GET HIGH WITH ME: 4/20 EDITION (vidcon tea + mukbang)

GET HIGH WITH ME: 4/20 EDITION (vidcon tea + mukbang)

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Hi guys so you're watching this on 4/20, which is actually, it's an emotional by the way nice and mellow you're watching this on 4/20, its April 19th right now which means I have to film edit and upload this video in one day which is a struggle, for a lazy ass bitch like me as you guys know I, dabble in, new marijuana, smoking and I'm I've actually never, smoked. Weed in a youtube well ones, after this brand deal and then the company made me delete it so that I could get paid Jordan was really happy about that but I've never like smoked weed in the video I've never done like a smoke with me where I just like sit down and like talk whatever and just smoke and I thought that it would be the, perfect timing, to debut, this smoke, with me on 4/20. You got the hiccups. Why. Even. Dogs hate me yes I've never just like sat down and to make a smoke with me and I thought that it would be really fun to post on 4/20, on the car ride over here James Charles was in the car and the entire car race like shit sir that is bad for your brand you can make so much money you're gonna make no money off this it just hurts me so bad seeing you lose money and here we are losing money hey I asked you guys on Twitter to tweet me topics, to talk about so I'm just gonna go through those and talk about whatever is on my mind are you gonna puke I. Also. Make people wanna puke before getting into the video make, sure to suscribe, click. The little bells, and say notifications. On cuz YouTube's not gonna promote this video cuz I have a bet to try yeah. I guess I guess I'm just gonna get into smoking save I say, hunters. Out of focus what the fuck hunter okay we are back after some technical, difficulties, this video is not going to be like me trying to get as high as I can or like 100 hits of weed or like anything like that because I feel like that will just end in me sitting, back like this like just staring at the ceiling and I don't think it would make for as good of content, so we're just gonna be chilling over, this backwoods. All. Money, I could have made just left the room like with the light of that backward before I talk about anything else we need to talk about these okay so I was out rolling loud so, cow, I'm. Already slow I'm gonna get so progressively, slow like the pauses between when I talk are gonna get so much more throughout this video but I was out rolling loud and we were like backstage, before going, to see, someone perform and they have this like weed booth and I like wasn't going to it cuz I thought it was like super illegal and like whatever I overheard, someone say look yo if you pop tagged that company, let you get free weed and then I just like be lied to because like anything, I can get for free with a pop tag is like right up my alley especially, we we went over there and I like pop tagging them I like get a little bag I think it's gonna be weed whatever like just wheat just flour. And. It's these little things and it's a glass tip back, would look at this the. Tip of it unlike, anything I've ever seen in my entire life is blast glass, like this bitch could shatter if I wanted it to look like it's glass so hitting it is like a dream it's like hitting like.

Yes. And. Then it's a backward, and backwards are already fucking really rare and they're just like not a thing when someone pulls out like a back one and a part of you're like oh shit like, it's going down on top of that rolling aback when it's like a huge process, it's hella spit people have to use hell up they're spitting when they're coming like mass-produced. Like this you're like how does that happen like was someone just like hella spitting, it someone spit into a jar and they make like payment you know I was, like flabbergasted mad I was talking to the people and then they let me know that because spit. Would be fucking, gross they use Mike hemp glue that like gets you even higher so it's this glass tip like high machine, that's still just like a backward so like the ghetto and me is like. You. Know these are my favorite thing to smoke and I'm already like too high to speak. So. These are like my favorite thing to smoke and then the only company that makes them is lifted extracts this video isn't sponsored by looted extracts but I wish it was I guess I could get into this one I get like hungry though I have lunchable perfect for you oh wait. Only. Not hungry, did you do that so um I guess I'm wearing it too high the only thing that I really want to talk about in this video that isn't like a topic tweeted to me I. Came. Out with Tana convert yesterday, looks like this as, you guys know I just posted my longest youtube video ever an hour in like 20 minutes of me talking about a really horrible experience that I had a bit I didn't, expect the response to be as good as it was I really expected the response to be a lot of people angry and upset or not believing me negating, what I had to say by not listening to it and just kind of like assuming, it's me talking shit and like not really giving me the time of day and ended up getting so much positive press and having such a positive response in all of the comments were like the nicest my comments have ever been on YouTube in like years, understanding. Listening being there for me so many people were posting, live footage of it from their perspective which, was insane I didn't even know it existed obviously, but point being what they're being so positive so many people were asking me for merch and as you guys know hi I'm Tana my favorite, thing to do on this planet is profit, off of shitty shit that happens to me so being, able to, make, merch out of that whole experience isn't, saying I didn't think I would get to do it and yesterday I also like record, hit the most merch sales I've ever gotten in a day by dropping that and I dropped it on fucking Twitter thousands, like what are you by the end of the day thousands, were sold which is crazy I feel so lucky to have that response to be that positive and so like dumbfounded, like I didn't think that would happen so that was all a giant, preface, for me telling you that Anna Commerce is out Jordan and I worked on it all week to make it as good as possible I don't even have my own yet like we put it out Zach quickly they say not a featured creator on the back like safety hazard on the side and then the front obviously says panic, on which i think is really cool and then there's a black shirt with a featured creator badge just like on it hella fucking funny because fuck you VidCon those came out yesterday they're linked in the bio you should get them swinging of tancana or I guess the response so many youtubers ended up coming forward and telling their shitty experience about VidCon linked with proof and like life but it's insane I didn't think that would happen hankering, the original CEO of VidCon apologized.

To Me which I also did not think would happen Laura turn it off is still an asshole and was just like favoriting, gifts, that people were treating hearing stuff that I expected, that response from her response overall was just fucking sick as hell and it's also led me into the conversation, of what I'm actually gonna do on VidCon, that's all still, in the works and it definitely deserves its own announcement, video but long story short I'm thinking, convention, all your favorite youtubers, same weekend as VidCon, free, which, is insane to have a free event with all your favorite free on the same day as VidCon is the most insane, giant, fuck you we really want to sell merch and they give the proceeds to charity just, to be that much better than VidCon, a lot more updates about that will be coming in the future but Tanev on is a thing for everybody asking and I'm so excited to have a convention I remember a year ago ksi, was doing a convention, and I remember thinking like that's so crazy I will never have a following big enough to do my own convention, and now to be sitting here working on that is insane and I totally couldn't do that without you guys so thank you now let's talk about topics, on Twitter let's see what the people are going to hear I need a lighter my back would went out my. Monetization. Just comes running back and like no don't, worry well, we should talk about your walls that. Could be the first off because the last thing I was at Hunter's, house and, I'm back beat I was that hunters house when you're fighting like you were just being like an asshole I'm just talking to you know and he decided to like lock me out of his room which I think like I was a kid when people would play games and do that like I fucking, hated that cuz he locks me out of his room for a minute and I found some lipstick and I drove all over the walls so that's just sounds like oh. Because. It actually is but, like as a joke I want to go do. Not, miss my door you turned around the. Wall but I knew I would. I'm. Already trying Marty, look on a fucking nebula and I haven't even started that's winter topics. Someone. Said wire jet skis called motorcycles. Someone. Said what makes you tick Tana yeah so I have a list in my phone for this video idea but I guess I could just talk about in this video of little, pet peeves that I have I think that would be a fun thing to talk about. I'll tell you guys the whole story so that this makes a little more sense basically, we're going to get into a list or my small pet peeves but I want to give a little preface three, years ago I was in the forest from one of my friends birthdays. One. Thing that people doing me. And all my friends went out to the forest to this like illegal area was like trespassing, to be there set up our cars and we were kind of camping boys for camping like this no tents and we all took a bunch of acid, and so I. Was. I say this one only times I ever did acid but that's just not sure so I won't my tio say be the time but this is my first time taking like a real acid, on my tongue like full tab like let's go baby like let's trip and I didn't really want to do it I just was like dating, someone at the time it was a trippy and like loved that kind of shit and I was like see Bailey, like. You know do you ever get a relationship with someone and in the beginning you want to try to be into all the little things they're into but also if the person's into acid, you probably should I. Was, like trying to be cute and like be into what he was into and like took the house and whatever and so. It. Started off fine the trip was cool I was seeing like swedish fish in the fucking clouds like which, also overdramatize, his acid it's normally not that strong it just took a lot and the kind of eaten and I was like twelve so and then one of my best friends at the time was there with me and she started like complaining, about everything she was stuck in this complaining, angry, acid, loop because, everyone, else there wasn't like her best friend they were just like her close friends and I was like her best friend she started really complain about everything I was doing obviously because we were closer I kept touching me and like everything, was touching, me and I just progressively, got more and more overwhelmed. Until I went into this really bad trip I was so overwhelmed by everything and everything, on me I wanted to like rip my clothes off with my hair I didn't get a bun I took out all my earrings on my rings everything, around me was overwhelming, me and so I went into the back seat of one of my friends cars and ended up laying there foot five hours having this horrible trip on acid in the middle of the fucking forest while everyone's like doing light shows it might be a bear that game trophy bro it was a really bad trip and I'll never forget it was so insanely, in ten. Back. You, know I already think I look really high like normally I'm looking at the viewfinder and I can't even look at the viewfinder like noodley, ass hair my eyes are like low and I'm already twice okay anyways.

Look. My hair looks like ramen noodles, why. Are you already this I shouldn't have smoked like all day I should have like started this video fresh, my. Fresh I mean not bad I was bad trip and it's like permanently, ingrained, in me forever like how overwhelmed, I felt I can think about it right now and like just start to like feel like that bad trip on us I didn't do a sit for a long time after, that I really didn't speak as it cuz I I tried, to make a peace sign and this sign and like could it like. Translated. Into my life now when a lot of things are touching me or just that certain times randomly, little things overwhelm, me like that night I remember everyone, talking over everyone and everyone trying to talk to me and poke me and touch me made me like so overwhelmed, I wanted to scream I literally want to scream right now like that's, still like ingrained in me forever like all those little things and so it's led to like me having these weird overwhelming. Things like in life that now annoy me perpetually, that I accredit. To that weird acid trip this is this. Is really should you sing my, friend Mario Selman haha okay. Like coincidentally. Does all of these things like so many little things like that but like overwhelmed / annoying and so the other day Mario site and I like so, many little things that like I do and other people do that overwhelm you it would be such a good video idea I was like wow like you're right I'm gonna write them all down and I'm gonna get into them so the first thing this one is because this was happening to me on acid I think when you're sitting down or laying down this only overwhelms me sometimes it's. Such. A like normal, thing when someone comes over to you while you're sitting or laying down and they try to get something from under you like oh you're sitting on my jewel I look like oh you're sitting on my phone like you're sitting on my leg you're, underneath, my phone, charger yours, I'm gonna use my dime. You're laying underneath my like condom, like I don't know to anything and they make you like get up or like you're sitting there like let's say this is me sitting here and someone comes over my minik oh I, swear like you're sitting under like under your legs they're like oh just like no or like you're laying down there I like move you up there like no you're under my leg I swear, you're like you know like you're under my phone like my in between the couch we just get out just get out okay I hate, that so much don't be a fucking idiot don't leave your shit on couches, like, but. Yeah every time I get up somewhere, I take my lick I realize. That I sound like you're cut. The. Next one like if someone wants to get my attention and, they're like 10 a 10 I'm like 10 minutes and. How. Do you explain this I'm high. Let's, say someone is like yo do you want to hear this story and I'm just like on my phone scrolling, like I'm waiting for you to tell me the story like, want to get a story like I'm like I'm. Hoping that yes I do like that's unnecessary so that if they like want to have a story and I don't say yes note an antenna and then in fact in a rushing tone to it I can attend like all of those things does that make sense when I'm in the front seat of a small car and someone asked me to turn around and get something out of the backseat like if you and me are riding in the car and I'm sitting in shotgun and you're like yo will you get my back from the back seat and I was like reach, around the back seat and like Shrek the back through the car and then like the back hits the other seat and like things, fall out Jesus. Fuck, I hate that and I realize that so normally sometimes you're gonna be in a car with your friend and they're gonna be driving and they need you to get something like it's normal the fault is in me but like I hate, it one time my ex-boyfriend, asked me to get like his phone out of the back seat of the car like he left it in the seat of the car and I was like no I can't I can not reach into the back seat right now I will be so overwhelmed and he's like you're insane you're the most high meanest Wathan person ever you kidding me and asked me to get me like like my phone but I was like no I'm not I cannot, turn around in this car like give you one apart do you want me to get out and like go around like open the door and get your phone like I really will and he's like dude just turn on the get it whatever.

Took. My seatbelt off shrunk, down to the car and said bawling, my eyes out I was like take me home take me home I can't do this anywhere I can't be with me like, breaking. Up with this guy because he got mad because I wouldn't get something out of the backseat even though like that's totally, my fault when drunk people touch me too much Trevor, Moran. Also. Do you like do. You guys like the lighting on my phone on my face like or. Like no. Because. Like right now that's the only thing I can focus on. The. Rest of the video I'm just like yeah. The. Reason why I can't film videos hi by the way I've never talked about this I never, fill my YouTube videos high so whenever all the comments would kid I was so high on this it's so funny because I'll never from the mine even the other day going to film Oh Geoffrey like Geoffrey wanted me to smoke and I think he's such an icon and like would love to smoke with him before a video but like I can't film it I'm high mmm. Because when I'm high and I'm filming when, I'm high. When. I'm high and I'm filming I just. Want to do it again I'm gonna hide oh so much but. I'm higher than filming the awkward, pauses make, me so uncomfortable that, I don't want to sound like right now like what I'm like I'm back back for some short technical difficulties, as you guys know I'm a society, kick and right as I went to take that long POTUS the camera just stopped cuz like I did that with my brain you feel me I could be up like alone in a room high and I feel like there's a 100 people listening and be like critiquing everything I'm saying is, that schizophrenia. Should. I finish this list of users. By making a whole video just move on. Me. Too now, I just have to finish cracking my toes and I realize. I'm. Gonna eat to me because I get anyways I realized that that provokes comment saying that I don't shower but I did shower didn't get shot. My. Wife cares so much about those hot and spicy cheese, it's over here but I had like a book thing around me. If. You guys want the rest of those little, pet peeves in a video let me know in the comments below or ever you think that's a really stupid idea you can totally let me know in the comments below I'm still, so, concerned why I like, the phone line on my face don't want a thing. That's. So cute, I wanna start eating so yesterday my, turn are at the grocery store but I would really like really, shouldn't be an adult, hello yeah. And I saw this. Not. Only as an illegible pizza, but it's a pizza. And. A treat, so hit me so. Like, someone, in like Lunchables, marketing, department, got a salary, raise because they thought. Why. Don't we going pizza, and treats, that guys and everyone was like good one Jeff, and then like summer months it was like Jeff I've always wanted it for but no yes. King, capri-sun okay so. I got two of them and then I have one less I and honestly the treats that was fucking, terrible.

There. Was so much better my mouth I'm sorry I'm high enough to. Become. One. Of those cameo videos where people. Like. A lot of porn makes me cringe like the beginning scenes of porn makes me like literally. Wanna die I should do a YouTube video where I just react to the beginning, scenes, of porn, it's so insane I watched Adam and Lana fuck live like I really just like to suppress that so. Guys I know that this isn't a move bong and I honestly put the back weight down for a second was I don't know it. Okay. Wait wait I'm trying to show you without spilling it might still hundreds does he give me a shitty angle so it's cheese, little, fucking Eminem's like how quirky, is that two, of the the, pizza things three of the pizza things so you can decide if you have two pizzas and a treat. Ya. Know like the true classy. Cunt, that I am I'm gonna start, with the. Pizza. And say, - relax be a lot of fun I went with the treats at first and I just didn't feel right it was the order but if you evenly spread it and not know smiley, face uneven, bite bullshit. I. Just. Do this whap and I'm having a great time lunchable. And chill with. I'm. Sick but, I'm still, making contact because, I'm dedicated. Doing crap but, she's a sort official looking like it literally looks like someone made this with some like co2 and like nail polish remover but like it's delicious. Like if I sat down at Nobu and the menu but they just said lunch or pizza I would like I'll take three. Fill. Up this awkward. Potable. Mm-hmm. Then. Because I'm high I'm not and I'm poppin I'm not uncommon. So. I really just like to take all of the treats I saw that looks like she's like Shh. I'm. Gonna use the back of the waiter, is. That gross are you kidding, me like, you're putting chocolate all. The. Stuff that you used. To get the chocolate out what was it what, was the chocolate around. The. First time I'm gonna get high with me it was with Amar'e because I thought I wouldn't be entertaining, but fucking. Funny, fucking. Meet you. This. Looks like those Tumblr, posts like I could say wait let me get my hair in it. Like. I so could have seen my fucking fake woke emo 13 year old that's reblogging, a photo like this on tumblr wait.

This. Is the treats oh my god, I'm. Gonna put all hot cheeto run it I thought you might know if it's better or worse cheeto. Okay. I. Think. This. Bigger, hot cheeto oh. My. God grunts, there's like a quite rapture people arms alone but not at all. This. Just did Tresa, is better with hot cheeto, treats. What, are. Your tongue burns a lot - wow I'm on crack where's, about foot this, video is literally like VidCon update, new merch announcement, smoke with me look bomb. Get. Me. Back. To what I was saying. My. Man is. No. Solo. Me. What. Somebody. Asked me on Twitter what my favorite hi snacks are. Hot. Cheetos well the back what's so nice to have back, what. Sour. Patch watermelon brownie bites from your local, grocer, know. What I mean like not Walmart, not mass chain, but from you it's local. Grocer, like Bonds Ralph's. Smith's, Albertsons. Food For Less lifehack, food, for less security, they can't chase you they have my doctor in there policy, so if you fill up a whole car with food you can just walk out with cart and not pay for any of it fucking. Battery, died. Like. It was, it ready to, go overnight, I got a light in the end you, didn't even see because a pretty battery, died I really. Want. To talk about more topic, from, the way to sunrise it up. Shooing. And the welding in smoke is not Tamera, everyone I think it is. Time. For me to go. If, you guys enjoy do these smoke with me if, this, doesn't get, me in too much trouble, or debt I'll, keep making them make sure to subscribe click, that little bell to turn your notifications on, like I said in the beginning of the video I am so excited about tannic, on March and so thankful for the response and I'm really fuckin want you guys to rep it if you liked it I appreciate everyone who is if you want to grab that it's, linked in the description. I'm. Just gonna go wait, by. The. But, I got even bye bye five. Five. Five.

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7:26 how is her Kim kardashian crying face so good

this is amazing

You do you tana!!✅

Tana come to Orlando and smoke with me!!! I love you TANA!!!!

Omg yes please Tana make a " Get high with me" with Sara Baska!! Im cryinngggg

I love this keep making these

7:31 i died laughing too Tana

Omg yes please. More of these.

Knowing that Tana Mongeau cares for content more than money, made me subscribe. yassss girl!!

she's less annoying when she is high lol


I'm so hungry rn

Omg i agree with like half of those little pet peeves

I’m crying at the treatza

What happened to being vegan

That unintentional ASMR at the end tho

Tana cracking her knuckles was my fav

Plzzz make the pet peeves into a video

Her shirt is so cute!! Anyone know where it’s from??


I’m not gonna lie I didn’t like you at first but seriously you’re now my favorite YouTuber ever!!!! You deserve nothing but the best in life!! I hope I get to meet you one day. You’ve literally helped my through all my shit. Anytime I have a bad day your channel is the only one I want to watch!! Please don’t ever change!!

This is what the world needs!!! Fucking icon

My birthday is on 4/20 lol don't worry I don't smoke only 12

I love this

tana that was the weakest bong rip I've ever seen in disappointed


this was your best video yet

Rip battery gone but not forgotten

watching this while high was the best thing ever

It's time to stop

Sis backwoods are not rare at all lmfao

i cannot handle the subtitles right now

Loved this......

Give us more high videos, they're hilarious

dammit now i want lunchables wtf

Lol what was she saying at 20:33 to 22:40


Omfg where is her shirt from I need it

Tanna sounds smarter high/


Yo I’m so lit and I feel like watching this I feel like I’m really with you and laughing so hard I’m geekin. Boatercycles had me rolling for some reason.

Your a wanker!

I really want to brush Tanas noodley hair out omg

Make up on fucking point

Love an open shishtar

Tana mongeau annoying her goy for 2 minutes straight

Let’s spark one uppp

"you can decide if you want two pizzas and a treatza, or two treatzas and a pizza" THAT PART HAD ME CRYING

Everyone talking about her not inhaling all the way. Wtf why does it matter? Just let her smoke the way she wants to

For future comments such as “OMG where is this sweater/shirt from?!” !!!!! URBAN OUTFITTERS : UO Stripe Long Sleeve Tee in Red Multi ($38)

tana, biiitch u better HIT that wood harder hunnyyy

I'm so confused how did this video not get put down????


Yes some tabs content that’s right for me !! Lol

did she just say backwoods are rare? sis, where you from

tana cracking her fingers is literally me

My favorite video ever...

LOL you're such an amazing role model, Tana love it, not shade at all hahaha

My grandmother died on 20.04.2018 And it was my Classmate and Teacher's BIRTHDAY

Keep making smoke with me videos!!!! Love you tana tana tana!!

Lmfao i love stopping by this channel every few months to see the current state of retarded adolescent females.. you wonder why nobody takes you seriously LMFAO

Love me some Tana

Last time I watched tana it was with the whole iddubz shit and honestly i thought she was rude and cocky. Idk what changed in her But I loved this video she’s so humble and funny! We love a good personality glow up!!

when the camera battery died

Do tana con in nyc

You are so hilarious love u

I think that she is setting a bad example

Where did you get your shirt cuz I love it smmmmmmm

Please don't get to high.. keep yourself safe honey x Love you..

i thought tana was funny when she wasn’t high cmu

Your the fucking best

Omg Tana

This made me wanna smoke I didn't get bored of this

Where did you get your shirt and shorts? Love them.

im high as fuck and i just took the energy to exit fullscreen, type this out and comment because i want you to make nore of these... i was high and started this and i was gonaa finnish it but then i had to smoema aginn

or at least make Get high with me a full series

Please make high lunchables a full on series. Please.

I had to pause this video to really take a moment and say I'm sooooo fucking proud of you tana holy shit. I've been watching this bitch since she was living at her parents and just to see how much she's grown but is still the same tana is a fucking trip. She a boujee humble bitch. Like idek how to explain it but she's came so far and done so much n yet still appreciates tf outa her fans. Or das jus how I see it, she jus seems so genuine although she b a drama queen. Idk I feel like I talk about her like I know her lmao but anyways I'm proud of you and ima stay supporting you. Keep doing u

this made me happy, i smoked with you ❤️

If this is actually how you talk in real life we’re the same person and I’m freaked out omg

Let’s smoke I like ur sleeves

This video was very therapeutic

this is so cringey I can't finish watching it. lol she said backwoods are rare

I thought it was puffy ice cream sandwiches

Trying to be Jenna Marbles with dog, kid?

I lost my shit when she started singing Sakura

Why does this remind me a reality tv show ?

C02 and nail polish remover

“And I took acid”


Holy shit she looks fckn good here

Ily tana but you hit the wood like a pussy

we love a demonitized shishter

"Like You're laying under neath my phone charger" lmaooo

Please do this shit wayyyy more often

Omg you need to make more fucking videos like this

I get so much shit because I’ll randomly touch my eyebrows when I’m high and I’ll do it for like five minutes before I realize what I’m doing.

I’ll just be sitting there rubbing my eyebrow while scrolling on my phone and people say it makes them cringe because draw on the ends of my eyebrows and I just rub it off.

Tana where is your top from? x

do tanacon in new zealand!1!!



this was one of ur best vids


Sickening degenerate slut

Please more of thisss!!!

The evolution of this video 0:44 and 20:39


Do more smoke with me videos

how does she have so many fucking joints to pop??

she’s story telling

that’s what she needa do tho huh lmfao

It bothers me how little she hits it and when she does she doesn't even hold it in or anything like whaaattt aaarree yooouuu doooiiiing

What a legend I fucking love you✨

plz do more ohmygod

*2 pizzas and a trizza* _2 trizzas AnD a pizza_


The back seat thing pisses me off so much I'm the same way

My brother was watching and said 'I don't think she should have a dog' which first of all someone is taking care of the dog if you get high so.

Tana i want nothing more than to meet you Lmao


Dude literally they made those candy pizza lunchables when I was a kid and I actually thought those were discontinued I was sad

"this cheese literally looks so artificial, like its made out of CO2" you heard it here folks, lunchable cheese is made out of carbon dioxide

Anyone know where her shirt is from??

Hahahahahahaha. Her face when she had a brownie in her mouth and took a hit.

"You're under my phone" lmao

You need to do more videos like this!!!!


does anyone else think she should get dreads?

the last bye was adorable

turn on notifs at 3:24 lmao

Where her phone case from?

Tana: I dont watch porn... guys should I do a video reacting to porn? Me: yes... yes you should

Damn i know that acid trips can be really intense

She actually said Tana Mogo

i watched this high and it was the best experience i am dying please make more of these

i love you so much for this

I wish I could smoke and enjoy myself


you be making me laugh fr!! UGH ILY do more get high w me's if youtube doesn't trash it

You look so beautiful

Dude I can’t imagine James smoking.I feel like he would snapchat a pick of him in a wig with no concent

Her hair right now looks SO FUCKING GOOD but like seriously


Tana make weed merch PLZ

bitch we need more of these asap no rocky

"Hello?......... yea" new merch idea

tana is me in the blunt rotation talking and not hitting it


As if I didn't think we were alike before or would make good friends, this just proved it & I'm disappointed.

You’re suuuuuppper pretty

I love u tana but have u ever heard of helper box lol I smoke a glass tip backwoods everyday

I’m just like girl stop talking and hit the blunt

Theres no thc in hemp lol

“How do you explain this I’m high?” *takes another hit*

Tana if you like those glass backwoods you should really try a barewood. They're the same shit but they have different strains/flavors and there's wax in them! Their instagram is @barewoodog


Are you feet bruised???

this was by far my favorite video of tanas ever

her... her feet am i the only one who nvm


I swear I’m not a hater but what’s wrong with her face. It looks dirty and like bloated/puffy

When you started to talk about the pet peeves that’s me. I need to hear your others.


Where did you get that shirt?? Loveee

tana post more of these, this shit was hysterical

where is her shirt from!!!

The fact that you watch Sarah Baska

I SWEAR I was the only one who hated getting shit in the back seat for my friends lmao

funny... im high AF and when tana said she gets slower..... i could not relate any more

OMG I love your shirt! Where is it from??

I want a part 2 to this ❤️❤️❤️

tana please do this again!!

Mother tana. A legend

I loved this

Sister tana snapped

We love a savage sister

Tana sounds so cringy talking about and smoking weed

PET Peeves


You look gorgeous in this video.


Idk about cali but backwoods are like everywhere in ny

tana is a legend.

i feel high watching this

This vid makes me love her that much more like wow

I luv you you are awsome

Sweater is from???

Your perfect don't let them tell you what to do! You are TANA MONGEAU

A lot of these pet peeves of yours I have the same! But I’ve never tried acid. I personally have discovered that I have stress anxiety and people’s quick short panicky or angry tones of voices trigger me into that too.. crying and such lol. Also I smoked weed for 6 years and still do from time to time but I find when I’m not smoking I can handle these situations a lot better hahahahaha lol


let her do her thinG who gives a shit how she smokes

i lovE this

She siad my man is her man

Backwoods are rare.....?????

You put a video inside a video! I'm so proud of you!

I wanna be best friends with this girl she so funny.

I love you ❤️

I fuckin love you Tana A Queen

U skank!! I bought your merch not even half through your vid... UGH!! I HATE LOVING TANA!!

no offense but why do u open ur capri sun like that

How does it feel to molywhop the older youtubers !? After watching over 100.00.00 YouTube videos... Yaass queen!

I fucking loved this

Favorite video ever!

Idk why lol but you type look like Corinna in this video ILY

Omg make one of these videos with Jeffree

Woah ok I️ love you tana YOURE SO HOT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

she also literally let the blunt fucking go out because she was too busy talking about nonsense

anyone else notice this bitch doesn't inhale and deadass says backwoods are rare ? bitch tf

This is my favorite video on earth

do more.


2 pizzas and a treazza or 2 treazzas and a pizza I AM DYING

When she spent a minute cracking her fingers. Lolol

I felt a twisted feeling when Tana took out weed, the moment she did I thought of Britney.

18:06 MOOD

so no one saw her dirty ass feet...?

Also Tana used to annoy me so much but she is honestly my fave now and wow I can’t believe I slept on you beech

Tana popping her knuckles made my body cringe to the point punt of pain

bad acid trips are literally the worst. The first time I did acid, I only took half a tab but I was very nervous going into it so I think that made it worse as well. I was sitting outside with my best friend basically the whole time and it was perfect and fun until I got up to go get her lighter from her car.... omg I felt like I was in COD and it freaked me out so much. I sat back down and I was so quiet and I wanted to cry and just curl into a ball. I already suffer with really bad anxiety and I was just so overwhelmed with everything. I couldn’t stop rubbing my legs and my brain was everywhere. It was terrible. I haven’t done it since because I don’t like not being able to control my mindset and I prefer things that get me “high”

When she says about her acid trip that’s literally how I feel all the time I get overwhelmed so easily and when people are talking and poking and when there’s to many people around I wanna scream also I’ve never taken acid so wtf

Rip I watched this high and I think I laughed for about 3 hours

Am i the only one who cooked the lunchable pizza in the microwave (also the chicken nuggets ) ??

yessss backwoods are the best

fuck vidcon

more get high with me's

fucking bless me tana!!!!!


damn tana u were definitely smoking indica my sativa cant handle this girl

what the fuck happened to you

I love tana so much tho. She hypes me tf up

its funny bc in places where weed is illegal all we smoke is backwoods. they take like under a min to roll at this point and they're constantly sold out in stores bc of how many people use them....they hit the best

I laughed so fucking hard

I get you that over whelming thing ! I hate it ! And drunk people touching me too much I could punch them

All y'all be saying " 1 hit and she's high" ugh ya it's called being a light weight. Ya it's a thing btw

The fact that she spent a full minute saying that "you're underneath my phone" instead of "you're on my phone"

if feel like she was smoking like drake on stage automatically exhaling after inhaling to not get high. Bitch get high as fuck I want to see you fucked up it would be so funny

Yessss tans....... Finally!!! Love the vid

She should make a new channel just wish he smokes

Where is your weather from??

That poor dog

I skip the beginning scenes of porn because they make me uncomfortable too

"this video is innapropriate, do you wish to proceed?"

omg were you fucking singing babymetal while holding the lighter

All those things piss me off too hahahha

Smoke the blunt stop talking


yeaaa sis. best vid. do more like this

But I am 12 lol

Yaass those knuckle pops tho .. love lmao

Come to Australia I love you!

Anyone know where the phone case & sweatshirt are from!?

You're a teen using weed? How you were when you started smoking and having sex ( for what I saw in Jeffrey's video you are very sexual).

Ummmmmm, I unsubscribed

Do more smoking vids loveee

Girrrrl im watching this high this is my 2nd tine fucking watching thissss



Am I The Only One Who Wants Her Outfit?

Degenerates like you belong on a cross

Tana you literally look so good I need a tutorial on this hair and makeup I don't even care if it's your everyday makeup I still need it,,, also WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR SHIRT I LOVE IT

you look so good

Might be my favorite Tana video of all time holy shit I love this

u r bad person

tana you should do more smoke with me videos

I thought I was bad at bong rips lol

You should invite Shane to TANACON

DYING AT 18:30


But like, where do I find her sweatshirt?

I love this so much

She's so high at the end

Loved this please get high in your new videos they’re so fun xx

Weed wasted


I came back to this video and found it age restricted am I surprised, of course not !!!

Tana nobody cares about drugs and alcohol, I'm so sick of hearing about it because that's all you talk about not to mention you also talk about sex which is DISGUSTING like you.

say nigger!

plz keep makin these

honestly probably my favorite one of your videos lmao, an i’ve been watching your videos since you were at 3,000 subscribers. lmao my ex was into acid rly bad but wouldn’t let me do it

Tana before the video- normal tana... Tana near the end of the video- high hipster teen that laugh at everything lol

what the fuck was that song tana was singing

i want your new hoddie

The finger cracking though, lmao

Bruh you da don’t know how to smoke you look dumb it’s kinda funny

You act like my cousin when she’s high

Who the fuck watches the beginning scenes of porn movies?


for everyone looking for her shirt :)


18:08 hm kim k anyone

When you pretend to cry you remind me of Monica from shameless

You were talking about your pet peeves and one of mine is people saying, “I’m so high right now.” and you said that so many times in this video that it made me cringe.

Yes Sarah Baska is amazing!

Do drugs kids...this whore is such a pig and she needs to just kill her self

What a nigger faggot

meanwhile I'm poor and have to roll my own backwoods lmaooooo

thats so rude lmao just look at people when they're talking to you tana tf

yo the sweatshirt is like $40 i’m broke

Best vid

that fucking clicking

is anyone gonna talk about her feet tho

Girl like I love u a lot but you hit that bong like a bitch, shishtar did not even pull throUGh

High Tana is my spirit animal! I'm the same fucking way lol.

Omg i smoked with you and i laughed SO hard. I love u tana, do more of this please

We love a smoking shistar

You barely smoked xo

you look like you have kidney failure your face is yellow

this thing with turning around to the back seat in a car is legit my life ! so happy im not the only one!

you should take longer hits lol but loved the video. love you tana ❤️

this video made me love tana

holy fuckin shit this was a noice vid, thankyou i really appreciated it


Backwoods are rare ??! LOOOOL

backwoods are everywhere what haha where i live if you’re not smoking backwoods youre “doing it wrong” lmfao (not my opinion butits what’s said here haha)

I love your hair like this

The tumblr pose had me dying!!

Your not inhaling your holding it in ur mouth

Love ittt

comment section in literally any vid with smoking: "SHES NOT EVEN INHALING REEEEEE WHAT ARE YOU DOOOIIIING HNNNGGGGG"

Girl your bad acid trip sounds like one of my anxiety attacks lmao, sorry that happened :(

“Is that like...schizophrenia” omg tana

7:23 literally how my anxiety hits too

make the pet peeves video!!

Can you go follow my new Twitter @ jenni_14bb I’ll follow back! But I love this video



I’m playing Sakura on trombone

Where’s your shirt from tho

The reason this is the REAL Tana people subbed for, is because no one is controlling her here, it's just her fucking around not giving a shit, because its not monotised. AND THATS WHAT I SUBBED FOR

this is my favorite video ever plz do another one


This is my favorite thing

15:47 did she just answer her Lunchable?!?!?!?!?

Yesss make more smoke videos

I seriously thought this said VICODIN tea instead of Vidcon. XD


I need more content like this! Please

You’re UNDERNEATH my phone...UNDER lmao!!

can you stop age restricting i cant watch even tho im old enough i just put in the wrong date

I literally never wanted this video to end

once when my friend smoked weed he went through my window at like 3 in the morning (I was awake because I go to bed at like 5) and he said very quietly "sara, sara come over here" and then I went over, he put his lips near my ear and whispered "i finally found out why vegetarians eat animal crackers". *I laughed so hard that morning I literally choked on nothing*

hemp doesn’t have thc

Ahahahahaaaaa this had me crying laughing! :D

you wasted so much damn weed you do not know how to inhale

"the ghetto in me" girl you are white trash not ghetto stop

Please make more videos when u high, this shit got me dead af like this is y im subscribed to u

backwoods aren’t rare lmao

I used to watch your videos back in the days of the story times and stuff like that I stopped watching when the vlogs started coming out cos there just not my thing but stg if you smoked in every vid I’d streight up watch it everyday

Tana i love you

I’m relating with James because drugs r going to make your brain looks brane sells your lungs there going to get gray noooooooooo

Heaven sakes sitting back and starting at the ceiling Heaven sakes

yes bitch werk

Ok now it's age restricted.. come on man

17:18 had me dying

I loved the ending

Where’s the dress from

collab with sarah baska!!!

High machine

your hair looks good this color!!


You can get backwoods from a gas station

we love lunchable and tana

Question?... is it saying how high you are a been high thing?... honest question though... never smoked so I don’t know

Did anyone notice she said "you're sitting underneath my ______ "but she meant the opposite? Like I just imagined a person with all these objects on top of them.

18:05 lmaooo

i got high with this video and honestly i subscribed

i literally couldn’t stop laughing but i’m also high too

I love you for this, thank you

I think the pet peeves video is a good idea.

Just the end of it when she popped her fingers was great

Say Ni

i need more of this in my lifeeeeeee

"' ' im so high ' a backwood to the face normally does that lmaooo

This was cringy, but in a good way. Does that make sense?

Two pizzas and a treatza or two treatzas and a pizza.

someone should make a song with tana's finger clicking as a beat


Did she even inhale anything??

Please give us a video of the pet peeves

Yessssss bitch more videos like this

Your telling me that your making a whole lot of money by smoking and talking and I’m over here working and struggling to feed myself. Hmmm interesting

you look SO good

Did I miss something? Where is Lumen?

That feeling of being overwhelmed is actually a thing that doesn't just happen when you're tripping on acid lol. It's called sensory overload it is a symptom of anxiety or am anxiety attack.

babes you have anxiety strait up



Thing is I'm watching this why I'm night (BOOM mine blown)

Back woods are trash, tana stop it

Her feet!!!! Ewwww

That backwoods was wasted girl, and they're not even rare like that, atleast not where I live!

honestly whos mans

Woah.......High Tana, is the BEST Tana

wtf? lol

This was the best

You should do a smoking/mukbang video with Jefree Star

Like is she hitting it

do more girl

why? just why

I feel you so fucking much on that trip story.

I like her shirt

she’s getting prettier and prettier everyday

my pet peeve is when my teacher lets us pack up like 5 minutes before class ends and then when the bell rings he gives us our homework or a paper and u have to UNZIP your backpack TAKE OUT ur binder and BE LATE FOR CLAJISDOWKL

I’ve never seen anyone smoke so bad like how do you not know how to breathe

loved it

more people neeeed to do these


“when drunk people touch me too much, trevor moran-“

Yesterday I was smoking with my friends and my dad walked in and I got yelled at. Not for smoking, but for stealing weed from him

10% "smoked" 90% *slow burned in her hand*

Imma a 13 year old fan ! Time to smoke weeeddddd?!!?!????

I love tana lmaooo

High tana doesn't speak as loud or fast and this was the best chill video ever

18:44 I died


“You look like a blonde Kylie Jenner”

In her defense.. she IS high. Look at her eyes. Also, what she is blazing is #legit and strong. Happy her personality doesn't change. Proof she isn't fake. #its420somewhere



Can I just say something........ THIS IS CONTENT

I love James but he needs to get over himself. I get it it’s his descision but he shouldn’t shame you for it. Shits childish

Red Grill I’m fucking crying

Some one please tell me what kinda dog is that its sooo fucking cute!!!

James Charles is like your personal Momager Krissy J

Trust even tho she isn’t hitting it good best believe you’ll still be faded

Dude! I might be high AF right now. BUT you are so fucking me! We are one or some shit like that! Everything you said in this video is what tf I be trying to explain to people! Literally to a T! One of my favorite videos I've watched. Especially when you said the thing about trying to film high.. the pauses have me tripping! Stopping the camera and shit. Deleting clips smh. Your energy is perfect


People told me I couldn't smoke on my channel ! Fuck them! But I'm smoking with ya!


21:45 I want the knuckle cracking to be played on a continuous loop.

“Backwoods are rare” depends on who you smoke with... although in my circle we mostly use Dutches for blunts.

Your youtube gives me life. Love your face. I love this video and love all your videos. Give me more. Your beyond hilarious. Xoxoxoxoxo

Love how everyone in the comments is suddenly a weed expert. Lmaooo. All smokers fr think they know everything


i'm high *one second later* "i'm so high omg" *3 seconds later* "i cant even do this i'm so high" WE GET IT

*puts left hand out to shake*

Tana gets adhd when high! Lmao or she is like Tht dog tht gets distracted by squirrels.

She be liking like a impa lumpa

where is your shirt from????

lol I haven't seen this on 4/20 but i'm watching it now and im smokin ;P

Love you lol

literally lol

fuck yeah dude we love you

Please do this again this was fucking great

i did acid too and ever since then i see things so different

* Me singing *


To the little kids watching this: Don't be like this chick



So excited to get ur merch


why is this video secretly fast forward? hahahahahaha

q and a: are you racist?

Bruh 20-22 minutes is so funny

I remember a few times when you were scared cuz you got busted with a drink isn't that crazy in a lot of places pot is legal now

I actually love this video so much this is so me

Yassssss queen

ok i dont want ur merch bitch, i jus wan cop the shirt ur wearing lol

you literally don’t even inhale

I like high tana is way more chill

* hits backwood * * holds smoke in her mouth for 0.2 seconds * * doesn't even actually inhale * * exhales * "i'm so high I can't even speak"

i will wife u bitch marry meh

we love a stoned shistar

Try’s to be cute *takes acid*

more more more

my motifications are on and i barely saw this video rn. youtube didn't even send the notification wtf

Wtf is that Sakura song and why do I know it ?

I want to smoke with u


The pup


Such a dumb bitch. Exaggerating and hypercritical cunt. Oh no. Boohoo, I'm gonna lie and exaggerate a bunch of bullshit so people can take my side. The only reason any of these female follow you is because YOU ARE that dumb blonde bimbo you claimed you never wanted to be. Like if you broke both of your legs and lost all your subscribers, I would seriously be so happy! :)


My first time ever watching one of your videos and i love youu lol

Wow, you're a hypocrite, first you use the n word then lie about it and tell idubbbz he can't, then you do this shit, kiss my ass if you think you'll get away with that shit. You're just a bitch!

PLEASE!! keep making these omfg love you

tana is so relatable

Nigger faggot

That acid trip tana was talking about where she got really overwhelmed is called sensory overload and I get it too, except for me it's anxiety related and not because of like drugs and shit

Good to know im not the only adult that likes lunchables

Hi Tana

I stan you now

it’s crazy to think that i’m other parts of the country backwoods are rare, we smoke woods everyday lmao

tbh it's not as rare as she's making it seem, she's just not as much of a stoner as she thinks she is

Hahaha this is great now I want a lunchable

shit you're cool


literally no she didn't. any person who smokes weed often and watches this knows this bitch did not inhale shit she wasted like 90% of that big ass backwood

tbh whenever I feel like this I always think, "You lose it how you earned it" and Tana always talks about how rapidly her channel blew up within a year. Just like the other young outrageous 'rich' youtubers that blow up quick she will be forgotten in a few years and lose it just as quick as she gained it

but she has to flex for her viewers and pretend she's a stoner girl even tho she doesn't even inhale

s Germ Really haha, I'm tryna smoke with you

they're not rare she's just not as much of a stoner as she tries to pretends to be for social media

she's a fake stoner that's how

You know you’re from New York when you get confused as to why she thinks backwoods are rare... I literally smoke out of a backwoods like everyday........... fuck

I love you tana please just do this again

14:20 i cant film when i'm high hehh

Omg yess tana tanacon on the weekend of vidcon! I wish I could go

React to pornnn

Ew gross! i hate the smell it's not good for your young lungs, but hey! just don't do it around me then I am fine, i aint gonna write hateful words on you.

omg anyone know where that shirt and necklace is from?

Why does this bitch have millions of followers Who the fuck is she

She was letting the back wood burn out :(

lol ?

Its funny how youtube support achole but not weed when weed is less of a drug then achole

Yes that tana part tho at 12:05! Yes! So iconic.

"the ghetto in me" - tana mongeau (*cringe*) girl you don't know what the ghetto is

Did she just say backwoods are rare .. bitch what

Are you actually Chris Jenner when you fake cry


You need to stop


Nooo its age restricted and i rly wanna watch ittttt

what a waste she deadass blows it out the second it hits her mouth smfh

I could literally make a YouTube channel on all my story times.. I have crazy ass stories! But no one would listen

Your eyes are making mine water

Are you going to have security though? Because it’s gonna get crazy and you really need it!

Backwoods common asl in Chicago

Did anyone else even notice that she said under like 15 times instead of over? Lol. "Youre sitting under my phone, under my charger". I fully believe she is high despite how many of u say shes not inhaling. Maybe she was already so high she couldnt inhale right. Lol

I want another one of theseeeeee

tell me where you got this shirt

You should do more like this

i will get this merch once i can omg i love that you did that, you go girl i'm living for your career and blow up

20:30 yeah shes really high


this is the content I wanted and this is the content I got


Ok so I haven’t watched her in a while and I fell verry safe watching this idk

She is the stupidest person in the world

This video has me dead

Ummm sooo u smoke? Cuz that’s bad for u it clogs up ur lungs then the next thing u know u got lung cancer

so funny how many people are bothered by how she smokes

mY hAiR loOkS liKe RaMeN NoOdLEs

make more

April 30 2018!! Ayyyyyyye


I agree w all the pet peeves

thats dosn"t have weed in it you can se the tabaco in the filter

Girl if you want to look cool by smoking weed at least inhale.

You could sit and eat with your camera on it would be entertaining

This is funny because I live in Texas and guess what's illegal in Texas????.... yup you guessed it

Yall dont know how to roll it if u hav to spit n shot in ot tfse

U act like nobody smoke calm down lol we know how mfz act wen u high


That shirt you’re wearing is SO cute


does anyone know how to get/find what she's smoking ?

Aye my bday

I'm with you on getting stuff out of the back seat from the passenger seat. It makes me unreasonably irritated lol if you needed something out of the back you should have thought of it before we started driving lolol

Pet peeves pleaseeeeeeeeeee


How does she know sakura what LOOOOOL THAT WAS A SURPRISE

Let me show you how to take a bong hit tana

I fucking love youuu!

I died when you were struggling to put the caprison straw

Can u stop talking so much n smoke the blunt...

So...what makes a backwoods blunt so rare? How is it different than any other rolled blunt (from another brand of cigar, swisher, white owl, etc.)


this was gold

all i could think in my head the whole time is “STFU AND HIT IT” fuck

Lol 1:40all money left the room

"The ghetto in me" stfu lmao

how do you crack your fingers while stoned.......... i used to HATE that when i smoked it just made my hands feel so weird after, even now that i dont smoke i still cringed and had to flex my hansa

Bbyyyy, no. You gotta put that shit in your lungs and then blow it out.

She’s never seen a glass tip? Lol okay.

so is she gonna list where that sweatshirt is from?

Ok I take the “I love you” back, clicking your fingers made me cringe, I hate that sound it just makes me think you’re breaking your fingers lol I’m high though but still

I love you lol


Damn you’re lost af.

18:30 i'm rollingggggg

the "ghetto" in you.... choose your words wisely tana

Who smoked with tana lol

Could you make the merch into a long sleeve tee instead ? The hoodie is over used in everyone's merch. I love your design on the tanacon merch but I'd prefer it in a long tee

damn i wanna smoke with you! lol

Backwoods are not rare... you must be smoking with some lame ass people if they are.

who else was around when she made a vid about the weird shit she does and the first thing she said was CRACKING MY KNUCLES UNCONTROLLABLY and she literally cracks her knucles 4 times in this videos

I love you're Kim Kardashian crying face


Okay but where is your shirt from

Remember when tana was like "I don't do drugs I've never done drugs adkfjrjfjf"

Hit. The. Blunt!

Backwoods aren't a thing? Bitch that's all kids smoke here lol. When i smoke blunts it's ALWAYS a backwood. So speak for yourself. Also you can't smoke lol. 2 puffs in and you "high" you keep talking and not smoking. I had to say it, sorry. I sound like an asshole i know. I'm sorry. And no i don't hate you


Your a bad influence to your subscribers and smoking weed can damage your brain and that’s a really bad decision to smoke that. You think your so cool don’t you?? Oh ya I almost forgot STOP SAYING F*** jeez man get your life together

Please make another

We love a stoned shistar

Do these more often beeechhhhh

please do this makeup tutorial!!!!!!!

This is sad

Like you are just me but you smoke weed, I am actually living

I found you today and I am living. I will never leave you

this video made me like u again thank u

Free? yes please

I fucking loved this! Please make more!!!

why are we the same person tho

I made an 18 aged account for this :)


Poor dog

i fucking love you

Yeah do the rest of the pest peeves

Do this more often please

If I smoke a backwood I'll pass out or throw up


Can this be a Weekly thing?

Blazeeee bitchhh

i love the part where tana lights the weed again and she says her money starts to come back but nope dont worry!!

she just cracked her fingers 19 times iconic!!!


Is it just me or is she putting this on.she gets high from the first puff

Can we please hang out? We would have so much fun.. and I'm actually in the market for new friends so just like.. let me know

Press 14:53 ....umm what’s up with her mouth???

Your hair looks bomb.

Do another make up tutorial!!!

That was a weak ass toke from the bong tana but I’ll let it slide because I cried of laughter

Tana is the hottest YouTuber period

i love thissssss!!!

For real tho tanas cry face is so damn ugly girl wtf

Loooved this. And your pet peeves are sooooo me sf Also was trippin and high af while watching.

I can take a bigger hoot than tana mongeau

You are annoying

That is a dirty ass bong

Do the videos, do all the videos you want lol! Clever or dumb af, it's entertaining as hell!!!!!

This video gives me life omg

I was seeing Swedish fish in the clouds

Tana you’re not okay

I want to be your best friend.

omg just smoke it lol

I love how real you are, fuck all these bitches, just do you tana. I fucking love you bitch

based on the way she's acting in this im convinced that im just always high

Not a fan, not subscribed BUT THIS FUCKING VIDEO was so damn funny. LOVEEED

"Age restricted video (Based on community guidelines)"

Lol 22:41 I'm dead

When Tana is so fucking lazy she cant kill herself even though 9/10ths of the world want her to This lil girl is trying to be just like you

Tana tana tana pet peeves pls!!

Do more like this!!!!

Holy fuck we are literally the same person high I’m crying

What I love about Tana is that she keeps it 100, I understand that many YouTubers are worried about their videos being demonetized thanks to YouTube regulations and that a big chunk of their income is rooted in adverts but it's refreshing to see someone who can make vids without censoring themselves to appease others. It's ridiculous how society places so much pressure on Public figures to act a certain way, yes they're in the public eye but they are still people and telling them to conform for your comfort is like saying to a male MUA don't ware makeup in public because it makes me uncomfortable. Like too bad so sad, it's not your life #buildabridge and get over it.

pause at exactly 1:11

her eyes look off. idk what it is but they look different from normal lol

i wanna know where she got her shirt


shes so funny when shes high xD

The Lindsay Lohan of youtube

3:23 - 3:24 “The ghetto in me is know”

Your eyelashes are so nice

um... marry me x

Watching this and thinking shut the fuck up and take the blunts


Are you even wearing pants

Hope her channel gets taken down like all the weedtubers

I went to the lifted website and I didn’t even find the backwoods guess I’ll just have to keep doing it the old fashioned way

That feeling of getting things out of the backseat is so real. I actually get SO IRRITATED when somebody asks me to turn around and get something for them I actually want to scream. Like, STOP THE CAR AND GET IT YOURSELF.

Yess tanna this is y I'm her boo

Wheres your mum

I like her shirt does anyone know where to get it ?

Can we discuss where you got that shirt

She cant smoke for shit

Love u tana

Plz make more videos about what gets on ur nerves I was laughing so hard

Yass Tana now I not only want your new merch I also want weed...

You are me

Is that schizophrenia? 14 40 LMAO same


Ingot high with you LOL... obviously didn’t see any change. I was so there with you lol

we love this support a stoner queen


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