Getting to 6 FIGURES on YouTube & in your Business!

Getting to 6 FIGURES on YouTube & in your Business!

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I'm here with Sean candle of video influencers, and think media and we are gonna talk to you no matter what level you're at about, growing, your business using. YouTube to get your first 100, thousand subscribers and your first six figures in revenue. Welcome. To the sunny show for, the bright side of being, your own boss and, building. O life. How. Did we do it and what was the process from start to finish so let's. Dive into that how, do you feel like you've progressed. And evolved yeah, I think for me I'm, looking, back now I look at it in seasons, of really, the side hustle season the, solopreneur. Season, and the scale season, which is we're kind of both and now we're we're scaling our businesses and I think that most, people and if they're watching they're aspiring to maybe be entrepreneurs, make, money online figure. Out a way to create a business around their lifestyle that was definitely my dream, and my passion, and if we take it all the way back it actually was a spark, that was kind of started a lot of by a book called crush it by Gary Vaynerchuk and, I. Read that back in 2009, and I started to dabble on YouTube and what I discovered, was the combination of YouTube and affiliate marketing and so. Being, a video production person. Myself have been doing video since 2003. I just took my passion, and started talking about what I knew about online helping, people find cameras, lighting microphones. Whatever, it was but, because of doing YouTube and affiliate, marketing, and doing what you teach a lot which is helping people rank videos right yeah I was, getting these videos that would show up around search terms and then people would click products but you know what's funny is before I even did tech I actually did a video called gift ideas for him oh so I have a whole channel just my Shawn candle channel I don't really do much with it now but it gave me a place to experiment, just, get started and I really recommend that people do that if you don't know what to do experiment. And test first experiment, and test yeah and what's funny is I also like to say I have a couple YouTube channels that really didn't, work right helped me get to the one that did or the two that did and so, that experiment, though even to this day I think if you type that in it still ranks like four or five it, has almost a million views and all I did was gather up some things from around the house some, headphones some, books whatever, I think that you know to give people, some ideas for, their husband their father their boyfriend, whoever gift ideas for him and it was all affiliate links and then I was like wait a minute we're making five bucks online in. A month Oh in a month but still yes that's, amazing it's like proof of concept and it was like 25, a month later yeah we just continued, to scale that and while that, is not you. Know life-changing, by any means it really is because, as soon as you make your first dollar online you're. Like it's like a it's like a light bulb goes off all, I need to do is scale this was. The first time you ever just like had that aha. Similar, content, so I created, a video I actually my first business was an online magazine and it, was for men written, by women and. One. Of the first videos I ever created was about, Valentine's, Day ideas, and that, video started ranking I was like oh my gosh where's all this traffic coming from and stuff didn't, really think anything of it it didn't really go back to it but. With that business. Because of the traffic that we had accumulated and, it got a little popular I remember, selling my first ad on, my, website. Yeah, and it was about $500, yeah and I was like oh my gosh I've made it yeah, completely. This. Is Christmas every, day yeah, so, it, really does change everything because you, have the proof that you're able to do it whether it's five dollars or five hundred dollars you. Know that it's possible and you, know that you're creating something that people see, is valuable, yeah so, to give some context we're gonna kind of go through each of those seasons and you, know where you need to start with your YouTube channel and building your business using, YouTube all the way up to the state that we're at now I have a crew I have a team who helps me produce my videos but kind of like taking it back to grassroots of where, you actually start and for context, let's just say you, know where are you at in your business today versus when we first met a couple years ago yeah well today in our business were actually.

But Like a seven-figure, annual, per. Year business six, team, members based in Las Vegas and, that's actually just my personal, business think media over, a couple years think about that and, I know you're doing similar, things yeah it's funny how how. It's. Been very aligned like our growth has been very aligned. And yeah, same same situation we're at a place where we now have 17, members would you playing our revenue last year so we're, in really good spots and very similar spots but it's. Really important to remember that we started from very humble beginnings completely, and I think one of the biggest, mistakes, that we, see people making online we were talking about this off-camera is is really we listen all these different people we follow think about the other people you follow the, business gurus, the entrepreneur, gurus, whoever, and people. Are dispensing, advice but. One of the things that I think we all can, sometimes miss is that it's, contextual, advice, yes that, if Gary, Vaynerchuk or whoever Marie Forleo is, is, saying something sometimes, they're saying that from a perspective of, they've got 700, employees they've, got unlimited money in the bank they've and so if they're saying this is what they're focusing on that's not necessarily, what you should be focusing, on because. It depends on what season you're in a lot, of aspiring. And online entrepreneurs, are in that side hustle season yeah and it's, funny because both of us were have built our businesses in similar, ways leveraging, the power of YouTube has. A search, engine yes where traffic and the reason I love YouTube the most was because all these other social networks they're great and we do some course invest energy in them but, I kind of consider Facebook, you, know Instagram, Twitter snapchat. These. Other platforms, they're not search engines and they're kind of like the social media hamster wheel yes 100%. I kind of call it like the viral platforms, versus the value plot for sure I see YouTube as I wish. Everyone in the world could understand how amazing it is it. Works for you and it's this long-term, play, and I have videos that are bringing me hundreds. Of leads every, single day yes. So I know I'm not doing anything yeah I post it I did the job I created value I'm getting leads from it whereas, for other platforms it's kind of like you gotta strike while the iron's hot post content hope, people see it hoping you generate some business from it and the demand they say like you know to be relevant on Facebook it's four times a day yessuh gram it's twice a day the cool thing about YouTube and why in the side hustle season I loved it was because I had a full time job I'm trying to balance family, I'm trying to balance even other side hustle side work and build.

My Youtube channel my online influence, my business, on the, side and so, I would focus on trying, to put out quality videos but I couldn't even do them every week right I might have been I might have been able to do like three in a month but then I would go dark for like two months but because they would rank and search then, I could get as the, line I still from you all the time views. While, you snooze. Yeah. You get views where you snooze which is cool because I would I would be at Red Robin waiting, tables on the cob up right and and, I would be thinking and I'm getting views though like even, if any day people. Are discovering, me for the first time and so I'm here Wayne tables making tips I've also got even, if it's slow my business is growing online, yeah, absolutely and that's really the beauty of YouTube and I think it's so, important, to say that because it really is easy to know you know you know preach, consistency. And if. You're at a certain level you need consistency, but, if you're in that side hustle mode for. YouTube I think it's all about quality. Versus. Quantity mm, focus, on creating, videos that you know are gonna get picked up in search and you're using the right keywords and you're focusing on you know frequently, asked questions from your audience that you've heard me talk about tell them blue in the face that's. What you want to work on and create videos that will work for, you for years. To come, I totally agree and I've heard it said that YouTube is kind of like a Content, library, yes and a library, is full of books books. Take time to write books are organized, books are thoughtful, you know snapchat, Instagram, stories, those, are like pamphlets, yes they're like flyers they get thrown away so, even. Though you don't need to write a book every YouTube video I do like to approach it with an intentionality, to create something that can work for you just imagine if you think about the video you put out it's gonna be viewed three years later you probably want that to be yeah, it's not only how you approach it but also how. Much you're willing to put in upfront yeah I had that unlock, and I know you did as well to say this is a lot of hard work and early on my name when you're in that side hustle season you're, not getting the return, on investment of your time your, energy or, your money based. On the effort you're putting in it's always heavier upfront heavy. Lifting yeah, but you, can do that because you have that commitment to the vision of what's possible I'm, gonna do a really great job on these videos now because, and even if some of them don't rank some. Of them might not last because if a few dude, could change your whole life it changed ours it just seems one doesn't, think I have one video that went, crazy, and, it ended up in the first page of Google, and that. Video alone has brought in so many new people to my tribe to figure out who I am and then they become customers, or clients and, so it's really understanding that, I like, to treat each, video is this individual, traffic machine basically powerful. I had last year had a viral video and same thing commitment, to the Dania and day out weekly process, sometimes it's not that sexy it's not that glamorous but. One just got knocked out of the park 2.3, million views are, you talking about your iPhone video yeah, that. It's just boom all the sudden and you don't know which video was gonna be no but she committed to consistency. And. I committed to creating content that I knew my audience would actually care about that's powerful that's really what it is so I think it's important to understand if you're in that side missile phase focus, on quality versus quantity don't, put pressure on yourself to be doing something every week if you can that's amazing. But really focus on having these individual, videos that are gonna work for you for years to come and the. Other piece of that is let's talk about the tools that stage, so for me I've got, started with a webcam a window. For natural lighting which I still love natural lighting yes my favorite lighting yeah and, I, had a stack of books as my tripod, and I would just sit in front of my window, in my apartment on my couch and film and literally was wearing like pajamas from down here. And I was wearing you know something, nice up top just. So I looked somewhat professional so. That's how I sort of what were your tools when you first got started so I'm, not probably a good example because I am a video, guy, and. So I would I've been to a video production since 2003. But I think I would speak to people, in my tribe in my community, actually Heather on my team she's our operations, officer but she has a home school channel and she's.

Doing Exactly what you and I teach about ranking videos and same thing her, homeschool channels like number eight on her list to do right she's got family she's got her kids she's got our business she's got everything she's working on but. She, just, started with her iPhone and she, just started shooting on her iPhone but, sunny her Channel she's only put out about 23, videos and she hates when I talk about this cuz she's been doing it for about a year so not even one a week right and her. Channel doe, 7500. Subscribers a quarter, million video views yeah, iPhone. Getting, started because the reality, is especially in the side hustle season but it's true almost in any season is that it's never about, the camera, it's, always about the content, yeah you know the content, value is infinitely, more important. Than the production value yeah absolutely and, I think people get so I, really do see it as almost like a limiting belief when, people are like what camera do I need what lights do anything it's more so just you being afraid to put yourself out there than anything so, it's really just starting. And trying, it and hoping. For the best and, then, you get comfortable, and then you can do it more consistently, so that's a great example so iPhone, when it's that like side hustle season for. Me it was watch at webcam and for you obviously was different cuz you're a video guy and. We can talk more about those more impressive, tools in, a second but yeah so that's really side hustle so then we go into the solopreneur, yeah season so let's talk about that yes, the solopreneur, season, for, me started actually just, in January of 2016 and, that, was about the time where, finally. We didn't have clients anymore we, didn't have like agency work or whatever anymore, it was all YouTube an affiliate marketing actually only and it, was a different season because one you know maybe note if we went back to that early season I also would run and whack you know mention the power of focus you, definitely, cannot, do everything and you can never do everything, but, the, power focus you know so many people are like you need to be on every social media platform that will kill you if you're in the side hustle season when you move into the solar printer season I realize we have a little bit more time I was still like pretty, much just me and and. Just kind of going all-in for about eight months before I could on board some people, and and. So in that season it was still the power focus but now I could deploy a lot of energy and so it's hustle, every season but I found, a new level of hustle, in that. Solopreneur. Season that, like you have to wear every hat you, just are wearing everything you do and I think it's interesting how I kind of like visualize, that solopreneur, season, is that you're kind of halfway up the mountain so you've built you've built momentum you're, already halfway there you don't really want to turn back and you, feel a responsibility because. We have clients, you have customers, you kind of built something so if you stop you're, letting people down. So obviously have to be aligned with it excited about it but like that's really the solar pretty where so it is it's kind of like you have no choice, yep but, to just hustle, and you will get through it we, did yeah and you. Get out on the other side and go oh my gosh now I can now I know what, I need to do and how to do things now I can teach other people to take that off my plate and actually, scale. Yep, and so I think of some tips for that solopreneur, season is that even, if you can't, do, it yet because some people say we say you should get a team you should get a t-shirt but you might be like I don't have I can't I don't have money for myself let alone somebody else you, should still be thinking about a team you should still be looking for a team yeah and actually I. Mentioned, you know we were so lone as far as YouTube creation, of content, you. Know writing emails doing, all the social media was all me but one person, that did come on was Heather who's now full-time with us and actually, our initial conversation, though she started saying I could help you create some courses I could help you do.

Some Things where I just didn't have the confidence to do that alone and, sometimes. To go ask well how'd you guys meet I think part, of the reason we met was because of committing. To excellent, content, or that, attracted. Awareness. Because she saw what we were doing online and was interested in getting involved she sat, down mentioned. Some of her skills and I said wow you're perfect, we need to work together I can't, pay you. Ella. I'm sure everyone, watching this news to Ayla is my, right hand she's my unicorn. When people ask me how I found her I say she came from heaven and. She'll get really embarrassed about this too but we met yeah and I was at that breaking point of being a solopreneur where I needed help we, were introduced through a friend I will never forget the day I met her and I sat down and I was like you're, it you're hurt sorry I can't pay you right now I need you to intern, for a little bit and then I promise, you like I see this for a lifetime, relationship. Between the two of us to grow this together I promise, you I will reward you when I can and that's been the case she's been with me now for almost. Three years and, she is the. Greatest thing that's ever happened man this is so weird intentionality, I think, you should know what you want start, architecting. Start dreaming, and mapping. Out even journaling, the, ideal business even if it can't all be a reality right now because, if you don't start, talking about it right now you'll really never get there you. Have to visualize it, in order for it to come true and so what I did was I when, I first knew, I needed to hire somebody I wrote down a list of the things that I just wasn't really good at and it was taking so much of my mental space and time and it wasn't my genius own and. Those were all the first things that I sort of trusted and allowed to take over and. I do believe in that growing together and something else you said when you're thinking about hiring a team from that solar newer phase is you, want to make sure that you're working with people who already sort of bought in to your brand, yeah so, pretty much everyone on my team now knew, of what, I did beforehand, and was bought in and bought into the mission and the vision of what.

Is For, us our vision which is really empowering people to shine and creating those success ripples so we can help people grow in their own terms and be their own boss and build their own life so, you, have to work with people who get that and for me it's always about personality. And drive, and willingness to learn persons. Needing to know everything, completely, that's what we say too we say character, and chemistry. Like, that the person's gotta have integrity they gotta have character they gotta have chemistry, if you don't vibe with them these are people you work with especially we have home businesses, we, work from our apartment in Vancouver, you, know but you're gonna buy with these people all the time you want to have chemistry, even if they have the greatest skills in the world but you hate being around yeah you don't want them on your team and so. Those are the first two things competency. I think it's more like a willingness to learn because the crazy thing about our industry we were just a traffic in conversion here and the, reality is you can't even know all the skills you need no no, way if you feel discouraged right now by you feel like man I wish I knew like what, sunny knows and I wish I knew here's the crazy thing is like in in, six months, you, don't know what you need to know I don't it's, such a fast-paced, world if you have to continue to learn and I think that's where growing. Up from the solopreneur, phase to scaling the business is really where you and I have. The time and space to do what we need to do to be on top of those things absolutely when you're in the hustle of doing everything you really don't have that time in space so, that allows us to continue to scale and grow the business because, we're staying on top of it yeah and I would say to really thrive in that solopreneur. Phase the, power focus matters in every face but it really matters there because now all of a sudden I had all this time I could do a million. I think the key is to find one thing that works and to, work it until that. Can scale to enough revenue, that. You can be in the scale season who began to hire it if, you start spreading yourself too thin shiny, objects, you're like I should create a course but, I should also be getting sponsors for my podcast and I should be doing affiliate marketing, and I'm gonna start coaching and I'm gonna start doing client work and I'm gonna do all this stuff and there are all trickles, you. Kind of need to get that geyser yeah focus, on that because that's the thing that will be your ticket to the next step so true there's a really great book called the one thing if you read it yeah okay highly, recommend it it talks about focusing, on that one thing and using that and it's similar to in business, I always talk about YouTube in that way too is like you focus on the one platform that's gonna give you the biggest return and it grows everything else and then you can branch off me like I want to have my Instagram, game now so, that's something to remember too you don't have to do it all in every sense in business and in social and whatever else you, just really have to put your momentum and effort into that one thing is that's gonna work for you everywhere else so I think to, recap the solopreneur, phase I think it's at that point you, want to be a little more consistent so ideally, if you do one video a week which is what I was able to do just sit in front of my webcam. And. What I did to help me stay, consistent, was I would do four videos at a time so it sit down for about two hours a month, and I do four videos at a time and if you can't do two hours a month to create these four videos that are gonna work for you for years to come and bring in leads for you you, got to reevaluate so, I knew it was gonna grow the business so I committed, to it and that was my one thing that I really focused on that's super powerful and I love what she said because, by, focusing on same thing I focused all on YouTube and to, the neglect of my Instagram of my Facebook but, what's crazy is now today those things are growing so fast but.

Because One thing grew big enough you got the influencer there so you could shift audiences. Rather than trying to build a bunch of things at once yeah and your energy you're overwhelmed, or stressed, yeah. So yeah so now we're at the stage of scaling, we're just continuing to grow the business we built the authority, we're seen as experts which is awesome we have these amazing communities. So thank you. So really at this point I am, now which, is incredible, and hopefully a little inspirational, for you if you're and you're in that side hustle phase I started. At the side hustle I had no help it was just me went. To the solopreneur, still, filming by myself and that. Built, my business those those 101, video week for, two years built. My business to a place where I now have a team of seven people and, I have a crew who helps me with my videos and makes them look as great as they do and. I'm able to focus on everything else in the business as well that. Puts, me in my zone of genius and makes me you know even further as an authority, so, scaling. Your, business when you get to that point it's time to really invest in up leveling, everything which we've recently done with the videos and our set and all of that and that's, when you really have some fun with it I think I totally agree and you know I love what you said investing, in uplevel and everything if we even just go back to that side hustle season I do think, that once you hit that and this is true for every season that, what mistake entrepreneurs, make is as soon as you have a little bit success, you kind of get crazy, and I think that what I have always tried to do and on our team is whenever, we've had success we tried to reinvest, it back into the business and sometimes, that's back into the brand you've done that back. Into up, levelling gear and so, I would definitely say as soon as you when you start making some income some revenue, there is something about getting, better gear hiring. Somebody or just contracting, somebody even solopreneurs. Maybe, hire out a videographer. Yeah. Maybe something like that or you, level up your camera level up your lighting because, in today's world it does help your brand it can help you stand out to have crispy video, have, the good lighting start. Thinking about your set but as we get into the scale season it's funny even just, this year, we cover CES, that's when we first met you know years ago and we did our first video, influencers, interview, but. That. That, we even started thinking about like merch, we even started thinking about like how's our brand standing, out and the, reality, is is again I feel like that could be a shiny object for people I'm glad, I wasn't thinking about that I was kind of just bootstrapping, scrappy. Solopreneur. Yeah, just trying to get it done but. Then once I started we had more revenue a little more time being in that more mastermind, position, as we moved into team on that scale season, I started thinking how, we make the we just shot CES and all 4k amazing. Really crispy, like. Great video quality you know yeah and we start you know got a little merch so we showed up as a crew we see more professional, you know all this kind of stuff we have business cards. And. You know I think it's so funny because even, like we have business cards for a couple years not that you need business cards who even uses business cards and what you need them at CES for some reason at CES that's like they'd said you need them be good, but. But whether that's your website, whether that's I think you really even, at every stage want to be committed to done, is better. Than perfect, yeah. But, again. You know more so that as you as you move on like, trying, to think about how to level up and that's what we definitely did and, investing. Investing, in our set we're changing our house now we're best thing in building it out you've built things out home studios podcast. Microphones, and so when you get into that season I think you want to how can you make your brand, stand. Out from other brands maybe you need a refresh, and overhaul of your, brand and not also keep, in mind can, take time as well and can allow, you you, know this space to kind of walk away and I've done this I've taken you know a month off to really just tune, into what it is that I want to do with the business and the brand and how I want to uplevel it and then execute, so don't feel like you, have to just keep going to keep going I think, it all comes back to having the intention of what the greater vision and mission is and then, sticking to that and executing, on it moving, forward I agree, for, scale I think probably the biggest things if we just thought about a couple actual things I think paid traffic was something that became a big that's something that scales but it's hard to pay for traffic, it.

Really Isn't it's kind of like which, comes first the chicken or the egg but never you know because you like, you need to pay tit for traffic to actually make revenue but you don't have revenue to pay for traffic but when you get to that scale season that's another way to reinvest, rather. Than spend your money here or there we thought man we could reach more people by paying for facebook ads YouTube ads I, think also investing, in even things like this yep you know I there, was this is my first trafficking, conversion, you know and I'm. All about investing in big events and plane tickets and so on and so forth but sometimes you might feel that you're like I wish I could go to that stuff well, I remember watching, a lot of free stuff I remember buying tickets. To just the online recordings, or the online webinars. But. At every level leveling, up that education, and investing, at a higher level I think. I. Think we definitely, know if you need help with the tools as, well because, I know you have a lot of recommendations when it comes to tools there any overarching. Right now like if you're in that scale season you want to invest in good in good cameras, what, would you recommend yeah. I think I, definitely check out think media the channel and it depends, I think that for, like, 4k content, which, I don't think people need to do but, it is definitely like the premium I think Sony cameras, right now are pretty impressive some of the Sony cameras even the a 6500. Other, ones that are coming out but, I think that most DSLRs, what do you shoot on right now do you know Sony, something yeah, could. You tell me and no jury's gonna add a best year as my column. Jer-bear he's my videographer and editor and he's incredible, with media, and so he's, up leveled our gear every step of the way as well so I went from the Logitech webcam to, now we're using some, Sony camera that looks awesome yeah, and so definitely, I think Canon, Sony there's a lot of good gear there and and, some of the basics that Sonny teaches so well is also, that the most important, part really a video ironically. Is lighting. An audio. You're. Good yeah and so if you haven't maybe invested, in a good light kit even, the one there's, one that $75, that I love and that's over on my channel too it's the evening on Amazon, there's also one that's about five hundred dollars like an LED kit. That's really nice and so, that's that's it's within reach and, then you know good microphones, and you're good to go well, and we'll put links to of, course your Channel and also to the lights that you mentioned sure sure the description so you guys can check them out thank, you so much hey hope you guys found this valuable if you did put vos in the comments below and let us know so. Before, you go we did this on your channel about lightning round and I love doing these so I have just three questions for you so first, question what. Is the best piece, of entrepreneurial. Advice and mentors ever again we've given you that's. Super hard I got a lot of good advice but I think one of them was, that, good. Is the, enemy. The great yeah want. To explain that one yeah. I mean that's that there's a lot of good things to do I think it plays just so much like, there's there's so many like good, things you could do in your business but there's one probably vertical, of your greatness there's, so many shiny objects, you could focus on but, there's one great thing out there there's a lot of good fish in the sea for you but there's one great, person. Yeah, just and that the good if we fill our lives up with the good we may actually might be missing, out on the. Great great I totally, agree with that and I feel like that's been a common theme of this whole conversation, the. Focusing, on the one thing that you're gonna really like soar at okay. So that's question, one a question two best book, that every, boss should, read man. Best book every boss should, read I think I definitely think crushing had changed my life personally, I think though a lot of people in this community are probably already kind of thinking. About crushing ya and taking advantage of the opportunity, of things that are happening right now I want to give too I'm gonna go to my man John Maxwell, and say, the 21, irrefutable laws, of leadership and I think it's the seventeen laws of teamwork I think every boss should, be thinking about how they can level up as a leader and lead.

Great Teams even if you don't have one yet I love. That I haven't even read those and I'm gonna read them okay. So that's awesome and then the final question is my definition of being your own boss is showing up for yourself so you can show up for everything else personally, professionally what's, your definition of being your own boss I feel. Like being. Your own boss is creating. A business around a lifestyle, that allows you to do what you want when. You want, where. You want with, the people that matter most to you and so. That's the kind of business we're trying to build a life kind of on our own terms, with. The people that we love the most and in places, that we love to be and obviously that's an incredible, thing to aspire to and. But. I think it's possible for us and for everybody watching and. That's, what I would say it's and that's a perfect answer and I think it's important to remember no matter what fades you're at we started at a place where that was not even a reality, and we've built it to a place where it absolutely, is and we're very fortunate but, it does take it takes work it takes dedication it takes work it takes being an expert and it takes constant education. So thank, you so much this is so wonderful where can people find you where you want to send my audience to I think that the first thing that they should do is, check out our interview with you over on video influencers, in, the cards yeah we'll link that up and so a lot of good content shared there that's, a great channel with tips for video as well but over on think media is probably the best place to go you could just search it on YouTube or link in the description, right and. That definitely helping people with gear even if it's no matter what budget you're on from from premium gear to if you're just starting out we have a lot of videos and playlists, to help you find the right tools, for. Building your influence online and never let that be a hindrance we already talked about it let's start with what you have but, as you scale be. Thinking about how to level up your gear your content, your lighting and all those types of things think media awesome, think media is the place to go we'll link to all of that below thank, you so much for watching this is a little longer than usual but I think it was value-packed. Info so thank you to Sean thank, you do you for watching remember if you like this video hit that like button below share, it with your fellow bosses and be sure to subscribe we'll, see you in the next video.

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Thanks for watching, Boss! Where are you in your entrepreneurial journey? And what is your biggest takeaway from our conversation with Sean Cannell? Comment below! :)

Great video!! I have a channel that I have started recently and I take a lot of your advice and tips. Thank you !!

Biggest takeaway for me was focusing on quality over quantity when first starting, you hear so often to post super consistently on all these platforms and it can make you crazy when you're at the very beginning with limited time! That made me feel better about my current pace (brand new to YouTube just started in March!) Thanks for all the valuable info as always you two are great!

My biggest takeaway is to just get started. I don’t have to have the top editing skills or equipment to start. Thanks for this video!!

Such a great video! I loved how you make things personal in a way that we can see ourselves successful one day because every successful person was unsuccessful at one time! I have a growing YouTube channel and just launched my first course this morning!

@ DRAW DAILY · DxD Not going to happen. both Sean and his wife are not likely to cooperate with your silly fantasy!

Sunny Lenarduzzi yay two bright media brains!


Thank you, I have small channel so this is really nice. I watch his and your channels! :)

Such a powerful video! Loved this conversation! Thank you, Sunny nad Sean!

Amazing Collaboration! I watch both of you regularly! Awesome people

i love how both your channels are my favourite in learning youtube tips and information and then i see a thumbnail of you and sean ! amazing video once again .. way to go .. much love xxx

Shooting 4 videos in two hours? What am I doing wrong haha. I shoot one 5-10 minute video in around 2 hours...

Haha Sunny your early setup was exactly the same as mine is now, even including the comfy pajama bottoms

Thanks for the video. I love Sean and all what he does, I follow both his channels, super helpful and valuable.

This video was fantastic. Thanks Sunny.

Awesome video Sunny & Sean, thanks for all the insights. Sunny - what type of microphones are you using in this video? Do they also record the audio or just amplify it? And if they're recording, how do you download the files (or are they transferred wirelessly)?

Thank you both for doing this. It took years of resistance...up until... I am finally ready to commit to my WHY and VISION.

OMG you are so right...quality is better than quantity. Other YouTubers said the more videos you pump out the more views you will get. This is so untrue. I was putting out 2 videos a week and the views were not coming. My videos were all over the place. I had no idea what I wanted to talk about. I almost quit. I took a week in a half off to redeem myself and think. Time helped me come up with a video that people was eager to see. It got over 4000 views and 200 new subscriber. I was shocked at the response. It keeps growing daily. So now I see quality is the key. Thank you guys for explaining that to YouTube newbie channels like me.

Yay my two fave collab

I find both of you so inspiring and positive. I've enjoyed both of your content for a long time and now that I am really considering really going for it, this couldn't have come at a better time. Biggest take-away for me is to recognize there are seasons to this game and to push through and keep working hard to achieve my dreams for myself and my family. Thank you so much!

Great video

Great advice... My topic is boring so I'm constantly thinking how to make it more interesting.

Boss!! Thank you both for the extra re-inspiration!

Thanks for introducing Sean Cannell. Will definitely check out his work. I found The One Thing in PDF: Can't wait to dig in!

Loving these tips! So helpful, can't wait to start implementing them!


You guys killed it! Thanks for the lovely candor and high value.

I love both of you! I’ve learned a lot from all your channels. I just started on January 1st. I’m in the side hustle season. Trying to find my long term niche and tribe. I started out with weight loss tips, recipe cooking & sharing my weight loss journey. I’m also thinking about doing a cooking channel or a travel channel, since I love to travel. Here’s to an awesome 2018!

BOSS .. when I make it we will all collab

This was awesome!!!

Sunny & Sean - SOLID! Thanks!

Thank you so much for this video. You guys are THE BOSS! :-P

My biggest take away is that we all start from humble beginnings. It doesn’t just happen over night. The contextual advice piece was huge for me....I’m still in side hustle and moving into solopreneur phase. Thank you for this amazing video ❤️❤️

BOSS - thanks so much! You both inspire me every single day!


This is epic! My channel is small but growing because of these types of tips. Realtor life and local Vlogger

Oh my goodness this is SOOOOO good. I'm in the solopreneur stage, and let me tell you it was SOOO encouraging to hear you say you went through the EXACT same things I'm going through - first in the side hustle phase and then moving into the solopreneur phase where if I quit, a lot of people will be disappointed because they're depending on the company. I love love LOVE that you shared this valuable information and it really gave me the boost I need to keep moving forward. I'm in the middle of the mountain - I just need to buckle down and get to that top. God is leading the way.

Love you guys, my two faves. I was so excited to see you collaborate!

#boss I follow all your guys stuff and I love it so much it has helped me so much I’m still in my side hustle stage myself your right it’s a lot of work and some days you don’t want to do it but you do it anyway cause you know it’ll pay off in the end and I think that’s he biggest take away I’ve gotten from this and doing YouTube and trying to start and grow a business

Boss!!! This was so awesome. Great information.

Excellent advise. This is great information for all start up dreamers who would love to build their business through video.

Really enjoyed hearing how you both moved through the different stages of entrepreneurship. Getting to the point where I can hire teammates is where I want to be. Thanks!

I love and am subscribed to BOTH of your channels, have been for over a year! This really hits home for me. Your YouTube for Bosses course really helped my channel and helped me focus my energies in the right direction. Loved this Sunny.

Great collab guys. Am subbed to you both so great to see you together talking about the phases. Great stuff

Very helpful advice,

I love the talk about employees and hiring, team building etc. You need a team of specialist you can trust to hyperfocus on the parts while you focus on the big picture vision. Boss

This is what I needed for this day of doubt

"Good is the enemy of the great!" This was my fav tip!!

Alice thanks Alice - happy to help - keep crushing it!

Thank you so much for this!! This was so helpful

Nice collabo

Think Media you are the best

Jaret Ikhe

Plz sub to my channel feel free to tell me any tips on my channel but nothing mean plz

Thank you so much for filming this video! I’m literally just starting on YouTube and it’s so helpful!

Great insight as I never looked at Youtube as a search engine unlike other social media sites. Didn't realize that your video content lasts for years as a lead generator either. Loved the hamster wheel reference for most other social media sites too. (and it is so true!) This video is money money money! I will be investing in the Youtube for Bosses course soon. Thanks Sunny & Sean

Sean Cannell Interviewing Sunny on Video Influencers:

Scott Tovey

Awesome collab! Biggest takeaway is small things can make a big impact.

Tech With Brett

Wasn't long ago I was wondering about the two of you working together, hahaha, love it!

Good stuff

Two of my favorite youtubers in 1 video! Love it!! You both are so motivating!

I love that you both did a calibration! You're both amazing and do great work!

This was the video I needed to watch to keep me motivated. Thanks. I was taking notes!

Sean's words struck me when he said that he focused on YouTube and kinda neglected Instagram and other social media platforms and when YT grew, everything else grew. I've spent the first quarter of 2018 posting everywhere and I have gotten lots of attention on my math tutoring business, mainly from the people I know, but little money. However, you guys are inspiring me to get serious about YouTube this quarter. April 2018 will be a transitional month for me and my business. Thanks for the inspiration. I will start by batching my videos 4 at a time.

So great to see this! Also, thanks so much to Sean for speaking to something that has been plaguing me. I have four kids and a hectic schedule, for sanity sake I try to really limit social media for myself and my family. That said I am passionate about my youtube channel, and would love see it grow in the ways that I dream, by connecting in meaningful ways with other people and help and inspire them in some way. It had been bothering my that I am not on ALL THE THINGS for social media, thinking that I will never reach my goals if I don’t do Twitter and Insta etc etc. My hope is to focus on YT and possibly revive my blog and maybe even create a website for my healing arts practice (we will see on that one!). It’s a relief to hear that it’s okay to have limit your social media platforms and still see successes. XO

SO many great points of interest here guys.....LOVING it!! TFS!

I love both of you guys... you are helping me alot

Boss! Biggest takeaway was Focus on one platform.

Journey to Home Sweet Home


Nailed it! Thank you both for all the fantastic info but especially thank you for saying not to quit! This seems to be a recurring thought...especially when you are in the solo stage! You guys are great!

BOSS!!!!!! love this so much!!! Thank you for always providing your audience with relevant and valuable content :)

I’m definitely in the solopreneurial stage, just leveling up from there. 1 employee, but the tips on content that is quality vs quantity band what I’ll be proud of if it’s getting views 3 years later was right on for me.Great sesh you two!!!


Boss thanks


By the way: awesome video and: *

My two favorite business/YouTube advice entrepreneurs together!!!

Chloe Lee

I love it that you both started with whatever you had .

Amazing! Thank you guys for the tips! I’m looking forward to become a Boss soon! Useful and valuable content, Sunny. Thank you so much!

Thanks again for having me on your channel Sunny — I'm inspired by the business and community you're building!

The hardest part for people and me is to dive in headfirst and start creating after that you feel at ease so good luck to anyone who has big treats.


Thanks a lot for this video. You and Sean were the first I subscibed to when I started my channel i january and I have really learned alot from both of you. My channel is slowly growing, but at least it's growing everyday. Thanks Alot!!!

AWESOME video! Thanks again Sunny! Sean's based in Vegas? How awesome!

Think Media we are totally down! Also, just realized we have a common connection!

Yes! Las Vegas... we have a local YouTube meet-up here also:

Now I've got a whole new round of books to read up on!

Thank you! Yes, he is.

please come check out my YouTube channel 8 just need three thousand more viwes to reach ten thousand views

Love this video! Especially the insight into when you felt like "this is it", this small first sale has given you the belief you need. Would love to hear more about your feelings and thoughts and other peoples' of the side-hustle piece. Keep creating great content! This is amazing and is keeping me going and is just what I needed for the low day I'm having! :)

Killer video you two! I’m just stepping into the solopreneur season and it’s great to hear your stories/ struggles and gain some clarity from them. Thanks so much!

So glad it was helpful! Thank you!

Too long :( going to have to watch this in parts :( but thanks


Why is it when you upload my video does not as good.

Great video Sunny, Sean is like you, a fantastic example of taking a side hustle and moving it up to being viable business.

Thank you! So glad you liked it!

“New levels of hustle”... such good insight! Loved seeing you both in this video. So cool that you’ve had similar growth in your stories.

Thank you! so glad you liked it!

I love you Sean and Sunny. This stuff is so good. You make me want to leave my 6 figure real estate business

Boss! This was great; soooo helpful!

Thank you!

Such amazing advice to hear as someone doing the side hustle and growing on YouTube! Hopefully full time in 3 years!

I'm glad to see two great creators of YouTube content together.

Thank you! We had so much fun filming this video!

Sunny always gives us great videos!!

Awesome tips. It's all about consistency, listening to the audience and delivering quality work. Keep it up!!

Great interview! Sunny thank you! So much very informative and helpful video.

Very helpful, thank you Sunny!

I'm subscribed to both of your channels and thought this was a great collaboration! Very informative and encouraging.

I'm so happy to hear it! Thank you!

Thank you both! Breaking 'the journey' down into seasons was super-helpful. I'm in the solo-preneur phase, but probably worrying too much about scaling before I've improved everything I need to as a one-man shop...

My 2 favorite bosses! I just love you guys. Thanks for these super AMAZING tips. I especially like that you mentioned the importance of re-investing.

Thank you SO much! So glad it was helpful!

Two of my favorite YouTube growth experts in one video - WIN!

Thank you!!

I will be a millionaire because of this video

Alta You can do it!

Boss! Thanks Sunny and Sean!

Value Packed!!! ♡♡

@sunnylenarduzzi I really needed to hear this today bc I decided yesterday I wasn’t going to post a video this week bc I didn’t have time to do “quality”. I am most definitely doing the side hustle and it’s NOT easy but I’m determined to become my own boss. My track record shows I’m not the greatest at keeping at something that requires self discipline but I am passionate about my craft and desire so badly to do it full time. You always seem to say things that hit home for me when I need it most so thank you for this video!

This is so helpful!

Value packed with information indeed, Sunny and Sean!

Ok, you guys are officially my YouTube heroes!! Love your content and you absolutely share so much value!! You both deserve every success you have achieved!! ❤️❤️❤️

why can't I put a HEART on this video?! love this!

How come Ricky Berwick gets more views than y'all lol

This is the perfect video! I love both of you guys!

Thanks to Video Sean for showing me this amazing boss. I have spend the last 2 days watching Sunny's videos. Thank you so much for all the great advice

28:50 that card was ON POINT!

Also loved the interview, it reminded me of the respect you have to give to bring patient and also reiterated the order at which you should do stuff at! I really feel that if I had watched this video 1 year before now it would've saved me a lot of time in regards to upload frequency!!

Wow i love the video, thanks so much for sharing this super usefull information, Boss!!

Stellar Sunny and Sean !

I feel that your kind of channel, that helps small YouTubers are getting way less attention, this is happening in Brazil too. I noticed that after the new monetization rules, I think that a lot of small youtubers are quitting YouTube.

Love this video (and you guys!) Great editing too

Sub for me and reply done so I can sub yours

Very helpful

Ilove this vid! Yeah Quality vs Quantity YT vid!

BOSS.... Shared! Awesome stuff as always Sunny. Love it.

I am certainly in the side hustle mode right now with this channel. Because of the success of my RC Channel, I feel I have a better idea as to what I need to do for success. Work work work on the highest quality and fun videos to build my base of content in a competitive space.

This is utterly brilliant to all of us who have to try and work our dream business as a side-hustle it is so easy to think that everyone has so much more time to work on their business than you. Fantastic interview! Thank you for sharing such great insights into starting out, keeping going and growing. Amazingly good!

wow! just watch the other part of this colaboration interview at think media! great tips again! learning from both of you!

This is just superb!!! Thank you for the valuable info! It toally wrecked me and ready to focus more on youtube. Game time!!!

Such a pleasant surprise to watch you two together in the same screen! Fantastic interview! You two ROCK!

BOSS!! Loved this video & I'm a big fan of Sean's. Thank you for sharing so much. The tips are perfect!!!

I adore you both, thanks for sitting down and chatting this out!

Awesome tips as always. Thanks Sean & Sunny.

Side hustle RIGHT HERE, but its not working! But I have a positive outlook and it might not work now but might eventually. I just want people to relate to us and make people laugh and smile through our VIDEOS!

Subscribe to me guys


Two of my favorites in one video. Better than watching Marvel's Avengers!

GOOD LUCK!! I will check out your channel! XO

Think Media dont know from where to reply you guys directly why cant you explaun first that its time for short videos now , why you are taking 29 minutes to explain this crap and telling your life stories no one in intrested in

nice job

My two favorite YouTubers! Thanks for doing this great video interview


Omggg you guys working together is my favorite thing! You are both so helpful and inspiring! I’m now slowly growing my YouTube channel!! ☺️

great content! I like how you switched places for each other's interviews, super dope AND efficient!

This was very enlightening!!!! I really appreciate U & your professionalism.

Dope video! I just passed 63,000 subscribers feel free to stop by my channel and subscribe :D

Lidija Petrović you’re welcome - Sunny is awesome!

Sunny Lenarduzzi I am really working LinkedIn because I have a billion dollar idea and I’m learning how to get pre seed capital. I figure practice makes perfect for when I put a pitch together

Thank you. Watched both versions of the videos. The energy and motivation you guys both put off is so great. It is so amazing that we can create content and reach the world with a play button. Love your videos. Thanks.

Hi Sunny what do you think is the best media platform for a local business right now?

Wow this was SO useful. I loved hearing about the different seasons of business and how all advice is contextual!

Thanks for this vid.

my favorite team !!! i love both of you guys !!!!

Wow my 2 favourite you tube mentors in one video. I didn't even know you knew each other. Currently going through Sean Cannell's VRA course and learning so much. Planning to take Sunny's course after. Keep crushing it guys. I am not a big commenter but I want to give credit where due. You two are doing a lot of good on YouTube. THANK YOU.

Awesome video. I am a new subscriber since I follow Video Influencers and saw your interview on that channel :)

Great video. Very informative.

Intentionality, this is not a happy accident!

Both of you are a joy to watch. Biggest take away was the limited beliefs people have for not making content. JUST DO IT!

We vlog as much as we can but post once a week and it’s a great tip from both of you

You guys switched that’s awesome!!!!!

My favorite mentors of YouTube! I'm having this constant question, Do I need a website to actually start in Affiliate marketing? Thanks for this video and the info guys!

Love love love this video!

Loved watching this conversation between you both! Thanks so much for sharing your journey -- currently I'm moving from Solopreneur to Scaling. xo Nicole

I’m trying to do food videos and it is so tough, make me not want to even do it, I did some videos, well my hubby did, but he is not with us anymore, I need so much help.

My favorite 2 people together, made me so happy!

Absolutely awesome content, THANK YOU BOTH so much! YES MUCH Value given!

How to get royalty free music ? so that copyright issues won't be there.

I enjoyed this video.

Simple Happy Zen I just subscribed to your channel, can you return the favor and sub to my channel.

Sunny! I Love your advice but, with all respect... The “vocal fry” is very distracting. It takes away from the message. Vocal fry is the Kardashian way of speaking where vowels are dry and just gargling...

Sunny your awesome, your so positive and I love it, you make me feel good just listening to you:-)

I’m subscribed to both of your channels and I’ve learned sooooo much. You are both friendly and genuine about helping others. I trust your content and appreciate your information. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

I'm definitely feeling the side hustle right now but I do have to say those thumb nail tricks that you guys did was KEY/GOLD... now my Channel videos look beautiful and I have got a lot more of views for it thank you so much for your videos both of you you guys are awesome! I'm a little bit of a sunny fan! In love with your channel name this sunny show couldn't be more perfect!!!

Wonder content, thank you Sunny and Sean, love you both, they are so helpful for my online businesses.

Boss!! This video was more valuable than any other video on growing on YouTube hands down! Thanks so much for sharing. ❤️

One video a week for two years sounds doable. I am consistently working on my Youtube Channel and I get a bit frustrated with my low view count and Subscribers. I want my channel to grown and I want to keep my subscribers happy with my content. I recently purchased new lighting and when I learn how to use the lighting effectively for my channel I hope it may increase my views and subscribers count. No matter what, I enjoy making videos and will commit to uploading videos consistently. I could not believe you only uploaded a video once a week for two years and it help your channel to grown. So many Youtube influencers say you need to upload a video everyday if you want to drive traffic to your channel which is difficult if you have a full time job. I will try your tips and continue to work hard on my Channel! Thanks for the tips, #boss

Very very helpful! Great interview!!!!!

Thank you for this! This is absurdly helpful to hear. You both are powerhouses.

Luv u both but I still don’t get the 6 or 7 figure thing. It’s like a joke to me. I work 4 hours a day on my channels and studying. Been a video and photo and audio pro since 1988! I’m making $5 a day affiliate marketing.

Thanks Sunny, I'm so new to YouTube (literally started two Sundays ago!!) And your content has been invaluable in my preparation xx

How when and why, To hire your first brand employee When creating your team who do you bring in first? For me looking at fiverr for help when I’m right now a one woman show... now I have hired a professional videographer and editor twice. Looking to find someone to work with me more full time

Thank you for sharing this meaningful conversation


Love this interview as well as both of your content. I’m in the Side Hustle. Sunny, with help from people like you and Sean, my YouTube Channel has grown over the past 5 months from 900 subscribers to almost 7700 subscribers and over $10,000 in free product from brand deals. Still have soooo much to learn but I’m really enjoying the journey on my way to the next season of Solopreneur. Thank you for all that you so.

This was great seeing Sunny and Sean on the same screen

SUPER BOSS! Both of "you guys" (Sunny and Sean) are amazing people, with great content! I have learned so much from BOTH of your channels! Keep Crushing it!

Great interview, Sunny and Sean - thank you! I really liked the way you, Sean, broke it down into the 3 phases and then you, Sunny, wove in your business stories to reinforce it. Tons of thought-provoking value! I really appreciate both of you!

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