Getting sick at the snow

Getting sick at the snow

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Good. Morning, you guys so. Today, we. Are in course gold. And. We're currently at the gym right now, but. You guys there's snow I haven't, seen snow since I was like 9 years old because. I'll. Tell you the story later but I. Mean. It's not like crazy snow, but it's some kind of snow I. Know. To a lot of you guys that are like on the East Coast it's probably, like what we see snow every day and we hate it but. Like. I said I haven't seen snow so it's like 9 but. It's. Really cold out here. And, I. Think I'm being sick so that's, not very fun. But. We. Came, out here because it's. No need we were like this, would be really good time to get some pictures and, also I haven't seen snow I was like really young so, that is what we're up to today so we're gonna go ahead and get a little, gym. Sesh on. Wow. Down, like I never seen snow before. It's. So pretty out here. Oh. So. Romantic. I. Love, it and then me. I. Love. You back to me, Michael. Michael. I'm. Going. In there and then coming out here arthritis, hell, arthritis, with, it what's, good, hurry, up bro. Let's. Go takes for ever, that. One, for. Probably. Not, make. Sure you have your lemon. Bath. Ruby say. Heard. About that. Weight. I feel like I did a video on here or something and then people are like. My. Boots are squeaky, today. Don't. Shave they're from the Spongebob, collection. Amy. What's. The average time that, you have me waiting for you. Huh. I want. To ask I want to ask our people how long you met them. What's. The average time. In. An hour. Like. 20. Minutes I was up before 30, minutes you were before me but was I had 30 minutes of work thinner what was the point of you being up. What's. The average time you guys have your man's waiting. This. Is where I had my Wigan there's, these little like bars of, like soap, I always take them because they're so good, to clean your Beautyblender, like. They're, so good, can. I throw some at you a little, bit just, a little bit like a loo okay, it's your hand oh. Sorry. I really didn't mean to babe I was just trying to look at this.

No. I didn't, know that's disgusting. Yo. Michael. Well I guess it's not that bad if it's like the top layer if, it's a top layer huh we're just not okay and then meat I want to eat some too okay, the top layer of. It. Can you take the camera so. They can see me. Was. Falling right now so I was like this. Yeah. Cool. Anyways, we stayed, at the. Chuck, transy golden, resort casino so it's like a casino and it's a resort and it's, up here by Yosemite. Get. Some breakfast and then we're gonna go to bathroom. To. Get some photos and, just kind of explore. Via. The. Cold weather I didn't. Like fully, come prepared for the snow because, since, I haven't been I kind of forgot that it's actually like it's really cold I actually brought a crop top to wear for my features so. Now I'm thinking I want to look cute and like I want to look super like winter, but. I didn't make love something, you should I buy these. All. Right guys the lighting, here is not the best but. We're. Making it work so. I just got a hot chocolate and then they're gonna come I, think. I'm not gonna drink the coffee anymore I mean not that I really ever drink coffee but I'm. Just so healthy now I try to slow down during the week but my be pump out at about I crave. A coffee I ask they, had any green juice or like celery or just, anything like, green because. You. Guys we know fitness guru is. It's, really a thing because a lot of these places don't care a cater to like fitness people like myself so. I had to get a hot chocolate, I, had. To, that's. All they had. The. Goods came, in Fletch. Some. Hablo on the side breakfast, burrito to start the day. Some. Healthy healthy. Healthy, flapjacks. Rabbit. What's. A healthy amount. Has. A lot of. Amino. Acids, that are going to really give you that energy that you need to start your day. You. Guys it, is so, beautiful. Oh. My god I know I sound like. Scandalous. But you guys it really is so pretty and I'm telling you this video doesn't do it any justice at all, and. I put my hand out the window right now and it's, really cool. Wow. I'm, obsessed it's. So nice, well. From in the car because I know when we go inside was gonna be so quick. Was everything, we called. Go see how beautiful, it is out here. Now. You look like in the movies. Wow. This. Is full of leg. So. Lovely. Lovely lovely, and, it's not as cold as I thought was gonna be but I'm also very like, geared. Up ready for, the wind head you know we're. Trying to find where I'm gonna take this photo and. I also have extra outfits in my bag but, I, kinda. I honestly. Didn't think it was gonna be like like, snow snow, like like. Real, snow you, know the room I thought it was gonna be like you. Know like a little bit of snow. I'm, not like it was gonna be like covered, it right you know I thought I was gonna be like kinda white I got the hotel I got the hotel thing about that you know I didn't think it was gonna be like this, I'm. So mad because I wish I would have brought more outfit. Oh. You. Guys do you see this. Are. You guys it's, like actually, snowing. Okay. I'm. Gonna say you guys up so yes yes, take pictures. Where's. The best. Do. You guys see the snow. Alright, guys so we came to a Dollar Tree. Because, I, really. Wish I would have brought like more. Outfits, because it's so beautiful but I wasn't planning on it to be like really.

Like, Pretty and snowy and stuff so. Hopefully. We can find some different color like beanie different, color or gloves, to, complement a different outfit and then it's gonna you. Know we're able to get two outfits in with, this beautiful place so. They don't have any beanies. We're. Gonna look for something or I can make it work okay. This. Little pirate hat. These. Little, boys. Right. So, we have some garden, gloves here which will actually come through if I actually want to make like little snowballs, but what are we thinking I don't know if I should go with, ease with, camo or pink I, don't. Know I'm kind of leaning towards these because they're really like fun. Only. You guys know that these are garden gloves but what do we think this, with leopard, what. Are we thinking because it's like light leopard like, more of like cool toned leopard what do you think I don't know if I should get these are the pink ones because if the pink was more pink yeah but it's more like like. A pink like. I say not a pink red you know I saw it uh we're looking for like, these, because that would be like a cute photo prop you know like I'm drinking coffee in the snow but I'm not it's actually gonna be NZ. Y'all. Are getting your BTS. We. Get Starbucks, or we. Can get, one. That's gonna last us you, know. Wouldn't. Really come prepared, to like, goodness. Knows now you know there's snow. Snowing. Right now Wow. I. Know. I seem. Like a little kid right now but, you guys I've, never experienced, this I've, never experienced, snow like, snowing. You. Guys see it there. All right thing. It's like really snowy. Well. What can I. Tell. You guys you got cute pictures, I'm so sad cuz I wanted to do this with you taking pictures but Michael. Said we can't put our camera on she was trying to put a camera on some guy's truck. Hey. Bill with just a camera keel is lapis our title, is my romper black truck for telepathy was like camera I oh. I. Want to go down there. I. Look. So cute in the pictures let, me throw you in there that is funny okay you guys want to know why it's good to have a cup, good Northey another because, that one you don't need it you just kind of like throw it Veon if I had a drink you can't just throw it yeah I can take my mommy old when this exuded, a little change. What. We think do we like here where. We wine honey and then. Me I'm a snow professional, no. Piece. Of cake, YV. Looking like the grand Torino babe. The. Grinch. Is, Michael, said that those were there are puddles. And. You could fall like in the movies. Dude. It's so beautiful, we're. So annoying that bit and, then everybody damn y'all are annoying y'all have really never seen snow you guys know. And honestly, I don't remember it being this Pleasant, when I was 9 I was like what I'm hella like I was. All like mo ha ha I was, so annoyed like, I played in the snow, for like I don't. Know I remember, I just remember being like what the, snow, is really overrated and I'm ready to go home where it's warm and I'm not wet. But. Now I'm living my life I, really. Am. It's. So crazy it's, just like, wow. I, can't. You. Guys see how beautiful, it looks out there, looks. Really nice. Yeah. I feel. Like you. Are. Blossom, now. How. Can we do a normal anyway I don't look like that. Okay. I, think we've got it what do you think oh I, feel like you kind of looked at me for a minute like you wanted to make out with me I don't know I just, kind of felt that energy did. You guys feel that to let me know down below. I. Want. To lay I, don't, remember enjoying, snow this much when I was lying. Oh. Probably. Because I'm not a person in the cold you. Should. You're like a really shaky camera, guy. Alright. Guys so. We. Had to leave the camera to charge for a little bit because. So. That's. Life it's, like a live cam. And. So. Pretty much we're kind of stuck out here, right. Now. Great. We're ii love it so. We went to go buy a shirt because i we, found this cute little car but. Is it a Mustang it's old-school assault, well Mustang it's a convertible, and it has. Like. Snow on top of it. It's convertible, and the convertible, is down. So. We, wanted to go take pictures you, guys I have an update for you, like. Michael. Is taking funny pictures and then I was like wait, I kind of want to take like legit pictures because thank you um. So. When I went to CVS and by the top honestly, so extra, I can bet.

This. Is how it goes this is how it goes down. Yeah. It, would look you I would look here so. You guys I have an update oh my god I love, this no wait. Michael and I went to the spot, where. There was like how many feet of snow do you think there was there we. Just, one. Area is probably like. -. It. Was so, fluffy, you guys I love the snow like I can't believe we've. Never come before I love the snow I want to come to the snow all the time it's. Like fun I want, to bring my little brother I think he would have so much fun I was literally like feeling, like a little kid just throwing this, snow. Up in the sky and, why didn't hit Michael but I was making, snowballs and just hitting trees and stuff and. It was so much fun and, I. Love. This so I. Can't. Believe I just discovered, this now. On. An adventure you, guys, it is from Cat in the Hat but I'm confused. Because. I. Don't. Watch Cat in the Hat and neither do my brothers my brother my youngest brother is already like 13 years old he definitely doesn't watch Cat in the Hat so I don't know where I got that from but I. Wow. That really dreamy you guys look, at this paradise oh. My. God is it not beautiful. It's. So pretty can you make love baby. Look. At my love it's so nice hair. It's. Gorgeous. Look it I played. This, was all me, and it's, already all snowed, almost. Away. Look. At that's, the pink car that's where we're gonna take the photo. Sorry. If I'm shaky, guys it's, just we're walking, and. Hold. It oh. My. God Michael there's around here where I don't know I mean yeah. Oh. So. We're still okay to go. It's. Officially over when, the weight comes off. I'm. Just gonna go ahead and lay that on, thank. You guys so much for hanging out today. I'm. Like 10 sneezes, away from being officially, sick so, we're gonna head over to the side. My, butt is hella wet right now because I had to do this last photo for the ground you guys will see it on there because they're not following us on social, media Instagram, you guys definitely should so you guys can see the nice foot nice, photos, that we took. But, yeah so, I forgot, I was saying because I owe ya my butt sweat so. That's probably not helping like we'll see our wet, I'm. Wearing platform, shoes so I think that's why I really get my socks wet or anything. Okay, wait you don't I know it's really cold but I'm feeling, extra oily today but thank you guys so much for hanging out we love you guys so much please don't forget to subscribe before, you guys go and like this video and, yeah. It. Goes the phone any calls, I love. You guys so much it will talk to you guys in, the next goal.

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