filled up the whole screen. Beautiful it was

This movie was very meh................

I loved it.

I love you and your positivity, Grace.

I watched this movie in 4Dx and it was AMAZING!!!!!

Arguably, Waititi "is nor from the west", just watch the What we do on the shadows TV show, or didn't get americanized at all!!

Your "swipe left/swipe right" comment was HILARIOUS!! Thanks for the laugh and the great review!

Grace is looking hotter than Rodan over there. Looking good.

Why do people think villains reasons need to make sense or be logical? They're villains, they don't need to be rational.

Godzilla did just a little fighting the actors talked to much! A terrible movie my rating 2 or a 3-

The ending sucked!

I don't think mothra died

0:29 if they make a Godzilla 3 I hope to see the Kaiju Destroyer are Lisa Easter egg relating to it

Human Element and live action are destroying one subject after another, Make Animated movies we dont need actors in fantasy movies.

Re Godzilla: this movie was one of the most diverse I can remember. It had a Japanese actor, Chinese actress, every shade on the spectrum. It was led by 2 females. Why didn't you mention this in the breakdown. If it was a success you would have called it a win for diversity and representation.

Godzilla going thermonuclear wasnt some random things they decided to throw in. Burning Godzilla is a critical state of Godzilla.

Bruhh This Godzilla's characters were so damnn bad. And the way they switched the focus from the fights to the characters triggers me..

I liked your video, but the movie was terrible.

slack jawed humans who wait until the last second to flee from the kaiju will never fail to make me laugh and cringe at the same time...which means all of them, really

This was a very fair review. You reference HBO Chernobyl (Which is great) as the basis of doubting how long Watanabe functioned before the nuke detonated, but without knowing the level of dose (generally measured in micro-Sieverts per hour) he was absorbing there's really no way to judge how long he had. Recall that many of the workers at the Chernobyl station when it went up suffered Accute Radiation Syndrome symptoms but then recovered.

Omg they killed mothra! you(ghidorah) bastard!

I definitely agree with you in some of the topics, but agree with you. Especially Mothra I was mesmerized by her and was literally on her side when she fought with Rodan and felt sad when she gave her life for Godzilla as you saw when she was on top of him it felt like it was her last goodbye and I felt Godzilla’s remorse however, killed it when he let Rodan live I was like WTF!! but other then that idk about you there was some good jump scares lol

Rodan didn’t kill mothra. Mothra stabbed him with her stinger. Ghidora blasted mothra

This movie was made for the 4DX 3D format; absolutely incredible experience.

I really enjoyed this movie!!! I enjoyed Skull island to !!! Can’t wait for Kong vs Godzilla

SO excited - Ima huge fan of Godzilla, ethos and ecology: plus it is great human storytelling. BRAVO Japan.

Real Godzilla fans know what’s up

This movie was so hyped for so long that it was inevitable that people's expectations wouldn't be met exactly as they thought. But we must all realise that is our fault as viewers, not the movie's fault. Please, don't judge this film off your first viewing. The first viewing is always clouded by your own expectations. View it again when you can appreciate it for what it is, not what you expected it to be. This movie was great. And yes, that includes the human characters. I was pleased with them all.

Just saw it today and I loved it.

That head was from the oxygen destroyer, setting up the next big villain for Kong versus Godzilla

Rodan did not kill Mothra.

Godzilla has thick thighs.

Your hair looks better this way. Just appreciating the new look

I really enjoyed this movie. There are subtle nods to the original series that added to the atmosphere of the film (like Mothra's theme music). Then there's the actual look of all the other kaiju that are original yet similar you who they are without a second glance (the new ones were cool, but Ghidorah was amazing). All in all, it's a good movie, and I'm glad that they went with the strong message that WE are messing up the planet (because we are).

Good review from a casual fan. That "nuclear" explosion, is call the Nuclear Pulse... Came about during the 90s Era films. Fits very well with a atomic powered monster. Gojira always had hate from the critics. Didn't bother me when I was ten, doesn't bother me now

Thank you Grace. So out of all the kaiju so far, which one would have won you over as your favorite now? Hands down for me is Mothra. My first Kaiju my father introduced me to alongside Rodan, mothra has and will forever be my favorite.

your hair looks great today

Yeah I don’t think her going through the vents was a nod to Jurassic Park or Die Hard It was more so an easy way for her to get out without anyone seeing her Not everything is a reference to something else

Is Millie Bobby Brown legal yet? Goddamnit!

2014 was Great, this one is horrible..Right up there with season 8 got’s..

I dare ANY critic to go one day without using the word "Agency". That would really "subvert my expectations."

Saw it opening day.....

Needed rubber suits. Fail.

I've seen KOTM twice already and absolutely loved it. There are some things that I wish were in there, but no real complaints. Godzilla movies don't need super deep messages, they just need to be big, fun monster mashes and that's exactly what this movie delivers.

Dump like a truck, truck truck, junk in the trunk, trunk, trunk. -cisco. But i liked the way Godzilla looked. Rodan knew to bend the knee.

A big point you missed but you did state that you weren't familiar with the Godzilla franchise. Dr. Sarizawa (Ken Watanabes character) in the original 1954 film. Sacrifices himself in order too kill Godzilla, in here its the opposite with him saving Godzilla.

Saw Godzilla today... disappointed. I don't know if some critics saw a different cut, but all this fighting action they were talking about wasn't in the movie I saw. And when it did finally happen from time to time, it was always dark, at night and raining, no light or sun to be found. And always cut away from for more talking, talking, talking, never a straight battle scene. Some good in it but very disappointed ☹️

Most critics don't like it. That's more important than a few fringe reviewers with questionable track records anyway.

I'm listening to this review and wondering if she saw the same movie I did.

She has unique taste for sure.

This movie was awful.

I liked it

Rodan didn’t kill mothra ghidora did just wanted to throw that in there thats why Godzilla went straight savage loved the movie

Why dont she do a movie without spoiler

Here's how it is. If you are a genuine fan of Godzilla and truly love the Japanese movies this movie is going to tickle you pink. This movie is a huge love letter to the Japanese movies and tried to recreate them in the style of American blockbusters and succeeds in doing that. What does that mean? That the plot is a about as convoluted, cheesy and ridiculous as the Japanese movies but never gets as bad and looks and feels like an American blockbuster. There are many references and even several recreated scenes from some of the best Godzilla movies. It's almost like a remake of about 3 or 4 different movies combined into one movie. It's amazing if you are a huge fan and comes off like kind of a mess if you aren't one.

Saw this movie today and loved it. Any hate comes from people expecting Shindler's List in a Godzilla movie.

Didn't hate it, but I was hoping for it to be better than the other Monarch movies. It wasn't.

Person #1: *let’s go kill Godzilla...* Person #2: *how do we know it will end any differently?* Kong: *because before you didn’t have me...*

I thought Ghirdorah killed Mothra, not Rodan? Rodan and Mothra fought though, but Mothra won that fight.

I enjoyed the movie, but there were some things that irked me. One was that it had a blue tint throughout the movie and that all of the fight scenes were in the dark. Also, the 2014 movie made you see the monsters as really gigantic. I thought that the monsters in this movie looked "smaller" on screen. If I had to choose which one I liked better, it would have to be the 2014 movie, but I did enjoy it...just not as much as the movie 5 years ago.

Sounds awesome!

I dint know rhat was Gidoras head I couldn't make it out

I mean... I'd swipe right on Godzilla

Effing Awesome I've seen it this evening In the UK Love it so much

Leave my boyfriend alone.

Were they evil? They were trying to save the majority of the world. They thought they were doing good. Not a necessarily evil act as much as misguided or Thanos-like.

the visually stunning movie, the theater was shaking from all the sound effects. The underwater home city of Godzilla was actually Atlantis, thus the mix of Egyptian and Roman remains.

I wish that they will stop killing Godzilla off just to return again that’s such a insult to our intelligence

Worth it on imax.

You're awesome Grace! You took the good things from the movie, I just like to know there's someone who talks in a good way about this movie.

They show one of Mothra’s eggs in the post credit news clippings.

The Pilot ejection scene got a pretty big reaction at my showing yesterday. People went "Holy Shit!" accompanied by laughter.

5:55 d'aww... Millie Bobby Brown looks like a little Carrie Fisher, even the fur-lined parka reminds me of Empire Strikes Back

Godzilla is no long range fighter he is a brawler, no matter the abilities or power of a creature he always gets into their face and just beats them down


Why would she need to sacrifice herself to save her family? Wouldn’t the kaiju just kill them all?

in the credits theres newspaper articles of people going to skull island and seeing whats underneath to find a cave drawing of kong vs zilla before that theres an article that theyve found a mothra egg which they called 'mothra 2'

it was ghidorah who killed mothra,not rodan

It was fun, but I keep wondering why the producers don't have the monster theme music for each kaiju. Toyo did with all there movies. The kid sitting next to me with his dad wasn't interested, but i enjoyed it

critics dropped the ball on this one.

+Jeffrey Warren I'm glad it worked for you. You're not alone. Personally I was expecting something at least as good as the 1st or Kong, but that didn't happen.

+Nobody No One well we are entitled to our opinions. Not sure about anyone else but my expectations was met. I went in to watch a Godzilla movie with the feels of the Showa/Heise era and was not disappointed.

Nope. I found most of them to be pretty spot on.

Rodan didn’t kill mothra, ghidorah did

Ahhh loved this movie so much! Ghidorah gave off those final boss and peak villain vibes that he’s always had. Honestly so excited to see other rival monsters like Gigan

I'm such a huge Godzilla fan and this is now my favorite movie of all time, and it was Ghidorah that killed Mothra not Rodan

SPOILER ALERT!!! It's bombing at the box office.

+Sutter Cane how does it make me look stupid? Want to have a discussion let's have one, want to spout out crap it shows your agenda

+Albert Lucero Do you realise how stupid that comment makes you appear or are you oblivious?

How much does it need to make?

Because they are sheep of marvel and Disney.


I couldn't finish it... I think I was done when Mothra was born

Godzilla killed Ghidorah using the nuclear pulse. He always had that ability, it's just that he prefers using his atomic breath most of the time.

I saw it last night - I enjoyed it a lot, it was quite a spectacle. I loved all of the monsters; Ghidorah was an excellent villain but Godzilla was really cool. Mothra was breathtakingly beautiful and I have to give props to Rodan for one of the best action sequences in the film he is pretty cool. Anyway, yeah - fun summer movie, I can't wait for the next one!

Is Cloverfield connected to godzilla

So, they completely obliterated Godzillas home and recharging station.............They didn't need to blow it up, the radiation is the important part, all he needed to do was to eat the warhead, but hey, then it's not dramatic enough.

I saw it just yesterday in IMAX, it was glorious. I adored the emotion they portrayed, the animators did very well giving them personality, Ghidora was sadistic and evillll, Mothra was very queenly and just gorgeous, Rodan was a lil beeyotch, and Godzilla was indeed, very kingly and human

Loved the movie, will buy it on Bluray...............BUT, now I know what it's like to see a movie with glaucoma, cataracts or dark sunglasses, also they keep moving from monster fights and cutting the action to go check to see what the humans are doing.

RIP to the jet fighter pilot who ejected straight into Rodan's mouth

Just blow the lid off the volcano, release Rodan and let it rip. KOTM was amazing.

I think I have two major complaints, which one complaint is actually about the marketing. I think the trailers showed too much of the action. So, I went in knowing what the highlights were so it felt less special. And I think they did too little with Mothra. She was great, and beautiful and I just wanted more of her. If they make a stand-alone film for just Mothra, I'd be totally down for that

*most of it

I avoided all the trailers and still didn't like it.

These days you pretty much have to assume anything past the teaser will show too much.

Mothra: Queen of the Monsters

remember when she said Godzilla 2014 was rascit toward japanesse

How can people like this movie? It was horrible to sit through it. It's way so stupid, senseless fight scenes, and human Characters were the dumbest. I definitely went with a mindset of liking the movie even if it turn out mediocre, but I hated it and couldn't agree more with the majority of the critiques. Movie was so bad. Godzilla 2014 and Kong skull island were masterpieces comparing to this movie.

Seems that many people are only judging it on the monsters/action and not the majority of the film, which is the characters/story.

A part from being too dark everything is great 7.5/10

What a great review. Also when the credits were rolling one of the newspapers said they found a new egg. Could it be a second Mothra? So I think it’s safe to say she will live on.

You’re clearly not a huge Godzilla fan if you didn’t get the Burning Godzilla and Nuclear/Atomic Pulse references. Those are homages to Godzilla vs Destroyah and are not “new abilities”. But, only true fans would get Easter eggs like that. I was half expecting them to give him his Red Spiral Ray breath too, but the Atomic Pulse was powerful enough that they didn’t need to I guess. Still, nice review. Thanks for posting.

Sally Hawkins was actually eaten by Ghidora.

IN the end credits real going over news stories, they mention finding some kind of insect egg, I am certain this would be a Mothra Egg.

I would like to talk about the soundtrack of this movie..The score..man that was legendary..Bear needs recognition.

Absolutely stunning soundtrack! Nods to the toho era themes by Akira Ifukube. The last five minutes of music and film is one of the best in all of Godzilla film history in my humble opinion. Bren listening to the soundtrack since it dropped on Spotify and can't wait to buy it and transfer it to my SD card. A big tip o the hat to Bear McCreary Excelsior!☺

"Fire" Godzilla isn't that new, he was in Godzilla vs destroyah. Probably a reference I think

React to the Goldfinch pleasee Grace

Been watching your videos for awhile now, it's refreshing to find critics that embrace and enjoy the silliness in cinema as well as the seriousness. Subscribed.

MVP Mothra and Watanabe

imo the only weak part of this movie was the script. Some of the lines felt corny, other than that the movie was a solid 8/10 i enjoyed it alot.

i watched it was the best film ever and beats endgame for me

The Godzilla movie was so epic! I liked your review, most critics don't like these kinds of movies and can't give an unbiased review. Best Godzilla movie to date!

Godzilla was actually damn good!

Millie Billie Bobbie Brown was just meh.

My favorite Reviewer! :)

Godzilla movies were never meant to be critics friendly

The movie is crap because of the human characters and their motivations.

So... Thanos idea of population control = bad... Evil woman in Godzilla does the same thing = great idea...

The first Godzilla was bad but this Godzilla was actually really good. The most faithful to the source material. I recommend everyone go see this movie. Its fun and exciting.

I saw it last night at the iMax. Wanted to support it. It was...okay. Certainly not a 1 star movie like Empire Magazine gave it (which is crazy) but I did tune out a few times. I didn't care about the characters mostly (we did the family thing last time) but I did appreciate a twist that i wasn't expecting. Dialogue was mostly terrible and I wish it embraced the ridiculousness with a wink like Skull Island had. Ken Watanabe was awesome as always and I just love hearing him say "Gojira". Overall it wasn't as good as the first 2014 movie or Kong but it has some beautiful imagery and the monster mash is epic.

It is hard to believe that people still cannot see they ripped-off material from How to Train your Dragon 2 film. The ending was a copy-paste

I still wanted more Kaiju and less people. I understand the people directing this don't just want to make one long CGI action scene, but I feel like they're just nipping at the idea of using Godzilla as a character, if not the starring character. If they can push the Kaiju focus a bit more I feel like Godzilla vs Kong should be amazing, and given the premise things are looking up.

Damn you have pretty eyes! I love Rodan by the way, he´s so fast!

This version of Ghidorah made Thor seem more of a joke than endgame made him.


rip matthew broderick who probably died in this movie...oh wait boston ...he was in new york...haha

Best scenes: the epic battle at the end. Ken Watanabe. Worst: everything else Can’t believe they wasted Tywin Lannister too, who is a great actor and deserved better.

This Reviewer should stick to Lifetime movies for Christ sake.

wish after the credits they would show ultraman or something...we want ultraman movie...well i do

As a sci fi fan i really enjoyed this movie as a monster genres. I dont understand rotten tomatoes bad review and rating at all.

Well they already says ghidorah is an alien. So future movies could have actual alien invasion. Mechagodzilla time!!!

Just rewatched the movie. Second time around, I picked up on the fact that Farmiga's character tries to talk the scientist guy(teacher from Stranger Things) into leaving/heading home.

Just saw it in IMAX! Going to see it again!

Saw it this afternoon great movie

I saw it over the weekend and absolutely loved it. That Rodan introduction was AMAZING. Each kaiju was so badass. Fire Godzilla was absolutely was pure joy. I'm going to see it again for sure. Love your breakdown Grace.

Grace! I saw GODZILLA on your recommendation and it is NOT GOOD. At all. Too much bad human drama, nowhere near enough Kaiju. I'm afraid I must take you with a grain of salt henceforth. ALSO, folks, if you've seen the trailer and were enchanted by the music choices -- that music IS NOT IN THE MOVIE!

I just got out of the theater and I really love this movie. I know it's not for everyone and it got bad reviews, but I legitimately felt like this movie was made for me! Am definitely pre-ordering it when it comes out!

Lol Im glad im not the only one who was thinking about Chernobyl at the radiation part.

Godzilla has a huge following not only in the "west" but also in South America and a lot of countries in Europe, I think the way you talk only China, Japan and the US exist.

I couldn't believe it when the finale fight took place in Boston (of all places!) Kudos to the effects teams for making it so accurate and awesome.

Omg you spent half the video talking about stuff we don’t care about, talk about Godzilla already god it’s like watching the first Godzilla again, get to the good stuff.

I can’t believe you looked these characters they were so bland, Millie Bobby brown was the only interesting human in this movie it should of just been her and Godzilla

@beyondthetrailer. The second weapon you seen Godzilla do is his Nuclear Pulse. It's not a new weapon, he been had this weapon and used a few times. If anything Superman copied Godzilla when it comes to this. Lol Research it if you are interested...Peace

No one cares about the people in the movie just give us more monsters please, every 3 min they cut away, stooooooop please can we please have a monster fight from start to finish without cuts please omg I went to see the movie for the monsters not a week pot and dialogue.

The monsters represent the 4 elements Godzilla: Water Ghidorah: Air Mothra: Earth Rodan: Fire

The story was a bit floppy, yes. But overall it's a Great movie. Nothing is perfect, so is this movie. I was a bit sad about Rodan, that's all :(

And subscribe.

Mothra death destroyed me

The blu-Ray better have a lengthy special feature on the designing of the monsters

Godzuki is godzilla's baby boy!

Just saw the movie and I loved it. I don't understand why it's box office numbers aren't better. KOTM was a hell of a lot better than Godzilla 2014.

I never had the impression that Millie Bobby Brown was "evil" at any point in the movie. She was goaded into believing they were doing the right thing, but felt uneasy and had second- thoughts from the beginning (winced at the gunfire and violence, flipped off the dude in charge). By the time they awoke Rodan, she had completely turned against her mother.

when godzilla goes all supernova like at the thats actually not anything new godzilla can do that naturally over time in godzilla vs destoroyah 1995.

I liked it, and im a Godzilla fan but i gotta admit as much as i loved all the Kaiju action, there was this feeling in the back of my mind that something was missing. The story overall did seem weak.

Hey! Can anybody tell me if Zhang Ziyi’s character is supposed to be one half of the Mothra fairy twins?! I thought they were supplying be super small - like they fit in the palm of a human hand? I didn’t catch how they changed it from that to present day.

I hope they give Motha some extra powers once she’s reborn, something like being able to emit the frequencies similar to the machine. They could explain it away as her adapting and mimicking so she can temporarily confuse her enemies

Not sure we need to worry about post credits and sequels to this one. Godzilla lived in the movie, but ultimately died anyway (at the box office).

Yeah! That was nice, I think this movie will have legs. If they stick to this formula for the next one then people will see this one and be excited to check out the next one.

Grace you are one the few movie critics I respect. You are not a Godzilla fan but you were able to enjoy it because you understood what kind of film it is. Really with more critics where like you.

Dude, you're hilarious to listen to! :D

Huge Godzilla Fan (70's Kid) But this Movie Sucked, Hands Down, Sucked...

Amazing Movie...was in tears a few times..so happy did it made me. Was the little kid in the sunday morning matinee again ! Missed you ...just a great movie ! Go watch it !

This was slightly better than the 2014 Godzilla flick. Kong: Skull Island is still the MVP film of this entire MonsterVerse franchise.

They did tease up in the credits Kong vs Godzilla the cave drawing got applause from my crowd.

The mother may have known exactly what was going to happen, but I doubt the Maddie character was aware that all those people from Monarch were going to be murdered on the spot like that. It's one thing to decide to have the monsters trigger a near extinction level event where you know billions are going to die, and quite another to witness people just being openly gunned down. The other thing I latched onto was after Godzilla killed Ghidorah and the other monsters were bowing to him, one guy comments, 'good thing he's on our side.' and he gets the response, 'for now.' I do find it interesting they decided to go this route where Godzilla is in essence our protector, because there are so many other iterations like anime's and even the 98 version where he is the main villain. But at least they are hinting that may not always be the case. And speaking of the 98 Godzilla, it's no wonder the Godzilla from this movie looks fat compared to that one.

Awesome review. I loved the movie and hope it really does well.

omg WHO CARES about the academy, or the critics?

Saw it last night. It’s wasn’t bad at all but it lacked excitement for a movie with huge monsters fighting. I did enjoy seeing Kong’s light show and the Supporting cast.

Also; anyone who watches the Toho movies knows that Mothra dies about as often as Kenny from South Park... and comes back just as often.

I don't care what anyone else says; to me, Charles Dance will ALWAYS be "MY DEAR SWEET BROTHER NOOMPSY!!"

Shin Godzilla > Any American Godzilla

Im predicting in godzilla vs kong another kaiju arrives during half way through out the movie and will win

One of godzillas original powers was a massive EMP which i felt they tried to replicate when it came to fire godzilla

Do we know how much time has pass after godzilla killed ghidorah?

Dr. Serixawa:*blows up godzilla’s House* Godzilla: “YES YES I FEEL GREAT I CAN DO THIS I CAN WIN I FEEL GREAT”

Did anyone actually expect a CG version of a classic series to be good? Wake up kiddies. Its all about money, not your entertainment.

You're the best! Great review.. as always!

The Burning Godzilla was a homage to the Toho Studio's 1995 Godzilla Film Godzilla vs. Destroyer where he burns up and melts..

Great Review.. :)

"They destroyed Godzilla's home." Whaddya talking about? His apartment got an expansion.

I enjoyed Rodan, I like how's he's essentially the Starscream of Kaiju lol now I need a statue of him!

Godzilla doing that smoke trick at the end. Lol reminded me of Arny and his cigars lmao AAAAARRR!!

I absolutely hated the movie

The attack that Godzilla does when he is red is his overcharged attack he uses to get rid of excess energy. I also agree that the female characters, including Mothra, were awesome and deep. I wish more female characters where done this way instead of the captain Marvel way. MORE MOTHRA!!!

Grace and her jokes... lol ... My son and I enjoyed this movie, he wants to see it again. And Ghidorah is an alien, Kaiju are apart of the earth!!!

Is the "g" in Farmiga silent?

ghidorah heigh in this film is almost 530 ft, so I supose the wingspawn should be like 1k or 1.2k ft

Wait!!! what!?! no Kong teaser at the end!?!

Pacific Rim 3 Third act. When the last of the robots is over powered by 3 kaiju at the brink of being destroyed a blue laser like flame shoots at the kaiju followed by a roar!! Enter godzilla. One could only wish!!

Your video is supported by Trojan condoms.

Grace your are the only one that has interesting perspective over this movie in the YouTube

Love all your reviews Grace keep up the great work been a fan.

just saw it and I loved it...woo

Ghidorah killed mothra not rodan

I dug it but I wasn't invested in the family drama like the movie clearly wanted me to be. Honestly? It feels like that was taking away from the kaiju battles.

Movie was dope!

Rodan didn't kill Mothra

Rodan didn't kill Mothra... She got dusted by Ghidorah and got spread onto Godzilla. I actually wondered if that powered him up a lil.

Good video, but it was Ghidorah who killed Mothra, not Rodan

Mothra is BAE

Great, great review Grace!

It's probably from the Christian themes and anti-globalist/left message

I only trust fan rating or youtube channel like Beyond The Trailer

I definitely enjoy Godzilla, especially every time Godzilla fight.

Fun fact #2. Mothra is an immortal diety reborn like the pheonix. She lays an egg, which they showed in the credits, and after she dies she is reborn from it. I do like how they kept the lore in this movie.

This movie sucks

Ya Mothra will be fine. She resurrects all the time from an egg and her DNA carries her memories.

I LOVED this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I liked the dad but he was blah. They needed Tom Cruise

The problem isn't the haters , it's the fans that aren't showing up with their dollars to support a really entertaining movie ...imo

Agreed, except for the "really entertaining" part.

At the end credits montage there was a news article about a giant egg was found, that being Mothra's. Its happened in the japanese movies before (Mothra dying and an egg with the new mothra being found). So i'm guessing and hoping she'll be back

At the the end the news papers mentioned that an egg was found

Loved Godzilla since i was a little boy and I loved this one as well, extra love for all the easter eggs.

As a huge Godzilla fan, I really appreciate this review. I love the amount of background research you did to review this movie and really enjoyed hearing your thoughts. I also enjoyed your sense of humor and found myself smiling through a lot of this review!

please get a better camera

Why don't you talk to point???? So much extra shitty talks. Shut the fuck up for god's sake

The movie was so so so so so good i can't wait to watch it again. Fucking amazing.

They blew up Godzilla's house!

Farmiga was a crazy ex-wife!

i liked i just didnt get a chance to finish it

Why would understanding the behaviour of wolves help you understand the behaviour of, and by their admission. “A literal fricking alien!” This movie just has such poor thought behind the humans! And yet we get so much of them

I actually think that Godzilla, for a lizard, gave Rodan quite the stink eye for hurting Mothra and Rodan felt genuinely nervious to me so I expext him to be on thin ice for a while

Grace you’re HILARIOUS!!! “C’mon take a stand... and they did. They stood on top of the cities...”


What I hated about this Godzilla kotm was how the stop the monsters fight scenes to show the stupid human dialogues, made me feel so piss off because the cut the best moments.

!!!actually ..I love this movie ..awesome!!!!!!!!

I just saw the movie. I enjoyed it a lot.

People only want to watch Disney movies and so they are taking over everything and educating kids on their on brand of morality be prepared to watch nothing but Disney crap in the near future even the marvel universe will go down hill from now on boy Coit Disney don't let your kids watch crap

Well as for his atomic exploration powers, I've been waiting for this to show in the movies as it's been seen through out the lore

It wasn’t trying to be the dark knight

Had a blast watching this movie, yes, i'm a fanboy but it was just HUGE. Ghidorha's lightnings are called "Gravity Beams" btw.

I agree with you Grace this movie is a bunch of fun..its not perfect but damn soo awesome the last half hour is gold!!

Just saw this movie yesterday. I enjoyed it a lot. And I’ve been a Godzilla fan for over 40years.

After binge watching Chernobyl on HBO this week, I can tell you that every human in this movie is dead from radiation poisoning...

Loved the film. Waaaaay better than the 2014 film. Looking forward to Kong vs Godzilla. I just hope to see Mechagodzilla in this universe.

The movie is amazing!!!

This movie looks better than some retarded Batman movie

Junk-in-the-trunk fluffy Godzilla is my fave Godzilla :-)

First comment, I saw the movie Saturday night (free with SCENE points, I honestly just went for the burger, they have great burgers in the VIP Lounge at my local Cineplex) I didn't love it, but I found parts of it enjoyable, I thought visually it was pretty awesome, I especially liked the underwater/sunken city, but I couldn't rate it higher than 6/10, at best. I do enjoy this type of movie, but don't hate on those who don't. I get it, the writing, casting and acting in this were all sub-par.

I think Mothra should’ve been more stronger. I wanted to see more of her reflective projection powers, but also that beam that she can shoot out of her antennas! She is the QUEEN OF THE MONSTERS! But I loved her ultimate sacrifice and being re-carnated as she posses that immortality, it really reminisces the original. I

Surprised you didn't mention the ancient civilization built around Godzilla and Mothra, I thought that was stunning, also being true to the source of Ghidorah being an alien. Before Pacific Rim 2 ruined the franchise it seemed like that would have been a great crossover point.

Godzilla : Atomic Ghidorah : lightning Mothra. : Nature

I wish you also could have talked about its original score. The music in this movie is amazing it added an emotional depth of the movie. The moment i heard the original godzills theme when he was rising about the water in the power up scene i just lost it.i went crazy

Critics liked Godzilla 2014 (which is a garbage movie) Critics hated Godzilla KOTM (which is a pretty good movie) Critics have... interesting taste

Godzilla and ghidora fight in Kong vs Godzilla... and Kong will come help

The thing I think they were doing with the Ghidorah head at the end was eluding to Mecha Ghidorah which was a thing in the older movies. Especially considering that they showed he has regenerative abilities.

After the first 25 minutes I got really into it.

Oh! SNACK! That pilot ejection scene was hilarious! Loved the movie. A lot of OG storylines came together on this one. I can’t wait for Adam Wingard’s Kong vs Godzilla!

Charles Dance is the Boris Karloff of this Generation which is cool.

We didn't get Gamera, the giant turtle. Maybe in the next one.

The less interaction with the humans the better!

Vera Farmiga as a villain didn’t make sense to me at least her logic . She lost a child so no essentially she’s going to kill everyone else’s child ? And she almost killed her husband in front of her daughter

Dave R I think after she lost her son. She had a “save the world” complex which lead her to thinking her son was only the first wave that needed to die for the greater good similar to Thanos’ ideals but more emotionally driven than logically driven.


Burning Godzilla is a thing. There was a symbiotic relationship between him and mothra, she was absorbed and will be reborn. When Godzilla went thermo you can see her wings light up behind Godzilla when he pulses.

You can also hear Mothra's roar when Godzilla fires the nuclear pulse

Omg yes. A spin off toned down monster series of us dealing with the chaos.

Mike Smith Unless Godzilla has the ability to change harmful radiation to usable radiation similar in Dr Emma Russle’s explanation

"Goodbye, my friend" ME:

Can't concentrate. You look gorgeous Grace!

I am not a Godzilla fan but dang I enjoyed it. I felt the side story with the humans made sense because of the orca and there were times it felt like I was watching an anime xD

As a kid who grew up first on 1998 godzilla then move to Asia and saw all but the classic godzilla movies, This was one of the best times I had in a long shot in theatres.

This movie sucked. Smh and i enjoyed the 2014 movie. Come at me

Me Watanabe: Let them fight.

Rodan reminded me a lot of starscreen

Just saw the movie...this movie was sick! My only criticism is I wanted more monster fights

Grace, Ghidorah killed Mothra. Rodan lost his duel with her.,

Drogon : I burned half of kingslanding. Rodan : Hold my volcano.

Love You.. Great Insight!!! Keep up the Great WORK!

And I LOVED that the soundtrack used reorchestrations of original themes from the franchise.

I really think they did not spend much time on Mothra's death. That could have been a great emotional scene.

Regarding Mothra, it was Ghidorah that killed Mothra (took the hit for Godzilla). In the fight with Rodan, Mothra pulled an Arya and stabbed him from below. A picture in the first round of credits showed a giant egg. So 'Mothra will return'.

Honey, I blew up Stranger Things

Godzilla was lookin D U M M Y T H I C C yo

I liked it!

How much u wanna bet mothra is gunna come back well she is thats her thing

Godzilla has no up close combat moves? Did you not see the 2014 film?

I just watched Godzilla last night. Rotten tomatoes are idiots. That movie is awesome and beautiful.

Uhh, Grace? Ghidorah killed Mothra, Rodman just injured her, so Godzilla would have no reason to hold a grudge against the firebird.

Grace Rodan didn’t kill Mothra Rodan fought Mothra and Mothra stabbed Rodan in the shoulder it was Ghidorah that killed Mothra with his electric breath and Mothra’s ashes fell on to Godzilla.

Apropos of nothing, the scientist who gets killed at the beginning is the science teacher from Stranger Things.

that's the all-important unique monster-controlling device? bad guys: yes, let's leave it all alone unguarded...

I didn't even realize Zhang Ziyi played twins

Thought it was hilariously cool that they had their own version of SHIELD to deal with monsters. I loved the design of the Argo and it looks a helluva lot more believable than the Helicarrier

IT WAS AMAZING, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, zhang ziyi was a twin in this movie???

Grace always looks drunk... But I think she's cool.

@Johnathon Davis absolutely KOTM is soooo much better than 2014 Also don't even mention that abomination of a movie here I refuse that anyone could have enjoyed episode 8

Everyone should have known since there praise of ''The Last Jedi'' that they can't be trusted. Godzilla KOTM was good a big improvement over 2014 Godzilla, yet is making so much less. Ridiculous.

Don't the Kaijus feed off on radiation? Though I'd agree that Boston would've become Chernobyl 2.0 after the battle

I hear this alot. China is a big market. We should not speak of true horrors and slavery in China now. Hollywood turned away from Humanity

I enjoyed it end of

First movie people didn't like, second movie people didn't like so in the end no one wins

Eriri Spencer Sawamura it would probably look like Chernobyl but unlike Chernobyl it is habitable

You talked about maybe Mothra leaving an egg somewhere before she went into battle. She did!During the credits, you see a newspaper pop up with an egg found in the ocean.

Godzilla : I told you that you would die for that (just saw mothra killed by Ghidorah) Ghidorah: ( Ghidorah roar ) you shouuuuh you should’ve uhh You should of gone for the heads (snaps) Godzilla: nnnnnooooooooo!

A bit late but I just saw the movie and I very much enjoyed it. It's a shame it's not earning more money domestically but the foreign box office has pushed it into profit territory. Hopefully the studio's monster-verse is still alive.

I was thinking to myself the whole battle with mothra and rodan why doesnt mothra just stab it with its legs or stick it with its web to get an advantage. I wish I would have seen more mothra abilities and cool action sequences. The movie was awesome anyways!

It was amazing

tension points in the script were really undermined by repeating the trick "kaiju closing in on principal characters, godzilla swoops in at the last moment to save them". That's the biggest flaw I could think of. Rest of the script was par for the course, and I liked the "lived-in" dialogue of the characters. It's not often that you see a group of people, and can instantly tell they're used to working together.

It’s awesome to hear a review from a non kaiju fan! It’s validating to know even people new to Godzilla enjoy this movie!

On the note of the post credits scene, the news clippings showed both that Skull Island is becoming a central titan location and also teased that a second Mothra egg was discovered.

Such a spectacle. Enjoyed every second of it

15:32 that was a call back to burning Godzilla at the end of the Heisei era so no it’s not a Superman thing it’s a Godzilla thing

Finally a YT-critic with a little sense...

I really enjoyed the movie! I got Dark Crystal's Lord Chamberlain and Transformer's Starscream vibes from Rodan. He'll always be a jerk but will kiss up to whoever his boss is.

Millie Bobby Browns character didnt seem evil to me. It felt to me like she felt she had to stay with her mother but once she saw the evil she did she immediately turned her back on her.

I just saw this movie today, and I LOVED it! Usually when an avengers movie comes out it’s a while before I have that kind of fun at the movies again, oh boy, that movie was just the gift that keeps on giving. One titan I would like to see come back in future movies is Mothra, watching her on the big screen was a treat.

You can see the pattern of Mothra’s wings in Godzilla’s Nuclear Pulse if you watch it in slow motion

Mothra was just Godzilla side

7:47 "It was just so evil, I thought it was fabulous" lmaooo

You call that loosing that woman's way she went far beyond that she thawed out that fucking gidorah

Godzilla is Jason Mothra is Piper Leo is Rodan

The arrogance

Damn mothra has a history of getting killed or suicide every time xD like the krillin of the Godzilla verse

Mothra looked like a goddamn fairy when she was flying around. I wish we could have gotten a longer fight sequence with her. Edit: She was playing twins? I legit thought it was the same character. LOL.

Godzilla 2014 viewers be like: WE WANT MORE GODZILLA !!!! Movie makers: You want it ? You're gonna get it Godzilla KOTM viewers be like: WE WANT LESS GODZILLA !!! Me :get the freak over yourselves u absolute freaking degenerates

Godzilla didn't care if Mathra died because she is immortal and would be reborn anyways

I just watched it today and I loved it

I need to see this movie again

18:57. Did she mean she heard the singing in the movie or did she mean she heard the singing from looking up the original song?

Rodan technically didn't kill Mothra. Ghidorah did. So it isn't really that bad that Godzilla was forgiving Rodan at the end. Rodan was just doing what he thought was right and he got severely wounded because of it. Also in the credits an Egg was mentioned in a news article that pretty much everyone thinks is Mothra's.

I mean let’s be real you’re either into Godzilla or you’re not if you haven’t seen any of the Original movies you’ll have no appreciation for this 2019 Godzilla movie

Loved it! :D

So Godzilla has done the Radiation Blast before, but not this way. We See this mostly in Godzilla vs Destroyah.

fuck critics,rottentomattos dont mether animore.thay blooit.stop haithing on milli.

16:30 LOL

One of the very few times i have walked out of a film. Not in absolute disgust, it was just crap.

It’s not lightning breath, it’s antigravity beam, and Godzilla has gone nuclear before in Godzilla vs Destoroyah

Ghidorah needs to come back

What a movie. I hv been waiting my whole life for this movie.. Action scenes were

Its not perfect but still it's a good movie...

godzilla x mothra ship

The end credit is for Mecha ghidora I’m guessing

Finally streamed this movie and loved it. Thanks for your insight and critique. Love your work. I had a couple of issues with it though, but they weren't big enough to spoil the thrill of watching some awe inspiring kaiju battles. First, they kind of went off-message from the original by portaying radiation as beneficial. Hell, Godzilla was pretty much an anti-nuke film. And second, the mother, Emma's character. I got this feeling that we were supposed to feel sympathetic towards her, especially at the end. But in my mind this woman coldly betrayed people she had worked with for years, and caused the deaths of tens of thousands of innocents. Her excuse? "I lost my little boy." In perspective, every one of the peolpe who died because of her had mothers. From a character arc standpoint her motivations were pretty weak and actions were beyond redemption. My sympathies only went as far as wanting to see her charcter die choking on a throatful of her own blood. :-)

I recently watch Shin Godzilla. At least 5 times better than this movie. If the plot and action is predictable, we need, at least, characters that we can understand or relate.

I just saw the movie this weekend. I know I'm late to the party; but DAMN!!!! Me and my Wife loved it!!!

I think that they're going to make Mecha Ghidora

I really hated Vera Farmiga's character, even if she had a valid point on mankind's mistreatment to earth. Mass genocide isn't gonna everything.

celebration more that necesary any "strong female character"... the cliche of all modern reviews...

Just finished it. HOLY HELL it sucked. Action was better but the people..Total crap. Lmao

This is the movie that really hooked me into the Godzilla fandom. Went back and watched some of the older films and this did preserve the feel very well. The character humor, balance between human/monster story, and timing were all well preserved.

Pretty good and level headed review.

I liked the look of Godzilla, he reminded me of a boxer entering the ring. G-Man had some good swagger.

17:50 Aileron roll

I loved the monster fighting, but God the premise is stupid

a very good movie !!!!

Grace use personification on mothra and says that she was empowering

Pretty sure ghidorah killed mothra

The movie sucked. Badly. It was a bunch of worthless (and very poorly done) drama, with a couple of monster scenes.

One of the worst films I’ve ever sat though..

Monster action was great . Hackie acting ruined movie. The dialogue was horrendous.

Have you only watched 4 movies in your entire life?

Only red mnm`s

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