GMGT2021#7 - Datok Kong Help in your Business, Work and Against Petty People.

GMGT2021#7 - Datok Kong Help in your Business, Work and Against Petty People.

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Hi, there. Welcome to go man. Go talk Continuous for the seventh session. So, today will be the seventh session that uh for the bossman go stop for this uh year's season. So, we have been live for the past 5 years every uh Chinese 7 because that's the only time that uh I have a little bit more spare time because I'm spiritual commitment is not so much Hi. Uh Duncan. Linda. uh

Jerome, Jenny, Uh so, hello, everybody. So, tonight, um we're going to talk continue a bit on the side um because yesterday, we haven't finished on data because I haven't yet uh give you guys information about if you have a data in your uh uh uh experience. So, if some of you you do have your own experience about uh encounters with goals and things like that, you can always write down your encounters. You you can um

write down your encounters then you can WhatsApp the link or the file to 016-429-8669. So, those that have submitted your stories, you'll also get a a token of appreciation, a price of some sort and if your stories is the best that we have selected, that means your own personal experience is scary. Uh according to all the other viewers, then you'll get a prize as well. Uh another big

prize as well, okay? So, hi. Uh so therefore, uh we will have uh many types of giving but the um this evening one I've selected because most of the people um you just share wishes Thank you very much for sharing If you add a little one or two sentences in your sharing then you have a chance to win the prize for sharing which is the ginseng. So that I have uh consecrated uh for it to cleanse away. So, we've been talking about cleansing and all that. So, if you include, I've done that on the soap so you guys can get the soap which I will send out to you. for those who have shared and you have written something. Alright, so

for today's also, I think the the winner will be Duncan because uh Duncan also very detailed about uh what talk about uh what you should do at your home. What are the things that you need to be aware of and uh get if your consecration is done properly. That means if you're Hoy Kong for your altar is done properly, then below your altar uh below your altar, you can put the T uh your your day. So,

when you put your day, it can be either constipated or unstable because I expect Uh so, we have a question here. I didn't and I can answer because it relates to everyone. So, Wag is saying that whether uh and uh is the same. It's the

same. It's the same. It's just that if it's at your home inside your home, it's called a deed or it's not uh a really Okay. So here we have uh a name for the which we call it. Alright. Uh He's in the

graveyard. Then you have your uh your whole and then also the whole is specific to each of the graveyard. If it's in front of the graveyard, then you will be uh which is also the is the same thing Okay. Uh yes,

Kelvin. uh that we we offer then I'm I'm going to continue. Uh today, we're going to talk about uh the so usually it will be a local uh spirit that has passed on. It can be a native then some uh I've saw some question about people asking me whether it will be a from a Malay ethnic background. It not necessarily sometimes as I tell you, sometimes it will be Huff Huff links that uh spirits, animal spirits that have cultivated uh uh to obtain a human body in the spiritual form. So, that is what we call huffing. So, then it will also

be sometimes you'll be local ethnic people. It depends. I cannot give a straight answer because every area, the different type of what we label as I've is different. Okay. Um one of the story that I can remind me of uh is when I went back to my father some time to do our family. uh ancestor graveyard. So, I went back and

did the redo the graveyard for my Uh I went there. I went back and that uh because they are graveyards were in different areas. So, we have to find a specific place for them to uh actually find a a good place to do burial for my ancestors and also my grandfather uh and also my uh my grandmother, my grandmother passed on very much later. So, um from my grandma, my great grandfather's uh my grandfather and my great grandfather's grief Uh The best was not good. So, therefore, I have to find in that particular area where my father's hometown is to find the area. Once we found the area, The problem is that that particular hill, it's already have because it's not a what we call uh done by a corporation. So, you know, as

the local uh or the local client house will be in charge of it. So, when I went back at the time When we the there's a particular plot on top of that hill. That's very beautiful which uh I managed to to pinpoint it and then we want to use that part of the hill to marry my great grandfather. my grandfather, uh and also a possibility for putting my grandmother later and also my uh uncle's wife. So together. So you will be what you know today if you go to one of those uh established uh graveyard Then it will be a family plot.

The family, all of these, those uh all family members can be buried together. So, the problem is that when we went there, uh that plot is uh is an empty plot and it's perfect for uh for me to put uh all my family members, my ancestors together with my relatives in that particular spot. The problem is that spot was actually um sort of like um being reserved but actually in in all those houses, you cannot reserve even in places like today. Also, if it's under the

Hawkin clan, you cannot reserve the place. That means you'll be buried accordingly to the day you die. Then they have those at the location by first, first come, first serve. That means

you first pass away then you just bury it accordingly as they open up different parts of the hill. So that's the same in where am I Uh My father's hometown is the same. So, but then there's this local guy who insists that the that particular plot was done by by them was reserved by them which they cannot do but then we have a problem because my time uh back to my dad's hometown uh was also limited because I have to be there and then I have to leave then the problem is that we we will have a lot of obstacles in terms of getting that piece of plot because the guy that reserved it is uh sort of I think his grandfather or father I forgot was on top of that hill just looking below where the power was selecting. So, we had quite a problems to our pet's house. that they uh sort of shed or or what we call temple in front but there's no The I thought in that he agree. I agree. Then, I asked my cousin

to go there uh to go back to their graveyard near the graveyard. So, it was like 6 PM and like I said, you go and burn uh go pay a few stacks. I forgot it because there's so many years ago. So he said, I only I remember part of the exciting details are so when he burned the papers suddenly there was a soul of wind and the and the whole thing went by fast finish. So, the topic on some of them Bring pop. Pop. on the table and so

on. That was the reason he uh That was not. did not enter into the place of prefer not to enter in the place. Anyhow, I

still make the offering until later, they chop up the tree. He's still there. So, whenever I make an offering, he's still there because as that is also similar to they are just part of the land spirit Um and then the the caretaker and the people in the cemetery they see me taking back Okay. So, what you can do in

terms of you come back here is that if you have an office, if you're working in an office and that means you're not a business owner but you are an employee in an office building and so, it's also good that you go and uh peer respect to the at your office building. The this is nearby. There will be one if it's not nearby or within the the the the perimeters or or within one kilometer radius and there'll be one. So, it's good for you

to pay respect uh especially one in your area if you're that particular area where you're walking, there's a high crime rate. Number two, if there's no high crime by high spiritual. uh spiritual. that uh people seeing a lot of funny, funny things, a lot of fun, funny characters within the building as well. It's also good for you to be respected at all so that at least have somebody uh or some and some beings that uh that can look help look after you or or help they can provide help if you need help them If you are uh working in a factory or if you are a department head within a factory or you have uh or it's your own factory, you already have an open house, then you can do a pay homage to your uh to give. So, usually for

offering just now, we have offering is that people will be saying that what's that offering that you can give for? Calvin was saying what type of offering you can give. So, for that one is that you just give uh offering that uh if it's food, then of course, it's uh for but you just offer either uh uh if you want to offer anything meat and chicken, chicken curry or or or or lamb curry, it'll be fine. Okay. He he just prefer not to be in there most of the time for other places, he will be in there. uh because they are already there for a very long time. Why is god saying if the

building were at work do not have any altar for connection or offering. Uh if you if you don't, then you don't need to do that because when you do offering, then later, you don't know what else or what other things actually you're offering instead of uh because if there's an altar then you just uh what we what we say locally is just to me if there's no then you don't need to So, if you have now, we talk about if you have a and so on. let's say um you want to If you are, if you are having an office, you are an owner of businesses and so on. You can always uh once a month or twice a month, you can always go and pay offering uh do offerings or respect to the to the in the area just saying that your business is located on which you need nearby or which building nearby. What's the name of the place as well? So, I hope that it will just help to look after your you know, just help look after the premise and even if people want to uh there's a possibility of people want to break in or that you will be reduced very much. So, there

are many cases like that Um What's the difference between one walking cane? One with no difference. These are all people. One thing you have to understand is that we are very attached towards the of the statues. uh but you have to understand is that for being such as usually the people just buy the representation. it may appear to medium in the colors of the clothes they wear so on. So, they they buy a car or the the energy race of beings of dead being uh uh portrayed in their minds. So they just buy

the color that relates to that particular Uh but it there's no difference between holding a crease or holding uh a cane or things like that. There's no difference. The difference is just that the people who pay homage, the people who do the offering uh they they prefer or they like it to be or they saw one that to appear in such a shape. So, they went by or do custom made according to that. So, there's no Like what this means that? It's more fierce means it's not fierce for and things like that. There's no difference but the difference is when we look at it, uh what sort of idea generator. So,

people like to hold different things are just now I was uh there's not a such uh I scroll through and another video I just before we went live a video where people showing about the two uh uh about uh your they talk about your day you have, you put those golden flowers? I don't. Those come for. You need to have certain specific criteria or they come like this is wrong. If it's different way, it's wrong and then you have to have uh how far away the thing has to put it so on. So, the idea here is

uh that all that is according to for people's comfort level. When they look at the picture. it's it's providing comfort. It's it's not rules. It doesn't mean that you're your particular your campfire is wrong. Your

golden flower is wrong. then the teacher is not uh consecrated and there's no such thing as so don't don't get wrong. It's just like people buying statues for dates. or if it's that particular you're consecrated. It is that

particularly the already it wouldn't be different form and according to your statues. So, if it's according to the statues, then might as well. we don't have to pray right now. You you the the according to whatever statue that's most powerful in your mind. So, most people in our generations um for I was born in the 70s 80s 90s uh the millennials then you'll be praying something else already because the legend So, that's why. uh don't get caught up when people start to tell you all those different things or have sought means more powerful, whole book means no power and and then then they have to change further like you saw in Taiwan nowadays, the the jugs machine law has to have machine guns. So, all these

people You're going after the the ship just to please your eyes on me. In fact, it could be if it's consecrated not properly Inside could be a fat lady sitting on your Hong Kong right? It could be a fat lady sitting there, a fat lady sitting there. you never know or it could be an auntie. It could be an old uncle sitting on your phone. So, if it's

consecrated not properly, despite your point of having all the forms Correct and all that but if it's not real, It could be your uncle sitting there or could be a few uncles sitting there. You don't know. when you are. when you have the time, whenever you offer, you just offer different things and try them. Uh that means like for example, you offer a curry chicken 1 week, and next week, the next after this end of the month, we offer and you'll see anything different or no if you if you don't have the sensitivity, you have to go by experimenting really. Uh Jenny says, does not it appears to the medium or the person consecrated so they were know what color of that and so on.

Uh so, they just buy the clothes according to the color. Actually, it's the aura. the energy that comes out each type of spiritual beings will have different types of colors. So, it depends on what colors they are meeting and usually those people, they pick up the colors. They they just go and

buy the clothes on you. Um Jason says, Okay. Normally, when you go to, you also put inserts on the left and right on the entrance of the house. Why? And who usually is just to pay homage to the surrounding wondering spirits that that means also, they get something that means you're offering at least something to the wandering spirits around because the things that you offer the Rialto, they cannot take less uh that particular decide to allow them to have it. So, if not, they cannot come near that. That's that's

the local uh spirit helping you out. So, it's nothing. It's it's not like you take refuge in the spirit. It's just that if you walk into a place, you are very familiar with the security guard. So, the security guard will always say, take up the hand. Hey, hi, Hello. How are you all that are you sometimes you can buy one for the god or for the people who are security of the company or even the reception of that company. So you

one was saying that go for offering for the same size but different pricing due to different quality Uh no doesn't make any difference. Calvin's should be used or combo. Usually, you would use both that you can use incense because there's an unusually and then they're on the site. Usually, they're already be for the uh communion Communion is English was called Frankincense. Yeah. So, you can

put Frankincense because for us or for that they are cultivating spirits. so cultivating When you put more fragrant or more energetic type of incense, right? They are not, it will not drive them but we're actually there. It's it's good as an offering because of the strong fragrance Then, we have question from from Samuel.

Is it true we need to have substances during tobacco? I got a lot of I want to start offering. Uh you can provide uh offering of uh for example, you can provide a full whole scale of Vietnam. You can provide a full scale of it. one or number two, you can just provide food offering a little bit of flowers and the incense and then the communion there will be enough. There's some people, you know, some people they want. you can see some people

they offer very elaborate. There will be Okay. So, let's conclude. So, those who are offices, uh you can ask for requests uh nearby the building also for your own safety. That means you come in

and come out of your particular uh building itself or the vicinity that you attend work. Uh go for your business operations then you can ask for few receptionist along the way. So, if you know those receptionists and you know the security guards in that area, I'm willing to bet that is much smoother and also much easier for you to access in and out daily. Am I correct? If you agree with me, you agree, Agree. Agree. If you go in and out of that building but you decide you don't want to talk to them, you don't. other than showing your IC or giving them showing in the past. you don't

even want to look at them. You go to where you want to go in department you can So, uh go out. It's just that If you have any problem, uh you need the help or asking them to help you do some favors in some way. nobody will talk to you, right? Nobody will help you and look at you because they know this guy or this guy every day comes into the building but snobby don't even say hello. So, that's why it's the same thing as it's the same thing.

Uh they are not spirits that are uh uh beyond you know like it's only they don't have uh the cultivation is more in there and these are closer to human. They are still cultivating. So they still have that sort of attachments. Uh so it's it's just having a relationship like you know uh establish good relationship. Uh no it's not the I borrow money from them or or or request them to come and save your family. Help your family. There's

nothing that just uh uh then uh that means you have bring some gifts, uh some offering uh let people just like uh when they see you, there will be smile a lot and then they will always help you out. Okay. Uh let's see. I'll answer this before I move on. Uh do we need to clean up? Uh yeah, I mean, you need to clean up the food. Uh whatever they can maintain. If it's not properly consecrated as the whatever they can maintain itself within that time and allow people to offer incense will be the what we call the local Uh So, it will be the local uh uh uh uh more stronger spirit. So,

usually they won't harm you or no, no, not not a problem because they they are confined with the space. They're where they are. Uh yeah. So, when we say how much we know them, it's not good enough. So that means at least they know you are familiar. You are at least at least can help you Okay. So, uh that's it for the

so I'm you already know the the formula is so if you whatever it is, a lot of people they they they don't know Uh we we should also remember reminds me of another story last time. Also, uh one of our temple members, the factory itself. so the after they change, they decided to demolish the house So the demo Okay? Euh So now, we have concluded about uh topical how to effectively prayer. So, now, if you have friends who have uh Okay. We have, let me talk a bit about our tempo. So, our temple

is located in This is our new building for the past. I think this this is the second year for this new building. So, we are permanently now located in this building. So, our temple uh for this coming seven Luna month during the celebration, we are lighting up lambs uh for members and also for patrons but uh the lambs are all for because members took it up and then when we published on our page, our page is uh It's allowed. Now, if you have two shots but we are still close uh due to safety reasons for everyone. So, but you can follow the development uh the temple that I am. Uh I'm the

founder and for the one in and I'm also the one that's leading it now. Okay. So, I'm not talking from the perspective of my home office or talking it from other people's experience. If you have seen so far, today will be the seventh episode 7 hours of talking about spirits.

It's not so easy. many people talk about Maximum two 2 hours, 3 hours or nothing this year, all the books are finished. Anyway, um this is the time. the temple. So, we uh we are there um more about KMS. Okay.

currently, Noah because of the case file. We have Kelvin here. Kevin saying that uh more about giving meals to the needy. Actually, the funds have already gathered the funds for giving out meals. uh every month for 1 year. So, I've already obtained the fund due to my uh the day we issue out the White Lotus Talisman. So, after we issue out the white lotus that we've got enough funds to provide for 1 year.

It's just that now that the cases are keep on rising here in the so we want to it and also to the people who and line up for the food Also, at the same time, there are many many uh helpful organizations and individuals who are already doing food bank all around. So, I think that uh if we add on to it, there will not be uh uh how is it extra help in doing it because so many people are already doing it. Uh so therefore, we we currently we haven't started yet. So we the funds are already there. Okay.

So, Um for the master Mystical Collection. Uh uh the way I So, this one, as you can see, I'm looking on the other way. So, this one is a private group usually showcasing the things that I've collected them. spiritual stuff that I've collected throughout. Defend offering papers because the most traditional ones are the ones that How is it A more bang for the buck? So, that is the one is worth the value of offering. that will also you can offer which are the Cs in paper form that one. also, you can, you

can offer up uh to to but remember, if your is located, you know, some people a bit they like to find exotic places. uh of the uh it means they like to find exotic places for that or the or the top. So, if you go into Mountain top on it, that is the one near to the bottom of the mountain. the bottom of the hill where there's that houses located there You you can and pay homage if you're hiking through your, you're going through but please don't go and ask for things that are related to wealth. especially in the ones that are near the hills or near the mountains. You know, as of this, give me some uh uh finance, uh improving finance or improving my uh uh strike numbers or whatever. You don't

go and request from especially from the one near the hills and the one near the mountain starts and especially for the ones near the hills and near the mountains is because usually they are not only the data is there, sometimes it's not. sometimes it's the mountain spirit that's in that particular shrine. So, if it's the mountain spirit, if it's the hills spirits or some other uh cultivating spruce and that shrine if you ask for wealth and things like that, if it happens to be successful, then you have to be very careful especially if you have promised a lot of things in make sense. Make sense means you don't specifically say what you will return. That's where the

problem starts because then they have a whole range of unspecified things that they can ask from you in return. So, make sure Uh we have question from Jerome. How do we clean up after burning for our brothers by the roadside, especially those ashes and uh you have to come back the next day. You cannot, you cannot be on the spot. for anything you've been

for spirits especially wandering spirits because now the lunar month when you buy an offer, it's not even your that person. those are wandering spirits. So for wandering spirits, if you cannot You cannot sense or you don't have the idea. You don't know how many will be coming at the same time and who they are and what's the background. So, the moment you try to once it's burning, it's finished and you see it's finished on it but sometimes it's there's still certain spots of warmth there.

You start straight the ground and try to collect or clean up the ash or or or use something to wipe on it. It then will also cause problem if you are not So, uh Yeah. Let me drink this. This is uh don't play and make promises for Facebook. uh that you have to go back and actually it's not it's not it's not a Buddha actually, it's uh it's a deity. Okay. It's a day.

So, it's just that people because it's time people um people say this Buddha because it's actually a day therefore, that's why if you have any promises, then you have to go back uh uh uh all that. So don't don't give empty promises. There are a lot of people who use who use the Casanova technique when they go to temple and when they talk to a lot of people use the Casanova Casanova technique.

You know, they they make a lot of promises to a lot of people If they don't go back, they try to sign for the excuses, then, it's even further because those are what we call Y. So, you don't give empty promises or brought promises that you cannot fulfill. one says yesterday, I want to ensure that the uh the uh the the the goal or whatever that you want to be, you just go through the the smoke of your of your let's say for example, it's your you just whatever goal that you have, you just go through your day and then before you went outside, then they'll be going out already. You just tell you, I'm burning this for you and then you just go through it. Uh just simple motion. We go through 123 times of the intense move and then you can go and burn already. Uh

there's no problem outside outside one won't be able to to take away your details and and I usually usually III. Before we conclude that usually III think I'll be this way. You already told your teacher, this is for you and you're already do the smoke over for your teacher and then you go and burn outside but also you say it's for a you. If you did is so incapable that that goal also gets stolen by people from the outside who don't have a shine, don't have an altar or not, then come down why not already? You are at the house. You have a shrine. you have a places where you are The goal will also say it's meant for you and then we smoke it.

123 times and then we burn outside also and also you can hold on to that goal and then then your your teeth already cannot let that simple thing. Also, you have to protect the teacher then can already. So don't worry, there are no one outside the outside. spirit cannot touch the things and don't worry Alright, So we're going to talk about uh spirits. animal spirits tomorrow and your pets.

So, remember tomorrow to tag all your friends that has pets, dogs, cats, uh other any other pets, then, we will be talking uh about them and how to actually uh when they become a spirit, do they come back and whether what we can do to help them speed up the process Okay, no,

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